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Laura Eisenhower shares about aliens, abduction and contact and whether aliens are good or bad. Are they friends or foe? Should we try and make contact? MILABs and more are discussed in this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast. Laura Eisenhower is the great granddaughter of former president Dwight D Eisenhower, and she shares about her bizarre upbringing and being in tune with her spiritual and psychic abilities from a very early age. Laura is very well educated in astrology and offers private readings and intuitive healing sessions on her website .
In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast Laura explains the difference between Good and bad E.T.s and explains some of the experiments that have been taking place within the government for years such as mock UFO abductions and Milab programs. In the late 80s and early 90s there were many people coming forth with stories and experiences about how they were abducted by grey aliens in the middle of the night. The abductees would recall short greys waking them up in the middle of the night and taking them out of their rooms and aboard UFO spaceships. Many of the people talked about how the aliens were able to teleport them through a window or even through their own bedroom wall. One thing that stands out about these abduction scenarios is that many people reported that while on the ships there were men watching the experiments that were being done to them by the little grey aliens. These men were in full military garb. This leads us to what is known as the MILAB abductions which stands for Military Induced Abductions. It is believed by many that these were mock abductions done to People by the military to push fear and hysteria among those interested in UFO and alien contact. Around this time many movies started to come out that pushed a fear-based agenda when it comes to UFOs and aliens. One of the movies made famous from the early 90s was a film called A Fire in the Sky which was based upon a true story by Travis Walton. This movie was usually found within the horror section at the local Blockbuster Video stores. As Travis Walton begin to talk more and more about his encounter with these alien beings he spoke about how Hollywood manipulated his story and changed what was a beautiful encounter with these beings into a horror movie. As The Story Goes Travis Walton and Friends were working in the woods when they saw what looked to be a huge fire. After work they drove towards the light and saw that it wasn’t a fire at all but a large UFO hovering over an open field in the woods. Travis was the only one to get out of the truck as he was awe of his sight that was before him. As he got closer to the craft it lit up even brighter as to take off and when it did the electromagnetic force from the craft knocked Travis Walton backwards through the air and onto the ground. At this point his friends panicked and left Travis in the woods alone. The movie shows Travis waking up on a UFO craft and encountering little grey aliens that were doing tests on him. In panic and rage Travis tried to fight off these beings and they had to hold him down by force to finish their experiments. The movie portrayed this to be a very traumatic incident. As Travis travels around sharing his story at UFO conventions and various speaking engagements he talks about how he was injured when the UFO powered up and they only took him aboard to save his life. This is but one of the manipulated storylines from Hollywood that was used to push a fear-based agenda in the ufology community. Another more recent film was The Fourth Kind starring Milla Jovovich that further endorsed the evil alien scenario. In the midst of all these narratives and encounters, we have to note that there is a huge difference between what people are lumping all together.  These experiences range from alien encounters and sleep paralysis, to shadow beings and other types of spirits that influence men while they are asleep. Lumping them all together as alien encounters is a huge misjustice and this subject deserves a lot more exploration. There are thousands of people who are now having beautiful contact with alien type beings. Many are performing CE5 Global contact initiatives where they actually try and make connection with aliens and ETs from other planets. Laura Eisenhower has been a special guest speaker for the past 5 years for an event called Contact in the Desert which hosts lectures and talks from some of the biggest names in ufology from George Noory, David Wilcock, Giorgio A Tsoukalos from The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, James Gilliland and many more. Many of these names speak about beautiful encounters with UFOs and the growing fascination in the field. We rarely hear the term abduction anymore, now people rather refer to themselves as experiencers and contactees.

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for all of the support today’s interview is gonna be a good one my guest today I’ve been following her work for some time now she is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower and without further ado Laura eisenhower welcome to the true seeker podcast how are you I’m great how are you Derek I’m doing really good been looking forward to this interview for a while and uh that we finally got the chance to connect oh I am too thank you so much for having me um if I was to try to introduce you like I could read a bio you know for people who haven’t heard of you you can read the bio but there’s so much that you bring to the table I was in discord with my community a little while ago and it’s like well what does she do who is she it’s like well there’s a lot there’s a lot we can get into we can get into the offworld entity stuff we can get into aliens we can get into spirituality we can get into crystals astrology so much stuff so it’s kind of hard to kind of tell your story or what you bring to the table cuz it’s a little bit of everything and I think you’re very eclectic but I told I told my friends straight up I was like well she’s pretty much a hippie at heart so it’s gonna be a good conversation we’re good we’re gonna get into some good discussion here so for those who don’t know who you are if you want to kind of give a little bit of background about who you are what you bring to the table would I be an awesome place to start yeah I think you mentioned just Eisenhower connection he’s my great grandfather and so just since I was young I was always wondering how I ended up in this family and so I was always processing everything about kind of his administration but I mean that was kind of a something that I ended up integrating into just a deeper soul journey that has to do with moving this planetary consciousness and humanity into ascension along with a lot of other people of course I mean it’s encoded in all of our DNA to do this so it’s really about how can I help remind humans what they’re really made of how to be sovereign and you know what is operating on the world stage that is compromising us you know the different hidden agendas you know we hear about conspiracy stuff I’ve been studying that kind of stuff for forever and and how does that relate to like who we are and what our potential is so I’ve just been an avid researcher my background is in wilderness expedition leadership but like I said since I was a kid I was just really processing all the time just this mission that I have and it really has to do with healing the earth grids getting things out of reversals you know breaking free of the controls the social engineering the mind control multi-generational traumas connected to different world wars that have been fought and things in our ancient history like the Atlantean Cataclysm the Lemurian Holocaust and then everything before that like the lion wars the Orion wars and the exploded planets of like Tiamat and Maldek so I got into a lot of galactic history and then my day job is I’m an astrologer and I do readings for people you can find that on my website cosmic gaia org and yeah I’ve just been trying to figure it all out like what is going on here what what was going on in his administration which was pretty wild because he’s a president that had a lot of contact and a lot of things were hidden from us since the Second World War and there was an infiltration of the Nazis through Project Paperclip and so all these mind-control projects and all sorts of stuff ended up coming into the United States and secret space programs infiltration of the Defense Department’s so in 2006 I was involved in a recruitment to go off planet that related to that stuff and I blew the whistle in 2010 and began to be a public person but it was mostly surrounding this recruitment that I went through that you can you know Google and there’s a plenty of information of that but that’s what really got me more into the public arena but then I was able to bring in all this other stuff and all this other research and my greater mission which it all you know connects into so that’s it kind of in a nutshell the recruitment for something like that um and this was just something that kind of came to mind while I was stargazing a couple months ago during the new moon we had a big ce-5 thing that we did on our site and the information came to me was seeing all these ships man all this stuff out there and you know you got to think about the disconnect of like taking someone who has a regular job of family and things like that and just putting them out there disconnected and telling them this type of narrative or like trying to change the narrative of what’s really going on this the space Wars the Star Wars all of this kind of stuff it almost seems and I know there’s stuff about this as well where like you would kind of have to be born into that so that doing even some of the evil stuff that the government is doing to humans on the planet like some of the abductions and the my labs and stuff like that it would seem like there would be some type of disconnect of people would have to they would have to nurse someone into that as they were born into it taking them as children well like like where do you give off the int the the inhibition where does that go like okay I’m leaving my family I’m leaving everything I know to head to the stars and like they’d be okay with that and not feel depressed or miss earth or something like that yeah well I know a lot of people that have been yanked into projects at a very young age my recruitment was different it was just more I mean I was never in those projects or programs growing up it was more I was pre targeted before birth supposedly to steer me on to a timeline that to me is like a New World Order timeline you know why would we evacuate earth and colonize Mars and keep Humanity in the dark and use their tax dollars and have all these little black ops right well big black ops projects going on in order to establish this and what happens to the surface population on earth and why are we evacuating if there’s super storms if there’s cataclysms well there’s things like HAARP technologies and we’ve got you know the weather modification agendas these could be all induced and artificial so I started to get in touch with that even though I didn’t have all the research and information while I was going through it you know trying to make a decision because they were just really like inviting me and trying to convince me that it was for this leadership role and I needed to go and it was for my protection and I was like something’s not right here so the group that was connected to it I did a lot of research on and now you can find a lot of the stuff that I was feeling into on websites they’re called the aviary and they’re associated with my labs gang stalking psychotronic weaponry mind control but they did that to my partner who tried to pull me in he was like they’re my lab or he was there that the person to control to approach me to try and convince me to go because he had been dragged in at an early age I somehow you know missed all that I think a lot of it is multi-generational I think it’s in the family if you’re in a military family if you’re associated with the Illuminati if you’re in those bloodlines you’re definitely targeted you’re definitely used you’re not gonna have a normal life and so I saw this invitation as an opportunity to blow the lid off these hidden agendas because I haven’t been again I haven’t been in you know on my lap situation but you know Corey goods a good friend of mine he was brought in at the age of six I do readings in sessions for people that you know have gone through all that a lot of times there’s multi-generational or or trauma-based mind control so you have altars and when you go and serve you’re not really I mean you’re you’ve been programmed to play this particular part and then there’s the 20 in back where they actually age reverse you and it’s like you never went I mean it’s so complex supposedly some of them were up there for 17 years or 20 years in age regressed like only five minutes went by and it’s crazy and it’s really hard for anybody to wrap their head around unless you’ve met enough people and you’ve seen enough accounts and you’ve heard enough stories to begin to say alright maybe this is really true the reason it was easy for me to say no to going to Mars is because I wasn’t groomed I had no inclination except I knew since I was a kid that I had a mission here with Gaia and so they just tried to convince me that the mission had to be on Mars and oh we’ll take care of that later but none of the recruiters wanted to talk to me directly and that was a big red flag for me so all I could do is follow emails and write down all the names that my partner was talking about you know which had they all had cover careers and finally I found the dirt on them and they were connected to all this other stuff but yeah it’s very complex you got the ones that they’re trying to just manipulate the human race that they’re trying to control and stare into an artificial timeline and then you have the more concentrated versions of people that are being engineered to be super soldiers genetically modified to you know be hybrids or be in breeding programs and I’ve never experienced anything like that my only thing was this the targeting to get me onto this timeline we’ve been kind of discussing that on the past couple episodes when regarding the shadow people and the men with the top hats and the shadow beings and sleep paralysis and things like that a lot of people have had that happen to them when they were little kids you wake up and there’s entities in the room being pinned down to the bed I’ve had it happen and the more you talk about it the more people were feel comfortable and open with it but it something that changed their life when they were man anywhere from four years old to like 10 years old having these crazy encounters in in the middle of the night and we’ve just been exploring the idea of like it almost seems like the people who are having these this thing happened to them are people who were destined to kind of be healers to bring light and healing to the earth and almost like they’re targeted as a child to stay away from spirituality or to be it stay away from tapping into other realms because there’s these monsters there or there’s these dark entities waiting for you to cross over is there any connection there was that something that is like whether it’s done spiritually by just offworld entities or some kind of government program where they know who these people are born into certain families or something like that yeah me I think they can really track Souls and even Aleister Crowley did sort of rituals where you could capture a soul that’s why they call it monarch programming because it’s like catching it with a net and bringing it into sort of a ritual setting so that like it’s born right into this scenario and then programmed or abused I mean I’ve had clients that were born into it and were dragged in later by some family member that was really sick and twisted that did all this experimentation on them put them through all these different trials and tribulations and sometimes they’re just watching and and observing the effects that some of these experiments have you know especially if it’s an advanced child that knows how to heal instantly like you can burn it and they can heal their skin so they’re trying to understand how to some be able to do this and then you have other scenarios I mean there’s so many multiple scenarios then you know it’s like all these implants you know in scenarios where there’s implants so that you’re getting artificial telepathy or signals that are going to impede your spiritual growth there are implants that we all carry from Atlantean times that are ethereal implants that are supposedly at the base of our skull which I’ve seen doing readings to keep us from moving into our galactic chakras so that we keep looping and reincarnating sort of in this trap in this 3d trap you know there’s the off planet abduction scenarios and the military involvement that can create false memories so that a person thinks that they’re having an abduction but it’s not really an abduction it’s just a military thing they can actually clone or engineer beings to represent what would seem to be real aliens but they’re not and then people have real encounters and they you know track those people to wipe their memories to give them a different experience so that they don’t remember the contact that they had with a higher benevolent being you know because there’s a lot of people that are connected to these higher councils or these higher et groups that they’re tracking so that they don’t remember those experiences so that they don’t advance as a spiritual being and then of course we have weather modification we have fluoride in our water we have GMOs and vaccinations and everything that we see being done to the human population so you know it’s a mass targeting of the human population but then yes there’s people of interest or people that are threats or souls that they recognize as high vibrational beings that you know are going to be messed with and and it usually does start in childhood yeah mine was mostly weaponry I don’t have I’ve had a few contact experience they seem to be of a sort of a higher nature and I did a little bit of regression to see if you know anything else happened but I think for the most part it’s really rampant and widespread and that’s why it’s so important to talk about it indigo and crystal kids you know advanced children being born you know and that’s also what we see in school systems with you know the prescription drugs and they’re pushing on people so this is a time for us to really wake up and recognize what’s going on pedophilia rings are being busted Hollywood pedophilia is being busted political crimes and you know child trafficking pedophilia rampant everywhere being busted so this is a real chance to begin to neutralize some of this weaponry and some of these implants because we’re beginning to see beyond the programming most of those implants and most of those assault is to keep us locked into the trance and once we see above that we actually can easily neutralize these things because our higher frequency and higher dimensions it has way more power over these lower frequency devices that they use and technologies that they use because basically it’s a frequency war and if we can get our attention above that you know it sort of fries it and it dismantles it um when we look at like Hollywood and stuff I remember like all of the movies when I was a kid fire in the sky I mean that’s the big one but there were so many of them about on these TV shows taken about these aliens are gonna come and abduct you take you off planet and kidnap you beat you up and maybe never bring you back there was always a fear there but there was always a fascination there for me when I was a kid so when I got into the spirits to work and then got into seeing light ships and making contact and things like that it was always there in the back of my head that you better be careful they may come get you it was like something that they’re trying to push out there to create fear and hysteria within that community so that when you see these lights in the sky when you see these clouds ships or whatever they are you won’t try to shine a flashlight at it you won’t try to make you’ll blink your headlights at it and try to make contact that you’ll be afraid and so even some of the most beautiful encounters when it comes down to it they’re still like this fear that we have to get over there there’s so many people who are still afraid of it they want it but the fear was there from all of these movies the Fourth Kind and all of the stuff that’s just been pushed out there through Hollywood is that part of the agenda to kind of keep us away from making contact I think it’s also a weird form of disclosure it’s like I mean we have a mixed bag here there’s you know definitely dark agendas there’s you know there’s beings that are trying to heal themselves they consider themselves a dying race their digressing they use technology their lifecycle alive they need humans to help them they need to take our genetic information because in a way they’re our future human cells have made choices that cause digression so there’s sort of this thing going on but when they represent it is way scarier than it actually is it can I think create a lot more fear absolutely but I think everybody’s kind of gonna have different experiences I’ve done readings with people that have had hostile gray abductions and ones that just say it was a peaceful wonderful experience the thing is you can implant memories too so I mean I like to expose the whole deal I mean there are things to be concerned about there’s things that we need to do to protect ourselves but when those are the only messages we’re getting and we don’t see the larger picture which is that there’s way more benevolent beings out there than not then I think we just close ourselves off completely or we might just look at it all as just sci-fi fantasy or just some sort of yeah I mean my fantasy from somewhere like that’s not original material everything we see like in Star Wars and all of that kind of stuff they they take that from the ancient text and what was actually going on it’s all encoded they’re just kind of they’re almost just like plagiarizing this stuff you know well that’s the thing it’s like religion you can take stories that once existed and shift them and twist them so that when we’re trying to get or gain our galactic memories again we’re referring to a movie we saw instead of what’s really authentic within ourselves and that’s the thing with anything like if you’re not true though right it can it can but but one has to be sovereign enough and have enough down time away from the movies and away from the electronics to be able to really think for the self because if it’s just constantly being in that trance it doesn’t give us enough time to kind of meditate on what actually exists within us you know where we can capture our own soul journey in the in the beings that we used to associate with and the ones that we used to work with because normally we’re not gonna have an experience unless there’s some sort of agreement unless we’re connected somehow to that group unless we need to experience it in orbit in order to overcome it because light workers or warrior spirits tend to come in to take on the challenges and the difficulties the difficulties in order to rise above it to help the rest of humanity it’s very hard to be a warrior without getting immersed in the darkest of things that are happening how else can we help people to wake up so I think something I think some people think some people expen people experience to break the programming of it to invite other people to recover because there’s millions of abductees but some are able to be conscious of what’s happening they’re able to recall they’re able to remember they’re able to see beyond it they’re able to get to the other side most of the negative I would say is military-connected manipulated the reptilian aspect now that would probably be the most aggressive race when we’re talking to Draco reptilians but that’s like something that’s playing on bloodlines in order to try and do pew manatee so it’s just really up to us to not fall into the program otherwise I don’t think they can really touch us I mean they can have the artificial intelligence and manipulate but and and yes they use different beings to you know create certain abduction scenarios but we have to remember the military component and just keep our minds open I mean I can’t say I have all the answers I’m still always trying to sort it out but all I know is there’s far more benevolent races there helping us with this ascension their Guardian host races of this ascension the Ascension moved from in 2010 from the melchizedek hosting to the Andromedan more goddess energies of the earth that got grounded back into the earth crystal star hosting the aurora and all these Andromedan groups because really this ascension window is the galactic core of Milky Way and Andromeda being one again so we’re starting to be able to activate our higher chakras so anything that’s been negative or nefarious is is doesn’t hold much of a chance so yeah it’s hard I mean I think Hollywood shows certain truths that are important because there are negative races there’s positive races just like humans there’s criminals and there’s good people but there’s always going to be a twist to it that you know dramatis Isis it or or makes it difficult to get you know the real facts and sometimes you know there’s total disclosure that’s because in the Illuminati’s mind they wanted everything to be hidden in plain sight no so that they don’t have the karmic backlash you know that’s why they use people if they can get other people to do their dirty work then the people doing their dirty work have to pay the karmic debt not them that’s their belief but that’s not true because of the level of abuse that they perpetuate on people but that’s a whole nother story and just kind of like how to process that one I don’t know but yeah I mean the movie industry is filled with pedophilia Stu and pedophilia and it’s just kind of a mind-control thing and but again just like with anything there’s stuff coming out of the Woodworks that we see in movies that that give us a glimpse of what truth is and then our job is to go back meditate on it and find the authenticity within ourselves of what that really means when it comes to guns to you know crazy kids are crazy enough you’re speakers speak louder louder oh my okay la can hear me when I talk check check 1 it when it comes to the abduction scenarios that’s something that from my studies and from what I’ve seen as of lately like it’s kind of being phased out I know you talk to a lot more people than I do but you may have more info on this but as far as like aliens appearing in your room taking you and doing all of these experiments on you and things like that like the fire and the sky type stuff or whatever I really haven’t heard much about that or seen stuff about that since like the early 90s in 80s and stuff and so like when I’m here now when someone has an encounter it’s more you know they don’t really call themselves abductees they call themselves contactees or experiencers as well and they almost welcome the contact as well are you seeing that at all or is the abduction thing still going on I mean I thought james gilliland and he said that was you know kind of being phased out seems like it’s being phased out we have clients to talk about it or I’ve had recent experiences they’re still getting over some of their experiences I mean the thing is that I hate to say is a lot of it was a breeding thing a breeding program they might have everything that they need they don’t need to do any more I mean there’s underground bases there’s you know filled with the results of some of these abductions and things going on off-planet it’s the same thing again there’s a huge military component to it now I mean some of the things that I’m getting a lot of harassment a lot of targeting more I think we’re starting to see the military part of it and the manipulation of it you know coming out a little bit more uh you know there’s there’s different levels of this breeding program where some are just willingly just creating hybrid babies and some that feel like they’ve been completely violated and I almost think it depends on the agreements in the person and what they can and cannot handle or what they’re remembering or not remembering but I do think it’s phasing out and there’s a lot more positive contact even Travis Walton said that the way they did his encounter in the movie was not accurate they made it a lot scarier than it actually was so yeah I mean there’s interesting things that I’m hearing but I wouldn’t say that I’m getting a whole lot of clients that speak about current stuff so I totally agree with that when I first started to do readings it was very much about what was currently happening like a person might have just had an experience a lot of my friends that have had who are experienced hers um don’t really have them anymore so yeah that’s awesome that you say that everybody has something encoded within their DNA to bring forth to help humanity like it’s all there because like I was I was doing personal sessions with people or awhile and everyone that came to me wanted to be a healer like they wanted to do that or profession they wanted to get out of their nine-to-five and do their passion they wanted to essentially do what I was doing and you know the message that I got from from the spirit was healed the healers everyone who’s coming to you is gonna be a healer heal the healers to send them out and go forth and bring healing to the nation’s essentially and I’m seeing this in everyone so whenever you said that it’s more of just like instead of thinking it’s only a few chosen people – everyone has that within them that they can you know take the path of the Jedi versus the sis or whatever it’s like this path that we have to we have to choose and it’s throughout all religion is throughout the hero’s journey it’s throughout you know the Egyptian mysteries and things like that that you have to make these choices to become that person if you’re going to be good or bad essentially you’re gonna bring love and light or service to others or service to self or whatever this that choice that we have to make what are some of the things that you think people can do to kind of lean more to the path of the good versus evil whether it’s tapping in through spirituality being mindful breath work crystal energy just healing themselves trauma regression things like that to kind of get kind of healed themselves so that they can bring healing to others wow that was all really well put – yeah well I mean we all have the potential of in the lower lower levels of our DNA expression that’s why people call the 3d earth because on a DNA level we’re not vibrating much higher because it’s a program it’s a 3d program many of us are beyond that they’re our consciousness is beyond it but to bring it into the physical the physical needs to upgrade so we need to integrate we need to integrate higher awareness into our physical reality we can’t just go back and forth between okay you know we have these insights and epiphanies and awarenesses but then we’re living a life that contradicts it we don’t like our job we’re serving something that really helped humanity we’re in toxic relationships we might be stuck an addiction so we have to really look at how can we integrate this higher awareness into our physical reality in order to heal the physical and that’s a clearing of the root chakra you this whole bouncing back and forth between higher and lower self needs to stop we need to integrate polarity we need to bring balance to the masculine feminine we need to bring the light and dark together because the real dark is like the soil it’s like the womb and then the higher light are like seeds and we plant them in the soil and it grows new life and we become manifest errs and co-creators of our reality so we have to keep our creative channels clear by setting strong intentions for ourselves making agreements with ourselves this is what I devote to this is what I want this is who I want to be in the world and and then we start to encode our creative energies with things that will help us with synchronicities it’ll help to guide us towards the healing modalities that are really in resonance with us it’ll help us define the people that support our journey um the problem is people make it about God or Lucifer or the double you know people are making choices based on something external oh I don’t believe in God and you know religion is screwed up God and so therefore I’m going to turn to the dark side or it’s just like forget it it’s like be sovereign connect to the zero point energy connect to source it doesn’t have to be about the religions and what religion is done because there’s imposters they’re not real they create like in the UFO community right they’re doing you know they’re trying to change the scenario or change the narrative when they’re taking something that I believe is good I believe is beautiful or started out that way and they’re trying to change the narrative a little bit so that when you whenever you think about it you’re going back to the trauma or the preconceived notion whether it’s religion whether it’s aliens whether it’s all men are pigs all men are jerks or whatever the case is you have this preconceived idea that’s not true you know they change the narrative on you right and then that creates rebellion or wanting to go to that side then so I don’t have to go to any side why can’t you find that inner balance and the source within yourself and the divine blueprint within yourself and just be somebody that just doesn’t need any of it you know we have light and dark within us but how can we integrate it and manage it and drop the need to join a cult join a group fine you know I mean there’s nothing wrong with community and this and that but when it’s based on belief systems that ask you to do something because something else didn’t work or you angry at something else then you’re not really in your heart center you’re not really activating your DNA at all instead you’re feeding some deity or some satanic network or something you know that is compromising humanity just out of some level of victimhood or anger because you don’t like religion it’s like hey I don’t resonate with religion at all but it doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be a spiritual being nobody needs to join the dark side or the side of like join yourself integrate both polarities you know stand in your truth allow yourself to be human you know when anger comes up look at it ask it what it wants turn it into your passion because that’s where your mission resides if you feel depression ask yourself where is that coming from it might reveal to you what your deeper soul longing is you know oh well I’m looking for love or I need this or I’m sad about that I didn’t like the way I was raised well you know there’s spiritual community there’s connecting to the earth there’s connecting to the internal mother father there’s ways to take the things that we struggle with and flip it over that’s the whole thing with correcting reversals correcting the elementals that have been in reversal mode where we haven’t had connection with the ether because that was all manipulated the earth grids have been manipulated and everything has been put in dark reversals so that our elemental energy earth air fire water has been contaminated our earth energy is degraded and become depleted our fire energy is turned into like anger and rage or abuse our water energy has turned into murky contaminated depression I’m saying that that’s what they want our air quality is like you know chemtrails mind-control all these things being emitted from cell towers and our phones and we have to look at those elements and get them back and purify them with spirit and doesn’t have to be a religious thing I mean it’s our birthright we have a direct connection with this in our DNA and then we purify the elements and then we recognize our water energy is psychic and clear and like the healing waters you know our ability to have compassion and empathy our earth energy starts to regenerate we start to advance our human vessel we’re able to move from carbon-based to crystalline we heal the fire elements we step into our passion we feel motivated again and we heal on the air and we get rid of the mind control we can become free thinkers again so we’re all sort of purifying our inner elements and then the earth is gonna respond to us and that’s how we clean the oceans that’s how we clean the sky that’s how we help the earth to regenerate by taking upon ourselves to be the example and then we start to shift into higher earth energies but it’s based on our DNA activating because our DNA holds the harmonic universes and the higher dimensions so when we start to switch on the strands we actually start to experience a higher earth you know and it’s not about floating away it’s a very grounded experience because the activations come from the core center of the earth and from above but it’s the it’s it’s the soul architecture and it’s also the energetic energies that we carry already within ourselves we’re a replica of it all we’re replicas of the multi-dimensional cosmos the earth grids and the stargates we’re not separate from that the programming and the mind control has separated us from it that’s why artificial timelines can steer people off that path because it disconnects us from nature it just connects us from spirit because this war within religions you know this competition is conquer and divide agenda to keep us separate you know and then these belief systems that come out of it where we’re like blaming each other or ancestors for these wars but it was all set up so that in this window period we would not be able to come together because this was the crucial window period that they’ve been preparing for just as much as people like us have been preparing to for lifetimes that’s good man you said a mouthful definitely talking about the depression and stuff and I felt that coming for me I’d uh next month I would be one year into doing this full-time doing this and my music and what I felt before going into that I was on the cusp of something I was on a precipice of something happening but there was depression kicking in there was autopilot there was up just on default because I wanted more than anything begin to get envious of seeing other people doing what they loved for a living and it was depression and all of this stuff and I don’t care what it was I don’t like I have friends who were tattoo artists but they wake up and love what they’re doing my wife goes gets up every morning and goes work out in the heat but she works with horses and disabled children she loves what she’s doing she’s bringing healing the humanity you know and all of these people doing what they were put here to do and that depression and the dis-ease that you’re feeling within that it’s an indicator that you need to find out what’s the root of that what’s causing that working at a dead-end job building someone else’s dream and doing that and so that right there man just the beautiful energy to be around someone who loves what they’re doing are they they know who they are and they know why they’re here I don’t care what you’re doing I don’t care for you’re a doctor a lawyer whatever it is that you love and you thrive doing it and it makes your heart tick that that’s that’s beautiful and so I’m about a year in just doing this full time now and I’ve shifted so much so and I try to coach people on how to how to do that follow that voice get that dream and and how to how to make it manifest there’s a there’s several comments here in the comment section people are wanting some information on the blood types there’s a lot of stuff out there coming out about the blood types about you know certain blood types being not from Earth being from other planets Type O Negative I think it is as they’re saying is not from Earth and even when it comes to diet diets been a tricky one when it comes to the blood types as well everyone trying to push this is the way to eat this is the own this is the model on how to eat but there’s a lot of research analysis showing that certain blood types need other things in their diet to function properly but as far as the blood types and because people like okay I’m own egg ative am i from another planet who am i you know what I’m saying so people are wanting some more information on that talk a little bit about what you know about the different blood types yeah I might not answer this very books I used to do a lot of research on it there’s a lot of contradictory information and then you know just tapping into my own intuition about it I mean I think a lot of it has to do with just your soul streets I mean if you think about it uh I came in as a Caucasian whatever right but it doesn’t mean I didn’t have lifetimes where I was African American or Native American or some other race right so just because I came in in this form in this body doesn’t completely give my soul history as far as what my form has been and I think the same thing can go with like blood type I know it’s a little bit different I think it has more to do with what you’ve grown accustomed to and what your blood has become if you’ve incarnated on the earth for a really really long time or if you are kind of tracking back to a previous lifetime where you’re on earth but was off planet for a while you know based on the frequency that you came in and chose to carry you’re gonna have that blood type everybody has galactic et DNA but what are the conditions of our past lives in our past experience that is going to give us you know that that imprint so like when you’re reading past lives and stuff you know people you know are from all over the place but when you look at an astrology chart the South node gives us an idea of the maybe like the themes of the last past five lifetimes you know the things that you’ve sort of repeated the patterns that you’ve repeated for quite some time that you come in with that’s an energy signature then your north note is well where do you need to take it in order to evolve in order to do what you came here to do so everybody’s gonna have a different South node it’s gonna have different conditions but just because their last five lifetimes was like that doesn’t mean that the ten before it weren’t drastically different so just because somebody has own egative in this lifetime doesn’t mean that they didn’t experience an earth blood type you know that grounded them much more to the earth maybe they left for a while and their last five lifetimes they were off planet and it morph their blood into like an O Negative I mean that’s kind of a theory right I have no proof on that but what I’m thinking is nothing’s really fixed when it comes to us we need to have all different sorts of experiences that we can step into our multi-dimensional awareness you know we might have be positive and you know have that nomadic type blood that requires this kind of food in a like but in this lifetime because we’re off planet for a while maybe you know quite a while you know we’ve changed I mean if we can change physical form and be different genders throughout our lifetimes we’ve been men we’ve been women we’ve been animals probably dolphins you know we’ve been maybe even an elemental or ferry or in middle-earth you know or you know Gandalf himself I don’t know you know it’s just you’ve been all these different things and everybody’s so unique like a snowflake there’s no real I think general way that one can put it but I would say that just because you came in with a particular blood side doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you’ve ever carried throughout your history then there’s the blue blood factor how much copper is in your blood you know what is the consistency of your blood based on who you were born into some people are gonna be born into families where you know you might be positive but they’re negative and your mom has to have a shot so her immune system doesn’t destroy you right so then it looks like you’re like the kid in the tribe is gonna change the vibration what does that mean for future generations right they might have been at a different point in that ancestral line they might not have ever been in that ancestral line so just like with abduction scenarios and agreements that we have with off-planet entities or subterranean cultures every single person is different and has a unique soul journey and that’s I guess a really complicated way to answer it but the negative tends to be related to off-planet stuff it’s very hard to I think it’s it’s hard to clone rh- but it’s easy to abduct because there’s already this off planet connection I think the positives are easier to clone because they’re more earth-based I don’t know but again our consciousness is always much bigger than our physicality and yeah they’re what I was gonna say one more thing on this I think I lost my train of thought but um yeah the food thing that’s what’s so ridiculous about certain people that eat a certain way you know when they get in your face about it like vegans or it’s just like just hush it already sound like you’re like a cult leader here people need to feel into what their body needs and it’s really important to do the research once you find out your blood type what kind of foods are good for you I that book and I I remember in my head oh I need to avoid that that doesn’t do well for me yeah so I think it’s just a kind of a mixed bag but if you’re Rh negative I think you’re you’re going to be relating more to something off planet but I wouldn’t say that necessarily means you’ve never had earth-based lifetimes but at the same time you might never have but everybody’s different I’ve seen all sorts of things I’ve been doing readings for twenty years it’s like oh you’re honored for this song and then you took off you’ve been gone for a while now you’re back but see I don’t do blood tests so it’s not like you know I’m comparing it and I like the science of it all figured out but it’s because of the randomness with everything else and and the fact that we can be different genders in different color you know and and and and and manifest and incarnate in all these different forms I wouldn’t say that whatever we are we always have been but I think our soul has been consistent like I know I’ve been on this mission for thousands of years I’ve taken different forms though but I’ve had the same mission and I think as a humanity we all carry a very similar mission is to be sovereign to be able to be fully all that we are to help this earth to move into higher earth energies so I don’t have a mission that’s unusual at all yeah it’s just I’m awakened to it just like you and you’re open to talk about it that’s the biggest thing there’s a lot of people have a lot of friends who have a lot of knowledge whether it was come through came through meditation experience will studying all of this stuff but they are too afraid to speak about it they want to with all their heart but because of family friends the job situation they can’t I was you know graced enough to just not care about that and know that this stuff was was so important you know not to keep to yourself or whatever whatever it is whether it was like psychedelic experiences or whatever the case is and they were scared to talk about okay if I talk about my psychedelic experience then my boss finds out I’m done I’m promoting drug use or saying what I’m doing on the weekends or whatever and I’m done so I’ve been one to kind of just like it was so important for me like to keep it to keep it to myself I would be doing a disservice to humanity something that can potentially heal you cure depression all types of help you achieve your dreams all this kind of stuff so it’s those people who face the ridicule which is gonna come with it you talk openly about all the ridicule and the messages in the comments itself you have to use wisdom about which people to respond to and who really is just being a troll you have a lot of those but but being okay with who you are and being vulnerable and being authentic okay this is me this is what I bring to the table you don’t like it there’s other people you can follow there’s other videos whatever the case is but if this is for you then let’s build and I have something for you I’m just gonna share my story and what’s working and that’s the beautiful thing I think everybody needs to be there regardless of whatever your truth is if it’s working for you and you’re helping people and you’re making other people’s walk a little bit easier whether you’re doing the energy work you’re doing the healing and things like that then that’s what I definitely encourage when it comes to having encounters you mentioned fairies and and in the elementals and things like that have you had any encounters with any on the planet with any anything like that any of the elemental spirits whether even through meditation or you can feel them or see them in the wind blowing or any of those experiences through meditation or anything like that yeah when I was a kid I was just like I lived in nature I was like in this other dimension then when I went in into building this expedition leadership and I was just had a lot of downtime and I could just wander off into the desert and you know I would have just really interesting dreams and and just visions and just I could see more than what was there you know just diving into the ocean and just anchoring the boats at night and you know it’s just like this whole other world was opening up to me which is a lot of why I do the work that I do and have really come to understand Gaia I have just so many past lives of being in just these higher earth dimensions where the elementals were alive and I went to a clairvoyant Institute for two years and they’re like oh yeah you’re a faerie queene in this lifetime and you could just disappear into the woods and open up the portal or open up a Stargate and you would never need to see a human again because you and I’m like okay it’s not happening it’s okay I’m supposed to be here right now I mean this is the thing we all have to this as multi-dimensional beings and and I love what you just said about being authentic and true to yourself because you can’t unlock these other dimensions without that I mean I think part of the reason why later on in life I got a little hard for me it’s because I started to go into the underbelly to start to expose the really really dark stuff and that takes a lot of attention it’s really hard to be in the fairy realms you know while you’re busting satanic networks right you know so a portion of my life has gone into this sort of low-density with as high a vibration as I can get sometimes I’m just like oh my gosh this is so painful and so difficult but I think until that completes itself and enough of that is getting brought out in the open which it is people are sharing this news right and left and there’s whistleblowers there’s insiders I mean there’s hundreds of people that are exposing this stuff so I feel like ah you know I can take a deep breath and kind of step back and in meditation it’s very possible you know doing detoxes is really good too to start to move the heaviness out and you know just know it’s there it’s real so a lot of my research and a lot of the presentations I do are about those kingdoms are all you know about Avalon Lemuria Atlantis you know even the higher realms before we sank into this lower density so I know I have really really strong memories I definitely ambitions when I was a kid I have amazing dreams I used to have a lot more magical dreams I know I’m heading back to more of it and like I said my Energy’s been more concentrated on a lot of this exposure stuff but you know it’s not for summits for all I mean me we all have potential you know to reach into this and the fears about you know what others might think it’s a really important thing to move through because that ends up I mean really what it represents as a block within yourself because you can move on from all that stuff and and and and rebirth your whole life on your own terms I know you did that I did that I hit the road and I car camps I I just got away from everything for like a year or two and yeah I live very simply I was on food stamps for quite a while so that I could afford it and just sort of develop skills that I could eventually you know generate a little bit of funds for and and now you know it’s like it’s so surreal because I was really struggling financially I was leaving all those jobs and all those things that didn’t allow me to be Who I am all the people that looked at me like I was silly or crazy and I just said I can’t do this anymore and you know now I’m going to China at the end of November with you know people that I’ve read books on or researched in them and I’m on and I’m doing it and and if I can do it if you can do it anybody can do it and the depression and anger are symptoms of needing to look at that for what it is to start to move in the direction of your true calling don’t look at it like there’s something wrong with me it’s a healthy response so the desecration of all that sacred in the world it’s a healthy response to the BS were born into to feel depression to feel anger but that’s not the destination that’s a symptom to be looked at because it holds the key to your freedom so allow yourself to leverage those difficult emotions and feelings that’s why I give readings because that’s what I work on with people just to throw that in that’s awesome I agree with that a hundred percent um a couple more questions here we’re talking about exposing some of the dark networks and satanic stuff going on been a lot of stuff in the news lately with the alternative media news with Gaia Gaia TV I watched your presentation or your discussion with Alfred Weber on XO politics and stuff so I watch that I haven’t been following it too close I’ve heard a little bit of stuff about David Wilcock leaving and stuff um Gaia has been called the sugar daddy of the New Age movement I’ve heard someone say that that they have all the money to fund whatever you want to do essentially what’s going on with Gaia I know people have been blowing the whistle since they got big like now a lot of people are starting to jump ship there’s a lot of stuff going on with some of the employees what do you know that’s that’s going on with that well there’s a Luciferian component I think they’re linked into what’s going on with Denver Airport like underground bases I mean that’s what I’ve heard there’s just a lot of misuse of power manipulation control I abusive treatment of employees so the JEM movement which is Gaia employee movement have been sending cryptic messages to my friend Patti Greer about what’s really going on there it sort of forced David Wilcock to you know just break ties he probably or hopefully was gonna do it anyway I can’t imagine why somebody would stick with that if they knew it was going on and so they’re all kind of stepping away and backing down from it and you know a letter from David Wilcock came out and just basically revealed everything um and his feelings on it which is he’s absolutely not Luciferian I know him and he’s a good man and he cares about humanity so what I think is they ended up creating contracts or they joined and then over time that Luciferian component began to take over and again it’s not about the entity it’s just about what Luciferians do that’s you know because I’m not into like getting into all that part of it because to me it’s all part of our soul architecture we all have these architects that we have to contend with but when a person chooses those names and these are the practices that go along with it that’s the disturbing part so you know when we look at luciferianism we see cases of pedophilia associated with people that claim to be Luciferian we see cannibalism even and you know these mind-control projects and just all sorts of really dark things so that’s all coming down people are walking away unsubscribing I mean and in Hollywood’s being outed too so all these different power structures that are trying to run things they don’t really stand a chance but what’s interesting is that they got their grips and hooks into the disclosure movement which is all about trying to disclose this stuff so there’s disclosure within the disclosure movement which is interesting so I ended up kind of getting into all this because Patti was sending me all these emails from gem and and then I got the David letter David Wilcock letter and then all sudden you know I’m verifying with people that work for Gaia that this is true so if anybody’s thinking well maybe this is a PSYOP snow it actually is true I have a first-hand I have to keep those names quiet but um yeah so that one’s falling apart too so this is like really really good news if we’re getting it in politics Hollywood in the disclosure movement we had no where else to go but to emerge very clean and clear from all these different influences that are using children and their life force to feed so that they gain power so they gain influence so they gain wealth to infiltrate which is the name of the game they’ve been infiltrating everything since for thousands of years the Templars the Masons I mean any well-intentioned group ended up getting infiltrated but we got to look at those groups what was the weak spot that allowed those infiltrations to come in that’s what we got to do when we look at ourselves how can we protect ourselves we need to be real solid real connected real grounded and real true to who we are if we don’t know who we are we simply just need to show up as honest as we can with ourselves until we clear out the toxicity the programming’s and the contamination to get to the true core source of our true nature and and and what it means to be ourselves and sometimes we we don’t have a label or an identity and that’s great I I only do because I kind of have to like okay Laura what’s your title I’m like a global Alchemist I don’t know make it up like a guidance counselor’s not going to tell me I’m a global Alchemist but what the hell am i doing I’m just trying to turn the lead of this human experience into gold again because it’s all within us there’s no chosen ones every single person has that capacity in their DNA and DNA damage and genetic mutations can be healed you were just recently at contact in the in the desert seems like you had a really good time how was that experience for you I mean it was great it’s my fifth year it was at a different location I know guy TV had a huge position there I mean I I was happy with the turnout uh seeing friends and colleagues is always really fun I I think it’s a great venue um hopefully it’ll be cleared of any kind of weirdness that might be there because there’s a lot that’s trying to hook into these events or what a mother directed energy weapons that have happened before at some of these events but I love contacting the desert grateful to be a part of it so yeah I did a workshop a lecture and a panel and I had so much fun with you know people play ping pong with Nick Pope you know it’s just like how random and funny um ya know I had a lot of fun I saw edge of wonder there I don’t know if you guys have seen there you have watch of watch interviews there those are great and I’m so happy to be exposed to you I mean I love what you’re doing and your knowledge base and your it’s it’s awesome so I mean this is the best part of it is meeting new people and seeing how people are living their truths in their passion and they’re helping me get the truth out there so there’s a lot of that it’s contagious man like when you’re around people living their truth and being okay with it it it kind of moves you to jealousy it moves you to envy but you have to catch it I feel like we’re supposed to it like even with alchemy do something good with it okay you’re jealous why are you jealous okay because they get to wake up and do what they love for a living okay what can you do to stop that you can either stay jealous let it move into bitterness and you know what was me or whatever that’s not gonna help what can you do with the jealousy and the envy that’s coming well you can try to do what they’re doing what did they do to start walking in there calling what can can you do to start walking in your dream and so it’s contagious like I would listen to podcasts I have friends who were healers and they did yoga and breath work and in their hip-hop artists and they do it they get the weight they get to wake up and their job for the day was to work on a new song or whatever and now that’s my job and it in that seemed like something that was so far away that I could never obtain it it was you know not possible financially it wouldn’t bring in enough money nobody buys albums anymore they download music free and all this stuff but it’s to get that vision be consistent and whatever makes your heart tick man like I said if it’s a tattoo artist I would go get tattooed and do those guys love to do what they’re doing love to create love to do art and stuff or what that expression in it is contagious you gotta like make a choice event you’re just gonna be mad and bitter Emily man I wish I could do what y’all are doing to do it yeah totally and this is uh on my website if you scroll down at the bottom of the homepage you can subscribe to my newsletter and for $4.99 a month I will do mini sessions one mini session each month and I put out astrological reports and the mini sessions are really what is your mission what is your passion what’s getting in the way being able to look at the astrology you can see the blocks you can see the unconscious blocks you can see the fears you can see you know you can understand like how you tick what’s getting in the way and what’s available what is the potential everybody’s got avatar consciousness potential in their chart I’ve never seen a chart that doesn’t hold that potential but how can one get there and change their life so they can step into their mission so people out there that are listening are like oh you know I want to feel free I want to be doing what I love to do you know I recommend maybe subscribing because you know you get a phone call with me and you can see how the stars are affecting you can ask me any question there’s discounts for some of my longer readings and it’s all geared towards exactly what you’re saying how can you turn that jealousy or envy or being like how come they can do and I can absolutely can I mean I was like you I was stuck in I mean I don’t I don’t quite know your full story so I won’t say that but you know I was stuck in jobs I mean I was jobs that uh you know some of them I really did like I loved landscaping and I loved some of the other things I like interacting with people and this and that but I mean it was like I’m not gonna survive my path it’d be even surreal or a miracle if I even get to talk about my mission I never imagined that it would end up where it did but I had visions and in knowingness that it not you not so much in the speaking so much and being so exposed I wasn’t really thinking like I’d be such a maybe public type person um but you know if you have the vision your creative energies already on it and it’s working on your behalf to manifest it but you have to be willing you just have to be willing to not give up it’s pretty wild but yeah I was just like if I live to tell the tale of my mission and path I mean it’s gonna not even be a miracle it’s like because sometimes we’re in the underworld we don’t have any help you have to find your own light in the most horrific darkness no that’s what my books about going into the underworld not even feeling like there’s a spiritual presence there to help why because oh my gosh it’s right inside of me and this is an initiation for me to understand that it’s inside of me it doesn’t mean that it’s not outside of me anymore because it’s a part of the multi-dimensional cosmos and Earth but there are certain initiations we go through that throw us into some of the most horrific things so that we can recognize in that space what we’re truly made of and if we don’t we become victims we become bitter we can even turn to evil that will drive you to evil yeah Cain and Abel I mean yeah I mean just looking at the story the archetype of Cain and Abel jealous of his brother or he gets all the good stuff oh he’s the beloved why am I not too beloved why don’t why doesn’t God help me why doesn’t Gaea TV help me you know they people can look at you where you are now and think that that you just you know so you know somebody put you on or somebody retweeted one of your posts and now you’re this this personality or whatever they don’t know the sleepless nights and the tears and the things that you’ve cried because you have this story within you that this is you have to get out it’s not it’s not an option like these things that you have to get out and this stuff is years in the making you just didn’t start doing this yesterday you said you’ve been doing readings and stuff like that full of what like 20 years now you’ve been doing that for a long time yeah like a full-time job is like a landscape right did I eventually like had my whole mission and everything take over now it’s my full-time job just like you but it wasn’t like that and and there’s nothing glamorous about it so even if a person looks at it with envy there’s targeting there’s having to dive into information that you have to figure out how to articulate that is so disturbing you have to really reach into like the positive message and and and if people think it pays well no I mean but most of the stuff I do is for free I go to events I you know it’s they’re not big moneymakers there are ways to create more abundance so once you’re in it because there has to be some sort of balance but um you know as I I get a lot of criticism you know oh you know and you’re part of the Eisenhower family you’re probably we don’t have trust funds Eisenhower didn’t sell himself out to the Illuminati we all have to work our butts off I wasn’t born into any wealth I mean we even grew up going to thrift stores I mean my Ike son my grandfather helped us every once in a while but it’s not like we’re presidential families sitting on a bunch of wealth so there’s a lot of projections that can create emotions that aren’t necessary you know we really all got to know each other we got to know we’re in it together we signed up for different roles for parts but if a person feels like they’re not really playing their role then look outside of yourself for inspiration not envy because if you feel it in you and that’s where you want to go that’s where you’re months ago allow inspiration and and gosh some people go into such bitterness and envy and it’s just like I don’t think you realize but it’s okay that’s why we’re here talking about it and I mean the loss of friends what’s that you know the loss of friends like having good friends that once you reach a certain level they can’t go with you they’re you know they’re you know bitterness kicks into them like these people that you’ve been friends with for so longer then they’re bitter they’re envious they don’t know how to act now that you’re getting attention or whatever all of these different reasons man where your friends are just falling off you can’t bring them with you to the next levels that’s not easy yep yeah I probably had two friends before Facebook I mean I mean not and I wasn’t even known people just couldn’t handle my information and just like well I was also raising kids by myself and so it didn’t give me much of a social life but then when I started become public some people were like oh my gosh okay and would come to me like oh geez now I kind of get what you were all about in high school because I’m won most out of touch with reality for the senior class and but then a lot of people I mean nobody was really there anyway but as I joined social media and I started to post and I started to become public it definitely also created that where a lot of people just walk the other way and just didn’t like it so you know don’t let other people’s the way that they perceive you determine your own self-worth I mean I look at it like we’re in a parade we’re throwing stuff out to the crowd we just need to keep moving forward if we jump off when we see what they’re doing with it like are you eating it or you put it in your pocket are you stepping on it are you throwing it at somebody then then we lose our ability to stay focused you know a lot of people pay too much attention to what everybody else thinks that they’re not moving forward and just planting seeds and sharing information everybody who’s listening to this has something to offer your friends and your family but again you know you got to feel into who’s ready who’s not so you know we don’t want to get into battles and conflicts so there’s an art to kind of like you know how to wake people up but there’s always something that people can do uh and and that’s kind of the nature of what the readings can be like what what what what did you come in what’s important for you in this lifetime your complete geez yeah I don’t think that there’s any excuse because the majority of us have one of these and for those of you who are listening on on the podcast I’m holding up a smartphone there’s really no excuse you can create whatever you want to create whether it’s a persona whatever if you want to start a YouTube channel that bakes muffins and cooks ramen noodles in weird ways what anything you can think of like you can make a living doing it you can find ways to get people to support you or pay you or once you get a big enough audience you can have advertisers things like that there’s no excuse because we all have this the internet if we take advantage of it it’s changing the game and you don’t I mean anything whatever you want to do that you can reach the world through this this phone here and so I don’t think there’s any excuse for any of us to be like oh you have a shot or you have this or whatever create it if it’s not there and there’s a need create it and then that’s when the people come that when it would you when you’re you see a need and then you fulfill it whatever role it is whatever you want to do even if nobody’s ever heard of it what is a global Alchemist well let me show you I’m gonna show you what one is you haven’t seen stick around you’re gonna find out what it is and what we do and it’s essentially it man um one last question someone in the chat was saying something about our spiritually those who were so going into the ethers and the astral realms and meditation and talking to fairies and aliens all that stuff they basically alluded that that was a form of escapism and that it’s doing a disservice to spirit because they would rather be in the now moment and be present and enjoy this life it’s not a cop-out I think that comment it’s kind of a cop-out but to understand how it’s a relationship the spiritual aspect of not being so spiritual that you’re no earthly good but being so spiritual that you’re earthling incredible really to be able to tap in tune in go into the ethers find out who you all find out what you want to do get the game plan connect with that your higher power the Angels the guides whatever that is that’s the way we’re created that genetic makeup something that’s happening there it’s not just fantasy la-la-land I created and not in my mind and so it is something’s going on where’s the connection there as far as being so spiritual but then we bring it down so that we’re impactful and it’s in our knowledge as practical that it has the power to change lives and help people who are suffering with depression who doesn’t have people who don’t have friends you know this type of stuff to make it practical where’s the connection there with with that for you well I said earlier you know about integrating higher and lower self I mean yeah we can’t just be out there or so grounded in earth base that we shut ourselves off I mean we’re only denying ourselves the fullness of our multi-dimensional body I mean we want to be whole the heathyr is an element just like earth air fire water ether is a part of the cosmos which is a part of the earth the earth energies have different harmonic universes Gaia is multi-dimensional this earth is multi-dimensional it was seated with the 13 dimensional core but it ended up being programmed into a 3d planet but if there was a sphere that was morphed into the core that represented a part of the mother energy that actually left because of all the wars it got ungrounded wasn’t able to be in the body and in this ascension window period has been grounded back into the earth body which activates the diamond son DNA and I have a lot of research on this I do presentations about it so even though I’m just saying it quickly you know people might be like well what’s that all about yes I mean when we get super grounded into the earth I think it opens us up I mean I did not choose to be out of my body most of my life I was out of my body for about 20 years I had to go get help to get into my physical body I needed a lot of help because I was out there it was like one person that the Claire Boyne Institute said that I actually died and I went through the whole journey that his soul goes through and they died but I was able to maintain my physical through my crinoline and bringing in other guides to help run my body that were similar enough to me in agreement with what I’m an agreement to so that I wouldn’t have something negative come in I mean I was like a crazy astral traveler it’s not really a choice so to say like oh well that’s escapism okay well I guess I was born in escapism mode but where was I escaping to I was working on well they told me I was clearing wormholes from inorganic entities I was like okay yeah actually you’re right cuz that is what I was doing I wasn’t really sure I was just a kid and I was growing up I was a teenager and then I was an adult they realized I can’t get into my body what have I been doing what is this about and I knew but I needed the clarity too and they gave me the clarity so I mean everybody’s built differently some people are completely shut off that’s all bs those things don’t exist and okay fine I mean that’s kind of a limitation I knew that I was missing something I could admit it I need to be in my body I need to be present here I need to be on earth so as I started to come back into my body I was able to just learn things like astrology you know things about the earth grids things that are very much about the here and now you can be in the astral and connecting with fairies and guides and still be in the now how is that not being in the now how is that escaping anything I mean if we wake up in the matrix every day and we’re answering to mind control programs social engineering that’s a worse form of escapism because that’s not even authentic that’s something that is telling us how to think and how to be so if whoever made that comment is a completely free spirit that is just living a life that has nothing to do with television or movies or appropriately you know right on but I don’t know how your being a sovereign authentic being without recognizing your multi-dimensional self the goal is is to be grounded here in the now a weekend to all that we are you know but we can’t do it all at once because you know there’s there’s there’s a process where there’s different stages of development just like as a plant grows just as a child grows up as a humanity there are different stages of development I started off in the ether though now I’m back on earth so I know those realms are real and but at the same time when we you look at a planet like Neptune which is a planet related to our multi-dimensional energy it also rules the creative imagination where do you think we create from where do you think anything manifested out of but the great cosmic imagination that’s where why there’s so much diversity in nature I mean look at the oceans the octopus I mean it’s like the insect Kingdom there’s thousands and millions of species I mean that came out of somebody’s imagination so our spirituality and our clairvoyance has a lot to do with the creative imagination but what we have to check is is it distorted are there distortions in our imagination which can lead to being haunted being in fear creating delusions that don’t serve us because it’s not in alignment with the frequency of our physical body yeah so when we’re healthy in our physical body our creative imagination is healthy and vice versa if our creative imaginative imagination is healthy our physical bodies healthy they go hand in hand energy is the precursor or the predecessor to physicality energy happens first so if you have a lot of pain and fear and trauma your physical body’s going to reveal it and show it through physical symptoms but if you’re energetically clear your physical body’s probably going to be a lot healthier and if you take good care of your physical body more than likely when you go into your dream realm you’re having better experiences than somebody who’s toxic so there’s no separation between the ether the astral our physicality and what’s beyond the ether which is zero point and the actual earth energies in the core of this earth actually connects us with the zero point and I have a lot of information on this so you know if anybody wants to send me an email like I want to see that information and some real articulate intelligent communication about it you know I can supply that to you yeah it’s um it’s I think it’s it’s part of it it’s like being a true shaman as one who’s able to go through the ethers one who’s and what we talked about go through the ethers what does that mean you can go to sleep every night all of us have to put our head on our pillows and then the the DMT is released into a pioneer gland and we go into the ethers and astral travel and get premonitions all kinds of stuff but it’s about being a shaman to be able to go into those realms and pull out the information and make it manifest I mean whether you’re an artist whether anything that your career I’m on this kick right now you’re talking about the imagination all of this stuff coming out of something’s imagination whether it’s a Creator God or whatever but us being as little creators when we create we kind of give glory back to that Infinite Creator and we’re made in the image and likeness of that creator whatever we create if I create a song I have to go into the ethers I have to go in here experience put all this stuff together and then birth something that never existed if you’re putting together a seminar a webinar okay this webinar don’t exist until you build it until you brand it until you birth it a picture a painting whatever it is all of that is part of the spiritual alchemy is going into those ethers and making it manifest something that didn’t exist this podcast did not exist not you know all of this stuff didn’t exist until we created it and that’s part of it just learning how to do that you can have all the dreams you want and all the fantasies in this dream life and a dream husband dream wife dream career whatever it’s gonna be a dream unless you set goals and you understand how to do the alchemy of grabbing that stuff out of here out of the ether and and birthing it into the now moment so I think they work hand in hand I appreciate you coming on go ahead and share your links again let people know about what you got coming up and maybe they’ll go over there and subscribe to what you have going on over there website yes so cosmic Gaea org you can subscribe at the bottom of the page if you go to the bookings page you don’t want to subscribe there’s all sorts of sessions and readings just to help you really know who you are and what makes you you know just I already kind of explained it not to kind of promote but it just seemed to fit in to what we were talking about as far as my offerings because all this is very important for people to just really be who they are the event I have coming up should be listed on the website it should be all updated so that’s cosmic Gaia or I have dimensions of it and I keep things pretty updated just as best as I can and I really enjoyed being on this is a great conversation and thanks everybody for listening alright Laura we’ll have to do it again soon thank you so much my friend yeah thank you as well take care hi Laura eisenhower great-granddaughter of President Dwight d Eisenhower really good discussion I’ve been trying to make this happen for a while we finally got her on as I guess I enjoyed it man so much she is I mean we could have just named almost any subject and she’s like a walking encyclopedia she has so much information on all of this stuff we could have just talked about crystals probably for the whole hour we could have talked about astrology in talking about astrology man she knows her stuff I love listening to her on go on other people’s shows and just go in on astrology and the planets and Saturn with the Saturn mean and how does it relate back to us and all the planets like we’re going through that alchemy as well like we’re going through the the planetary allegory essentially she’s got a lot of information on that stuff way more than me and I love to kind of have people on who who are studied in other realms and we can just roll ideas off of one another to get to the bottom of this stuff right that’s what we have to do we have to be able to bring our peace to the to the table a piece of the puzzle put it down Laura brings hers or a good brings his Christy Lee brings hers whatever we all bring our pieces of the puzzle and we like look we’re starting to see something here something is a picture is starting to form that’s really what it’s about man it’s about you know I don’t think one person any one person has the truth I think that are they have their truth and that they can bring their truth to the table and hopefully that truth is something that can help you that can heal you and bring forth right knowledge and understanding in whatever place you are in your life that’s what this podcast exists for and I’m bragging it’s thriving you guys are listening and you’re resonating with something you guys are supporting like something is up I’m doing something right whatever it is I’m gonna be consistent and I’m gonna keep doing it Chris Barr says where can I find her on podcast true seeker I don’t know about podcast I’m sure she’s been interviewed before so if you go to wherever you listen to podcast and look up her name I’m sure there’s podcast episodes you’re definitely going to find her all over YouTube but definitely look her up dreams manifesting and bringing them into this reality being a shaman being able to travel the realms I mean it is practical we make it sound esoteric and beautiful that’s my job because I think it is esoteric and beautiful I think that it is intriguing in and sparks Wonder and awe in all of these things anything spiritual he’s impractical but it’s a part of going into the dream state or just having a thought let’s just you know going in and grabbing that thought and bringing it out in dink of that though something no matter what it is that didn’t exist until you created it if you didn’t create it it would nobody would benefit from it nobody would be able to see it or experience it but since you did the due diligence to hard work that pays off I mean you’re your whole life is this though like your whole life is alchemy people are getting the see like on a public scale most of the time they’re getting to see the good stuff they haven’t seen the bad stuff they haven’t seen the base stuff that you went through of the years of regret and mistakes and trials and error trying this doing that and they haven’t seen the heartache and the discouragement they just see the the well-polished you the well-spoken you you know what I’m saying look at any of these people look at Laura Eisenhower look at you know go back and listen our early versions of the true seeker podcast I mean there’s some really early ones that you may even be able to find under different names online and they were weird man I had to we had to learn how to do this stuff the more you do it you get better at it whatever it is if it’s astral traveling if it’s leaving your body if it’s meditation if it’s contacting ETS like whatever it is if it’s doing music go listen to early true seeker music oh my god I’m 200 songs in go listen to song number one and two you know what I’m saying quantity eventually produces quality and the more that you do something you have to train yourself playing basketball playing a sport you get better you get better you build endurance you learn tricks for the trade you learn new moves new things that that you can add to your arsenal all of this stuff creating what you want for yourself and it’s such a blessing like I said if it didn’t exist until you created it I don’t care what it is don’t care what it is well if I said my tattoo artists like those guys are doing beautiful work man like that tattoo didn’t exist until I went in there and thought about it and connect it with this person and network with them and love my tattoos you know what I’m saying like whatever it is man we are really I believe we’re made in the image and likeness of a creator and we emanate that and I think the highest form of worship man is when we do what we were put here to do and we resonate at that higher level man um something that didn’t exist whatever it is go out there and paint a picture or you’re a painter write a poem something man you can do it you can birth it a job a career a need if you create a need if you if you feel a need people will pay you for that like if you can bring something to the table that people need or people want people will pay you for that the Internet is so powerful you can create whatever you want even on a website like I said talk about planting seeds to fulfill your destiny whatever planting seeds sowing seeds whatever that is comes in the form of sending emails starting instagrams starting website you know blogging riding up blog create something man birthed it use your phone you should whatever there’s so many free resources man out there that you can use and it’s alchemy you get better you get better you can get money and buy better equipment you get a good camera you get a good microphone whatever you wanna sorta podcast you got something to share with people you are you entertaining are you funny whatever you want to do you can do it and then you can thrive and make a living doing it as well I try to be as open and honest as I can with you guys from the pitfalls and the things that work and the things that didn’t work and uh you know and I you know if you’re just listening for entertainment I don’t I don’t think this is an entertainment podcast I’m just trying to give you the game I’m letting you know you’re playing the game most of you don’t understand the rules whether we’re talking about universal law whatever we’re talking about seed time and harvest karma all of these laws meant that whatever you put out you’re gonna get back you know we talk about this all the time you want support you got to support people you want love you got to find somebody I love on them you know what I’m saying like Chris garner says he’s entertained yeah uh uh you know but I think you’re doing it too I don’t think this is just just for you to listen to I want I want you to you are I want to say that no in the right manner to be moved to jealousy I want you to in everything that I do [Music] says I’ll make you the envy of All Nations but they want what you got I want you to want I think I got what you want think I have that in many aspects people are in different places man wherever you are listening to this if I’m talking to the young Derrick you could drive in a truck do it bro you man don’t give up you can do it man send that email Derrick come on by the cry talking about this you could do a bro don’t give up man you can do it don’t give up whatever it is I don’t know like this is this isn’t the motto this isn’t you know whatever it is man you want to start a YouTube channel with your family family vlogging you can do it do a full-time make it happen you know you know well I got kids me too do you men understand what it is manifest it be consistent Chris bars he’s repeating what I say consistency is key I can continue to name those friends who aren’t consistent they’re changing with the wind the Bible says don’t be pushed around by every wind of doctrine I say don’t be pushed around by every wind of new idea get your idea well we could totally do something I could start a pocket I got so many cool people in my circle man and I would love I can fathom I can go out there and ether I can think about starting a podcast with each one of these people I could do a podcast for this person I could do it so I rather just start up my own podcast and get them to come on and have this conversation you know what I’m saying but you you only have so many hours in the day to make something happen we have the same amount of time we only have 24 hours but what you do with that time you know you can’t get it back you can’t get that time back Tom waste it you can’t get it back so this makes sure that you’re taking advantage of the time to send the emails to to create the goal to write it down make a video vision make it plain you know if you write down your goals you’re denied just by writing them down you’re a 70 to just by writing them down a to-do list I have a honey-do list right here for those of you watching um I have a honey-do list don’t read it as stuff I have to do that my wife wrote for me and since she wrote him down I’m consciously aware okay gotta kind of make that happen how to do this I’m consciously aware of it versus forgetting about it I got so much stuff going on it’s easy to forget so if you write this stuff down man even something you’re so just a reminder get the vision write it down make it plain seventy to ninety percent more able or apt to fulfilling it whatever that is um get those people in your life we’re gonna help you get people who are feeding that dream y’all carrying other people y’all yeah you guys are empathic and you’re letting other people dictate your feelings and emotions and get those people out your life people you’re dealing with toxic people people who don’t have anything to contribute to your relationship nothing to give they just want what one they take they take they take the judge the judge the judge they criticize they criticize they criticize get those people out your life why are you entertaining it do you just like what is it like you know you can drive in and deal with the without those people right I if they’re not give they’re not contributing something good somebody because they’re tall those type of people out of your life Chris bars in the comment talking about people who call you out will challenge you who think that you’re in error who think that you’re doing it the wrong way any they try to like make a spectacle out of you and on an open platform like they’ll use Facebook or something like that to expose you or whatever the case is to call you out set you straight you know they do it on an open platform there may be make videos or whatever the case is that’s not love man brotherly love sisterly love like you had to come to that person in private the Scriptures even tell you to do that go to that person in private you got people that’s putting all of your personal stuff out there on the on the internet they’re just you know doing all that stuff that’s not good that’s not good especially like conversation you can have people screenshot in conversations people screenshot and stuff that you’ve told them in private and through messenger and they share it out there with the world and these people are cut throw it out here I you know and you got to learn get people in your life who love you and who support you and make it happen man got a donation live um my good friend Christy folks Thank You Christy for that you rock thank you so much for your support thank you everyone for your support I’m supporting my work and what I’m bringing to the table and uh like I said it’s I think it’s resonating with some people so I’m gonna play it [Music] thank you thank you for the donation Christie and everybody else who has been donating in in helping and encouraging all of that good stuff get those toxic people out of your life man find people who support you who believe in you or rooting for you against you out there you’re in a situation and a group of people were you just being tolerated just being tolerated don’t go – don’t go where you’re tolerated the way you need it go where you want it and there’s something there’s a place out there for you like you just think that this is it cuz you’ve been doing it for so long you better change pretty got a change of scenery find your tribe I love my tribe I love you guys really do um for those of you Kristy Lee did leave a comment right when we went live and she’s too tell she’s beckoning you Christy folks I mean beckoning people to join discord that’s why our tribe is we hang out on this court throughout the week that that’s for patrons and that’s just for people who need community want community want like-minded people to talk to throughout the week there’s voice chat there’s text messaging it’s a really cool app on your phone or on your computer I try to jump in there as much as I can if I’m working on a song if I’m doing graphic art if I’m getting stuff ready for a podcast I’ll try to jump in there and chat we jump in there we just listen to music we’ve been listening to music all morning chatting on there a lot of people who are on here so if you’re looking for community the link is in the description this says discord get it on your phone or get it on your computer it’s voice chat and it’s typing some people are you know weird about jumping into voice chat I stay on voice set I don’t try to type too much so if you don’t see me comment and I’m always watching y’all’s conversations man you’ve been on y’all so yeah if you looking for community make sure you take advantage of this technology like I said we don’t have an excuse feel alone man I have nobody to talk to you’re a liar you are a liar you’re lying discord you got a whole community family of people who are looking to help you to encourage you to equip you and just to say what’s up just to say how you’re doing if you need prayer any of that stuff we got a team of people man beautiful beautiful community that’s growing and that’s thriving I mean we go on vacations together we take trips we’re all kinds of cool stuff man you got to get with the program don’t say you don’t have nobody to talk to don’t say you don’t have nobody to encourage you like we have tools we have radio shows we have podcast we encourage you equip you this is what a community is it takes a community well hop on discord the link is in the description it’s free and get it on your phone or your your computer it’s a community to thrive with telling you good stuff but that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom again thank you guys for supporting the work in you guys you know I talked about creating this yes I showed up I created this I did a lot of stuff to make this happen I did my own research I’ve watched interviews and podcast also to get inspired to make this happen but at the end of the day it wouldn’t be possible without you guys thank you guys for co-creating this with me this Laura Eisenhower interview that we just did this encouragement that I tried to share at the end of the show it’s lighting a fire under your butt lighting a fire in your heart man to get up and do something man to breathe upon that fire spoken word prophetically call it out of you breathe upon it fire like Jesus breathed upon his disciples I’m trying to breathe the breath of life over you to encourage you to seek your your calling seek your vision whatever it is do it make it come to pass I couldn’t do it without your help and support so we created this together it wouldn’t exist without you so again thank you guys who have been supporting via patreon and other donations and things like that thank you guys for praying for me he lifted me up in prayer being there when I need someone to talk to giving me advice thank you for being a part of my life and yeah that’s all I want to say thank you guys for being in the chat to those of you who can’t support like just being here making this you know a collective experience thank you guys for for listening to this and continuing to listen and continuing to tell people about it everybody man everybody plays a part and I’m thankful and I want you to do what you were called to do what you were put here to do and if you don’t I’m gonna be mad you’re doing it wrong love you guys join us for the after party over in discord Lincoln’s in the description love you guys peace and Shalom Shalom [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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