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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Rose Harmonics about Mary Magdalene and The Goddess Energy. Rose Harmonics focuses on bringing out the true nature of the divine feminine but also believes in the balance of the polarities. Many times people tend to focus on one of the aspects over the other and it creates a disharmony that tends to lead into toxicity. This is what we see today with rights movements of today such as toxic feminism which exists as a push back due to toxic masculinity. True feminism is beautiful and has been largely suppressed in the 20th century and the divine feminine has been largely erased from Modern Western religion. In ancient culture the mother was always a huge part of the trinity as we have the Mother, Father and Christ child within all of the religions of antiquity. I think it is safe to say that there may have been imbalance back then as well in the polarity where the mother was venerated over all as out of her came all life. Yet, now in the West the mother has been replaced with the Holy Spirit which at large still acts as the motherly caricature of God. It is the father who disciplines in chastises the children and it just a mother who comforts and reassures them, hence one of the names of the Holy Spirit is The Comforter. There’s a lot of fear when it comes to topics that are foreign to us and to entertain these ideas to some is heresy. It is only when we go back and look at the ancient world and the cradle of civilization itself do we see the three joined together represented as ONE, the true Godhead. In the majority of Christian doctrine it is forbidden for women to even speak and teach within the church and many still hold those ideas today. Yet, much like head coverings, sabbath and dietary laws these doctrines are slowly fading away from the modern church. There is a beauty in the blueprint and in going back into antiquity seeing how the Ancients practiced their spirituality and culture before the 20th century. When we do this we see the Mother held in high regard and even in the Egyptian religion the sky mother is venerated and worshiped because she bore the Stars and Sun (Son) of God.



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