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How to Activate Your ETERNAL LIGHT BODY (IN CHRIST) — Christian Mystic Ascension With Luke Agee

Luke Agee joins TruthSeekah as they deep dive into the Christian Mystical experience and talk openly about their awakening process. Luke is the author of the book The Immortal You: Death is Defeated.

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You are eternal. The message of Jesus Christ was to embrace eternity now. He came not to only teach but to show us the way of everlasting life or everlasting light, and that way was unconditional love. Jesus is love in human form. With the light of Christos burning in your hearts, you also become a portal back to the father of lights himself!

This discussion embraces that mystery that is wrapped up in the simplistic gospel of Jesus Christ. Submitting to God’s sanctification process is a process of purification, allowing you to obtain more light and to shine brightly so that illumination can permeate the darkness around.

Somewhere along this process you realize that there is no longer any darkness around you because YOU ARE LIGHT! Wherever you go, there is light. Let that light shine before all men. Amen?

Chapter Segments

0:4:33 Luke Agee Introduction

6:07 The Mystic Path Is Becoming Mainstream

12:05 The Gatekeepers Cannot Keep The Hungry Out

18:30 Leadership Is Being Exposed

22:05 The Serpents Serve A Purpose

30:30 You Are Rewarded With What You Are Seeking Out

31:15 How To Activate The Eternal Light Body

40:08 Multiplication Through Dying

46:15 The Gospel Of Life And Immortality

49:38 Taking Back Astrology (What The Enemy Stole)

52:14 EVERYTHING Is A Portal To The Father

55:38 Gonging Outside Of Religion To Seek Christ

57:56 Becoming Light

1:05:47 TruthSeekah’s Life Changing Mystical Encounter

1:06:21 Ascension VS Grace (Is it Works Based Salvation?)

1:12:05 God Becomes What You Say He Is

1:16:53 Can You Accept Christ After Death?

1:20:37 Housing The Presence Of God In Your Body

1:24:18 God Is Doing Amazing Things In The Diversity Of Christ

1:29:50 The Entire World Is Waiting On You And You Don’t Even Know It

1:33:30 Could Humans Be The Fallen Angels?

1:42:37 Staying In Humility To Stay In The Faith

1:49:07 Luke Agee’s Upcoming Courses

1:51:54 TruthSeekah’s Final Words

1:53:25 Patreon Thank You’s!

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