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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Rose Harmonics about Mary Magdalene and The Goddess Energy. Rose Harmonics focuses on bringing out the true nature of the divine feminine but also believes in the balance of the polarities. Many times people tend to focus on one of the aspects over the other and it creates a disharmony that tends to lead into toxicity. This is what we see today with rights movements of today such as toxic feminism which exists as a push back due to toxic masculinity. True feminism is beautiful and has been largely suppressed in the 20th century and the divine feminine has been largely erased from Modern Western religion. In ancient culture the mother was always a huge part of the trinity as we have the Mother, Father and Christ child within all of the religions of antiquity. I think it is safe to say that there may have been imbalance back then as well in the polarity where the mother was venerated over all as out of her came all life. Yet, now in the West the mother has been replaced with the Holy Spirit which at large still acts as the motherly caricature of God. It is the father who disciplines in chastises the children and it just a mother who comforts and reassures them, hence one of the names of the Holy Spirit is The Comforter. There’s a lot of fear when it comes to topics that are foreign to us and to entertain these ideas to some is heresy. It is only when we go back and look at the ancient world and the cradle of civilization itself do we see the three joined together represented as ONE, the true Godhead. In the majority of Christian doctrine it is forbidden for women to even speak and teach within the church and many still hold those ideas today. Yet, much like head coverings, sabbath and dietary laws these doctrines are slowly fading away from the modern church. There is a beauty in the blueprint and in going back into antiquity seeing how the Ancients practiced their spirituality and culture before the 20th century. When we do this we see the Mother held in high regard and even in the Egyptian religion the sky mother is venerated and worshiped because she bore the Stars and Sun (Son) of God.

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today’s guest been looking forward to

speaking with her for some time now I

got an email a couple weeks ago after

she’s seen the Laura Eisenhower

interview and she said you know what I

think I can bring something to the table

so I got this email from Rose and

checked out her channel and what she’s

bringing to the community and wanted to

have her own as a guest so Rose Harmonix

welcome to the true seeker podcast how

are you I’m doing great thank you for

having me

awesome yeah whenever you know I guess

you’ve seen that interview we’re talking

about aliens we’re talking about UFOs

and things and I don’t know how much of

this you want to get into but in the

initial email you kind of wanted to talk

a little bit about UFOs aliens

abductions and things like that but I

got an email yesterday or the day before

that saying you kind of feel led to go


direction because of some interactions

with your job or something like that do

you want actually part of the problem

was my job censure and also I’ve been

receiving lots of traveling and

downloads from the Mary Magdalene

lineage so I wanted to share more about

that because that’s the current flow of

information things receiving it’s more

about now grounding myself in my Divine

Feminine aspect and absorb what’s more

important for me to share at a global

level more about the energies of the

Divine Feminine

because I still believe in

extraterrestrial communication I have my

galactic team but right now I’m

transitioning more into embracing the

Divine Feminine aspect so was it did you

did someone find out the things that

you’re talking about and you got in

trouble on the job or something like

what happens

sure simply somebody sent the link of my

interview my previous interview to my

employer so that’s how the employer got

a little upset about you know we’ve all

been there touching in through there

probably religious sensitivity isn’t

mm-hmm although we have the field to

believe whatever we want yeah right yeah

but sometimes people are no

compassionate throw judgment yeah

finally and leaving a very spiritual

religious town in Virginia which is

pretty much the Bible Belt mm-hmm there

is not much of processing other type of

beliefs Hastings here yeah

so you’re like a way seer there keep it

up though don’t let them push you in the

corner don’t let them threaten you or

steal your joy there’s a blessing in it

whenever you’re authentic with who you

are you don’t have to pretend that you

don’t believe in that or you don’t

pretend that that’s

real or I choose not to talk about it on

the job that’s another story if you’re

bringing it to the job but what you do

and what you get into when you go home

is between you your audience and God you

know what I’m saying so that’s a

blessing in it I was I think the same

yeah that was a like I had to kind of

cross that that precipice you know

having a job you know I got let go from

my job a year ago but before that I

started seeing breakthrough when I begin

to be open about my my story about my

psilocybin encounters with magic

mushrooms with communicating

telepathically with aliens you know and

all of this stuff and just be open with

it and all of my friends and my

constituents were like you shouldn’t

talk about that because if your boss

finds out they’re gonna probably fire

you or if they find out you’re doing

drugs magic mushrooms you’re gonna get

fired drug-tested they’re gonna let you

go and it’s like so all of my friends

they begin to be quiet they wouldn’t

talk about this stuff at all but I began

to be open about my experiences what I

believe where I’m in the Bible Belt – so

churches on every corner I come out of

Christianity yeah I come out of

Christianity so it was really weird I

got made fun of and laughed at and all

of this stuff but if you stay consistent

with it you begin to find your audience

you begin to find the other so I just

encourage you just to continue with with

your message which you believe in

especially what’s working if it’s

helping you find peace and be a better

person to bring love and understanding

to the community definitely I encourage

you in that I agree you need to come out

of my spiritual closet I start sharing

my truth and I starting to attract lots

of like-minded people especially women

who are resonating with my message and I

have an interesting background

because I coming out from the Catholic

Church I was raised Catholic and I

always had a connection to the Divine


– Mary and Mary Magdalene but also it

was lots of patriarchal

princess there and when I heard my

second awakening my Kundalini awakening

I realized that we are more than just

the divine masculine is over emphasized

and we have also divine feminine so I’m

projecting my energies more towards the

divine feminine aspect like I believe

there is a God head creator I also

believe because we live in a polarity

system there is also a divine feminine

aspect we can’t just take only one a

spade and put it above the feminine mhm

my perspective and also I am trying to

clarify because many people came and

asked me I dunno played a game of

feminism because I’m trying to work with

the Divine Feminine or the toxic

feminine feminist feminism and I always

very clear I do not play the game of I’m

going to politics I do not play the game

of feminism yeah here to spray the truth

from the divine aspect of the Divine

Feminine no promote any agenda from the

matrix taste more of the feminism and

feeling like they need to compete with

the male because I don’t I do not

believe in competition you know are you

so so since you come out of Catholicism

really Catholicism focuses on the Divine

Feminine you know they exalt Mary a lot

of times over Jesus or over God we you

know I’m saying pray to Mary the goddess

of heaven the mother of all flesh like

there’s definitely a goddess energy

there of Mary being worshipped or

venerated as the goddess of heaven are

you do you see any correlation there

with the Catholic teachings and stuff

like that with the goddess energy or do

you separate it there are some

influences but I do not I do not believe


organized religion Divine Feminine Mary

is also excitedly you said but there is

an aspect of the twin flame energy the

Jeshua had a twin flame called Mary

Magdalene and he said that the being she

called but Jesus had the most important

apostle was Mary and the other apostles

were jealous of the relationship with

Mary Magdalene so they started to

boycott that relationship and also many

people in the Catholic Church tried to

put lots of shame onto the Mary

Magdalene aspects and that she was a

prostitute she was a sinner that she

wasn’t deserving of any variation and

those were also the Catholic Church

trying to denied the importance of the

Divine Feminine aspect Mary Matalin was

one of the puzzles and was painted in

the Leonardo da Vinci paintings as one

of the most prominent apostles part of

the Divine Feminine lineage and the Holy

Grail and the Holy Blood is referred to

that divine Christ the I would say the

merging of Magdalene and Jesus had a

birth of a new being who is the carrier

of the holy blood and some people

speculate that Holy Blood is a Charlize

but really we need to take into account

the Jesus was a man not just a teacher

he also had the need to have a romantic

relationship with somebody and this is

against Catholicism against many

doctrines because doctrine doc Madison

and Jesus to have a partner we see

what’s happening with the suppression of

the sexual energy to say that like the

clergyman can’t you know touch a woman

they have to be you have to devote

themselves to God or even the nuns or

whatever the case is this this um I

guess abstinence or whatever and to kind

of deny and we see like the allegations

and what’s going on in the Catholic

Church right now like when you say that


one thing usually comes to mind is all

those sexual assault cases they have

with with children with innocent people

that’s that that’s the the crazy thing

is when you suppress that energy we see

what happens

I could no no couldn’t we need to we

have the right to worship whoever we

want we have the right to have that Mary

Magdalene as a sacred woman aspect and

she was painted in many ancient

paintings she was in many cathedrals

windows in France because they preserved

the teachings of Mary Magdalene there’s

a gospel that was lost

and taken to Egypt and then there is all

sort of you know conspiracy against her

the Crusaders didn’t want her to become

an apostle they tried to kill everybody

who was supporting the idea of the Mary

Magdalene the Pope Gregory the Great a

Catholic pope is the one who said the

woman has to be erased from the

scriptures we’re gonna label her as a

sinner and he was the one who created

all this shame around the sacred

sexuality right because they had a

sacred Junior the hero’s promise they

were connected

in sacred union but it was inconvenient

for dogmatic people to approve that type

of relationships and you know then we

have these the being chic old movies are

out about it we have the Holy Grail and

the Holy Blood movies about it and it’s

a miss mystery really we don’t know I

don’t have all the answers I just follow

my intuition I got revelations I just

open myself through lots of downloads

about her and I try to transmit this

information to my audience and part of

the problem with religion is Patra Patra

local influences and Potrero is not just

a male dominating religion by definition

of patriarchy or patriarchy is control

so control can be coming from a woman to

a any controlling religion even if the

manager is a female is Petrarca but you

don’t have free will when you have

freedom of speech

it’s a patriarchy and they have any

friends in religion Christians who they

resonate with my message they they talk

about a Jezebel the figure who is in

control yeah the energies of the toxic

feminine when the feminine feels there

is superior to the male when really they

were all equal right sometimes people

confuse the message yeah it’s a really

weird times that we’re living in this

what’s going on with the feminism was

you know the toxic masculinity but you

know the patriarchal stuff it gets

really weird and I’ve talked to some

people who take it really

far really far out with it and come up

with some crazy ideas and stuff I do

believe in a divine order I do believe

that women are anointed to play a

specific role that only they can do I do

believe that there’s things that you

know the man who is the male role the

father figure the protector you know and

and in there and knowing it for it for

things to do as well the roles are are

getting mixed up for a lot of reasons I

think a lot of it’s by design taking the

father out of the household by design

some of these things it’s it’s it’s

really interesting and we see what’s

happening we just look at the generation

and something like people abandoning

genders at a young age when they’re

still they’re still you know their minds

are still forming and and you know

wondering about life and sexuality and

asking questions and then doctors are

letting them make life-changing

decisions at eight years old type we’re

in some really weird times there’s a lot

of on the plate now there’s a lot of

options about what you want to be and

what do you feel like and things like

that um so I think that it is good that

there’s a balance with the energies that

we’re not supposed to just be all here

or all there I really do believe in the

balance of the of the divine feminine

and the divine masculine as well and not

just one exalted over the other that’s

it’s whenever we get into that that type

of you know unbalanced you start it’s

not good so if we look at for me I

really see the goddess energy for me

especially from like a Christian

standpoint or say Christian just a

biblical standpoint of Mother Earth of

just resonating with the Father energy

the masculine energy coming down and in

almost impregnating the earth and then

us the children coming out of the earth

and so it was the father and the mother

and the Spirit is what and ignited that

flame within us so it’s that even

they’re like that Holy Trinity let’s go

back though a little bit cuz I know we

can get off into so many changes with

that stuff but let’s go back a little

bit to your childhood I really like to

kind of talk about like some of the

things that happened early on it what

influenced you to kind of take this path

in in life like what kind of influences

did you have or their paranormal

encounters that you had as a child that

you knew the spirit realm existed or

whatever what are some of the earliest

memories that you’ve had with

interaction with the other side

interesting question because I remember

I had a strong connection with Nation


I always wander in the forest I started

to connect to the spirits of the forest

nation and those were my imaginary

friends I used to see shapes on the sky

pretty relevant to me to see lots of

paranormal and no answers to my

questions because my parents used to say

oh just your imagination you didn’t see

anything it’s just oh no it’s just

playing or whatever yeah

no no giving me validation for my my

intuition I used to see my friends the

auras in colors

I knew my friend was sick because his

aura was a little dark like brown color

and I asked him are you see that you

feeling okay knowing okay why oh well

you aura is a little dark and nobody

understood me really and later on this

person got ill so he had lots of

encounters with my animal companions I

had a kitty cat who I adopted who was

following me everywhere and I knew later

on he was my weight by toting on him on

my companion I started to use my hands

to hear my mom to bring her support

because she

always stressed out and I use my hands I

still do any healing with my hands and I

didn’t understand why I was able to heal

people my hands with my energy and I

tried to put my hands on my mom’s belly

because she used to have lots of

intestinal issues problems and she was

feeling better and what did you do to me

she said what’s going on we didn’t know

about Reiki or anything like that in the

past I don’t know I just placed my hands

and I sensed your energy and she used to

tell me only jesus heals well since he’s

going on and she also very devoted

Catholic she didn’t want to believe that

I was able to heal my hands so I was

able to communicate with my imaginary

friends so because I grew up with no

validation about my emotions about my

experiences they shut down all my

abilities or my my psychic ability my

sensory abilities right pretty much

didn’t give myself any room for that

then I went to school I pursue my degree

in counseling and even more of the

matrix more about labeling people with

those abilities as crazy a key soy


lots of blame on people who have these

particular abilities still usha know is

the imagination who are not really

grounded blah blah blah so the

counseling mental health field in

support any of my my personal experience

in my channeling

I call it downloads I don’t call it

channeling so all this dream of

useless information he received and I

couldn’t share even my other hood with

anybody in my field my supervisor was a

psychiatrist supervisor was a licensed

professional psychologist yes so I

needed to to just not to share sorry my

child who worked pretty much stuff I

also I was emotionally and physically

abused but as for another story but

regarding my spiritual appearances my

awakenings I did all through my faith to

a higher power my belief in the Divine

Feminine was my my way for me to find

refuge I was alone I was alienated

because I couldn’t share I needed to

keep it to myself pretty much until I

decide I can’t continue keeping it to

myself is that kind of like the second

awakening when it is just like time to

come out with it all and just be okay

with who you are cuz that’s a journey

and ending and it’s a journey it’s an

awakening and it’s a dark night of the

soul all wrapped together right gonna

come out and be okay with who you are

and finding out what what exactly that

is and you kind of a little bit of

everything in the end you’re not just

one of as we’re told we have to be this

so we have to be that or we have to be

this but really you know all of those

influences all of the teachings I think

they all play a part and so for me I

like to say that I’m just a little bit

of all of it I’m you know I’m holding on

to all the good in it all and just

getting rid of all the bad stuff like

all of the you don’t say negative stuff

that comes with this so whatever is good

in it I try to take it and apply it to

my life and uh it works yeah I do the

same I take the best from different

traditions and different philosophical


I like shamanism

example I like that I just said before

my Gaia is the representation the Divine

Feminine father sky is the masculine

aspect and we need to merge both aspects

I like shamanism a lot i do not practice

i want to learn more about it the plum

medicine and the benefits of doing

medicine in health from healing in

killing cancer for example and there are

many things that we don’t know many

things that we are pretty much we’re not

allowed to know many naturopath doctors

who are trying to find a solution to

cancel yes and they are assassinated

because they know they carry the truth

and i can keep going on on and on about

all those aspects of my earth is so

abundant has so many gifts to give us

and traditional medicine traditional

community medicine community does

inquires to know you have access to

those type of remedies the weird thing

is a lot of times you find out that they

get these medicines and these muscle

relaxers and all of these things that

they give us to treat headaches and

symptoms with they usually get it from a

natural source of like or it started

there and then they start manipulating

it whether it be you know just in they

go to the natural source and a lot of

times they make it illegal like they

take it they put a patent on it they

name it something and they make it

illegal to have like we’re talking about

kratom like a lot of people are using

kratom to get off of opiates and it acts

as a muscle relaxer and a pain reliever

and a lot of people are using that they

quickly came in and made that illegal

it’s a Schedule one drug in Alabama

right now where I am the next state over

perfectly legal you can go to

Mississippi and get it and even Florida

but they’re trying to you know

make it illegal and that they take it

and they put a patent on it if we look

at like Tylenol or Advil and there’s

certain barks and roots that that stuff

comes from that if you was to chew on it

or to ingest it it will make your

headache go away and they kind of take

that and mix it with chemicals and

manipulate it and like the whole genetic

makeup of it and you know they demonize

the the the natural stuff because you

could go out in nature and get this

stuff you can go out in nature and get

psilocybin mushrooms and talk to God you

know versus coming to the church paying

the money and kneeling and all of this

kind of stuff that you have to do and

and believe the dog month stuff like

that so they kind of it’s really weird

what they’re doing it is definitely by

design when it comes to the

pharmaceutical industry and even when it

comes to the sacred plant medicines and

things like that

the tobacco’s they take it and

manipulate it and I’ve got some and have

have had you know beautiful encounters

with most of this stuff – psilocybin the

micro dosing the the hero doses in it

change it would change your life you

know and they try to take that stuff and

make it illegal but you you’re fine to

have alcohol and tobacco cigarettes and

all of these things they they you know

they want to regulate it right

my my Facebook page is your

consciousness or new way for

consciousness and all part of my nation

like up many missions is to disclose the

matrix and all the manipulations of mind

control of Earth of this planet I have

great planter an earth keeper

a volunteer of Earth so I noticed all

those programs and manipulations to keep

us ignorant to keep us ill not to have

access to natural remedies not to have

access to lots of information to like I

mean I’m unaware of

those programs and systems I know that

there are beings of light who wants to

help us I’m not talking from the

biblical standpoint and talking about

blade Ian’s for example yeah forces that

are really trying hard and there’s a big

battle between the forces of light the

forces of dark and the blade Ian group

wants us to be aware of this information

at the same time there’s the dry

reptilian group for example who want us

to be in man control operating from the

mind control who wants us to be

oppressed slaves and to be totally

there’s lots of corruption going on and

I don’t want to want to politics but I

know there is these big forces in this

planet trying to keep us in the shadows

but also that is we’re entering a new

Aquarian age so many people are

awakening many people are activating

their spiritual gifts many people are

able to to talk about their psychic

abilities they’re channeling the

connection to Gaia many many many more

sham sham ins out they’re trying to host

events to heal the planet people who

meditate to raise the frequency of

planet Earth so we’re seeing more people

waking up actually yeah would you say

from from all my study and from all my

encounters not just the studies but the

encounters mixed with the studies of the

ancient texts of the biblical texts uh

all of it it all kind of says something

very similar right all of these ancient

texts assume the Sumerian the Egyptian

the Hindu Vedas like all of this stuff

they say something very similar from my

studies and experiences what I’ve seen


that the good guys in the bad guys right

I feel like the bad guys are the corrupt

government systems that are running our

planet right now and they are the ones

that want us to be slaves to them they

want us to kind of be the energy or the

oil that runs their machine and there’s

a lot of ways and different ways to

manipulate and to take away our natural

healing abilities intuition psychic

abilities to really stamp that stuff out

you know and I’ve seen the good guys

you’re mentioning the the Pelagians

which are from the you know I’m saying

the Pleiades the Seven Sisters the the

Bible says that Jesus holds the seven

stars in his hand you know and it’s

given a reference even in the book of

Job to the Pleiades as well Orion we

know we’ve heard of the being is called

the Orion council of light and all of

these angelic figures which we would

call angels from a Christian standpoint

a reward means messengers right that

communicate with this they travel and

what we would call ships or sometimes

the beings themselves look like ships as

they’re traveling the multiverse and

bringing messages and things back from

heaven what we would call heaven to

earth so when I see this war I don’t see

a war going on out there when we talk

about the angels who fell from heaven

they were actually kicked out of heaven

and they’re here on the earth we’re

stuck with them like we’re having to put

up with those guys but out there when we

gaze up into heaven I think that’s where

the good guys are is that similar to

what you’ve you’ve noticed with this war

going on between the races of angels or

ETS or angels and demons I think the

words are interchangeable for me I

because they were a respective intuitive

to those type of energies like I had a

dark night of the soul in which I didn’t

believe in anything I didn’t want to

believing anything I was in the dark

side I didn’t want to hear about

higher power anything I started to get

closer to the light figurative speaking

closer to the mary magdalene joshua

teachings when i started to get closer

to play DM communication I started to

have a battle within myself I started to

hear no boy since but telepathically ah

messages don’t do that

wasting your time do not bother and I

feel like my ego was telling me that I

did Monica energy was telling me that

when I got closer to the Magdalene the

gospel of Mary when I got close to a

channeling beings of light I had a whole

sort of influences telling me not to do

it I start to have nightmares thinking

what the heck is going on here

well when I need the dark space nobody

bothers me one guy because I was into

witchcraft also I get close to the the

clean part right of spirituality the

more illuminated path I start to get his

paddle it’s now in my inner puddle or

and conflicted about it or it is a

demonic force because I know when you

are getting close to an ascension

process and you notice all those

corruption they there are some entities

who like to try to the the persuade you

from following the light yeah trying to

put out and make you hesitate and some

people say is the haunts of the dark

because a mystical name some dogs they

start appearing Jew dreams and I had

those dogs appear in my dreams putting

fear me for consciousness and I know I

on the line I don’t know want to listen

to it is it no coming from when I feel

it I have fear I know it’s not coming

from a reliable source

yeah that’s a lot of people go through

that and as you’re talking I’m my mind

is immediately going to like the

Kabbalistic understandings that there

are these different angels in these

different levels that you have to go

through on what we may call the

sanctification process of of ascension

or spiritual authority freedom you have

to deal with these things and everyone

has to in their own way it presents

themselves you know between between

Egypt and a promised land there’s a

golden calf everywhere in that yet

golden calf is something different for

everybody and so that hold that whole

hero’s journey even if you will and

we’re going through dealing with this

this stuff some people get lost there

you know we see a picture even in the

Bible where the Israelites a lot a lot

of them didn’t make it to the other side

like they got lost in the battle and

there’s people there now you know we

call it the wilderness in the Bible and

in a Christian turn I’m still in the

wilderness I’m not I’m ready to go to

the promised land that place is weird at

places hard at play sometimes you feel

like you’re gonna be there forever like

you’re stuck there almost you know some

people can’t see the light at the end of

the tunnel that’s why you know that’s

why I’m having you on we’re talking

about this being open with that journey

what it looks like what it sounds like

as you’re journeying towards the light

then you get the pushback it’s funny you

say while I’m doing wickedness and doing

stuff I know I’m not supposed to be

doing I’m okay with it

but when I start doing the right things

I’m getting all of this pushback and

stuff and in it there is this inward

struggle this inward battle because I

know that I have Christian friends lit

listening right now and I’m thinking

like they’re they would say okay that

check that you got in your spirit was

God the Holy Spirit Saint knew

nightmares and dreams stay away from

that don’t

go down that path in that that’s

probably one of the first places your

mind goes to right you’ll okay is this

God like is God telling me to stay away

from this stuff am I gonna get possessed

am i opening up myself to unclean

spirits for possession and things that

has to cross your mind it crossed my

mind right but every time I would try to

go back to the church realm or what was

familiar there was a safety there but I

was there was no peace inside I’m like

I’m supposed to keep going I have to

work through this stuff you know and I

did and it was hard and there was many

times of going back and forth and

throwing idols away and posters and

books and getting rid of all of those

things and then going getting them out

the trash and then my wife getting them

out like quite literally crazy the

inward struggle but it was God it was

the Holy Spirit leading me down the road

less traveled right mm-hmm

resonate so much with the idols and the

portraits like my husband has a Ganesh

Idol a from India the supposedly the

knish is the the cut of removing

obstacles in Indian culture and I told

him why are you doing you need to get

rid of and he what do you have that it

doesn’t resonate with me and I was also

a little trans grading his own belief

system he said yeah you’re right he does

I don’t know why but is cool because

like it goes well with Jonah Jonah

practice but it has no meaning so he got

rid of it or he put it on a shelf in

school yeah nobody took the idol nobody

wanted it and he said it’s made of

bronze so I got okay the back may sell

it later nexium

but we go through those getting rid of

stuff and bringing the bar

and trying to find meaning in those

objects why did we really carried off

like for example I went through a period

of time I had I painted angels yeah I

don’t like my angel

he looks no good enough for my living

room and my husband say no angel is

still good but we don’t put it up I’m

gonna donate it

I’m gonna read somebody gonna like it

and then later out of the trash out of

animation bug is so these lots of

mystery there this levels turning you

have to kind of go through it you have

to go kind of go up the hill and then

back down the hill and there’s different

levels of understanding of being okay

you know what’s what’s okay for you

what’s okay for me to talk about to

discuss to look into it’s not okay for

everybody and it’s not that it’s evil

it’s just that them in their own

consciousness they’re not ready they’re

not there because of they have to

unlearn some things you know when it

comes to that I remember man so many

even like Christian like we had so many

pictures of Jesus in our house I had a

wood carving that of a friend of mine

brought back from Colombia I was like a

tree that was carved out the the facial

picture of Jesus and necklaces and Jesus

hanging on the cross and all of these

things and we had print out that we

printed off the internet hung them up

you know all of these things and then

studying graven images and studying

idolatry we’re like you know I’ve got to

get this out of a house you know and

just and we went through and cleaned

everything out and threw everything away

and stuff and we went through that

season and on a lot of other people have

been through similar seasons and but now

I’m over it I’m okay with it like it’s a

hot it’s really a hard issue at the end

of the day and if God brings you to it

he’ll bring you through it but I think

all of those things happen for a reason

we were into like you know Messianic

Judaism and I wore the the mezuzah

around my neck and we had it on the

doorpost and it’s a biblical it was it

was something biblical the Jews would do

it they’d ever hang the mezuzah around

their neck and they had the laws of God

been scribed on it and every time you

see it it reminds you of the laws of God

and on your door posts and hang it

everywhere and I woke up one night and I

had this conviction where God says I

didn’t you know take that off your neck

I didn’t write the you know I wrote the

law and you it’s on your heart it’s

written on your heart you don’t have to

wear it around your neck to be reminded

the law is written upon your heart and I

took it not do it and tumbles and stuff

but we we go to that stuff to kind of

live to talk about any help other people

who were going through it and saying

like to the pure all things appear

there’s literally nothing wrong with me

wearing that mezuzah necklace you know

it isn’t there’s nothing wrong with a

picture of Jesus or a symbol I got the

Flower of Life here and then my logo and

sacred geometry and stuff like that and

pictures and stuff people get on this

weird holiness kick and it’s okay we’re

on a highway of holiness each one of us

but I think it’s an inward Saint dafuk

ation and you find out that people

especially religious people they teach

it like it’s for everybody like if God

or the Holy Spirit reveals something to

them like hey I don’t want you doing

this I don’t want you listening to this

type of music I don’t want you having

pictures in your home of Jesus I don’t

want to have you see you with angels

pictures and stuff if the Holy Spirit

tells them and they have an inward

conviction they’ll take that and run and

shout it from the door like you don’t

send a mountaintops like God said get

rid of your your images and it’s really

weird or I’ve had people who they had a

conviction about gospel hip-hop I was

doing gospel hip-hop at the time and

they said the Holy Spirit told him to

quit listening to it he calls me up and

tells me to quit listen it’s

or quit making it quit performing it you

know and other and it made this weird

just you know disdain in our friendship

you know this and he was just on this

kick that I was sinning by creating

gospel rap music that told people about

Jesus this is weird

sanctification process that we try to

it’s an inward thing that we try to

project outwardly on everyone oh yeah

lots of judgment actually you are

bringing with your lyrics

you’re illuminating people and reaching

out to those masses of people who have

no access to regular music like you are

doing hip-hop and there is a specific

audience for that type of music but by

changing the lyrics and made and

positive amazing uplifting you are

creating change you’re shining your

light in the dark places which only

people talk about corruption

let’s have whatever sex or whatever

lyrics you are using your platform to

shine your light in those with pacific

places and you need to respect your

intuition in your heart that’s your

style of music it’s it’s your creation

like when I have creations i if I paint

or if I write poetry nobody can tell me

all the poetry that you’re writing about

the play ins is totally wrong because

you should write this way or overweight

now it’s my creation I do whatever I

want I want to include in the same same

things the Divine Feminine and then Isis

that’s my choice

oh because I do feminine is not just

from the European culture can be Isis

from Egypt

Gabi Vienna from the Roman pantheon like

I had somebody criticizing my poetry say

this is totally

screwie your boutique Isis um later that

same person sent me a message to yeah we

need to be free beings

today’s the free wheel and we should

respect other people’s beliefs and be

totally in alignment with our mission

our purpose there is to express our

creativity to the best of our abilities

and with always following our heart we

got a couple questions here for you I’m

gonna try to um this is from Christy

Christy folks she wants to know if you

think that our journey is laid out

before us before we’re born or if we

have the power to make ourselves whoever

and whatever we want to be

are we just lemmings and we’re just

destined to this or the do we have free

will to to jump on that calling or they

even change that calling very good

question I feel and this is

predestination I feel like I made a

contract to express my my truth the

Divine Feminine publicly and I made an


Ripple’s to speak about it to share

publicly about it growing out I was

really shy they will never thought about

being public and part of me you have the

free will meaning they do decide you

want to pursue that your mission or you

want to stay in the safe space

nine-to-five job you can create safety

that’s your free will your free will is

gonna determine it my safety and

security in survival needs more

important than pursuing my mission or my

mission more important and the unknown

it more important that my survival needs

in the now

that’s why we need to clear our chakras

and keep all our chakras in alignment I

went through that do I want to grow my

reputation as a counselor by pursuing

the Divine Feminine to talk about the

ETS or the pleadings or do I prefer the

safety being accepted by society and the

matrix or do I want to go ahead into the

unknown territory I don’t know what’s

gonna happen to me I’m gonna pursue that

if I feminie I have a Facebook group I

have women who are very supportive I

don’t know how the money gonna come I

need to trust because interesting

intuition that is gonna happen because

this uncertainty when you follow your

heart it’s lots of uncertainty and this

great amount of courage for you to

pursue it yeah because you never know

that’s part of the part of the payoff

though right like we talked about we

talked about in our discourse at the

other day about people using drugs and

doing things that gives them instant

gratification like you’re cheating the

system when you do things with with

friends you glory with friends after

victories on a just maybe a basketball

game you guys win the basketball game

and there’s this rush this feeling of

excitement man we did it yes but that

came from hard work it came from

practicing that came from practicing

when you didn’t want to and then play in

your heart out in winning the game and

you get this rush of energy it’s the

same way with the relationship with

being intimate with someone at the end

of the relations you know what I’m

saying it works throughout everything

like this int does gratification that we

get but we have to put the work in

nothing’s free and I think that part of

pursuing the dream however weird or

different that dream is there’s even you

know when you do make it the it’s that

much more better because you were

uncertain if you were certain that yeah

I’m just gonna do this and it’s gonna

work out we do we got it

I’m good nothing’s gonna stop me you got

to have that mindset but there’s that I

don’t know if I’m about to blow up blow

everything I might lose everything

trying to step out in faith that’s part

of this the the stepping out in faith

and when you do step out and you create

it and it shows up and you’re carried

and God has you and stuff like that then

it’s like wow I should I should have I

should have known from the beginning I

should had an inward knowing and then

when you learn from that though and then

when it’s time to step out into other

things there’s a confidence and a grace

that’s there to carry you to those

things as well but it’s that release of

dopamine and just that that joy that uh

that pays off it’s the risk taking the

risk most people don’t take the risk and

there’s the been studies done just for

stress and things like that and take the

risk do it I do what makes you happy you

do what brings you peace do what brings

you joy and create it and especially if

it’s about being public with with your

beliefs and your abilities and the et

contact other people are going through

that stuff and they’re suffering because

we keep it to ourselves because we’re

too scared of what our boss is gonna

think we’re too scared of what our

parents are our kids are gonna think we

all have to go through it people look at

me and they say you got it’s huge

platform awesome podcasts and you’re

successful it didn’t start like that

I just started out as three three people

listening and everyone talking behind my

back and making fun of me for being a

crazy person in the Bible Belt like you

know what I’m saying until they started

catching on but then I found out when I

was open with everything and and I’m not

even really trying to be a teacher I’m

not trying to be so I’m just being open

inside let’s let’s talk about it all


be open with it all in and this is what

helps you stay saying this is what the

Ascension process feels like this is

what the dark neither the soul felt like

for me this is how I got through it

Rose how did you get through it and we

find out by sharing our story we’re

doing which we are changing the planet

young people are watching this right now

and they’re like you know what true

seeker stepped out I’m gonna step out

Rose stepped out and it’s working and

she’s open I’m gonna I’m gonna try I’m

just gonna try it see what happens

and when they do everything I just said

you can carry by faith and stuff stuff

starting to open up and it’s helping

we’re changing the globe by this

conversation of being authentic with who

we really are and how the spirit realm

works something especially something

it’s been suppressed

you know the Divine Feminine dealing

with the feminine energies I mean I the

fact of something as simple is you know

the idea of mother Gaia or the earth

being alive you know and being a spirit

and little things like that that just

gifts somebody just that little piece

that little breadcrumb of truth to kind

of keep keep digging and keep going

synchronicities blessings

doors opening saying stuff because they

don’t have nobody to go to they have I

had nobody to go to I wish there was a

true Sikh out there when I was going

through this stuff I wish this podcast


I had coast to coast am you know I

listened to that and uh you know but

there was no interaction there was no

community and stuff but to forming that

having people to talk to I called in the

podcasts and all that stuff and um it’s

part of the process I love it I love it

where it game changers and you inspire

me I run I came across your channel you

were interviewing Laura Eisenhower Wow

I was thinking I like her a lot because

she speaks her truth and she is fearless

I want to be fearless too and also I

think I want to have podcasts and I was

trying to figure

what type of soldiers you see I want to

do it the same but I know my mission is

not to be a broadcaster but my nature is

to create community my weekly community

through Facebook through any social

media can be through YouTube through

meetups there’s so many ways to create

community but you inspire me a lot when

I watch your videos

you set setting and your ability to

communicate to people because it’s like

something triggers and all of sudden we

want to be in the public viewing it’s

like a spirit probably or any type of

our I am pressing the Higher Self

telling us you can do it

trust follow the breadcrumbs you are

gonna find a way type of situation well

thank you that means a lot I appreciate

that yeah um being open you know if you

kept it to yourself no one would know

and that’s still that’s that that’s the

starting point of just being open and

authentic no matter who you are where

you are whatever beliefs how crazy they

are we talked about we talked about it

on here we discuss it you know and I

like to talk about what’s real in those

encounters and those experiences that

maybe it’ll help somebody as you can’t

really like I said you you come from a

professional realm of psychiatrists and

people who you know I even had someone I

got a book out I did a book about my

story my testimony about witchcraft and

things like that that I was in and some

guy there was a there’s a negative

comment on there that said that I needed

to be committed and to a facility and

that I was a paranoid schizophrenic and

all that kind of I was hearing those

voices and but it was through witchcraft

that those doors were opening up and I

did it was hearing voices it wasn’t like

something that happened to him and I was

born with it or something but by doing

witchcraft opening up doors for demonic

influence itself and I wrote about

my book you know from the professional

aspect very uh maybe a scientific aspect

of it like you need help

the funny thing is I wrote about that in

my book because I knew that if I was to

tell people hey I’m seeing shadow beings

in my house hey I got demons I’m being

pulled into trances that I don’t and I

don’t know where I am it’s not good I

can’t control it I know if I went to

someone with that that eye I would have

been put on medication I would have been

and I don’t know what would happen and

I’m glad that I went to a spiritual

leader for me at the time it was a

church I went to I called the churches

hey I got demons like this is demonic

and I got help I got help and amazing

but I wonder if what would happen I knew

that look these people don’t commit me

if I was to tell you what I’m

experiencing and I call a doctor or

psychiatrist I’m um it’s over hit man

so we exist for a reason man this is

people who are spiritually sick those

and Jesus said it’s it’s not those who

are whole and healthy and who have it

all figured out that need a doctor it’s

those who were sick those who have

questions those who are going through

that rough time they need somebody to

talk to I’m not worried about the guys

who have it all figured out I’m not

worried about debating you and what you

believe and how I’m right now like I

said I’d say all the time you should

have caught me eight years ago six years

ago if you wanted to debate I would have

debated you we’re not doing that anymore

we’re just declaring this is truth this

is what happens this is what happens

when I pray this is what happens when I

close my eyes when I dream this is what

happens when I star J Z something’s out

there let’s get to the bottom of it what

is it it makes me feel good I receive

messages inspiration eat better meditate

more take care of your body what’s going

on let’s get to the bottom of it you

know and it’s beautiful it is to be

cherished but you do have to be careful

right I was I did go through witchcraft

and demonic possession there is right

ways and wrong ways

to do anything all of these things were

talking about are but tools to use or in

your process prayer it’s a tool

meditation is a tool fasting is a tool

going into trances trance state music

they’re all tools how do you or how are

you gonna use them we can look at a lot

of people who are using those things for

negative reasons they’re praying to

demons they’re meditating opening up

their mind to demons or any spirit that

wants to inhabit their body playing with

Ouija boards there’s a right way and a

wrong way to do that stuff and that’s

why we we do this and that’s why I

encourage you to keep doing what you’re

doing you got a lot of people watching

you know sometimes we you know I’ve done

episodes where I have man you know

eighty thousand people listening or you

know and then we’ve done other shows on

like YouTube where we get 300 views or

go to man I want to 2,000 3,000 4,000 I

want those numbers that’s where like

your ego would go because you want to

have impact in the earth you want to you

know you don’t want to fall upon deaf

ears but it is those those small numbers

it doesn’t even take that much we have

like I got decent numbers but they’re

effective numbers like their numbers

that people are really the community is

coming together we don’t need 7,000

people in the community like we got a

few hundred and some of them are more

active than others in parts of it

but there are people who are inspired

who inspire us and inspire each other

and we were building it’s beautiful and

if there was if I had 300 you had 300

somebody else has 300 some else has 3000

whatever man be thankful for just those

people who get it man we’re being helped

who resonate with what you bringing to

the table and I appreciate that you’ll

give me access to your platform because

I know for the people who only interview

the big names the trendy names the

popular people who will bring them lots

of views and lots of likes and that’s

not the point the point is to give

access to people who who are really just

starting out

coming out of their spiritual closing

nor the fables names some of the bigger

people I’ll be honest with you some of

the bigger names I think a lot of their

stuff is fabricated you know I have them

I have a much harder time believing

their stories the big names it is two

people who are just starting out or who

have the stuff that like people I know I

have people I know personally that

nobody knows they’ve never been live and

I’m like look let’s get you on here

share your story because you have

something to share they’re not gonna get

the big numbers but those who listen are

gonna be impacted and I know that you

know some of the bigger names I think

the I think they’re making stuff up you

know and I hate to say that but I want

the truth I’m true seeker I’m not lie

seeker I’m not very seeker not about

theories and what might be happening

like what’s happening what’s going on

and at the end of the day what’s working

what’s helping you get through this

stuff that this stuff is hard like

there’s people who are they’re killing

themselves over this stuff

this isn’t no this isn’t a game this

isn’t funny this isn’t you know fairy

tale this is real deal stop people are

people can’t balance these energies and

they’re on those drugs they’re on those

psychotic medicines they went through

the same process I did and they called

the doctor and and and they’re not

they’re no longer with us and I wanna

you know it’s sad but that that’s you

know it’s it’s real it’s real life man

you know I know it sounds funny

contacting aliens and angels and all

this stuff theories but this stuff is

this is people’s lives man that are

being affected by us being open with our

stories that’s for somebody listening

man be open many sensitive children now

there are more and more children coming

with those gifts and abilities the

christo the indigo children who need to

be medicated because the counselor

school counselor the doctor doesn’t

believe he’s possible

they are taking cradling all sort of

Sonic’s medication to keep them payment

calm and that’s really affecting the new

generation of children that have so many

abilities so much to share and that’s

why I’m conflicted about the the medical

community dragging our children you know

just adults but the kids who have

absolutely zero dependency to any

substances they start they start

developing those dependencies you know

they start consuming yeah yeah it’s it’s

hard and I get those inboxes every day

you know every day and and when you know

I wasn’t on medication as a kid you know

if they would if my mom my mom just

whooped me when I got my god you know

being bad I got a lot of weapons put it

that way but um there’s a lot of people

and I don’t think I don’t think that

it’s too late for anybody I don’t think

that I think if there’s a chance for

everyone I think that I’ve seen God

rearrange people’s mind and give people

a new mind I believe in neurogenesis

we’re talking about plant medicines I

mean even like psilocybin is linked to

neurogenesis where you’re you’re you’re

you’re actually re growing brain cells

by consuming psilocybin and things like

that and I believe I believe in the

supernatural healing power to give you a

new mind that I hey I need a new one cuz

I messed this one up you know or the

doctors mess this one up or whatever and

there’s grace there and I’ve seen

supernaturally God take people who were

on hard drugs or Makia methamphetamine

psychotic people who are psychotic crazy

like we look in the Bible where Jesus

went to the island and there was the

demon-possessed man who kept cutting

itself and you know all of these dings

and throwing himself on the ground

I’ve we’ve dealt with people like that I

was one of those people you know um but

I’ve seen people made whole

power of God through love there’s

somebody carrying you know what I’m

saying and that power is there it’s

tangible through through prayer through

fasting and just doing the spiritual

work that you’re supposed to do and a

part of it is balancing the energies and

part of it is walking in love even for

those who have wronged you the religious

people don’t have a vendetta against

Christianity don’t have a vendetta

against Islam or political right-wingers

or left-left there’s like remove

yourself from it and be in it so that

you’re not affected and that’s part of

being able to cope and be in what the

Bible Paul says become all things to all

men but then you can win some we could

talk about whatever we can go there

we’ve experienced the majority of it you

know right and always cheering from the

heart not trying to be courageous

because nobody has the truth we all have

a little bit of the truth and even all

religions there is some truth there but

nobody can say my path is better than

your path or if these courageous person

in strong storms jool because of you

personally a different or modified path

we all have the divine spark of God

within and we all can shine our light

and there is no better or worst path in

my opinion mm-hmm yep we all have a

piece of the puzzle and last week on our

school of the Mystics we had one of

those pictures where when you look at it

it looks like a young woman but if you

look at it closer another way it looks

like an older lady and it’s like a trick

picture and some people were seeing the

old woman at first some people saw the

young lady and then some people could

see both the longer some of them

couldn’t see the other one but even if

you told them how it where it was and so

it’s about your perception of the truth

your truth if you believe it

if you believe it enough it becomes true

for you it becomes you every becomes

your reality until you’re confronted and

totally it’s checked or whatever the

case is and see if it stands it’s your

truth even if it is what some people

would consider a lie or something that

or it’s not good there’s things that

we’ve you’ve experienced that I’ve

experienced and many people listening

that other people may never be privy to

they may never know what it’s like to be

contacted by angels aliens it may never

know what that it feels like and it’s

not against them or whatever it’s just

it is what it is there’s other things

that other people have experienced that

we may never know and we may go to the

grave not knowing what that encounter is

but it’s not to say that that encounter

is bad or it’s not real you know we want

to experience it we don’t want to just

take people’s word for it like we need

some action we would like some proof I

talked to a buddy of mine yesterday he’s

like he’s saying like I got a see a beam

the kind I know that you know the whole

meditation the telepathy the seeing the

ships and the stars and I know that he

said but I have to I’m gonna have to see

something it’s like you might not know

you may never it they may never appear

in bodily form in front of you it may be

only through meditation like man I got

to have proof I got to make sense about

what all of this I’ve been seeing you

know what I’m saying and uh that’s the

conversation we’ve had you know he can’t

go to his boss and had that conversation

he can’t just go to his pastor and have

that conversation about the angelic

realms and so that’s why what we do

matters and for people who are having

those conversations yeah and the mind

needs answers that my needs

if somebody’s channeling the orion

council how do you do it how do I know

you’re telling the truth how do I know

you’re making it up that’s the ego mind

that needs their answers or

they just said I heard demonic entities

or I received some messages whatever

prove it and there’s no way to prove

anything because we just we need to

surrender and open our hearts and just

follow the heart because we literally

don’t have proof about anything we just

feel the intuition we feel what resonate

was truth for us what’s not true well

resumes from the light well feels make-

we just need to follow our senses yeah

and and just being ok to know what you

know I’m I had a uh I had a guest on

this was some years ago I don’t that pot

I don’t even have that podcast anymore

but I had a guest on and we’re talking

about our encounters and I was a total

miss encounter that I had with Jesus and

I explained to him it was a magical

encounter it was beautiful and he’s like

that wasn’t Jesus oh that was so and so

I was like hey like how do you know like

you wasn’t there like you know I’m

saying and so people have their beliefs

you know if you believe Jesus didn’t

exist or if you believe like it’s so

weird trying to make sense of the spirit

realm in reality and what this is and

there are so many questions but to think

about it you will never get the answers

unless you ask the questions

I want to know this I want to know that

I have friends they want to know how the

spirit realm operates they want to know

what those stars are are they really

just balls of gas is burning are they

can you communicate with the star I’ve

seen things go into stars and come out

of stars what the hell are the stars you

know what I’m saying so you have to ask

the questions you have to study then

look it up get into the text meditate

pray cuz you’re not gonna be able to go

to your pastor and or I don’t know what

what the deal is with this ancient

information and why they’re hiding at

NASA and

NASA you know no alien like no alien

life we don’t have any proof when you or

me can go out under the stars for an

elongated period of time and most likely

make contact with the angelic beings the

Angels the Palladian still show up

something will come out of a star or

come out of a constellation and just

these life-changing encounters but we’re

told that it’s not real like what is

that you know what I’m saying so you

have to ask the questions and

everybody’s passion is is different

nobody’s wrong like we said if you’re

not if you don’t want to ask those

questions great we need other questions

or asked that takes time and really

almost a lifetime you know years to

study that stuff out to prove it and

figure out what’s going on to where you

can I boldly come upon a podcast and

speak it as truth and not maybe it’s

what and that that’s why at the end of

day it’s really hard to say like you

said we don’t have we can’t you know how

how do you know it’s still a Ryan

Council of light well I took a picture

of them well they sent me a letter like

it’s really hard it is through account

was meditating on Orion and these

thoughts came these pictures came and a

ship appeared meditating on Orion and

telepathically told me this or some

people like that’s all the proof they

need it’s a start I know that may not be

the end all about what exactly is going

on what about when you meditate and look

at Sirius at night what about you’re

meditating during the day you find out

where those stars are and you’re

meditating I’ve seen some crazy stuff

and I still I’m not an expert and I

don’t speak as one but something is out

there and it’s watching over us and it’s

love it’s beautiful and we can connect

with it and I encourage people to do it

he agree lots of beautiful forces out

there watching over us we just need to

trust and we can have direct

communication to those energies we don’t


in turn seesaw right to connect we can

meditate we can create safe space and

project our energies and we will receive

answers free and that’s the thing too is

like that’s why earlier I was talking

about the good and the bad and what what

is what you know because a lot of people

especially from the Christian community

will say that those are demons out there

in the Stars and there’s demons

traveling the skies waiting for you to

meditate so they can possess you from a

biblical text they fell they were kicked

out they’re here they’re in the White

House they’re in Parliament they’re in

the castles they’re the 13 bloodlines

those are your fallen angels those are

your spirits that are trapped in the

ethers they’re around us here out there

is heaven there kicked out I don’t think

you have anything to fear I really don’t

if you and if you want to protect

yourself ask the Holy Spirit to protect

you only bring in what’s good what has

your best interest I definitely I’ll do

that before I go to bed at night you

know I’ll cover myself in prayer and

positive affirmations and receiving what

God has for me the creator of everything

like what does that have for me that’s

beautiful that’s good that can help me

and assist me in approaching it without

fear and let your you know blow your

mind beyond your wildest dreams that all

of the stuff you’ve seen in the movies

the dreams that you’ve had the fairies

the angels the Pixies all of that stuff

exists on a level on a dimension and if

it didn’t exist because you believe it

there’s something deep because you

believe it you create it and you have

the power to bring it into this this

reality creating it that’s deep and we

could go we can go on for hours rose

thank you so much for coming on I really

enjoyed this talk with you you have a

really cool youtube channel let people

know where they can go to subscribe to

your channel and and some of the stuff

that you bring to the table and talk

about what you do over there okay my

charles cros karma

I have meditations I have channeling

contact I have contact contact about

like language – they – and I’m gonna

start sharing more about the Divine

Feminine archetype how we can connect to

her I also have my website is Rose

crystal official comm you can find me

there and I have a Facebook group the

mystical circle of the roles dedicated

to the feminine emergence for all the

sisters out there so if you just click

on google it and you can find me well

did you do yes definitely make yeah if

you type in rose harmonics it’s one of

the first ones that comes up Rose

crystal you get rose quartz crystals at

first so type in the Rose harmonics and

it’ll come up in the Google search

engine or on YouTube so rose again thank

you for coming on I really enjoyed this

interview that’s hang out with you and

we’ll have to do it again soon

yeah I enjoy it a lot thank you so much

for having me I my friend you have a

good one thank you take care bye bye bye

rose crystal rose harmonics ladies and


really sweet woman

we guessed

I enjoyed it

people in the chat hanging out what’s up



of saying

her know that we enjoyed it they enjoyed

it Rose if you’re still watching I’m

sure she’s gonna watch the replay either

way um yeah really really sweet sweet

woman sweet person Thank You Christy for

the for the donation there thank Youk

Rowling’s as well for the donation to I

got both of those I’ve seen the alert

come up thank you so much I really

appreciate that means a lot

so I want to let everybody know too that

we’re gonna be live September the 22nd

at shanti fest

in Tallahassee Florida so if anybody

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I’m gonna be performing and I’m gonna be

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now so that’s gonna be November the 2nd

in Mobile Alabama if you want to come

out it’d be awesome well so I’m gonna be

doing that I’m excited about those dates

and that’s pretty much it let me know

and some people were asking the other

day about doing a Q&A so if anybody has

any questions that you want to type in

the chat I got a few minutes here I’ll

try to get to the bottom of some of it

for you if you have any questions I’ll

try to jump on it before I get off of

here I will say that I I’m trying to UM

get some more writing done there’s a

couple topics and things that I want to

cover in there kind of uh I can approach

them by themselves but I’m I’m gonna put

them put them in a book I’m gonna be

covering some topics here I started out

or kind of kind of writing my what I

want to be my magnum opus my

everything like my complete body of work

and I’m just trying to get everything

out and it’s gonna be entitled this the

spirit realm or spirit realm and it’s

gonna be dealing with everything

spiritual and I have a bunch of topics

that I’m going in on and I’ve already

started it and we’re just listing names

of spirits like in a biblical aspect and

kind of going into what how they operate

and what they are spiritually we’re

gonna be talking about the spirits that

present themselves before men and I’m

coming at it from mostly a biblical

perspective and apocryphal perspective

as well some of the books that were

taken out so I’m gonna be talking about

it from those angles one of the subjects

that I’m going to be talking about as

well is the spiritual power of sex a

sacred union and the sacred marriage of

sex and so there’s a bunch of topics and

a bunch of ways to overcome sexual

immorality fasting parasites organisms

like young microscopic organisms that

exist on us and in US and around us on a

very physical level and you have to have

a trained eye whether that be a

microscope or in a spiritual sense a

third eye to be able to see the

spiritual parasites that have to have a

host and feed off of your energy and I’m

gonna be talking all about all that in

the book as well so I’ve been have a

bunch of little topics that I’m trying

to put this together and this is gonna

be I don’t know how long this is gonna

take send positive energy in Paris my

way because I’m really excited about

this work so

I don’t know where that’s gonna end so

I’m started on it trying to get it out

just talking about the sovereignty of

God our spirits operate in your life the

devil evil spirits being sent by God all

of that stuff oh yeah

same positive thoughts and energy my way

I appreciate that Danny says I got you

bro appreciate you Danny same for you

and your book Danny keep keep writing

I’ll let nothing stop you keep it up man

create that stuff speak life to it we

get into existence yeah that’s what I’ve

been doing I’ve been working on that and

some some more music as well DNA says

seeker what’s good

what’s up god is good all the time

well yeah that’s kind of what I’ve been

doing been working on some new music

with the colors EP 7 songs trying to get

get that ready I don’t want to force

anything zz2 for stuff like you know I

sometimes I record hooks and stuff and

I’m just they’re okay they’re just not

like really good and there’s a certain

bar that it has to be like hang I don’t

want to put out mediocre work and I will

admit it’s just part of it I put up

mediocre collabs sometimes they’re not

as good as my solo stuff and I even feel

bad about that but it’s just like I have

a my creativity process is uh it’s a bit

different I take a lot of time I don’t I

can’t just kick out a verse sometimes

it’s fast most of the time it takes me a

long time of striving and enrolling

ideas and rhyming schemes and making

sure that I’m trying to stay close to

the topic and stuff so I have a lot of

people wanting to work with me here and

on projects and stuff so I’ve been doing

some of that I don’t like it’s not as

it’s not as good as my regular stuff so

and I think it has something to do a

beat selection of like the type of music

and that people send me because I’m

inspired by the beat it’s hard for me to

talk about mysticism and deep esoteric

stuff with uh beats that are like crunk

beats or like gangster rap beats I have

a really since driven and dream beats

that can put you in a dream state just

by listening to the beat like those are

the beats that I usually work with those

type of producers and stuff so there’s

gonna be some collabs coming out there

there’s a ap that I’m working on with um

locate and coat truths it’s gonna be a

patreon exclusive thing there’s one song

that’s already up I do feel pretty good

about that one so you guys can go check

that out on the patreon right now

there’s three songs off of the colors

album that’s already available right now

I’m feel really good about all three of

those I can’t wait to bring them out to

the general public but that’s kind of

the perk of being a patron as you get

this stuff months before anybody else so

I don’t over and check that stuff out

Aaron Fowler says I’d like to hear a

dance party beat any suggestions the

dance party be hmm


interesting that stuff sells man I’ll

say this when you talking about dance

party stuff here’s something that’s

going on I’m also working on a remix

album I have an EDM remix album that

somebody’s really mixing my stuff for me

and he’s already remixed my song golden

teachers and it’s good I have people

remixed my music all the time with EDM

and trance and stuff and most of the

time my vocals aren’t on key

they then I don’t tempo or rhythm I’ll

send them my stuff and I get it back and

it’s just like if I record it to the

beat in my head like I hear the beat and

then when it’s off rhythm it’s like ah

but this guy I’m working with now he

goes by headbangers so he’s doing like a

EDM festival trap type stuff really cool

and my stuff is on timing so that’s a

good thing about it it’s like the first

thing I listen to when I hear the vocals

kick in it’s like oh is it on timing

um that’s gonna be available soon – he’s

working on that and really excited about

it it’s tough so see we jump on this uh

tat here Kris garner says I tried to

look up your old episodes on the divine

council of the Elohim but it seems to be

gone who was the guy in what was the

book it depends on where you’re looking

that up at because um if you listening

to the episodes on iTunes for some

reason they only let you have a hundred

up at a time

they only list 99 and yeah I don’t I

think they take them down or what but I

don’t know what the deal is with with

iTunes but I’ve noticed that they only

have 99 episodes up for everybody from

what I’ve seen so you may have to go to

the website and look it up if you type

if you type in divine counsel and type

in true seeker on Google it’s definitely

gonna come up but that was the Michael

Heizer episode who’s an expert on the

divine counsel and really like what he

brings to the table

it’s so funny cuz like I don’t 100%

subscribe to


anybody’s teachings 100% but I take them

all and take the good stuff and what

everybody’s piece of the puzzle so I

wouldn’t even take highs of stuff by

herself like take Heiser stuff and mix

it with Sitchin and it funny thing is is

that dr. Heiser has a website called

Sitchin is wrong dot-com but the funny

thing from a Christian perspective

dr. hydra stuff kind of proves sits and

stuff for in a weird way for me you know

it it proves the divine council

it proves these entities that created us

the eel oh we would call them something

else the eloheem so yeah check out check

out that was a good one

um Michael has a really big name you

could you can find it on YouTube as well

just type in a divine council true

seeker you’ll find it okay nice as you

found it okay great um Danny says I know

I’ve been slacking on this because of

personal stuff I’ve been going through

but do you still need someone making

short video clips

yeah I still have it I still don’t have

anybody dedicated to that I’m willing to

do what I have to I do have a download

or Sony Vegas on the computer that I can

send someone yeah I need I need people

and I’ve tried to pay people I’ve tried

to go on Fiverr and get people and

honestly most of the time as people from


and they’ve done it


they’ve done the Eclipse but they don’t

know the subject matter so it makes it

huh I tell them to make clips and they

just had random clips with no point to

them it’s like uh-huh and I paid them I

say hey man you guys didn’t do this

right man you know so it takes a lot of

time for me to do the website and do the

podcast and book stuff and all that kind

of stuff and then go back and dissect

flips out of it maybe I should do more

shows and address some some things in

pop culture or some things that are

trending most of the time it’s organic

whenever something happens but like

whether it’s the guests bring something

up or I talk about something I just had

to be on point um so yeah I do need help

with that so if anybody wants to help

with making video clips out of my

podcast let me know I do need help so

okay who said that somebody in this is a

hyzer was on Stephen Bank our show Oh


Stephen bank ah hey yeah good luck with

that whatever that is at this point um

he wanted to come on the show but now

we’re not this isn’t a debate show he

likes to debate people

Danny says lol I made a clip from one of

your videos from my laptop on this

program I’ll send it to you yeah man

thank you dude and uh I’ll hook you up

whatever you need you let me know you’re

doing that whatever you need

compensate you somehow let me know I’ll

send people to your channel something

whatever it is let me know but I do need


anybody wants to reach out making clips

you know there’s over probably 150

episodes now and now we need to make

clips out of especially the bigger names

like she was talking about the bigger

names those get clicks those get views

you know so that that’s good and it you

know people are listening to this right

now because of the seven in the

interview I did with seven as people

listening to this now because of the

jordan maxwell interview and people

listening because of the Michael Heizer

some of the bigger names or whatever the

people who have tapped into their fan

base and stuff so there’s there’s that

aspect as well I’m thinking about trying

a month of solo episodes thinking about

October just solo episodes

all month – how it works out people are

saying they want to hear more subtle


I really I don’t know if I have the

content but we’ll see

so y’all let me know let’s do that I’ll

put that out there now let me know on

any platform patreon Facebook and

YouTube whatever what you want me to

cover what subject matter you want me to

cover obviously I have a bunch of

subject matter that’s going to go into

the book and maybe I can cover that on

each episode and that would be

Martha think two-four-six-eight yeah

eight episodes that month of chapters

that are gonna be in the book now

babysitting or something interesting to

cover but there’s something you want to

hear me talk about let me know and I’ll

try to get to it but other than that

that’s pretty much it man

Danny says Michael Heizer says the image

of God means we are him but vocally

opposed opposes mystical teachings he’d

be contradicting himself a lot Loki yeah

I know right that’s the funny thing

that’s the funny thing he uh

firms thanks for you though right as you

as you’re listening he’s like talking

about the divine council and these

angels that watch over humanity and all

of this stuff but then he like negates

all the spiritual mystical mysticism

stuff is what they call it and they put

a negative connotation on it but for you

the seeker it uh it confirms and affirms

some things that you’ve been studying

that’s why I like listening to some of

that stuff Michael Heizer is one of the

top dogs when it comes to that stuff but

uh yeah man

Dynamis a peace and Shalom

and we’ll do this again they stars they

were doing the schoolers are mystics

tonight we’re gonna get into some

prayers some energy healing and some

meditation feel like would do that


and a tap-in and tune in just gonna be


sly sly star says my favorite podcast

what up sly thank you for that yeah

school of the Mystics tonight if you

want to get access to that join us backslash true seeker link

is in the description you get access to

a bunch of cool stuff I try to make it

interesting thank you guys for believing

in me believing in this vision and uh

I’m gonna keep doing it I keep inspiring

I’m gonna keep speaking see what happens

rose harmonic is watching now she says

thanks everyone on the chat I enjoyed it

so Christy CeCe’s the chat there um I

and so Chris garner says I didn’t even

know hi so it was a big deal oh yeah

Heiser is a big deal so with that I must

say peace and Shalom I love you guys

we’ll do it again very soon get at me

y’all also if you’re not a member of our


that’s our community during the week

after the shows I like to hang out in

discord with the community there’s text

chat there’s voice chat if you want to

hang out with this look in the

description of whatever you’re listening

to this on and we’re usually in discord

hanging out I almost always have discord

pulled up on my computer and you can get

access to me and the community that way

and so yeah check that out too it’s a

really good tool or building community

all some people in there love you guys



that does it for this episode folks to

hear more episodes of the truth seeker

podcast head over to truth seeker calm

and if you wanted to support the show

and get rewards go to our patreon page

at forward slash truth


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