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In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with legendary Christian Reggae artist Mark Mohr from the band Christafari. Many topics were discussed in this interview from Marks testimony and spirituality but the majority of the discussion was about the legalization of marijuana. Living in California Mark sees billboards daily promoting the use of weed and other THC products. This over sensualization of marijuana worries Mark a bit because of his past relationship with the plant as a misguided youth. Mark definitely approaches this subject as if he is talking about an old friend or a broken relationship with a lost lover. It is safe to safe that Mark has history with marijuana use and it reminds him of the person that he use to be before Christ. During the conversation Mark brings up some things that worry him about all the weed promo and how readily accessible it is to people. One of his concerns is what kind of lasting effect it will have on young developing minds? Mark also feels that when marijuana is inhaled it makes the person cough inherently showing us that the persons body is trying to reject it. Either way I do believe that it is a personal conviction when it comes to partaking of the substance. I personally know people who use it and it helps them in their life and I’ve totally seen people addicted to it who cannot function without it. Another topic discussed is that the scriptures says in Genesis 1:29 that God has given us every seed bearing plant to enjoy which many marijuana advocates love to quote. But on the other hand the scripture also goes on to say that after the fall that thorns, weeds and thistles grew in amongst the plants and now we would have to pick through what is good to consume. This is an argument that has been going on for years and I’m sure we will never hear the end of this debate. One thing I will say on the subject is to go with your first mind. If you feel a tug within that it’s time to stop, then stop. Maybe even entertain the thought of you quitting and if it thought scares you and you feel that jolt of anxiety, you may be addicted.

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what’s going on hey man great to be here thank you so much for having me oh dude a legend a legend in in Christian music a legend in reggae gospel music and do what you bringing to the table and the years man when I came came to the Lord like years ago it’s been like it’s been some years I was listening to Christ afar I it was like wanting to listen to the reggae stuff but having more scripture in it and quoting scripture right and there’s something you said in an interview listening to reggae and it’s just all over the place man but you know when we talk about the Lion of Judah to like really be talking about the Lion of the tribe of Judah and that’s it yeah and so man dude welcome to the show man I’m excited to talk to you bro thanks so much for those who don’t know who you are for those who are new to your work talk a little bit about what you do and let’s get into your testimony man and how you came to faith in Christ well we do gospel reggae um yeah I guess you could just call it reggae yeah all right gang one layer is spiritual has a spiritual component whether it’s Jimmy Cliff was a Buddhist whether it’s what big mountain they were I think he was studying one of the guys converted to Islam at one time there’s a lot of universalism going on in reggae and there’s a whole arasta foreign ISM on our twelve tribes and and for us obviously we we connect with the plane and normal interpretation of the scriptures so some would call us messianic but would I call myself a follower of Christ so you call it Krishna reggae you can call a guy like gospel reggae though because not I mean at first I didn’t like the phrase because it sounds like gospel music and yeah and our music does not sound like gospel music at all but I love the name gospel because it means good news and that’s really what we try and bring to all of our stuff so you said um you said a little bit of testimony well raised in the church straight from the church at 9 started drinking and smoking by 10 I was buying weed from my next-door neighbor by 13 cocaine it escalated to anything I could smoke whether it was crack whether it was opium whether it was crystal meth I wasn’t using drugs as I always say drugs were using me and my parents finally figured out what was going on a little too late so I just ran away from home I found myself living on the streets or in an abandoned house with a bunch of drug addicts and you can imagine in all of that did different styles of music connect with you you know Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for instance I mean who who hadn’t ripped out to that in my um and reggae was was a big part of that my parents took our family to Jamaica when I was fifteen and it was there that I you know I really dove head headlong into everything that the world had to offer in every way shape and form and I came home with some reggae and I came home with a passion for it and then I started calling myself a white man Rasta that native Californian if you got a joint that you don’t want I’ll smoke it for you money that was me that was that was my thing I started growing I started dealing and and I identified myself in every way with that which was Jamaican which is pretty funny given that was a white guy from Southern California some of those people don’t like that I know there’s a lot of things now culture appropriation but there was like there’s always been this thing of like the Jamaicans don’t like white boys with dreadlocks you know there’s always that did you get back lad I want to talk to you about backlash but ya ever get any backlash from that group of people yeah yeah I got my backlash at backlash um well there’s a few things that I find interesting oh and you know what this isn’t unique to Marley so for instance I mean Jimi Hendrix you know his his listeners were primarily white yeah you know anyway it was the hippy movement it was you know the Summer of Love you look at those crowds um Bob had the same thing I heard that that he was really disappointed because he he wanted to identify with the you know the black the the you know the revolutionary movement he wanted to make a change you want to make a difference and you’re going to you to her and every one of his audiences that he found for the most part which is all white there’s something about it and it’s the same it’s it’s no different now when it comes to hip-hop I mean yeah you know when the biggest buyers or consumers are hip-hop were in Mid America and you know kids white because under my head suburban yeah so so there is that side of it but beyond that did I did I receive that well yeah first of all I went to Jamaica down the street where I wasn’t called Ross Rasta white white T white boy Yankee you know yet you know they just call it what it is if you if you have any sort of Asian in you they call you Chinna or chin or China they just they just call what they see if you’re carrying a loaf of bread they call you bread boy they just call it what it is um but something that I found that is very interesting was it the majority of the people that I had found learned that had converted to Rastafari or were like white guys who you know started reading their hair and they’re talking about repatriation I might do to where Norway you know so there is that side of it and then beyond that persecution heck yeah I I’ve had my hand full of death threats I’ve had my hand full of of physical attacks three times people who tried to kill me um in Jamaica or by Jamaica now I’ll take I don’t hold that you know I was only three out of how many million so it’s not that bad Buju Banton tried to stab me with the knife three times while on tour um and it that wasn’t because I was a white guy that was because I I found scriptural backing the the one that he worshiped as Jesus Christ was in fact not Christ in his return but was a believer in Christ himself and I firmly believed that if you’re gonna respect somebody respect how they want to be honored and respected and if worshipped is not on their list you don’t worship Him you know and it really really pissed off Billy Graham if she found out that people were worshipping him yeah oh yeah and this is this is a Christian Haile Selassie was a Christian who said let us labor to lead our sisters and brothers to our Savior Jesus Christ yeah he said that was exact words so that’s why I’m not a Rastafarian that’s why I’m a Christian or a Christ affari man so building upon your testimony a little bit so you’re a teenager you’re you’re doing a lot of drugs just doing what a lot of lost teenagers do man what was that come to Jesus moment for you well I think that I think that there’s a few things before I get there I kind of I guess I kind of want to address the why I did it and and beyond the the sinful nature that’s in all of us the fact that you know all of us were born been born into sin I think a lot of it had to do with with family a family issues a lot of it one of the reasons why people rappel like that is either to I think it’s either to fit in to be a part of something to be accepted to feel like they’re loved to feel like they’re and maybe they’re they’re struggling with that with not getting that from their father or from their mother and they’re in so it’s it’s it’s a acting out it’s not an acting out like I’m gonna I’m gonna do I’m gonna hurt myself to hurt you maybe it is but I think it for me it was more so hey um I want to be accepted by someone older than me and if I’m not gonna get it from this person that I’m gonna get it from these guys that and you know it’s kind of weird when you’re an adult you have ice cream whatever you want to when you’re a kid the adults say hey you can’t um you can’t have ice cream you know you have to eat this and you’re like okay so when I become an adult I’ll do what I want and so when you’re that same kid and they tell you you can’t smoke weed is bad for you or you can’t drink because it’s bad for you and then you see them drink a beer you’re like okay so to be an adult is to do what I want and so then I start doing it and then I start rebelling and and and you I for me I gravitated towards older people you know the older neighbors and they were they were dabbling in it and so I went headlong into it so part of it is fitting in and it’s not the peer pressure oh you gotta do it you gotta do it you gotta try but it’s the hey I want to fit in and then the other side of it was the wanting to escape and I think a lot of us do that I think there’s a I think that that’s what marijuana is is escapism that’s what I send it but oh boards yeah when I see the billboards on now on my street there’s even Snoop Dogg as a freaking chronic stand on my street it is bad is everywhere it’s escapism I see it as escapism so I think those two things kind of led me down that path and obviously Mike my sinful nature but what brought me back well I kept I kept remembering the scriptures and I heard as a youth in fact one of the main reasons why I connected with reggae was because they were quoting scriptures they were singing by the rivers of Babylon oh yeah there was you know Bob Marley I’ll never forget no way how they crucified Jesus Christ he would sing so he that there’s so many references that made me open up to the Bible the Steel Pulse have a song called chant a psalm a day and I was like okay I can chant the song and I guess I can that so that opened me up to it and then beyond that there was what I would call the prodding of the Holy Spirit the he was pursuing he was courting and and I think because I accepted the Lord at a very young age he was disciplining me also and kind of just wait trying to wake me up now I would see Jesus face when I was in my head when I was using and and I would say get out of my life I want to have nothing to do with you and I thank God he didn’t answer that prayer I thank God that he kept pursuing me kept pursuing me and eventually I stopped running and I turned around and I realized that it wasn’t trying to stab me or Whitney or or or he wasn’t trying to lock me up he was trying to set me free yeah and it the the aha moment for me well I went to my parents sent me away to different camps Christian camps I did 14 of them in seven years span each time I would pray the prayer any time I would go back to the same parties the same friends and it would be worse than I was before so we just got it was silly was escalating um I went to this final one right before I turned 18 and I just hated Christians by that point I just I mean could not stand them they were so fake they were so plastic they were so contrived it was to me it was like a wood there were like facades and movies where they looked good in the front but the back was just propped up and there was one guy that I connected with and he was a camp counselor was somebody that was like off staff at the time or whatever and we would just sit back and listen to reggae and just talk and talk about our past and I talked about my drug present and he talked about his drug well past we had so much in common but there was something different about him a light in his eyes I couldn’t couldn’t put my finger on and finally I said what’s the difference between you and I and he looked at me with compassion and he said it’s the love of God and I realized at that very moment he had received God’s love God’s grace God’s forgiveness and he was changed by it and I just had a dead-end street my life was a demonstrate in fact I live right now on a street that has five signs that say dead-end and people still keep driving to the end o wit ends and that’s how my life was life is one big road with lots of signs bo Marley said and so often we ignore those signs finally for the first time I saw I saw like an exit sign that just made sense to me and I think that part of it a big part of it was even like for instance I’d say you’re a call yourself a truth seeker and you’re watching this and you’re saying well I don’t believe in God or I don’t believe in Christ or I don’t believe in this or I don’t believe in that you know I believe in spirituality what you’re doing even as I’m telling this story is you’re you’re looking at my story you’re looking at my life you’re listening to my music or this or that and you’re basically transposing it over your life and you’re saying does that a good fit or not and if it’s a good fit it’s something you’ll lean into and if it’s not just something you’ll push away from and I was pushing away the whole time until I finally met this one guy who was living it and there’s a Bible verse says was a first Peter 3:15 always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have within I do so with gentleness and respect to give an answer implies that someone’s living a life that’s contagious that that draws you in like a little salt on a Pringle makes you want to drink something and when I have more and more and you just keep popping until you can’t stop it there’s there’s something about that and and so that that’s what really drew me in for the first time in my life or the first time in my in my pre adult years because I was almost you know you think you’re an adult you think you’re like smarter than 35 year olds when you’re when you’re 18 or 17 I saw something I said that’s what I need in my life that’s the missing link excuse me so a big part of it for me was just okay you know looking looking at it like almost like projecting it over my life and saying oh this is what this is this is what I need to do and that was it the next day I heard a modern-day version of the prodigal son let’s kind of run away this guy had rebelled this guy had done all the drugs at burnt every Bridge that his parents had built and he finally came home with his parents received him and I knew that that needed to be me too and so I did get my life to Christ for the final and this time was gonna be different I was gonna read the words I was gonna pray I was gonna change who I hang out with you know show me your friends I’ll show you your future yeah Bible says bad company corrupts good character I wasn’t gonna let that corrupt me and I started writing songs when I started reading the Bible there’s a passage in in the Psalms Psalm 40 basically I waited patiently for the Lord he heard my cry he lifted me out of the slimy pit for me he lifted me out of the sewage pit the cess pit the crap the muck the mire set my feet on a solid solid ground in a rock he put a new song in my heart and that was the coolest thing within two weeks he put on my heart literally and it said many will see and know and many will many will praise and many will give praise essentially the goal of this song is to lead others to him and that became my lifelong goal and so for the last 29 years I’ve been doing my best to lead others to him to say hey I got the key it’s across the Christ this is how you get out of prison cuz we’re all in we’re all in a prison that’s powerful man I want to you talked about you know the marijuana be an escapism and that was a that’s a great analogy for it was definitely that for me it took me out of my present situation as a depressed scared timid teenager you know and had problems and all of this kind of stuff when you would smoke and it would take you to another realm where nothing mattered nothing exists it was like a special place but you always had to go back to it and every because there’s all kind of stuff that comes along with that I said what we can call a sinner’s prayer I asked Jesus to come into my life and forgive me of my sins and at that moment I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit I just began to tremble burn with the fervent heat that came over me and like washed out all the bad stuff that I had ever did the lies I told the cheating people all this it washed it clean and made me new man I sought the Lord with tears it was beautiful but yeah that fire was euphoric and it felt euphoric like the marijuana but only stronger and better and clean and pure and so for me that praying in getting in the Holy Spirit whatever you want to call it that got contagious so that took away my love for marijuana to use that escapism now for my escapism I go to Jesus because he provides this special place where it’s only me and him and it’s symbolic all throughout the scriptures of getting alone with God and and where nothing can touch you nothing else matters and things like that and that that I traded it out for that for that presence it was so beautiful I want to ask you about that dude is that what happened with you as well yeah that’s the you know what I I don’t talk enough about how I got off of drugs it was one step it was the freedom step as we sing about in in one of our songs the I know for many people it’s it’s 12 steps it’s a a lifetime of of this dance so you know he’s never from you’re never truly free you can fall at any moment you know that kind of thinking yeah I for me it was a one and done um and IIIi I definitely don’t say that that’s on my power that was just God just healed me of it but yes there was this huge I can’t explain it but I we sing about it there’s no high like the Most High I’ll never let you down they’ll never come down I mean I used to use and I would seriously you know for like three days I wouldn’t feel like myself I know that’s weird right it took about three days to get clear-headed yeah especially LSD I mean nothing would mess you up like that or meth and and you just like and there’s just moments where you like man out what does it feel like to be normal I wish I was normal I wish I was known well with with with Christ and this was this is very interesting God actually ties the two together um where he says don’t be drunk with wine but instead be filled with the Holy Spirit and and so there is this comparison of there being no high like the most high one I mean I remember there were times I would I would be puking projectile vomit on the ceiling it was so bad I there would be times where I would Oh Dee and just be passed out and I swore that was it my friends were like we thought you died there would be times where I wake up lying in a gutter you know where a car almost runs over my head and I’m in my own vomit that was my life that was my life was crap to the tenth degree it was horrible but when I found Christ it was the light of my eyes it was those cliches were all so true the loss to found the dark to light the you know emptiness to being full the broken to being all they were and I’ve been chasing that ever since and to be up to be frank that’s one of the reasons why I’m missionary is I chased that moment especially those aha moments where you just like like even right now I have that moment as I’m talking to you about it I’m sharing with others about what God has done in my life you know what if you don’t mind though I don’t want to I don’t want to go to a too off topic but I feel like there’s something that God is saying that that we should address and I think you’re the perfect person to do it with there there’s a huge changing in our culture we’re where we are assimilating or accepting we’re like okay you drop a frog in boiling hot water it jumps out but you drop it in the lukewarm water and you put it on slow boil and eventually they just adjust and we’re doing that we’re starting to do that more and more with the things you see on TV same-sex kisses and and and one of the biggest ones is marijuana use it is it is something that I’m now seeing a billboard you can absolutely advertise for marijuana now I’m right right down my street there’s probably five clinics they started off as as illegal medical clinics I don’t know what’s what’s the law like an Alabama is it legal or no okay well it will be yeah it may be the last state because that’s you guys you guys are in the South yeah but but I there’s a few things that I just want to get off my heart we’re we’re about ready to hit where people celebrate and people people smoke up and and so I want to I want to share a little bit um as to the why behind why I don’t smoke weed first of all I don’t have anything wrong I don’t have a problem with hemp okay I wear it I have hemp shoes you know it’s not the most comfortable it’s kind of like burlap I don’t no problem with the dollar bills that used to be made on it or the Declaration of Independence that was that was printed on it I don’t have a problem with hemp oil I’ve even had pancakes it won’t get you high I don’t have a problem there’s there’s there’s thousands of uses millions of use as I remember in Venice Beach I used to cruise around when I was at you know hippy and then and then and then a follower of Christ and everybody was giving you know championing all the uses of marijuana I’m like you only want it legal for one reason dude you want to get a high okay so I understand that so let’s so I’m not dissing the uses and I’m I’m not dissing uh about one person who who said that they that their friend was was dying of cancer and couldn’t keep food in her stomach and there was just absolutely no hope and I’m not I’m not saying that person shouldn’t have release medical if that person is in that worse of a state and and everything that they’re trying that doesn’t get them lifted um it doesn’t work yeah I’m not saying that that that’s that that person is a horrible evil Center and quite honestly it’s probably better than morphine or certain certain other things but I want to I want to really address the people who aren’t using it for that purpose okay I want to address a like for instance okay let’s just start listening they’re definitely listening so you have their attention back pain or this or that and people say oh I with this I’m like okay well well I can take two advil and I can feel like myself I can be normal but I couldn’t take a hit of some good chronic without getting high okay there’s a big difference a huge difference for instance you can take you can drink uh some beer you can have half a beer and not feel a thing you can’t have half a joint of this stuff today and not be completely high the stuff that’s out there today is the stuff that was in the High Times magazines like it Lewis stuff that I used to read and print and put on my walls and average yeah well oh it’s so much worse than that is or better it depending on how you are if you’re a connoisseur it is it is a million times more at least at least ten times more it isn’t it is it’s you know take out take a serious bong it and boom you are feeling different you are not yourself and so I guess first of all I want to address that is when when he says don’t be drunk with wine but be full of the spirit I think that what God is really saying is this these are opposites when you are escaping from yourself to get high to get drunk um now people would say well there’s you know there’s a difference drunk is this high but the difference is you can drink a little bit of alcohol and not get high but you really can’t do that with wheat and I would encourage you to if you don’t believe that you did it some inebriating then then Reid would like triple-a says about about driving and smoking wheat man they’re scared to death of it Reid would any insurance company you know ask my doctor I’m scared of that I’m 100% concerned I have a lot of friends who still smoke but I remember whether I don’t know if because there’s a debate whether teenagers or young people is the difference in an adult but the effects that it has on a teenager’s mind young people I remember getting high riding with a bunch of friends on the street that we live on and we can’t find our house this is the power of five people we’re driving past the house dude where are we freak we don’t know where we are I remember driving a car as at 16 driving really high and looking at something out the window and it just catching your eye oh I’m dropping a vehicle you know what I’m saying and you just like messing with your head it affects people definitely definitely I had at the very end I was having bad panic attacks and like yeah but but they say it cures panic attacks yeah that’s the number one thing that my friends and other band members have said was that they were getting major panic attacks and that’s the thing that it wasn’t for some people it cures it other people it sends you into one it sent me into many and perhaps that was because the Popo was driving behind me and I had some marijuana plants in the backseat but whatever no seriously though it it affects you and it’s in it so it I would call it getting high but it gets low get your little first time I got so high in Jamaica I smoked I slept for a day and a half just wasted it away obviously it affects your appetite it affects your eyes they’re all bloodshot as I mean if anything else that you were to use or do major eyes that blood red people would be like what’s wrong with it for me it gave me chronic bronchitis I was coughing up oh man all kinds of cookies I was I was I was got so bad that I would literally be sick every morning like deathly sick until I got high well addicted it was addictive and people say it’s not yeah people people people may say okay nobody’s ever died from it but you know what I’ve seen many many lives okay here’s a death my friend close close friend the one of the best artists I’ve ever met I mean incredible painter he and his wife got in a big argument she said I’m concerned I don’t want you smoking weed it’s affecting you it’s affecting our marriage it’s hurting us and so he leaves his house he leaves his wife he’s now homeless living in a car if he’s lucky peeing in a bottle just so that in that he moved to Santa Cruz he’s surrounded by weed everywhere you know the only time he can check us online and talk to us is when he goes to the library um and he’s homeless because and he lost his marriage he lost his career he lost his life because of marijuana that’s a death I’ve seen I can give you hundreds and hundreds of deaths like that it may not have killed the person but it killed who they were it killed their life aye-aye-aye no pastor did I actually pretty much ordained and raised and mentored and he went out to minister the Rastas and let me tell you he they started ministering to him and before long he started smoking and he said oh I feel the closeness to God let’s talk about that closeness to God when he he’d be like I’d be smoking something in the hammock and I had the spiritual feeling like I’ve never had before and I completely agreed with him I said I could not agree with you more you are having a very spiritual moment and that’s what the Bible calls pharmakeia it’s translated as witchcraft it means to commune with the spirit or spirits through the use of a mind-altering substance and it’s where we get the name farm pharmacy from but essentially it’s to get high and to have this thing and this this is why this is why Rastafari is still around Peter and Peter Tosh obviously said legalize it but excuse me simple said what keeps us together as the herbs that we smoke and so you have this group of people saying hi it’s okay to do it it’s okay to do it it’s a pivot and then you have these people and they’re having these mystical moments and they’re like oh this is great but they don’t realize what they’re doing is they’re opening themselves up to attacks from the enemy they’re opening themselves up to a different realm and the Bible the Bible is very clear it says says be sober or be alert and and and essentially to avoid attacks from the enemy which to me implies if the opposite of getting high or getting drunk is being filled with the spirit the AH he says be sober because the opposite of it is to be attacks from the enemy is to you’re opening yourself up to a different realm and I’ve seen that so many times where somebody does that my wife my wife always says say I think I’m marijuana see popped in their head because it just seems like something just clicked and something just changed she saw that with her dad her dad was a cross shorty I who invented soca music was a chronic marijuana smell so you wouldn’t say legalize that you would say demonize it no I wouldn’t say that you know what see ya but real quick a viens father it been affected her mom’s and dad’s marriage really bad I mean are the only argument that they ever had was that stop smoking it’s changing it it’s making you so much worse finally he did he saw the light but eventually he did die of cancer many have died of cancer all these guys who sang about legalize it one way or another have died and people say well that was cigarettes that kill them or that was there but that was that was that was um the fact that they’re now that they still are now smoking crack because a lot of these artists moved up to that but when I we talked to Salvation Army rehab centers we minister in those across the nation we love them and whenever I say how many you’re in here because of and I say marijuana half the hands raised okay then I say this how many of you it’s you know that raised your hand for meth or for alcohol or for this or for that it started with marijuana I never see a hands down when I say that so it’s a gateway okay so am I saying demise this this is where I this is where I want to I want to be very careful I have no qualms whatsoever with the plant the plant has done me well it’s done me wrong but I it’s because I used it in the wrong way it’s a beautiful-looking class people people are saying that in the chat that a lot of people abuse it and use it for escapism and things like that it’s being used in the wrong way and I like I said I have no problem with hemp rope I have no problem with this or with that or with oils or whatever but see here’s here’s the issues that I have it’s it’s natural okay yeah the Bible says it’s a herb was created for the service of man yeah so um first of all I talked to a botany expert and he said it’s not a herb it’s a it’s from the from the thorns and thistles family didn’t God curse the ground with torrents of pixels okay but he made flowers he made beautiful roses with that you can smell them those are nice um but he also made a he made natural things that are beautiful yeah but there are but that should be used in the right way so all things are permissible but not everything is beneficial and in this case like for instance points edea come Christmas time you got yourself some nice points City with the big red leaves well if you really like it then put it in a bowl and make some salad with it poinsettias very poisonous they will kill you cyanide is just a little seed it’s the wrong use for the right plant can really mess you up so so I guess there’s a few things that are that I would just like to address first and foremost it’s it’s pharmakeia you you have to acknowledge that you’re getting high and the Bible says not to get high the Bible says search the word sober search the words sound mind search the words sobriety and in the scriptures searched it you’ll find you’ll be like okay maybe I shouldn’t be high so that’s the first issue are you getting high and then the second issue is um another P let’s let’s talk to our our practitioner go to your family doctor not some quack on this on the street that’s trying to sell you some medical whatever go to your family doctor and say hey Doc um I’m thinking of of smoking weed every day what do you think and just just ask him I have a very good feeling that he’s gonna say this is why you shouldn’t do it because first of all any sort of smoke inhalation what these are the same people that used to prescribe you the best brand of cigarettes to like you know I’m saying like back in the 50s and they you shoot yeah yeah and and I think we’re smoking he’s like you know hey this is the best brand doctors approved this is the doctors recommended yeah now now that being said I am not a huge fan of of the home turf or farm pharmacy thing anyways that’s why I don’t like smoking first of all but second of all um I was addicted to tobacco many years I think another one that’s in the same category and we’re talking Marie was how could talk about opiates as this kratom kratom is now schedule one illegal in alabama a lot of people they claim that they’re able to come off of opiates and and kick heroin and all of this kind of stuff by a natural plant like like kratom which is now illegal I do find it funny with something like kratom when that’s happening and then the government comes in and makes it illegal it’s like this natural pain reliever relaxes you and things like that and then the government steps in nope it’s a drug do not touch it if you want it you come to your doctor you get a pain pill this is what you get that concerns me as well and it’s very similar you know yeah I don’t know I don’t know much about that you haven’t led into the rate of movement and stuff like that at all no no I just I just think tit that anytime we need to add something to our lives like that anytime we are we are addicted to something or or we have to have this certainly I mean for me it was a I got to I got to I mean I hanging out with somebody with artists or this or that and all some they have to leave because they have to smoke they have here this they have to that it’s controlling your show I was doing an interview with that NIDA interview was doing an album listening party with a friend of mine over here during his album we’re live-streaming going through each track excuse me I have to smoke a cigarette my bro we’re in here we had a huge audience all these people are watching he goes outside to smoke a cigarette in the middle of our livestream I’m like oh my god really I don’t like yeah that’s not cool I think it’s worse it’s worse when it comes to weed and stuff because I’ve seen I’ve seen friends that just they just change and they just change and I guess here’s another thing I’ve never heard somebody say you know what my marriage was in the can until I started smoking weed or my grades were just absolutely horrible and then when I started smoking crop regularly oh man I got an A+ or my family or this or that it it’s it’s never a solution in so many cases it’s the problem so if it is now permissible is it beneficial and and then beyond that okay let’s talk about the permissible side of it because I think this is something that a lot of people overlook is it though it may be legal here in this state it’s illegal according to the government and the Bible says we’re supposed to submit to the laws of the land and even if the laws say it’s okay God’s law says something different and there’s two other P’s that I want to address one is your parents what do they think because the Bible says we should obey them and the second is your pastor what is your pastor thing if you were to go to your pastor and say hey I’m thinking of smoking weed what do you think and that’s something that I get a lot people will pull me aside in a at a festival they’ll come up to me and they’ll be like hey um mark I have this up this this real serious question can I talk to you privately first of all it’s got to be private and then they’re like well you know I’m just wondering if I should be smoking weed and I said the fact that you’re coming to me with that concern you’re not coming to me saying hey I’m just really concerned do you think I should drink diet coke or not but isn’t it usually Christian festivals though my dad finds out I stay done you know I’m like how old are you they’re like 16 I said what do your parents think they think it’s bad what is your pastor things anything’s better what is your doctor thing it’s bad yeah what is your governor or the the policeman thing here’s another P policeman what does he think um he would arrest me okay what is the scripture say to be sober to avoid attacks from Satan to be filled with the spirit instead of filled with that and and there’s time and time again there’s passengers on being drunk now that being said somebody would say this okay will alcohols legal well yeah 151 rum is legal so soju drink it all day long then no I’m not saying that what I am saying is it the same way that that gets you let’s in one way this gets lifted another way I’m not saying to forbid boats I’m not saying to forbid either I’m just saying or or to make them illegal prohibition doesn’t work I what I am saying is that I think that we need to to just have an open mind to what the scriptures are saying what the word is saying and most importantly what is the still small voice inside saying why is it the people keep coming up to me saying is it okay is it okay because they know in their heart of hearts that it’s not and they’re looking for that justification and so I just want to encourage you there’s no high like the most high you know read the scriptures surround yourself with others that encourage you that lift you up but if you surround yourselves with people that are that are saying it’s okay to do that watch your life it’s gonna go into a downward trajectory and just be very very careful use my cautionary tale as a as a reason why you should not go down that path I um I had some friends come over a couple weeks ago and they smoke they brought it over and I’m in Alabama so all the new cool stuff is far away you think I mean I’m pretty sure as people bring it in but he had a gummy bear and uh oh snap are these some of these marijuana gummy bears yeah THC marijuana I took a little bite I was feeling okay took a bigger bite a little bit later hit me like a ton of bricks that anxiety can’t breathe my heart’s racing I experienced that you know almost probably twenty years ago now you know when I was smoking weed wow that feeling came rushing back I had about three hours feeling like I was gonna die I talked about it in a podcast episode but um that that was my experience and when you when you look that up though that’s the thing like you look up the gummy bear stuff that everybody’s doing that’s a common thing even the biggest weed smokers will tell you I’m even like I see no interview with red man from met/met you don’t say meth and red he’s like yo don’t mess with gummy bears and makes you feel like you’re dying like that’s not fun like that’s not that’s not good it’s like obviously something good came out of it reevaluate of my life and what am i doing what led me down you you learned from that and I’m a lot opinion it’s not me to learn from that yeah yeah but what this is this is what typically happens I code that the Emperor’s New Clothes is okay first hit I took of a cigarette I cost I coughed I hacked and I looked at my friend and I said cool I smoked weed first time I smoked weed same thing the bigger the hit what do you do your body is coughing it’s rejecting now this is interesting that gets so imagine imagine you you drive down the street and you see all these paramedics and you see all these ambulance you see fire trucks and you’re like what the heck happened and you pull over and you go up and you see a guy who just got rescued from a house and he’s sitting at the sitting on the ambulance and the paramedics patted him on the back saying did you get some good hits no he’s not he’s treating him with oxygen because it’s bad it’s bad you inhale smoke any kind of smoke doesn’t matter whether it’s cloves whether it’s cigarettes anything that’s not oxygen the normal you know what we’re it’s it and if your body is instantly rejecting it every time you you take a hit you have to coffee and you say oh it’s good because it’s opening up my capillaries in my lungs or whatever you you justify it as no you’re sick I’m sick right now I brought backup virus with me from from Nepal and what I’m doing that to where I’m practically gagging it reminds me of all those all those marijuana songs that I’ve heard even dub side of the moon you know whether you hear the you know the the the bubbles the cough the bubbles the cops and the end they think it’s so cool but what your body is doing is no different than when you drink a bunch of alcohol and you puke your body’s rejecting it your body’s expelling it your body’s saying no no no no your eyes your capillaries your everything they’re saying no no and you’re saying yes because the person next to you said did you get a good hit and you’re like yeah man and they say I’m so wasted you say I’m so wasted and that’s what you’re doing is you’re it’s becoming wasted and so I just want to encourage people that God empowers God enables I can do all things through Christ who strengthens he doesn’t disabled he doesn’t depress he doesn’t push down he doesn’t you know I mean he does that for his enemies he knocks them down but I just want to encourage you that you don’t need that and if there’s any doubt whatsoever in your mind the Bible does not say do this remember sub me he doesn’t mandate you that you do that and in fact just for the weaker brother principle alone you shouldn’t be doing it even if you think you have it under control but somebody else doesn’t it’s not under control its controlling you and so you don’t need it you have everything you need through Christ and I just want to encourage you with that and I again I’m not trying to villainize it I just I think that that it is what I see somebody who come and grab a bowl not old rum or what I see every single time I’m watching TV they always have to pour a glass of of bourbon or whatever I see that in the same light I see it as why do you need that and is it really helping you how’s that working out for you how is it working out for you it should be Spiritualized yeah so any questions from the I’m curious about it’s a bunch of comments not really questions if anybody has any questions I did not can the phone lines but if anybody wants to type in their question here I’ll rebuttal anything like that I’ll relay the message so you guys let me know I did have a couple more questions that I was curious about about the backlash so we talked about the the backlash from yeah did you make ends or the rosters or whatever in a culture appropriation but obviously when you look into that we find out that every culture there was people who had dreads whether it was there’s pictures and statues of the Romans with dreads Native Americans which is my backgrounds with with dreadlocks like the Vikings with dread so like every culture had dreads if you don’t wanna hear when you don’t have combs you don’t wash your hair it’s gonna dread you know when I quit washing mine like the easiest dreads that start it were the ones in the back while I laid my head on my pillow those dreads by the way these are dreadlocks not dirt locks I do wash my hair you go so yeah I mean I’ve had dreads as well um so I wanted to ask you about the backlash so we talked about that backlash what about the backlash from the gospel community of trying to bring this music in there I mean there’s people on every spectrum of belief system when it comes to music when it comes to what’s acceptable I mean I did gospel rap for years and we had the old head saying you can’t redeem it and you’re trying to be like the world to win the world all kind of weird theologies behind it but early on cuz you’ve been in this for a while did you was it a backlash from the church or the gospel community like oh we don’t want that kind of music or whatever you know surprisingly no that there there’s a few things that we received at first it was a we were always a novelty and they they initially just thought well reggae is here here today and gone tomorrow thankfully we picked us on row that has just been really oh I lost you there sorry about that are you there yeah okay um so yeah thankfully you picked a genre that has been really consistent and it wasn’t like dubstep or third wave ska or you know different things that are like here today and gone tomorrow kind of a thing but beyond that um so I guess people just thought it was a novelty and that it would be gone and and you know realized okay maybe it’s not like that uh the church thinks it’s cool and fun yeah but if they have any Caribbean roots whatsoever they are very negative towards it especially if they live in places like not all not all but you know a lot of people from Guyana that’s where we received a lot of persecution for having dreads or for having an earring or yeah or you know even a beard or whatever um Jamaica anyplace where there’s a piper traditionalism and quite honestly I’m not really called to reach those people messing with Jesus Jesus wasn’t that he didn’t come for the hypocrites and I’m not saying it because you think I’m you know well you know what I I’m just I was so sick of either by the sixth or seventh interview defending my hair I’m like I’m like a dude if Jesus came into your church you’d kick him out if Samson came into your church okay what I’m like I’m what you think that this is wrong this t-shirt that I have with dreads on it or there’s these dreads and in the end this this Rasta cap that I’m wearing or whatever you think that’s wrong I’m like how about if I wear camel skin inside out so you just see the leather part first how about if I start eating freaking locusts how about if I have body wrapping down my beard then I have at the homeland I never cut my hair for my whole entire life come in and see how they react I’ve been to those churches where they make the homeless people leave hope the homeless guy comes in and sits on the back pew he smells like urine you know he’s maybe some booze on him he’s hit there to hear the gospel looks crazy they’ve busted him to other churches hey there’s another Church that may be better fit for you and they biker ministry I was a part of was a biker Church accepted everything they brought the homeless people to that church hey they they have a homeless ministry go see them I think there’s a very similar reaction of what would happen if Jesus or John the Baptist in any of those guys came back let alone listen what if Jesus came back and he was black and he goes into white suburbia Church is like oh well I don’t think he was black I think he was Middle Eastern which even even worse now he was a man of color you wouldn’t tell him to go and hide you know they wouldn’t have hidden hid well in Egypt if they weren’t of color because and you know you don’t hide in Africa if you’re not African yeah so yeah we definitely had our fair share of persecution I was just thinking of a lyric that I said the other day persecution is a promise it’s a guarantee if they’re not against us and we should worry but don’t fret it’s not a big thing because you never find his servant treated better than his King and that’s that’s what it’s like so I mean I don’t want to be I don’t want to talk about being persecuted cuz I’m white that’s stupid that’s just because because there’s so many people out there that are that are that are being yeah attacked or that are being looked upon negatively just because of the color of their skin and and I want to stand with them and champion for them when I can but yeah I will say that that being a white guy doing reggae for quite a while was it was I just thought it was funny I just thought it was God’s sense of humor so God wants to to redeem reggae and so he takes a guy from you know this rich suburban city and or you know in in Southern California what the heck you know my parents didn’t have a musical background there was no I mean I but he uses the foolish things of the world I’m a full to shame to confound the wise and definitely you know when we our last five albums hit number one on Billboard and every although all the industry is looking over going what the heck is going on how are these guys doing this and they have Christ in their name and their and I mean our latest album let me see if I do have a cover I’m sure it’s around here somewhere but latest album has Jesus on the cover being crucified you know it’s we’re not we’re not messing around we’re not mincing words we’re not doing this to please others we’re just doing please God um two more questions for we go man we want to ask about the power of dreads is it just a cool look is it it’s a symbol it’s a lot of different things but there’s a lot of study out there about the spiritual power of hair in general dreads dreads and hair almost being an extension of your nervous system linked to spiritual power we look at Samson we look at Solomon that the long hair I’ve heard stories of people who had long hair and dreads shaving it and them feeling like they lost eyes I think it’s more mythical I think it’s more Rapunzel more more of a okay here here’s what I believe I believe dreads are how do I say this okay when we when we hang out with people in Salvation Army believe it or not they they don’t do baptism they and and that was a trip for me at first I was like wait a minute you don’t baptize no we don’t and and why and then and then as I talked to him more they’re like we want to just make it as simple as possible just the gospel and I’m like yeah but Jesus said go and baptize and the name of the fun this isn’t that and then they they look and they say you know what we see our uniforms as a form of baptism so essentially what we’re doing is we’re walking around every day and we’re representing him outwardly through this uniform and that is our public of proclamation of of our inward conviction and and the word baptism means to identify essentially it you would take a white white piece of wool you dip it in red dye you’d pull it back up and it would now be identified as red so I I see these dreads as as an identification with Old Testament Scriptures and New Testament Scriptures I see them as a way of saying I’m setting myself apart and really that’s what the Nazarene vow was now let’s get into this okay this is the perfect way to encapsulate you ready to encapsulate to solidify to galvanize what I’ve been saying about we first of all I absolutely love you if you’re a weed smoker Jesus loves you even more than I do but there’s a few things that you had to do in order to become a Nazarite now not a Nazarene a Serena’s someone from Nazareth Nazarite is a value you would take in numbers chapter it but okay so essentially what they did was they did a few things first of all no death they couldn’t be around any sort of any sort of funeral home they couldn’t be around a casket they couldn’t go to a funeral number two no cutting of the dress no cutting of your hair at all not even trimming the beard anything number three no why not even grapes okay so let me break those three things down as to why the why behind the Nazarite now the first thing the deaths essentially what you’re saying is I am no longer concerning myself with the cares of the world I am focused on the holy and so things like death will not sway me death where is your sting that’s why no death number two no dreads I mean no cutting of your hair first of all this is like these are like Alborosie locks or jr. gong’ locks these are never been cut before never been trimmed not even a hair has been trimmed off which means that their mustache is like an octopus hanging over their face because unless they’re chewing it and if they’re chewing it they’re still trimming it so so we’re talking a long beard we’re talking like you know freaking Tutankhamun beard stuff we’re talking long dreads and it was dreadful on the outward appearance and it would immediately separate that person so who was who was a perpetual Nazarite perpetual means from birth we have Samson until until his hair was cut we have uh who else was obviously John the Baptist Solomon had seven seven locks yes Samson had seven seven seven like that I try and say braids no way no way they were if it wasn’t had never been cut that there unbraided all and bringing it no no so and and and and that and the whole concept of braids is to is to make things look beautiful on the outward appearance and and so that would that would even go against the whole cutting in the trimming so the goal it’s it’s similar to like hey no vanity that’s that’s that’s essentially what that part of the Nazarite vow is is is no vanity it’s not about how you look it’s about it’s about and and this again was a baptism this was a way of saying identify I’m sitting myself apart now Paul yeah actually took and as right now for a minute and what they would do is there were two types of Nazareth there was there was a Nazarite vow which was for a period like I’m fast and then at the end I’m going to eat I’m gonna grow my hair and then the end I’m gonna cut it Paul did that in the book of Acts and then and that was to become all things to all men but the third part of being of the Nazarite vow is no wine and not even grapes not even not even anything close that come that that is the root of wine and the whole goal with that is to not get high to not celebrate to not party like the world does because I’m gonna be grounded in Christ and that again is the ironic thing you’re gonna grow their dreads but they’re gonna get out of it doesn’t make sense not a true Nazeri there’s a lot of questions that come in into the Nazarite vow stuff I’m not gonna I’m not gonna prolong that I want to ask you just this last question I’m talking about escapism we’re talking about getting raptured with in the presence of God through His Holy Spirit being set apart through that with that mark that seal the power of music that music is is a place of escape as well when like what happens when we’re worshiping God when we connect through music like we looking up in the Bible the power of music something the psalmist playing David playing the string instruments before the Lord in demons would leave people who were oppressed like what what happens when we play music before the Lord for you well I don’t need to tell you the of the power music just take a take your favorite movie and mute it and you’ll realize that it has no impact without that score under it it just it just doesn’t connect it transcends cultures for we’ve been to now 75 countries it transcends languages it transcends ethnicity is obviously age we’ve had in Nepal we were seeing 75 year old ladies dancing dancing like Hindi dances to our music just praising the Lord um it it has the power to move people not just physically but emotionally and not just emotionally but spiritually and which is one of the reasons why it is so powerful such a powerful tool by the enemy and an even more powerful tool by our Lord we can’t forget two things we can’t forget that God created and invented everything I mean there’s no be there’s no rhythm there’s no polyrhythm there’s none of those things that have ever been made by the enemy he can’t eat he’s not a creative being he’s not a creative spirit the offbeat is for the devil people who believe minor-key oh man I love my energy and everything’s dark and just I just love it just it makes me happy like like a like a major key song does for other people um but yeah that there is there’s no no scale no tempo that’s dark I mean some people who say like how dare you use that satanic music for God for God first of all reggae started in the church Bob Marley’s early songs for all worship songs he met Rick you know I miss rich I mean every one of those guys the Peter Tosh started in the church they all did Luciano his dad was an evangelist hey Putin’s dad was a pastor yeah man they all started the church um they stray from the church but so seeing can’t create anything but he’s using music as much as he can because that was his job in heaven he led him to God now he’s going to do his best to lead them away does that mean all music is bad no no no I think that what I use to gauge that is the message the messenger and their lifestyle check those three things you wanna you wanna you want to know whether you should buy into somebody check those three things obviously as musicians sometimes we can have a way of dissecting and sand and compartmentalizing and saying I’m gonna focus on this Pantera bass line without focusing on these Pantera lyrics some people some other people can’t have can’t do that they you know that affects them and and and so I want to be very very respectful to those who say that I can only listen to Christian music and I want to be very respectful to a musician who says hey I like to study of so on and so forth but music does compel people and and we use that in a positive way or at least I I believe according description is a positive way we saw it with William Booth when he founded the Salvation Army he that’s amazing yeah his trumpet and trombones and he would have his marching band they were like his war bands they were like going to march down Jericho they were there and and and they and that was those his front line we saw today and bad music but they were just making a joyful noise we saw it in the Bible they always sent out the fair band first it wasn’t the guys with the best guns the sharpshooters it was their band first lap seven laps around Jericho who was the horns okay so we we see God using that we saw Billy Graham with cliff burrows Burroughs who was his musical director and George Beverly Shea using songs like just as I am to bring millions to Christ we see we see people like evangelists Luis Palau or Greg Laurie using music the music of whether it’s a Chris Tomlin or a lecrae or a Switchfoot to try and to try and bring in a crowd so that he could ultimately bring the gospel and what we do is we don’t compartmentalize we don’t have a band and then the evangelists I’m an evangelist who happens to be in a band so I use my platform not just to sing but to also share my story and to share the scripture at least John 3:16 and to give them an opportunity and this is this is how I want to end I talk about God I say this all the time from stage we talk about God we talked to him we sing to him we sing about but have you met him do you know him and if you can’t call yourself a truth seeker without well jesus said seek and you shall find knock and it shall be open ask and it shall be answered if you really want to seek I want to encourage you to to pray this simple prayer just to say Jesus are you real Jesus show yourself to me and if you believe he’s real he’s gotta be your Lord he’s got to be your king if you want to enter into his kingdom you can’t get to heaven unless you’ve been forgiven just say these words say Jesus forgive me of my sins cleanse me of my unrighteousness I turn away from my sin the Bible uses the word repent I turn away from my sin and I turn to you thank you for dying for me thank you for raising from the dead raise me up give me eternal life heal me make me new I surrender everything to you in Jesus name Amen hey if you prayed that prayer do me a favor would you uh post in the comments below or would you hit up truth seeker personally and say I’ve sought the truth and I found it let us know we’d love to pray for you and do me a favor also hit me up Christ afar if you go to Christ fry calm and you click on contact you can contact us directly and let us know we’d love to keep in touch with you also one of you later songs man don’t lurk I pulled from it if you know not love then you know not God for god is love if you know not God then you know not love man I really believe that and in every every facet man I think that that’s what really what sets us apart that that love and that grace for other people man I enjoy your work man you’re a legend thank you for hanging out with me brother it means the world and let’s do it again sometime and I really enjoyed it I this has probably been one of my favorite interviews ever thank you so much thank you for what you’re doing I really respect it and stay away from gummy bears yeah never again no unless you get it with the movie theaters god bless you guys peace peace bye there you go ladies and gentlemen mark more of the ban Christ Fri JA Rastafari i gun pastor yet a heathen back dip on the wall we don’t need no much trouble yeah good good interview ma’am Chris Chris bars my friend you told me to ask him about the marijuana stuff and I think you missed it you have to go back and read listen to this cuz you came in late but he went in on marijuana for you and I’ll say this you know um I didn’t want to debate him you guys know I say this all the time I don’t want to debate people I want to make enemies I just want to share I don’t want to confuse people either so you know I have people with different spiritual religious views or whatever the case is on the show and they’re all saying different things that the thing is that you want to be a truth seeker you have to seek the truth for yourself you have to find out you have to know what you believe and why you believe it and don’t take anybody’s word for it don’t take my word for it don’t take mark crossed-up Christ afar eyes or word for it you have to do the work for yourself I didn’t I wanted to in a sense he’s projecting right obviously his experience with marijuana it’s not everybody’s experience with marijuana should that should he check you should you evaluate your motives and are you addicted I don’t think we should be addicted to anything just like he’s how am I being addicted to weed or alcohol or whatever the case is we could be addicted to fast food and there was a time in my life where I was addicted to fast food I used to drive a truck for a living and I couldn’t pass up a fast food restaurant if it meant saving my life so you have to take that into consideration one thing he did talk about pharmakeia in in the scriptures obviously like you talked about you know I’m saying pharmakeia comes from the word pharmacy that’s what we get our word pharmacy it’s a Greek word and it’s essentially the witchcraft it’s about the mixing though there’s that there’s a difference for me and I was I didn’t want to debate him and go into detail about what I believed in and all that kind of just I’m interviewing this guy and kind of give my rebuttal at the end or whatever my closing remarks but yeah I don’t think it’s something natural out there that you can you pick up and eat that uh or consume that it’s demonic or the devil put here or you stay away from or whatever pharmakeia is when you mix stuff it’s the farm pharmakeia is the pharmaceutical industry they get you hooked on opiates you know and all of this this stuff man these pills and stuff well versus going to nature everything that we need is in nature everything we need is something that we can put in our mouth and consume if anything about the you know the any debate about marijuana being pharmakeia some claim when you put the fire to it you’re changing the chemical and genetic makeup of the marijuana when you burn it and inhale it as a smoke therefore I guess we get into eating it and a lot of people eat brownies and stuff like that you know to each his own I’m not gonna defend it I don’t smoke I don’t you know I used to and I have a good reason why I quit and I’ve been open about that and kind of shared a little bit about it with him but uh you know that’s his ministry you know he’s an evangelist he travels the world telling people about Jesus and he has to tell you to stay away from that stuff and if he he puts up with it I mean you know the Rasta culture reggae music goes hand-in-hand with smoking weed so he has to address that but for each his own this I have people who have beautiful stories and I wanted to ask him about marijuana from a regenerated heart so his experiences and most of mine were from a place of being a depressed teenager who was destruct and all of that stuff and then you smoke weed to escape and get away and stuff like that and you did it at a bad part of your time when you get born bad part in your life and when you get born again like all things are new so you want to throw everything away you want to get rid of everything so the the weed smoking and all that stuff you throw all the out the window because that’s the old me that’s how the old me got around with life it got through life so you look at that and you identify when you think of weed it’s like PTSD Oh weed is bad let me tell you what happened to me on weed and that’s the you know BC before Christ before he got born again um there’s a lot of people who were spiritually minded people people who are awakened people who are Christians even who smoke weed or used THC or use cannabis or whatever and they do it from a clean and from a pure place and their experience is totally opposite from his so that you have to take that into consideration that it could be projecting we have to look in that am i projecting my bad experiences with with weed or marijuana onto the people because I have a personal fear of it there you feel like you you know it all but it’s from a place of experience and that’s all you have is your experience you he may have not have done smoked marijuana I’ll tell you this when the first time I drunk a sick a sip of alcohol years after being born again I was scared I thought that those same demons that I used to entertained and witchcraft and all that stuff my first sip of alcohol I thought I was gonna get possessed I literally in my mind because the darkness that I came out of I wanted nothing to do with it I didn’t want to give a hold to it and some of that comes with things that make you inebriated and it was wine I was at Passover and at Jewish synagogues and messianic congregations and they in the men would have a glass of wine for communion unto the Lord and I would drink grape juice with the ladies you know what I’m saying I don’t want and if so you know eventually I was like you know I was contemplating thinking about it man what can I do it what if I do it man I’m a I’m a become a drunkard again if I take that first sip I’m because that’s what the Church teaches you they don’t teach you moderation this is when we’re talking about whether it’s me this is for all things some other thing is permissible the church doesn’t teach you moderation with you want to call marijuana they but alcohol they teach abstinence to stay away from it do not drink if you drink you’ll be you’ll get drunk you’ll become a drunkard so they don’t teach you moderation and properly you have a glass of wine too whatever whatever you know I’m saying they don’t teach you wisdom in that they just say stay away from it because ba ba ba ba ba it’s a fear base and I don’t I definitely think that’s improper big time I’ve seen people get a let go of ministries and positions in the church because they went to I knew a youth pastor who went to a ten-year high school reunion and somebody took a picture of her with a glass of wine they let her go at church they said now we can’t you your role model these kids they look up to you you can’t be having a glass of wine that’s where they messed up man they teach abstinence instead of moderation so I mean there’s a lot of stuff about CBD marijuana in the Bible I mean there’s something in in the book of Exodus chapter 30 it talks about making this dis oil and it uses this word I couldn’t find it right off I’ll Shawn a Googler but I um look it up Exodus about this anointing oil and a lot of people believe that it was a form of CBD oil that they would anoint the the priest with and Jesus would and it would bring forth healing and it also talks about the the healing tree at the end of the rapture and revelation and all that stuff talk about this tree that its leaves will bring forth the healing of the nation’s I’m not telling you that this is what it is I’m not I’m but I’m saying I don’t know that this isn’t what it isn’t but I will tell you this too though I know that we’re fearfully and wonderfully made in in our brains we have cannabinoid there’s within our brains that are used to process THC and things like that is it PTSD does he think about the past and he did you he was going off I was throwing up everywhere I project how vomited you know so therefore you would see that there would be some PTSD there it’s like alcohol no no stay away from it because I project how vomited I was a bad guy I did this I did that there’s some projection there it’s PTSD essentially I remember getting in in a wreck on the interstate some years ago while my wife was driving we were riding in a friend’s vehicle that wreck it was a storm and we started spinning and went into the ditch and almost hit a tree I gal doubt Jesus right before we almost hit the tree in the car spun sideways in the mud and we just came but up to the tree sideways and the car stopped but the next time we got in a car scared to death it triggered me I was triggered ever I also get in car there okay we get in the car to get on the interstate I’m like it’s bringing back those memories of almost dying and it’s sort of the same thing with with my aunt and I’m identifying that in myself if I look back at my former weed habits and I was an addict I loved it I would do anything for weed I would still rob all kind of stuff right you know so I think that there’s a lot of projection when it comes to that but there could there is wisdom in other people’s stories and he’d let you know look this is what you don’t do but as far as legalizing it versus demonizing it so I really don’t know what the deal is with that so anyway I want to just just to kind of touch on that and those couple things I’m not for it or against it but I think that we have to know what we’re wanting to do so whatever we’re for and we got to know it don’t let nobody be able to talk you out of your beliefs just simply talk you out of it if you’re for it or against it you know what I’m saying so you got a you got to know what you believe I think it’s good too in your beliefs I think we should do that all the time just to make sure in the Bible talks about the examine yourself to make sure that you’re in the faith examine yourself so with that being said I enjoyed this episode really big name it’s so funny because yesterday I was like joking about bringing it back home with Jesus and having a pastor on yesterday but the pastor is someone who is into more more of spirituality but this one was definitely more Christian fundamental but like I said there’s jewels and there’s things to take out of every episode and so I hope you guys can get something out of this apply it to your life maybe it makes sense maybe God’s calling you to put down the wacky weed the sticky key maybe you have that that inner feeling like he’s talking about like you know it’s wrong within you some people have it some people are okay with it everybody’s different so if that’s you man if the God’s calling you to put it down then guess what you got one choice you got one thing to do put it down if you know that it’s God wooing you and telling you to put it down do it don’t don’t wait you’re not gonna go any further in your spiritual walk and your spiritual life unless you do the last thing God spoke to your heart to do I’ll say that with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for hanging out with me and now we’re gonna do this again man thank you guys for the support if you want to support my work head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker it will allow me to continue making more episodes even for a dollar a month there’s a bunch of cool perks that you get with that peace and Shalom love each and every one of you guys [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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