In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast I did a live Q&A with the chat and found myself answering a lot of questions about living in the spirit. Many churches and denominations have different doctrines and traditions when it comes to the baptism of Holy Spirit and the baptism of Fire. Some I’m think that these are two different baptisms and others think that these are one in the same. From my studies and research these two are the same, when John the Baptist appears on the scene he says there is one coming after me who is going to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire this is the initial baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is optional when someone has this encounter. Sometimes in the Bible they had this encounter with the Holy Spirit at the same time that they believed on Jesus and then other times it came months later and some circles had not even heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit so they received this a little later. A lot of denominations believe that as you put your faith in Jesus  and in the work that he has done on the cross that you instantly received the Holy Spirit, I do not find that to be the case spiritually or scripturally. We are at different places in our walks on our spiritual journey and this process is instant for some and for others could tarry for some time. The Holy spirit is definitely something that every person should believe for in their own lives as takes our spiritual walk to the next level.
Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit In Our Lives Christianity is but a dead religion.

This is what separated the lives of Jesus and the Saints from the Pharisees of his day. They knew the law, they knew the rules and regulations and had a great outward appearance of godliness but Jesus says that inwardly they were empty tombs. As it was in his day so is it in ours, as many of our religious leaders have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Christianity without Christ it’s one of the most nastiest things on the planet. Without the leading of the Holy Spirit we have to get into manipulation, opinions and rules that in the end exalt themselves higher than the knowledge of Christ.

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everybody in the chat my name some of these names right quick grim what up man it’s been a while brother good to hear from you in the chat man we need to get up man grim shout out one of the longest-running rutting patrons man my homie grim Justin amber what’s up amber how are you Lyoto francis chris garner what’s up brother Austin Kerr Stephen cook aka the voices hanging out with this live I believe for the first time what’s up brother we’re gonna do a show here soon me and me and cook so yeah we’re gonna do a live Q&A and we’re just gonna hang out if anybody has any questions comments inside I’ll try to read them and incorporate them into today’s broadcast Justin Caldwell is live with the Sheri Clark man so many people right now that’s awesome Roger Ali like everybody man good stuff good to see you guys we just did a concert and here in Mobile and we only had a few people show up but uh me and Justin performed Ali showed up Kenny showed up we had a handful of friends that came out 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for coming on believing in my work again we’re gonna do it thank you guys for what you guys are doing so amber says I’m looking at but I’m looking into becoming a patroness what’s up yeah that’s what’s up that’s where you grow this community that we’re building here so and I’ll take advantage of the stuff man it’s technology I know it’s like for the longest time I was like against technology like I use it I love it but when starting to get more spiritual getting into meditation getting into prayer learning what this stuff is and then you look at you see how technology is mimicking spirituality I mean I remember seeing Facebook and just seeing how I mean I’m using it to my advantage but it’s a mimic of the global brain everyone is already connected like you can walk into a room and someone is having a bad day or they’re feeling some type of way they’ve been in an argument with their lover or whatever you walk into that room you can feel that presence you’re connected with that person that’s the global brain we are all one and so Facebook shows us not like on an external way that we’re all connected through social media and you’re connected by scrolling your time line and and tapping in and checking in with your friends and stuff and so there’s pros and cons we’re we can’t fight it for the longest time I wanted to fight it and understood what kali-yuga is and the prophecies that would say that man would use technology to fight against God and that’s kind of happening but it’s the inevitable if you can’t beat them join them type deal we can use it for advantage so using discord using patreon using Facebook and YouTube using all of this stuff man we’re going after the ones we’re finding our tribe we’re finding the like-minded people that we can build with and so we have people all over the world who support who come together we we meet together for prayer just hang out having conversations sometimes being silly sometimes being deep whatever man but it’s about friendship but it’s about building community finding your tribe and essentially taking away that whole thing where you feel like I don’t have nobody who understands me I’m the only one going through this it’s kind of like a Messiah Complex sometimes that can can occur to feel like you’re the only one who’s had those encounters or experiences and so we’re in a room with people that we can kind of have a safe space to kind of build upon those encounters and talk to people I can’t tell you how much I needed that when I was going through my stuff like I’m in the Bible Belt and I had to go and talk to my friends about summoning UFO in the Bible Belt or go to church and try to find somebody who was open or out they’re like hey man he was what’s the deal and you know and so it was really hard so for people who were in my position at that time people are there now we have a safe space we have community so that’s what it’s uh that’s what it’s about so Steven Cook says all things can be used to the good of God yep what’s up Christie Phillips Chanel how are you guys yeah we’re growing man we’re growing Christian says thankfully those days are over now I found my tribe no doubt you man there’s just so many people it’s a bunch of cool people we try to weed out some of the craziest because they tend to slip in there and sometimes we could be the craziest too but uh it’s all love and what we’re building here so everyone’s welcome so uh and it’s really weird man I’ll address that it’s really weird because with the podcast there’s no like one specific thing that we address like people okay they want me to say you know what I believe I give a mission statement a statement of faith what I believe about what like about aliens about spirituality about the Holy Spirit about love about marriage like what do I believe about what so it’s really hard to kind of give a mission statement like this is who we are this is what we do I are kind of umbrella myself as a Christian mystic just because I believe the Scriptures and I study the Scriptures and Jesus or the Christ is what led me to God or my revelation of God so I’m not gonna let go of that now that’s we can talk about it you know what I’m saying but that’s what I am a Christian mystic and it’s the best thing I don’t really think there’s a specific category but with that being said I love to get into the other text I love to get into to the scriptures that were taken out of the Bible the Bhagavad Gita Manley P Hall mysticism and those things that kind of help you understand your Bible of choice your holy book of choice if you even choose one you haven’t chose yet there’s you don’t not even into it you could still read these other texts and it helps everything else make more sense I’m really big right now I’m doing an EP I’m doing 2 EPS right now I just give a quick plug I’m doing one called colors and it’s dealing with the chakras and each song is based off of a chakra or influenced by that type of emotion and what that chakra deals with it’s not gonna be explaining everything it’s not specifically about this chakra but it’s influenced by the chakra that’s a seven song EP called colors most of those songs are done and they’re available even or even if they’re rough copies they’re up on patreon as soon as I’m done with the song it’s uploaded so there’s four or five songs there also so right after that I’m working on an EP called the ESP EP the extrasensory perception where we’re studying ESP to clairvoyance clairaudience and those things and taking those concepts and bringing those to the table so that’s gonna be an EP as well but even in studying ESP and then reading the Bible like it uses it the understanding spiritual gifts in the Bible the word of knowledge word of wisdom word of faith the gift of faith all of these things understanding that the discernment of spirits you’re only given like an outline in the Bible you’re not given like this really deep okay here’s how you do it is I you access it here’s how you activate it but by all this stuff you’re just given these quick overviews about the quickening of the Holy Spirit what is that what does it feel like to be quickened I got a message today someone was asking me about do you feel electricity running through your body at times or is that ad in the Bible how what what is that we understand prana understand the Holy Spirit on the same Kundalini these things start making more sense to us so that’s what it’s about being able to kind of access these other other realms in making that other stuff make more sense and I’m convinced and given my life to understanding the spirit realm how it works how it operates and how it affects us that you can’t fully understand the Bible without going into the Book of Enoch there’s things that you will not understand about the Bible by itself standalone 66 books by itself without reading the Book of Enoch it kind of pieces some things together it is a huge piece of the puzzle then you find out what was there why was taken out those things that’s something that you can say okay you know Enochs kind of a you know a thing that’s kind of maybe elementary for people just kind of stepping out of Christianity or kind of getting into some other things Enoch it’s a safe one to kind of get into but then we talk about ESP and we talked about clairvoyance clairaudience clara sentience and there’s just so many scriptures where Jesus is talking about being able to feel the Holy Spirit walking into a room not not just feeling the spirit but actually knowing people’s thoughts what does that sound like what does that look like man can it drive you crazy can it drive you mad that you’re able to hear you’re having a conversation about someone but you know what they’re thinking you know their dreams last night what does that feel like so that’s tough it’s not it’s it’s an outline in the Bible so I believe if we get into some of the other things and just be open up enough to at least have that conversation and not be scared to have the conversation right not saying that every guest that comes on this show bringing their knowledge bringing their wisdom or whatever is telling the truth for one or has the truths or knows the truth we’re not saying that at all but not just to not be afraid to have that conversation and being able to learn from everyone a broken clock is Right twice a day some there’s something you can take from each conversation there’s something you could take from each person even if it’s what not to do right even if you look at somebody’s story you look at where they bring it to the table and see where it’s led them that’s a huge one look at the fruit that it’s produced this type of information this type of knowledge these type of things Thank You Christine just got a donation from Christie through super chat thank you so much yeah you can you can look at somebody’s life so I know God the Most High speaks through all creation everything he could speak through a donkey he could speak through us if God can use us he can use anything right so the in it so deep though they even understanding that the Bible says that God has chosen the foolish things of the world he uses the foolish things the things you think that he would never use to confound the wise to show you the simplicity of a relationship with the father a simplicity that is in Christ even know how we want to get so deep at times which I love it but returning back to the simplicity which it says that to the its it’s an offense to the Jews and to the Greeks it’s a stumbling block like it’s too easy you know what I’m saying the gift of faith and and walking in the spirit is too easy for some people but that’s what it’s about so trying to manage all of this stuff with the community what we’re growing we have growing pains right anytime you’re growing you’re gonna have growing pains so we it said under it’s an umbrella for me at Christian mystic whatever that means to you whatever that means to me I don’t even know honestly but that’s just what I chose and so there’s all these people who come and they have different beliefs and they have different convictions and different things that they focus on even from the Bible even from mysticism like which parts which parts of the Bible so everybody’s coming together and we’re trying to grow together in community and it’s working but there’s growing pains and so we have to you know we have to there’s not there’s not a specific we’re open to whatever I don’t care what it is if it’s working for you I want to look into it if it’s helping you if it’s helped you if you’ve been through it official truth I’d like to do at least discuss it and talk about it not saying that we have to apply it to our lives not to say that it is the truth or it is right but let’s look into it and so that’s that’s what we’re really finding out what building community and not about kicking someone out because they think differently or they are sensitive to something else you know long-suffering is one of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and that’s one thing that I learned because I wish that a lot of times in the in when I was coming up through the church that people would have exercised that gift of long-suffering not just to kind of cut your head off and say look you know this is that bah bah bah don’t deal with him you know long-suffering is the fruit of the Holy Spirit being able to suffer along with someone even if you don’t agree with them even if you have different doctrines or difference of opinions and so well as we learned that we can we can grow together and they’re so weird though it’s like with the whole thing of being vigilant the vigilant Christian you know I’m saying the Watchmen we have to call out error we have to call out truth and kind of being on this this place and as it’s are as if we know it right and I think there’s so much grace that I’ve kind of been able to walk in over the years because of that because I used to do that like I used to confront people I used to point the finger I used to do all that stuff so now I’ve kind of sat back and say look let’s just find what we can agree on because it sucks to really be out there pointing the finger condemning people to hell judging people all of this stuff it sucks to do that and then find out months maybe years later that you were wrong and you were a jerk you were not a friendly person you were you know this whatever the case is that really feels bad once you find that out and you got you have remorse for it but you learn from it you grow from it no matter what it is so you learn to show grace to people at least the same grace that you need shown unto you whether it is we are thorn in someone’s spine by you know just being who we are and and being able to approach these topics and things openly someone um hit me up and was just asking me these different questions through patreon the other day and what they should do and if it’s gonna go over well with people if they made this career decision and letting their light shine and stuff like that and I just simply told them that what I’ve been saying on here is that we kind of changed the narrative now we don’t have to ask for permission we don’t have to make sure that the majority agrees before we do something if we’re following the voice in the wind of the Holy Spirit the leading of God for in our lives Christy’s talking about synchronicity right now for following that synchronicity and it’s led us to things we have to we have to obey that conviction and we have to make sure that it’s right we have to make sure that it’s a healthy conviction we have to make sure that we’re not proposing personal convictions on others right that’s a big thing in the churches they have a personal conviction and they’ll try to make that a rule or make that a law I mean that was the whole thing with the you know I’m saying the Jewish people in the Talmud and having all these other things outside of you know the law of Moses that they’ve kind of added on top of that because the law in and of itself is something beautiful but you adding all of this stuff and twisting it and making it something that it wasn’t created to be much like Christianity today as beautiful as Christ is as beautiful as God is and the love of God and worship and all the beautiful stuff that goes on in church or in Christianity there’s all of this mess and all of this stuff that’s mixed up with it you got to you have to kind of Wade through it all and so Christianity I believe really should be a personal relationship with Christ versus having all of these rules and regulations and even the scripture says that the kingdom of heaven is not in meat or drink it’s not touch not taste not being known for what you don’t do being known for what you’re against and all of these things but to be known for what you’re for what you’re for and and and and not only in word but in deed as well right now just going around talking a good game but your actions being able to show show for it and that’s that’s what we’re about fruit out of all this stuff so don’t let anybody look down upon you for your beliefs or what how different you are or how estatic you are whatever the case is but at the end of the day if your spirituality if your beliefs whatever those beliefs are aren’t helping you as a person aren’t improving all go back to say this Manley P Hall if your spirituality and your belief system systems aren’t improving the life of your household pet your dog if dad still kicks the dog on the way out the door but is a leader or a pastor something’s up if it’s not practical for everybody if it’s not something that that people cannot apply to their life then it’s just it’s just religious fluff and so we have to wade through that stuff so yeah that’s my little rant right now I have some other things I want to speak on but if anybody has any questions and if y’all have already posted them and if I haven’t seen them go ahead and repost those and I’ll try to get to them so speaking of synchronicity and I have Steven cook here the voice we’re working on a song called synchronicity and it’s going to be on the ESP EP coming out next year let’s see try to read through these comments if I can see without having too much dead air doc Christie says the opposition is more intense when you’re on the right path it is it’s that way for me right now yeah that definitely amber says I view my ascension symptoms as growing pains it is a line you you to say that things yep it’s crazy man you have to you have to balance the energy you have to do the work it’ll drive you mad that’s not good you know and that’s with everything it’s not with just the Kundalini and I’m gonna go to a lot of detail on that you know the Kundalini spirituality Christianity it’s for all of it none of none of it’s to play with it all is to be taken seriously I mean your mental health is it’s very serious so garner says questions what are some ways you navigate talking about esoteric ideas with those who are a little more close-minded that’s awesome you say that because I did have another question on through Facebook someone who’s new to the channel was asking me about that um I don’t I don’t try to put at this point I mean everybody’s in different boats and stuff but at this point I don’t like you want to to tell them it’s it’s good news it’s gospel it’s not good news just great news right change your life some of these esoteric information and hopefully it’s changed your life hopefully it’s not you’re not sharing it just for the sake of it being deep or whatever the case is hopefully it’s something that’s impacted you in a way I mean a lot of these ideas I think impact us in a way just because it helps us to think outside the box and it shows us that there’s more to life or this wasn’t the way this like this wasn’t the end like this esoteric information usually opens you up to think outside of the box or outside of Christianity or outside of just the Bible or whatever the case says I’ll give you some deep information on the Bible make the Bible become more real to you things like that so this kind of stuff opens us up but when I was working on the job I can’t I mean when you first start out you want to tell everybody you know it’s the same the same way you know becoming a Christian or whatever the case is and having this relationship with Jesus and it’s a static encounter you want to tell everybody you want to go tell it on the mountain I mean that’s the song you know you want to tell everybody I remember just doing stupid things when I was young and the Bible’s caused it having a zeal without knowledge so I believe what we need to maintain this have that zeal with knowledge we don’t hear that a lot but I think that that’s the thing to keep that zeal but have knowledge and wisdom on how to share it and not be watered down but I mean some of the things we would do I remember getting on the loudspeaker at Walmart and knowing the code to push or whatever back in the day and 2001 really and start preaching on the loudspeaker over Walmart talking about Christ so just walking through Walmart speaking in tongues real loud you know and I’m saying just weird noxious stuff or whatever the case is that you thought you were being a good witness or making sure that you told people because it was your Christian duty to get out there and do it so having a zeal without knowledge um so beaten wanting to tell everybody running up to two people say hey Jesus loves you man everybody just want to you know and not being very effective with it but you feel like you’re doing your duty and that could happen on the job you can get in trouble by talking about that but eventually I wouldn’t I don’t like to bring the stuff up even as much as I like to talk about it and I really didn’t have a lot of people to talk about it like I would go to work and stuff and uh I would just adapt to their conversation man there were people that we can talk about deep stuff if we got one on like one on one and they opened up the conversation but then most of the time I would still blow their mind and lose them somewhere but um if it’s a you know a bunch of people you know just get into water cooler talk I talk about the weather and football even though I didn’t watch football you know like they did I knew enough to talk about it and you know talk about the weather hey is this supposed to rain today you know things I can give it care less about I would I wouldn’t try to force it on them you know I’m saying I wouldn’t go to church and start like telling people or like trying to force my opinions on people so but what’s really cool now it’s will right with the internet and with our tribe and just building it we can do things like start our own podcasts or our own YouTube channel or your own blog and you just start writing about this stuff putting it out there getting it out there in the search engines for one and the people who are looking for the stuff that you’re into they’re gonna find it so you don’t have to try to like win somebody hey you know this is the truth or whatever you just share your truth and if people resonate with it they’re gonna find it that in you and then you share it just take advantage of social media whatever just make sure that it’s out there I don’t I don’t like I try not to spam and stuff like people like rappers will like tag you like tag 70 people in a post on something that’s not you I’m saying relevant to you and so there’s all these weird ways to do it but it seems cringy it seems like you’re begging you know this kind of stuff so I just now I just share the information and believe that whoever it’s for I believe that the scripture says the word will not return void and I think that the conversation the season was salt and that if there’s something in it for that person that they’re gonna find it and I just I believe in faithful for that and I just seen it work in my life and uh you don’t have to be that annoying obnoxious friend either who’s always talking about aliens are always trying to blow people’s minds and stuff and uh but if someone you know gives an inkling here or they start talking about the Illuminati or the third eye or whatever it’ll open up conversation for me to you know start talking about some stuff and sharing it with them but again sometimes I take it too far and they don’t always feel like if they’re open for some deep stuff I’ll get them some stuff and then I’ll just say something that they did it just goes way over their head you know just even little stuff there that’s not even deep or whatever they just act like they want some knowledge of something deep and you share it and they’re like hey we got to watch out for this guy you know on something just some little stuff so you know choose your battles wisely I’d say that Robert Douglas thoughts on energy healing have you made any videos about that yet I don’t know if I’ve actually made videos just specifically concerning that and I was thinking about this too because there’s some old videos from back in sessions with people and then we would also do open healing sessions we would get on through like google chat or whatever on YouTube and I would usually have someone else join me and we do energy healing we get people to send us the link and it’d come on one-on-one and it would have the pain in their body emotional stress whatever the cases that they were dealing with and and they would join us here man and we would just you know my energy healing is just speaking it out seeing it done in form of a prayer of a form of speaking it speaking to the things that are not as though they were and and seeing it done so we would do open sessions like that man and it would be awesome to see those people come in in contact with God with the Holy Spirit with the prana for the first time ever and feel that beauty wash over them and their being on camera and they’d be crying in itself some of that footage is still available it’s on other channels though as I’ve done a lot with Kelly coffee there was a really good one with this one of my clients that I did this lady named sana tan strum and um she was a singer and I I taught her how to sing prophetically over people she was an energy healer but she sang as well and I taught her how to sing prophetically sing healing and release over people and we did an episode of her first time stepping out I let her we went together and it was beautiful so I would say prayers and I would send forth the energy and then she would get those words to sing over them and release it and it’s just beautiful man so I definitely believe in energy healing enough I do pray a lot on here too at the end of the shows usually and uh not every time sometimes I forget sometimes it’s hard to kind of bring it back to that but um some of the ones who I have man I really believe in that and something one of the key things of me doing this show and like reaching out to people and I brought our audiences is the fact that I always go back to the Jordan Maxwell interview you know it’s like 80 almost 85 thousand views on that episode most of those people have no idea who I am they do after that episode so I’ll try to tap into Jordan Maxwell’s fan base or his you know listenership or whatever and it works I’m doing that and I have to win the person over or try to give them something that makes them want to check out my other interviews cuz you may hear an interview where we’re talking about aliens and in the next interview we’re talking about the Holy Spirit and and coming into true relationship with Christ and things like that so that’s that’s what I that’s the plan but to do that Jordan Maxwell interview with 85,000 people listening and then pray at the end and I will pray that God would encounter people that God would meet people in any way he seems fit and sinful if the Holy Spirit and then you have I mean 85,000 people you got some of everybody some people who are running from God some people who are hurt by the church people who have never even experienced the Holy Spirit in that type of manner and so I’ll speak that blessing and pray over them and the Holy Spirit will encounter them I’m believing that it’s gonna happen I pray and I get messages I get messages from people who are saying look that that prayer at the I’m listening to an interview about aliens this guy true seeker prays at the end and I start crying this I saw shaking my whole body starts trembling and I feel the Holy Spirit this energy moved through my body and cleanse me and clean me and it changed my life and I had the message you and find out what that was what do I do and so that’s why I do this you know what I’m saying and this is my lane that I’ve carved out and it works simply because of that and if everything else is falling upon death tears and that was the only one I’d be satisfied but that’s not the case at all it’s working so let’s see let me try to go back some of these comments um Alex is one named Kenny Rideout which is her husband thankfully true seekers talking about things hard religious theologians take time amber I wanted to shake everyone awake but I had to learn through time and experience just to live in the truths and others will follow when they see how happy truth makes me yep 100% like I said you want to wake them up at first you want to shake them but at the same time it takes different things to wake different people up they got I have people who make fun of me they make fun of the way I talk they make fun to make fun of all kind of stuff that the information they make fun of Jesus and they you know I’m saying especially like in this spiritual movement and like new-age circles or Hinduism circles and stuff they look at Jesus and Christianity because just like the broad religion they look at it as something elementary or something that’s you know fake or whatever the case is and so people will take jabs at me and make fun but when they go through a hard time when they lose a loved one when they’re strung out on dope those same people message me and asked for prayer and want to call me so that’s why we know that it’s working I even though you get persecuted and people laugh at what you’re doing all that stuff stay persistent stay consistent consistency is key and at the end of the day man truth speaks for itself I don’t have nothing to prove most of the stuff me and Chris garner was talking in discord earlier most of I can’t prove how I’m gonna prove it to you like how like most of them is like an inward knowing that you just come to that revelation and that knowledge and then you start applying principles and for you it works and for you it helps and that’s that’s all the thing I need to prove I can’t prove even for Jesus like I can’t prove that Jesus existed I can’t prove that he walked I can’t prove Moses was here some of the stuff I don’t even believe exists that existed or even really happened but what I do have proof of was Jesus with God was Christ whatever that is Christ manifested through Jesus what I do have is a life transformed and I can show you many and and my testimony in me and what happened to me that’s the proof I do have and for me that’s all the proof I need is a life laid down and a life transformed that’s that’s all I need that’s why your your theology your your belief system when it crosses over that’s when it matters that’s when I want to talk to you if it’s just theory if it’s just knowledge if it’s just book it had knowledge I think you’ve totally missed it but it’s when the two come together especially you know going into the astral realms dreams psychedelics meditation yoga breathing all of these things that you can do but you’re able to go into those higher states of consciousness into trance state like the disciples and you’re able to pull information out you were to pull knowledge out you ever to have encounters that sometimes you can’t even formulate into words like the Apostle Paul is like I learned stuff that there’s no way I can even vocalize with you I have no idea how to explain it to you but I know it and I’ve seen it in and exist and it’s real but being a true shaman is one able to go in and take that information I’ll take that experience out and bring it and share the revelation with the people I encourage people to do those things to have that spiritual walk to tap in for yourself if if psychedelics call you to go down that path if breathing calls you you know I’m saying pranayama breath work of that stuff calls you holotropic breathing go down the path there’s things that we’ve done and things that we’ve learned over the years that I believe we can just share the information that you don’t have to go down at debt those paths we’ve done it we’ve got the information we’ve brought it back and we share it openly and you don’t have to go down those paths and this is this is whether it’s what spirituality which I do encourage but for trials and tribulations and mistakes and decisions and things like that but you don’t have to make those same mistakes you don’t have to you can it’s gonna cost you years it’s gonna cost you time it’s gonna cost you a relationship it’s gonna cost you money it’s gonna cost you all this stuff and you could save all that you could save all the money you could save the time you could save the arguments and relationships we’re trying to be right and trying to win and all this stuff because we’ve done it we know what it produces don’t do it it’s not worth it walk in love Jesus said if it’s or Paul said if it’s possible seek peace with all men that’s coexist right there if possible seek peace with all men you don’t have to be right this whole thing of like worrying for your religion or worrying for your truth or whatever the case is and and having to have the last word as pride that’s ego it’s the flesh is what the Bible calls it wanting to have the last last word burning bridges and at the end of the day it shows insecurity in your beliefs that you don’t really know you might have a hope that it’s real that it’s truth and you have the the truth not a truth not a piece of truth but you have the truth that everyone needs when you have to argue that with people it shows that you’re really insecure because you No you hope I have a hope but I don’t know so that when you argue were people and you’re able to win them over and when you win them over to your belief it’s like a little knotch it’s a notch on your shoulder okay I got this one he believes what I believe who else and going around trying to proselytize the people and win people over because you’re insecure about your beliefs I’d say most Christians you’re hopeless with these people don’t know they don’t have proof they just received their religion they received a doctrine with no proof with no life transformed you know no way to explain it they just believe it so yeah when it comes to arguing what people don’t do that zeal without knowledge garner okay II we see says is the Kundalini the Holy Spirit if so why did Jesus have to leave for it to come we see evidence of the Kundalini hundreds of years before Christ well we see this though Jesus dealing with with the Kundalini the pranayama the Holy Spirit is the life force it is it’s everything Jesus breathed upon his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit that this is when he was here he breathed upon him and there’s so many instances I’ve got I’ve got all the notes and the studies done on this too because like to see like when does it come when does the Holy Spirit come during baptism after baptism upon confession of Christ these type of things at the end of the day it always comes back down for me hopefully for you too this is the principle that works but it comes down to the fruit what is the fruit of it let’s look at the fruit of the Holy Spirit let’s look at the fruit of the Kundalini if someone who’s really doing it right let’s look at the fruits of pranayama breath work and if you’re gonna gonna go by your feelings how it feels I mean this is one thing that kind of sealed the deal for me was a feeling of being of having that baptism of the Holy Spirit and then doing kundalini yoga then doing breath work and mailer to feel it it’s the same thing it’s there’s not a different spirit doesn’t come in like move throughout your body it’s the light it’s the essence of life itself it is all in all it is in everything it is moving and flowing through everything and you can feel it the electricity that the friend asked me about yeah you can feel it you can feel it when you breathe you have to be conscious of it I got to this weird place but every time that I would breathe in and that that breath would come to the the peak I would feel the Holy Spirit moved through my body every time that I breathed and even the word the Greek words and the Hebrew words for Holy Spirit is dealing with the breath Jesus breathed upon his disciples and they received the Holy Spirit they were conscious of it but when I go into a lot more detail about that and I want to be careful with it too because I don’t want to overthink things and I’m very analytical and one point always leads me to another and I’ve it’s kind of hard to kind of present this point without and obviously you guys are hearing me do it today present a point without chasing that rabbit trail so if I present something I want to try to give you as much info on it that you understand it present the next thing and just see how everything ties together so that’s why I’ve been kind of careful with it I did a video years ago I had a guy on we talked about it and I named it I was naming my shows this is with the awakening podcast I was naming my shows controversial top names it would get people but it was when I was still in church and they they wasn’t having that right but we ended up doing an interview and I called it the Kundalini is the Holy Spirit what your pastor is not telling you I still have that interview I’m gonna take the knowledge I’m gonna take the the information I’m gonna I’m gonna reap it it back out but um that was one that really you know sealed the deal for me in the church realm like when cuz people would look up my name and they would find that one and I said oh no I mean there was times even our local we were because I was still doing concerts I was still leading worship and all this stuff but on the internet I’m having these conversations and studying this stuff and just open freely sharing is something and discussing it really I’m trying to learn you know early on having nice podcast and stuff I was getting all the guests that I heard on coast to coast am and read their books and stuff and I get them on on my show and I’d pick their brain because I was really curious so that’s what that stuff started out from but we did one on the Kundalini and that really sealed the deal with the church realm for me they posted that everywhere and so you know you know I’m deceived and all that kind of stuff so that is really what sealed the deal with it but you know and I got I got hurt over it right you know going through that back in 2012 but uh but rightfully so you know I think they did the right thing in the end if you’re you know you have to what we’ve always joked around you have to guard your flock you know if someone’s coming in with some damnable heresies and I guess if you know you’re calling the Holy Spirit something is beautiful you’re calling it something that you’ve seen it as demonic or invading outside source trying to get into the church that’s what a lot of people believe about the Kundalini because of some documentaries that have gotten popular and then everybody’s kind of giving their commentary on it well I’m gonna give my commentary as well and what I’ve learned so yes it is what it is the scene amber says um as my mentor says learn how to keep secrets even from self not to supposed surprises like a movie I’ve seen before everyone else then go to the theater and I’m shot I shot out he lives and everyone has kind [Laughter] yeah did the main character died died don’t spoil the surprise yeah that’s interesting you make that a connection there cuz like I like movies I like good movies good Netflix series or whatever but um when there’s when you watch it when you watch a trailer a lot of times for these movies they put everything in in the trailer to get you to come see it and if I watch a trailer and I see the whole movie in the trailer the climax I know the dilemma I know who gets kidnapped I know what they where they travel to to get them back and they put everything in these movies I’m not watching that there’s no element of surprise leave something for the imagination right there’s no element of surprise to that so I don’t watch it I if I if I’m watching a trailer a trailer comes on and it looks good the first 10 gonna watch it well why finally no I’m not watching it cuz I want to see the movie and I won’t do that so but I have friends who have come over and will be watching an hour of a movie and there’s like 45 minutes my friend come on you know he lives right you know they all make it and like man look we’re in the middle of a movie you know told us what happens so let’s see moving along moving along Chris garner says I like to hit them with something easy like comparing karma to do to others and see how they react before I go deeper with aliens just to go see how bad I shocked them yeah but yeah even the Karma thing you know Jesus said you reap what you sow but you always want to say it’s the same thing but it kind of in essence in an in theory in the streets we said if you do dirt you get dirt treat people how you want to be treated right it’s gonna come back to you I totally believe in that karma only thing about trying to compare that kind of stuff – Karma’s like with the whole karma wheel is that you are we you are reincarnated through multiple lives to live out your Karma like the the dirt you might not get it this life you may get it the next life or the life to come whatever the case is so that’s the difference between like sowing and reaping whatever you sow out and put out is that we get it now we get it in a season right you know you’re playing a seed and in the next season you get the harvest as long as you take care of it and stuff like that and the whole thing what karma ii was looking at from from my identity of christ is that you know Jesus took our karma – right he took our bad karma so that we don’t have to pay for the whole story of the gospel is where Jesus took our punishment that we deserved that we deserve this punishment we deserve death we deserve pain but through him we were given life and given life more abundantly when we deserve death when we deserve to do what thou we just you know because of what it did become a net sacrifice where it were heirs to the kingdom through that the grace of which is purchased so with karma and reaping what you sow I like to say it’s the same thing but it’s kind of the same principles but it has a little bit more and into it with with that with karma but I get what you’re saying it’s a good place to start it’s a conversation conversation starter he we said just give them some pure DMT yeah hopefully they get it go to sleep at night get that release of DMT your pineal gland Christy live your truth embrace it in the light you create pulls in those who seek just to see what’s there live it out loud and be open it be open to help if need be I like that um I like the term preach the gospel and if necessary use words I’ve had I’ve had some debates over even over that saying a buddy of mine I he’s a good friend he’s a street evangelist and uh we came up together we did a lot of outreach and stuff together over the years he’s gotten a lot more theological and strictly about outreach and people are going to hell and all this kind of stuff so but we’ve kind of he talked about how that that quote is it’s not biblical that preaching is the declaration right I mean that’s what the word preached it means it means to to shout it out to speak it from the rooftop to tell people go tell it on the mountain you know how other people here unless there is a preacher and how will we go unless we be sent so there’s this notion and he’s like he didn’t like that understanding of with that quote preach the gospel and if necessary use words I love it because I’ve been around most of the preachers and all of the the Christian people who talk a good game but they don’t have the lifestyle to back it up they can preach circles around you they could do all of this stuff but when they come off the pulpit it’s another story you know and so it almost kind of gives a pass that as long as you’re preaching this is what Jesus had do long as you’re preaching then I don’t care what your life style looks like and I’ve had friends who they felt strongly about that as well and they don’t do ministry anymore I know psalmist people who are anointed to play the guitar when they play something happens in the spirit things are loosed in the heavenlies when they play guitar I got two friends and both four on similar stories they’ve both gotten hurt by the church and they won’t even pick up a guitar anymore sad as people who would fast and pray for the ability to play insane music people who would love to and I got friends who would man they’d do anything to have that talent and then to see people who have the talent and just say nope I’m done all because of what they call church hurt or dealing with stuff and one of the guys was because his life was going through hell and they didn’t care just because he can play the guitar does he look just gonna play this guitar man and they told him how to play it what songs to do all this kind of stuff and then he he you know he wanted help on the inside and they didn’t care what was going on and he was addicted to pornography and you know living out of his car can’t keep a job you know all these things that he thinks are important that he needs help with and they didn’t care they just look just saw him plays a guitar man will pay you you know get you a little money and so that that brother he won’t even touch a guitar anymore so Cooke says yeah man imagine if I told everyone I hear about my dead relatives speaking to me which if you think about it they’re not dead because we are eternal yep yeah troops tribe aired a Chris Connor says anyone know where Danny Wilton is at these days in Gifford says I haven’t talked to Danny in a while Danny’s a good friend he’s got into it with Santos and I I remember interviewing Santos and Danny back-to-back while they were beefing like beef and hard that’s a lot of beefs in this esoteric and understanding communities and stuff right people beefing just like this church beefs you know there’s people beefing in church and I got the right doctrine and you’re wrong and all this stuff and a lot of people like to point at Santos and say you know he fell off with the flatter thing and how you just got overwhelming you know on the meat-eaters and Curson people who eat meat and this all this weird stuff you get into and it kind of taints that beautiful work that he started out with Astro theology and you know your your your body is the Holy Land type deal and um they say you’d like to point out that Santos fell off but the last thing the view I did with Danny Wilton was kind of out there it was all about mathematics and PI and I couldn’t all I could say was yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t even add nothing to the conversation and his mind you know when his study it was right for him you know and I couldn’t understand it and I don’t follow it I follow your early work I love it you know it’s when people leave that early work I guess it happens in music you know and when bands start out or rappers start out and they put out those first that first album where they want it to make it it’s all genuine you know they have that drive and then they put off put out their sophomore effort sometimes just good some most of the time people fall off they got that one good thing and then other things get in I mean look at boxing look at MMA look at Ronda Rousey the best knocking people out one punch one choke one armbar ten seconds you know all this kind of stuff doing this stuff and then now you’re doing podcast you’re doing interviews you’re a celebrity you’re doing movies all of this stuff there’s somebody coming up under you who’s training who wants it more than you want it they had they have that zeal that you had six years ago six months ago whatever so you can get there but you got to be able to maintain it and that’s one thing we’re talent and with a platform and charisma and things like that like your talent you can take you places that your character can’t keep you like once you get somewhere we can all do whatever we want but you you can you come you can lose it in an instant you can lose it in an instant don’t let your talent take you places that your character can’t keep you inside joke this is for Cooke Jalen got us there but two is gonna keep us there the inside joke we’re talking about earlier Alabama foot but that’s the thing man it’s going around so what are your thoughts on Joseph at will I’m not really sure I know who Joseph at will is I will look the name up right quick while I’m on stream Caesars Messiah I guess that’s a book he wrote huh not really uh have not seen this guy I will check him out though haven’t seen him I was all messed up in the dope game at one point the people at na gave me good advice don’t focus on the religious aspect focus on the message in the prayers yeah you said na are you talking about a a Alcoholics Anonymous thinking it might be another word for it as well I’m not sure but know there’s some there’s some interesting stuff in that uh Alcoholics Anonymous and even where that those those teachings came form of those 12 steps came from the guy who founded it he was he was big on LSD and going into the spirit realm so but I haven’t worked the steps haven’t like been addicted like that I have friends who have been in they they if you work the steps it works for you right and it seems like it’s a way those steps are a way to change your your psyche change changing the way that you think and if you go through those steps and that’s what it seems to be for me as someone and outside looking in so it says na s Narcotics Anonymous okay so that’s na Narcotics Anonymous I knew I knew I don’t know you we gotta straighten it out with me my buddy I’m not gonna say your name we’ll do that on the podcast when we come when we do a show the other um II we says powerful expand your mind so you can ask for travel Chris Connor says throughout space and time lucid dreaming proof is in your works what are your thoughts on demons are they real or just dark forms made manifest can they possess how did you react when you encounter them an astral realm that’s a really good question and I’m going into like I’m trying to cover every aspect in my book that I’m writing right now I covered a lot of it in my persona video if you haven’t seen my persona video type in true seeker persona on YouTube and I put a lot a lot of effort into that and I covered several different aspects of it and for me I think that both aspects of what you just presented it Israel I believe that you can be possessed it all works together man are they real or just thought forms made manifest the Bible talks about demons being strongholds they get access to your mind get access to your imagination so if you have these thought forms or what we would call in the church realm we call them ungodly beliefs anything that the Bible says exalts itself against the knowledge of God all of this stuff is the war for your mind it is the battlefield of the mind so if you and and that’s that’s what they want to possess I mean when they possess you when they take over you they take over your mind any any thing or any person stronghold ideas logos colors symbols has to deal with your mind and imparting thoughts to you that you wouldn’t have thought on unconsciously outside of yourself you wouldn’t have thought about those things so when it comes from demonic influence if they are from outside or from within if you if if it’s something manifested from your mind you created it to manifest and it wants access to to your mind to change the way that you think so I really do there’s a lot of a really deep information about TOPAS and about creating these entities and things like that with thought forms and goes into a lot of detail about it this is really interesting was the way that we think and the things that we entertain and looking at things and demons in your dreams I mean we talked about this in the dream episode where you know I would have all these nightmares of these demons and Freddy and Jason and Chuckie and all this stuff chasing me as a kid I watch that stuff right and I had I was plagued by nightmares I had all types of nightmares and so understanding dreams Chucky and Jason’s chasing me in my dream I wake up you know for somebody that’s because I was dealing with fear I was dealing with trauma I was dealing with insecurities as a kid and not having a stability and it would manifest in my dream state the kid who was still going through those things the instability no father in their life fear worry all that stuff as a kid but they haven’t seen Chucky they haven’t seen Jason they haven’t seen these movies fear to them may manifest in the form of falling off of a bicycle a dream they may have a dream where they keep falling down scratching their legs and getting hurt and and they’re scared to death to fall off and they’re riding a bike in the shaking because all everytime in this dream they fall off and it can have other representations I know that’s a deep one you know not having any balance in your life because you keep falling you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results you know there could be a lot of different interpretations but the things that you’ve entertained the things that you have beheld it says that the eyes and ears are the windows to the soul and the things that we we look at Jobe says he says I’ve made a covenant with mine eyes that I may not look upon the evil thing I mean that’s huge with pornography that’s huge with always you know watching all of this stuff and being entertained by by evil stuff you have to have has to be a balance you know and that’s that that’s the thing with with everything there’s a season and a time for everything but the things that we behold the things that we entertain garbage in garbage out the things that we look at it’s gonna come out you know I mean I remember when I got born again like for some reason I had so frickin lyrics from master P and no-limit stuck in my head UGK I just have these quotes in my head all day is like am I saying I would fight against it because I wanted I wanted you know my mind was being renewed by reading the scriptures and listening to Christian music and things like that but I’d be you know midday and just I’m you know these lyrics about weighing dope and cooking dope and selling crack and robbing people these lyrics would just play through my mind I was like I got to get that out so so funny that when I’m trying to renew my mind that stuff would just keep coming up and eventually eventually it works you know eventually the mind is renewed and I remember you know the guy who led me to the Lord years ago every for every situation he had a Bible verse he knew what the scripture said about something similar and he always had wisdom from the scriptures about anything and I remember telling myself as I I want to be like that I want to eventually know the scripture so well that for any instance there’s a Bible verse and that’s why I spoke over myself that’s what I wanted to do and that’s what I’m doing now anything that happens there’s a verse on it even stuff that seems cuz I’ve studied so much although far out there stuff there’s verses on it there’s being this beautiful and it helps you know it’s Bible says that you renew your mind by the washing of the word and it talks about the hearing of the word hearing of the Scriptures builds your faith and just putting it on in the background listening in to listening to it hearing it in your music repetition reduces resistance the more that you hear concepts the more that you hear phrases repeated the more that you’ll let your guard down you begin to believe it you begin to accept things that you wouldn’t have normally accepted you begin to repeat things that you would have not normally repeated and so there’s happening for bad stuff let’s reverse it and do it for good stuff let’s do it for positive affirmations let’s do it for positive quotes and so that’s what we’ve kind of done with our music over the years this kind of reversed the curse in Reverse what the world was doing – you know I’m saying promote all types of sex sex drug use all types of crazy stuff that comes through the music into the media so we just shot it we don’t want to be an alternative but yet be a standard right and we don’t want to be a we don’t want to exist as a reaction to something else because then again you’re just still existing and and you are existing because of what you are against versus what you’re for so you exist just as an alternative to secular music okay whatever we don’t want to be that because then you’re gonna sound like secular music regurgitate it right you’re gonna sound like this stuff regurgitate it you want to be something original you want to be something birthed in the spirit and we all have that ability I don’t think we should be you know I’m saying copycats or duplicates of anything or you’re the Christian this or you’re the the clean version of that or whatever the case is you know I think that we should have a leg up when it comes to creativity and artistry and things like that word says a vibe with that walk with that love I mean cornices I would never seek to convert anyone but to help them better understand their own religion yep manly Pete Hall paraphrase ya manly pee ha man devotee of manly Hall I said that for a reason I dedicate him all my early works to him and being inspiration big influence on my I mean Steven says that John the Baptist had it in the womb had the Holy Spirit in the womb you know Christian says prana lifeforce energy is living breath of Yeshua the way the truth in the life yep it’s the light that light within John the book of John it talks about you know in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God in the Word was God if you keep reading it says that Jesus was the light of the world and he is the light that lighteth every man who comes into the world that every every person is born with that light there’s a hinge Hindu tradition that believes that there’s a little literal flame that we literally have a fire within us they’re not telling us this in science maybe you it’s debatable but you can you can look up there’s actually a name a name of that fire when you breathe them you’re Fanning the flame igniting the flame and even the this the the Sacred Heart of Jesus right you see the pictures of Jesus with the Sacred Heart in his chest with the little fire on it it’s believed that so I believe that uh even as Jesus breathed upon his disciples so we all have that flame but sometimes it takes someone who is illuminated with the spirit sometimes it takes someone who is anointed someone who is our prophet to be able to speak into your life and to be able to fan that flame for you description Steven talks about like to fan the flame that is within you through the laying on of hands through prayer and through activation and speaking things out over people to fan that flame make it get bigger bigger bigger and and be a wildfire and obviously experienced personal revival you know and and seen how it affects all those around you and that’s deep in itself I’ve seen the personal revival getting so close with the Lord that you know Smith Wigglesworth type stuff where you know he’s riding the train and people are coming up to him and hey he hasn’t even opened his mouth and they said hey why do you convict me of my sin what must I do to be saved around this guy who just riding a train but he’s so close and his intimacy and walk with God that people know it he doesn’t even have to say anything there’s those people like they still exist the guy who led me to the Lord kind of jacked me up because he was one of those people like every time this guy prayed for someone they received the Holy Spirit they fell out they cried like he there was something that this guy walked in that took a level of intimacy that I had never seen before any change in everybody’s life around him he changed people’s lives and it came out of fellowship with the Holy Spirit locking himself in his room for hours on end you know reading Benny Hinn’s book good morning Holy Spirit Benny Hinn would lock his room his self in a room for 14 hours you know praying and he’d come out and stuff would happen you know I’ve met those people literally that that stuff would have to them and almost like show me your friends and I’ll show you your future and you start acting like those people that you’re hanging out with like I remember coming back and forth from Louisiana to Alabama as a kid and I would have Louisiana sling there was just little words like bruh bruh that’s big now everybody does bro but there was a time where that was only a New Orleans thing and you see how it catches on like everybody in America says abroad now bro like that was a that was a thing in the from New Orleans because you called your friends bro that was the thing shaft that shaft there’s a bunch of just words and terminology that you would pick up on and you’d incorporate it into your speech and if I would move to Alabama and I would still have that same they are you from New Orleans you from New Orleans or whatever and people would know where you were from who you hung out with the type of music you listen to just by the way you spoke and the way you acted and I believe it’s the same way in the spirit you spending time with Christ you spending time in the spirit you begin to pick up his mannerisms you begin to love the things that he loves you begin to love the people that he loves you begin to hate the things that God hates there’s this personal inward inward sanctification process this conviction that you pick up that you inherit and you begin to act like Christ you begin to mimic him and sound like him and look like you know the more you spend time with him that’s what it’s about man show me your friends I’ll show you your future even in the spirit who are your friends in the spirit and then you know being so full of the holy spirit being so full of that which is good that being spiritual my spiritually minded and it rubs off on people for something to be true the opposite has to be true as well so for that to be true of you being able to be so full of the holy spirit that it just lets your your fire your blazing you just started sparking wildfires everywhere you go brush fires and everybody you’re firing everybody up I seen it man with my life and we got born again like we’ve really got born again like something really happened and we would we would shook stuff man we’d start prayer meetings that would go to like 4:00 in the morning and people had to get up for work and and school the next day and they and they didn’t want to leave the weighty presence of Jesus that was in in our meetings that we would have in people’s living rooms not at the church we went to church but we couldn’t wait to leave church because we would go to someone’s house and we’d get into prayer and it would this was every night before they had tested and all kind of stuff you know all kind of stuff going on man but power of God was moving so I’ve seen it happen in my life and there’s so many examples but for that to be true then the opposite has to be true as well for you to be so full of wickedness or you to be outside of the perfect will of God for your life that you start affecting people around you negatively not for good for bad and things that you’re doing especially if you’re running from God man and this is something I’ve had to go through I’m pretty sure most of us have but you can look at the the wake of your mistakes you can look back and see the people that what whether you let a stray or the people that you impacted or the whatever the case is and a weird thing about it with me because I could repent like I could go through that stuff and I’d repent and I get everything cleaned up with God and I get back while supposed to go and then I would waver and I didn’t know what I’m supposed to be doing and then I’d find myself just out there by myself and then I repent I come back and I could repent in like in a day and God will restore his presence and restore me and within a day within an instant honestly it’s a change of heart metanoia but just as quick as I would be able to repent and do that in an instant and be okay in my mind and in my life and have my good mindset the Bible says you become enemies of God in your mind you’re just a crazy mindset your thinking your hearts are continually wicked when your mind is set up on those things I’m okay but then all these other people are following you or have partnered with you with like whether you’re in a band I mean starting bands that you know gods like hey don’t don’t start this band you’re like you know what I want to start a band it’s to being in the perfect will of God the perfect will of the Holy Spirit whatever it is you know I want to do this anywhere anything you have that conviction you know that God’s not in it and you do it anyway like those that that’s what I’m talking about and I hope y’all can relate to that without without signing way to a spiritual but once you repent once you’re good everything’s fine but you know pictures money spent all of this stuff is still out there you’ve still left people in the wake of your mistakes and so biblically it ties into who was it um I want to say Joe but it was Jonah Jonah running from God God called Jonah to do a specific thing and he said no I’m not doing it I’m gonna do it this way he wanted to do with his own way and so he’s kind of running from God he’s like how are you gonna run from God like I’m I’m all in all I’m in everything I’m through everything I could see you you can’t hide from me but he’s trying to we tried to write that’s the whole sin is she was trying to hide yourself from God when you know you’re wrong so he’s trying to run from God he gets on this boat headed to Nineveh and there’s this storm that approaches and the ship is about to capsize the storm is about to just tearing up the boat and those people are innocent like those people are fine they don’t know what’s going on LA that’s something’s going on so they start throwing their stuff overboard like all their baggage and their luggage just like it start getting rid of stuff and Jonah knew is like man these people about to die because I’m not in God’s will these people are about to die because I’m out here playing with God or playing acting like I’m some acting like God didn’t call me acting like I didn’t open this door but this fellowship for this calling acting like I changed my mind no you can’t you don’t just change your mind so Jonah just steps up said look it’s not none of this stuff it’s the storm will cease but y’all have to throw me off the boat throw me off the boat everything gonna be okay God’s looking for me he’s coming to get me so just get rid of me and everything will be okay it’s all Mothe the boat everything’s okay he goes through his process of getting restored pretty much but in that story we got to look at those people those people almost died because of Jonah was inconsistent Jonah was running from God just like we run from it’s symbolic for us we are Jonah running from God and those people almost died because of his lack of persistence his him plane the whole world is waiting on you and you don’t even know it you acting like you got more time when you if you know what you’re supposed to do go ahead and do it man I don’t care what’s holding you back judgment fear whatever it is man when you feel like God has called you to something you have to step out and do it and the longer you wait you try to buy your time I hope God changes his mind or whatever the case is trust me it don’t happen got it he’s not gonna change his mind and come out with something come up with something different okay yeah that didn’t work out let’s try this and go back to the last thing God told you to do and do it like I’ve and it’s a personal inward sanctification thing you can’t really even talk to people about it I remember trying to talk to people about it like as I was going through it and my thing was being in bands that I was in and God said no you’re not supposed to be in band you’re supposed to preach you’re supposed to do these meetings just supposed to do this and I said now I love music like I want to be in this band so I would talk to people because I would I would feel so unfulfilled after the shows and I would talk to other Christian friends and we talked about ministry and how our band was our ministry and this kind of stuff and I’d be like man look I felt like the Holy Spirit told me that and literally I wrote about this man years ago years ago that the Lord said he would give me the anointing if i disobeyed him and do what i was supposed to do and i remember sharing that with somebody i needed somebody to talk to I just don’t just walk up to random people and talking about it um I was close where he said he’s like in a heartbeat he’s I believe this man in a heartbeat if I felt like the Holy Spirit said I would give you the anointing and I will use you if you if you did these things then they were do it in a heartbeat and I have to have to go ahead and and I don’t want to do this but I have to address this live on air Becca love please stop messaging my friends and my family and all of this weird stuff please stop trying to contact me this is crazy stuff that you’re doing please stop it I’m asking you and you say you support me you believe in me whatever the case is you’ve you’ve heard a lot of people and you’re gonna have to pay for that and I’m just trying to save you some karma please leave me and my family alone thank you I’m gonna ban you have to do this on on air sorry sorry about that I had to do that sorry let’s see where we’re at have some respect Grimm says Chris Carlin says bye Felicia let’s see yes crazy people there’s crazy people still exist guys they do which I see where I left off only by passing my stuff Chrissy says when are you gonna come do a show in Texas San Antonio area haha would love to see you play live meet and meet a fellow star seed where do you live I’m in Alabama so I’m not too far but um if you can book it man set it up I’m willing to come if someone could provide the venue provide the other stuff hide user on this channel you have to hide that person’s text okay now they’re blocked get off on my chat woman you go crazy person you need to repent for real Austin Kerr let me show me yeah Austin Kerr says I’ve been awakening for a few years and still haven’t experienced a baptism by fire and there are no churches close by that can help me with that what’s the best way to go about awakening the holy spirit Kundalini thinks man see that’s the thing I was talking about the study and like it can be done a lot of different ways and is usually done a lot of different ways there’s no one there’s no formula but simply the formula is asking if you ask for if you ask for the Holy Spirit the father will bless you with it and I’ve heard about it in church services of but I’ve heard about it so many times people having no idea what happens they wake up in their room and a wind rushes through their womb and they feel this presence come upon them while they’re at home by themselves so yeah you can pray but now if you add just asked for man be expecting it and want it and I’ll pray for you one here or if you would like to get up you know offline sometime we could do that but I’ll definitely say a prayer at the end of this livestream for you to receive the Holy Spirit and I’ll do that but if you want to talk and you want to take that deeper get up with me off yeah I know you’re a patron or whatever hit me up in our voice chat on discord and that’s where we kind of fellowship and we cultivate that experience it’s not just about experiences right it’s about cultivating I’m really wanting that and really believing it let’s see I’m trying to go through something here blueprint says I had one true prophet speak over me over me during your service had to put my guitar down and stop playing yeah yeah man I remember the first time being around someone who moved in the prophetic the first time and it was a powerful experience and just play prayed release over me and knowing how to pray knowing what to speak over you it’s powerful and and so like a million words of just prayers and talking and repetition can go overlooked versus when it comes to having that one word from God and so you getting so close to God that you can hear you can feel that’s what we talked about ESP we’re talking about all this other stuff these are different ways to access that stuff it’s God the Holy Spirit speaking to you even if you don’t want to look at it like that you look at it as you you’re just sensitive and you can feel when someone’s oppressed you can feel when someone’s hearing voices you can try to help people and that’s the way that’s the way and that that’s that changes everything one word from God grim says yes is so dumb the beef the beef BS yep yeah it’s be people to be feeling we’re gonna talk about it a little bit I told garner this too we’re gonna talk about it Thursday I’ve got a Corinne Corinne coming on the show which who goes by the occult priestess she’s been following for a while I’ve been checking on her stuff for some time and she’s coming off of the first time and she’s kind of going at it with the whole Corey Goode and Corey’s kids and stuff so we may get into a little bit of that Thursday so that’s going to be interesting I know I’m behind on your uh questions and stuff when I’m trying to catch up I see I like what you said here word interesting I like what you said about Jesus breathing the word Genesis 1:1 Jesus using breathing John 20:22 on earth the breath has a deeper power to resonate with the material realm that’s what animates our life man we don’t exist without it amber says what are your thoughts on carrying the soul of someone who died inside you being misdiagnosed a multiple personality disorder so they can finish their unfinished mission like a vessel hmm hmm but son that’s a that’s an interesting one um [Music] multiple personality disorder is is something real so this is what and I get a lot of that because we’re open to have the conversation you know and I think and I have music about hearing voices and what which voice is it the voice of the Holy Spirit jesus said my sheep hear my voice a stranger’s voice they when I follow you know what I’m saying so hearing voices is a thing feeling impressions is more of a thing than actual audible voice you will feel the impression and learn what the impressions feel like learn with this heavy a lot of times it’s like emotional rollercoaster you have to know who you are because if not you’ll get bullied by the spirit room you get bullied by someone who has an overbearing personality you get bullied by a phone call for someone trying to get money from the for the police station you’re just like okay yeah sure I get you know you just use just like a yes person so you have to know who you are so you that you can walk in your truth and I think even when you’re dealing with the spirit realm when you’re dealing with spirits know your voice know the voice of the Father because there is other other voices Jesus says that my sheep know my voice but a stranger’s voice they will not follow to let you know that there’s going to be strange voices out there strange voices if you are one with the father walking in discernment you’re able to discern the will of God the Bible talks about Romans transformed mine it says that you can be able to tell what is the perfect will of God and you’ll be able to tell those things and so that’s what we have to be I don’t like you have to be careful we always encourage exploration but you have to be careful you always do so I wouldn’t want anyone just to just run it by a bunch of witchcraft books I started doing a bunch of spells and rituals and trying to contact spirits don’t do that right you have to be you have to be smart and that’s not smart I did that I ended up in a very bad place Allie Allie Graham says trust the gut that’s a good one that gut feeling that’s your intuition gut to a good Scandinavian for God I have a gut feeling about this in Scandinavian it means God I have a God feeling you’ve got your instincts I mean shoot that we can get deep on that yeah I’m going into this in my book the gut the second brain right we have our thoughts that come from our first brain our second brain is our stomach the things that we’re putting in our body man all of these things the gut feeling shout-out to Dale Reich brake for becoming a patron man thank you so much I appreciate that that’s what’s up make sure you join us I’m on a discordant so as far as you know spirits reaching out to to you to finish things I’m not sold on it be careful with it but I’m not I’m not again against it so that’s between you and that spirit and the Holy Spirit ask God ask God for real like get that relationship up with God where you can ask him especially dealing with anything like that before you dance with the dead you better make sure you’re ten times more deadly before you start accessing that realm you got to be able to access the throne of heaven for so I encouraged that be able to access heaven before you access disembodied spirits 100% and uh other than that take it up with God that’s all that’s all I would say so I don’t discourage it but I don’t I wouldn’t encourage you to either so yeah we’re studying that man we’re getting into it those are the hard questions so it is what it is I can easily say nope stay away from them dead spirits or demons I don’t believe that so there are people who do word says it also creates longitudinal large eternal waves traveling at 707 776 67 miles per hour using the anims okay II we says great stuff when is the book coming out I’m not I’m not rushing it’s gonna be awhile it’s gonna be awhile even though I’ve had um breakthrough in my music and I’ve been writing a lot of music lately I’ve the kind of the time and energy and creativity has been going to the music instead of the book here recently so um I like to get up early and write but we’ve been staying up late so it kind of cuts in so you know it’s not I’m working on it I’m just gonna keep you guys updated maybe build anticipation or whatever the case is talk about some of the topics that are in there but I’m just writing it so it’s gonna be you’re still gonna be a while that’s probably gonna be a year even if not longer so it’s in the works I wanted to I want it to be my my my um Magnus open I want it to be like my great work I want it to be my secret teachings of all ages pretty much so I’ll put it that way Evy says the fire can some can sometimes burn is that hellfire from sin I saw someone somewhere it says what you have you can give life or destroy you something like that yeah man I really do believe that I believe that that fire the Bible says that there’s one coming after me which is John the Baptist saying there’s one coming after me who what baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire and so the fire we would say is the fire of the Holy Spirit which baptizes with fire some believe it’s a separate baptism I don’t the Holy Spirit and Fire they for some reason they try to say that’s two different baptisms some some churches and denominations believe that is when you like give your life to Christ you say the sinner’s prayer whatever it is then you receive the Holy Spirit I don’t I don’t believe that and I’ve done the study in which I can break it down not that I need to but to show you that it was done different different times you know people would would say that prayer they would be following Christ and doing the will of God and all these things and they asked him about the Holy Spirit and they had no idea what the person was talking about what Holy Spirit what do you mean oh the baptism y’all haven’t y’all haven’t haven’t taught y’all about this yet and then they were pray for him to receive the Holy Spirit and then they would I begin to prophesy and speaking other tongues and able to receive the Holy Spirit so there was different orders as this baptism came about biblically so some people believe is a separate baptism but the fire we talked about you know all of our works and all of the things that we’ve carried and all of the things that were holding and stuff and our foundation I like to look at in in in the body the Bible’s really deep when it comes to fire of God God Jehovah Yahweh is the God who answers with fire we see that in the story of Elijah and and and the the the pagan a false prophets or whatever they did a race whose God can produce fire first and then God answered with fire and so upon the altar the fire would consume the sacrifice and that’s what it is it’s the things that we have to sacrifice up up up to God our works our dead works consume them like quick like the answers with fire to burn out all the bad stuff all the impurities to wash it out cleanse it those type of things and the answers were fire and the fire is a euphoric feeling it feels amazing if you’re sitting there holding all of this stuff spiritually emotionally you’re holding all of this stuff and then the fire hits it and burns up all the wood hay in the stubble and the only things that are left is that which is a fine gold brass silver those things diamonds rubies that stuff will not be consumed by the fire only the wood hay and the stubble and the things that we’re holding that we’re not supposed to be holding that stuff that doesn’t really have eternal value so the fire of God consumes the sacrifice and he answers with fire and so it’s a it’s a good feeling to present these things as a sacrifice and the Bible says that we are a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God a living sacrifice so we’re like constantly being imparted bombarded with that fire and I’m and I as I’m talking about it man I can feel it it’s beautiful it’s really good it’s good and we need it the Bible says to be being filled and it’s not a one-time thing it’s a continuous thing it’s a relationship you can feel it you hang out with your friend you have to be in their presence you know they’re there mmm I feel it right now so good just because I feel it right now I’m gonna go ahead and pray for my friend Austin Kerr who’s wanting to know about the Holy Spirit so I’m gonna go and pray for you right now just because I just feel it on me so strong I mean anybody else who hasn’t felt the baptism of the holy spirit before or you need a fresh touch of that fire you don’t know what we’re talking about but you want it you’re curious if that’s you just believe and receive and ask for it just say Father fill me with your fire your all-consuming fire I’m just gonna pray I’m just gonna pray God I just ask you right now just to move upon your people simply contingent upon your love that you love them God mmm and you would send forth the holy spirit which is to help her holy spirit helper god I’m asking you to answer with fire right now God baptism of fire i right now father move upon them from the top of their head down the shoulders down the spine all the way down to the soles of their feet consume them with fire God answer with fire I’m asking God I bless you I thank you for everything you’re doing in my friend’s life the journey the trials the tribulation all to glorify you no matter what it is is simply to bring glory and honor to your name now we can make it through the trial we can make it through the test because of your spirit I thank you Holy Spirit that you’ve come to teach because we need a teacher so many people out there trying to teach us so many people out there trying to lead us so many people voices trying to talk to us which is asking for your voice asking for your guidance you said you would teach us lead us in the righteousness and you were convicted of sin and the things that are in our lives that we need to deal with and we need to get out the things that are killing us you give us the ability to embrace it and change and move away from it those things that may seem hard those things that may seem like there’s so much a part of us those spirits those thought forms those ideas we just cast them off right now leaders teach us and guide us in all truths and another name for the Holy Spirit you said you would be the comforter comforter so comforter I’m asking you to comfort your children right now comfort us why because we need it sometimes we need to be comforted the world can be harsh carrying this the wages of the world and ways of the world and in bills and ideas and trying to maintain through this life it can be hard we need comfort I’m asking you right now father just to answer in December fire and Jesus mighty name I bless you God Jesus name activate it right now bless bless bless anybody going through a struggle I speak peace right now peace upon you peace be upon you not the peace that man can give because they can take it away but a peace that surpasses all understanding Holy Spirit bless you in Jesus name Amen amen if that’s you man if you need to rewind this and go back and listen to that prayer if you want to cultivate that with us this is what we’re about join our discord man this is what this is family man we don’t have I don’t have listeners don’t how about audience I don’t have fans it’s family like if you connect with the words that were saying you know I’m saying the words of spirit the words of life and and and this is what we believe in so if you’re looking to to keep tapping in with that man make sure you you just link in with this because we need each other like I need like I’m beckoning you guys as well not to come and learn or come and partake but to come and come and give like I need that as well I need that fellowship I need it we have it in discord perfect place to hang out we’d like to hang out there and and build and get in conversation and get into prayer so uh if you guys need that you’re looking for it man make sure you guys join that and whenever you want we have people on there 24 hours a day usually even if even if we’re quiet we’re not in chat we’re not in the voice chat or text yet we’re still there like I’m still I have it open while I’m working on music and everything so I’m always accessible man god is good hmm yeah amber says like the phoenix phoenix rising from the from the ashes your best days of being ahead of you right man Chris Conner says you are what you believe what are your thoughts of the okay I think I okay I think I need to go down some more it’s the same question let’s see wow so many comments Fillie says she’s in San Antonio Philly that’s her name Philly San Antonio I’d love to come man if y’all can book it man make it happen just uh help cover expenses man even if we did a house show or something we’ll make it happen man let’s get us some people there will come we’ll do it ain’t nobody got time for that and Crazy’s here reserved for Jesus Christ it’s only ya ain’t nobody dealing with no stuff I’m crazy foolishness Astrid love your music man what da do you use and what artists inspire you any advice for musicians producers especially of the mystic Christian type speak your truth is the first thing like whatever it is be creative think outside the box don’t be a copycat like we were saying earlier just be expressive if you are a mystic it’s Christian mystic you should be like on the forefront of a lot of a lot of stuff and being able to tap into the spirit realm to receive but as far as what dog do I use I use I’m using a throwback program I have Pro Tools and things like that to record but I use Adobe Audition I’ve just gotten really good with that and I’ve been using that so that’s what I record with I make beats with our fruity loops so but I don’t really rap over my beats so yeah Chris garner empathic abilities or psychic ability everyone can relate to it testifies the true power of consciousness yeah it does man and it testifies that we’re all connected you know in LA shock what is it uh I kiss in la sala ken we are all connected I am another you you are another me namaste that we are interacting with other forms of ourselves or whatever and that for me that’s deed that that helps me show compassion to know that even like when people are against you or people speak out against you especially in church like we deal with a lot of people coming out of church I have coming that’s my story most of the time you represent something about that person that they don’t like about themselves you’re to free your to free your to outside the box you’re to liberated you’re to spiritual you’re to this and so a lot of times we and even you know we do that to that person but that person does it to us and to help us to look at okay what what’s my triggers like when we’re going to we’re trying to find healing we got to go to the triggers what ticks me off what gets me riled up why do I get angry when I see that I mean it’s a lot of things for a lot of people have done a lot of episodes a lot of I’ve been on people’s shows where any time the Bible is mentioned the person gets it’s just look in their house you know any time Jesus has mention or God Oh God huh universe is God you know I’m saying they just so you know that okay that’s a trigger someone mentioned Jesus it might be the church might be a father you know their father represents Jesus to them or Christianity you got to go to the triggers many I deal with that all of it cuz you be walking around wounded you won’t be you you’ll be real be reacting you’re reacting to everyone you have a reaction ministry there’s a bunch of ministries on YouTube and stuff ER people react to other people’s content the Vigilant Christian reacts to other people’s work reacts to people’s songs I mean that’s a huge thing now to do in reaction videos you reacting that someone else’s content we are originators man you gotta be all doing all that reacting see astrid says beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God first John 4:1 that’s good Stephen cook if he’s still here the voice he used to always joke around said we gotta Ted the Bible says to test the spirits and he would add another word that he would say we have to test drive the spirit we have to test them all out see which ones we like mmm Chrissy says I feel I can carry my twin sister so within my own she died and just disappeared almost five months during the pregnancy mm-hmm I her at times I felt she wasn’t my consciousness so weird I’m sorry to hear that but man that the twin thing is is very supernatural and um yes it tears a lot of people up when that when that twin passes and they can they can feel each other’s in each other’s uh feelings and emotions and traumas and things a lot easier than just regular siblings it’s very interesting Christian I’ve had a lot of gut feelings to not do things I paid attention to my god ever since I’ve always count on it yep yep always trust that intuition that gut feeling um garner says that my wife jokes that I was born with our empathy and no sympathy basically I feel you just don’t care much lol like light-hearted of course yeah we have three brains Astra says brain heart and gut yeah yep what do you thoughts on Halloween I saw children under 12 was upside down crosses on their foreheads in nine costumes no candy for them wow you turned him away so you turned him away when they came to the door because they were too scary we’re only gonna give the angels and the Teletubbies gifts nah yeah it could be I mean we went trick-or-treating this year I took my uh we had a lot of fun scared a lot of kids but um you know and and I’ve I’ve embraced it because I have the Liberty to now there was a point in time where I didn’t and I would have mocked you and I would have said you’re participating in satanic rituals and you’re you don’t love Jesus and you don’t hear from the Holy Spirit like I really would and so part embraces that now just go out to have fun you know it’s the day that the Lord made I will rejoice and be glad in it and be able to see God and everything be able to see God in all things so there’s people who got mad that I did that they don’t you know that people look at me like that now now that I have that Liberty but trust me I mean there were times where we would I wouldn’t we wouldn’t participate in Christmas and we didn’t give gifts we receive gifts should we give them back should we say no it’s guilt when we wanted to talking to people who are doing a similar thing they saying they don’t go around their family or they don’t they don’t do it themselves but when they go to their family they will do it it’s about the spirit behind it men being able to feel it like what type of it’s a mixed spirit I think for Halloween I think I think you know being scared can can help you you know I think that uh we always talked about this this people talk about the spirit of Christmas there’s a spirit behind it that means it’s not a spirit of God it’s not a Christian Christian holiday you know we fasted on Thanksgiving or did not eat on Thanksgiving did not celebrate with the pagans who slaughtered my people you know I went through those those phases to get to where I am now to be at peace with everything to be at peace with all men with all holidays whatever like you know it means something else to us now you know and I can enjoy it and I and I come to the fact that I love the spirit of Christmas there’s an expectancy in the air for me it has always been there as a kid I can’t wait counting down the days and you just feel it the weather is cooler the cooler air man it just everything changes him I just I like that spirit I love that time it’s my favorite these are my favorite season right now these last you know October November December and January you know my birthday is in January you know saying so I just have a fit I loved it I love this season love the fall love I love being able to go outside walk walk a trail without sweating even though I was working like I would be able to work all day and not even break a sweat doing hard strenuous work and not sweat because it was cool outside we’re in the south like you can’t really it’s almost unheard of but um you know to each his own man some people it’s not touch not taste not you know you’re known for what you’re against and I held that away from my daughter and my wife for about eight years you know and then just going deeper in my spirituality and seeing God and everything and then finally we went out and bought a tree and I’m surprised I’m gonna smile upon their faces man I can’t you know there’s no words to explain that you know I’m saying so so all it’s a personal thing for everybody really is your Astra says God is a consuming fire yeah I see go to these right quick as I said I was a powerful prayer you prayed the whole time I prayed with you the whole time my hands and face got warm amen don’t give up through the conviction use that awareness to grow me to who you really are don’t quit call on Jesus and trust your gut it’s okay to clean up things in our conviction it’s okay grow so Alex’s word says a gut feeling I recently changed my diet to plant base and got some messages coming through recently here’s some okay I guess you gave some verses for that I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna copy then look it up in a little bit um yeah that um I’m not there I need to get back there I’ll say that you know my diet is insane right now as far as like because I don’t get enough exercise I do this a lot now I shoot basketball lift weights and things like that but um it’s not enough eating eating the same stuff that I would eat but um there’s a sensitivity there I really believe that I mean shoo just yesterday I was listening to some throwback episodes I was gonna put out an episode some old stuff that’s not up well when I recorded them I was vegetarian and I gave a bunch of reasons why and I’m not there right now but um I never went vegan but um that’s a religion but a definitely wet vegetarian so uh I’m gonna have to do that again soon and there’s a lot of stuff there that I teach about um the Angels being able to present themselves before men and not being able to be around you when you have a bunch of meat and stuff like that any I’ll wait every time they fasted and prayed Jesus and the disciples and prophets they were approached by angelic beings once they cut the meat out of their diet I mean that’s the thing during meditation during stargazing you know that those are the messages that I get meditate more stop eating meat to continue the transmissions honestly you know that’s the biggest thing I’ve got out of it you know as far as like having that share message Jeff Nelson says I speak peace were good good hear from you Jeff love you brother desiree says the word is our sword and I wand yep magical one appreciate you too Ally I’m a little bit behind on this on this message I’m trying to catch up though to to do to do Christian says I do believe that other you and other me things yeah I really it changes the way you treat people do that do unto others as you would do unto yourself like literally okay here’s um okay there’s a UH from Richie and I think this is kind of what I talked about little bit a while ago but he says what do you think of the idea that hydrogen is emanate is the emanating element from the human body that creates our Mesmer or magnetism between beings in like ash stay blessed big up stay grounded yeah I think so man like and I don’t know the scientific as far as like you have to look it up I know I don’t have it figured out but when you breathe in your body creates oxygen and you breathe out carbon I don’t know but this all of the things that ignite a fire right it’s what needs to have a fire to be created and so that it kind of kind of lends to that that divine spark of that fire within you look look that up and I’m not the best to word that we use the clip playing a song awhile back from that with them Malachi York early on I put a Malachi York clip about that in a Christian song we did like 10 years ago almost nobody knew what it was I was just sprinkling little stuff here and there years ago garner says that it could be said that we are we are all an individual experience of God I believe that too man expressions of God right God experiencing it itself in in different forms I believe that amber says Christie can you find me on Facebook please Christie folks doesn’t use Facebook if it’s folks but it may be the other Christie would it see Philly San Antonio says haha test-drive that is what I like listening to while I listen to you intense and funny nice combo you got to be able to laugh at this stuff man it’s Drive you crazy you got to be able to laugh laughter as a medicine it helps trust me stop taking yourself too seriously Tom it stuff is serious but um you can go a little bit too serious Desiree says the veil is very thin between worlds on Samhain aka Halloween or Halloween yeah that’s what they say I think it’s during one of the I don’t know Astrid I’m gonna have to sign off in a few minutes for phone call but why it’s later what is the most supernatural thing you’ve experienced in a good ie God way what is the most man that’s been there’s so many honestly but the most thing I mean the most things probably my baptism up with the Holy Spirit like that was it changes everything you know that was in a 90 98 at us let went to a prayer meeting they were praying there’s I was own doubt praying and worshiping and I’d never seen nothing like that before and the guy who led me to the Lord just asked me he said hey do you want Jesus to forgive you of your sins yeah I don’t I don’t not want him to I mean who would who would say no actually my cousin was with me and he said no well who would say no yeah I want to be forgiven I don’t want dollars just I did some bad stuff man stupid stuff a lot of stuff so I said yeah I’d like to be forgiven sin let’s pray he prayed with me got me to say what’s called the sinner’s prayer just I just leading me in a prayer that Jesus was Lord asked me forgive me of my sins those type of prayers and I meant it and when I did I just felt that heat wash over my body and just fill me with light and it just felt that fire burning out everything I had ever felt and ever did wrong like all the bad stuff was just shaken off of me and burnt out of me and I started trembling and just crying and it was so euphoric and beautiful and I never felt anything like that I had smoked smoked weed before and you know drank and maybe did a few pills here and there but um I never felt anything as refreshing as the Holy Spirit coming into my life and having that relationship with me and from that point on in 1998 I just Iraq me and I started to build upon that going to church is going to prayer meeting since I was like that and just you know God addicted to that feeling man and just like someone would be addicted to drugs I was addicted to that euphoria so so good Christie says no hi like the most that’s right like it felt so good and I got addicted to it you know but then I ended up falling away and because I was in a new town I didn’t know nobody but Christian people then when I went to went to school because it was in the summer so I went to school in a new school and I met a bunch of you know people who like to do drugs I guess anyway hung hung around those people and really uh not kind of renounce my faith or I didn’t renounce it but my actions were announced and I think so I fell away and got into some dark stuff I was already in the dark stuff to begin with but when I fell away I got into some darker stuff and trying to access those realms and trying to make pacts with demons and stuff so um yeah I got got really crazy and yeah that was you know a guy got crazy so maybe on the other end that was the beautiful side of it and then maybe the other important side was the down side like the pinnacle right – up – up and down they’re both as important you don’t appreciate the light until you’ve sat in darkness if you’re born in the light you’ve always had these lights on you know you’re not gonna know what it’s like to turn those lights off and I’d be able to see I mean you’re not gonna be no you’re not gonna know what you saved from it about getting saved what are you saved from we should live my life you know saying you should have seen the things I was carrying you should have seen the things I’ve done but stuff that nobody knows you know I’m saying and and that stuff was taken away from me you know so the darkness and the light probably – both – now far as like you in and out of that there’s so many stories and so many dangers and demons and stuff schizophrenia you don’t I’m saying that being saved of that so a lot of stuff in that but those are probably if I had to give you the two most important or it’s definitely going to be those two the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time seeing the light and then going into the darkness and being utterly lost without God I’m thankful for that I’m thankful for you know in the past I just want to be out you know not be affiliated with that and put that behind me and try to forget about it act like it didn’t happen you know but I would not be doing this we wouldn’t have this conversation I wouldn’t be here without those times and I’m thankful for them I think I thank God that I experienced that stuff but yeah thank you for asking a question Astrid I said you’re gonna come back later and finish watching amber says I don’t celebrate pagan holidays either yeah I went through that you know and and I loved I still loved the the you know the Jewish holidays or the Hebraic holidays you know we did uh you know we did Chanukah for some years and we still we still like to participate in it but Chanukah is so funny because we would do dirty Santa but we would call it our Hanukkah party wasn’t our Christmas party but our Christmas friends would come and so we colored our Hanukkah party and so how do you play dirty Santa if you don’t believe in Santa well some of our Jewish friends said well we’ll call it dirty rabbi let’s play dirty rabbi and I was like it just sounds bad dirty rabbi like anyway you know we have we have a dirty Santa party or every year that’s a for some people it’s the only time we see him is there in this party but it’s usually pretty big so we have fun we know how to have fun I’ll say that so what’s up house dog he says much love from Ohio Eric oh what’s up brother how are you man good to see you Eric man there’s a testimony of the Holy Spirit working in his life man love you bro yeah being able to pray with him over the phone that really that really built my faith man that that experience we had and I tell a lot of people about it I hope God is still working in your life man if you want to join our discord let’s catch up man crawling since the great Muhammad Ali BD is in January or his birthday yet see that’s the thing man it’s like a lot of influential people that played roles in my life artistically even they’re all Capricorn’s they’re all born in January you know to find that really interesting [Music] no problem amber she says thank you for doing this yeah we’re supposed to have a guest today but um they never got back with me so I’m kind of glad though because I didn’t really know what we were gonna talk about he’s kind of a weird mixture I’m calling City I celebrate the spirit of the holidays now growing up as a Jew yep the whole was witness we didn’t the love and surprises and your loved ones eyes yeah man that is so awesome man it’s so beautiful to me to put a smile on people’s face to tell a joke to play the to play the fool you don’t say in to surprise people I mean even with the scary stuff like knowing that you know you’re gonna scare them like and then laugh about it after cuz you didn’t die I mean that’s the whole thing it’s the giving he says yeah amber Astrid you guys need to join the discord chat all of you bring something to the table to grow to grow from we love to have you yep Ali is very active in discord amber says the one that carried her deceased twins my apologies to say it like that okay read through some here that’s pretty cool you have experienced the ruach ha’qodesh yes sir wow that is beautiful thank you so much for sharing got a sign off okay I’ve seen some scary stuff Tiger says we need that contrast to grow a diamond needs darkness and lots of pressure to form its beauty yep Ashford says I’ve been on the dark side too that’s why I identify with you so much it was all unintentional but I prayed to Odin that things went bad what the hell New Age deception Jesus is the only way now this Odin thing keeps coming up like crazy huh what do you think about that everyone Christian says what do you think about that everyone is never sinful but the judgment of the simple ways they were committing do you still believe that they are still not sinful I’m not really sure if I understand a hundred percent people being sinful I don’t know I do believe in the fallen nature I do believe that and believed obviously in animalistic nature that we’ve all inherited and we have to fight against it and rise above it to live in society and not to you know do bad things that someone steals from you you kill them you know the cheating stealing all that kind of stuff yeah that’s I believe in sin and that kind of stuff yeah I just you know that the scripture says that you know sin is to miss the mark men and to to repent is to have a change of mind like it’s all in your mind that’s why it’s it’s all about your thoughts Chrissy says our biggest mistakes are our greatest lessons yeah amber says things how do I do that the Dischord link is in the description of the video you can get it on your phone or you can get it on your computer so as long as they’re in that dirty Catholic priest I’m trying to read somebody’s coming these guys Colton says he had to be scared and scream like a little girl from being scared your wife jumping out at you yep mm-hmm my like I’m the king of scaring people I really am I love to get that reaction but uh well my daughter does it to me I don’t like it I don’t you know it kind of because I’m usually the one to scare people you know cuz I was scared when I was a kid so I just know that uh just the thrill of it so my daughter is scared me out every now and then hide behind doors and stuff flume in says uh hmm I see some new faces and names in this chat what up flume and think good thoughts say good words and do good things tell it no tests no testimony there you go Renee how you doing Renee she says tell it no tests no testimony gotta be tested and tried to show that you really believe what you say you believe is if it’s put to the test anybody will talk good game man let me say one thing and do another mmm God don’t like that you know let yes but yes let you know be know and be a person of your word that’s all you have so young bleed said it’s all I have so yeah man yeah Tiger King says I’m unscareable okay I get you what I’m gonna get you we’re gonna get up I’m gonna scare you [Laughter] good stuff I love you guys man so yeah I’m gonna say peace and Shalom with that this is a two-hour episode for those of you guys listening on the podcast and I haven’t done a show since last week and so I know there was like some of the big days I put shows out at what didn’t have any to put out so I was gonna do one Thursday I just got so tied up on trying to get ready for the show and all that kind of stuff so I didn’t do it but glad I did it today I really enjoy hanging out with you guys building with you all hearing your stories growing together and like I said this YouTube thing is just it’s just a beginning this is just kind of there’s a freaking screen in between us right now but I’ll join the discord if you’d like to support go to patreon and you get to some awesome stuff there to our Thursday night school of the Mystics which is uh which last week was really good last week was really good what’s his name um not flume in but uh garner opened up a little bit got to share it’s good to see him shining on some of the stuff he’s learned over the years and bringing that to the table that was awesome and then we went we did this little devotional that was really cool so we kind of going back between some of the maybe esoteric spiritual Hindu principles and we’re kind of relating them back and forth to Christianity because like I said that’s just how my mind works and as we kind of was going through these little devotionals we’re just building there and they’re very similar that’s the thing and even Kenny Kenny right out said uh it’s not that you know most of the religions are the saying the same they teach a lot of things that are similar he says the problem with it is the things that they leave out and I believe that’s true that’s the one thing that uh I do have to take responsibility for we’re talking about the Kundalini talking about these hyper type of things ESP because people are gonna Google this stuff and it’s not that you just learn everything through me I want you to do that but there’s a fear there that you’ll find teachings or find people who have hidden agendas who teach other things that might not be good and so you kind of got into that through me so part of me the scriptures say that there’s gonna be a harsher judgment upon the teachers um I do fear that a little bit but I do trust God I do trust the Holy Spirit that’s the first teacher you have to you need to go through that first before you get into any material even the things that I’m talking about even mom music I pray that the Holy Spirit just invades you through that and that that that relationship is strengthened so but I do trust that I trust the process and so that anything that you’re led to that if your relationship is right you’re led to it for a reason even the bad stuff man even whatever it is if you led to false teachers if you’re led to situations and trials and so family and all of the people forsake you do it for the glory of Christ man I really do believe that um everything happens for a reason you know and so part of me would fear that you would get into some things that maybe would open up doors to other things that aren’t good but um you had but how do you learn how to use discernment unless you’re in that that situation how do you how do you learn that kind of stuff shout out to Monica she just became a father how the patron we love you Monica we miss you too you need to join our discord community you gotta join us back on Thursday night it would be a blessing that for everybody to see you in our group everyone talks about you all the time I want to know where you are nobody’s heard from you so I wanted to reach out to you the other day make that happen so um yep it’s all in the heart I believe that the Spirit will lead you the Spirit will guide you into all truth that’s what he said he would do why do I have to do it he said he would I’m not gonna try to do his job see that’s where people get in trouble trying to do God’s job trying to you’re trying to lead people you trying to guide people you’re trying to tell them what to eat trying to tell them what to drink trying to convict them trying to do all of this stuff that God said he would do trying to comfort them trying to convict you trying to do everything is what else is there left for God to do mind you he uses us to do these things we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works he uses us to do these things but you got to give me to that relationship with the Holy Spirit and stop trying to cast judgment stop trying to you know make the you know tilt the table you know it’s not everything falls in your favor just go with it man it’s beautiful this whole song and dance every single part of it is beautiful the good the bad the ugly we like the good more obviously but without the bad there’s there is no rejoicing in the truth there is no rejoicing in what is right and that which is light which is beautiful there isn’t it you don’t have a contrast I’m telling you it really is about that it really is Christo beau says uh let’s eat Chris Chris Chris Stobo he says hey guys true seeker would you please block me because I don’t want to be here sure man sure cool I just blocked him thanks for today lots of synchronicity hope you your day goes well and blessings peace be with you can’t make you Kris garner says can’t make you drink from the water but I’ll lead you to the well yep it’s good stuff so we will be hanging out on discord after this if you’d like to join and hang out it’d be awesome to have you so with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work on patreon literally like every every little bit helps man I’ll say that um you know even if it’s a dollar like whatever you can do anything helps I know it’s it’s sometimes overwhelming to see a lot of supporters my little dollar my $25 my father always it doesn’t it doesn’t mean much no every little bit goes a long way trust me you know it really does so thank you guys for supporting and believing in my work and if you guys continue to support I’m gonna continue to do it so that’s what it is you guys are my enablers this is listen or support it so I appreciate you guys with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom Graham I’m glad you hung out what is this whole time today man it’s been a while we need to we need that we need to hang out man I talked to you soon I want one more comment here’s somebody new Jeremy picked I want to say thank you for what you’re doing and you’re listening to everything everything that’s talked on the table I have to go take care of your life and on day to day stuff with that salute all of you things true seeker yep and if nothing else we’re just having those hard conversations we’re gonna have the conversations that your pastor refuses to have is demonic demonized it before it even had the conversation baba says to call no man evil speak evil of no man that’s deep right love you guys we’re do it again peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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