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Lori Ivey is a spiritual intuitive and soul healer. Lori has been sharing her story of awakening online and has supported, mentored and trained thousands of people via the internet helping them to realize their own signs of spiritual awakening.





Gregg Prescott of iN5d

Gregg Prescott of iN5d


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Hey What’s Up Guys You Tuned In To Another Episode Of The TruthSeekah Podcast And This Episode Was Awesome We Interviewed Laurie Ivy Who’s A Spiritual Seeker Someone Who Has Had A Conscious Awakening And Created Her Own Tribe On Facebook By Reaching Out To People Who Have Had Similar Encounters That She Has Had And Has This Huge Collective Audience Of Just Thousands Of People And She’s Over Groups And She’s Admitting And Seeing This Huge Awakening Or Line And So I Wanted To Have Her On She’s Been Promoting A Lot Of My Music In These Groups As Well And So She’s Been Promoting My Work So Really Awesome Episode Her Connection Kind Of Goes In And Out But We End Up Having Some Of The Patrons And People Who Are Helping Support Call In And I Got To Meet Those Guys For The First Time So We Have Some Awesome Phone Calls There Towards The End So Yeah Check Out This Episode And Thanks For Listening To The True Seeker Podcast Won’t You Come Come Don’t Be Won’t You Come [music] [music] I’ll Lock Into The Truth Seeker Podcast Screaming Live At You Think I’m Your Source For Spiritual And His Racial Music Teachings And Media The Show Is Designed To Help You Grow In Your Walk With Christ And Advance The Kingdom Of Heaven And Now Your Host Truth Seeker What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen This Is The True Seeker Podcast Thank You So Much For Hanging Out With Me I Want To Say Hello To All The New Listeners To Men With This Podcast Has Now Been On Itunes For Maybe Two Weeks Now And We Just Got Up There And The Listeners Have Like Tripled Within Two Weeks So It’s Awesome How Much The Show Is Growing And You Guys Are Responding To It So Awesome Man Thank You Guys For All The Support All The The Shares Of All The Retweets All That Beautiful Stuff And Also We Also Have To Thank You Guys For Supporting On Patreon So Backslash True Seeker If You Want To Support The Show Become A Member And You Will Get Extra Podcast You Get Access To My Music That’s Not Even Released Yet All Of That’s On There We Had A Bunch Of New Songs On There Bunch Of New Content My Book Is On There Talking About My Journey Through Witchcraft And The Occult And Satanism And Things Like That And My Journey To The Light So That Book Is On There For You Guys To Download If You Become A Member As Well So I Want To Give A Shout Out We Just Did A Show Like Two Days Ago And We’ve Already Got Some New Patrons Already So I Want To Give A Huge Shout Out To Hunter Hughes Who’s Listening Right Now Soon As I Click The Live Button 100 Shoots Shoots Me A Message On On Youtube And Just Lets Me Know He’s Listening And Hunter If You Want To Call In Go Ahead Brother We’re Not Tired Of Hearing Your Voice He He Calls In Every Show Just To Say Hello So Yeah Man Go Ahead And Do That If You Want To We Will Be Opening Up The Phone Lines As Well The Phone Number Is Posted In The Description Of The Video And On Facebook And The Website All That Good Stuff So Hunter Hughes Man Thank You So Much For Supporting The Show You Gave Your Pledge On Patreon Man And You Became A Member Man You Are Official You Wonder You’re One Of Us Man Thank You So Much And Also Matthew Candy’s Mint Dude Thank You For All The Encouraging Words First Of All And Just Reaching Out To Me On Facebook All Of Stuff Doesn’t Go Unnoticed Man Thank You So Much For That And Thank You So Much For Your Pledge Dude To Actually Support What We’re Doing Help Us Pay These Bills And Move Forward Dude I’m So Excited About The Future And I Think Today’s Podcast Is Going To Talk Just About That Being Excited For The Future And What We Like To Do Creating Your Own Future Like We Always Talk About Alchemy We Always Talk About Creating The Life That You Want For Yourself And So We Got Two Awesome Guests For You Guys Today We’re Speaking With Laurie Ivey What’s Going On Laurie How Are You I’m Great Thanks So Much For Having Me How’s Everybody Doing Today Oh Yeah It’s Awesome Man We Got A Bunch Of People Already Hanging Out In The Chat Room Man So If You Guys Have Questions And Comments For Laurie I Know Laurie It’s Got A Pretty Pretty Big I Don’t Know If I’d Call It A Fan Base More You Know Then A Family You Know I’m Saying That You’ve Built Online Over The Years And So Yeah You Guys Can Call In And Ask Questions Or Join The Conversation As Well That Would Be Available So We Were Supposed To Do The Interview Two Days Ago But You Went On A Retreat A Spiritual Retreat With Some Friends On Facebook And You Didn’t You Don’t Have A Reception You Don’t Have Internet Reception And All That Good Stuff And I Say Okay We Could Just You Know We Could Just Reschedule When You Get Back Home Where Everything’s Normal And You Got Your Reception And Stuff But Then You Say Well I’m Not Going Back Home Yeah Tell Me About What You Know I’m Saying What You’re Doing To Where You Are Now Well It All Kind Of Started Last Year In May I Decided To Open Up My Facebook Page There Were Just 325 Friends On There And I Just Decided To Start Speaking My Truth More And More And I Went Public And Just In The Last Year It’s Grown Into This And Um Last July I Quit My Job And I Got Rid Of All My Possessions And I Traveled Around The Country For Five Months And I Went Around Meeting Other Brothers And Sisters The Family On Facebook That We’ve Been Growing And I Backpacked Across The Country And Ended Up In Florida And Lived There For A While And Then Um Some Of Some Individuals That I’ve Met On Facebook That Actually Live Up Here In The Iowa Area Flew Me Up Here And It Kind Of Turned In We Saw Doing Sort Of An Energy Retreat And I Just Decided To Stay For A While I Feel Like This Is The Place To Be There’s A Lot Of People Up Here That I’m See As Sort Of Gathering In This Area And It Just Feels Really Good Right Now So This That’s Sort Of Where We Are And And We’re Creating Bigger Pages But You Know We’re Creating Other Pages And Sharing Or Bringing More People On Because It’s About Bringing The Community Together Because You Know It Is About Self Energy But It’s About The Collective As Well And Um So That’s How That’s Why We’re Here Right Now Is To Bring Everybody Together And Just Show That We’re All Getting In The Same Mindset On The Same Frequency Where We Want To Evolve In And I Just Appreciate The Opportunity And Being Here And Being Able To Do This With You So Thanks Dude Thank You So Much For Resonating With My Work And Supporting My Music And Pushing It Out There To The To The Masses And Letting Me You Know Introducing Me To Your Community Is Awesome So There’s A Story And Everything That You Just Said And I Want To Kind Of Pick Some Of Those Pieces Apart So What Was The The First Thing That Kind Of Led You Or Pushed You Towards Okay Let Me Go Ahead And Quit My Job And Pursue My Calling And What I Feel Led To Do Because My Wife’s Got Me Reading A Book Right Now I Think It’s Called You Are A Badass And I’m Not Really Sure That The You Know The Person Who Wrote It Right Now But That Book Is All About Like Finding Your Calling And Pursuing It And It’s It’s Definitely Very Similar To The Alchemists We Talk About That A Lot But Was Any Books Or Whatever Or Was There A Guru Or Medium Or Somebody You Met And They Said Look You Know Your Best Life As Ahead Of You And What You’re Settling For You Need To You Need To Follow Your Dream Was It Something Like That Was Just Something You Knew You Had To Do It’s Just Something I Felt You Know I Didn’t Really Have I Didn’t Have Guides Growing Up As A Child I Didn’t Have Guides In My Face Guiding Me With A Book And Showing Me The Way To The Lie Ever And So I Just I Just Realized That I’ve Always Felt Energy Very Strongly And My Intuition Has Always Sort Of Been There But I Wasn’t Shown The Way To Understand The Frequency Of Energy And I Just Always Had A Natural Pool To It I Always Felt Like There Was Something Bigger Than Me And Um I Just I Could Feel The Shifts Within The Universe Change The Energetic Flow That We’re Receiving The Frequency That’s Changing And It Just Pushed Me To Want To Get Rid Of Any Um Any Any Connection To Anything That I Used To Be Any Attachment I Want I Just Felt The Need To Break Away From All Attachment So My Past Was Pretty Extreme I Mean Most People Don’t Leave All Everything They Know And Go Live In A Tent For A Few Months While They’re Walking Across The Country So But That’s Thus The Path That I Needed To Take Because I Had To Learn How To Balance This Energetic Frequency That’s Coming In And It’s Just It’s About Shedding The Outside Social Programming To Way That We Think That Things Are Supposed To Be And Just Listen Because All Of The Answers Lie Within The Energy That We Have Generating Within Ourselves I Mean That’s That’s The Soul Guide That’s The Intuition And It’s Not About Breaking Away From Everyone And Everything It’s Really Just Learning How To Quiet The Mind To Be Able To Maintain That Meditative State Of Mind And I Just Felt The Pool To Do That I Didn’t Realize That Now But Now Looking Back I Decided To Follow My Pull My Passion Because That’s Where Our Individual Dna Energetic Spin Up Holes Are And So I Just Decided To Just Shut The Outside World Out Sort Of But Get Out There In It To See It For Myself Like Full Fledge And That’s When I Started To Become One When I Started To Get Quiet Listen To Myself And Listen To Nature And So That’s Just That I Trust My Intuition I Trust It A Child Cuz Like If You’re Very Um Discerning Of Spirits And Of Energies And Vibration If You Can Feel That As A Kid Like We Don’t Have Nobody Teaching This Data Or You Know I’m Saying Telling Us That Like That’s Totally Removed From Our Culture Right So We Go Through This Stuff People Are Sensitive To Vibrations On Other People They Influence Them If You Can Get Into Psychosis If You Don’t Balance The Energies Within Yourself Right Um Did You Ever Get To A Place Where You Kind Of Fell Upon Rock Bottom Or Anything Like That Like You Got To A Place Where You Needed Help Because The Energies Were There Because I Know There’s A Lot Of People In This Field Who They Don’t Really Ascend Until They Kind Of Take Upon The Story Of The Phoenix And Go Down Into The Ashes And Hit Rock Bottom And Then Reimburse With This Reawakening Was There Was There A Place Like That For You Oh For Sure Like I Mean You Know I Don’t Really Remember A Whole Lot Islamists Like A Lot Of My Childhood Was A Fog You Know I Had A Pretty Small Turist Childhood And I Carried On That Conditioned Behavior Through Most Of My Life I Just Recently Got Sober From Using Drugs A Year And A Half Ago I Quit Drinking Alcohol About Eight Months Ago I Quit Smoking Cigarettes Four Months Ago So You Know I I Have Gone Through The Stages Of Evolution Within Myself Because No One Understands Energy Until We Get Our Minds To Listen Because No One No One’s Teaching Anybody This Stuff And That’s What’s So Amazing Now Is That We Can See The The Revolution The Evolution Of Humanity Is Taking Place Because We’re Here Having This Interview Or You’re Having This Talk Right Now And And It’s People You Know It Takes Us Having To Break Outside Of The Mold And Not To Fear Anything Because A Speaking Truth Is Just A Fear Of Self Of The Outside Conditioned Ways Of Thinking If We Realize That Those Ways Are The Way That We Think Because We Need To Think For Ourselves Then That’s How We Get Quiet And We Start To Hear Our Truth And Our Passions To Follow Our Dreams To See What Our Energy Is Here To Do Not The Energy Of Someone Else When I Started Doing Light Work When I Started Doing Energy Work Like I’ve Got A Lot Of Messages In My Inbox Of People Saying And You’ve Helped Me So Much I’ve Experienced God Through Your Music And Just All Of These Different Messages Of Gratitude And Every When I Got Those Messages I Started Saving Each One I Was Like Man I’m Saving This So When I Fall Upon Times Of Depression Or Not Feeling Adequate Enough I Can Go Back And Read These Messages Of How I Help People And It Will Motivate Me But The Messages Started Coming In So Much So There’s No Way I Could Save All Of These Messages From People Did You Ever Get To A Place Like That To Where Like When You First Started Getting These These Messages Of Gratitude From People Where You’ve Helped Them Out And Like Like Um Saying What Does That Do For You Spiritually When You Know That Your Words Are Not Falling Upon Deaf Ears You Know It’s Very Humbling To Me I It Like Takes My Breath Away Now Just Just Talking About It It Um It’s Amazing It’s Very Humbling That People Trust That People Trust You With Their Heart And That’s The Best Stunt And That’s Really Amazing Because It’s Not It’s Not Something That I’ve Always Recognized Within Myself Even Though I I Mean That It’s It’s Very Humbling It’s Very Touching And That’s What It’s All About I Mean S That’s The Calling That That’s What I Feel Like I’m Here To Do Is Um Love Myself And By That I’m Able To To Help Other People See How To Love Them Phil Xu Everything’s Just Kind Of A Duality You Know What We Have Going On With Innocence What We See And Create Outside Mm-hmm So What Would You Say To Somebody Who Was In A Situation Similar To You Who They Feel Disconnected You Know They You Know They Don’t Feel At Home In This Place You Know Every You Know Their Interests Are Different The Things That They’re Involved With Are Different But They Feel Alone Like What Would You Say That Person Who’s At The Cusp Of This Spiritual Awakening And Don’t Really Have Anyone To Talk To Um You Know I Still Go Through Stages Even Now Because You Know Myself Every Day We Evolve Every Day There’s New Situations Every Day There’s New People There Is No Pentacle Just I Mean We Always Have To Be Able To Shift Within The Energetic Frequency That’s Around Us And We All Die Very Differently Of The Same Source So I Mean It’s Really Just Understanding That Our People We’re All Gathering We’re All Coming Together And In Times Where It Feels Lonely It’s Okay To Feel Lonely Like It’s About Not Pushing Those Feelings Away And I Mean That’s Why We End Up Using Alcohol And We End Up Using Drugs And Things Like That Because We Escape The Reality That We Can Create So When We Realize That Part Of The Process Of Shedding The Old Ways Of Thinking It Is It Is A Destructive Process Of You Know Shedding Who We Thought We Were It’s Emotionally We Have To Purge All Of The Emotions Of The Way That We Thought And Everything So It’s Okay I Always Feel It’s Okay To Feel Alone Like Don’t Brush It Away Embrace It And Just Know That This Is Part Of Ascension Like We Are Taking Away Parts Of Who We Thought We Were And Then I Went Through I Mean Isolated Myself I Lived Off-grid I Felt Very Alone At Times But I Knew Slowly Because I Could See That That As I Raised My Vibration The Same Sort Of Vibrations Where I Was Then Extracting So That’s Why We’re All Gathering On Facebook That’s Why We’re All Gathering In Person We’re Doing This Shows And Tv And Books And Things Are Coming Out Because This Is The New Frequency That We’re All Setting Right And So It’s Okay To Feel Alone If You Feel The Push To Be Reclusive And Be At Home And Be Quiet Do It Because That’s What Soul’s Telling You To Do But If You Feel Like Getting Out And Going To The Park Do It You Just Never Know Who You Might Run Into Because The Frequency Is So Beautiful Like That That’s That’s The Natural Law Of Attraction Of Natural Manifestation Of Energy So I Just Say Go With It Hello If It Feels Good The Energy Goes There Even If It Hurts It’s Okay Like That’s Part Of The Purging Process We Have To Be Easy Family Um Okay So What Like How Powerful Is It Or How Important Is It To Kind Of Find Your Tribe And Kind Of Find Those People With Like Interest Because I Mean That’s Kind Of Like Kind Of The Big Thing That You Guys Are Doing You Guys Just Don’t Set Up Pages But You Guys Are Setting Up Like Facebook Groups And Community And Stuff Like That Online To Where You Guys Are Actually Meeting In Purpose Oh And Purpose And Changing Your Life Like Changing Your Living Situation And All Kind Of Stuff You Know That Happens So It Like How Important Is It For Somebody Going Through A Spiritual Awakening To Find Like-minded People You Know When We Invariant Because I Mean But Even Even The Ones That Aren’t We Don’t Feel Like Or Part Of Our Tribe Or Just As Important Because The Reflection Of Self We See Through Another Person Which Is A Mirror Image And So We Can We Then Start To Be Able To See Which Is Really Feeling The Frequency Of Someone So If You Feel Someone Who Makes You Feel Kind Of Like Oh Like You Just Got That Feeling Well That’s Just A Different Frequency But Then You Know You Meet Someone Where It Just Feels Welcoming And Warm And Comfortable That’s The Same Vibrational Frequency So That’s How We Can Sort Of Pick Up On Who’s Sort Of Part Of Our Tribe And We Can Actually Start To Just See We Get Like This Tug Pulls And So It’s Really Important You Know I’ve Spent So Much Time In Solitude Over The Last Few Years For Getting Sober And Then Adjusting To These Energetic Changes That Now Being Here And Being Around All These Different Individuals That I See Are Sort Of Of The Same Frequency In This Area And I Mean Not Everyone But You Can Keep Yeah It’s Really Good Because Um It Does Help To See That We Are Not Alone In This And That We Can Learn And Grow From Each Other And We’re Just Channeling And Inspiring Each Other So Just Know That The Gathering Is Coming And We’re Slowly Coming Together It’s It’s Really Important Because We’re Here To Inspire One Another We’re Here To Get Ideas From Each Other And Grow Not To Push Away And Retreat And Be Reclusive So It’s Just About Getting Outside Of Our You Know The Old Conditioned Clouded Ways Of Thinking To See Clearly And Then That We Start To See The Same Vibrational Energy And Other People And Then We Find Our Tribe Who Was Some Of The People Kind Of Inspired Your Early On Whether It’s Someone Online Who Was Doing The Same Type Of Things That You’re You Know You’re Not Doing Or If There’s Any Gurus That You Just Resonated Towards Like Books Or Audio Lectures Or Anything Was Anything Like That That Came Into Your Life During This Process That You’re Very Thankful For At This Point Well You Know I Mean I’m Just So Thankful For Everything I Have To Say Like Social Media Facebook Really Has Really Evolved So Much And It’s Really Just Been That The The Draw Of People That Have Come Into My Life By Me Speaking My Truth On Facebook It Was An Automatic Pull So We’re All Our Own Gurus So Every Little Meme Every Little Article I’ve Read Every Little Video Any Little Thing Anyone Has Ever Said That Made My Antennae Go Up Was A Frequent Pulling Us Together So I’m Thankful For My Cell And I’m Thankful For The Collective Because We Would Not Be Here Within This Spiral Within This World It Wasn’t Us Together So I’m Thankful To All Of You Yes The Collective Man That Really Helps Kind Of You Know Kind Of Push The Message Forward And It You Know What’s So Weird Though I Will Say It’s Weird And It’s Good But When You Get Into Those Facebook Groups Where There’s A Lot Of People And They Have An Agenda Or Whatever The Case Is Sometimes I’ve Noticed That People Have Their Agenda And It’s Not Open For Everyone Else Like They’re Not About The Collective They’re Like Okay My Group Is To Promote My Work And I’ve It I’ve Kind Of Evolved It Like It Was Supposed To Be The Conscious Collective But In The End This Is What I Say Goes Type Deal And You Run Into A Lot Of Those People If You Share An Article That They Don’t Like They’ll Eat It Or You Know Ban You From The Group And There’s A Lot Of That Stuff That Goes On That It Is A Very Weird Place To Be But Have You Had Any Experiences Like That – It’s Like People Who Have The Platform And They Promote Unity And They Promote Free Thought But When It Comes Down To It They’re Like Nope This Doesn’t Belong To Something Belong It’s Not What We’re Resonating With Or Something You Know Yeah I Mean When We Have A Lot To Say And We’re Putting It Out There You Know We Have To Look At It From An Outside Perspective Because We All See Things Based On Where We Are Within Ourselves You Know And I Know That I Have Transitions So Much And The Information That I Put Out The Way That I Put It Out The Flow Of It And Yeah You Know I Get Kicked Out Of Groups You Know I Get Removed And Things Like That And It’s Just Because It’s The Natural Flow Like As As For Changing And Evolving Within Our Knowledge Everyone Else Too So I Mean You Know I Feel That Healing Work Is Free Work And It Should Be Have A Lot Of Freedom To It For People To Express Themselves Better Grow You Know So You Know But Everybody Has Their Own Flow Of Where They Are Within Their Frequency At This Moment So You Know It’s Just We’re All Sort Of On The Same Grid We’re Just In Different Locations Of Frequency Literally That’s What It Is Well It’s The Same Thing Within Our Consciousness And Our Evolution Within I Mean The Way That We All See Things Right Now I Mean We’re All Letting Go Of Control Letting Go Of Attachment So I Mean I Tried To Put Things In Boxes Along The Way And I That’s Why I Struggled So Much In My Life Because I Am Not Inside Of That Box So Finally I Just Said We’re All Just Gonna Have Freedom But We’re All Going To Respect Each Other And Let’s Talk About It First Like That Is The One Thing Like Respect Is Something That Is Can Be A Word That Gets In The Way A Lot Just Like A Lot Of Words But It’s Just Being Open To Communicate Like If People Want To Be Open To Communicate They’re Going To Be Open To Communicate Or They’ll Shift Within It And Then If They Don’t Then They Will Put They Will Weed Themselves Out So You Know Like Finding The Tribe Happens But The Ebb And Flow Of The Frequency That Comes In And Out Of It Is Going To Change So Being Pushed Out Of A Group Or Being Kicked Out Of A Page Because Someone’s Perception Is Different Than The Other Is Not It Has Nothing To Do With The Two People Involved It’s Just That There’s A Different Flow Of Frequency At That Moment And It’ll All Come Back Around Because Generally It Does Because You Know We’re All Seeing At Different Different Wavelengths So To Speak That’s What I’ve Noticed And That’s Why It’s Important For Me To Have Like You Know I’m Saying The Collective That Kind Of Resonates With Your Work Because I Found Out Because I Know You Do Videos And Stuff Too And It Gets Weird When You Share That In Other Groups Because If You Share Your Own Work Or If I Share My Music And Up In A Group Or Whatever Or The Podcast For Instance They’re Like Up He’s Promoting His Own Work So He’s Spamming It He Should Just He’s Sharing It In Several Groups It’s Spam I’m Kicking Him Out Of The Group For Spamming But If Someone Else Promotes Your Work It’s All Fine If Somebody Else Promotes Your Video Or Shares It Then There’s There’s No There’s No Worry That’s The Weird Thing You Know So That’s Why It’s Important To Have Like A Like A Fan Base Or Community That Support Your Work And Can You Know Recognize The Power And Energy Behind It So You Can Put Something Out There And Then They Share It For You And Then It Kind Of Motivates You To In Turn Return The Favor And Do The Same Thing With People That You Resonate With And Letting Them Post On Your Wall Or In Your Groups And Things Like That As Well So There’s Almost Like An Etiquette To It As Well You Know Yes Yeah And I And I Know Exactly What You’re Talking About And I Kind Of Have Those Feelings Too And That’s Part Of The Human Conditioning That We Think That Um You Know We Want To Judge Someone Based On The Movement Of Where They’re Going Even When We Support That Person Yeah But You Know Things Can Change And Because The Energy Changes And Um And It Does Become In And It’s Like It’s Like When It Comes To Promoting Self It Changes Even Though We’re Still Promoting The Same Thing That’s What I Mean That Someone Else Created Exactly So I Feel You 100% On That Because My Human Conditioning Has Gone Oh Lori You Know Like You’re Gonna See Me People Even Though I’m Not The Egotistical Person In The View Of What We Think An Ego Is Like It’s All About The Vibration We Set Because It’s Just Energy Ego Is Just Energy You Know We’re Doing Things From An All Sensing Light You Know Then It’s A Higher Vibration And It’s Out Of The Goodness Like I’m Not Doing These Things For Any Gratification Whatsoever Other Than Sharing What I Feel Like I’m Supposed To Share Like It’s Okay If People Don’t Like Me Or Whatever That’s Okay Because I’m Not Doing It For Likes I’m Doing It Because It’s What I Feel Is Passionate For Myself And It Just Happens To Be Helping The Collective Which You And And A Lot Of People Feel The Pull To Do And And That’s Why We’re The Truth Seekers Because We Feel The Truths Within Ourselves Because We Feel The Vibration Yeah Speaking Of That We I Know I Know We Have A Question Here And In The In The Chat Someone We’re Talking About The Force And You Know Feel The Flow In The Energy Derek Yeah My Bone Is Gonna Cut Off Again It’s Cuz My Temperature Is Getting Hot On My Phone So If We Cut Up I Have To Reboot And Start Over Because We’re Making It Hot That’s Awesome We’ll Do What We Got To Do And Like Anything We Need To Do You Know In Post Editing Oh Yeah I Think I Can Edit As Well So Okay Any Time That You’re Not On So We Do Have A Caller Coming Through And I Know He Was Posted In The In The Pencil Asking You About Star Wars Well I’ll Just I’ll Just Bring Him On It And Let Him Ask His Question Hon Are You There Man Good That Was Quicker Than I Thought Yes You Call Him At The Beginning Of The Show Last Time Man So Yeah What’s Going On Brother You Got A Question Oh Uh Yeah The Reason She’s A Star Wars Fan I Can Only Miss The Part About The Force Cuz I Had Took It Because I Was Losing Eyes On Youtube And Youtube Its Back Like A Little Bit Covered Listen Guys On The Phone So The Reason I Was Asked About Star Wars Because Um I Could One Of The Things That Because I Used To Like Read The Was What I Call Them They Look Like The Extra Books They Have Like That Goes Outside The Movie Universe Yeah And I’ll Just Play Games And One Of The Things That I Remembered From The Game One Game Is To Play Them There Was Nice If Code And The Sis Code Goes This Is How It Goes Is Peaceful I There’s Only Passions Through Passion I Gained Strength Through Strength I Gained Power Through Power I Gained Victory The Victory Might Change Our Broken The Four Shall Set Me Free Now Investing Yeah So I’m Thinking Like How Do You Think That Applies To Our Daily Lives And Spirituality And Kind Of That Regards Well Yeah Because What They’re Speaking Of In Those Lines Is Just The Understanding Of Energy And So When We Can Take The Human Concept Away Which Is The Human Outside Conditioning Right When We Take That Away And Just Focus And Get Quiet Within That’s Where The Force Is That’s When We’re Able To See The Energetic Flow Of Frequency That’s That’s What You Know That’s The Empathic Ability That We Have Because We’re Energetic Flows I Mean We’re Conduits Like We Have Water We Have Electricity The Nervous System There Are Transmitters That Fires Communications Within The Brain It’s Really Getting Outside Of The Universe Which Is What We Think As Humans Are To See The Force And And So That’s What Really Star Wars Is About Mm-hmm Yeah The Force Awakens Is The Kundalini The Kundalini Awakening Within Yourself And Those Movies Were Big You Know For Me When I Had My Awakening When I Was Going Through My Experiences And Having These Deep Experiences In Meditation I Was Watching The I Was Like The Star Wars Really For The First Time We Watched It From The Beginning To The End The First Time I Seen It It Was Blowing My Mind Like I Took A Bunch Of Those Samples And Put It I Put It Up You Know All Of My Music And Stuff They’re Talking About You Know There’s A Scene On There Where Yoda Talks About I’m Gonna Teach You To Commune With Your Master Who Has Gone On Before You Through Meditation And Say Wow Like This Is Really Like There’s A Lot Of Truth To That You Know The Even Even In The Bible Like People Like You Know They Get Mad When I Talk About The Suffering The Bible In But The Bible Talks About The Great Cloud Of Witnesses That Are Watching Over You And And People Having Counters Were Saints Who Have Gone Before Them Are Appearing To Them In An Innocent In A State Of Euphoria In A Trance-like State Of Meditation Or Getting Caught Up In Ecstatic Realms Of Worship Man So This Stuff Is Really Deep Man And I Think They Hide A Lot Of Those Truths Within Those Movies Man There’s A Lot Of Nuggets And A Lot Of Things That Hollywood Knows That They Put In There To Try To Get Out To The Masses And People Thinking That They’re Making It Up But These Stories And Insides And Symbols Are Really Old Man And Even You Know The Term Jedi Those Are Talking About The Jetty Priest From Egypt Like There Was A Real Priesthood Of Magicians Called The Jedi It’s Spelled I Think It’s About Dj Edi It’s Got A D In Front Of It And And These Were Priests Out Of Egypt Who Did All These Miracles And Believed In This Energy And Stuffing Used It In And So Like Every Religion And Every Faith And Belief System They Talked About The Cleaning They Call It Different Things We Call It The Holy Spirit And Christianity Back In Egypt Is Called Tachyon Energy The Force Kundalini Like This Is All These Different Names For The Same Terms That We’re Talking About Speaking In Tongues Glaus Allah Like That’s Practiced In Every Religion Like So There’s This Universal Language Of Love And Of Spirituality That People Are Kind Of Taken And Try To Brand It But It When We Talk About Star Wars Saul Wars Is Powerful Man With Hiding Those Nuggets In There About Angels And Angels Being Out There On Other Planets And Traveling The Universe All That Stuff Man It’s Awesome Well And See And If We Want To Get Down To It Scientifically From The Human Anatomy The Physical Part Is The Endocrine System You Know Attached To The Brain Like I Think About A Jellyfish Like The Head Is The Main Brain Right And Then The Tentacles Is Like The The Electric System Like The Flow Of Energy And That’s Like Our Our Nervous System Within Our Body I Mean We Really Can See It All The Signs In Nature And In Front Of Us That Are The Same Thing Within The Vessel In Which We In This Lifetime And Yeah I Mean The Bible Everything It’s All Stories Laid Out Of The Reality Of Actually What’s Taking Place Yeah I Mean It’s It’s All Just It’s The Tools For Us To See But If We Had To Take Our Own Human Emotion Our Own Outside Conditioned Ways Of Thinking Away From The Way That We See Things To Really Really Let Energy Pull Us Into The Messaging And That’s A That’s Where The Yoda Comes Out I Like To Think About Our Brains It’s Like I Was Just Talking About This Yesterday With Someone Like Like It We Got Like C-3po The The Ai Side And Then We Have Which Is The Non-physical The Native American Spirit Side You Know That’s Really What’s That’s What’s Just Been Awoken And Uh And That That’s The Way That It’s Been Shown To Me More So Over The Last Few Days We’ve Had A Big Energetic Shift And Um Yeah So There’s A There’s All Kinds Of Different Truths And So Many Different Things Is Just Pointing To The One Which Is Source Which Is Source Energy Yeah Everything Like Access And Everything That Flows It’s Truly Like The Power Of The Stories Right Even Like The Power Of Your Story So We Talked About The Bible Or Talk About The Bhagavad-gita And All These Other Books Like People Try To Take Them Literally Like They’ll Read The Old Testament And They’ll You Know They Kind Of Go Out And Try To Prove That Noah Existed Or Try To Find The Ark Or The Burial Place Of Goliath And You Know All This Stuff And They Want To Find It To Kind Of Prove That It Existed And Say Aha I Told You It’s True But The Power Is Not In If Those People Existed If King David And All These People Exist It The Power Is Not In That The Power Is In The Allegory The Messages That Are Hidden In Woven Within The Stories Of Faith Overcoming Obstacles Overcoming Idolatry Smashing Your Your Idols Fighting You Know With With Giants Who Occupy Your Promised Land Which Is Your Destiny And Life’s Purpose In Dealing With Them And Getting Them Out Of The Way Like That Is The Stories That Are Woven Through There And If We Can’t Really Understand That We’re Not Really Understanding How The Bible Is And We Try To Take It Literally And Trying To Debate People And Men The Stories Of The Bible Are Telling Your Story It’s Your Story And Your Spiritual Walking Path To Ascension As Well And If We Got To Understand That Yeah I Look At It Um I’ve Never Thought From Biblical And That’s Really Interesting To Learn I Always Thought About More About You See Option 1 Cook When It Comes Out The Skeleton Here’s Why I’ll Go Quick Breakdown Real Quick Um When First Wine Piece Is A Lie It Starts Off Really Dark But You Have To Realize While We Do Strive For Eternal Peace The Only Time You’ll Really Achieve That Eternal Peace Is Pretty Much When We Die We Will Have Peace For Short Periods Of Time On This Earth But We Will Always Be Fighting We Will Always Be Struggling We Will Always Be Attacked By Our Deen And Then Whatever We Comes After Up So We Have To Realize That When It Says Peace Of The Lie It’s Really Saying We Will Not Always Be At Peace And That Goes Into There’s Only Passion For Me That Comes From My Music Because It’s Just Something That Always Took Me As A Gift For My Music Became A Passion A Form Of Expression For Me Then Through The Passion I Gain Strength I Feel Impact Well I Don’t Want To Empower That I’m We Have That One Next But It’s Like My Music It Feels Like Gives Me Strength As It’s Like It Puts Me Almost Like It Puts Me On A Platform It’s Like I Have This Gift Given From God Kundalini That He Wants Me To Use For Him For Strengthening Me In The Strength Of My Walk That Says Through Power Through Strength I Gain Power And This Is Nothing The Biggest Part Because There Is Power In Words We’ve Always We’ve All Known This For Everything With Little Kids Just You Can You Can Either Build Them You Can Either Build A Bridge Or Tear Down A Wall With What Comes Off Your Tongue Yeah That’s How Powerful An Impact These Words On That’s How Powerful Words Are Especially In The End Fob Because We Talked About This With Alonzo That Wrapped Is Such A Big Influence These Days To A Lot Of People Because Of The Words Of People Saying How Artists Relate To Others What There Are Words And So That’s A Super Power Gain Victory If Those Words Are The Right Words That You Are Supposed To Be Sharing Then There Is A Victory There Is A Battle One There And It’s And Then Premise Through Victory My Chains Are Broken When We Achieve Victory When We Have To Feed It Whatever We Are Struggling Against With Or Whatever Is It Holding Us Back The Power To Give This Victory Publicus Will Helps Us Unleash The Shackles From Our Chain And That’s Where The Force Shall Free Me Yeah It’s Powerful Man There’s All Types Of Allegory Within That And It’s Funny Because People Try To Like I Know There’s Books Out There That Say Like Okay We’re Gonna Give You The Buddhist Breakdown And Like You Know Star Wars Is Modeled After The Buddhist Philosophy And Things Like That But When I’m Watching It As A Christian As Someone Who Had This Faith In Christ I’m Seeing Biblical Theology Spoken You Know I’m Saying Throughout That That A Whole Whole Movie As Well In The Holy Spirit And Things Like That And So What’s What’s Crazy About It Is That If You Look Up Who Influenced George Lucas To Actually Write That Movie It’s A Guy Named Joseph Campbell And We Actually Sampled Joseph Campbell In The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space And So His He’s Got This Map That He Mapped Out It’s Called The Hero’s Journey And It Shows You The Path That All Heroes Must Must Walk Like The Path Of Jesus Is A Path Where You’re Born You Struggle As A Kid And Then You Kind Of Reach This Level Of Enlightenment And Then You Fall Back Down And Then You Build Back Up And He’s They Have It Like Mapped Out In A Diagram And So All Major Movies Marvel All Of This Stuff And Actually George Lucas Came Out And Said That He Modeled Star Wars And Got The Inspiration To Write It From The Hero’s Journey From Joseph Campbell’s So I’ll Encourage Everybody To Go Out And Check That You Know I’m Saying Check That Out Because That’s Throughout The Scriptures That’s Throughout The Bottom Agita All Of These Old Ancient Stories And It’s Even Your Story You Know I’m Saying That’s That’s The Power Behind All Of This Stuff It’s Just Not Telling A Story Of Anakin Skywalker Telling You Story Everything Is Beautiful Man I Ever Eating Is An Extension Of Who You Are This Is What The Flower Of Life Is Everything Is An Extension Of You We Are All Connected So We Don’t Look At Anyone Else S Separate To Who We Are Everyone Is A Part Of Us And It Says Somebody That You Don’t Agree With Or Someone Who You Don’t Like Usually It’s Because They Represent Something That You Don’t Like About Yourself And It’s The Same Way When People You Know Feel A Certain Way Towards You I Know Hunter You Talk About Dealing With People On Your Job And People Being Mean People Poke In Front Of You And Stuff And A Lot Of Times They Do That Because Maybe They Were Bullied So They Want To In Turn Do That So A Lot Of Times We Represent Something About People That They Don’t Like About Themselves Or They See In Themselves Welcome Back Lori Thank You We’re Just Going In On The Star Wars Stuff A Little Bit More Uh-huh Yeah You Know And That’s The Thing I Mean When If When We Feel An Energetic Vibration Coming From Someone That Doesn’t Flow With The Frequency That We’re At That’s When We Can Start To Feel A Pull And It It’s Really Just A Sign But Then We Put The Human Emotion Behind It Where We Start To Get Frustrated And Things Like That Because We’re Not Really Recognizing The Signal Before We Put The Frustration Behind It So As More And More For Me I Notices I Have All Been Able To See Those Frequencies Clear I’m Able To Sort Of I’m Able To Adjust My Because It’s Really About My Frequency And How I Had Just My Frequency With Someone Else’s So Either I Can Choose To Stay And Be Around And Work To Maintain The Meditative State Of Mind Or I Can Leave The Situation Like There’s Always A Solution To Interacting With Other People And It’s Just Like Our How We See Others Is A Reflection Upon Ourselves You Know Meaning And How Our Reactions Are Someone Can Come Up And Say Something But It’s Really All About Our Energy And Our Reaction And What We Decide To Do With It So It’s Just About Understanding That We’re All At Different Levels We’re All It I Don’t Even Like To Call It Levels Really I Just Like To Call It You Know Different Frequency Of The Same Energy Mm-hmm And It Is How You Interpret Everything Is How You Translated And Once You Know That It’s Not Personal Like Even The Bible Says That We That Our Battle Is Not A Flesh And Blood But A Spiritual Battle Of Powers And Principalities In Heavenly Places That’s Our Battle So It’s Not This I Can’t Stand Laurie Ivey She’s All About Know It’s Because Like A Lot Of Times People They’re Like Oh Like Jealous Of You Or Jealous Of Your Platform So They’re Like I Feel Like I Should Have That Platform She Hasn’t You Know I I Know Way More Than Her So Why Don’t I Have That Platform Like People Who Feel That Type Of Way Man I’ve Dealt With It Personally And It’s A Spirit It’s Spirits That Influence People In Spirits Of Envy And Things Like That And So You Have To Be Able To Discern And Recognize What’s Going On And You Can Like There Are Places You Can Get To Where A Situation Happens One Hunter Was Talking About A While Ago That We’re Always Going To Fight To The Day That We Die We Won’t Find Rest Until Eternity But These Fights Become A Lot Easier Like It So Instead Instead Of Saying A Fight I Like To Say Taking Tests Because We Have These Tests That Come We Always Have That Did This One Test That Always Stumps Us With There’s One Question That We Can’t Pass But Once We Study And We Respond Correctly We Answer With Love And Understanding We Pass That Test And It’s So The Next Time That Test Comes We’ve Aced It Next What’s Next You Go To A Higher Level A Higher Level Of Understanding A New Level Of Light Oh To Where You Can Go Out And Possess The Land There’s Things In Your Destiny That God Has Put Within Your Spirit Even As You Were A Child And You Know That That’s My Destiny That’s Where I’m Headed But You Can’t See It Because It’s Already People Occupying It But So Through The Help Of Source Energy Of God The Holy Spirit Whatever You Want To Call It Will Help You Determine How To Go In There Take The Land And Walk In Your Calling And Everybody Deserves To Do That Everybody Is Privileged To Recapture That Dream That’s The Whole Thing About The Alchemist We Are Talk About That Book All The Time And It’s About Having A Dream When You Were A Kid And You Or You Know Things Happen In In Your Life Circumstances And Situations That Take That Dream From You All You Can’t Have It You Know You’re Not Going To Have That Here You Know You Can Have An Offshoot Of It You Can Dream About It You Can Think About It Whatever But You Can’t Really Have It Because Of It’s Not For You Other People Deserve It You’ve Done Too Much Bad Or Whatever The Case Is Or You Conditioning Even Through Religion You Know I’m Saying That We’re Not Supposed To Be Rich We’re Not Supposed To Have Money Or Possessions And Money Is Evil Like These Weird Like Thoughts That Are Not Of God And So We Have These Thoughts And Stuff And They Take Our Dream From Us Would You Settle For Second Best Hey I’m Just Thankful For What I Have So To Really Find Your Path And To Say Okay I’m Happy And I’m Thankful For Where I Am In The Journey And Everything That I Have I Don’t Take It For Granted But There’s We’re Still Supposed To Want More Like What We’re Not Supposed To Settle For Second Best To Keep Pursuing Those Callings And Dreams That God Has Put Within You And The Alchemist Is About Going For That Dream And Telling The Universe Telling God Telling Your Situation That You Know What I’m Going To Pursue It And I’m Not Giving Up On It And The Universe Gets With You In Response To That And Begins To Go Around And Make This Stuff Happen For You And Bring People That’s What Synchronicity Is When We’re On That Path We Start Saying Phrases And Seeing Numbers And 1111 333 Which Are Seeing Things And That Is Universe Letting You Know Look You’re On The Right Path Keep It Up Don’t Give Up Don’t Give Up And It Starts Blowing Your Mind You’ll Say Something And Then Somebody Walks By With A T-shirt With The Phrase On That You Just Said You Say It And The Tp Says It Exactly When You Say And It’s Like Well Hold On It’s Like A Glitch In The Matrix This Is God Source Energy Letting You Know That You’re On The Right Path Man And This Is This Is What The Spiritual Path Is About Man Just Enjoy In Life And Join The Journey Don’t Get Discouraged You Know Because We All We All Have Setbacks And Things Like That But It’s Like How Bad Do You Want It How Bad Do You Want It You Know And So We’re All Walking Out The Hero’s Journey Yeah And See Like Everybody Mm-hmm Oh Sorry I Didn’t Mean You’re A Boy Go Ahead Say Your Thought Never Hunter Go Ahead Go Ahead Um I Just I Was He Was A Mention The Alchemist Was Because I’m Okay You Are You Both Milli With The Enemy Calls The Full Metal Alchemist I Know What It Is I Don’t Know I Never Watched Them Okay So If You If You Ever Do So I’ll Look It Up For Yourselves Watch The Original Don’t Watch The Ones Is For Mellifluous Brother The Original One When It Goes When You Watch It They Go Big Into This Idea Called Equivalent Exchange Yeah I Wonder For A While Do The Idea Is That You Can’t Exchange That You Have To Have Some Is Equal Value Or Greater To Get Something Else Back You Can’t Always Ask For More Which In Your Position I Like I Understand What You’re Going Through About The Asking For More But That But Because That Exchange Thing Makes Sense When I Think About How Because I Can Also Apply To Our Everyday Level As Well As In What Happens When We Try To Ask For Board When We Only Give So Little Because I Know I’ve Been In That Position Before I’ve Tried To Do That I’ve Tried To Ask Mort I’ve Not Done My Part Spiritually And It Backfired Big Time Cuz They Try To Do That In The Anime And It Backfires Badly You Their Lorry Cathing Lorries Connect We Like Their Connection Want To Get No Dude That’s True And All Of Dude All Of Those Cartoons And Video Games Man Like Walt Of Warcraft Like There’s There’s So Much Spirituality And Stuff Woven Within These Storylines And So Yeah Especially Using The Name Alchemist In That In That Cartoon I’m Sure There’s A Lot Of Spirituality You Know I’m Saying Linkedin It The Showed Um Avatar The Last Airbender That Was Huge They’re Telling You About Chakras And Energy Systems In Your Body And And How They Work They’re Giving You Like The Best Breakdown You Can Get We Used I Used To Watch That Show And Just Get Blowed Away And And That’s What They’re Talking To About You’re Going Into Meditation And Accessing The Spirit Realm Accessing You Know I’m Saying The Spirit World All Within A Cartoon And Some Of That Stuff Is Straight Out Of Somebody’s Bit You Know I’m Saying Big Deep Books Or Whatever You’re Talking About You Asked Earlier About Manley P Hall And You Was Looking Up One Of His Books The Secret Teachings Of All Ages A Lot Of That Stuff Is Is Actually In That Book Man So You Asked Me Should You Get That One Totally Get That One You Said Which One To Get Um Anyone You Want I Would Get The Readers Edition Just To Have The Read Button If You Like It Then You Know The Kind Of The Other Ones Are Like Collector’s Editions As Well Some Of Them Are Like Um Saying Really Big Like Two Foot Tall And Got Pop-out Images And Unfolding Pictures And Stuff So It’s Really Good So I’m Definitely A Devotee Of The Works Of Manley P Hall And I’ve Dedicated My Albums To Him And Like You Know You Can Find A Lot Of His Lectures Online Too So I Would I Would Suggest Getting That As Well Definitely Yeah The Reason As I Was Because They Were Like There Was Like Five Different Books Some Things I Don’t Say Often But Each Cover Was Different So I Was Like I Was Reading Through It Each One Had Different Page Links And All That I’m Like Which One Of Myself To Get The Other One Get I Didn’t Want To Root I Didn’t Want To Just Buy Like They’re All The Same Price They’re Selling For Like So 99 99 Cents On Kindle But It’s Like I Didn’t Wanna Just Grab Like The Wrong Time I Didn’t Wanna Grab Like The Wrong Edition Yeah I Want To Grab It Yeah Yeah Get The Yeah Get The Reader’s Edition And You Know That I Think That That That Book The Physical Book Is Cheap To Was Under 20 Bucks And It’s A Really Thick Book Man It’s A It’s A Large Collection Of Work And Obviously You Know You Take Everything And You Kind Of You Kind Of Judge It And Kind Of You Know Put It Up Against The Wall And See What Sticks And So I You Know What We’re Not Quote People Like Manly P Hall People Say Up You Know Your Your Your This Your That I Don’t Agree With Everything Manly P Hall Says I Don’t Agree With Everything Anybody Says You Know There’s Times I Go Back And Listen To Myself And I’m Like Man Why Did I Say That You Know So We’re All Learning And Coming To The Knowledge Of The Truth Ever Learning Man But There’s A Lot Of Good Stuff In There And If You Listen To That Song Because I Know You Just Became A Patron If You Listened To The Song That I Have That’s Not Released Yet But It’s On Patreon There Are Invisible Creatures Of The Five Elements Like That That Understanding In Like The Breakdown Of The Elemental Creatures And The Different Levels Of Existence And What They Do In The Earthand And They’re Over The Seasons And Stuff Like All Of That Stuff Is Mentioned Of In The Secret Teachings As Well It Goes Into A Lot Of Detail About These Different Entities And Beings That Kind Of Operate With With The Five Elements And And You Know I’m Saying They’re Out There And So Somebody Asked Me To A Friend Of Mine Craig Craig Challenged Me A While Ago On Facebook And He Was Asking Me Because I Had A Run-in With An Element’s A Spirit That Kind Of Knocked Me Down To The Ground Me And My My Cousin And I Wrote About It In My Book And He Was Wondering If I Made It Up Like If I Was You Know Making These Stories Up To Sell Albums Or Something But That’s Stuffs Totally Real Man You Know Like I Had That Experience And So He Wants To Know How Do I Know That I Had It You Know You Know Was It Just My Imagination That Appeared And I’ve Seen Seeing These Entities Or Whatever The Case Is Could Totally Be Your Matt Your Imagination And You Always Have To Rule That Like Like With With Any Any Spiritual Encounter Like You Always Kind Of Rationalize It And Intrusted Like You Know Was This My Imagination Did I Make It Up Did I Want This To Happen So Bad That I Created The Scenario In My Head But I’ll Say For That Situation For Me That I Know That They Exist And They Can Be Summoned Right It’s Because I Wasn’t The Only One Who’s Seen It Like I Wasn’t The Only One Who Had The Encounter It Was Me And My Cousin This Entity Formed Out Of Out Of You Know The Darkest Of Night It Was It Was Like The Darkest Shadow A Being Appeared Ran Past Me And My Cousin Screamed And Knocked Us Both Down And It Looked Like A Eight-foot Tall Camel You Know I’m Saying So That’s I Mean That’s How I Know That That Something Happened Man You Know I’m Saying Cuz It Wasn’t Just Me If It Was Just Me In The Woods Like You Know Yeah You Know Something Happened Or Whatever The Case Is But When It Happens To Somebody Else See That’s The Whole Thing If People Who Listening Like Joe Rogan Or Talk About Dmt Experiences And Your Brain Produces Dmt That People Claim To You Know Wake Up And Be Seeing Beings In Their Room And Stuff Like That And He Tries To Explain Even Ufo Encounters As Just Dmt Released In Your Brain And You Think You See Nice But There’s Something Else When Two People Experienced The Same Thing At The Same Time And That’s That’s Kind Of That’s Kind Of How You Know That That’s Something’s Up You Know I’m Saying Is Like Somebody Else Experienced It As A Little Yeah Well I’m Gonna Hop Off But I Always Appreciate Calling In It’s Always Been Fun But I Want To Say Before I Go That I Really Appreciate What You Do I Mean I Don’t See Your Podcast While I Work I’ll Assume You Got Jam Your Music All The Time In Between Those Two And Just Talking To You And Everything Oh You Know And I’m Definitely Going To Try To Um I Definitely Want To Try That Get More Time To Ring Because I Have A Bunch Of Books On A Shelf I Haven’t Read Both Like Christian And Christian Books I Bought For My Church I Just Bought A Bunch Of Other Kind Of Books Today Like I Bought I Finally Got Around To I Bought These Is A One To State Two That You Had With Kendal Shoulders Where You Bought It I Didn’t Yeah I Just Got It Today Yeah You Listen To That Interview Right Oh Yeah That Was Awesome I Know Right I Was Scared To Do That Interview Because Like He Actually Approached Me And And Wanted To Actually Buy Some Ad Space On The Podcast And So I Said Okay We’ll Do It You Know Has The Firt The First Person Who Ever Do Ever Did That And So We Did It And I Posted The Upcoming Episode That We Were To Do With Him In The Title Jesus This Is A Worm A Snake And Much More By Kindle Shoulders And Some Of My Friends Were Reaching Out To Me As I Hey Man Like What’s What’s That About Is This Guy Going To Come On And Say That Christ Was A Worm In A Snake Or He Didn’t Exist Or What You Know What Is This Guy About I Was Like Honestly I Don’t Know But I Know He He Paid To Come On The Show Pretty Much Right I Was Like Sure We’ll Do It Man So I Was A Little Nervous Going Into It Cuz I Don’t Want To Entertain Foolishness Really You Know I’m Saying But He Came On And Did The Interview And It Was Literally One Of The Best Interviews I’ve Ever Done Like Um Saying The Knowledge That He Brought Throughout The Entire Interview And Then All The Way At The End About What That Meant About The Whole Jesus Being A Worm And A Snake Is Allegories Throughout The Scriptures That People Skip Over Like People Read These Things About It Says It In The Bible That Jesus Is A Worm And A Worm Shall Come Forth Forth And Do All This Stuff And He Breaks That Worms Life Down And How It All That Worms Life Is A Symbol Of The Life Of Jesus Man And How He Gives Up His Life For His People And Things Like That So It Was Real Deep And Mind-blowing And Then At The End Ties Everything Back Into Intimacy With Jesus Which Is Really Deep About Going Into The Secret Wedding Chambers With With God And Becoming Impregnated You Know And In That In That Place And Coming Home With Them With A Message Man And Uh All That Stuff Is Just Really Really Deep And I Was One Of The Best Interviews That I’ve Or Guess That I’ve Had On That Uh I Was Scared Going Into You Know Mhm But Yeah With All Better You’ve Been Doing I Can Honestly Say You Would Disciple In Me And I Couldn’t Ask For A Better Person To Be Discipled By I’m Been Able I Learned More From You Than Anyone Else I’ve Ever Been Tried To Disciple By Because I Have A Couple Guys Have Tried And It Just Can’t Stick So You Stick And So It’s An Honor To Be Disciple By Someone With As Much Knowledge As You Had That You Have Well Well You Know What I Don’t You Know There’s Stuff You That That Um Saying You’re Teaching Me To Man So It’s It Kind Of You Know I’m Saying Our Hierarchy Goes Sideways In The Body Of Christ When I It’s Not A Pyramid Structure I’m Not Over Anybody Or Claim To Be You Know The End All Within When It Comes To Knowledge Or Understanding But I Appreciate That Though Man Thank You So Much – That Means A Lot Man Well If You Ever Get Lori Back On So I Said Blessings And Shalom Oh Yeah I’m Sure She’ll Go Back And Listen Man Yeah Blessings And Shalom – Laurie If We Don’t Hear From Her Again All Right Well You Have A Good Day I Gotta Be Some Grub I’m Starving I Heard There Are Dayman Blood Potential Own Brother Peace Peace Honey Hughes Everybody Good Brother There We Got Another Call Coming In It Says Uh Caller From Southwest Pennsylvania Carla Who We Speaking With Hello Caller From Southwest Pennsylvania Good We’re Speaking With Jacqueline Dawn Hey How Are You Good I’m Good At Just Tuning Into The Lorry But I I’ve Never Done This Before And I Don’t Know If I Did It Right Oh You’re On Your Own Loud Yeah You’re On Yeah I Guess I’m On Live I Was Like A Radio Show That You Listen To Howard Yeah Um Yeah Yes A It’s A It’s It’s A Podcast And We You Know We Stream Live On Facebook And Youtube And Then We’re All Carved On Itunes And All The Podcast Apps And Stuff So Okay I Was Just Gonna Listen To Laurie Talk But I Guess She’s Gone Already Yeah Um Her I Think Her Reception When I Who Said She Said Her Phone Kept Overheating But Uh Yeah Maybe She’ll Be Back Maybe Not And I Don’t Know Okay Did You Have Any Question Do You Have Any Questions About Anything Maybe I Can Help But I Don’t Know Like I Was Just Here – Hinda Laurie Yeah Now I Wish I Had Like Questions Uh What’s The Topic Like What Are You Guys Talking About Just Spirituality And Ascension In And You Know Waking Up But Um Um I’m Sorry I Should Have Been More Prepared I Wouldn’t Do How Did You’re Good It’s All Good Just Let Me Know If You Come Up With Anything And Uh I’ll Try My Best To Answer It So I Mean Have You Had In It You Know I’m Saying Like An Awakening Encounter As Well I’m Sure If You’re Connected With Laura You’ve Had Something Going All Right Yeah Like Yeah I Mean I Pretty Much Woke Myself Up Like I Pretty Much Just Read And Read And Read And Um Yeah Just A Lot Of Reading And I Haven’t Had Like A Lot Of Experiences Like Laurie Said But Um Yeah I’m Still Trying To Pop My Third Eye I Heard That Um Some Of The Books Or Materials That Kind Of Kind Of Helped You Wake Up I Listen To A Lot At Corey Goode And David Wilcock Okay Corey Good I Yeah I Write A Lot Of Posts For Cosmic Disclosure Actually Okay Um Like I Just Rewrite The Transcripts For People Like I Sum It Up So That It Cuts So Long That’s All So I Feel Like Yeah Like I Feel Like That Information Should Be Getting Out To The Public Yeah David Wilcock Play – Oh Yeah A Huge Part Of My Awakening And Watching 2012 Enigma That That Was Like The Dot That Was My Entrance Into The Spiritual Like Realms Of Deeper Understanding Was 2012 Enigma Yeah Yeah I Think 2012 Kind Of Did It For Everybody Right That One Guy Offended Yo 12-21-12 Rick So Now She’s Just Waiting For All Her To Wake Up Kind Of Thing Which Is Pretty Much A Tree Quickly Because We Have A Lot Of Waves Here Coming In Energetic Wave People Are Handling It You Know Kind Of Some People Are Going Crazy And Some People Are In Total Zen So It’s Either/or Yeah Yeah Like We’re Just We’re There Keep Talking About This Solar Flare Is Gonna Make You Either Go Mad Or You Know In A Gentle Kind Of Spot So I Guess It Depends If You Go Into Your Heart Space Or Or If You’re Lost In Your Mind And In Your Ego Um You’re When You Kind Of Go With That There’s A Lot There’s A Lot Of People There Um You Know When It Whenever Those Energies Do Come In And How To Balance It And I Think That’s Where A Lot Of People Who Are Into Like Astrology Like They Can See The Signs And I’ve Got Friends Who They Don’t Like That Like They’re Supposed To Go See A Psychiatrist Right They Have The Different Energies Coming In And Their Body And They’re Really Receptive To It And That They’re All Over The Place Really But They’ve Learnt To Study Astrology And Know What Type Of Week Or Day To Prepare For Like When It’s Good To Focus On Your Work When It’s Good To Kind Of Be Around A Crowd Of People Because They’re So Sensitive To The Shift You Know I’m Saying So That’s That’s What’s So Powerful About That Yeah Pretty Much Everybody Kind Of Reacting Differently But It All Depends If You’ve Done The Inner Work So If You Have A Bunch Of Skeletons In Your Closet And Ain’t Going To Be Pretty For You You Know So You Have To Deal Yeah Like I’m Finding That Out Now Like With All The Knowledge I Took A Nice I Realize I Totally Forgot About Myself And Like Derby Days I Wouldn’t Eat And I Wouldn’t Even Like Shower Work Out I Would Just Keep Reading And Reading And Like Just Another’s Just Constantly And Then I Realized That All The Knowledge In The World Can Save Me Only I Can And I Have To Love Myself I Totally Forgot About Myself Through This Whole Awakening I Literally Just Found Out Like Not Very Long Ago Listening To One Of My Really Good Friends When The Mcgillis Really Summed It Up That I Need To Love Thyself Heal Thyself To Know Thyself Oh Yeah I Am Just Figuring That Out Right Now That It You Know All The Knowledge Doesn’t Really Mean Anything If You Don’t Love Yourself Yeah And So No You Can’t Love Anybody So Yeah Talk About Healing The Healers And Doing The Work Within Yourself You Finding Healing You Come Into This Place Of Of Like Self-acceptance And Everything And So Once You’re Healed The Universe Or God Is Situations You Back Out There To Go Forth And Heal Other People Like I Was Doing Energy Work For A While Right And Everybody Who Contacted Me For Like A Personal Session Like There Were All People Who Want It To Be Healers There Was People Who Wanted To Do What I Would Do It Was Doing And So That Kind Of Showed Me Something In Yet And The Spirit Of God Just Says Heal The Healers There’s So Many People Out There Who Have This Calling In This Urge To Do Good And Inhumanity But There They You Know They Have The Skeletons In The Closet And They Don’t Know How To Keep Them In There Should They Let Them Out How Did It You Know You Can Destroy The The Ego And Do The Shadow Work And Things Like That Yeah I Work With The Energy Q Oh And People You Know They All Think It’s Hocus-pocus And That’s Fine But I Mean Science Science Is Proving It Now Like They Got Thermal Imaging Going So For All The Skeptics Out There It Works Within Minutes Yeah Yeah You Know And Keys Are Like Oh My Gosh Like How Give You That Well You Know News Flash Like We Are All Connected So What Jesus Said We Can Do To And Greater People Need To Open Their Mind Over Possibility Yeah Like Really Yeah You Know And It’s Right Energy Like Um The Cabal Is Always Putting It In Our Face It’s Like Umm What’s That New Song Sign Of The Time By I Can’t Remember Saying But He’s Like Walking On Water And Flying And Stuff And People Think Oh You Know It’s Nothing But Like This Is Real It’s Happening Like You Know Like Star Wars And Stuff Like That’s All Very Real And They Like To Put In Their Face Make It Look Funny Because They Program Us At The Giggle Factor So We Laugh At Anything That Looks You Know Too High Above Us Or Whatever So Yeah Like I Have It Yeah It’s Sort Of Journey I’ve Been Trying To You Know Regain My Ability Back And I’m Getting A Lot Of Tonight Like I Might Select To Eat It’s Really Good I’m Starting Starting To Pull People Like Before They Speak I Say What They’re Thinking They’re Like Oh My God You Read My Mind Like I Don’t Know How I Did That But It’s Weird Cuz It Going Yeah Yeah It Like Comes In Waves To Man Because You’re Talking About Like Having To Do The Work On Yourself Because There’s Times What You Get Into This This Energy And We Talked About Synchronicities And Stuff It’s Like All Of These Things Start Happening Where You’re Able To Tell The Future You Know Who’s About To Call Before They Call You Seeing Signs Everywhere Like The Number There’s Manifestation Happening You Don’t Saying In Your Life Whatever You Want Is Coming And Then You May Get Into A Rut Where It’s Like You Feel Like You’re In A Desert And None Of That Stuff Even Existed Man That’s The West A Weird Thing Is To Kind Of Keep It Up And Kind Of Maintain The Work You Know I Think That’s The Ego That Does That It Makes You In Total Feel Programming And Tells You You Can’t Do It In Your Little And You Can’t What What Are You Doing And You Know Go Back To Your Slave Job Like It’s Just You’re Programmed To Not Think About This Kind Of Stuff Like Every Time I Talk About Anything Astral Projection Or Teleportation Or Whatever With Anybody There’s Just Like Whoa It’s Too Much For Them Yo You Know But More And More People Are Looking At It Though Like More And More People Are Waking Out But It’s Kind Of Crazy To Be Like My Facebook I Have Like Over Two Thousand People Now Like So People Are Wanting To Know More About It I’m Even Going To Write A Book Actually How To Exit The Prison Planet Heal Thyself Feel The World Hmm I Don’t Make A Big Yeah So Pretty Much You’ll Be Like You Know What’s Wrong With Society And Then Like How To Fix It So Like They Will Tell You Like The Fluoride In The Water But It Will Tell You Like Like How It Kills Your Pineal Gland But Then Ii Will Tell You Like How Does He Tell Supply It Kind Of Thing Yeah That’s So My Whole Book Will Be Like A Woman Like How To Fix It Like Yeah Yeah You Kind Of Got To Give Both And That Was Like The Big Thing For Me Cuz I Like I Come Out Of Like Really Deep Christianity And Like In The Church Circles And Stuff And So I Would See All These Problems With These Ministers And These Preachers And These Doctrines And When I First Started Coming Out Of That Stuff I Just Started Pointing Out The Doctrines In Exposing It And Showing That It’s Wrong And These People Just Want Your Money And All Of This Stuff But Eventually God Had To Sit Me Down And Say Look The Only Way To Combat That Stuff Is Not To Expose It Not To Call Names And Point Fingers But To Simply Teach It The Right Way And So If You Hear Just Pointing Fingers Without Any Type Of Solution You You Your Work Is Kind Of In Vain So Yeah You Gotta Have The Solution As Well And I Don’t Think God Shows You A Problem Without Showing You The Ups And A Solution As Well You Know You Got To Get To The Bottom And Kind Of Kind Of Into Work And Easier Than That Yeah Really Agreed So There’s A Lot Of People Waking Up Like I Know And Like I Wasn’t Born With Like Religion My Dad Didn’t Never Let Me Like I Started Reciting The Bible And That Was It My Dad’s A Good Way I Mean You Have Another Religion But Like Serious I See Movie Set Coming Out Like The Crafts Yeah And Like Hocus And Stuff I Was Like Whoa And Then Charm To Came Out And It Was Like Oh Like This I Know Like Yeah So I Knew Something Was Up Yeah I’m Now Seeing That Kind Of That Yeah That Stuff Kind Of You Know Saying Kind Of Did It For Me Too But It’s So Weird Cuz It Cause It Kind Of Sent Me In On A Like A Downward Spiral Because It Was Just Letting Me Know That That Stuff Was Real And It Kind Of But I Was Getting Into I Was Doing It Wrong And I Ended Up Like Opening Up My Mind To All Types Of Entities That Wanted To Come Through And I And It Was It Was Honestly Because I’m Seeing You Know That That Our Movie The Craft Or Whatever I Was Like Man This I Want This Man This Is What I Want And So I Would Go I Would And This Is Funny Because I Wouldn’t Go Out And Buy Books We Would Go To Books-a-million In Steel Books Steel Witchcraft Books You Know And Try To Start Doing All The Different Chants And Meditations And I Wanted To Just See Something And I Started Open Up My Mind And And Doing This Stuff And Saying Okay Whatever Wants To Come Through Whatever I Want Just Want To See Something How Did I Become A Possessed Man You Know I’m Saying You Got To Be Careful Doing That Stuff And And So So You Know Yeah It’s Like A Movie Or Something That’s That You Know Essentially It’s Beautiful It Opened Up Me To Some Some Pretty Dark Entities Kind Of Not Having Yeah I Didn’t Have Somebody Telling Me To Do It In I’ve Seen A Meditation To Open Up Your Mind And Spirits I’m Like Okay This Is What You Do And Just Open It And That’s Okay Anything That Wants To Come Do It And I’m Getting Possessed This Is Really Happening Yeah Like You Have To Be Carefully Protect Yourself Yeah I Always Resolve Them But I’m Always Like Saging Like Incense And Stuff Um But Yeah It Gets To Be Pretty Syria Yeah There Is A Dark Side Obviously Like They’re Running The World Uh Yeah So I Mean But The Love Right Now Is Like So High That’s It Is Really All Being Exposed Through What They Are You Know You Almost Don’t Need To End That And They’re Dropping Like Flies Like You Know Like Rockefeller Died And Like Bill Clinton’s On His Way Out And I’m Sure His Wife Will Be Right Yeah And I’m Like The You Know They Can’t They Can’t Exist In This Precinct See Anymore Because The Frequencies Way Too High What Was Lost Human Residents Like 120 Or Something It’s Like Really High Is Usually Like Nine Hertz Or Something Like Wow Oh Yeah It’s A New Era Like 2017 Is Year One Right Yeah Um The End Of Three Cycles You Know 100 Times More Pain And Suffering And Any Other Realm Above So You Know We Should All Just High-five Each Other Because We Made It You Know Yeah That’s What I Like David Wilcock Work So Yeah Cuz He I Know I Love Fairy Wheel Cock It’s Very Good They Really From Everything Else Oh They Yeah Cuz He Actually Talks About Um Saying Like The Dark Side A Lot Of People Like In The New-age Circles Or The Spiritual Circles Are Like Oh We Don’t Focus On Anything Bad Anything Bad It’s Just Here To Help Us Which Essentially It Is It’s Definitely There I Went Through That Stuff For A Reason But God Be Careful Some People Die In That Stuff You Know I’m Saying Like Some People Get In Over Their Head And They Don’t Make It Out So Yeah So We Kind Of Got To Be Care You Know And Kind Of Be Able To Me To Be In A Higher Vibration Of You Know Love Compassion This Is Why You Need To Have Compassion For The Cabal The Celebrities The People That Are Chained Into The System Office Yeah You Have To Have Compassion For Them They’re Part Of The Puzzle Do Your Part Of The Bigger Picture The Grand Experiment Right Especially Especially If The Yeah If Like The Celebrities Wake Up And Come Out Of It And Start Showing Shedding Light On What They’ve Been Hey Russell Brand Guys The Rebirth I’m Like I Keep Started Going On Like You Knows Exactly What He’s Like People Think He’s Crazy Now And He’s Talking But Like It’s Only You Can See He’s Almost Channelling People When He’s Speaking To People In His Eyes Or Yes Piercing Like Yeah I Bet He’s Channeling When Does That I Notice I Think I’m Starting To Channel To Just It Just Comes Through You It’s Hard Explain Man Something I’ve Got A Comment Here And Somebody Somebody Says Uh It’s Just My Brother You On Fire God Bless And There’s Times Where Like I’ll Start Talking And I Can Feel It I Feel I Feel Like What What I’m Saying Is Supposed To Be Said Like In It In Like It’s Not Me It’s Not Me Articulating Like I’m Trying To Get The Message Across It’s Totally Not Me Whether It’s The Heart Of God Or The Holy Spirit Or Whatever You Want To Call It It’s Something That Has To Be Said Not Like The Divine Push Behind It You Know I Really Should All Say The Same Thing If You’re Talking If You’re Channeling At Higher Being We’re All Saying The Same Thing Compassion Forgiveness Awesome Deal Of Karma We’re All Saying The Same Thing You Know And If You Know Then Yeah Like You Say If They’re Not Then You Need To Get Me The Table Yeah If It’s In Here Were Like Yeah Look Yeah It’s Not Good Like Stop Talking To This Person Yeah So Yeah I’m Always High By It I Don’t Usually Have That Problem But I Mean I Used To Have I You See Really Depressed And Stuff And Then Someone Told Me Add A Soul A Cord Attached To My Baby-daddy If You Have Kids Some Wonder And You Really You Have A Full Chorus Nine Of Them And Then Whatever Speeding On It Can Come Down The Line And Feed On You So I Went To Shower And Got That Cut Yeah And Ever And So Yeah I Felt So Much After That Like Wow Yeah I Feel So Like I Was Getting Where It Could Give The Sham And How Do You Feel Light Oh Yeah There Yeah Like I Think I Think I Signs Even Showing Now That It’s Not Just Who You Have A Baby With But Who You Go To Bed With Sexually Like You Like That Person Becomes Yeah There Was Something That We Stole Attachment I Know It Yeah Syriza Like That’s Why You Need To Do The Intercourse Or You’re Not Holding All That Carmen Whatever Yeah Yeah You Know Yeah It Could Rip You Apart If You Hold On To All That Anger Whatever You’re Holding On To From The Past Because Then You’re Living In The Past Right Yeah And So Many People Like In The Past They’re Stuck In Their Traumatic Memories And They Don’t Know How To Ah This Is Why People Do Drugs And Whatnot Yep Try On Some Type Of Way Out Some You Know Say They Are They Don’t Realize They’re Spiritual Beings In A Human Body But They’re Not Human There’s Spiritual Beings There’s Multi-dimensional Ders You Know Like We Can Be Invisible If We Want Like If Stuff I7 Someone On The Street They Think I’m Insane But That’s Fine Yeah Like It’s Happening People Walk Through Walls Like It’s It’s Already Been Happening There’s People Around If You Just Can’t See Because We Haven’t Popped That Third Eye So You Know I’m Still Trying To I’m Gonna A Tree Bursting Actually On Tuesday I’m Going To Get Rebirth Which My Really Good Friend Angela Mia Wife She’s Gonna Reverse Me On Facebook They’re So Like Yeah I’m Just Wait Because I Just Want Because I Still Have A Little Bit Of Fear And Stuff And Um Traumatic Memories And Stuff So I Just Think Sever Birth You’ll Really Help Me I’m Just Getting The Night Off In You Know Yeah Just I Guess You Don’t You Don’t Just Do What You Said As Far As Walking In Forgiveness Like You Know I’m Saying Forgiveness And And Just Release Him Down Yeah And So That They Won’t Have Anything On You Like That You Know Um Saying Cut Those Ties Accent For All So That You Can Walk In Victory And Say Walking Your Best Life Now I Kind Of Embrace Your Destiny Of What What Like Everything That God Has For You Man You Know I’m Saying Yeah And I Like That When I Heard That Everybody You Know Wants To Do Their Sole Purpose Or Their Sole Destiny Or Whatever And I Heard Somebody Saying Your Sole Purpose Is Right Now In This Moment Is Just Always Your Sole Purpose And Souls S And You Know I’m Like Okay Yes It Really Is Only Here Now Right There Time This Density Is Here Now In This Moment Yeah So Time Is Fading Away As You Can See Time Speeding Up Right Now Actually It Feels Like It’s Speeding Up It’s Kind Of Like The Quickening I Like The College Oh Yeah There’s No Say It’s Time And It’s Only I Think I’m Crazy Seeing That Serum Like That Okay Yeah Like Rewarding Yeah I Mean Even Even You Know Jesus Said Be Anxious For Nothing Don’t Worry About Like Don’t Put Your Your Your Mind Of Your Thoughts Outside Of Today Or What You Could Do Right Now Because You Start Thinking About Okay One Day I’m Going To Be This Or One Day I’m Going To Be That When I Was When It Went Out When I Had Like An Intense You Know Psychedelic Experience It Like Time Melts Away There Is No Time And You Could See That It Thins That Veil And Saw And I Just Had The Impression Like I Want It To Be A Healer I Went And Seeing A Friend Of Mine Who Was A Healer And I Had The Overwhelming Sensation To Be A Healer And I Just Spelled You Know I’m Saying Thought The Angels And Energies Let Me Know That You Already Are Don’t Want To Be A Healer Don’t Don’t Project The Thoughts You Know One Day Maybe Two Years I’ll Get Good At It Maybe I’ll Get Some Clients Or Whatever The Case Is And Do My Passion Thomas I Know You Already Are Healer Now If You Have To Bring That Out That’s Different But Those Giftings And Talents Are Already Would Give You For A Reason It’s Nothing Outside Of Yourself That’s The Kingdom Of Heaven Being Within As You Don’t Need Nothing Outside Of Yourself Everything Is Already Within Man And That’s Where The Power Is Look I’ve Been More Attune To The Energies But I Always Have The Energy Like This Simple As Kissing Your Son’s Boo-boo Right You’re Getting And Then They Stop Crying Dad It And It’s Young Better But That’s Because You Channeled The Universal Race Your Universal Life Force Energy On Your Own Like I’ve Been More Tuned For More A Key Master Now So Like I Have A Higher Vibes Now But I Mean I Could Have Healed D40 Really Taught To Believe In Yourself So Someone Told Me That After I Spent $3,000 And I Was Like Targeted Yeah So Um So Yeah It’s Been Quite The Road Learning I’m Sure Aldous You Know And So Now I’m Sitting Here You Know With All The Knowledge Side Seeking In The Past Few Years It’s Quite A Thing To Find Out That All That Means Nothing If I Don’t Love Myself Yeah I’m Just Like Okay Yeah I Concentrate On Me I’m Like What Do I Like To Do Like What Do I You Know And Then I’m Like Sitting There Dumbfounded Kind Of Like Okay Where Do We Go From Here But Like Slowly All Realized Like What I Like And Stuff You Know Like I Said You’re Right And I Like To Eat You Thicken I Love Working Out I Love Weightlifting So I’ll Be Getting Back To What I Like To Do And You Know To Be Happy That’s What You Need To Do You Need To Be In A Book Reading And Reading And Overwhelming Yourself Because Now I’m Getting Like Even Other People Are So Worried Like Even Me Saying 144,000 Star Seed You Know Are Stepping Into Their Own Divinity Keep Your Like Overwhelmed By That And I’m Like Don’t Worry About The Number It’s Okay We’re Just The First Ones To Hold The Torch Just Fine We’re All Gonna Wake You Together Like Yeah You Know But It’s Overwhelming People To Hear That And Hear All The Information Coming In You Know And I Know It Overwhelmed Me Too So But Now I’m Realizing That It All Really Means Something Is You Don’t Love Yourself That’s The Whole Point Of Life That’s What Why You’re Here To Heal Thyself Because If You Heal Thyself You Can Heal The World Because You Are The Example And Oh You Lead By Example Like You Know So I’m Learning That Now And So It’s If Yeah It’s Quite Easy Love Has Won Oh Yeah Yeah That Definitely Comes A Point In Time Where You Have To Like Put The Books Down And Start Applying The Knowledge That Was One Thing That Was Big Like In The The Christian Arenas Like I Stopped Studying The Bible And Just And And Like Having Debates About What Jesus Said What He Meant Or He Didn’t Mean That Or This Doesn’t There’s A Rapture Coming And These People Are Going To Be Taken You Know What Does That Mean When Is It Coming Like Stop Study And Stop Doing All That And Simply Go Out And Do What Jesus Did Like It’s Not That Hard Go Out That Any Of Those Who Are Unlovable Show Compassion To Those Who Don’t Deserve It And Just Do The Work And We Don’t Need To Even Debate About It Go Out There Do It That’s All I Want To Talk About Go Out There And Do The Work That He Did Right Yes And My Fear Is False Evidence Appearing Real Right Yeah That’s What Fear Is Yeah I Think That Lowers Your Vibration Thought If It Is It’s Hurting You It’s Not Helping You So Let It Go Like I Can Handle Cosmic Disclosure The Information That Comes In I’m Not In Fear Maybe That Makes Me Weird Or Something I Don’t Know But I Have No Fear I I Enjoy Hearing It And I You Know Putting It Out To People And If People Don’t Want To Listen Walden You Know Don’t Listen But You Don’t Have To Know It All You Only Need To Know Yourself To And And How To Love Yourself Is What I’m Realizing So I Mean The Knowledge Is Altered And All The Answers Are Out There You Know If People Really Want To Wake Up Like It’s Everywhere Like Come On I Mean How Many People In Facebook Are Wake Valley Pieces Like In The You Know 10,000 Few Probably More Than That I Don’t Even Know Way More Actually Yeah Probably A Million People I Don’t Know But Yeah Few These Mathematicians Are Happening On Facebook See Right Like May I Make May I May I Think For Nearly She Does Some He Post All The Time For These Math World Meditation And You Know I Think We Do We Hit Like 144 K1 Time And It Was Like Epic We’re Like No Oh My God This Is Happening Like So Yeah That’s Why I Think The Schumann Residents Like Shot Up There Because Everybody’s Finally Tuning In To The Real You Know The Real Internet Haha Yeah Like The Real Like Yeah So We’re All Connecting It Is It’s Quite Beautiful To See Really I’m Sure Of Even Moment In Time You’re Coming Up For People Finally Come Together The People Are Still In Their Boxes So They’re Still Secluded On Their Phone So It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before People Get Together Yeah Like Laurie You Know Mark Like Laurie Oh Yeah Yeah Okay Yes You Went On To Retreat And She’s Never Going Back Home It’s Staying Where She’s At I Noticed She Went Somewhere But I Didn’t Know That She Wasn’t Going Back Yeah Yeah Relocate You I Mean I’m From Like Flat Land So I Wouldn’t Mind Being Near Like A Melting Yeah Okay We Got Another Call Coming To Me Let Me Try To Take This Other Phone Call As Well Yeah I’ll Go Ahead Leave You On The Londo So We Got A We Got A Caller From Ok East Virginia Who We Speaking With Linda Turk Or What Up Man Thanks For Calling Do But How Are You I’m Doing Well I Bet Yourself Ah Doing Really Good Man Blessing Holly Favorite Huh That’s Awesome Man Hey That Victory Yeah Dude Thanks For The Call Another Supporter Man That Means A Lot Yeah No Problem I Appreciate Everything You Do All Your Music Is Very Inspirational My Co-workers Get Sick In Here And Everybody Doesn’t Bother Me None That’s What’s Up So You’ve Been Checking Out Some Of The New Stuff There That I’ve Got Okay Uh Yeah Yeah Good Stuff But So I’m Sucking It Okay Yeah I’m Excited To Put It Put It Together On An Album And Just Have It Out There For The Public Man For Awakening Watchman’s Albums Almost Done Dude And That’s That Bet That Song When There Are Angels Among Us And Precious Mind Like Those Are Both Going To Be On His Album And Like Within The Next Couple Weeks We’re Going To Start Rolling Out Like Like A Sampler To Listen To The Whole Thing And It’s It’s Beautiful Man If You If You’re A Fan Of My Stuff I’m Singing On A Lot Of Stuff In The Background And Stuff Too So We Got It We Got Several Collapse On There It’s Gonna Be It’s Going To Be Awesome Man Oh Yeah Yeah So Yeah Ed You Have Any Questions Local Item Is Well I’ve Been A Student Of Many Religions For Many Years Now I Think I Told You I Click Religious And Spiritual Tech Yeah And You Pointed Me Towards The Recognitions Of Clemente Oh Yeah I’ve Gotten A Little Little Bit Through It You’re Right I Couldn’t Find It In Paper Yeah I Know There’s A Little Funny Written So Yeah Um Did You Did You Did You Read The Part The Parts About The Demons And Them You Know Taking Over Your Body And Stuff Do Like Gorging Yourselves On On Meat And Food And Stuff Did You Read That Part It Seems To Have Alluded To That I’m Only A Few Pages Into It So Far But I’ve Bookmarked Is The Pdf I’m Continuing To Read It At My Leisure Okay Make Sure That That’s The Copy You’re Reading Because I Think There’s A Few Different Ones Make Sure That’s The One That Has It I Think It May Be On In There Um Sent Some Chapters But Definitely Make Sure That That’s The One Cuz That’s That Cells Powerful Man Hey Well Yeah I’ll Try To See If I Can Do Some More Research On It And Post It But I Know There’s A Couple Different You Know Same Versions Of It Or Whatever But That’s Definitely One That Needs To Be Kind Of Brought To The Forefront It’s Back To Something Y’all We’re Talking About Earlier With The Joseph Campbell Stuff That’s Kind Of My Hobby Is I’ve Been A Student At His Work For A Long Time And Kind Of Putting Together Modeled Stuff To Try And Build On His Work And Terrell Pearson’s Work Which Built On His Work And I’m Applying It To A Lot Of The Modern-day Like Stuff The Tv Shows And The Movies That Are Coming Out And They’re Still Using The Path Of The Hero The Journey Of The Hero For All Of The Script I Was Kind Of Upset About That Because I’m A Member Just Saying To My Wife A Couple Years Ago Like Why Does Every Movie That Come Out It’s The Same Story It’s A Bad Guy Who Takes Something He Takes The Girl And Then The Guy’s Trying To Win Her Back Or Something Like Innocence It’s His Journey To Do That And Then To Get To The End To Defeat The Enemy Or To Defeat The Obstacle Like It’s Almost The Same Scoop In Every Movie Man And It All Points Back To Joseph Campbell Oh Yeah I Think He Mailed The Formula It’s Probably The Only One That Will Hit It In Touch With People Because It Is Close To The Energies That Exist This Big Goddesses They Can Get Yeah It’s The Journey It Totally Is I Mean When We Applied To The Bible It’s Totally Totally The Um Send The Work Of Jesus I Mean That’s That’s His Journey The Hero’s Journey Is Essentially The Story Of Christ And The Story Of All The Risen Saviors Who Came Suffering Taught Rose Again And Ascended You Know That’s What We’re Doing Spiritually As Well So Good Yeah The Secular Felt Sacrifices Jump Always There That Coming Back To Help Your People Or Help Someone Out Of A Situation Yeah It’s Also Yeah Yeah Awesome Graft Manner Some Some Cool Grafts And To Kind Of Tie It Back To David Wilcock Because We Talked About Him It’s Actually Learned About Joseph Campbell Through Watching Some Stuff On David Wilcock So He’s The One That Kind Of Showed Me That Work You Know Yeah I Have A Lot Too Much Illegally On Youtube But I Did Read The Paper Nissa Tiki When It Came Out And Was On A Bestseller List Um Quite Interesting Where Couldn’t He Make It Quite Agree With All Of It But He Had Some Great Yeah Yeah Not A Yeah That’s With Everybody Man You Know Oh Yeah That’s With Everybody Sorry There’s People Who Are Like Out To Prove Them To Be A Fraud I’ll Be Like David Wilcock Well He’s A Fraud He He Predicted This And Like Man Listen The Stuff That He Spoke About Changed My Life It Resonated With Me When I Was At A You Know I’m Saying A Time Of Exploration And You Know Time Out There By Myself And So That Stuff Helped Me And I Still Vouch For It Man It Is What It Is You Know I’m Saying Wait And They Do The Same Thing About Manley Oh I Quote Him They Said Well He Was A Freemason And A Devil Worshiper And You’re Promoting Him Or Or Even Marilyn Manson I Even Talked About You Know I’m Saying Liking Some Of His Music And Some Of This You Know I’m Saying The Artistic Side Does That Mean I Agree With Everything To Do Says No And For You To Try To Lump Me In That That Realm Is Ridiculous But Minis Boxes You Know Yeah I Had A Because Of My Studies I Ran Across Santos On The Youtubes And He Introduced Me To A Whole New World I Had Never Really Made The Association Of The Anthropomorphize A Ssin Of The Heavens Into These Stories Until I Heard Him Be Able To Show The Associations Between Everything Between Fairy Tales And And Movies – You Know – These Are Cons The Archetypes That We Associate With The Particular Numbers The One Three Four Seven Twelve That Circulates Through Every Story As Above Soloist As Above So Below Yeah That’s What People Don’t Get About The Male Ep Whole Thing I Own Secret Teachings Of All Ages He’s Actually Telling You Things They Keep Secret Just He’s Not One Of Them Yeah He Told This Information That They Like To Keep In Their Back Pocket They Never Show Anybody Yeah People Got Hurt Hit For It People Try To Say Like He’s A Devil Worshiper Or He Teaches All The Stuff He Don’t Even Teach Anything He Goes Back And Shows You What Ancient Cultures And Secret Society Believes He’s Not Telling You To Do Something Or If He’s Talking About Elementals Like He’s Not Teaching You How To How To Like Worship Them Or Promoting Worship Of Angels Or Nothing He’s Just He’s A Historian Essentially You Know That Is The Truth And He Just Read The Knowledge Forward He’s Not Advocating Witchcraft There To Be Anything He Just Talks About Ancient Knowledge You Know Because They’re Not Taught In The Public Education System It’s These People Yeah Anyone That’s Willing To Condemn Someone That’s Never Read Their Work For He Is Ignorant In My Opinion Yeah But Brother You Know My Story When I Said When I Was In In Christianity Talking About All This Stuff Man Man That Was A That Was A Roller Coaster Man Like And When I Was When I Was Telling Her About You Know Coming Out Of Witchcraft And Getting Like Really Into These Spirits And Getting Possessed By Demons Like That Was A Very Dark Place For Me Right But When I Was Demonized By My Christian You Know I’m Saying Brothers And Constituents And Stuff And I Was Known As An Evangelist In The In The Area And When Everybody Who Was Promoting My Work And Having Me Out At Events To Share My Story Then They Started Calling Me A Devil Worshiper And I Didn’t Have Nobody To Talk To And That Was A Dark Place Man You Know I’m Saying Of Like Just Being Out There I’m Saying Feeling Like You’re By Yourself And That’s Why Podcasts Like This Are So Awesome Because I Was Calling In All Kind Of Podcast Dude I Was Calling The Egyptians Up They Talking About Tachyon Energy And The Force And All That And I’m Like I’m Picking That Brain And You Know Checking Out Daily You Don’t St. James’s Yeah All That Stuff Man So That’s Why It’s So Important To Actually Be Talking About This Stuff For Me And Just Have An Open Mind Even If You Don’t Agree With Any Of It Just To Talk About It You Know Even If There’s Not Much Other Association The Word Alchemy You Know Stems From Needs The God Of Egypt Out You Know Alice L Which Is An Ancient Deity Generic Name And Connect Was The Name Of Egypt We Call It Egypt They Didn’t They Called It Kanay Yeah Ke M Et Commit Yep Alchemy Yeah People I Mean It’s A It’s A Beautiful Thing Man You Know I’m Enjoying The Ride And It Definitely Comes Through In Waves But It’s It’s Still Fun So Well I Think Hey Man We’re Coming Up On The End Of The Show And I Think My Computer’s But They’re Shut Down As Well We’re Running So Much Stuff Here On This Bandwidth So Dude That I Love You Brother Hey For Everything You Do Dude Thanks For Supporting Me It Totally Helps Me To Keep Going Does Xsplit Oh Just So It Look Like You Should Add A Super Chat To Your Youtube You Might Uh Find Some More Supporters Yeah The Way They Support It Others Don’t I Do Yeah Yeah True Um I Actually Had It On The On The Old Channel But Then My Channel Got Deleted And I Had It And I Try To Sign Up For It Now And It Says It’s Not Available So I’m Not To Figure Out How To Do That But Yeah I Used To Have It I Didn’t Have Any Any Supporters On It But I Had It And I’ve Seen I’ve Seen Other People Use It And People Just You Know Give Out The Woodwork On On Things Like That But Yeah I’ma Try To Get That Back Going Man Kind Of Lost Faith In The Whole Youtube Thing Man I Had Like 8000 Subscribers And They Just Pulled My Journal Dude And End It In Saying They Don’t Tell You Why And That’s What Sucks About It You Know Uploaded You Again At Another Time Allah Will Take Up Lessons Shalom Brother You Do Your Thing Man Our Brother You Too Brother Shalom Shalom Later All Right My Friend From Pennsylvania You Still There Yeah All Right Yeah Thanks For Calling In And Actually Oh Canada Okay I Can Hear How You Cut I’m Here I’m Here I’m Here Doing A Voice And Then That’s How It’s How To Put Two And Two Together Do We Yeah It Was Cool Man Beat You Know Feel Free To Call In Anytime We Have A Lot Of Guests On Here And You Know Everybody Calls In To Kind Of Yeah Kind Of Shares Their Story So This This Episode Will Be Up On On Itunes And On The Website And All That Good Stuff So Go Back And Check It Out So Oh Thank You Yeah No Problem Man Thanks Sir Thanks For Being A Part Of The Show Connect With Me On Social Media To Send Me A Friend Request On There Okay I’m A Friend Son I’m Good All Right Take Care Namaste Namaste You Going To The Store With Me Now I Mistake Nameste Get It He Doesn’t Get It Anyway Look Man Thank You Guys For Rocking With Me And We Kind Of Worked Through Whatever Comes Man With It You Know We Just Try Our Best To Make It Happen And We Was Able To Get Laurie On For A Good Bit She Shared Some Awesome Knowledge Some Awesome Insight And I’m Sure We’ll Have Her On Again In The Future And Definitely Work Together Some More So All The Times Like Feel Free To Call In Man You Guys Make This Show Interesting Instead Of Me Just Sitting Sitting Here Because I Don’t Have Nothing Prepared To Just Go Into So When You Guys Call In With Questions And Comments And Stuff It Makes It A Lot More Fun Even For Me So All This Stuff Is Archived You Guys Know That On Itunes And On The Website True Seeker Calm And It Means A Lot That You Guys Are Supporting So If You Want To Pledge Support And You Want To Help Us Partner With What We’re Doing And Help Us Pay Bills And Reach Out To New Technologies And Things Like That If You Believe In My Work Essentially You Can Go To Seeker And Become A Patron At Any Amount Anywhere From $1 To $1,000 Whatever You Want To Do Like I Said $1 Is Totally Awesome Like I Have Everybody Gave $1 There’s No Telling What We Could Do Man And I’m Looking Forward To The Future I’m Looking Forward To Building With You Guys And Putting Out More Works And Be Able To Put More Money Into My Art And Be Able To Create More Music Videos And Produce Albums Quicker And Stuff Like That So Essentially What That Does For Me Is It Saves Time For Me Having To Do Graphic Art On The Side Or Like Build A Website For Somebody To Make Money To Put Into My Art Or Put Into The Podcast Or Whatever So Anything You Guys Are Doing Over There Man It’s So Awesome And You Get Perks And Rewards Too You Get Acts To Music That’s Not Released Yet And All The Topics That Were Covering In This Podcast And Like That’s The Stuff I Talked About In My Music Like A Lot Of People Don’t Even Know That I Do Music They Just Listen To The Podcast And They Find It Out That Way So You Know Go To True Sitcom Scroll To The Bottom You Can Hear Some Of The Music As Well So All That’s On There We’re Going To Be Doing Exclusive Podcasts That Are For Patrons Only And You Guys Ask Me Questions On There And Stuff And I’ll Try To Weave Them In To Incorporate Them Into The Podcast And Do The Research To Try To Give You The Best Answer That I Can So All That To Be Said I Just Simply Want To Say Thank You If You Have If You’re Interested In Any Of The Books That We Talked About We Talked About The Alchemist We Talked About The Secret Teachings Of All Ages Even Guys I Vouch For A Book Called The Final Quest By Rick Joyner That Helped Me Out So Much In My Spiritual Walk And Understanding The Spirit Realm And How To Access It If You Want To Support The Show As Well You Can Go To Truth Seeker And You Can Go There And Actually Download Your First Audio Book For Free So Any Of Any Of Those Books That We Mentioned Are On There You Could Download That For Free And I Just Started Doing That Because I Actually Drive A Truck For A Living So I’ll Download A Book And Like Just Listen To Hours Of These Audiobooks And Have All These Books Under My Belt And There’s Some Awesome Works Out There There’s Nothing There’s Nothing That Anybody Has Ever Been Through That Ever Existed That Is Not Mentioned Of In The Book Anything You Can Think Of And Most Of The Time It’s On Audible Audible Calm So Backslash True Seeker We Get A Kickback If You Sign Up On There So Thank You Guys So Much We Got Some Awesome Shows Coming Up Next Week As Well And I Haven’t Really Told Anybody But I Guess I’ll Go Ahead And Kind Of Kind Of Spill The Beans But I’m Going To Be Speaking To Monday We’re Going To Be Speaking To Um Levi O’brien And I Want To Talk To Levi Because He Was In The Documentary Jesus Camp And If You Haven’t Watched That Documentary Trust Me Go Watch It This Weekend As Soon As You Hear This And Then Listen To That Interview Because I’m Going To Try To Fill In Some Holes And Fill In Some Gaps So It’s A Interview Or It’s A Documentary That They Did On A Church That Was Really Big Into Spiritual Warfare And Stuff And There Was This Lady There And The Lady Was All You Know Talking To The Kids About Spiritual Warfare Training Up These Kids And They Invited The Camera Crews To Come In And Kind Of Document Everything But When They Released It They Spun It In Like A Negative Light And How They Tried Being So Militant And Some Of The Stuff They Were Doing Was Kind Of Wacky Kind Of Zany Kind Of Out There But You Know What Most Of Those Churches Do Little Weird Stuff Like That That’s Kind Of Out There Anyway But They Put That All In A Documentary Called Jesus Camp Really Cool And It’s Been Out For Some Years And Some Of The Kids That Were On There They Were Telling Their Story And How They Came To Faith And Stuff Like That And Then There Was Interviews After That Came Out Like That Church And All That Stuff Shut Down After That Came Out And I’ve Seen Reaching Interviews With Some Of The People And Levi O’brien Was One Of The Kids On There And He Talked About How He Fell Away From The Faith And How He Doesn’t Believe In Any Of That And He Kind You Know People Just Wanted To Distance Themselves From That And So Then I’ve Seen I’ve Checked Him Out On Facebook And Now I Guess He’s He’s Back In Christianity Or Working At A Church Or Something Like That So I Want To Talk To Him About His Story Man I’m Really Intrigued About That And That That Whole Documentary Kind Of Scent Blew My Mind And It Kind Of I Kind Of Hit Close To Home Too Because I’ve Been In Those Circles And Stuff For Years So It’s Gonna Be Awesome That’s Monday And Then Wednesday We’re Going To Be Speaking To Tim Freak About Consciousness About Reality And How To Stay In That That Realm Because That’s Like The Thing We Need To Do We’ve All Been There Essentially Maybe Not All Of Us But Most Of Us Have Been There And Like Once You Get There Like The Key Is On How To Stay There And How To Stay In The Now Stay In The Moment Do Not Let Your Mind Or Your Consciousness Wander Out And Get Caught Up And For Me I Call It Autopilot We Get On Autopilot All The Time We Got This Routine That We Do Daily Daily Daily And Then Next We Know Weeks And Months Of Passed By And We Haven’t Taken The Steps That We Need To Take To Do The Work Spiritually Or To Get Where We Need To Be In Life That We Know We’re Supposed To Be Doing So Tim Free It’s Going To Show Us Different Techniques That He Does And He Has Conferences Where They Teach People How To Stay In That Now Moment Because That’s The Only Moment That We Have Right It’s Going To Be Awesome I’m Looking Forward To Talking To Him I Listen To Him On Friedman’s Podcast And I’m Saying Kind Of Blew Me Away So Talking To Him Like I Said All Of This Is On Itunes Make Sure You Guys Subscribe Itunes Comm Just Go To Itunes And Type In True Seeker Click That Subscribe Button And Getting Notified As Soon As We Release New Material I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys You Guys Are Awesome And Thank You Guys For Being A Part Of My Journey And A Part Of My Life And Looking Forward To Talking You Guys Call In Next Week Salaam Salaam Peace

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