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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler about her new book “Over My Dead Body” A Supernatural Novel. During our conversation we cover some of the topics covered in the book and how it relates back to us in our own spiritual walk. We also discuss the power of myth and allegory and how stories have been used to impart to us great truths throughout the centuries and is still being done today. Her book bio is as follows. What if voices from your past could change everything? New York antique dealer Joel Cohen is about to find out. After the unexpected death of his father, Joel inherits a mysterious antique passed down through multiple generations of his family. When he discovers its hidden contents, it sets in motion a chain of predestined spiritual events dating back not only to 70 A.D.—when the high priest recorded his firsthand account of the missing body of Jesus of Nazareth—but also to the foundations of the earth. As the historical significance of the ancient heirloom is revealed, Joel and his wife Hannah, a security officer for the Israeli Consulate, find themselves entangled in a dangerous conflict with an invisible enemy desperately trying to suppress their discovery, and a powerful secret society determined to do anything to get their hands on it. Over My Dead Body is a dramatic saga of historical espionage set against the backdrops of ancient Rome, World War II, and the Courtroom of Heaven. This modern day adventure of biblical proportion thoroughly delights right up to its riveting, supernatural finale. Purchase Kelly’s Book Here

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there you get access to all that cool stuff quick shout out to some of the latest patron supporters that we have we give a shout out to mack-daddy Marcus Smith Tiger king Nathan brother Edie Rowling’s and Blake snap thank you guys for coming on board believing in my work and thank you huge thank you to everybody who who’s been supporting as well all of guys are awesome special shout out to people given as a diamond body level which is Benny ween and his family also Adam brink and all the other people who wishes not to be wished not to be named you guys who thank you guys for believing in my work from the bottom of my heart thank you check it out we’re gonna go ahead and bring in today’s guest today I’m speaking with Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler Kelly welcome to the show how are you I’m good nice to see you good to have you we’re gonna talk about your book and your your novel that’s out and I’ve done a lot of research on I haven’t read it so a lot of its gonna be new to me but some of the topics and in the places that you kind of went to get some of these ideas create these characters in the situation stuff it’s very interesting so before we get into the book maybe you can give a little bit of background about who you are and what you bring to the table be awesome well I bring a child of God to the table yeah well I have been writing this book for about 10 years I grew up in Nebraska I live in Charleston South Carolina now and I have two daughters one that lives in the Upstate of South Carolina and one that lives in Ireland and she’s going to school in Ireland which is exciting her family we could go visit and I have two grandchildren actually a grandson and granddaughters and I’m excited about that but yeah my my journey in writing has been very supernatural and I’ll talk more about it as we go through here but just the Midwestern ER and living in the south so awesome um so would you would you consider this this book this novel would you consider it a Christian book is it just for Christians or there I know there’s Christian themes and things like that it deals with the Bible yeah it there are there is a Christian theme in it to be honest with you when I started writing this book I thought I was writing it for Jewish people funny um the whole time I was writing it I was really focused on Romans 1111 which is basically Paul telling the people hey it’s a good thing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah or the Gentiles wouldn’t have came into the fold and so now it’s up to the Gentiles to bring them back in to bring the Jewish people back in to the fold and that’s how Romans 11:11 came across from Paul and so I really was writing it I thought for the Jewish people but then I realized you know the the idiom over my dead body could also go with the body of Christ a little bit as in like the church body like wake up at some point working out the gospel to the Jewish people so there was that aspect of it that kind of teach through when I finished the novel finally and so I realized it really is for Christians to get a fire under their bum to go take the gospel not only to Jerusalem but to the whole world but did not forget that we do need to come back to make Israel envious through signs and wonders and so that’s kind of how that whole cycle flows so when I started the journey in Chris bulletin from Bethel Church was speaking and he’s the person that said oh that God you know he was kind of just hung up it was off the cuff or what but it made such an impact on me he said over my dead body will you go to hell is what God says over my dead body will you go to hell and you have a choice if you go to hell or not Jesus chose heaven for you and so that marinated in my mind for a really long time and then the Holy Spirit was kind of showing me different aspects of the idiom of over my dead body and my opening scene is is a great you know that great site mom but it really kind of started me on the journey of like exploring deeper into what to do the story so so for the most part the book is symbolic right it is it is symbolic I mean it was based on a Bible study that I was doing my own personal Bible study with the Holy Spirit and it marinated into this book and story that I started writing probably it’s been about nine years ago and of course I was raising children and you know doing family stuff and busy that way so it took a very long time to finish it but I did a lot of research there’s a lot of biblical concepts in there that a lot of people will relate to and I was also just I was looking for a way to get across concepts that I understood that I didn’t think was actually being clear to other people I really wanted some of those concepts and some of my understanding of like the historical aspect of from the foundations of the earth and things that were happening through history what happened to the Jewish people through history all of that I wanted it to really help people get like more of an overall picture in their way on some topics and some concepts I don’t normally discuss in church yeah as much I’m not saying no I’m just saying as much yeah there’s something about the story within a story well haven’t or having the allegory you’re telling a story but it’s really symbolic for these other people right I think the Bible is written you know saying much of that way especially for the Old Testament reading about the patriarchs reading about King David Goliath you know spiritually representing something in your life the golden calf represents something that you’re gonna have to face some type of idolatry and things that we put above God those type of things and so when we’re able to kind of take that in make it plain like whether it’s the myth of the allegory in to tell a story within a story some of the writers that you’ve mentioned even in the in in the in in the bio of the book they’ve all done that and have been successful with it and those those stories have kind of lived on to stand the test of time where we have like if you I mean with all my CS Lewis Tolkien these type of guys what is that the Star Wars series and stuff like that they’re like stories within stories that represent usually stuff that we’re going through the you know I’m saying the plight of the of the human soul so how does that relate to the book from your your aspect of that who this is about like you’re reading about this person you know I’m assuming you you wrote it this way that as you’re reading about this person you’re essentially reading about yourself or something that you need to do I know another big one is uh The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho you know I’m saying reading that it’s just like you’re you’re looking into a mirror I think the scripture is written in such a way as well yeah well this really very much is has been my spiritual journey and I actually in college I graduated from Bellevue University but I I was told to write at 30 it was a 30 page paper on something that happened the year you were born so that’s going to date me anyway I so okay so if I wrote about Star Trek in the philosophy of Star Trek and what really hit me so hard about the philosophy of Star Trek is that Gene Roddenberry was able to go in there and say okay we’re going to talk about the black and white issue we’re going to talk about this issue that issue and he’d used that those pictures in different situations to kind of tell the story and to be able to come across and this is kind of in that way me saying okay Church time to get on the bandwidth the bandwagon of you know making sure that you’re ready to share with the Jewish people you know what I mean and it’s a tough that’s a tough topic I have to be honest with you there’s a lot of people that don’t want to approach it at all and I know it’s okay it’s fine some people are called to it but um the other thing is that along the journey what I figured out is you know there’s there’s different places where you get like greater insight or greater revelation from the Holy Spirit that oh this is that why how come somebody didn’t tell me that years ago you know what I mean yeah and one of those is like I I remember opening like oh actually I have it right here this little Bible right here my little my little how thick Bible okay this is just a hairy round Bible well guess what in the very last pages of this Bible it lists all the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled and it has Old Testament New Testament fulfillment like right across you know and I’m like okay wait a second all of the you know as a kid when you’re sitting in church and you’re saying oh why does that you know like a teenager let’s say they’re white people leaving this Y by Y well there’s 330 reasons just in the back of this book why but making the connection is not there and I just want didn’t want people to get I wanted people to realize that if you don’t get in the word for yourself and dig in then you don’t get access to some of that those nuggets of truth that will really solidify your faith so that like you would know that you know that you know that you’re on the right track mm-hmm you know so I had my main character is a secular Jewish guy living in New York and I’m just recently married and you know his father died and passed him a great artifact that had traveled through history and in that in the history of that he he realizes that you know there’s some history about the high priest anise and the high priest or Ananias and it’s egos they both and in that Ananias is like I started thinking about that that guy that high priest he was the first person that Jesus was taken to for his first of six illegal trials and I thought now anis is an old guy he’s the father-in-law of Caiaphas and I I started thinking and the Holy Spirit led me along this lines that anis could have been there when Jesus was born that’s how old he was you know older he was Jesus was born he could have been there when Jesus was in the temple at age 12 he could have had a personal run-in with Jesus on you know during the High Holy Days I mean I know there were millions of people in Jerusalem during those days but you know yet Jesus and his parents went to the temple on all the holy days and he could have had interaction with Joseph and Jesus and Mary and then of course at age 12 when Jesus came back to the temple or the parents are like where’s my kid you know of course they’d find everybody yeah it’s like you just could have been a witness to all of it including all the way back to Herod yeah right so when Herod was saying okay I want all those babies in Israel or in Bethlehem you know you gotta kill them all you know what he could have been went to that decision so there’s a lot of places that this character anise or Ananias could have been a part of that put him into different parts where I thought this this guy could have seen the whole picture and he might not have realized that till after Jesus was crucified what he had done yeah and and then the other concept and that is that Ananias Anna’s he I feel like if he was there for the whole thing he was there at the crucifixion and then the Holy Spirit kind of latest on my heart for my story and this is not necessary what what Jesus said on the cross was biblical but for my story I decided that Ananias could have been there when Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do and if Jesus only did what he saw the father doing then that means Ananias Anna’s was forgiven for what he had done so that concept kind of led to even just a it just expanded the possibilities for what Mike main Oh Joel could have gotten oh yeah that’s interesting yeah Jesus made a lot of people mad I know well especially the the you know religious leaders of the day and I’m you know I’m assuming he was one of them oh hey you know maybe you couldn’t wait to say okay I got you now he was the one saying you knew everything in the temple and blowing everybody’s mind with this deep knowledge okay let’s see what kind of knowledge you have now you know cuz it it just blows my mind as well we’re never like Jesus is in the temple teaching and they’re reading the scriptures and it goes back to you you know pointing at the end of the the Bible with all these scriptures there were prophecies of Christ and he’s like you guys know this is talking about me right and they’re like what what do you mean so yeah this is this is about me we’re reading about me and they you know scream blasphemy you know I’m saying ran him out so he made a lot of people mad so you could see why people were kind of going after his head and you know I think that spirit is still here now you know what I’m saying as far as the spirit of I guess if we want to call it the Pharisees those who are against God essentially or those who are just about the traditions of men over the Spirit of God and those type of things and battling with that spirit so does it so does your character have to deal with that as well that that type of spirit that exists um well he doesn’t really run into well he does actually he does run into a Jewish Jewish rabbi one of the one of the characters comes along and he’s like you know for the building of the Third Temple and all that stuff and it’s it does confront some of those things that people are trying to say has to happen for endtime stuff and now I don’t go into a bunch of endtime stuff at all I really do stay inside the story but I do have show the concepts of you know I have like four main characters and might my Jerusalem piece of it is you the Naomi and rabbi Jacob are kind of helping Joel and his wife along their journey of trying to get some truth out okay this is how to how to release like if you had inherited an ancient scroll or ancient thing and you knew it was the truth and it was gonna change everything you ever thought how would you release it to the public how would you get it out there and so they kind of help them along that journey yeah and every single one of the places that my characters go I have been personally so interesting yeah yeah it goes all over the world and that that was exciting to be even I hadn’t even been to Jerusalem before when do I get invited to Jerusalem I don’t really want to go so I finally did get to go on a really great mission trip with with the Bethel Kingdom culture so so the so the story goes the the main character inherits a antique shop and there’s some type of relic what is the relic that that he finds uh he he actually inherits a box from this dad and that box has certain artifacts in it which I won’t mention I’ll let people go ahead and read my I will tell you about one of them one of them is a scroll from Anna’s that recorded everything that he saw and everything about what why he was a part of a witness too so like I was saying earlier he was there for everything he kind of touches base on all those topics and then there’s a you know he he has a visitation and he reports that in there and then that box I don’t know if you’ve seen the Red Violin is kind of told this way with a box the box actually goes through history and I wanted the the box to be able to talk to time-travel you know I really wanted the box of time travel and the way you time-traveled with this artifact is hand down the hand down the hand down hang it down so I have each of my main character Joel’s ancestors kind of recording what they did with the boss we the question is what would you do with the box yeah what would you do with this information so it goes through history it hits on a lot of historical figures one one of his believe it or not my first anise was related to Josephus so that was that was something I found out while I was writing the book I thought it was so yeah so I do have like a family tree in there for you to kind of see the relationship of each person it goes through and then the box actually goes to prove World War two and in my world war two section of it the person who inherits and records as a I wanted to really focus on Gentile saviors during World War two and that’s you know the Christians that were I mean a but a lot of the world turned their backs on the Jewish people which is just heartbreaking but uh there were some Christians that helped out and so my character in that era is involved with some Gentile Savior activity that was actually true historical facts and that was like the saint st. francis of assisi s was a place where they hid Jewish people and then I touch on Joe lanta I don’t know if you know who she is but she’s a really great historical figure who who was in the Warsaw Ghetto and smuggled babies out of the warsaw ghetto through through the gates and she would hide names of the parents and information about that kid in jars and bury it so that she could reunite them with their parents and things yeah yeah and she was actually up for a Nobel Prize and they gave it to Al Gore instead but that’s not good anyway um I so I wanted to touch on her because she was such a she’s I think she saved more people than Schindler so that was something and I thought well I can throw that I can put this stuff in there and it’ll be so fascinating to people and I really do love that era and then also just my heart breaks for the Jewish people and the stuff they’ve been through too yeah that’s deep um I’m gonna give a quick shout out to everybody hanging out lost in the chat room right now I everybody holding us down in the chat Gio arrghh home sauce Chris Connor Carolyn Chris bars all of you guys Kristy Lee and also uh McKenzie says hi mom she’s about to go off to my daughter in Ireland are you on you watch it you have it on YouTube as well oh yeah yeah you better see it effort but um one of the cool things as well we’re talking about like telling a story within a story in these people’s lives represents someone else and stuff like that um you but you had a post on um on Facebook where you’re talking about watching the movie taken and so that that’s powerful I’ve read that that’s okay I was just trying to see who you were see where you were spiritually and things like that so I read that and one of the biggest things for me was like when I started getting into Morningstar ministries and getting into the prophetic and hearing God looking for God speaking he’s speaking and everything all of creation every movie that I watched was about something I was going through you know and just crazy stuff watching the Lord of the Rings and seeing that’s the Holy Spirit this is you this is your sin you know God just talking to me when I’m and I can’t I couldn’t watch movies normally like gods just like showing me all of this stuff and it kind of seemed like somewhat the kind of same thing happened to you in the movie taken if you want to kind of talk about that a little bit I thought that was a cool story yeah for sure oh my gosh you know that was my husband hadn’t even watched that movie before and I’ve been telling him for nine years because it’s been out for nine years I’m like dude you have got to watch this movie with me and of course no father wants to watch a story about their daughters being taken and texts it’s it’s horrific it really is but I felt compelled to say look this movies on TV let’s watch it again and I tried to remember why I loved it you know why I had was drawn to it and again it’s very violent you saw that in my facebook post but in the end when Liam Neeson comes in to take to rescue his daughter from these sex traffickers and all the stuff he went through and he’s he she he walks in and he gets her and she says oh my gosh you you came back you came for me you came for me I can’t believe you came for me I mean it was like an unbelief I can’t believe my dad came for me and he said I told you I told you I would come for you and of course this is God the Father saying I’m coming for you I will come for you I did come for you and I was just like this is so powerful it’s such a powerful moment and and it’s just our story it really is our story and something it just you know it just impacted me so much of course I had to post about it but um I’ve had that happen to me a couple other times didn’t you want me to tell you about another time yeah totally I love this yeah okay well I was actually I started taking the art of hearing God by John Paul Jackson and and this was probably about 10 years ago and during one of the exercises one of the one of the very first word I got this is like early first time I ever heard the prophetic word and this was like just another level of understanding hearing from God somebody said to me God says you’re a real peach and I’m like a real peach you know I mean my first thought is that’s so old-fashioned what what does he mean by that I don’t really get it I don’t live in Georgia I live in South Carolina you know I mean is all this well that evening I was in the middle of class that evening we went to a movie called the greatest game ever played have you seen that movie I don’t think I haven’t okay it’s a golf movie my husband loves golf is the golf movie and I’m like ah sure I’ll go watch this often if you like it so we’re sitting there and in the first introduction of the movie there’s a character there and someone says to her you’re a real peach is it set in the 1920s and I was like I have not heard that my I mean nobody’s ever said that to me and Here I am today and now it’s in this movie yep no spirit said to me Kelly watch bubi it was made specifically for you to understand how I feel about you and that woman the whole movie she was sticking up for the underdog she was like the guy you know it’s the father-son thing going on with you know his dad’s like you need a real job you know that type of thing and the girl is like you can do this you can you know it’s like she was almost like she was saying you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you yeah you can you can pull this off for greatness you’ve got to go out there and do it you’ve got to do it and you know encourage ER and I was like oh my gosh I’m weeping for two hours yeah watching this movie they’re like what are you doing so I mean I see God in everything all of creation speaks of gods yeah sure it’s crazy and then movies man tell me something about it I don’t know but um one of the first times that happened to me I was I stayed home from work sick wasn’t feeling good and one of the most powerful encounters what God I’ve had I was just flipping the television Judge Judy you know dr. Phil or whatever was on at the time this is probably 2003 maybe four and I just I’m flipping in and I just feel led to stop on Sesame Street mm I stopped on Sesame Street and this story was about baby bear learning to skate and he was scared to skate he’s like papa bear was gonna teach him and he said he’s like I’m scared I’m gonna fall down and hurt myself no no no I got you if you fall I’m gonna catch you when you fall I’m right behind you don’t worry and the Spirit of God just hit me is like I’m talking to you this is you I’m I’m Papa Bear your baby bear and it’s like I’m gonna teach you how to how to skate and eventually you’re gonna be able to skate on your own you’re not gonna need me to catch you you’re not gonna be worried about falling you’re not gonna be scared to fall and it was just like kept going on in every little scenario in that little segment man God speaking to me and I’m just sitting there at home by myself watching Sesame Street bawling my eyes out the Holy Spirit minister into my spirit just imparting some truths in me that uh you know have have have come to pass you know over my life and when you get scared or you don’t feel like you can do it or you’re not called or there’s other people who can do it better or whatever don’t be scared you know and and then starting to see God in that and seen them and everything and there’s something whenever there’s a there’s a quote from a from a guru that says if you can’t see God in all then you can’t see God at all and to be able to see him and everything in nature and your friends and and you know every situation that you go through and even you know I’m saying even the bad stuff even the trials in the tribulation that we go through we got to be able to see the hand of God in it we’ll be stuck there we’ll be focused on you know like Peter and the disciples if it will be focused on the winds and the waves and sinking if I step out I’m gonna sink and what am i doing and start sinking so just have your eyes fixated upon Jesus you’ll be able to walk on water you’ll be able to do the things that defy your human nature you know what I’m saying and and if God be for you who can be against you in knowing all of these scriptures that empower us to be able to achieve our destiny and to be able to create and walk in the spirit and and you know be set free ourselves but even reach out to others with the work and the creative efforts that we have and God can use what we create to minister to others as well like your book and like music and like podcasts and stories and things like that so so beautiful man when you get with God and you understand he’s speaking and that’s part of the whole prophetic moving in a prophetic is like God speaking I just got to learn to hear what he’s saying and you know it changed everything for us walking in the spirit and reading those materials shoe time we talking about we’re talking about Morningstar you know I’m saying Rick Joyner his book the final quest is it straight allegory it’s these dreams and visions this battle in army and demons and Dragons and you know all of these these different pictures from like you know the Middle Ages and stuff and they all represented things that people were going through and I read that and that just took me to a just to another level in my faith with God so it’s beautiful stuff out of Lord speaks yeah yeah yeah when you start walking into you know your your purpose you’re gonna run into so much warfare it’s just ridiculous I mean when I first started writing this book my husband had a had a sick was attacked basically a spiritual attack yeah and God helped us overcome it and we’ve worked through it but it slowed me down but again you know God will redeem the time it’s all in timing but just crazy how the Holy Spirit will encourage you if you just take one baby step closer yeah and the thing I’ll tell you to the those movies if you get if you can get one word I feel like just one tiny word I’ve gotten many in my lifetime but one tiny word from from God kit will last you a lifetime yeah be like you know your Sesame Street situation is like oh well you know anytime things are rough you’re like oh no no wait God’s picking me up look he’s you know he’s gonna catch me you say oh he said he’s gonna catch me you know and like one scripture you know you have when my husband got sick I’m like you know what the word says I have a hope in the future so guess what you just have to hammer and every time you get a negative thought in your mind you’re like oh I have a hope in a future you can’t shut up you know it’s just you just have to talk to the hounds of hell that are standing at the Jordan destiny yep yeah even man it’s it’s it’s so weird when you have your mind fixated in something like writing a book and you have all this warfare it’s almost like all these reasons eventually come up not to do it and you know like I think one of the biggest things for me and for a lot of people is consistency okay I’m writing this book I have to keep writing the book okay what happens if you stop for a year what if what happens if we stop for six months you know if you stop for a week and that week turns into six months that’s that’s kind of how that goes or whatever but you know be I mean because sometimes you don’t feel like it you know sometimes you just wake up just not feeling you don’t feel as spiritual as everyone says you are or even as the Bible says you are you know you don’t feel loved you don’t feel like you’re more than a conqueror in these type of things and you really have to fight through that stuff man that crud and stuff and uh you know bad things happen to good people as well and there’s just life and the rain falls upon the just and the unjust and you just got you got to learn how to get up and fight against off felt myself they’re just you know yesterday in the day before the last couple days going through this weird thing of like wanting to be inspired and creativity and just creating so much stuff and in some like you want that to come from a genuine place you don’t want to force anything I think your book you don’t want to just okay well I got like two or three chapters that are just not really feeling you know I’m saying you want it to be God breathed all of it and so to stay in that place of like everything that you create us is pure coming from a good place that takes a lot of stuff into it as far as like keeping your hands clean and your heart pure and your motives and emotional life and everything your family like everything good so that when I create when it when I bless when I create something it comes from that that place of innocence really you know and and that’s you have to fight for that you really do but it’s a worthy battle yeah it’s such a worthy battle it’s the journey is exciting and fun and it’s daunting and it’s exhausting and and it will wear you out but when you realize that one day this too shall pass and that you will break through one day if you just don’t give up and there’s a lot of people that cheered me on people cheered me on but did you have any opposition from people yeah any naysayers mostly people you know people that are closest to well are your worst naysayers some of them but the thing is you know I know one spirit gave me a perspective on that though – and it’s like you have to have this so you’ll have thick skin Yeah right you’re people that are coming against you when this thing comes out you’re gonna get a plethora of reviews and stuff and yeah yeah so in my opinion that’s just like okay here’s some training wheels for you to figure out you’re gonna have some of those I mean I saw one of my friends who published a book not long ago he was doing really really really great and he got he’s like posted on his Facebook page okay I’m a real writer now because I got a one-star review hey hey welcome to writing you know so but that’s a great approach to it because there’s going to be people that just are not interested in your topic and maybe they follow this book might fall into their hands and they might read it and be like oh my gosh this is no you’re not enough pros for me there’s not enough this or this doesn’t make any sense to me or whatever guess what the Holy Spirit will open that book up to the people who will receive it and I’ve know plenty of positive stuff but I mean even people that don’t even know they’re being negative or realized to be negative they’re gonna be like oh wait why are you trying how can you be a 30 year old Jewish guy from New York do you see what I’m saying that’s my main character I’m like okay can you get into his mindset well I’ve read books that a guy wrote about a teenage girl that had a overweight problem and I thought when I finished the book I didn’t even look at the guy’s name until I finished the book and put it down and I was like oh this is a guy that wrote this I didn’t even realize that yeah people can do it you know yeah you got a um it’s good that you go through it cuz you gotta you have to learn constructive criticism you know for enough people are saying something maybe they have a point – you got to be able to take you can’t you can’t just go you know I’m saying be bullheaded and and not learn and not grow cuz God does use people around us but then there’s those people who just want to be hurtful you know I’d do that as well like I get comments and stuff I’ll get comments for people who are like genuinely asking a question about a doctrine or about an interview or my motives behind something and and I’ll take the time to answer them but if I have someone who’s Connor and they’re just insulting me and making fun of me for whatever the case is then I just don’t give them the time of day and usually just try to UM say I’m blocking my silence their voice or whatever but yeah you have to be able to see to see like you know where these people are coming from you know it’s not it’s not about if but when it’s not if but when my daughter had a YouTube channel and um man I couldn’t let her see the comments you know because she had videos that were kidding like 300,000 views and it’s just all kind of kid just being mean and that girl is ugly or that kid who’s this fat girl on here and I’m like nah my daughter is like 11 years old 10 years old and we’re doing this you she can’t get on and read that stuff you know what I’m saying that all I’m saying devastate people and it does man it leads people to you know commit suicide and and how types of weird stuff that’s going on with like I’m saying the bullying and stuff online but not to put your face out there and you’re not talking you know I always have I have the theory if I would not say this to the person’s face I would know you know I’m not gonna say it on on social media now it took a long time to get there no wait step out and then delete it yeah you know cuz I that’s kind of the compass if they were here in person would I say this to them yeah yeah you know I lost some good some some you know I’m saying some good friends to Facebook arguments and those people not really me I’ll say what I’m going through but I but those people who is like out of their characters like wow you would you would never say that every time we we meet in person everything’s fine but you get on Facebook and you you had this you know the scapegoat syndrome or you’re not you know I’m saying you’re not to blame you can just do whatever and and I have to suffer the repercussions of it and say things and so I’ve kind of I’ve kind of you know learn to stay away from that or or like even even though not be friends with controversy controversial friends on Facebook just because I value our relationship in real life you know what I’m saying so I can’t like have you comment all over my stuff and trying to you know take little shots and stuff you know at me online there’s those people man it is really weird so you so you do have like I guess a moral to the story at the end about second chances forgiveness and things like that is that kind of play there’s also something we haven’t even really touched upon there’s a lot of levels to the book there’s there’s a angel and a demon that kind of narrates through history as well as the journal that’s time family and since the angel and demon can be outside of the story and they they’re you know been on there’s there’s also a courtroom throwing room drama that’s happening behind the scenes in the book oh yeah in the throne room of heaven yeah so it’s a with the angel on the demon narrating there’s a lot of interesting things and I try I with that I tried to give a little bit of a perspective of how the angelic realm in the spiritual realm there’s seeing things that are happening on earth so if you think about this present darkness and how that book kind of was out there it just it’s along that lines but I have an angel that is an angel you know it’s a throne angel which is like the throne angel is actually on the cover of the book here it’s Harper the angel okay and he’s actually a sphere but if you if you researched a little bit or have read Ezekiel he’s that he’s also a throne angel was one of the angels that like brought the wrong of God the Father down in Ezekiel and like Ezekiel recorded them as being real in a wheel like the Seraphim type means yeah it’s not a Sarah from though this is called a throne and it’s a wheel you know he reverted he thrown angels type of angel like I do admit studying I’ve never heard that term oh really yeah well thrown round angels are in the throne room and they call him the mini eyed ones and I have heard people refer to them as Watchers but you know I’ve heard people also call watch or something else so but this throne angel is the mini eyed one from the Book of Ezekiel and that’s all and he kind of explains who he is and what he does but what he does is he has eyes all they have eyes all over their body and they have an eye on the on the Almighty father in the front room but he also they’re on assignment for people on earth so they’re part of the angels that are on assignment so he was on assignment for my main character Joel and he also had been on assignment all the way from anis all the way to Joel so and then his you know there’s also demons that are assigned to people okay so you’ve got familiar spirits you’ve got that aspect of it and that character in the book guy named Mark it may RQ which is like means bitter so you got a demon of bitterness that’s following it’s a familiar spirit that’s following this family all the way through history too and so I have little commentary of the angel and the demon to kind of give the overall time travel aspect of it some perspective because the angel and the demon knows every character as it’s going through time so they get a little perspective on each character through time – and what was happening behind the scenes in the spiritual realm yeah yeah that’s the supernatural aspect of the story and um yeah it’s very redeeming I go into a little bit of you know some of the theory of the difference between fallen angels the Nephilim and demons versus fallen angels the difference between the two of those and I have my the demon character explains that very clearly so there’s some of that in there which is fun I mean it’s all fun interesting stuff that people that are hungry for guys you know what it’s kind of funny you said that because I did a Facebook post I posted something about spirits or whatever in this guy said that they’re all demons right and another guy came in and said okay that it’s saying that they’re all demons it’s like saying like calling all of this people group just this one generic name when there’s a lot of different types or whatever’s like you’re saying that’s really cool you kind of touching on that a little bit talking about like the Fallen Angels the Nephilim the Watchers you know at the end and there’s so many unclean spirits familiar spirits like kind of going into that so I’m really into all that stuff that’s what I’m riding on right now for my book it’s really good different theories of thought you know there’s there’s a couple of lines of theories of thought on the whole thing but that you know when you’re writing fiction you have to choose this you got to choose one that that makes sense in your story yeah and you want to try it in like from a Christian perspective you probably have to question yourself to he’s like okay is this biblical can I prove it like is this doctrinal okay I’m good you know saying making sure I’m pretty sure that’s like behind you a little bit to try while you’re writing it’s there all the time it’s the criticism right like I think that’s the most criticism you’ll get is from the religious community to you well in this it’s like okay you have fallen angels right they came to earth Genesis were created well the theory might what I fear II I went with in the book is that after the flood all of the flesh was destroyed in the flood but the spirit still remained so the flesh of the Nephilim was half fallen angel and half human right so the fallen angel aspect of it is still around and that’s the demonic so there’s a difference between fallen angels and demons and so and then my demon has the father and his father is is a fallen angel and they all report you know all the Fallen Angels report to Lucifer and then of course all the demons report to fallen angels because they’re all related you have this like kind of forming up the ranking and the hierarchy of all them yeah yeah that’s the other thing with my angel than i used i wanted the like i didn’t want i want to use an angel that people had didn’t know much about yeah i understand much about and it was right around the time when digital cameras we’re coming out this is so funny and you know you’d see all the orbs and the photos do you remember that era mm-hmm like it’s they doesn’t show up in an iphone at all but there are all these orbs yeah and all i would be at conferences and i take pictures in there’d be like all these arms yeah what is that those are angels oh no it’s dust no that’s this no that’s that so garden I kind of went a little bit off of that for the story and then when I really fell in love with this phone angel aspect with the eyes inside the eyes and the huge and then some you know one of my one of my daughter said one of her friends said why is there a snake yeah I know yeah that’s what that’s what my wife would say she’s got a snitch all watches a Harry Potter fan you know yeah so a lot of this stuff that I mean I know we’re talking about the prophetic we’re talking about the Bible and and moving in the spirit so a lot of this stuff kind of comes because you know before we went live you were saved that a lot of your experiences are kind of meshed through the experiences of the of the book right even though it’s not about you a lot of personally encounters are kind of embodied and solidified through those people have you have you had those type of encounters with with with angels I know you just mentioned like the orbs and stuff like that boom into that I have had one I have had one encounter with an angel and it was in the dream but it was so real I thought it was real this is one of those times where I was really very encouraged it was about a week before my husband had his it was a hard situation which he survived and he lived and did not die and declares the works of the Lord now but anyway um so I had this dream I was in a church and there was an angel that was like four stories tall a blue angel huge at the front of the church and the minute I saw him I was like on my knees with my face hidden in this dream and I was like trembling I mean trembling and my whole body was trembling and I was so scared and then the next steam it breaks – is me sitting on a bench right out inside of the church sitting next to my husband and I said to him did you see that huge blue angel in the church did you see him and she and he said yeah I saw him I just shook hands with them and I said oh my gosh you’re so brave you’re so brave and then so I’m that was a week before this happened with my husband and this is I talk about dreams in this book – that’s deep yeah so when that happened with my husband and I’m in ICU okay there’s a lot of spiritual things that happen at the initial time that I can talk about that but when I’m inside I see you I’m I’m holding his hand and he’s in ICU and the nurse has just told me not to bring my daughter in he was like 11 at the time you know don’t bring her in here you don’t you don’t want this to be the last thing she sees it for dad and I’m like do not speak death over my husband lady do not do it you know you got to repeat that stuff anyway so I’m in ICU I’m holding his hand and I look at the sheet that was covering him in ICU and all around the edge of the sheet it says Angelica and jelly in blue Wow and I have an immediate flashback to that dream and there I was sitting on the bench with my husband and he said oh I shook hands with it and I was like oh my gosh you survived you’re so great oh my gosh that is a word of the Lord encouraged that there’s this to will cast and he’s lived through this I mean the encouragement is amazing that you can get from dreams but that’s my one an angel encounter that’s awesome it’s almost like in the dream state you saw like this uh this up not a pact but an agreement that was made I guess I’m ready to go down through this I’m ready to you know to experience this and you seen this agreement but didn’t know what it was and you know to build character and the kind of the things that we go through with that stuff and so it’s a it’s interesting you say you’ve had one angel encounter how many demonic encounters have you had usually the number is like way more usually you know uh well I had I did have a demonic encounter in a dream too most of this stuff that I’ve had I have had other angel dreams but that was like just my most powerful yeah one that kind of translated over into the real world yeah I did have a demonic thing where I literally had like this huge vulture that was like it filled my entire bedroom Wow I have the entire better and that was on my face Wow I could feel in my dream and I woke up feeling it like physically feeling it like it’s Talyn had scratched my nose and I was like dang I got something in here you know I didn’t think gotta go and of course you know you rebuke it you use the word of God like a sworn in tell to leave in the name of Jesus then but that’s one and then you know like Rohn room experiences that I’ve had which my my main character has a little bit of that is just the experience of during the soaking prayer situation I had this like purple being flowing thing over that was just coming kept coming and coming coming this purple like layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and this is in the book too and I asked the Holy Spirit I mean it’s like you’re there for two hours but you’re anyway I I came you know I mean I was conscious that I could see this you know what I mean and I asked the Holy Spirit what is this and because that’s the train in my robe in the throne room you’re in the throne room and then I also have this this place I go to whenever I get really scared in the throne room and I just really do this I want to stay in my spirit mind’s eye so in in my heart of hearts when I’m in this resting place with the Lord is I climb up into the lap of the Father and I have always been enamored by the fact that he has oil dripping from his beard right and so like I’m this little kid on his lap like running my fingers through his beard and that like oil is dripping all over my hands and down and I’m just like hey this is this is great but it’s a great it’s a great wonderful way to be able to interact with the supernatural when you realize you can do it you know yeah yeah that’s awesome you mentioned the birds too as far as like being a demonic encounter obviously it stands for both because we have the Eagle being you know prophetic and the Lord you know being to talk about the eagle’s wings and hiding under the shelter and things like that but um a lot there’s there’s specific scriptures where these unclean birds or these speckled birds and things like that represent demonic attacks and in the Bible so it’s really interesting you had that encounter as well yeah I’ve been doing a Bible study we we meet like every week for like 13 years we’ve been doing this Bible study at Barnes & Noble and it’s all we do we read the word but we also help people with dreams so I really do the symbolic nature of dreams was an important aspect that I wanted to put in there because there’s a lot of people who just don’t think that you’re from God in the dream they think it’s pizza or whatever I don’t agree right I think you got to ask the Holy Spirit is something I have to pay attention to yeah and my rule of thumb on that is that you know if you remember it and it’s significant then you need to press in and out God what you have got to do that yeah did you it did you end up here in the episode that I did with a Lainie dolphin about I’ll check it out and mob I had so many questions and my mom was blown the entire time it was beautiful I was a good episode we just did it probably three weeks ago or so but that was one of the best episodes that I’ve done probably ever I’ll say recently but probably ever that was a really good show and yeah she goes into dream interpretation but that she’s she she she knows her stuff dealing about the Sun you know I’m saying to psychology and you know just the Simba of people representing like we’re talking about the stories you know this person represents that or this person you haven’t seen in 10 years shows up in your dream and you know it’s not about that but you wanna you know you wanna start praying for that person or why did I say let me pray for him but you know I’m saying like if you get to the interpretation that that person probably represents something that happened to you 10 years ago or you know the the way that you felt ten years ago you felt like you didn’t have any responsibility and you felt freer and it was just an insane well you know you can in a movie when you feel the Holy Spirit in movie you need to be saying hey what are you trying to tell me here I got to know what you know what does this mean for me you know like all of creation speaks of God’s glory so yes there’s dreams in the Bible they and all the ancient people knew how to interpret dreams you know you think about that that all Joseph’s brother even the mom and the dad knew what was three meant yeah thank you it and like people nowadays they don’t know what dreams mean because somehow were teaching of how to interpret from dreams from God somehow fell by the wayside and they didn’t pass on to their children but I really do believe that just like Joseph and Mary and Solomon and all those people and in the Bible they heard from God and dreams very clearly and people really do need to have the Holy Spirit to help them interpret so yeah he uses everything man so why wouldn’t he use dreams and there’s some really key scriptures in the Bible that would just blow your mind about dreams and yeah you know that’s when God speaks to you is when you get silent and you can’t run from that either that’s the whole thing about you know I like this it kind of goes to the scriptures talking about a you know not not letting the Sun go down on your anger because you’re gonna deal with it in the dream realm but God you can’t run from God you can a lot of people and tried a lot of God but everybody has to put their head on their pillow at you know I’m saying at the end of the night and you have to deal with God there in those dream states and stuff and so really interesting information that comes through about your life and about destiny and things like that prophetically what to do really interesting stuff so that’s awesome you incorporated that in the book let people know where they can check the book out I know it’s going to be on all the digital platforms and things like that in audio form as well pretty soon but let them know where they can go ahead and check it out yeah well so I have a website Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler calm and that has a lot of information in there you can actually go there and read the first three chapters and I think you can actually listen to the audiobook of the first chapter I have an audio book that will come out on 11:11 and Romans 11 11 and my audio book reader is James Ellroy Bart who is a New York Times best seller is amazing I think people are really gonna love that and I I wanted to really reach people in every medium that they ever wanted because I hear a lot of people be like oh I don’t read both sides just takes me long but I have an audio version of it I have a Kindle version of it and I have a hardback and I have a paperback so they will be available in both stores also they will be on audible yes and it will be but you can order it on Amazon also and you can get there either through my website or directly to Amazon and just you know look up over my dead body a supernatural novel because there are other online dead body books out there but yeah if you put in Fitzgerald and over my dead body it’ll come up too but yeah you can find it all there and then like I said on and actually it’s gonna be internationally distributed you know all worldwide so it’s on all the Amazon websites as well as bookstores and other countries will be able to have access to it as well awesome didn’t you say that um it was like a I don’t know if it was a best-seller but it was one of it I get like like to know one it’s in the Kindle version of it is out for about two weeks it’s the number one new release for biblical fiction so yeah and you can actually right now for a limited time you can get the Kindle for $2.99 so if you’re a Kindle reader you can really a bargain $2.99 and then not the paperback is $15.99 and unfortunately the hardback $29.99 but it’s ridiculous to to print our God so as far as the audio is concerned I haven’t haven’t figured out how I oughta bow works on pricing yet because I’m still waiting for the very last chapter to when it’s available I’ll definitely you know plug it through my audible affiliate link so we have books that blog and stuff so yeah we definitely plug that and stuff always plug always plug the final quest and the alchemist those would like the two books that have really changed my life and in some other books for Morningstar as well yeah I don’t know if you’ve ever read arm you may all prophesy by Steve Thompson I don’t Morningstar that’s a great that’s a great read to awesome well I appreciate you coming on I’ve enjoyed this conversation and we have to do it again soon let me know when you have something else so you’d like to come back on and we’ll do it again okay I appreciate it thank you so much okay I think you would talk too soon bye Kelly Fitzgerald ladies and gentlemen enjoyed it it’s really cool we move in some of the same circles Morningstar and the prophetic and stuff and it’s really cool I haven’t I haven’t really had too many people and that um dealing the prophetic from like a Christian perspective and stuff you know we deal with a lot of people who are psychics and mediums and things like that so to have someone on from a Christian perspective is really cool to maybe I should start getting more of those people on because I know there’s websites like the Elisha list and a lot of people who are into the prophetic and stuff there so maybe I’ll reach out to some of those people only thing is like a lot of times dealing with was Christians like sometimes they’re kind of closed-minded and they don’t really want to address some of the bigger things or especially some of the things that I might address or whatever the case is um so they you know they had their own doctrines or whatever so it was really cool that was able to connect and and she’s into a lot of really cool stuff it’s some the power of myths the power of telling stories and embedding your own story within a story wheel within a wheel you know what I’m saying just everything is symbolic everything represents you everything is an extension of you understanding that and putting that in your music well I don’t put it in my music my stuff’s first-person but I’m thinking of p OD just put out an album that kind of lost a lot of people I think it’s called The Awakening but it told us story of a guy going through an awakening and a guy dealing with the New World Order and the Illuminati and stuff and for me I didn’t really it didn’t resonate with me because I wanted to hear his his music from from his perspective his spirituality his journey his cries to God praise and all that kind of stuff but then the more as I’m listening to it I’m like hold on he’s even though this is someone someone else’s story and he’s able to kind of go deep and reveal some things that maybe he Sonny from p OD couldn’t reveal he’s able to reveal through this character and and you know writing about the allegory in these metaphors and situations those are his own personal things that he’s been through so it got really interesting once I understood that and reading the Bible the final quest all of this stuff man every probably everything ever it has to come out of somewhere like it comes from experience it comes from the imagination even if you pull it out of the imagination like that person was formed from something you’ve been through or something you’ve thought about I mean I wouldn’t go as this far but Jacque fresco rest his soul is a awesome man with the Venus Project but he he talks about like you don’t have any original thoughts that everything is from influence from television or things that you’ve heard as a child and things like that he goes as far as just to say that I don’t necessarily believe that you don’t have anything that’s original but I know we’ve all been influenced and I know you know we pick up on on things even even subconscious man when it comes to music writing music writing lyrics I have people I’ve heard my lyrics on other people’s music and I’m like hey man at least give me a plug or a shout-out or something you know but then again subconsciously it’s like a rhyming scheme or something that that I heard in someone else a song and then the lyrics that I’ve heard and all this kind of stuff people could be doing it like oh that was good let me write that down let me take notes this is the way he did it but then again subconsciously he’s sitting down to write and maybe that’s just what he remembered that cadence and those lyrics together and just as something that innocent gets turned into almost gets plagiarized but you have to figure out like where did it start with who was the person who had that original thought you know so everything we’re all being influenced by movies media the dream state and all that stuff it all comes out through if we’re creators man when we create stuff and that’s the expression of of us being made in the image and likeness of a Creator God right we create what what do you create hopefully it’s something cool hopefully it’s something beautiful that can help people that will inspire people versus something that’s gonna tear people down and condemn people and things like that create something that’s gonna everything is an expression of God I even even the negative stuff like you know I’m saying you you you are the expression of God made in that image and even if you create something bad like everything but and just to understand it we’re talking about being able to see God in all right that’s part of it being able to see God’s hand and all of creation even the things that you create you reflect your father you’re just like your dad he’s the Creator too you know he created everything you see those clouds you’ve feel the wind the rain the grass all of these beautiful mountains your dad created that you’re just like your father always creating always up to something you know that I’m just overwhelmed by it but by that expression and everything that we see and in creating so creating with God with the heart of God with the mind of God versus working against God because the Bible also talks about like people coming up with new ideas on different ways to sin in different ways to fight against God and these weird imaginations and vain imaginations that go against what is beautiful what is it just what is lovely you know what is pure it goes against that and so you can be you know a recipient of that you can be a creator of negative stuff and demonic stuff or whatever the case is in in the video I just put out about Christ consciousness I was talking about the renewed mind and walking in the spirit and so that we create and so that we we build the mind is powerful anything like anything that I put my mind to I can achieve that’s why we have to do it with the renewed mind because the mind is powerful sometimes you go years man doing that and kind of building stuff and working in the wrong direction of building big empires ministries businesses whatever the cases relationships building upon a foundation that is not the foundation of Christ which is that you know that of love that of which is is the most beautiful thing ever right and you start working against the call of God for your life or your building out of bitterness I’ve been there I’ve been offended and been wronged and been in a place where you know people give up on you and you’re nobody and things like that and you said I’m gonna show you and you kind of work out of the ambition of I’m gonna show you so anything you put your mind to you can do the mind is powerful but you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and so if you’re a child of God he’s gonna correct you maybe he’ll use it you know I know he uses all things for his glory whatever you can see his hand in that I’ve definitely seen it over the years but I’ve been there I’ve wasted a lot of money made a lot of logos you know a lot of different things that are you know trying to whether it’s make a name for myself or do it do do it out of selfish ambition which is done the description says do nothing out of selfish ambition or selfish game so that’s what it comes down to as far as walking in the spirit and having your hands clean in your heart pure you you’re good if you cook if you’re creating out of that I think you’re good I mean why create a monument as well of just like the bad stuff you know what I’m saying like creating out of the bad stuff that’s happened to you or these negative emotions and stuff sometimes it helps people to vent right I like to kind of think my music helps people connect with the father connect with God but there’s other other stuff that helps you connect and vent with those negative emotions the music we’ve talked about it on the live podcast that I did at the festival like you know dealing with those emotions or being able to find a way to articulate those emotions through art right you want to have all of it within there so you know that’s cool so I’m uh I see a kelly is joining us as well in the in the YouTube chat section shout out to her she just subscribed to the channel um you know I’ll just vocalize this for people who can’t who are listening on the podcast in but someone was asking it was a Kris garner was asking about the s scenes want to know if she mentioned the s scenes in the book it and so Kelly’s mentioning here that uh no s scenes Kris so Noah scenes mentioned there it seems a really cool good thing to get into so yeah I enjoyed this episode if anybody has any guests that you would like for me to interview I do have some openings if you yourself would like to come on the show send me an email let me know and we’ll try to make it happen I do have some really cool guests lined up and it’s been really fun so trying to stay just stay motivated for everything but with the music and the podcast but everything has to kind of flow out of that place of innocence I don’t want to like you know doing podcast with people that uh it I enjoy interesting conversation but you want to do it because you enjoy it you know and so you have to kind of prophesy over yourself to kind of get yourself out of that rut i prophesy over everything right and such speaking words of encouragement con words and kind of remember why you started it and so even with the podcast sometimes it goes back to that like you know remember why this is fun remember why you’re doing it to reach people those kind of things and you always have to check yourself daily daily to make sure that you’re in the faith daily to make sure that your motives are pure so that’s what it’s about for me and I have to have to heat my own words as well it’s not just all fun and games all the time sometimes we go through depression and warfare sometimes we get tired you know things like that and even with the music for me I don’t want to force anything I have so we talked to King James she was on the last podcast and that Joker he’s giving me books of because I hit writer’s block we did an album together that jokah had like seven songs done and just gave them to me I’m like I gotta write seven verses Wow sometimes it takes me a week to write one verse like that kind of you know thank you so it was kind of overwhelming or whatever and you you don’t want to just throw a verse together that sucks you don’t want to just put something out that doesn’t have a piece of you in it so everything has to kind of flow out of a pure place everything that I do I don’t you know we talked about it talking about religion dealing with the Holy Spirit like religion for the sake of religion is one of the most nastiest things on the planet we’re talking about the Pharisees and the character even in her book and a nice that she’s speaking of the priests like when you get into religion for the sake of religion and this is we just know how to do Christianity or we know how to do a religion or we know how to do spirituality you know and it’s not god-breathed that it’s not in hearing from the Holy Spirit and fellowship and with God it’s nasty anything especially when it’s dealing with divinity or God and it moves into tricks you have to learn how to manipulate people learn how to get people to give and get people to donate and to fund your message versus just you know bringing the truths bringing the Word of God or whatever and then having them compelled to give because they believe in your your work or they believe in the message versus like God’s gonna punish you if you don’t give to me like wow get into all that kind of stuff so it gets into weird stuff maybe I’ll do a an episode where I just go in on tithing or you know maybe it won’t be a whole podcast but maybe I’ll just make a video on it cuz there’s been a lot of questions here lately even in our discord community about giving and tithing and things like that and so you know I’ve seen a lot of breakthrough in my life and in the lives of some of my close friends like that was for some people that was the thing that fueled their awakening was the understanding the tithes like they came out of church and they just believed what the pastor said and upon further study the Bible says other things and so it kind of you know there’s different things that wake different people up you know when I was younger going to work I would eventually uh my alarm wouldn’t wake me up anymore I would be so deep in sleep that my alarm would just be incorporated through my dream or in my dream I would hear the alarm and I would wake up and be getting dressed in my dream thirty minutes had gone by and I’m still sleeping with the alarm going off and the alarm just incorporates herself in my dream eventually I had to set my alarm and my cell phone so I had two alarms and that second tone woke me up in the mornings and I would just jump out of bed so it takes different things to wake different people up some people are you know wake up through conspiracy research some people do Flat Earth research and Alex Jones and things like that some people to cut finding inconsistencies within the Bible or the inconsistencies within the church or whatever the case is it takes different things man but once we are awake the Bible sucks about in Romans it’s high time to awaken out of sleep you know what I’m saying it’s time for us to wake up and it takes different things to wake people up so whatever it is you know it’s a part of it and so we would just just kind of reaching out to people and uh just trying to be there Kristy Philips love everything you do I know you’re one of my soul child members you’re helping me integrate many crazy sounding beliefs I’m having during my awakening one of few helping me many things hey it’s a blessing it’s a blessing for me it’s pay it’s it’s just it’s just a pay a forward thing right whether it’s my music or whether it’s the podcasts all of this goes back to I you have to keep telling yourself obviously it’s going to mold and it’s going to evolve into other things but the reason I started this podcast essentially was for two reasons one reason I started podcasting was the fact that when I was driving a truck I would have hours a day that I would be on the phone with friends and sometimes we would be on you know three-way calling and we were turning into six-way caller we’d have six people on the phone and we’d be on the phone for like I’d keep him on the phone long as I could because I’d have four hour drives ahead of me and stuff like that and it would just help the time to pass by but we would have some really deep conversations about spirituality about God about experiences with all these people on the phone and we you know I remember just saying like man I wish we could record these and like let people listen to them it’s like yeah that’d be all so we need to do that so I looked into doing it you know I would call a third party I’ll call some type of conference call that recorded it and we’d save them and stuff and then so I was like you know let’s just turn this into a show have everybody call in you know and we did other people call in who we don’t know and people who have things like that so that’s kind of where the podcast started and in its infancy back in like 2010 right started doing that with brothers and then it evolved and then so once I was going through my awakening I was having crazy encounters she’s talking Kristi’s talking about crazy experiences like I didn’t have nobody I’m in the Bible Belt and I’m like seeing UFOs and angels and finding all kind of crazy stuff in the Bible and all kinds of stuff and I didn’t have nobody to talk to I can’t talk about this here you know I’ve tried it – you know no we’re quick so I would go online and I would find other podcasts or fine youtubers or whatever the cases who talked about this stuff openly and if they wasn’t talking about it or they didn’t have a phone number provided I’d be going mad and I was going crazy like me I need somebody to talk to what does this mean you know I feel like UFOs are communicating with me I see a ship and it’s telling me hey look at me blinking at me then it flies off like you know who you talk to the pastor they’re gonna rebuke it pray against it you could try that you know if it doesn’t leave then what you know and what if it’s God what if it’s him you know so we need people to talk to to discuss this stuff and the big place that it comes out of is being authentic so that’s why I really started this show just to have people have what people needed someone to talk to we’re discussing these issues that you know have gotten me ridiculed or in the past or whatever you’re doing a show on this or what kind of drugs are you on what kind of things that you’ve seen what you see in a UFO communicating with you I want what you’re smoking those weird little comments and stuff but comes back in the end as long as you’re consistent you’re being authentic and doing it for the right reasons and you’re in the will of god guess what God does he blesses it and he breathes upon it and that’s what he’s done with this podcast and I want to be a good steward of that I don’t want to just do it for the sake of this is what I do you know what I’m saying so that’s where it is and you guys get to hear about the inward plight because you’re going through it too and the way I get through it it’s the same way you get through it and the way the Israelites got through it you got to get through it the same way you’re gonna deal with your golden golden calf so you’re gonna deal with your Goliath you’re gonna deal with your idolatry and demons and warfare all that stuff nobody’s exempt that’s the good thing the stuff people resonate with it when someone does a you know somebody puts out a song on a radio that’s talking about her take and betrayal and lovers cheating on me and I want love music everybody experiences these emotions and so they’re putting out stuff that everybody can resonate with this is a little bit more fine-tuned because we go into the esoteric and some stuff that people are not talking about and we find out that people want to talk about it or they’re experiencing it so it helps people that way so that when you’re when you’re open and honest you find out that there’s more people feel the same way no matter what it is like there is a genre there’s a niche for anything anything you’re like there’s churches for anything there’s anything everything’s out there everything so you just gotta know what you’re called to do play your part and be open and honest don’t hide anything you know got a bless it I really believe it Kelly says you’re you are authentic I appreciate your calling a man Thank You Kelly you was a great guest and we’ll have to have have you back on again talk about some more experiences and and stuff so Kris garner says and that is the core while we follow this podcast there are so many of us that need to discuss these things blessings yeah it’s about it’s about community for me you know taking away your excuse to have nobody to talk to nobody believes the way I believe nobody’s been through this oh you’re lying I know a whole bunch of people and they’re open to talk about it and we have community so we take that away from people we have our discord community that we meet like all the time we just hang out and talk and encourage and pray and all that kind of stuff man whatever you’re going through so if you need community it’s there the link is in the description you can get it on your phone you can get it on your computer I’m in there all the time hanging out with the community and stuff so reading the chat you know get working through ideas and things and doctrines for some people you know and it exists for different things for different and different reasons for different people so Christy says I saw an angelic being in light particles manifests spoke to me telepathically and activated my DNA codes changed my life in 2014 amazing thanks for your response you were awesome many times over ha that’s awesome that’s a beautiful encounter and like Kelly was saying it only takes one and I want I wanted to kind of go through that idea a little bit more with her but I didn’t but it only takes one and I have an episode where it’s called how many angelic experiences how many encounters do you need do you need 10 do you know how many angelic how many of those experiences in 2014 does it take probably one to shift your life in this type of area but once you start getting into some of those things having these encounters and stuff and light but literally how many books does it take how many movies how many times does the Holy Spirit have to speak to you until you take him at his word and say you know what something’s going on let me go ahead and respond to this and we look at the Israelites how many times did it take them like God was always dealing with in with through supernatural means and encounters same way with us and so you have those encounters and just I really believe it only takes one now saying it only takes one I’ve had many and that’s I try to stay I try to keep that as at a place of innocence you know I’ve been a part of circles in the past where we want a sign the Bible says a wicked and perverse generation seeks after a sign you know I’m saying seek Him and signs follow they really do but when you start seeking start seeking after signs and wonders and stuff and that becomes what you’re seeking and not God you kind of run into a problem but if you’re seeking God and he leads you to this stuff then it’s all pure to the pure all things are pure if you’re seeking the Father he leads you to UFOs he leads you to angelic encounters he leads you to exorcisms he leads you to the Book of Enoch whatever it is it’s all birthed out of that place versus like you’re seeking out this stuff and you’re seeking out stuff that you should maybe shouldn’t or you’re looking into other ideas outside of God that’s another thing you know we have to be careful with that even though we we have the Liberty to look into whatever we want but if we’re following the Holy Spirit and he leads you to that that’s a whole nother ballgame whole nother ballgame he’s got you he’ll lead you and guide you into all truth that’s where you’ll be protected that’s where your mind will be blown Jeremiah 33:3 call to me I’ll show you great and mighty things that you don’t know and find out it gets deep I believe that God can show you things that he hasn’t shown anyone ever that’s the God we serve like I really believe that like how do you mean that that’s kind of an arrogant statement to like what do you mean the Church Fathers in ba ba ba these people I think you know I really believe it I’ve seen hard stuff and ain’t nobody talking about this stuff so I know 100% that it’s like that not just for me I’m not special but you can draw away into your prayer closet and go and meet with the father and he’ll whisper things in your ear and show you different things about life in the universe and your call that he hasn’t never shown anyone I believe that I whatever that sound however that messes with here’s your theology the Bible says that plainly many times over that he’ll show you things he’s never shown anyone that’s deep that’s encouraging that’s encouraging to draw away but you don’t want to do you don’t want to draw away to do that but that’s one of his benefits the Bible says forgetting had his benefits the part of drawing away is just to be with him to be with the father his presence be let to know that you’re not alone to spend time with your Creator that’s that’s the motivation but out of that flows everything everything flows out of that everything your job your promotion your career your fiance your lover you know your husband whoever whatever you’re trying to do go there get into those secret places with God meditation prayer worship and all this pure I’m telling you that’s where those things are burst it’s not birth any worse not birth out of conference you can go to the conference’s and get it get excited and get impartation and things like that but when you leave that conference you have to go back to the wedding chamber of the Most High you have to get with him get with your father and everything will work out so we’re supposed to do Chris garner says inside-joke awesome if you started doing videos about making eggs bro it’s an inside joke on discord eric says I’m not as active in the community as I could be but it is a great one yeah yeah hey when it’s time man when you need somebody were there somebody’s always there 2 in the morning 3:00 in the morning somebody’s there always I love you guys I’m gonna go ahead end it there for those of you who would like to come we do have a another concert coming up it’s going to be November the 2nd in Mobile Alabama this is going to be at the same place it was last time it’s gonna be at the Laci house where I did my my house party all the info is that true seeker calm if you’d like to come $5 at the door myself King James and Justin Caldwell will be there tempest of Eden will be spinning in between playing music some EDM and good good good music so if you’d like to be a part of that and want to hang out want to meet me I’d be there so check all that stuff out on my website truth seeker com make sure you check it out so if you’d like to support my work backslash true seeker any level of giving to help keep me doing what I’m doing would be greatly appreciated I am listener funded and my heart is it’s very grateful for those who believe in my work and support support financially so thank you guys and after this I’ll hang out in discord so I’ll see you guys over there link is in the description peace and Shalom we’ll do it again love y’all [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juicy calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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