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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Anthony Guilbert about the art of mindfulness, meditation and spiritual awakening. Anthony Guilbert teaches Taoism, Qigong and Zen Buddhism and is trained in many different paths of martial arts and has taken the spirituality and teachings with him throughout his journey. Anthony shares one of his stories about while in meditation he experiences true oneness with everything around him. This experience came while meditating in a garden as he felt his body begin to dissipate and then flow into everything around him, the animals, the trees, people etc. This experience at a young age set him apart from other youth as he began to practice meditation and take seriously the spirituality within his martial art and training.
Many people experiencing spiritual awakening are having otherworldly encounters just like Anthony Guilbert in the garden. The question is “What do we do with these experiences after they are over?”. Is that it? Was it just a feel good experience that ends there? Anthony speaks about the power of mindfulness and being able to capture the meaning and the ability to bring it into our reality. This is the power of mindfulness. Once we experience awakening how to we not just “fall back asleep”? The importance of practicing mindfulness is so that  we stay awake and remain consciously alert of our goals and impartation from the other dimensions. Many people have had amazing encounters and have incredible visions of themselves in the futures as where they could be in their careers, relationships etc. but they seemingly lose it by going back to autopilot. Autopilot seems to be the default setting that the majority of Americans are on today spending the majority of their life working at jobs that they have no idea why they ended up there in the first place. The practices talked about in this interview are practical first and then spiritual second and are for anyone at any stage of spiritual development to pick up and apply to their life. Mindfulness is something that the greatest seer and the becoming apprentice must bring with them throughout their entire journey.

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some practical things that we can do we’re gonna be talking to my friend Anthony goo bear we’ll have him on here shortly I hope I said that right um but I wanna before we go any further I want to thank all the people who enable me to do this enable me to do full-time podcasting and music and art and everything that I bring to the table everybody who’s supporting my work over at patreon thank you everyone who’s been supporting over the months there if you would like to support my work head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker for any level of giving you get access to my entire discography which is and just cool stuff that we put out over there also get access to the school of the Mystics every Thursday night we do this online school training and we just go through courses together it’s kind of the community aspect to what we’re building here so if you want to take it to the next level if you’re looking to build with some people and talk to somebody who’s been through similar 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reason good bear sounds a lot like a bear which is a it’s a common name down here as well there’s a lot of French down here so see that connection man welcome to the show excited to talk to you about your story your work which you bring to the table you’re a writer you have a lot of I don’t know if we can call them spiritual practices I think it’s some some background and martial arts which tends to be spiritual spiritual practice of training the body training the mind money body and in mind as one Taoism Zen Buddhism and or big one for me which is a Qigong which is some things you’re trained in as well so I’d like to talk a little bit about that but if you want to go ahead and kind of give a quick background for people who may have not of part of your work and what you bring to the table if you want to go ahead and be awesome so um yeah it’s kind of interesting you bring it up as in my generation you know the Gen Xers and the talent of the baby boomers we didn’t really have access to the mind-body world that exists today when we were coming up you know back on Long Island in the 70s all there was was martial arts nobody had heard of Qigong nobody nobody was really serious about meditation where they are now it’s a very different world so yeah my entrance into this was through judo and Aikido judo through my stepdad who had worked study with the Grandmaster here in the US and then trained taught judo in Japan after the war I moved into Aikido when I got to the end of Judo and was looking for something new and I had tried a few different martial arts and that was the one that hit me and I did that for about six years black builder than that as well and right before that I got injured and the injury to my back and primarily lower back from a car accident and my right arm was such that it led me into studying Tai Chi is something too as a practice to keep moving and stay healthy while my body healed at the same time I couldn’t you know I can go back and shoot or Aikido because I couldn’t get thrown on the ground the way I used to his body wasn’t going to take it so I got very interested in that and through Tai Chi originally young form I’ve also studied the Wu form I got into G gung I’ve studied with various teachers in G gung master Chen who’s up at Dow house will give a shout to debt house which was an actual taoist monastery or monastery or temple here in the u.s. up in Estes Park Colorado another New Yorker on shout out the gym MacRitchie who is the founder of the national genome Association who is my mentor for quite a few years and my current teacher Roger Janka who heads the Institute of integral G Gong and Tai Chi in California supposed to be my primary teachers like I said I’ve been looking at the study with two of the great American G done teachers I know that phrase may get me in trouble so you know respectable yeah respect everybody I didn’t mention and from there you know my life has been studying Zen Buddhism and Daoism Zen with the mountains in stream order in New York and then Taoism primarily intellectually sitting down as I don’t follow the Taoist religion I look at Taoism from a philosophical standpoint and really consider it in the modern context so how do these things work and fit into our daily lives and where are these expressions Taoism that’s based on observation you know every Taoist master that wrote the foundational texts observe the world and then interpreted it for people it’s where you get ideas like yin and Jung it’s through observation I’m right now my work is to take those old ideas and see can we still see them in culture particularly in American culture or they still valid if they are still valid have they found or expressed anything new to us over time you know as culture grows and changes yeah so that’s the work I’m doing now and along the way a bunch of other spiritual practices I’ve been lucky enough to have great spiritual friends you know people who I may not have followed as a teacher but we learned through friendship oh yeah yeah those yeah those people come in handy man because we need to role questions and ideas off of one another and so to have people and are there with you whether you know we said you know they’re they’re not really a teacher but essentially everything is a teacher right so those people who were coming up with you and you see the mistakes that there making or the things that they’re doing right and we kind of learn from everything in our situation especially you know our friends who were on this similar path with this man it could be hard you know talking about spiritual awakening I just shared out a meme on Instagram and you’ve probably seen it it’s a popular one but it’s like this lady it says what people think spiritual awakening is in it’s this woman meditating on a mountain real beautiful but it says what what spiritual awakening really looks like and it’s just lady freaking out at the bottom and uh somebody help me am I going crazy right and so you know I think we need examples there’s not there’s not a lot of respected teachers anymore and if they are they’re just they they only they’re only good at like this one thing one or two things it’s like they’re not gonna have it all figured out they they’re really good at what they teach and what they believe and what they can impart but you’re gonna have to go find someone else if you want to learn a deeper mystery about whatever it is that has to deal with spirituality everything’s gonna be biased and I think that like we learn from all of these teachers and all of these people and experiences and we kind of come up with our own ideas about what life is a spirituality expression how the universe the world the mind works and how we can you know use it for our benefit and to benefit those around us which is which is the beautiful thing about spirituality so we’re talking about spiritual awakening what was your initiation into spiritual awakening was it just something I was always there through the martial arts practices or was that did something happened that got handed to it I think the martial arts was a weight I mean growing up I mean I was a short fat kid who got picked on that’s why it was Jones in the martial arts you know I remember watching a Billy Jack in the movie theater and going yeah I’m not taking shit anymore that was my original you know entrance in but uh you know I think I want to say that my spiritual awakening as a young man probably came when I was on I say five or six and I started reading a copy of CAI he’ll go bronze the profit that my mother had on her bookshelf which was very popular in that you know early still late 60s and my mother fosters a lot of that in me you know though you know parents being what they are we never see eye to eye on everything my mom was very open to me experiencing new things so you know going if the martial arts wasn’t a big jump you know the fact that my stepdad was martial artist helped any of my entrance into that but my stepdad was very steep in Japanese culture so it was also meditation it was also an appreciation for you know avec on flower arranging I cou I kind of adopted that whole Japanese warrior attitude as a young man I would say my an adult awakening into the spiritual life came there was a if you have ever get the chance to experience this as a form of uh Zen meditation called Tsui Zen and it’s a music played on a Japanese shakuhachi flute and the music is specific to his Buddhist music played in interpreted you know twenty five hundred year old music played on this bamboo flute and the shakuhachi players will the whole idea is to integrate your senses into the environment so I had I’ve been doing this just for enjoyment on Sunday mornings back in my my early remember 20s and it was one morning whereas listen to the local shop ouchy player in Long Island we were at the John P Hume strolling Gardens which is a Japanese garden that ambassador Hume had created on Long Island after he retired and we um the whole group of us had that had that a similar experience where we were all sitting there was getting into the music and meditating and at one point I could say I felt a bird I had so he imagined you imagine a tea house and I’m sitting in the doorway of the tea house and the Sun is coming through through the garden onto my back and I could feel the warmth on my back and the bird’s wing passed through that beam of light and I could feel the entire expanse of the wing imprinted on my back and I just slipped into the garden like I just disappeared from myself became everything in the garden and then everything beyond the garden and then nothing till the music stops and I kind of returned that was when I really started taking things seriously that that experience of oneness or boundlessness that took me and so I guess it took me 10 years to actually figure that experience out I worked for a long time studied a lot of different teachings started digging deeper but that was a moment where for me things opened up and it all became not abstract in a book something my teacher told me but real and experiential yeah yeah that’s what um you know the real encounter is about we talked we talked about it last night on my friends podcast the fact that like even you know come out of Christianity it was always like take my word for it this is my story how I found God you need to believe my story not beckon you to come and say yes you know but um but the real side of having an encounter with God for yourself you know of and I think that’s really what even early Christianity was is to come in and have this practice I really look at old the original Christianity as a spiritual practice that looked like something from the east versus what we have in the West now but of something where you can actually encounter that spirit the Holy Spirit and encounter God for yourself and it’s not by walking you know in a belief in someone else’s experience or revelation of God or the divine but your own encounter that everyone can have that for themselves is a thing that you could be talked out of belief I think you could be talked out of faith but knowing God or knowing that divine essence of what it is what it feels like how it’s been with you where it’s taking you all of that I don’t think I don’t think anyone can take that from you that’s that experience man that can be found through every religion can be found through a lot of different spiritual practices and and I think it comes back down to as far as wanting to create that experience I mean a lot of people fall in the trouble there because we haven’t an encounter with the divine and then we want to recreate it and then we get sucked into a church or a religion or denomination or something and you’re taught all these rules and bylaws that have nothing to do with that experience that you encountered and so it could be kind of tricky there but having that encounter for yourself is where it’s at I whenever I teach Qigong I teach it with that idea that you know the practice yes it will heal certain illnesses yes it will make you healthier yes it will do all these things but what was originally supposed to do it was supposed to fine-tune your senses to that experience we forget we forget that you know ji Gong came out of Taoism and that all of Taoism was about experiencing the world you know it was about learning from the deeper experiences that were around us and I agree with you I think I mean who made me what can Park this back to the comment you made earlier about teachers person comes to study with me learn what I am giving you is a tool and then go on your way I have I have two or three students that have stayed with me over the years because I push the rest of them happen you need to go and experience new things I think so many teachers because there they have a product line you know and the product line keeps them employed and yes like you know the people who support you for your podcast you’re giving them something and they’re supporting you see that you can keep giving but at some point but I’m not saying this about you but at some point for them for mind/body teachers and spiritual teachers it becomes the product line and pushing the product line and then they come with these programs of behavior and these practices that you have to do I remember a guy from Fallon Gong and I and I have deep respect for what they’ve done in China but the guy actually told me if I started practicing Falun Gong which is a form of Qigong practice that if I stopped I would die oh wow what the hard sell yeah yeah you know put that on the pack of cigarettes to see what happens yeah so I think a lot of this comes down to you know see you have that authentic experience you cultivate an awareness that you’ve had it you develop wisdom from it and then you create something from that wisdom and you continue your life until and don’t look for the next experience yeah it’ll come to you it’ll come to you when when when you are in line with with the world you know the Taoist would say when you are moving with the Dao it’ll come to you when you were line in step perfectly moving with it and the whole flow is behind you and that’s where it connects with that idea of like peak experience the psychologists talk about but I feel um I feel yeah I feel you know I tell all my students just as what you’re saying is truth do not learn just one thing wearing anything else follow what women said a vessel a harken back to my writing Whitman said those two quotes I’m a Whitman and then John hold we are Whitman said this on an island so remember site it was uh basically except what doesn’t offend your soul and I’m paraphrasing that it’s from a song with myself anyone wants to look it up near the tail end of the poem Hey except what doesn’t offend your soul what would a great sing you know learn what you have to learn as long as it doesn’t it’s true that it doesn’t offend your soul John well Wheelock said young writers were like boys in an apple orchard they’d stolen wood they had a tasteful and brought at home and I feel spiritual seekers are the same way we steal what we have a taste for them carry it with us you know I mean within my my soul there are words spoken by Gustavo Reagan Silva who was a Mapuche medicine man an artist I’d met back in the 80s who I haven’t seen in 20 years he’s down in Ecuador now my first first martial arts teacher all these words you know that you take what’s important and sometimes you won’t know that things are important they’ll just it’ll resonate with you and you don’t understand why but hold on to it because time will help it unfold yeah when you went whenever it’s whenever it’s supposed to come up it’ll come up and you know it and we’re knowing and then at times like there’s this what’s with that awakening there’s things that you know spiritually intuitively and then you read it in a book but like you’ve already knew that that concept was true and then you you read it whether it’s in the Bible or any other type of holy book or whatever and you’re like man I always knew that was true I knew that we can do that I knew that the angels were watching over us or communicating with us or whatever the case is and it’s so weird to have that inner knowing and then the DejaVu but I mean I already knew this and it’s now it’s cool that I have someone else who believes it for one thing and and I have proof that that you know at one point however old the text is someone believed in something very similar that was imparted to me through spirituality or just through mindfulness which is which is a good a good thing to talk about mindfulness and let me let me see if this is what you mean by it but it’s like once you have that awakening or you have that heightened state of consciousness mindfulness is how we stay in it because it’s easy to be to be pulled out of it or to forget about it or to go or to kind of live your life like you know some people even feel like that even you know that that happened to another person like you can you know you can have that encounter of being one with all creation that you felt in that in that garden and then six months later shoot two days later you can feel like man where am I you know what I’m saying and and like that that never happened but I think mindfulness for me is just always remembering that at any moment you can close your eyes you can take that deep breath in and you can go back to that garden and you can go back to that encounter that breath is connected there what does I mean that that’s what it means to me what does mindfulness mean for you well I think again it’s all those words that we’ve created over the last 20 years um mindfulness practice things like meditation Tai Chi Qi Gong yoga those practices are everything that leads you up to a moment of awakening and everything to hold you there afterwards so you figure you have if you’re looking at just from a stress from stress right I mean I’ve got our lives are so stressful oh you know um so how do you how do you mitigate the stress to get back to a simpler if clearly there are teachings you can use simplicity great teaching it’s actually a form of mindfulness in itself to to parse out of your life all the unnecessary things to get back to what is essential great practice but we also need what um some Taoist scholars were further poochy Gong as bio spirituality or bio spiritual the idea that we need we need physical practices like meditation and other movement practices that still our minds reduce stress focus our understanding so that when those moments come we can key into them as opposed to being drawn aside you know I’ve seen a fact I wrote about this in my new book not that I want to hog the book but it just came to mind because I was looking it over a couple days ago it was a scene I was traveling back from Florida back in 2010 on my way back to Colorado and I was passing through Alabama and a tornado had just come through and like I’d never been in a tornado before like what you notice I could talk about a stressful moment so I got off the road and I you know got into a shelter and afterwards I came back at and luckily my car wasn’t one of the ones that was hit but people came running out you know in that in that moment afterwards and they were all very tuned in to what needed to happen there was a over turn trailer home so people ran in to help pull this kid out and you know they took this kid over to a car and then they they were in to help these other people and people were just helping each other and that was a remindful moment for me because not only was I in the position where a it was just coming out of meeting to be mindful for survival but then also the next step is you need to be mindful the people around you and what help they need you know it’s and it’s one thing to be in the flow but it’s also part of that is being what is necessary after that yeah so I think I look at mindfulness like that there’s you for those moments when you absolutely need to be focused but then it is also the lifestyle that you lead afternoons are you concerned about others are you aware you know becomes practical right yeah yeah I mean it has to be practical yeah well II and it’s one not that I am you know I’m not a big proponent of the psychedelic movement I understand I’m not gonna say I’ve never done anything I’m not Bill Clinton you know but so much of that is you know people seek that experience and you see this all soon a lot of a lot of the New Age practices where people seek this encounter experience and they want to keep coming back to it keep coming back to here coming and they forget that the rest of the world exists you know away from you have the encounter you know what about your friend who who hurt themselves and needs help or the or the family down the block who’s having a difficult time and I could use a casserole if you brought it over or any of those things that are the day-to-day experiences of each other that are also we forget are also spiritual experiences yeah I think all of those things are essentially an escape and we need escapes right escapes aren’t bad sometimes you need to get away I think you know thinking in the scriptures like King David when he would be get stressed out he’d run to a cave he’d get away get by himself and get with God and hide up under the shadow of the almighty with with his father um the psychedelic experience can definitely be that um I’m at the point now I love those encounters I love those experiences all the supernatural otherworldly whether it’s psychedelics whether it’s deep states of meditation and whatever angelic encounter or whatever it is so much stuff that I can’t even explain um I would feel like a spoiled brat to keep going back and begging for more you know what I’m saying of any of those experiences there’s been and I’ve you know since my awakening or whatever which was I say my awakening my whole life man yes there’s people who have who exist in their adult lives and have never touched anything of the divine they don’t believe in it it’s never and I’ve had so many even as a little kid man like you’re saying five years being mindful and having it’s the spiritual awakening and carrying it with you throughout your life but to keep wanting to go back people get addicted man they get addicted to the euphoria which is just like a drug people get addicted to the to the escape and euphoria from drugs same thing with spiritual encounters but hopefully through spiritual encounter or maybe through a religion that’s you know that can help them hopefully they get addicted to something that’s helping them but at the end of the day it’s never a means to an end it’s never the end all like this is what we do this is all we do like when we go into those realms whether it’s through this I could delegate experience which I’ve only had a couple but they’ve been monumental like I’ve got the information it’s really good like really really really good and I’ve come out and I and I knew it’s gonna take months to decipher this information and then to bring it into my reality I seen the vision of that I want for myself it’s always been there but that helped me to go in and get it in the same thing with meditation you kind of go and you get this information and through alchemy through shamanism I’m we’re able to pull it out and bring it into and now to manifest it and to see physical change that’s my take on it I think that’s the healthy take to be able to go in pull stuff out do what I need to do but I would have friends who would be on that journey with me next weekend man I’m doing it again like what next weekend we must not have had the same experience couldn’t have there’s no way you can want to go back in that deep next weekend and have fun and you know just to let you know that that person went back next weekend and had a bad encounter like really bad crying and thinking he was gonna die and that kind of stuff man you have to respect that stuff and it’s never a means to an end we’ve so often forget these are not products this is not PlayStation this is this is an ancient tradition yeah that deserves our respect and no you have to tell me demands respect demands demands definitely yeah yeah but yeah because I’ve had the same experiences you have where you just you come out of this and you know it was it was white knuckled and by the skin of your teeth and you go holy shit it’s gonna take me a long time to work this out yeah and then that’s the process that’s the next step it’s right there it’s you don’t have to ask anybody about it work it out no no that’s how I find that people don’t do that they they have they’re not aware of the experience and this is true for ji-yong and meditation as well you can have deep deep meaningful experiences yeah of self or non-self or non duality whatever you want to call it you can have these deep experiences but then you’ve got to let it sit you got to let it you know again don’t go back to the meditation the next day going okay I’m gonna do this again you don’t want to live in that state you can’t you can’t process the world in that state yeah it’s it’s it’s a teacher but then I go home do the homework yeah yeah it’s like that for I mean I think I think it applies for everything especially with spirituality or religion you know I’ve seen that in the churches you know and the churches I come out of were like charismatic churches where they practice laying on the hands and falling out and running around the church and this ain’t this monumental encounter with the divine but they want it every time they go in there living off of that experience so much so that if that experience doesn’t happen I’ve heard people say well God didn’t show up or God wasn’t here or we missed God these weird phrases that were you know they’re people agree to it in church God didn’t show up like really like we’re here and God didn’t show up but we we missed God because we didn’t do some weird crazy song and dance and have this and like muster up this encounter and this so many people living off of those encounters and it’s the same with the psychedelics it’s the same with meditation Qigong in churches every Sunday Monday night Wednesday Sunday morning Sunday night they like they’re addicted to church like that’s what that that’s what they do and but I think that the universe or God is the best teacher will use that and eventually wean you off of that I there’s no way you can that’s eventually gonna dry up eventually everybody may take you a year two years three years I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but eventually you have to face reality and say what am i doing like what are we doing here just dancing and shaking and falling out or whatever the case is we have to you know impact the world we have people around us who are literally struggling and if I can’t on the inspiration from these encounters to go back and like not in theory change the world but literally go out there and have something tangible for my friends that’s gonna help them and people who need my help but I’m so caught up in going into this other realm and they were saying in churches all the time they say you’re so spiritual minded that you’re no earthly good but we’re supposed to be so spiritually minded that were earthly incredible man you know I think the basic ultimately it’s you alone in the room with your breakfast that’s the ultimate experience it’s you by future but you alone with your practice then it is the wisdom you gain from that and ultimately what you create with that wisdom I think that simple that simple form of just practice reflection creation if you take that and you applied to any spiritual practice any spiritual tradition you can you can serve the world and believe me we need people serve in the world right now the world is a his office hook mm-hmm ya know and I think so many people I mean this is one of the issues with transcendence for me this idea that I’m especially among my generation and the Boomers is this idea that you know any and it’s actually one of the hard core interpretations of Taoism that they call Lu Wei is this idea of non-action that you should just accept what is natural death is natural so accept that our society may die it’s it’s a very it’s very I mean in its Russell Kirkland writes great about this and I’d hate him I honestly say but I don’t like the man because in his approach yeah but it it isn’t it is part of you know the interpretation of I don’t it’s one of the things I just don’t resonate with because I believe that we are all part of nature and nature is in the constant flux between creation and destruction if we start correcting the mistakes that we’ve made we’re part of the creation of the world you know at the same time we can be destructive and at some point it’ll become unhealthy for us so I think I try to promote at least you know when I call myself a mind-body advocate I try to promote mind-body culture because I believe that mind-body culture is what’s important for you know world culture for human culture that we are more aware that we are healthier and we deal with less stress that we are more in possession of ourselves and have less things in the world possessiveness because I mean I don’t think we need to go back to classical demons anymore we got an iPhone that’s a full possession the fact that I get tweets in the middle of class what I’m trying to teach is a possession and that’s neat it’s the urge to feel like I’ve got to stop and answer somebody yeah in mid conversation with someone else or at the dinner table it’s I’ve seen people man that are really bad about it so I think I think people need to through mindfulness practices whatever way you approach it whether you approach it from a traditional Christian standpoint or you come at it from the east or you do it from a non-denominational standpoint the more of those practices are growing out there as well you need to do these things to be present in this world it was otherwise this world is moving so fast and so erratically that it can take you and just keep you disconnected and pushed along for you know without any sense of consciousness I see a father yeah autopilot I like to call it days months weeks have gone by and you’re just just in that everyday this is what I do I get up I make breakfast I go to work I come home I’m tired exhausted get up and do the same thing eventually like you have to do something you have to turn the autopilot off because you’re on default and say look I’m trying to I want to create something I have dreams and visions and they’re just passing by so the mindful is is understanding that I have it’s understanding I have to do something practical like I have to do something today that I want to manifest tomorrow planting a seed cultivating it watering it and hoping that it grows and speaking to it like all kinds of of things that you can do but being mindful is being conscious and aware of of keeping it in your vision and not forgetting about it I mean one of the things that kind of hinders a lot of creative people I found for me and definitely like a lot of my friends who got a lot of great ideas they want to do this they want to do that and they’ll get in something they’ll start it some of them will do it for a week and then after that week it gets old and they got this other idea oh man check this out I’m gonna do this I’m gonna start cultivating this and selling this and I want to do this and then a week later they’re on to something else they’ve already forgot the first thing the second thing is it’s gone and they got a new idea but it’s about consistency and dedication and being mindful wait because those ideas and thoughts come in they’re all good ideas write them down you don’t have to like be taken away you only have 24 hours in a day but you only have so much time to create something to birth something into this this existence that that doesn’t exist and you and you have you have to protect it you have to be mindful man and what and and that it goes along with consistency for me once I started doing it you asked me how long I’ve been doing this podcast I’ve been doing it off and on for years but within the last year I’ve been consistent there’s so many other things opportunities people want me to join them people want me to do this travel here start a band all all of it would be awesome I would love to do it all a reality is I can’t do it all I have to pick what am I going to give my attention to what am I gonna spend my time on and once you do that hard work pays off with anything at the end of the day consistency repetition reduces resistance just keep on and on at it and you can build whatever you want but not being pulled out of that moment or off of that task that you’re set on this is one of the reasons the secret drives me absolutely there is a point where you have you know you can do as much positive thinking and you know try to have a certain state of mind and the tracks and things that you need to your life yes all that is great but at some point you’re gonna roll your damn sleeves up and do the work yeah yep I like to combine it man because I really do get a lot of inspiration from the Guru’s and the spiritual teachers about how to be mindful you talk about young you talk about Alan Watts and McKenna you know some of these type of people who inspire you but you take that inspiration and you put it to use and like you’re saying like there’s people who are here and they’re listening they’re supporting they they like listening to the podcast or whatever the case is but if they don’t learn from the guest if they don’t learn from our experiences what’s working what’s not working we’re open and transparent about it if they don’t learn from that and go out there and do it then they’re doing it wrong if they’re listening just for it for like entertainment purposes this is totally not an entertainment podcast we’re trying to kind of giving people the game essentially we’re letting them know how the universe works and how we’ve been successful and what not to do and you know what I’m saying even in this conversation there’s so many jumps and if they’re not taking that applying it to their life and I just listening cuz they’re entertaining or they like to think about spiritual stuff that’s good too but you’re doing it wrong like you have to do it like if you’re at if you’re at that place then and you’re somewhere where you don’t want to be we even just in this podcast we’ve given you so many gems and so many jewels about how to be mindful different practices you can do to get the vision that you need and then how to bring the vision out and you know I’m saying bringing it to manifestation hard work pays off I was lucky enough when I was a young writer to find a professor at the local college who really believed in my work and it’s work for me this absolutely works so for artists you can do this first time I can’t want to Vincent’s house yeah this little this is back when computers were you know black and white in this pile of folders let’s say goes that’s all something working on I’m like well you don’t do just one thing at a time because I can’t do one thing at a time because it’s impossible because when you’re working on a project sometimes you hit a dead spot well you have another thing ready to go in fact have five of the things ready to go so that when you did spot comes you can fill it with something else some other piece of creative working what I over the years of doing that is that I have I may have a recording that I need to do for say digital class or I’m working on a new like right now I’m working on putting the other notes from the next book I have also had this collection of poems about wine and I’ve been working on for five years you know it’s all there and if one thing doesn’t Jim I just go right down the list to the next one that doesn’t Jam I go to the next one something will always jam so I am never at this point in my life sitting around my thumb up my butt going I don’t really know what to do I get writer’s block ya know and worst comes the worst as always the kayak out in the garage bits are on the roof it’s like okay I can’t figure anything out okay action yeah something gets done something happens I can these go out get some exercise and that usually frees my mind out in the middle of the reservoir writing stuff yeah yeah you’re a hundred percent right man and that’s me I’ve got folders on my computer of notepads just with after teaching here have a teaching this half of a meditation whatever the case is and it’s just a whole bunch of little stuff and and it’s hard for me to really focus on that because it I’m such a analytical mind that I want to approach it from every aspect and you’re the holder I can’t I can’t add that here that’s gonna have to be something totally different because if we’re gonna introduce that then we there’s got to be a different book or a different lecture or whatever the case is and so but when you’re in that that place of doing something where your subconscious is it’s free to roam you’re doing something that’s repetitive most of us do want we’re driving to and from work or something like that or we’re cutting the grass or we’re jogging or we’re out kayaking it frees up your mind to be able to receive in spiration to start creating so if you hit that writer’s block you can actually go out and do that workout whatever the case is and in something and start being inspired and you have to pull out your phone you have to write something down to pull out the notepad and I’ve got my phone and my computer everything is filled up with notes that are just on and on on it’s cool with the technology and a phone because you can actually pull out the speech-to-text pull it out and just start writing I’ve wrote I’ve got long articles that I I was just driving speaking to it and they have to go back and sit down and edit it but I’ve got articles that are really successful because I mean I was just driving to work and pulled out the phone and started talking something I was inspired to do versus just letting it come and then slip away you know what is on let me ask you this we’re coming up close to the end of the show but um what about fasting man you got a really nice article on your website about fasting what does that have to do with spirituality and being mindful I know there’s so many ways we can approach fasting and the ancients have have always done it health reasons you know what I’m saying I think the health benefits contribute to the spiritual benefits as well but in your article on on on the website what’s the big thing for you about fasting I had some issues with my gallbladder and I was trying to cleanse it out so I came through I came to fasting through that Avenue what I’ve found over time that um when I do fast and you know if I do for health reasons like I’m eight something and I really miss clear out or if I do it regularly which I try to do a couple of times a year there’s a point in fasting between day three and day five where your body is really starting to empty out and I don’t do a hardcore fast I do I did will take some liquid if I am fasting while I’m teaching or working I intend to do juice fasts so I’ll just drink like carrot juice or carrot and spinach juice throughout the day just to keep nutrients in my system so I can keep functioning not there I’m a big guy I can’t enough stored up that I can I can work off that if I really have to but I try to when I try to fast right around there between day three and day five this is clarity that comes that is just so profound it’s a and that’s one of the things that couldn’t really be addicted this is this profound clarity it’s when your body functions start to shut down and they’re not happening anymore the mind awakens up so much more energy gets to your mind that your body’s not using I’ve had some great spiritual insights fasting again I think there are a lot of great books on fasting I mentioned a couple of really good ones I think I got some links to some free copies of some classic texts on that on that page of my website only assume people is be careful if you’ve never fasted before if you have and they’re kind of almost these days you have to give the boilerplate comments so if you have medical conditions talk with your doctor before you fast that’s an absolute 100% simply because if you’re taking medications and you’re fasting those medications are going to be more in your system they’re going to be less diluted yeah the same you know if you are if you have got any type of mental aberration that you’re dealing with emotional issues again talking with you talk to me to talk to a therapist first before you start this because this will bring shit up for you you know I guarantee you I dealt with most of my father issues through yeah but that’s good that’s good though it’s good that it created that that you know saying that place for you to deal with it though um so you know those things aside you’re taking care of yourself first as always that whatever whatever mindful practice mindfulness practice you’re doing you have to start off this idea this deep deep believe that you must take care of the self first that’s usually why you’re doing the practice but from there um yeah I mean I would start off with a three-day fast I started for the three-day liquid fast the worst of all food or you know simple as we do it and this is a Muslim belief is you fast from sunrise sunset yeah you know you you do that that’s like probably the easiest way to go about it and then you need only at night and try to even then keep what you’re eating you know you don’t just like slam a bunch of food at what soon as the Sun Goes Down but heats moderately and then you know next day do the same thing again that will will give you a certain amount of clarity that will give you a certain amount of health benefits straight-up three day fast with just drinking a little like lemon water throughout the day to stop your stomach from churning and bakers never done this before yeah did three days and see how it feels you know and then wait wait a couple of months do five days see how that feels I think the longest I’ve done was twenty-one days and that was hard that was hard 21 days in modern American culture fast thank you I mean you know right around I gotta be honest right around 8:20 men you prune the hallucination that’s so crazy and stuff in New York one day just walking around but it’s your body’s purifying yourself and what you have to remember too is that when you’re fasting you’re going to be losing weight you’re gonna be burning up whatever body fat you have every time every emotional episode that you’ve had in your life that that produced an extreme emotional reaction the chemistry of that reaction is sitting in your fat tissue and you will reappear Ian sit at some level and you have to be prepared for them you know I mean you know I’m the last one of the fast like did after my grandfather passed away oh it was an amazing like just it was right on the heels of my grandmother passing away that should happen like a month like I fasted in in October for ten days and then my grandmother passed in November I was extremely clear for her passing and felt at ease with it but through the whole thing I was I was experiencing my grandfather that really passed away two years earlier I was experiencing the whole three-day turmoil so people have to keep in mind that you know your body stores all of your emotions and that will come up and fast and that’s an opportunity for you both to re-examine those experiences and also to get closure sometimes what would you say about caffeine because for those who aren’t prepared being addicted to whether it’s sodas or even coffee like one day without it and then you’re trying too fast can be very discouraging because those headaches that come from caffeine withdraws it can be very discouraging with all fasting you start off in preparation so you stop eating meat eat only vegetables and then you start you know so let’s take five days before fast you stop eating meat around day three you’re only eating vegetables you’re cutting out coffee at the same time so you’ve got a couple of days before you get into the fast without coffee or really anything nicotine all that’s going to be an issue I mean I don’t I’m Italian so I drink coffee like a magic espresso like it’s going out of style I mean really switched over as I’ve gotten older to decaf and luckily I found some good DTS that yeah doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing anything sometimes it takes them but uh I would say going into any faster definitely it’s it’s it’s dropping your meat going all vegetables and dropping the caffeine’s at least three days before you get into your fast and you should be okay I’ve never really experienced any hardcore caffeine withdrawal but then again I own myself a few times a year while we’ll just stop okay only because caffeine will will the first day man it could be it could be bad bad those headaches yeah yeah definitely weaning yourself off just you know maybe just you know yeah you just you just got to win yourself just start drinking less and less and less until you’re not drinking it for a day or so and then try the ask it’s like a lot of people are good like I’m not fast at man I had a killer headache I can’t fast it ain’t for me well it wasn’t the fast it was it was the caffeine withdrawal but you have to build yourself up to that has definitely wisdom in that in a lot of people great little piece of wisdom that basically is if your body is hurting it’s telling you it something needs attention so if you stop drinking caffeine and immediately your body gives you a headache it’s your body telling you that your adrenal systems are probably little messed up and you need to back off the caffeine for a while it’s a good thing I mean I love a great cup of espresso don’t get me wrong it’s a vice one of the few that I have left but it’s it’s a straight up vice but a few times a year I recognize that my system starts to get a little going and and I’m also you know coming to the idea I’m a middle-aged young anymore so reality there is I should probably drink it less caffeine and keep my heart healthy so I do at least three times in years stop for a month no caffeine just my adrenal system get back together let my heart rest from it and then when I do go back it’s like you know a cup of tea in the morning and maybe you know maybe if I’m having it coming if I’m teaching at night I’ll definitely get an espresso around three o’clock keeps me going till for me trying to get used to it because like my old schedule when I was a truck driver I had to get up at like 1:30 a.m. I drank coffee and I could drink coffee throughout the day I’d use it to stay awake at work and even I would come home and do a podcast late at night and drink a big cup of coffee and I was so exhausted I could go to sleep like I could drink the coffee and just go to sleep just because I was waking up so early and staying up so late and missing so much sleep like I was doing that for years and now that I’m not doing that I’m not doing that job anymore it’s different I’ll try to drink that same cup of coffee in the evening and I’ll toss and turn in bed and not be able to get the sleep for anything man and that industry you start there 5:00 a.m. in the morning and everything is rapid-fire on deadline ice ice the mainline coffee how interest drinks 16-ounce cup of coffee I don’t like to – at least to lunch my meat so you get six hours there I’m hanging through a couple of basic 16 ounces every hour yeah that did not do me any favors remember the same thing come 9 o’clock at night if I wasn’t drinking more coffee I was crashing yeah no good eat anybody spiritual Rex yeah definitely you’re not supposed to be addicted to anything man especially when it comes to like I definitely enjoy my coffee but if you’re addicted you know could you stop you know what I’m saying and that’s the part of the thing so I’ll be a mindful man and not not letting anything control you using everything for it’s it’s it’s benefit and you know I’m saying what it can pretty much be used to help you but yeah coffee coffee is a big thing if you’re gonna be fast and just take that advice it’s that it still happens to me but no I I’ve experienced some really really cool breakthrough through fasting and big opportunities that always seem to happen after I get done with the fast something happens there’s a scripture in the Bible that talks about like there’s a cert it says certain demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting and uh it is debatable like that that that verse isn’t in all Bibles they take that out but I think that’s a big one if there was sin there were certain types of unclean spirits or whatever we want to say you know the ancients may have even believed that those were toxins in your body and like different types of parasites and your body and things you know that only come out through fasting like isn’t that legit though like if you have to clean yourself out of the toxins that are only gonna come out through fasting they’re gonna live in you and I’ve heard stories heard stories I haven’t experienced this but they say that you know parasites will come out of you when you’re fasting you know you’re in that seven seven day fast or whatever I’ve heard stories from friends of mine who have told me about it everybody’s got floaters in your eyes they look around yeah piece of material that flows past your optic nerve as I fast and throughout the years I’ve lost those and I had a friend of mine Turner and say well you know there’s a good chance that those are parasite work their way out just the idea that is a little freaky you know idea yeah it is pretty enough yeah it’s pretty freaking but I think um I think over time you know we forget you know we we we have so much bacteria in our systems that is beneficial and also things that are beneficial they have to work we have so yeah I think you know a good hard core part of any mindfulness practice is going to be the things that we do for ourselves I mean I am my family is not vegetarian I struggle with it because I cook for them you know so we lean more towards the materialism then we don’t I’d like I close up to me my be sure the vegan but you know I just wasn’t healthier but we need to do these things in terms of a mindfulness practice to eat what is best what is clean what you put into yourself really sets the ground for who you are yeah you’re not you’re not going to be a guru if you’re sucking down coke I’m all right it’s um so it’s difficult isn’t it is difficult in our in our world to really seek a spiritual practice without considering will actually spirituality without considering dedication to a practice dedication to a lifestyle you know and it pays off I mean I gotta say you know right now despite the fact of them getting a little older and maybe things take a little bit time to heal it you know they’re slower than they used to this is the best I’ve ever felt in my life yeah so much so that I am NOT I’m not scared of 60 or 70 or 80 I’m not scared of those things like my friends are right now this is the best version I’ve ever been because I mean I’m going on 25 the lifestyle changes physical practices mental practices ultimately you know spiritual spiritual lifestyle as opposed to spiritual practice that’s the ultimate transition to go from practice the full-on lifestyle yeah that’s good good stuff man Anthony I appreciate you coming on the podcast hanging out with me you’ve got a new book coming out next month if you want to go ahead and plug that let people know where they can check out your work and actually read those blogs and stuff that we mentioned as well about fasting where you go into a lot more detail on the blog there so I want to go ahead and plug your work man go ahead and do that now I’d be great you can find me at no book is notes from the drift it’s basically my spiritual memoirs traveling around the country encountering taoist ideas in an american landscape can be it’s been described as prose poetry it’s been described as a lot of good quotes you can go check it out the website i’m very proud of some of the people who have endorsed the book and you know hey let’s let’s do this before we go you got people who are chatting while we’re uh well yeah ok yes ok so folks listen up I’ll give away two three three copies of the book first three people who send their addresses to Derrick and go forward them to me later on I’ll send you a signed copy of the book anywhere in the United States you got it guys go ahead and send me that address you can inbox it to me on on Facebook email any way you want first three that I get I will shoot them over there we go beautiful I’ve enjoyed it brother we’ll have to do it again soon whatever you like amen take care along peace peace Anthony Kabir ladies and gentlemen send your address don’t don’t post it here in the chat don’t post your address on on the chat just send it to me somewhere so I can get it and it won’t be public for everyone to see because there’s some crazy people out there who listen to the true seeker podcast that’s me you don’t want to do that you do not want to do that um yeah get it over to me I’ll send it to him really enjoyed this podcast man we got to go into some of the martial art aspect of it and we talked about that a bit with Matt Bellaire incorporating this spirituality from the martial arts into your life and spiritual awakening being mindful man one thing they just have an awakening but then how do you stay awake how do you not go back to sleep and for some reason when I mentioned I keep seeing the the Freddy Krueger movies don’t go to sleep don’t fall asleep you know how do we stay awake how do we not all back to sleep it’s funny uh there’s somebody in the chat here Dumbledore’s are are posted hit posted his address it’s seven seven second ha ha seven seven seven seven seven Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that’s his address Dumbledore blessing that Dumbledore’s here with us I really appreciate your work but yeah there was uh I’m a fasting man fasting gets really deep and yeah be careful going into it it’s easy to get discouraged with the the caffeine withdrawals it hurts really bad home saucers I’m addicted to water I think that’s a good good healthy addiction but obviously you should uh you know you should have the moderation with that water as well because people have died from overdosing on drinking water I’ve heard people on job sites getting this out there working in the heat and they drink too much water and die from it that was crazy we had a question a while ago someone asks I think it was Dumbledore as well but how do you get over the fear of judgment from others the fear of judgments from others your peers judging you friends judging you family judging you it can hinder a lot of people it does hinder a lot of people a lot of my friends aren’t walking in there calling because they’re afraid of what their peers will think or what their boss will think or what their mom will think or their dad and I could say that a hundred percent that they’re not walking in there calling in they’re hindered because of the fear of man and what the Jesus talk about the fear of man it’s a you know over and over the scripture says fear not for I am with you don’t fear man you know all of these things because cuz fear can hinder you men and it’s definitely hindering a lot of people fear from the judgments of others the fact of the matter is people are judging you already people are already judging you so they’re judging you if you don’t do what you want to do with in judging you if you do do it whatever it is you’re gonna be judged this is what people people do people make judgments so rather rather get judged for doing things that make you happy versus being judged for things are you just being docile and just going with the flow that’s what I say is you’re being judged regardless so that’s what I say about the the fear the fear of man and worried about the judgments of others don’t let it stop you there are great things ahead of you have one shot like don’t you know don’t don’t let it pass you by do what you’re supposed to do do what you’re called to do and don’t let anyone look down on you but their judgments and most of the time when those people are lashing out it’s because you represent something that they don’t like within themselves it’s not about you it’s something that they have going on within themselves and you represent that so weird it really is you you become a symbol of the things that they hate about themselves or your going for your dreams but they’re too scared too and so you when they see you walking in your calling you walk in in your dream it reminds them that they’ve given up on their dream but they lash out you can’t do that trust me man even doing this man we’ve had family even doing this as when I lost my job and and tried to take podcasting and my music serious and take it to the next level and being able to work from home and do this for a living my wife’s family he needs to get a job you need insurance and just all these reasons not to and they would just they didn’t tell me and they told my wife or whatever but anyways she constantly heard it and finally she had said look we’re doing this but trying to like find him jobs and quit trying to do this and tell him about the insurance and tell him about this and that and like why are you living for insurance like why are you living just in case you get hurt that’s weird why would you work a job that you hate or do a vocation that you hate just in case one day you get sick you can pay for it so you’re living just in case so you’re gonna let your dreams fade away just in case like I have to keep this job because I make more money look sometimes you got to do without you know in order to make something happen but I’ll quite honestly say I have we haven’t done without we haven’t we haven’t done without I thought that we were gonna have to I thought we’re gonna have to you know stop eating out or you know obviously I’m more conscious of our spending and things like that now but we haven’t done without you know but I say go for it man whatever you said we’re supposed to do whatever you’re called to do whatever your heart’s desire is that’s calling you or you not to do that is this I think it’s a slap in the face a slap in the face of God or one that God gave you giving you these dreams but you’re too scared to fulfill them whatever that dream is I mean I have P and this is just universal I have friends who their dream is to preach the gospel full-time like that’s their dream and seek that dream do it walk in it step out step out in faith you only got one life but you know what if you get 60 70 have tried it I wish I would have gave it that one shot and that’s kind of what it was for me and I stepped out and it’s working I got the support of many people who believe in my work who were inspired by my music and then people who were inspired by the podcast and it just works hand in hand and it’s beautiful and I’m very thankful I stay in an attitude of gratitude man that I’m able to do this and I want to help other people do it whatever their calling is whatever they feel led to do step out take that step of faith man as it always happens I’ll put that status the other day it said uh setbacks or a slingshot minor setback for for a major comeback like anytime that’s something you’re in a situation that feels like you’re not gonna get out of or you feel like you’re trapped get ready something something good is on the way you’re on the verge anytime there’s a setback you know I lost my job we could panic we could freak out we took it as a sign took it as a sign to to do this thing try to step out full-time and it worked it worked it’s working setback for a major comeback could have freaked out wanted to freak out everyone else would have freaked out and ever we’ve been in situations where we had but you learn not to like you have to learn that if you truly believe in God if you truly have a creator who’s watching over you orchestrating your steps steps or the righteous are ordered by the Lord I truly believe that your hands are clean and your heart is pure you’re doing the right thing there’s no such thing as time myths or time loss you know everywhere that you’ve been is a situation and a chance for you to learn every place that you’re going is gonna be the same thing there’s gonna be people who are gonna be with you there’s people who are gonna be against you you have to be the change that you want to see if you want support guess what you got to do you got to support somebody find somebody get with them and support them if you want an encouraging word that’s what start encouraging people around you I start doing the things that you want I’m back to you what you you know be not deceived what’s of whatsoever a man soweth he shall also reap reap whatever you put out is gonna come back karma you’re gonna so what you reap and even on top of their we’ll be out here reaping where we didn’t so that’s the best of favor for a god that’s what it is man whatever you want you can create it start it do something today that’s gonna bring that into fruition I’m gonna keep saying that as I really believe it practical things that we can do spiritual practices encounters are so beautiful so life-changing but it’s not about the encounters it’s never a means to an end it’s never it’s not a formula you know we always hear that it’s not about just a formula or having it all figured out or this is the way that it’s done and if everybody does it this way it’s gonna work out you know there are some things that work for others that we were trying to do and it doesn’t work for us we can’t this week we can we can mimic the principles but we can’t mimic the formula we can’t look and say okay this is what he did you know I’m gonna do it and it’s cuz I’m gonna be a come-up whatever you have to find out what you’re called to do and then like we say that the two greatest days in a person’s life is the day that you’re born and in the day that you find out why you’re born to know what makes your heart beat like what encourages you what pushes you to keep trying what makes your heart tick man do that what you gotta do to do that accomplish that to make it happen and if you’re helping people it’s gonna pay off man it’s gonna pay off I’m telling you I believe it with all my heart this isn’t this isn’t some whim isn’t something new I’ve been working a whole life be where I am now I’ve been working enough I think that’s what you guys are doing – I don’t think there’s there’s any time that it’s lost or any situation in a place that you’ve been in whether it was a relationship whatever a job whatever I get all adds to that person that you’re becoming you need you there was something that was imparted to you to your character that you’re gonna need in that next level and that next season you’re gonna need you’re gonna need something you’re gonna need to know longsuffering trust me you’re gonna need to know patience you’re gonna need to know virtue understand there’s things in situations that we go through in our life that build that character there helps us maintain it you can easily create something but maintaining it is something else as well people are here self-sabotaging can you maintain it part of the maintaining of it the cultivating of it but the maintaining is what we’ve been talking about today mindfulness NACO bear be mindful stay mindful how do I stay mindful how do I keep it I don’t want to lose it I don’t what build on top of it and there’s so many things that you can do to lose it I mean look at Roseanne he lost her show that came back you know it was a hit Roseanne Barr show you know he lost it with a tweet how do you maintain it there’s things that you can do that will pull you out of that season there’s things that you have to get right that God’s beckoning you to do calling you on your heart but you’re afraid of the judgments of others you’re afraid to do it you have to do it you’re not gonna get anywhere until you do it I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I don’t know go to the last thing that God told you that last inspiration that you had you know what it was told you to do it do it it’s been my journey I’m just sharing my truth what’s worked for me guess what it’s always been breakthrough once I get over it whether it is a fast some of you guys have been called to a fast I’m if you guys have been called the fast music fast other things that are killing you that are harmful that are destructive in your life relationships to kind of step away from people who you know most of us out here look like chameleons man we get around people and we start doing what they’re doing we start talking like they’re talking we have to be the ones to change the atmosphere we have to be the ones who turn off autopilot turn off default and take advantage man take advantage of the situation and bring people out of the place that they are that’s the power that we have through spirituality through Christ and understanding who we are and I’m telling you man once you burn with passion and desire and you find out what you’re supposed to do and you burn bright and you shine bright men will come from all over the world to watch you burn whatever it is ever it is like I said you know in it it was a level of envy there for me or early on when I was you know feeling like that truck that I was driving was a cage eventually man because I had so much more in me that I wanted to do and release and I would try to do it at home but I have to step out and do it and I don’t care what that person was doing as long as they love to what they were doing I was envious and I want to do what I love doing for a living what if I had 40 hours in a work week to put towards building a podcast what if I had in these thoughts like man I’m building this person’s dream in this person’s golf or for 40 hours a week what if I had 40 hours a week to put towards what I want to do man what what can I get accomplished man I couldn’t even fathom that and and it would it would drive me to jealousy and envy but you have to catch that dadada and sat into the jealousy sat into envious you bitter you broken but you have to be mindful see if you’re mindful you’re able to catch those things oh man okay eating bitter okay what what can I do with this okay don’t let it set in okay I’m getting envious what can I do can do what they’re doing I can do that yes I can try at least try to do it because when I get to be 70 80 I don’t want to look back and say I wish I would have tried do it now create it your whole life has been building up to this point this is what you’re destined to do I’m telling you it’s all gonna be worth it everything everything is all gonna be worth it in the end everything that you’ve been through everything that you’ve been you’ve been questioning and in in the heartache in the trial you’ve learned so much stuff you learned what not to do you’ve learned how to treat people you’ve learned not to gossip about people you’ve learned not to slander you’ve learned to suffer with those who are suffering as the Apostle Paul says you’ve learned to become all things to all men that you might win some and if you haven’t learned these things you’re going to continue to go through the cycle keep taking the test until you do if you’re on the road to spiritual awakening if you have breath in your lungs if you’re watching this now you’re gonna go through that it’s something that you were got you guys resonate with and I want to see it like it would the burden was so strong for me to do what I wanted to do for a living that I began to weep on the inside when I seen people stuck at dead-end jobs even before I was doing this like to see my boss you know what I’m saying 60 years old and just bitter and mad at work just mad at the world he didn’t want to be a he didn’t want to be that when he was a kid he gave up on his dream you see all these people just stuck in these situations man they gave up you gonna give up have you given up don’t give up don’t give up I’ve set I’ve literally sat on it on the job at a customer’s store waiting for it to open to deliver parts at 7:00 in the morning and just cried thinking when do I give up on my dream what age like when you give up getting up there in age 30 years old when did you give up really like questing yeah I mean when did when do you give up should I give up so I quit is it a pipe dream you know what I’m saying you have to you have to be mindful you have to really approach it you have to ask all the questions so that you know nothing goes overlooked is this a pipe dream like can I make a living doing this am I gonna help people like I love I’ve cried over and many of you guys have spent hours sleepless nights crying going through that pain going through the heartache and just you just want what you just wound up at a job you’re just there it’s been some years now you have no idea how you got there not what you want to do asking for help there’s help learn everything that you’re supposed to learn in that situation I don’t think you’re there by mistake I know you don’t want to be there I don’t think you’re there by mistake but learn the lessons what God is trying to impart to you in that season and it could be many seasons at the same job learn everything that the Lord has for you learn it and then start applying some of these principles you know we’re talking about planting a seed that planning of a seed might be sending an email planting of a seed might be starting an Instagram and promoting it that planning that planning the seed maybe buying ad space on a website you know what I’m saying whatever you have to do if you believe in it the Bible says that where your treasure is there your heart will be also but don’t tell me you believe in this so you want to do that or I’d love to do this and you’re not spending your money on it you’re not giving your attention to it well your treasure your treasures your money was your where your treasure is your heart will be also like I say it many times I’ll tell me you have a heart for children in Africa don’t tell me you have a heart for the homeless if you’ve never spent any of your hard-earned money to help those people I got friends even one of the guys who actually led me to the Lord years ago he they had this weird mind set and it’s true the prosperity gospel that that one day they’re gonna be millionaires and I hope they are I hope they do god bless them they hope that that they’re gonna be millionaires one day in it and then they’re gonna help the needy they’re gonna build orphanages they’re gonna feed the hungry when they got money they got food they throw away they got there’s all kind of stuff that you could do right now and feed the hungry so don’t tell me you’re gonna feed the hungry when you win the lottery that’s just weird don’t tell me you’re gonna feed the hungry when you win the lottery if you’re not feeding the hungry right now doing what you can that’s the principle do something today and the Bible says that if God can trust you with the few the little things I can’t trust you with $50 how’s he gonna trust you with 50 million trust you with $50 how’s he gonna trust you with 5000 you got to be faithful with the few he’ll make you ruler over more those this is a universal principle but if you want to take God out the equation or what like this is universal you had to be a good Stewart with what he has already given you take these two dimes together rub them together make a quarter you got to be able to make something happen man what he’s already given you use the tools that you already have he’s already given you things that you can do in your life right now I don’t be you’re looking for like for an answer you’re looking for like you want to ride somebody’s coattail you want somebody to put you on go ahead and cut that out right now nobody’s gonna put you on if you want something you got to make it happen everybody want somebody to put them on or I’m gonna get a feature or somebody’s gonna retweet my post or whatever they you want someone to do that yeah that’s awesome if that happens but don’t let that be your your your end all like you’re waiting for somebody to put you on I can’t tell you guys man like I used to do gospel rap concerts here we throw concerts with throw big events and and and we’d get hundreds of kids to come out man 300 kids to come out to an event that I booked that I put together that I made the flyer I promoted and I got other bands to promote and and there will be people who just want to ride my coattails or be in my presence because I can let them open up on that concert if there was no concert that person wasn’t around they knew that you’re making moves you have these people who come around they want to ride your coattail these people are riding in your boat but they’re not helping you paddle man you got people who’s riding in that boat with you and they’re drilling holes hoping this mug sinks so that they can take it they want what you have got to understand man we got all these people in our lives and we’ve talked about this on the on some of the last shows that we’ve done especially the one with with jazzy but you know we have to build a team we have to build a tribe of people who who play not to our strengths but even people who play to our weaknesses have people in your life who are good at the things that you suck at if we got like if I’m a motivational speaker I’m a podcaster you know and in you’re gonna like attracts like those people are gonna come Adam star seed base here Christy Lee’s here both have radio shows home sauces here you know we we all have radio shows or have had radio shows you like attracts like those people are going to come um but if what if nobody knows how to run a podcast if nobody knows how to promote a podcast all of these podcasters are motivational speakers are showing up like this there’s only little week there’s only a little we can do for each other but find those people that’s good I love you guys what’s build let’s keep building but we need other people like I said I’m gonna put it out there again I still need people to make snippets of my podcast I don’t have time I don’t like it’s really hard to do but that’s a really valuable thing that I need but I I can’t do that and keep creating and then go back and edit and find snippets and schedule shows and email people and edit and write up the blogs and do the graphic are like all of that stuff you have to find people who are good people who can do that or teach them if they don’t know how to do it teach them and part that to them give that to them who can play to your weaknesses and even stuff we don’t know like publicist and all kind of this that just there’s a place where everybody is what I’m saying and you have to find those people who compliment you people who can help you not people would turn you down and talking behind your back and they want what you got look I’ll get them out your ship get them out your boat find those people who can help you they’re out there they need a place to place for everybody you know what I’m saying this is a body the Bible talks about the body of Christ and that body is an example of how we are when we come together we formulate literally Christ manifested on the earth when we come together we are what is called the church the body of Christ or we come together it says not all can be the head not all can be the hands not all can be the fingers but if you had ten fingers on one hand and the other hand was just you know it’d be out of balance to find your place and we come together we’re able to function able to move ever to pick things up and move it if everything’s functioning right the wrists the hands to feed the eyes the ears the mouthpiece everybody man but there’s we’re just in this weird place and I’m telling you like especially in religion man it is so bad and that’s one of the reasons I totally came out of Christian rap and Christian evangelism it it’s so cutthroat man those people are cutthroat if you disagree with anything that they disagree with they’ll cut your head off like they everybody’s once everybody wants a platform like and they’re cutthroat about it not to your face they love you to your face but like behind the scenes in behind your back and slide man you out here entertaining all these people who are plotting your demise man people who are jealous of what you got man and I found that in Christianity you would think that that would be the furthest thing from Christianity that that kind of stuff was going on but that was like gossip and bitterness like the church is known for being gossipers oh did you hear what someone so did did you hear what they believed did you hear what he said oh this that that you know what I’m saying and you can get caught up in that you know and that’s it’s not good it’s not gonna help you it’s not gonna benefit you so why – you’re entertaining watch the people that you have walking with you you want people that’s gonna help you succeed you want people who’s gonna play to your weaknesses and even play to your strengths as well you’re gonna have people around you who are gonna be doing the same thing as you you know don’t be don’t don’t don’t get like those people in churches were they like scared to share the platform with you or like they’re scared you’re gonna take take their fanbase and all kind of weird stuff man that I’ve put up with in church as it’s so weird to go back and think that in church that that stuff was going on Dumbledore on here says the natural world is cutthroat yeah it definitely is but I’ll tell you like when I would like what when I got out of that I started working with other artists like the Lost Children of Babylon lco B who had way bigger platforms then these church kids these church guys you know they had way bigger platform and these people were willing to work with me and willing to put me on and like it was so weird but it opened my eyes and in a huge way it opened my eyes to see that uh what was going on and what I was entertaining and things like that so you know go go where you want it go where you need it I can’t find what I’m supposed to be tried here all time I don’t know where to go I don’t look there’s somebody needs you man and you need somebody if you think you could do it all by yourself you’re gonna plateau out you’re gonna reach a ceiling you can’t do it all you don’t like I said you only got 24 hours in a day that’s only so much you can do in that day only so much that you can do there’s good people out there there’s people we need each other we are our body for a reason every single one of you guys a lot of people look up to me they need me that’s understandable but guess what I need you guys to my friends many of you who support me on here many of you who are praying for me who believe in me who say encouraging words about me who promote my podcasts and tell people about the works that I’m doing like every little bit I need all of it we need each other we need we need that um it’s called discipleship in the Bible so with that being said Thursday nights you know if you guys want to link in with us and what we’re doing and what we’re building but you’re really cool people it’s not just me but you’re really cool people join me on Thursday nights at the School of the Mystics right now we’re doing a course by Rick Joyner it’s a 50 days for an enduring vision we’re doing that right now I don’t know if we’re gonna finish the 50 we’re probably gonna find something else to to get into soon but uh it’s working right now so we’ve had some really cool courses and studies that we’ve done together the first one that we did was magnificent and I’m probably gonna find one very similar to that good stuff we’re learning how to prophesy learning how to be that inner intuition that a lot of us are gifted in spiritual practice and you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit you can be around someone and pick up what they’re going through you know what they’re going through they don’t even have to say a word to you just know we’re teaching you how to respond to that how to hear that inner guidance system that inner intuition and how to be out even in the marketplace being out wherever you are to be used wherever you want to be whatever you you have to be mindful you have to be mindful you have to be you have to want it right you have to be conscious of it aware and we’re teaching you how to do that we’re setting up a safe place that we’ve been doing to get into prayer and being able to do readings we get off into groups and we do readings there so if that sounds like something you want to do make sure you check out the school of the Mystics every Thursday night 7 p.m. central go to my website get access there go to seeker for a dollar dollar month it gets you get access you get the you get my music you get all types of cool stuff but it’s the community aspect of what we’re building and so again from the bottom of my heart I really mean it I know I say it all the time I make sure I say it all the time but it’s the real deal we need each other I’m here for you guys I love y’all I really enjoyed this episode and I made the Spirit of the Lord bless you guys man make you guys everything that you touch prosper those dreams that you have will come to pass like whatever the scripture says that if the Lord builds the house is gonna stand but if the if you build it if man builds it it’s gonna crumble so make sure that this is the spiritual practice behind it get with God man get with your Creator he created everything all of this stuff that exists doesn’t happen without your Creator get that relationship right with your Creator tap in tune in learn how to do that make sure your next move is your best move make sure you’re on the right path that’s where the synchronicity comes in that’s where meditation comes in that’s where prayer that’s where worship that’s why all of this stuff comes in make sure you’re on the right path so you know you’re headed in the right direction on that ship with those friends with those people make sure your building in the right direction cuz you can build and have all these great ideas but be working against yourself but make sure you’re going in the right direction with what you want to do find out whatever that is get with people who can help you and add to that so with that may the Lord bless you and keep you guys and and make you prosper in everything that you touch in Jesus name love you guys Shalom Shalom [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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