Legalize It or Demonize It? | Mark Mohr of Christafari Interview

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In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with legendary Christian Reggae artist Mark Mohr from the band Christafari. Many topics were discussed in this interview from Marks testimony and spirituality but the majority of the discussion was about the legalization of marijuana. Living in California Mark sees billboards daily promoting the use of weed and other THC products. This over sensualization of marijuana worries Mark a bit because of his past relationship with the plant as a misguided youth. Mark definitely approaches this subject as if he is talking about an old friend or a broken relationship with a lost lover. It is safe to safe that Mark has history with marijuana use and it reminds him of the person that he use to be before Christ. During the conversation Mark brings up some things that worry him about all the weed promo and how readily accessible it is to people. One of his concerns is what kind of lasting effect it will have on young developing minds? Mark also feels that when marijuana is inhaled it makes the person cough inherently showing us that the persons body is trying to reject it. Either way I do believe that it is a personal conviction when it comes to partaking of the substance. I personally know people who use it and it helps them in their life and I’ve totally seen people addicted to it who cannot function without it. Another topic discussed is that the scriptures says in Genesis 1:29 that God has given us every seed bearing plant to enjoy which many marijuana advocates love to quote. But on the other hand the scripture also goes on to say that after the fall that thorns, weeds and thistles grew in amongst the plants and now we would have to pick through what is good to consume. This is an argument that has been going on for years and I’m sure we will never hear the end of this debate. One thing I will say on the subject is to go with your first mind. If you feel a tug within that it’s time to stop, then stop. Maybe even entertain the thought of you quitting and if it thought scares you and you feel that jolt of anxiety, you may be addicted.



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