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Carlos Martinez is a prophetic speaker who travels the nation teaching people the value of Learning To Hear God’s Voice. Jesus says that “My sheep know my voice and a stranger’s voice they will not follow” John 10:27. It is possible for everyone one of us to hear the voice of God our father speaking to us inwardly in a still small voice as well as audibly. We also know that God speaks to us through our five senses and learning how He speaks to us in these ways will benefit not only us but the rest of humanity. Once we learn to discern the voice of God speaking to us and leading or lives we learn that first he will speak through what is called The quickening of the Holy Spirit. This is when we have a feeling inwardly and have a sense of knowing, this is also called using our intuition. We then graduate from the still small voice of intuition to learning to hear God in all that we see and do for the voice of God is always speaking to us. Once we get comfortable in this then he can eventually speak through us, however, this is done oftentimes even without our knowing. We can engage the voice of God and ask what He would say to others around us. It is by having a well trained ear that we can boldly pursue the voice of God for our family and friends and receive the unction of the Holy Spirit and in turn deliver the message. The is what the Bible refers to as prophesying. Simply speaking out as the oracles of God. In this interview Carlos Martinez speak with TruthSeekah about how we can all freely access the prophetics realms by Learning To Hears Gods Voice and understand the ways that he has already been speaking to us all along.



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