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Carlos Martinez is a prophetic speaker who travels the nation teaching people the value of Learning To Hear God’s Voice. Jesus says that “My sheep know my voice and a stranger’s voice they will not follow” John 10:27. It is possible for everyone one of us to hear the voice of God our father speaking to us inwardly in a still small voice as well as audibly. We also know that God speaks to us through our five senses and learning how He speaks to us in these ways will benefit not only us but the rest of humanity. Once we learn to discern the voice of God speaking to us and leading or lives we learn that first he will speak through what is called The quickening of the Holy Spirit. This is when we have a feeling inwardly and have a sense of knowing, this is also called using our intuition. We then graduate from the still small voice of intuition to learning to hear God in all that we see and do for the voice of God is always speaking to us. Once we get comfortable in this then he can eventually speak through us, however, this is done oftentimes even without our knowing. We can engage the voice of God and ask what He would say to others around us. It is by having a well trained ear that we can boldly pursue the voice of God for our family and friends and receive the unction of the Holy Spirit and in turn deliver the message. The is what the Bible refers to as prophesying. Simply speaking out as the oracles of God. In this interview Carlos Martinez speak with TruthSeekah about how we can all freely access the prophetics realms by Learning To Hears Gods Voice and understand the ways that he has already been speaking to us all along.

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how to harness in or hone in on your own prophetic voice your own prophetic giftings and there’s a lot to be said about this subject we’re gonna get into it today I got a friend of mine I’ve been building with for some time and he and it just so happened I sent him over the the subject matter and he’s gonna be teaching a course on it this weekend so it just kind of actually fell into place and he’ll almost get to practice it today so I’m excited to have him on before we get to that I gotta say thank you to all the patrons everybody who’s supporting over at backslash true seeker couple names I gotta say thank you too right off the back the newest patrons we have Jonathan Baena bayyina BAE na is that is that Spanish penis oh brother Thank You Joshua lumen what’s up Joshua Joshua was been supporting for a while on the only old platform that I had and he’s been consistent there dude brother thank you for all of your support and we’re gonna be doing a show soon what’s adjustable fluid as 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guys who are not in a home church or anything like that you guys listen to this as you’re teaching at your fellowship what we’re wanting to take it to the next level and essentially birth the online community so for everybody who’s supporting you’re gonna get access as well to the School of the Mystics is something that we’re gonna be doing every Thursday night we’re gonna be everything we’re talking about now like we’re talking about hearing the voice of God we’re gonna practice that and we can practice here in the voice of God we can practice the presence of God and so prayer activation all of that stuff just forming a community because I reach out I get inboxes from so many people how the podcast is changing their life and but it has to be some type of fellowship some type of community so that’s what we’re gonna try to birth their Thursday nights the School of the Mystics if you support on patreon you get access to that it’s gonna be private if we need to do confession we just need to do prayer it’s gonna be private just only people who are affiliated with us and I’m excited about that and there’s just so many people who who I see the potential in to move to the next level I’m able to see that and we have to birth that we have to activate it and we have to pray for that and bring those things out of you that’s what this is going to do so this is what we’re trying School of the Mystics Thursday night 7 p.m. central backslash truth seeker you can also get access by just going to the website true seeker calm and click on school of the Mist and I have a countdown timer on there for the next session we also have the stream schedule on the website as well so everybody gets to know when we’re going live so you guys can catch us and call in phone lines are open all that good stuff call in say hello if you have any questions or comments or you need prayer right now call in at the end of the show we’ll take some of your calls and get into it but yeah from the bottom of my heart man backslash truce eagle all right with all that out the way I’m gonna welcome my guest Carlos Martinez from rising Saints ministry what’s going on my brother all right brother right here you know bless or not and I want to thank you so much for and you know blessing me and then in your artwork and I appreciate it in and it’s it’s fire all the time it’s fire I got future stuff man I love it man the seal that’s behind the image and the creativity man is it’s amazing man so I’m really blessed and honored by that and also thank you so much for you know putting me on the podcast show man it’s awesome the true secret broadcast show man y’all out there you need to connect with my brother Derek of your artwork or you know just simply just donate give everything he just said that so it’s blessing it’s honor breath preciate you meant yes sir yes sir thank you for honoring me man that’s how we met probably through Jamie ruckman probably I’m not really sure about you needed some artwork you needed a flyer or something like that so you sent you my name my information I started I did some work for you on your flyers for some of your events that you had and I noticed you were a prophetic speaker and so that always piqued my piques my interest I’m definitely moving into prophetic giftings and I think that that’s a needed part in the body of Christ and I’ve heard it said that if we deny the spiritual gifts that were denying people a part of Jesus what would you say to that you know what that is all Jesus you can’t pick and choose what you want because it’s it you know God is you know God is bigger so why not tap into more and if you separate the boat and you’re only tapping into what’s mental and I with my heart so was my heart will manifest so whatever you you engage Jesus by the fully engaging him engaging the whole Jesus then he starts manifesting so when you divide the – he won’t manifest but when you divide the whole and he’ll start manifesting I did a study I was wanting to go back because we had some friends who we were building within gospel rap for years and but then other doctrines would come in and they would find the work of like John MacArthur and stuff like that which says like the gifts of the Spirit are done away with is called cessation that it they the gifts of the Spirit ceased with the Apostles and this is what a huge number of people believed and so I started to do this studying because we had all these people who didn’t want to be affiliated because we believed in the gifts and they would distance themselves just because of that because we believe in the gifts of the Spirit that are mentioned throughout the scriptures so I did a study in about looking at Jesus through Matthew and seeing how Jesus would perform miracles and win people over like he would do the the miracle or something that had to do with the spirit realm and he would win the person over he would win the grounds to them to kind of share his message whether it was healing them or feeding them or having a award of wisdom or a word of knowledge about a situation and when that would happen and it was almost like a formula the gift of prophecy would come forth and then healing and then he’d win them over and they would they would follow him man what do you say to those who would say that that was for them that was for Tom past and we just have the gospel and and that’s it I mean what would you say to those people you know I would say that honestly man is the true testimony I used to go to ice-t Rob be at a local church that’s well-known around the world and they didn’t study the gifts they said exactly what that was that the gifts died with the apostles and so but in my heart so I served in that church for two years um and but for some reason in my heart man i knew that i just always proclaim the Holy Spirit in my legs you know and at that you know but when I live when when I live with the top of Brethren I mean they’re genuine they got a heart for Jesus you know what I mean I believe that I’m not I’m not a fire brimstone brother man but at the same time is that the Holy Spirit kept tugging on me and tugging on me and finally after two years of believing that that doctrine believing in that um man it was amazing it was a quick turnaround in my life God starts speaking to me he started guiding me a lot more um there like I said you can’t divide the two um because Jesus manifests and Ho and it’s just like you said in the New Testament you know in the New Testament there’s our 37 actions of Jesus stealing delivering and and a few actions are prophetic and when I started reading that it started separating me from the doctrine yeah and started really bringing me into a relationship with God it’s just like Jesus had that that conversation with the woman of Samaria you know she said well there’s come a time whether you know people will worship the Lord the father in spirit and truth in that structure I said what spirit and true and so when I started seeking truth obviously is biblical but the truth in reality was a spirit realm of God relationship so when I lived both out you know as a testimony it was it was like wow now my eyes are open to the next level play yeah I would say man you know what everybody’s out there listening come on in man come to the spirit realm don’t be afraid because that’s gonna be the one that’s gonna knock you back to Moses fear when you come in a way from that doctrine but I would say you know what man God is good god changed my life there’s a lot of revelant spiritual manifestations when you engage that spirit yeah so I want to welcome everybody to come on this side and try it out with don’t be afraid man that’ll lock you back in that’s what I’m what we hear a lot the whole we got to follow him in spirit and in truth and for some that’s a division because you either studying the truth and studying the scriptures and studying the breakdown of words and analogies and what the scriptures mean and what he meant and what these prophecies mean and there’s so many people in that I’ve been there and and that’s a good place right but then there’s the other side where they don’t do no studying in the spirit it’s all we’ll make it up as we go type of stuff but a little found that there’s a marriage when you merge the two in the middle in you and you walk in in knowledge and in wisdom or you have a zeal with knowledge versus a zeal without knowledge right and so many people have that zeal but no knowledge and no study but it’s joining the spirit and the truth and not being too far on one side or the other right right and you think about this brother I mean think about poly-a possible he was saw you know he had all he had all the head knowledge yeah right he had all the head knowledge but he had position in it knowledge and as soon as he got knocked in first high horse she’d be he was like whoa you know after the three days of the Spirit manifests but he confess it because there was something going on in his heart as he was murdering Christians because the first thing that came out of his voice out of his mouth when he said you know when he got knocked off the high horse who you Lord you know he spoke to the Lord but at the same time you know that he had position and so having head now you can’t separate with two you got to bring them together and I’m gonna tell you what it’s a whole different experience yeah god so yeah that’s so and so that’s why I love doing these podcasts where we kind of talk about it and we give you knowledge we give you understanding there and big part of the knowledge is learning from experience right we can tell you but when you actually out there doing it and you know how God uses your imagination and God uses your body and feelings and all he uses everything in your life to express his love his his feelings for towards people and there’s so many different different ways we can we can go about engaging that and that that’s the beautiful part of it and that it is something natural and so for a group of people especially believers to say that those giftings are done away with and those miracles and supernatural abilities and all of this fun stuff is done away with but guess what in the realm of the occult and the realm of witchcraft and things like that in a new age it’s not done away for them right right why do they get all the fun stuff why do they get to engage the spirit realm and see miracles and manifestation but in the church realm it’s dead I don’t believe that one did amen amen and I’m in total total agreement you know when when I was in that that form of doctrine for two years bro what was happening was you know I had this one sister who was actually her blood-related sister and she was she’s the one who introduced me to that doctrine a teaching you know that that the Holy Spirit for the spiritual gets her done away with but it was crazy because every time she would talk about that that it was nothing away with and then her daughter my niece you know she had like this breast catch so there goes my sister laying hands on her and then all of a sudden she gets healed up I mean the Spirit is manifesting there but my sister believed in the spiritual gift but she’s like no brother there no mas so it was contradicting you know what I mean it was very contradicting but at the same time when she was doing that it felt like what like I said what I explained about what Paul did earlier when he confessed Jesus as Lord when he fell off his horse you know there was something in his heart something was tugging on my ready and so when something’s tugging you then you know that God is tugging you for a reason Yeah right to put you on a mission cuz that’s what Paul did natural radu but at the same time I see my sister go through that doctrine is she still in there but at the same time she’s laying hands you know Michael so it was contradictions I mean he says of it still exists now why right right right right but man I said I’ll tell you what man once I started the Lord start tucking ma to get off that horse it was it was it was it was fully on man it’s Lully on so and you know that’s what that’s what keeps us armored up cuz you know you know it’s like the fusions 411 where he says it’s the equipping of the Saints we need to be equipped against the spiritual warfare yeah you know and so that’s the equipping of the Saints Oh would be a quick to fight against the spiritual warfare and so anyways brother go ahead ah yeah so we get a lot of people talking about this stuff and and it it’s it’s it’s a must for me to talk about it because I mean I’ve had experiences ever since I was a kid with whether it was ghosts or demons or weird dreams of having beings in my room in the middle of the night crazy stuff going all right yeah I got to make sense of what it is and we would go to the pastor and I you know I got to a point where I was in youth group and I was having prophetic dreams about the church about own destruction and and warnings that were coming to the church and I would go to the pastor and youth pastor and they would pray against it and say it was just the devil and and so it was like man and they were and I trusted their judgement but I didn’t feel like it was correct like I didn’t feel like it was just a devil messing with my head or sending me bad dreams or whatever I felt like there was supposed to be something done like it was a warning and ended up going to a home meeting where they embraced the prophetic gifts and they they did the hands-on activation and the prayer and the teaching and they would have some of the books that showed you are from a Christian perspective even the different symbols that that happened in your dream if you have a dream of a lion it could be the devil creeps around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour or the lion could be a symbol of Jesus being the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah so the different symbols and signs in your dreams we have to know how to interpret them but this this home meeting deeply taught this stuff it was we practiced the presence of God we practiced just being able to pray for one another and how these feelings sensations and thoughts come to you and and then you have the courage to speak them out and it was okay to mess up and and so doing that in a safe environment we were able to grow and that’s kind of what we’re gonna be doing with the what the school of the Mystics we’re just gonna try to do that online which I’m excited to do but a lot of stuff happens when we’re kids man so do you have any experiences was God calling you was your moving in these areas as a kid did you have a any any supernatural encounters when you were young you know what I just kind of you know I was raised in a home that was fully you know different religion basic classic you know so but as far as those kids to concern I’ve seen the same thing as you did for the house you know growing up I see black shadows you know I seen a lot of movement you know dark movement running around the house running outside I was born and raised in Arizona there was a we lived on a ranch for like 11 or 12 years and then right across the street there was like these are kiala there were digging it’s in the desert and there was kind of like I didn’t know what it was um people came out there start digging it turned out to be archaeologists and they’re looking at Indian burials but it’s crazy because I would ride my bike at night after there were time you know and I would see like these these these black shadows out there running around – and I’m like whoa okay and it was scared me man it would bring you know of course you’re a kid you don’t understand it I was old man it’s a ghost and yeah you know you take off and I’m running inside even in the house they was around and I was seeing kind of things like that but as far as like godly manifestations I mean demonic manifestations yeah I’ve always had a moment all my life as a youngster but godly men are like seen angels I didn’t know experienced none of that until I came into a relationship with God yes and started seeing angels and things like that coming out the sky I saw yeah that’s that’s awesome you say that I’ve I’ve had a bunch of encounters but I was seeking them that I’m saying that angelic encounters I think the demonic encounters as a kid kind of happened by default but to have the aesthetic encounters I was expecting them I was looking for them and I found him like that realm is is is real and really whatever you’re seeking you’re gonna find you in any realm and so that that’s the thing that we’re supposed to to to yearn for the gifts of the Spirit to to learn about him to be consumed with them the scripture tells us that man first Corinthians 14 goes into a lot of talk about – actually there was one transit translation that I loved I think it was first Corinthians 14 31 what I said there was a translation that said to earnestly lust to lust after the spiritual gifts and so people had a problem with that word because they I guess they equated it to set sex or whatever to last after but nice like the earnestly desire to burn with the passions for the spiritual giftings right and I think those people who are engaged in those realms they do so when we’re talking about having these demonic encounters by default and then we start talking about seeing angels or ministering angels of seeing them flying the sky and going through clouds or coming from I’ve seen them come from the stars man like I’ve seen some beautiful stuff that will just blow your mind man um it’s okay to talk about demons you know right like we’re expected everybody has a demon story in the churches they love to talk about demons we start talking about angels sometimes if there’s a red flag right but it’s okay and it’s so weird like that there’s a safe safe zone to talk about demons but when we talk about how angels still exists and how angels engage and interact with us and I go wait that might that may have been a demon cloaked like there’s always this weird dissidents there do you have you ever had any experiences or can you speak to that at all experience with angels yes well you well yeah the the experiences with angels but then again how its taboo in our okay to talk about angels you know yeah yeah I mean like I said when I was out there for two years man and a study in his bathroom the third Brethren man I mean you know they they limited a lot of things they limited music yeah you know you had the hymn book you know you couldn’t you know what I mean you you had no instruments in the church it’s not in a New Testament you know and so if nothing was relevant in the whole goes and nothing was revelant in the musicians or the music yeah and obviously nothing was relevant in that Angelica realm you know they believed that you know and like I said I love the Brethren you know they got a lot of hand knowledge but it’s that that one part that they’re missing the encounter of the Holy Ghost and so but at the same time and when they didn’t believe in the angelic wrong Danny but even you know if you’re struggling is because demons ain’t attacking you it’s because you ain’t in your word no you know and so yeah I had that encounter with the Brethren there’s a it’s funny you say that because there’s this word understanding that um I always go back to my sister my sister had that belief in a about not wanting to talk about demons not wanting to rebuke demons lish because and this is definitely from like a worldly like uneducated standpoint because she didn’t want to see him she didn’t want to have them manifest in her room at night she’s like demons you do your thing I do mine like I know that real and I don’t I know you she knows my experiences but she doesn’t want to talk about it she doesn’t want to engage him even rebuking him out of her her own life because she doesn’t want to wake up with a demon on her chest you know what I’m saying and you going through deliverance that stuff happens man like even more they try to scare you that’s all they can do but they try to scare you when I came out of really dark witchcraft and occult eyes I’m like really dark stuff I had I had so many encounters waking up in the middle of night with stuff choking me I felt like spirits reaching their hands in my head and grabbing my brain and I couldn’t breathe and insane stuff coming from my dream realm coming out of that stuff man talk a little bit about that like some of the stuff that you’ve seen manifest over here on this side um as far as the demonic presence man I mean not like that you know the the old sleeping you know waking up I remember you know fallen asleep and in like all of a sudden in my dream I see this this this dark image and it looking it was really evil I got like it’s entering my room and it kind of had that the silhouette of the Reaper you know coming in my room and and and it started crawling on my leg and crawling on the bed with me and then all of a sudden I wake up and this is in the dream you know I wake up and boom and I just seen a black shadow jump off me and take off mm-hmm so I mean as far as like getting choked up yeah I mean I mean I was wrapped up in that – man it was crazy because we kind of got the same experience you and I you know family they they did witchcraft and all that stuff was bound up in my mind or you know but it was really it was like the relationship you know with the demonic realm point with the witchcraft basically and what came with that was just like a relationship with God you know you will come to what that as safety or we came with the angelic realm was power I mean the demonic realm because that’s what we believe in like we’re powerful you know more actually weak and so those demonic those demons coming at me at night experiencing the choke in the gasping the crawling on me that the static on my legs the static behind my neck when I must leave you know it’s it’s real man it’s real so I’ve had I’ve had one encounter where a demon or it was to be exact it was I mean we would call a demon just cuz it was negative but it was a right in in in the occult and witchcraft they call it an elemental spirit that was birthed out of earth air fire or water and it was smoke actually and uh which was like the darkest of night like really dark heavy black smoke and uh had one appeared to me when I stole something from a warlock and I I shared this story all the time but um ended up stealing something from a warlock who had a protection spell on his belongings and this thing manifested and knocked me and my cousin down to the ground it was about eight foot tall looked like a camel like a huge camel ran by knocked us down and screaming disappeared and just so that right there I knew bro like there’s something there that not just in the spirit realm and not just in heaven or in hell but like it can manifest here on the earth right right for I’m saying the darkness and that that after having that crazy encounter you would think that I would push you away from it and push you towards God but it’s alright this stuff’s real maybe I can get good enough to summon one of these things right and it gets into a lot of crazy stuff man but um I know it’s real and they come with a price they can give you power you can have power to summon these things but I’m telling you what the person who summoned them he’s tormented by those things those things are waking up waking him up in the middle of the night and all types of crazy stuff man he’s having he’s tormented even with like like sickness and tumors in his stomach and crazy stuff that comes with that that they don’t tell you you think that you just learn it and you have you keep demons around you you’re gonna be okay no they want your body they want to be here and even if it’s just a tumor like that tumor is their physical representation on the earth like they want to be over in this reality it gets into some deep stuff even you studying tumors study something called teratoma tumors where these demons want bodies then there’s tumors growing on people that have teeth and eyeballs in it and it’s almost as if these demons like are trying to manifest a body for themselves through you its gets into some weird stuff man yeah yeah speaking the tumors man it I had a sister that ridet was really really drenched into that which cry you know it was kind of came from my dad’s side and then it came to my sister and I started practicing and no big okay you know but as she was really immersed in it and so she’s always telling me man I remember the teenager I had these three helpers you know these three helpers they always tell me and so she’d go in a room and do her thing you know and and so whatever she did but I remember there was a time she passed out now remember there was a time where where she wanted to give that up and she did give it up but it was crazy because as he gave it up those three helpers you know she was like she fought against them a lot I seen it but at the same time she grew three tumors she let go and so you know to testify it it out what you’re talking about it’s true it’s true because I see my sister and there were three tumors and so they were in the craziest places in her body yeah and she went got surgery you know and she’s walking away from witchcraft man he’s done with it you know and so she went and got surgery God got him got him you know praise the Lord that you know he came out safely they were they were cancerous but as they took him out you know she she was real good for about a good year she quit doing of those of witchcraft thing I mean she was already has thought beforehand before the surgery but they started manifesting in tumors and so they got rid of the tumors and then like a year later she was good she would go for check-ups and then a year later after that so yeah and a lazy man when I was coming out of a dark witchcraft as well I had a huge tumor or a cyst on my finger and it you know it it like romana me of the witches you know how the witches in the cartoons would have big warts or stuff popping up on em or sister warts on their fingers I wonder if that’s like uh some type of ancient representation like something I actually went along with it so the witches would always have these tumors and their backs are bent over crazy stuff there’s some testimony of like I’m really big into like David Hogan and he’s like in the jungles of Mexico reaching people who were drenched in witchcraft and wrenched until like Satanism and all kinds of stuff that would do war with him in the spirit realm and they talked about engaging people who would end up had there was so deep into it and today ritual magic and stuff that they would have horns growing out of their head or some type of scales on their skin and coming out their back like crazy stuff going on was like old women with scales on their back and stuff from just dealing with witchcraft for generations and generations man I guess deep man yeah yeah it gets really deep and you know before my sister passed you know um like I said she it was crazy because as she was she felt she was sick before we found out the tumors yeah and then my sister the one that you know my other sister her blood says are doses she came and shared the gospel and so you know she started walking in the gospel you know she started going to church repenting you know from from her ways and so it was she had a tugging on a heart and then it was crazy because after that dancer when the tumors manifest yeah and so it just kind of reminds me of the story of in Acts chapter 8 verse 9 to 24 he’s going around doing his thing you know his magician of all the magical and then he has an encounter with Phillip the Evangelist and then all of a sudden you know he goes and he shares the gospel with him man and the guy gets baptized and he wasn’t it is you know he wants to buy and purchase all this stuff but I can just imagine what my sister went do and people that you know we’re too but at the same time what is Simon the sorcerer go through to that point yeah you know I mean the Bible doesn’t speak about his personal life it just speaks about action and how God dealt with sorcery yeah and obviously you know Philip the Evangelist came with a Holy Spirit and it was more evident of God’s power in being a demonstration because of what was going on in the Samaritan Massa cereal ad and all the Jerusalem and you know I mean he was it was it was you know Philip was moving in a spirit in Acts chapter 8 and obviously he started as a deacon but at the same time in God’s manifestations overpowered Simon the sorcerer we didn’t see what Simon was going through in his personal life but we know that something had to happen if the brother repented you know because he wind he said to the gospel you know he got that two water baptized you know at the brother you know if he did repent then I can’t imagine what he went through yeah you know to me but this is the cost of leaving that yeah there was artwork well it’s it says that he those gifts the gifts of healing and Holy Spirit he wanted to buy him there was in a book or something like that he wanted to buy it from Delmon and they actually rebuked him and I think the scripture says he went away sad after they enough that they rebuked him I don’t know if you know but and in the books and stuff they venerate Simon the sorcerer as one of their there are leaders in magic and so they say that he went away and and this isn’t biblical I don’t even know if it’s true but the legends say that he went away and became a great sorcerer and and he wore he would do war against the saints of God and and so legend has it now this isn’t this isn’t I don’t know if this was true but legend has it and there’s many books that say this that he had the way he had his death came about as he had a final showdown with with a Peter I think no not Peter um who was it John Philip Philip Philip oh yeah so Sam Simon the sorcerer reverses Simon Peter they had a showdown about who was who was more powerful you have God you have the Holy Spirit I’ve got all these legions of demons and angels and I can summon them and stuff and so they had like this showdown with all these people there so Philip was able I’m sorry Simon Simon the sorcerer was able to levitate and get the demons to pick him up in the air and fly around and supposedly Simon Peter rebuked the demons that were holding him up he rebuked the lemurs and the demons dropped him and he fell to his death that’s that’s how legend says that he died and I know like in witchcraft like a lot of video games they talk about the staff of Simon Magnus what they call him Simon Magnus and that he was just this big sorcerer who’s venerated through lore and stuff so it’s very interesting I don’t know if that’s true so I don’t don’t quote me that it you know that’s fact that that’s the way he died but that’s the way some of the books talk about him okay okay it’s just kind of really it just kind of reminds me of second Corinthians four forward talks about the god at it’s age or blind the mind or the unbelievers you’ll bring a delusion to you man and so that’s all delusional they’re like we said you know earlier in the conversation there is power but it’s actually weakness man it’s it’s exception everybody wants to be accepted yeah and if you’re walking around in this coke or you’re after which f it to which fast are you doing this so you’re kind of levitating people want to be accepted you know all true but it is it’s very true man and so what but Corinthians forward he talked about the blind amount of unbeliever it’s all a delusion you know but when you have you know fill up displaying the power and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit he didn’t have to burn anything yeah you have to do anything he didn’t have to go and make these satanic symbols he just spoke by his voice and boom it just happened yeah that’s the whole thing here is just a story about choosing the path of man and working on your own versus following God and going it his way the reason you couldn’t buy it because it wasn’t for sale because it has a cost it costs your life I get to lay down your life the anointing is is what breaks the yoke it’s the anointing that allows you to kind of move in these miracles to be able to focus in hone in on the voice of God and be able to to be a healer to be able to be someone who is a man of vision or a seer or someone who walks in power I know these people like when I got born again it was a beautiful encounter it was felt the Holy Spirit cleaned me out burned me out just upon saying that sinner’s prayer felt this beautiful transformation take place but the people who I was following not the people who were who were disciple I mean these guys would go away for hours and pray it’s like you were talking about you was it your sister who would go into the room for hours and consult with demons and yeah consult with familiar spirits the guys who led me to the Lord would go away get with the Holy Spirit for an hour every day I don’t care if they you tried to make plans they would go in their room shut the door get in the scriptures and commune with God for an hour and when they came out stuff happened when they laid hands on people stuff happened and and and it was it was insane like they everywhere they went stuff happened on the jobsite at the restaurants in public the casting out demons at freakin Olive Garden like that type of stuff and have to call the ambulance because it’s persons on the ground foaming at the mouth shaking because they look that look them dead in the eyes and rebuked the spirits that we’re in I’m trying to intimidate them just like in the Bible like this stuff happens man it’s the real deal it’s beautiful and and and hopefully some people are hearing these stories and they can relate to them they can relate to the demonic encounters they can relate to the angelic encounters but to stir them up to where they want to engage the realms of the prophetic they want to do it the right way and and so there’s also the scriptures where I want to say it’s X down I had a whole movement behind if I forget the scripture right off but with all the sorcerers in in warlocks and wizards brought all their books they’re curious arts and all these enchantments and all those stuff and he’s laid them down at the Apostles feet and they burned them and it was over like 50 thousand dollars worth they every day I laid it down repenting and burnt their books right it’s powerful encounter so I know you got some notes man let’s get into some of those notes man so people who are wanting to learn how to hear the voice of God there’s practical things you can do there’s ways that that God speaks he’s been speaking we just we just think it’s our imagination things like that talk a little bit about some of the notes that you have written down that you want you’re gonna be sharing on this weekend you know well this weekend I’m flying out to Oregon I’m gonna be doing a three-day ministry out there first night is going to be called the seminar which we do everywhere in the United States regionalize is is a seminar car got um you know what how would you the basic steps on hearing guy and so uh I’m gonna be speaking at this seminar but the the title of my message is the basic steps to become a regional prophet now those basic steps they’re real easy you know how to hear the voice of God activate the voice of God in your life and one of the hindrance that we have as people is is unforgiveness especially if you’re in the spirit realm unforgiveness over in Matthew 8:22 Jesus talks about um when how many times Peter asked how many times should I forgive my brother and Jesus says seventy times seven which equals out to 490 times per person but as I started experience the prophetic realm of God here in the hallways I started walking through this thing called sozo which is mean inner healing in the Greek yeah and I started speaking to the Lord about some unforgiveness in my life you know forgiving people then my past I hurt me and betrayed me and all this other stuff but at the same time I’m around you know healthy church you know brethren that are activated in the prophetic mentors and leaders and things like that so I started I start experiencing not only with mentorship but also experiencing the voice of God through inner healing you know forgiveness and all that cuz all that stuff back me up I had to confess the witchcraft that I did in my life you know I confess it verbally to the Lord because whatever you confess in the spirit manifest in spirit brother and so I started also confessing the the unforgiveness in my life for people but as I started healing then I started to learning how to love and so love plays a big part in hearing the voice of God and so you know not only you can get a word of knowledge but also you know because you get the gifts of the Spirit where you get aware of knowledge but also at the same time using four letters talks about the offices and that’s the Apostle the prophecy and so becoming it haven’t you know having a hunger for God and unforgiveness that you hand over to the Lord I mean this is how I started hearing the voice of God so one I like to break out three points in my teachings and basically the title is basic steps to become regional prophet point number one is hearing God through inner healing and I’m gonna be speaking about that this weekend not only hearing doctor healing but as I started hearing God then I started serving in the church so now I’m serving in the church now I’m and a healthy Church now I’m in a healthy Church everybody’s in the spirit realm and getting words of knowledge and all that you know and so I started serving in church as I started serving I started hung us there you know it’s just wanted to be there day and night it was crazy everybody was God moving and so I’ll be speaking about that this weekend also point number two faithful obedience towards the Lord faithful obedience towards the Lord is point number two and what I mean by that there’s three sub points one is obedience to is repentance and three is faithfulness Oh being obedient to the voice of God once you start hearing and it starts manifesting in your life there’s one two is repenting from the of your sins of course is one but repenting from the actions we did an hour ago you know I’m gonna be speaking a little bit on that repentance is a big thing because it’s a beautiful thing it’s beautiful because when you can repent from the things that you do and repenting is a is a big word but it’s basically you know just backtracking you know I messed up oh man I told brother Derek this you know and the Lord just fell in your heart and you knew was wrong so you know brother did we forgive so that all these back to forgiveness and sub point number three is safe on him being faithful to the mission about and these are the three tools that the Lord that I’ve learned with the Lord to be where I’m at today where I’m going yeah that the Lord can work with these are the three tools at the local work it’s the faithfulness the obedience and the repentance when we got these days for the Lord in our heart man we got the Lord fully and so I’m gonna be speaking a little bit on that that’s point number two but point number three is real big passion for the Lord brings the unseen to the scene and what that means brother is that you know how we run into brothers at the church or there on the street and we always say ma’am brother so-and-so is on fire you know he’s out there ministering you know he’s out there doing this or sister so and so you know she’s out there you know ministering and man you should have seen that brother he you know he brought this brother to the Lord well you know soul soul is developing passionate for the Lord and so that passion for the law brings the unseen to the scene because over in Matthew chapter 4 went or three when Jesus came out of a baptism you know he came out of baptism got tested 40 days then when he came out of his fasting then these ministering spirits started coming along yeah and so you know that’s the unseen and when Jesus said okay it’s time to go he started his ministry he started bringing the unseen into the scene and so that’s passion as you see brother Derek going over there in ministry and he’s on fire he’s bringing the unseen to the scene you know because somebody’s coming to the Lord they’re saying a sinner’s prayer and inborn or some someone got there got to back to you yeah you know on the spot so I’m gonna be speaking a little bit on that hitting those three points on inner healing serving obedience repentance faithfulness and passion for the Lord bring the unseen courtesy so I’m gonna be speaking on that and those are the steps that I took from from my testimony where I took in the beginning you know Servian and doing all that and so the Lord just started speaking and manifesting in my life and these are the things that I took to start hearing God a lot more in my mom and in the spirit that’s awesome you say that the inner healing work because I think if I was to pinpoint it back my salvation experience my is submitting my life for yielding my life to the lordship of Jesus was a huge part of my life but the second part which activated that was the inner healing in the deliverance that I went through even though like when I gave my heart to Christ like there was so much baggage that fell off that was so much joy that came so much healing was done at that at that point but there was still stuff that would linger I remember like still like if we if we read the fruits of the Spirit and the fruits of the spirit there’s also on the other side there’s what’s called essentially the fruits of the flesh there’s like the opposites for peace there’s rage for a sound mind there’s like all types of stuff that go on in your head but there was the one is like the whole fits of rage I would go into that something would trigger me and I would just that rage would still kind of punch holes in a wall as a believable and crazy stuff that would trigger me and when I went through inner healing and deliverance man it took it to the next level and it’s what activated me and there were some books that I was reading that were essential to my walk and now it’s funny because I’m people are in the chat I promote these books by other people and they’re reading them and God’s taking them to the next level by reading these books too but there were some books as well that I was engaged in reading but the inner healing is what kind of started and kicked off the the prophetic stuff being evident in my life and be able to to move in those realms with with with love and faith and it’s awesome because the scripture says that faith is fueled by love like you can have faith and you can have a belief but when love is is is the driving force behind it then that’s what is the fuel for it to motivate it and to actually exercise that faith so that that’s awesome that you say that man because we see so many people here there’s so many people who the scripture says the giftings and callings come without repentance so you can have you can be sensitive to the prophetic realm you can be sensitive to the spirit realm you can you know be in any type of and have these abilities and learn how to access them and still be able to dabble in them without repenting or without having your hands clean in your heart pure I don’t I try my best to make sure there’s nothing in the way that’s gonna hinder me from hearing the voice of God that’s gonna that’s gonna hinder me and if there is there’s stuff that there’s idols that come we deal with our own our own stuff and God reveals deeper things that we have to get out of the way and when he does I don’t try to be a teacher I don’t try to be one who engages those realms when I have stuff going on I whether it’s idolatry and we all fall victim to that at times whether it’s watch watching television or music and the God says to throw it away and you say no like he could be something like that or take your earrings out or would it cut your hair like there’s all types of stuff that God does and the inner sanctum ocation walk that if we don’t deal with it it becomes an idol in our line something that we exalt higher than a knowledge of God but the inner healing was was huge man and it’s huge because with the the giftings and Collins being without repentance there’s many people who are wounded who are bitter and they have churches in there engaging the prophetic and they’re speaking over people and they’re doing it out of hurt and out of resentment and out of let me prove let me build myself up to a standard to show you that that what you spoke against me was wrong and they’re doing it out of selfish ambition and selfish gain so the inner healing work is a must to do it to make sure that we’re clean we’re a clean channel to receive from God and there’s nothing we don’t do it out of any other motive any other motive right right could you imagine I mean if you know if these you know if they were to give up some unforgiveness because of uncle Saul and so on the family how much more could they tap into yeah you know there’s there’s a lot more God in that prophetic realm than what we think there’s a lot there’s many more levels man I mean you know and and so there’s a lot more to tap into so we’re holding on to you know wasn’t they only $10 deal or you know well he only $50 or something you know and I’m bad but then I’m going to church and I’m getting this you know I got a work for sewing sewing and you know it’s coming from the spiritual realm of God man you know I mean I mean and and that’s the thing if we if we said you know what we know it’s better to give than to receive you know I’m saying it’s like okay you have to set that in your heart and you confess that and could you imagine if you had a word for so-and-so but imagine if we had a lot more to add to that word you know when I started yeah yeah we come how would I start discovering that the prophetic voice of God and I hear God’s voice in my head as a whisper just beautiful and so when when I hear that man I want to do the best that I can for the Lord I do full-time ministry and I go you know the Lord is man it’s it’s tough it’s tough it’s not you know there’s nothing it’s tough man full-time ministry are well when you serve the Lord and you can you come to like those three tools to obedience of repentance repenting through the energy you know to faith when it’s man those things man I want to do the best that I can do for the Lord I want to tap more into just oh my god a word of knowledge I want more you know I want and that’s that passion that I was talking about you know why not tap into more of God there’s a lot more than what we think you know because the Lord is you know building homes mansions in heavenly places I could imagine which more that he has in those homes you know you know Jesus says and my father’s home there are many mansions you know and so I can imagine what’s inside the mansions so there’s many more things much more that we can tap into especially when we start to forgive because when we start to forgive then we start to heal and it’s like I said that we start to heal then then then that’s when we start to love yeah and so there’s some there’s some some messages in the chat room now Joshua Hogue says forgiveness is real it sets you free when I forgave my mom after 13 years and our relationship was restored so much growth and healing happened within all that’s awesome Joshua but that was my first encounter with deliverance and demons was my relationship with my mom like there were demons we can call them demons and call them unclean spirits which are negative thought patterns that they come through through strongholds in your mind that’s how they get there and they got their legal ground through my relationship with my mom my mom telling me I’m stupid hear my mom says in another room talk to a friend says she wish she never had me she wanted to abort me in like that stuff when you’re a little kid like that you’re not supposed to hear that stuff and I and it built this weird resentment there and and there was not really a loving relationship and it was so much going on and my mom hated me and then so much stuff that would happen and I remember I was I was I was mowing the yard one day and and it was after I became a Christian it’s shortly after actually and I said God was dealing with me and I was slow in the yard just praying talking to God I mean it’s when you’re doing those things that don’t require a lot of brain activity or it’s kind of like your subconscious is open to receive it’s kind of like I think that’s why prayer and meditation so powerful but if you jog in you’re running like those type of things you’re in a place where you’re able to receive I mean I’m gonna go out on a limb here but how many people get songs coming to them while they’re on the toilet you know what I’m saying a guy just in this place where they can sit still oh yeah oh they’re not just running you know I was cutting the grass and that’s funny but I heard the voice of God speak to me say you have a demon like what are you it shot me what do you mean you have a demon it’s because of your mom your relationship with your mom that’s what I heard the Holy Spirit tell me and I’m it blew me I was like I don’t understand but then I got to see us like me and my relationship some of the day like I get in trouble by my stepdad and my mom would look around the corner and smile at me that he got on to me and cursed me out my mom was smiling like enjoying it like demonic stuff like you know like and so anyway I went to a church meeting that evening and pulled her brother to the side and said hey I felt I was cutting grass today and I felt like God told me I have a demon can you pray for me and I didn’t know what to expect and he said yeah we can we can pray for you he said now we may see something manifest but we’re gonna pray and when he said that me being a baby Christian my mom went straight to the horror movies a lot of demons gonna pop out of me a little monster run down a hallway here so I did though he says something will manifest I didn’t know what to expect so they started to pray for me and he got another brother to come in there and I started praying for me and all of a sudden my body locked up I started screaming at the top of my lungs and and I fell fell over buckled over and felt this inner fight within me male and and I think it’s because they didn’t really know much about deliverance there was a lot of Christians there a lot of people and most of them were like trying to like come out in Jesus name now now like they were doing that they had the Bible on my forehead and it lasted for like three hours of me screaming and crying and praying they’re like you know and nothing happened they were putting crosses on me like they’re Catholic and stuff they just do I guess they didn’t know what the dry Hannah so do it lasted like three and a half hours and it was like it was like 12:00 a.m. and throat p.m. and they ended up calling the pastor and he came out like 12:00 1:00 in the morning cuz the demon wouldn’t leave but I was just exhausted like I mean I had like blood blisters popping all over my face I had lutely I had chicken pox on my face from crying screaming so much and the pastor came over and I’m laying in the floor most people don’t went home there’s only like three or four people there with me still praying and stuff and uh I’m laying in the floor he comes in sits down I don’t even know the guy and uh he sits down he said hey Derek how you doing I’m just like on the floor crying just barely breathing man and he says you want healing you want to let this thing go I’m like yeah he said well this is what you got to do you got to tell your mom that you forgive her just say mom just say it right now mom I forgive you mom I love you and I went to say it and I couldn’t and I broke and I just saw that crying even even more he said if you want to let this thing go you got to do it and and when I was able to do it eventually was able to say it and mean it and and offer forgiveness to that situation until my mind attempt to my mom and that spirit lost right to be there and that spirit left at that moment when I when I forgave my mom and it left and I just felt the peace of God come in and they just ministered to me and loved on me and from that moment man my relationship with my mom had changed and it was still you know I had to learn I had to let she’s my mom was a victim you know I’m saying like she’s been hurt she had relationship issues with her mom and it’s just passed down to generational curses and we have to break that and it was a product of it but I was I took those steps man and it was as easy as not just screaming in Jesus name come out like they did that for hours and nothing happened but it was bringing the person to the point of forgiveness to the wound of healing to go back to that place of pain man and offer forgiveness and so what’s beautiful about Jesus man is that there is no time to him he has the ability to go back in your past and undo it like it never happened justification by faith just if as if I had never done it so he’s able to kind of almost tomtravel and go back and say oh yeah you did that no you didn’t wipe it cleann healing right now and you changed it’s like he’s like it never happened he sends him he sends your sins and your pain as far as the East is to the West he just it didn’t go man that’s what’s so beautiful about him bro and you know what I love that because you know it’s not only you know forgive your brothers you know seventy times seven but also at the same time Jesus you know he he describes that also in Matthew’s Gospel where he says if you got an issue with your brother leave your gift at the altar and go par you know go go reconnect and so this is spiritual you know everything Jesus spoke was spiritual yeah and so this was spiritual and so Jesus you know when he said to go par with your brother go make an amends with the spirit you know through the spirit because when you come back imagine that he going in any and the brother did do this what what was waiting for him when he got back to the altar right yeah what is waiting for you when you go and you par with your brother or your sister because of you know ten twenty fifteen years of actions yeah I remember walking his die I meant to some inner healing this was para around maybe about nine years ago and I was walking his brother to some inner healing and you know he had to forgive his dad he in spoke to his dad in eleven years and so that night in my apartment man we you know he’s like mad you know I feel my bro we got to forgive your dad and so I just kind of walked through some stuff you know soso stuff and you know to forgive his dad and he was confessing it right there and man brother true testimony the next day he said he called me the next day in the evening and he said brother guess what happened so the day before he just kinda he confessed all the unforgiveness that yeah towards his dad and he forgave his dad and you know proclaimed it to Jesus he confessed it and and so the next day he called me in the evening he says you know brother guess what and I said what he said man my dad called me today I said but he said yeah he just got up got the phone and he called me he said son something fell on my heart about you and I just decided to call you and so I want to see how you’re doing and so the ring and now I mean this was nine years ago so now the the you know him confessing the unforgiveness is spiritual because he was down in San Diego the brother the brother was down in San Diego his dad was living up in Sacramento see that so there was a bond between the two in the spirit and as soon as he confessed his unforgiveness his dad picks up the phone if calls his son they reunite now they both live in New Mexico yeah so and they both surgeries or awesome thing about that even going back to what Joshua said that he forgave his mom Jim is essentially we’re holding a bunch of stuff we’re carrying stuff some of us got backpacks full of stuff and God has more to give us God has more to offer us but we can’t hold it we have to I know this has said in offering circles and we kind of make fun of it but you have to let go of what’s in your hand in order for God to release what’s in his God’s not gonna give you what he has for you unless you drop this stuff you don’t need and he changes I’m telling you what he has is so much better than what we’ve built or what we’ve accumulated over the years whether it’s like some people are identified by their their hurt and some people like it’s theirs and they they had that one up over you yeah well you did this to me type deal so they they feel reconciled by those beliefs and emotions and they have the center one up and and they want to tell everybody and all kinds of stuff you know I mean we have people people who have wronged us and done stuff people in high position pastors teachers man they’re all human you know and we look at and we it messes us up because we begin to judge everybody according to the way that they acted towards us well I went to three churches back-to-back and they all begged for money and they all lied to me and said God was gonna curse me if I didn’t pay so now we judge we say all Christians are just money hungry people who will tell you whatever they can to get the money out of you and we judge all Christians off of that that’s not all Christians that’s not all pastors you know we people peep women choosing the wrong man and getting into bad relationships have been abused by three four guys getting in these bad relationships so they judge all and all men are pigs all men just want to use you they only want one thing all of this so now there’s a well-meaning guy in your dude I’ve got friends family I got friends who are in a relationship and then when another guy comes in where another circle of a person comes in the woman thinks that the guy wants to sleep with her because he’s being nice she’s never had a guy be nice and be a good dude and not want nothing from her so she’s like telling her husband like I think he wants to be with me I think he wants me it’s like no it couldn’t be any further from the truth but the way that she views guys because of every dude in school middle school high school who was nice to her was only trying to use flattery to get one thing and now even at this point she’s probably 30 33 years old 34 years old now every guy who’s nice to her I know what you want and nice she it’s it’s it’s weird man it’s about its inner healing bro and it affects everybody and people carry this for 20-30 years sometimes you know I got lucky dude like I went through that delivering stuff at like 17 you know I got lucky I met Jesus when I was 13 you know there’s people 4050 years old who have been carrying this stuff their whole life man and that’s why what we’re doing is needed and and that’s why when you go to church services or you get people there and you like hands on people you speak a prophetic word you hear the guy see the whole thing about hearing God’s voice it’s almost like a it’s not a cheat sheet but it makes it easier it makes it more fun versus you having to maybe give them some paperwork to fill out to tell you what they’ve gone through but when you’re moving in the spirit when you meet somebody God will tell you what they’ve gone through God will show you those spirits that are on them God will show you that they haven’t forgave their mother they haven’t spoke to their mother in ten years and if you’re in a service and you find a random person and God says tell him I love them he hasn’t had nobody tell him that you know I’m saying that they love him for 10 years 15 years he thinks all preachers are this everybody looks over him and God will give you a word of knowledge or word of wisdom that will break that debt bondage of addiction man over somebody’s life and that’s what it’s about hearing the voice of God and activating the voice of God yeah that’s very key man I mean you know it all comes down to when you narrow it all down it’s just like a job right it’s just like a job you’re going to have a job man you’re gonna be the best employee you can be because they’re paying you to do something you know it’s the same thing as for the Lord you know labor for the Lord you’re gonna do the best job that you want to do for you and so when it comes to obedience and that’s hearing the voice of God you know when it comes to the faithfulness it’s it’s everything that you do in those two by those two attributes meant I mean you can grow more and you can grow more and grow more and grow more and the mission just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and longer than I mean we all got to start somewhere but when it comes down to it we all got to start the job somewhere when we go when we go have a job at Walmart yeah so we’re gonna do the best that we can at Walmart why not do the best that we can got to you know and that’s that faithfulness that’s that Obie I mean I love those those tools that they’ve got is instill because what else do I have to give to the Lord I can’t give them no money I can’t give I can’t you know I’m not a you know I’m not gonna go buy some oranges at this thing and gonna give me more you know what I mean yeah yeah money I don’t have them but I have my heart that’s the end so yeah it is it’s it’s real yeah you know it’s it’s it’s the truth brother you know I’m saying like you all you have to give is your heart yeah and so whatever is triggering you in your heart from 15-20 years ago you know I was molested when I was young as a young boy you’re not I mean but every now that I see this person and I see him now are they far from her but when I see that I forgive mm-hmm why because because I know they need Jesus and Jesus is in my heart and so whatever I display do my actions in grace I’m still human I’m not perfect but at the same time I want to be the best that I can be so I want to work for the Lord as much as I can and when I see this do you know and it was a man when I see this do I forgive them but because Jesus forgave and so anything that I can do to empower or just help or just you know give my time to share the gospel to this brother for the kingdom of God it’s all worth it yeah it’s all worth it matching the problem would’ve held on to that unforgiveness now oh man he molested me whoo you know every time I see him I wanna lay hands no hands you know I mean that’s that’s not ya know you know I’m not the Roman Empire throwing hands on Jesus you know I’m walking by this fruits of the spirit as best as I can like I said I’m not perfect yeah but I’ll be the best that I can be for the Lord and anybody out there that’s listening a Joshua man up you know definitely give you a heads up thumbs up on the forgiveness I can’t wait to see where you’re gonna go man yes and so yeah there’s like a healthy forgiveness and then there’s like an and over and does like I forgive but I don’t forget you know what I’m saying right somebody’s just like in your company and they’re using you and you forgive them that’s how I am like oh I’ll keep people around maybe just because I want friendship or something I forgive people I don’t I don’t hold grudges unless it has it’s dealing with my family if it’s dinner with my wife or my daughter somebody mess with them you’re done you’re dead to me you know what I’m saying but my wife on the other hand she go older grace so if but it’s just I think it’s the same way though because if something if someone does something to me and I forgive them my wife won’t forgive but I guess this kind of goes in the other hand because she loves me she don’t want to see people using me or doing me wrong or only in my life because they because I have than an offer like there’s those people you know and my wife she could see that and so I guess it works out it works good for for both ways though because like she’s able to see things even in the spirit that act as a form of protection people who have ulterior motives and stuff but um you got to be careful too I forgive but I don’t forget like if you don’t want to keep people around just are you supposed to forgive me you know and all this you know I’m saying bye and you know what that’s what it all comes out to man I mean if if you can’t forgive it if you can’t forget about it yeah then obviously that’s a stronghold in your life and it’s it’s a snare it’s a snare you know the Bible cause of the snare man it’s something that’s holding onto you but won’t be and that’s that’s the enemy man he got something hold but he’s holding on to something in your life you know and if you come to a point many a season in your life and this is this is how I do it every time I see something you know and the Holy Spirit manifest something that I need a breakthrough in my grave right now recently I’m dealing with the situation and the Lord exposed this to me like day before yesterday and I was sitting on my sofa and I’m watching TV man and all of a sudden boom it’s just just the situation came up in my life and I’m like oh my gosh and I’m like in and since that day man even the next day to make yesterday I got this exposure on Saturday then Sunday I told my wife this pray man cuz I need a breakthrough situation why because man I I can imagine giving that over and what God’s gonna replace ya you know what I mean he’s gonna replace it with something bigger and better yeah you know whatever I’m holding on to is worldly it’s earthy and it’s damaging yeah so it’s not damaging only me but it’s damaging the person that I see everyday almost you know and it’s like oh no that’s not gonna work I need a breakthrough your give me a break you know and he’ll deal with it man he’ll give it to you man and release you from that yeah but I’m crying out to the Lord you know yeah I mean he’s not a bully God’s not a bully he he’s not you know he never closes one door without opening another I know that’s cliche but it’s so true he never takes something away from you because he’s mean or doesn’t want you to have it and he knows things about it he knows he knows what’s coming up in your destiny in your future and there’s things that you can’t carry right now unless you get rid of all of this stuff and once you get rid of all of this and you can hold something bigger you know what I’m saying so Adam in the chatroom says forgiveness is a learning process of practice and listening within that’s the thing too because the people you know I’m saying it’s it’s it’s it’s not a it’s not a battle of flesh and blood that we’re fighting it’s a spiritual battle of powers and principalities and people are operating under spirits and so I think that the whole thing what I was mentioning like I don’t forget it’s like you can see character traits and personality types in other people and I don’t want to say stereotypes but there’s people who come around you if you’re sensitive to the spirit and you learn and you’ve dealt with those spirits you know how they operate you have what you kind of have a one-up hey man let me come over and visit your family no you’re not coming you know I’m saying like you’re able to sense in the spirit I’ve met I’ve let random strangers come and come and stay with us don’t know I love my wife and daughter here and and there’s times I’ve left and and they’ve been here and it’s only by the spirit to know them by the spirit other belief about what and so that’s that’s what I’m talking about is being in tune with the spirit so that your every decision is based off of the voice of God hearing the voice of God versus just we’re gonna wing it you know what I’m saying God will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding that’s part of his spirit go where the piece is man and that’s that’s a huge part of learning to hear the voice of God it’s good just learning to hear the heart of God to go whether like the pieces I’m gonna open up the phone lines if anybody wants to call in if you need prayer if you just want to say hello the phone lines are open a number of streaming across the top of the platform on the video and it’s also in the descriptions we got a call here from Northwest Arkansas caller who we speaking with welcome to the show yo this is a hundred years Northwest Arkansas can y’all hear me yeah brother what’s going on hunter Hughes yes in the house not much just actually common dealing with a lot lately so I know you all would say were you all gonna be asking prayer so I was gonna give you all some prayer requests okay okay like uh one is um well me and my fiance we might we’ll my ex now we’ve officially have called it quits after I think like three years being engaged there were just a bunch of issues that we have a dealing with over the last couple years that they have prevented us from growing in our relationship and we just couldn’t get around it and so we decided the best thing to be to do for now would be just Flint and so we’re gonna be each getting our own place after the lease is up because we were living together Oh y’all live in the gathering that you guys are still living together but you’re not together is that happening well we’re on the lease for the until March so it’s not like we can just up and leave so is she she’s still staying there too with you yeah she is but we don’t like we’re not still so we’re not like sleeping in the same bed I’m not in yeah that’s me I’m not coming at it from that angle I’m just coming there that’s got to be hard to still be living under the same roof together it is because um I don’t know why but it’s like we when we first talked about splitting we were talking about splitting up it was mutually agreed like it wasn’t me like saying yes Laurelhurst thing was nice it was a mutual agreement but then yeah for the last couple weeks she’s been like coming at me sideways like throwing shade so I don’t know like Walker so she’s been doing that to me I don’t know she’s bitter about it all now or what though we’re definitely pray for you man and that’s the hard situation right right and then the stress dealing with that and plus other issue going on with my life is um I had a quick state I had I have been smoke-free for about three years and I and I started picking up smoking again just last week just do all the stress and the pressures I have been going on my life I started smoking again so okay we got your brother will agree with you in prayer and if it’s something that you want to release we will help you with that man and uh walk in forgiveness man and go ahead and release that stuff if you have a peace about it and you guys it’s over will pray for you guys you know intended for you guys to move on and not be any soul ties that were there you know I’m saying we’ll ask God to break up man if that’s what if this is agreed upon it y’all have a peace about splitting man you know we’ll pray over that yeah we also want to just you know lift that up that God would manifest himself beyond this situation also at the same time that he would manifest himself to this substance smoking you know you we know that you gave it up brother and recently relapsed so yeah man I mean you know we want to be able to you know lift you up in prayer man and and you know all the time we go to a lot of seasons so I know this is you know probably one of the seasons but at the same time man we want we want Jesus to manifest himself after this season is over we want to just pray for peace you know peace and just that he would expose himself back into this situation and and though it’s it’s in this in the season of your life brother so we want to pray for healthier things we know God’s got somebody you know some he’s gonna manifest himself do these situations in your life after this season is over so you know it’s a hard situation I understand it I’ve never been there I’ve never had my my shoes and your feet right now and I would believe that is hard but you know what man all things are possible you have faith you go ahead call us I’ll let you start man okay so father we just lift up our brother right here God we just pray over this situation father we pray that yet you bring this this to appointed in their lives father where they would both fit under the same contract the same roof they’re still living in the same same house you know father we ask that the Holy Spirit would take his way and make his way in this that no division no division and that will separate these two in hate and anger because because the enemy will take it to another level so we want to bring it down to a level where it’s just Holy Ghost field also at the same time father we know that this is a process just like the other brother was saying forgiveness is a process it’s a healing process father so we want to pray father that but holy go for having waiting this process at the same time of unforgiveness this host this chaotic situation have your way in this heart father also manifests yourself against this abuse of smoking we know when we stress we get triggered and triggered begin to situations that we know that are unhealthy and so father we just pray that you’d break this chain off his life of smoking father have your way have the Holy Spirit have your way in his life we pray fire over this fall Holy Spirit fire manifests right now in his life in his exes life also manifest manifest we know that fire is gonna rain from heaven in your life brother and there’s going to be some there’s some situations that Laura said that you’ve been dealing with and been battling with but the seasons going to be over and so I’m like brother there can I speak in the prophetic because man God is speaking right now okay so at the same time God says the season is almost over he said things are gonna hurt and he’s taking things away from you that are that are currently happening in this situation she said I’m taking some things away but this is gonna make them a bigger and better person future God wants you to be the best that you can be the best man that you are you are the best man but I feel like in the next season that’s coming God’s got a special blessing for you brother a special blessing I can see it it’s got a manifest soon the Lord is saying you’ve been holding on you’ve been holding on really tight I feel a lot of anger our salute ears test that you’ve been going through this this whole time in this season but God says I got something for you and the season is almost over a and B says I could Mandalore she has a B I got something for him it’s a beautiful press so he’s gonna be receiving this soon you haven’t felt joy in a while and so the Lord says you know what he when he receives his blessing you’re gonna is you gonna turn back you’re gonna say wow God that’s what you’re keeping me from so the blessings come in and you’re gonna feel that joy again so that’s the word that I got for the brother man in Jesus name Amen yeah how you feel hunter um I feel like a small burden has been lifted mainly it’s like uh kind of like just mine my worry and the little bit of the person has been lifted but in most part it does cuz I know she’s not here right now but I know she comes back if I was gonna also back up again but I feel like now that my doubt that my head is a little more clear on people’s approaches stuff like in anger or in a envy yep do it man do it wonder in the spirit brother you could do it that’s right that’s right know that the next season is coming brother the Lord is focused so this season is almost over and so when the next when you once you come into their next season the Lord says you’re gonna look back and you’re gonna see how God okay so that’s the prophetic word over your life rather it’s gonna answer praise the Lord for that thank you very much brothers I appreciate all I love y’all both I love you my brother likewise by the lovely blessings thanks for hanging out with us honor awesome yeah man and there’s some other some more people even praying in the chatroom that’s what this is about this is community everybody who’s in the chatroom listening I know the majority of you guys are linked with me on patreon and stuff so like I said you’re gonna have access to the school of the Mystics that’s what we’re gonna do and essentially what we just did with honor just / and activation I want to do it with with you guys as you know we’re speaking over Hunter prophetically we I want I want to be able to have sessions with you guys we’re able to pray for one another and you guys to pray for me I need prayer too so I’m glad to everybody in the chatroom people even praying and join in with this so Thursday nights the school of the Mystics I’m excited about that and for you guys who need the prayer you guys need the conversation unscripted it’s not going to be broadcasted live it’s gonna be a safe place we’re gonna do it Thursday night 7 p.m. central but um I want to pray there’s people who who tuned in to the show and I’ve been getting a lot of messages who say the most that they look forward to the prayers at the end they look forward to the activation in the blessings and it’s funny too because I have a lot of different people on my shows people who aren’t Christians people who don’t believe in God like just I have a lot of different people on here but I still try to bring it home at the end right after the conversations and it’s funny because I one of the last interviews not the last interview with the one I did before I did that interview with Jordan Maxwell and it was kind of a weird interview weird spirit it’s always you never know what you’re gonna get dealing with Jordan Maxwell but at the end of it I made sure that I prayed and it was funny because some people was checking checking me out they were watching it and he said the prayer at the end caught him off-guard you know it wasn’t too much about spirituality it was about facts it was what I had knowledge and theories and stuff but then at the end I brought it home for the prayer and and it caught him out the blue they said we just listening to a podcast and a Holy Spirit fell on him at the end of the show wasn’t expecting it changed their life from from a prayer and being able to receive and that was that was recorded six months ago that’s the power of prayer I got this message this week that when you’re watching spiritual content this goes for the good or the bad when you’re watching scary movies and then you all of sudden fearful all the time or you’ve had that shadow behind you or you think somebody’s watching you when you watch scary stuff or evil stuff same goes when you listen into godly content you’re listening to positive stuff it works both ways so when you listen in to these prayers they don’t have it they don’t have a shelf life on them it’s there’s no such thing as time you can listen to this six months from now six months later and and still receive the information the knowledge and activations from it many people will go back and listen to it over Rwandan when we used to speak prophetically over people at meetings we would record it on the little hand recorders back in the day and recorded on tapes and you give the person the tape when you’re done you guys ever did that yeah yeah personal privacy man yeah so I want to pray again for everybody listening there’s people going through a hard time got a prayer from Chris a prayer request from Christie at the beginning of the episode wanting prayer feeling sick there’s a lot of people dealing with sickness right now man this is insane what’s going on so what say we’ll say one last prayer over everybody and I’ll let I’ll let you be released prophetically as well whatever you feel people are going through you can speak to that but I’ll go ahead and go first and we’ll let you end it up and we’ll share your links and all that good stuff okay okay thank you for your presence god I thank you that your your love God is our inheritance and sometimes when we feel like you’re a million miles away God that your love is there just one breath away God so we just breathes you in you’re just so beautiful to us God Holy Spirit I’m asking you to move and the lives of my friends and family who are watching this right now whatever they’re dealing with God the idolatry that we spoke to when I spoke it God you revealed it to somebody’s heart you revealed them the situation that they’re dealing with that they’ve been exalting higher than you there’s things in people’s lives that they’re exalting higher than you whether it’s a relationship whether it’s music whether it’s an identity crisis that they’re going through god I pray that the identity be found in it in you and your own I thank you God for your spirit I thank you for your love and your healing God I’m just asking you to move in Jesus name give them a fresh visitation God fill them with fire love God encouragement right now whatever they’re dealing with if there’s have sickness in your body god I speak blessings upon them I speak healing guy father you said that you sent forth your word to heal them god I thank you for your word your word made manifest in Jesus mighty name move upon them let them know simply that you love them contingent simply on your love God Jesus mighty name bless them and keep them I pray amen okay but yeah if you feel if you feel anything in the spirit you want to release yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah somebody’s gonna get it I feel like he’s crazy because as you were praying man I just felt this this fine this financial breakthrough somebody somebody said the Lord says somebody sees the light and so in this financial breakthrough that they they couldn’t see the light as much before because it was real dim for them in the finances but start somebody starting to see this light come and so is based on their financials their finances and so the Lord says you’ve been honored he goes and I’m gonna increase your finances somebody waiting on the job right and this is the increase somebody is gonna somebody’s looking somebody’s coming from our old season where they were their struggle to finance our financial struggle and they applied for a job and the Lord says I’m gonna increase your your revenue and so somebody hears I don’t know who it is online but somebody’s gonna receive a job and so that’s honor from that’s a blessing from the Lord Himself he says I’m this is the program here and the voice of you saying I’m gonna I’m giving them a new revenue coming somebody’s been asking for a new revenue they’re finally gonna see the light and so the Lord says I’m gonna praise face this job right at your feet because I’m honoring you God is honoring you from the heavens and so that’s what this is well but I see in the spirit somebody’s been waiting somebody like manna a funny got it finally Guinea I’m gonna finally see a daylight and so I don’t know who this word is for a viewer I know it’s for a view or somebody but I do know that the Lord is honoring and bless so that’s what I see in the in the realm in the prophetic realm right now Moscow I’m seeing somebody’s making some changes in their life okay and they’re kind of the the Lord has been displaying some stuff in the spirit to open their eyes it’s not that you’re a bad parent or a bad person the Lord st. it’s just that I have to display and I have to Kirby emoji for you to be prepared for this next season there’s things that they had to learn and so the Lord had to do some molding yes a removing but in order to prepare for the next season he said you couldn’t you couldn’t handle the things for the next season unless I remove these things from you and unless I’m old you but you somebody’s gonna come into an X I don’t know what this is now all I do know is that what I’ve seen is that there’s been a transformation in this person’s life to come into this next season and so the Lord says you’re gonna walk in strength I’m building you up to walking strength in this next season you don’t understand what God was doing but now you understand what God is doing now for the snake season so now we’re where the viewer is you’re gonna understand this and you’re gonna see that this next season is you’re gonna be walking a season constraint you’re gonna be able to handle things a lot more you’ve been equipped the Lord is saying I’m gonna whipping you for the next season in your life yeah man that’s what I see that’s what I’m getting so I felt it too man we could be we could be praying and healing for one person and have one person in mind have their vision but then God touch a lot of people there’s instances where we used to do open healing sessions where we would do it on you tube and we’d have we let people come on we pray healing over them and minister forgiveness and other people watching you know while you’re doing work on one person other than would would watch it months later and get healed all from seeing it that’s the power of God man we haven’t have another call here from South California I don’t take this call who we speaking with robbery what’s going on Robert you got a question or I got a comment you guys is prayer okay okay I’ve been watching you a little video for enough for a couple minutes and you guys to be talking about a financial blessing well I’ve been doing my research on the secret TDA account now the secret tj8 account comes out to be that direct that Chrysler directly account well I was born here in the United States so when I try and get into it it’s a they block there why and then I get on Twitter and I call the president now it’s a jalapeno on the stick to try engaged attention to figure out this everybody’s talking about a Flat Earth theory all right for me it’s just a map so when I look at it and it makes this intersection from the Dead Sea on the other side of the world in the Middle East and right here in California at the Salton Sea it makes a straight fucking line so why are all these lies being kept all right I’ll let you address that Carlos well I kind of I kind of heard but he was kind of uh what was it okay so can you clarify that he was talking about something what’s a line I saw my dad on about Flat Earth the Flat Earth theory which I’m okay and then there was something that he was talking about the Treasury thing where people are trying to cash in their birth certificates and stuff and uh using that number to get money and said there’s some kind of theory that you can do that I don’t I don’t know I’m not I’m not too familiar on that theory yeah myself but I mean obviously the earth is round if anything comes like you know in that kind of belief brother I mean honestly of it just everybody has on belief and everybody to follow something but at the end of the date only had knowledge and the truthful knowledge I could give you manage is just follow the spirit yeah you know fellow nothing about that you’ve never been our world yeah yeah yeah I’ve never been an edge of the world I mean I’ve traveled a finger in there but as far as like you know that’s concern brother I mean whatever aligns and you know God aligns with the star that he aligned to start for us so I would say seek the Lord more on that brother and seek the Lord more oh yes I’m alive the star for you somebody says uh is this really what we’re talking about Flat Earth let’s get back to the sub yeah I mean when you know when you when you open up the phone lines you never know man people have questions though you know what I’m saying and a part of it like whether it’s dealing with Flat Earth or you’re dealing with and RK spiritual gifts and abilities and the psychic realms and things like that if you don’t answer their question they’re gonna go find somebody who can you don’t apply and so right it just paints a picture of so many people in the church who have these questions about psychic abilities and the Bible and stuff and the pastor’s ain’t don’t know what to tell them so they run to the right cult and the occult will bring them in and tell them all kinds of stuff and it’s not usually not accurate you know and then teaching you how with like foreign spirits we’re just getting involved directly with the Holy Spirit so I try to there’s a thin line there I try to have an answer it but I’m gonna give you an honest answer if I don’t know I don’t and I can’t prove it I try to deal with stuff I can prove and I try to deal with stuff that it’s gonna enhance people’s lives so like the Flat Earth thing it’s an interesting conversation but I can’t prove it but I don’t think any of us can you know there’s crazy theories and there’s like you somewhat different maps and stuff like that but you can’t prove it some of this other stuff can be proven like you try this each try to harness in on hearing the voice of God and and following the voice of Holy Spirit to to make your life better and to make the lives of the people around you better that’s tangible we can deal with that’s why I kind of left the conspiracy community is because it’s just theories I don’t deal with theories I try to deal with truths this oh this is a very secret podcast I trying to write with theories and even so most of the stuff has come from experienced man knowledge through experience with God with the spirit realm with angels with demons like I’ve dealt with that something’s there you know what I’m saying and and and that’s why we kind of we kind of cater to that stuff on this show but um yeah brother a lot of people in the chatroom talking man thank you guys for hanging out with us so you want to you want to go ahead and share your links Cristina Cristina’s mentioning now she says what Carlos prophesied I’m looking for she’s looking for a job and she’s been hitting me up Cristina has been hitting me I’m looking for a job and looking for housing and things like that so she said that she hopes that that prophecy comes comes true and so the way with prophecy if you felt like that resonated with you you claim it you walk in it you got to walk in it so it is for you receive it sister walk it walk in apply it to your life confess it and and there you’ll see power with that faith that love feel fueled by faith I’m telling you goes a long way but if people want to check you out man they want to check out your ministry you have some speaking engagements you stay really busy go ahead and share your links I know you’re on social media where they can check you out and we’ll post them in the comment section as well but go ahead and share some of the ways people can get in contact with you I’ll follow my lease all I have is social media it’s Facebook boy Carlos Martinez and you cor Carlos Martinez and Facebook you San Diego and then you’ll see a picture of me in in a fire something that brother Derek design I love that flyer you’ll see me there or connect connect with me on rising Saints ministries on Facebook also and rising Saints ministry is going to be like the profile picture will be rising Saints but with instead of the eyes you’ll have the hands of Jesus that are crucified you’ll see the holes in them as far as the eyes are replaced with the hands and the Saints you know the a is with the the three nails and the tea is with the Krampus so you’ll see it rising st. it’ll be a white background with black lettering and just hit me up on rising sales ministry on Facebook those are the two only accounts that I have my personal so you you’ll be able to connect my my right to say his ministry page with my personal page you’ll see their Carlos Martinez a little and you’ll see all these Flyers of where I travel and where I go I do this for traceability not not for glorifying myself it’s just traceability in the ministry and so it works amazingly so as far as marketing is concerned it works amazingly because you know this month these this year I’m being reached out God is honoring opening doors but that shows the proof of gratia you know the churches that I work with I do not only in church but I like to do urban how it reaches iock streets also urban recreational reaches out in the parks I’m working on a permit now for a city down in Arizona that is new to me the Lord just open that door so I’m kind of working on that but as far as my ministry leaks check me out and ride the saints ministries on Facebook like I said you’ll see the profile pic it’ll be white and then you’ll see the hands of Jesus crucified for the guys the a will be the three nails and the T will be a cross um you’ll see that I’d be black lettering yeah you guys make sure that you add him follow him on Facebook and yes all that good stuff have you ever did any ministry outreach with 7 or illuminate or any of those guys you know what 7 I know seven personally I was with him I’m not a rapper but I’ve been to hear some of his events there was a season of mine I’ve been around sad you know definitely he’s reaching the community and actually man 7 was a one who actually sparked me to do urban outreaches in the community as far as parts of concern um I went to one of his reaches man and I said man if he can do that I could so he sparked me up man I’ve talked from personal personally man took a few features have you go on my facebook on my my home page you see pictures of me SF did I reach down in 2016 with one of his brothers one of our brothers actually called King David down and up in Compton California yeah as an album called knit with war in heaven check him out man had him on the book but he was you know he inspired me you know being around 7 start inspiring me being around other artists ehh artists as far as luminate yeah I’ve had a conversation with lumen a man with Nate and you know but not like real personal you know we I met him I seen him at an event we hug we prayed just kind of took that path man but the brothers got a genuine heart for music ministry and so I met some of them brothers man biz you know at an event you know as far as Trejo you know I never came across straight home but yeah but as far as trailers concerned man I used to a mess back before when he first started and then he just blew up out of the out of the brother just blew up yeah but you know what man I mean they pump your time when we come together yeah we’ll be we’ll be coming together man as far as like the mob concern yeah I know some brothers from there I’ve worked with some brothers from the MA selves personally I’ve had about my some of my advanced outreaches stuff like that so yeah man now working is is amazing when you can then work with brothers like that man it’s awesome it’s like I said okay go you go out of here I’m sorry you’ve got something I should go ahead yeah oh it’s like I said you know I’m not I’m not an artist but you know I don’t I don’t write music I don’t do that but I love it’s crazy because in my you sayings ministry we’d not only do prophetic seminars we do prophetic revivals we do this thing called prophetic worship we get a full worship team up there man and they’re just flowing in the music and then doing about four or five yeah man four or five songs and the spirits moving then I’ll get up on the mic man and start prophesied and then boom and then we get back into worship it’s so intense but not only our dad but like I said the urban art reaches into the community and and CH h of n CH h of officers Christian hip-hop and what I like it’s crazy because I don’t do music but what I like to do is I like to go to the cities in other states and get the permits to do an outreach out in the park and get local artists to go and minister in the music so I don’t deal with music but I like to see you know because now these youth nowadays man they listen to other the other hip-hop so when you bring CH H to a community and they’re rapping about God and their ministry you know it’s beautiful to me though that’s not my gift but I know that we could reach somebody through that just yeah you know so I’ll deal with the logistic set that through the cities but I love that I love that so that’s why I love mansell yes and the prophetic and the music go hand-in-hand it’s funny when back in the Old Testament there’s a scripture talks about Samuel coming walking down the hill with the prophets and they were all holding instruments like they all had you know saying Jim bays and tambourines and stuff and flutes and they all like the prophets would play music music is powerful man King David look at King David with music he would play music and it would literally the music and it’s anointed by a psalmist would loose spirits off of people I put a psalmist playing music music is powerful man we covered that a lot here and um yeah thanks for coming on the show brother I enjoyed it and I’m sure a lot of people are gonna learn a lot and and those prayers men are powerful brother thank you for coming on hanging out with me no problem brother any time man we can always I’m always a pleasure man we can do it again a new future you just let me know man will connect and you know keep it like that amen appreciate you appreciate your artwork man appreciate your blessings your honor man y’all tell Yaya nice artwork come to brother Derrick man you know he definitely has the gift man I’m telling you so he’s utilizing it man with that game praise the Lord praise the Lord thank you brother for all this honor you know podcast on true seeker yong-chol continue to spread the word out on true seeker man so hit me up on rising state ministries we’re on Facebook so let you know connect with me you can even connect to my personal page so thank you brother Derek I appreciate your blessing and it’s an honor brother amen brother bless you bro thank you okay you’re welcome brother Salaam Salaam peace Shalom all right Carlos Martinez rising Saints ministry rising Saints outreach you guys go check him out it’s good brother I said it’s awesome how like God brings people in your life and now he came in my life to do some artwork you know I’m saying and I checked out as ministry what he’s doing I believe in it so I wanted to have a conversation with him had him on the show really good episode enjoyed it we got it we got to share some really good stories about the prophetic realm here in the voice of God angels and demons and how they operate all of that stuff encourages you or engages you it puts a hunger within you to seek out those realms and I hope it did that for a lot of you guys listening so you guys who want to support what I’m doing head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker the link is in the description you can sign up to give anywhere from a dollar five 10 15 20 25 puts on your heart let the Lord use you amen yeah if you guys get a bunch of cool stuff tour there so you get access to my entire just discography it’s like ten albums all my old stuff that I don’t even promote it’s there it’s available fight music the fall of Babylon the gathering that they may know him the manifestations of the sons of God down south say so just 333 awaken the fire a spiritual alchemy a bunch of stuff’s on there um and you also get the new stuff in the last two weeks I put up two new songs and I’m getting better so yeah go check those songs out getting a lot of good feedback from you guys – thanks everybody who’s supporting but like I said a new thing we’re trying to we’re trying to push and I’m getting a lot of clicks on the website to this but we’re talking about the school of the Mystics and and if you become a patron at any level you get access to that and it’s gonna be our private online school that we’re doing it’s gonna be training and equipping it’s going to be teaching but for the most it’s gonna be activation we can actually have we could we can bring it home and we can pray over one another we can speak the words of faith the words of wisdom and essentially create an atmosphere where we can try to move in a prophetic well we can practice the presence of God practice hearing the voice of God and speaking it out many of you guys are sensitive to the spirit realm many of you guys are empathic you already hearing the voice of God but you’ve never tried to act on it many of you guys are feeling things you have the gifting of the discernment of spirits you can tell what’s what’s ailing ailing people but you’ve never activated you’ve never stepped out so I believe that the Holy Spirit will cater to this and I’ve seen it done now we’ve done it in a personal place and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing because I’ve been a part of that so School of the Mystics Thursday nights go to the website you’ll have access there but uh sign up sign up through patreon to get access and it’s gonna be good trust me with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom more coming stay tuned lots of good things happen in 2018 amen Josh so Joshua and I know Joshua and Chris is talking about this I’m gonna see man so Joshua is saying he says if I can’t check out the school of the Mystics live will there be a recording I can watch later maybe there may be I know it’s not going to be public because I know it’s gonna be a place where we can be vulnerable and we can share some some some ideas and some things that are bothering us and uh I’m gonna be I’m gonna be candid on there and it’s gonna be a place where I can be open with the community you know what I’m saying and uh which is the next level many people watch this podcast and it’s like their church service like they the prayer the information the teachings and even that just the exploration like it’s there the only church that they they know and so it’s not a time to take it to the next level and that’s what the the school of the Mystics is gonna be about so I want to be careful I don’t want it to be I don’t want it to be something that can be shared out but I think there may be some ways I can give you access to private links on the website so so right now the page is locked don’t know where you can view the page as if you’re a patron so if you go to patreon you sign up and you go to the website it’ll ask for your credentials you put the credentials in and you have access to join so there may be some some way that we cannot work it out chris says he wish it was Friday there may be a way that we can save it and just have it for you guys they’re archived and not being able to share it out I’m gonna see I’m gonna look into it but I hope so I hope so I think we can with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music

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