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God Of The Fatherless | From The Streets To The Church | King James

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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by King James as they speak about a fatherless generation and maintaining as fathers growing up without one. Kings James has been a dear friend to me over the years. When I was going through one of the hardest trials of my faith journey King James has always stayed there as a friend when others had abandoned me. For that I will always be grateful. You can judge a lot about a person not by what they say but by what they do and we talked a lot about that in this episode. At this point in my life I don’t care which Bible you use, which denomination you are affiliated with or which religion you are a part of. I take heed to The Words of Christ and judge people by their fruit. Fruit doesn’t lie, an apple tree is not going to give you an orange nor a fig tree pears but a man’s character will show forth and will surely be able to tell what that person really believes by their actions. Jesus said that men confessed him with their mouths but by their actions they deny him. Faith in action is really where it’s at at the end of the day. Me and King James produced an album together entitled “Take my Life” that has done really well over the last couple years. We have done numerous concerts together and have shared a genuine friendship on and off the stage. In this episode we talk about growing up without fathers and learning to be a father unto our children which can be a hard road. I stand upon the principle of being honest and authentic and I found that being open about my journey has helped people who are unsure about their own. It has helped people who can’t really open up about how they really feel and what they really believe when they see someone walking in the spirit of authenticity. This is what you get in this interview just me and King James hanging out letting loose having genuine conversation.

TruthSeekah & King James

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