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In this interview Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot speaks about the link between alien abductions and psychic abilities. Kerry shares some of her personal stories as well as some of the encounters from the people that she has interviewed over the years on Project Camelot. There seems to be a link between contact with aliens whether extraterrestrial or interdimensional and psychic abilities. Many people report having a heightened sense of awareness after UFO contact and claim to be able to be able to sense when ships are present. This awareness spills over into other areas of life including social interaction and can be oftentimes hard to deal with if not trained in the “psychic abilities“. After encounters people explain how they are becoming more empathic and are having an overwhelming sense of compassion for those who are hurting on the earth. This empathy also includes having an inward knowing of the exact traumas that people have succumbed in life and you actually feel it in your physical body as if it has happened to you personally. If not taught how to deal with these intense emotions it can cause people to become recluse and even fall into heavy depression. It also leads to burdensome anxiety and panic attacks in public places. This is why the work that Kerry Cassidy is doing on Project Camelot is so important because there is so little information out there for people to understand what the heck is going on with them. Many end up going to the doctor and get diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder because they are unable to deal with these sensitive emotional spells and it leads a person into madness if not approached correctly. This includes all psychic abilities such as e.s.p., telepathy, clairvoyance and so on. I believe that this deep empathy has driven Kerry Cassidy and myself as well to pursue this work in getting the information out to the masses in hopes that people will not feel marginalized and alone. I believe that the paranormal and spiritual fields are deeply connected.
Later in this interview I also ask Kerry Cassidy about her infamous interview with Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure project. In my early research into UFOlogy I ran into Steven Greer’s work and absolutely loved what he brought to the table, so to see him and Kerry get into more of a heated debate about aliens abductions and contact was very interesting. To be honest I’ve sided with Greer for the most part about making conscious contact yourself with alien beings and UFOs but I must admit that this is a very naive to standpoint to take, as in all UFO interaction is to be assumed as positive. I myself have only had positive contact under the stars and within meditation but I believe there should be balance in this field and we should most definitely approach with caution and with all delicacy.
All in all this was a great interview and it was awesome to see Kerry Cassidy in good spirits. The work that she has brought to the table with Project Camelot is undoubtedly one of the biggest reason that this podcast and my music exist today. It was a dream and vision that I’ve had since 2011 to speak with Kerry and also appear on her show as a guest and in 2018 both of these goals were achieved.
Also be sure to check out some of Kerry’s interviews with Jordan Maxwell, David Wilcok and David Icke which are some of my favs.

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[Music] [Music] truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral protection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and on remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] [Music] to stand when I don’t be don’t you come you are now locked into the to think of podcasting live at Utica comm your portal to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your truth what’s up ladies and gentlemen you heard the man this is the true seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker joined with Kerry Cassidy tonight as my guest I’m excited to have her on before we jump on into the interview I got to say a quick thank you to everybody who’s supporting my work at you guys enable me to do this for a living thank you guys from the bottom of my heart backslash true seeker there’s different levels of giving or you can sign up there if you want to support my work and extra podcasts all of my music exclusive offers I got a bunch of new music over there so make sure you head on over there to check out the work I’m gonna keep this short head on over to patreon comm backslash through seeker as I said Kerry Cassidy has joined me tonight when it comes to people who have inspired me and influenced me to be doing what I’m doing right now I think that there’s there’s people who have come along on my path that have influenced me to the point that I’m doing what I’m doing I’m reaching a lot of people there’s a lot of people who resonate with my music I wouldn’t be doing a podcast I wouldn’t be doing music about the esoteric and spiritual subjects if it wasn’t for a handful of people in it I could definitely count these people on two hands Jordan Maxwell Manley P Hall Michael caesarian james gilliland and there’s a few others but along that list that comes someone by the name of Kerry Cassidy thank you so much for coming on the show it’s an honor to speak with you again how you doing Kerry Cassidy I’m good how are you thanks for having me doing great Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot there’s a you have a bunch of fans as a bunch of people here coming from your channel and from the Facebook and they’re hanging out in the chat room as well so let everybody know if you guys want to call in we’re gonna have the phone lines open here towards the end of the show the numbers streaming across the top of the platform and along the bottom as well so if anybody wants to call in you guys feel free to do that I’m excited about this this interview thank you for having me on your show I was on your show just a couple weeks ago and had a had a great response from a lot of people who tuned in to the Project Camelot universe so thank you you’re welcome Thanks when it when it comes to getting into the stuff that you cover it is a a wide range of topics usually having to do with spirituality ET contact aliens secret space program these type of things what got you into that stuff because I think many of us who are into this type of work there was something that happened usually when we were children or teenagers we got in whether it was the paranormal the occult a seeing UFOs was there some type of defining moments that you had when you was a kid that got you into this type of work well I was abducted I can say that I had a lot of contact in the in unseen world I guess you want to call it and I have various memories that tell me that was going on you know now when I look back but I can also say that I was um I thought reality was kind of boring and so immediately I started reading tons of books and trying to explore the world that way and also I was just really aware of being part of an unseen world so and then on top of it I have these memories of having been abducted I have a sort of a nightmare that I had a recurring nightmare up until I was around 12 years old I’ve said it before but you know was a loud buzzing sound I would be walking out my front door down a pathway to what was a white picket fence even though we didn’t have a white picket fence in front of my house on the other side of the fence was a guy with a top hat and overcoat and everything was dark and I was very terrified and then I would wake up right when I got to the gate and then finally when I got to be 12 years old I actually went through the gate at one point and then the nightmares stopped I used to be afraid of Santa Claus you know unlike kids that you know because I heard that it came in a sleigh through the sky on a root and then landed on your roof well I guess that sounded like an you about et experience to me although we didn’t talk about that back when I was a kid I mean that wasn’t in the literature really yeah and so yeah it was probably that stimulated me I know when I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind that I was like yes finally someone’s talking about this and it’s real and I was like it was practically a religious experience for me because that was the first kind of mainstream thing that I remember at least in my brain you know I also went to Ames Research Lab outside of I was born in Palo Alto in Moffett Field Hospital and that’s the military hospital I was only the only kid in my family born there and I seem to have some special abilities as a result of having been dealt with there I also have a really weird birthmark that covers most of my right shoulder is strange and I don’t know where it came from yeah so many questions just out of that little bit of stuff but I can I mean I understand if you are into the these different topics that would be the reason why you have these encounters you have these experiences and nobody’s talking about them if you go to school and talk about them other’s relatives around you talk about them you’re ostracized you’re laughed at at time so whatever the case is and so to find Podcast now and think everybody’s doing this type of work and stuff so when I was going through my Awakening and having crazy stuff happening some starting to see ships Project Camelot is what it’s where it was and it creates a safe haven and judging by other people watching now they have somebody to talk to where they don’t have to freak out and think that they’re the only ones who are seeing this stuff that I can’t talk about it or people are gonna judge me you’re probably gonna get judged but at the same time there’s a there’s a safe haven a community if you will of people who embrace this stuff and will only talk about it so whenever you’ve seen those television shows Close Encounters things like that it it it lets you know that first of all I’m not alone somebody thought of this movie for one and then to one of the things I wanted to ask you about from that story you talk about the men with the top hat does that have anything to do with people seeing the shadow figures of the men with the top hat in their room we’re in the trench coat is that connected at all well I I couldn’t say I I mean in my dream that was a real person or whatever it does resemble the man in black scenario so I kind of get it I believe I was my lap and then I had further evidence of that when I met nürnberg hram who I interviewed regarding the ring makers of Saturn the ships around Saturn and he’s quite an elderly man when I interviewed him so he was I think was 83 or 85 and then he disappeared completely off the scene and my interviews the only one he ever did at the time he thought he was going to start going public but he was going to start also he had been given a new lab by a group of men and he was very excited and I knew the writing was on the wall right then that I probably you know that he would disappear but he didn’t know that he lived in Palo Alto in a in a big house that he hid I think built and his wife had passed on he he was smart as a whip and he basically talked about being were working underground in Moffett Field in the secret space program for his whole life and I’m sure they took him back to work for them so what can I say you know in in my experience it all kind of culminated because I got into Project Camelot because I created Project Camelot I was drawn to investigate these things I actually I worked in Hollywood for 20 years and then I became a and I was trying to make films and break into the sort of I don’t know any the big boys network but I was never a kiss-ass the way you meet had kind of be I was grew up in Northern California so is always a rebel but I did write screenplays and try to shop him around Hollywood and eventually became an independent producer I went to film school and then I reached this glass ceiling where I couldn’t go any further I was pitching projects packaging them and trying to get them off the ground in Hollywood and then I in order to make money of course to stay alive I was working as a contractor to JPL Jet Propulsion lab and this was for a few years and I worked in media and I was very aware on a psychic level that there were a lot of black projects going on there I was investigating non-stop on the Internet at that point and I was also writing sci-fi screenplays on my lunch hour so you know in other words it kind of all built up to me creating Camelot hmm yeah everything just kind of kind of reaching a pinnacle for that that defining moment to kind of leave your mark on history if you will as well when we’re talking about dealing with abduction so I don’t know you know I’m saying much about your story of the abductions but especially when you mention my lab so are we talking about ETS abducting you but when we’re talking about the whole my lab thing I think the government’s involved with that as well do you want to talk about what type entities were we’re taking your you know I don’t know I know there with that I had interaction with Grey’s but I don’t you know because I have a dislike for them in general but and I also have had dreams in which various ETS you know I’ve had various et show up in my dreams so um actually quite a gamut so what can I say I the my lab has to do with you know Moffett Field the military hospital the fact that when I went to Ames Research Lab and in Palo Alto as a kid on a field trip I recognized it there was just all a lot of things going on regarding that and this is the military side however he listened to the interviews I’ve done with Melinda Leslie who has investigated my labs extensively as well as other kinds of abductions etc she talks about how there are ETS working with the military on the abductions and and I believe that I was genetically enhanced so whether I was enhanced well before I was born was probably the case I tend to think that my birthmark is the result of them maybe screwing up or doing something to me that made the birthmark I was born with it and then I you know I can just say that so it’s not just the military the military has been working with ETS for a long time on these genetic programs to enhance humanity and so on you mentioned having a psychic knowing of about you know maybe different situations or just this inner intuition I’ve noticed that with contact comes these heightened senses of awareness well I don’t know if it if it comes through the contact or it Bert it releases something within you that’s already there and so have you had any of those encounters whenever you were younger like knowing the next song that’s gonna come on the radio I know that’s a something-something small but it usually starts with some stuff like that have you had those encounters when you were younger yeah I mean like I say I was very very aware of that and what we call the unseen world also you know witzy ghosts and can’t see ghosts even now I try to scream it out I get visitations and things I know when somebody’s remote-viewing me I have prophetic dreams that come through I but I also I also did this thing while I was right out during right out of college I I am went into meditation for like a few months at a time and decided to connect on my chakras and I had a Kundalini awakening and since then I’ve had multiple Samadhi experiences and those I would attribute a lot of my psychic ability that’s grown sort of expanded over the years and but I would say abductions do trigger that it also you know I can turn lights off with street lights or turn them on or you know I I have evidence of affecting the TSA scanners I’ve mentioned that before and in airports and I’ve also affected some machinery where in front of other people so you know it wasn’t so much that I intended to do that it’s kind of started to you know just manifesto so it was always kind of I have weird had some weird abilities as I grew up for a long time that I was aware of that other people didn’t seem to have knowing things that I wasn’t supposed to know and so on mm-hmm talking about this stuff openly I know you you were talking about some people can be targeted and things like that I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately especially when I chose I mean I’m in the Bible but I’m in Alabama right and so I’m talking about psychic abilities UFO kind all of this stuff openly in conversation I was working a full-time regular job and I had my Facebook page was public for everybody to see it and all of my friends warned me do don’t talk about this stuff they’re gonna thank you crazy I’ve talked about you know psychedelic adventures and things like that I’ve had and I said look if your boss finds out about this or if this person that person your your mother-in-law whatever you’re gonna be in trouble you want to keep that private but it was always this inward knowing like if you was privileged to this information why would you want to to keep it away from everybody and just keep it secretive to yourself when especially when other people are struggling I look at the way I found you know I’m seeing your work and what it did for me so maybe somebody can find my story in my work and they will feel like they’re not alone or feel like they’re not crazy or whatever the case is but talk a little bit about that because there’s so many people who are still scared too like yeah I’m not ready to come out with the information yet I don’t you know they’re not ready for the backlash talk a little bit about speaking about this stuff especially you know I think you come from a place where it wasn’t so widely accepted now everybody has a podcast you know you were kind of like a forerunner in and and I’m saying many respects so if you can’t talk a little bit about that if we should keep it in if we should you know have do podcasts and talk about this stuff one openly in front of thousands of people I mean what I mean obviously I’m an advocate of that of being open about all of it you know when we start a Camelot in fact most people didn’t even know what a whistleblower was they just thought a whistleblower was somebody you know in like Big Tobacco or something corporation a person in the corporation they didn’t understand that there was a well I mean the Matrix movie did come out quite a number of years ago and I think before Camelot so you know it seems like that really kind of told the story about what we’re living in but I studied Eastern philosophy growing up and they always talk about Maya and illusion and how this reality is an illusion etc and the idea that it’s a hologram is is in keeping with that notion so it never seems strange to me in fact I always think truth is stranger than fiction and I’ve sort of lived by that I’ve also I am very fortunate in that I had very unusual parents they were not joiners they didn’t you know follow the neighborhood or any of that stuff and and they you know they were just completely individualistic and they did what they wanted and thought what they wanted an atom they’re both very intelligent and know they know and they you know my father was self-employed and would never work for anyone else and that was completely bizarre back when I was growing up though it’s not considered normal by any means and my mother you know would go to James Brown concerts by yourself because my father didn’t like it no sorry I have my cat and I’m gonna have to deal with that you can I could take it if you want to go ahead and begin okay yeah so anyway just saying that you know being honest about who you are and and and really I was just talking to a friend of mine about how it’s really more important to to change society than it is to change the individual the individuals are where innovation comes from and change and society is like that square hole that you want to put a round peg into and so everything to do with therapy and psychology has to do with bidding humans into the the square sort of hole and becoming a cog in a machine so that there has been philosophically I think it’s that so I gotta go hold on okay yeah no I mean the funny thing with that is I’ve been hearing that a lot lately especially today I was actually listening to the Joe Rogan podcast today and and they were talking about how is it should you try to change society or change the individual and Joe had a a philosopher and someone who’s well researched in the medical industry in the psychiatric industry as well and he was talking about you know one said this one said that and Jo was saying that we could have the personal enlightenment we can have the personal revelation of to better yourself and whatever you’re dealing with whatever you’re going through and then if enough people have the personal enlightenment and better themselves then it’s gonna change us as a collective and then so there was just you know who you know should we try to deal with each person where they are or change the laws change the way that we look at food change the way that we look at society or just on the individual level and so honestly think it’s both I think that we should we should try to try to change society as a whole but then on the personal revelation the personal journey ourselves as we change ourselves we’re going to begin to deal with the people that surround us we’re gonna begin to start podcasts and movements and things like that that’s gonna touch Oh actual much wider audience so dealing with the micro and the macro with with it all I think it’s all powerful it all comes into play it’s important to realize that humanity is living in basically a slave system and on this earth so for the most part society absolutely change it but you have to that’s my point and the individual is going to change themselves and going to evolve and and revolve back to source that’s the the journey but in the end of the day the prison around us are the institutions and the politics the you know every institution you can think of religion being a gigantic one so you know these are the things that need to change individuals are bringing gifts with them and it’s very important to allow for that so I’m a big advocate of that I studied social change in in college actually because I’m all about a change in the world so changing society is really the name of the game there before we went laughs I asked you if any topic was off the table you know if there’s anything that I shouldn’t bring up I shouldn’t mention I don’t know if you’ve addressed this at all I am familiar with your work 100% but I haven’t heard you address this at all if you have but um and this was the same thing and I had some other friends say yeah don’t bring that up she may get offended if you bring that up whatever care so you know what I’m not gonna say this to offend her but I’m gonna say this because I’m genuinely curious as a fan of Project Camelot of somebody who has consumed hours and hours of your work so when I got into ufology one of the big people I found right off the bat was dr. Steven Greer and I followed everything he said hook line and sinker I really enjoyed the ce-5 initiative and the contact experience and all of that stuff that he brought out also the work of James Gilliland which was very similar and then I seen the interview that you did with Steven Greer and he was you know I’ve really enjoyed his work and you to kind of kind of went at it for maybe an hour and a half or so just going back and forth about all et’s are good versus you can’t just categorize them as all good even though we would like to believe that that they were all good and so you went back and forth with him for a while he talked a little bit about that at all was I have you have you spoke about that at all have you have you come across you know I get interviewed quite a lot and once in a while people do ask me about that interview what happened at the time was well we went to the Barcelona conference we were invited to chair a panel that was actually a I guess a press conference with the speakers and so that was back in the day when bill Ryan was my partner in Camelot and we also had a witness Henry Deacon who came out under his own name about a month before that in another conference that happened in Switzerland and he was invited by the the organizers of the Barcelona conference he had his real name is Arthur Noah and he had given testimony the Camelot was one of ours first major witnesses and and and he had never shown up in person until this time when he went to this one conference and so then what happened was he went on stage when Bob Dean was on stage and he announced that he had been working on Mars and basically you know said a few things and I went on stage with him for moral support this was just a split-second decision on his part but no I’m sorry I this is just crazy [Laughter] usually so anyway and and so we we interviewed actually it was Alfred Webber and Bob Dean and Henry deacon and we all were backstage doing in this little sort of cubby hole area where they allowed you to do interviews and we just stopped finished that interview and Steven Greer walked in with his entourage and sat down in one of the chairs and she said I’m ready for my interview and I don’t have you started yeah okay I warned him ahead of time I just said look we don’t we don’t get along because what had happened was he hadn’t intimidated a lot of the free energy activists at the conference and some people think there could have been a riot but there wasn’t he also did something strange that Arthur Newman was not too pleased about and I don’t know what transpired I just know something did and then on top of it he went on stage and lied to the audience and there was about 1500 people there and he said something like one I can’t remember it’s been many years but it was something I think I say it in the interview but it was I think it was all ETS are good or something and then there was another lie that was like another bald-faced lie and you know it’s hot it’s important to know that as above so below that we live with a number of zillions of races really up beings of all kinds and some are good and some are not their service to self service to others some are you know most of them are mixtures that but some are definitely negatively inclined towards humans and it is very dangerous in my view to mislead humans in this way so you know I figured that he’s lying I know that he works with the CIA I also know that he is well I’m not going to go any further on that so basically you know I told him before the interview that I didn’t want to interview bill wanted to interview him so we decided to okay here he is he wants to be interviewed and I had actually gone on to one of the Facebook or something the night before and actually called them out on his to license I think that’s what helped that’s what I picked up yeah and initially we had invited him for an interview but he never agreed to it so by the time I got to the conference and saw how he behaved which was quite interesting I decided I did not want to interview him so that’s how that started and you know I’d do it again today if I was forced to you know be in the same room with him and discuss these things so you have I said you haven’t crossed paths with him since then any conferences or nothing like that no not face to face I haven’t dealt with him at all you said you mentioned that he could be making it all up I don’t know if it’s not making it up he’s you know he’s I mean we’re we’re actually an agreement on many many things it’s just that number one he’s not educating the CIA or the secret space program and that’s you know you see he’s got a lot of you know he’s got a lot of sort of confusion let’s go say going on in his head and and he’s also misleading people it’s very dangerous you know when humans are being abducted and and children are being too get off our planet and use the slaves and and you know eaten and you know their fluids being used and genetically you know re-engineered etc etc I mean the list just goes on and to tell people you know to basically get them to take down their guard and also to call grey ships in is not a skill in my opinion so you know I don’t agree with the way he conducts himself know so dealing with the good and the bad and things like that the good et’s the bad et’s we’re seeing ships all of us going on I’ve definitely seen it to where you know the the the ETS or whoever’s running the globe right now kind of like as you said they have all malicious they have malicious intent like I said the slave systems and they you know they want us for our our energy and we’re like the oil that kind of makes their machine work and we’ve seen videos in the past of like these ships that are coming in close to the to the planet and there’s like plasma beams being shot out at these ships and things like that my and I know this is still making it very simple and making a very ABC but the way I see it is that the bad guys are here running you know the planet everything that we have going on and it seems like the good guys are out there watching over us maybe the Angels from from the ancient texts and things like that is that safe to say or is it just like a warfare it’s a little bit of everything that’s kind of taking place above our heads the good the bad the people who are new to ETS that are neutral and things like that what is going on you know well it is a war of worlds and I will say a lot of the good et’s do come here as well as you know are involved in safeguarding our planet if you look at the interviews I’ve done with Oceana Dean you’ll see she talks about the Guardians and the guardians are a group of various races that have all sort of banded together to safeguard the human genome and the human experiment here on planet earth so they’re definitely watching over us and backing us when possible however they have a policy of non-intervention so in order for them to do something they have to they have to have a gesture by the dark side the way it works for them so the dark side does something they are able to then to take a stance at that point and most of the time they also don’t intervene they’d rather work through a human who is you know working with them in a conscious way and then counteract the negative you know things that go on and so you know you can have something like for example we were driving in Switzerland with this hmm this old Audie station wagon that bill had at the time and we drove to the top of the Alps up a really steep winding road and we got to the very top and we pulled into a parking lot you know slowed down and the way you drive in a parking lot you know going quite slow and all of a sudden one of our wheels fell off and he had had the car checked out you know by mechanic before we left for Switzerland etc and it had been sliced through the mechanic said it was just sliced through and so you know that was sabotage I guess you could call it but had it happened when we were on the cliffs on the way up I don’t know how would I be here today I really don’t know but you see what happens is I would say there’s an intervention so we still get some of the you know negativity that happened but at the same time it’s it’s it’s like most of it just goes by the wayside so I think this is a lot of times the way they intervene and I’ve seen other evidence of this as well they do lots of really interesting things to deal with the dark side and it’s an interesting balance but you know there are unseen beings here as well all the time besides ETS there are you know there’s a vested interest in having this genome this this seating as we call it a humanity make it through and we are become we’ve already become an ascension planet since 2012 so you know this is is an ongoing game if you want to call it and it’s definitely a world war worlds you know for all intents and purposes how can we know that that the interaction that we’re having like individuals you know we’re talking about the disclosure project all of this stuff I personally believe that disclosure is gonna start just with with people having encounters and experiences and and kind of waking up to the truth of who they are and and and having this knowledge and of things that’s happened to them as a kid where they’re suppressed information or dreams or whatever the case is but when we’re out there like I’ve had a lot of sightings and I felt like I’ve connected with the ships they’ve stopped they’ve blinked they’ve shot beams just insane stuff just to let you know that that that they know that you know like that that’s the information whether it’s communicating telepathically or whatever you you feel like you’re in touch with the divine you feel like you’re in touch with something angelic you leave with a sense of creativity of bliss of all and wonder you want to create you want to write a song whatever the case is and so this is how it is it actually inspired me and impacted me but how do we know that we’re in touch with the ETS or the angelic beings or whatever that have our best interest in mind is there a checklist do we just set that that good intention when we go out there like should we even be doing that I mean what would you say to that well I wouldn’t necessarily invite the ships in as a lot of these people like to do because they’re mostly grace you know it’s important to know that you know a lot of the ETS and especially a negative side are what we call 4d beings they don’t necessarily go beyond that dimension and they do use craft a lot of the more DeBell six dimensional and above will come a lot of them have left bodies behind so they no longer have a physical body so they’ll manifest as light beings that can be deceptive as well because greys and reptilians have learned to kama fly’s themselves and look like Nordics etc so there’s a lot of deception out there you know you have to understand that this you’re a spirit you’re a soul that has come into this sort of dimension to play this game to be part of it to contribute what your gifts are you know and and to suss out truth from falsity so it’s not served to you on a platter it’s basically something that you need to learn discernment that’s the game that’s the you know that’s that’s the purpose of being here so it is difficult I can tell you any time a being I regardless of what shape size anything they are tells you what to do that’s a negative oriented being i anytime they say oh don’t worry we’re going to come and take care of your president get rid of him we’re gonna come and take over your country and you know make everything all better and get rid of war for you and i have to say if you haven’t read childhoods end by arthur c clarke then i highly recommend it because that’s telling you what happens when a group of beings from another planet come in and tell you they’re gonna make everything alright that’s a takeover scenario so it’s it’s really important to realize that we’re not here to be rescued we’re going to be saving ourselves that’s also the game so you know it’s kind of things like that and if you’re walking around going oh I hate it here I can’t wait to leave you actually haven’t gotten the message of why you came in the first place you need to you know backtrack a bit and understand that you as a soul made a very momentous decision to come here you’re a reason for coming here perhaps you wanted to share your truth with others and enhance your own ability to understand truth and see and also become a better teacher so that you could go into the other dimensions and and move on up in that way and this is a great school I do believe in that philosophy of what earth is but there’s more to it mm-hmm when it comes to the good and the bad and things like that and I know that’s just so cut-and-dry are you good or bad like there’s no like in-between there’s there’s just tons of neutral like you said entities and spirits and vibrations and there’s just tons of different beings that are out there that there’s a bunch of neutrals ones it’s not just it’s not just good or bad or I want to harm you I want to bless you or whatever the case is so one word we’re kind of dealing with this this idea when we talk about the term abduction I don’t really hear that term anymore I know when I was a kid back in the you know maybe to uh 67 80s 90s but now everything I’m hearing now is I’m a contact D I’m an experiencer is that by deception or is interaction changing well there was always you know it would depend on which beings you were dealing with whether you were you know sort of abducted or you were sort of a co party in the situation whether you were for example I would have visitations at one point I had I’ve told this story many times but for the purposes of demonstration here I spent all night talking to a little old man he was very small short bald-headed old man who sat by my bed the whole night he didn’t abduct me to do anything to me just sat in a chair next to my bed talking to me and when I woke up right before I woke up I said oh wait a minute where are you from and I was really happy I remembered to ask him and he said in dromeda so you know that was you know a contact experience or kind of thing on the other hand like I said I did have what I think are abducting and like scenarios going on so you know it’s I think being politically you know whitewashed in a certain sense a lot and I think that’s dangerous I think that well I know that there’s no doubt whatsoever that the grace certain wrote as they call rogue groups of grace definitely abduct humans and they have in massive quantities it didn’t stop some people think it stopped it’s still going on and you know in the end I am a believer that we are not victims as Souls we agree to participate in certain things they may be positive or negative and there’s a learning experience to be had there there’s also sometimes a a gift that comes through the negative experience that you’ll be able to share and understand other people’s pain you know and so it’s it’s that kind of thing I don’t see it as a one-way street when you have a negative experience you talked about the little being that are like a little old man maybe that’s just the way it appeared to you in the dream but how tall was the little old man I want to know that because I’ve had something weird encounters I haven’t really talked about too much I know but I I know that when I heard Alex Collier talk about he was visited by a little old man bald-headed old man and a a very large tall guy and they were both from Andromeda the little old man sounded just like the little man that visited me and this was before Camelot so but I don’t know exactly how tall he is I mean I think he might have been like four feet tall or less but I really don’t know he was you know sitting down I just saw him as a little old man now I was I was disappointed at the time because when he told me he was from Andromeda I was thinking you know damn he just looks so normal like just like a hearse but I was hoping for some exotic you know being type thing and in that case it wasn’t that way we talked a little bit about you know what do you feel about Steven Greer and there’s a lot of people out there that I feel are muddying the waters there’s so much fake YouTube stories and then people share it for clickbait and fake videos that are 100% CGI and people are just sharing it and stuff like that and then there’s all of these new people on the scene and stuff like that where do you how do you feel do you do do you pick up on on when you see somebody all over the place and they’re like the new UFO guy and you’re like you can read through them the are you picking up any of that stuff as well sure you know it’s interesting we were just talking a friend of my online and me about Tom DeLonge and that whole effort he’s a new guy on the scene and had no interest in you know contacting the people who actually spent their lives investigating this stories when he put he never got an email from Tom DeLonge sorry you never got an email from Tom DeLonge no he won’t speak actually I have invited him to meet with a producer but he you know but no answer you know so I mean I have no ill will towards these people but I do know when they’re doing things that are nefarious etc and the sighting that they talked about on his you know go to the stars video what it was was according to some of my sources it was actually one of ours it was actually there were several ships I think there were like 20 ships or something and it went on for a number of days etc and I know there’s some interesting information information out there that suddenly thinks that this was a balloon or something crazy I mean that’s just letting the water’s further but I can tell you that after you know like rich Dolan has only dedicated his life and this has like three you know very thick volumes of very well researched sightings and encounters and and so on with military you know being involved with you know policemen large crowds etc very well documented I mean there’s zillions and zillions of sightings to choose one and then for that one to be so questionable and to have happened 13 years ago is so fucking sorry it’s just like so amazingly superficial and I don’t know convenient and then to find out at least according my sources which are usually pretty right on that this actually was a managed event and that they used that and that it wasn’t even actually you know some of the footage was looks like it was CGI indeed and you know so on and so what are they doing more lies to the public you know under and and sort of muddying the waters and making it harder for those of us who’ve really dedicated our lives object so it yeah it’s not welcome the way they’re approaching it now I know those people know exactly what they’re talking about I know they are from black projects I know those people are part of the secret space program and and so on you know again I out to them I basically you know I’ve actually made videos in which I did a commentary I’ve written articles about it it’s all on my website you know it’s on my youtube channel so you can you know just couldn’t be long into the the search and you’ll find these things so you know I’ve been commenting on that other people you know that I have been in the part of the sector that I don’t agree with that’s okay I don’t have to agree with other people I don’t mind you know I think it’s good that we disagree but I think that there’s a lot of dishonesty I know there’s a lot of people that appear to be working for the crowd and they’re actually working for the CIA and part of the deception and so on so what can I tell you yes a it’s that kind of a playing field I don’t I don’t know if I just I don’t wanna cuz I’m kinda I have a lot of different guests on the show I try not to I’m gonna have my own opinions and so I try not to just say hey watch out for this guy type deal because I don’t know a hundred percent for sure that this guy is making it up but I have my my inklings about certain people that I’m just like man I see right through it and I don’t I wouldn’t I don’t know if I should call their name if I’m the the true seeker podcast maybe we should if we if we feel because that particular sighting was questionable I don’t mind mentioning it again I don’t mind that he’s joined the playing field I don’t mind that he wants to he does seem like he wants to get the truth out now whether he’s used in abuse or doesn’t know when sighting from another and doesn’t you know has been told you know oh don’t touch the people that are out there they’re you know jaded or they’re whatever you know in other words he never know what side what kind of disinfo he’s been as well but you know in that case generally speaking unless somebody really is I don’t know doing something extremely negative to the public I’m not gonna mention them I don’t think you know having I’m not interested in this interview in naming names you know perpetrators of various things but I think you know word to the wise in terms of if you’re gonna make a big splash and you’re gonna bring a bunch of scientists and aerospace executives onto a stage you’re gonna be talked about and I think that’s fair game yeah definitely um especially when I seen him kind of come on to the scene this is somebody I’ve been listening to his music since I was you know 11 years old or so so to hear somebody you’ve been listening to their music and now they’re coming out into the same type of field that you’re interested in it’s kind of cool but then you you see the information that he’s bringing in the people he’s working with and it just kind of it kind of draws up a red flag let me ask you this though is this the same Tom DeLonge from that that’s been working with coast to coast am like at the very end of coast to coast am when it goes off they tell you the producers and the underwriters and they always named Tom Delon they’ve been doing it for years I know I know he’s been into this is Tom down Tom Dan Heiser that’s the different yeah there okay so Tom okay so it’s Tom Dan Heiser in town okay I I’m just making sure for some reason I know I know he’s been on coast to coast am Tom DeLonge back in the day yeah before he came out and did his big his big thing what he did and and and all that stuff but um yeah I’ve definitely been in into won’t talk to me they told me first of all I was too much competition then they let me on accidentally for less than 15 minutes and hung up on me yeah when I found out it was you that’s the weird thing you would think that there would be more unity in the field right and there is a lot of unity don’t get me wrong but you think that there would be more if there was like a common interest in an invested interest but we find out that I think a lot of people are making it up I think that other people have book deals and publishing deals and they’re making it up as we go I’ve had a lot of contact experiences and and I’ve had it just mind blowing mind boggling that I’ve dedicated my life to this stuff and I don’t have half of the information that these people are talking about most of the stuff is muddy when you’re coming out of those realms are you waking up in a dream and you felt something in your room and you’re having all these encounters or whatever but then these people have it down to a tee i I think I think we’re doing good to question I don’t think we should follow anybody’s teaching or books hook line and sinker I think we should question at all and what remains and once we take these other pieces of the puzzle and put them together let me take care of Cassidy’s piece let me take Stephen Greer’s piece let me take Maxwell everybody put it together and it eventually starts to make a little bit more sense and and some of the people who are making it up or they’re kind of falling to the wayside or they’re focusing on other things at the moment and they’ve kind of lost their interest or passion in it or whatever so I appreciate you you know I’m saying being here and doing what you’re doing and you’ve been someone who has stood the test of time over you know threats and trolls and all of this stuff that you get by talking about this stuff early on do you want to talk about that a little bit because we’re talking about like encouraging people to speak out about your experiences but it kind of does come with the price right sure but you know I mean I was sort of geared to be a public person because I simply knew I would when I was a very young person and I also studied acting in New York City for four years and you know I came back to Hollywood to be an actress actually and a director my path didn’t quite go for I didn’t spend a long time doing both of those things I may return to it at a certain point so you know I was ready I studied journalism real you know I was a journalist so I have a background that sort of supports the kind of work I do and it’s that’s been very valuable sure you know I understand absolutely from past life experience as well what it means to be a public person so I was totally ready for what might come along some of the things though we’re kind of shocking like I wasn’t quite prepared to have people who I interviewed turn on me like a couple of weeks later and suddenly call me names and do all kinds of stuff when I’d be nothing but kind to them and that has happened to a lot you know has happened a lot actually over the years and that’s been very bizarre I’ve also been threatened by some of my witnesses and you know so those are things that were a little bit more advanced than just worrying about the public bad-mouthing you know I mean we know that the CIA and these NSA are paying trolls to really inundate my channel which is why I don’t have a comment that trolls are just rampant and it really vicious them some of them are just out of their minds vicious of them really are Dirk and this sector does you know encouraged crazies and also people get triggered so even people that are relatively normal when they hear someone talking about things that they’re trying to bury that they may have some very bad memories around that can kind of you know make them go crazy I guess or something so you know it’s it’s it’s kind of a dangerous game that we’re part of but it’s it’s important it’s a life-and-death struggle to get you know keep humanity going to get the truth out so you basically I mean who cares whether somebody calls you names or lies about you and all that kind of crap I mean it’s just if you kind of have to roll with the punches it doesn’t stop yeah it doesn’t stop its their deal it’s not you it’s not your world it’s their world you know they have an image of you in their head that is not you so it’s it’s a very interesting dynamic and it’s also know it’s great to learn the kind of discernment again self-control understanding you know even you know sort of patience and love with you know these kids this babies that are like no idea what’s going on and think that you know I mean but the naivete is is just deep it’s really deep so I mean the whole the whole youtube comment thing is outrageous and I think I kind of I I kind of like to silence their voice when they think that they can come upon your platform and use your platform to voice their opinion or whatever the case is from you know I’m saying dealing with the comments and things like that I had a pastor comment on one of my videos the other day and he just was kind of shooting me down or whatever but I just responded like why did the pastor feel the need to come on my channel and not show self-control and actually want to come on and make his voice heard he’s like a pastor of a church but he had to come to my channel and voice his opinion I was like you didn’t show self-control like you need to practice that and but it shows you man like people are like they want to get that last word in you know yeah it’s just their their problem you know they there’s a lot of disturbed people I mean it’s understandable living like we do you know people are being lied to by their governments constantly I mean you know a big hurdle I’ve said in the past is you know if if a person isn’t ready to accept the notion that their government is lying to them on a regular basis then there’s no way in hell they’re gonna you know understand stuff that we’re talking about you know that’s a first hurdle you have to understand that the people around doing these institutions have been fed lies their whole lives as well and their sense of self their sense of security is lodged in those institutions so they’re gonna lie to you because it’s their life-and-death struggle to just you know keep their ego intact I suppose you know if there’s a lot of steps on the road to Awakening and enlightenment actually so this is what we’re on a road to enlightenment and it’s this is all part of it I agree Carrie I’m gonna go to the phone lines here we do have a caller here caller from California who we speaking with caller from California can you hear me okay maybe not anyway if anybody wants to call in the phone lines are open we got a few minutes left so if you have a question you want to join a chat make sure you go ahead and do that talking about the the ETS and and all of this stuff and so you say you you don’t recommend people going out there and trying to make contact right don’t do that well what I’m saying is that if you try to call ships down literally the ships are often grey ETS and the Grays are a lot of them are various service services shut itself now there are some positive more positive even recovering grace I guess but it’s going to be a few and far between so you know if it’s like first of all the beings a lot of the beings that are on the positive side that will try to contact you will contact you because you’re ready and you have an openness it’s not like you have to sit there and pray for them to show up be there it’s you know it’s kind of like understanding that communication is a two-way street and you don’t have to you know I don’t know it’s kind of like you don’t have to do anything you just have to be and these things will come into your midst it’s it’s you know it’s more difficult to stop communication with the various beings and et’s and ghosts and you name it then it’s you know to initiate it because it’s where part of this incredible milieu of beings you know billions and billions of earth-like planets the scientists are even telling you now so what do you think you know are a few those races coming here to say I and to get involved I mean yeah you know and it’s just it’s it’s we’re where communicators it’s all about communication we’re telepathic we’re psychic it’s it’s all out there it’s it’s right here it’s not you know miles away it’s not called down a ship because you know to have them come visit you because why you know so you didn’t want it’s not about that you know it’s not a you know like going on a ferris wheel or a roller coaster it’s just about you know it’s it’s a much more normal thing and you know if you are for you know if you you’re Leoline you know then then the cat beings will be attracted and you will be already part of a cat being networked and you know so on and so forth and if you’re related crazy well yeah they’re gonna probably show up somewhere somehow and you know if your family line has been infiltrated and so and so forth if you volunteered you know and remember that you did to be messed with you know in the end as far as I’m concerned whether it’s AI or it’s another being or whatever it is our spirit our soul is being given the challenge of understanding that we can surmount all of it it doesn’t matter if they enhance you in the end of the day you know you’re still going to be your consciousness and your consciousness is going to interact with whatever that package is it may have more difficulty making direct contact with you you may be more interfere with but again this will be a choice what we need to do to do in my view is understand the power of spirit and the power of soul to trance really to transcend all of it so that’s kind of what it’s all about it’s like educating yourself you know I think of like Quentin Tennant Tarantino and all his movies and a lot of these super violent movies where they just are killing people over and over again and all this kind of stuff and I think they’re like children that want to believe that death is the end they want to prove to themself the death is not the end so they just kill people over and over and over again humans a lot are kind of like that in their movies and in their lives in some ways you can’t kill the soul it’s eternal you can’t kill the spirit you know it’s part of the Creator so you know we’re all part of that so you can’t kill it and when humans realize you can’t kill it it’s just gonna take another form and come back again they’ll stop killing each other they’ll stop killing anything because it’s not gonna work it doesn’t work that’s good that’s a good way to look at that man and you know the Kill Bill franchises and all the death and destruction out there so China almost trying to cope with their own mortality essentially what they feel to be trapped in that body and this fear of death of fear of dying um a couple more calls here we’ll jump to our we got a caller calling from Michigan who are we speaking with holidays from Michigan what’s up truth seeker hi Gary hey what’s going on brother hey man I want to say nice video brother your new video was awesome bro thank you so much I had to take this synchronicity that seems to be happening to take take a chance to call in and say hi to Carrie who is one of my biggest influences in in just this area and just thank you so much Carrie for everything you do you truly are a warrior for for this community thank you very much the only question I had was just some on bringing it back a little bit to Greer and the abductions and stuff like that and of course you know nothing’s all positive nothing’s all negative but does she think that some of the abductions are from the secret space program or branches of that and if that continues in that some of the abductions that are accounted for could be the secret space program and yeah which is curious about her thoughts on that it gets it gets pretty interesting when we start talking about that with the my lab for anybody who’s never heard that term it’s a military and induced abductions right is that the correct terminology close close enough yeah it’s pretty pretty interesting so brother thanks for calling all it is we actually have a song coming out with him shortly it’s gonna be on his his next project so yeah man thanks for checking it with me got another call here from central coastal California who was speaking with I’m gonna go by the name of Michael on this call Seth okay that’s fine what’s going on Michael yeah I just oh say hi to Carrie I got the opportunity to meet Carrie in person and that Cottonwood several months ago at a UH a conference and she was one of the first people that I follow the several years ago when I first started to do my own personal research and I I just want to say that I support Carrie 100% but we’ve never actually had a sit-down conversation I hope to actually meet her and talk to her possibly even tomorrow because I’m in Los Angeles right now I just finished with the conscious life Expo I just want to make a comment that thinking was those things that um I have a lot of compassion for an epithet Burke Carrie because um I I’m I’m a researcher and I see the political situation I see where certain people’s information is suppressed I’ll say that it’s not you’re not invited to the party unless you’re bringing the same kool-aid that everybody else is drinking if you have a kool-aid that’s just a little too too intense for maybe certain people to deal with or maybe there’s a will say there’s an organization out there I don’t know what letter three letters we want to apply to them but there are definitely and I’m 100% compromises there are groups out there that are spreading disinformation and trying to suppress the real truth because they want to give us this disclosure but in my opinion it’s kind of a fake disclosure and what I mean by that is there’s much more important information other than just flying saucers flying in the air so they want to feed us this little flying saucer or a scenario but what carries discovered and she’s traveled the world she’s talked to people that actually when I listen to interviews it tells me immensely because it helps put the puzzle together so I suggest strongly anybody that’s doing their own research you need to include Kerry Cassidy’s worth in your portfolio of research yeah Oh any possibility before I hang up here Kerry I can I’ve been tweeting with you but I didn’t have a chance to follow up but if I’ll send you a tweet after this conversation if there’s any chance I can meet with you while I’m here in Los Angeles I’m gonna go to us I’m going to go to the UFO Congress in a day or two okay it’s possible maybe we could talk but I understand that you’re very busy and you got to be careful who you spend your time with I totally respect that okay thank you hi Michael thanks for calling brother as you’ll become known on this phone call another caller from central Colorado who we speaking with hey what’s up tree secret family ah this is Maddy eyes Maddy what’s going on hey brother I just wanted to come out reach out to Kerry Cassidy and uh thank her so much for being part of this community we need more people that are like-minded and open-minded and can make their own decision I had a quick question for her it’s considering back when Project Camelot first came out she had a thing on there where she was interviewing a lot of super soldiers from all over the country it was about 10 years maybe seven years ago and I had a question about a gentleman named max Weiser I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing last name right but from what I’ve gathered this guy was a super soldier and he disappeared recently and people are speculating that he got murdered so I kind of wanted a little bit more information from her especially since she interviewed him and I get a little bit more depth on that sure you know I’ve done a lot of videos about him actually about his death and interviewed Miles Johnston I also did a lot of research and was in touch with the filmmaker who filmed his last I think you know video and was literally on the phone with him and on the other line was the woman that witnessed his death who he died on her couch Monika and so I did some of my own research in that area max Fears was apparently quite a smart guy and he was he had sort of moved from being a super soldier to be more of whistleblower towards the end of his life yeah I think that you know he was killed absolutely there’s no doubt about it there were some very nefarious things that went on with all of it but the best thing to do would be to search his name on my youtube channel to get a lot of the information on videos because it goes on quite extensively and I’m not the only one who already searched this and so the one thing I can say that’s very sad is that the woman who actually owns several magazines and I forget which I think was I guess whether it was Poland or Czechoslovakia one of those where he was in her mansion and died she never came out and did what she said she would do we just say what happened now I don’t know if she tell the truth anyway but it’s you know this is it’s a mystery definite mystery and I think he’s read well it sounds like it sounds like he did get assassinated but III follow up question that real quick is I know you’ve you’ve interviewed a couple super soldiers in your past and I’ve also heard speculation that some of them have been faking it or maybe creating illusion that they were super soldiers when actor came up they weren’t as far as you know do you have any information on any of those people that you can’t project hemlock did interview that might possibly be fate no the people I interviewed were real now a lot of people misunderstand the term super soldier they don’t understand it’s kind of a slang for a soldier that’s more or less altered and you can be you know enhance psychically you can have implants in your body you can be you know it’s a transhuman sort of spectrum so there can be all kinds of wave what’s going on and but for soldiers I’ve interviewed are legitimate okay all right thank you one last question for you as far as Trump’s administration goes and where this country is going what do you foresee in the near future as far as things happening in the global realm as far as I know there’s a lot of people come out and said that there will be a fake alien invasion after there’s global unrest I just want to give you a quick your quick input and opinion on that and I’ll drop call okay well Project Blue Beam been talked about for many many years actually I think it’s less and less likely as time goes on simply because well the ETS are here it’s kind of its kind of I always think of it as you know if you’re gonna throw a play and you know all the people are already there and you’re gonna you know it’s it’s like they’re not going to just sit quietly while this goes on so there are so many various races visiting us and you know walking among us so to speak like Bob Dean would say the UH Nanaki walking the halls of the Pentagon etc so I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for them to do a project looping me being a more naive populist out there and I think good thing Camelot and a lot of the people that are out there like truth seeker and various people that you know it’s if you don’t know that each he is real at this point you know you’ve had your head in the sand for um so I mean this is my perspective you know but Spielberg’s Close Encounters was ages ago so um all I can tell you is you know that they they may you know they may fake it but it’s going to be real anyway so it’s kind of like you don’t live in a isolated bubble we actually have a lot of comings and goings and any kind of barrier to entry has been removed we are really now you know mmm face forward and and part of this this community out there and it’s like a free-for-all in for all intents and purposes here on planet earth and off the planet so you know see my interviews with Mark Richards Captain Mark Rogers of the secret space program to get more of just how incredible and complex this whole game is but you know that’s good okay well thank you very much very I really appreciate that you’ve been an inspiration for me since even before so I appreciate the on with true seeker and you guys have a great night thanks for calling in a pre-2012 thanks for calling brother it’s a Maddy calling in from the top of Pine Crest as it says here thanks for calling me brother I’m gonna try to go back to this call in California call from California are you with us um yeah did you hear me yes you have a question for Gary uh I’m actually no I’m just listening right now thank you though yeah thank you awesome it’s all I can’t lie I always get scared taking the calls cuz I’ll have a call screener anymore but uh it’s always like you get the people calling in cursing and screaming so we’ve been lucky tonight so maybe that’s the last call we think we’re good so there’s a question in the chat from a good friend of mine who watches the shows of supporter Adams Starseed Bay and he’s trying to call he’s having some problems call him but he says he says ask her what she knows and this is always his go-to question for a lot of guests he wants to get to the bottom of this ask her what she knows about Antarctica and and why it is such a protected and sacred place well I know lots of bits and pieces about Antarctica probably no one knows the full story except the people that are running the place I can say that you know it I have been told by a source that Antarctica is what it is in part because it is kind of impossible to get there without going certain ways and through New Zealand etc etc so you can be tracked and it’s also a very forbidding kind of environment at least on the surface you know you don’t get into the sort of natural part of it if you don’t go sort of under the ice and so on and so it’s like the perfect place to go I’m told for ETS and humans to me where they won’t be surveilled by any enemies of that group that is running that place so it’s it’s also apparently tracking incoming objects it from the South Pole if I understand it the telescopes down there have a good view of our solar system and incoming and outgoing traffic so solar warden I’m sure is orchestrated in large part from there you know it’s it’s yeah it’s a huge mixed bag I mean watch my interview with William Thompkins to get the four one went on a lot of what’s going on in Antarctica Wyatt how it factored in the secret space program from day one we had also a witness who was an escapee from New Berlin down there and he was talking about the crazy stuff going on down there you know and so on so like I said it’s just another good secret place for them to have I mean there’s so many of them but there does seem to be some kind of command and control center down there can’t say exactly you know much more about it than that but you know it seems to be the case and I think it’s run by an off planet civilization for the most part I do think that John Kerry went to report down there and various other leaders have done so at strategic moments in our history one person I found out recently that was involved in the Kennedy assassination for example went down there during that time so this is a you know some this has been going on quite a long time and of course the Nazis were very involved and have a base down there and so on has Kerry Cassidy got into Flat Earth well I have written something about it so I guess you if you search under Flat Earth on my website you can find it but I’ll basically say my philosophy about that which is that in a sense we live in a hologram anyway and we are 3d moving into 4d my dog say hello I finally get a chance to see him yes I should show my dog because she’s a puppy but she’s learning so anyway um and so what was I saying um but and so it’s you know even ASEAN the word plan that so a planet is a plane and it’s a net you’ve captures people it captures you you’re captured on by the plan that you live on and it’s a plan it’s a net with a plan and it’s playing a plane so anyway there is this aspect of 4d coming into 3d at this time and 4d is a horizontal endless plane it’s the way it’s visualized and so this is what we’re moving into we’re moving out of 3d and my in my view and and very much into 14 more and more and that’s why we’re dealing with so many of the beings from 40 and 4d is all about group to group interaction so I think what’s happening is that people are kind of you know we live in a hologram anyway nothing is really solid we are spirit first material second so it’s important to understand that what appears physically you know solid like a table this table if you can vibrate at the right speed you can go in between these and actually you know go through the table so you know it’s like men with sterile who stare at goats etc so I understand all the weird stuff that goes on you know I have heard about it and looked into it and even this latest thing with them Elon my skinned the in the car and saw everything looks and they’re showing the earth and you know it why is it circling constantly I thought it was on the way to Mars why doesn’t it just drive there straight and you know there are so many weird things that I do us about I’m with everyone on that and I can say that one of the things is you know what do they show you like you know Antarctica they show you a flag that’s supposed to go every so often and then all of a sudden the camera but it breaks and then they don’t show you anymore I mean this goes on constantly so yes they’re hiding stuff do we live in a flat earth no I believe that the spiral you know the circle the sort of the dimensional in this dimension we live on a round circle a globe so to speak and you know our head is a globe where you know this is kind of how it works there are the basics the platonic solids etc so I don’t think flat earth is exactly what it is you know but I do think that there are lies about what’s being shown to us and what isn’t and why we can’t see certain things in space and why you never see the stars you know when you’re in a spaceship and all this kind of weird stuff I mean it seems my my answer to that is of course that there are 80 craft gigantic ones that we are so not alone and etc but I see it in a more dimensional way I think you would be the best way to explain it I don’t see it as you know as far as I’m concerned these walls and everything around us is is an illusion anyway you know I’m very much a believer in the in the sort of I guess you call it you know the Eastern philosophy merit principles vibration things like that and who cares you know in the end I mean you know I realize that boards analyze your fan base over flat earth and I know if it works for you to think of it that way to kind of get into the 4d mind and think of it that way I think that’s what’s happening to people’s minds I really do that’s why it’s come back to the fore I do too there’s another question here and this is kind of a two-part question one for this person one for me it says ask if if the aliens that people see on hallucination hallucinogenic trips are real serious question like you’ve taken in tribal ceremony out so my question is are these entities that people are interacting with do you think they’re real number two have you had a ayahuasca ceremony or psilocybin mushroom encounter yes I think they’re real well I can say that I can’t go into a lot of detail but I did live in Woodstock New York for a little while and got involved in the music business there when I was quite young and I was staying in a hare taking a house on Hill Inn in the town of Woodstock the real Woodstock and sky stuff it so and and something visited me there and I had been given a think with some kind of peyote button thing and you know I don’t do but haven’t done a lot of drugs in my life but that was one time when someone said I’ll try it you know as young I tried it and there was this really kind of horrible green being that I woke up and was like trying to you know get on top of me or something and I like screamed and you know it disappeared so I I think they’re real you know I think these you know it’s reptilians there are a lot of reptilians are totally interdimensional beings they are going into the fourth dimension you know and they’re coming here they can only be here temporarily on the other hand some of them have been you know going in and out of this dimension forever and you know and I think if you look at the work at Grandma Graham Hancock you’ll see that he was very much into ayahuasca and had visitation so on so yeah they’re as real as anything else there’s real as we are what does that mean like that we should what kind of dog do you have oh she’s a she’s called Swiss Shepherd and I researched to decide what kind of dog to get and she’s like a shepherd but not as heavily built bone structure and she’s often used in police work in the UK and they’re very beautiful extremely intelligent wolf and husky mix and it looks a lot similar to yours and it was funny because you said her name is Skye right mines names stars so it’s actually Hoshi which is Chinese four stars that that’s interesting so I should probably get going you said this is going to close yes yes yes one last question what does the Jaguar mean to you we always see the iconic project camelot jaguar what does that mean to you I used to write poetry and rock and roll songs and Jaguar is a song that I wrote and Co you know produced with one of my my ex-husband Ashley and who’s a rock and roller and let’s see what can I tell you the Jaguar I didn’t even know when I wrote the lyrics hadn’t really researched it it came to me sort of in a vision and I got the whole set of lyrics all together and everything so if you listen but it’s basically interdimensional portal and it symbolizes that to the South American culture yes it had to be the perfect songbird Pamela definitely and especially when it when it when it’s dealing with like we’re talking about the ayahuasca they talk about going into those realms and encountering the Jaguar beings and I love big cats oh yeah beautiful well Kerry Cassidy thank you so much I enjoy spending this time with you we have to do it again sometime soon my hat’s off to you thank you so much if you want to plug your work for if there’s anybody out there who have no idea who you are if you want to plug your work where people can check out Project Camelot and you’re working go ahead and do that you can get a Project Camelot portal comm Project Camelot TV or Project Camelot o RG we’ve had to have more the one URL because in some countries were being blocked we specialized it on with whistleblowers from above top secret and secret space so visit my website and watch my videos I’ve got like 600 or it’s closer to 700 videos now on YouTube I’ve got a massive channel 56 million or 57 million viewers unique views and I think my subscribers are somewhere around one hundred and eighty six or seven thousand good stuff Carrie quick question is your channel backed up do you have your videos on an external hard drive or somewhere saved awesome thanks for hanging out with me Carrie I appreciate you alright I appreciate you and take care thank you so much thanks all right bye-bye yes Kerry Cassidy ladies and gentlemen d Kerry Cassidy I enjoyed being a guest on her show she had me on if you guys have not seen that episode go to her channel and watch the video type in true seeker on her search and you’ll see that interview that we did there enjoyed talking to her like I said there’s a few people and I if you want me to go down the list I probably can but there’s probably 10 people who were just influential in my life and I’m doing what I’m doing now the music in the podcast and the research and and have given my life to pursue this work in this material Kerry Cassidy is one of them she is definitely one of them Project Camelot many of you guys who were hanging out now in the chat room you guys know because she is has made an impact on your life so with that being said there wouldn’t be a true seeker podcast there wouldn’t be many other little shows popping up and people speaking with confidence on on these type of subjects if there wasn’t a Project Camelot as far as I’m concerned you know David Wilcock and many of these people who they kind of used Project Camelot as to be propelled with their careers essentially to where they are now because that was just a huge platform when there wasn’t a whole plethora of shows to watch now like if you’re watching this on YouTube it’s probably a ton of videos going down the side you guys watching this live of different videos you can watch concerning spirituality and aliens and everybody’s an expert on the subject but I’m telling you just a few years ago there wasn’t many people doing it Kerry Cassidy was one of them my hat is off to her thank her and Bill Ryan for the work that they’ve contributed and the work that she is still doing she’s still going it’s not over yet so Kerry Cassidy thank you one thing she was talking about the the Elon Musk thing and seeing the the SpaceX or whatever and in that car that thing looks it looks like a like CGI and it’s not good at all and I think he released a statement and he says that uh big the reason it looks fake it’s because it’s real or if it you know I’m saying that that because it looks fake therefore that must mean that it’s real because they could have did a better job right with better CGI and better stuff like that I don’t know that that’s insane if you haven’t seen it I don’t it doesn’t look real I’ll say that but it is interesting to note now I know I’m gonna mess this up but the one of the Apollo missions where they was supposed to pan back and film the earths through the window it’s interesting to note in that there’s extra footage that shows this and they admitted it but instead of pointing the camera out the window and filming the earth as they’re as they’re leaving the earth supposedly they hold up a cardboard was a hole cut in the center of it and they put that up against the window and they film the cardboard to show this perfect circle in the middle and it looked like it was the earth but then at the end you can see them move the cameras away and pulls a cardboard away and supposedly they admitted it this is this is interesting it’s interesting why would they do these things something’s going on like I said you guys aren’t an hour and 30 minutes into this podcast into this episode if you didn’t know that something was happening I don’t claim to be an expert I don’t kind of ain’t not I I don’t think I don’t trust many people who do put it that way to be an expert but we know we have something we have something to bring to the table Kerry Kerry Cassidy has something to bring us I think Jordan Maxwell I think Steven Greer I think all these people have something to bring to the table a piece of the puzzle and as we put it together it begins to formulate a picture so all of the stuff interests me I’ve had my own experiences and this is what we do true seeker podcasts thank you guys for hanging out with me thank you guys for supporting my work at all over there on patreon every Thursday night we are doing the roundtable discussion on the school of the Mystics so anybody who’s looking for community anybody who’s looking to get plugged in with what we’re doing those who are supporting our patreon you get access to the school of the Mystics as well anywhere from a dollar a month any to whatever your your supporting app you get access to F so Thursday night’s school of the mystic compacts that’s true seeker you also get extra podcast you get my full discography it’s like 10 plus albums of hip hop music and esoteric spirituality everything that essentially what I’ve been learning from those type of research and podcasts and stuff and having in my own encounters articulating it and putting it into a song that’s what I do music about it’s so cool that a lot of people who listen to my podcast now there’s so many new people coming on they they don’t even know that I do music so it’s cool now that like I said at the beginning it was people who were fans of my music they would in turn listen to the podcast just because they liked the music and they they liked what I’m about or whatever but now it’s there’s a lot of new people coming into my work and what I do simply because of the podcast so all of you guys I’m saying Shalom peace welcome to the fold welcome to the podcast click that subscribe button if you’re on youtube also in the description we do up the podcast is on iTunes it’s on Spotify I Heart Radio all that good stuff make sure you subscribe to my channel there so backslash true secrets of support there’s a bunch of ways to support in the in the description and so I couldn’t do this without you guys I go as far to say that I wouldn’t do this without you guys thank you guys for the sub for 2018 is off to a great start man we’re doing big things and I appreciate each and every one of you guys with that I’m gonna say goodnight and Shalom thank you very about it hanging out in the chat room all of my my regular people over there people checking us out Jim Gerard what’s up my brother yeah I just interviewed him the other day if you guys haven’t seen that interview go listen to that one Kristy Lee Maddy Joey mighty everybody over there Adam Starseed Katherine Marsh little T no Leon man all of these familiar names holding it down for me in the chat room and what’s really cool is when you know you got family when I was able to be interviewed on her podcast all of you guys were in the chat over there holding it down for me on Project Camelot as well so with that let me say thank you peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys with that we’re gonna do it again a lot more coming stay tuned [Music] then there’s it folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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