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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Matt Belair about true spirituality and how it is manifest into our daily lives. Spirituality and the supernatural should be practical principals that are able to impact the lives of everyone that we come in contact with, not just some esoteric mumbo jumbo. In the spiritual community there are many charlatans and hoaxers and many people claim the have the truth and they make it up as they go. This is not just the spiritual community though, it is in every form of religion found under the sun. I have met delusional people in the midst of backwoods christianity who claim that they hear the voice of God speaking to them. This voice tells them one thing and their neighbor another. Most of these people have trouble in many areas of their life but claim to be in contact with the Great Creator of the universe but their actions and fruit prove otherwise. I also get messages daily from people within the spiritual community who say the craziest of things. I had a guy claim to be the archangel Michael who was sent to contact me through Facebook messenger. One female claimed that the Illuminati told her that she was supposed to be my wife. Another lady messaged me claiming to be my mother from a past life in Egypt. I’m pretty certain that each one of these people who contacted me are delusional but the crazy thing is that spirituality and religious hangouts seem to be a breeding ground for this type of thinking. That’s why at the end of the day it really comes down to practicality. Are you making a positive impact in the lives of the people that you meet? Is the spirituality that you claim tangible? Does it hold weight? Do you have anything for the person dying of cancer? Can you impart anything to the man hooked on crystal meth? This is what spirituality is about. Doing the inner work and healing thyself so that in turn we can heal the world.

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contributed to the process of that being made all the other patrons supporters there everybody who pre-ordered my new album and this past weekend we celebrated the birth of the new album by having an album release concert and get together a party celebration and so it was beautiful had it had a great time I want to thank everybody for coming out it’s awesome and to know that you have people in your corner fighting with you man I had people travel from all over the country to be here with me this past weekend and and be a part of this event so shouts out to Joshua Davis and his family driving in from North Carolina which was like eight hours shout-out to Chris and Nicole bars driving in from Orlando that’s over eight hours Monica and her family drove in from Dallas that was like nine hours I think my mom and brother drove in from Louisiana which was like two and a half hours it was just really cool man to have an event and see everybody in my tribe and my family locally and then everybody just traveling man and making an event out of it we had a beautiful time Friday night at the event and it was beautiful and then that’s following nice Saturday night we had a big get-together at my place and did a big bonfire which was really a huge fire and just had a really good time so thank you thank you to everybody who came out and supported that and uh and supported that effort thank you guys so much and uh got it I can’t really go any further was that without saying again thank you to the patrons so I’m gonna name out some of the people who have just come on board to supporting what I’m doing here with the podcast and my music I couldn’t do this without you guys this shows not possible it’s free to listen to it’s not free to produce it there’s a lot of money and a lot of stuff on the back end that go into this so I want to thank you guys for support and I want to reach out to Jeremy Griffith is a good friend of mine just came aboard on on patreon thank you brother for 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into groups to do activation and prayer and being able to pick up on the energy and stuff that people people are going through discernment of spirits and really being creating a safe environment to walk in your spiritual giftings find your spiritual giftings and call in and just move in activation so it’s been really good it’s last Thursday man we had a really powerful moment so if you want to do that you get access to all that stuff about becoming a patron and if you want to check out the past school of the mystic sessions they’re all archived on the website as well backslash true seeker that’s where you get access to that stuff so super excited about that I’m sorry my voice is a little under the weather for the concert I practiced Thursday night I was trying to run through my music and I was practicing a cover song and um and it was I probably shouldn’t have tried to incorporate this song but it was a really loud song a lot of screaming at the top of my lungs practicing to see if I can hit the range next morning I woke up I could barely talk and just after practicing and I had that show that day so it wasn’t that fun because like I was trying to gargle some honey lemon and essential oils to try to help my throat and it it helped it a little bit but when it was coming time to hit two hit notes I had a song my singing songs I couldn’t hold a note at all so that was terrible anyway there’s some video of that stuff online as well if you want to check it out all that videos on my facebook as well so I had a really good time this weekend so thank you guys for supporting that um without further ado we’re gonna get right into this podcast today I got a good friend of mine Matt Bellaire and I don’t want this to really be a debate he’s a good friend of mine we have a lot in common I do have some contention with him for those watching on a video he says that his beard is better than mine he says I can’t touch him when it comes to the beard game I told him I just trimmed it welcome to the show brother what’s going on hey man how you doing doing well well first of all just want to congratulate you on the album man that’s a huge deal it’s a lot of work and effort so congrats on that man I’m glad you did it and you got to celebrate this last weekend it was beautiful man Thank You Man I’m it’s awesome just creating I think you you don’t saying you as a creator I think we talked about this on your show as well just bringing something into this realm especially when you’re able because we I think we’re gonna talk about that a little bit going into the ethers going into the astral realm the dream state or whatever getting this vision and then pulling it out and making it manifest and breathing life into it there’s no there’s no words to describe that feeling you know well I know I know we talked we talked about that being made in the image and likeness of a creator and then we create and we birth things and breathe life into it man is so beautiful so I guess before we go deep down that that topic man just give everybody just an overview about overview about who you are and what you bring to the table sure man and yeah I think we should touch on that creator idea too because I think that we’re all creators so how can we not be you know if you start studying woodworking every single day for six months you’ll start building woodworking you create something because we create all the time so well touch on that for sure but for me I guess the easiest way to describe it is I grew up a martial artist and was always interested in what I was capable of what humans were capable of human potential then I explored that and exported through martial arts and extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding and so in my late 20s I really wanted to dive deep and I wanted to learn I want to learn from the best so if you’re the best musician on the planet I’m gonna go learn with that guy and go see if I can learn from that person and so I wanted to be enlightened and I figured well you know the Tibetan monks are as close as I know of anybody that would be enlightened have that knowledge so I went to Nepal and meditated with monks trekked Mount Everest I want to be a great martial artist so I studied with Shaolin monks in China and they could break stone with two fingers and do all this extraordinary stuff that you see like in in in whether it’s like a show or on TV and like is that real and that’s definitely real and it’s phenomenal and so you know like the title of your show I would say I’m a truth seeker for sure and just trying to get to the bottom of it and really know who I am what I’m capable of how I can create in this planet and also how I can serve others and so my journeys taking me to Egypt I went to easy-open Assam harami and the resident Science Foundation recently so I’m an explorer and I explore the inner worlds and I explore the outer worlds that I just kind of experience see what I find and and you know when I find something valuable I try to share through the podcast I wrote a book called Zen athlete could be Zen life it doesn’t matter it’s um all the best personal development mindset psychology techniques I were not learned over a lifetime of martial arts meditation study you know when I was fifteen anything around consciousness like astral projection lucid dreaming meditation neuro linguistic programming hypnosis I studied it anything that had to do with consciousness and and altering my consciousness altering states I was very curious about because I was curious about what consciousness was and exploring that and exploring God and spirituality in that realm as well so I’ve just been a secret for a long time and in doing it through experiences through books and courses a prospect like so much money how books and courses but then also implementing the techniques experimenting with plant medicines as well and yeah I think that about sums up a pretty good outline of it and you know I have a podcast as well and I’ve had about 150 just incredible guests on exploring everything from simulation theory to connecting to God to consciousness to personal development to you know creating a reality to you know psychics and mediums just everything you know and then try to what’s valuable you know when I read a book like what is the valuable thing what can I do to improve my life and so you know what I wrote as an athlete is for kids essentially to trick them to learn all this stuff through sport but if you’re an adult who reads it you can use all everything’s a technique and a process and it to do and it’ll change you and so when I have the guests on I’m like what is the thing that I do so I can go try it and see if it works so yeah that I think sums it up and I’m my voice is a little bit low here I’ve been catching up with old friends and we’ve been kind of hanging out every single night sharing a lot of stories so you can speak a little quieter maybe a little less enthusiasm here same here a lot of campfire conversations this past weekend so awesome man so what what kind of got you into that I’m always I’m always curious about like the childhood stuff was it like movies at times and seeing supernatural stuff in movies or was there was a book you read you know what was there something that when you’re or even having a supernatural encounter with ghosts or something like that when you was a kid what kind of what was the earliest memories of wanting to seek after the supernatural or the dream you know I’m saying the dream state or you know I’m saying what was some of those defining moments early on yeah you know it’s a good question I get it I get it quite often and the answers is I’ve always been like this like that from just martial arts I would say was the gateway you know watching martial arts movies and watching Bruce Lee and my dad was a martial artist as well and he would teach me things and and I’d watch the movies of all the martial artists doing this stuff and so my dad had had me stretched and do these things and I was just curious right away and it just maybe that was the seed but I was like we are capable of so much and I want to explore that and so ever since you know as long as I can remember martial arts I would say was the gateway and then it just propelled through sport and you know kind of carried on from there so it’s just a natural instinct that I’ve had to want to grow and evolve and I found it actually odd that it wasn’t common I thought it was a common thing and it was not yeah you would think that it would be common with I guess the spiritual discipline behind some of the traditions and that’s that’s what kind of kind of got you into it like you know I’m saying like the tenets and stuff and like that that’s that’s into like I don’t know which martial arts you were into but like Taekwondo things like that they have these these principles and tenets and you always see them meditating like you’re talking about the Shaolin and stuff like that and then you went and spent time with the monks so it kind of goes hand in hand and so that would just was like a natural progression for you yeah a hundred percent you know the philosophy of martial arts is is using it as a catalyst to develop mind body and spirit and that’s kind of in the spirit that I wrote my book is that you know any sport can be used as a catalyst to develop your mind body and spirit just like art just like music and because in in skateboarding in martial arts in music there’s no end you don’t master music you just one day you’re sitting there like hey I’m master music great you know I’m done he’s like now that didn’t happen right so you use it as a reason to get better it’s like eight so you go throw that process if I want to be a master martial artist I got to do all that hard work of understanding my body going into a meditative state understanding you know the inner world and that’s a huge part of it you know and I think that it’s understanding that inner world is the piece that’s missing and everything else is if you just if you have some sort of practice that goes in that connects you to the body that can actually with the self that teaches you to quiet the mind and connect with spirit whatever that means for you you know a spiritual force that you’re a part of and when you go in you find it in your own way and it reflects out in a know your own way and how you want to communicate it with it is up to you it’s your own style you know it’s kind of like Bruce Lee was you know his his example was something that was a huge mentor for me and just kind of saw the way that he lived life and respected that and was able to use that and he was all about you know make it your own you know if you see a technique and it’s not for you it’s not for you you see it you like it then you can use it you can create your own style and I think that we can use that philosophy to create our own style of spirituality personal development growth connection with spirit whatever you want what are some of the things that you enjoy to do to enter in whether you want to call it trance State or meditation you know what I’m saying I know like in yoga it kind of comes with it too with the territory it’s like once you in especially doing what you’re doing because you’re doing all of this this output you’re getting drained you’re getting exhausted and then at the end there’s this peaceful moment maybe we’re all getting drained and exhausted just in life in general you know what I’m saying and then we find this place of Solace but this place of savasana like at the end of yoga where you’re just laying there and you get to go within and for some reason for me like the strongest or easiest times to go within meditation would be through after that output maybe for you with the martial arts and scenes and stuff like that so what would be like natural practice for you to go into trance state into the states of meditation that’s a good question so I’ve experimented with so many different things and now I’m at the point and it’s been like this for a while now it’s very easy for me and I think it’s just through practice and you know the other note that I’ll give on that is I think that it’s a process that you you can be in that state all the time and this is what they’re teaching in Zen so I studied Zen Buddhism for a long time and it’s it really enforces that life is the magic like we’re not we’re not we’re not we don’t need to go into a different state to come into this state that you know Alan Watts calls it the absurd practice of meditation learning to be in the present moment you come out of the present moment of meditation walk down to the river you know look at the water look at the birds look at the trees and understand really understand how magical this life is you know I feel like being able to alter your state of consciousness is a very powerful thing to do because you understand that this reality this way of operating is not the only way and when you can start to realize that what the practice of meditation does are altering your state it allows you to become a barrier of your thoughts then you can choose which thoughts you want to hold on to and what you want to create so you could have so many people get great ideas I wish I could do this I wish you could do that that’s a thought that’s coming from somewhere else that’s also a part of you and you can pull that thought down but you’re gonna have to work your butt off probably to create that and then that’s where that that worked that’s where that life happens and we’re here in this life and life is the magic this is the state that people should want to be in and that’s his presence to this magic so yes we can alter our states which I can share techniques for for sure you know the easiest one I just is 3d breasts or just setting your intention I want to come to a peaceful state so you know extreme sports is such a beautiful example of the necessity of this because you know if you’re gonna do a trick you’ve never done before one of my athletes landed the first frontflips Superman on a motorcycle and he didn’t practice it once he just did it in his mind over and over and over again but the risk for him to really die or severely hurt himself is magnified but because of that that external danger that that necessity to master it now he can take that everywhere so a lot of people just don’t have that necessity to get to that state but now he can block his thoughts or understand them so he’s about to go and do the trek he’s like oh maybe I’ll break my legs can’t go you know you can’t go with that thought it’s got to be I am going to do this man so when we when we when we learned to quiet our mind and go into that space like oh you know Matt you suck and like kay hold I’m not gonna hold onto that hey Matt like you should do a podcast today with this person right oh that feels great yeah hold on I’ll grab that you pull it back in do a little bit of research send out a tweet or whatever I’m gonna do create that boom now I’m in it creating with the person and so my life becomes the flow that becomes the flow State but you can practice it through simple also breathing box breathing is really good just being aware of in/out paying attention guided meditations binaural beats I use all that stuff and it’s all a reminder to be like this is the thing you know the magic is right here in life man this is it’s so magical it’s like the best most amazing thing and so then you go into this like why am I going in to meditate for four hours when I can go look at a you know a river you know like I can do both now skateboarding for me is meditation anything that puts you in the one you make music I guarantee it’s a meditation you’re focused you’re not thinking about you know what you got to eat or what you’re in and you’re just cruelty that’s it so so your joy can become your meditation as well you’re altered state if you will right because you it’s a state that’s like you know people say altered states let’s just say maybe it’s getting out of that monkey mind so you wake up and they mind just goes off that’s that’s not a natural state let’s just say that’s unnatural living that’s unnatural mind that you and you got to learn how to you know quiet that and you know there are many different ways to do that yeah man it’s awesome you talk about like those thoughts that are coming in and picking and choosing which ones to entertain and stuff like that it’s like that’s a really big thing in the scriptures for me where it talks about like taking captive every thought like each star like it’s a it’s a it’s a daily regimen to to hold on to the ones that are good and to entertain those thoughts that are beautiful or positive or for you or and and not entertain the ones that like you said hey you’re not you know I’m saying you’re unworthy and you’re the only one going through this you’ll never amount to anything and and then it’ll try to get you to speak it out and stuff like that in and berthed it and create it and speak it over your atmosphere it’s so crazy man that the Bible it talks about like having all of this revelation all of this spiritual power but it’s about believing it first and it talks about these belief systems and stuff that come and it talks about all of like the spirituality that I talked about and casting out demons and all these different entities and stuff in the scriptures they’re they’re called strongholds then just simply thought patterns and like what’s in the Christian around their column ungodly beliefs beliefs that go against your greater good like the scripture talks about like God says like I have plans to bless you plans to prosper you a hope for you and for a future to do great mighty things and so like anything that would come against that in the dream state or in the unconscious mind it we all deal with it right I don’t think we ever I think it gets easier to notice when it comes in and we let not can’t be thinking about that I just watched a video a while ago from of a major youtuber who talked about like depression and spending a full day thinking about killing himself and thinking about what people would would would say if he did that and you just entertained that negative you got to catch that like early on hole I can’t I’m not gonna entertain this we have all these thoughts that come through to do all kinds of things and we talked about like even for someone being a creator someone who is very in tune with their imagination all of these ideas like you like myself I’ve got all kinds of stuff that I can do and I can be successful like anything that anybody puts their mind to they could be successful including us so you can do a podcast you can do you make it do like a you Tube channels of like healthy eating you know what I’m saying there’s so many different opportunities and thoughts and ideas that come but if we were just to jump and grab all of them and let people pull us out of our calling or what we what we have made our mind up to do we’ll kind of veer off course and get tied up in a bunch of little bitty things so that we can’t really put all of our energy and focus into what our main thing is or two or three things right so that’s one thing I’ve been talking about a lot lately a lot of creative people having to consistency right and not being pulled out hey true seeker I want you to start a band with me I get legit I can I can imagine that well I can go I can be in the band and practice two or three times a week and do shows and stuff because I’ve done it and I would love to do that but I can’t let that you know I’m saying pull me from my podcast my music and all the other stuff that I’m doing do you get those do you struggle with that too I think I think the majority of because I got a lot of friends man who one week they’re doing this the next week they’re doing that the next week they’re doing this and they give everything a hundred percent but only for a week you know yeah yeah man well you touched on a lot of great points there that have been you know coming up for me in in Zen they’ll talk a lot about like levels of understanding where understanding these truths are not complicated but there’s just infinite depths and it’s so interesting that you know you walk down the street if you said to your friends or to people that you met or you didn’t know the stuff that you say to yourself you know ninety percent of us you just get your ass kicked all the time and so where did this conditioning come from to be terrible to ourselves and so if we can start to entertain the idea and I am I am the worst at this this is probably why I know so many techniques and strategies because I’m as guilty as anybody of just being a total ass to myself and and so but if we can become our own best friend or own supporter or truly love ourselves to Giver you know I think there’s a Buddha code that says nobody in the world as much as yourself deserves your love and compassion and so why don’t we give that to ourselves why don’t we allow this growth process in another way that I kind of phrase it is like from zero to five year old you’re not doing anything you’re fully dependent on your mom five to ten you know you’re barely out the gate ten to twenty you’re a teenager try not to get beat up in high school and make a friend and understand what’s going on there twenty to thirty you think you know what you’re doing cuz you’re going to college and you’re supposed to get a job you know and you know things you don’t know anything thirty to forty you probably starting to figure out things a little bit forty to fifty you know where’s this switch where we’re supposed to know something we’re constantly learning where children in the universe we don’t know what is going on and so if we can give ourselves time and space to grow to make mistakes to experience life and to be kind with ourselves as we go through this process and so you know catching ourselves being terrible to ourselves and and then catching it and say I’m gonna be loving and kind of myself I’m gonna be my number one Supporter because you’re the only one who can be and you know to touch on the person having depression depression and suicide it’s a real thing and it comes from and you know with doing the podcast and getting some negative feedback I’m like only like literally two comments in three comments and 150 videos but each one was like oh now hey ouch and then I thought about it was like oh that’s ego too because I’m like my podcast is good and this is a okay train of thought but the thing is it’s coming from their reality but it’s it has nothing to do with you they’re gonna go around being all day every day and they just want to kind of fish for a little bit of energy you know they don’t they’re like harpooning other people because they’re getting their energy through this negativity so they’re shooting out the harpoons writing like oh and you can choose through your own consciousness to be like oh this is this is your mind and I respect your journey and I’ll just not let this thing bleed me out but maybe I’ll take a look at what you said see if there’s any truth there and thank you for it and so the other thing that I wanted to share that think was really important was you can do anything anybody can do anything that’s the wonderful thing and you know when I was training with the Shaolin monks one could break stone with two fingers man and like a thicker piece over his head and and most of them could all do like the really hard wood and so I interviewed him I’m like how do you do that like what’s trick you know is there a trick to this and he’s like no trick and as I come on what’s a trick and there’s a translator he can’t even speak English like no trick ask him a third time he just starts slamming his fingers down on the desk and I can’t member exactly how many years but it’s like five six seven years of a hard she gun outside the trees of the Academy had to poke trees and there’s dent holes in solid trees from monks and students poking trees for years and then he said years of soft Qigong which is meditation and he directs the energy into his hands so he’s very aware of the energetic body and so through years years of poking a tree and meditating he’s able to do something that we consider unbelievable so then it clicks and then like oh well with that type of dedication it whatever you’re gonna build is gonna happen it has to and that’s the thing and for people what I feel like the biggest thing when I do talks are I’m sessions I think that people don’t align with a heart center journey something that they’re just going that direction it doesn’t matter this is their life they got six months they got a year they got ten years they can’t find this alignment within their heart of like what they want to build you know I could be this and this and this and this and this but once you find that thing that’s like your creation it doesn’t matter everything you just go day by day by day there’s no mastery and I actually have a meditation that hypnotizes you into your heart to ask your heart a series of questions because your heart knows it’s eternal and your heart is based on your highest good you know with eternal wisdom or the mind it is number one goal of the mind is to keep you alive and so for you to live you need to eat if you want to eat you need to make money and so you operate in that way because you’re mostly in the conscious mind which which will allow that fear state which allow the harpooning as well but in the heart the hearts like in your eternal that thing that’s harpooning you is also you and it’s totally fine don’t even worry about it connect with yourself from what you want to create it’s all good and so once you find that thing that even that direction it could be like hey I know my life will incorporate more music and when you go towards what you love it doesn’t become a final destination you have a direction it’s like you’re at sea you just have a direction though you keep going in that direction forever and just enjoying the process of continued learning forever and so getting to that point and then going with that Shaolin monk dedication day by day by day by day by day then you’re unstoppable and there is no other formula you know and we all go through our own process of uncovering and growing and however long it takes it’s all a personal thing but there’s it’s no secret it’s so simple but people don’t give themselves that time and space or have a process to get really clear on what direction they want to go and so if you want to check out that meditation I highly recommend it it’s free and you can just go through it but it’s the best thing that I’ve ever seen the second best thing is a shamanic death ritual and not because I created it it came out for a friend and I was like this is amazing I haven’t experienced anything like that the second one I’d recommend for people will be shamanic death ritual which is essentially just a meditation on your death okay going to a relaxed state boom boom now you’re dead oh crap okay can’t come back no and just do a life review what did I like what didn’t I like what will hold back what was real was that real if you could come back for just a year what does that look like okay what about if I give you two years because who told you you’re gonna live two years another day another 80 years now people are in this loop thinking there they got eternal life they don’t you have eternal life in one way but in this human experience it’s you know it’s one time this expression you know signature each day yeah man that’s good dude and that’s why I say just hashtag consistency man like consistency whatever you’re trying to build like my friends who have all these good ideas they are like every single one of them is a good idea but it’s just about you have to birthed it you have to get good at it I mean when we look back at our podcasting if you look back at your first two episodes or something man my early podcast stuff was hard to listen to the quality was bad like there was hissing and fuzz and pop in and it was hard to listen to people still listen to it for the content but you learn you learn how to get better you learn etiquette you learn how to have a dialogue you learn all of this stuff and you just have to keep doing listening a list I started listening to podcast about podcasting you know and just studying it in in learning everything I could and now a few years later people look up to me I love your your visuals your audio your intro everything sounds good you ask great questions and have all of this stuff but like it comes with time and experience it reminds me of the biblical story of David you know David who slew the giant Goliath which was mocking him making fun of him and his nation and mocking his God and things like that and it’s like this little shepherd boy killed this huge giant that every Baldr all their Warriors were afraid of cuz he was huge there’s no way they could take him out but he was training like David was training for years in the field watching over sheep why so he’s killing wolves he’s killing lions he’s killing bears with his with his sling right he’s killing all of these these these these animals who were a threat all of this is symbolic for us right of keeping over our dream keeping over our thoughts and our minds and things like that and so when he shows up to kill this this uh this giant Goliath everybody’s blown away but this guy has been practicing like for years and years and years so when he shows up to kill the giant there was no fear there there was a confidence there that he knew that if he been practicing with that sling that he could do it and take him out and that’s just like us like when you get good at something you know you can do it so though it it softens the blow of the Facebook or trolls or the YouTube trolls who say hey man stop what you’re doing man go back to your day job your podcast sucks you can barely formulate a sin and so whatever you’re stuttering too much like all of these type of things right it softens the blow to like know your calling to know the impact that you have on the culture upon on on people’s lives and and and if you didn’t know that stuff and you didn’t know your vision it could it could throw you off some people man they big that will send him straight into depression if you read those comments I’m not my daughter you know she had a YouTube channel and in some of her videos dude were like almost 400,000 views on her channel and there’s this all these comments man just making fun of her and you’re fat Oh kill yourself kid you know all of this song I’m trying to having to go in as a dad like let me delete this stuff for she she can’t see this stuff right because if your minds not fully equipped in and develop man you believe that stuff as that stuff will mess you up I had some dudes the other day and these two dudes who do hip-hop and make beats and producers and a lot of people know these dudes these guys added me in a random Facebook chat on Facebook like a loft chat with a bunch of people and they were trolling me for using auto-tune on my new album and all my music when I sing so trolling me for using auto-tune auto-tune and making fun of me and change they you know they changed my name in the group for some weird disrespectful name you know and they were just trolling and I scrolled up I guess they didn’t know when they added me that I could see that conversation and so I could see them talking back and forth even before they added me to the group and it was like hey let’s let’s troll true seeker man let’s uh you know I’m saying he uses auto-tune he can’t rap all of this stuff so I seen that I seen their motives just seeing what they were doing you want to lash out you want to get out of character and go back and forth with them and tell them even the truth about their self or whatever the case is but I just said hey man bless you guys I opened up all of their pages and blocked them like I didn’t I didn’t even know half of these people but they know who I am right because you you you reach a level of notoriety where people know you and your renown goes before you I blocked them all left the group it said okay I’m not gonna fall victim to that you want to you want to give them a piece of your mind and stuff like that so that’s what it’s about man it’s about consistency hard work pays off no matter what you’re doing that’s an encouragement yeah man I had a percent agree I’ve been I’ve been skateboarding more and skateboarding it’s like the hardest thing to do and I realized when I was a skate you know four or five six days in a row I’m like oh man well if I can keep I have been able to do that I’ve just been too busy with work and traveling and doing different things like well like if I can do this for a while like I’m gonna get good again and the secret isn’t skating all day every day as much as you can so there’s no science to it and I just wanted to touch on that and you know the thing with your daughter like it breaks my heart man like people are so terrible what is going on something and you know I just want to see you know a life of more peace you know peace within people and to understand that anybody’s saying stuff like that you know they don’t have you know maybe they’re getting abused maybe they’re they don’t have a father and their mother tells them they’re worthless they don’t know you know people are dealing with so much pain in this planet so if you could even understand that somebody coming from that perspective is an illusion that call out Maya they’re in this this is fog um they’re they’re in pain somebody whose whole doesn’t be a crab in the bucket you know you know they’re they’re not you know is even with your rap there’s like you suck maybe you do suck at rap you know but it’s like skateboarding is like great when someone and that’s why I love skateboarding when someone sucks at skateboarding and you have the best guy in the skateboard park and he lands the hardest trick on the hardest thing everyone’s like yeah you know like freak yeah but they know I can do it when that person lends the easiest trick that like anybody could do and just like this tiny terrible Ollie the whole skate park including the best person in the skate park grabs their boards and just cheers that person on and like yes you know your first line of a lyric you know you rambled it’ll take you some more Ollie’s it’ll take you some more practice but you’re good you’re gonna get there and it’s this competition versus collaboration mindset and a lot of the things that I was really thinking about you know as like team earth you know what if we started to cooperate and if aliens were here which they are I think there are yeah they would look and say okay I want to help these guys out we got some technology you keep murdering each other so that’s probably not great let’s let’s start there stop murdering each other please you know stop being such dickheads to each other there’s this there’s this little meme that I saw come up on Instagram that I reposted on my facebook that was so funny this alien comes down and he’s like the first caption second one is just like I have I have something that can like create peace and change the world right and then the people are reading I was like oh this could work this could work and it flips over the page and it goes stop being such assholes to each other that’s so true man so you know crab in the bucket is real consistency is its king but before consistency is vision and that’s where that internal process and you find that vision through your joy through internal reflection like said the the meditation that I have is is so great for that process I mean it’s specifically for that process there’s other things you could do shamanic death ritual just sitting in meditation breathing journaling is huge right ready to ask yourself the question you know when I go to like festivals and I travel the world and I meet people you know especially at festivals because it breaks their brain it’s like they’re out of their normal state they’re out of their day job and all in masters okay man how you doing you know which I’m dressed up like a wizard with face paint you know dancing a guy likes for Stefan and and people could be from anywhere in the world or any background I’m like how you doing like great that’s like yeah like what’s is life good like you know yeah just want to get to know them like are you happy is what I’m curious about are you happy if you’re not happy which is like 90% of people why not what’s the reason why you’re not happy what would make you happy start putting more energy into the side that would make you a little bit happier it’s gonna be a process that you got a whole life to create you know day by day but people don’t put any energy in that bucket they put it they’re just stuck in this loop that they can’t seem to break and you got to break that loop through different things but when you do it’s like same same but different if you cut a tile and it’s like enlightenment before enlightenment chop wood carry water after enlightenment chop wood carry water before enlightenment hey true seeker you suck in your loser ow oh God what I’m gonna do do I kill myself I don’t know if I kill myself – I stop rapping how do I do go home get this job be afraid of everything hey true seeker your rap sucks okay that kind of hurt I do want to say something to you not good I’m just gonna hold that I’m gonna get my water I’m gonna go back home when I make more music and I still might have a screw you attitude my mind for a sec but I’m not gonna hold on to it I go and it’s the same same but different but two different processes of external reality alkalizing it with it talking about the monks being able to do these different supernatural feats and it gets in like you know there’s some people who focus on on going into meditation and trance state and getting good being able to move objects with their mind telekinesis pyrokinesis things like that have you heard of or seen the videos of the guy named John Chang I’m sure if you’re into this you’ve seen it I have John Chang so he’s been viral on a lot of other people’s sites and stuff anyway so uh I think it’s a guy he’s in China and he’s like uh he takes a there’s a couple different videos of him like making stuff fall down with telekinesis there’s one point where I think we takes a pencil or a chopstick and puts it through a table and he’s doing pyrokinesis he takes a newspaper and balls them up and sets them on fire with his hand you haven’t seen that video Wow for you being right really into this stuff I figure like yeah this scene that video man I’ll have to say yeah just look up John Chiang I didn’t know if you’ve seen that yeah but I don’t well okay so in its if not if not John Chang have you tried that I know that’s I’ve tried it like there was a period of time right when I was getting into a lot more spiritual meditation where I was spending hours trying to move objects with my mind and things like that and the PSI wheel and stuff like that did you ever get into that or have you met anyone who can who have who has these supernatural abilities where they can move stuff or set stuff on fire and stuff like that I have a I have a perspective on that I haven’t seen it I haven’t seen anyone do it I definitely think it’s possible 100% you know the monks I could break stone that’s like impossible but they can do it and they can do other stuff too wim HOF everything that he does not supposed to be possible he does it and that’s in the physical reality you know things like astral projection lucid dreaming things like that that’s like an internal thing and I went down that you know I did astral projection I did all those kind of things but recently I’ve been studying with the native elder of the mega maaan nation his name is David Lum berry Senna Pass he is the most extraordinary human I’ve ever met I’m sure he could probably do all of these things and more but just like in the Bible do you see Jesus going around doing all these tricks for flesh now when you do that flashy stuff yeah and you’re you’re talking about it and then what are you doing for peace what are you doing to help and so if I’m sitting and met and this is what David told me because like I spent two weeks with them and there’s been supernatural things with him I’ll just say that and things that I can’t explain and you know but what he really did is broke down a lot of that for me because that’s how it started it was like okay lucid dreaming okay astral projection okay going to the fifth dimension okay getting on a spaceship Pleiadians and having a thing calm down all about it you know what I mean meditating with Ellen like that sounds awesome yeah and it probably is and I’ve had experience of Supernatural before and I know it’s real and when I am talking to David this native elder who spent the first twenty six years of his life I’m learning from over 600 beings learning all this knowledge as ancient copper scrolls is just like just it’s a whole nother thing it’s nuts but he says to me he’s like Matt he’s like you have these people you know doing chakra courses things like that meditating is like he’s like what do you think they’re doing he’s like how is that creating peace on your planet he’s like three acts of kindness he’s like that’s his thing do you actually three acts of kindness each day is like if you want to be in the spiritual vibration he’s like an easy he’s a mathematician and an engineer he can build some gnarly stuff I’ve seen you can look up the biodome North Carolina it’s it’s it’s like nuts and he’s just like those three he’s like it’s a vibration you can measure kindness you can measure compassion and you can measure happiness and the body is the technology so he’s like okay you take the body you go into this other state you I’m out of the body you walk down the street you don’t ask the person’s name you don’t look him in the eyes you don’t pick up the trash on the street you don’t look at your homeless what are you doing you know and it was such a kick in the nuts for me because I do this stuff I do the podcast I do the things that read the books and since I’ve committed to those three acts of kindness it’s like two different means I know my ripple is way more maybe somebody sees me pick up the trash but every day I’m doing something in the physical reality that matters and so sure light shit on fire then what you know how are you the are you the guy from x-men great and it’s cool to know that that’s possible but how do we apply it how does it become practical and do you become you know hey come sim at bel-air seminar where he’s gonna set something on fire I try to do it it doesn’t work but listen if you meditate real hard and you go to the ninth dimension not the fifth the ninth specifically then you could light this on fire or I could say hey guys nice to see you let’s all have a meditation let’s do a group hug you know when you guys leave here like go say hello to your homeless go do an act of kindness that’d be great you know just just actually do something and he explains it on really high levels from multiple dimensions if there’s higher beings looking he’s looking at what they’re doing not what you’re thinking not when you’re sitting in states not you’re trying to you know this guy’s spent 80 years you know an aliens looking right and like yeah of course she could do telekinesis as possible you know and he’s sitting there for 50 years and he moves to the pencil and the guy’s like heck yeah everybody look I’ve moved this pencil with my mind really cool you know you had 50 years of life where you could did you could have said hello to this person you could have supported that person you could you know walk that little granny across the street you could you know you can indeed these things and so what’s better and so I just kind of give that like that caveat work because I’m still pursuing both but I don’t let it go that it’s yin-yang it’s it’s you know what I mean it’s it’s both so what’s possible with their mind is unlimited I think we’re gonna go into like I think our bondage of the technology and when they turn on they’re turning on but what David shared and what I believe too is through the actual actions of kindness not thinking about it not moving a pencil not light and shit on fire you know what does that guy do first commune not saying I don’t know right yeah like what is he doing what is he what philosophy comes around that and even if your he goes what did Jesus do in the Bible did he not clear the temple of all the people selling spiritual books mm-hmm you know what I mean yeah all the time is the books and he’s just like just do the thing like you see somebody with a busted-up leg you know help them and so I’d actually posed this question to somebody at Burning Man once and they were new to Burning Man or whatever it’s like she’s like oh she found out I had a spiritual podcast and I yes oh I’m not spiritual like you know I can you know I’m not spiritual that I was like well if somebody was on the side of the road bleeding like and really hurt like would you stop and help them and then she goes she goes well I wouldn’t touch them though so so I wouldn’t get sued and I said oh man that’s like you’re still spiritual like the point is you would care but that reaction was very fascinating but we have this internal feeling to to help and to cooperate and it’s about collaboration it’s about presence it’s about true inner peace and when you can do this stuff which I can do some stuff I can alter my state I can go into very powerful states of mind it just is more of a reminder to bring presence and kindness and compassion to my daily existence so what all it does is give me more fuel right so it’s like they say you know good another spiritual practice it’s not about that that enlightenment they talk about all the time it’s not about this boom and lighting experience and you pop into the clouds and you’re not a human know it’s doing the same thing and being human and being among it but being able to hold the state of peace while you’re in the crap it’s not about that candy and we’re I think culturally with this New Age movement itself up we’re so you know into that this candy and there’s no real mastery in that you know and when you go to a master and they’re a master they’re gonna they’re gonna tell you that and they’re gonna know that because they’ve been walking the path and you’ll see how they act you see how they act in the communities their actions and so that’s what I’ll give so yes believe it’s possible yes pursue it and make sure the three acts of kindness you want you want to be you want to light fire you want to do something supernatural three acts of kindness a day will get you there faster than any meditation or any other thing that you can imagine because you’re turning on the body and the body is the technology there’s own in the Bible that calls it the fruit of the Spirit someone who is walking in the spirit essentially they have a spiritual lifestyle of spiritual practice communing with God the Saints whatever meditation prayer all of this stuff comes in and it produces the fruit in you right it’s supposed to produce like to be more humble to be more caring to know that you’re connected to the homeless man like this the symbol on your shirt right that we’re all connected that were connected to our enemies or even those people who were making fun of us there are another extension of ourselves and so like going into those realms for me it produces a state of peace and in a state of connectedness right that we’re all you know I’m another you you are another me essentially that so the whole fruit to the spirit to be more humble to be more loving caring compassionate all of these things that that’s supposed to produce and then you have people in these New Age movements or any type of spiritual movement really that they come with all of this knowledge and all of the contacting the Palladian I’m able to leave my body or whatever I can set things on fire but you talk to them and they’re like very prideful very arrogant they think they’re better than you that they can do it honestly I think a lot of people are just making this stuff up I know you talk to a lot of people and you you get requests all the time you know for people want to come on any show a lot of people you know you in in some of the bigger people right the people who have the the nice graphic artwork online and they have like a huge budget to put behind their stuff they go to these conferences that you’re talking about and these festivals and stuff and like you can tell that like something’s not adding up because that fruit is not there they’re talking about all of these out there intergalactic entities and beings and stuff but they they don’t have compassion you know what I’m saying and you can if you have a sense of discernment you can tell you can tell in their voice you can tell that they’re making it up as they go have you dealt with it with anyone like that whether it’s personally that they came on your show and you’re like man i shouldn’ta gave this person a platform or you won’t let someone come on your show or you wouldn’t even ask them because you know like man this guy he’s a shill he’s got a lot of people fooled and I’m not falling for it yeah yeah oh yeah for sure and what I’ll say is like you know for for them anyone doing anything it’s real for them that they’re in their their own thing now when we’re talking about spiritual mastery and what’s possible you know if you don’t have humility you know if you don’t have genuine authentic humility and humbleness and authenticity and kindness to me you’re not somebody that I value as a spiritual master right and so I you know I’m gonna take what you say about the ninth dimensional beings with a grain of salt because you walk around kind of like an a-hole you’re very prideful you don’t mean that to me those those things don’t sync up and it’s okay it’s it’s you know not a judgment it’s just that’s where they are and but the thing that that I’m kind of like creates feelings different feelings is that you know a lot of people have an awakening experience right they they realize oh there’s more and then they get into meditation or Law of Attraction or whatever and life is very different from where it was before and it’s kind of like not understanding martial arts exists okay you’re walking down the street in all of us and well martial arts exists and you go in and you figure out that there’s there’s pads and there’s punching bags and there’s belts and there’s all these different things but most of the world is still asleep they don’t know martial arts even exist or they don’t even care to know like yeah that’s not even look there so then someone else you go to a festival right and people are walking around and like whoa martial arts exists cool let’s go here and that person goes and runs and they grab a black belt rather than the white belt that this should be rather than that that yellow belt and they don’t go through the process just like you know if I started music tomorrow in any capacity actually which I have you suck at first you know so you kind of suck at spirituality at first in a way but but really that the whole idea is just learning to navigate your own inner realm and and create like spiritual master your action through your own understanding and then sharing that humility you know with with humility and so you know I totally I totally agree and so just wear the belt that you’re at is like hey you know even if you looked at what won you know you did a little research on chakras or something then you go to a festival and you want to share that you do that with humility hey I just studied chakras for like two weeks but this is what I learned and this is how I this is how I incorporated it from where my life experiences was to where we are now and if we share our actual experiences you know we connect our experiences openly that’s when everybody’s learning you know Matt what was it like in in Mount Everest you know John what was it like to work in insurance why is that any less valuable he probably there’s probably a gold nugget that the whole group you know it’s like man you know overall it was a little bit challenging but I did learn this one beautiful lesson about doing this job that I hated for 12 years right and then like wow thanks for sharing man hey you know I’ve learned you know how to know meditate and you know with the spirituality type of thing because I’m a martial artist it’s like when I see somebody in their bodies not in shape you know and they’re just like talking about this stuff and I’m like bro mind body spirit this is you wanna you want to play a mastery game with me yeah you know what I mean you’re not gonna tell me that because I’m communicating with fourth dimensional beings in your up at about no because when I’m talking to somebody I don’t feel like I’m better than them I’m I’m I’m present yeah I’m caring well pretending you have a standard to about in this while sense you know that recently went through some challenges a lot of friends kind of lashing out at me but they don’t have their stuff together you know what I’m saying like they just all some weird spiritual Christian stuff honestly like you’re too new-age its kind of stuff you know what I’m saying these people who did it they don’t have this stuff together you know and I I made this statement that I have a standard of people that I will let speak into my life I’m not gonna let the YouTube troll speak into my life and hey quit go back to your day job you know you suck at this okay you know saying you have a standard like who are you to speak into my life and for me to take you seriously like do you have your stuff together or are you just a YouTube troll you only on YouTube you know and even with with the friends in your life like if someone who knows you and they can speak into your life they have to have their stuff together not that God or the spirit can’t speak to you through anything cuz that’s honestly how it works but when it comes to the practical levels of spirituality if this stuff isn’t practical and if it ain’t just changing your day to day life then I’m with you bro I don’t want nothing to do with it I don’t want to get on here and discuss theories and stuff like that anymore if it’s nothing that we can go into those dream states or whatever and bring it out and manifest the person that we want to be and and I so I have a standard of what’s going on in your life whether you get to speak into my life and and and and critique me and me listen right and I think what you’re saying to with with the body thing here’s like you know somebody it’s almost like Steven Seagal you know in the martial arts stuff and the jiu-jitsu and all that going and claiming that he’s a you know he’s this high ranking black belt guy or whatever and people call him BS on him you know I’m saying cuz just coz he plays one on TV and he goes to all the events and stuff and people are starting to call this guy out like hold on man you’re not you know who you say you are dude like just cuz you do you know some stuff you know and it’s like that too and I and I don’t want to hurt an offending anybody but I had a hard time too was like going to churches and stuff back in the day and the pastor and their whole family being obese like these really big people not just overweight but I’m talking about being obese where they there’s an addiction to food and there’s no self-control which is a fruit of the Spirit and they want to speak into your life and they want to be the spiritual people of the community and they’re they have no self-control when it comes to passing up on McDonald’s or fast food or whatever the case is right and not to hurt anyone’s feelings who’s big but like that weight that’s there I have friends who were that big I have friends who were morbidly obese who was 400 pounds they got into training they got into consistency they lost that weight the weights gone they’re smaller than me somebody was 400 pounds shout-out to Drew Gower I shot that brother out every time every chance like yeah but you know there there’s a standard that comes with it like okay you’re a spirit you’re the spiritual mouthpiece for your community but your life is a mess you’re sleeping around you know I’m saying there’s this there’s this standard man that I think it’s a healthy standard right wouldn’t you say that if somebody comes to you claiming to have their truths but have the truth whether its own aliens or octarians or even religion but their life is in shambles in somebody’s key areas man it makes you a little bit leery when you just letting them speak their truths into your life yeah yeah a hundred percent and what it kind of making me think about is is the you know discernment right again who do you let into your ear and you know so we talked in the podcast you know you you know I almost never forever like my podcast is in religion in spirituality but I’m so soft about how I speak about religion because I don’t want to offend anybody but on the flip side I’m aware you know I started to study why we had war at 15 because I was so curious I didn’t understand how we were murdering each other it confused me so I looked into it and guess what religion plays a part of that and and we basically divide and conquer right through these different entities that are better that have rights over our souls so then you have somebody who takes that ideology and speaks into your ears and into your communities you know and without this level of mastery and it’s it’s it can be dangerous it’s very dangerous and it can be used because it’s a human if I even represented Zen or if I represented spirituality you know that’s a huge I don’t even want to represent that you know I want to represent me doing my best to be a human I you know like Jesus or Buddha or yoga Nana I am NOT then those guys look at it is their life joyous are they fulfilled are they kind are they authentic are they humble are they all those things are they do they have the characteristics that you value you know like you could say okay I want to get into shape and you find a trainer and he’s super super in shape but he’s a total dickhead you know it’s like okay cool I want to make a trainer he’s in shape but he’s also a really good guy and he walks his little old lady across the street and he’s really humble that’s the guy because I guys gonna have a really great philosophy on life right it’s it’s just fitness it could be to CrossFit coaches it could be to Christian pastors it could be to Catholic ministers a religion is very different between each individual city each individual state each individual interpretation just like when I teach martial arts so take the idea with a grain of salt take what I’m saying with a grain of salt but when you’re looking at discernment just like the guy you know John Chang if he has a like if he can do it come here show me could be like David Blaine would convince me that he could do he could do it oh my god like okay David how do I do this fire oh it’s actually a trick oh shoot okay so what do we do is like oh you just learn how to meditate okay cool I can do that great but if they have this like power over you and they’re not giving you that information you know is there is there use right channel xiii dimensional great white Brotherhood of the Galactic Federation of all of the universe and multiple universes come to me and I will tell you about your spirituality because you’re not sovereign you need me to do it and so that’s where it pisses me off as I could hear it from Eurex perspective if you’re getting that and you’re getting it’s coming down yeah sure like you know and then get it out there but you do it in a spirit of like once you do it with a bit of vanity and then then you’re lost and the discernment of and the distortion of the information is going to be different because it’s like Matt’s doing it because I want to be cool and fulfilled and be in the man rather than this is my experience this is what I feel value this is how I feel like it can help you in the same way man if you just think about a kid teach like you’re teaching the four-year-old when you talk to adults actually give a shit share the information and then let them take with what they will and you do that with that humility and this real earnest honest desire for them to grow for them to be better in skateboarding to like we want you to be better and like piss us off a little bit if you got really good so fast and you’re so amazing but have you would you would really though you’d be so happy but come my god man like yes it’s so great and if you can share in that spirit whether it’s multiple dimensions or how to do woodworking which is probably more practical than most of the spiritual teachings I see you’ve got people between 20 and 35 I’ve never seen people even younger than that doing it like teenagers and stuff and it’s good that they’re into it but they’re like even yesterday I just had to like unfriend somebody I don’t even know this person they just probably just randomly for atom friend you have to deal is so much more stuff they’re like they’re like dude just like a guru or whatever in a an expert and come to my classes come to my courses and I’m gonna show you how to channel the 3rd star dimensional beings if you come to my class and I just love on YouTube I’m like these people goodness you got like you know there’s just too spiritual man you know I’m saying there is there’s a balance in this man like you talk about the yin and the yang like I’m all for it like I love exploration into this stuff I want to know how the universe works I got a good grasp on a lot of universal law which understanding the universe and in all of this angelic realms in entities and you know vibrational beings they come into our day-to-day right I mean I think I have a good grasp now I don’t really even study too much anymore someone said that you know they’re just I get people send me all kind of stuff and I don’t really even care about that kind of stuff anymore there was a part of me were just like I was itching for knowledge and itching for an experience or whatever but now I’m at the point now there’s seemingly probably where you are we just want to share the information that we got like what we’ve already had what we’ve already been privy to is enough to change anyone’s life that we just want to share it in practical ways for people to grasp it other than that that like the secrets of the universe and all of this kind of stuff it’s just for you know just for us just to kind of blow our minds or wanting to know how it works if we can if we can’t make it practical then I really don’t have much that I really don’t want to look into it but I do think that I do learn and I still my learning and studying it goes further from having these conversations with different people who have something different to bring to the table even though I don’t have time to sit there and you know knock out all these books and you know watch all these YouTube videos and documentaries and interviews and stuff anymore like I used to trust me there was a time where that was all I could sumed listening to 12 hours of coast to coast today while drived and listen all these podcasts and stuff but you know sharing the experiences with people like you and I think this is the true spiritual alchemy cuz there’s no strings attached and you’re just simply sharing and Jesus talked about like freely you receive freely give you know I’m saying and you’re freely letting us know what’s working and I got a couple keys but the keys are in this book you know what I’m saying if you get this book you’ll get the seven keys to financial freedom you know whatever and do it in something that you have to market and sell verses in a way to like look this is what I’m this is what’s working for me I’m sure I’m sure these like obviously like this everybody’s not gonna be a skateboarder everybody’s not gonna really get into martial arts but there’s principles that you’ve learned there that apply through spirituality as well that apply to everything that we’re doing and a lot of it it should be common sense but it’s not as you’re talking about in these communities this stuff is like mind blowing but it should be some of the common practices and stuff that people are people should be looking into man before my daughter was born me and my wife’s tried to start skateboarding all of our teenage friends were skateboarding and stuff so it was like let’s try it out man cuz I had a buddy of mine had a halfpipe in his backyard so we would try to skateboard with him and uh I got to a point where I could drop in on the halfpipe I couldn’t get momentum though I could go in and I could I couldn’t pump and I just go back and forth until I just eventually came to a stop my wife tried to do it she went to fall in yeah but you know she would find out you know she got pregnant it’s just soon after that but if we would have stuck with it I’m pretty sure eventually I would have learned how to keep pumping and you know I’m saying do a lot more stuff than I was doing but it was fun man so I that’s my experience with skateboarding nice man yeah you know it’s it’s it’s hard it’s challenging but yeah a little bit a little bit of practice to get it and you know a lot of the people like I find honestly some skateboarders and extreme sports athletes their spiritual masters some people who just do woodworking or or art or they teach a music class there’s spiritual masters because it kind of what you’re talking about for the consumption people will send me stuff all the time a video in our video have you seen this guy have you seen John Chang you know things like that and like I don’t care anymore you know what I mean him lighting thing and on fire is not me going in the mountains and being in nature and being totally stoked and having my own experience now when I come back to reality and I’m at my house and maybe I want to explore a little bit things might come into my reality but there comes a time you know I spent years to down the rabbit hole you know the countless books court foundational though right it’s foundational it’s a part of it like the kid you know whoever he is like maybe it’s true and that’s what was for me like anybody saying anything I did it and then I and I did a session with them to you I would always I always want the one-on-one I always want to know how they feel and after doing thousands of one-on-one sessions from everything from channeling to chakras to energy work to Reiki to this guy’s you know I had I got one guy who’s the touch guy he touches you and you going to see I had I’ve had it all and like all the time it’s just like the same thing and and it which is I don’t wanna like it’s good it’s all good stuff because if you if you haven’t gotten into it you need to get into it you’d like healers it like you know when you’re sick and your mom puts her hand on your head that’s a real thing you know Reiki and all his energy work is a real thing it’s just is to make it a little bit more simple not you know like it’s like this is what it does is it’s graspable I don’t like it when they make it outside and it’s like we’re gonna activate your DNA and then you’re gonna float through a cloud on the way home that’s not the case the cases we’re gonna do some energy work we’re gonna be mutually supportive I’m going to use you know ancient technique you’re probably gonna feel good but most it’s for you to connect with your own power and ground this I was really grounded right so I like I like that grounded element to it so so that’s just the the key that I wanted so explore what you’re curious about but the main thing is having your own experiences right so you know me right ins an athlete me going meditating with the monks me training in in in China those are things that my body and my expression wanted to do an experience and now I can share that experience and you can have the same experience you could have a different experience what I want is for you to have your own experience and if I share value and what I had and what I brought back it was terrible I had a terrible time it was the worst don’t do it I had a great time this is what it was like it’s really challenging you know if you want to make that choice too and here are the Nuggets that I brought back with me on my adventure II go on your own adventure you know for your encounter because someone else can do the same experience and do the same exact thing and they have a beautiful encounter when you had a bad encounter and you would and you would advise people stay away I wouldn’t do this it’s a waste of time waste of money somebody else goes on the same trip man I don’t where he’s lying trust me this is the way you know what I’m saying that’s the that’s also part of the beauty of it too that we got a respect you know I found it I think it’s really cool that you keep talking about woodworking because I have this love for Jesus right and so he was a woodworker he was a carpenter and I’ve never seen I’ve never seen any teachings or anything that linked his practice to his spirituality I want to look into that because he was a woodworker he was a carpenter you know getting good at something determination you know you just well that’s just hi as I you know was able to make money before he started his ministry or whatever the case is so I’m gonna look into that cuz you keep bringing it up this woodworking and the spirituality and spiritual principles of woodworking I got a friend of mine who just came in town this weekend from from out of town from North Carolina and um he’s a woodworker and and he’s a really cool spiritual dude and and he the way he made us some some beautiful shelves triangle shelves and there they’re just perfect and the excellence you know and it was like ice we’re talking about creating something that didn’t exist you know had to finish everything about these simple shelves that he made are just beautiful you know I’m saying there was a it’s a it was a spiritual thing for this guy you can tell when he pulls it out and it was a big crowd of people and everybody’s moving it on and he’s going into the my new details of how we get this you know what I’m saying and so those principles applying everything to the woodworking to the spirituality and all everything just kind of kind of bleeds over man yeah I think it’s an amazing point and this is something that David loam Burwood would kind of share with me he goes do you know your your your electrical engineers on the on the planet are doing more good than you know ninety percent of your spiritual teachers I was like how does that make any sense he’s like because they’re actually doing something they’re working with the energy of your planet they’re actually doing something that would worker is making something you have a gift that reminds you of him it’s a physical reality and he’s going through his own mastery so it’s like yes like let’s explore the realms of consciousness take you know what I had recently at Costa Rica you know really a profound enlightenment experience of like non-local mind absolute mind-blowing fifth dimensional the whole thing and one of the things I was able to do in that experience to take my consciousness and like launch like Superman in in a way that I’ve never been able to do before and it was it was really cool but but really the thing is in these experiences those are glimpses those are just little moments on the path that share with you you’re on the right path you know what I mean but spirit communicates in very subtle ways it’s not over then you need to kind of pay attention and like oh that couldn’t be as like no that’s it like just have a look and just start to pay attention because if it is it you’re gonna get another sign then and it starts a little bit foggy at first and you kind of prick here and there right you’re going through the field and it might be a little bit to the right and then all you got one a little bit to the left but you’re still going so you know boom boom boom pump and then I just to line up more and more they get a little bit more intense they get a little bit more obvious because you’re training your mind to see and your body to know then the body and like my body is the thing that knows and you know sure I can make a mistake sure you know or a mistake that there are I feel like there are no mistakes I could go into an experience that I didn’t think that I wanted then I’m in that experience and then I can take the perspective of being fully present and take what I can from it and so you know talking about like the the physical you know your music is now in physical reality my podcast is in physical reality you know this is value I feel like my intention to create value through these things is now out there for you to tangibly hear in your ears and the book is tangible and it’s an offering it’s not hey here’s a book look at me send me a thing I’m super cool hey I did a lot of things I learned some stuff I think this might be valuable on your journey if it is great I’m gonna keep going and experiencing the magic of life because it’s so magical I hope that you do that too I encourage you to do that too and yeah the simplicity of stuff like woodworking and the physical craft and the art there’s so much wisdom and mastery there and you you know some of the most successful people that I’ve seen on this planet so wealthy and talented ingenious and you see how they treat people you know then you gotta somebody who’s in a spiritual master quote or whatever and they’re this and that you see how they treat people or how they act or how they communicate it’s like you’re not even in the same league bro this is like the NFL and you’re not even in like the you know you’re in like toddler and we want you to get to the anomaly oh that’s the whole thing you know so right so that mastery can come through anything look at any like concert pianist you know I don’t know there’s there’s millions of pass home and and there’s a there’s something to be said about the physical reality so I’ll kind of like leave leave it at that it’s simple it’s it’s not it it’s not meant to be confusing you know I don’t think it’s meant to be confusing and I think that it can get pretty diluted you find and this was part of my awakening when I first came this realization that there’s people who were involved in all religions in all spiritual paths or whatever the case is or lack thereof who are people who had that same spark they are truth seekers as well right they have something within them that is very similar to the innocence of seeking God or a spiritual path right and you’re able to recognize that in all people it’s not it’s not the religion that’s the answer right it’s not it’s not the this the aliens or whatever that are the answer but there’s people who they’re at different we’re all at different levels man but there’s something similar and to be able to awaken and see that same search in that same humility meekness within those people we like we see each other you know I’m saying we know that there’s something that unites us and it’s not the religion right that our religions are at war wherever the cases I’ve met Muslims that are worth way more spiritual than me but on the outskirts like if you haven’t studied that you didn’t like you wouldn’t think that that would be possible for that that like I didn’t know that there were spiritual Muslims right you know I’m saying like early on you know and and there’s people who are involved in everything there’s people who are in backwards Christianity like Southern Baptists convention who are some of the most humble most meek gentle people you would ever meet but they’re involved in something that you know that because it’s not the answer like your religion your practice it’s not the answer it’s like we’re talking about the principles it’s about the life lessons and and that’s when we can identify people I think those are like our brethren or whatever the case is those who are like walking in love they’re in the midst of all is spread out you know I’m saying it talked about the true followers of God being spread out across the four corners of the earth man and they’re everybody’s you know some people are lost men and they’re trying to find their way back home and they’re in Mormonism there in judeo-christianity they’re in Hinduism or whatever the case is or they’re not spiritual at all they’re just or religious but they just love people man in it that that love I think is what in excess and you know in all the studying I’ve done in the scriptures and everything it all comes back to love God is love he says all the laws all the commandments the rules the regulations the statues all of these things that people have studied in war over and all of this kind of stuff it all comes down to love and if we can walk in love towards the homeless man you know give them a few dollars Bob something to eat walk in love towards everything to your body you know I’m saying this is the tenants of Jesus love your body well I’ll give you some things things that you should and shouldn’t put in it it’s in the Bible they tells you don’t eat this don’t eat that don’t eat that because if you love your body you’re gonna take care of it this is the temple and that is that like the highest form of expression and it’s really easy like when you really break it down it really gets easy but people like to box it and morph it and say no this is the this is how it is to be presented and because you can sell that stuff you can’t really just sell and market love you know what I’m saying or just compassion towards everyone that’s what they kind of they kind of muddy the waters up in all of these religions or or lack thereof you know in the new-age circles or you ufology or whatever we’re into you know yeah yeah you made a couple really in good points and I think that even with like the New Age whether it’s aliens or multiple dimensions or whatever it could be all true none of it could be true you know Christian could be the way maybe it’s Muslim maybe it’s Hinduism maybe it’s Buddhism Atta I don’t know but what I think it comes down to is people’s fear of death and and what they’re fighting over is a philosophy of what happens when they die because they’re scared that a lot of the ideologies that are on the planet are around well if you don’t pick this one guess what the consequences son you get to burn in hell for all of eternity so you better make a right choice oh my god you know and then so it’s two things it’s connection to spirit and it’s in its a promise of an afterlife now when you can you can do it through meditation you could do it through woodworking you can there’s something there great books called Jesus in the Essenes have you’ve heard of that yeah really great stuff I’ve read a book also called the Aquarian gospel of Jesus the Christ and it’s kind of like missing books in the Bible but a very just a normal way of Jesus going through life like like imagine Jesus was here now like kind of the same thing like okay you know get out you’re clearing the churches you know it’s not about shame and guilt and anger and death what do you talk about like what do you I was what did what did I do it went around saying don’t stone people you know be nice to each other like be nice you’re not being nice to anybody yeah shoot I lost my shirt in thought I don’t know continue it’ll come back yeah I mean that’s just what it’s about man just it’s not the you know the end all to have just a religion or just like a final belief system or whatever the case I think he said people are scared to die people are you know overcoming their their fears and dogmas and stuff man and and they’ve you know I’m saying they’re fighting their wine they’re holding on but when it when it does come down to that at the end of the day man like for God and this is whether you’re a Christian I got a lot of Christians who watch this I I guess essentially and maybe I’m a Christian I’m a Christian mystic I don’t know but as far as like trying to God putting your eternal salvation in my hands or in in the hands of another mortal fallible man like your contingent upon not burning in hell because like if you listen to their presentation you’re gonna burn in hell by default like the fault is the burn in hell you have to do something not to burn in hell it’s just crazy that’s key yes risky I remember being God leave it up to me for you not to burn ain’t that insane yeah yeah he loves you guys like I yeah I remember going to my my friend’s house at like you know maybe 12 years old and like I just got back from church and I was like yeah you gotta come to church with me and I want you to burn in hell man I love you like what how did that how do you see that thought in there you know people believe that you know and maybe you know what maybe that that’s the thing and when you can reach a state in as this were dealing with a sheen or whatever I’ve been to stay to my own consciousness where I know that that is not the case and now you can know it for you and it could be different and that’s fine however this has been very transcendent experiences and it’s like oh cool and then you’re out of this spiritual muck because what happens in any one it doesn’t matter what it is it could be you know a corporate entity like wanting to take your life and have you do their bidding all day and not have you grow keeping you to it there’s there’s all these kinds of things and I think that’s a way and that spirituality works but you can have these experiences and so the two things number one burning in hell they have control of your afterlife you know this ideology takes it apart you’re going yeah exactly so it’s that’s terrifying you know what I mean especially if all your friends are doing it you know oh my goodness that’s risky man that is risky biscuits too is this connection with God and spirit and then they’ve messed that up too and they don’t teach you actually how to do it and so in the end the Jesus and this ceases it’s four ways to know God and there’s infinite pass home one is through study study all religions once you study all religions then you realize it’s the same thing and then there’s some baloney I was in it was in Nepal and I was with Buddhist monks they were beautiful compassionate wise humble caring supportive masters as far as what I’ve seen in spiritual masters they were they were the best that I’ve seen so far yeah then I go to China they apparently have Buddhism too and it was not the same you know China is in that Facebook they don’t have YouTube there they can’t talk about politics the religion was not the same it was it was it was more they took an idea and then they they but put this weight on you you know to me and definitely don’t look out do not peek out the blinders because if you do that’s death too and then all your family is gonna burn and every other person is gonna burn and then they’re linea and then you basically just killed everybody on planet through you having a peak as something else that I told you not to do so it’s it’s insane so study is one way finding a real master a resident proper master that is is doing it it was living it you see the fulfillment you know you can get the right teacher if you’re seeking in ER you can take your consciousness and you can go in every single day you keep doing that you’re gonna get through the cobwebs because you realize everything’s outside of you I’m outside of you your churches outside of you it’s all outside of you but really it’s actually in you so go in and you sort through the cobwebs and the fourth is nature and you just go out into nature and you want it you want to read a bunch of spiritual books go camping every weekend with no phone no nothing you just sit in nature now you’re becoming a spiritual master and so those are ways to know God and there are other ways to know God as well but when you get that real connection you know somebody who has a real connection and not and I had this guy on my podcast Timothy Freak who studied religions like intensely you had a minority area yeah the man and I met him at the Oregon Eclipse we were going through this we were going through I watched him do a beautiful talk and then you know this girl comes up and she’s doing yoga you say well my master bah bah bah bah bah and just he’s just giving this thing and he’s just like he just bring it back to practicality bring it back to practicality and he’s just like well if I can’t give this philosophy to my four-year-old daughter have it make sense to her and it and it be used for her to have a beautiful fulfilling life and have an understanding of reality in spirituality then I don’t I didn’t offer and he’s like that’s when I really got clear and it became so grounded and so simple so I just want to show that yeah man people are in the chat someone says Ruach says hell is real I was shown it in a dream I would say I would say hell is real as far as a state of being on the planet man I believe I’ve been there you know what I’m saying I’ve been I’ve been to the bottom of the barrel you know what I’m saying I’ve been in a place of torment in a place of anguish and when it talks about it even in the Bible this is the way we can even go into the Bible to like talk about what we’re talking about about Hell and about this kind of thing because like in the scriptures it’s not in the Old Testament at all hell the only time it’s talked about is when King David it’s talking about deliver my soul from hell he’s like all these people are trying to kill him he’s confused in a state of confusion all of these things and he literally said look man my soul is in hell please deliver me and this was the state of being and yeah hell is real when it when it comes to that a place of torment or what the Christians may call being away from God you know I’m saying I’m saying so very similar but as far as even if from a biblical standpoint man the more research that that you can do it it doesn’t show like this state of torment or lake of fire that you’re gonna burn for all eternity because you may you know you didn’t say yes if all you have to do is say yes like if the works already done for you then right like what the heck you didn’t say yes because you’re lucky that you have a good representation in front of you verses Fred Phelps like if he was sitting here you know and we’ve all dealt with those people you know I’m saying and a lot of people that’s their default when it comes to Christianity is the the fire and brimstone to turn or burn God hates fags you know all of this kind of stuff you know and they haven’t really seen the compassion is that a direct quote from God Jesus I hate fags it’s like is it well it’s in the book he said it you just was going around just a you know this is like Jesus going around with a bunch of haterade to everybody you know it’s it’s so absurd because he thought like honestly man Jesus and his teachings are so beautiful man they’re so life-changing and so beautiful and then you look at like what they’ve turned it into man in Christianity and in the West on many levels whether you know the Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists people that like that’s the extreme on that level but there’s extremes on other levels as well when it comes to taking the words out of context versus like what you’re talking about you’ve met these beautiful monks who are like the most spiritual well-rounded people you’ve ever met like I said that’s how I see Jesus right I see him meditating in that in the mountains and in caves and on top of mountains right and all of these things that they’re doing like that was what he did so if we want to be like Jesus let’s do that let’s go into the caves let’s go out into nature and get away and fast and have this inward reflection like you’re talking about everything else is outside of you Christianity or there’s your or whatever’s outside of you the kingdom of heaven is within you God is with them and that takes all the power away from all the priests and from all the people who say they have it figured out and you need to come to them to talk to God and all of this stuff he says look you can come directly to me by going within the kingdom is within you you don’t need anything that anyone is selling you that’s your power and if in whatever religion you’re with if they’re not teaching you that I say run from it you know if they’re teaching you that God is a form that’s outside of yourself I believe he is I believe he or it is within and without but the work to connect is going within and everyone can do that and that’s where the true power is the true liberation of true spiritual freedom is that you don’t need anything that they’re selling you you can use this stuff you could there’s so many self exoteric stuff out there that that help and and there’s it’s tough to even what we’re talking about today is like there’s stuff on outside of you that helps you go within that’s the beautiful stuff the teachings all of you know the trance state whether it’s ayahuasca trips or whatever that stuff’s outside of you but it helps you go within and there’s breathing and chanting and all types of things that you can do that help you assist you with going within to experiencing God in the universe with him yeah man well you made a really important point there you know like just think about it back in the day if you if you go and and you look at the Bible what did he do he went into these churches and these spaces and he cleared them I guarantee if he came back now he’d be clearing the Westboro Baptist Church all of those things because you look at it me like okay if I love Jesus I respect Jesus I believe his teachings he said do you know use him as an example where in that book is he not loving and compassionate yeah you know when they’re stoning the girl when they’re doing that where in that book is he not loving compassionate where in that book did he say grab a sign and go hate everybody and tell them they’re going to hell there’s I haven’t read that part you know and so he would clear all this stuff and we’ve got lost it’d just be the example like look at what the what the he did is the example and do your best what would he do like even if it was something you know and then they tried to kill him you know they’re trying to kill him right right that’s the hater-aide you know if you’re if you’re thinking about this and you’re getting upset you’re the one with the spear and haterade and you would be the one throwing it at Jesus and he blow it’s about peace easy easy God is in all of us it’s not in this guy with the robe that’s telling you it’s not in your church we’re with this guy is telling you now you get a free pass because pastor Doug has told me that I’ve got this coupon and when I die I’m gonna take this coupon I’m gonna give it to an angel then I’m gonna no no no no no that’s not it it’s in you and it’s how you live your life and that’s what he was saying it’s in you you all have God within you this you you have spiritual sovereignty you can make your own choices you can make your own life I am always with you I am in all things then you have different cultures different spaces that experience different things you know what are you gonna say you know studying with my you know my the native elder you know I would love to see it and he’s just so compassionate he’s like look you don’t have to believe the same thing what I’m sharing within these teachings and these are ancient teachings he’s like you don’t even need to believe the same thing just be kind have a totally different belief you know if we’re all getting on the ark right you got a Buddhist and a Christian and a Muslim whatever is like look you only have to believe the same thing believe whatever you want just be kind just don’t stab to the person to your left don’t stab the person to your right don’t set that person on fire please don’t throw rocks in anybody you know we’re all gonna just go to this new island that’s a little bit better together and we’re gonna cooperate and you know if you can’t even get that from your religious teachings you know your mind is distorted and they call that they call that Maya they call that illusion and you do it through fear you know I’m not afraid I’m not afraid of death you know I’m not afraid of the I don’t know I know it’s gonna be beautiful but you look at the signature of my life and what I have done and what I’m doing and what I’m trying to do then you’re like oh look like he was like generally he travelled a lot that’s him cool we talked about peace he did his best he liked martial arts I just you create an example like Bruce Lee create an example so be that example Jesus left one heck of an example you know like that’s the example be the example take from that master you know if it was an artist you can take from that example how did they do it you know and that’s that’s the thing and these are old teachings and new times but it’s like the same thing so if you have hate in your heart and you’re putting that out there you you know you’re missing the point you know you’re you’re distorted that’s not the truth that’s the word in that book does it say that you know if you’re spending all your time you didn’t say go out grab a sign and hate on people you said go into your community and be kind to them and take care of them and and take care of your accept your brothers and sisters except forgive their faults you know you know Jesus says a change you want to see in the world yeah do that thing then then then great believe whatever you want believe that you know gay people are going to hell go ahead and believe that but then be nice to them because that’s what he’d do he would do that and if you believe both and go do the thing you do and then then you’re being an actual proper like disciple follower of Jesus you know in that spirit there’s nowhere in that if you meet him in person who’s like hey Jesus I hate it on all these people for you and I smited gay people and I and I killed those four people in your name like are you stoked he’s gonna be like what did you read the where no no bad why’d you do that I still if he went I love you but that was a crazy choice to make did you how did you get that from what I did doesn’t aniss yes what happened so obviously that man we do have a question here someone uh ray wants to know he says I have a question for Matt Bellaire what are some downloads that you had that change the way you see the world I’m guessing like in meditation and just these realizations they call it downloads yeah it’s a good question thanks for asking for me again like the difference I get asked us a lot in the podcast it’s been continuing whatever this is this idea for me I was born like this and when I say born like that I’ve been trying to decipher it because I have a lot of people in the podcast a lot of people have an awakening experience right I never had one of those it all just kind of it just can it was more confirmation more confirmation more confirmation more confirmation more confirmation and what’s this and I’m trying to like what’s the difference like the main difference is my mind was never programmed to be like what can I get what can i go out from the world and go get and how do i acquire every single thing and then I get these houses and this they was like how do I help that was my natural setting how do I help people and I would remember crying as a kid I would cry when I would see these things on TV of people like in Ethiopia right now like give a few bucks a day and these people are starving and I just asked my parents like what is going on like why are these people starving to death and I would cry and I’d be like this is crazy you know I look at war and I just have this and then I just want to help and so you know I’ve had you know it’s just been confirmations confirmations confirmations but the confirmation really is that it’s come down to simple things you are the creator take a hundred percent responsibility for everything that happens to you there is a higher force energy God spirit whatever you want to do and that’s in you and you can learn how to connect with that but you connect with it through your own process your own way but you got to be able to still the mind you know and to then serve and you serve your community and that doesn’t mean be a martyr that means be the best you you can be be the best blacksmith be the best wood maker be the best artist be the best father be the best person that you believe you can be and share with other people contribute to your community and that for me is like the fundamental of any spiritual teachings and all I get is like you know it’s like okay downloads like sure we’re you know the ones like oh you’re all one but then it’ll take me to an experience where I am literally one with everything in a day that’s that’s the downloaded bike holy crap right but your mind it’s so beyond the mind it’s like a duck becoming a human’s consciousness you know or like a you know you know a 2d drawing to a 3d drawing it’s a whole nother dimension and you can’t bring language into that and I’ve added those is like fun it’s like you are one with everything holy crap did you experience it and then you go out and be the manifestation of that experience yeah I then then guess what I do I walk down the street I meet people I am confused I figure out what I’m gonna build in my life I start to connect with myself I have calm with humans I Drive down the road I get stuck in traffic I listen to music you do I do all these things but I’m interacting with people when I men know it somebody asked me what’s in a podcast like how do you want to be remembered and I thought about it for a second I was like just kind I just want to be remembered as kind to kiss you know if I could do that that would be amazing and so you do have direct experiences I’ve had many I’ve been able to lucid dream I but it takes me you know a lot of effort or any worry about that anymore you know you still hasn’t got a lucid dream and that be able to lucid dream for a while experience these states and and but then it becomes old because it’s like it’s how you live your life each and its the day each day is the magic you know we’re missing that over going to find the Arcturians going to find the aliens connecting with God it’s like wake up full of life super stoked what am i building why am I excited Who am I journal some stuff you know and then all of a sudden someone’s gonna throw some haterade at you and you’re gonna get stuck in traffic it just like up sorry bill didn’t mean to offend like how are you today cool you know and just just connect with yourself so I don’t know if I answer the question it has rambled yeah no no no it’s cool about yeah no I think you did getting the downloads another question Christie wants to know are you the only person in your family that has this mind mindset my sister kind of does my sister you know we have these deep conversations but yeah and even when I grew up I didn’t realize that I was strange I thought everybody thought like me and one and all my friends I really have beautiful incredible friends that I grew up with and I love them so much there’s such incredible people but was around University I realized I was thinking a little bit different you know like oh look I’m different huh that’s weird and I didn’t I didn’t know that I thought we were all gonna go explore the world together and this and that and and so it’s just like this pursuit you know and I don’t even think my way is the right way it’s just what resonated with me you know if your way is to resonate and find beauty and love within a family and you know getting support and you know you can find spiritual mastery anywhere but you got to be honest with yourself how you feel you know in that process you know and that’s the one thing I don’t compromise my feeling in my knowing it’s like Matt you got to go here and you move and and spirit moves and I’ve seen spirit and my life move in these magical ways because I’m just like I don’t know I’m gonna do this but I know I got to go here and do this and I do it and and then I experienced these things in my reality that’s like that was spirit you know there’s no other way that wasn’t in a higher force no yes heck yes super cool so my sister is pretty spiritual my mom is the most kind compassionate loving human I have ever met in my entire life so I’m half of her and half of my dad who’s french-canadian and he’s very to the point he’s very abrupt he’s very like you know just like matter-of-fact so when somebody’s like kind of acting nonsense right eat in any sense like if you’re like you’re gonna burn in hell for all of eternity my dad kicks in is it’s like Oh am I now you know what I mean and then my mom comes in is this like be compassionate to that person you know what I mean even though they have a different understanding and in mine may or may not be right it’s just where I’m at at this point in time and I’m gonna honor myself over honoring something outside of me telling me my own destiny and in the other realms and I’m gonna do the work so I know for me who I am what I’m about how I connect with spirit and my own way and be the friggin example you know I don’t spend my day going on hate hating on you know the Baptist Church or things like I go down to the Westboro Baptist Church you guys are wrong you guys are brother you’re gonna burn in hell look you know I’m gonna Kay I’m gonna build a podcast where I support people and help people and try to be a cool guy and walk a little grin across the street and if I see a homeless guy get his name shake his hand you know I’ll do that instead yeah do that yeah do what yeah like not focusing on what’s what’s wrong or what you disagree with you just simply teach what you do and just be a living example of the things you believe in and the things that work you know we can all week I mean it’s you know it’s it gets it gets clickbait to be able to bash people and down people those videos get hundreds of thousands of views sometimes you know and in the Illuminati this and the bad guys this and the watch out they’re coming here these demons are coming for all these kind of stuff that stuff is like the fear porn you know what I’m saying that kind of stuff we can easily get into it I’ve purpose we stayed away from it because I kind of used to do it years ago and now that’s why I stay away from it but it’s you get much more accomplished with just simply sharing and stating what you’re for rather than like rallying behind what you’re against like that doesn’t I use the other side I guess I go yeah you could there’s a couple you could go and you could tear down your neighbors barn because your neighbors are Muslim and you tear it down but then you’re not building your own barn where you can have your own space and support your own family and friends and community and there’s a Buckminster Fuller quote that says you don’t change the system by fighting the old you change it by building the new and I’m creating just my life I can’t go to Egypt and I can’t go to Egypt and explore ancient civilizations and do all these stuff and spend all my time worried about what true Sikh is doing and did he say that hold on let me just write them in oh hey hey jackass this isn’t the right thing you don’t even know you’re talking about let me just put this here and all this energy like what a waste energy like somebody’s like I was like why don’t you just take that like build something you want to build like I appreciate you I’ll have a peek at what you just said about me real quick no that’s not okay no now take that energy build something cool for yourself man if they if they if they if they really feel like they’re doing something good like they they maybe think that they’re like if if they think truth is in the wrong or you’re in the wrong you know and they send a send a a comment or do some destructive work that I get you to question yourself or stop what you’re doing then they essentially have been the David that slays the Goliath because you let just one random stranger get into your head and in your podcast some people do it man you know people yeah and let’s let’s talk about that person you know sure so you you know you’re spending your time I’m just talking directly to you if this is you you know go volunteer go teach a kid a skill that you know go volunteer in your youth community spend time with actual humans that you care about doing something valuable that’s valuable man you know that’s actually valuable know someone down is not Jesus didn’t go do that you know if it was directly in his you know and it was like some nonsense but he had a high level of discernment people are crazy though man he had a high level of discernment not he was a master so you know you’re an apprentice so go take action on supporting people Jesus was supportive go you know volunteer in the community feed the homeless you know teach I taught boxing to youth for a few years in Whistler you know just do something but I do in our class share something with a kid do something actual and physical reality that is helpful build your community build it through love you know Jesus was about love are you about love or are you about hate what do you feel in your heart do you feel hate you probably feel that way because you’re confused and I use this analogy all the time you know I’m a martial artist and well before it was a lot easier for me now it might be a little bit riskier but I could probably beat the crap out of most people because I’ve been trained in martial arts my whole life but people think that they haven’t trained so they can beat yet but now the UFC has changed the game so maybe there’s a little bit more skilled people out there then they had easier time before but if I did fight but I’ve never fought in public because somebody comes up to me and they’re like hey Matt you’re a bearded idiot I hate your podcast you don’t know what you’re talking about you’re gonna burn in hell oh my goodness and I’m gonna kick your ass right now I’m like now wait now and then I have to beat them up because my way is right and I know about spirituality and you know my thing is the thing and you don’t know me I’m gonna prove the proof you just kind of everything so we’re gonna get out and here we go right the next week he comes in and he does it but now I’m just raged but I don’t do it but then he says another thing about my mother and then I do it then the week after that I don’t do it I feel the rage and then I get away with it the next week after that I’m raging and then a little bit less a little bit less a little bit less and then it ultimately gets the point somebody comes in does the exact same scenario and they go off it’s about my friends my family my podcast my face my work my book who I am my philosophy they’re just a whole thing and I’m just taking it and I’m looking there and I just think how can I help you is there anything I can do for you can I can I get you a drink you or not is there anything else you’d like to share you know from a deep there’s no rage in the body it’s literally compassion and like you might be right but I don’t feel it in me that is right for me I’m gonna go and I’m gonna help you know somebody just got hit by car out there why don’t we go hand-in-hand and we can believe something totally different but let’s go as a brother and help this person and allow us to have different beliefs is that okay with you this person needs help and the truth is this planet does need help this planet does need healers this planet needs more compassion it needs more kindness it doesn’t need more hate doesn’t need people you know telling your daughter to kill himself it doesn’t need you telling people to go kill themselves that’s not useful man and the ultimately they’re trapped in their reality and I’ll tell you something my reality is joyful it’s peaceful its kind its compassionate its magical it’s beautiful I have connection with spirit I’m so grateful I believe in pretty much the root teachings of Christianity like when you get to it I believe in Jesus I believe yes I believe in that stuff you know but it’s in me and I’m experiencing joy and not device I experience doubt I experience pain I experience anger I experience shame I experience guilt you know but they’re not my dominating forces they’re a part of the experience and if I go about my life and I can be supportive to others and that can be remembered you know I met that guy you have a review when you die imagine sitting with Jesus when you die is it great you’re here yep you got heaven and hell here we go we’re gonna look at everybody you have ever met and what you did remember my book is about love and compassion and kindness let’s see what you did oh you were a dickhead here you’re a dickhead here you’re talking crap there you set that guy on fire you murdered that guy so this was the book do you want to read it together this is what I did and you’re following me in my name and doing all this stuff I’m just a bit confused on how you link those two together and you want to come on the side where everyone’s being peaceful and loving in heaven where everything’s cool and peaceful because there’s going to be people maybe you don’t agree with and I do believe that here is heaven and hell just imagine somebody in the US military that got abused as a kid and abuses other people and is in this world and it’s in their mind that person needs healing man got you know and they’re only going to be able to heal themselves and you do that through compassion and understanding and listening not through anything else so people deal with a lot of stuff it’s a you know I’m you know I’m part of this international tribunal for natural justice that just got launched looking at human trafficking the sex trade and ritual satanic sacrifice which exists it exists it’s insane and they’re doing something to bring these stories out and guess what some of that’s linked to the church’s some of that’s linked to the government and they can find it’s not you know now it doesn’t mean like you know all of them are bad but it means it happened there are segments that really can distort you know if so you as the individual be the best example of what you believe and ideally that’s peace and loving confession hasn’t be the best example of hate that could be pretty destructive so I don’t know don’t ladies and gentlemen Matt Blair man bel-air thank you for coming on the podcast let me thank you for hanging out again let everybody know where they can check out your stuff man talk about these meditations and things that they can download go and plug your links yeah thanks man I appreciate you having me on the show is good beautiful discussion I appreciate what you do and like I said I’ve respect for like what you deal with in the environment you’re in like I’m too soft for it man I would have gave up instantly I’m Canadian I’m tucked away in the woods I’ve been an igloo it’s all fine over here so I have a respect for you to go through your process and share it openly and if we can do that as individuals just shared openly not saying it’s that way it’s just what I’m experiencing right now and I’m offering you the information oh I can do that and take what you will so I’ll just share that you can check out my stuff at Matt bel-air com there’s a podcast I got you know hundred fifty episodes with similar guests in you I’m all about you know consciousness spirituality kindness personal development you can check out Zen athlete’s book it’s Zen athlete but you can go Zen life you take that book and you put those principles to work in anything it’s the best that I’ve learned in sports psychology peak performance altered states designing your life Law of Attraction hypnosis it’s all in there it’s it’s just it’s and it’s very practical you figure out what you want this is how you go get it whether it’s a double backflip that’s never been done or whatever the case is or you want to build a beautiful successful life you can use those principles and then the heart journey if you look up the heart journey meditation I highly recommend people try that I’ve done it with a bunch of people one on one and 18 have cried I’ve liked the body and won’t piss himself from a healing and it’s literally just a guided meditation into what piss himself from a healing Wow yeah man they said it felt like something came out I was like whoa and it’s like not me it’s like I think it’s like the process you know what I mean is like oh he’s like when you said that like you came through as like that is intense man okay so apparently that happened but all it does is it connects you with your heart it’s train of thought you got to think it you know can I live a successful peaceful life can I you know if you can’t get to that belief you know you’re in trouble so when you take your consciousness and you plug it into your heart and you say you know heart activation connection with the whole entire universe what is the most fulfilling abundant beautiful life that I could live and you shut off the conscious mind then you’re gonna get a different set of answers so that’s the heart journey on Soundcloud and anybody can hit me up at mad at Zen athlete if they want calm and reach out to me personally and I’m happy to get back to you and guide you but just want to thank you for being on the show and and and just thank everybody out there you know go do you know test three acts of kindness for a week or go do your actual physical actions pay it forward well you can get someone’s name that counts pick up a piece of trash but that’s what spirits looking at so actually be the example through physical action and if you do that for a week just experiment and it doesn’t matter what you believe just three acts of kindness a day for a week see what happens or one act for 28 days and then it becomes your fundamental operating system and watch how you can communicate with spirit after that because spirit is looking for action not thought not setting things on fire it’s like okay here’s I’m in my room I said the house on fire yeah there’s like eight homeless people over here that are starving that you could literally just go down and say hi get their name maybe nobody talks to them are sees them and you give them a sandwich or maybe you’re in line and you just say hey what’s your name Tim hey Tim nice to meet you and now we’re connecting as a community regardless of our beliefs so I’ll probably rant forever but I’ll just leave people with that I believe appreciate it man yeah you guys make sure y’all go check out his podcast check out his work as well there’s an interview where he interviewed me I think it was last week or the week before a really good interview see I’ll make sure you go check that one out as well Matt thanks for coming on bro we’ll do it again soon brother amazing man thanks for having me see somebody bro Shalom peace Matt Miller ladies and gentlemen a really cool guy really cool guy there’s some um some people are talking about in the chat I’m over here in the chat if people want to know if Matt has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and then Danny says god is love I can see Christ in him even if he hasn’t accepted him as lord I will interject that that is him accepting Jesus as Lord that if he has made love compassion all of the stuff he’s talking about that’s what Jesus is like that’s the fruit of of that’s proof it says you will know they will know that you are my disciples by your love and all of these people out here screaming the name of Jesus and all of these weird traditions and belief systems and stuff and they all claim Jesus like but they’re not walking in love they’re not walking in the fruits of the spirit and we have someone like Matt who is that’s Jesus to me you know they had me on the show some years ago with Kelly in the raw and they asked me a question they said and they thought it was a trick question but they were talking about somebody reaching out to them and telling them that Jesus was the only way and she wanted me to denounce it or something she’s like true seeker what would you say about my cousin who’s a Baptist which says Jesus is the only way and I was you know a New Age show or whatever I said yeah I would say they’re right Jesus is the only way it’s kind of got me crazy just cuz Jesus is love God is love and love is the only answer deaton like we just said a while ago if you break down all the scriptures man at all the law and all the prophets all of it Jesus said it all hang upon love to love the Lord your God with all your heart your mind your strengths and to love your neighbor as yourself all of it it’s about love taking care of your body taking care of your neighbor taking care of your family your friends it’s all about love and that’s the spirit of Christ and that’s that’s how you know that someone is a disciple it’s because of the love and that’s what it’s about your compassion for others your compassion for God that’s what at the end of the day that’s all that matters it doesn’t matter about the doctrinal things about being right about this or being right about that or having a form of godliness but love is powerful man love is the driving force behind faith faith without works is dead and then the works is the love is the compassion that pushes you out into the world to go out there and to want to be christ-like in all the studying and stuff like that all of its beautiful like we talk about these spiritual encounters I love all of it but if it doesn’t turn into something practical the same thing he’s saying that we’ve been saying we’ve been saying this in the church for years man I’ve been saying this in the church for years it’s time to close the Bible and just go out there and just be Jesus to everyone quit debating about what Jesus said simply go out there and do what he did and you’ve changed the world everybody wants to debate about what he meant all of this kind of stuff just got and simply do what Jesus did you turn the world upside down show love to those who don’t deserve it show compassion to those who don’t deserve it to those who have never experienced it before you change their life I remember when I when I came you know when I came to Christ it was at a prayer meeting a Bible study in someone says do you want Jesus to forgive you of your sins man says yes like yeah I don’t want to not be forgiven of my sins you know he just told me to gospel where Jesus had already done for me you know he had already done this you know what I’m saying and that that you’ve seen that love and when I felt that for the first time they changed my life you and that’s where everybody that’s not just for me not just for you guys or whoever it’s for everyone man and you were supposed to be if you’re a follower Christ you’re supposed to be walking with that love and that compassion sharing it freely with people freely receive freely give look I want to thank everybody for supporting my work and what I’m doing my throat’s a little bit sore I’m a little bit hoarse I don’t know if you can tell or not I kiss my buddy Joshua Davis he brought us a grab bag and I really needed this the day I needed this a day of my concert but he gave us yesterday singer and speaker throat spray really cool stuff that he brought it’s got a bunch of essential oils in it frankincense and some really cool stuff and uh it helps it helps helps a lot but yeah it’s so funny if y’all want to see the video there’s some footage of me performing at the concert it’s on my facebook I may try to put on YouTube I’m not sure but there’s some footage out there it’s not the best footage because it was so dark in there so pretty much look like a silhouette we had a really good time though Oh giving shots out to everybody who drove like people drove from all over the country to come in I’ll get another shout out somehow I knew Betty Watkins a good friend of mine supporter she drove five hours should be there drove by herself Betty Watkins so shout out to her too for driving in so far to come see me perform and spin this that special occasion with me it was it was phenomenal so beautiful so yeah with that being said I must say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work if you want to join a Thursday night school of the Mystics is what we’re doing that’s where it’s at you could get access to that but becoming a patriot a patron head on over to patreon dot-com backslash true seeker sign up for any level of giving even for a dollar you get access to that just to show that you you support and believe in the work and you get access to all the cool features and alerts and emails and stuff like that too so make sure y’all do that it means the world to me and you get access to so much stuff my full discography the new album is out you get access to that too so check that out I thank everybody for the con words hanging out with us in the chat shout out to Ruach Christy Danny ray evolution Jessie and some of the other ones who come in a little bit earlier earlier I’m seeing some of the names here holding it down live with me so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again soon peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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