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Antony of Egypt, once known as Kalki, and now also known as Kikwaakew, Inked Eyes & Professor X (of Mutant Akademy), was born in Toronto on the 18th of September 1982. As a child Antony always had a way with words, and after performing his first live hip-hop show in 1992 (A cover of “Jump Around” by House of Pain) and entering the graffiti scene the same year in Quebec city, this finally blossomed into a musical career in 1994 when he started rapping both in English and French, influenced by various genres & artists from both polar opposites like KRS-ONE, Jeru the Damaja, IAM, Fonky Family, Tupac, Nas, CNN, Mobb Deep, Rage Against the Machine, Downset, Bad Religion, No Use For a Name & many others. He was soon praised among his peers in Quebec City for his unique brand of gritty yet socially conscious raps. However, as a teenager he ran into a lot of the stereotypical problems that people have come to expect from rappers due to some negative influences, and strayed from the path he had first begun to tread. Around 1999 however, he discovered the Gravediggaz album ​”The Pick, the Sickle & the Shovel” which put everything back into perspective for him and deeply affected his art. He also started making music with his close friend Ali Dahesh, and together they recorded over 50 tracks which were published nearly a decade later as Antony of Egypt’s first official album, “In the Beginning”, originally titled “Conscious Revolution”.