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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Matt Belair about true spirituality and how it is manifest into our daily lives. Spirituality and the supernatural should be practical principals that are able to impact the lives of everyone that we come in contact with, not just some esoteric mumbo jumbo. In the spiritual community there are many charlatans and hoaxers and many people claim the have the truth and they make it up as they go. This is not just the spiritual community though, it is in every form of religion found under the sun. I have met delusional people in the midst of backwoods christianity who claim that they hear the voice of God speaking to them. This voice tells them one thing and their neighbor another. Most of these people have trouble in many areas of their life but claim to be in contact with the Great Creator of the universe but their actions and fruit prove otherwise. I also get messages daily from people within the spiritual community who say the craziest of things. I had a guy claim to be the archangel Michael who was sent to contact me through Facebook messenger. One female claimed that the Illuminati told her that she was supposed to be my wife. Another lady messaged me claiming to be my mother from a past life in Egypt. I’m pretty certain that each one of these people who contacted me are delusional but the crazy thing is that spirituality and religious hangouts seem to be a breeding ground for this type of thinking. That’s why at the end of the day it really comes down to practicality. Are you making a positive impact in the lives of the people that you meet? Is the spirituality that you claim tangible? Does it hold weight? Do you have anything for the person dying of cancer? Can you impart anything to the man hooked on crystal meth? This is what spirituality is about. Doing the inner work and healing thyself so that in turn we can heal the world.

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