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Craig Woods explores the many ways the collective defines spiritual concepts and ideas. In offering a fresher perspective on these subjects, Craig highlights the many ways society is holding onto outdated perspectives on topics such as God, Beliefs, Ego, Emotions, Religion, Yoga and many more! This book is a Metaphysical self-help guide which enables the reader to free themselves from society’s belief systems so they can truly live the life they prefer to. Craig Woods combines CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) techniques with the law of attraction to enable the reader to express their true nature. He takes you into the dark chambers of the unconscious mind and uproot the negative and dis-empowering beliefs which are hijacking most peoples windows of perception.

Living in the present moment needs to become effortless to us. We find ourselves anchored in the present more effortlessly when we do what we love to do with no expectations on the outcome of what we’re doing. It’s vital that we perform actions simply to reinforce our joy, bliss and love. In following our passion, and doing what we love to do, we naturally find ourselves in the state of being where the past has no more power over us. The habitual performance of actions which generate joy, bliss, peace, and love within us is the key to living in the present moment.”

─Craig Woods, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind (Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble).