Matt Young joins TruthSeekah as they discuss topics from his new book, The Seer: Unlocking the Ability Within.

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This book contains biblical information mixed with practical activations to show how everyone can learn about and experience the spiritual world. Based on the Bible’s men and women who received insight from God, you’ll explore what it means to see in the spirit and how to live as God intended – fully alive and aware of your spirit’s connection & union with Yahweh. Whether the supernatural life is new to you, or you’ve known life as a seer already, The Seer will provide you with an understanding of the spirit world and an expectation to live beyond this earthly dimension! Matt Young teaches people around the globe about the miraculous truth of living in Jesus Christ. Matt founded Engage the Nations and travels internationally to spread the gospel and advance the kingdom of God. He is known for his ability and knowledge on the seer gifting, discernment, and healing.

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