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Mindfulness, Meditation And Spiritual Awakening | Anthony Guilbert

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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Anthony Guilbert about the art of mindfulness, meditation and spiritual awakening. Anthony Guilbert teaches Taoism, Qigong and Zen Buddhism and is trained in many different paths of martial arts and has taken the spirituality and teachings with him throughout his journey. Anthony shares one of his stories about while in meditation he experiences true oneness with everything around him. This experience came while meditating in a garden as he felt his body begin to dissipate and then flow into everything around him, the animals, the trees, people etc. This experience at a young age set him apart from other youth as he began to practice meditation and take seriously the spirituality within his martial art and training.
Many people experiencing spiritual awakening are having otherworldly encounters just like Anthony Guilbert in the garden. The question is “What do we do with these experiences after they are over?”. Is that it? Was it just a feel good experience that ends there? Anthony speaks about the power of mindfulness and being able to capture the meaning and the ability to bring it into our reality. This is the power of mindfulness. Once we experience awakening how to we not just “fall back asleep”? The importance of practicing mindfulness is so that  we stay awake and remain consciously alert of our goals and impartation from the other dimensions. Many people have had amazing encounters and have incredible visions of themselves in the futures as where they could be in their careers, relationships etc. but they seemingly lose it by going back to autopilot. Autopilot seems to be the default setting that the majority of Americans are on today spending the majority of their life working at jobs that they have no idea why they ended up there in the first place. The practices talked about in this interview are practical first and then spiritual second and are for anyone at any stage of spiritual development to pick up and apply to their life. Mindfulness is something that the greatest seer and the becoming apprentice must bring with them throughout their entire journey.

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