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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Maimah Karmo about her story of holding on to the promises of God. When Maimah was only 8 years old she remembers having a dream where she spoke to God. God told Maimah in this dream that no matter what happens to her in life she would always be protected to carry out her divine will. After many death attempts and life altering situations that looked glim Maimah still held on to the promises she received from God as a child. Through much adversity and heartache Maimah recounts God’s hand of provision upon her life and has persevered to share her story. After beating breast cancer Maimah has had the opportunity to reach thousands of people through her multiple appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show and also participating on her own TED Talk. Maimah now does private retreats and personal coaching where she speaks to men and women about fulfilling their destiny and embracing spirituality to connect with their creator. In the later half of the interview we speak about mediumship and connecting with the spirits of the deceased and how it is becoming more and more accepted within many christian circles. We see a picture of Jesus upon the mount of transfiguration meeting with elder champions of the faith Moses and Elijah. Jesus’s garments and face transformed into their light form radiating with a bright white light and this was witnessed by not only by Saint Peter but also James and John. This was the first time that someone was privy to be a part of what Jesus practiced during his prayer time. We find that he wasn’t simply praying for people or going over a prayer list but actually communing with the Father and and meeting the saints and prophets of old. Many people of recent years in christianity have reported their elders who have since passed into eternity meeting with them face to face as apparitions in hotel rooms as well as in dreams and visions in the night. In the closing words I speak about calling God Father and why that is important for me because during the show we referred to God as He or She. For me it is personal because I grew up without a father and God promises in the scriptures to be a Father to the fatherless. I believe the scripture and that particular promise and have seen God show up and be the Father that I never knew. Practically and supernaturally I have seen God step into my life and become a friend closer than a brother. I saw God begin to teach me through every situation and circumstance in my life. I’ve also experienced correction as a true father would correct his son or daughter, God began to correct me when I was wrong or in error. I would be led to jobs to work for a period of time long enough for God to instill a character trait or trade that wasn’t imparted by a father. This included practice things such as landscaping, changing oil and sheer work ethic. Thequestion that I asked at the end of the discussion was that as much as I saw God as a Father in my life, I wonder if those out there raised by their father could relate more to the feminine aspects of God being more of a mother figure for them. I see God as the father reaching down and creating mankind out of the dust of the Earth and the Earth being represented as the mother Gaia becoming pregnant with new life and birthing mankind. But those qualities imparted only by a mother that the soul does not receive being raised only by a man does God show up in that aspect for them?

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and then they went and did some research on your story so some people have already jumped ahead and they kind of know what you’re bringing to the table but for those who haven’t heard your story and if wherever you want to start I say your story it’s like with me though I go on and do a bunch of interviews and stuff and I said all right tell me your story I’m like god I never know where to start there’s like so many aspects of your story it’s like I’ll give you the childhood I’ll give you the struggle do I start from this point on because if I give you my story we’re gonna take up the whole town giving my story on every show and there’s other things so where do I start you know I always like to start with the beginning so when I was I was I’m from Liberia West Africa and you know the country has been Awards one for many years but what I remember about my childhood is that it had we had the most beautiful rainstorms and when it rained the way the roof was you know it was this little tap tap tap tap and it was so relaxing and I would have these beautiful dreams and one night I trained that I was having a conversation with God and I was about 8 years old and God and I were talking about my life and I felt very safe in this space with God and I felt protected in and um but it was designed to me that my life would have challenges and things would happen that I wouldn’t understand but to always remember that no matter what happened that I would never be alone and I will be protected and to always just be myself to be me to be the you know this person and um you know I’ve always been very empathic which means I feel people I feel things I feel energy I almost sometimes sometimes I do I have like clairvoyant types of you know my mind recalls things that haven’t happened yet or I can feel don’t do this don’t do that go to the go here or call this person like if it’s always been like that but how do you articulate that when you’re 8 years old it has the language to talk about you know energy or light or angels and so I knew something is going to happen in my family in my country but I didn’t know what a win and later on that year the war broke out and my father was almost killed my mother had to rest with him so that was the first war in 1980 and then there were two subsequent wars in 85 and 89 and my country fled from my parents fled the country from the war twice between that time I was also hit by lightning and I had a near-death experience where I was out of body and I’m saw myself but I knew it wasn’t my time to die so between me having to dream between the two wars being hit by lightning and then um at 15 years old when the last war broke out in 1989 and my father wanted me to be safe and he put me on a plane alone at 15 years old and that’s how I came to the States to the UN and you know I remember being on the plane vaguely but things happen really fast and I got to the state to America and you know I just somehow knew that I’d be taken care of so I’ve always had this feeling of something divine being in me and around me but not knowing whether I take you like that amid all the chaos the wars that plane ride that you know people getting killed in back home you know all the stripes even getting hit by lightning in spacing near death I was held at gunpoint at one point in time but there just ends up when those things happened to me there’s a sense of I can only articulate now I know the language to describe it is having a bubble around me like a protective light you know and so when things would happen I would almost feel this like hovering around me and I get shows because I know it’s always been there and you know things happen to me over and over and then in in 2006 I learned I had aggressive breast cancer and the challenge with that was that you know when you have somebody doing something to you or when you have people coming at you with guns or something external you can run from those things but when is something in your body that you can control how do you deal with that how do you how do you practice your faith how do you put the shield around that energy how do you not you know tell your body that you know you’re betraying me how do you like you know call on divine at that time and that was a road test to phase for me because I’d always been faithful I’d always trusted God or whatever you want to call it and then this thing happened to me where my in life began to systemically fall apart and I had no control over or so I thought over how to manage it and I thought I was going to die um it was then that I learned that you know it wasn’t about how long I lived it was really about what I did with my time I learned how to harness energy I learned how to stretch time I learned all these things because I was facing you know potential death and I thought if I could gonna die the next month how can i how can i educate all the things that God has been telling me in articulate down and list them if age of six months a year or three months whatever and then there was this rapid my mind opened up my soul opened up my everything opened up there is rapid download of information you know and my life just kind of changed in that instant so that’s a beginning yeah definitely so uh and we uh we talked about it just oh we tried to go in it briefly the last time we’re alive but talking about how like there was like a precipice like everything it’s like two parts of your life everything that that was before this this incident happened this this news came to you everything before and then after almost like bcat like a defining moment and you said that it was almost like there was a different person that existed what what changed when whenever you got that news and how did you find the strength to to keep going versus giving up because human beings have the assumption the false belief that were that we have to wait so this happens for us to change whether it’s a crisis whether it’s something that pushes us towards forcing us to change whether it is um you know some kind of life event but every moment that we’re live we’re on a precipice that we can just leap to the next moment and change yeah but we are used to being where your sensibility we love we don’t like to change at all um and so you know it was looking at the fact that I thought I had to you know be at this certain age and God would come to me in a burning bush or the water would part for me or it would happen that was true like I was seeing you know and running or unicorns or something some kind of shit you know and I was like wait a minute you know if I wait for the attempting to come to me you know you don’t really have things become and you have to really tell yourself like this is it this is now my time is now I don’t have time to wait I may not live long enough to see the burning bush or squash the ocean part whatever the heck happens and for me was that knowingness that I had to own my own transformation I had to own my own design I had to own my life and I had to awaken into My Goddess power into my divine power and people will people lives depended on my transformation you know because if I was going to dress the breast cancer treatment process of many people who were depressed who were scared who were in fact dying you know and who were going to add more aggressive breast cancer than I had and I thought you know I think that people who I was meeting also whore well even were content to be miserable in their life’s just okay as it is and the urgency that I was feeling to live and to express myself and to connect with God was so powerful and then there are people who were for um you know Stage four who were you know dying like soon who are living that life and there were those who were kind of like well you know today is too hot or is too cold or traffic sucks or my kids are making enough you know getting on my nerves I’m like there’s no time for any of this like you really have to choose to transform and so you know it was realizing that I was running out of time is realizing that I was wasting my time and that any people depended on me people that people’s lives would be changed if I were to awaken and as I began to awaken and begin to stand in my truth in cinema power my life began to expand and people I began to touch through my work it was just really powerful because you know I got diagnosed in 2006 in February and within matter of weeks I was on television and in the next couple weeks I was at you know speaking at hospitals interest conferences and then within the eurozone Oprah and people always ask me well how did you end up in that place and Oprah you know not once but twice but it wasn’t about me working to get to that place it was about me awakening to be in an energetic energy sphere where things that were of that energy level kind of we all came together so you know when people talk about a law of attraction or about wanting things or about you know when I get to this age I’ll be in that place or I make these kind of friends or I get 10,000 Instagram followers or you know whatever that’s a lot of bullshit it’s fucking bullshit he’s my friend it’s really about you having an energy level that’s really really high enough vibrating where you things are space where you pull towards people towards you that are in that same space and together you manifest and you can change so you know literally I change overnight in my house in treatment bald chicken inch in bed and I have my transformation people are like oh you’re sick I’m like I’m not thinking you’re sick you know they were physics well but they were you know they weren’t living in and then one side trying shifted in that space my life began to just kind of just change no rapidly and in a beautiful way um I will say this that people always think that once you arrive at a level of work you’ve transformed and you’ve arrived like any kind of spiritual person that you talk to you with a teacher or a student who is really studying it’s once you begin to once you awaken is a good thing but also it’s kind of scary because you never can’t go back to sleep yeah and your keeps happening and it works but if you don’t work yeah you can’t unlearn something you know and that’s that’s part of the opening up the Pandora’s box you know and I you know what I actually get that a lot from people and they say man I wish I can go back to being naive and they part of them wants to go back to the innocence you know and I get that a lot from my friends who grew up in church you know and they would just go and just be told what to think be told how to feel be told when to do this and that and it and it was something special to them but once they started researching or something like that or getting into some other things they’re like man it’s not as cookie-cutter as we were told you know and so it takes that innocence away from them and they’re like man I wish I can go back I wish I can go back but it’s part of the journey like you were naive when you were there there were there’s lessons that you had to learn that you didn’t know and then you had to actually go through the trials in the tribulation or seeing the dark side of people or of life in general going through the dark side to be able to appreciate the light and I think that uh that all the trials and things like that our care and our lives are carefully calculated and and we find ourselves in the end if if we don’t get bitter if we don’t let bitterness sit in we think in the end we’ll find ourselves mean Victor’s instead of victims and I think that’s then that’s your story it’s awesome so it was just like an over overnight thing like you just made up your mind like I’m not gonna let this thing beat me I gotta here’s what happened so I was laying in bed I was angry at God I was angry as hell I was like I’ve done everything right I prayed I volunteered I’m a good person you know I give money to charge high five I do all those things why am i why do I have breast cancer why am i blame could maybe die and my daughter is only three years old my whole life’s one only apart dilate him I was I was in bed I was just pissed and so I got in the shower because I was just I was sick that day I was throwing up and I just fell to my knees and I fell in a fetal position you know just literally like you know head down the shower was like you know feeding on my head there you know I was I just crying I was done I was a god I’m done I can’t do this anymore I’m exhausted physically I’m exhausted emotionally I’m exhausted spiritually means I simply have nothing left to give anybody um and you know and then I got a shower my mom came and got me I looked in the mirror and there was something in my eyes that I couldn’t define that was just like burning the fire and I Gaiden bad and I said god I don’t know if you even exist anymore whatever you call yourself but if you do exist I want you to show me yourself I want when I want when I get up in the morning I want to be transformed so if you exist and I dare you if you don’t you won’t show up and if you do your show up I want to be even if I die I want you to pour something into me that will awaken the mean to the person that you want me to be if I get up in the morning and I’m transformed I’m going to give my life in service to helping other people awaken and transform their lives other breast cancer patients you know people anybody the world and so I went to bed really not believing that could happen I thought it was I was just mad and angry got and I’m kind of just saying like f you you know and went to bed got up in the morning and I’m recall getting up and I was like I feel different this morning and I felt I saw light I felt like I’ve been cleanse I saw this energy running through my veins that I could not explain and literally like I gone to bed feeling like a victim feeling overly like Bergin feeling like um this is just huge challenge in front of me and I wake up in the morning feeling like oh my god I’m gonna I can do this I got this I’m going to change the world and so you know my face and my me really really wanting to connect with divine like even threatening him I was begging threatening cursing you know asking in that place of me wanting it so badly my challenge turned into a catalyst you know what I mean but you have to want to connect you have to ask you have to speak you have to learn be open and if people spend a lot of time you know doing watching television doing pastimes they’re going to school they’re going to work to clean their homes washing their cars they’re having fun how much time to be spend in our quest for our connection with divine energy and so for me I’ve been looking for a long time I’ve been seeking and studying but in that place of feeling like so desperate where is that connection with God you know the universe can feel that when you want it to connect that deeply because you’re seeking it with all your heart all your mind all your soul everything about you is everything is like a line towards that connection and that’s what happened for me in my life is just change forever um you know and it was really amazing because once it happened I didn’t know how I would change the world but I knew that didn’t have to know how I knew that I had access to define partnerships define collaboration divine love divine support divine everything you know when you connect with God you can feel like II listen I want this and you help me out right here you know what do I do and you whisper it’s like it’s like give everything at your fingertips and you have to just allow and it just cut in manifest and there is a waiting for things to happen there is spiritual maturity that has to happen but you know for me it became a lot less of me pushing and it’s kind of allowing learning to allow the yeah because before you know that you’re just like China will things that happen people get into like magic and ritual later they’re trying to like make something happen but when you just let go and let God or learn to tap in and tune in and get into that flow get with the creative flow of the universe you find that you don’t have to will anything to happen you just have to show up essentially it’s really cool that you say that and talking about like it wasn’t that like you had a burning bush encounter or somebody came into your life or this preacher came to you and told you this or whatever or God even showed up you know knocking at your door you went to God you went to the source yourself and it was something that’s already within you that you had to pursue because people are projecting their consciousness outside of their bodies they’re waiting for that device that that divine moment they’re waiting for somebody to give them an opportunity they’re waiting for somebody to retweet their article or whatever the case is when all you have to do is go within yourself people want to become something one day I’m gonna be this one day I’m gonna be healed one day I’m not gonna have breast cancer anymore versus going within and I’m already healed I’m gonna embody that I’m gonna walk in it quit telling me I’m sick I’m healed but telling me that I’m no good quit telling me that I’m this quit telling me I’m that and then you change the narrative yourself because all the desires and wants that you have they’re already within and we have to go within which is where the kingdom of heaven is to manifest that stuff and it’s so so beautiful and it’s the scripture says that the servants of the Lord must not strive so it puts an end of striving and trying to manipulate and make things happen which the hustle and the bustle of the world like that’s how they get ahead they have to manipulate people a lot of people do shady business deals and stuff like that in order to get ahead but when you’re in tune with the creative flow of the universe you don’t have to lie you just have to go with the flow and it’s beautiful when you learn that because everything from that point out comes with that and it seems like that’s what what your precipice was when you found that out that I’m gonna be taking care of regardless whoever whatever to got me to this point is gonna is gonna see me through the rest of my life whatever I’m supposed to do whoever I’m supposed to touch so that’s awesome that you you embody that that that meditation that going within and connecting like that it’s beautiful it was very powerful because I remember when I when I had that epiphany that morning and I was sitting there I start crying crying you know when you feel God and you for the first time really and you’re aware of it or of him hit whatever it’s an overwhelming feeling it’s like a beautiful feeling and I was like crying like god what why didn’t where have you been you know I didn’t know where were you and the answer I got was that I was with you all along like he was there he is she he it was there all the time I just wasn’t cold my eyes weren’t open you know did I have friends and I was one of my girlfriends you know she’s been married for like I don’t know 15 years and after the first five years her husband and her always fighting she was always mad at him he could do no right you know and they were fighting constantly and then you know there almost got divorced and um it was just bad for many years and then one day she had this powerful shift it went to this retreat she she has some amazing epiphanies and and then she said to me after this she’s I mean I realized that I had the best husband the whole time he was wonderful he was working really hard for me in the family he’s doing all he could I couldn’t see him you know what I mean so she had this amazing gift but she couldn’t see it and it happens with those sexes are people you could have something really beautiful in front of you but if your eyes are looking towards something else you can’t see what you already possess inside your heart you know we’re born with this unique to find love and connection and then for some reason we think that we have to find something else I dove into finding something to make us to make us on to validate us you know the likes the repose this man this woman this these things to make us feel better we acquire and acquire and acquire and we make our lives nosy and then you know when I realize my my life is shifting like that what I what I’ve learned was to pull back to pull back to find quiet to connect with myself to allow God to speak to me to empty my head of people and things that were distracting so I could have this energy this spiritual feeding governing constantly and that is just an excuse me when you’re in that place is so very powerful when you allow God to do the work for you and to connect because you know when you if you ever watch a child being born that the baby comes out of the mother’s woman it’s not breathing and then they slap it and it takes this deep breath it’s like God you know breathing into the internet his breath is entering the child’s body and that breath is life and you’re you are you become you have God enter your body your physical being and then you’re born and your begin spawning and growing the world and you forget you know how you came to be you forget you know who defines you who created you will form your body you know every single part of your body is divinely created by with one person one energy like forming your from your hair follicle to your toes and you know so when you think of life like that it really helps you remember that you don’t have to go far to find the story you were born with the sword it’s just remembering it and connecting to it and staying with it on a daily basis connecting with the breath that was there since the beginning you know that yeah I like to say you know I’m saying it’s the the breath of God that breathed everything into existence is that pranayama that animates all life and that’s all we have to do it really just take a few minutes and focus on our breathing the scripture says to us peace be still and know that I’m God so just get in the stillness of the moment and focus on that breathing and you’re connecting with God and it gets really deep too many look in the scriptures like Jesus went and he breathed upon his disciples and they received the gift of the Holy Spirit when he did that the breath is so important and that’s where the life is it’s taking it at that time and focusing on on the breathing to make things happen it’s really all within the the power of the now moment that where God’s at God’s not you know he’s not anywhere outside of you but when you focus and you go within and you’re able to experience that that force that created everything everything exists and in that that force cares about you and I I do like to call him you know God the Father I like I like that aspect of God as a father especially when you were just talking about how like you approach life and you have a cool idea and you just go to God hey God I would like to try this out you know I would like to you know make this happen try this endeavor you don’t have to force anything you get with the Creator who orchestrates everything perfectly you get with that creator and it’s like a father wanting to spoil it’s kids wanting to do good things for its kids give its kid good gifts to make them happy you know I’m saying but also letting them learn letting them learn how to walk T but they’re gonna fall down they’re gonna scrape themselves they’re gonna hurt their knee you know put them on a bike hope you know if they got a helmet on you push them and hopefully they’re gonna keep it straight they’re gonna they’re gonna crash they’re gonna get into some situations you know but as a father a loving energy a loving force and and you know it goes with the mother too but it’s that there’s a there’s a connection there to understand that the creative force of the universe airs about you you’re the thoughts you know your depression your fears everything man and it takes you to a new level when you embody that and know it yeah I’m glad you hit on depression park people are living right now you know I’m more stressed more anxious more depressed than ever we’re seeing we’re hearing about more suicides yeah nom people are feeling very disconnected from source you know we have more communication than ever which hasn’t faster data than ever we have more access than ever were actually more we’re less accessible were less connected and we have less information about each other people are pretending a lot they’re hiding who they are and they’re not really um they’re too busy to really connecting with themselves first of all that in other people second and then god you know um and so you know one of the things that really was powerful to me with my work when I began was that you know my empathic my connection with people deep in so much and people that would talk to poor sick and they would I would sit with them they would have these shifts you know and their energy from feeling alone to feeling more connected and the more I talked with them about caring about opening up about shifting their mindset about realizing they were never alone it began to change you know so I began to think about how we how do we even language you know sadness how do we language depression heavy language anxiety there’s just label around these things that we can talk about them it’s label around people think when you were alone too much it’s bad you know like you know Jesus Christ was alone all the time he would retreat to find himself you know and we’re so I think even with us in this society we’re so busy I’m getting together sometimes or being whatever we keep putting this stuff on we don’t even find time to just truly connect with ourselves and so I think in terms of connecting with people is important to truly connect with people but also it’s connected ourselves to stop and give ourselves time so to me with God and to to talk to him um I have some friends of mine who were going through um you know whether it’s depression or a lot of sadness and stuff like that and feeling very alone and one of the things that I coach people through and my friends can soothe it is realizing it’s okay to you be sad sometimes okay to have a time when you don’t feel connected with other people when you look at yourself for a deeper connection looking to God for deeper connection and you know realizing that you can never really be alone you know and sometimes you know I found that when I had been very sad or depressed is when I and when I pull away to restore to let God work on me because I there have been times when I’ve been very very down in my life when I was going through treat you know breast cancer treatments and I’ve had other things happen where lost friends of mine where I thought I kind of want to be here anymore I can’t live with this heaviness of life people dying of cancer and and suicide other things is was so heavy on me and I pulled back I learned to sit with my feelings you know in realizing that I didn’t have to act on anything it was okay to be anxious it’s okay to be scared okay to be depressed those things are all they’re human emotions and like God and work around that let God do the work I don’t have to do anything you know or even tell people you know also better in a week or a month or whatever and then in those times of me going through deep sadness um is when God really began to change how he and I related we became closer you mentioned how gods like a father you want you to come to him when you love somebody and they see have a stare sad or feeling bad and they go someplace else and you want to hold him tight how does it make you feel you feel bad right and so I learned to stop labeling my feelings when I felt bad and and saying you know I don’t like how I feel right now maybe God wants me to just come to him and rest in him and I’ve had some amazing things happen when I learn to rest in God and to just allow God to enfold me in his arm I’ve come out of a situation more connected with myself I’ve come out of them more more is more loving of myself and other people and more understanding and honestly I’ve come out of times like that where I’ve been very depressed or scared of life feeling less that I had to work so hard because in those times when you connect with God you realize that the burdens we feel is us feeling we have to carry life ourself we don’t have to do that yeah yeah and so if I call it have a friend is going to something like you know what if you’re down just don’t act on it please don’t do anything crazy just embed themself here you know love yourself get some oils pray you know I’m sick are going to retrieve whatever do some Reiki you know meditate you know whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and let God work on you and it’s a powerful what can come out of that time because when you pull into that light and you let God do the work then what happens when you come out of that cocoon the chrysalis shed and you can be butterfiy butterflied out of that it can change and transform is going really beautiful so it is really powerful when you begin the spiritual task how you know things epic things that are heavy or burdensome or that somebody who’s not connected with God um my see as a you know too hard to bear this is this thing is too much to bear it changes the equation of what you have to bear because you don’t have to bear a lot you’re shown when you have that godness in your life all the time yeah I really I really do think that our thoughts create our reality and if we believed it would begin to embody it and walk in it and then just that simple fact to know that you’re not alone when you felt alone your whole life I remember when I got into church and gave my life to God back in 98 I was so depressed man I was like you know thinking about suicide all the time and just depressed and alone and when when I when I made that confession and came into relationship with God or while was conscious of that relationship with God I never felt alone after that I would be by myself and I would always feel like God was there wanting to talk like like you would talk to a friend you know what I’m saying and just I feel this way I’m going through this you know so that it speaks so much for people who were depressed or people who were lonely man did you had that you have a God there that cares about you one thing you were talking about as far as like the depression or anything that you’re feeling you’re angry you’re hurt you know you’re bitter whatever it is to embody that and not get into this place to act like it you that you’re not depressed or you’re not sad or whatever the case is and so I think I think it’s kind of you know ghost was saying with what dealing with disease is the fact that it’s dis-ease within the body and we have to process our emotions and coming from like I come from like the evangelical background Church and stuff and they would tell you to act don’t admit that you’re depressed just you know just say that you’re not depressed and it’s okay versus like getting to the root of it no I’m depressed because all the people I have in my life are using me or upset because of this and I can’t do that or whatever but to get to the bottom of it understand like what’s causing that stuff what’s causing that dis-ease within my body versus acting like it’s not there so that’s powerful when we could just be ourselves and not and and essentially it’s I mean essentially be vulnerable which is the big word right to be okay with that it’s okay to not feel good sometimes right everybody I know who has been depressed in or feeling suicidal what the biggest thing is they are afraid to let them ask them they have a mask on all the time and it’s freaking exhausting but when you have to have a mask on with your husband with your wife with your parents with your friends you can’t leave your room without a mask on because if they want to know if you’re okay are you okay are you feeling better and if you’re not feeling better they want to make you feel better and then if they’re teenagers we’re going to school they can’t be the truth of who they are I have to put this mask on for eight to ten hours a day of being okay then if you look angry then you have to go see you know they can’t really express their truth and that’s why I love your name Jessica because people really have to be able to manifest their truth in the truth of who they are I fear whether they’re feeling good or that I think the labels on our emotions are not a good thing and people can really express themselves and be authentically who they are you know they’re accepted you know whether they’re up or down whatever that means they can then feel that feeling and work through the feeling with support and love and then get through that process you know I’ve had several friends who have committed suicide Ian’s at the NSA they just felt like it was too much of a burden that they were burdening people around them with their sadness and their heaviness or they felt there were it was too much to keep hiding their feelings all the time or they felt alone that they couldn’t see what really couldn’t connect with them so I feel like it’s really incumbent upon us who are all of us to allow people that we love to be themselves whatever that means to us and you know to love people as they are and love is is no label love is no judgement love is you know I will be in that place with you I will have an energy and a space for you wherever you are and um people need to hear that once they feel loved without condition um you can really change in one’s life you know by helping them to feel accepted um so you know I think that with my work you know I know if I told you I do these workshops called I manifest and I manifest really talks about people manifesting you know where they aren’t being authentically where they are as you’re getting to where they want to be like so with dr retreats and you mentioned reiki and stuff like that and and those who were I know you coach a lot of people one on one coaching and stuff too so with someone who is giving back now and I have our friends who do who do similar things and you know you even hear a lot a lot of this about like in Christian deliverance ministry and stuff like like the real deal people who do it the Exorcist and stuff they say like when you’re dealing with people’s dirt and their trauma and the stuff they’re just confessing off of them it takes a toll on you and and and there’s people who who do this type of work and if they’re not careful they’re there they have all this other baggage they begin to carry the weight that they’re helping these people through and and you know they’re helping these people work out of it but it’s still like attached on to them so for people who are doing similar work or spiritual therapy with others what would you say is a good way that that they could reset or they could kind of get clean from all of this other other stuff that’s going on in their life or helping people you know saying deal with their trauma well one thing I would say is that you have to make sure that you are protected you’re in a space you have to make sure that you protect yourself by letting God use of work when you was filming that you’re the energy so before I would do work it I would assume that I was the one doing the work and when I did that I would get trained I would be tired I would be like exhausted and then what I began to do was um I began to realize that I am only a conduit and as a conduit I what I can do is make sure my body gets a lot of rest a lot of water a lot of food a lot of cleansing have a clean safe I live out in the boondocks or there’s trees and grass and water and a lot of freshness and clean you know just God stuff but I let God do the work and and I honor my body and so one of the things I do know one thing in the morning I have a ritual where it’s you know like an hour of prayer meditation reiki angel card readings meditation I go for a run I train it’s all about getting my mind and body spirit aligned you know for the day and then when I get out there begins doing the work I always call on God to to work through me and so it’s not me doing the work I think it’s important to also have you know when you have a morning ritual high ritual did nighttime to to kind of cleanse your mind of what happened that day cleanse your body and I take little breaks throughout my day to just relax and just to connect with God so I don’t just meditate in the morning I meditate throughout the day and I connect with God throughout the day and there’s once when I’m my work is very spiritual and it’s a lot of is very intense so this times when I get tired so like today I had thoughts about to back you know coaching sessions and meetings and I felt I kind of felt like I needed assistance just you know rest and so I just I cancelled of one of my meetings and I said I’m really sorry can we do it tomorrow and I said enough I just got a count so like God picture of me right now I need to just let my body um relax and let him pour into me and then I I gave myself permission to to rest and so I tell people all the time ask ask yourself what you need ask yourself why you feel it’s all about how you feel if you don’t feel aligned if you feel like you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re doing too much then just pause and give yourself whatever you need to to clean your at your energy and restore your body and mind spirit and then and then reconnect you with your work so it’s letting God do the work honoring your body giving yourself the space to to be restored sounds great another question for you what is the unicorn deck unicorn deck so it’s um if the deck of affirmations that I create it and it’s really about manifesting um I know the law of attraction is really big right now and I love that but I believe you can really manifest things like this you know have to pull things towards you you can just like God can just manifest right so I believe in using these affirmation to manifest the truth of where I am and so I prayed about it and the deck is like about biggest 32 cards and each one has different affirmation of what you want to manifest with manifesting a manifest love or manifest divine order or a manifest and epic life but you know people kind of to get the cards they buy the deck and every morning to kind of pray over the deck and ask God to help them help them pull a card that they can have their an intention on that day they pull the card excuse me in the card whatever they pull helps to help to help them to have that intention throughout the day it really is about you know we chose weaponry force again the contest you know having practices that are even applied throughout the day because you can start your day Sarris in very calm very together and then something pops up pops up at you and you’re like all over the place and all stressed out and so having things that are unicorns deck or having an accountability partner or having a practice of even having alarms on they can have an alarm on my phone every hour my alarm goes off and it reminds me to stop in just that hour at the top of the hour to meditate for one minute so it’s having an intentional thing to remind you of like okay so I need to cut you off you want to like yell at them and curse at them or somebody had to pay me to cancel last minion you’re almost there you know Savannah corns that helps to keep you in tension of the city are your intentions in America’s peace that day and your whole day goes to hell in a handbasket how do you stay aligned with that energy of having peace when things are happening around she was really keeping you helping you to stay centered and and one with your intention of what you want to mimic that day that’s awesome I’m out to check those out everybody make sure y’all head to her website those are for sale there as well y’all check that out oh let me ask you this yeah um if you could go back and change anything with you any other stuff that happened any of the stuff you went through would you choose the easier route would you have handled things differently I wouldn’t change anything I would change nothing I would change nothing I would chase nothing I wouldn’t change you know I wouldn’t change cancer I wouldn’t change its years I cried I wouldn’t change the girl I was I wouldn’t change people that left me I wouldn’t change friends will abandon me I wouldn’t change being held at gunpoint I wouldn’t change being hit by lightning I wouldn’t change any of it because you know the beautiful thing about struggle and challenge is that you know we don’t want it in life but you know human nature is that of wanting to be where we are we don’t want to change and have this false idea that we’re human and we’re more than human were defined and so I look at the person I was that’s you know years ago and the person I am now and nothing has changed about that person except that I choose to come out of her you know what I mean so I tell you all the time like the person that your awakening to being you’ve already already were that person you were just asleep you just you know you aren’t surface yet and you didn’t you didn’t give the person an opportunity to really manifest somebody didn’t push you up whether it was a struggle challenge whatever but when these things happen it forces you to have to change it forces you to look to God it forces you to want to do better be better awakened when you think you don’t have time left and you like I did I think I thought I have six months a year to whatever and then I died the kind of cancer I had had a targeted treatment for it still doesn’t have any treatment for that kind of cancer I thought I didn’t have enough time in that desire to find God forced me to awaken and so you know I wouldn’t change what happened to me but what I will change is what I have done is I have this insane desire to help other young girls other women and men to awaken sooner and faster like imagine our kids were struggling right now with you know you know this epidemic of anxiety too it was I feeling a lonely if they had tools like this like we have now they knew they were never alone they have God with them all you know all the time you know whether it’s peer pressure going on whether it’s whatever it is that these kids are dealing with you know if they have an assistant to light energy and to Reiki and to meditation you’ll get prayer accessing light you know calling when they’re angels on God how would the world be different in terms of our healing how they’re all be different if you know people that who are our leader so we’re doing things that we don’t or may not be proud of how would they be different if they had access to these tools you know so it’s just been become a passion of mine to really ensure that anybody I touched through physical touch through energy work through this video camera the internet and feel the love and feel and learn about the tools that they have access to through my coaching whatever the change in where they live their life is to have more hope to have more trust in divine intervention and to and to have to be filled with a quest to learn and transform their life I’m with you on that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t change it at all but when you go in through it it’s another story oh my god I can’t tell you how it was her to God like calling what kinds of bad names I can’t see on your show but I’d be like yeah and you know like it’s long you know like um it’s just being open and being vulnerable I mean what if you was to keep that in and act like you don’t feel that way oh I can you you’d have you be someone who like you were Tom about keeping that mask on even around God like your Creator like you can’t be who he in created you to be so you have to like act like you’re something else nope I’m not mad at you nope no I’m Efrain piss man I’m man we need to have some words why did you create me why did you and you know and I and I hear your story and there’s so many other people I remember hearing that in church it was so like revolution ago somebody cuts God out we heard like our worship leader cuss God ow but he talked about this breakthrough that came when he did because he was open they lost the child you know and he just told God how he felt and got it off his chest but you have to walk around it act like you don’t feel that way no God wants you to be open and be Express it let him know how you feel and that’s how you get it off your chest if you keep it in its gonna stay there and it’s gonna produce dis-ease in the body in your spiritual life it’s gonna pour out into your relationships all men are this all all women are that you can’t trust these type of people all about all of these preconceived notions until you deal with it speak it out the Bible says confession like when we confess it when we get it out we can find healing no matter what it is man confess it don’t hide it man die get it out whatever you got to do yeah I think that’s so important there’s a quote by Romy the poet Rumi I love it says the wound is where the light enters the wound is where the light enters and I you know when I first write I’m like what the hell’s that came out but I love it because it’s like you know when you’re wounded sometimes is when you open up you great because you can you have adjust your facade all that stuff that you put you take your time to cultivate to cover-up yourself you know you you can’t keep it up anymore and then you allowed light to enter I also think that sometimes things happen people who are actually quite powerful spiritually because God knows you can help people through your ministry you know I was told since I was young but I something important to do God told me when I was 8 years old but I thought Who am I to speak in public Who am I to be an author Who am I to be like I’m not any of any importance Who am I to speak about God’s people who work to anybody and I didn’t pursue that path in my life I thought I would do other things that I thought I could do that I was good I was good for doing so God wants us to go down this path and we’re like well no I think I’m not good enough for that I don’t need to go down that path I have my own plan and sometimes you know things have to kind of stop us in our tracks like you know God stopped Saul on the road to Damascus yeah you see God’s like err man he’s like no no no I things to do I’m not good enough fall down you can handle that you have somebody else was more important and then he keeps calling on you and because you have a gift you know like if anyone told me I had a gift of seeing the people of pumping to help people through my testimonials you know the coaching whatever I was like I didn’t feel good enough and you know when you don’t allow God to use you in a way that he’s meant to use you he will be there you will be stopped in your tracks they can turn around whether you want to or not whether you have to be forced whether you have to be begging him look at you and talk to you and so I just I tell me we’ll just take it easy rough don’t fight it just don’t buy this you know make on your sensor make the him or her your place to go um and you know in all your challenges and all your struggles you know just I always ask you know whatever I’m feeling God what would you have me do with this feeling what would you have me do with this with these people Oh javi do with the situation you know I I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do find a lot of answers when I go to God in prayer or in stillness you know or in solitude when I take time away to our we treat quite a bit people my friends will use so many I might just turn my phone off for the weekend or does not want to talk for a week or just kind of not want to see people but since I was God to call on me to just be alone for a day for a week or week at a time per month and not leave my house or not just just not goal just have quiet time where I live just to let him feed on me and and whatever it is I’m doing you know I find that when I come out of that phase of retreat whether it’s you know a minute of praying at the hour on the top of the hour whether it’s morning meditation or nightly prayer I come out of that with more energy with answers with something that didn’t have before and you know retreated as always he has it you have to go anywhere to retreat to God you can just you know stop and go like this and take a breath right take him in take her whatever you call God it’s up and build your church right here breathe and these lines got in that please and that’s a powerful it’s a powerful think about that you can just go like this inhale and then you find peace you know when it sounds simple and it isn’t always easy to get to that place but I find a lot of peace comes to me and this time it always works so with all this talk of retreats and going off by yourself and all this praying that you’re doing we got a question in the chat room here somebody wants to know have you ever had any other worldly experiences with angels or any type of other beings along your journey I have and I have I have you know so when I was hit by lightning I did have another out of body experience and that was really quite powerful to see yourself because it I got hit by lightning and I was out and that was my first time really like I don’t get myself and I was like on the ground just laying there and that was my first idea the body I mean like seeing that you know like I’m here in in and there’s my body and I could I could feel but I wasn’t myself um one other time is that um and people who I love who passed on that have communicated with me in different ways where I can see them and talk with them and you know hey you sir frighten me at first so I would tell them to stop talking to me um but next but I also just a major Kira thing and oftentimes I do call on my angels and guides to just give me answers which is a powerful ways to harness energy also I mentioned you know one of the reasons why the idea of people going through depression and suicide is something that really strikes with me is that I had a friend a very good friend commit suicide and it was very hard for me to deal with it and there were no answers I didn’t have a chance to know why what happened and you know why Ashley was going to a retreat to to just kind of get away to kind of come to terms with my emotions of grief around his death and I was going to this retreat and I got lost and my iPad died my phone died and my GPS wasn’t working so imagine you’re in this dark place going to this retreat and nothing’s working and I was just you know scared and I said God please send an angel to take me to where I need to go I don’t know how to get there I’m scared and I got to where I was going it was like five minutes from where it was I don’t know how I got there and when I got in there somebody in the room looked it was they were startled and the woman who looked at me and she kind of scared her and she walked away from me and she left the room and I found out the next day that she was scared because when I walked in the room there was an angel that was with me that brought me to the place safely so they hold the cabin and the next day I was asked to speak with her by the woman having the retreat and the lady told me that they enjoyed that brought me to the retreat was the angel of my friend who had taken his life and I didn’t believe that at first I was like this is not for fun you don’t do this to me I can’t I’m I’m in a broken place I don’t want people to don’t manipulate my feelings and she says no she told me his name and she related conversations we had alone in this very office I’m sitting in now and so that was really powerful for me it’s really really you know showed me in a deeper sense that how powerful connection can be and so she and she he key and I communicated through her and I knew that you know when you love somebody and you love God and you have this connection with energy you can tap into things like that people and situations and my friend you know he’s now passed on you know I released him he you know he’s you know we don’t communicate that much anymore like that way but I needed to feel him I needed to have some answers and it was powerful that you know I called to God to guide me and I’m excited and came in you know we had that resolution of you know that conversation we never had before he passed away so I I often do even today every day I in the morning is part of my rituals in the morning I do my angel card readings and then I sit quietly and I ask God in angels to to come to me and to not just give me the card readings in the morning but to draw my day you know whispered to me through words through um something I see like a you know just an odd looking for this beautiful or through the number is one one I see 11 four four has been happening for a year and so I know that when I see signs of certain things um and feel certain energies to be aware that God comes to us different ways and to be aware of them of the way if he comes to us whether it’s you know God or angels or our guys but I think happens to me all the time war is just it is quite interesting and I used to be afraid of it I was getting on a plane once I was going to travel one time and I just booked a flight I was like you know going to this retreat but I was the phrasings I had a vision of a plane crash and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t book the flight and something happened that wasn’t wasn’t a good ending there was a plane accident um so you know ended things that happened to me aren’t bad all the time there’s some things that are quite amazing you know that where I can they’re like they’re like gods I go here or call this person do this and something beautiful happens that happens more often but people have to understand they have access to these powers these energies this all the time it’s not just someone like me I’ve been studying this since I was a child so once you believe you know I think there’s a quote I write Wayne Dyer that says you’ll see it when you believe it so when you believe you have access to God and angels and guides and you believe it and you look forward and you think it those things become like second nature that company just come to you so long answer to a short question yeah no that’s beautiful that’s awesome to so many different places we can go with that it’s awesome like in the world they teach us that you know if I if I see it then I believe it if you can show me then I believe it but us of the spirit would say if I believe it then I will see it if I believe it then I’ll receive it and in our faith we can you know it’s understanding faith and Jesus taught all about faith and you see him teaching and was just random people who believed something with all their heart and he’s okay it’s it’s done you believed it you got it take it stand on it and that’s that’s what with us was you want to call it you know I’m saying the law of attraction it’s believing in something that that you can’t see right now that’s what the faith is it’s a having faith in evidence and something that we can’t see right now and and whatever that may be whatever your faith has the ability to to hold you at that level like if you need like the same faith that you need for God to pay $100 light bill is the same weight you’re gonna need the same faith to pay a five thousand dollar mortgage on a house or something something crazy you know I’m saying some it’s that faith of knowing that you can’t see it but you believe it and the opposite of faith they said isn’t doubt opposite of faith isn’t doubt the opposite of faith is thinking that you have it all figured out and you can do it all and you understand how it works and you have it but it’s that ability to be able to trust in God and as beautiful you share that I remember I have a lot of people ask me because I deal with a lot of people come out of Christianity and they’re getting more into spirituality but they’re still keeping their faith in Christ but it’s just leaving the stroke the structure of religion and so that that comes up a lot talking to the dead should I contact the dead are they contacting me it’s really strange because right when I like before we went live my my cousin hit me up and we lost a cousin and I’m spoke at his funeral and he said hey this was just before we went laughter hey yeah I think he’s contacted me I’m sitting here on the porch and he’s been talking to me for the last 10 minutes telling me that it’s okay and he I’m gonna live on through him and stuff like that and I was just like wow then we went live so really interesting and when you approach it from a Christian perspective there’s this just knowing there of what’s called the great cloud of witnesses in the Bible and it’s something is talking about like all of those who have come before us or watching over us and it’s the great cloud of witnesses and we look at Jesus when Jesus went into his place of prayer and meditation he was meeting with those who had went before him the first time that we get to actually look in and see what Jesus does when he it’s alone with his father for hours on end he’s meeting with people who were so-called dead Moses and Elijah he’s meeting with them people go in and they see these people clothed in white garments these spirits there that are there meeting with him and so there’s even a movement in Christianity right now I want some of the friends circles the charismatic stuff were there they’re openly talking about these leaders in these prophets and people who have come before and it’s being embraced a little bit more by Christendom that they’re like I said the prophets who have come before them are meeting with them showing up in hotel rooms and guiding them and showing up with Jesus and all of these crazy things so it’s not that far out of the realm of thinking I think it deserves a little bit of attention even from a Christian perspective um let me ask you this go ahead I think I mean energy energy never dies never dies so you know if we can call on Jesus Christ or God why can’t we call them somebody who we deeply who’s no longer with them you know I think there’s something to be said if people are calling on people to manipulate things or do something that’s bad or something that’s dark that’s different but if you’re calling on something somebody that you love that you have faith in who’s a leader an elder for guidance for shrimp for eyes that can see more than you can see you know just are to pass on a deeper love or to open your heart to see more than you can see in your human body that’s a beautiful thing you know so it’s really about your intention to connect with people when I connect with any energy it’s never to tell me the future is never to tell me you know or to change somebody’s behavior or to do something bad it’s always to help me to have eyes at sea you know even when I can see things that may not happen it’s more of a feeling of like don’t do this you know this might not be safe but again it’s about like I have a belief about time that climb is really not really how we see time time and we see time is being structured I don’t see time that way so if you can think about yourself if you are an energy field that before time and after time you can kind of feel things sometimes people what’s happened and that’s not an occult thing it actually is about energy and how you move through life so I’m really you know I love I’m very I was born to the Christian faith but I’m very spiritual my mother is not very happy with money my transition am i walking with a sense but I think that you know with Christianity there were so much skills and judgment and you know I have to die and be crucified to live and I don’t think that’s what God wants for us to suffer he once rusted to be free and to be loved and to absolve ourselves of all these feelings of burden and so I think that Christianity is has it’s wonderful in terms of what is done for people also it has things that if a people feel very you know persecuted or burdened and so I choose to the probable path of love and let the other stuff kind of tell it thank you and good bye bye Felicia yeah hold on to the stuff that’s serving you right I mean why not you know I’m saying why hold on to the stuff that’s hot and dimming you or hurting you or trying to bring you down or whatever the case is I wanted to just kind of run this by you just to see what you think maybe you know maybe there’s something there maybe there’s not we we talked on one of the last episodes of a buddy of mine we’ve been discussing us a lot lately actually but something known as shadow people and and a lot of people have recalled you know waking up in the middle of the night and a being being in a room like a dark silhouette or waking up with something on your chest and his stories and and paintings that go back you know centuries is essentially to showing this and depicting it or the the Incubus or the succubus these type of spirits or whatever we talked about the idea of people having this type of trauma or these weird otherworldly encounters early on and it almost seems like they’re being marked for something great like this person is gonna be a light worker this person may be a pastor they’re gonna be doing something that’s gonna be bringing healing and change for the world and it almost seems like the these entities or whatever want to scare you to keep you away from anything spiritual or anything you know there has to deal with the other realms we talked about that with the shadow people but I’m kind of drawing a link here to a little bit about the lightning you know saying being struck by lightning if it’s almost like being marked I know we look at in the Bible where the except Paul was was struck by lightning or he’s seen a bright light which was Christ they thought it was lightning right I had an encounter when I was a kid me and me and my cousin were walking and we heard the loud bang and we’re both in a ditch you know after after we’ve seen that and then to hear your story and other people’s story and you know there’s ancient the Native Americans believed in the Thunder beings and it talks about spirits and lightning and spirits descending and ascending from the earth and things like that it’s an idea to to kind of ponder have you have you has that ever crossed your mind like that was your Damascus Road type deal with it with the lightning strike would you would you see any connection there well you know as you were talking I was just like I Lily fell myself back into my childhood because I used to have I used to have dreams all the time I used to see things and they used to frighten me like like there are people you know something energy that would be in my dreams that I would see in seal and um my mom used to be afraid she was like what is this what is this so you know in I used to be as a child when you don’t understand light energy I’m like why are these energy fields and they weren’t light it was like dark it was scary to me and it really was like um as I began to feel my power there was something that was there and you know what that when I was a baby my mother put me down to change my diaper at one point in time in lightning literally a lightning bolt came she put me down and turned around lightning bolt hits the wall just where she’s like above where I was laying and she was just like what in the heck is that and then when I was I think it was classroom and overhead fan fell on my head fell my head and knocked me out and then and then the next year lightning struck me and then the war happened and I came from stays alone and then in our cancer I’m saying this to say that you know there have been multiple times throughout my life where I seem like there is something trying to shut me down did my light take away mine just something was trying to suck that or make me because you have a choice right when things happen to you do you just say you know there’s the dark side is really easy to go to to get depressed you get scared you you know you’re like why to get to the light side to see that light when you’re in darkness is a lot of freaking work and so he’s always being trying to pull me back you know people I love with died somebody I care about would be you know going through something really painful where I would suck the life out of me um as I was launching my manifest you know you know um the whole experience my daughter got very sick you know with the chronic situations we couldn’t figure out why she was sick the person I love the most in this world was like struggling and so you know I know now enough to you know to know that as much as there’s life in this world there’s something that the dark pieces can kind of pop up to kind of either pull us away from our truth or to be a for bearer of what’s what’s to come um but I believe we have to always really work to more thing in our life it’s something that we just have to do and people often have asked me you know how do you stay so focused and how do you say I just stay on top when you know something important there’s people in your life certain your life starting or there’s these things that are pulling you away from God of them energy light but I I know now after being almost hit by lightning after being here by lighting after multiple near-death experiences so that this path if if what I had to do in life wasn’t so big I think we try to stop me you know and and so now I I really is important to me to be in my spiritual practice constantly I will be in my house and times and I’ll see I’ll see a little a shadow you know and and I pretty spray and I’m like okay I just pray to God that whatever I saw was you know it is not as you take it away from me there are people in my life who has been very close to who I’ve trusted in in both of my home and my heart you who’ve been move done things where I felt you know weren’t kind very hurtful things to the point where I’ve been you know choosing wondering is am I on the right path but you know things are going to come and test your fate all the time whether it’s things people but that light talking about the dark energy or the disarm the people whatever they are like I see that before as a child awake dreaming I’ve seen human beings that have been in my space that I’m like oh my god what is that you know I got to get out of here um so a just is a so important to be consistent with your spiritual practice and to ask God to discern you know disorient you know what you’re seeing discern what you’re feeling discern what you’re being pulled towards sometimes we want something in our lives still power so much we want something so badly but it’s destruction or it’s the negative energy I’m distracted or masked something that you want and that happens to me quite a bit with people coming in my space where I’m like oh this parts that might be fun and interesting and you know seeing holes or something but learn to just stop and say let me ask God you know who that person really is or what what is really happening here yes yes yep yep yeah man it’s I was just sitting here thinking about your your revelation of time now like you went through these experiences that showed you time was of the essence I only have a little bit of time left let me do what I can to you know to run my racing and tell everybody to love them and do the things that I want to do before I pass and show you revelation of time there and now on the other side of walking and healing to like look time don’t even exist I was trying to buy time and then I found out I had to go to that to understand time doesn’t even exist like there’s only this moment there is no time that’s awesome I was just thinking about that man having to go through that and a lot of people who come to that understanding of the now moment the present moment they went through situations where time was of the essence you know can you by the way can you see me at all there’s a white light angels are with you no it happens to me all the time my friends a lot because like light just follows me around it’s like it happens in pictures it happens when I’m like doing stuff but I was like I can’t see myself can you see me I can see better now ya know the light was it again yeah XE better now it’s still there a little bit but I can see you a lot better it comes yeah it happens to me all the time but uhm but it happens to me at times when it’s like divine you know like I went certain things happen I can see the light all around but yeah I know you is sure because when I was like when I learned how to aggressive breast cancer and I was like so scared before that happened I had the idea that if I did this or waited for this time this time would come to me my time was if I let time pass whatever would happen at the right time but that doesn’t really exist it you can actually just ask the time to be right now and you know people always think you know I’m so better tomorrow or I’ll do this the next day or they think of time as something that you know is just it’s not now but when you find when you when you honor the present moment then you create the future so you know if you’re honoring could be being authentically true with your whether you’re having a bad bad day or whether you’re happy or whether you just say you know thank you God for my breath if you honor the moment that honoring of that of gratitude that multiplies so I tell people some of it one thing is really powerful that I learned when I was going through treatment I was sick is to honor the moment so when you’re really sick or you’re really depressed you just can’t see the end of time you just think that you’ll be like this forever you’ll be depressed here things just sit forever and so I begin to say okay I’m going to be in the moment right now and when that moment in I’ll be in the next moment to be grateful or just so God thank you the next one I’ll just say maybe God you know can you hold me in your arms but every moment I was in I would have an affirmation or have a thought that would be positive or calm performing or something or even blessing God just saying what do you want to do with me in that way when you change how you see that’s the moment whatever energy you’re calling on at that time more of that will come that make sense to you oh yeah and yeah yeah so people ask me like all the time they’re like so my friends are laugh at me to call me Benjamin Button so they’re like you’re not if you’re not it like you’re not eating but I really think that even the aging process you can slow it down or change it by how you live your life how you see time your diet nutrition because all of this is all about um it’s all like a warp you know it’s about mind over matter it’s about energy it’s about you know um I never thought about ages seeing something I had to approve I thought about you know accruing more love in my heart accruing more gratitude accruing more of a giving spirit um some things that were really applied to my life so they applied to me very slowly maybe I put it that way and so it’s been always to me a gift time has been a blessing to me the past twelve years when I was thinking I only only have six months a year to eat there is three maximum whatever that I thought at the time I had to rush to live in this time but then God multiplied the time like twelve years have gone by like that oh yeah yeah guys got a way to do of doing that it’s awesome least always see that man and it’s something to like when you when you’re teaching you know those like I mean even if we’re just looking at the trial so we’re looking at the stuff we’ve been through and you can disciple someone you could take somebody in in these retreats and these one-on-one coaching is you know and you’re you’re giving them the knowledge that took you years to get so in their spiritual practice they get to by if they play the cards right and they did heed the warnings and and do the righteous things that you’re talking about they get to bypass a lot of stuff like if you’re if they’re willing to learn and so it’s it’s as far as like Tom moving faster like something that maybe took me eight years five years to learn of this wrestling with God of wrestling with myself like if if I can embody this and articulate it to you where you understand it and learn from it you’re gonna save yourself eight years and you can learn that and move on even further to where we need to be like you said what if our kids said this what if the people who are running the world understood some of these principles that we get like where would we be and that’s what it is if I believe that if we keep learning we keep growing and keep pouring out into others we’re gonna continue to grow and they’re gonna just keep doing the same and some of the stuff that took us years to learn would be second nature to a lot of other people yeah I think that’s so true and I you know I went older and I had a long conversation because she went out with some friends just to do some stuff and she came home and the house was quiet which it is quite a bit and I was sitting in my bed reading and writing and she’s like mommy you know she’s like um why isn’t the TV on I’m like I don’t want to watch TV and she didn’t talk about hearts talk about her like your friends and showing me her phone there was some she watched some videos on you know on her Instagram and I said to her I said is she she’s learning a lot that she’s still 15 and I said do you know how many hours he spends looking at that phone at those videos like and she is like what do you mean I said you know there’s because if you took uh some of that time you could be accelerating your learning process learning process your growing process and so I’ve been teaching her about you know being conscious of our time and you know we bit up our phone things are really powerful tools but then there’s tools that are used to keep our minds quiet and busy quiet quiet from not thinking about the rising busy with wrong thing and also we don’t want to invest in spiritual teaching you know I have friends are people who will come to me for coaching and when I say here’s what it’s going to cost I can’t spend the kind of money on coaching or retreat but then you know there’s spending money on the mortgage on a car on drinking on eating out it spending money on orders stuff on it on Amazon shoes you know but then yeah so you know I’ve had friends that I can’t leave for a week for a retreat really isn’t your life more than week of being quiet and learning about yourself and what your triggers are so the world really has it we’re all these useless things are free to us even the idea of our food the food that we eat like your body is your temple and because fast food is cheaper people can spend money on fast foods and less money on healthier foods and they’re poisoning their bodies so they have disease in the body and disease around the body so you know it’s really important to take the time to retreat to reflect and to you know like I said be open to teaching like what I can see somebody in an hour – or in a month it’s going to give them more time back it’ll give them lessons I learned over 30 years it can learn it in in a week or a month and so if you want to speed up time you can do that you can invest in yourself invest in your soul invest in you know in your time by you know doing something that’s going to save you time money from getting sick and from living a life is unfulfilled nothing is worse than living a life where the end of it you look at your time and nothing to show for it you know or nothing that’s rewarding you know every morning and get up and I asked Todd tell me how I can serve you today and when I go to bed I’m exhausted from doing that you know I’m always unconscious about that some old Indian so don’t live forever I would live forever and ever and ever yes but I know that no one does live forever but whenever I do leave this planet I won’t have given and become the best that I can be and I want that for anybody everybody I can you know touch yes there might work yeah that’s that uh at the end of the day knowing that you made a difference knowing that your life mattered is like did I make this journey a little bit easier for other people who were having a hard time you know what I’m saying did I just come here and take take take did I give did I create something you know and I talked about that aspect a lot about how we’re made in the likeness and the image of our Creator who’s a Creator God that made everything the universe spoke everything crafted it formed us and really unique and all the beauty and wonder of the world that’s out there you know and then when we embody that and we create something whatever it is we create anything whether it’s a song or a painting or a picture or whatever that you create you birth something a retreat that didn’t exist until you created it like that’s the highest form of worship I believe back to our Creator of being made in that image and likeness of a little creators and we create something especially if it’s something beautiful something that helps people versus creating wickedness and creating confusion and stuff but getting something beautiful man I think that’s the highest form of worship I really do it is it is and you know God wants for us to create beautiful things and even when things happen that we don’t want to happen I always think how do you create something beautiful out of you know that’s not me not that’s not wanted or not not beautiful and um at the end the day when I leave or we all leave this planet you want to leave something behind this beautiful you know whatever your life means how do you how to do energy permeate or how does it superseded time and space to leave on something eternal you know that you created that whether it’s love whether you inspire somebody’s life and they inspire the next person than the next person you would then change lives don’t ever really die you know like people that can really change the world they go on they live on forever and ever and ever so how do you ensure that you are eternal is by taking your energy and your spirit and using that to help other people to live a life that’s you know more powerful more authentic and that moves them keep words deeply towards their souls purpose towards their why and helping them to kind of you know really live that why I mean at the end of the day nothing I think is more important than to do that and through my work I really love helping young you know youth helping young women men people to really delve into the truth of who they are connect with themselves what you plea with other people and to make their time matter in a powerful way that that will live forever well said my friend maimie thank you for coming on the show I really enjoyed our conversation here really enjoyed it go ahead and share out some of your links was you have a you have retreats you got some of those cool cards and things like that that people can purchase you got a bunch of cool stuff on your website go ahead and direct people over there where they can follow your work and step to my analysis I manifest lists here we go I manifest miracles but so here is my soap in here they look like this they’re like little unicorns and me that’s me right there and my website’s name of caramel calm it’s WWE my caramel calm you buy me on instagram at Naima caramel on Twitter at Nima and Grill on Facebook at Naima caramel official awesome things yeah yeah thanks for coming on and we have to do it again soon I’ve really pretty said this I enjoyed it um thanks for having me have a wonderful evening and we’ll talk soon are you to be blessed god bless bye alright ladies and gentlemen maimie Carmo good stuff y’all make sure you go follow her on her social media – it’d be awesome tell a true seeker sent you um man really good really good episode got really deep there at the end I enjoyed that yeah good stuff so time thinking about time thinking about time doesn’t exist looking at God I’ll often see like Jesus or God like as a time traveler but if Tom doesn’t exist like when you come to God he’s able to take your sins and throw them as far as the east is to the West to eight to be able to remember your sins no more to be able to make it to be justified by faith be justified just if I’d never done it just able to erase the sins of the past and make it though you had never even committed the crime you’ve never even committed the deed much like a court case somebody who walks in and say he’s free to do it he’s free to go he didn’t even do it to begin with what we got him we got him he’s guilty got caught him red-handed he never done it yet I’m on tricks he’s never done it okay never done it be able to go back literally into your soul and to take that out of you that experienced those memories people who have had tormenting memories and thoughts about sins they did when they were younger or things that happen to them I was able to go back in time and erase it and make it though it had never happened justified just if I had never done it a lot of people come to this notion where they they get healing and he can trust God with their past you say you know what I’m good I understand I went through that stuff it wasn’t me I was acting out of hurt I was acting out of anger I didn’t know who I was now I know I thank God God’s healed me restored me I trust him with my past now it’s time to trust him with your future I think that could be a whole nother thing right your pastors one thing passes cleaned up what about your future where you headed what’s gonna happen like that could be a whole nother road that’s a whole nother story being able to trust God with your future talking about we’re talking about wheeze calling god father mother he/she/it whatever I mean God is all of that right I think God is every single every single bit of it everything anything you can name I think that that’s a piece of God everything reflects its creator everything you’re gonna name is something created anyway right and that created thing reflects what the Creator whatever is created it’s going to reflect the Creator when an artist finishes a painting he signed to the bottom his print is on it his fingerprint piece of him is in that everything not just the good stuff how I like to say not just the good stuff everything peace of God is in all of it and we look at God being the father I like God the Father you know running a lot of spiritualist circles and they don’t like the embodiment of God being a man they get offended God is not a man the Bible is true the Bible says God is not a man that he should lie right God is not a man but it’s the aspect of the character of the Father the embodies the persona of the father father God mother God I like to look at I see God is the father and I see the earth as the mother God reached down and touched the earth and we came out of our mother father God Mother Earth but to look at God as the father for me I probably never get away from that and I’m okay with that it’s not a religious programming you’re so religious God is not the father but underst understood this that God is the father I didn’t have a father growing up a dad in my life so when I came to God this relationship McGann he became a father their scripture he says I’ll be a father unto the fatherless that blew my mind that there was a special anointing for me a special relationship for me a young kid misguided youth who didn’t have a father that God would say I’ll be a father unto the fatherless took him at his word and I swear to you God took me under his wing under the shadow of the Almighty like he said he would do and he became my father he began to teach me things that that a father didn’t teach me and there was a lot of little bitty things like you know just how just work ethic and ancient oil and just digging a ditch and all of these things like little things I didn’t I didn’t know how to do and I could see the hand of God working and a lot of the jobs that I got early on I could see the hand of God working when I was digging a ditch alongside the road I was learning how to use a shovel I was learning how to change oil I was learning how to cut grass like all of this stuff that men like your father teaches that the son and I never got that but I was consciously aware as a as a young man learning that God was teaching me how to be a man like I’m a fuck like I’m a father now but how do how would I I don’t know what that looks like I don’t know what a father looks like I are no going to my friend’s house when I was a kid and seeing them interact with their father and it was so foreign I didn’t know what to do could I join them they would be like having wrestling matches with their dads they percept pillows up everywhere and pillow fights and big rest of the man and I run I’d wrestled these other kids dad’s with them he’s stolen us around we’re on his neck choking him out you know having fun little kids man I never I never had that from a father you know and so to be there was like it was a little awkward can I do this is this okay you know so when I grew up and I had a daughter I didn’t know what that father looked like in but it was unto letting God teach me what he looks like it’s he’s a perfect father he’s a good good father as the song says he’s a good good father and he loves to give us good gifts so that aspect of saying father God the aspect of calling God at him that’s where it comes from for me and many of you you guys resonate with something similar to that but I wonder I had a mom in my life wasn’t a perfect relationship but I had a mother but I wonder for that young person whoever you are who grew up without a mother and just as I’m relating this cool story about God teaching me becoming a father showing me how to become a father showing me how to become a son like those people who grew up without a mother there’s God become that personification for them do they have this beautiful revelation that they could break down I’d love to talk to somebody about that man tamati who didn’t have a mother would grow up with their father bunch of men in the house grew up with the father brothers no mother I wonder if they come into this relationship with God and God is the motherly aspect the more of the nurturer the more of the one who takes care of you and mend your wounds and spoils you and things like that and you know when your father chastises you the mother is the one who console’s you you know I wonder if that’s out there I’d love to talk to somebody but that’s the that’s the aspect for me of the father god thing and I like I said I probably never that’s special to me he’s not a father judge people get upset oh you’re just being religious it’s just religious programming to say God it’s a he Oh for me it’s a great relationship with my father and mother and brother and sister Oliver goddess all of it Thank You Christy for the donation I got your donation thank you so much Chris the earlier this is my robot voice been looking at robot voice love you guys haha thank you for the donation I appreciate that that’s awesome your robot voice um I enjoyed this episode man hope you guys did too a lot of cool ideas I’m gonna pursue that lightning thing man I’ve always been I’ve always been intrigued by the lightning and Satan fell as lightning from heaven this flash of bright light this lightning struck Paul off of this whore high horse quite literally and it was he had an encounter with Jesus there no I don’t think anybody else saw Jesus they seen the light like a lightning and a blind blonde in him you know and people have had these encounters and angels ascending and descending and I’ve always felt that man so I’m gonna I’m gonna do my research on that we’ll probably do a show on that I’ll do my research and I probably reach out to somebody who has a book on it or somebody who talks about the Thunder beings this is how it works together man somebody’s already done their research and I’m gonna get them home I have them on this show oh good stuff thank you guys for supporting the work it means the world again that this we’re talking about creating many of you have created this show for thousands of people to listen to that wouldn’t be possible without your support quite literally if you guys didn’t support as a bunch of supporters I’m overwhelmed by the support but this show wouldn’t exists right now this conversation wouldn’t have happened without your support so thank you and you guys came and you’re a part of this you’re funding this you’re helping me with this you guys are just a part of much as a part of this as I am reading the name if those of you who are listening to this you can’t see it but reading this across the bottom there’s a bunch of names that are scrolling at the bottom these are monthly patrons people who support my work people who believe in effort and people who actually fund me people in anywhere from $1 a month to some people giving a hundred bucks a month are all different levels of giving uh people who believe in my work creating something we’re create we’re co-creating we’re doing this together we’re co-creating this with God we’re co-creating this with one another because it wouldn’t exist without your help so thank you guys who support my work in that fashion from the bottom of my heart give another shout out to another donation that I recently got from Lee and his wife Lee Dunham I think I pronounce your last name right Lee Dunham thank you guys for believing in my work and and sending me forth man thank you but with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys make sure that you subscribe to this podcast on all fronts YouTube get you a pod testing app or their even Android or the iTunes app or whatever subscribe on there if you want to support the show you can do so through those means everything’s in the description of these videos and stuff as well even the audio so if you want to support and get a free audiobook that’s a really cool way to uh support and get something out of it you can go to and then you know you can whatever book you want you can get it to books I would recommend The Alchemist by Palio Coelho that’s next and for you guys Takas has had the alchemist for Palio Coelho and the final quest by Rick Joyner most people have been going to the Rick Joyner book all my friends have who have went over there they’ve all been reading the final quest by Rick Joyner and we discuss it and in our discord community and it’s funny man just to see the impact that that book had upon me all of these other people reading it is doing a very similar thing in their spirit in their understanding of God and how the spirit realm works so Rick Joyner’s the final quest you can get it for free audible trial com backslash true seeker those of you have who have already read that book and many of you are because there’s a series of books and in that but make sure y’all read The Alchemist NYX download The Alchemist trust me those are two must have there’s there’s any two books outside of ancient text for me it’s those two and you support the show they really do give us a really good kickback audible chart comebacks that’s true seeker also we got t-shirts and hope to have some cool mugs here soon 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