Mary Rodwell is a leading researchers in UFO encounters and Extraterrestrial Contact Phenomena. During her work she has seen the connection of UFO contact as in conjunction with Spiritual Awakening. As having had her own awakening Mary has been helping people in their own journey to process the information coming through to help them embrace their true nature and reconnect with their divine self. In this episode Mary and TruthSeekah talk about some of their personal encounters with the ET phenomena and how they came into owning their own giftings and abilities that are taught by the highers intelligence’s and how you too can embrace yours as well. Many people have experiences walking into a room and getting an impression in their spirit. A feeling of worry, anxiety, fear or even love. These are impression that we feel that emanate off of the auric field from those around us. Some of us have experienced this from an early age while others talk about an increase of the pheneomea after seeing UFOs or having out of body type experiences with E.T. beings. 

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TruthSeekah And/or Its Affiliates Are Not Responsible For Any Strange Phenomena That May Occur During Or After Listening To This Podcast Which May Include The Following Heightened Senses Of Awareness Psychic Abilities Ufo Sightings Alien Contact Time Loss Out-of-body Experiences Ringing In The Ear Csp Lucid Dreaming Increasing Chronicity Astral Projection Telepathy Stronger Intuition Levitation Miraculous Healings And On Remote Viewing Please Be Advised To Listen For Indecision [music] What You [music] Oh Spiritual What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen How Are Y’all Doing You’re Tuned In To Another Episode Of The True Seeker Podcast I’m Excited And Delighted To Be Here We’ve Got A Lot Going On Over Here A True Seeker Com A Lot Of Podcasts Lined Up A Lot Of Awesome Interviews That We’ve Just Done We’ve Just Uploaded So Many Really Cool Interviews With With Different Guests In Ufology And Spirituality And All Of These Topics This Is What We Cover Here And Tonight We Have Another Exciting Show For You I’m So Excited Thrilled And Delighted To Be Talking To My Guest Tonight I Am Joined By Mary Rod Well How Are You Mary I’m Good It’s A Pleasure To Be With You Someone Who Has Opened Up The Door For Many Of Us I Think You’ve Influenced Many Of The Leading Names Out There Right Now In Ufology I Don’t Think That Many Of Us Would Be Doing What We’re Doing If It Wasn’t For You In Your Work And Being A Forerunner And Doing This For What Is It This In This Field Doing This Stuff When You Know Some Of Us Were Just Being Born Some Of Us Were Having These Encounters As A Young Child And You Were Reporting On Them And And Doing Counseling Sessions And Stuff Like That With People Who Are Having Et Contact Can You Talk A Little Bit About What You Do And Where You Started With Your Work Well As You Said That I’ve Been A Researcher For At Least 20 Plus Years In This Whole Field And I Came To Intuit Simply Because Someone Came To Me And Said Look You Know There’s There’s No Support Groups For This For This People Just Think You’re Crazy You Know But I’ve Heard You’re Open-minded And Told Me About His Experiences And What Was Really Important Derrick It Wasn’t Just About Himself He Was Talking About His Whole Family Were Having These Experiences You Know His Partner And The Children So I Knew That This Was A Reality That That Was Affecting Not You Know Just Not Individual People Here But The Whole Family And That Gave It To Me At Least Another Level Of Reality And As You Say When You Know You Were A Young Child And What Have You The Important Thing Is Now Is That This Is Intergenerational And A Lot Of The Those Younger People Coming To Me Now Like Yourself Are Actually You Know Been Having This Going On All Their Lives So For Me That Was The Start And And Started Me On The Road Of Offering Support And Then Creating My Australian Close Encounter Resource Network And From That Also Being Involved In A New Foundation Called The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Extraterrestrial And Extraordinary Research In Fact What We’re Doing Is Trying To Bring This Into Mainstream In A Way That People Like Yourself Will Not Feel Like There’s Something Wrong With Them In Fact Understand This Is A Very Very Important Time In Our Evolutionary History A Lot Of Times When I First Got Into The Field And And Seeing Some Some Things On On Television As Far As Movies And Stuff Like That A Lot Of Fear A Lot Of Hysteria The Movie Fire In The Sky I’ve Seen That When I Was Maybe 7 That Movie Scared The Hell Out Of Me You Know That And I Know You Mentioned The Movie Communion With Whitley Strieber That Movie As Well Scared Me So When There Was Any Talk Of Et Contact Or Seeing Strange Lights In The Sky Immense Fear Came Upon Me Even To Win It Was Something That Was Calling Me Into The Field To Pursue It There Was Still So Much Fear There That I Would Be Abducted Taken Away From My Family And Never Brought Back Where Does That Come Into Play With Overcoming Fear To Say Like You Know Many People Say That Ets Or Aliens Or Demonic Entities And They Want To Kidnap You They Want To Do These Things Where Do We Get When People Are Having Contactee Experiences And We’re Not Supposed To Demonize That Where Do I Mean Where’s That Line There People Are Scared To Death It’s A Very Good Question And It’s One That I’ve Been Dealing With All Along Wanting To Work Out Where The Fear Comes From And Whether Or Not It’s Just Fear Of The Fact That They’re So Different Or In Fact Whether Or Not Something Really Terrible Has Happened To Them And Often It’s Because It’s Unknown And They’d Not Understood Their Trouble Is With Mainstream Media They Have Demonized It They’ve Made It This Scary They’re Out To Get You But My You Know With My First Book Awakening How Extraterrestrial Contact Transforms Your Life Why Does It Transform It Is What People Want To Ask And The Reason That I Wrote That Was What I I Saw When People Get Past The Fear They Start To Understand What’s Going On And Sometimes That Will Happen By Being Informed Getting To Know It And More About This And Not Just What The Media Puts Out There But Also If They’re Exploring Their Own Experiences They Have A Kind Of Transformation That They Realize Has Occurred Because Of Their Experiences And By That I Mean They Have Enhanced Psychic Abilities They Find Them More Ecologically Conscious You Know They Finally They Don’t Want To Harm Things They’re Less Aggressive They Find They Have Healing Abilities They Find That They Want To Change The Planet In A Positive Way Now If These Beings Were So Terrible And Wanting Us To Be Biological Father Why On Earth Would They Try And Change People In This There’s Very Special Spiritual And Life-enhancing Way And That’s What People Don’t Realize And The Great Thing With Free The Organization That We’re Doing The Surveys Now Over 600 Questions Nearly 4,000 People Do You Know What The Thing That Absolutely Bites You In The Bum Is That 85% Of Them Say They Would Not Change These Experiences Because It’s Changed Their Lives In A Transformative Way And This Is What’s Not Out There And Anyone Who Wants To Go Onto The Site Will See The Surveys And This Is What People Are Saying Consciously No We’re Talking About Now Several Thousands We’ve Got It In Five Different Languages And The Overriding Thing Is That This Is Changing People And It’s Changing Them In A Positive Way And That’s What Is Not Out There In Mainstream And That’s Why It Has To Be Out In Mainstream Because We’ve Got To Understand That Although You Know The The You Know Look The Consensus Is They’re All Out To Get You What We’re Finding Is There’s Probably Only About 10 To 15% That Are Scared And Often They’re Scared More Because They Don’t Know What’s Going On Or They Don’t Understand Or They’ve Had Human Types Of Fear-based Things Which We Call My Lab That Are Orchestrated To Create Yeah And People Don’t Know About That So They The Same Thing And You Know What I’m Talking About Because You’re An Informed Person But That Is Being The Most Traumatic Of All Of Those That Have Come To Me It Be Due To My Lab Not To The Ets Yes That Right There Is The The Whole Thing That Throws A Wrench Into The Whole Machine About This Being Demonic Entities Or Something Scary Going On Because These People Who Are Having These Abduction Scenarios Have Talked About Waking Up On A Ship Or Or In In A In A Doctor’s Office Or Someplace Waking Up With Beings Around Them But Also Seeing People In Military Garb Standing In The Room Watching Everything Happen That’s The Whole My Lab Experiments And Stuff And So There’s Something To That These Military In Em Induced Abductions And That’s A Whole Nother Story And A Whole Nother Thing To Go Into But I Wanted To Ask You Like What Where Does Like As Far As The Whole Contactee Thing Because You Know We Don’t Hear The Term Abduction Anymore When I Was A Kid That Like That Was The That Was The Buzzword Watch Out You’ll Be Abducted And Some People Still Hang On To That But As Far As In Doing The Research Now I Don’t Hear The Term Anymore I Hear The Term Contactee Or Experiencer Talk A Little Bit About How These Different Experiences Are Kind Of Morphing And Changing Just In The Field In General It’s A Very Important Term And It’s One That For A Long Time You Know Didn’t Fit For Me Because People That Were Coming To Me That Explored It Through Another Level Maybe Through Hypnosis We’re Finding Out That They Were Being Taken On Craft And The Was Genetic Material Taken But There Were Being Taught Things On Craft They Were Having Healing Experiences On Craft Or Actually Feeling Connected To Many Of The Beings On The Cross So They Didn’t Feel They Were Abducted But They Were Having Encounters Which Is A Whole New Ballgame And The Trouble Is With Abductions It Makes It Out To Always Be This Is Not Consensual As Well Well Many Of Them Were Finding That It Was Consensual So We Have To Change That Term Which Has Got Such A Negative Connotation And Change It Now The Word Experiencer Seems To Fit A Lot More For People Although There Are Many That Say They Still Feel Like They’ve Been Abducted The Abductions Often Are Due To The My Lab Where Yes They Are Abducted But We’re Having To Change The Terms Because They’re Not Relevant To What Most People Now Are Experiencing That We’re Finding Out And That’s Really Really Important Because We Have To Change This Whole Negative Understanding That Has Been So Popular In Media I Mean That The Films That You Talk About Even Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Lots Of People Got Triggered By Watching That But Then You’ve Got Et You Know This Wonderful Story Of This Being And What-have-you So Though You Know It’s Showing A Whole New Side And I Think Avatar Is Another One Oh Really Thinking About Online Set And Where We’re Coming From As A Very You Know Primitive Race If You Like Of Rather An Aggressive Individuals That Still Think In That Kind Of Paranoia We’ve Really Gotta Wake Up And Realize That This Is The Outcome Of Of People Who Have These Experiences And It Is Completely Different To What Was Understood A Few Years Ago So Where Does The Spirituality Come Into Play Because Many People Who Have Had It’s Kind Of Like Now The The Whole Et And Ufo Phenomenon Goes Hand In Hand With The Spiritual Awakening Scenario When People Are Coming To These Awakenings Or And It’s Kind Of You Know One Way Or The Other Somebody Can Have A Kundalini Experience And Then They’re You Know They Meet These Beings These Higher And Allegiances In Meditation And Then Ships Show Up And Then They’re In Deep Meditation And Ships Come Over Their House And There’s This Weird Link There But Like You Said It’s Always To The Betterment Of The Person It’s Not It’s Not Like At That Moment Fear Is Gone It’s Something Beautiful It’s To Help Me Be A Better Person To Bring Forth Healing To Humanity And Things Like This Where Does The Whole Spirituality Come In To Play With That As Far As The The Ets Maybe Wanting Us To Ascend Or Wanting To Teach Us About Our True Selves Very Good Question Derek And I’m Really Glad You Brought It Up What We’ve Discovered With Free And Because We’re Working With Neuroscientists Professors Of Psychology And Astrophysics And What-have-you What We We’ve Put Together Is An Understanding That This Experience Can Be The Catalyst For This Experience Cannot Just Be Seeing Ufos It Can Be After A Near-death Experience It Can Be After Kundalini Awakening It Can Be After Some Kind Of Spiritual Practice Even You Know Some Taking Ayahuasca For Example What That Does Is Shift Our Consciousness To Another Realm Of Awareness Where We Can Then See What’s In The Other Realms Which Is You Know You Can See Your Spirit Guides Or Angels You Can See These Non-human Intelligences You Perceive This Greater Realm You Know Some Would See Even Fairies For Example Or Higher Higher Spiritual Beings And All Of This Is In That Realm And So It Doesn’t Have To Be The Ufo Catalyst It Can Be Through Spiritual Practices That This This Occurs So What We’re Really Looking At Is Consciousness We’re Looking At An Accelerated Elevated Consciousness A Higher Frequency If You Like And This Can Happen Through You Know Your Interactions With These Beings Through Seeing A Ufo Or Whatever Or Through You Know A Near-death Experience So It Really Is What We’re Looking At Here Is A Shift In Human Consciousness That Can Happen In Different Ways For Different People For One Soul It Can Be Through Seeing A Ufo From Somebody Else It Can Be Awakening It’s Really What The Soul I Think Chooses As Their Business Plan For This Planet If You Like My Business Plan Is I’m Gonna Have It When I See This Ufo When I’m 14 Or Whatever It Is And So From That Then It’s The Catalyst To Get Them To See Beyond The 3d Programming Which Is The Problem Of This Planet Which Says Unless You Can See It Through And Hear It And Feel It On You Know That Our Senses That It’s Not Real And What We’re Really Discovering Is That We’re Multi-dimensional And This Is The Catalyst That Shows Us Our Multi-dimensional Nature And All The Wonderful Things That Happen From That Is The Changes In Somebody Spiritually They Start To Care About The Planet They Start To Believe You Know Feel And Sense You Know That Many Start To Communicate With Animals And And Feel The Consciousness Of The Planet They They Start To Feel Energies From People They Start To Realize You Know Become Very Empathic For Example All These Things These Psycho-spiritual Changes All Thing To Be If You Like Triggered By These These Experiences Whether It’s Through As I Saying You Know Taking Ayahuasca Or Kundalini Awakening Or Through Seeing A Ufo That’s True Those Plant Plant Medicines Seem To Melt Away This Matrix You Know What We Think To Be Real Or What We Think To Be Everlasting Even I Think It’s Funny It’s Like Even In The Scriptures Jesus Says To Focus Upon The Things That Are Eternal Love Joy Peace And These Things And When You Have Those Encounters Whether It Is Through A Psychedelic You Are In Touch With The Divine And I Think There’s Something There Whether It’s Just This This Spark Of All You Know Whether It Is You You Know You Take The The Medicine The Sacrament Or You See The Ufo It Sparks This R And Wonder Or You Watch Avatar Like Many People Watch The Movie Avatar And That Sparked Their Awakening Of Wanting To Protect This Race Of Beings Like When I See This That You Know There’s So Much Revelation To That Movie Of What’s Going On Now With Our Avatar Itself That Being Said Versus A Picture Of What Kind Of Already Happened Almost Like A History Movie Of Sorts But People Are Seeing These Things And It’s Just Sparking Ah And Wondering Them To Make Them Know That There’s Something That’s Real Beyond Our Five Senses And Most Of Us Can Feel It Deep Down And We Know We Have With These Weird Dreams And And And And Are Having These These Different Memories And People Haven’t Awakenings And Stuff And They They’re Looking For People To Confirm It And So We’re You Were Up Some Time Ago You You Were A Therapist And A Counselor Correct And People Were Having Having Problems And They Would Come To You And It Would Share You Their Stories But Their Stories Tend To Go Into The Supernatural And Paranormal Is That Where Everything Started For You As Far As Looking Into This Stuff Can You Talk A Little Bit About That Yes I Mean I Started Out As A Nurse Midwife But Ended Up Going Into Counseling In In The Uk And Bringing Those Skills To When I Came To Australia So I Was Doing The Conventional Counselling For Many Years Until I Started To Explore My Own Spirituality And I Started Looking To Healing And Energy Work And And Exploring The Non-physical Realm And When I Did Hypnosis I Was Working With People And Taking Them Into Past Lives For Example So This Whole Connection To The Eternal Nature Of The Spirit Became Very Clear To Me Where People Were Choosing To Come Into The Human Journey This Time And Picking Their Parents And Picking Their Siblings For For Their Learning And What-have-you So This Opens Up A Whole New Way Of Looking At Ourselves And Our Lives And And What Does Soul Spirit Me If You Like And From That So That When It You Know I Got People Coming To Me Saying You Know I Remember A Past Life Or I Remember That I Came From Another Planet And They Would Describe The Planet And A Lot Of The Children Have Conscious Memory Of This They’ll Talk About Coming From Different Planetary Systems At Different Galaxies One Ten Year Old Told Me Came To A Portal In The Sun For Example Another Dimension So When You’ve Got People Having These Kinds Of Memories For Me It It’s Logical If That If The Soul Is Eternal And Is Experiencing All Different Things In Different Dimensions Different Timelines And Whatever Then It’s It’s It’s Quite Understandable That They Will Feel Connected To Many Of These Beings That They Say They Made An Agreement To Come In Embodied In Human Form And So A Lot Of Them Through Those Coming In The Star Seeds And Star Kids Are Talking About Their Family Out There They’re Not Talking About The Human Family They’re Saying You Know I Want To Go Home This Is Not Home I Don’t Feel Like This Is Home You Know And They’ll Say That Their Parents Five-year-olds Will Say You Know You’re Not My Real Parents My Parents Are In Space And The Parents Don’t Know What To Do With That Because You Know It’s Hard For Them To Appreciate If You Know Like An Eight-year-old Told Me That He’s Close To The Mantid Beings You Know The Praying Mantis Type Beings Because They’re Family And When He Dies That’s Where It’s Going Back To Them You Know The Man Took The Mantid So Where What Does This All Mean In You Know Is Everyone Going Crazy Or Are We Just Being Shown More Of The True Reality And I Believe When You’ve Got Not Just A Few Not Just A Hundred Or Two Not Just A Thousand Or Two But More Than That Coming Out With The Same Things You’ve Got To Say Hold On A Minute Either They’re All Going You Know Crazy Or This Is Real And We Have Got To Wake Up To The Fact That We’ve Been Programmed Out Of That Side Of Ourselves As Well So You Know For Me I Opened Up Myself Into More Of The Non-physical Realms With The Healing That I Did Through You Know The Past Life Work That I Did And I Am Also Able To To Sense And Feel More Of What What We Call The Non-physical Realm Because It Is Part Of Our Heritage To Be Tapped Into Them Even Though We Don’t Really Like You The Indigenous People Know It You Know People The Countries That Are Open To South America And What Have You You Know Know All About This Truth It’s Only Western Society Has Been Programmed As One Nine-year-old Told Me In In Europe She Said When You Go To School You’re Programmed Out Of Your Light Out Of Your Awareness And The Teachers Just Press The Keys So That Is What The Problem Is We’re Living In An Inaccurate Paradigm A Paradigm That We Are Programmed Into That Doesn’t Fit Any Of Us Really But We Are Forced Into It Because Of Schooling Education Family Beliefs Religion Or Whatever It Is And The Whole Thing Is It’s Inaccurate And It’s Limited And It’s Not Not True And I Think Most Of Us Like Yourself Know This And It’s Time For Us To Get Back To That Lowering The Whole Excuse Me The Whole Star Seed Indigo’s You Know Star Children These This This Framework When When Did It Start Because It Seems Like This Is Something That We’re Seeing A Lot Of Now The Whole Adhd Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Autism And Things Like This These Children Who Are Coming Here Who Operate Differently They’re Not Sick They’re Not Dysfunctional Right In That Framework Of Society Which We’re Trying To Introduce Them To Sit In A Chair For Eight Hours That That Doesn’t Work It Doesn’t Work At All And So When Did This Start Because I Know This Is Something Around The 80s Mid 80s Or So That We Just Started To See An Influx Of It Is This Something New Or Is Or Have These Souls Been Coming Here The Whole Time And What’s Going On With These Children Who Think Differently Who Were Essentially Teaching Us How To Smile Teaching Us How To Dance Teaching Us How To Relearn And Rethink The Way That We Do Things Like Was This Is This Something New What Just Been Going On Since The 60s And Way Before That Is This Something With The Flower You Know Child Movement Worth Were They Some Of These People Trying To Get Answers You Know Very Good Question I Would Like To Say That You Know I Believe Nicholas Was Probably One Of The First Star Seeds And Because He Always He Was Autistic He Always Got Information Through Visions With A Vegetarian And What-have-you But I Do Think That There’s Been If You Like Acceleration Of These New Types Of Programs And Certainly I Think Six Is They You Know They Call It A First Wave Of You Know 56 Is Even 40s And I And My Feeling Is That It’s Been Accelerated Because As Soon As We Got Technology That Meant We Could Go Into Space Many Of These Intelligences Were Very Worried About That How Primitive We Were And I Think That They Went Into A Concerted Effort To Shift And Change Our Consciousness So What We’re Seeing Through All Those Those Years Is A Gradual Shift In Each Generation Where They Became A Little Bit More Awakened A Bit More Different And People Say You Know Are They’re Dysfunctional They Can’t Operate In Our Society The Whole Idea Is I Believe These Intelligences Wanted To Be Sure They Were Not Programmed Into This Inaccurate 3d That They Had To Be Programmed It Said That It Was Too Hard For Them To Be Programmed And So What Did We Get We Got The Autistic Child We Got The Dyslexic Child We Got The Adhd Child We Get We Get Thee Asperger’s All Of Them Are Hard To Program Because They’re Coming From A Different Level And You Know That It’s Perceived As Dysfunctional I Perceive Them As The New Ones The New Ones That Is Showing Us How They Operate And One Lovely Gentleman Who I Got To Know In Hong Kong Was In His 50s Before He Worked Out He Was Adhd And He Said Mary I Always Saw Reality Differently And He Wrote The Book Close Encounters Of The Adhd Kind We Translated It Into Always Style Into Higher Dimensions And That’s Changes Ab8 Okay And Like That Of Course Because You Know What We Found With The Autistic Children For Example Many Of Them A Telepathic And It’s Not Recognized But We Are Actually They Are Being Tested To Be And They’re Finding That They Telepathic So You’ve Got You Know This Is The Upgrades That We’re Going Into Being Telepathic We’re Going Into That Side Of Ourselves As We Are What Have You The Dyslexics You Know The Reason They Don’t Operate Well Here Is Because They Are Seeing Things From A Multi-dimensional Perspective So They’re Seeing All Of This And We’re Asking Them To See To A Pinhead And Say That’s That’s How It Is So When You Start To Understand Their Reality You See That What They’re Perceiving Is Completely Different From The Average 3d Individual Who Feeds That Looking Through This Tiny Little Little Hole Is Actually What Reality Is When They’re Seeing All Of This So It’s Lack Of Understanding And It’s Nothing To Do With Them Something Being Wrong With Embedded New Programs They’re The Ones Showing Us The Way That We Need To Wake Up To Be Part Of That New Reality Which Is On Multi-dimensional Nature And Part Of Our Heritage That We’ve Been Programmed Out Of Whereas Thankfully They’re Not Being Programmed In The Same Way Although You Know There Are Agencies That Are Trying To Program Them Stick Them Down Their Faces And Shut Them Down And Slow Them Up Yeah But You Know That’s That’s Another Agenda Too Because They Are Aware Of Them There Are Agencies That Know Full Well That These Children Are Being Born Globally And They Will Target Them And That’s One Of The Ways To Target Them I Want To Let Everybody Know That The Phone Lines Are Open If Anybody Wants To Call In The Numbers Streaming Across The Video And In All Of The Descriptions As Well If You Have A Question For Mary Or Myself Call In Or If You Want To Share Your Encounter The Phone Lines Are Open And This Is The Platform To Do So We’ll Get To Your Calls Here Shortly I Do See We Have A Couple People On Hold Right Now We’ll Get To You Guys Very Soon Just Bear With Us Just A Few More Minutes I Got A Couple Questions That I Have To Get In Okay You Mentioned About Telepathy That’s A Big Thing Of These Different The Spiritual Awakening Comes With Spiritual Abilities Trying To Figure Out How These Things Work And Are They Real Always Having A Fascination For This And People Are Going Through Life In They’re Hearing Voices They’re Picking Up On Energies Around Peep They Get Around Certain People And They’re Able To Feel Fear Love Joy Whatever That Person Has They’re Able To Feel It In People Who Don’t Know The Framework For Telepathy Or Psychic Abilities And Things Like That They Don’t Really Know What’s Going On There’s A In It Can Create A Lot Of Problems That’s Why The Work That We’re Doing Is So Important To Let People Know That First Of All They’re Not Alone First Of All There’s Description In The Bible That Just Speaks Out To Me Just In My Studies And It’s A It Says The Spirit Of The Prophets Is Subject Unto The Prophets And What That Means Is That It Takes A Prophet To Teach A Prophet Because Because Those Who Are Prophets Are Into The Prophetic And They’re Able To Be Very Sensitive To The Prophetic Giftings And Abilities The Esp The Hearing Voices And Seeing Open Visions Having Dreams Where They’re Taken Out Of Their Body Travel Into Heaven And Different Realms And Things So When We Try To Go To The Clergy Or We Try To Go To The Government Or To The You Know Medical Industry To Get Help They They Can’t Help Us So The Spirit Of The Prophet Is Subject Unto The Prophets That’s Why It’s High Time For The Prophets Of God Those Who Are Called With These Abilities Who Know Some Stuff Who Have Some Understanding Of The Spirit Realm How It Operates And What’s Going On To Teach Those Who Are Younger And Just To Let Them Know Like I Said First Of All You’re Not Alone What Are Some Of The Cases That You’ve Seen No Let Me Ask You This Have You Seen People Who Have Come Into That Intuition Those Telepathic Memories And In Hearing Things And Being Able To Take That Function It And Put It Into Their Lifestyle And Operate With It And Not Just Put It Aside But Embrace It Have You Seen That That’s A Really Important One And One Of The Reasons I Joined You Know The Organization Freeing Was Because What We Were Doing Was To Actually Explain It Through A Science Perspective So That People Could Actually You Know Have Something To Stand On With It And The Unified Theory Of Consciousness Or The Quantum Hologram Explains How You Can Have Intuition How You Can Have Precognition Seeing Future Events How You Can See Other Realms How You Can See Other Beings How You Can Operate Up In That That That Particular Way And Not Be Crazy Because It’s Actually Part Of On Our Innate Nature The Problem Is That We Have A Reality Dysfunction And That Reality Do Function Says Again That Unless You Can See It Here At Feeling Et Cetera It’s Not Real What People Have To Realize Is That We Have All These Abilities Every One Of Us There’s No One That Can’t Do This But The Problem Is That You’ve Got To Own It An Honor It To For It To Allow You Use It If You Completely Dismiss It You Know That Feeling Of Someone Gonna Phone And They Do Or The Feeling I Shouldn’t Go There Today And You’re Glad You Didn’t Because Something Happened That’s You Using Your Multi-dimensional Senses Your Intuition About Feeling That Knowing That Sensing You Might Get Images You Might Get A Sense About Somebody Everyone Gets A Sense About Someone Who Isn’t Very Beneficial For Them Or Whatever Yeah What Do You Think You’re Using Your Multi-dimensional Awareness To Do It The Problem Is That As Soon As You Say Well I’m Hearing Voices Or Anything Like That Or You Need To See A Doctor You Know And There’s There’s A Good Medication For That Or Whatever So That’s The Problem With All Of This Derek Is Is That We’re Not In This Society Western Society Allowed To Honor That Feelings Those Knowing Those Senses Or The Fact That We May Get Something In Our Head That Says Don’t Do That Today It’s Not Going To Be Very Helpful And If We Listen To It It Actually Is Helpful Yes So Got To Move Back Into Our Multi-dimensional Acceptance And This Is Really Important With This Particular Phenomena Yeah That’s Why I’ve Seen It’s Like It’s Almost Like A Muscle In A Sense So You Know We Talk About The Third Eye The More You Use It You Get Used To It I Can Remember Some Of The First Times Having Those Senses In Like Okay Is This In My Head Is This Imagination That I Want To Happen And Being You Know Very Vivid Visions Of Seeing What Could Happen If I Do This If I Mention This To Somebody And Seeing The Outcome But There’s That Fear To Step Out And When I Started To Step Out And See Things Happen In The Spirit Realm In And Even In You Know Further Down The Road In Synchronicity And See Things Line Back Up Um You You Learn To Use It As A Muscle You Learn To Trust That I’ll Say Okay But You Know Just Stepping Out Sometimes It’s So Hard And Peter We Got A Lot Of Comments Right Now People Are Saying That You Know They You Know They Want The Mentors They Need The Help And Just Encourage You Guys Man To Step Out If You’re In The Market Place And You Have Those Feelings Of Just Being There For Somebody Letting Them Know That Hey You Know I Hope You Have A Great Day Today You Know What You’re You Know You’re An Amazing Person If It’s Speaking A Con Word Even Something As Small As That This Is What We’re Talking About Just Incorporate It Into Our Daily Lives That Can Change Someone’s Life Just By Giving Them An Encouraging Word I’ve Seen It Time And Time Again Of I Remember The First Time It Happened It Was A Strong Urge While Me And My Wife And Some Friends Were In Walmart And We Were Checking Out To Go To Pay For Food Now It’s All It’s Always With This Whole Testing Thing It’s It Because It Wants You To Step Out To Use It And We’re In Line To Check Out We Only Had A Few Dollars And So We Had Enough Money To Pay For Our Stuff And Then Go To Hit The Burger Joint To Go Get A Couple Hamburgers When We Left Like That’s All The Money We Had But While I Was In Line I Had A Strong Urge Whether We Say It’s The The The Holy Spirit Or Are Our Guardian Angels Or Those Who Are Watching Over Us Urging Us What To Do I Felt The Urge To Tuck Told Me Like The Lady In Front Of Me Just Had A Couple Canned Goods And Some Fruit And In The In The Voice Said Pay For Her Her Her Groceries She’s Only Got A I’m Rationalizing It She’s Only Got A Couple Can Go She Can She Can Handle That I Got To Have My Money To Get The Burgers That’s All The Money I Had And I’m Rationalizing With This Voice Right And And And This Is This Is How Close It Isn’t Until We Know It We Think It’s Our Own Intuition Our Own Voice We’re Talking To Ourselves Or Something Till We Step Out And I Wouldn’t Have Stepped Out I Didn’t Pay For The Lady’s Groceries Because It Was Only A Little Bit And I Needed My Money And The Lady Rang Up Her Groceries And The Guy Told Her How Much It Was She Pulled Her Money Out And Didn’t Have Enough And He Had To Take Some Of The Canned Goods And Put Them Aside And She Only Bought Half Of What She Was Trying To Get And When She Left And Walked Out And I Stood There I Didn’t Say Nothing And When She Walked Out I Felt The Strongest Grievance In My Spirit Like Man I Missed An Opportunity In That Voice That Was Speaking To Me Was Right And So I Learned From That So Next The Next Times That I Felt That Voice I Knew I Never Wanted To Feel That Grievance Again That Did Something Wrong We Didn’t Obey The The Higher Consciousness That Was There And That’s How We Learned Through Practical Experience So Step Out Guys When You Guys Are Having Those Feelings Man In Your Day-to-day Life And It’s Small We Always Think It’s Gonna Be Something Really Big I Guess Got To Be Something Really Big Like I’m Gonna Say This I’m Gonna Tell This Person Their Future And They’re Gonna Start Crying Sometimes That Happens Sometimes It’s Just In In The Little Nonchalant Ways That Can Change The Course Of A Person’s Day Man Have You Seen Stuff Like That In Your Own Life Because I Know That That You Know Like You Said You’ve Done The Spiritual Work As Well You’ve Done The Frame Work And I Know It Wasn’t Easy For You What Have You Seen As Far As Miraculous Healings Or Being Like Following The Voice The Intuition And It Doing Something Not Just About Coincidence Of The Phonecall Things That Comes But The Things That Matter Like Oh Man I’m Glad That I Followed That Intuition All This Far Too Many I Spent Three Years Training To Learn How To Manage My Multi-dimensional Side You Know In Connecting So I You Know We Do Remote Healing And Then I Wanted Them I Could Tell You Was My Dad Had Really Problems With His Feet And He Lived In England And He Had Diabetes And I Wanted To Try And See Remote Healing Worked So I Was In A Group And We All Concentrated On My Dad And Your Body’s Energy And We Worked On It Energetically And I Was Really Interested To See Whether This Would Have Made Any Difference To My Father In England So I Rang Him The Next Day And I Asked Him I Was Going He Said Good You Know And I Said Well What’s Been Happening And He Told Me And Then I Said Oh I Said House House You Know You Think Going Down And He Said You Know What He Said The Last Few Days They’ve Been Feeling So Much Better I Know I Knew And These Are The Kinds Of Things That You Get Because I’m Always Testing Like You I’m Always Testing Is This Real Or Am I Imagining It Or Whatever But The Mere Fact But That Was At One Kind One Time We We Did A Lot Of Remote Healing Understanding The Energy To Different People And What Have You And Time And Time Again I Had Validation By Checking It Out That Something Important Had Happened Or Something You Know Had Validated What We’ve Done That’s Just With You Know Sending Energies You Say Sending Good Thoughts Or You Know Just Smiling At Someone Make A Huge Difference In Their Day Their Little Things They Don’t Cost You Anything You See The Difference It Makes Energetically If You Just Smile At The You Know The Checkout Desk You Know To Someone A Beautiful Day Or Tell Them How Beautiful They Are You Get The Face Lighting Up Oh Thank You The Days Made And We’ve All We’ve Done Is Something Really Kind And And And It Cost You Nothing To Do So Those Are So So Awesome Man Add In It It’s Practical And That’s What People Got To Understand And And Once I Understood That In And You Know The Whole The Whole Voice Thing It’s Basically Your Imagination That’s What We Think It’s So Close To Us That We You Know We You Know We Grew Up With It It’s Been There With Us The Whole Time Leading Us Guiding Us Teaching Us Talking To Us Playing With Us Showing Us Things About People About Stuff And It’s So Close Man And That’s Kind Of The Problem Sometimes That It’s So Close That It’s Like We Overlook It Like Oh You Really Instead I Already Hear The Voice I Already You Know Get The The Intuition About The To Do So That That’s What’s Hard About It Sometimes Um Going To The Phone Lines Let’s Open Up The Phone Lines Now We Got Somebody’s Been With Us Since The Beginning Of The Show We Got A Call From Southern Alabama Who We Speaking With You On The Podcast Yeah No Definitely Hey This Is Watchman Tuning In I’ve Been Really Enjoying It I Really Like The What’s The Always Dialed Into Higher Dimensions That’s Outstanding We’re Going To Take That One Yeah We Stole That Shit Now Seriously That Is Awesome Though Standing I’m Just I’m Sitting Here Just Like A Really Just Like A Kid It Can’t You Know Watching His Favorite Show Just Just Listening To All These Things About Dialing Into These Um You Know Different Esp Type Qualities And Traits You Know I Know That We Talked About It Quite A Bit About Esp And And Stuff Like That You Know And I Know You’ve Heard Me Say It A Thousand Times You Know This Gut Don’t Lie You Know I Mean Like I Mean You Know Like My Gut One Of My Gut Tells Me Something I Just Got To Go With It Or I’m Thick You Know Because I Know It’s Not Lying To Me You Know And It’s Uh You Know I Would Just You Know That’s Something I Might Even Ask You Know The Question You Know Here And Now You Know How Much Do You Know You Know And Man Now What It You Did A Great Job You Know Selecting Somebody To Interview Here This Lady Is Thorough But Now I Mean What Could You Tell Us About That About Because People Could Even Take Down From A Practical Sense You Know People Say That A Lot I Feel It In My Gut You Know Whenever They Feel Like Something’s Going To Happen Or They Need To Avoid A Certain Situation Or Something Like That They Say I Feel It In My Gut You Know What Could You Share Anything About That Or Maybe Tell Us That You Know What We’re Maybe Perceiving And In The Physical Realm And Now That Relates To The Spiritual Realm Well I Can Give You The Science Oh Very Good One Our Dna They Discovered Actually Accesses Miniature Wormholes Into The Holographic Matrix So That In Other Words When You Think Or Have An Intent You’re Actually Tuning In To That Frequency That’s Going Into The Matrix And Giving You Answers So You Know When You Cut Something Out It’s Like You Know Every When You First Learn To Drive A Car You Notice All The Learners Are That Are On The Street Because It Yet On The Road Because You’re A Learner You Tune Into What You’re Focusing On So If You’re Focusing On You Know That Feeling Knowing Sensing Part Of You It Will Give You More And More Information It’s As Simple As That You Know I Just What You Focus On You’re Actually Sending Out A Frequency Through Through Your Dna Which Accesses These Wormholes Into The Matrix That’s How It Works Scientifically But On A Sensing Knowing Level The More You Honor The Information That You Feel Sense No You Know This Wonderful Knowing That You Have You Listen To That It Will Continue To Offer You Information It’s Just A Lot Of People Switch Off From It They Think Oh Well I Can You Know I Didn’t Work That One Out Logically Or Analytically That’s Not How Your Multi-dimensional Works Your Multi Wood Metal Is Sitting Out Of It Sending Out Intent And From That You Pull Into You The Information That You Require If You Listen To It It Will Just Get Better And Better And Can Your Feel And Sense It Your Body You Know It’ll Be A Buzz Really Know That That’s Really Right That’s What We Have To Teach And What Children And Everyone Needs To Be Shown That’s Out Absolutely Yeah Yeah Like I Was Saying Earlier I’m Just Like A Little Kid Watching Their Favorite Show You Know Just Listening To You I Really Appreciate It You Know They The Answers Answers Are So Simple You Know They Like I Said You Feel It In Your Gut And You Know It’s True You Know Really I’m Interested I’m Interested In Maybe Researching A Little Bit Further You Know And What You What You’ve Done As Far As Working Out You’re Working Out Your Ability To Delve Into These Realms And To Decipher This Information And To Understand You Know What All These Mean You Know What Like What I’ll Personally Did You Do For Yourself In Order To Maybe Strengthen Yourself So That You Could Move Forward You Know In In Dealing With This Sort Of Reality Where Like Three Years Training How To Work With My Non-physical Side And By That I Meant Learning Different Types Of Healing I Let You Know All Sorts Of Other Ways Of Expanding That Side Of My Awareness And After Three Years I Learned To Trust It And I Also What I Call Felt I Could Tap Into What The Court What You Call My Non-physical Team Which Is Energies That You Feel Around You That Can Actually Communicate With You If You’re Prepared To Listen To It And It’s A Bit Like A Telephone Li You Ask The Question The Answer Comes You Ask The Question The Answer Comes And It Comes In Instantly You Know Think About It It’s Just There It’s There As You’re Thinking The Question It’s There And That’s How It Works It’s Very Very Simple Yeah We Just Got Bailed Out Daily Yeah We Just Have To Learn How To Hear It Yeah All Right Watch My Brother Thanks For Calling Man Me Me A Watchman Do A Lot Of Music Together And I Sent You Some Lyrics Before The Show And Was About A New Song That I’m Working On And To Touch I Want One I Want To Just Talk To Talk About The Topic A Little Bit Because You Know You Mentioned Close Encounters Of The Third Kind We Have The First Kind Second Third Fourth And There’s Something New Now Right There’s The You Know There’s Just This New Term Out There The Ce-5 Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind Not Where You See A Light In The Sky Or You See A Apparition Or You See An Alien Or They Contact You But The Other Way Around Where You Contact Them And That’s That’s That’s What The You Know The New Song Is That I’m Working On I Sent You Those Lyrics Where Does That Come Into Play As Far As Maybe Even You Know Like The Lyrics Head You Know Going Out There Sitting In The Field Going Out There Under The Night Sky Looking Up At The Stars Trying To Make Contact Have You Have Any Experience With That Have You Seen Anything Or Should We Even Do That Some People Say Don’t Even You Should Not Try That Look I Think That When You Are Ready Whatever You Do Whether You’re Doing In Your Lounge Room Or You’re Doing It In Some In The Garden It Doesn’t Really Matter Once You Prepared To Go To That Level Of Wanting Contact They Will Know Because It’s A Frequency It’s A Frequent Saving Tent That They’ll Pick Up Yes It’s Nice To Do It With A Group Of People And A Lot Of People Have Profound Experiences I Had One Really Interesting One When I Was In Texas Alone In Mexico Where Carlos Diaz Actually Saw The Light Shifts And We Did A Meditation In A Field Not Far From Where He Saw All The Light Ships And It Was Being Filmed By One Of The Researchers In Mexico And There Were Three Of Us That Felt When We Were Doing The Meditation With Her Eyes Closed Felt This Bright Light And I Was Actually Quite Cross Thinking It Was The Filmmaker With With A Spotlight Coming Down And Thinking I Would She Stopped Doing That Because It’s Interfering With My Meditation You Know Afterwards Three Of Us Saw This Bright Light Within The Circle Of The Seven Of Us And The The Filmmakers Was Terrified And We Said Why He Said Because This Strange Mist Came Over You And He Said I Got Terrified And He’d Moved Out Of The Way So He Wasn’t There And Yet We’d Seen This Bright Light In The Middle Of This And Obviously And Afterwards I’ve Got Lovely Images Of Orbs Of Light And What Have You Around So What I’m Saying Is That The Intent The Intent Is There I Believe They Can Contact You Anywhere But It’s It’s Nice To Do It In A Group And Make That Kind Of Contact Because We’re Sending Out Than We’re Ready We’re Sending Out We Want An Interface With You And That’s What You Can Do Also In Spiritual Groups Is You Can Call In These Intelligences And You Can Start To Feel Their Energy And That’s Something I Felt And Then You Can Have A Communication Because We Are All Telepathic We All Have The Ability It’s Just That It’s Like Anything You Don’t Use It A Lot It Isn’t Gonna Operate So Well So It’s It’s Like Everything It’s Learning How To Remember That You Can Do This And The Intent Itself Will Get You You Know Get You On That Path Um I Wanted To Ask You As Well When I Had You Concerning The The Different Nuclear Bombs And Stuff That We Have And Some Of The The Tests The Testing That They’ve Been Doing And Some Of These Testings That They’ve Done They’ve Shot Rockets Up And There’s Video Footage And And Testimony And Just Tons And Tons Of Testimony And Videos Of These Ships Coming And Shooting Beams At The Rocket And Not Detonating Them But Basically Paralyzing The Rockets And They Just Fall Down And They’re Duds Nothing Nothing Happens And Even Other Scenarios Where There’s Asteroids Headed Towards The Earth Even The One In I Believe It Was In Russia Maybe Four Or Five Years Ago Came Through The Atmosphere And Right Before It Hit There’s Video Of A Craft Flying Next To It Shooting It With A Beam In It Dispersing What Does That Come To Play Because People Are Saying Well You Know If These Things Are The Enemies And And These Things Are You Know Manipulate And Want To Hurt Mankind And Things Like This Like Where Does That Come Into Play And What Do You Know About Them Being Our Protectors And Overseers And Have Been Here Since The Beginning This Isn’t Something New But They’ve Been Here Way Longer Than We Have All Of That I Can Tell You In Terms Of You Know Them Being Around Military Bases And Basically Deprogramming The New And They’ve Done That In Rendlesham Forest Inning In Suffolk But Also They’ve Done That In The Us And Many Military Bases And One Of The Gentlemen That Speaks About This Is Robert Salas Yeah There’s Actually A Friend Of Mine And We’ve Talked About This Several Times Where You Know Outside The Base That He Was On In The 60s There Was Craft Scene And Basically Sent Beams Of Energy To Deprogram The Nukes There And That We Believe Happened In Rendlesham Forest In Suffolk As Well But Many Other Places That The Local You Know That That Most Of The Public Don’t Know About So That They Really Don’t Want Us Using Nukes The Nuclear Power For Bombs Or Anything Else And I Think They’re Making It Very Clear That That’s Not Okay Because They’re Saying It’s Affecting Them As Well As Us On Many Dimensions We Don’t Understand The Consequences Of A Lot Of This Kind Of Technology Like The Heart Technology We Don’t Even Really Understand You Know The Cern You Know Everything To Do With The Hadron Collider And What They Might Be Doing There For Example They’re Playing With Global Physics In Terms Of Ways That The Rest Of The Public Don’t Even Know About And That Is A Big Worry But I Do Think That They Won’t Allow Us To Destroy Ourselves And I Think The Reason They’re Sending So Many Of These New Humans I Call Them You Know The New Programs Because They Are If You Like Are Superhuman They’re Going To Be The Ones That Will Be Able They Know What Truth Is They Can Look At You And Know Whether You’re Lying They Know That Governments Are Lying They Know About The Fact That Moon Is Artificial They Know That We’ve Been To Both The Moon And Mars They Know All The Agendas They Know About The Chemtrails They Know All Of This Because They’re Educated Of World And Because Of That They Also Know One Eight Year Old Told Me That She Can Actually Control The Element Of The Wind She Know She Can Control It Now You’ve Got Kids That Are Aware Of Abilities Like This And This Is Just One Of Their Many Abilities How They Can See And Feel And Sense More Than Any Of The The Average What We Call Normal Human If You’ve Got None Of These Children Around The Planet Just Think Of What They Can Do And They’ve Come Like Those That Are Being Activated Right Now They’ve Come To Make A Difference To Change What’s Going On Here And I Think We’re Very Close To Some Major Shift Where We’re Going To Everything’s Being Exposed Now You Know Corruption All The Stuff The Chaos And That’s All To Start Us Off I Think On A Very New Footing A Footing Where People Are Going To Be Awake And Activated And Are Going To Change What’s Going On And I Think That We’ve All Come To Help With That As You Have Derek In Your Work That You’re Doing By Merely You Know Very Importantly Putting This Information Out So People Can Be Empowered Can Feel And Not Get Put Down By The Fear Of Doom And Gloom That You’re Hearing Across The Planet And Not Letting That Stop You From Doing What You Know Is Important That’s So True And I Believe In A Hundred Percent I Mean I’ve Seen So Many Videos That Are You Know Talked About It’s Just All The Hysteria Out There I Just Try To Do What I Can To Combat The Hysteria And In The Fear Because I Know What I Know The Power Fear Fear Has I Know That Fear Is A Spirit It’s A Spiritual Battle Dealing With Fear And Anxiety And Thing And Depression These Things That We Go Through And It’s Tied In With All The You Know All The Negative Side Of Ufology Just Like The Whole Negative Side Of Everything Else We We Have To Deal With So I Wanted To Ask You Dealing With Spirituality I Listen To An Interview With You The Other Day And You Mentioned That People Who Have These Contact With These Beings Angelic Contact To This Type Of Stuff That They Talk About Speaking In A Different Type Of Language And Just Randomly Speaking In This Languages I Know That We You Know I Actually Study Comparative Theology And I Try To Find The Different Streams Within All Religions That Kind Of Make Us The Same And One Of The Things That We All Profess Is This Term That’s Called Goss Alia Where You Have A Spiritual Encounter And These Words Come Forth And Christians Call It Speaking In Tongues And It’s A It’s A Phenomenon And Some People Know What’s Going On Some People Can Interpret That There’s People When You Speak In That Language Someone Hears It And They Know What You’re Saying Can You Talk A Little Bit About That Yes It’s Fascinated Me That Those That Have Contact Often Will Start To Come Out With What They Call Star Languages Or Like Language Language Now Universal Language And There Seems To Be A Different Kind Of Understanding With Some But I Was Speaking To A Mother Whose Nine-year-old Speaks One Of These Like Languages To Her And She Says I Unders I I Can Say It Back To Him But He Can Translate It And I Can’t So This Is This Is A Nine Year Old That Will Operate Through This Like Language My Understanding Is Some Of Them Come From The Star Languages From Their Star Heritage But Some Of Them Are Packets Of Information One Of The Young Men That Speaks One Of The Light Languages Said That It’s It’s Like The Dolphins Language Which Conveys Images Through Them Through The Language The Way That Dolphins Operate They’re Conveying Images Through That Particular Language But The Whole Thing Is – Is A Frequency That’s Actually Affecting People So Somebody Who Hears This Consumption ‘el And Not Know Why But What This Is That It’s Triggering Something It’s Activating Something In Them Their Dna That Resonates To That And It May Be The Pleiadian Or It May Be You Know Something From You Know Taurus Or Whatever They’re Actually Resonating With A Reaching Dna Because We’ve All Got It We’ve All Some Believe We’ve Got Our Frequency Rises We Are Then Accessing There Are Extraterrestrial Dna So When Someone Says I’m Klee Alien Their Frequency Is Resonating To The Palladian Eating Dna Within Them So You Know That’s How It’s Happening But These Languages Trigger It Just Like The Crop Circles Trigger Awakening Just Like Some Of The Scripts That People Do Some Of The Art Work People Do Some Of The Music Frequencies That You Know Because It’s Coming Through Music Frequencies With Star Seeds Oh Yeah Unmet Triggering The An Activating Dna As Well So All These Different Ways Are Shifting Our Frequency And Raising Our Frequency So That We Can Access More Of Who We Are Words Of Vibrations Thought Forms Of Vibrations They Have A Vibrational Frequency To Them That Can Be Measured And So It’s The Same Thing With This Speaking In Tongues Or The Light Languages Usually It’s A Feeling In The Feeling Rises Up And It’s Communicated Through An Angelic Language Even In The Bible Paul Talks About The Language Of The Angels And They Have The You Know This Angelic Language That It’s You Know You If You Can’t Understand It To The Human Ear But With My Own Studying In My Own Trying To Figure Things Out Right I’ve Wrote Down Some Of The Words That I Say There’ll Be Times Where I Will I Was Speaking At That Heavenly Language And There’ll Be Phrases That I Say Over And Over And I Say Well You Know Let Me Write It Down Let Me See If I Can Look This Up Is This Am I Speaking Scandinavian Because It’s Been Said That Sometimes That These Are Actual Languages A Lot Of Them Dead Maybe Ancient Hebrew Which Is A Dead Language Sumerian These Languages Let Me Look Him Up And See If I Can Find Anything So I Wrote A Phrase Down In In In The Phrase That I Was Saying Was Uh Maggot A Oh Macha Tayo Maka Theo And I Would Say That In A Sentence With Some Other Stuff But That That Was One That Stuck Out So I Said Ma And I Just Spelled It Several Different Ways Ma H Ka H Ta O Looked It Up Nothing And I Put It All Together As One Word And I Found Out That It Was An Actual Word And It Had Meaning To It And Get This The Meaning That Was Coming Through Was Hope For Humanity The Word I Believe It Was In Scandinavian That Meant We Have Hope For Humanity Isn’t That Strange And Get This The Main Character On The Movie Avatar The The Other Tribe The Avatar Tribe There Second Down Leader The Warrior His Name Was Market Ayo Market Day I Was Like Wow This Is Something And How It All Fits In And It’s Like Man I Didn’t Even Know We Could Try To Interpret Our Own Light Language And Find And Get These Messages Of What Our Spirit Is Crying Out And That’s What It Says In The Bible Is So Beautiful It Says That The Spirit Cries Out Through You With Art With Groanings And In Sounds That Cannot Be Pronounced And It Just Cries Out Of You In Christ Forth So My People Man You You Feel That Language And You Might Have To Get By Yourself When You Do It But Do It Let That Language Come Forth Man And You Feel It You Feel It Coming Out Of Your Belly As Rivers Of Living Water And It Changes The Way You Feel I Feel It Right Now Talking About It It’s So Beautiful And It’s All About Just Trying To Tap In In Learning It’s You Know They Are Our Teachers They’re Here To Lead Us And Guide Us Into All Truth And It Is A Spirit That Permeates Every Living Thing It Is It It Is Benevolent It Does Have Our Greater Good In Mind And It Is Beautiful So Yeah All The Fear And All The Hysteria Guys I Challenge You Guys Just To Step Out There Step Out In Faith And Try It If You Have The Questions Ask The Questions Because If You Never Ask The Questions You’ll Never Get The Answers So Mary Thank You So Much For Coming On The Show It Was There Anything That We Didn’t Touch On That You Wanted To Speak On That We Didn’t Touch On It’s Been A Pleasure I Would Like To Say I’m Coming To The Us By The Way In October November In Sedona West Virginia And Miami And Austin And Detroit So If Anyone’s Interested In Coming To Any Of Where I Will Go Into More Detail In This Wonderful Thing That’s Actually Happening On This Planet Now Then Just Get In Touch With Me And What-have-you But It’s Been An Absolute Pleasure Derek And I’ve Been Really Interested In Your Personal Understanding And What Have You Because You’re The Ones That Are You Know It’s Going To Be Though Your Generations That Are Gonna Be The Ones That Help Get This Planet On Track Again So Thank You Very Very Much Thanks So Much For Coming On The Show Mary You Want To Give Your Your Website One Last Time Before We Go Because I Know You Got Some Awesome Books On There The New Human Which I’ve Been Telling Everybody Whenever I Emailed You And We Scheduled The Show I’ve Been Telling Everybody About The Book The New Human And I Know So Many People Who Have Children Who Are A Dd Adhd And Their Children Are Beautiful Absolutely Beautiful And They They Teach Us How To Dance Again It Teaches How To Live Again I’m Telling You It’s Something So Beautiful And You Went Into Detail On That Entire Subject In The Book The New Human And I Also Want To Get Expressions Expressions Of Et Contact That’s The One The Next One I’m Gonna Get Is I’ll Probably Be Picking Up One Of Those From You But You Do Have All That Stuff Available On Your Website I Think You Do So You Do Private Sessions As Well If You Want To Go Ahead And Tell Everybody About That For Those That Want Regressions And What-have-you But Mike I’ve Got Two Websites Mary Rodwell Comden Au Or A Cern A Cer Donna You Either Of Those You Can Get In Touch With Me I’m Also On Facebook So That That Will Allow Anyone To Contact Me Thanks So Much Mayor For Coming On And I Hope To Speak With You Soon Thanks So Much And I’m Gonna Send You That Song It’s It’s Finished It’s Finished It’s Finished But It’s Not Out Yet But I’m Gonna Send It To You Because I Know You’ll Enjoy It Pleasure I Thank You My Friend Okay Bye-bye Awesome Man Another Awesome Podcast I Really Enjoyed Doing These Things Man I Get Some Really Cool Guests On The Show And I’m I’m Like Watching And Watching Mccauley And He Said I’m A Kid I Feel Like A Kid In The Candy Store Right That’s Exactly How I Feel So All These Podcasts From Its Conception And There’s A Lot Of Shows That Weren’t Even Archived That Are Like Seven Eight Years Old Man When I Was First Doing Radio Shows We Didn’t Call Them Podcasts Back Then They Were Just A Radio Show I Had My Own Radio Show Right That’s What We Called It But There Were So Many Guests That I Had On Back Then But Still Learning How To Do It And You Know Learn How To Interview People But Essentially Asking Questions That I Had And All This Stuff All Of These Questions Are An Extension Of My Music Most Of These People Who I Have On The Show I’ve Been Researching Their Work For Years And Started A Podcast And Now I’m Able To Pick Their Brain About Questions That I Heard Of In Interviews In Podcast You Got It You Guys Think About It Like People Like Jordan Maxwell And Santos Bonacci Late Listening To Hours And Hours Of Their Work Trisha Mccannon With The Mystery School Alec The Phoenix Mystery School Out Of Atlanta Like Listening To Her Podcast A Bunch Of Them And Did Not And I Have Them On The Show I’m Like A Kid In The Candy Store I Just Asking Them Questions Man And You Know James Gilliland I Got A Name Job Ed Grimsley All These People Who I’ve Had The Opportunity To Have On Here And Now Mary Rodwell Who Man She Is An Expert In This Field Man And It’s Such An Honor To Have These People On Here And To Talk To Them Pick Their Brain And You Know Just You Know I’m Saying Share The Same Space As These People It’s So Awesome I Really Do Look Up To These People Especially For Stepping Out In A Space Where It’s Not Cool To Step Out Or You Know You’re Kind Of Fringe Or Whatever I’ve Definitely Been There And And And Knowing That We’re Doing The Work For All Of You Guys Who Are Listening Listening All Of You Guys Who Are Watching Who Have The Questions Who Aren’t Able To To Reach Out To These People You Know Some Have Schedules And Stuff Like That But We Try To Try To Get Them On Here We Try To Make This Stuff Available I Try To Make Myself Available For Anybody Who Has These Questions And Just Let People Know Like I Said At The Top Of The Hour You’re Not Alone You’re Not Alone Man There’s No Question That Should Go Unasked There’s No Topic That Should Go Unlooked Fear Encounter In Condemnation Man Has No Place In The Life Of A Child Of God I’m Telling You Man It Is All About Inspiration Everything Is Founded On Love We Walk In This We My Music Is Is Breathing In An Oozing Inspiration For Others I Enjoy All Of The The Feedback That I Get From People I Don’t Even Know What To Do With You With The Feedback Anymore I Get So Much Honestly And I’ve Shared This Many Times That At The Very Beginning Of My Beginning Of My Awakening And Doing The Music That Embodied The Awakening All The Positive Comments I Saved Them All Like On A Notepad And I Mean It Was Like A Hundred Of Them And Every Every Positive Comment I Got I Saved It Because I Knew The Negative Ones Would Come Right And I Knew I Would Maybe Get To Places Where I Don’t Know What The Future Holds I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed To Do With My Life Or Whatever And I Go Back And Read These Comments And Say You Know What I’m Impotent People’s Life The Music Has Had An Impact And I’m Gonna Keep Doing It And I Just Read Those I Read Those Comments And It Just It Just Motivates Me But I’ve Gotten To The Place Where I Get So Many Of Them And It Doesn’t Go And Look So If You Want To Reach Out Totally Retie It Doesn’t Go And Look But It’s So Frequent Now And I’m Thankful For The Work That God Has Allowed Me To Do And To Reach Out To You Guys When You Guys See Me As Someone Who Will Listen Essentially Right Isn’t Isn’t That All All It Is Is As Someone Who Would Listen And Like I Said It’s Practical Guys It’s Ain’t Even Nothing Deep Like All That I Love All The Deep Stuff But It But All The Deep Stuff It Does Not Embody And Something Practical In The Way We Treat People The Way We Treat Our Family You Know And Our Friends And You Know All Co-workers And Things Like That Then It Doesn’t Mean Anything You Know If We Speak With The Tongues Of Angels But Have Not Love We Are Simply But Of A Resounding Gong We’re Just Clanging Cymbals Making No Is Tooting Our Own Horn It’s All About Love Each And Every One Of You I Challenge You To Come Back To Love Come Back To Your First Love Man Remember Why You Started This Stuff Guys Every Single One Of You Man Just Remember Where You Started That’s That’s That’s The Place Of Beauty Man To Remember Where You Started Um I Got To Give A Shout Out To Everybody Who’s Supporting On Patreon Talking About The Love And Support Patreon Man Ww Backslash TruthSeekah The Link Is In The Show Notes It’s Everywhere This Is How You Guys Help Support What I’m Doing What I’m Building Here With The Music And With The Podcast Essentially That Is Helping So Much And It’s So Much Encouraging Because Like Right Now When I First Started You Know I’m Saying The Numbers Would Kind Of Shift A Little Bit And I’d Have Five People Support Then They’d Drop Down To Three And Then Two And Then Ten And Then Five And It Would Go Back And Forth From Month To Month But Now To See The Numbers Being Consistent And More And More People Saying You Know What Rusi Good I Appreciate What You’re Doing I Love The Podcast I Want To Help You And I Want To Give A Dollar A Month Five Dollars A Month Ten Dollars A Month Twenty Five Whatever It Is We Have People Giving Different Numbers Danika Penske Shout Out Gifts 33 33 Every Month That You Guys Would Actually Fund It I Know I Know Five Dollars And A Lot Even A Dollar It Like I’m Just Appreciative Of All Of It And It Goes A Long Way All Of This Stuff Costs Money This Microphone Cost Money These Lights There’s A Light Right There Like All Of The Stuff Costs Money I’m A Full-time Father A Full-time Truck Driver Podcaster I Work For A Living And I’m Trying To Make Music As Well So Every Little Bit That You Guys Do It Goes A Long Way Whether You Are Given Financially Whether You Are Just Leaving Comments And Reviews On Itunes Definitely Do That Man Go To Itunes And Subscribe That’s Where Like The Numbers Are Go To Itunes Give Us A Rating And Subscribe There It Means The World And If You Do That Right Now We Do Have A Contest That We’re Doing We’re Giving Away My Spiritual Alchemy Jacket I Don’t Know If You Got Seen It But It Is On The Facebook It Is On The Youtube We Have The Spiritual Alchemy Jacket With The Person Who’s Descending The Higher Consciousness Also Resembles The Angels Like The New Body That We Received That Was The Whole Concept For The Spiritual Alchemy Transforming From One Level To The Next That Album Cover Is On The Jacket Sublimation Print On The Jacket We’re Gonna Pick One Lucky Winner For Whoever Goes To Itunes And Leaves Us A Comment There And Leaves Us A Rating We’re Going To Pick One Winner To Draw And I Got Some Other Stuff I’m Gonna Be Giving Away As Well And They’re All Gonna Be Coming Through That Die Tune Subscription Stuff So Make Sure That You Head On Over There And Do That So With All That Being Said I Got To Make Sure That I Shout Out The Two New Patrons Patrons For This Month So Far That We’ve Got The Homie Smokey Which Is Michael I Believe Your Name Was He Hit Me Up Through Email He Let Me He Hasn’t Even Heard My Music Has No Idea I Even Rap But He Found The Podcast He Loves It He’s Listening He’s Supporting He Hit Me Up To Email Just Asking Me Questions And Stuff And Uh You Know Trying To Respond To Him And And Make Sure I Answer Every Every Question Man So Thank You So Much Smokey For That I See You I See You Man Thank You So Much And Also The Homie Kol And I’ve Been Wrestling With Your Last Name Cole Cole Poke P O Gue Paw Poke Thank You So Much Man For Repping The Music And Supporting What I’m Doing Everybody Everybody In The Chatroom Thank You Guys Holdin It Down Man I’m Watching All These Comments Come Down You Guys Got To Call Me Man Call It Call In And Say Hello Taylor Dude You’ve Been Supporting For A Very Long Time You Got To Call In And Say Hello Man The Next One That We Do Catch Me Live Call In And Say Hello I Want To I Want To Talk To You Guys Man Everybody There Bible Reader Kgf Interviews Everybody Man Who’s Just Holding Us Down In The Chat Room And Everybody On Facebook Man It Just Means So Much So With That I’m Gonna Say Peace And Shalom I Want Each And Every One Of You Guys To Have A Blessed Night And Just Know Man Winter Is Coming Man Winter Is Coming That’s Right So I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys And We Will Holla At Y’all Later Peace Peace Shoutout [music] This Episode Folks To Hear More Episodes Of The TTruthSeekah Podcast Head Over To Juice Rica Gum And If You’re Wanting To Support The Show And Get Rewards Go To Our Patreon Page At [music]

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