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Alien Abductions & Psychic Abilities | Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Interview

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In this interview Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot speaks about the link between alien abductions and psychic abilities. Kerry shares some of her personal stories as well as some of the encounters from the people that she has interviewed over the years on Project Camelot. There seems to be a link between contact with aliens whether extraterrestrial or interdimensional and psychic abilities. Many people report having a heightened sense of awareness after UFO contact and claim to be able to be able to sense when ships are present. This awareness spills over into other areas of life including social interaction and can be oftentimes hard to deal with if not trained in the “psychic abilities“. After encounters people explain how they are becoming more empathic and are having an overwhelming sense of compassion for those who are hurting on the earth. This empathy also includes having an inward knowing of the exact traumas that people have succumbed in life and you actually feel it in your physical body as if it has happened to you personally. If not taught how to deal with these intense emotions it can cause people to become recluse and even fall into heavy depression. It also leads to burdensome anxiety and panic attacks in public places. This is why the work that Kerry Cassidy is doing on Project Camelot is so important because there is so little information out there for people to understand what the heck is going on with them. Many end up going to the doctor and get diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder because they are unable to deal with these sensitive emotional spells and it leads a person into madness if not approached correctly. This includes all psychic abilities such as e.s.p., telepathy, clairvoyance and so on. I believe that this deep empathy has driven Kerry Cassidy and myself as well to pursue this work in getting the information out to the masses in hopes that people will not feel marginalized and alone. I believe that the paranormal and spiritual fields are deeply connected.
Later in this interview I also ask Kerry Cassidy about her infamous interview with Dr. Steven Greer of the disclosure project. In my early research into UFOlogy I ran into Steven Greer’s work and absolutely loved what he brought to the table, so to see him and Kerry get into more of a heated debate about aliens abductions and contact was very interesting. To be honest I’ve sided with Greer for the most part about making conscious contact yourself with alien beings and UFOs but I must admit that this is a very naive to standpoint to take, as in all UFO interaction is to be assumed as positive. I myself have only had positive contact under the stars and within meditation but I believe there should be balance in this field and we should most definitely approach with caution and with all delicacy.
All in all this was a great interview and it was awesome to see Kerry Cassidy in good spirits. The work that she has brought to the table with Project Camelot is undoubtedly one of the biggest reason that this podcast and my music exist today. It was a dream and vision that I’ve had since 2011 to speak with Kerry and also appear on her show as a guest and in 2018 both of these goals were achieved.
Also be sure to check out some of Kerry’s interviews with Jordan Maxwell, David Wilcok and David Icke which are some of my favs.

Listen To TruthSeekahs Interview With Kerry Cassidy On Project Camelot



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