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What’s up what’s going on everybody how are you I just want to come on here and check in for a moment and say hello and answer some questions always getting a lot of uh new people passion passing through and by the page and people watching my videos and that kind of stuff and people have questions so I just wanted to hang out say hello check in let you know what I got going on and see what you guys got going on I will tell you something that I’m excited about the small things is being able to do this right now and sit in the Sun it’s been raining here in Alabama for like man it’s for like three weeks or so and getting in a routine of looking forward to going outside and getting that sunlight purging purifying connecting praying all that kind of stuff like when you when you can’t do it you don’t appreciate what you got till it’s gone right so that’s something odd that I’ve been looking forward to but I think it’s good that it’s odd it’s peculiar to sit in the Sun it’s been overcast and raining all day and the birds out here playing the hummingbirds it’s just beautiful I look forward to those things the god of Christ command Christianity Gage said what’s up Gade what’s up everybody um awesome Jersey shores in the house I don’t know how to answer that question Gabe I mean um I just don’t know what it’s implying or like a lot it’s just if you can re rephrase it may help me what’s up with twin flames Cheyenne says yeah I don’t know which twin flames I don’t know whatever it’s a big big deal like big thing people are talking about I don’t know how can one raise their vibration for manifestations man believe don’t doubt Don’t Let It Go water the seed make sure that it gets it’s planted in good ground the same thing that you’ll do to a seed if you was to plant a tree you’d do that to whatever you’re trying to manifest speak do you mean you can speak to your plants too speak to your the trees it says it says it helps them to grow speak to your dreams speak the things that you want to manifest speak to it welcome it begin to prepare prepare for it believe it like when you’re expecting a child like when when a woman gets pregnant a seed goes in and it takes right into the Matrix I mean that’s where all all manifestation comes from is from the womb which womb right depends on which one you’re talking about the womb of uh a woman I can tell you when that seed takes in nine months Something’s Gonna manifest because somebody planted a seed something that happened in darkness came to light that’s manifestation so the same kind of precepts applied to manifesting anything you want to take care you want to cater you know you want to prepare the room you want to buy a crib you want to paint your room you want to get all your junk or your stuff out of your spare room because it’s now going to be the baby’s room so now I’m preparing that when this thing I’m manifesting and I’m believing for comes to me it’s coming upon good ground to to fall in my lap and it has a place to stay same way when you get rid of something you know like when you look at the analogies of uh Jesus talking about getting rid of a spirit when the evil spirit leaves someone it leaves their house so you would do the opposite when the evil spirit leaves it goes out to dry places seeking rest and finding none and it tries to come back to that same home but not by itself he gets seven other Spirits stronger than itself and it tries to come back to that residence and if it finds that home swept clean and tidy and now the holy spirit’s living in that part of your life and that part of your mind then there’s No Vacancy here for that Spirit to come I don’t care how many you’re coming back with there’s no room for you good luck I’m already filled up so same thing there’s there’s a room that is prepared swept clean so prepare the room for the thing that you’re you’re trying to manifest um I would speak to it versus speaking to other people you know instead of speaking to like telling everybody what you got going on and what you’re believing for um speak to the thing speak to God speak to the energies start talking to it get familiar with it you know a lot of manifestation and stuff like that is done in darkness your good deeds your arms and what you’re believing for the moment you start telling the wrong people then they start moving in position to try to block it or try to intercept and things like that so trying to put bad energy on it trying to talk you out of it like all of that comes into play with uh trying to birth something and manifest it so that’s how you can get better and you do get better you start with little things and you manifest it and you see some things that every seed takes a different time like the seed of a man inside of a womb a woman it takes nine months for that seed to to take and to fully form and come back so um for you to get a return on that seed I’ve seen things the moment you you move into belief of it the moment you move into um expecting this in your life and saying yes and getting clear on it you’ll see immediate results the moment you you put it out there into the atmosphere the moment you ask God and the moment you create it and your voice speaks to it there’s things that you can say and boom it’s it’s already here there’s no gestation process that doesn’t take nine months some of it’s immediate so I think that different things depending probably on the size or how many people are involved um takes different amounts of time um Roxy says why do I keep getting called to tell everyone that the end of times are coming I trust God I feel like I’m going mental I’ve been telling people too um I don’t care about what’s coming obviously you want to prepare right but if they’re coming there’s nothing it’s nothing to prepare for it’s what’s here what time what times are we in now so for me that’s that’s always been the difference between the so-called false prophets and and those who can discern the times we’re in because like when you you can they’ve been we’ve been saying like end times we’re coming um ever since I’ve been a Christian they’ve been talking about the end times and then hundreds of years before that man thousands of years before that so of preparing for the end like we’re this the end for a lot of people you got to you have to bring those prophecies to the now and it’s nothing to be afraid of like it’s especially if you’re righteous if you’ve been helping people if you believe in Christ if you believe that you are eternal there’s nothing to fear by any means so that’s this it changes everything it’s changing everything so I I would say because when you tell them that then they’re looking they’re looking to the sky they’re looking for an answer they’re looking for a sign and uh the scripture says that a wicked and perverse generation seeks after a sign and None Shall be given we’re in the end times for sure like are in time for our people for Our Generation yeah we’re this is strange what’s happening for us um and knowing that then you can look at those prophecies and begin to see them being fulfilled in what type of way because whatever is like destruction or bad for the wicked it’s only good for the righteous only good we’re okay so when an apocalypse happens which is a which only means of revealing guys they tricked this with imagery and movies when apocalypse happens it is literally being unveiled ta-da what happens when you have a light being somebody who’s a light being you you’re a light inside of you and you got all kinds of light like overwhelming like so much light in you that it’s literally shining out of your skin we’ll call that an aura you can use a different let’s call it a shadow that’s new age we don’t deal with new agers right new way no call it a shadow Peter’s shadow this is aura so much light in him that it was protruding out of him and every time that shadow touched somebody they would be healed by just stand standing next to him even Jesus his clothes were permeated with that energy with that Holy Spirit so the apocalypse is when you show somebody for who they really are when you unveiled them oh man I knew it it’s showing you their real colors and that’s happening all over the world like for the wicked yeah come on turn the news on guys come on like they they covering this stuff on Dateline the problem thing is that they’re not covering what God is doing with the righteous the revolution won’t be televised but we see it we sense that we know it so we know what time it is literally we know what time it is because we’re going through it and we don’t have nobody vocalizing this stuff in a way that is digestible for Christians I’ll be straight with you for Christians so do Christians have to go to new ages new ages been talking about this then talking about it and they got a different language that evokes a different emotion because when they say Rapture or when they say I’m we’re being caught up or we’re when the Native Americans teach you that that they’re being taught in their dreams is different imagery but when the Christian would use some of the biblical terms which I love by the way um your mind goes somewhere and they had to show you an image with it you couldn’t just read it and interpret it we got to show you a picture of people flying to the sky waving by their family see you later you’ve been left behind that’s not it that’s not it that’s not what’s happening that’s not the apocalypse and that’s not the rapture by any means so we’re experiencing this so that’s why we can speak on it and if you’re not experiencing it you can’t it’s just Theology and Doctrine and they’ll they’ll they’ll say the same they’ve been saying you guys just have bad theology bad Doctrine no we’re experiencing this sir this is what we’re experiencing this is our truth I know it’s laughable to you this is our truth and we owned it that’s what separated us that’s one of the things in the videos and the stuff that I had been creating for years like it’s finally like making sense not just me I’m part of a it ain’t about me I’m part of a I’m about you we in a bigger Collective is next about a bodies by everybody coming together because if I’m if I’m the only one experiencing this and vocalizing and saying I’m a crazy person I’m a crazy person until you read the comments until you get the inboxes and the emails until the church is like hey we gotta find a different approach what we’re doing is not working let’s attack the new agers no y’all keep if you if it ain’t broke don’t fix it keep doing what you’re doing why are you messing with us now because it’s working now you have to speak on what we’re doing now you have to get on tick tock and now you have to do it but the only thing you have no authority to speak to her because you’re still mean you’re still Wicked yeah for sure there’s all this stuff right or right now you can see what happened to Rion and what’s happening to that brother Y’all Gonna Make me get emotional it ain’t hard to do see what’s happening to Rion guy had an encounter with Christ and he’s drawn closer to what he believes Christ is that which is infinite absolute love come on and they’re crucifying him people don’t even everybody’s doing videos talking about he got the new age Jesus and it’s a false gospel and he didn’t he doesn’t know he’s a sinner he doesn’t know that God still hates him because he’s happy in his skin no no no no you got to do things a different way because it ain’t working looking at that that’s Christianity just type in rion’s name on on on on Facebook and go read the comments and don’t send him the videos please do not send him the videos he made it hard to reach because of that people are still sending him videos he doesn’t need that I say that to say that Eminem just did a song Eminem just did a remix to a Kanye West song on his uh latest album I believe it is but it’s a really good song um I love the song I I love Kanye’s verse uh look what the Christians were saying about Kanye so forget Eminem right but then Eminem drops this verse talking about how he needs Jesus and I know I’m a sinner and I tried to look to Pills and I tried to look to this these things and they never fulfilled and these kind of things right and now Christians are doing commentary on it they’re saying uh you know is Eminem a Christian because he mentioned that Jesus is Lord and he needs Jesus and those kind of things like everybody’s doing their commentary getting clicks it’s a big thing get the clicks and some people want to pray for him some people want to attack him but listen if Eminem became a born-again Christian if he was outspoken he’s probably always been a Believer to be honest with you but y’all going to want to change them y’all want to change you know correct them and change his style and these kind of things and if he became it and would begin outspoken Christians would crucify him he wouldn’t last a week Eminem would not last a week because this so-called gospel that we have here is clean yourself up and God will accept you don’t come to our church believe in New Age don’t come to our church believe in this don’t come here doing that unless okay we’re not coming we’re cool yeah we’re married to truth and you got to be willing to go wherever truth will take you it’s scary it is very scary sometimes it seems to go against the religion of the day not sometimes all the time the more you read the Bible the more the stuff starts to make sense and then people can tell and discern the times that yeah we’re in the we’re in the end times yeah this is happening it’s happening to me at least in the people who would laugh at you or whatever they’re not experiencing it it is what it is so um know yourself stop listening to people imma share what I’m going through if it resonates awesome click like Click Share if it doesn’t call me a heretic and and tell me I’m I’m deceived and and keep moving do screenshots cool people who need to see it we’ll see it but that’s what’s happening that’s how you know who’s in tune and it is really no shock in the at people in religion or whatever like everybody comes we’re all at different places and it would be silly for everyone to be just like you just like me it’d be silly it wouldn’t there would be no color in it everybody would be in the church and it would all be hands there would be no feat there would be no eyes there would be no ears because all of those things have different functions and the eye is not to say to the ear there is no need of you listen I need you the mouth is not to say to the the heart that there is no need well no we truly need each other look at Moses like that that’s a beautiful study I’ve been doing about the people that was posted in Moses’s life for him to function the way that he did he had people that were good at what he wasn’t like Moses wasn’t trying to be play all the positions he wasn’t trying to do everything Moses did what he did really good hearing God ascending the mountain coming down but then breaking it down listen I need some I can’t speak I have a stuttering lip you have a way with words listen I feel that God told me this and this is what he wants how do we get it through to the people let me speak to him I got you you’re a little bit rude if you tell them you’re gonna scare him let me speak Aaron maybe Moses has so many people in in his life that that worked with him and they weren’t they weren’t at war with him this is what we got to be Adam says true Seeker so many people have questions yeah but here’s the thing any of these questions like there ain’t no one-liners for this stuff y’all there ain’t no one liner that’s why I try to say short let me do a couple questions like one question boom 30 minutes all this connects all of it does it’s so over well it it overwhelmingly in my head connects overwhelming no that doesn’t tie inch everything overwhelmingly connects that’s the beauty of it okay who has a question Adam virgin birth you’re trying to get me crucified already see y’all being controversial as if I wasn’t controversial to begin with I’m controversial about certain things virgin birth we’ll say this the word virgin just means young lady in the scriptures a virgin shall conceive a woman who is Young that’s all that word means so take that to your word study Karen says you took the words right out of my mouth just like Moses and Aaron yeah and man and even Paul Peter those guys like even though they had differences in discrepancies they still listen we’re for the greater good so yeah so you may have to ask the question again guys if I didn’t see it like it’s hard to to Really um staying on topic and uh and continue reading questions while I’m answering one true Seeker do it protect get baptized so I I think you emailed me or messaged me about that and I don’t want to say that like I think that it’s great I think we need to do that I think baptism is key I think it’s powerful um but I don’t I wouldn’t I would not say that baptism protect protects you from from a demon um it is a a a ritual cleansing it’s you moving forward and saying that this is a an outward manifestation of something that’s taking place within me I’m ready to receive what God has for me I’m ready to move forward that mindset protects you from a demon so I don’t want to say just anybody just going through a baptism at a random church or river that that protects you but the mindset that that says that I mean I’m this means I mean business now God I’m tired of playing the fact that you get tired of playing and you’re ready to give it your all I think you’ll be protected um Beth says what’s your thoughts on reincarnation Jonathan there you go let me just John this is the baptism of the Holy Spirit there you go there you go thank you we need each other right the baptism of the Holy Spirit get filled up with the Holy Spirit and there’s so much Holy Spirit within you there’s no room for any outside demonic energy and literally they they begin to run from you once your light becomes so bright they can’t even stand next to you them standing next to you is imminent death and they run and they beg to leave your presence look at Jesus so the baptism of the holy spirit for sure I think that that is what protects you from demons but that ain’t nothing to play with like you know what I’m saying so it really has to be a it really you gotta as long as you mean business man like you ain’t got to worry about nothing as long as your hands are clean and your heart’s pure it’s not gonna be that you’re not tempted or or scared or anything but you’re still gonna have to go you still have to go through it I love you bro Jonathan so do you not believe that the Virgin birth was to bring Jesus into this sinful world through Mary who had never had sex a virgin um I just I try to be careful like I do believe this stuff but I try I know it’s obviously I’m already polarizing but it’s like only how much you can go I feel maybe not you guys are asking the question so this is just where I’ve been years ago where we were crucified for teaching this stuff we’re laughed at mocked ridiculed whatever but it’s part of it um Jesus the Bible I’ll say this the Bible says that Joseph is Jesus’s dad straight up it doesn’t say step daddy some things were added here’s what you know what’s added when you begin to read about him being his father there’s a couple places where it’s in italics if you read because it’s it was inserted and the italics is when it’s talking about that it says as it says and Jesus it was Mary Jesus and his father as was supposed his father Joseph the as was supposed is added that’s added it and if you read it in context it literally it tells you Joseph was Jesus’s father when it says that he would come we just got done talking about a seed the Bible says in Romans and all through the scriptures that Jesus would come through the seed of David seed is from a man it’s the it’s the semen like that’s what seed is and he is of the seed of David so yeah it just it brings a lot of more things into question so no I I believe the Bible says that Joseph was Jesus’s father like um who he was before he came the spirit that incarnated in him that was of the holy spirit that which was is in you was of the Holy Spirit so I mean it’s a whole breakdown there’s a lot to it they I believe many people teach that they came together um before the wedding but that’s not a sin it wasn’t a sin actually coming together is the wedding it’s not about coming into trading house horses and land and and giving money and all that no it’s like they came together they were in love and when you come together that’s your wife so they was not in sin she was young and already pregnant before they came together know I know it’s it’s going to be hard to get those kind of ideas out of your head just because what we’ve been taught and and and many places won’t even let you have the conversation and that’s why it’s scary to talk about because they won’t even let us talk about this or explore it you’ll be called names ridiculed oh you’re this oh you’re that um I think another precept there would just piggybacking off of that question is that Jesus would not come through the bloodline of of sin right of sinful flesh um so he wasn’t he didn’t have to come from a man but he came from a woman um I think the scripture is clear that and me and my friend was talking about this earlier I wish we would have recorded it but um and for most in Christendom it’s about what Jesus did right and that’s it that is it it’s what he did Oh How He Loves Me for sure for sure I’m with that um I couldn’t fix myself I couldn’t help myself but Christ comes to me but he does that to initiate you to be baptized with the spirit to do greater things than him and so that I this idea and for the majority in Christendom is like Let Jesus do it he done he did it won’t he do it will he still do it yeah but how through you through you when you get the baptism of the Holy Spirit God is now operating through you so Jesus from birth was filled with this with the spirit he was filled with the spirit without measure he received his anointing at the baptism right the literally Dove came down and rested upon him so all that to say that there’s this thing of what Jesus did and Jesus is beckoning us to step out of the boat because I want to teach you to do what I did but when we say things like you know the likeness of sinful flesh and those kind of things it makes us think that he wasn’t tempted on every way as we are which makes him fully God and not human right but he came in the likeness of sinful flesh the scripture says that to show you what you can do to really take away all of our excuses you had an excuse you never seen nobody do what he did but now that he’s doing it there’s no excuse for you not to there’s no excuse for you to be Wicked there’s no excuse for you to live beyond uh below your your means because he did it and but it would be different if it stopped with him but Jesus but then we continue to see the apostles and disciples and many many after that in the early church continue to do miracles to do Feats and to do all types of things um and it wasn’t because of their Humanity it was because of their Humanity was in submission to God that it was ruled by the carnality of this world but they still had God’s spirit within them that let them do that and that’s an invitation for us so the thing you know in the scripture says specifically that Jesus Took not upon himself the nature of angels so I really think that that doctrine of him like he had to be born of a virgin or he would have been a sinner no the power in that story is listen I’m tempted too man I’m tempted too I’m tempted you don’t think when they slapped me I wanted to slap back I turned my cheek I held my peace like oh you’re just good you’re just good you’re so good you say no they sold they told him that you’re just so good man you’re so you got so much of God in you yeah but I got I got I’ve got flesh I’m here I’m in the flesh the flesh is subjective to the things of the flesh but the spirit is eternal and I choose to walk in the spirit it’s not a given we’re not robots Jesus wasn’t a robot I’m not a robot you’re not nobody is and to think that they’re on this pedestal where they don’t like you laying down your carnality you laying down the hatred when you lay it down on the altar even continually like that is an offering what else is praise singing and dancing in the church I love that trust me I do but a true act of worship is let me kill something on this altar what am I what you gonna kill animal that’s what y’all kill and they’d ask me if I’m killing animals no I’m killing my flesh my fleshly nature and it’s a learning experience but I know that the scripture says that we are to be living sacrifices would you’re supposed to be a sacrifice unto the god unto God a sweet smelling aroma and that’s what Jesus did all the way unto death because as beautiful as he is and everything he if you read John 17. like he’s begging father let these people get it let him get it let them know how much you love them or we know how much he loves you Jesus that’s all that matters no you’ve already missed it no he’s begging the father before he goes to the Cross Lord let them know how much you love him the love that we shared before I incarnated here the love that you have for me let them know that that same love you had with them before they incarnated here this is his prayer John 17 it’s super beautiful when you read it slow and he’s like I see him begging father please please not just my disciples I want to do everything I can so that they get it but let them know that they’re not lacking in anything that that same love is that you have for me you had and have for them but not just them he continues to say everyone that they reach everything and everyone that they reach let them know that’s including me and you that the love that we shared lit a fire in my heart that burns as a flame back before the start this flame is eternal you are Eternal this is temporary I got a lot of friends that wanna you know talk about the um you know Ascension and they want to take their bodies with them trust me I do too I like I think I I like what I’ve become here right but no I don’t see that anywhere in the scripture there’s a fear there’s a there’s escapism with it this this is a seed this is the seed and it must go back to the Earth and permeate that light and leave a mark and there’s certain things that don’t happen until you shed the skin so Ascension somebody said biblical attention for sure we’ll call that Ascension Jesus ascended and need a Anita says no new body I’m getting a new body what happens if this body travels at the speed of light dead is burns up now the angels have the ability to travel back and forth from heaven and to assume the role of of men when they get here see that’s the that’s what you get and they do that and they’ve been doing that whether at will or whether incarnated embodies and coming through the birth canal of a woman through that portal how do they travel from the star that enters a child that is a child the the new age term starseed like totally Jesus was that like read the the birth of Christ I believe it’s in I believe it’s the Luke account read that slow want to know what star was above them what time was it do we know that this was the star of the Messiah when this conception happened we need to find that baby this was a ancient prophecy so same thing with you where’d you come from where are you going what are you gonna do where’s your people who’d you come from the Christians don’t care about that you’ll see that’s why they get done any kind of way Jesus told them that I said listen for my I forgot forgive me I don’t want to misquote but from the days of Noah I don’t know from the days of nowhere to John the Baptist the Kingdom of Heaven suffered violence and on top of that the violent have been taking it by force we’ve been victim to this we haven’t even been able to put up a fight we don’t know we don’t know what the we don’t know the weapons of our Warfare which are not carnal But Mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds we don’t know this Holy Ghost Weaponry you don’t know who you are that’s why they can tell you who you are but once you do I don’t think we ever fully know but it’s we’re learning we’re learning we’re becoming we’re finding out as you’re ready and they got all these uh there’s like five of them of these um hummingbirds we had one or two for like a long time but now now they’re coming there’s so many five of them and they were fighting like for the longest time they were fighting and then when these other ones came they’re playing they they’re fighting turned into like a mating dance and stuff that where they’re connecting and some of them are still they still a little hostile but I’m seeing them do different things and this is small things that are beautiful there’s plenty to go around but they’re fighting over it sounds like us right plenty to go around but you fight over life how are you and any of this stuff that obviously I’m just talking about I do plan on being able to teach and flesh out but um I just find it very hard but you gotta try right so I am working on some um materials that are going to really break it down through the scriptures the Greek the Hebrew breaking down the words so that you can get it and know that it’s in there um Melanie says would you consider studying the uh Kabbalah anti would you consider studying the Bala anti-christian I have these books ten Lost Books of the prophets that incorporate the Kabbalah which I’ve seen is considered occultist knowledge so I’m no expert people accuse me of studying like or teaching the occult or or teaching um Kabbalah I don’t know much of it by any means um I have found something very interesting is that really through this the study of scriptures and in your own process in prayer like whatever that these certain societies are hiding if there’s any truth to it because the problem is we’ll have those things that are mixed with lies even in the Bible good things mixed with lies even in any church you go to good things mixed with lies right um God has the ability to reveal the hidden things that these Societies in these places are hiding and they I’m no I’m not a Freemason um I don’t really even endorse their work it’s a hidden secret society I’m not really privy to things but I have friends who are and we’ll have conversations and they’re like oh bro you don’t need to become a Mason like you already know our secrets like as we’re flowing in the spirit I’m telling them what they’re doing like a lot of it’s just through study of the scripture and kind of seeing the world view of many things and um they’re like yeah you don’t even need to you don’t need to do this because at the highest you know more than with the highest degrees teach and I’ve not I don’t study their material not do I know bits and pieces here and there for sure but it’s been the same thing with meditation it’s been the same thing with so many schools of thought including the kabbalistic studies people are accusing me of studying and teaching a Kabbalah I don’t know much at all I on my life I have not read much if not anything of that so um I don’t want to vouch for any system you know that’s even ideas of like you know how I kind of I talk about the similarities of maybe a Biblical tradition was Reiki you know or tarot and those kind of things right um and I don’t want to vouch for any of those first of all I’m not I haven’t taken any courses I don’t know everything they believe like Reiki I do know energy healing I do know the laying on of hands I do feel energy I do know that anybody can if they’re in tune I do know people can pull it and push it and move it yes but when someone does that and creates rules and regulations and puts a gives it a name and calls it Reiki now you must submit to those guidelines I don’t know those guidelines right um so if you want to submit to that like I can show you like scripturally some nuances there but as far as saying Reiki that’s not a biblical term but moving pushing pulling energy healing with the laying on of hands for sure for sure um Tarot I get I get the idea 100 I get the iconography I get the um the uh Arcana I think it’s called with the different archetypes yeah I get it I know they represent different things about the psyche different things about your life and and people use that modality um I don’t know if there’s any I’m I haven’t studied I’m not a student of that but I do know that it has an effect and I do know depending on the practitioner you’re going to get a different thing you’re going to get a different reading same thing about any of those things that I vouch for in the Bible the baptism of the Holy Ghost oh yeah come on let’s go I love it thank you God I love the baptism of the holy spirit for sure but they got certain churches that you can go to and you tell them you want to operate in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the same Danger from The Strangers that come from Reiki and come from tarot you are are dealing with in Christendom because of the practitioner 100 and so that’s the dichotomy that’s the thing that it’s it’s not the modality by any means all those modalities or something similar or biblical they were practiced they were performed to get amazing results by Christians and by the Hebrews so vouching for any of those things you know I don’t I would never biblically but I would never condemn you I would ask you the fruit um a word of knowledge somebody who gives you a word of knowledge which is a Biblical spiritual gift who has been studying the end of the world prophecy they may they may have been doing word studies and they think that gay people are demons and stuff now I don’t know what they think just weird stuff when they begin to operate in the spirit it’s influenced by what they’ve been studying and they’re subject to that in their secret life their quiet life their devotion time and their personal preferences and this is Christians does it mean that it’s truth no it’s their truth it’s influenced it’s peppered so the same thing with laying on of hands the same thing with Reiki that’s why the scripture says lay hands on no man suddenly somebody just let anybody touch you put their hands on you so the same rules apply I don’t care what you call it now that’s a beautiful bird I don’t even know if I’ve seen that bird before blackbird with a red neck I hope that helps I hope it it does help because let’s just say this any of those modalities those tools they’re just tools every your voice is a tool the Bible is a tool everything’s a tool for what for you to use and to incorporate but what happens when it a person that’s wicked gets a hold of the tools it doesn’t matter what you call it or this is Holy Ghost Field no it’s not you’re lying to people bro this is you you field now you’re using your platform to get your anti-homophobic message out there because you struggle secretly with being gay but you got a wife like come on man give the unadulterated truth like just let us know man that’s what we’re dealing with it comes through the vessel that’s why you got to be clean and clear conduit Clean Hands and a pure heart because you’ll start sprinkling that stuff in there and it just happens by default but it doesn’t matter who’s got the cards guys I don’t think it it matters because or what what modality because if it comes through a loving person it’s gonna be a loving message that’s going to help you that’s going to edify you but if it comes so it all it all ties back to spiritual gifts everything does but what spirit is in you what are you divining from what are you dividing from because it’s what I call God and what your pastor calls God and the Holy Spirit that could be two different things and what God stands for what is he strongly against this is a big deal guys like you got to know this it doesn’t matter what you call it Jay says how to maintain when things are hard I just go back to the basics but any tips thanks peace and love uh type or response a DM taking Advance exactly what you said keep it simple this stuff is so deep and so so many angles and perspectives you have to be able to um to be able to make make it simple for people and for yourself and for that the basics for me is really it is what I like that the good stuff about Christianity of what the Christian church is doing worship prayer devotion and the Christians are right to the extent that we don’t need any of those things we don’t need those cards we don’t need those things anymore no you don’t need anything that’s the Beautiful thing about about the gospel is that you don’t need anything you can literally close your eyes and begin to pray or sing a song and change the atmosphere you can think about something and then speak on it and create it you don’t need tools you don’t need the bloodletting like you don’t need those things that the wicked need they still need those things and I find that um very liberating that it’s the Simplicity of why Christ came um but it’s but with that being said to say you don’t need it or we don’t need it is projecting because some people need it some people need it you don’t need a megaphone just Raise Your Voice they can hear you some people need it use it for good so what I’m proposing that that wasn’t much change through from Genesis to revelation I believe there was only a couple things changed only a couple but those obviously systems and modalities still work if you work them if you work them and the same rules apply biblically if you work them wrong if you use them to hurt people yeah and your platform your church is in that too if you use that for good listen because we’re interpreting this stuff um and we think we know what it means and we have no idea I’m bad idea I ain’t complaining though I’m not complaining it’s the spirit that matters it’s the spirit okay what you’re doing is the spirit any other questions before I jump off here hmm I believe a lot was left out yeah a lot was left out um but the stuff that’s left in there I mean I don’t want to discourage people from reading the um you know the regular versions because there’s so much in there that’s good but but when something stands out to you I want to encourage you to look up the terminology to look up the words that are used there um because you’ll find so much you’ll find so much um Bradley says I’ve studied I’ve studied what books were taken out and which ones were added I have my study NLT a KJV the Apocrypha Maccabees books the Catholics took out of the Council of Nastia decided this was the with this with the Lord’s help the Bible has all it needs to lead you into your heavenly Eternal salvation I’ll say again projecting the Bible has all you need to lead you to your heavenly Eternal salvation we’re here for different reasons we want to know what was taken out of it and why and what we find is that most of those reasons they tell us doesn’t add up well what was in it and you start finding out some really interesting things were in it um you don’t need to no you can read read you can read the Bible you can’t study the Bible without it by any means you cannot you cannot you need you need more you need more you need more Deborah who is the best author of the books you love uh books taken out the best author um dude I’ll say this like everybody’s not going to do this though I know they’re not but you got to study antiquity you gotta study what what it looked like before you got it you gotta study what it looked like before they showed you what it looked like recently Google uh doc dot go like so much is at our fingertips or or just I mean what’s going to help you it’s just the words the Greek and Hebrew words I know everybody’s not going to do this I know I know I’m talking to the bereans the Deep people I know this but but I want help I want people doing the same I don’t want to I’m the one reading and like I want all my people I know this stuff I I know how deep it goes and like but I don’t want to scare you but this is scary I don’t want to deceive people but we’re already deceived so what books I mean I don’t know like I the bi I’m good with the Bible so just everybody uses that the moment you break up these books that are taken out you’ll get shut down by just religious or mainstream whatever um you know maybe read Enoch you know some of the Apocrypha stuff um just some of the other books that are referenced uh Solomon Solomon’s The Testament of Solomon like some of those things at least know what’s in there you don’t have to be an expert or study it like just kind of know what was in the area right that the early church knew about in the early church had and even before them so then once you know that and then you maybe watch some documentaries on Antiquity and those kind of things you’ll find out more you’ll know what it looked like and you’ll be familiar um so that’s for the Deep Berean and again I know everybody’s not going to do that and I do I think I have a way of speaking over you know lay people’s heads as far as like you’re not gonna like do the word studies and stuff like that so to say that you have to you know what I’m saying like um just reading it and say what what does it mean for me today and interpreting it what does it mean for me spiritually literal is cool as you read the literal It’s Gonna Make It Real to you but then what does this mean for me spiritually and then what what did it look it looked like for them spiritually I mean that’s a good place to start I mean there’s so much that are so beautiful seven Heavenly virtues Erica says yes where should we study antiquity Google Ancient Aliens is going to give you a little bit of stuff but you know that’s super far out but go to YouTube and look up anything coming from like the Smithsonian um there’s certain colleges there’s uh Britannica go to Britannica any word that you read if you find the the Hebrew or Greek just know this there’s a story behind it there’s a story behind the words that are used in Hebrew and Greek and they’re not what they’re not as simple as we’ve been told to understand that everybody should get it it is more it opens it up it’s like oh my goodness but if you want to open it up if you want to you know what I’m saying you’ll do those things you are you’ll take my advice and you’ll do it but if not like you read these stories man and you you make it real you read about Jesus helping and healing and caring and you do the small things because if you’re not doing that and you try to go to the Deep far out stuff you’ve kind of missed it I mean even the stuff I’m talking about divination and all those things like if you’re not do if you’re not initiated into Christ and you’re trying to tap into those things those comments are real like those people are sharing those stories I’m sharing my story for a reason like I tapped into that stuff it wasn’t good so there’s a reason but if you if your intentions and your motives and your heart is pure there’s nothing to be afraid of and there’s nothing that God will will keep away from you he’ll you literally can ask him and he’ll show you he’ll make whatever documentary pop up on your feed on your YouTube that’s never suggested it’ll be suggested to you like so trust me these things are are beautiful but they don’t go without what the brother said a while ago the simplicities bringing it back to the easy things like if you’re not doing that stuff I don’t care about your deep stuff because you got people on Ancient Aliens and who teach this stuff who run circles around all of us put together but their hearts are not pure they’re doing it to try to disprove Christianity it just is what it is they’re not doing it to help you they’re not doing it they’re doing it to Lord it over you to mock your religion and all of these things and many of those people are teaching and they’re doing it and I would say be wary of that it’d be different if they were meditating if they were in prayer if they believed that God is good and somebody says Paul Wallace and I’m speaking about him I’m I’m speaking I’m in senior I didn’t see your comment until I said it synchronicity I’m speaking about him and I love Paul Wallace I love Paul Wallace but there is no you cannot Lord this information and beat people over the head and take away their stuff without giving them something like you you guys don’t know how many like messages I’m getting about Paul Wallace for good reason the the information yeah study Paul Wallace let it scare you go read just go yeah go listen to this stuff let it scare you it will it will if you’re a Christian like if you’re not you’re cool to like come Whatever May but once you’re married to a narrative and this other one is like oh God I believe the lie like what they’ve been showing me is it’s then somebody’s lying go there I will say that but don’t do it without prayer without knowing who you are because Paul Wallace begins to tell you who you are you know other people who are doing this out of anger begin to tell you who you are and what’s right so your story matters your spirituality your well-being there’s a lot that they’ve been hiding from us and yes Paul Wallace’s work is is great but there’s no anytime God Christ the Holy Spirit like anytime you get in trouble you get corrected the mother is there to nurture you and to hold you so yeah somebody’s pulling teeth is hard but it’s not you deserve it you were alive no it’s like hold on I got you like God is about restoration and so we got to go back to look at these things that have messed us up and we’ve believed but I think that that’s why God is using me right now I know I’m fully convinced is because that is my heart okay how deceived how crazy say what you want when the heart is restoration when the heart is relationship God is saying I can trust you I can trust you with my people I can try I can speak to you and you’ll say it you’re not scared of them anymore and you’re learning sometimes I am I don’t want to like even guys asking me about the Virgin birth is like I know what it does do I need to tell them maybe you know like I want I don’t want to cause the little ones to stumble I don’t want to just snatch your faith away from you without being hey like this is how it fits so with those messages I’m getting about Paul Wallace and what he’s teaching Sumerian come on this is this is It’s truth guys it is but what do we do what now how do we act how do we pray what now and I don’t feel like his work is really doing that and he was a pastor like he was I feel like he knows that like those conversations we I’ve had them on my podcast twice over the years you know and I appreciate what he’s doing his work is monumental and yeah and my work is sounding a lot like his my research just it’s it’s eerie how how true that is that’s that’s what he’s talking about it’s very eerie and it’s scary to the Christian to the regular people listen you’re good like you don’t know you’re not married to these traditions and I know that like there’s certain things that check you um there’s certain things that scare you for the Christian why because they scared me like it took me years to come around to embrace the stuff and I still get scared so that’s what I’ll say but what is what is um what’s the Bible says this think on these things for good reason whatever is true whatever is Noble whatever is virtuous whatever is of good report think on these things the Bible is clear on this for good reason so just to be like a doom and gloom preacher a doom and gloom Theologian a doom and gloom researcher no whatever’s good let’s see how does this affect us now how can we take our power back and so that’s what I’m studying how do we take our power back how does this fit into the gospel how does this fit into Antiquity to all of these things that we’ve been uh reading and researching and because I wrestle with those things and I study a lot and I feel like God can trust me then he shows me and if he can’t I pray that he doesn’t I pray he never does I pray that this I pray on my Outsider looking in it’s we got too many people out here like punching down on people who don’t know what you know and and not I don’t care about theology for the sake of theology I don’t care about mythology for the sake of Mythology but how is this well we used to joke around to say we’re out when I used to work on a certain job what’s that got to do with the price of rice in China how does that help the widows and orphans that’s what Jesus said studying endless genealogies and all what’s that got to do with anything what are you doing why are you telling these people these things so jumping off here I love you guys



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