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There are keys to manifesting your dreams. Practical steps that actually work. Jennifer Casolary sat down with TruthSeekah to explain some of the practical things that we can do in our day to day to keep our vision in front of us and our goals in the forefront. Habakkuk 2:2 in the King James Bible speaks about the importance of actually writing down our goals and having a vision board. Studies have shown that you are 50 percent more likely to achieve your goals simply by writing them down. Repetition reduces resistance. By hearing a phrase or hearing mantras over and over again we tend to subconsciously let down our guard and these memes being to take root in our minds. Jennifer Casolary has developed an app that helps you do all of this in your day to day simply within your smart phone. Subliminal Vision Boards is a great app that help you keep track of your goals and has tons of features and customizations. Check it out at

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let everybody know thank you everybody who’s supporting on patreon you guys are helping me do this week to week day-to-day and I’m doing this full-time now so I’m able to invest everything in to the music to the podcast and certain ministry and everything that I believe in and I couldn’t do it without you guys so thank you everyone supporting on patreon if you would like to support you can head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker and you can sign up at any level of giving to support the channel support what I’m doing and you get perks you get rewards there’s you get my entire discography which is like around ten albums some albums that I don’t even promote anymore and I’m really ashamed of because when I was just starting to learn how to rap I put out music and it probably wasn’t smart but I did that and it’s available for you guys there also all the new music that I’m working on is available as well a bunch of cool stuff I’m working on uh so I’ve been doing today just working on music and putting out stuff so soon as something is done it’s available over there at patreon also there is an exclusive t-shirt that I just designed for you guys who are giving at the twenty five dollar level this is the shirt now and so for people who are listening on the podcast in you guys can’t see but there’s a beautiful picture of this black shirt with a purple design this Percel purple person who is meditating in space and there’s triangles and geometry and Hebrew and there’s also some runes and stuff like that really cool it says open your mind true seeker calm this is exclusive for the people who have been given at the $25 level and finally got a dope shirt that’s exclusive for you guys and we got the true seeker symbol at the top we got the Flower of Life at the bottom and Flower of Life is a symbol that’s very near and dear to my heart and essentially what we talk about on this show is everyone being connected we are all part of the same source we are all part of one another and so when we discuss spirituality when we discuss being able to be sensitive to the spirit realm we talk about walking in the rooms and being able to feel the heaviness that people are going through the spirits that are in that room and the spirits that it may be on people or pressing them you can feel it in your own body and so this is what it means to know that we’re all connected that you’re able to feel what your brothers and sisters are going through you are moved like Jesus by their infirmities with compassion and so this is what that symbol means and so that symbols on the shirt we talked about all that and more on this podcast and that that’s what I think the the all the inbox messages that I’ve been getting through email are people saying that the stuff you’re talking about on the podcast and in your music is stuff that I’ve only been thinking of in my mind my whole life and you’re vocalizing the stuff that goes on in my head so it’s really cool that people are resonating with the podcast and it’s growing tremendously fast and it’s really cool I’m excited I’m excited to share the sacred space with you guys every time that we go live and we’re building a tribe it’s so cool to talk to you guys and meet you guys one-on-one and actually build relationships with you also there’s a Facebook group as well for the patrons as well backslash truce to go go over there and check out what we’re doing also have to talk a little bit about my brother Anthony Cummings and what he’s bringing to the table you all know that I had him on the show and we talked about healing from childhood wounds and how to kind of get over some of the stuff that we’ve been dealing with ever since we were children and many of us don’t even know that we that we’ve been affected by these wounds and hurts and unforgiveness and things like that so we did a podcast on that but Anthony is offering biblical language coaching for those of you guys who are interested teaching you how to speak the language of the Bible to speak the language that Jesus spoke and really powerful brother he’s been through a bunch of quit he got a bunch of content credentials under his belt make sure you guys check him out people ask me all the time do I believe that the King James Version is the infallible Word of God and I’ll get that message all the time my answer is no I don’t believe it’s infallible I believe it’s been changed it’s been tampered with there’s enough truth in it to read it and to apply it to your life obviously but if you want to know what the infallible word is it’s it’s actually the spirit which is the word but as far as the written word we got to go back to the Hebrew and we got to go back to the Greek so Anthony is teaching you not only to speak it but to read it you’ll be able to take Anthony’s courses that he’s offering and learn how to speak and read Hebrew Greek Aramaic Anthony offices are all he studied under Michael Heizer and you guys know we totally vouched for dr. Michael Heizer and everything that he brings to the table as well so he’s got some discounts if you guys go check him out now you can go you can email them and we’re gonna talk about a little bit more at the end but biblical language coaching at I got a bunch of you guys who were into the Messianic roots of the faith and a bunch of you guys listen who who still celebrated in and and keep the Feast of the Bible and this would be perfect for you guys man so Anthony Cummings y’all go check him out he’s a good brother and I vouch for everything that dude’s doing planned for you guys we’re going to be speaking with a friend of mine Jennifer Castle Larry she’s on the show and we’re gonna be speaking about manifestation and speaking your dreams to reality little tricks of the trade that you can do to help you manifest what you want and and knowing that it’s the divine will of God or the Creator for you to thrive in your best life now and for you to have those things that you want those things that are in your vision in your heart to release them and manifest them in this reality and so we’re gonna be talking about that welcome my friend welcome to the podcast how are you I’m doing excellent thank you so much for having me hello everybody oh yeah so we got a bunch of people listening in the chat room right now buncha people holding us down love and a lot more people will be listening on the podcast again so welcome to the community and you reached out to me about a week ago and I showed me some stuff that you’re working on and I thought it was beautiful I thought it was phenomenal I definitely want to get in on it because what you offer I’ve got some things written down and jot it down everywhere and my handwriting is bad it’s chicken scratch but you and you always want to have your dreams and stuff in a place where you can see them and you’re in your goals and so you can check everything off and you come up with this awesome way that helps people do it by using what we all have is a smartphone talked a little bit about subliminal vision boards and and what what you’re doing with that absolutely so about three years ago I was in a place where I knew I wanted more you know we’ve all been there and my father had passed away a few months ago of must before that and I always say his last lesson to me was to live because after a few months of mourning his passing on I realized that I really wanted to get back into designing and creating again and it was at that point actually that morning that I had put out there into the universe where source or God had had heard me or I was really dedicated I was going to do something that I loved and I was dedicated to that that that next afternoon I was literally had a quantum moments the idea came to have to create a subliminal vision board my fiancee was always into subliminal and I always loved vision boards but you know I we tried to do a vision board once and I just couldn’t find the right the right photo for it and I thought I left very disappointed at the bookstore because I thought how am I supposed to be limited in my imagination and so it was then that I decided that I needed a better way and so my fiancée and I created subliminal vision boards app and it has just taken vision boards to another level it is and I always call it a divine tool because I believe that it’s it’s been created through me from the universe but also for the masses there are so so many beautiful people that are living a life that it’s not their highest potential and this is a beautiful almost an educational tool on how to focus on your dreams and your goals and to be able to have them right at your fingertips right on your phone the whole time the best part is and this is what kind of moves it away from other vision boards is that we added advanced subliminal technology now what makes this amazing is that we don’t tap into the power of our subconscious mind enough and the subconscious mind is about 95 percent of what we decide on the actions that we take on the thoughts that we think it has it has been like a record player in our lives since we were born and maybe even in past lives I’m not quite sure as far as DNA but I know from when we were born and so there is so much that’s in our subconscious mind that is kind of yuckiness you know fears that we’ve taken on some other people you know we’ve been brainwashed a lot from the media and the fact of the matter is is that when we can harness that power and tap into that power our minds with what we want that is when tree manifestation that happens mm-hmm and you’ve just you’ve just made it a lot easier for people to access that um that’s it there’s a scripture I always like to toss stuff to the by what I says how my mom works but there’s a scripture and um Habbakuk to – are you familiar with this scripture at all I’m not okay so Habbakuk – to the King James Version says says and the Lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain upon two tables that he that readeth may run with it so to write the vision and make it plain that’s two things to do there first of all to write it down and to make it plain that he who reads it or he who sees it may be able to run with it right the revelation down the Revelation is what you want to do with your life the vision that where you see yourself now versus where you want to be and and I think I think many of us have that even if it’s small things some people are kind of in that stream and they’re where they want to be but there’s still some small things that they want to achieve and so we have these big grand ideas of this person we want to be but there’s practical steps on how to get there and so part of it is writing it down and and I like the way with the app that it actually lays it out plain right so here’s my like I sat down a couple weeks ago and wrote down I don’t know if you can see it but uh maybe it comes into focus I don’t know but it looks like chicken scratch and it’s hard to read and it’s just on a random piece of paper like I have these ideas in my heart right and I know um but but to go back to them and to really give them thought intention and and to speak them out and all of this stuff is powerful what’s cool with your app is that you have the same type of features but it gives you reminders throughout the day right don’t you have a feature on there that gives you Anders about like what what like that we need to give attention to these things to make a manifest absolutely so repetition is key to making any change in your life whether it’s small steps or big shifts in your life and so what we do is we actually send up daily notifications to manifest so it’s a very simple app but there’s a ton of goodies in it you can create unlimited vision boards which is really important because I don’t think you should ever be limited in your dreams or your goals and a lot of the times the old way of doing vision boards is that you would just put one big board and it would be like kind of a collaboration of everything the car the house peace love everything and what this app allows you to do is to if you want to do it that way you can but you can also create themed boards so if it’s something where you are wanting to bring more eleven to your life you don’t have to bring in that and a new house so you could just create a board of self loves or confidence or self-respect or bringing that love that you want in your life or bringing more health into your life so there’s no limits on how many boards you can create with this app which is something that I really love because there should be no limitations the other thing too is that you can download so the mind works with images images are gonna create an emotion and it’s really not the other way around most of the time and images will create thoughts which will create an emotion and so when you see an image that gut feeling that instinct that alignment with source or with your God will actually it will resonate with you it will connect with your soul so if you don’t have the images maybe on your phone you can go straight to Google Images and find the exact scripture or the exact image from exact quotes whatever it is that you want to heal or manifest in your life you just type it and go straight to Google Images and whatever close to your soul you hold it down and it goes right onto your board there’s no cutting up there’s no you know there’s there’s no glue there’s no everything is right at your fingertips right on your phone yeah tons of testimony because I mean why this appeals to me is because this is where I’m at within the last couple months I’ve seen it and in small areas of my life of like out of nothing like getting their image for myself and then within a few weeks a month two months seeing the image of myself where I wanted to be manifest of something that in that moment seems so far away but connecting what source going into the spirit realm spending time them to actually remember how I would I would cry I would I would read some of the stuff on McManus assist seems too far out but the testimonies is that it works that you can manifest your reality you can have those things that are your heart’s desire P and there’s a big place out there where people feel unworthy or they’re dreaming too big or whatever but in order to understand that even with some of the things that I have written down it’s to have this big vision but have little small goals on the way to fulfilling that that vision right I’m checking them off my list it seems seems daily now with little goals and whatever so what so what do you have to say as far as I want to talk about the goals but let’s see what are some testimonies from your life personally about using the app or just use a manifestation in general like some laws that totally worked for you yeah so I would say that really it’s all about intention focused intention and you know that really it encompasses so much you know that’s kind of what prayer is really prayer is focused intention on on someone or or you know something and that’s really kind of what it is is this just focused intention on what you want um so what I always asked this is my question that I always ask myself I always ask what is one thing that you would like to heal or manifest in your life and the first answer that comes into your minds I believe comes from your heart any other answer after that it’s gonna be your mind and it’s gonna be self doubt and your critic gonna come in and everything else is gonna come to war fit right so if you could just focus on that one answer and not not judge it never judge your dreams never judge your goals or your or your you know your your desires you know this is your life and I think there’s so many people that focus on what other people want for their life or what other people think they should be or have in their life but the fact of the matter is this is your life this is your dreams these are your goals and I believe that we all come down here for a purpose on this on this earth and and the more that you focus on what you want in your life the more that you will create love and create joy in your life and you will evolve and expand and in the end the universe gets that gift that you came down here to bring to it so it’s it’s really about focusing on what you want focusing on than what you love taking those steps toward it creating momentum that’s really big to do and that’s what this app allows you to do is it it allows you every day you just spend five minutes a day focusing on looking at your board and you can also record your voice with it too which is really super powerful to hear your own voice speaking about what you want in your life it’s really really really really special doing that and it’s really powerful and and I’ve been using this for the last about three or four months I’ve been having it developed and I had an iPhone so I’ve been waiting for it to be ready for iPhone and I of it I created a yoga board and created a self-confidence board in the last two or three months I’ve been able to go live I’ve never did any kind of public speaking but just getting in tune with the power of Who I am is so powerful and this app really has helped me do that whatever it is if it’s healing my eye or doing more health it has healing tones as well we know we’re mostly water and it’s a few geo frequencies so I’m not quite sure if you know the power of frequencies but so this comes with the nine powerful Sufi geo frequencies as well which can heal your body and your mind so there is so much in this app but the main thing is that it allows you to really sit down and put focus and attention and intention on what you want in life we puts too much focus on what we don’t want and this app allows you to shift that perspective and start talking and speaking and feeling what you want by simply looking at the images and affirmations that you put on board it works cool cuz I got it I’ve actually got a friend of mine who he didn’t have the app at the time but he he would use he set his alarm on his phone and his alarm what every eye he would do it every hour and he wanted to pray every hour and so he said he set an alarm for every hour of the day to pray and you have to go through like manually and set can’t set it to to do it every hour on the hour and he would do that but it’s cool because the app actually lets you do that it lets you set timers to know like okay I know I’m gonna get up I know I’m gonna have my breakfast but to be reminded to pick pick the app up opened it glanced at it for a few minutes just just take a few minutes just to just to give it the intention for all attention for the day to create it it doesn’t take much it really doesn’t take much but it but what I found it takes consistency and I think that’s what cool about it and that’s what it helps with it’s being consistent and for me that’s just been my hashtag lately or my life is consistency because once I’m being consistent even with the podcast I’m so creative I got so much stuff that I have my hands in it tries to pull me away hey man check this out maybe you can help here oh yeah I can help here let me let me let me get it has a note I got to come back to what’s working I have to be consistent if I want to see growth and to see this thing that we’ve birthed to mature and it’s exactly what it is just consistency and just going back to it like if you if you plant a seed you got a water the seed you got a water it daily you got a nurture it the same thing with these dreams and visions they’re seeds the Scriptures talk about that it talks about Jesus gives the parable of the sower and it talks about the seed falling upon different types of ground and some and and some off actually fell upon stony ground and it wasn’t able to take root because it was stones others would would come up in dry places and it would start to come up and then the Sun would kill it or the weeds would come up and kill it and that’s all symbolic about the word which is the power of the spoken word the Ruach of actually speaking these things out confessing them and therefore moving into manifestation that when our hearts and our minds align with the vision and with the dream is one thing but then the power of confession to do it and sometimes we got to be remind to remind it to do it because what I found is that the majority of us out here are living a life on default we just we’re at a job we don’t know how we got here this is not what we want it to be doing with our lives how do we get out of it I see myself doing this or I could be doing this I’d love to be doing this and we’re just on default and these these key things to do to achieve your goals in very small practical things it works that’s what’s crazy about it the law of attraction the secret all of this stuff is kind of wrapped up in what we’re talking about today right and it’s really interesting how you mentioned default because that’s kind of how I always kind see it is that everyone is creating by default they’re just focusing on what is and then creating more of that and then just still being more unhappy you know because it’s just creating more of what they don’t want but what this app allows you to do and and and really just knowing the power of who you are you are a God force you you have gone within you we are all connected we are all connected with source with the universe with everything and then you realize the power of who you are you realize that you can start creating deliberately and that’s when your true power comes out because when you can start creating your reality and when you can start owning the fact that you have to kind of accept the fact that if you’re in that job that you don’t you don’t like you you’ve created that right you went to that interview you brought into your reality and some songs for Mia and and that’s fine you know what because everything is a learning lesson and and it’s okay to be in a place that you are not happy and the power is in knowing that because there’s so many people that are on autopilot and and they are just going everyday and they don’t see a different way and they don’t even know that something’s wrong they’re just not inspired they’re not alive in a sense so to be one of the lucky ones really and to want more to realize that okay you know I’m in this job and it’s it’s done this well for me or whatever it’s gotten to meet where I am now but I want to be that writer I know there’s a song within me and I know that I really want to work with children and and maybe I’m you know working as an office manager but I really want to be with children and follow that and and you don’t have to shift your life real quick like you’re saying you know just go with baby steps just be okay with your desires that’s the first thing is to accept your desires and love your desires and all of that on is that feeling whether anyone believes it or Prusa or not if that’s how you feel it’s that’s where you love if that’s what makes your soul smile then that’s the position and that’s the direction that you want to start going in even if it’s a little step there’s um and that’s funny you say autopilot cuz like why when you said it some people were typing it in the chat autopilot it’s another word for default yeah there’s there’s this meme that we’ve been on just something we’ve been repeating here a lot lately me and on Christy Lee’s podcast a good friend of mine we talked about the scripture says that the promises of God are yes in amen or or the universe are yes and amen and so that simply means that whatever you put out to it’s gonna say yes so all of the blessings and all the beautiful things that we want for ourselves as we put them out there into the universe as we speak about it as we as we think these thoughts and things like that the universe is like yeah okay yes and amen I’m going to put power behind it where intention goes energy flows so but it also is a universal term and universal law so that the opposite is true as well if you’re putting negative out there if you’re putting bad thoughts and bad intentions and fear and hosteria the universe is gonna say yes and amen that’s that’s that’s that’s the language of God it’s scriptural and people need to understand that so what we put out there will we open up our mouths to confess over ourselves and we call them ungodly beliefs we call them I mean there’s our us so tiles and attachments and stuff about things that we’re just declaring over ourselves and I like to kind of break it down as easy as I can because we get into some really deep spirituality here and you know demons and angels and spirits and how the spirit operates and stuff but it all comes back to being very practical about even in the Bible it talks about the strongholds of these demonic strongholds and the strongholds are thought forms and thought patterns in your mind so as deep and as esoteric as we can get with it it all comes back to the simplicity’s of your conversation the thoughts that you’re entertaining that that go against your great good the fears that you’re creating up that don’t exist and will never exist but you’ve already played out the scenario in your mind a thousand times that’s bad for you that’s that’s what’s creating the gray hairs man everybody who is stressing and worrying about things that that would never even even matter and that’s why Jesus has to be anxious for nothing but just to walk in faith and know that the promises are yes and amen and whatever you want you can do it it says it says as a man thinketh in his heart so shall we be so whatever you’re thinking whatever you’re entertaining in your mind that’s what’s gonna come up and it’s so powerful man that these little bitty keys and these little things I just seem I’ll just change the way you’re talking change the music you’re listening to or whatever that’s gonna create this positive energy around you and have love be the fuel for that faith the faith is defined in the scriptures as belief in the things that are not and seeing them as though they were yourself you see yourself in this in this job or in this relationship and you you see whether it’s your higher self or or what God really has for you and it seems so unattainable but it is to see the things that are not as though they were and that’s that’s biblical man that’s powerful people are applying this to their lives and they’re seeing breakthrough and I’m and I’m I’m going on and on because I’m I’m seeing it in my own life and what I’m doing right now it’s just all been a stepping stone so it’s all about that but like you said we can’t overlook that if we’re in it this place if we’re in this place that we don’t want to be we’re there for a reason there’s lessons to learn and if it is to learn about manifestation in here to watch me manifest my butt up out of this job you know that’s right and you know what I think we just forget how far we’ve come we we just we really have we focused so much on what hasn’t happens or you know unfortunately but you know you forget that you have you been in labor or you know like you had shows or you you know you left that toxic environment sir you know you remember when you save that person or you know there’s so much that we forget of how powerful we are and that there are so many times in our life that we have leaped and believed and we just forget those things and so we can harness those moments and remember there’s always strength within us and that there’s nothing that we will entertain or anything that will come into our life that we cannot overcome yeah and we’ve all been through so much I was raised in an abusive home and it was a very toxic environment and I mean you know the list goes on everyone has a story but if you can focus on the healing and focus on the strength that you had to go to that next chapter that leap is what we want to focus on because if you’re focusing on the negative and and what he did you or what she said to you or what happened in that relationship or whatever it is you’re just gonna stay there but the power of where you are the the true power of who you are that you have right now is here and now it’s not in the past and there’s so many people that live in the past and and this app allows you to bring yourself mindfulness to bring yourself to breathing to bring yourself to the present moment in that moment we are aligned with source where you’re aligned I believe with your higher self when whenever you go on autopilot or you find or you come to the realization that you’re on autopilot for me is scary yeah because I’ll have maybe things that I want to do things that I know I need to do and it was something about having a job that was just a monotony of the eighth day of the routine okay I’m gonna go to work I’m gonna grind I’m gonna work at this job for this many hours and I don’t want to be here I have to be here I’m supporting my family I’m thankful that I’m here but this is not I see I can see myself somewhere else so bad I can see that person and I’m envious of that person and then seeing my other friends who were living their dream and walking in their full potential and it just create a fuel within me to do it right to to pretty much let me know that hey I can there is a way that I can get up out of here and and do what I love to do 411 I think everybody has that right to be able to enjoy life not to just I gotta pay bills man nobody who’s gonna keep the light but no enjoy paying bills or enjoy being able to make an income by doing what you love to do no matter what it is and I would catch myself I would catch myself on autopilot and Ollie I will just have to stop and take a breath and focus on the breeze focus on the now moment you know and look at the grass look at the clouds and just be in the moment you know and and that’s as simple as it’s coming to a stop coming to a head and focusing on on the breathing I mean we look at people like Eckhart Tolle who’s a millionaire offer teaching people to focus on this moment bring it all to a head but even he had to be homeless and sit on a bench homeless yeah and and to learn that lesson you know to overcome that if he just focus on I think he would move on to almost commit suicide at one point in his room if he had focused on that and not getting outside and focusing on the beauty and the love around him I think it was like the Ducks and the ponds he talked about sitting on that bench there was a moment where he was so inspired where he became so mindful of the present moment and it was in that now the saved him and you know you don’t have to know the how no I I think that we’re so programmed that there has to be a plan and there has to be a way and and you have to in order to make this step you have to know a B and C the kitchen to that point but you don’t you just have to want it you just have to feel it because once you raise your vibration high enough to the vibration of what you want the universe always always provides in ways that you would never even spec’s or think so instead of focusing on the house let that go the best thing that I could recommend is that you know focus on what you love feel that feel that joy feel how it feels to be that person or do that thing and then keep doing that keep you talk about that look into it take those little steps more and more wake up in the morning and look at your vision board you know if you are afraid of heights that you always want to go skydiving then create what it would feel like because be in the air and to fly whatever the reason is the Y is what we want to focus on not the hell and if you can focus on what you want every night before you go to sleep you will pre pave what you wake up to and if you can wake up to your board everyone has their phone right on their nightstand morning I pick it up I go right to my board depending upon what I’m wanting to overcome or how I’m feeling or whatever it is that’s the intention yeah that that intention for the whole day we don’t wake up with gratefulness we don’t wake up with excitement we don’t wake up enjoy where we just jump out of bed and with lay up you can feel that again you can feel that because just seeing what you want just feeling what you want is that next step to receiving what you want yeah it’s funny cuz everything is funny how we’re talking about how the universe provides and one thing I was thinking about us two universe provides via synchronicity lining stuff stuff up in your life that you know that it’s God that you know it’s the universe or somebody is watching over you somebody has tapped into your reality and they’re responding and sending out bread comes for you and it gets it gets weird it but it gets really fun and and that’s one way that the universe provides history synchronicity and I say that because it’s funny that like a lot of the words that you’re saying people are dropping in the chat and as soon as you say them someone someone comments it like right before and it just shows you with Carolyn was talking about gratitude and so that’s what you were talking about and that that’s what I was wanting to go man because to be grateful for everything and many people say I have nothing to be grateful about I’m telling you there’s much power instead of like going to God in prayer or spending time in meditation about what we want let’s enter in there’s a scripture that says enter into his courts with Thanksgiving into his gates with praise so as we come into these realms let’s come in with Thanksgiving and praise and just start thinking about everything in our life that we have the lives that we have to be have to be grateful for and show that that gratitude of gratitude and I’m talking about the breath in our lungs the eyes that we have this there’s so many people who have way less than you that’s the show that we’re grateful was for and with what we have and the Scriptures declare that if I that he who is trusted with the little could be made ruler over more so show that you’re grateful for the lot that God has given you no matter what it is we all have things to be to be thankful for and I think that your attitude has a big player about it you can get bitter and on those jobs but it’s a stay in the spirit because that’s who this is what the chat says Carolyn says that uh she says that maybe your continued gratitude for your job was part of the reason a different way opened up 100 percent I could have been there and I could have got mad and could have blamed God but the whole time that I wanted to do that knowledge those feelings come up but the time I wanted to that I have to make a conscious effort to say okay you gave me this job God and just be thankful when I didn’t have a job or when I had a crappier job literally like really but I’ve worked at bad jobs and and in every every every job or every situation I was in was a step for where God was was bringing me and I see it and there’s things that I had to learn on those jobs things that I didn’t have in my life for you know having a father figure that I was on jobs that had to learn how to do manly things around the house and do things with the vehicles and and you know digging ditches and and and doing yard work and I’ve been at jobs where I had to learn to do that and I can be thankful that and see God’s hand in everything that I do the good and the bad the ugly all of us see his hand there and so it is very much so about our attitude and so I’ve heard it said that our attitude determines our altitude and so however however high we want to go whatever we want to accomplish in our lives our attitude plays a key role in that right and to add to that as well I’ve always said the perspective perspective is key because wherever you are in your life you know whatever incidents or any interaction that has affected you and maybe a negative way or a lower vibrational way perspective is everything you know like if someone cuts me off and I’m driving I just think well they must need to get there faster than I do hey it’s like and and yet there are so many people that I have I have a co-worker and every morning she comes in and she talks about how bad the traffic is how there’s someone that’s always running red lights I want to cringe because I’m thinking oh my gosh please please stop saying that you’re just gonna just just bringing that more into your life yeah but perspective is really key because if you can if you can take a circumstance and and just shift your perspective on it look at it for maybe an outsider’s point of view that helps a lot too if you can kind of become the observer of a situation we are so I keep seeing programs but that’s kind of what it is you know we’ve been kind of brought up to believe that when something happens we must take an emotion for it you either become angry or you become sad there has to be an emotion immediately and the fact is that if you can stand from an observers point of view and breathe from an outsider’s point of view and be able to look at a situation in different perspectives you will find that there is not just one way we sometimes we kind of have blinders on and we stay in one one way one vision for one thing and something has happens and if we can just step back you know and breathe and look at it from a different perspective that helps so much it does and people are just talking about how it’s so hard to stay in that the vibration or that mindset of things thankfulness of long-suffering I know that whenever I get into traffic jams or I see stuff going on I get upset I do but I have things in my mind that I’ve taught myself to actually counteract it you know and so I say okay well maybe this is the universe’s way from preventing me from a car accident maybe if I would have went that route or got on the interstate at that moment or if I would have been up a mile and a half ahead maybe that I would have been in a car accident whether that’s true whether that’s all in my head it is my reality I’m creating my reality and that’s my truth that if I would have went that far so that’s how I perceive things it helps me stay in the right spirit a steadfast spirit and I don’t let that these outside things that I can’t change affect me in the way my mood and my vibration is and that’s one thing we got to work on is letting other people from the outside change the way you feel on the inside that shows you how much self-control that you have over yourself and I’m telling you like we’re all tempted with it we all deal with it but that’s where you got to be what nobody can take nothing from you nobody can give you anything because you know who you are and as far as make taking these steps in the word you want to go in the future creating whatever life it is you want you want for yourself you have to know who you are because if you know who you are they can’t tell you who you are or their opinions of you it you doesn’t matter and so that’s why I love reading the Scriptures a lot of times in the scriptures like it tells me how God sees me versus how my enemies see me or those who don’t like me see me or whatever the K and I start believing them like you saw because we talked you mentioned something in the beginning about repetition repetition reduces resistance and the more and more that you hear something the more and more you’re gonna start to believe it or at least let it in and give some thought to it of things we probably shouldn’t even be thinking of in a negative way but we’re gonna take those same laws and the same principles and we’re gonna use them for something positive creating the life that we want for ourselves absolutely and we have the power to do it and the truth of the matter is is that we have seen parts in our life where we did create deliberately we all know we all know there’s been times that synchronicity that you talk about you know when you’re looking for a new car and all of a sudden all you can see is that type of car that you want you’re you’re creating that into your reality you know every single time that you made a shift in your life that has bettered your life that gave you that that power you know maybe you met that person and they cheated on you and you know it really hurts you and it brought you down for a while but you were able to learn about sofa zillions you were able to realize that self love you love yourself enough and more than ever having to have that happen again you know everything is a lesson and so when we can look at that as a perspective and see the lessons and see the beauty in it and then let it go you know there are so many we’re so fear based in this society as well and you know we’re only born with two fears in our life one is the fear of falling and one is the fear of loud noises every other fear has been borrowed from somebody else or something that we’ve heard theme and I think fear is a beautiful lesson for us you know fear is is our way of expanding and evolving when we overcome our fear when we break out of that comfort zone even if it’s just a little bit that rocks world you know you can really see how strong you are when you just go out of your comfort zone just a tiny you know when you do that and and and you see the universe come in because you know that when you’re expanding when you’re evolving like that that’s when you are becoming more of the higher being the higher purpose of who you are and when you do that the world comes around people that you didn’t even know you would even meet come to you little circumstances happen but that’s the key it’s just not live in fear fears illusion and when you can recognize that and leap because if you can just pick up your big-girl panties you know and just do it just go in that direction towards your dreams go in the direction towards your goals go in that direction of your greatest joy even if it’s just a little bit just to expand and evolve a little bit it’s it’s it’s one of those stood your whole life and it just takes that one step to do it mm-hmm a step of faith or leap in some cases and like I say it only takes that little step at first because we usually find ourselves in in this position where we have to make a decision and it starts with something little and so when we make those little decisions and we start seeing results from these little bitty affirmations whatever it is man you see results and it builds your faith up to step out and believe for bigger believe for better believe for greater what there’s a quote as well what is it arm it says if your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not upset in places and I’ve cried just thinking about it and I’ve sat in other places man and in there in that same time frame and just thought to myself okay when do you give up on your dream when do you give up because I’m surrounded by many people we all are and some of us this may be us that we’ve given up on our dream when when should you like when you when you turn 25 30 35 what that’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid circumstances situations happen I wasn’t able to do that when do you give up like is there an age where we should put away childish things and and and just you know really devote ourselves to this nine-to-five building somebody else’s dream at this corporation right that’s somebody’s dream that’s somebody’s vision that they burst into existence that they put intention behind and planning and funding and and and and and and you’re helping build that by default so when do we give up on it and I’ve said I’ve sat there in tears man you know just contemplating it like should I give up if I know I read I read the book The Alchemist changed my life man going back and you know recapturing the dream that you have when you as a kid and I always plug that book on on the podcast and and if you guys want to download it there’s a link in the description to listen to it for free on audible if you click the audible link that I have as well that book along with some other things mixed together with that changed my life and and it lights a fire within you that you can’t go back and I hope that this podcast lights a fire within you know the hearts and minds of people listening right now I know it does whatever you’re dreaming for man whatever you’re believing for I don’t care what it is it’s like you can you can have it go back and do it don’t give up give it another shot give it another chance whatever you do today use your vision board and she’s giving you the practical tools download her her app it’s really cool but these are practical tools for you to plant the seed we got to do something you can’t just sit by passive and hope and keep thinking about I know we have these crazy imagination and my imagination runs nine didn’t nothing and I’m able to pull some really cool things out of my imagination and birth it into this reality and it’s beautiful the things we can do but if we’re just sitting there thinking about it all that’d be cool that’d be cool there’s some point where we have to focus okay I’m gonna get you I’m going in to the astral realm I’m going in to the imagination and I’m gonna pull this picture out this shirt that I made this is a shirt that I’ve been wanting for a long time if you guys watching on stream you can see it but this is a manly pee hall shirt which is like my guru man my devotee I love manly pee how I always wanted a shirt I made it I’m wearing something I pulled out of my head right and other people other people are buying it the writer you know then maybe just go online still like is constant speed of light we are action beings we’re meant to take action we’re meant to expand and evolve and and and find that capacity of who we really are and and so you’ve got to take a little action and and I really believe that the first step is to download my subliminal vision boards app and just let your heart and soul and mind start becoming aligned and put it on a board put it on your you know there’s also an action planner which is wonderful it’s a great brainstorming goal action planner that lets you say what your goal is and then if you want you can put an accomplished state on it but you can also brainstorm what are three things I’m gonna dedicate to make this goal happen you gotta take action three things what are three and they could be solving well but if you’ve got to do them you’ve gotta take that action and it has to be consistent mm-hmm well we’re having some problems with the stream and I believe we’re still streaming right now but um go ahead and give the website out one last time so that people who want to get the app tell them where they can go to check it out okay it’s called subliminal vision boards and it’s at the Google Play Store and it’s at the iTunes Store or you can just go to my website just WW subliminal vision Gords calm sounds great thanks for coming on I had so much fun man we can go on for a lot longer so thanks for hanging out with me it means so much and I’d love to have you back on soon to be awesome I would love to be back thank you so much for having me to Derek this has been so informational too it’s just been a beautiful collaboration definitely this is what it’s about man just manifesting networking and creating the life that we want for ourselves that’s that’s what all the spirituality is about it’s about being practical and just bringing it into the now moment so I appreciate you Jennifer thank you so much thank you so much Derek have a blessed night love you all – god bless God bless you namaste are you going to the store now i’ma stay i’ma stay now I’m gonna stay you get it namaste man awesome podcast as always we’re having some trouble with the stream hopefully that uh we still get hopefully we’re still streaming now so for the audio side we don’t run into any snags that would be awesome so awesome show manifestation we got it we got to start taking this up seriously man and doing it a lot more and it’s the real deal the life that you want for yourself the life that you want to lead in the future you can do that you can manifest it through thought through the spoken word abracadabra I create as I speak it’s Hebrew learning the Hebrew I create as I speak that’s what it is so speaking of the Hebrew I’m gonna plug my buddy Anthony’s offer one last time he let me see if I can just pull it up here see Anthony’s pick there we go so Anthony’s offering biblical language coaching you can check him out email him at biblical language coaching at trained under dr. Michael Heizer dude is the real deal man and I’ve had some messages so I was like you know what anything let me promote your stuff on here cuz I’ve got some good friends Brett Stacy you’re you’re a good friend of mine you always with that Hebrew bro check out Anthony for real you guys would make an awesome match and Anthony just he’s only got a couple slots available and there’s different different packages that he offers and others like a year course that he’s doing away just really take – he’s taking some pupils on and just disciple in them and training them and ancient language and uh it’s the real deal so make sure y’all check that out email biblical language coaching at look him up Anthony Cummings on Facebook and get all the info there we’re working on his website he have that up soon so wanted to promote that out there I did a podcast with them to if y’all haven’t heard that go back and listen to the podcast that I did with Anthony Cummings everybody supported on patreon thank you so much for for everything because you guys are awesome man and there’s been so many people who are giving and hopefully I’ll have some more bandwidth or whatever it is on the next next stream that I can actually go on and read some of these names because there’s a huge list of people who are given now and everybody who signed up at the $25 level would definitely have that uh that t-shirt that’s going out it’s beautiful check me out over there backslash true seeker and so with that being said I must say peace and Shalom and check out this commercial from Anthony and what he has to offer y’all peace peace would you like to learn the ancient Hebrew or Greek language that Jesus and His apostles interacted with read wrote and quoted in the first century perhaps you have a desire to learn but assume that learning an ancient language is too difficult of an endeavor seeking a qualitative biblical language coach just may be what you need to consider in moving forward in your linguistic studies of the Bible contact us by calling or sending us a text at eight-30 three four three zero four zero seven or emailing us at biblical language coaching at thank you for your time and consideration [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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