Mercedez Lucke-Benedict is known for her paranormal life, her work as a Remote View Frequency Healer. Her story was featured on the Television series The Dead Files, where her and her family were being tormented by demonic spirits.

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Mercedez currently is producer and host of her podcast “UNVEILING MYSTERY” and creating a brand new a talk formatted podcast called The Mercedez Lucke-Benedict Show. She has been on numerous podcast speaking about the events that occured on her home and property, which is extremely haunted. Her home was featured on The Dead Files in 2021 as Season Finale. The episode was called “Damned In The Desert”. A exorcist by the name of Rev. Bill Bean was called into help in 2021 and 3 separate exorcism/ Deliverance were carried out. Mercedez, her family and their land are now free from the demonic. A documentary is currently in the works to go into detail what occured to this family and the research that brought many answers to a long held curse on this land. Mercedez has helped people all over the world with her abilities but it was through God that she found the greatest gift of healing. God won won the battle between darkness and light. God saved her family and her beloved land. To help the spirits there was always her mission. Through Gods amazing Grace this occurred. Three recent Paranormal investigations have also brought in concrete evidence as to those spirits still on the property and those that are not. Mercedez has the many “Gifts of Spirit” and she is able to feel, see, hear, communicate and even draw spirit. Her new music is completely Spirit driven and you can find her on all media formats including Facebook and YouTube or a her website or Mercedez mission is to share her story of Good vs Evil. Unveiling Mystery was created for this as well as her music.

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