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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by magician and illusionist Chin-Chin as they discuss Illusion, Dance, Philosophy, and Imagination. Chin-Chin is an amazing magician and performer who has a high energy show that combines many forms of entertainment and at the same time is message driven. Magic has a way of transmitting awe and wonder to the person watching and seems to unlock something deep within our spirits. Many of us long for the supernatural to be real and magic is a way for us to interact with it if even for a moment. During our conversation we spoke about magic, religion and charlatans. In many religious circles there have been people coming to town with out of this world stories about miracles and all the incredible signs and wonders that they have seen. Some have even gone as far as to fake these miracles during their church services by setting up “plants” in the audience who may stand up out of their wheelchair or throw their crutches and begin running across the stage. Is this ethical though? Think about it, staging a miracle may set the atmosphere for people to believe that they too can be healed and by way of the placebo they raise their faith to a greater degree and get healed themselves. We see this in a lot of magic shows, especially with street magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel. Oftentimes these guys will have plants in the crowd who pretend to be unsuspecting bystander who are actually in on the gig the entire time. Again, is this ethical? Chin-Chin said that he thought that it would maybe be okay if the person doesn’t in turn use their trickery as a ploy to sell something or ask for money. But in the case of stage magic many people have even paid to be there in the first place and in religion I’ve almost never been to a church where they forget to pass the offering plate. Many would say that the end justifies the means and that this type of deception or bending of the truth is okay because it leads to a great outcome, people believing in God or the belief in magic.



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