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Matthew Silver joins TruthSeekah in this episode to speak about spirituality and the power of laughter. Matthew Silver is a street performer who goes out into busy places in public to share the power of love through laughter and creativity. In this episode TruthSeekah & Matthew speak about the importance of taking the leap of faith to do what you were born to do in the first place, There Is no greater joy than that journey.

Matthew Silver Spirituality
Matthew Silvers mission is the shift the consciousness of the world one soul at a time by using joy and laughter. To Matthew this is a very spiritual and conscious experiences and the reactions that he receives are well worth the ridicule and cold shoulders. During his performances Matthew Silver seemingly plays the part of the crazy man or the town fool. Most often times people mistake him as a homeless man or beggar but he isn’t asking for money. He is asking you to dream, to follow your heart and to choose the path of love. Matthews message is that of unity and can turn a busy intersection or crowded subway into and amusement park of joy and dancing. Matthew Silvers online presence has also sent him internet fame as to having his pictures and videos turned into memes and gifs. Some see Matthew as a crazy man others a pure genius. His most viral video is called “Crazy Man Explains the Meaning of Life” and though he looks to be out of his mind his word in no doubt speak to the heart of the listener about the importance of choosing love. So in the end Matthew doesnt seem to be out of “his” mind but simply out of ours. Matthew is a symbol of finding peace by doing what you love to do. Matthew feels that his presence in the lives of passer bys and impact that he has on even complete strangers has the power to change the world if we all would choose love.

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show lined up for you guys I’ve been wanting to talk to this person for a while but we’ve been trying to make it happen and we finally got on the same page with with schedules and everything this episode i’m joined by matthew silver the wackadoo what’s going on my brother is going hey man thanks for joining me to bring yeah thank you so for people who don’t know what you do you’re definitely a street performer but there’s like you know your street performer but there’s like an agenda behind it right it’s just not to go out there to entertain people I think entertainment is part of it but I think that spreading like it says on your website consciousness through love and getting people to kind of step outside of their comfort zone and know that it’s okay to laugh and okay to smile and and spreading love through the gift of performance you want to talk a little bit about what you’re doing what you bring to the table well you just you know summarize it real well yeah it’s basically the intention is to involve evolve the planet and in order to do that one good ways to wake people up and you know it’s it’s it’s an exercise to help realize like the evolution of the planet has to be a conscious decision it it won’t just a lot of times back back in the days my friends would say oh you know 2012 there’s going to be this beam of magnetic light of the planets and all of a sudden everybody’s going to evolve I mean it’s it’s we each have free will and people most people like evolving what is that but um I mean it would inspire us all oh it would it would help us all to feel more connected and yeah like the the main thing that will evolve the planet is love do you think something happened in 2012 I know it was like kind of a I think there was a shift that happened maybe if it wasn’t in the spiritual realm or in a planet shifting maybe people were looking forward to something happening so within something happened I know I kind of went deeper you know I’m saying during that that time period and getting into esoteric teachings and in documentaries and things like that do you think something happened as a collective maybe that it was like an okay to be yourself or okay to be spiritual type deal anything like that yeah why not I mean but I don’t think it’s like any well from my personal experience I I don’t think it was like one I didn’t feel it as one big moment I it’s just been a gradual like the opening of new spiritual ideas has always been like this gradual incline I mean at the same time yet you still have people who are stuck but you also have a higher amount of people who are more open to to this whole I mean I mean spirituality is I mean that’s just a general is just a general Aemon but it’s it’s the the the awakening it’s only its awakening within you know and and that’s I mean in a way that’s like what I mean I feel like our messages are lean wake up wake up yourself within and maybe 2012 more of that happen yeah like it was okay like it’s almost like an excuse to be spiritual or cuz I think a lot of people are having this change within them but it’s like and okay you don’t have to keep it closet we’re going through this together there’s tons of documentaries everybody’s doing interviews about it those type of things I had I definitely had a shift as far as that is concerned looking into a lot of stuff and some things shifted for me not like when the clock struck 12:00 or whatever the case was and then it was like that polar shift but that whole timeframe of seeing like a resurgence of a lot of spiritual stuff we even if we look into like veganism or essential oils and stuff like that if you look at like the the Google search terms like those things are skyrocketing third-eye spirituality meditation all of this stuff yoga you know what I’m saying from that point to today those search terms are just going just just a gradual increase so I think that’s really neat Wow so talk a little bit about this I wanted to talk about the path to the fool right so there’s this place of essentially making yourself vulnerable to make other people smile to make other people laugh to kind of break that hard show that we try to kind of put up and be be reserved or be just in the you know this persona or whatever the case is but when like you you’re out there performing and you walk up to random people make them laugh you do little silly things they don’t know if you’re a crazy person which I guess that’s the character you play or just a piece of you as well I think that’s the I think the things definitely a part of you but talk a little bit about what happens when when you engage people some people are reserved some people walk away other people join right in and a huge smile jumps on their face and these people are dancing and singing with you out in public and things like that well like I said it’s it’s I’m performing out there and I’m I’m looking for well now it’s more like consciousness shift before it’s just like smiles but it’s it’s not just smiles it’s like like you said you know you’re out there you put yourself vulnerable you become ah I mean we’re we’re collective right we’re all connected we’re all one but then you you yeah I mean you you’re putting yourself out there and then you’re standing out but you’re still you’re still all connected but when it what happens is is I guess as an artist or as a spiritual or whatever they people see themselves in you right mm-hmm and they they and they walk past and maybe some people say oh I would never be caught doing that that like death it is I would I hate this guy well I I don’t want to you know or or they just and then others they see an awakening to it it really positive and it’s just a good thing that you know to to be you know you know what you’re doing with this talk show or it’s you become an example you become sample of of consciousness or consciousness awakening mmm-hmm not everybody sees it that way but if it’s something that that people when I when I look at people’s looks they’re like you know they have this they they have this pause in their face I have no idea what they’re thinking you know if they’re thinking anything I I it is a trigger you know it is the trigger people are like you know why but um you know nonetheless it’s it’s it’s important I I mean it doesn’t matter what you do in life anything that you’re putting your mind to’s it’s important so you know I’m putting my mind to conscious shifting make it I’m doing my conscious effort for for that you know how important is that to because I feel like you’re doing what you were put here to do with you what you were sent here to do you’re doing what you love for a living you do this daily or whatever the case is how important is finding what what what moves you what kind of makes your heart beat into in to actually pursue that versus being stuck at the dead-end 9 to 5s and things like that where people to just feel like they’re stuck in a trap versus being able to get up and enjoy life and do what you love for a living on a day-to-day basis well III I feel like it’s it’s you have to choose what you’re doing you have to be present and not say everything is controlling you and you’re just you know you’re you’re you know your unconscious mind your your your reactionary you know what I mean like you’re just you just I got to do this I don’t want to do it and you know I have with what I do I have I have a strong intention you know every year I I change it a little bit but it is mostly very much the same this year it’s I said I say before I go out there I say we are shifting the planet to love consciousness with the gift of love so and so it’s it’s Dada excites me that that excites me like um a planetary shift which is happening already so I’m I’m doing my part to be a part of it you know so I’m excited something drives me yeah I’m sorry yeah no that no that’s good I mean I think I think I mean I’m just now getting into that place where I’m able to even do this show for a living and I do music as well but I’ve just now got to a place where I’m able to kind of wake up and do what I love for a living and the the freedom that comes to that I get to wake up and kind of write a song like my goal for the day is to write a song or be creative and work on art and things like that and order to make a living off of it as well there’s a huge place that people are watching other people do that and it helps so watching you do what you love and you and what kind of moves you it’s kind of it’s envious in a way and it wouldn’t it would move me to to essentially jealousy but in a good way in in a jealous rage do okay I need to see what I can do to align myself up where I can wake up and do what I love for a living so I think that people watching this show they see me doing this I would go to like tattoo parlors and stuff I got some ain’t done and see people who go to work and they love their job they they’re doing what they love they’re happy and and that’s envious man there’s a lot of people who were stuck in like the dead-end jobs are just on default they’re just living their a product that they’ve got a job whoever would hire them at the time and they’ve been there ten eleven years five years whatever the case is but they inwardly they want to do their passion but they don’t know how man so would there be any tips I mean to do anything I know we talk with I know we’re talking about spirituality and stuff kind of mixed in there what is there like an inward knowing or maybe some time in meditation where you can kind of get that game plan and say this is what I want to do and do it was there a big shift for you when you said I’m gonna do this and be consistent and show up and not just do this once a month or once every other week or what other cases just to be consistent and in finding things working for you yeah it’s it’s I mean you you really it you you really got to see that you no matter what point in time is you really got to see that you have a choice you know and it’s yeah I mean you you’re doing whatever you’re doing you’re doing your thing to connect with the world and if you know if you’re not if you’re not connecting and you feel isolated you’ve I mean you’ve got to either change your perspective or you got to change what you’re what you’re doing right mm-hmm my life is only as exciting as adventurous as as you make it you know wait I mean I have the ability it’s really difficult it’s really hope to to to get up in the morning and and you’re doing something that doesn’t you know how with you for I mean first you are the most important right oh if you don’t love yourself then the world around you becomes a reflection of not loving yourself it becomes a reflection of of your hate or your your indifference or whatever so I mean the first thing is you go like like I mean it’s all important like what you’re doing now and then because you know what have you follow your dreams and you and you still hate yourself you know you got a yeah you know you gotta make sure that you’re entering you know your inner psyche ah your inner I don’t know I’m sorry I sidetrack or whatever no it’s all good man it’s the conversation um yeah I think it’s about you know I’m saying getting that goal and we talked about like going into meditation to kind of get a game plan because many it’s almost like pulling yourself back to the moment to like you said kind of be in charge of your life and not just be a victim of other people’s decisions or or just doing what you can to get by but you can consciously create your life and and you don’t have to be the victim anymore and once you do that there’s a freedom in it that you find that you that can’t be bought or sold even if it has to do with like maybe doing without some of the finer things in life are wearing name-brand clothes these things that people try to look for or going out to eat all the time whatever it is like it’s okay to do without that stuff to do what you love for a living like the sacrifices that you got to make I remember following you years ago man off first found you you only had a couple hundred followers on on like social media I found you like a gym and I’ll just sharing you with all my friends and fan base and stuff like that and then eventually it caught on and your page just blew up your videos would get hundreds of thousands of views that you have you have one video that went I know it went viral um the meaning of life from a crazy person you know and that’s that you know that that video was shared all over the place okay I know that guy I know that guy I follow him and then it kind of blew up so it’s something that you in your natural habitat of just doing what you love whether you’re a tattoo artist whether you’re a street performer whether you’re a hip hop artist or you do a podcast whatever you do and you love it’s contagious man it inspires others to pursue the things that they love well you know you know there’s no there’s you know there’s your what is there there’s your soul your spirit your spirit your mind your body right so and then there’s and then you know you’re you’re alive but you don’t know what your body in your mind right you don’t know how long this is going to this is going to be you know and sorry I don’t know where okay so was there a that that that happened or shift that occurred to where you were like okay this is what I’m gonna do was you in the nine-to-five hustle and bustle did what did was you trying to keep up with the Joneses at any point or have you always been on this path you know I think for a lot of people there’s like a defining moment when they choose to be consistent when they choose to to kind of make those those choices to show up and do what they love for a living those type of things was there a defining moment for you or just just kind of kind of flowed into it IIIi gradually floated it flowed into I mean I was doing video editing freelance which III occasionally do like music videos your videos but um my you know my life is not motivated by money it’s it’s motivated by what’s next level of my existence to evolving there’s more than just you know there’s always more than just this you know what’s the greater our great ourselves like and a lot of it is is like our issues with you know this planet is a we we see cells a separate you know love is not a major thing that’s important and and then you know we’re not we’re not always present you know to the to this moment and I I’d rather in order in order to do this you have to like you have to become the example and then you have to tell people like what they already already know that you you you have a choice you are awake you are loved you are now I mean is it’s it’s like this trick where we play this intense game and and in a way you got to see it as as a game because you know we’re not we’re we’re spirits we’re souls in a body we’re not a body trapped in a so you know what I mean you oh yeah definitely yeah yeah what and and we’re we’re not here to help when I hear that I mean it’d be nice to have a good a nice income you know but we’re spiritually we’re here that too beyond our egos we’re hearing like I’m maybe I’m doing a terrible job maybe I’m doing a job but you you still gotta keep you keep at it you know you you know what there’s people who are very wealthy and they’re not happy you know so it’s like what is what’s on your day to day consciousness what are you repeating the thoughts you know that’s where the where your focus is that’s where the wealth is that’s wealth this is you know it’s an illusion it’s it’s like what do you feel and I I would want people to do the same to me I would want people to smack me around and wake me up you know it’s we’re not you know I mean I know that I don’t know yeah I have no idea but and the awakenings is is very important know like to myself I still need to be awakened other people need to be awakened we we we want we drive for something that’s out of the ordinary it’s it’s an awakening and awakening and I mean we I like that yet you know I mean we’re not to seek oases we seek but then we’re always in a state of searching for deeper meaning and then we get stuck another thing is to realize that we’re already there you know we already have everything we need within yep you need nothing outside yourself you already have every within that’s what I like about the Scriptures the Bible talks about the Kingdom of Heaven being within you and it lets you know that you don’t need anything that anybody selling you you already have all the tools everything you need to go within to experience whatever you want you know what I’m saying to have that joy you don’t need something outside of you to compete the reminder that’s what it is and we feel I mean in its it’s like we’re kind of working against this system that’s art that’s setup because they’re they present items and clothing and stuff like hey do you need this this will make you you know feel happy and then once you you buy that stuff or that stuff calls out to you because of programming because of advertising you get it you feel good right when you get it and then an hour later to it you like why did I buy that I just wasted money on this or whatever the case is but it’s – its – its the the knowledge of self and being okay and knowing that you already have everything that you need like nothing is gonna complete you nothing outside of yourself is gonna complete you right yes and anyway what I what I do is it’s like a reminder mm-hmm so so in a way Awakening is kind of like it’s reminding you of everything you just said right now you know you you have you have you know you don’t need anything you have exactly you have it you’ve dealt with them probably every emotion under the spectrum you know what I’m saying out there performing doing what you do you’ve had people want to fight you you’ve had people in tears you’ve had people are all types of stuff talk a little bit about like the best-case scenario versus the worst-case scenario and I know you’ve probably experienced majority of it you’ve been harassed by the cops you’ve been harassed by drug addicts and things like that talk a little bit about some of those crazy experiences that have happened well there you know there is just part of the day-to-day yes part of day-to-day comes with the territory I mean the best moment is is people interact and they’re laughing and and they’re crying in a way and then the worst is someone froze someone free like this they had a cop of some nasty liquid and they threw it up and that’s that kind of sucks because it was kind of cold out but um or you know sometimes people are watching me and they’re it’s almost like they they feel bad but you know that that’s good I realize all those reactions are good because it it’s better than you know here we are we’re in our reality it’s better than doing nothing you know like don’t you know don’t wake up don’t live and then just interact like find a way to find you unique way to interact with the world because it’s it’s it’s the interactions it’s that they because it what I do it’s not about me it’s about the world around me like you you as an individual you are okay we are one there’s a new thing that I say I have a sign that says we are all one there’s only you which means that if there is only you then everything you know you are basically you are creating the world I mean your everything your God your the non everything that’s not God your fear your luck but you’re you’re you’re creating it and if you don’t see that power that you have like and again the reminder if you don’t see that power that you have it’s it’s very weird because you can’t comprehend it inside your Infiniti you can’t comprehend it but how could you be everything how could you be everything and then how could you be everything that the answer is because you and me there’s we’re one we’re one which is almost like we’re we’re God right now talking to ourselves do you know what I mean yeah um we’re not separate like this is this is like there’s there’s this thing in our brain that that forgets who we are and then but we’re we’re not separate we’re talking to ourselves but maybe I’m not I’ll shut up now what do you have to say eerily similar to Jim Carrey and what he’s going around talking about now like he’s we’re all one and and we’re all atoms and all of this stuff and like just just stepping away from the identity and the persona and a legacy or something that that he’s had and had all of this this wealth and stuff in life and finding out that that stuff doesn’t make you happy it’s about showing up it’s about doing what you love no matter what that is he gets to do what he loves and very similar to what he’s saying and a lot of people are saying the same thing a lot of people are having you know these spiritual awakenings these conscious awakenings of who they are that we are all connected we are all God experiencing itself there’s a notion that we are all one body one people I mean I have the tattoo of the flower of life and that’s essentially what that means we are all connected um everyone is another form of you experiencing themselves and so when you see someone lashing out when you see someone who’s having a hard time coping like compassion for them it is because you feel like it’s yourself going through that I mean even people who are like very empathic you can feel like the different emotions and stuff that people are going through because you’ve felt that way before being empathic and having a heart for those people and maybe in a sense as well we like you have a heart for people who can’t break that she’ll I think deep down there’s a kid and all of us who want to laugh who want to dance and do some of the things that when you know when they say you perform it on the street and those people get into it but how many of the people want to do that and but they can’t break this out and they just walk on but they’re like on the cusp on the verge has their Apple has there been people who like they see you on their commute and then eventually they just they eventually join in yeah yeah that happens I mean that yeah I mean eventually they see you and I mean a lot of it also is they want to be comfortable with this person they want to know that when I first started I mean people thought I was maybe a heroine for scared but a people have money you like I don’t want your money take it back dancing yeah oh no I mean I always had a you know I’m not gonna I always had a bucket or something yeah I don’t ask for money but if yeah people fine I mean I’m not turning it down yeah it’s almost rude to turn it down because they know they’re giving it out that the only way they know how to express love to give something yeah it’s a comment in the chat right now someone by the name of uh bloodsport says Matt I see you every day at Union Square dancing wacky dancing Matt that’s me wacky dancing man I mean talk to you about this because like I’ve seen the connection with people who like our spiritual healers in earnest spiritual movement they’re trying to bring about healing to humanity in the ways that they know how and one thing that myself and a few other people who I’ve talked to had in common is that growing up in school we were the class clowns like we always wanted to see people laugh because there’s like a magic that happens man when you can people I love bringing I’ll do I mean I’m I’m essentially wacky dancing mat at home with my family I have these silly dances and things and so to see the smile upon my family’s face to you know to keep this I never a dull moment you know what I’m saying like we’re always the the energy that’s released when people are enjoying themselves and and even you’re the one facilitating that there’s a there’s like a gratification that comes that you’re making their day or their experience a little bit easier and bringing joy to people’s faces what did you can you experience that at all was you uh was you the class clown or would you like that in school telling jokes making people laugh doing little silly things when the teacher wasn’t looking and stuff like that yeah I was I was a class clown I was I I mean I did to sing during gym intersession where they would change the classes at gym and on the on the bleachers um everybody would just sit one for one day until they changed all their classes and they would sit for like 30 minutes and so um one day I got up and I performed in front of them you know and the teachers let it happen and everybody was into it so I mean I was it I could say I was a scared class clown cuz I didn’t always come out you know yeah I didn’t always come out but um I always had it in me I mean it took a while for me to do this stuff in the street I had I didn’t really start doing it until I was like start doing it when I was maybe 17 or 16 you know I I did things I did things I guess the thing I did in the bleachers at high school I mean the thing is III performed in front of those bleachers but the only reason I did that was because um some kids they they said I’ll give you but if you flex your muscles in front of in front of these girls or whatever so I started doing that and then I needed a an excuse you know money yeah it’s just weird like the excuse is I don’t do money it’s just like it’s just like a lot of times when I perform on the street and I’m not making a lot of money people say you’re stupid yeah I’m making any money why would you be doing that it’s just like that gets me why would you need in an excuse to do anything for money yes we need money again we need all fucking need money you know but why do you need an excuse to do what you love why are we in that low grade of unconscious behavior you need you need to rip off your skin and do you know not to hide your fucking self you know and that’s what we’re all in a way more or less we’re dealing with like oh I need to make money in order to be a lackey a lackey guy oh no people are gonna be inspired by anything that has nothing to do with money but then you know then we have then we have hell and Satan we have Trump we still have a large percentage of as big as the percentage of the population as has reached a level of Awakening and unconsciousness we have we we have the other half which is a large percent of the population that’s asleep and now I’m give a shit you know maybe it’s because then Apple maybe just because of all the bad food that everybody’s eating and stuff you know you don’t feel you so you don’t feel connected to what to what’s going on I don’t know you know maybe the religion you know religious keeps you trapped you know religion is not spirituality it’s a it’s a dogma it’s a hold you know it takes what an enlightened person like Jesus spoke and then puts it in a rulebook what Jesus didn’t want the rulebook you can ask for the Bible or the but there is gender like you said you’re saying the lining things from the Bible just but then when you make a whole wrong and right because in true spirituality there’s no wrong or right for anything that you’re doing in the world so you should you got it like it’s good that you have that but you had to take that and create something new with it you know you’re everybody’s a visionary good man um what are like so whenever you go downtown and you perform I think that that characters are part of you right it’s a little bit that’s all it’s something that’s already within you and you just get to let it out a little bit more than others in this a performance as well as it’s an art to it in things because you’re playing you’re totally playing the character but how is it um how hard or easy is it or was it to kind of turn it off and on and jump in the character and what happens when you go in the character do you feel like a different person I mean what yeah that’s it you know I’m basically when I’m in character I’m basically um I’m follows like channeling a little bit essentially like you’re letting this person you like have your body and and be this like the thought process changes everything change you become this crazy person on the street like you become that you’re not acting you you’re not crazy person but spiritual persons and I’m I’m not trying to push any beliefs on anybody I’m just trying to see who’s gonna interact and I mean I mean it’s just interact or or change consciousness or wake up or now you know now I splurt out some messages like that you know that can be hard for people to grasp like like like I said we are one there’s only you love is all there is which is a hard you know it’s a concept but there’s um behind the energy of creation is love you know it’s just like it’s like a glue that mm-hmm I don’t know that’s that’s hard to like prove but I you know I believe I believe uh I mean I also believe that it’s just like we’ve created this unconscious fear energy its unconscious its unconscious that the planet is at war with each other’s I’m conscious that people put each other down and discourage each other you know it’s it’s unconscious you know this as much as the planet has grown unconsciously you know it’s not it and then so it’s almost like we have to in order to evolve we already we have to make a conscious decision to create more love in the world and then again it’s not about me it’s not about you it’s you know it’s not about you it’s about what you’re putting out there and and then it reflects back to you right you know love you know it’s a big mirror this is a mirror I put out this good energy into the world and it you know it’s it’s come back to me it’s come back to me so I’m inspired to put out even more you know because it’s working it’s just like this it’s a it’s a beautiful cycle and uh and like I said I think that it encourages other people to do the same thing with their art with their creativity when you see someone else thriving in being authentic doing what they love you know what I’m saying that for me it was huge I would I mean and there were so many different examples that I could use of whether they’re hip-hop artists and they do what they love for a living they wake up and they get to do it yoga teacher spiritual leaders like versus being stuck in this other place playing this other role that you don’t want to play like whether you know for me I was I played the role of a truck driver for over ten years at a particular job I didn’t want to play that role I like I learned while I was there I studied and and it pushed me towards like making that leap of faith to do what I want for so long because obviously if you had something that long and you have that much time and a truck truck driver you’re stuck in this box with your own thoughts for 1215 hours a day thinking of the things that you want to be doing that you’re not doing and then when you would see videos like yours or listen to podcast similar to this one it’s like man it can be done other people are doing it and it’s like it’s like it’s like the okay that it can be done it’s something that that you can try or essentially the permission I think that you live in your life and in it’s working and you’re doing what you love is permission I even say that sometimes I’ll do I’ll I’ll say look you have my permission to follow your heart yeah if that’s what people are looking for like they’re looking around like it might the only one that’s gonna jump now you have my permission do what you were called to do it’s debatable but I guess we have one life to do it why would you get to the end of the rope and say man I wish I would have did that I wish I would have pursued my dreams and followed my intuition follow my gut but I had to play this role because my family wouldn’t have understood me they wouldn’t have agreed with it whatever the case is I have this these conversations with friends who now I’m the envy to the man I wish I was doing what you’re doing look it you can it’s a process what do you want to do let’s let’s take this journey together I want to help you and in and so you’re you being you I don’t think there’s any other formula you’re just doing what you know to do what you love to do what’s right what drives you it moves people to jealousy it moves them to want to do it but it’s a good thing like I don’t think it’s a bad thing it moves them to evaluate to set itself and they man what what led me here and how can I get out of it to do what Matthews doing a true seeker whoever the cases so that’s the power in the magic of just being authentic and not you know you have the personas stuff but just not playing those roles or a wasting time doing this other type of stuff it’s magic in that yes was there people for you that that did you look at people and I mean we I know we all have inspirations of whether it was performers or spiritual leaders or whatever the case was there people they that you looked at that kind of said you know what I can do this or this person getting you know would would kind of help me restore my power to think that it’s possible I mean I think all this de spiritual gurus and stuff are essentially talking a little bit about this ya know it’s like you said I didn’t believe in myself in in the beginning but you know I was at yeah I was always inspired by Andy Kaufman Alejandro Jodorowsky just a lot of you know a lot of comedians and stuff and and I always wanted to do something from make a lot of people laugh until they hurt you know but then you know then in this stage of the world it’s like now doing something like because it feels like we’re at the verge of the tipping point you know like the the where the planet can go really bad you know yeah and so to me like what’s really important is is the real conscious awakening a conscious of awakening you know to the reminder that you know so that that’s what it’s inspires also you know you know what else we didn’t talk about but often you um you know whatever you’re doing on this planet is going to help everybody you know so the permission that we we don’t really need but we we need we need somebody to say it sometimes right you by you following your heart you’re you’re helping out everybody you know people don’t see it that way but the majority of this planet is not following their heart yeah majority of this planet is building an unconscious tumor you know a a massive cancer that just grows and that’s in a way it’s like metaphorical everybody’s getting cancer and stuff and it’s just like it’s it’s producing cells dead cells that don’t mean anything that doesn’t mmm but but if you think something that’s inspiring other people the real energy you know I mean that’s now that’s the fulfillment that you get out of following your dream even if you don’t achieve it even buying exact of being on that journey to where you feel like your life has purpose the fulfillment that you get from that outweighs being stuck in the truck for ten years building someone else’s dream essentially somebody had that idea somebody put that energy or put that money up and created this business that now I’m falling in pies let’s just say that that person you drove the truck for maybe it’s not even a dream maybe it’s like well I gotta make money and I want to make as much money as pop it’s their default but it just happened to have a better hand than my default yeah that might have even been its uninspiring that they were probably bad to you were they bad to you as workers and stuff like they didn’t they just saw you as a tool or something yeah yeah come on your commodity you’re replaceable you know that’s what I eat like a machine could do your job Yeah right it’s a tuber it’s like you were working for something that didn’t have anything to do with the dream right mm-hmm that’s what most people are working for they’re working for there’s nothing it’s like it’s gonna build all this stuff but nobody’s gonna want any of it next auction right yeah oh yeah yeah it’s a artist it’s it’s like oh we gotta make a lot of money so the best way to do is mass production but then we use a lot of people it’s it’s it’s it’s hurting you know it’s it’s I don’t know you know I’m sorry yeah it’s hurting us all you know have you read The Alchemist oh yeah yes really good really good as far as like recapturing your dream and uh we talked to somebody yesterday it’s about you know recapturing your dreams some people never had a dream you know what date it and so it’s like you know finding your dream to begin with like they didn’t never have that and that inspiration to do this so this is my life goal most of us are kind of going about recapturing what we want it to be when we were kids like it was always there you know what I’m saying yeah some people are like trying to find out their purpose and what they’re supposed to be doing now they they haven’t had never had that that revelation of this is what they’re missing out on you know what I’m saying until yeah I think for some people that comes later in life too yes sometimes they say the age of is like 50 that’s the age of like enlightenment you know yeah it’s when you yeah got it was I just remember man just you know kind of coming even in tears man just like thinking about you you know like went what age should you give up on your dreams like if you were supposed to look at like you got to be a productive member of society raise a family those type of things so do you give up on your dream because I have people who say like okay now that you have kids like it’s time to to invest in their dreams you know you’re done like those type of you know I’m saying what age when do you finally say okay you know what it didn’t work out let me let me drive this truck with all my mind or whatever the case is I have friends who who were in that they still have that inward feeling they have kids I have a daughter and as well Wow you got a daughter yeah and so to be able to do that so you have there can’t be I think the risk are a little bit different to you know every move kind of has to be calculated when you have a lot more riding on it like you know what I’m saying and I have people who have kids and they want to do what you’re doing they want to do what I’m doing like you know that it poses a bigger problem and it makes you sit there like I sat there in tears like when do you give up on it like shit it’s just the age like to give it another year when do I get and and just when I didn’t give up then it it started working you know what I’m saying I’m moving past that it’s okay strategically how can we make this work is it something feasible can I keep the lights on you know what I’m saying those type of things man and it becomes this inward struggle you know yeah having a lot riding on it makes it a little bit harder to jump because you’re not just jumping by yourself you got a kid on your back you know yeah are you still with your wife yeah yeah we’re still together yeah you’re jumping with the whole family yeah yeah yeah I mean that’s amazing I don’t you know I don’t have kids know so I don’t you know but when I still but I have people telling them like you should give up people who were living their dream I got a buddy of mine owns a flow tank shop right awesome awesome dude and he’s he loves what he’s doing and look yeah isolation ah yeah sensory deprivation tanks oh no what yeah he owns a shop in New Orleans and and he told a buddy of mine who’s like he said you just got to give up man you know you got kids your toms come and gone you know you just need to give up on your dream and I don’t think that’s fair you know what I’m saying I think that there’s ways to make it work you know you have to do without you have to provide like there’s that sense of being a provider there as a as a father but there’s still ways to me I think there’s still little things that you and this is just what works for me there’s little things daily that you can do while you’re driving on that job there’s emails there’s when the kids are asleep or whatever there’s things you can do to kind of put that brick in building that that that dream and that what you want to do it it’s working for me you know but it wasn’t easy you know and I don’t think people should give up on it though you know right well see there there’s a thing like you are enlightened in this way because I mean I’m not enlightened in that way you know you you would know because you’re your experience yeah you but you but you’re setting the example that’s why it’s so important to have God you know split up and different but you’re gonna inspire other people you’re yeah but like what you just said I’m sorry you said in the example mm-hmm which is by following your dream your enlightening other people yeah that’s how it works and like I said just just showing up being authentic showing up consistent and uh even with this podcast I talked about all the time like there was times where I cuz I’ve been doing this a long time but it’s it’s only been probably the past year where it was consistent you know what I’m saying where every week you know you’re gonna get multiple shows a week I’m gonna be we’re gonna you know versus like okay we did one show this month and then the next show we did next months we did two shows and it was just sporadic whenever I felt like it whenever I had the time versus when I whenever I made time and took it to that next level and then I think would consistency man people you know it it it’s a sense of comfort of consistent especially when we’re coming from a place where there’s people don’t have much consistency in their lives they need someone to show up it need someone to be there whether you’re doing a podcast whether you you’re the guy who makes people laugh in the streets like this is what you do you show your showing up doing what you love man and it brings healing to the to the to the planet it brings inspiration to people inspiration and creativity man like that means something else that means something different to each person but if you can inspire them to do that inspire them to create something good something beautiful something wonderful it especially creating something that didn’t exist whether it’s some some form of art usually you know and you have you’ve always have the term of the starving artists you know what I’m saying people in and that would just let you know that look it’s gonna be a sacrifice but it can be done you know uh-huh yeah it’s it’s better to struggle and do what you love well rather than struggle and yeah do it – hey yeah yeah most people are struggling its struggling in both situations anyway yes you’re gonna end up struggling in either situation anyway yeah you and you have to be awakened to point the the truth that you have a choice in any situation you just have to like build a an awareness to it you have to take you know you have to get to know inside you know what I mean you have to communicate with your mm-hmm inner God whatever your inner child God or whatever you want to call you have to communicate and and you like bad bad energy is a guilt feeling guilty like I’m not worthy doubting doubting is it’s okay to have some healthy down but yeah like that- doubt like I’m not or getting discouraged or you know it’s true what they say is like we have you ever heard like fears and illusion yeah love isn’t real also evidence of pain really yeah what I think it’s a false evidence appearing real that fear f.e.a.r I’ve never but that’s really cool but you know fears Aluva illusion and and and love is the only thing that’s real that means you make them you know that if you’re making the moves to create something that’s good inside of you but it’s also inspiring others you can’t go wrong you know you have a knowing that you’re you you if you’re on it if you’re on a path of soul you know that it that something you know what I mean mm-hmm if you’re on a path of I don’t know this has no soul it’s just about stuff or getting from A to B or you know it has nothing to do with the process mm-hmm then you’re you’re you’re stuck yeah there’s like you said there’s those healthy healthy fears you know and healthy doubt at times but it’s it’s the fear of failing that some people have that they can’t get past like they would rather not try because they don’t want to fail the fear of rejection a lot of those people who I’ve had conversations with it’s not that they’re they’re not fearing that they’re not gonna make money or something but they’re there’s people who fear of what other people are gonna think about them you know that part of moving past that I mean that’s totally something you’ve had to do you get a little bit of everything though but but the the stamp of approval that people are looking for from their even their families you know nobody gives it to you and they’re they’re already talking about you anyway those family members who you know so have rather them talk about you while you’re doing what you love and it’s working for you and you have this motivation to show up versus them talking about you’re looking down upon you in your default state you just show you’re just there in there talking about you like they’re talking about your regardless you know and they have they have opinions and stuff like that and you can’t be moved by you can’t find your you’re worse you can’t be moved by the acceptance of others I mean if that’s the case then then you know we’re gonna be stuck but if it is if it is the case for some people looking for that approval to do it here’s us telling you to do it you know you have our permission to follow your dreams and follow your heart and you you can do it man anyone can we’re not I don’t think we’re special I don’t think that there’s like oh there’s only a few people who can do it like I’ve thought about that in the past right only a few people get to follow their dream that’s that that fear and doubt that came to me not everybody can do it I have kids now I have this you know my time has come and gone I think I moved to pass that and I’m doing it and I think that everybody can do that if they follow you know I believe in we’re talking about how spirituality applies to all this I believe in universal laws I believe in you know manifesting things through thought and in through love and through confessing it and speaking it out and things like that and I’ve seen that come come to play in my life so it’s not like I’m chosen or special I think we’re all chosen and special and we all have the same abilities we all share the same 24 hours in a day like we all have that and so what we do with that time those people I’ve had that conversation who they say true seeker I want to do what you’re doing and one day I’m gonna do it like I want to believe them but I’ll tell them like it’s practical like you have to do something today you have to plan take that seed put it in the ground today for it to sprout a week from now two weeks oh now then the next thing you got to water it you may have to cultivate that ground you have to dig up some of that hard dirt and get the clay out of there and put some soil in it like you have to do something today in all sorts of manifests tomorrow you don’t just like dream about it and think about it that’s one thing I believe in getting the vision but there’s practical steps man and doing what you love for a living and I taught spirituality into it that’s how it worked for me and that’s how its continuing to work on these spiritual practices of love and gratitude and helping others along the way like it goes so far to know that so to know the spiritual power of you showing up like we had the conversation now people are going to be conscious and aware that okay this person is doing what they’re what they love like there’s a spiritual connection there because they’re doing what what they love to do and that money can’t buy that you can’t like there’s nothing you can trade me to do that whether it’s all the wealth in the world or all the riches in the world to go to a job and do things that I don’t want to do like you wouldn’t do that in a relationship with somebody want to take somebody out on a date and take advantage of them and make them do things they wouldn’t want to do so why would you base your entire life living for the approval of others and you doing things outside of your character that you know you shouldn’t be doing you’d never do a business deal like that you never take orders from somebody to to be to make you feel less of a person but we’re doing it every day we got to break free from that mold man that’s it yeah man yeah it’s it’s empowering man I thank you for for showing up I thank you for being consistent doing what you’re doing your videos have inspired me and I’m sitting here reading in the chat I know you can’t see the chat but there’s tons of people just saying we love you Matthew Matthew Silver is a very special person love what he’s doing to shift perceptions just tons of comments of people just just thanking you for doing what you’re doing so uh thank you man for doing what you do and thank you for spending this time with me on here yeah oh we can keep going I don’t know why we can keep going we don’t have a certain time it’s up to you I don’t know I I don’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know where you are yeah I mean um that’s it I mean it’s a it’s about I mean that was beautiful what you just said yeah hope it inspires somebody man cuz this it’s it’s its podcast episodes like that that inspired me you know hearing other people talk about wakens me what you just said awakens me yeah there’s people who have the answers but they want to keep it to themselves you know like how those people exist – yeah cuz they’re scared to lose it like wah wah wah why what are we losing that’s we have this illusion that we’re gonna lose ya a following you know notoriety someone off yeah yeah there’s people there’s people afraid of that there’s people who would tell you to you know don’t listen to true seeker because you know you’re gonna have this inward you’re gonna have this inward desire you’re not probably not gonna after a rant like that or or you know an ayahuasca ceremony like you’re gonna go to what you’re probably gonna be depressed when you go to work when you get in that truck you know there’s an inward desire like man I gotta I gotta do something you you you’re not gonna be you’re not gonna feel complete unless you do it that’s what happened to me you know and and it’s it brought a depression I don’t know if you’ve ever experimented with psychedelics or psilocybin or ayahuasca or anything that kind of goes hand in hand with some people’s version of spirituality but uh I think there’s a form of depression that kind of can come with that I know it cures depression heals depression but I’m approaching it from a way that it will make you depressed if you go to the edge of reality and you find out that you’re you’re not your job and you’re not fulfilled or defined by what other people say about you and you are the universe experience in itself and then you show up and then you’re going to clock in at some place that you loathe to be like the that’s that causes depression but it’s a healthy thing that’s that’s a no wait light yeah the awakening yeah you’re absolutely right so it’s another level of it do you awakening and to see that you have been sleeping and you see that you have choices here and there and I mean just take out your journal and see where it where you have all this how do you plan do you plan with visuals or or note-taking and I’ve got I’ve got a board big sheet of paper written down with all my goals on it and there’s spirituality and practicing just simply writing your goals down and achieving them and and speaking them and thinking about them and uh and then so you have to be consistent with them though like you have to show up and uh yeah yeah I just wanted to you’ve been saying show up a lot and uh yeah I mean that they can’t see the video right yeah those who can’t we’ll explain what we’re looking at yeah I just want to read my mission statement so on the top of it I said a hundred percent is showing up now you know I just I find it cool that you telling you keep telling me it’s about showing up yeah and then I wrote we are shifting the planet to love consciousness with the gift of love love is all there is we are all one there is only you love yourself know who you really are and choose who you wish to be and I am one love awakened now and I choose to be the greatest version of one love awakened now so it is true and then I wrote a hundred percent of showing up now but yeah if you I mean at the very uh I’m just emphasizing what you taught you have to take those steps towards it you know I’m saying and and have it I think that I’ll talk about like confession and stuff and having those ideas like ever a lot of people have the dream whether you want to be a basketball player or a football player or you want to be a comedian or a podcaster like you can have that vision or that dream or that imagination that it would be good but until you confess it and then you start doing things and like speaking it out my big thing was on it on a psilocybin encounter or magic mushrooms or whatever I had a thing where we’re just kind of going in to get vision and uh and I and I visited a friend or somebody was a friend of mine now but it she’s a Reiki practitioner and she does what she loves for a living she heals people through spirituality and spiritual practice for a living and that was one of those things too so I went and seen her then we did the psilocybin encounter and this I had this huge drive within me to like man I want to be a healer I want to do what she’s doing like I want to heal people for a living and they’re like I’m having this communion with God and myself and it’s like no no no you already are you’re not you don’t want to be or one day you’ll be a healer you already are and then I begin to see different things that I do in life whether it’s you know spiritual practice or just my music you know understand these things that are healing people and it’s something not that something outside of yourself like we’re talking about a one day I’m gonna be a healer one day I’m gonna be this or that I already a.m. yeah to know that it’s already within you it’s already within you that for me was the permission I wasn’t looking at the approval or one day I will be granted to become a healer I look at the ways I’m already healing humanity and and people through conversation and connecting people and all of this stuff and that was like the permission as well you know that it’s already within us and uh but there there were gold things that were down there were goals you know in that experience that I knew that it’s like a game plan or a map on how to achieve it you know in those conscious moments of meditation or prayer of Salah you know solitude and that’s important that’s I think that’s turning off the default though to like we have to like focus on the now moment we put our consciousness sometimes so far ahead of ourselves and and I’m guilty of this in the past and even now if I’m not careful my mind will be set from event to event like I’ll have a concert coming up and weeks and days will go by where my mind is only thinking about I can’t wait to this concert I can’t wait to this and now it’ll make it where I’m not in the moment consciously creating aware of everything beautiful around me whether it’s family whether it’s friends whether it’s just the trees and the air and breath and things like that because our consciousness is so far ahead of ourselves and it’s about coming to that now moment whether it’s done through a psychedelic or meditation or breathing reading you know stargazing all of this stuff there’s so many different practices man that help us to be mindful about our life our thoughts and what we’re trying to create and always though those are the things that I tell people like that’s what I’m doing and it worked like it helps you to be mindful of the the choices and decisions that you’re making to achieve the dreams they’re not nobody’s gonna hand it to you you know what I’m saying like nobody’s gonna do it but I think you you owe it to humanity and you you owe it to like you said the beginning what’s the most important thing yourself like you know that that’s gonna make you happy to wake up and perform everyday or wake up and do have a beautiful conversation with someone that’s gonna help change lives and inspire people like the man there’s there’s no words to really describe it the situation I was at six months ago to where I am now it’s like those dreams like I’m doing what I love for a living I’m living my dream right now you don’t say and it’s not like done this is the beginning you know we’re just building upon it and I think that there’s if you’re consistent to follow like here’s here’s my see this pretty crumpled uh lucky but keep it up under me but I have my sheet here too with with the goals and the things and in my wallet I have the goals written down from the psilocybin encounter things I need to change about myself like look if you want to go to this next level you have to look you have to quit doing this you have to quit doing that I would smoke cigars to help pass the time in the truck I help keep me awake because I would you know get tired and stuff so instead of you know taking a bunch of nutters I would take I would either chew gum or smoke smoke a cigar and it would be like so many hours like look you can’t do that you got to quit smoking cigars if you want to go to this next level and it’s just this helpful evaluation with God and yourself and uh I have you have you ever had a uh spiritually kind of like that with uh psilocybin or ayahuasca and that’s a big thing right now a lot of people are taking Amazon and stuff I’ve done ayahuasca ceremony was similar to that like this self-discovery or going within and yeah it’s about like it you’re you get to hear your all your voices well for me it was just like all the illusions they were coming up like hmm you know like negative and positive it was all it was all like I would I’ve got to see this cycle a little bit differently like you got to see the stuff you needed to change too right yes stop those cycles that are negative and stuff and how and how to facilitate the beautiful things that are happening and yes yeah I haven’t done anything yeah you know that are helpful when when they I feel like they’re that they’re very helpful when you’re doing it for spiritual reasons but if you do it for just am fine party I I’ve seen people just do it at raves and yeah and and then you know I the one thing I don’t like is that they to go to these Ray’s and there’s they’re blasting this huge speakers that sound like it’s drilling oil and stuff and and and you don’t you know that the the dissolution genic is since it gives you time to think and be within and then yeah it’s music that’s controlling it’s it’s it’s infiltrating your brain in a way you know what I mean I think the but this is just my opinion the best way to do that is you know your with positive friends and your in your in nature ya know everybody everybody has the same kind of goal in mind to do it I’ve had I’ve had those friends who we’ve done them together and had beautiful and it was a bunch of guys probably it was like maybe five or six of us and we went out and we we got a cabin I don’t know in the forest and we did that and man amazing breakthrough just don’t psilocybin mushrooms but uh but it was really strong like it felt like ayahuasca that you left your body type stuff but you got the revelation on your life and what to do and how to do it and you feel like you’re communing with something what we call God or angelic and angels and stuff it was really deep and uh and then the next week my friends are like hey I’m ready to do it again my bro I just wrote down this big list of things that – I’m doing this strategically and they’re like man that was fun when I’m doing it again sigh bro I wrote all it’s gonna take me a while to process this information that come that came through and they wanted to cut an eight want to do it like a like a party drug now and um I told no I’m not doing this it may be six months maybe a year I mean I’d ever do it and I’m okay with that but right because this experience was so it was so powerful for me I had to write everything down cuz all the information that came through then they go out and do it the next week in a different environment and a party environment with friends who we’re just wanting to get high and have a good time you know he goes through in the middle of the middle of this we did it and secluded in the forest he goes in the middle of the suburbs neighbors everywhere they have music blaring all the way up with the door wide open so they’re afraid that someone’s gonna call the cops and they’re on this hallucinogenic and and he’s in the bathroom crying freaking out you know and they’re playing like demonic sounding music that has given him visuals and stuff and it was like night and day so like the set and setting is like you have to respect that stuff man you really get respect to stuff like some people don’t respect it I mean a lot of people don’t respect it but you like you say you got what you needed you got what you needed to know you don’t have to go back there again you got what you need and not only that that’s another problem with our world we take things for granted – it’s it’s just like you know you got what you needed to know and you moving forward with that you know yep that’s what it’s about in like meditation you know the same same type of thing is just about being mindful and whatever you have to do to kind of do that I think that’s part of the day-to-day and and that sometimes escapes us you know sometimes it’s they said it’s easy to kind of even though I’ve got all these goals and listings so sometimes you don’t feel like it like there’s things you have to do to kind of motivate yourself to just to stick that path out consistency is big with me because like maybe you can relate to this – we’ve been talking about this a lot like being a person with like being very creative and having all of these ideas I’m sure you have other I’ve seen different skits and stuff that you do and you kind of got to write out the script and stuff to perform them being very creative it’s easy to get sidetracked because you have all these really cool ideas and you can create it you can do it you can spend time and energy on it but then to do that it would take away from the other stuff people were very creative like myself I’ll do music I do a podcast I just started making make beats I’m a father I got a husband all kind of stuff to do and if I start venturing into the other stuff they’re really great ideas awesome good ideas if we start venturing into that the other stuff is gonna suffer because we have ourselves just kind of spread out all over the place but but being consistent with what you know is working and for the things you’re trying to build if you want to see growth in it you have this you have to show up you have the water you have to cultivate the land you have to water the the seed in the plan you have to take the weeds out from around it that’s a it’s essentially a full-time job but can you relate to that at all is there other great ideas that you know that maybe you probably could be successful at they could even help people they’re good ideas but you don’t have enough hours in the day to do that and just doing what you’re doing because it’s working as you know just being consistent to show up do you feel that that inward dilemma as well being up someone who’s just like living in the land of creativity yeah I mean I really like going out on the street and and and performing and stuff but then you know you have this whole other thing like social media right yeah but postal media is nothing about what I do on the street it’s not you know what I mean it does social media just takes pictures and and then another part of me says oh maybe I want to get really good at social media making short little videos the short little funny videos and then that’s I mean that’s another thing I could become I could become a short little video maker you know exact make the little funny you’d be successful at it yeah and be successful at it and and there’s a yes there’s a pullet part of my mind because and then oh the other thing that I like doing is I like performing at night at venues so that that pulls it like you can only do so much you can only do so much very well so it’s either I do the thing during the day consist gently or I either do the night venue thing and you know build up contacts for letting me perform it or I build up the the video small video thing on social media you know you can you could create a big audience with that if you wanted to you know I mean that’s why you’re using social media right ya ain’t drop I mean networking you know all of that stuff you know but then you get you get conflicted and you’re like oh I should do it all I should do it all I get conflicted because like I have a lot of people who reach out to me and and I interview people a lot like I don’t know if it’s a confidence thing or what but I don’t I usually don’t go live by myself a lot and just ramble part of me thinks that I can’t but I’ve done it before and it’s been good I have a lot of people who want me to do that I have some guests on here people are like I don’t like that guy at all I don’t like what he’s bringing to the table but I enjoy you doing your thing so that’s my conflict as well too it’s like well you know I’m networking with these people right now I’m tapping into Matthew Silver’s fanbase and people were gonna look up his name these type of things and and and people who are really big who have come on on the show and they’ll tweet out the episode or whatever and it gets thousands of views or whatever it’s part of networking I’ve built my platform over the years even with music like I featured a big name artists that I’ve paid and now all their fans are fans of me because we’ve networked together but part of that like now that I have a platform people are like what you should I would rather it be just you I don’t people are like I don’t like a lot of your your guests you know but I love everything you share so that’s a conflict for me you know of like you know if I should do that or maybe do both or whatever the case is or now that like that for you I’ll just keep going you know yeah I mean you should do it you should just I don’t know yeah I mean you could em you know you make the pinpoints of why you’re gonna talk about this if this is the next step mm-hmm if you’ve had it I mean it it seems like that’s where you’re going you’re gonna just talk to you you to the people enjoy the conversation you’re very I enjoy the conversation too though because I don’t for me like this spiritual conversation doesn’t happen too much in my day-to-day life you know I come from a religious background and then I would I would do these huh like I was a Christian evangelist I did Christian hip-hop music and share my stories at hundreds of churches over the years you know and yeah so then now what I’m doing this in and this opens up for well I got to talk a lot about aliens and UFO experiences in ayahuasca and stuff like that so when I started doing that and still being in the church but I wouldn’t go to church and talk about that or I wouldn’t go to meetings or be around church people and talk about they would they would see the podcast and then they would really hey you know they they would tell people to stay away from me and avoid me and stuff like that so holy shit rightfully so though rightfully so you know what I’m saying if you have a religious institution and you got this guy he’s like hey man these mushrooms changed my life you know what I’m saying like that’s uh you know that you become a threat to what they’ve built you know what I’m saying so that kind of comes with the territory as well I got mad I got hurt over it early on because I thought these people were my friends but I was a threat to what they were building you know yes I’m in the Bible Belt – Ettore I’m in Alabama bro oh right you’re now down yeah so it’s totally different yeah so what would you say your your I mean your your spiritual so I guess now you’re not are you are still into religion as much I’m into the philosophy in the in like you I think I’m into what you’re into the love behind it like you’re saying the love that fuels everything and I like to read the scripture still and the stories which I’ve studied I know I’m like the back of my hand and I pulled the spirituality out of it all and how it’s all like allegory and relates to us in our bodies and our psyche and how we play those characters in the Bible like those those characters are us like just like the Bhagavad Gita if you would read about these other gods and stuff like those are are personifications that we play and we give homage to in different aspects of our life like we become the Israelites running from the Creator the Creator in the wilderness in a place where we have no idea where we are in this we have to deal with the golden calves in our life you know the different idolatry and things that we that have our heart that not it’s not supposed to have it and we’re not being authentic like all of that stuff is about it’s not about like finding the historical King David and to give credence and and prove that his story existent that existed that proves your religion is right it’s about understanding that the power is in the story even if this person never existed at all but you’re gonna play the role of King David and you got to face your own Giants who are laughing at your face Matthew Silver has big thugs coming in your face while you’re performing telling you you need to pack up and leave right now and you’re facing your giant who’s like okay do i bow down do I just pack my stuff up and leave or I do what I’m and put here to do and I stand in the face of opposition bringing love hope and unity and consciousness to the people and stay there I’ve seen the videos they’re amazing you know what I’m saying you have to face that and you kind of go through so that’s what the religion means to me now those stories and in Jesus and and all of that stuff so essentially I’m still I’m still I’m still a Christian I guess I would say I’ve still really relate to those stories but as far as like being religious in because they definitely the church wouldn’t have agreed with those statements or whatever the case is right so they’re definitely and I’m not open to talk about mushrooms I’m not open to talk about aliens and that song far is that concerned I’m totally removed from that 100% but I have my foundations in that stuff though you know yeah and see you need you need like like you said it’s like it’s building a religion builds a build something solid and then it comes very narrow-minded yeah I’ve been there yeah so it’s like they put salt like you just said they put so much effort into it so if you say anything that transverses it that it’s wrong wrong said yeah so so I mean we’re in a new age where you know we take like we need a new mythology we need a new and that’s what a lot of us are doing we’re trying to recreate that something a new myth a new story story story to live by to equate your life by and I feel like the only way to create a new story is by you creating the story and somehow that’s the awakening everybody just follows their inner story and it just it all hits together back to one you know and and it’s an awakening you know but I mean it’s always an awakening it’s always it’s something we we need something that’s in our lives just more open open yep yep and it’s about yes that was my awakening though so you know I’m saying like that was my foundation and then the awakening is like it’s okay to be you because like you have to give your persona away you have to wear a mask you have to play the hypocrite you know what the hypocrite is the the performer in the in the Greek play who would play many different roles with the same with a mask that would turn and you had to be someone you wasn’t that’s what the turn hey you’re being a hypocrite man you’re not being authentic and so I don’t think it’s being a hypocrite from a religious standpoint of saying like in my case you’re into UFOs and you have you’re talking about psilocybin and stuff like that psychedelics the hypocrite would be acting like I’m I don’t do that and I’ve been there like I had to like keep it hush-hush and not tell anybody and act like no I’m not into that no you know though something Oh Oh big time man we’re talking yeah huge and but that’s why this platform is growing and becoming successful with it because I transcended past that I’m doing with what because I have a huge Christian following like they like know my story right Wow and they know my music and and I’m not the only one I’m there I’m there their mouthpiece essentially because I’m telling their story from a Christian perspective and it’s okay to keep your belief in like your religious beliefs or whatever and be okay to something as silly as listen to different music have a beer be a regular person but still have your faith in your foundation who these people were throw you away and when they find out that stuff they excommunicate you they ghost you and this it’s hard bro like it really is and uh so a big portion of the fan base or whatever audience it’s Christian but not from a religious standpoint like they’re coming out of it into spirituality and they want someone who is being open about their story and and I’ve been told not to I’ve been told to be quiet I’ve been told to people you’re gonna lose your job if you’re talking about mushrooms with Matthew silver like I said well it’s so powerful and that I have to like I have to I can’t not talk about this if it’s soap if I if this was a life-changing experience and you’re telling me not to talk about like it can help people if people change their lives cure depression but you want me not to talk about it for fear of losing my job like I make that I had and there was that fear there I had to block all my constituents at work on social media you know those type of things cause if they would see it and show the boss a true Sikh is talking about his mushroom journey this weekend and he’s shown it for work Monday morning you know what I’m saying let’s have a talk with them they really I mean that happens on jobs all the time so there is a healthy fear and there is a there’s wisdom in it too but you’re calling your path I would I wouldn’t have been authentic to myself not to talk about it and now it’s paying off it didn’t at first you’re excommunicated you laughed at you made your crazy person all of this stuff like anything but then eventually I’m look what you’re doing when there was an audience now you have an audience but you’ve been doing this for a long time when there was nobody showing up nobody entertainer or getting up following you on social media now you have audience but they don’t know that those early days man you you just had to be consistent consistency what there wasn’t an applause and stuff but you knew that it was something in you greater that you were put here to do and you did it and you’re doing it it’s a process it’s a process it’s not overnight at all I recently I’ve been reading these books did you ever see ever hear of the conversations with God yeah yeah oh I be reading these books and and one at one of the messages I thought was good we are all one ours is not a better way ours is merely another way I mean that’s it that’s the message Ling like saying what you were saying before you know yeah I believe it man talking about aliens or whatever and and the things that people find weird but whose life is life is weird it’s not it’s weird to be enclosed and thinking there was only one way mm-hmm it’s your way we’ll set the path if you’re creating it and you when you said you’re conscious of that you have a choice back yeah I didn’t have a choice my friends who won’t talk about that they don’t have a choice but they need to find out that they can’t they do and they could make it and they can create it and and and and they’re getting to the point where I was you know what I’m saying they’re getting feeling like they’re meant for something more than selling cars and treating people at a car lot you know I’m saying like that’s what they’re doing and they feel like they know it’s wrong and they want to be doing music they want to be doing but there’s practical ways to do it and I’m just I’m just urging people just to write those goals down and make it happen you know be the Matthew Silver be the true seeker be the Joe Rogan whoever inspires you like these are you definitely play oh I think I would be safe to say that you have played a role in me doing what I’m doing right now so thank you for that I would totally say that like I said just you showing up being you and being okay with it you know what I’m saying like no definitely I’ve been watching your videos for years bro like I’ve I’ve been sharing them like I said when there was only a couple I think maybe right even when you first started just your page like I was just a friend on Facebook and there would only be just a few people watching – now when I tune in to your loss of this hundreds of if not thousands of people watching right after the videos done dude I’ve been following man I appreciate your work it’s it’s inspired me that’s what I wanted to make this happen do it and this is the 100th episode so I’m good I finally got you on here to talk to you man yeah 100 Wow yep we just hit it so uh four there’s people there’s some people here most people are commenting in the chat oh my god Matthew Silver’s here and this guy’s a legend I love his work in the chat comment section some people don’t know what you do tell people how they can find your work what’s the best platform whether it’s YouTube or go to Facebook or whatever what’s the best way to consume your work and how they can check out what you’re doing I don’t know if they just do a Google search Matthew silver or YouTube Matthew so just Matthew silver on Facebook Google or you you’d find a piece here and there I’m not very organized but um you’d see you’d see stuff I mean I I’m a a performer I guess for the awakening you know I’m but I’m in in a bathing suit and I fart in people’s faces you know I call it a lot to do it yeah this will release when people do that man like something happens when people do that a guy in a business suit who walks up and you know there’s something happens there man yeah you help it man yeah I’m doing my part my little part you know let me ask you this um okay so you’ve had to look for a while and then I’ve seen some videos come out where the beard was gone and the head was shaved did that did you did you cut your hair and shave your beard and then do some some performances as well or will or is that older stuff no I think you had the dreads in a long hair than you shaved it all right yeah how did you feel when that happened when you shaved it off ah it was like it was cool you know it meant I didn’t have to live inside this box so it was on boxes it was liberating yeah really Wow yeah libery see I had long dreads for a while and dreads down my back and I when I saved him I got the press like I felt like I lost something that I worked for or whatever that’s fun I didn’t know if there was something similar did you experience to that but it was it was binding it was liberating but I did feel like a little down at first because I I wasn’t something that I was yeah like you’re but anyway behind in that but not to be that cuz you’re always that real truth of reality is here you’re in the present moment you’re always recreating yourself you’re reawakening yourself every moment so if you you you keep an identity for a while yeah and then you lose it that’s a good thing that helps you know it helps yeah I was I definitely I definitely felt that but I felt it’s like ego death to like and there’s there’s a lot spirituality linked with hair too though you know what I’m saying it information and being as an antenna to be receptive to energies and things like that really really deep stuff so that’s I wanted to ask you that I didn’t know if you know the performance changed or if it was harder to go out there it’s almost like wearing a mask like if you was like cause it’s a personality so now was there was it different going out there getting in the character again without having the beard or the oh the hair and just going out there being the wackadoo or was it just just like that you was able to jump right into character and stuff yeah I was able to jump in a character people would say oh you shouldn’t have cut the hair but we you know none of us want to live by what other people see us you know they mess with them yeah it’s just like a just a new layer of uh no don’t like it’s a new layer being controlled by what our people think about think you look like fish you escape religion you could you could have got depressed then got my damn I shouldn’t know I shouldn’t cut my hair I gotta wait till it grows out until I go back out there like you could have definitely done that exactly I it just you know I don’t have to be this guy there’s no there’s nobody IO for being I you know in a way I’ve already done my good thing like you said another good messages there’s nothing you need to do yeah it’s funny anymore look acceptance anything right and so the only true path is your spiritual path the path of your soul you know not necessarily even the path of your own your mind and your body body I mean it’s it’s almost the thing that connects you to God you know that’s what’s important and and in a way like cutting the hair was a way of saying this is not good yeah yeah it’s not it’s it’s not important you know me not defined by that when someone would try to define you by your hair or this character there’s so much more and that doesn’t define you that’s awesome man yeah I mean it also has a point to like how that’s what speed you live your life I mean you can only do one thing really well you know and and and if not all of your attention and your focus is on what you’re doing and your you know your your heads – somewhere else you kind of lose your you lose yourself you identified in these other thing you let other things define you and we like as we talked about earlier like people do that with acceptance or rejection you know and you have to do something to be accepting that’s not God at all that’s what like turned me off to Christianity in the religion that I was in like I had to do something to be accepted by these people when the God that I’ve read about her in the scriptures or Jesus he loved you regardless he loved you when you were a dirt bag and you did all of these things – that were harmful to yourself he still loved you and that loved that love of Christ for me is what like empowers you to change and so that’s the motivation there is the love motivation behind my message and I think it’s behind yours – the love that kind of encourages you to do what you’re put here to do to break the shell to find out that love is really all that matters like all of this other stuff is gonna pass away but love I think I think there’s something eternal about that man those good deeds and stuff of helping people but I really do yeah I think that stuff lasts you know leaves a mark on people versus doing it the opposite right I’m with you I bro hey man imma go ahead and in this episode and I didn’t respect to talk this long hey it was you know what it started out kind of slow but we got into it man I’ve written there’s a lot of people in the chat saying how they love you you know what I’m saying and uh and these are people who follow my work so it’s so cool that a lot of them already know who you are and then there’s some people who don’t know who you are so make sure y’all check out Matthew Silver’s work go to YouTube there’s a great video and I’ll put it in the description as well it’s called the meaning of life from a crazy person someone edit it and put music to it it’s like this inspirational video and he has conversations with this with people I don’t know open like this like on on a daily basis and really funny stuff some of its funny some of its motivational but all of it I think all of it matters like the laughing and then the motivation or with it as well as beautiful can I just say one last note go ahead but basically summarizing what you said that I think the most important message here is that there’s not God loves you no matter what you do there’s nothing that you I mean we we talked about going after our dreams and stuff yeah it’s just knowing that God knowing that you’re not alone and and and you know God loves you no matter what I mean you you be a screw up that’s it I mean that’s awareness you know so that’s empowering like that’s that’s that’s the permission we talk about the permission like to know that you’re accepted and loved regardless of your failures like that’s that’s the permission that love that enables you to go out and be the person you created to be yeah in whatever form if that’s in religion like some people find that in religion and they’re gonna they’re gonna stay there it works for them they’re successful they’re raising a good family they’re doing what they love to do and it’s for them but others they’re not satisfied with that you know they have to they have to you know ask the bigger questions in life they have to you know they have to get these things out of their head you know they they have questions and they happen to want answers you know yeah and so that’s why I think stuff like this is important whether we’re talking about aliens or just you know it’s just about I think it all plays from for me like all of its part of the same thing you know of just it’s aliens for me for someone else it’s you know something else you know I really enjoy that I don’t want to be like you said I don’t want to be told that I can’t talk about that ya know you can talk about everything but that you know don’t talk about psychedelics don’t talk about this I’ll talk about that when it’s part of you and it changed your life or whatever the case is I think we should freely be able to speak about that kind of stuff so that’s if it helps people I think it helps people you know yes help me that’s my story all I can do is share my story with you you know leave it up to Matthew to share his brother thanks for coming on man I appreciate you and I’d love to have you on again man we need to do this again sometime thank you I brother all right piece of Shalom one love one heart one heart Salaam bro peace shallow Matthew silver ladies and gentlemen I’ve been trying to get him on for a while really cool that would finally finally had the chance to make this work good good interview started off a little rocky didn’t know you try to find common ground trying to build and then not rocky you just you know a little bit slower there towards the end that we’ve kind of both felt okay with one another and it happens like that I’ve done I do a lot of interviews like that well you don’t you don’t know how it’s gonna go do we have common ground here but we definitely did I really enjoyed that like I said and I don’t think that’s that’s going out on a limb saying it either that Matthew silver him doing what he’s doing it has played a role in me doing what I’m doing for a living of me showing up and being okay to walk in my truths and do it essentially for a living now you know what I’m saying and pursue that because you find out how how depressed or miserable you’ll be if you don’t you have to you have to and there’s your permission I just told you to go out and do it do something today that’s gonna build the life you want for yourself tomorrow something send the email trust me I got people I’m trying to help I can’t force you to do anything I could just share with you what worked for me but do something this today share an email write a lyric write a chapter write a page write a paragraph for your book that’s what’s it within you that you want to do you’ve been through something this can help somebody like whatever those dreams you have within you do something I don’t care what an email if it’s just sending an email you want to do a podcast send out email to get your first guest like there’s so much you can do man and I hate the fact that I deal with people who won’t they they claim they want it but they won’t do the work like they won’t send the email trust me I’ve had I’ve tried to hold people’s hands through this stuff and um but they keep talking about it like it’s a future thing that’s gonna happen but it’s not gonna happen if you don’t take that shovel put that shovel in the ground break up that stony ground put the seed in there cover it back up water it give it sunlight nurture it you have to do something you can’t just have all these good ideas they’re just gonna everyone has great ideas you know I’m saying so do it I love you guys episode number 100 it’s awesome I’m about to come right back on I got another interview right after this I love you guys peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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