Have you ever wondered if we’re alone in the universe? For one girl, her journey to find answers to this question led her on an unexpected path to spiritual enlightenment.

In this episode, TruthSeekah speaks with Lily Nova, a young woman who began taking photos of strange objects in the sky, which she soon realized were UFOs. Her passion for capturing these otherworldly sightings on camera led her on an incredible journey of discovery, as the beings behind the UFOs began to teach her about spirituality and the interconnectedness of all things.

Through her photos and experiences, she gained profound insights into the true nature of reality and our place within the cosmos. Join us as we explore her journey, and the fascinating spiritual truths she uncovered through her photography.

This episode is sure to expand your perspective on the aliens, UFOs angels and the hidden truths waiting to be discovered all around us. The truth is that we are not being told the whole truth.

Lily Nova is a UFO photographer, ET Contactee, CE5 practitioner, Channeler, and DNA Activator.
Her story and footage has been published in mainstream media news, including LAD Bible and The Mirror. She has been featured on Coast To Coast with George Noory, and on TV Shows like Unexplained Caught On Camera.

UFO’s began visiting Lily during COVID while out shooting space photography. As her experiences progressed, she learned about these other-worldly beings and how to contact them. They taught her how to activate her ‘dormant’ DNA and psychic abilities. She now uses these gifts to channel messages, DNA activations and healing on her YouTube channel. Lily is dedicated to sharing her findings and experiences with the world, and to help others initiate contact and connect with enlightened Star beings and their Star Families.

Website: https://LilyNovaSpaceArt.com

Links and social media: https://linktr.ee/lilynova.in.space

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LilyNovaStarseed



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