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Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? How bout more than once? Have you ever experienced a divine miracle? Maybe many? These angelic encounters are possible but they don’t end there. After these encounters what was the message that was communicated with you? Take it and run with it. The apostle Paul did and then went on to write the majority of the new testament. As beautiful and awe inspiring as these types of supernatural encounters are I feel like people in the west just want more and more, they seem to never be satisfied or content, they always want more. This is especially what I have seen in the charismatic circles in Christianity. I have been a part of countless Church services and meetings where people were begging God in prayer for a supernatural encounter for hours even and then… suddenly… something happens. A mighty rushing wind blows through the place and the Spirit of the Lord shows up so strong that everyone is on the floor stuck with their faces in the carpet grieving over their sin because of the weighty presence of God. I’ve had amazing encounters like this in a church of full of hundreds of people and then again alone in my own prayer closet. I could go on for hours about these beautiful encounters (and I do on the TruthSeekah Podcast) ? and I’m sure you could too but what is the end goal? How many supernatural encounters with God do you need? How many angelic encounters are you looking for? Biblically most times they just needed one. They received their message or their vision and then ran with it. Same thing with encounters with Jesus, they come face to face with him and he changes their life and then they’re off ready to share with the whole world the wonderful works that God has done in their life. Many people have become dependent upon miracles to simply sustain themselves in their faith and they never grow into a place of maturity where they become a miracle for someone else. The western church has become spoiled, traveling from one move of God to the next, from one church service to the next like a drug addict looking for their next fix. I do encourage seeking and I still love encounters but how many do you really need before you begin to do the things that God has called you to do? | TruthSeekah



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