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Antony of Egypt, once known as Kalki, and now also known as Kikwaakew, Inked Eyes & Professor X (of Mutant Akademy), was born in Toronto on the 18th of September 1982. As a child Antony always had a way with words, and after performing his first live hip-hop show in 1992 (A cover of “Jump Around” by House of Pain) and entering the graffiti scene the same year in Quebec city, this finally blossomed into a musical career in 1994 when he started rapping both in English and French, influenced by various genres & artists from both polar opposites like KRS-ONE, Jeru the Damaja, IAM, Fonky Family, Tupac, Nas, CNN, Mobb Deep, Rage Against the Machine, Downset, Bad Religion, No Use For a Name & many others. He was soon praised among his peers in Quebec City for his unique brand of gritty yet socially conscious raps. However, as a teenager he ran into a lot of the stereotypical problems that people have come to expect from rappers due to some negative influences, and strayed from the path he had first begun to tread. Around 1999 however, he discovered the Gravediggaz album ​”The Pick, the Sickle & the Shovel” which put everything back into perspective for him and deeply affected his art. He also started making music with his close friend Ali Dahesh, and together they recorded over 50 tracks which were published nearly a decade later as Antony of Egypt’s first official album, “In the Beginning”, originally titled “Conscious Revolution”.

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Speaking With Hip Hop Artist Kalki About Spirituality Syncretism And We Also Touch On Hip Hop Beef A Little Bit In A Spiritual Community Yeah Beef In The Spiritual Community I Know Whatever Kalki What’s Going On Brother Yo What’s Good Munch Yo It’s Been A While Yeah I’m Glad That We’re Finally Doing This Again Cuz Last Time She Got Lost In The Ethers And Like Now Now It’s Back On For Part Two So I’m Really Glad And We Had Some Really Good Discussions Last Night I Think That Was One Like Two And A Half Years Ago Maybe Three Years Ago I’m Not Even Sure I Don’t Even Want To Think About It Man Time Flies So Fast Is Crazy Yeah It’s Been A While So Much Rather Me Again Not Honestly Like Especially Like Looking At A Lot Last Week You Know I You You Were You Were Interviewing Bone Thugs Man I Was Like Yo That’s Crazy Man Oh Yeah That’s Beautiful Beautiful Stuff Yeah Moving Up Moving Up Definitely Man Yeah That Was A Good Interview That We Did I Hate That I Lost It Man I Know You Know What It’s I Love How Things Will Evolve And Now I’ll Probably Have Some Different Things Are Some Of It A Lot Of It I’m Sure We’ll Touch Upon Some Similar Subject Yeah Like Forward You Know Yeah I Think So Too Because I Was Trying To Go Back To Remember Some Of The Things That We Touched On Saw Wouldn’t Bring It Up Like It’s Brand-new But I’ve Really Forgot A Lot Of It You Know So I You Know There’s Been A Lot Happen From That Time To Now So It’s Like We’ll Just Go With It Man I Know There’s A Lot Lot To Talk About I’m Trying To See What I Should Bring Up What To Go Into But We’re Just Gonna Have A Conversation That’s Basically What This Show Is Inspired From Having Conversations With The Different Brothers On The Phone And Just Saying At The End Of The Conversation Man I Wish That You Know We Would Have Recorded This Conversation So Other People Can Hear Other People Can Be Edified By This Conversation So That’s What The Podcast Is Birthed Out Of So That’s What We’re Doing Tonight Man That Even If We Haven’t Had Those Conversations That Often Man And It’s A Pleasure To Have Been Able To Build With You As Well Too And I’m Looking For More That In The Future Hopefully Yeah Definitely It’s Been A Lot Happened Since Then We Put Out A Collab Track Together That I Was Featured On Lex Lumens Project Man Do You Want To Talk Yeah Yeah With A Mole Yes Definitely I Believe It Was Spiritual Motion Spiritual Motion Yeah Man But Yeah I Know I Still Like It I Can Hear That Track Like Rollin In My Mind Right Now Yeah That Was Really Dope And I Was Glad To Be On I’m Actually Gonna Make An Album Out Of All The Clouds I’ve Done With Emails Since I Think I Got Like Six Or Seven Tracks Now Listen So I Want To Put Out A Little Ap With All The A Most Cloud Track Yeah Speaking Of That I’m Gonna I’m Gonna Kind Of Give You Know The Listeners Some Information About An Amos Track That I Had We Did A Collab Track It Was Me And A Couple Other Brothers Featured On It And I Did The Hook Then I Came Back And Did Another Version For My Album And Added A Verse To It And It Was A Track Spirit Awakening Spirits Awakening Not Spray Lotion Not Spiritual Alchemy But Spirit Awaking So Yeah It Was Like A Really Dope Hook That I Put Down I Put A I Put Down A Really Dope Verse I Loved It It Was On Edgar’s Album Psycho Man He Put Out His Ep That He Did With Amos And Inside Yeah I Was On I Was On Third Eye On That Oh Exactly Exactly Yeah Yeah And So I Put It Out On Mine Too So I Did Like Another Version With Me On It It Was Out Man Probably About A Year Then I Started Getting Flags On Youtube About It Saying That It Was You Know Copyrighted By Somebody Else And Like A Lot Of Times When You Use These Beats Off A Sound Click Or Whatever The Case Is Or These Other Producers Will Sell Other People The Same Tracks And People Will Yeah You Know I’m Saying Register Them And Everybody’s Getting Paid Off Of Your Song It’s It’s A Crazy Process How It Works Especially As An Independent Artist But I Was Getting These Flags From This Group In Germany This Gothic Group That Was Putting Copyright Claims On The Song Saying It Was Theirs So I Just Kept Writing It Like No That’s Mine Like You I’m Saying Amos Made The Beat We Did The Track It’s You Know It’s Money So I Could Use It So I Went Back And Forth With Him A Couple Times And They Ended Up Sending Me A Cease And Desist On The Track They Had The Lawyer Send Me A Cease And Desist On The Track And They Pulled My Album From From Itunes Because I Had That Track On There Yeah And Come To Find Out Amos Sampled This These Monks Singing That They Used From This Group In Germany On Their Project It Was Theirs And He Took It And Sampled It And Changed The Tempo And Changed The Pitch And It Sounded Different He Added Like A Beat To It It Sounded Different But Somehow In The Sync System It Was Able To Pick It Up And Yeah I Needed Up Having To Take That Album That Our Song Off The Album And And Resubmit It Without The Track And And Then I Tried To Keep The Song Going On Youtube And Tried To Keep It On All These Other Things And They Just They Just Kept On It Was Like If You Don’t Take This Off Of Every Outlet We’re Gonna Take You To Court And I’ve Got Absolutely Ridiculous I Asked Him If I Could Use It I Asked Him If I Could Buy Licensing Or Whatever To Use The Sample They Wouldn’t Even They Wouldn’t Let Me Pay Him Or Anything To Do Because It Was A Really Dope Song And I Ended Up Having To Take It Off The Album So A Lot Of People Don’t Know What Happened With That Cuz But I Ended Up Taking That Same Verse And Using It On My Latest Project 333 People Are Here In The Verses Like Man That Verse Sounds Familiar And So Yeah I Took The Verse From The Song And Put It On The New One So That Nobody Has Been Telling Me Somebody Told Me They’d Sue Me For The Artwork That They Made For Me Because They Said That They Changed Their Mind And They Didn’t Want Me To Have It Anymore Because They Didn’t Like Me Anymore And I Was Like Well You Gave Me That Artwork But They Were Like Now I’m Gonna Sue You In Court And I Was Like You Can Try To Assume If You Want To Because I’m Non-profit I’m Not Trying To Sell Anything So Like You’re Gonna Have A Hard Time You Can Try To Prove Anything In Court But Just Out Of Respect I Was Like You Know What I Won’t Use It Anymore But I Think It’s Really Juvenile To Do Those Kind Of Thing You Know Talking About That Are Seven I Won’t Delve Into No Let’s Delve Into Other Beasts Around It I Don’t Know I Want To Let’s Do It Let’s Do It But You Know What I Will I Won’t Get Into Any Personal Detail That Will Name Names Because I Think Everybody That’s Been Following Already Knows Kind Of Like What Then I Just Want To Say That Honestly I’ve Tried To Kill Beef With Just About Everybody I’m Not A Person That Likes This Like I Would I Know It’s Impossible Somebody Told Me That My Soul Mate Was Telling Me Today They’re Like You Know You’re It’s It’s Gonna Happen The More People You End Up Reaching The More You’re Gonna End Up Making Enemies But It Just Makes Me Sad Sometimes To Think That People That I Used To Be Friends With 10 Years Ago Up Until Like You Know Recently Like A Year Something People That I’ve Been Really Close To There Used To Support Me Like Crazy Now Are Saying That You Know I’m Full Of Myself And It’s And I’m Like Eh You Know What I’m Come A Very Arrogant Talking Person From Time To Time And Other Times I Can Be Very Humble And I Can Be Very It Really Depends What Subject You’re Talking About But Really Like The Main Part Of That Really Revolves And I Think That’s A Subject That’s Definitely Worthy Of Mention On There The Big Part Of What’s Been Happening Lately Especially On The Latest Beef That’s Been Happening Online With One Of My Posts In Surrounding The Topic Of Homo Trans And Queer Phobia And The Idea Of This Patriarchy Like These Dominant Alpha Males That You Know Are Telling Me That You Know Somebody Actually Called Me A Weak Little Bitch On The Post Because I Was Talking About How Patriarchy Is Oppressive To Women And How You Know Like These Guys That Are Out There Saying In A Hardcore Rap And Talking About You Know Excuse The Language But You Know To Quote Some From Some Of These People Saying You Know Like Oh I’m Going To Slaughter All These Faggots And That’s Not Her You Know And I Was Like That’s Not Yeah I Was Thinking About That Today And I Was Thinking Like Okay So You Know Cara Swan Was Talking About You Know Hip-hop As Being Like Hip And Hop As Being Intelligent Movement Or Relevant Movement You Know Knowledge You Know Combined With Rhythm Or Rhythm And Poetry If You Think Of It But To Me When I Think About That That Doesn’t If You’re Talking About You Know Hateful Ignorant Statements That You Know And You Claims Of Your Spiritual Rapper You Claim To Be An Enlightened Person And You’re Going About And You’re Telling You Know You’re Telling People That Have A Different Sexual Preference Than You Or That Have A Different Gender Orientation Or No Gender At All Or Non-binary Concepts You’re Telling Them That They’re Evil And They’re Fucked And They’re Gonna That Sounds Like A Bible Punking Like Something Redneck Or Something Someone That’s Completely Misconstruing Christianity You Know It Seems Like Someone To Me That Like I’m Like Don’t Say You’re A Mystic On One Side And Say That You’ve Mastered All Of These You Know And Then Start Telling Me That I’m Full Of Myself Because I’m Telling You That You’re You’re Too Full Of You Know Patriarchal Energy And You’re Oppressing You Know A Bunch Of Other People And The Process Of Saying You’re Making Basically This Whole Thing We’re About So Certain Rappers You Know Who Were On That Side Of Things You Know I Had To End Up Taking Some Of Them Off Of Revolt Motion Because Of Their Statements Because I Warned Them I Said Listen I’m Not Going To Publish This Meeting A Congregant Motion If You Keep Putting Out Songs Like This I Will Publish Your Other Albums If You You Know How About Buttons That Are Respectful And That Are You Know Promoting Awareness And Equality But If You’re Promoting Anything Like That On Some Tracks On Your Elbow And I’m Not Gonna Post Up The Album And They Got Really Mad At Me And Told Me You Know I This Was Really Stupid And So I Ended Up Kicking Off A Bunch Of People Off Of The Roll Motion And Rmr Lately Has Been Actually Promoting A Lot More Female Poets A Lot More Non Gender Binary Poets And It’s Been Kind Of Going In A Way Different Direction Because I Feel Like Nobody Ever Like Son Of Saturn Is You Know Close Friend Of Mine I Really Respect Him He’s Still An Affiliate Of My Mom Even Though He’s Not Involved In The Managing Anymore You Know In That Sense That He’s Still In The Friends Of Our Omar Section But Um You Know I Know That His Intention Was Not Definitely Not To Promote An All-male You Know Patriarchal Kind Of Traditional Oppressive View Of Spirituality And I Don’t Think Anybody That’s In Their Right Mind Is Trying To Promote That Kind Of Music So To Me That’s That’s Really Like The Heart Of The Controversy Right There Like In A Nutshell That’s What It’s All About And People Are Trying To Make It About Something Else And They’re Trying To Make It About Me And About You Know My Own Perceptions And How I’m Being Hateful Towards Hateful People But I’m Sorry If This Was About Racism Nobody Would Even Be Arguing Just Because It’s About Homophobia And Some People Disagree On That Subject You Know And There’s Still People That Consider Themselves To Be Intelligent That Are Homophobic You Know It’s Not An Issue But If These People Were Saying Well I’m A Klan Member And You Know I Hate I Hate Black People And I Hate Asians And I Hate Everything Everybody Would Be Like Yo What The Fuck Are You Talking About Get The Fuck Out Of Here Like Get Stop Saying Shit But You Know Because That’s Still A Contentious Issue Somehow And It’s Not You Know Completely Accepted In The Mainstream That You Know There Should Be No Such Thing As A Discrimination Based On Gender Or Sexuality Or Color Of Skin Or Anything You Know It’s Still It’s Becoming This Huge Issue Anyways That’s What I Had To Say Yeah Well I Mean Just Let It Be Known That You Didn’t Call Any Names I’m Gonna Call His Name It Was Atma I Mean I Read The Post I’m Familiar With His Music And Yeah I Seen I’ve Seen How He Was Doing On That Post I Was Involved With That Whole Thing Or Watched It Go Down Anyway But Yeah That’s Crazy Man And And The Whole Thing Is Like I Was Let Down When I Met A Lot Of The Spirit The So-called Spiritual Emcees Right That I Looked Up To That I Was Listening To Them Send Their Music And Inspired By Them And I Was On My Spiritual Path Like Manny’s Do Just Breaking Down Meditation They’re Breaking Down Ancient Manuscripts And Talking About Ascending This Is What I’m About Man This Is This Is What I’m Called To And And Listening To These Guys And Then When I Meet Him Or Talk To Him On The Phone It Was Like Something Totally Different And I Like Wish That I Never Would Have Met Some Of These Guys Man I’ma Being One Of Them Because Optimus Study And Optimus Wordplay Is So Far Past You Know I’m Saying Your Average Mc Oh Yeah Um Saying He’s Rapping In Sitting In A Sanskrit And Yeah And So He Wanted A Deep Examined And That’s The Thing That’s Really Like Atman Same Thing Like I Looked Up The Funny Thing Is He Said He You Know A While Back He Actually Called Out He Said To Me And Rishi Were Little Pussies The Copy The Style Yeah And Then I I Called Him Out On That And I Said Well Listen When Did You Start Rapping Like Your First Album Efficiently Like Be Honest Feat Of Mine Dropped In 2006 I’ve Got Albums That Date Back To 2005 Started Rapping 20 21 Years Ago Now You Know I Had I Did A Show Like The First Live Hip Hop Show I Did With In 1992 Was Like A Cover Of House Of Pain When I Was Like 10 Years Old And And Two Years Later I Dropped My First Mixtape In 94 So And So I Was Rapping Back In The Days When Chris Was Still In His Golden Age You Know What I Mean And Then This Dude Who’s Like 40 Some Years Old Now It’s Telling Me That I Copied It Style Because You Know Because I Have The Name Kalki And He’s Like Well I I Have A Monopoly Over You Know Dharma Sanatana Or Like Hindu Hip-hop Or Like Spiritual Kirtan Hip-hop Or Something You Know I Don’t Get That Part Like And I Didn’t Get The Calling Out Rishi We Can Talk About That Too But You Know He Was Like Yo They’ve Been Close Friends For So Long Me Not I Used To Have Conversations Like 10 Years Ago On Myspace I Was Talking With Him And His Girlfriend Back Then We Had Like Deep Conversation About Krishna The D Was Really Nice Man Honestly Like We Got Along He Would Come And Drop Comments On My Page And Like Your Piece Kalki Avatara How Are You This And I We Built On The Amana’s Project Used To Be A Part Of Saudi Militia He Was Like On So Many Different Things But Then Yeah Like I Did The Whole Thing Started This One Post I Posted One Day And I Was Like Listen I Remember Hearing Like I’m Talking About Like Some Shit Where He Was Like In One Of His Lyrics I Forget The Song But He’s Like Um Yo Um Why The Fuck Am I Battling And Crumbs For I Stabbed You Faggots In The Stomach And Watch The Cum Poor And Somebody Quoted Me That Again And Now And I Was Like Wow And So I Put Up A Post On Facebook Where I Was Like You Know I Was Like Yo If You’re Talking About Spiritual Enlightenment At The Same Time You Know You’re Calling Other Being Faggots And This And Not And You’re Disrespecting Their Own Sexual Preferences You Know You’re Not You Know A Slug Or A Maggot Is More Enlightened Than You Are Like Don’t Try To Claim You And He Saw The Post And You Started Writing Some Threads On There And He Was Like Yo Fuck This Man I Don’t Support A Natural Thing I Agreed With My Queen And That’s All I And Somebody Was Like Yo What’s Wrong With You Man Why Are You Being Like This Yeah Fuck You Faggot I’ll Punch You In The Face And Then Yeah And And Then And In The Same Breath Like Today You Know He’s Writing To Me Me Like You Can’t Fool The Mystic I Know You’re Fake You’re A Fraud You’re A Bullshitter Like This And I’m Like Who Are You Fooling Because Like You’re Writing All These Sequel Comments You’re Telling Me This And Now I’m Telling You Chill And Just Let It Be And You’re Telling Me Like All Of It I Don’t Know It Didn’t Make Sense To Me But I Would Like To Say That You Know Like Like The Vast Majority Of Hip-hop Artists That I’ve Heard Of Like You Know Cats Like Son Of Saturn Like Rishi Like So Many Other Like A Stranded Like Vice Versa Like So Many Other Cats Out There Like I Don’t Even Want To You Know Obviously I Could Name On For Centuries Like I’ll Leave The Hash One Of My Best Friend Yeah That Dude Man Be But Spark Unknown Misery From That Alone War Child I Know So Many Dudes Very Respectful Fully Agreeable With Like Every Every You Know Form Of Sentence Every Level In Density And They Actually Live What They Speak Up They Have Their Own You Know Of Course They’re Not Perfect You Know They End Up Drinking Once In A While Or You Know Smoking Weed And Doing Some Stupid Shit Sometimes You Know We All Do That But They’re Not Trying To Claim Then Are Going Out There Telling Everybody That You Know They’re The Ultimate Form Of Spirituality And Then That Same Graph Like Eating On A Bunch Of Other Cat You Know So I Totally Feel What You’re Saying On That Level Nine And It Wasn’t Really Disappointing For Me Too Much Yeah Yeah I Mean He Wasn’t The Only One You Know I’m Saying But You Know I’m Saying The Thing I Have With Them As Well I Haven’t Really Told Anybody But I Mean You See I Mean I’m Not Sure If You If You Knew That Was Me On The Esoteric Empire Page Talking About A Son Of Saturn Right Calling Him A Thief Oh Yo No I Didn’t Even Realize And You Know What And I Did So So That Was Me Yeah You Got My Answer Back On That Right Yeah Definitely Yep So Let’s Actually Address That And That’s Why I Say Sos I Know He’s A Good Dude He Knows He Fucked Up In The Past He Knows He Wasn’t Perfect He’s Told Me That More Than Once But Even I Remember Him Talking On A Radio Interview Saying How You Know He Used To Do Coke And He Was Really Fucked Up And He Was Stealing Money From Not Feeling But Like You Know He Was So Fucked Up That Basically He Took The Money That People Were Sending Him For Merchandise And He Didn’t Have The Money To Order The Merch Anymore Because He Used It For Drugs And So He Never You Know Sent It To Some People And I Ended Up Sending Some People Some You Know Some Copies Of His Cds Like Some Online Copies Or Some Merchandise Or Some Stuff I’d Be Like You Know What I’ll Link You Up And But But He He Came Clean With That He Didn’t Try Like In Front Of Saturn Has Never Been The Dude To Try To Tell People You Know He’s Never Been That Guy That’s Going Around Being Like Yo Listen To Me I’m So And Like Even Talking Some Of His Track And That’s One Of The Reasons Why I Switched From Son Of Saturn To Aquaman You Know When He Dropped That Mystery School Dropout Album Because He’s Trying To Say Like I Wasn’t Worthy Of That Like I’m A Dropout At That School Because Like I Don’t I Don’t Fit With That That Idea You Know I’m Not That Spiritual Rapper That You Think I Am So I Gotta Give Him Respect To That Man Because Honestly The Dude Was Very Honest About It Yeah And You Know Anybody That Asks Me Man I Like I’ve Done Some Stupid Shit Like Not Even Like Two Months Ago Man I Was Drinking Too Much I’m Not Touching Alcohol Anymore Now But Like Yeah You Know I Feel Like I Just Know Yeah I Smoke Weed Once In A While And I Like You Know I’ve Done I’ve Done Some Stupid Shit Am I’ve Done Coke When I Was Younger And I’ve Done Like You Know I’ve Robbed People Like I’ve Like I’ve Done Pretty Much Anything You Can Think I’m Committed To Armed Robberies I’ve Trafficked Like Marijuana Like Mushrooms A Bunch Of Different Things Like Never Never Hard Drugs I’ve Never Believed In Synthetics And Never You Know That That’s Never Been My Thing And I Didn’t Want To I Felt Like I Was Corrupting People To Do Something Like You Know So I Was Always Like Hirable Like Natural Remedies But But It’s Still Like There’s A Lot Of Things That I Do That People Would Say You Know They’ve Been Questionable And I’ve Definitely Behaved In Ways You Know I’m Not Stolen From Friends Before When I Was Younger And You Know I’ve Done Things That You Know So A Lot Of People Think That Because Of A Certain Number Of Things That I’ve Said In My Tracks That I’m This Like You Know Heightened Person That I Have All This Spiritual Dye I Wanted To Clarify To This Idea Of Kalki Like I Took That Name A Long Long Time It Actually Came I Didn’t Even Take The Name Like I Remember Writing And Looking Back Now That The Album Sands Of Time That We Just Released Were Bliss And Antic Rana And Erik’s Are I’m Produced By Aquarius Minded And Not Album I Wrote Those Verses All Of The Verses In That Album I Wrote Over Ten Years Ago And There’s References In There To Kalki Way Before I Even Thought Of The Name Kalki Or Even Like Had More Like Like I Practically Had No Initiation Into Hinduism Into Dharma Sanatana I Didn’t Know Anything About That Religion And Somehow These These References Popped Up From Whatever Book That I Had Seen Them In At Some Point And They Popped Up In My Runs And I Actually Talked About Being Kalki Like 12 Years Ago Or Like 11 Years Ago Before I Ever Even Took That Name So It Could Not Name Kind Of Followed Me For A Long Time Until I Wrote The Album Dark Ages And And When I Finished That Album And I Wrote It Really Really Quickly And It Was Just A Bunch Of I Was In A Really Messed Up Mind State At The Time And When I Looked At It I Was Like This Isn’t An Anthony Album It Doesn’t Make Sense I Can’t Have That Name Because It Doesn’t Really At All To That Experience In That Reality So At The Time I I Looked At It And I Was Like I Have To Take The Name Kalki That’s The Only Option I Really Have And So I Took The Name Kalki And It’s Stuck And So Many People Knew Me By That That By This Point Now Like 90% Of My Music On On Youtube My Albums Everything Else Is All Under The Name Kalki But Recently I’ve Been Switching A Lot And I’ve Been Dropping A Lot Of Albums Under Anthony Of Egypt Under Kwaku Under Legion Under Professor X Under All Kinds Of Different Aka That I You Know That I Kind Of Diversified So To Me I Don’t Think And I’ve Never Thought That I Was Like The One And Only Kalki Like If Anything Back In The Days I Thought You Know One Of These Days Maybe Who Knows A Thousand Five Hundred Thousand Years From Now If I Really Works Towards It And I Perfected My Spiritual Craft And My Soul And Everything Maybe I Could Get To The Point Where I Can Become One Of You Know How Many Millions Or Trillions Or Countless Avatars Of Kalki Who Is Already An Avatar Of Another Divinity And That Divinity Is Actually An Avatar Of Another Evolution Of A Divinity In Jainism Which You Know Becomes Rhea Mom Swan Shreya Mom Swami Is Krishna So And That Divinity Itself Worships The Supreme Force Which Is Like You Know What We Would Call The Creator Or Like You Know The Ultimate Sentient Force Of The Universe So In The End It’s Like You Know I When I Try To Explain That To People In My In My Best Form What I Could Ever Hope To Be Would Be Like An Avatar Of An Avatar Of An Avatar Of A Being That Worships The Supreme Being So People Think It’s Like Oh You’re So Full Of Yourself You Think You’re God And I’m Like No Man I Think I’m Like You Know A Being Of A Being Of A Being In My Best Shape That You Know That Actually Is Like Just A Reflection Like One Of A Million Or Trillion Different Reflections Of A Being That Worships The Supreme Being So In The End I’m A Lot Less Than A Human Being But Is That You Know You Take A Name Like That And People Start Thinking A Bunch Of Shit About You And Then They Start You Know Assuming All Kinds Of Things Whether It’s Positive Or Negative And Then They Either Idealize You Or They Demonize You Yeah No Doubt I Know What That I Know That’s All About As Far As Picking Name As Well I Kind Of Had Those Things With My Name And People Saying You Know If You’ve Already Found The Truth Why Are You Still Seeking For It You Know I’m Saying And All This Kind Of Shit But Yeah That I Mean That Whole Thing About The Spiritual Emcees Man And The Reason I Bring Up You Know I’m Saying Son Of Saturn In A Nama Both Of Those Dudes Stole Money From Me On On Selling Me Verses You’re Supposed To Do Collabs With Me Had Me Send The Money And Then You Know Never Came Through Or Whatever And Basically Told Me Fuck Me Or Whatever When I Asked Them For The Money Yeah Yeah Since I’m Like A Hundred Fifty Bucks Or Whatever You Know And Yeah So That’s One Thing They Happen With That That Other Thing Like I Really Looked Up To Those Guys But Nah It’s Crazy Man It Was Another Guy To A Guy Named Decipher Decipher Seven Three Oh Yeah Yeah I Really Looked Up To He’s Affiliated With Lc Oh Yeah I Really Looked Up To Him And We Actually Had A Track Together And I Was Gonna Get Him On The Voices Album My Homeboy The Voice I Was Producing That And He Paid Him To Get On That Own Album And It Found Out That We Was Affiliated With Christians And We Did Christian Hip-hop Back In The Day And All That And They Basically Rubbed It In Our Face And Said You Not Getting Your Money You Know Your Money Is Being Used To Support Our Mosque Because Opposed Idli They Lived At Up Freakin Um Islamic Communism Some Crap And Was Like Rubbing It In Our Face That You Know Us Christians Were Supporting Islam And Trying To Make Us Like Get Upset About And Stuff And Kept The Money And Was Like Sending Crazy Messages Back And Forth So What Happens You Know You Know What’s Crazy The Way I Look At It And I Know I Know It’s Fucked Up For Sure And I’m Not Denying That But The Way The Way I Look At Things Nowadays When Something Happens To Me When Somebody Steals Money From Me If Somebody Jacked Me Like You Know That’s Happening Me In The Past When I Was In Guadalupe And I Remember Laughing Like The Dude Stuck A Fucking Screwdriver In My Ribs And He’s Like You’ll Give Me All Your Money Right Now And I Was Like I Just Smiled And I Looked At Him I Was Like I Got Five Bucks In My Pocket Man You Want To Have That $5 You Can Have It Like You Don’t Even Need To Push That To Do Driver In There Like Don’t Worry About It Like It’s Five Dollars Monkey And He Looked At Me And He Was So That’s No He Pushed It Harder And I’m Like Dude It’s All Good Man Don’t Worry About It It’s Cool Like You Don’t Need To Look Hard In Front Of Your Homies Man You’re Good Like And And He Looked So Weird After That I Was There To Buy Like A Five Chunk Of Weed And Um And He Felt So Strange After That That When He Took The Five Dollars He Actually Gave Me The Five Charm Captured I He’s Like Yeah I’m Soaring That And He’s Like Yo Here You Can Have This And I Was Like You Know What You Can Keep It You Look Like You Really Need The Money Man Don’t Worry About It You Know Sell It To Somebody Else And Get Yourself An Extra Five Dollars And That’s How I Look At It Now In The Wind Funds Like Last Last Summer I Had Two Bikes That I Bought One Of Them Like I Like I Really I Built It Myself As Bmx Like I Took It From Scratch I’m This Like Native Girl That Gave It To Me At 3 In The Morning And It Was Beautiful Up And I Took It To A Shop Got It Fixed Up Everything Like Spray Painted It Myself Put Some Wormhole Stickers On It Comedian Worm We’re Like You Know Back Then And Sent Me This Package And I Want To Give Him Respect And No Matter What The Bullshit Is What’s Going On Right Now I Just Want To Say Like I Still I Still Loved And Respected You And I’ve Nothing Against And I’ve Nothing Against Any Of These People That Aren’t Actively Promoting Hatred Towards Some Kind Of Like You Know I’ve Never Seen And I’ve Never Seen One Mole Do Anything Like That There’s A Lot Of Cats That I Know That I’ve Never Done Shit Like That They Just Happen To Be Friends With People That Are Like That And They Feel Like Respecting Them And Ignoring The Fact That They’re Doing That Is The Best Course Of Action I Feel Differently But I Respect It Whatever You Know But Either Way So So These Bikes You Know I Get These Bikes And And I Spend Like A Decent Amount Of Money Fixing Up That Bmx And I Buy This Mountain Bike To It You Know I Spent Like 200 Bucks On Or Something That’s Like Really Nice Looking Bikes And Both Of Them Get Stolen Within The Span Of A Week And I Remember Like Smiling I Came There One Day And I Just See The Empty You Know Thing Where My Bike Was And I See The Lock That’s It’s Chopped Off And You Guys Looking At Me And They’re Like Holy Shit I Got Stolen You Must Be Pissed And I Was Like Nah Man I’m Actually Pretty Happy Because Somebody Probably Really Needed That Bike Really Badly That Snap At Off A Main Street Like That In The Middle Of Edmonton And Risk Getting Busted Steal A Bike You Know So I Hope That They Get Something Good Out Of It And They End Up You Know Doing Whatever You Know Driving Around With It Having A Good Bike For The Next Six Months Or Whatever And You Know Or Selling It And Making Some Money That They Desperately Need To Pay Rent Or Buy Food Or Whatever It Is But Either Way Every Time I Look At Something And I’m I Know That Out My Like Sound Or Whatever Like No I’m Sure I Don’t Know What Their Financial Situation Is But Obviously They’re Not Homeless You Know Or They Might Be At Some Point But You Know Most Of The Time They’re Doing Okay Like I Remember Saturn Was Living In A Temple For A While At Mon He’s Working Some Construction Job And You Know He Looks Like He’s Making A Decent Amount Of Money So So I Know You They Don’t Need That Money But My Hope When Something Like That Happened Those People Actually Do Put It Towards Something That I Believe Is Beneficial Or Not And And And Or You Know Or Hopefully And If They Don’t What I Think In My Mind Is That’s Okay Because Karma Is Gonna Make You Reuse That Money In A Proper Way Of Interesting Run Away From That Exactly Yeah No Doubt It Totally Works Like That And I’m Not Sweating It I Won’t Do Business With Them In The Future But You Know All Things Work Together To The Goods Of Those Who Love God Man You Know I’m Saying So Everything That Happened Yes It’s Planned And Ordained So Nothing Happens By Chance It’s All Good Part Of The Journey So Look We’re Gonna Go Ahead And Go To A Break And On The Other Side Of The Break Maybe We Can Come Back And Get Into Some Of That Deep Esoteric Knowledge That People Are Wanting In Here Kind Of You Know Change Gears From All Of The The Rap Drama And Rap Beef Yeah That You Know Saying People Wanting Us To Address Anyway And People Wanting To Know About This Stuff So You Know Ya Know That’s Very True And I’m Glad That It’s There And It’s Good To Put It Out There In A Non Hateful Fashion You Know So People Actually See It’s Not Just Like A You Know A Bunch Of Like You Know Throwing Out All This Guy’s A Faggot This Guy’s This Not Even Fucking Weak He’s Like And It’s Like No Like Just State The Facts You Know Like You Can Call People This And That All Day Long If You Want But At The End Of The Day If You’re Just Throwing Names At People Like Us Not Substance That’s Not Factual That’s Just Your Opinion So That’s What’s Up So We’re Going Into The Break On The Other Side Of The Break We’re Gonna Take Some Questions That We Got And Shift Gears A Little Bit We’ll Be Right Back When You’re In Business You Need A Professional Website When You Visit Web Creator You Can Have The Website You’ve Always Wanted Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars For Just Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars You Can Have A Professionally Designed Website A Registered Domain Name Seo Optimization One-year Hosting And A Website Store Use The Promo Code Truth And Save Two Hundred Dollars What An Incredible Deal Everything You Will Ever Need For Your Website At A Price You Can Afford Go To Web Creator There’s A New Book On The Market That’s Turning The Traditional Religious Circles Upside Down The Name Of This Book Is Jesus Yeshua Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things Yes You Heard Me Correctly Jesus Yeshua Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things The Theme Of This Book Is Based Upon A Little-known Ancient Masonic Prophecy In Psalm 22 Where Jesus Refers To Himself As A Worm Whether You Are Religious Or Not The Information Contained In This New Book Is Life-changing At Worst One Reviewer States Wow What An Interesting And Engrossing Book I Was Fascinated With The Writing From The Word Go This Has Been The Single Best Read On The Various Aspects Of The Bible That Laypeople Need Help With To Understand And Appreciate Listen If You Are Interested In Throwing Away Traditional Thinking And Learning The Truth Of Biblical Prophecy Get Your Copy Of Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake To Among Other Things From Barnes And Noble And Many Online Bookstores You Can Also Visit The Author Page At Alright Guys We’re Back Talking To Kalki Having This Interview With Addressing Some Issues And Some Of The You Know Some Of The Little Chinks That We Get Up On The Way Trying To Work With People Trying To Do Things Trying To Build It’s Crazy Man I Don’t Even Like I Just Had Somebody Send Me A Message It’s Like Man I Really Love Your Music And I Listen To Your Story And I Want To Learn More All Of These Things You Know And They Want Me To You Know Send Them Some Some Information Some Books And Some People They Can They Can Read And Follow And Stuff Like That And I’m At The Point What I Don’t Even Want To Promote Anything Like That I Said I Just Need To Spend Time And Intimacy And Prayer Meditation And Do That You Know I’m Saying And Whatever Comes Comes And It’s Like Okay Well I’m Doing That And Then I Just Saw Them Straight Up Slightly Look I Don’t Even Want To Promote Anybody So I’m Like Just Go To The Ancient Text I Don’t Want Yeah Just Go To The Ancient Text Because There’s So Much There That You Can Go To And It Stood A Lot Longer Than We Have And Some Of The Other People Have Hidden Agendas And Motives I Can’t I Can’t A Hundred Percent Endorse Someone Without Worrying About You Falling Into Some Of The Other Things That You Know They Promote Or They Can You Know Open Up Doors To Especially When You’re Dealing With Knowledge And Understanding It Gets Kind Of It’s Kind Of Weird When You’re Sensitive To Some Of The Things That Are Going On Out There You Know No I Fully Agree And That’s Exactly Why Like I Turn Revolt Motion Recently I’ve Been Changing A Lot Of Stuff On There And I’ve Been Adding Up A Lot Of Different Links To All Kinds There’s One That’s Called Holy Books Esoteric Scriptures I Think And Basically All It Is Is Like Two Or Three Different Links To These Different Websites Where You Can Go And There’s An Entire Like I Think One Of Them Is Holy Books Calm Yeah And There’s Like Thousands Of Different Sacred Scriptures You Can Just Alphabetically Search For They’re Having Fun And And That’s What I Usually Tell People I Might Go On There Go Download A Pdf Like Whatever You’re Thinking Of Like Go Move Some Stuff And Think Whatever Religion Or Faith Or Spirituality You Know Or Author That Heard Of From Someone That’s Interesting To You And Choose Your Own Books And Look Through Them And And But I Tell Them Look At It Critically Like Don’t Look At It As A Person That’s Like Oh This Is Coming From The Supreme Source And Ultimate With Them That You Know Nothing Should Be Questioning That I Think That’s The Root Of The Problem Between All Religions Everybody Assumed That Their Own Is Supreme And There’s Nothing That We Can Question In It You Know But Everything Like Like You Doing I’m Doing A Religious Studies Class Right Now And Another Comparative Literature Study Where We’re Studying Wisdom Literature And I’m Actually Thinking Of Doing My My Post Doctorate In And Actually Comparative Wisdom Literature And I Just Want To Compare All The Different Traditions From All Over The Planet But That’s The Thing Most People That Do That Don’t Do It With A Critical Perspective You Know They Look At It Like Thinking All What This Is Unquestionable You Got To Think This Is You Know In Many Cases The Text That Was Written By A Man That Was Living In A Patriarchal Society From You Know 3,000 Years Ago Even If Those They Were You Know Which In Many Cases They Are Revelations From God Or From From The Goddess Or From Whatever Many Of These Are Still Within The Context Of The Time Have Been Reinterpreted And Have Been You Know Pushed In A Certain Way So And That’s Why I Love I Love Alternative Traditions So Much You Know Gnosticism Sufism Zoroastrian And Then Sikhism All These Different You Know Kabbalistic Just Studies Stuff Erotic Studies Like Sunnis Nada And Talked About There’s So Many Different Within Those Mainstream Religions There’s So Many Different Branches That Are Unknown A Beautiful That You Know People Don’t Study Yeah I’ve Kind Of Got My Own Thing Man It’s Well I Can’t Tell You Like Because People Want To I Like Identify You In A Box Okay True Seeker What Are You Okay You’re This Because I Want To Be What You Are It’s Like No A Little Bit Of Everything Man It’s Like Whoa You Just Confused You Don’t Know What You Believe No I Know What I Believe But It’s It’s It’s Evolving Like I Haven’t Arrived And I Don’t Think Any Of Us Have I Can’t Say That I Can Agree With This Doctrine And This Belief System 100% You Know There’s Things In This Belief System That I Can Vouch For Hundred-percent And There’s Other Things That I Think Is A Bunch Of Bs You Know And I Would Never Promote And So I Can’t Tell You You Know Like I Said As Far As The Books Go Go Read This Book No Because I Know That You’re Gonna Probably Read His Next Book That You Know It’s Dissing Everything That I’m About Or Something You Know I’m Saying Yes So You Know There’s All That Kind Of Stuff Going On But It Is What You’re Talking About Man It’s Worse Sad As Far As The Syncretism And Finding The Streams That Tie All The Religions Together And Once You Begin To Transcend The Dogma And Move Past That My Religion Is The Only Religion That’s Right And Begin To You Know I Don’t Know If It’s Study You Don’t Even Have To Study Other Religions But But Just Begin To Look Into Them A Little Bit You Know And Yet See Everything That’s The Same Because It’s Gonna Like It Like If You Know Your Religion Really Good Like If You Know Your Holy Books And You Just Glanced At The Other Ones You’re Gonna See A Straining Man You’re Gonna See It Is You Don’t Even Have To Stretch You Know Definitely Them Just That Throw Into That About You Know Because I Was Born A Christian And I Know You You Were Probably Born A Christian As Well From What I Understand Right So Um You Know Even In Christianity I Was Having This Conversation With The Bus However The Other Day You Know And That’s Why I Respect You So Much Even Like Regardless Of Whether You Still Are A Christian Or You You Know But Jenny Like You’re Even If You Were You’re An Open-minded One In The Sense That Like You Know They Talk About The Twelve Tribes Right You Know Yeah You Know Levi Ii Suck Our God You Know Dude Like There’s So Many Different Ones But Like To Me A Lot Of People Are Like Those Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel And And I’ve Heard Many Different Christians Telling Me Those Are Lost We Don’t Know Where Any Of Them Are And We Don’t Have Any Of Their Scriptures And I’m Like How Does That Make Sense How Would It Not Make More Sense That All Of These Twelve Tribes Would Represent You Know And A Lot Of People Say That There’s Approximately Something Like 12 Major Religions On The Planet Why Wouldn’t It Make Sense That Each Of Those Would Represent A Tribe And That Each Of The Books But These Sacred Scriptures The Stick Of A Different Tribe It’s Not Just A Stick Of Judah Like The Mormons Believe That The Stick Of Ephraim Is In Their Own Book So Maybe That’s The Case Maybe It’s Not I Don’t Know I Don’t Like It You Know What I Mean Would It I Mean What Is It The The Exactly No One Even The 13th I’ve Often Talking About The 13th Tribe As Being The Egyptian Coptic Christian Or Like The Kinetic Egyptian Yeah So There’s There’s So Many And I Mean There’s Way More And I’ve Talked In One Of The Tracks Too I Think On 10 The Time Where They And There’s Many More Oil Traditions And Riff Unscripted That You Know We Haven’t Discovered Yet Or That We’ve Forgotten Yeah So It’s Definitely Yeah It’s Definitely There As Far As The You Know The Twelve Disciples To Twelve Tribes The Twelve Houses Of The Zodiac Like They All Go Together Man They’re All You Know They’re It’s All Telling A Story Of Allegory That Is A Story About Us It’s About You You Know The Twelve Disciples We All Play Those Roles At Times And Yep The Twelve Houses Of The Zodiac Do You Like When You Do The Deep Study On It You Find Out That Each Disciple Represents One Of The Houses And And When You Do The Study Even Deeper You Find Out That Their Personalities Correlate With The Sign That They Were Born Under As Far As Surprised Because A Lot Of Years Talking About The Thirteen Sign To Officiais The Serpent They’re Right And Then Like That And Again That Fits With The Idea Of The Thirteen Is All We Got Forgotten The Curstyn Number That People Are Like Oh That Locker It’s A But Nah Man Not To Notice Exactly Yeah So There’s All Kinds Of Different Yeah And Any Man To Me Like And Then Twelve Is A Symbolic Number In The Bible Right – It’s Like It’s Like When Jesus Says Forgive Seventy-seven Times He’s Not Paying Forgive Them Seventy Seven Times And The 78 Don’t Forgive Them Anymore It’s Just Your Number That Means Infinity Basically Yeah So You Know And 12 To Me Is A Symbolic Number Two When They Say There’s You Know Twelve Times Twelve Legions Of You Know Or Like 144,000 Sarah And Cherubim All The Minions Like Those Are Symbolic Number They Might Not Actually Be Exactly 144 Thought Maybe They Are But You Know Maybe There’s A Hundred And Forty-four Thousand In This Meant To Be And Then 144,000 Another Density And Then Endless Manifestations Of All These Different You Know Yeah And So That Same Principle Is With The 72 Virgins In Islam Yeah Have You Break It Down It’s Not 72 Virgins That Means The Same Thing It Means A Lot Just It’s Not Like Okay That’s 72 That’s It Okay There’s Your Number Like That 72 Is Just Uh Arabic Idiom And Then The Same Thing With The Hebrew Idiom As Far As You Had A Day Is Like A Thousand Years The Whole Thousand I Mean That’s The Same Thing The Word Thousand In The Bible Means A Very Large Number It Doesn’t Mean A Thousand A Day Is Like A Thousand Years For The Lord It’s Gonna Be A Thousand Year Reign And In Seven Days Of Creation I Remember Talking About That One Of My Tracks Way Back In The Days Where I Was Like Seven Days Of Creation Is Seven Days And Nibiru Multiply Multiply That By 3600 That’s Symbolic Logic In Earth Days So You Know Whatever It May Be Maybe It’s Not 3600 But Either Way Like If You Look At It From A Different Solar System Different Planetary Perspective If It’s Not One Revolution Around The Sun Equals One Day Maybe You Know Maybe It Equals You Know On A Different Planet That Equals Like 3600 Human Days Or 3,600 Years Or You Know So That’s How I Look At The Creation Story Sometimes It’s Like Again It’s Like A Metaphor For You Know If Those Beings Weren’t From This Planet In The First Place Then They Wouldn’t Be Counting In Earth Page Exactly But Touching On That Subject Of Islam I’d Like To Delve Into It Because One Of My Friends In Ontario Cindy Actually Um You Know Asked Me To Mention You Know He Said What Do You Think About What Do You Think About Islam And He Wanted Me To Talk About That And Since We Kind Of Touched Upon That Idea Of Like You Know Decipher Saying You Know This Inaudible Yeah You Know All The Christians Supporting Islam Um I Think It’s Really Interesting Because Like Some Of My Best Friends Are Muslim And And I’ve Seen Some You Know Just Like In Christianity Just Like It’s Some Other That’s Strengthened Christians You And You Know From All Over The Place And To Me The Way I Look At Islam The Same Way As I Look At Christianity In A Sense And Many Other Religions Buddhism Or Hinduism Or Anything Is That You Know Intrinsically I Believe That Their Value Is Very Pure And Deep It’s Just That You Know Mainstream Manifestations Of This And The People That Represent Them In Many Cases Especially An Official You Know Hierarchical Position They’ve Become Very Impressive And Misinterpreting You Know Those Scriptures And Then They Start Completely Twisting In It Something Else So I Think That’s The Problem Why People You Know There’s All The Demonization Of Islam These Days And And The Same Thing Happens To Christianity And People Misunderstand The Origins But The Way I Look At Islam The Way It’s Supposed To Be And A Lot Of Muslims Are Probably You Know Or Someone Who’s Would Probably Disagree With Me On This Purpose Because I’ve Had This Yeah You Know Conversation Before With Them But I Believe That Basically I Believe Islam It’s Is Meant To Be Or I Don’t Know If You’ve Heard About Bhai Bhai Ism I Think We Talked About But I Believe They’re The Messianic I Think I Mentioned That Last Nothing Of Urc But I Think There’s A Messianic Fulfillment Of Islam Because That’s What They Perfect Themselves To Be That’s What They Mentioned So They Believe Their Prophets Are From The House Of Muhammad And They Came To Peace Be Upon Them And They Came To Actually Change The You Know Reform In A Certain Sense These Outdated Principles About Like A Number Of Misinterpreted Misinterpretation Of Islamic Texts Like The Sharia Like You Know The Islamic Law Or Like You Know Different Different Bodies And The Sectarian Divisions Between Sunni And Shia And The Ishmaelites Or You Know Different Different Branches And And And Sects Of Islam So I Believe That In The End Islam Is Actually Meant To Be An Ultimate Religion Of Peace Which Manifests Like You Know An Acceptance For All Religions In All Faiths On The Planet And I Do Believe That You Know Friends Of Mine That I Have Like Like My Friend Ali You Know That I We Often Call Like Immune Academy We Call It Imam Malik It Was Named After The Imam The Son-in-law Of Muhammad Who You Know Many Believe Is Actually You Know Supposed To Be The Leader Of Islam After Muhammad’s Death You Know I Believe That People Like That Are Actually Gonna Bring Islam Into A New Era Into A New Faith And Are Actually Going To Bring This Unifying Of Christianity Of Islam Of Hinduism Of Like Many Different Religions Across The Planet And Instead Of Arguing And Worrying Over You Know Who Has The Ultimate Authority They’re Gonna Try To Say Listen Like You Said Earlier You Know We’re All Trying To Say Something You Know Similar In A Different Way And We Need To Accept These Things People Have Been Talking About It For A Long Time But I Think What’s Lacking Is That Not Enough People Have Been Able To Explain I Don’t Know Or Maybe There Hasn’t Been Just Enough Attention But Like I Think There Hasn’t Been Enough Specific Explanations Of The The You Know Studying Of The Similarities And The Differences And How They Occurred How These You Know Linguistic And Etymological Schisms Happened And That’s Something That I’m Really Interested In As Well And I’ve Been Studying That For A While So I’m Hoping That You Know In Some Of My Studies At Least In My In My Phd In A My Um And My Post-doctorate After That I’m Hoping I Can You Know Shed Some Light On Some Of These Matters Yeah The More That You Know You Do This Studying And You See What’s Going On You Know A Lot Of Times You Try To Say Well You Know They Did This So You Know They’re The Bad Guys Right And Then You Just Look In You’re Like Well You Know There’s Christians That Do Those Things Too Or There’s Christian Texts That Tell You That You Know Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live If There’s Any Witches In The Island Let’s Kill All The Witches You’re Saying And It Talks About The Infidels In The Christian Bible We Ought To Take Over The You Know Those Who Don’t Follow Yahweh And We Need To Take Over Their Encampments And Kill All Their Women And Kill All Their Children And Not Let Anyone Yeah So There Are Those Things In The Holy Bible As Well It’s Not Really Practiced In Christianity Because They Don’t Really View The Old Testament Like That They Said Well You Know That’s The Old Testament That’s That’s Like How You Know Yahweh Used To Be He’s Not Like That Anymore But Those Yeah Those Scriptures Are But Are In There Right Um No Exactly And A Lot Of People Actually I Hate How People Like Often Say Oh You Misinterpreted That And It’s Like No It’s Not A Misinterpretation It’s Just That Back Then People Were Really Freaking Ignorant And Like You Know Like Narrow-minded About All Kinds Of Different Topics Including Racism And Like Sexism And Like Scribal Phobia And So And You Can’t Take It In The Same Context But You Can’t Just Say No People Misinterpreted Now That’s Not What It Meant No That’s What It Meant It’s Just It Shouldn’t Be Actual Anymore Yeah Sobs Like Actually Before We Did This Interview I Was Just I Seen A Video On Facebook And It Was Something That Was Recently In The News Like This Week This Is Lama Clady I Think She Was A Babysitter She Was Watching This Toddler And Cut His Head Off Cut The Baby’s Head Off And She Was Walking And She Was Walking Down The Street Holding The Baby’s Head And She’s In Islamic Garbs Or Whatever And She’s Holding Her Baby’s Head Up And Saying That She’s Got A Bomb She’s Gonna Kill Herself And Blow Herself Up And She’s Holding The Toddler’s Head Up While She’s Walking Through Town This Is In America And In The Cops End Up You Know Tackling Her And All This And Get Her Or Whatever Subdue Her And I’m Like Me And That’s You Know I’m Saying They’re At It Again They’re Doing All These Extreme Things Or Whatever But Then You Got To Stop And Slap Yourself Like Hole Oh Wait Christian People Know The Same Things Yeah Exactly And That The Difference Is Nobody Will Ever Say Oh Person Nobody Like I’m Pretty Sure You Know Who Knows If You Look Into The Unabomber He Was Probably Christian Or He Was How He Was You Know I Mean But Nobody Is Oh A Christian Person Just Bombed This Place The Christian Person Didn’t Know They’re Just Like Oh They Named The Person They Say You Know They Won’t They Won’t Say And If It If It’s Somebody That’s Muslim Or That’s You Know Or That Say It Like Brown Or Black Or Latino They’re Gonna Be A Lot Of A Latino This Person You Know A Lot Latino Muslim Or You Know A Middle Eastern Muslim Did This Thing If It’s A White Christian They’re Not Gonna Say A White Christian Did This They’re Just Gonna Name The Name And They’re Gonna Say This Person Did That They Were Completely Crazy They’re Never Associated With Anything So That God Did And I’m Glad You Mentioned That Yeah Really Important In The Kkk Are Christians They’re Christians Exactly They Are Christian Sect I Spoke Of It Before But I Used To Work As As A Helper Electrician And My Boss Is On The Job Were All Card-carrying Klansmen From Mississippi And They Would Pull The Cards Out And Show Us And They Would Tell Racist Jokes All Day And Say How They Hate Black People And I Would Be I Would I Would Be Going Against Them Like No I Mean No I’m Saying It Like Yeah Man Every Time You Hear You Know There Was A Raping On The News You Know It’s A Black Person You Know It Was The Color You Know They Were Using Another Word But They Were Saying And I Was Like And So I’m Just Trying To Take Up A Lot Of Black Friends I’m Like You Know Anytime You Hear About A Child Molestation It’s Always A White Person Well You Know Yeah You Know Just Trying To You Know Just Trying To Give Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine Or Whatever That’s Just What I Try To Show People Like The Same Manner Of Which You’re Judging Somebody You’re Gonna Be Judged By The Same Manner So A Lot Of Times We’re Saying Something And Doing Something In Judging People That Are Doing The Same Things That We’re Doing But Oh How Disgusting And Nasty Our Sin Looks When Someone Else Is Committing It You Know And You Feel Like We’re Exempt Or Something Like That And Love Conquers All Man If Your Religion Doesn’t Teach Love And It’s Not Founded On Pure Universal Love I Don’t Want To Hear Nothing You Got To Say But If You’re Walking In Love Towards All Men And You Have A Religion You Have A Practice You Have Something That Keeps You Connected To That Source I’m All For Word You Know But If We Could Tell Why You’re Definitely In Towards All Humans Towards All Beings Or Lack Of Religion Or Exact Or Lack Of Religion An Atheist Who Was Walking In Love Towards All Creation And All How To Talk About That Actually On My Upcoming Album With Six Part The Late Sixth Bar From Edmonton Who Actually Passed Away Of An Overdose This Summer Like A Good Friend Of Mine And I’m You Know He Gave Me A Bunch Of Beats Before He Passed Away And His Brother Is A Aspect Is Actually A Really Cool Dude From Who’s One Of The Main Producers From Nachos And Swollen Members Who I’ve Been Building With And Recently Just Talking To Him And Shay And Like We Talked About You Know Building On Some Stuff But This Track I Have A Track With Six Fire That’s Called What’s Your Religion Have Faith And In There Basically Is Exactly What I’m Saying Like I Mentioned You Know I There’s Like Four Different Parts Where I’m Like You Know If I Was A Christian I’d Be This If I Was Muslim Like Biga And I Talked About All The Different Like Forgotten Sects And Divisions Of You Know Whether Agnosticism Apocrypha You Know Uh You Know Everything I Was Mentioning Earlier Like You Know If I You Know I Mentioned If I Was A Muslim And You Hire A Sufi Trust This So You Know And All These Different Things And At The End I’m Like But There’s So Many Other Religions Or Face That I Could Name Is An Infinity But Basically Everyone Is But They’re All Basically The Same Essentially If You Make Exception Of The Mistranslations And Things So And That’s What I’m Trying To Tell People A Lot Too It’s Just Like You Know Stop Looking At Those Little Differences Behind Have A Saying Where They Say Don’t Look At The One Defect And A Person Look At The Ten Quality We Said And That’s What People Should Be Doing With Religions And With Face And You Know They Should Stop Nitpicking In Each Other Because In The End You Can Do Some Lot Of People Are Like Oh Buddhism Hinduism Is Not There’s Nothing You Know Or Not A Lot But Like Especially People I See That With Buddhism They Idealize This Share Of It And They’re Like Yo This Is The Perfect Religion It’s The Best One Out Of All Of Them And I’m Like No Man Buddhism Is Very Misogynistic To Run It Like Like How Many Women Lamas Women Rinpoche’s You See There’s A Couple Like Rinpoche There’s A Couple Like Important Women That Are Still Lower Caste But There’s Never A Delilah That’s All I Wrote A Track About That Recently Where I Was Like Matt I Hope One Day There’s Gonna Be Like A You Know A Gay Dalai Lama I Hope One Day There’s Gonna Be Like A Woman Delilah I Hope One Either You Know But Who Knows How Long That’s Going To Take You Know Yeah Yeah I Know That That Was Like One Of The First Things I Kind Of Woke Me Up To Like Universal Love It Was I Put It In My Song When I Was Doing Gospel Music Man But It’s A I Said Um I Said Let Us Witness Like The Jehovah’s Let Us Pray Just Like The Jews Let Us Fast Just Like The Muslims I’m A Fool But Only For You We Can Dance Like Charismatics Get In The Bible I Be From First Baptist Judging What The Word Just Like Just Matt This Teach It In The Street Like The Hebrews On The Sabbath You Know I’m Saying So It’s Like These Are Insects Man They Have These Qualities About Them That I Love And That They Believe In You Know And That They You Know In Some Cases Would Die For You Know So I Think Everybody Has A Piece Of The Truth So Everybody Has A Piece Of The Puzzle And You Know As Far As The Dog Mites Concerned And Just You Know Warring One With Another I Mean These Religions Are You Know Busy Worn Within Themselves Man So That’s That Yeah That Should Show You That They Haven’t Reached Elevation Of Consciousness Yet If They Still Fighting Each Other Actually Come On You Know So We Just Gotta Rise Above That I Want To I Want To Take A Couple Questions Man We Got A Couple People Who Sent Questions And Before That You All Do What You Want To Do That First Okay So But Since It’s On That Subject We’re Just Talking About Like The Unifying Of Religions You Wanted Me To Talk About On You A 19 And Little But I Wanted To Link That To Explain To People How These Different Religions Can All Link Together So Basically I Wanted To Compare The Sumerian Trinity And Sumerian Genesis With The Hindu Trimurti Which Is The Same Thing In The Trinity And Compare That And Bring In Elements Of Islam As Well Within That So You Have Like So This Idea Of A New And And Anki And Enlil Who’s The Father Anke With The Half-breed Illegitimate Offspring Who And And Who Many Say Is Like The Christ Prototype On Who Is Like Yahweh And Then Because Uh Anki Is The One Who You Know Saves Humanity From The Flood Whispers To Do Sudra Create The You Know Help Them Build The Ark And Then Saves Humanity And And Little Is The One Who In The Bible That’s Why There’s Multiple Voices You Know When It Says You Know He Must Not Become Like One Of Us It’s Because In The Original Text They Were Translated From You Know Sumerian And Then To Babylonian And Hittite In Canon It–and Whatever Until They Became You Know In In Hebrew Or Later In Greek Or Like In Aramaic You Know It’s Because You Know That Was A Plural Because In The Original Text It Was On Ewan Enki And Enlil That We’re Talking And That Was The Trinity Of Sumerian That Was Like The Godhead Of Sumerian And And Enlil Was Like The One Who Was The Warrior Who Was More He Was Illegitimate Son Of On You So He Was Like The Successor To On Ewan He Was The One Who Was Going To Take Over The Throne The Throne Of Yahweh You Know Like Watching Over The Planet Basically But Um Anke Was The One Who Cared More About Humankind But He Got Demonized By His Father Because He Wasn’t Legitimate And Because He Was Going Against Their Instruction You Know Not Just A Myth But I’m Just You Know Staying In This Basically Explaining The Origins And Context Of It But Um I Think There’s Many People That Have Studied And I’ve Looked Into It As Well And Many People Have Equated Enlil With Allah And Have Equated Honoring With Yahweh And Anki Not Directly With Christ But With A Prototype Like In Each Of These Things That’s Where You Know They Say That The Sources Were Inspired From – You Know Modify These Texts And Then And It’s Not Hard For Me To Believe That These Beings Could Have Been An Earlier Evolution Of That And Eventually Part Of Their Consciousness Might Have Walked Into A Different Person That Reincarnated Later You Know But Then If You’re Looking Into Hinduism You Have The Trimurti Which Is The Trinity As Well The Godhead Which Is Brahma Shiva And Vishnu Or Brahma Shiva And Krishna And Brockman The Creator Who Is Associated With Yahweh Again And Then You Have Mission Or Krishna Which Is Like The Christ Prototype And Many People Have Associated Krishna With Christ And Tried To Link That Together So That Makes A Lot Of Sense Because He’s The One Who Actually Had You Know The Most Compassion For Humankind As Well And Shiva Who You Know You Can Either You Can Associate Easily Shiva With And Little Or With Log And Because She Was You Know The Creator And Destroyer He’s The One Who Holds The Power Who’s The The Warrior And Who Will You Know The The Host Fierce Weapon And Who’s You Know Ten For The Fiercest Divinity Who’s You Know His Consort Is Kali So He’s Very You Know Potent Powerful Warrior But You Know Many People Misinterpret That And Misunderstand That And You Know Many People That I Know I Humanized Shiva Without Even Understanding What The Origins And The Energies Are So The Same Way That Christians You Know Demonized Law In Some Cases Or That You Know Some Muslim Demonized Yahweh Or That You Know Other Beings Like Then Both Of Them Sometimes Demonize Hindus And Say Shiva’s Issue But That But In The End Those Are All Like Became You Have Those Direct Links Like Etymologically And Historically They Actually And Mythologically They Fit Together So I Wanted To Address That To Give Us Some Deep And What He Had Asked Me To So That So We Can Jump Into Other Questions If You Want Now Yeah All Right This First Question Is From Bianca Brayboy Oh Nice And She Oh Yeah That’s One Of My Best Friends Man I’ve Been Talking With Her For Years Yeah Definitely What She Wanted To Make Sure She Got A Question And So Hey Cualquier I Like A Brain Way I Was Just Wondering How Would You Tap Into Other Realms Of Consciousness While Still Remaining In This Realm As Possible Yeah That’s That’s A Really Good Question And I Do That’s Something That I Have To Deal With On A Daily Basis Action We Thought So Thank You For Asking That Honestly I Think The Essence And The Key In That Situation Is Actually Learning To Be An Efficient And A Good Multitasker So The Way I Look At It I Mean I Can’t Even Count The Number Of Times When I Was Driving Down The Highway And I’m Having A Conversation With Beings From A Different Density While I’m Driving But The Thing Is That That Whole Time While That Happens I’m Still Staring At The Road Very Intently And Trying To Bring Myself Back Into Focus And Staring You Know You Can’t Basically When You’re Tapping Into Those Different Densities If You’re In A Safe Space Like If You’re In Your Bed You Know Then You Can Completely Disembody Sometimes And You Know You Know There’s No Threat There’s Nothing To Worry About You Know You’re In Your Bed You’re In Your Room The Door’s Locked Everything Is Good You Know You’re Safe Then You Can Disembody And You Can Go Into Those Different Realms And You Can Astral Travel You Can Be Whatever You Want Whether Your Doing That You Know By Smoking Marijuana Or Just By Meditating Or By Taking Mushrooms Or Whatever It Is That You Do You Know Some Sacred Legal Substance Like Simon Theo Genic Syrian Ruler Or Whatever It May Be But Um When You’re Actually Functioning Within A Context You Need To I Think The Most Important Part To Remember Is Like Trying To Balance The Risk Which Is Associated With Tapping Into Those Different Densities And And Partially Disembodied Your Self With You Know Your Reaction I Do That A Lot In Classes I Was Doing That Today When When I Went To This Ethics Workshop That I Had To Go To That Was Really Boring To Me But I Was Like You Know What Whatever And It Was Really Cool The Lady Actually Brought Up Mkultra And Like Some Other Shit In There And I Was Like Yo That Dope And It’s All Focused When She Said That And I You Know I Made A Comment But The Rest Of The Time I Was Writing A Verse And I Was Kind Of Thinking About Different Things In My Mind I Wasn’t Really There And It Was Okay Because Like I’m Sitting In A Chair And You Know People Don’t Really Expect You To Pay That Much Attention To That It’s A Mandatory Class You Have Been In For An Hour So I Do That In Classes All Day Long Sometimes And I Don’t Even Focus Halfway On What’s Going On Just You Need To Remember That Depending On How Much Attention Is Required From Other People Interacting Around You You Want To Make Sure That You Don’t Make Them Like They’re Being Neglected Or That You Can You Know Kind Of Balance What You Think Is A Priority In Your Mind In Reaching These Other Realms Which Are Probably Much More Tangible And Useful To You In Many Ways And That Reality That We Often Think Is Dreary And Boring But You Know I I Would Say That The Key Factor In There Is Safety And Respect For Other People So Safety For Yourself Or You Know Because This Embodying A Serious Thing And And Respect For Other People As Well Looking You Know Making Sure That That You’re Being Respectful To The People Around You If You’re Not Paying Attention To Something That’s Going On But In The End I Think Doing You Know One Of The Main Ways And One Of The Safest Ways To Attain Any Of These States Is Meditation And Discipline I’m Not A Very Disciplined You Know Person Myself And I’ve Used Many Substances To Reach These States And It’s Possible The Thing Is It Always Comes With A Price And You Know The More Potent To Substances And The More Dangerous It Is The More Side Effects The More You’re Actually Paying A Steep Price For That Substance So Just Room That Patience And Perseverance And Practice And Discipline Are Actually A Lot Better Than You Know Intense Amounts Of Knowledge And Wisdom And Very Short Doses Of Time Because Those Carry A Toll On Your On Your Mind And On Your Body This Next Question Is From Filo The Bodhisattva Oh Oh Yeah Yeah Blue Yeah Okay Cool Yeah I Know I Know Who That Is Okay Told Ya He Has A Two-part Question So I’ll Go And Go With The First Part Righteousness All Right Yeah I Just Wanted To Check And See When Is The Next Collaboration Between The Ah – Yeah – I Really The Only Record Come In – Yo Man Respect Any Time You Want To Start That Tomorrow I’m Down I Got My Studio At Home And I’m Like And I Was Gonna Actually Ask You Today Man That’s One Of The Things I Wanted To Ask You Is If You Uh If You Wanted To Officially Join Sadhu Militia And Drop Something For The Next Album The Coming Element We’re Starting To Build That Right Now Actually So If You Wanted To Drop A Verse On One Of The Upcoming Albums Man I’m Totally Cool With That I Don’t Know If You Like Your A Bit You Know Familiar With That But It’s Basically Touching Upon All The Things That We Were Already Talking About This Unification Of Different Religions Even If It Comes From A Term That You Know Is From India The Idea Of Asada Was Basically Someone That Doesn’t Adhere To Any You Know Mainstream Religious Doctrines In India But You Know Kind Of In The Homeless Person That Goes Around With Very Little Possessions And Just Meditates On The True Nature Of God And Seeing The Divine Within Nature And Everything Around Them The Saudis There’s Sense There’s A Gauri’s There’s You Know There’s Different But They’re Not A Part Of The Case System They’re They’re A Lot Like The Untouchables In A Sense Like They Don’t They Don’t Belong To Any Case So So That’s Where The Idea Of Saudi Militia Was Born For And And The Idea Of Militia Is Like A Militant Organization Of People That Banded Together Not In A Militant Like Military Sense But In A Militant Sense In Fighting Oppression Yeah We Definitely Can Make That Happen Man And I’m I’m Actually Helping Watchmen With His Album Right Now Producing Is So We May Be Able To Get You On A Track On That That I’m Featuring On As Well So Because I’m Not Working I’m Not Saying Any Of My Solo Stuff So But I Am Going Up Any Time Ya Know I Can I Can I Can Get That Done Probably Within Like Less Than A Week Wow Okay Definitely Man I’m Working On That Now So There You Have It You Know Be Looking For Those Releases The New Side Of Militia Project That’s Coming Out And Watchman’s Album Which Would Be Out Probably About A Year’s Yeah Yeah Volume To Study Militias Coming Out Volume One Already Came Out If People Those Those Who Didn’t Know You Can Look That Up On How To Sacred Sound Current Headband Camp Go Look For Saudi Militia Volume One Just Google Saudi Militia Volume One Around A Hot The Sacred Sound Current And Bandcamp And It’s On There It’s Got An Amazing Amount Of People Like In Like It Probably Fifteen Different Languages From Like 30 Different Countries Like It’s One Of The Biggest Collective Part Of Else You’ll Be Actually A Cosmic Crusader And Lex Star When They’re Most Likely Gonna Be On Volume Two On Volume Three Almost The Ancient Prophets Gonna Be Producing Two Tracks Offer Volume Two One Of Them Is Going To Be Me And Unknown Misery And Synchro Shakti From India To Who’s An Amazing Goddess Check Out Her Youtube Channel Yeah And Check Out The Amana’s Project From Back In The Days Action To Which Was Kind Of Like The Immigration For Saudi Militia Yeah That’s Good My Second Question Is When Did Kathy Start Elevating His Mind Specifically You Know Coming Out Of The World And Getting Into Esoteric Knowledge And As Well As True Seeker Please Yo Yeah You Wanna You Want To Get Into That First You Want To Talk About Yeah Well I Mean Mine Just In Stages Man You Know Just Having Experiences As A Kid Having Some Type Of Otherworldly Encounters With Beings In My Bedroom And And I Think For The Most Part It Seemed Of The Demonic Sort Sort Of Peek In Meinem I Wondered That That Something Else Was Going On Something Was There On The Other Side Of This Reality So I Just Sought A Peek Of My My Interest As A Kid I Was Like Probably Three Years Old When When These Things Started Happening And You Know Saw Me Just Getting Into Some Witchcraft And Things Like That I Got In The Church For A While And Then Didn’t Find No Power There Then Got Into Witchcraft And Got In Satanism And Wicca And All Kind Of Stuff Like They’re Just Trying To Make Contact With This Other Side And You Know Me I Got To A Place Where I Was Communicating With Spirits And Things Like That And It Was Really Crazy Stuff I Was Doing As A Teenager And Almost Lost My Mind In That So I Call It Out To God Found The Place Of Solace And In The Church And Did That In 2000 And It Just Something Just Sort Of Getting Deeper For Me You Know Just Did The Whole Christian Experience Thing For You Know Eight Years Or So And Then Just The Experience That Started Going Deeper And Deeper Fasting And Praying And The Heavens Being Opened Up And Shown Signs And Wonders And All Of These Things That Took It A Lot Deeper That Transcended The Christian Religion Where They Didn’t Want To Deal With Even Though These Things Like We’re Talking About A Mentioned Of In The Bible They Didn’t Want To Deal With Those Type Of Things So I Found Myself In This Weird Place Still Being A Christian Still Being Still Having Faith In Christ But Not Really I Can’t Talk To The Other Christians I Can’t Talk To The Pastors You Know They Haven’t Seen You Know They Haven’t Seen These Ufos And Angels Traveling Back And Forth From Heaven To Earth And You Know All These Deep Encounters And Things And The Lord Began To Show Me These Stuff In The Bible So I Had Scriptures To Back Everything Up But You Know Just You Know Is 2d Man So I Just Kind Of Took All The Christian Ease Off Of A Lot Of It Everything I Believe Is Still In The Bible I Could Back It Up Verse Line Upon Line Precept Upon Precept And Break It Down And Use Christian Ease If I Needed To Yeah I Just Don’t You Know That’s One Of The Reasons I Think Why They Took Out A Lot Of You Know Why All The Applicants Are Still After Crystal Why Nobody Knows About Most Of Them Because A Lot Of The People That Were Running The Church At The Time There Weren’t Even Christians You Know A Lot Of The Counselors Nicky And Like Some Of The Different Roman Emperors As Well They Tried To Do Changes To Christianity That Didn’t Even Believe In Christianity And They Were Thinking Well There’s Way Too Much You Know Esoteric Knowledge And There We Can’t Give People Access To That They’re Going To End Up Knowing As Much As We Do And They’re Going To End Up Knowing A Lot Of Stuff That We Don’t Want Them To Know So Let’s Just Keep To The Stick To Like You Know These Very Safe You Know Scriptures That We Can Conglomerate Into An Official Bible And Then We’re Gonna Hide All This Other Knowledge From Them Yeah And We’re Gonna Tell Them That It’s You Know Meaning I’ll Write The Other Day Was Telling Me That Was Demonic He’s Like Oh The Agnostic The Apocrypha That’s All Demonic You Can’t Read That And I Was Like Old What About You Is An Ester And Like All Those Demonic Come On Like Yeah Of Course They’re The Only Two Women You Can Think Of And The Rose Scriptures And Christianity And Of Course They’ve Got To Be Demonic Right Like A Soul Fucked Up But But I Can Totally Relate To That Because I Was Born A Christian I Saw The Name Anthony In Egypt Because Like He’d To Me She Exemplified The Christianity That I Believe In And I Believe In Christ To Christ Is A Very Important Force To Me Like You Know Christ Is My Savior Like In Many Ways But So Is Krishna So It’s Buddhist Or Like Many Many Different Beings So And That That’s The Part Again Like You And That’s Why I Don’t I Don’t Really Go To A Christian Church As Much Anymore Because Like I Don’t I Don’t I Don’t See Them Agreeing With That Or Identifying With That Aspect But You Know It’s Funny Cuz You Telling Me That That Story Actually Um Makes Me Think A Lot About My Own That The Answer Blues Question Actually Like That Makes Me Think A Lot About My Own But The Difference Is As A Kid I Don’t Remember That Much Having Those Kind Of Spiritual Experiences I Had Like Some Strange Experiences But Most Of Them To Me Were More Like Being Isolated And Ostracized By My Peers And I Was Like Like No Joke Man I Was The Biggest Reject In Every School Like You Know In Pre-kindergarten And Kindergarten And The Kids On The Playground Called Me Monster And And I Chased Them Around And Like Nobody Wanted To Touch Me Nobody Wanted To See Me You Know I Had A Girlfriend For A Little Bit When I Was Five And Like She She Meant Everything To Me But Um You Know That Was Like She Was The Only One That Stood Up Against Any Of Those Kids And Any Of Those People She Was Like My Only Friend And You Know I Had A Couple Of Other Like Friends Here And There But In The End Like They Never You Know It’s Fucked Up What Kids Will Do When You Know A Bunch Of Kids Start Picking On You And They’ll Just Back Up And Suddenly They Don’t Even Know You Anymore You Know And They’re Just Like Oh But Uh You Know You’re Kind Of Getting Picked On Right Now I’m Just Gonna Pretend Nothing Is Happening In So So A Lot Of That To Me Was Kind Of If You Can Relate It To A Different Kind Of Demonic Experience I Guess On On A Plane Where You Know That The Beings Around You Become Personified Demons And They’re You Know That They’re Actively You Know Taunting You And Ostracizing You And Isolating You And The Teachers Did That To Me Too You Know Even I Remember Actually Like I Went To This Nun School When My Mom Wanted To Send Me To The Best School She Possibly Could Which Is Funny My Mum’s Meaty And She Sent Me To A Christian School Like A Catholic Nun School That Was Actually Really Oppressive Towards First Nations But She Didn’t Even Think About That And At That Time I Didn’t Even Know That I Had Made A Blood Line So Yeah I Didn’t Know I Was Rome I Didn’t Know My Father Was A Gypsy So I Knew None Of That Shit And People Made Fun Of My Name They Made Fun Of The Way I Looked Like My Big Lips My Big Years Like You Know The Weird Food That My Mom Ethnic Food That My Mom Gave Me To Go Eat You Know Like Dates And Plain Yogurt And Stuff Like That And It Was Funny Just Like That The The Nun There Actually Called Me Because I Wrote Backwards With My Left Hand And They Called Me A Child Of The Devil You Know And Now When I Think Back I’m Like You Know What I Probably Was Too You That’s What I Look Like Is A Lot Of What I Was Trying To Bring About Was Actually Like Scary And Foreign And Like You Know What Devilish To You Because That’s That’s How You Thought Of It But Um Later On Like I You Know I Remember Having Like Being Oppressed So Much And This Is Kind Of How I Got Into Spirituality In The Long Run Is I I Got Oppressed By So Many People And Hated By So Many People That I Swore To Myself That One Of These Days I Would Become Like The Biggest Criminal The Biggest Like Stung The Biggest Like Whatever You Can Think Of When You’re A Kid That You’re Like You Know I’m Gonna Become The Big Scary Dude That’s Gonna Scare The Shit Out Of All Of You And You’re All Gonna Regret Picking On Me And You Know That Was My Mission For Like The Next 10 Years Of My Life And You Know Right Up Until Actually Probably 15 Years So Right Up Until I Was Like In My Early 2000 This Was This Like Rise To You Know Trying To Become A Prominent Criminal And So You Know I Started When I Was A Young Teenager About About The Age Of 12 I Started Selling Marijuana And I Started You Know Roaming Around With A Bunch Of Street Kids Carrying Knives And Like You Know Jacking People Doing All Kinds Of Stupid Shit And And Rapping And You Know And Rap Back Then To Me In French It Was Like A Social Conscience Thing Where I Was Criticizing The System And I Was Doing Cuz I Was My First Language But In English I Had All These Influences From Like Uh You Know I Think Some Of The First Albums I Heard Were Like A Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre’s The Chronic And I Also Heard You The Damage Er Like The Wrath Of The Math And That Was Like Half So That Part Kind Of Kept Me Like Half Conscious In My Rhymes And From Down Set And Rage Against The Machine Back Then Too Which Kind Of We’re Late So Like Even Though I Was Like Trying To Caught Up In The Gangster And Then Later On Cnn And Mob Deep Into Parking Lights So Even Though I Had These Influences Of Gangsterism I Still Had A Bit Of Social Conscience And Revolutionary Militant Inside And And Eventually That Blossomed More And More Because I Looked And The More The More I Progress In The Criminal Underworld And You Know The You Know On A Local Level Obviously Like It’s Not Like I Was Ever Some Huge Drug Lord Or Anything Like That But You Know I Became More Respected More People Would Look Up To Me I Started Moving More Weight And You Know Cats In The City You Know I Started Selling To Other People That Were Selling And You Can Started Distributing And Doing Different Things And Eventually I Got Arrested And I You Know At First I Was Like 15 I Didn’t Get Into That Much Shit You Know I Went To Juvie And Like It Was Cool And I Was Like Okay You Know I Met Some Rappers There And I Was Like It Was Nothing Like That Was A Breeze And I Was Like Okay That’s Cool I Can Keep Doing This I Can Deal With This Kind Of Repercussion So I Did It Again And Again And I Got Busted Again When I Was Just Past 18 And Then I Was Tried As An Ethyl And They Tried To Give Me A You Know I Still I Was Lucky I Got That At That Time I Got Busted With Like Um I Think Like Less Than An Ounce So It Was Nothing So Then But There Was Stuff Trying To Give Me Three To Nine Months In In The Correctional And I Was Like Fuck That’s Some Bullshit But Then You Know My Lawyer Was Was Pretty Decent And You Know Managed To Argue That I Was Mentally Ill And You Know I Wasn’t Really As Possible And I Was I Was A Good Kid And This And Not Because My Mom Was A University Professor And You Know So He Tried To Kind Of Push This Idea That I Love My I Lost My Father And You Know I I Was I Was Abused When I Was A Kid And So So They Ended Up Giving Me Six Months Of House Arrest And I Was Like Ah This Is Nothing I Can Still Deal With This Shit So I Kept Doing What I Was Doing And I Just You Know And And Then One Day I Got Um When I Was About A Friend Of Mine Came To See Me And Asked Me For Some And I Was Kind Of Like My Wake-up Call To Spirituality Like That Was Really Like The Last Call To Me Where I Was Like Yo I Need To Shift And Back Then I Was Still Like I Did When I Was Like 18 19 I Did Sumerian Genesis And I Did A Couple Of Other Tracks And I Was Like Working On This Conscious Revolution Album So I Was Starting To Think In Terms Of Like You Know Revolutionary Mindsets And Really Getting Away From This Whole Gangsterism But I Was Still So Kind Of Enticed And Like You Know Impressed By This Gangster Lifestyle That I Was Like Yeah I Want To Be Like Wu-tang I Want To Be Like You Know Coco Brothers Like Boot Camp Clik I Want To Be That Cool Dude That’s Like I’m A Gangster But I’m Still Conscious And I’m Still You Know I’m Moving Weight But Like I’m Doing It Responsibly I’m Donating The Money To Charity Or Like So I Spent Doing That And And Then One Day This Friend Of Mine Asked Me For A Favor And He Told Me You Need The Money To Get Back To To Pakistan Where You Know His Family Was And You Need To Pay His Uncle For Like Staying There And You Need To Give Gifts To His Family And He Was Like Yo He’s Like You You’re Kind Of A Gangster Right He’s Like Yo You Got Like You Got A Knife Or A Gun Or Something And He’s Like You Rob Places Before I You Rob People He’s Like I Know This Dude That Works At A Corner Store Man He’s Like Easy Job Man We Can Just Go There You Know Walks And Put The Masks On And You Know We Robbed The Place Like Five Minutes We Get Out Of There And You Know We Each Have Like You Know 500 Bucks Or Something Whatever They Have In There And Then We Can Split It I Can Get Some Money You Can Get Whatever You Want And And I Was Like Sure Fuck What Could Go Wrong Right And You Know Time Safe We Couldn’t Get It Open Cops Come Five Minutes Later We’re Surrounded They Got Guns Oh We Almost Got Shot Because I Didn’t Even Understand What They Were Saying And I Was Running Towards Them With A Knife Not Even Knowing What Was Going On You Know Thank God It Was Canada Because In The States Guaranteed My Ass Would Have Been Shot By Then And I’d Probably Be Dead Right Now Telling The Story To Some Different Like Beings And Another Density Or Something But But You Know And Then I Got I Got Arrested And Then This Time So The Same Lawyer Comes Back And He’s Like You Know I First I Get To Talk To A Legal Aid And Um Because That’s My One Phone Call And And Um He’s Like Oh Shit He’s Like What You You Got Two Priors And Like He’s Like You’re Getting Arrested For An Armed Robbery Right Now And He’s Like Holy Fuck You’re Screwed I Can’t Do Shit For You And I Was Like Fuck I Remember Like I Hung Up That Phone And I Started Crying I Was Like What The Fuck Did I Do To My Life Man Like How Did I Get To This Point And And He Was Telling Me I Was Looking At Like Three To Nine Years In Jail Which Is Exactly What The Prosecutor Tried To Ask In Three To Nine Years Like Upstate At The Pen Like Not The Fucking Correctional Shit Like Yeah And I Was Like Yo Like Fuck And I Remember Praying In My Mind And Thinking Like Yo God If You Can Get Me Out Of This Man Honestly Like I Was Like I Talked To My Mom After I Got Another Phone Call I Talked To My Mom And I Told Her I Was So Sorry And I Told Her What Had Happened And I Was Like Mom And So Sorry I Failed You I Fucked Up Like Please Like I I Just Want You To Know I Love You When I Like If I Can Never Make It Out Of This And Won’t Do This To You Again I Promise Like I Know That I’ve You Know Put You Through All This Bullshit Through My Life And Like And My Mom Was Really Understanding And She Actually Got Me Back You Know She She Got Me The Original Lawyer That I Had For My First Court Case We Charged Practically Nothing Actually For That He Was Amazing He Spent Hundreds Of Hours And And Again He Argued My Case So Well And I Was At University At The Time So That Was One Of My Saving Graces I Was Doing My Ba And I Was Doing It Like Part Time And It Took Me Like Ten Years To Finish It So Like It Wasn’t Serious Shit Or Anything But It Kind Of Helped Me Out Of Like That Stereotype Of Being This Person That Was Just Like This Criminal Destroying Society So He Tried To Push This Idea Again That You Know I Was Not Really Responsible For My Action But Also That I Was Working Towards Becoming A Better Person I Was Going To Be A Citizen Get A Diploma And You Know Get A Constructive Job And Become A Member Of Society And That I Had Just Made A Mistake And Basically Didn’t Know Who Was Going On So You Know From And The Prosecutors Were So Fucked Up In The Way They Organized Themselves That They Completely Screwed Up Their Defense Against Me They You Know They Didn’t Manage To They Hadn’t Even Read The Files Properly So I Ended Up Getting Again Which Is Really Religious But Instead Of Three To Nine Years In Jail I Ended Up Getting Six Months A House Arrest And Eighteen Months Of Probation With A Conditional Sentence And Like Restrictions On Weapons And This Or Not But But In The End It Was Like A On The Wrist And I Was Like Fuck So I Ended Up Spending Like Two Weeks In The Correctional Waiting For My My Final For My Final Court Case But And Then I Met Some Some Cats In There That I Still You Know Like Have A Lot Of Respect For To This Day That Kind Of Taught Me A Lot Of Shit But Um But Not That Was My Wake-up Call That Was The Point Where I Was Like You’ll Fuck This Like I Cannot Do This Anymore Like I Cannot Be That Person There’s No Way That I’m Doing This Kind Of Bullshit Again Like I’m Done With Being A Gangster I’m Done With Trying To Act Hard And Trying To Prove To The Whole World Like This Is Just Gonna Land Me In A Place Where I’m Never Gonna You Know Have Have Any Kind Of Chance Of Being The Person I Want To Be And After That Is When I Started Actually Having A Lot Of Fucking Like Um All Kinds Of Visions And Lights Different Epiphanies And Realization Some Of Which Were Very Like Deep And Dark And Others That Were Actually Very Angelic And You Know Just Uh Yeah Like I Ended Up Several Years After That Like I I Ended Up Having Like These Different Psychotic Episodes I Guess That Some Western Doctors Would Call It Where I Was Like In Different Elms Talking To Demon Talking To Other Densities And Being Then And I Wrote A Lot Of That Dark Ages Album Based On That The Track Dreams In Dark Age Is Actually A Lot Of That Is Based On Daydreams That Weren’t Even Dreams Like That Was Perfectly Awake When I You Know Had That And When I Had That Meditation But Um You Know I Saw These Different Things And That Was Really My Reconnection Into I Would Say Like What What Some People Have Termed To Be Like Super Conscious Spiritual Hip-hop That Was My Awareness Like Bianca Without Me In The Previous Question About You Know Managing This Reality Or These Different Realities Coexisting And Living In All Of Them At The Same Time That’s Made Me Realize That Basically You Can Be A Multi-dimensional Being That’s Multitasking And Different Densities And Still Be Physically Present And Productive At What You’re Doing And That’s What Brought Me To Who I Am Today The Long-ass Statement But Yeah That’s Worry About That So Story Man Hey If They Want To Hear They Can Refer Back To This Uh Interview I Said Man That’s A Powerful Story Man Everybody’s Got Their Own Story And Even Like We’re Talking About Relating All Things Back I Just List You To Your Story And Just Relate It Back To Mine And You Know Vice Versa Like You Were Saying And Yeah And So That’s What I Respect From People Like I Understand Why People Believe What They Believe Because Of Something They’ve Been Taught Or Something From An Experience That They Had Or Something That Was Passed Down And I Don’t Hold It Against That Person Right I Don’t I Don’t Get Mad Because Somebody Believes Something Different Than Me Or Whatever You Know I’m Saying Um But I Just Look At It With Compassion And I Don’t Say Understanding And Not That Anybody’s Wrong Or I’m Right I’m Not Saying That I’m Right I Mess With People You Know I Was Like Dude I Don’t I Don’t Know Everything Like I Don’t It’s Weird Whenever You Admit That Stuff Because What’s Like Trying To Build Followers And Trying To Build A You Know A Cult Following Or Whatever You Have That You Have To Know Everything Yeah Okay I Admit That You Don’t Know Once You Admit That You Don’t Know They Are Usually Gonna Try To Find That Person That Does Know Okay Well This Guy He Owes Though But You Know What Yeah You Know This Other Guy He Knows And He Knows Other Stuff Too And So The You Know So I’m Saying So Therefore You Got A Disciple But We Understand That You Know That’s Not How Spirit Works Man That’s Not How Spirit Works The Spirit Uses Everybody Teaches Through Everyone So Ya Know Exactly But Yeah So It Takes A Lot Of Humility To Say That You Don’t Know Or You’re Not Trying To You Know No Something Like That You Know I’m Saying You Just Let The Information That The Spirit To Use You The Source God Use You You Know For Whatever Task It May Be And I Think If You’re Faithful With The The Small Things You’ll Be Able To You You Know Be Used For Greater Things As Well I Believe Yeah That’s How I See It That’s One Thing I Want To Reiterate Through The People So That You Know That Is Exactly How I Think About These Things Is Like When People Like Yo How’d You Write That And I’m Like I Didn’t Write That Man Those Ideas Were There A Long Long Time Before I Ever Put Them Together Like I’m Sure Guarantee You There’s Somebody Up There And There’s A Number Of Different Beings Up There That Get Way More Credit Than I Should For Any Of The Poems That I’ve Ever Written And Probably A Number Of Being Down There As Well And In Between And In Every Different You Could Think Of Like I Didn’t Create These Things I Just I’m Kind Of Like It’s Kind Of Like Pulling Out A Puzzle From Like You Know Like A Package And Something And And You’re The One That Puts The Puzzle Together But You Didn’t Create That Image You Didn’t Create That Puzzle You Didn’t Do Anything You Just Put The Pieces Together And You You Know Piece Them Up In A Way That Created The Scenery That’s Really Attractive To Many People But You Didn’t Actually Paint That You Know And Even If You Did Paint That That’s Not Actually Like It Still Comes And Other Sources And Inspiration So I’m Glad You Mentioned That Because I Want People To Know Even Though Many Times When People Send Me Beats You Know What I’m Like You’re The Beat Actually Wrote The Beat Maker Is The One Who Should Get Credit For That Because When I Played That Beat Those Are The Words That Popped Up In My Mind It Rahming I Sat There For Hours Tried To Piece Words Together And Otherwise What Would Work Well And No Literally It Just Flows Out Yeah Soul And That’s The Only Reason I Can Do That Many Out Like I The Album’s So Far I’m Working Like Another 40 Right Now There’s No Way I Can Do That Many Albums If I Was Just Trying To Piece Work Together I Just Have To Flow Out Otherwise How Would It Work You Know It’s Different For Me Because I Kind Of Do A Mixture Of Both Of Them Like A Lot Of Times I’ll Get Like A Phrase Like That Like A Phrase Or Like A Bar Or Two Right Just Something Really Neat A Rhyming Scheme Or Just Some Deep Words You Know I’m Saying That’s Been Like Downloaded To Me And Then I Just Have To Take It And Build Off Of It And Oh Yeah I’ve Done That Before But But It’s Hard Because I’ve Set The Bar Personally For Me My Personal Bar I’ve Said It’s So High With Each Song And Trying To Make Each Song Better That I’ll Literally Take A Phrase In In Ramat 50 Times Until I Find Something That Sounds Deep And Something That Makes Sense And Something That Rhymes The Same Way You Know And Yeah I’ve Done That Before – Yeah I’m Sure But I’ve Like I Found Ways Where I Guess It Really Depends On The Times In My Life Like There’s Albums That I Wrote Literally Within Like Less Than A Day And There’s Other Albums That Took Me Like Probably Like A Few Years To Piece Together You Know Yeah So But Recently I’d Say Like A Lot There’s Been A Lot More There’s Been Something Of Like An Opening Of Different Channels Which Like You Know Some People Have Been You Know I Know Some Emcees Like Uh Yeah Don’t Want To Bring Up Names Again But We Talked About Him Earlier And He Got Mad At Me One Day And He Was Like Yo Man You Fucking Bullshit You Just Write A Bunch Of Bullshit You Write Way Too Much Man When I Do My Shit I Perfect It I Take All The Time In The World And Like I You Know When I’m Working Hard It’s Gonna Be The Dopest Rhyme Ever And I’m Like I’m Aware That I’m Not The Greatest Lyricists Like I Know I’m You Know I Think I’m A Good Poet But Like I Think The Main Aspect That I Have That’s Like Beneficial To People Or Like This And It’s Beneficial To Me As A Poet Is The Fact That I’m Productive Like I Think That’s The You Know The Main Thing That I Have And And Maybe The Mathematical Sequence And In The Rhymes But I’m I’m Fully Aware That My Rhymes Are Like You Know They’re Okay But Like You Know There’s Definitely People That Have Better Rhyme Scheme There’s People That Have More Poetic Insights Or Like More Interesting Things It’s Just That You Know I’m Good At Creating A Large Body Of Work I Suppose Or Not Probably One Of The Only Things That I Could Really You Know Give Myself Credit For Know That Speaks A Lot If You’ve Got That Much Work Man Definitely And It’s All Deep Stuff Man It Just Flows From You So That’s Amazing Your Respect Man Because Honestly Like You You Know Joking No Word Of A Lie It’s Not Because We’re On The Show Or Anything No You’re Definitely One Of The Persons That I Respect The Most In This Industry As Well And I Know You’re Actually About What You Talk About Like And That It’s Easy Just Having A Conversation Like That With A Person And Enough To Tell You About Them Like It’s Enough To Know That Like I Don’t Know You Personally But Like I Know That What You’re Saying I’m Just Trying To Cater To An Audience You’re Not Just Trying To Pretend You’re This Person To You Know Tell The I Don’t Know What’s Weird That’s One Of The Things That People Say You Know All When You’re In Luck You Know You You Get This Awareness It’s Not Being Enlightened It’s Just Being Conscious Like It’s Being Like It’s Just Being Conscious That People Have Certain Energies Have Certain Things And When They Tell You Something Like These Days There’s A Lot Of Dudes That Come And That Hit Me Up And That Tell Me Like You Know I Want To Work With You I Want To Do This And I Are Like And I Can Just Tell It Right Off The Bat Even On Facebook Sometimes You Know Somebody Hits Me Up I Look Through Like Four Of Their Posts And I Like See Some Shit Words Like Yo These Hoes Be Like And I’m Like Okay Billy Billy Billy I’m Good Man I Don’t Need You With A Friend So Like You Can See From Shit Like That Really Quickly When People Start Talking You Know Yeah You Can I Mean You Can Judge And Discern A Lot Of Times What People’s Motives Are I’ve Got A Buddy Of Mine Who Has The Esoteric Empire Page And He’s A Huge Fan Of My Music And He’s Given Me A Platform Over There To Share My Videos And Stuff And He Deals With A Lot Of People He Gets Those Messages And Inboxes And Stuff All The Time And Some He Gets The Weird Messages Man And Like All These And So He Has His Group And He Started The Groups With Other People And Then They’re All Trying To Build Their Group Up Their Page Up He’s At 40,000 It And They’re Trying To Build These Little Empires But My Buddy Esoteric Empire It’s Like That’s That’s Funny Put On Words Empire Um Yeah But I Mean He’s Like The Real Deal Like He’s In It For The Right Reasons When I’ve Seen These Other With These Other Big Pages They’re In It To Build Followers And And And Be Teachers And Be Like Emc Not That Being A Teacher Is Bad But They’re Trying To Get People Under Them You Don’t Saying They’re Trying To Lord Their Knowledge Over People And Then People Are Trying To Involve Me In That And At This Point In Time I Don’t Care To Do That Anymore Maybe At One Point I May Wanted To Rub Shoulders With You Guys But I Don’t Anymore I’m Not About That I Just Want To See I Want To See The Manifestations Of What You Believe I Want To I Want To See The Manifestations Of Your Doctrine I Don’t I Don’t Care To To Compare Notes With You Honestly If It Doesn’t Affect The Way That You Live Now We Can Like We Can And I Would Love To But If It Doesn’t Affect The Way That You Live If It Doesn’t Affect The Way That You Treat Your Family I Think It Was Manly P Hall That Said That You Know Man’s Religion Is In Vain If The Life Of His Dog Isn’t Better If He Said You Know If The Dad Is Still Kicking The Dog On The Way Out The Door Yeah And I’ve Got A Dope You Know And It’s True Though I’ve Got I’ve Got Animals They Do Things And You Whip Them And Stuff And It’s Like You Know You’re Not You Know Saying Now That I’m Conscious Of That I’ll Always Think About That It’s Okay Is The Life Of My Dog Better Due To My Spirituality And That’s One Of My Dad’s Word It’s One Of My Tests You Know I’m Saying Like I Know I’d Be Measured To You Know Yeah I Had Back In The Day I Still Have One And I Have Two Cats And Like Ya Know Same Thing Man And I Look At Those Beings Like They’re Divine Beings They’re Divine Creatures Man Like Everything That I Do To Them Like You Know I Sometimes Obviously There’s Certain Things Because Of The Restrictions On Consciousness On Animals That Like You Can Now Treat Them Exactly The Same As You Would To A Child You Know But I Like To Think Of Them As Like Children In A Sense And Not In A Sense Of My Children Like I’m The Parent The Authority Figure Or More Like You Know How Can I Actually Like Help Them To Be Like You Know Everything That They’re Happy Being Basically And Help Them Evolve Into What They’re Meant To Be Yeah And Ya Know Iii Relate To That A Lot Honestly Like That’s Um And That’s The Thing Like A Lot Of People Think That You And I Think A Lot Of People Misinterpret Me Actually Think I Mentioned That In One Of The Tracks From An Album That’s Coming Out With Auntie Sue And I’m Like Um Combo And Cure Don’t Know Cure It’s More Sewing More Boot Ski Called Fit Imagine Asking Laughs You Just Get My Satisfaction So I’m Saying Like People Think That I’m A Cult And They’re Occulting They’re Hiding My My My Sounds And My Goals And Then I’m Saying What The Most Important Thing Is Imagination And I’m Sharpening That And I’m Like Honing Until I’m Satisfied With It So There’s A Lot More After That But Basically The Idea Of Like People A Lot Of People Think I’m A Cult And I Think That I Want I Want People To Worship Yes Kelty I Don’t Even Want Named Kalki Anymore Like That Facebook Won’t Allow Me To Change My Name Anymore For Legal Reasons Because I’ve Changed It Too Many Times The Day That They Hit Me Up And Tell Me Like Here You Need Like Show Us Like An Id And You Know We’re Gonna Change Your Name To That I’ll Be Happy And I’ll Be Like You Know What Let Me Switch It Back To Ant On Your Gun And I’ll Be Very Happy With That I Don’t Want To Have That Name And I’m Hoping To Like You Know It’s Just That Once You Had That For That Long You Know I Don’t Want People Either To Think I Wouldn’t Want To Switch And Do You Know What Son Of Saturn Did And Then People Think Like Oh People Still Call Him Saturn All The Time You Know And I Aquaman I Should Say But You Know And He Was Like I Don’t Want To Have That Name Anymore But The Thing Is Once You’ve Had That Name It’s A Part Of Who You Are Even If It’s A Past So I Was Like You Know What I Want To Try To Live Up To Not As Much As I Can Never Do It I Would Still Want To Try To Live Up And Be Worthy As Worthy As I Humanly Possibly Can To That Name Rather Than Just Try To Shun It And Run Away From It So That’s Kind Of Like Where Where I’m At Without But I Don’t Care About Like Man Like Like I Care That People Listen To My Music Because I Want People To Get Something Out Of It And Benefit From It But Anytime Someone Tells Me Like Listen Yo I’m A Huge Fan Of Yours I’m Like Nah You’re Not A Fan I Don’t Believe In Fans Man I Believe In Kindred Souls Like I Own It There And I’ll Build And Anyone Can Tell You Like I’ll Talk To Them For Hours Someone Have That You Know Ten Page Conversation With Me All Right Back 10 Pages To Them You Know To A Certain Extent Is Obviously Lately It’s Been Our More Difficult With A Number Of Messages But I’m Driving My Phone Number I Got Oh Yeah I Can’t Stand Typing I Said Yeah I Can Do Yeah I’ve Done Both I Have My Phone Numbers On My Facebook Page And I Have Two On My Phone Actually On On The Revolt Motion Page As Well And Mutant Academy Section That’s Another Thing I Wanted To Mention Can You Mention Like You Know I Want To See What You’ve Done With That I Want To See Where You’re Going What’s Your Application Of That Knowledge And So That’s One Of The Biggest Things I’d Like To Mention For Those That Don’t Know About Mutant Academy Something That We Started Last Summer Which Is Basically Like It’s A Worldwide Safe Space For You But For Like People Of All Ages Mutants Of All Ages Basically It’s Based On The The Idea Of The X-men And Professor Sachs And Like You Know The Academy For Gifted Youngsters So It’s Based On That And And What What We Were Doing Is Addressing This Need In The City In Particular To Like Help The You Know Youths That Are Mislabeled As Homeless Or Addicted Or Chemically Imbalanced You Know That They Say Are Mentally Ill And Try To Teach Them Know You’re Mutants You Have Like Incredible Creative Capacities You Just Have To Hone These Skills And Use Them Properly And Then You Can Actually Become More Functional Than People That Are Considered To Be Normal And Although We Have Like What I’m Doing Right Now In My Spare Time Outside Of Like My Studies And Then Teacher I’m Teaching A French Class And I’m Doing My Phd Right Now And The Indigenous Hip-hop Worldwide Indigenous Hip-hop But Like Outside Of That I’m On My Spare Time I’m Actually Running A Youth Safe Space From My Own House With My Soul Mate Harley And We’re Both We’re Both Managing That 24/7 Like We Get Phone Calls Sometimes At 3:00 In The Morning We Go Drive Out In The Middle Of The Night You Go Pick Up Someone That’s Having Amount Of Mental Health Crisis And We Take Them Back And We Give Them Like You Know Horrible Remedies Like We Gave Them Like Chamomile Or Holy Basil Or You Know Skull Cap Or Valerian Root Ashwagandha You Know Some Some Calming Sedatives So They Can Chill Out And Then They Can Do We’ve Got A Whole Basement Full Of Graffiti On The Walls They Can Spray Paint They Can Draw They Can Paint They Can Do Whatever They Want We Got A Recording Studio There That They Can Use And Then We’ve Got Like A Little Library With A Bunch Of Esoteric Scriptures From Across The Planet From East To West And Beyond And Or They Can Just Chill And There’s A Spare Bedroom Too And There’s Like Another Spare Bed And Living Room And We’re Trying To Get A Couple More – So People Then Just Crash There For A Couple Of Nights Somebody Just Came Like Yesterday Actually Was Just Hitting Me Up Sunshine Buffalo Amazing Artists In Guitar-player And Yeah And So So We’ve Got Like Um I Guess What I’m Trying To Say Is That You Know And We Have Another One In Vancouver Which Is Run By I Leave The Hessian Observatory Record And Loose Ball And You Know Cody Aka Dj Billy Bishop And You Know Jakob Evolved The Part Of That Unknown Misery You Know They Had Bbk Said We’ve Got A So We Got Two Active Academy’s Right Now And We’ve Got Another One That We Plan On Building In Regina When I’m Moving There This Summer And Then We’re Going To Build Another One In Fall Spring Island Within The End Of The Summer Toward Next Year And Then I’m Also Supposed To Be Going To New Zealand Well Without Or This Summer To Actually Go Build Another Academy Out There As Well So We’re Hoping That Within The Next Two Or Three Years We Should Have Like At Least Five To Ten Academies Across The Planet And Then You Know Build Out 250 A Hundred Two Hundred Whatever You Know And Basically How These You Support Creative Centers All Over The Planet For Anybody That Needs Them And This Is Like All Entirely Non-profit Were Affiliated With Like The Local Atmosphere National Were Affiliated With A Bunch Of Other Groups Like The Youth Action Project And Another Thing That I’m Involved With Too That’s A Part Of That Ice Human That I’ve Been Working With John Humphrey Center For Peace And Human Rights Going Global Initiative That I’m Spearheading I’m Actually Meeting With The The Mayor’s In The Next Week In Edmonton To Actually Give Him The 20 Point Recommendation That Me And A Bunch Of Other Youth Activists And The City Like Seven Of Us Have Worked On And He’s Been Implementing This This Is Like A Two-year Thing It’s Been Running On And They Implemented A Number Of The Laws That We’ve Given Them Last Year Like Legislative Changes Drastic Changes To Like Basically Completely Change The Face Of The Way That They Treat Homeless People The Way They Treat Person Ations You Know Any Ethnic Minorities In The City The Sexual Ization And Exploitation Of Like Sex Workers Yeah A Number Of Other Issues So We Got Like 20 Different Laws That We Proposed To Them This Year That They’re Going To Be Implementing In The Next Year And And The Plan Is That This Project Is To Eliminate Poverty In To Eliminate Discrimination Within The Next Decade So That’s That’s Just A Little Bit Of What I’ve Actually Been Working On In The City Right Now And What I’m Like What I You Know How I Translate That Knowledge And The Stuff That I Talked About In My Tracks Into Actual Action A Little Bit That’s A Lot That’s A Lot Going On In You Must Stay Busy Cuz I Know You’re In School You’re A Student No Kind Of Stuff Yeah Yeah No But I’ve Managed The Thing Is Everything That I Do I Love Right Yeah So When A Lot Of People Don’t Get That To Me Like I Would Give Like A Hundred Times A Thousand It’s Not A Million Times More Credit To Somebody That’s Working At A Minimum Wage Dead-end Job That They Fucking Hate And They’re Struggling To Do I Couldn’t Do That I Would Probably Have Him So Breakdown Within A Week And I Couldn’t Handle That You Know Like Single Moms I Know A Couple Of Different Ones Like One That I Visit All The Time They’d Like Her Kids Are Like Nephews And Nieces To Me You Know And Um You Know She Man She’s Like You Know Like It She’s Struggling To Raise Three Kids On A Loan Like That The Dad Is Abusive And Fucked Up You Know She’s Trying To Do Jobs On The Side And Do Like You Know Whatever She Can To Survive And You Know Other Other People I Know Like Uh Some Kids In India That Are Working In Like Freaking Factories Like You Know You Know Extracting Dangerous Metals From Old Scraps Of Sheep You Know That Are You Know Risking Their Whole Life Playing When They’re 12 Or 13 From Doing These Jobs Getting Paid 10 Cents A Day Like To Me Somebody Doing That Kind Of Job Deserves Like A Thousand Times More Credit Than I Ever A Million Times More Credit Than I Ever Do For Doing What I’m Doing Because I’m Doing What I Love Everything That I Do Is Not Even Uh It’s Not A Shore It’s Not A Struggle I I Like I Enjoy Every App And I’m Getting Credit For It So In The End Like You Know People Are Like Oh How Do You Do That And I’m Like Man It’s Nothing Like Trust Me Like That’s Not Even Fucking Hard Like You Know Look Look At Other People On The Planet And Not That The Struggle Yeah Yeah I Think Everybody Should Do That Man I’m Striving To Do That Myself And I’m Trying To Move To A Place Where I Can Do What I Was Put Here To Do You Know I’m Saying Yeah You Know And It’s Just A Weird System That We’re In Man Some Of Us Are Just You Know Just Operating On Default And So We’re Just Trying To Inspire People To Chase Their Goals And Chase Their Dreams While At The Same Time You Know We’re Trying To Do Them As Well You Know Instead Of Just You Know Or Just Helping Someone Else You Know I’m Saying Build Their Dream As Far As Like A Corporation Or Something Like That You Know Working At Corporations And Stuff So That’s Why I’m Trying To Move To Them Thinking About Opening Up A Business Nervous About That Man But Excited At The Same Time Well That’s The Best Way To Do It Man It’s Like Follow Your Dreams That’s What I Want To Tell Anybody Man It’s Like Honestly Don’t Ever Let Anyone People Always Tell You How To Sacrifice Shit In Order To Be Happy In Life And You Gotta Like You Yeah Sure But Like You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Your Happiness In Order To Make It Like You Don’t Have To Think Oh You’re Gonna Have You Know People Like Oh You’re Never Gonna Make Money Doing That Don’t Do That So What Maybe You’re Gonna Get A Government Grant Maybe You’ll Get Somebody That Sponsors You And That Helps You Oh Like I Make Practically Nothing You Don’t Even Want It Like My Salary On A Yearly Basis If I’m Lucky I Make Like 25 Grand A Year If I’m Not I Make Like 18 To 19 And I’m Teaching Like Pretty Much Full-time And You Know I’m Struggling With Little Translation Contracts Here And There I Make Like You Know I’m Basically My Soul Mate Right Now Are Under Poverty Level According To Like Guidelines In Edmonton In The City That We’re Living In Right Now But We’re Still Doing Great And We You Know We Eat Healthy Organic Food And We Got Everything We Want Because We Get You Know People Helping Us Out Left And Right Because Like We Get What We Put Back Into It So We Help Out A Bunch Of People And They End Up Helping Us Out In Different Situations I End Up Getting Random Graphs Here And There You Know I Get Like A Grant From School Or I Get Something Else And Somebody You Know Helps Me Just When I Think That I’m Broke As Fuck I Oh Like 39 On My Credit Card Right Now I’m Not Even Thinking About That Cuz I’m Like Yeah You Know I’m Good Man Honestly Like I Know That God And Everybody Else Will Provide For That Like I Know That All The People Around Me Like Through That Instrumentation Of The Creator Is Actually Going To Make It Happen Well Yeah Man Oh You Know Anybody Who’s Listening Who Wants To Support He Gives Us Music Out For Free So You Guys Can Go There And Download The Music And Leave A Donation You Know You Guys Have It Yeah And Yo If You’re I Just Want To Tell People To If You’re Leaving A Donation Like There’s There’s A Donation Thing On The Revolt Motion W-w-whoa Motion Calm There’s There’s A Bunch Of Like Resources On There Everything Is Free On There Like Pretty Much Everything There’s A Couple Albums For Sale If You Want To Donate Before That Support The Artists Directly But If You Want To Donate To Revolt Motion Specifically That Goes To My Paypal And Goes Into New Academy Account And All Of That Goes To Supporting What I Was Talking About With You In Academy So Most Of Funding The Youth Safe Space To Helping To Maintain The Car That We’re Using Could Go Help Out People The Food That Were You Know Offering To Them Like The Medication Like The Herbs The Herbal Remedies Everything Like Basically The Sustaining Of That If You’re Donating But I Would Say Honestly Like Far Before And Beyond Any Of That I Would Say Go And Donate To Something That You Truly And Deeply Believe In Go Donate From Kids In A Third-world Country That Need It More Desperately Than Anyone In This Situation But Do It Like Through Something Go Do Your Research Go Look On Charity Navigator Org You Know Go Look At Like Independent Websites Evaluating These Things Don’t Just Blindly Donate To A Religious Charity That’s Trying To Push Some Doctrines And Dogmas Like We Were Talking About The People You Know Try To Try To Support Something One Of The One Of My Favorite Ones That I Support A Lot Because They Have Matched Donation But Sometimes They Match Up To Donating It’s Plan Canada Do You Look Into Like Match Gifts For Plan Canada You Know There’s Some Gifts That You Can Donate Like 70 Bucks And It Turns Into Like 1100 So And That’s Not Bullshit Like They’re They’re A Multinational Like There’s Huge Corporation But They’re Entirely Nonprofit They’re About I Think It’s 82 Percent Efficient And What They Do And Out Of That Through Their Publicity They Reinvest About 7 Percent Of It Into Into Promoting Themselves And Through That They Actually Make Back Sometimes Like 2 To 3 Times That 7 Percent So They Actually End Up Being More Than 100 Percent Efficient In Total So Every Dollar That You’re Donating Not Only Gets Matched By Other Sponsors But On Top Of That It’s Not Because They’re Some Of Them If You Look On Charity Navigator Org They Tell You Like Literally That Charity Is Like People Don’t Believe In Charities Anymore Because Like They Look And They’re Like All Those Those Guys Are Lying They’re Bullshitting They’re Stealing Away The Money It’s All Going To Administration And It’s True In Many Cases The Thing Is Do Your Research I Get Something People Telling Me Like You I’m Not Gonna Donate To Charity It’s All A Bunch Of Bullshit And I’m Like Ok So What Are You Doing Then Go Like Volunteer At A Local Soup Kitchen Go Help Out You Go Help Out Some Old Lady In The Street Help Her Carry Her Things Because She’s Like Breaking Her Back Go Do Something Don’t Tell Me Everything Is Bullshit And Corrupted And Then You’re Not Doing Shit All And You’re Going Home And Spending All Your Money On You Know Useless Commercial Crap That’s Been Made In China By Children They’re Being Abused About Things That You’re Not Believing In You Don’t Think They Make Sense You Heard The Man Make It Happen Anything Else Shouldn’t Want To Plug Before We Get Off Here I’m Good Man I Just Given I Just Want To Give Respect To Everybody That’s Been Supporting And I Even Want To Respect Honestly Like And I’m Not Staying Out Of Bullshit Way But I Actually Mean It Like Thank You To Everybody That’s Actually Disbelieved And Us Thank You To Everybody That’s Trying To Destroy Things Thank You You Know Everybody That’s Tried To Make My Life Worse As Well As Better Because In Both Cases You Need Those Polar Opposition’s You Know If I Hadn’t Had Those People Telling Me That You Know Things Were Horrible And That You Know I’m Worthless And I’m Useless I Never Would Have Become What I Am Today And If I Didn’t You Know If I Had Nothing But People Supporting Me And Doing A Bunch Of Awesome Stuff For Me Maybe I’d Be Fooling Myself To The Point Where Right Now I’d Be Like Oh I’m Uh I’m Fucking On Top Of The World Nobody Can Fucking Beat Me Right Now I’m Like The Most Awesome Person And I’m Great I Still Think That You Know A Lot Of The Shit I Do Is Questionable And Dubious And I Still Could Reinvest My Money A Lot Better Than I Do Right Now But In The End Yeah Thank You To Both Sides Like I Really Appreciate That You Know Regardless Of What People Have Told Me A Lot Of The Criticism And Actually Helped Me Become A Better Person So And Thank You To You Man For Doing This Today And For Dealing With The Fact That I Talked Waiting Fucking Much It’s All Good It’s Just It’s All Good Man Because We Got To Do Another One Because There’s Still All Of These Other Questions That I Wanted To Get Into That We Didn’t Even Touch On So We’re Definitely Going To Do Another Show Very Soon Man If You’re Cool With That I’m Down Man Any Time For Sure Man And I’d Love To Hear Your Part Of It Too Man Because I Think A Lot Of People Like You Do In The Shows I’m Sure They Hear Like Little Bits And Pieces Too But I’d Love For You To Actually Tell Like A Lot More I Have Some Questions For You Too That I’d Like To Ask You So Definitely You Should Do That Man Yeah We Will Man Well Thanks So Much For Coming On Brother And We’re Gonna Continue To Build And Push Peace And Love Into The Universe Man Thanks So Much For Coming On Definitely Hit Me Up About That Track To Manage Up About Anything Honestly Hi Brother Good Night Man You Know Keep The Respect To Everyone Listening Tonight Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By Web Creator If You’re Looking For A Professional Website At An Affordable Price Head On Over To Web Creator Type In The Promo Code Truth To Save $200 On Your First Website Web Creator This Episode Is Also Brought To You By Kindle Shoulders In His New Book Jesus Is A Worm And A Snake – Among Other Things Jesus Is A Worm Calm Trust Me Don’t Let The Name Fool You We Had Kindle On The Show To Discuss Some Of The Topics Mentioned Up In The Books And It Was By Far One 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