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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by King James as they speak about a fatherless generation and maintaining as fathers growing up without one. Kings James has been a dear friend to me over the years. When I was going through one of the hardest trials of my faith journey King James has always stayed there as a friend when others had abandoned me. For that I will always be grateful. You can judge a lot about a person not by what they say but by what they do and we talked a lot about that in this episode. At this point in my life I don’t care which Bible you use, which denomination you are affiliated with or which religion you are a part of. I take heed to The Words of Christ and judge people by their fruit. Fruit doesn’t lie, an apple tree is not going to give you an orange nor a fig tree pears but a man’s character will show forth and will surely be able to tell what that person really believes by their actions. Jesus said that men confessed him with their mouths but by their actions they deny him. Faith in action is really where it’s at at the end of the day. Me and King James produced an album together entitled “Take my Life” that has done really well over the last couple years. We have done numerous concerts together and have shared a genuine friendship on and off the stage. In this episode we talk about growing up without fathers and learning to be a father unto our children which can be a hard road. I stand upon the principle of being honest and authentic and I found that being open about my journey has helped people who are unsure about their own. It has helped people who can’t really open up about how they really feel and what they really believe when they see someone walking in the spirit of authenticity. This is what you get in this interview just me and King James hanging out letting loose having genuine conversation.

TruthSeekah & King James

King James recently released his latest album entitled “4tm The Streets 2 The Church” Now Available At

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we can so uh right here next to me the man himself King James was up right on with had a little have King James been real being real welcome to the show man we’ve been talking about doing a podcast for a while and I finally got you you’re busy man the kids got a job you know saying rappin doing not doing your thing so we finally got on the same schedule where we can make it happen we lock and load I can load so uh yeah man I’d like to talk about friendship wise spirituality wise music wise so I think that we can definitely take up an hour to you know I’m saying bringing for some of these questions and stuff first of all I’m gonna give you a shout out just to kind of give some background on who you are I always give you a shout out man because like when I was going through finding myself as a believer God calling me down a specific path it was so hard on me man I was almost was going crazy man like wanting to do this but didn’t wanting to do that though I wasn’t getting those phone calls from those churches to come perform anymore but then all my friends were and they kind of did something to me man didn’t people distance themselves from me you know and that was hard and but through that whole journey you’ve always been there you’ve always like some people wouldn’t do any music like now I can’t even get on song with them we still do shows and we kill shows together like we still did it man so we did it dying to go you you never you you never left you saw what you’ve always been a friend like the Bible says that’s closer than a brother man so shout-out today that’s this was one of the real this is why Allah does work this is why I retweet and reshare all of his stuff that we work on together even his solo stuff our love that’s what it’s about so what about that mean what can you say cuz this bear I’m a couple years removed from it I know who I am now I’m a believer but I’m aa I’d like to ask the bigger questions like what what did you see around that whole time of going through that stuff man throw when we’re going through all that yeah cuz you know I mean you’re all seen it man I’m you know oh oh like you went through some stuff too right don’t come help but all I see like I just see that like it’s a journey all of the guy goes through things to get to a certain point well pull us through different situations and become stronger and through that it make you stronger and also show you that a lot of people ain’t what they say they are no one said was exactly the titles don’t mean nothing if the the accent don’t follow it so everybody just show them I’ve been doing where I grew up in the street so in a day I know really people scare easy you know real from fake anyway and everybody won’t live our traditional stuff and sometimes something that we go through when God use us we just ain’t no traditional people don’t saying and that’s why we reach the masses in this way and they reach them in that way yeah because God uses a different way but I want to take them time to understand it you know I’m saying maybe that’s where you know the I guess the other persona or the other name that you use been real yeah there’s that kind of where that’s kind of like a code of ethics yo see what he code you know what I get that from me is like I’ve been here real tattoo on my back like long time ago before here about start saying oh I’m real you know everybody saying and I watered down because people say that but they be faith and they be doing they be lying I’ll type stuff telling but like I’ve been what I be saying is I’ve been real you can check my background from the way I raised to I am today everything I do I’m always just uninstall it and just straight up and down with I can’t lie in my model will you can’t fake being real so no matter how much other people try to make them say I seem a certain way oh oh it’s the way it always gonna show in the end so it in a day when you get to know me you be around me you know and you’ll see like they do benriya from beginning they said we make science the open hangar be buried June you know but I mean that’s the thing man like you know meeting people it’s a facade bro that’s so weird and the thing about it you don’t think we noticed fake people in the street we noticed a people on the jobsite they fake people here well you feel like we come from like the church background you feel like gotta be real in church but oh you know there’s a there’s a quote that uh what’s name Lauren Hill always said she said everyday people lie to God too now what makes you think that they won’t lie to you so we feel like church is a place of honesty and originality and beat themselves but it’d be just as many people do in the churches like that right free to then Deacon the nearby just cuz they got a title they’re not exempt but there were the worst one but there were exactly but not all but they would come in would say the Bible text edit show yourself approved unto God work need not be saying right dividing world issue no I’m saying instead of for yourself and get it for yourself because in anybody can say anything but market mouth can say anything but actually show everything yeah so it in debate you just you baby tell you about it yeah as part of almost like Jesus says like you know saying you confess me with your mouth but your order for my heart is far from me like you don’t do the things you tell people you do yeah you know you know what cuz that was like you know it’s applicable man I Jesus always had a problem with the people who said one thing and did another mm-hmm like you acted like this but you don’t treat people that way or you you have these rules and regulations that you put on other people but you don’t hold yourself to those those same standards right so shall I body wholeness down in the chat right quick I see Jamie ruckman out there right now J Rodman Zhang he said he’s been there from the street from the jumping he never left he’d been locked in sorry James G oh what’s up G oh brother good to have him here too yeah listen so they think the thing is I’m saying whenever me and you met I didn’t know you in the street I used to live and add more I went to school in a scheme behind middle school there’s some time you know I’m saying but I didn’t know you I’m a little a few years older than you yeah how old are you 31 31 I’m 34 so I was a couple years ahead of you we know some of the same people all our relatives you know Rowling’s the Indians and stuff over there so but I didn’t know you in the street I was somebody um I think it was King David he had a he had one of your album covers he was just having your album covers out no CD this album cover with track listings on it we do inside the King David you know you don’t send the cover to this day is one of the hottest covers I’ve ever seen you with a backpack on fully tatted up and you had the crown of thorns on your hips out to be supreme that was awesome awesome album cover man even to this day I’ve seen that house like this gutter right here is gospel and you chat it up you know I’m saying I got to get in touch with this dude so I called you a this is what I have to offer I do websites I do this we do shows and we got up and that’s just kind of world friendship started oh it was in the church I didn’t know Eunice Street what type of person was you in the streets because you rap about it in your song your songs is almost like living vicariously through the past of who I used to be that guy he’s is he dead is he buried is it you can he come back is he still there where do you like like what kind of person you don’t say was you man in the street cuz I don’t I didn’t know that person yeah from Street no I came with the album from the street to the church because like when you really change like it song really gotta change about you and when I did change when God pulled me out the street it really changed my thought process changing from who I was and the things I had in my mind that do the people they crossed me a certain way oh but my just my whole thought process but like I always been a joking type dude I love the play a little laugh I love have fun I love do all these things and that never will change in my life but like I’ve been through a lot like my dad was in prison when I grew up no saying everybody else called me my mom used to get beat don’t send s called me I grew up I seen you know some people get shot I seen friends that I seen my family members turned into addicts I see any type of thing so what everyone else called me mentally in our type of way but you can let your environment change you to be a bad person are you gonna need to change you to grow and not wanna do the thing that you see but I started falling to them ways because that’s just why I was wrong oh yeah probably a violin but in the end like it was on me if I wanted to be the same way or change but like a ruthless man like when people cry I ain’t kill hurting people ain’t mean then to me soon somebody me none of me I wanted to kill I you know when you’re young everybody I wanna buy I wanna buy that you wanna back like in the hood that’s all you think I want about you wanna kill somebody you want really yeah I was a I was a bad kid and I was in a girl I never like wanted to kill anybody oh no no like y’all wanted to kill somebody borrow it we’ve had like a rain like a code of ethics like it just something that you won’t do someone watching all them gangster movies and go Ryan gangster stuff so you like a white guy to kiss me bad yeah but like is it weird when I like nah I’m sitting at Supercross but like did you what a war I get people getting tattoos end of the teardrops yeah I got army killed some missile strike but like that’s this super like crazy thinking in his wild and like people never understand you know I tell my last night at the show we did like a shot at them for about redemption last night man listen people don’t understand how much like this music that washes you should support local rappers and whoever like do this and this right up you never know how much this keep them focused yeah you never know how much like this keep people connected to God and through my I went through a divorce I went through all court system I went through all the different type of stuff and like I said man like this is music it’s the main thing that kept me focused it kept me connected to God and it kept me safe if I have news I been back in the streets being back in the street easy called my tumblr I do tell my dad’s outlet or listen to other people music to know writing like record yeah I really staying focused and let’s know people music on saying because like it’s so minute song like to the day I can get my phone right now and play that closer song no song no I like it like these song like did they keep you they keep you afloat and they keep you rolling man and then the Lord that like when we go to these shows and do their thing like that lo we show each other I love it because I never had too much of their everybody was just hard it was our hard gangster stuff no emotion no man I appreciate you I love you never like it just everything was legends go crazy yeah so like it’s a different feeling like no I’d be telling I told last night right I ain’t only trying to be officer none of the things but this all I’m used to because I’m used to people being fake and if you cross me I got to do this you caught my god do that so I just stayed from people but the thing is like I learned through the process that everybody ain’t the same and you do gotta open up because that like so you different have a move with people man and show you that people really do care about you really do you still have standing standards to though deafness like you not like you just hang around cuz it’s shady people in the child regardless but everybody there’s a persona there they you know you think it’s a pastor the pastor be doing wild stuff Jim you know I’m saying so like you kind of think that I don’t for me it was like even with the government thing I thought that like these were good people I righteous people or you think that just cuz you go to church or you family praying and I don’t seen people praising God and turn around in customer Iago in the old folks in the middle of the church and like had to be run out in the middle of worship like we’re all humans man yeah we can I can always you know I like to point it a little weird stuff in the churches and all the stuff out of bed we don’t be I’m saying we like traveling going all these hurt a lot of stuff you don’t know but it’s just people in general man whether you’re in the street whether you’re in the church whether you know Islam or whatever you you have no religion this just people are just weird in general you have been through a lot of stuff and psychologically might be off a shutout you know you have to deal with these people in everything they’re not just in churches it’s not just crazy religious people mmm it’s just crazy people everywhere everywhere you know so it’s really hard to just pinpoint where these people are whatever the case a lovely they um so being being in the street coming up you know I’m saying I guess that’s I mean that’s not really unique though I mean that was kind of like the average there but hey you have a story you don’t know an average testimony and whatever but like what made you want to change though because you was going down that bad road just kind of it’s almost like like the path of default like this is where we go this is you know what’s the promises the penitentiary or the grave all right if I keep keeping this lifestyle up what caused you to want to change and it wasn’t I’m sorry it wasn’t number God because I never like I don’t know that’s good or not but I still don’t care about dying that’s something I’ve never been scheduled yeah just being honest why was y’all y’all y’all guy did but I also got old I know like I got so roofers I’d never care about dying under stuff but the thing he was like growing up the way we grew up I never really talked too much about it but growing up the way we grew up no I’m saying no central heat no central out when it’s cold in one of the time you freeze you going to bed with the Bob to quilts on what you wanna bed with two quilts on a jacket jeans on tennis shoe all that stuff you don’t you go to sleep in when it’s one Italian the house in the house no one Santini roof when it rang by the stove Johnny oh you know you turn this and wait for my arm stepdad to go out the dough and chop some wood up and bring it in and put it in a little the heater well you know like digit what we went through but I said I don’t think I don’t look at the way I grew up like it’s tougher than everybody else could a lot of people went through or – no I’m saying when it Ryan get the pots down on saying put the pot down kids you rang I hold it right now but like I said as I grew up I just look at certain friends I had I never hated on the back but I longed to have what they had no I’m saying like a dad in the mama relationship or my mom being able to do this and do it to job no I’m saying so does the things that other kids can help we didn’t let you doing that to pay the bills and stuff and like I said I can’t say that I just went through this super tough time that we weren’t getting uncle we got stuff we needed yeah a lot that we won’t it so I was normal it wasn’t like man no I mean maybe but it was just it was sticking stuff we won’t it I remember I was an eighth grade no one said my mom I need some specifier I playing about then one mama came out of town and bought me two new cobras and I’m nowhere they said her back because like we already asked him to pay the bills but she going on her way to make sure I still had the things I want ain’t need it yeah I wanted and she did it so like I said I always salute my mama’s boy if I said even when I turned eight of them still be my mama’s baby no I’m saying and nothing ever changed because I said look what she did and till the day she still be on once when she the bent elbow TV ain’t to my floor so like did you ever have any times where you will go spend a night with rich friends coming from nothing and then you go stay with rich people or people that had a mom and dad and you got to see how they interacted and they all sat down for dinner every night and they had game night and did you ever you never went spinning out with friends that was normal everybody was kind of thing about nobody had a daddy like one of my close friend daddy past yeah too old to own daddy pairs one arm they had stepdad to Marla had stuck there like it that’s what that’s the outlet right dog that’s the house would go to but you gotta take your shoes I’ll to go anyhow so I never want to go where I was it man you feels like I hold my solli-tangen I got Mitch max I’m hosing off in it go in here take my shoes off again jank no I’m sorry we’re never gonna win over up yeah but to get away to us was like going to my uncie’s house on my dad’s side no I’m saying it was he had to pull onto my light you II didn’t gotta be thinking about me I’m eating bologna sandwich at night-night don’t say no I’m saying or ketchup sandwich your fiance enger’ drink water you were top but in a day it built me to be Who I am now and it also taught me how to raise my kids without rhythm I got four kids no one saying taught me to really kill little hard and work hard so they won’t never any life gotta go through then I went through period yeah I said because I’ve you know that was me like I was come from the trailer park my mom raised us she was always working you know and I would we didn’t really have a lot of stuff either but there be times where I would get invited to sleepovers mm-hmm and I go there and there was just they like the houses were like a mansion to me like a nice home and you know I’m saying I remember the first time and I’ve talked about this a couple of times on here like I was over at some friends house and I had to be 7 or 8 maybe and they they were wrestling with their dad you know saying he’s put him in a headlock doing there well yeah oh no I mean I was with him like I was fighting with AJ I felt it was just weird connection night man mm-hmm yeah I mean I never had that in wrestling with their dad and stuff and like but you but you saw my like you know now that you’re a father like you want to you’re conscious of the things you didn’t have or the things that you did have that you want to instill and your kids as well I’ve talked to people and these were people who were struggling with issues maybe on drugs mm-hmm and it was just weird notion somebody called me up and said that they wasn’t gonna be there for their kid because their dad wasn’t there for them but for me my mind is wired other ways I didn’t mean a person literally said I didn’t have a dad so why should they have a dad and I’m like man that’s the reason I need to be a dad it’s because I didn’t have when I know what it does to somebody to not be you know saying in a child’s life were different that’s a weird mind said that had drugs talking to her she was going through some stuff there to be but some people think like that man some people some people do i’ma tell you like I say I always be based on the person and I will be based I don’t like what you take from it some people he can scarf to go negative way some people can start to go a positive way yeah Milan said my stepdad no so he came in he been up forever but like he was that missing piece that I didn’t have but he working so much but he also took time to teach our basketball teacher no one sent real thing but like it is one like you know you want your daddy man yeah you feeling saying but over the years I learned like okay this my dad he doing everything that I’m won’t my other dad to do so I’m good with it and I learned to just the self day and I you know being happy and I love him to death yeah but I also learned this and I’m glad we talked about this I’m glad we to my did I talk to my my birth dad all day about this I’m saying a lot of stuff I want y’all to understand that a lot of times you really don’t understand what your birth daddy was going through he won’t pass when we on we just want our daddy well that’s it I won’t can’t do no wrong but you never know at the time what they were going through see as I got older more mature I just been mad at my dad I want music Carl he’d be on the phone right now I won’t talk to him yeah I made sure he hear me say it yeah oh ain’t gonna say to him he know he never talked about yeah so I started thinking when I got older like I wonder how he felt when I was saying it I can’t imagine my kids saying it to me I hurt him bad no saying yeah so I started taking my okay let me God never did I said let me go into his man well he was going through it this time and I went BAM I made my dad like 20-some years old yeah when I was 20 it’s all like oh this what war he was in the street he was selling drawer he was doing all the time he end up going to prison we get out of here I work in the prison now so I know we got a pretty name like you hop out to no bunch of money and especially back then so are you struggling you raps on to you yawn and your ass and you’re trying to find your way so I understood I say I understand way more no and I don’t hate him or nobody I love both my dad I love my kid a little my fellow here but I ain’t got nothin against nobody I ain’t got no hatred no more yeah it’s just weird for us like it was weird because and I just had to come to a realization that mm-hm maybe two years ago about having a conversation with Watchmen a friend of mine so uh you know my dad walked out when we were like two or three I remember the telling him by daddy’s gonna work on the boat he’s going offshore whatever so we’re crying or whatever we want to go with you you know my god we’ve seen them again you know I’m saying we left he came down for one night just I was like said three or four seventh birthday he came my mom said I got a birthday no she said I got a UH Christmas present for y’all and and then you know we went to school we came back got off the bus crazy all right no siren or man you need like these these are these emotion you have to be Moody’s type of time because it’s real and these are saying like they’re for a lot of my music come from bitstamp there were two like it stems from this you got a poor this was your Ben’s right do real big time I haven’t Ryder dogs job put a cup a song put it from what convinced eat and that’s the reason that when I say I thank God for all the men Taylor I had coming up I think uh foster I went through the stuff I didn’t have and the stuff I did have because that will bring all this music about of me you’re bringing all that in his real I don’t rap nothing every time we wrapping his straight up and I’ve been through a scene of being Ronnie everything it’s crazy he was he came down and it was like I wanted him to play Mario with us cuz imma show you how to play Mario I play with y’all in the morning woke up I was gone man going went to sleep you know woke up he was gone seen him with that since I was seven he’s called us a time or two between her sent cards I came home one day from school when I was like 10 mm-hm and he had sent me and my sister Easter cards with Toys R Us money in it he didn’t he would get the money converted to toward us and my mama wedding spinach whatever she was doing you know anybody see she gave my sister her card he said here’s your’s Derick and it was all ripped up so yeah ripped it up and she gave me a hand a big handful of a ripped up card like Fred here’s your’s Derick and she was crying right yeah you know and and I mean that was man I haven’t heard from a sense of whatever but there was always this thing struggling man because my dad in my head was the hero right my mom they got into it he left or whatever but when things got tough with my mom or she would whip us or she would have mental breakdowns and Superman we’re think yeah we want Superman he’s out there somewhere we can go live with our daddy we can find him and she’s like find him call him track him down and we’re literally like trying to find our dad and stuff but in my head in my head he was like you know those kids who I went to their house who had the mom and dad like he was somewhere doing that and I wanted to be there so in our head our whole childhood up until recently I looked at him as being this this picture-perfect guy come to find out I’ve tried to track him down and people all he’s you know he’s probably drinking right now and yeah dudes alcoholic somewhere like yeah so and watchman told me he said uh you know maybe that was God looking out for you man your daddy might have been a roofless ass dude yo you know I’m saying like you know your daddy could have been beating y’all and your mom and what if God saved you innit legs I’ve been saying anyway you know look at us like reality you know Superman like yeah you know I’m saying like you know and it was just like just like at the drop of a dime coming to this revelation of like Mandy’s our whole childhood we thought he was like gonna save us one day yo you know I’m saying and stuff and then he never did mm-hmm but he was probably he is the roofless dude you know I did walk out on the kids super uber grandchildren this stuff goes deep man yeah you know I’m saying so it’s about learning from that stuff saying look what I didn’t have i’ma give you talking about the kids right I didn’t have this in my life I wanted it I seen other dads do it i’ma give it to you because I didn’t have it and then but what I did do and I do this now like there’s stuff like there’s a bunch of just some small little creeks and rivers and stuff over at Moore yeah I’ll get a spur a moment that where we grew up I love those and that’s a good drivers about 45 minutes to an hour I have more sentry over there I’ll get my daughter and bring them to little places and let you experience y’all stuff that I experienced tough and you want to give them that there was an interview man with a jay-z it was him and in someone else I think it was the Rick Rubin which is the guy over one of those big labels and it was asking about his fears and stuff and he was talking about that he still fears being a father you know because he don’t know what a real father looks like cuz he never had like that example so he’s kind of made he has to kind of make it up as he goes you don’t know he’s even jay-z man yeah somebody successful as him is still scared of being a father and I wanting to make sure that he don’t mess it up no I understand it on both side because like when you think about I like when you talk about I all stuff you been through in your past I can relate that to like I had surgery on my on my wrist right no I had surgery but he’ll it will swole it was hurt it was up some real pain I had to take medicine for like it hurt it was well I don’t think I was down bad bad real bad but over time the swelling went down it went down way down way down and now that’s gone it’s done but it’s heal but it still though yeah so when you say you forgive people and all these day like you can get past all this stuff but it still that’s this constant regardless no Sanj it’s in your melter it’s tear that regardless so then watch them without my music frontman like I don’t got no hatred I be reverenced about the head it was enough then I am I feeling about that no more no I’m saying but it’s good because other people are still going through these same situations no one saying anything people a lot of people don’t know how to or don’t have nobody to vent to about these situations no say like the me Indians happy yeah it’s a good source of help and LA people don’t have it and they hold it in forever and now this car don’t go from I’m healing this little scar it’s Dale Steel’s whoa because they don’t got no outlet yeah you know what and like you know I’ve just kind of linked it to this I like to have a drink every now and then I’ll have a margarita you don’t have a couple beers whatever chill out watch the game and played video games whatever wife wine we’d like to have a drink but there’s some people who you try to have a drink with and they drinking to forget yeah like we can drink and just kickin it whatever get a so buddy trying to like no do that to forget about reality yeah the wounds they still hurt they still open name cauterize though sure you gotta get in cauterize with the fire of God man to man is it for me it was it’s kind of a blessing because there’s the scripture says that um that Yahweh that God will become a father to the fatherless mmm it’s almost a special blessing for those who came up without a father that God said look I’ll step in and I’ve got daddy oh you know and it worked it works with anything like any like whatever you need God it will be that you need a provider God will be Jehovah Jireh your provider if you need a strong tower I guess shelter or defense whatever you’ll become that for you and for those who have grown up without a father he becomes that and so literally I can look back over my my young adult lives of coming-of-age and see how when I gave my life to Christ and started reading the scriptures and praying and getting into worship and just growing in my relationship with God how he orchestrated everything in my life and he kind of like came through as a father and like he would give me I would go work at jobs mm-hmm and while I’m there that’s why I’m just doing the job but when I leave that job or months later I said man he taught me how to do things that my dad didn’t teach me I’ll change the oil cut grass dig a ditch no you know whatever the case stuff that I think men should know how to do that you know they didn’t know I could see how God orchestrated like lead me to these different jobs to teach me ethics and there’s still things in me man that that wasn’t there you know you can look back over your life and that’s a blessing man so you take you reverse the curse me oh there’s a true Christ and you can stop it and you can stop it with you you gotta pass that on to your kids out that hurt and turmoil allotted past oh you can stop it right here different– we start fresh love joy peace and happiness with our kids and our generation push it forward instead of being adding the burdens in the Lange home I won’t be no dad cuz I ain’t had one you can stop it right now yeah start afresh ya gotta be conscious of a man and it did instill something I’ll send you man mm-hmm oh shut up the everybody holding us down in the chat Hunter fuse allogram hereby christie Lee christie Forks everybody hanging out in Hana Hana Hughes you know Hunter has he reached out to you before no oh yeah all these people know who you are man all my people know who you are it’s a Lulu Christie folks just asking to get you to join the the discord community at where we all hang out and have community pray every morning stuff like that too so if anybody has any questions as well man I’ll try to check this chat and ask the questions for King James but um you just put out an album bro from the streets to the church it’s iTunes physical albums are available at King James and people can check that out it’s doing really good I’m hearing I’m hearing a lot of I’m seeing a lot of retweets and a lot of screenshots and who are getting your stuff now that your there’s one thing as far as you being an artist and I’ve tried to step in and help you because like you have no you tell me you don’t hit writer’s block it just comes and yeah I’ve got so much material yeah and you can knock songs out it’s good material but well we’re faced with is like trying to get that music out to people like what’s the best ways to do it we don’t have a label we don’t have a huge budget behind us you’re using the internet and whatever the case shooting video is to kind of get this stuff out to people um you’ve kind of struggled with can dine always been like man like not just you everybody man everybody we know that’s money in it it sucks because like you put out an album mm-hmm okay you’re you’re like writing a new album right now probably almost done with it right from Dylan just by doing right this album just came out July 30 and you and you ain’t gonna be like really pushing it and really focus on the next one Oh so getting the music out there to people and kind of promoting it as an underground artist it’s hard man who you tell the dead live tell them last night the shoulder like man because like it’s even harder when I’m just like naturally off to myself quiet dude so it’s even harder than like working at the prison my work so many hours it’s like trying to network and get the linking up with people to be kind of hard but god I’ve been like blessed me to like link up with a lot of people and like be more active on my social media to me they helped out a lot they help out a super light I’ve been being tool but then what is easy to know saying link right though so just pushing it sharing stuff and you know just oh like when people put stuff on there you said else too showing their lower back and that they help out a lot but like I said my god gave me music after music music music roll it roll it roll man and like I don’t want to shed it just Mona God gave me like last month end of the month he had told me said I want you to do 24 balls for 24 days straight so I’m like that’s a lot of writing I said I know I can do it cuz you’re gonna give it to me who told me to do I know you’re gonna get to yeah but I like my house so am I going home like my man start trying to roll I said no just stop I stepped back from that I said pray you told me do it I’m gonna do it when you want me to do it so he never gave me a time the days it kept going like this so just one day I don’t keep up with no dates at all I don’t keep up with no dates no I’m saying god I know that too so is there one day that boom I woke up one morning like I wake up folks I’m gonna wanna go to work but he woke me like three something you’re like right now and I woke up a star right and I said okay boonies some 24 bar so I started writing it from then I’ve been going and today is the 21st day no I’m saying 24 bars a day the data on the first day I got three more days but the thing is like I see the growth in it oh man yes I’m awesome rock music man it wrong but now I feel like he’s starting to trust me more with the music because I use I go through stuff then I pulled away from the muse and I focus on what I’m dealing with because I don’t like putting out no all right what I’m feeling one more right yeah I can’t fake it if I go through some fake I’m gonna write it down so I said no I’m gonna pull back but like no he showed me through whatever you going through I got you going through stuff for a reason push it out oh I think he trusts me more than us and I appreciate that that’s something to body man it’s like you got to know what to talk about like and if you don’t know what to talk about talk about what you’re going through cuz now other people are going through is that we think that it’s just you oh it’s me ain’t don’t nobody nobody I feel like this ain’t nobody been through this but when you start speaking about it you start seeing people yeah man I design yeah you think of just you guys like until you say something so crazy I’d say they at night – under breath I said no so crazy about problems problems ain’t pressing it out I don’t care you white or black you can go and get it no I’m saying and then what I’m saying with that is the still dead the black America’s do you want think though there’s the white human or whatever racism all go any anybody know I’m saying go do the different thing but they don’t have fathers neither they got families on drawers – like we all go through the same things man you go through the same stuff like problems ain’t prison at all yeah oh you gonna get it too man it may look a little different but it’s the same you’re saying then white and what maybe really think about it could like Oh Dylan James shot – oh hell no same beat supports in no I’m saying big support of Dylan Giants out to him he was telling me you’re like man I hope so you rap about how we’re going through I’m going through it and I like and my mind goes great – man no wait no I’m saying like but do be going through that stuff man and I be appreciate people they haven’t Boca about telling you man your music help me no one saying because they also in like my mind I’ll be on I need a lot of people a lot of people help allow me to help a lot of people yeah but I already let you know it one yeah just one man so Deborah does help me like it calmed me down from thinking I got a resold many people and once they called me down to just thing about that one you start reaching a lot of people I know because I took my hands on from that god I have to have to continually remind myself that because like there were times where like my podcast would and it was because of the bigger names probably but we would get 10,000 you know 13,000 views and you know in you know just a couple weeks or whatever now some of my shows get 400 views right and a part of me is like man I wish they got well you know what want you I’m said well I can’t do those numbers consistently like I used to do it yeah but I have to check myself and slap myself 400 people that’s a lot of people so like 600 people whatever you know I’m saying the shows the streams that I get my number I’m a number guy like if something’s working do I need to do more do I need to fix it do if I’m doing something that’s not working like you know I’m saying I’m trying to find what’s new what no and different outlets or whatever but I have to check myself and say and you know to you know say not that I’m doing it foot for the numbers but you don’t want it to sway you you don’t want it to you don’t want to do it for the numbers but you know before hundred there’s a lot of people in the other you know I’m saying for those a lot I mean after we do a live stream a lot of times the numbers change here like who’s watching live but we judge ourselves amongst ourselves oh I’ll go to somebody else’s live stream who’s talking about nothing not awful like no and they got 600 people listening though I’m like man why I can’t reach 600 people and they’re saying thingy I black like I pulled myself from that too but yeah I’ll see somebody ever like the stuff that God gave me this bit I don’t like man it’s a real Brown Museum felt like I had put out a video like long time ago doing me wrapping stuff and D nerdy like a honey like you know on Facebook views a little honey somebody then I like oh watch it and now I’m happy mmm see that’s at Humber you you gotta always go back to that Humber you yeah so like when I started looking at my video I pulled now it’s true – mm quick no I’m saying I’m like oh man one two nine three nine no sound like nah man shit go back to when you were happy about that 100 people yeah because that’s two hundred eyes and heels you feeling saying yeah so in we still looking for that one just that one that it can help because I might have an indent like dumb people that’s looking at it or people who want to look it actually see a lot of people just looking at exactly the people watching try to download it for free makeup are they gonna hear bout you for you yeah that’s what it’s about man having those those super fans many more believed in it like they they get it you don’t only if you got 10 of them it’s better than have a hundreds of people just clicking watching you know I’ve done a lot better on that you know I’m saying cuz I see the numbers but I get the messages and the end boxes and stuff I know you probably getting flooded a lot more children that you kind of you know somebody wrote me man who told me said man whatever you do please don’t start wrapping your music help me and pull me out of my mess what I was in that right there like never does change this that’s where my mind went back to that one I said minutes old with simmer I think about 50,000 people opening start really targeting this person yeah no one’s thinking he really feeling what I’m saying and stuff so I started like you really being Comeau connected to like Rhino more and dealing with on the one-on-one basis versus just acting like I’m this big old superstar dude and I can’t really link with you people like okay by my muse but I’m not going to be missed Jinyu you feeling saying buy my music but I’m not gonna be conversing with you like that I’m not like that you’re gonna say I don’t care how rich I get better I don’t care how big I get always wanted also it does open you up to a lot of weirdos yeah they different do it some people that’d be super weird I don’t and do you like one thing I’ll go to like my old man’s I like don’t play with me now los ahem I can play with Oh like game you playing like you ever had somebody message you and you didn’t get back to them quick enough and then they blow up on you like like if you don’t like somebody message me in like I won’t message them back I can’t see that’s why the Lord has come out as say some stuff but I don’t really play with people like that and I definitely won’t play with me like that see no I’ll be saying like I owe me one like all take my mind said they’re always talking like I thank seeing that God – he keep that stuff from you – because like I won’t play games I’ve talked about it on here I’ve had a lot of weirdos like really weird like mental patients no hit me up and stuff buddy you I yeah want to but I have to look at myself like if I was a kid or teenager or a young adult not even a kid young adult no like and I and I had direct access to master P or young whoever I can just send him a message and keep sending a message an AIDS response nobody gonna see it shows me he sees them but he ain’t wrote me back yet you know saying just keep him on TV until they respond no I had one do who went off on me you faint you this you that real yeah you weren’t real you talk spirituali but you I don’t care about the people I said well oh you need to check your and I’m out of custody mouth just like you do he said oh I had to do that to get you respond man I had to get you to response you want that’s the response you I’m not responding again yeah just let you know that it’s over like you can’t stand like you yeah like you did lay out saying you are entitled you know you’re entitled to my time and tomorrow you don’t teaching watch I only got swimming I was in Dave man yeah and see the arch I like folk like a lot of people if you really man like I doing people understand the concept of like how much of yourself your energy your spirit and your time that you put into the news a man that time away from my kids yeah they’re like this thing okay I work 12 hours out of day sometimes 16 hour day number 8 hour left in the day but I still find the time to write no I’m saying on my off days you know I got spent on my kids I gotta rest if I still find time to do music still find time to go to the show still find time to do all these different things that were like I appreciate every rapper man I don’t get like people different now my hands real because like if you put your image in time today and everything I do through Christ and God supplied me before I can do anything that I do out of my pocket I don’t want from the videos to the album covers to the music to recording to the put everything out my pocket then spewed out my kids mouth their food out my house that everything but I don’t look at it like that I just know that I said God best me to do it yeah but like people should appreciate this talk of like like you say okay I won’t turn out for CD man my from Street to the church Allan Cole Kyle $275 no saint but they be blue trying to win just to have them cope the cover the front part just the first couple yeah 275 yeah so I’m not trying to like anything anybody bow or see for me it was it go straight to the moon that’s it go straight to it that’s something I learned and that you know what locally that that set me apart from a lot of people know and even to this day I mean we’ve been doing this for a long I started back on I go for manual and and some of those people who when I started they’re still there they’re still doing it King David was there yeah early date he’s still there you’ve seen him last night right oh you know I’m saying but even with his groupies told me this you know and other people have and other people kind of look at you sideways but I’ve always um I never wanted to go into my family’s bill money mmm to put towards my hobby we’ll call it in the church we call it our ministry that’s for my ministry that’s what your hobby sorry like you ain’t making no money on it like it’s both I’m saying to preaching the gospel is your ministry the music is your hobby and your outlet on how you do it but I’ve never wanted to like take away from my family and our bills we’ve always like been tight with bills and stuff so I never once I need $100 for the body cities or three body cities and let me invest it and I’ll pay it back to the bills so I’ve always been like let me take let me make money off of what I’m doing let me monetize my songs let me upload them to sound click back in a day was soundly this before I tunes and all that yeah and being able to make money off of it and maybe would be able to sell merch and we’d go to shows and I had merch I had posters I’m doing autographs and Arab I’ll just sign up would have come up there with a CD to put in yeah and they burn their CDs to sell and I got the whole pack and I made sure that I always took it to the next level where excellence like that and I was been able to keep building and building and building but one of those guys told me I had a conversation when it be said should I buy this new mic or take my daughter to Disney World I was like bro you should take your daughter to Disney man’s like you can get you can get a mic anytime but your daughter will never forget that full bottom mic so I’m like so for me like I bought a mic – you don’t think I bought lights I bought a lot of stuff but I’ve never dipped into what you need you know the family’s gonna say smells money or my daughter’s bill you know what they need to fund my hobby it’s always like and so and I say that to encourage people in a sense you need to you spend the money to make money scared money don’t make no money you got to spend money to make money you gotta better to flip it to invest in yourself if you believe in yourself and be able to sustain your own understand yourself as a little business like a little entity you know I’m saying even with just the artwork that draw people yeah not your eyes just trying to throw something together real fast man or their artwork draw people out we’re talking now because of the all work I did on your first album cover yes that King David would have handed me a wack cover one knows how they do it it’s in the air will I say again shout the Big C real big supreme that’s for me and I said like and with this from Street to the turn out I wanna say this because like I said in a day like we talked about how we met and already saying I always tell people that I said you one really do out and dealt with I don’t care about no colors none of that junk don’t say any black man do I like that one brother don’t say you my brother Peter I don’t care what nobody say I do what they think about you none of that jump because I know when I did my front street to the church album you recorded that hell no I’m saying you put the time into it you uploaded my stove when I often girl and older for trying to finish it for my birthday but grind it was up to 3:00 in the morning with me you know when I was falling asleep is active when I was on the road Roland or myself when I was on the road going salento to relax for my birthday he was still he’ll put my stuff in upload and then grind and sending emails out trying to get out of stuff done man I appreciate you for everything now I always tell you that yeah but I like from my heart I appreciate everything anybody do for me but specially when you go out your way like that man I never sit you know in a bad place with me that I’ll be it’s a weird thing man I’m not here I’m in this weird place I know you’ve seen my post I made the other day I was kind of venting yeah I get mad sometimes we we hope so we grind um you know I’m saying like we just go above and beyond I beat I do I do good I do good for others I’ve always done it oh I’ve always helped people with album covers I’ve always recorded people I mean I was the one we had like a gospel rap coalition back in the day and night everybody I booked all the shows if I got a show I called everybody we had we look like no Linda called me we have eight nine order some stage rotate the songs we had we had a fun time I loved it I enjoyed it I did it because I loved it right I love the scripture says like when you have a brother that you’re going through this stuff where you can glory together you can go do your show or rap all you want but when you got some alley back in the day I would book shows and invite her body but then those same artists would would get shows and they wouldn’t call me you know I’m saying or I would help people but then they wouldn’t help me or they would want something for free or then they talk trash about you or whatever the case is and going over backward for people and I’m in this weird place because I’ll just be giving out unsolicited advice that a lot of people will charge you for yeah I’ll be giving away for free oh I do without that I won’t say the kindness of my heart but I enjoy this I enjoy seeing people succeed I enjoy helping people deep down I know that God blesses me because I do it yeah I know that if you pay me or whatever the case is there’s ethics that should be involved in friendship and just beat letting people use you mm-hm but I know deep down God orchestrates everything he he part of me is one check myself okay nothing for free no I’m not I’m just people to hit me up like even the other day like somebody hit me they want to know your connects they want to know yeah and I’m usually hey this is it do they Kukoc whatever yeah whatever you got I’m gonna help people but now I’m like hold on man like part of me wants to draw back and say hold on man these folks and use me but they use you I had to do hit me up god bless him but I posted that thing about you know I had a paranormal TV show hit me up want me to be a host in our Joe a panel for this show they’re putting together they contacted me did an interview and to do hit me up and he want to ask me what show I knew that he was gonna email them and yeah I’ll try to be a host I said I can’t talk about it man yo back you know usually I would just say hey this is a tribe man we might get it together both of us on there you know but folks man they won’t say but it won’t do the same thing ain’t real I’m tell you what mama told me oh I’m so solid man I want me told me she said don’t you never in your life take number two no interview with you so I’m like yes ma’am you feelin saying so I like nothing go paint ride be Chris outfit Bible County oh yeah ha I know people who’ve done that I went my way to go get him so he need a job like Eli boom so I took him with me my brother and gonna do we both need jobs we did the interview oh so it’s on like bi know me get it noise and boom man he called him with a manifold coughing my god so I start calling them like what’s up with the old man got your job exactly so what you saying it ain’t this in the ass is real because people will use you they see different between your kindness for your weakness is you the one that really can engaged it I know when you’re trying to use me let’s get this right everybody does stuff I know it but I’m gonna show you something you be knowing when you be like God you that feeling like man is over there trying to use me no same everybody I don’t know you don’t tell life as you came up around it yeah what would it I did too duh some people they just ain’t my pastor love me my pastor go to war we go over me my love I see demons for me like they really like they lead it yeah you know you’re gullible yeah you don’t know it see but not I would like to have one point to when I was thinking like everybody some people really what I think like listen came from i’ma say my letter came from my first cut went behind me wit my girlfriend yeah after that girlfriend I got no yeah my second cousin went behind with my girlfriend yeah after her I got another one my homeboy yeah I grew up from head start with 20 year word friendship at the time he went behind me with that girlfriend yeah so I never I said it’s over ultra no mo Duru yeah after that the dude that his mama won’t let him stay with huh he moved in with us he did some old shady tongue yeah so it took some trial and error me to get to it like no one like people just faith like that ya know saying like I only be saying like don’t want stuff in the album now be knowing people just saying you ain’t in solid man than your real anybody can pass it on your back bro every card to here don’t worry like you man it takes discernment man it really is a part of the gift of discernment is you able to be around people groups and what have a controversy this is but you learn people groups ya know when you know when you meet a car salesman hey brother how you doing man hey Pat in your pockets you know these type of people oh and you because you’ve been around them like if you never been around those people you what you they tell you what you need to hear to get what they want from you then they’re gone to find another person just like you the bad thing is even what is it is in the churches for me because like what I just said do it for God God’s gonna bless me at the end of the day God is gonna is gonna bless me whether I help people but I but still you don’t need to let people take advantage of you it’s kind of like in the churches they have like the worship teams right and so you have a the Saenger the piano player the guitarist the drummer yo all these other people like ten people on the didn’t acquire a whole like a whole choir of people who sang to they only pay one person you know the director there y’all gotta come to practice three days a week to do this y’all got to do that when I work but we know who you got to do it for you do it for God I’ll tell you but not your service to God yeah not him I think in pain but we got to do it for God at the end of the day I do believe that God will bless you if you he does cause he orchestrates everything yeah um but you don’t want to be gullible and be taking advantage of y’all see she solicited you know promised energy just give up like what I’m saying like what you’re doing in the way you help people star that is super great don’t say what you’re doing do it from the heart god bless you I’m storing up your treasures in heaven not Hill no one saying so you definitely write about that but what I’m saying like when you got a opportunity don’t let people in invading it because they will find some kind of way to mess it up that’s why and whether it’s out of paranoia or whether it’s out of wisdom those two can be maybe cousins cuz like I don’t I try not to even even though I made I made that post I usually in tow people know I usually don’t tell nobody nothing until I’m done til I’ve done it over yeah because I’ve ran into situations where people will try to take it out from under you um and this was me coming out when God was pulling me out of all the church the gospel rap and pulling me out of the churches and stuff I kept trying to go back cuz it was easy it was always a crowd I just show up in as a crowd God had a different plan for me no it’s not better or bigger it was just mop what he had for me but I kept trying to go back and they would put my name on flyers and I had got a reputation for myself here I would talk about anything and people would call the church even if it wasn’t at a church people would call and say hey you got a guy named true seeker on your lawn up I seen it on Facebook he’s gonna be performing there he just did an interview where he or he did it a concert where they cursed or something they try to like close you out of smoke you know I don’t even like that like you know any happen a lot and so that’s why like I had it you know I just recently did an interview and I don’t want to do it out of paranoia but out of wisdom because I got people I just talked to a dude I’ve been listening to since 2001 mmm and it was an honor and a blessing for me to be able to have that man on the phone and talk to him and this is a guy he’s pretty high level yeah I talked to him like a friend on my podcast I wanted to tell people before hey I got this lined up yeah but I know people who would try to they will sounds rosy all you just you just you’re just overthinking it no don’t face how to call in people say hey do this guy I’m telling you this guy’s you know I move in silence man Trotta most of the time what you get is when is it’s in a rap like yeah most people that we do that we even these interviews like I have had a lot of big names to people they want to they want to get me a god man and so the Bible says I’m that God would make you the envy of all nations yo people want what you got I try to give people game I think just the way I got you have to work for it it ain’t free I can give you the game and you you mind still might not be able to do nothing with it no but um however bad you want it you you’re gonna work for it and you’re gonna make something out of it happiness a job career music album that’s work man people that work ethic and I work even with patreon I mean I have a soft toe people like I have a lot of supporters on patreon people who support my work and allow me to do this this way and I’ve told people you know this is how it’s done and bah bah bah bah and so everybody else goes out and starts their own paid patreon that everybody’s doing it the people they see my model shows think you can do it I can do it yeah and it’s true you can you know if you work hard enough you can’t just start it in expanding you’ll be sweet supporters I’m not give nothing not fine-tune it and stay and I’m still trying to find ways to just to be interactive and stuff but like you kind of give people your formula and see them trying to recreate it whether it’s for free or whatever man it’s uh it’s weird man but at the end of day hard work pays off you know I’m saying like if you’re not gonna bless you either way God’s gonna bless you man if you don’t if you don’t work hard at it and iing I’ll get nothing all week cuz I always I’ve been talking about this a lot of my podcast man I feel like everybody deserves a good life everybody deserves to be happy everybody serves a good marriage everybody deserves a successful career a job that they can’t wait to get up and go to work i right now today Sunday on most of jobs I’ve worked I had this weird feeling in my stomach bro yeah man I’ll be like straight you know and I had this weird feeling in my gut that feeling ain’t there no more dude yeah and it was there when I would get in trouble in school like on a Friday yeah oh I got a report card gotta go home to bring it to my mom and I’m like scared and I and then just so I can well I had times where like I would get suspended your Friday you know and I and I wanted to I was scared to get I was gonna get beat got beaten when I showed my mama yeah but then it’s Friday saw my show uh Sunday night so I can go out my friend’s house but even though look I’m having fun I’m out there playing football my mom I want my friends to be there see why y’all around there were times though my brother he will go through my book bag behind it you got detention and he’ll have it and I’ll let man we’ll be at the dinner table Eden and he’ll look he’ll say tell he’d be talking my mom and he’ll just say oh I get scared I’m gonna get in trouble you ain’t go eventually away but he’s just like Helen oh yeah yeah detent or here we have it in his pocket here he’ll put it on the table it’s a pink a pink letter a yellow letter he laid on the table mom and said what’s that oh nothing she’ll grab it put it back in this night like I’m freaking out man you don’t know he used to torture me with that stuff but that bad feeling farts working Sunday oh man oh my god it’s not there no more I feel and I say that that I feel like everybody should should you know like like we talked about when was it that church shooting that day – wrong exactly enjoy but the only way you don’t get it if you do what about on fun you got to work on you got to work anybody from to give it to you you think you know your pastor the old pastors or your pastor you got a good pastor now he’s related right there but hey you know I say pastor your passes your dad you got I know I know he works hard to go any grime and but nobody gave him that Peter Oh nobody called a bro I got a church I need a good preacher you ready yeah let’s go God got you we start from we start from a house ministry yeah all same from the most good churches do y’all on about from a good place and this like my whole concept by the way I wrapped the well legal everything I always started from Hill then why like I’m like the way don’t too many people know me for real yeah I like it because like it showing me well me I like that I know what I’m puttin I know what kind of work I put in though I know I brand to the table yeah but I like that huh they keep me humble no sir I love that low-key noise and just like start from the bottom tight feel like with the church with the way I was raised up every time we start from the bottom so once you get up everything you got a foundation you know saying you got a foundation you ain’t just jump up to the top and on say you ain’t got an understanding on I got a lot to stand on did you see the picture of the house I posted where I used to live oh I’m gonna pull it up and I’m gonna show people in the chat and I’m gonna show you – you seen the videos I did switches yeah yeah oh yeah that’s the house how you stay sane looking hard with that back we had on back though that it was all war pounding on the back with your nail No so you know what kind of wind coming through that okay I can show people in the chat to this house so ah let’s see so for you guys who are watching on YouTube you’ll be able to see this and I’ve posted it on my social medias you can go there if you’re listening and I’ll post it in the show notes as well if you just want to check this out but I’m gonna show it here so here’s my Instagram this is the house that I grew up in I was born in look at that I just went back to visit it I bet winning a hot boy like a song in that one man it was alligators all it’s a small bro like ten feet you can see behind oh yeah just walk there and it’s why I’m here it’s like an island a long Peninsula oh never use your browser and Gator when you’re lil no they will come out and watch me want to eat me but that looks I don’t know what that is that is craziness mm-hmm but that’s where we started humble beginnings we recently had I’ve been saying I want to go back to where I used to live just so I can remember it I was a little kid now we moved out had we got a trailer trust me a trailer is even better than that they turn my written their minds all in that and all that stuff anyway we I went to Louisiana I had to go to my cousin’s funeral I had that speak give some words there I was like I’m gonna go check out this and by you gosh Louisiana on the bayou so I wanted to go back and visit it and uh you told my starting from the bottom I said I got to get a picture man I remember this that’s why I came from you know I’m saying so in order to know where you going you got to know where you came from cuz you’ll forget you forget your forget where you started like even with your face man like it’s easy to be like oh everything’s good I don’t even really need Jesus that much anymore like I needed him you know in like 2001 or 2002 I’m pretty good now I’ve got life down pretty good I know how to treat people I gotta go to church or read the Bible but you in it’s this weird notion of that you have to still be you have to remember where you brought you from Oh still be desperate need him as much today as you need as you’re needed him he’ll do and as super Christian and as powerful in the spirit and as smart as we are mmm-hmm in an instant you could do something stupid yeah if you ain’t walking in the spirit if you don’t play your cards how they dealt you could easily pick up a pistol you could easily do it’s not a tweet no I’m saying you can easily cut all your fans out anything that’s crazy man and so that’s why walking in the spirit and and being close with Christ as much today as you needed him when you was begging no you know you still need them and remembering that never getting where you came from you got two spirits keep your home will keep you moving forward man and didn’t help him bless you even more because I okay I can trust the Joker yeah yeah yeah I gave him a little bit he was raised off the pitch I gave my wolf and again Nick yeah he went crazy I did little pinch I gave yeah there are no like wow from doing 24 bar for 24 days I like man like that but I’m knowing like if he told me to do it he gonna give me something yeah so I’m like okay what our war around I was going on but now I see like this is the pension or thing you can eat is only gonna get better and better yeah okay he can trust you more you know I okay my son doing what I wanted to do I can give him a little bit most on so I put a little bit more on their plate and through that is helping me are we’re on a boil spiritually dealing with people no I’m saying that holding on to stuff like just making stuff move let’s keep on moving forward for real yeah that’s that’s what it’s about man and always I mean that’s it’s just like I’m saying the law of the universe if it’s the scripture if you could trust you with few he’ll make you ruler over more it also says those who have been forgiven of much they love much you don’t know where I came from y’all see the polished version y’all see young Danes wearing nice polo saying you see all that he didn’t go to your house when you when he had holes in his shoes and refused to walk in the door he’s like a vamp he wasn’t stuck to the front door I’m not coming in man like ain’t a man most bears and crazy stuff idiot was you know saying like oh like what mama did what she can do you’re feeling saying I salute for all of it man I had some Oh like you know you had a white day then you got your blue white shirt yeah matte white hurt white sugar with a whole way up yeah they had walk around with your arm down okay you bound think about putting that on north and yeah so I like wearing a blue shirt so and then get my favorite color blue now they’ve been like this forever though but like you can’t put it on my then you trying to make shit on nightlife and wanna rap some in around I don’t wanna do no wrassling no net don’t mess up the sure I got three no I’m saying right don’t make these up but like you say like no forget where you came from they keep you good like I stayed and I got a brick house now I got seven heating I rather turn my ACL oh yeah nah grad I rather turn it on rather turn the heat like the world with cold I turn the heat off yeah I rally rather turn the AC on cuz I’m used to being hot and being like my hat ain’t other people had like I can I can stand whatever no I’m hot right now I’m in the Jersey you got a suit you know I’ll be cool yeah yeah yeah no trust me no Dan my but my buddy Dan he he came over he’s from honey he lives in Honduras a missionary sorry Dan and he would come he would come here yeah he come over in our AC broke yeah and we did a podcast and me have we’re sitting here were threatened no houses sweating yeah and he’s like man this is normal good everyday we don’t have like you know it’s just cuz he was you so you don’t saying everybody’s used two different things or whatever speaking about school again I have a story um and you may know some of these names I know you do just when it’s coming from a board oh did you go to school did you do you remember mr. Floyd oh he passed away right yeah he has headed up residence business before he was funny do man you want to sleep in his class he had a paddle to go with a book and just by God wake you up right beside your head and I missed the flow he was a funny guy but I I had and some of these names you may remember I believe it was uh Antonio Crenshaw toto Johnny Madison and Rufus fan Troy they were definitely you seen my video sweetie in it okay now with the school with those guys that’s funny that you work of junk I didn’t go to school with you but I remember those guys and I was you know I’m you know I was one of the brothers man you know so I was in mr. Floyd’s class and um we didn’t have a lot of money right I wanted to try to still be fly do what I can or whatever I would wear a hand-me-down Nikes just cuz they were Nikes my cuz I wore girl Nikes in school cuz they just go there Nike do the same one yet our lad we do the month I warden I pretend this out so speaking about the girl Nikes and girl clothes um my sister’s friend come over and she had these brand new pants they were they looked fly they had like a pocket on the side they were real baggy yeah but our girl pants were they were bagging the legs but around the waist and hips they were real tight but I had wore a long longer polo shirt kind of hung down and so I wore her pants to school they want to warm the school so I had these nice nice jeans on right they bag and about my tight it stopped cuz the shirt hung down you couldn’t see the hips so yesterday about it for money and this was in like 94 you know 95 we have those rules at school I was in mr. Floyd’s class and we had to turn in money for a project and he’s like collinear by his name you got your money said mr. gross Kirk you got your money and I had to stand up and I reach my hand in my pocket and put it in your pocket like this to get it straight I had to put it had to be like straight going down cuz I couldn’t get my hand in the pocket just reach in I had to pull the shirt up and stick my hand in pocket that time no Crenshaw turn around say hey he got girl basil and everybody started laughing and I thought I was looking clean like one of the fellas we are wearing and yeah that’s one of my uh middle school memories of Atmore middle school and over town man yeah and who else was that arm big hairdo he had a big head uh 15 named Courtney oh hey one quote member him but it was another dude Fernando Mario you know I might think of it later but I’ll go back and forth on to think of his name anyway man funny stories like coming up the struggle the struggle is real at the end of the day um Justin call Wells here now I was gonna take Justin but it was to see if you wanted to come over and kick it with us cuz he I think we’re gonna record those couple bars for your feature here now Justin call Wells in the chat here so so me King James we did an album called take my life make you bright and it’s a collab album so half of the songs of mine have for his and then the third of the songs are all of our features we have a handful of features that we’ve done together so that album is available hunter says that he loved that album a lot of people presale of that album it’s not one that I promote a lot anymore but it’s a there’s some gems on that and we’ll probably be performing that some of that stuff on the on November the second that the day in and all the info was true sticker calm we’re gonna be performing in Mobile Alabama and Justin called me just to call well and King James will be there performing so do some of that stuff live so uh go to the website to get the info there five dollars at the door but he’s asking if we’re gonna do another collab album that album was a little stressful for me because the writer’s block issue with this guy he can write a song like that and it’s nothing and he can just keep knocking them out me I struggle over my lyrics sometimes and I beat myself up and I don’t want it to be corny and I don’t want to repeat myself so but when you come out with it y’all hit would it be mm-hmm he’s gonna be beating yourself up for no reason well I mean that’s the process of it though like because I can easily throw something together and their songs that I’ve done that I feel like oh just a feature you know I’m saying it’s not like I just kind of let it slide – you scream you your biggest critic but that’s good though yeah right that’s great you know and um so I don’t I don’t think we’ll do another full collab on we’re definitely do a lot of lot more collabs together yeah and I just have showed them a beat today that we’re gonna be probably doing together about Justin so well yeah do your homework man definitely go check out that I’ll take my life out we did several videos to that stuff – and a lot of people know that stuff um I know some people have been comin here let me just see my ally Graham wants to know uh King James’s website info again we’ll go ahead and plug that again so go to King James and say this stuff is there his albums there as well to support that all of his stuff is in submission for iTunes so his new the newest albums on their Spotify all that kind of stuff you can just do it there on the streets here to chat down and then the rest of it is being put up now as well so what make sure you chase that uh if anybody has any questions let us know real quick and we’ll try to jump to some of these yahoo has anything Ali says you both have given me free CDs to give to someone and your music has changed their life thank you who said thank you thank you that’s what it’s about anything that we didn’t talk about man that you want to cover or kind of plug or any social issues or anything you know I’m saying like to the Tyrell super-hard I just want y’all get that I don’t care y’all gotta go listen to it for free on James like that Ben come back home just go here is wrong on tomorrow it’s wrong yeah I paying I uh I engineered the album I reckon they did it and I got I’m doing a lot of videos to him – I’m getting vegetable form and just follow me at being real on Facebook and on Halloween I got doing a horror flick my song gonna Adam horror flick I’m doing the video it’s gonna be an animal so you want to be in it for free you don’t copy not come down you can get your kids and you can be in and your grandparents on my brain your master no master don’t matter come down have fun we’re gonna enjoy ourselves safe when you ride on me because the stuff I’ve been doing the street people love me get a pass you get a pay ha ha I feel okay I’m saying are you safe yeah I worry about no fighting no shoe no no no matter how many people come out though everything gonna be cool everything gonna be cool you get a pass with him we didn’t have a pass my whole life because like growing up in at Moore and I was devised I was all my cousins and stuff and friends we get bored I love to shoot bodies which I want to do is that a man that’s what I would tell them let’s walk through the quarters let’s walk through the quarters to get home come on say we got scared y’all scared to walk through the hood yeah no we’re not scared we’re just not stupid because I I’m grew up watching all the the gangster movies you know Minister Society I’m excited about black culture and cultures over here see there yeah so I would walk through there and it would be like walking through a movie I’ll be walking through minutes to society and feel like I’m there and I’ll get all my friends to do it and we did that for fun you know we didn’t have a pass we got chased out of there yeah I’d say there was one time man over there by the carwash I might even told you about this but on right off the highway there’s that car washes in that neighborhood back there forgot what they call it though over the old project yeah yeah and so we walked back a little bit we played some dudes in a basketball game and we beat them we’re in the hood it’s the white dudes against the black dudes in basketball yeah nobody in the first place if we beat them in there you gonna win yeah we beat them and then you know that last point they were foul and trying to knock us down and choking us and I just crazy but we won and we put money up on and they took the money then some other guy came I said I ain’t you the guy who took something for myeloma it was a friend of mine who was witnessing like and they started they grabbed one of them all my cousins and everybody ran to towards the highway to get back to life yeah yeah I ran with the dude they were chasing deeper into the hood wait wait he’s right beside me I’m running they all chasing him he stops and turns around say wait wait let me explain pop up knock him down they all start stomping him and kicking him I’m running by myself through the hood don’t know where I’m at to the hole I jump a fence there’s folks on the porch drinking and just threw this white kid just lost walking through the hood yeah well I ran as long as I could and then I did eventually I had to quit running just start walking trying to find my way out save now that means eventually man like Street my mama pulls up slams on the brake I was happy to see him because like I couldn’t I wasn’t with my friends no more I was like in trouble they date because she wanted to pick me up everybody else had made it back home you know I didn’t made a house my Akari mama baby everybody don’t have a pass but I have went back in that area wit King James with the pass and had have the fear nothing you saying so that was one of my experiences that happened to us all the time and walking through at more did you have no one were younger like you got a fight-or-flight feel a lot of fight black folks one against three you better know how to move your legs a little bit a lot so a lot of white folks are scared to drive through Prichard or to drive through where the black folks stay right we they’re scared to do it they won’t do it you tell them it’s money and they’re not going mmm but the weird thing is a lot of white folks don’t understand this a lot of black folks are scared to drive through the country they got that same you told me they go to the same store yeah Jay I see you beat up by the rednecks in jail because I only white guy would American black yeah but I mean coming out here I had friends who wouldn’t come to my house because they know he said that’s where they hang black folks they don’t do that around here they they wouldn’t come over and they were scared to drop through the country and get lost yeah and go down a dirt road with a old racist white guy and so you know it’s kind of the same play right you should be bad like it I had a little time with the Poli one time you know brother walking down the road you know Poli came behind I stopped uh we have some sticks I you know you won’t when y’all we walk everyone yeah so it was our way whose dog was chasing you yeah so he had sticks you know we did a lot of racing so we had a lizard on us we had sticks walking for the dogs won’t get up and I probably stopped up but you’re hoping to go now we had at home oh I’m gonna go beat somebody like he cousin all that I know man we do got a stick for a doubt now give me that stick stick what you gonna take no man oh man so we went to the hog man on my woman oh we went to the police station no I was like wait bodies I was talking crazy yeah yeah so we in the back [Laughter] so we dealt with that situation the chief held it and we got paid that it was over with they were all really I be like I don’t believe in all that Poli brutality I want your vote yeah I don’t believe that he says I wish well many choose I wish one line the best March and died for okay Jesus died on the cross but you say what’s north and so well what about let me ask you this cause like we are this was something big for me to get over like you know with my old channel like before my channel got deleted I eventually started doing gaming videos you know and showing people the laid-back side cuz where there is a deep spiritual side there’s a Tom for war there’s a time to laugh a time to cry time to play China can’t a lot of it we play a lot we joke a lot me and you job each other you know we have funny stories you know this is who we are and we’re comfortable with that but when it’s time to be spiritual when it’s time to pray we’re not and uh you know we um we focus or whatever there’s a disconnect there for a lot of people or you’re a pastor you’re your spiritual it’s always spiritual and you can’t laugh you can’t tell jokes we’ve jank on each other oh all the time it’s fun all the time and and we do it for fun and we try not to you know make people cry but I hope sometimes you know but um you know that’s just this is who we are but even when the my old channel I was gaming and me and you man I wish I still had those videos cuz me and you were sitting here on sitting here playing a mad I beat you to death so we’d be gaming and just playing video games and live-streaming and yanking on one another and I’m I’m in scoring so many points he was losing yeah but people you know they didn’t want to see their and I know that’s because what I built up like it was all serious meditation Jesus all serious tough and then then when you hit them with some humans who K basketball they don’t think you’re human they don’t know because they’ve never seen that side and it was like where’s the balance there man for you like is there a balance or they take this is who I am some people may think you’re not as spiritual okay you guys are true see could just hit ass you know I’m saying you know where does that to be to be human but still be spiritual and exceed and and it’s even deeper when you work inside a prison because I don’t know that I’m saying they know hardly they know that but I also know like man when I go to certain store like we got chaplains at our prism yeah so when it’s dual on said mama man and on he couldn’t go to the throne nothing so they’re like no I want to talk to the chaplain I want to talk to King Johnny no I’m saying they happen with a few guy that I don’t want to talk to the chapel I won’t go top Latini J yeah no wasn’t that what he called me it worked – yeah so we’ll sit and talk we’ll go down through the like they know on that door joke jack and play but they know but use about God you’ll never think too far with them don’t you kill your witness no I’m only members about what they do I only read a stove oh no I mean like like you drink too much today they can’t take you serious no Arthur BB no just me like I’m gonna tank i’ma day all day long because they make your time roll exactly and when are they gonna do it to Kings of Comedy they in prison yeah but even when I’m at home on the Jack all day long but when we get on serious subject I’m serious yeah no I’m say it I say it’s time to play for everything when I’m serious I’m seeing like before like when we being infinite recall we’d be joking our way to the mic come on once they come on sweetie in the same thing go for when I’m telling PBOT let senior Musa – no it’s in your music because like because like Johnny Cage you’re talking about videogames in your building you’re talking about basketball players you’re talking about cartoons you know you have fun you have some that make you laugh no and then you have something about so-and-so got killed I never seen him again shout out to his family um so you have like these deep subjects and then the light heartedness I think it’s about balance me know there were deal is it definitely we did people see that people they put a distinction that it’s either one or the other yeah you can’t have both you can be like hard you can’t play your video games you kill and then with with one of the 100 to you is another one now thank you for be like efficient like real affectionate type person like I love it a little hard whoever I’m dealing with I love like super hard then if I’m dealing with a female no say we on the cruise and they were stuff people be looking like oh I know you do stuff like that go to church pray oh it’s only cuz ain’t seen it before no nobody gets around it but like I don’t really have these type of already have them problem because people like most people know me true you just always put in a like if you see my favorite you see like oh I got seeing a sauce that on my open book so what you see what you get I’m open like I don’t really have none for real when I go through I see it I’m feeling imma say it well I’m thinking I’m gonna say it but I don’t go off the deep end but I’m gonna speak my mind you just know who you are Peter see a lot of people like if you work in the prison most people don’t want to never go in the ward office principal I was in school principal Hollister I don’t care why I go you’re human on my head that’s how regular yeah that’s how I feel and I did you know who you are exact and I treated people at the same way like la people like oh I mean I just want to meet you I just want to talk to you and I’d be looking like I’m this simple I’m simple no I’m saying it ain’t meant to me but they looking like oh man you just know you know however they look at you I mean I like being here you know what’s funny though I people can relate to you because we’ve always seen people like I’ve seen people and I always point to Benny Hinn as being someone bless the Lord and being real spiritual and being able to take you into the presence of God he can you know and there’s a lot of other people who can but that’s all you see they got footage of them dudes just hanging out you know I’m saying talking being funny and stuff they don’t you know you don’t get to see that a lot yeah and so if he was to see you if you was to see that it may kill your this false idea it’s a falsehood he’s only one side he’s not always nobody a my serial not even Jesus and you read the scripture he Jenkin and be honey and using metaphors and saying you just love this guy and that’s kind of what happened recently with TD jakes yeah TD jakes has been on like an entrepreneurial kick lately he’s got a he wrote his books or and now people are getting to he’s opening up yeah this is how we built the church this is how we did this and this is how and people are getting to see the business side of TD jakes that’s always been there you know he doesn’t what you’ve been supporting for years it’s always been there but he’s felt led to kind of know enough about it open up about it and people are just like oh this is not the gospel this is something else we only want this TD Jacob we don’t want that one and this we want the one that when we when he preaches we cry hollering Hooten that’s the only one you want cuz that’s what you’re used to and that’s a big thing I just I just the last podcast that I did was a solo one but I was talking about the the scapegoat effect and the the whipping boys you always want to point you want someone else to take the blame for what you did and then misery loves company yeah but at the end of the day it kind of comes down to like when people when you step outside of the norm of what’s expected of you and you do something different brings something different to the table I’ve always done that yeah well my music I mean I’ve done albums were screaming on it yeah you know been listening to that in the hood like boy gospel all them dudes was like hey man I don’t feel like that’s yeah and I guess gospel gospel music nothing outside of just stylistically they would always you know they’d they wasn’t feeling it but it’s right rightfully so that was you know for a particular group of people yeah but I’ve always done stuff to kind of push the envelope and but it’s always been there man testing the wall you know just being eclectic at the end of the day do you listen to UM do you listen to new music on the radio only a video for it how do you ha how do you or how would you stay relevant to the culture but do you try to change the most hot no I just stick to regard give me what would change my flow or change the way I do something the beat the beat of move like different people about beat from different people mm-hmm that move me in different ways like only it’s all I’m gonna do like the mixtape I’m working with right now Karl born wanna you gonna see a whole different rap tone you know it’s different no I say it’s me it’s still saying stuff but I don’t have fun on unreal I’m getting loose I’m I’m winding down a lot I’m really gonna get real loose with the punch lines with the rapping little faster no I’m saying look most dance type feel better taint based on what everybody else doing because I don’t really try to 5 no trend because like did you got we got you ever know I know bending today let me try to sound like this listen listen to old from beginning tonight I start I sound the same thing he does so we be true I can play you my old stuff it sounds like crazy and I always be true to myself like coming into what I do everything I do our like stick to being me no I’m saying cuz I can oh I’m I’m the best me like if anybody won’t do it moving something I’m the best person to do it to play my role yeah on the bench me I can’t be anybody else so I always stick to just being me I love me nothing so on I just critique what I’m doing with different beats change up little song and run with it but like I don’t go listen to know like it’s like look crazy there’s a few things like these people like you listen I listen in every duck when I hit it that made me not even listen to me – cuz I don’t like nobody trying to be like nobody I liked it and you can’t lie that even like the new lecrae there’s some good songs on their home atte it is anybody people take how they want to take it but lyrically and pushing my leaders to a different level and different like because it’d be hard one push myself put myself it’s a different rappers out listen to Dave could a super lyrical in a row yeah so I play okay then he cussed him but I ain’t starting their cousin problem this is what he’s saying and it be metaphorically I’m going crazy man music so take it some influence y’all I love Tec Tec 9 Oh likes can take from Beirut him in Miami ok these do you listen anybody but a time I some crazed uh but like I listen to them the float and they’d like make me up my balls I’m you know I’m the same way too and I know I caught flak for that we talked about this in the Colorado while back but I would listen to Ritz or Jelly Roll tec-9 technology just because of the speed yeah I don’t listen to too much new stuff that’s and that’s newer stuff that still sound it has been a 90s feel somewhat because of bone thugs-n-harmony influence and stuff so I do love Bone Thugs but I listen to that to get influenced for the most part and people will say Mel are you listening at man they talking about this he told my daddy talk about this and those same people route who were calling me out and friends but their music is dated like I listened to their music it sounds like nursery rhymes so yeah hey my name is Stone of the beach or think think think think think it’s like weird stuff yeah see but now by me saying it people can categorize or however they want to put it but you live to my music like oh I like this but then you go back in this and what I’m saying you like why you do that listen to rolls to listen to some new stuff you like okay I see the growth versus like you said people got the nursery rhyme you won’t be stuck on what you stuck on you got to step outside Ibaka I know believe in listen to the radio no cursing I’ll being big again yeah I’ll be big but like this laughter like I said God will help you grow in certain areas and then I start saying okay let me know just try and it helped me out like yeah you helped me out of hole yeah because if not you’re gonna sound a tit no majority of Christian music does because their music sounds like it when they got out when they got saved you know if you got saved in 2007 you still sound like 2000 cell cuz you ain’t listening no secular music you listen to gospel radio and you listening to sermons but I only listen that stuff to influence me I don’t listen to that because this while oh I live to work I like the style in there why I listen to because I heard then it’s different they from bad roof nonsense so they got different thought process they go through stuff that we go through or different stunts and we go through and all the rabbit all the people – no I’m saying like look crazier stuff but like when I hear you start rapping like all the people it pulled me away that’s a great thing I have to have to give much credit cuz look race good and that’s his latest work is really good but when you switch a song and say okay that’s the Drake song yeah that’s the Wayne is he really song right here t grizzly this is the moneybag to hit flow what’s that what’s that guy’s name this is the Big KRIT song when you got a Big KRIT song next right after your Drake song oh my god like see into like own like what I had started doing I thought dudes and what they do too because they all look like whatever god use nothing to do it might be reaching another oh definitely do yes people like that I mean I enjoy it helping it’s not that I don’t enjoy it it’s the fact that I hear it y’all not everybody here we are because nowhere artist I was talking to somebody while making beats the other day and they’re like they always on me about my beats because I don’t I don’t put like a lot of plugins to kind of like change the tone and pull the loads out of my melodies and stuff I tweaked it I mix it as I go and you’re like man you don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t saying you’re mixing it’s like listen like it sounds good at the end of the day like I’m playing it turned up yeah it sounds good the reason we’re like that is because we get to it’s different for us because we get to see no they hear the music yeah we get to see the music yeah when we record it and we look at the bars and how a vocal looks and we get to actually visually see it it’s a different experience then just you hearing the finished product or watching the video different it’s a it’s a lot that goes into it vocally so yeah we can go ahead we don’t did about an hour and 45 minutes I think we’re good man I’ve been wanting to make this happen for a while we finally got a chance to do it I did a lot of stuff coming up staying busy anything else man nah just follow me on being real on Facebook this b een or he al being real from day one on IG that’s been real the number for our da Y in the number 100 G you know just stay tuned King Zhuang like that calm I got more visuals coming I got more music coming I’m working on the mistake I warned wanna stay tuned it but definitely go get that front street to the turf album it’s on iTunes Spotify all these and if you want if you don’t want to pay for it just go this tour that James live band count back home definitely go listen to it man oh let’s do don’t Spotify or something cuz you at least get pennies for streams on there so yeah we will get it out afternoon yeah make sure y’all uh we said they’re just you know great album yeah make sure you go check that out and and I’ll just go to King James and there’s links to all the social media there you better find all this stuff and in check it out man support the real man with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for hanging out with us here in the live chat thank you everybody who’s listening to us on your favorite podcast apps uh and again thank you everybody who is supporting my work via patreon I couldn’t do it without you you guys Rock head on over to patreon comm backslash true secret to to support any level of giving anything helps man and dying help Shalom Shalom peace y’all we’ll do it again [Music] well that does it for this episode folks here more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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