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Andrews story is an amazing story of transformation through the power of meditation. Andrew adopted a meditation routine maintaining 15 minutes every morning before he started his day. This meditation technique allowed him to start the day being present and in the moment. Meditation allows us to quiet the chatter of the day. The chat can be expectations, roles and personas that we are associated with and allows us to focus in on what really matters even if it’s only for 15 minutes in the morning. Andrew said that he would also often meditate for 15 minutes in the evening before bed. This nightly meditation would allow him to end his day on a mindful note and set the intention for the dream state. By doing this it helped Andrew to stay mindful of his goals which was to lose weight which requires mindfulness, i.e. being mindful about what he put into his body. Since this time Andrew has applied these meditation techniques and mindfulness to every area of his life and is on the road to fulfilling his dreams and living in his destiny. Mindfulness is being present and thankful within the journey instead of projecting your consciousness weeks, months or even years down the road. With mindfulness, we keep with our goal in mind yet remain present.