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Matthew Silver joins TruthSeekah in this episode to speak about spirituality and the power of laughter. Matthew Silver is a street performer who goes out into busy places in public to share the power of love through laughter and creativity. In this episode TruthSeekah & Matthew speak about the importance of taking the leap of faith to do what you were born to do in the first place, There Is no greater joy than that journey.Matthew Silver Spirituality
Matthew Silvers mission is the shift the consciousness of the world one soul at a time by using joy and laughter. To Matthew this is a very spiritual and conscious experiences and the reactions that he receives are well worth the ridicule and cold shoulders. During his performances Matthew Silver seemingly plays the part of the crazy man or the town fool. Most often times people mistake him as a homeless man or beggar but he isn’t asking for money. He is asking you to dream, to follow your heart and to choose the path of love. Matthews message is that of unity and can turn a busy intersection or crowded subway into and amusement park of joy and dancing. Matthew Silvers online presence has also sent him internet fame as to having his pictures and videos turned into memes and gifs. Some see Matthew as a crazy man others a pure genius. His most viral video is called “Crazy Man Explains the Meaning of Life” and though he looks to be out of his mind his word in no doubt speak to the heart of the listener about the importance of choosing love. So in the end Matthew doesnt seem to be out of “his” mind but simply out of ours. Matthew is a symbol of finding peace by doing what you love to do. Matthew feels that his presence in the lives of passer bys and impact that he has on even complete strangers has the power to change the world if we all would choose love.



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