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Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? How bout more than once? Have you ever experienced a divine miracle? Maybe many? These angelic encounters are possible but they don’t end there. After these encounters what was the message that was communicated with you? Take it and run with it. The apostle Paul did and then went on to write the majority of the new testament. As beautiful and awe inspiring as these types of supernatural encounters are I feel like people in the west just want more and more, they seem to never be satisfied or content, they always want more. This is especially what I have seen in the charismatic circles in Christianity. I have been a part of countless Church services and meetings where people were begging God in prayer for a supernatural encounter for hours even and then… suddenly… something happens. A mighty rushing wind blows through the place and the Spirit of the Lord shows up so strong that everyone is on the floor stuck with their faces in the carpet grieving over their sin because of the weighty presence of God. I’ve had amazing encounters like this in a church of full of hundreds of people and then again alone in my own prayer closet. I could go on for hours about these beautiful encounters (and I do on the TruthSeekah Podcast)¬†ūüėĄ and I’m sure you could too but what is the end goal? How many supernatural encounters with God do you need? How many angelic encounters are you looking for? Biblically most times they just needed one. They received their message or their vision and then ran with it. Same thing with encounters with Jesus, they come face to face with him and he changes their life and then they’re off ready to share with the whole world the wonderful works that God has done in their life. Many people have become dependent upon miracles to simply sustain themselves in their faith and they never grow into a place of maturity where they become a miracle for someone else. The western church has become spoiled, traveling from one move of God to the next, from one church service to the next like a drug addict looking for their next fix. I do encourage seeking and I still love encounters but how many do you really need before you begin to do the things that God has called you to do? | TruthSeekah

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and on remote viewing please be advised to miss an actual decision [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the truth seeker podcasting live at UC cacao your portal to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your truth yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m true seeker this is the true seeker podcast thank you guys for joining me today just gonna go live I got a I got a little topic I want to touch on and then really do a Q&A here with the chat for any of you guys who have any questions feel free to ask them I’ll try to answer as many as I can here I do have a topic that I want to touch on or something that’s kind of you know my heart the last couple days been thinking about it a lot so bigger one I go live and talk about it with you guys and get some feedback man just put it out there give a quick shout out to some of the newest patrons we have within just the last like two days man I put out a new song exclusive to patreon right now all of my musics uploaded over there put out a new song put out the snippet on Facebook in YouTube and then within the last two days man got a handful of new patrons I want to give you guys a shout out and say thank you so much for supporting my work so give a quick shout out to Megan Shawn Karen Sydney John nay Laura Manson in Scott thank you guys for coming on and supporting my work I appreciate that if you want to do that head on over to patreon dot-com backslash true seeker there you can support my work for any level of giving anywhere from a dollar to whatever you’re able to do it really means the world and you also get access to our Thursday night school of the mystic sessions as well as my entire discography of music 10 Plus albums and when I’m done recording a song I’m constantly working on new music when a song is done it’s uploaded straight there before it’s gonna be available to the general public and since I just put out an album it’s gonna be you know several months before you privy to all that new stuff so head on over to check that out and it’s a great way to support my work subject matter today I want to talk a little bit about angelic encounters miracles things like this seeing into the other realms I had a conversation yesterday with a with a friend he was talking about the charismatic movement the Christian charismatic circles and how they’re big on encountering encountering God encountering Jesus angels demons like all of these things like in into other realms of having these encounters and experiences but I think there comes a time when we we just gotta quit pursuing that stuff like that’s the goal is to encounter something in the other realm and I’ve been there for years man I’ve been there in the Christian circles and the Christian movements you want to get prayed for just so you can fall out fill the euphoria bah bah bah all this kind of stuff but where does that start like where does it stop like what’s the point of the encounter think that all of these encounters should have a point to them whether we’re contacting angels right I mean people want to see something you want proof that the other side is uh is real that entities are there that they’re watching over you that you’re protected maybe like myself I just want to understand how the universe works who are these angels what are they can they hear me are they watching can they help you know all of these type of things but once you have these encounters then what then what do you do when you see miracles when God has provided for you when there seemed to be no way out and God is always taking care of you there’s different things there’s character traits that is imparted to you when you go through that stuff of feeling like you’re gonna freak out or lose everything and then God always comes through at the last moment an unexpected check you know whatever it is and I’ve talked to so many people and I’ve had to happen in my life so many times were that you have these miracles that happen when it feels like you’re about to lose it all when you know the bill collectors come knocking or whatever the case is just like Paul and Silas in prison at the eleventh hour the angel stepped in and freed them from their prison it was into the eleventh hour right at the last moment and so usually that’s when we see the miracles is at the last moment but I really feel like these testings and things that we go through in our life are there too triose to enter to test this right there at their test you know they’re you know you’re being tested and to see how you’re gonna react are you gonna respond if you’re gonna respond with love if you’re gonna panic and freak out and and I didn’t trust God to begin with you know like job’s wife’s a job cook you know custom and I go ahead and custard and dye all this bad stuffs happening to you just go ahead and cut God and die you know and that’s kind of like what the test is to see if you really have faith if you really believe what you say you believe because you know anybody can believe God on a mountaintop anybody can believe God when everything is going good but what about believing God when everything’s coming against you when you doesn’t you don’t have anything you don’t know where you’re gonna get your next meal I mean how many of us have been there so this what that’s one of these testings and stuff happened to us and the Lord provides with miracles I’ve heard it said and it kind of challenged my faith that God doesn’t want you to be reliant upon miracles like you have to provide you have to be looking for miracles your whole life to get through like you have to be able to have your faith and have it in practice and be able to kind of develop things like understand where you’re gonna get your meals from understand where your calling is and you’re not sitting there looking for other people to help you almost you know what I’m saying that you can have some kind of stability with in your life financially or whatever so these miracles come and the question is how many miracles do you need like I’ve several months back I remember just pulling out my phone and just trying to remember all the miracles that I’ve seen God provides for me and my family and all of the miracles I’ve seen enough healings people being healed through prayer although the supernatural things you want to remember them you want to build a monument you want to understand because when it happens again you need a frame of reference okay if God took care of me then he’s gonna take care of me now if it’s it’s the same faith that you bring over like I was talking about like if you know the same faith that it takes to pay a $50 bill it’s gonna be the same faith it takes to pay a $5,000 bill whatever level you are in trusting God or whatever level you are in your spiritual development or wherever you are in life it’s the same faith that’s gonna get you through so understanding that how many miracles do we need before we start trust in God how many angelic encounters experiences do we need until we’re sent forth with the message to deliver in the charismatic circles going back they just want to have more and more and more there’s never enough encounters with God which I believe that we are doing counter God daily and everything we are to see miracles who are to see manifestation and I get into it in my music I talk about it on the podcast I love to talk about these encounters I love to recount them and remember them and question them and ask other people okay this is what I’ve seen what have you seen so I love to talk about it it sometimes it gets to a point where people especially in the churches they try to one-up each other on encounters they try to one-up okay well you’ve seen that well I’ve seen this I’ve seen this I’ve seen that and it’s cool if we’re bragging on God or whatever but like if you you know I’m more spiritual or I’ve talked with the dead or I’ve traveled dimensions I’ve talked to people trying to build and doing this podcast over the years where people they they do the one-up thing well I can communicate with angels as soon as I close my eyes well I can travel dimensions when I close my eyes and no one else can do this and I’m the only one it gets real with this weird conversation like okay like if this if these encounters that you have in aren’t birthing humility within you I think something’s wrong if these encounters that you have in aren’t creating in you a clean heart to be practical to a dying world or a world that’s in need of whatever you have to offer whatever you can pull out of that experience whether we’re talking about angelic encounters or demonic encounters like why understand how did this happen a demonic attack what did I do to set myself up for this type of attack right umm and so there’s things you learn from it that you can make practical look don’t do this and my story definitely I was into occultism and Satanism and things like that and all kind of witchcraft doing crazy spells and enchantments I got possessed started going crazy stuff like that I can tell you what not to do like those demonic encounters that I went through I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone so I can tell you the concoction that I did and that route ends there they want you mad they want you possessed they want you crazy they want you drooling on yourself they essentially want you to die like uh what’s his name Crowley Aleister Crowley geeked out of his mind drooling on yourself and not having any any function and taking your mind from you so going through those encounters demonic encounters and I can tell you my story trust me I traveled to churches over the years many churches telling my story and got the a round of applause and told you the story but it was to learn what not to do the same way with being successful pursuing your dreams I can tell you what not to do what you’re not gonna get any results from and in things that you can do to apply to your life to get results there’s things you can do practical things some of it and my practice includes angelic contact I mean when we’re spending time being mindful in meditation listening to God traveling the astral realms whatever it is all of that stuff is so beautiful but it comes down to a point I haven’t had a lot of like deep crazy encounters in a long time my life is pretty much impacted from the encounters that I’ve already had and I feel like at this point I want more I want to see more light beings I want to cast out more demons you know I’m saying I want to I want to be impactful in the spirit realm which I am but it’s it’s like having a being encounter you or you’re in contact with a et light ship or an angelic presence or the Archangel Michael or whatever it is how many does it take before you kind of get the messages that they’re bringing the word angel means messenger they’re bringing you a message if we look in the scriptures they would have angelic encounters and it changed their life forever like that would have one encounter okay all right I believe your God I’m gonna do I’m gonna carry this message that you’ve brought me and it came with something like consequences that came with severity at times um people who have had these encounters we look at the Israelites right I mean we could just look at that story and those archetypes of these people they’ve seen God provide for them in so many ways wrote down a couple here they had the the miracle of the Red Sea parting they sing God said look I got you guys I’m gonna lead you out of captivity go through this ocean is hey we can’t how we’re gonna get to the ocean let me part it for you go I’m gonna make a way where there is no way which is who God is right they sing God provide for them with manna from heaven they had nothing to eat they had couldn’t pay their bills whatever the case is God provided for the Israelites with manna from heaven just get up look God there grab it eat it it’s there for you I got you I am Jehovah Jireh I am the Lord that provides they’ve seen the earth open up and swallow up their enemies all of these people trying to attack them and kill them the Lord opened up the brown and they fell in the earth and died Aaron’s rod had this miracle staff that would bud and show buds on it and I don’t I don’t know exactly the meaning behind that but that was a miracle right have a rod that budded Moses staff you know when when the Israelites were attacked by all these serpents and I’m trust me all this is symbolic stuff if you go and do the symbology the serpents these people being attacked by these serpents Turbots could be all Swizz dumb false knowledge because the serpent represents wisdom in the scriptures they were attacked by it and they were dying from this these bites and are the only way that they were to be healed it was if Moses took one of the Serpent’s put it on his staff and held it up and and looked at and everybody who looked upon the serpent was healed if they looked at it and obviously that’s symbolic for Christ being lifted up on the cross as well if we look at the cross if we understand who Jesus is for us and what happened what he did for us and we’ll be healed as well if we understand that and believe it and so all of these things are parables but it’s still understanding they had so many more man the battle at Jericho’s wall with a marched around the city of Jericho seven times and then I’ll shout it with a large shout and blew the trumpets in the walls Christ the Sun Stood Still for an entire day like all of these miracles that God shown you look I’m here with you I care about you or whatever and they still complained they still wanted more this isn’t enough I want this man that doesn’t you can’t even taste this man huh it doesn’t even taste like chicken you know what I’m saying and it just found through all of these miracles they were still complaining of these things right and it’s a picture of us when we come out of Egypt Egypt is our land of bondage whatever that was for you I know people come out of prostitution I came out of dark witchcraft and drug addiction and alcohol addiction and just a bad person God changed my life brought me out of Egypt into the Promised Land and at times people want to look back you complain well it was better back then I had more friends when I was a prostitute more people cared about me when I was there so when I was a heroin addict I was hanging out with more heroin addicts and I felt like they genuinely cared about me now I’m in the church and you people are just talking crap about me or whatever the case is like you always look like me and I didn’t have it so bad after all or whatever when I was in Egypt and after seeing all of these miracles that’s been done in your life we people look back the Israelites look back and it’s a Israelites or a picture of us we look back and we complain man I didn’t you know I wish it was still this way I wish I could still party I wish I could still go to the club or whatever but you can’t write how many miracles does it take to you believe God and then you start walking steps of faith those leaps of faith to your destiny to your calling how many angelic encounters does it have do you have to have two before you take the message that the messengers angels or messengers vibrations spirits of thought forms thought patterns they impart these things to you from God how many encounters with these beings does it take for you to deliver the message to go forth and take it to the masses most people are just waiting for more I feel like if I did that at this point if I continue to want to have more encounters which I’m for it like I’m not closed off to it and I hope that just saying this isn’t creating it that I’m sure those are myself off to it but understanding that it’s a responsibility that how many does it take a week like I said we can we can recant we can go back we can look at all of the encounters and all of the miracles and trust me this is what I do on this podcast right I talk about this stuff I talked about these encounters I questioned other people in their encounters and and learn how to make that stuff practical is it attainable are you special what happened I love talking about this stuff but you have to take the encounter in the in the experience and make it practical do something with it it’s not just for the hell of it it’s not just to entertain you oh man constructing like in the churches man they just it just go on and on and on with this stuff you know what I’m saying every service every oh man did you see what God did all do you fall on the ground and all of the falling out in the rolling and the spiritual encounter that happens at church there’s a lot of other churches and other people who question that stuff they don’t believe it’s real the Bible says when the Holy Spirit comes upon you it’s so that you can be witnesses that you receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and for you know it’s scripture says be being filled but after that initial and filling you’re supposed to be sent these people encounter Jesus God in the flesh and they were sent they’d have to keep coming back and keep coming back like he touched their heart and he changed them He healed their ailments He healed their sickness they went out they were sent they had their message and they proclaimed it I feel like we would be spoiled brats to continue to have these angelic encounters or demonic encounters or whatever the case is and to feel like you need more just to keep coming back and I’m talking about this I look at my psilocybin encounters which you know we changed my life psilocybin mushrooms on a men’s retreat we encountered the angelic realms the golden teachers changed my life I’m doing this now because of those encounters 100% not just because of those but it played a part of the alchemy um blew my head off crazy otherworldly traveling dimensions talking to angels having a life review all of this stuff and I knew that like the neck I was excited that I had touched eternity but I knew it was gonna take months to unpack what this stuff was like man how do I manifest this how do I bring this vision that I have of myself in the ether in my mind my Higher Self how do I bring that person out you know I knew it was gonna be a journey and I was ready for it so I was excited to get back home to my family you know and to start doing the practical steps changed my life and I knew that there was no way I was gonna go out and do it again next weekend or the next day and some of my friends who were with me evidently I don’t think we had the same encounter not everybody but they were like I’m gonna do this again next week bro I’m getting some more and I’m going out next week I’m like next week we totally didn’t experience the same thing but you two have this divine encounter which I don’t think they did so I really can’t hold it to him they may maybe even that’s a competition thing that’s like how phenomenal and life-changing it was for me it was phenomenal for me too but I really don’t obviously right obviously it wasn’t that type of encounter for you to just want to go out there and do it again next weekend to have fun doing it and I’ll say this I’ll you know that stuff is not to be played with it’s a medicine for those who were sick for those who are needing answers right and if you abuse any medicine you’re gonna be in trouble I will say that that person did go out the following weekend and did it with other friends in a different atmosphere and it wasn’t approached with respect and honor like we did with our initial encounter that was fasting with us we did chanting and breath work and we all was going into this thing as a life review to find out the next steps of our path and we got that the majority this other person came later and wasn’t privy to all that stuff but um that person went out the following week with other people and had a bad encounter a very bad encounter because they set in setting is big when it comes to that you have to have the intention it I mean it took months before I even wanted to think about doing something like that but that person went out I had a totally different encounter and had a bad trip if you want to call it that but you can even learn from the bad trips hopefully right he learns okay I got a respect this stuff I can’t just do this for fun can’t just do it at a party in or whatever the case is hopefully he learned from that encounter which was otherworldly right if you have a bad encounter demons are approaching you your minds working weird you’re receiving weird stuff feeling the emotions feeling the music feeling the intentions of the people around you like if you’re in a bad setting and you do that hopefully you learn for that this person has learned and I’m pretty sure that that they have at this point but with that being said just to go out and want more and want more and want more when does it stop when is it enough when are you finally going to be the embodiment of the concepts that were imparted to you he’ll Blakeley like I say like a lot of times these people have one encounter one in they were they were set their whole life what’s changed from that encounter we I’ve had many I’ve had many if I never had another one I’d be content I really would I’ll continue to talk about it I’ll continue to find creative ways to put it in my music so now at the point now I’m not I’m not um I’m not hung up on having more which I’m not closed off to it either I am still having those encounters but they’ve changed at this point I’m trying to find creative ways to articulate the information and bring it to the people so essentially you don’t have to do that you don’t have to get with all of your friends and plan a trip and try to find psilocybin or whatever and go out and have this encounter like you can if it’s calling you if it’s beckoning you then you have to do it I’ll put it that way but you don’t you don’t have to do it to get the information if we can go in as shamans get the information bring it out and try our best to relate it to the people in a practical way of how they can apply these great philosophies these great encounters and experiences if we can bring them and articulate them in a way that we can share with people that it will have impact upon their lives that’s where I’m at now I’m trying to find creative ideas to study or to get out the information that I’ve spent years studying these encounters the books the ancient holy books getting all the information out of there I’m trying now I’m trying to articulate it and get it out there creative ways through music through podcasting through casual conversation through speaking truth you’re speaking my truth I’m finding creative ways and it’s working it’s working that’s where I am everybody’s in different places some people are listening and you’ve never had an encounter you want one you’re still on the fence you you might not even believe that it’s possible or whatever the case is everybody’s at different places whatever a place that you are in for your level of expectancy that’s where God will meet you but it but it’s not just about being encounter it’s not just about I met with angels angels watch over me I can travel and talk to them what are they telling you what are they telling you talking all these angels what are they telling you are they giving you some some insight on life on eternity like how to make it practical you know and you I question the messenger if it’s not giving you something that’s gonna help you something that’s gonna confuse you or just make you feel haughty make you feel prideful that you’re meeting with the octarians or the green light beings or whatever the order of Melchisedec whatever it is that you’re meeting with a question and if it’s just about encounter about encounter about encounter I think we feel like spoiled brats I want more I’m not I’m not satisfied in our hearts question our motives man bite off more than you can chew though but I’ll say this there for me you know there’s also come into this I’m just be open like I’m continuing to work on music I’ve I’ve just now posted on Facebook just like couple days ago all the songs that I’ve ever written and ever co-written over the years since music there’s a couple on there that I got to go back and edit because I’m still there’s a bunch of songs that I’ve done over the years right I’ve done all of these songs and putting them out there so now it’s like it’s kind of affecting me up just a little bit because I’ve said all of this stuff I’ve used all of these rhyming words I’ve talked about how many times can you rhyme Kundalini how many times can you talk about an angelic encounter or brag about an angelic encounter and find ways to rhyme it with this type of music spirituality and things of I’m like four albums deep a lot of the stuff I’m starting to repeat myself I’m over almost 200 songs in on that list a lot of it’s starting to repeat myself I don’t want to repeat myself I think it’s tacky I want to cut keep continue come up coming up with innovative rhyming skills rhyming schemes rhyming words new words I’ve already exhausted myself with the studies over the years and tried to articulate them but the majority of that stuff in the music and now I’m trying I’m starting to see myself repeating the same words I mean how many times can you ROM shine light bright night sight fight might you know what I’m saying Kundalini even all of the crazy words that you go in and study and get so I don’t hit the books and I don’t study like I used to I don’t watch two three-hour documentaries like I used to there was a time and place for that I don’t do that anymore like I said now I’m at the place where I’m trying to articulate everything that I’ve learned everything that I’ve experienced articulated but the best way to have the most impact for people to change lives to encourage people to equip people and to send people out maybe that’s having some bearing on mas what what I’m getting out in the music it’s definitely having some bearing on that if I’m not continuing to study in to look and they’re like what is some cool stuff and just keep getting it I think I’d still have to do that a little bit like I still I still read I still spend quiet time I’m still spiritual right so there’s gonna be stuff that comes there’s still new stuff that comes and thank God that I sometimes I get on these little tangents and they and they starts coming and I start writing it and it comes out really good so that’s still happening but as far as embracing new concepts some of that kind of old for me I’m still at this point trying to find our ways to articulate the information and knowledge and things have already studied the life experiences all of this stuff trying to find ways to articulate that and get it out make it practical for people but I’ll say this because with the music and with the podcasts I don’t think that my message has changed from day one like even even the early Christian message to early Christian truseq or whatever like I still see the same silver lining running through all of my songs running through everything which is about encountering God spiritual warfare repentance and how beautiful God is repentance is as teshuva simply turned from the things that are killing you not standing on the street corner yelling out repent the kingdom of heaven is at hand you’re gonna die I’ve done that I’ve done that but the repentance is like turn from the things that are killing you if you’re addicted to heroin stop turn from it draw close to God he will draw close to you if you’re in over your head in witchcraft and demonic in possession turn from that it’s killing you turn you’re struggling alcoholic turn from that repent look to Christ look to anything that is beautiful think upon these things that’s still my message a beautiful Christ is that’s still that’s impact my life and changed my life forever it’s in almost in every song even if it’s coded in such a way but everything comes from that aspect like everything is written from the aspect of all of these life experiences that I’ve had the good the bad the ugly everything together just approaching it looking at it on that aspect of Who I am spiritual warfare early on it was like when I did gospel rap like in and we can go back to 2004 or 2005 first album was in 2006 I had demos and stuff before that but it was about killing demons shooting them with guns killing demons and the devil don’t want none of this and the devil is my enemy shooting at you and all this kind of stuff um spiritual warfare still is in my music but in a more mature manner of how to embody that in practical things you can do to walk in the light to understand that there are things you can do to prevent these things these entities being in your life are leeching on you or whatever the case is or negative people being around you so that stuff is still in my music articulate it you know and I’ll go into a lot of different details about that so all of that stuff is still in my music but I’m looking for creative ways to get it out and I’m over ten albums in almost 200 songs in and I’m I don’t think the message has changed I think that I’m still just trying to find ways to articulate it creative ways creative ways that nobody’s doing I don’t want to just see somebody copy it to be a good imitation of that person I’m part of it of being a creator made in the image of a creator I want to create something that nobody else has done what if like God Yahweh came behind another God well he did that he made people let me make some people you know I’m saying just copied what everybody else is doing that’s that’s what church folks are doing when I was in gospel rap they hear stuff on the radio they recreate it and put their spin on it that’s what they do that I had to get out of that that’s you’re not creating anything you’re imitating and you’re and you’re you’re mimicking what other people are creating and bringing to the table I think us as people of the kingdom as being filled with the the breath and a life force of God that we are to be on the cutting edge when it comes to music and I really do think that uh I’ve been been true to that and for the most part like my stuff is like you can’t say oh that sounds like this guy or that sounds like this guy you’re definitely gonna hear influences of people within my music you’re gonna hear influences because I do listen to other music and that stuff comes through but it’s about taking it all and just being eclectic and bringing something new to the table and nobody’s done creating music creating art whatever art that is that you like that you’ve created that you’ve that’s innate it reflects back to God whatever it is you are a little creator you are made in the image and likeness of you of your father you’ll create and I like I’ve been saying and it really I think this goes deep but I think that it’s the highest form of worship when we as little creators made in the image of our Father when we begin to create we reflect that and it’s the highest form of worship attaboy that’s my boy look at him look at her it’s my daughter look at her she’s so creative it’s just like me oh she’s great and angry yeah it’s getting angry at the things I get angry at she’s just like me you don’t like being used and abuse yep me neither you know what I’m saying we’re made in the image and likeness of our Father and we are that expression and the same things like when we look at the Bible we look at the Old Testament in a way that Yahweh interacted with other nations and the way he reacted toward his creation and his his people like we are the same way we get jealous we get mad we get angry we get upset we get confused we regret things at times and all of this stuff is an expression as we look back at ourselves through the scriptures as we’re looking into a mirror even as we read the Bible home sauces in in the chat he just keeps saying ‘die MTD MTD MT I’ll say this bro um and I still feel like if I was to want to do DMT that it would be like okay what’s next for me yeah I want something that like I’ll be a spoiled brat to go and try to I feel like I’d be a spoiled brat to pursue that right now where I’m at this is where I’m at now maybe a year two years six years ten years from now we never know we can’t never say never Justin Bieber I feel like I’ll be a spoiled brat and especially when my psilocybin encounter the big one the hero dose was like a DMT trip I was just thinking that the first step the first psilocybin I had encounter I had was good very introspective connecting with God philosophical life review going within I did I closed my eyes I would see shapes and ears and all this beautiful colors and stuff it was beautiful went into the second encounter with all of my friends and was expecting a similar thing I was speaking on podcast like I know it all I was doing interviews oh yes I was I did a psilocybin encounter this weekend and really philosophical and I was just kind of speaking as an expert went in got some other friends that who have done it for the first time and stuff and blew my head off I felt my spirit leaving my body and traveling the ethers and being communicated with angels and I wasn’t ready for that because I that’s what I would I’ve heard about for the DMT or the or the ayahuasca and I didn’t wasn’t expecting psilocybin mushrooms to be able to do that to you it did it and was next level for me man I wanted to play this one day but I probably uh I don’t want to you know I’m really weird on the copyright strike but if you go and watch the dr. strange movie Marvel Doctor Strange leave us Marvel he has an encounter where his teacher is this woman and she pushes him out of his body and shows him the ether he’s travelling and his colors and shapes and gears and he’s being but as he’s travelling he’s being led by this voice it’s okay look around you you were more than your body you know all of this kind of stuff being led and uh that that scene was like a trigger man because it was so much like the psilocybin encounter that I did were like it literally was that all the way the shapes the colors to being led seeing all of this beautiful stuff scary stuff crazy stuff feeling like you’re dying whatever but then there’s this woman angelic voice soft soothing communicating with you throughout the whole encounter who’s not there in person this is what I’ve deemed the golden teachers and watching that scene took me back to that encounter it was beautiful to come back from that and let yep I’m ready to go again I’m a psycho not I’m gonna go and get some more information bill like be a spoiled brat just to continue to go especially if you didn’t learn anything I just love the encounters bro I spend a lot of time in the in the astral realm I just this is what I do man you know everybody has their own thing people go to you know raves people go to a lot of festivals which are glorified raves hippy raves you know what I’m saying and they just go there and they do this type of stuff but it’s like I mean that’s that’s the lifestyle though like that has become what they do you know that becomes who they are I don’t think we’re supposed to be I really do think that it’s supposed to be something that uh is sacred I think that we’re supposed to respect the plant teachers I think we’re supposed to respect the angels I think we’re supposed to respect the demons I’m honored I think the most high that I have encountered those demons at such a young age as I did and live to talk about it like I’m still here I’m still here I get to talk about it in past tense as many people who are still going through that stuff now and so that’s where you share the wisdom how to come out of that through prayer um so I need a chat like Mara not arise maybe I’m it’s really small but it says the person says uh out of bodies are fun and yet the real treats and experiences are embody it’s good yeah I know like that’s the thing like understanding that people want to leave their body you’re trying to do things to leave your body you’re trying to do mushrooms peyote DMT whatever to leave your body we’re doing mantras and chance to leave our body and this person says the real treat is within the body when you go within the kingdom of heaven is within you go within and experience everything you go within to commune with you your Creator understanding as above so below it’s beautiful because we can travel through both aspects and understand that God is within and also without we have to learn to commune with God there so as far as me where I am now as far as like warning encounter I’m open for encounter your God I’m putting out I’m open but I’m not seeking I go get where the Angels doing angels grab an angel catch a leprechaun tell me the secrets of the universe I’ve already done that I’ve literally done that you know what I’m saying it’s beautiful all of its beautiful and the revelation continues to grow I’m never at a place where I claim to know it all I want to have more I’m going to have more I say that with this being said but right now understanding the way that God communicates the majority of the way with me now as far as having these encounters with the divine for me is right I’m glad I’m thankful for this but it’s it’s an overwhelming and key whelming encounters with synchronicities where doors are opened like and it even comes to the guests that I have on the podcast that I will the person will email check there’s like somebody would email me a person I’ve Nev I heard of emails me um I said hey this is my work I’d love to come on your show Ababa two weeks later and and for some reason I said no to this person I thought they were too religious I’ll be honest um I said no and then two weeks later I get an email from a fan who’s just asking me about I was actually actually asking me about my symbol and what it means and stuff and then went on to say hey have you ever heard of this person’s work and I said no but I’ll look them up because I try to you know you guys are the audience but who would you guys like to hear me talk to you bout it as far as doing the research I don’t do the research as much most of these people the majority of them are people that I have interest in so there’s always new people new information that’s coming so I do try to let you guys refer guests to the show you know and um um I saw I’ll check this person out googled the name the name didn’t ring a bell but I looked at the books and I say these books are familiar I went to my email typed in the name sure enough two weeks later two weeks earlier the that person had emailed me about being a potential guest and even though I didn’t want to you know I had to understand synchronicity I understand following the signs and how everything is connected the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord and I really do believe God leads us through synchronicity and so I emailed the person and set up a date you know I rationalized it went back and forth because I’m still iffy about it but on we did it and we’re gonna have a good conversation that person is lined up on the show to come I believe at the end of the month so stay tuned it’s gonna be a good one but um and there’s been several guests in the past people I have no idea who they are and and I you know in my inbox people I hate check out this guy check out this person you know so I kind of kind of pull from that pool but the synchronicities are like the main way it’s like the bread crumbs cuz it’s like the doors that are opening the goes it go here do this send that email write this song talk about this continue with this and all of these confirmations and in that relationship with the Spirit of God with the breath of God leading us in relationships all of this stuff what to do don’t get in over your head pace yourself don’t get burnt out you know what I’m saying all of this stuff now so those are my encounters right now like those are the spiritual encounters that I’m having we did a sea e5 initiative maybe three months ago where we planned everywhere it was the new moon and uh three months ago I think maybe I don’t know maybe it was May I’m not sure but or April and uh we did a global thing we started promoting it and all of we all went out together all over the the world really I had people in Australia trying to go out to you know shout out to people over there um going out together at this this time that I set and was and I led a meditation or just a quick prayer really and just kind of getting everybody into a space where they would have their own encounter and we all went out and we had the encounter together it was beautiful I seen and we seen for me and my wife seen for lightships and had that had that telepathic communication and just connecting with nature lightning bugs everywhere just a beautiful encounter of connecting back with nature grounding and sending forth to have higher vibrations out to make contact with the angelic beings that are watching over us so Christie focuses in chat she says it was May 15th she went out this was her first time going out trying anything like that and she had a beautiful encounter with her family synchronicities led them out there hey you know things come on the TV that they were you know those aliens on TV and all kind of stuff that it was a synchronicities man of just understanding that look I’m open I’m open for whatever is next for me and so we still do that so it’s not like I’m closed off to anything spiritual trust me I still do my repay still microdose you know what I’m saying all of these kind of things so it’s part of my life but those are just like parts of like the maintaining and staying connected and there’s practical things we do to stay connected so don’t please don’t take take me as you know negating these encounters as that but I’m saying when does it stop or when is it enough when do you get like how many angels does it take to approach you before you walk through that door I kind of do what you’re supposed to be doing what you feel on the inside or for you to receive a message an impartation a spirit to go forth and bring forth those things that God has put within you to find out what it is how many ayahuasca ceremonies how many psilocybin encounters how many demons how many angels Christy says one Christy Christy Lee says one biblically it was definitely one and these people were led by miracle by miracle by miracle by miracle and and many times we’re led by miracles right as a place of provision but so we can walk on our own but I’m asking you that as a question as a rebuke what are you chasing what are you looking for what are you waiting for you want another one so after the next one then you’re gonna go for those of you who have never had an encounter with the divine and you don’t know what I’m talking about I encourage you seek it out pick it out I think it’s good it’s beautiful there’s a lot of faith there’s a lot of stuff imparted creativity inner knowing sense of awe and wonder and inspiration there’s so much stuff that comes from an angelic encounter and et encounter so much that comes from it but that is not the end goal the end goal is not that I have a friend who’s an alien who watches over me like it’s beautiful it’s cool trust me right now as you’re listening to this there’s angels around you now there’s spirits there’s leeches there’s all types of energies good and bad and negative whatever you do your lifestyle reflects and feeds them they try to there’s so much going on everything is supernatural there’s so much and in the different realms of density that’s going around us with the different dimensions trust me so it’s learning how to connect into spirit it’s Kristy Lee beautifully says in the chat right at the perfect time connect to spirit that’s what it’s about tap in tune and learn how to connect for yourself um so we’ll it will approach this too so here’s a here’s a Christian point of view it’s like okay y-you guys talking to aliens why are you guys channeling summoning angels berries gnomes salamanders the enchanters dance with the ferry on the oleander why you guys getting into this stuff when you can go straight to the source you can go straight to Jesus you can go straight to the Holy Spirit and and bypass all of these other things I think that each and every one of those serve a purpose in a place and understanding whether it’s contacting them or wanting to see them is simply just to know that it exists that it’s real and I’ll say this when I would be out praying fasting wanting God to show me these angels to show me these UFOs whatever you want to call them whatever your theology helps you to break break it down as that’s between you and God but for me there were the Angels there was a Seraphim the cherubim I called them by name I asked God if they were real if they were out there watching over us doing war over humanity protecting us if they had my greatest good in mind father God would you please allow me to see them begging you allow me if you’re up there trying to connect started seeing him right simple as that I wanted it more than anything started seeing crazy things in the sky in the night sky okay rationalize it it’s in a nice guy what about the day sky God and I see anything during the day started having crazy visions during the day seeing all types of UFOs and angelic entities in the sky and and lights and jets trying to fly towards these orbs and things just crazy things man I just blew my mind and it wasn’t for the sake of just seeing it for me it wasn’t for the sake of just I’ve seen this I seen that you know that’s there right happy you’re excited but for me it made it more real it made it more real it like my studies of heaven versus what I’ve been told about heaven of this abode where God dwells this abode where the angels are like it’s another dimension like you died in your you’re there maybe it’s in the sky maybe it’s somewhere else but to understand that look these angels are real they’re physically somewhere out there they have the ability to travel back and forth from heaven to earth there’s a place when they’re in the sky and they’re coming back before from heaven earth they’re coming from somewhere they have abodes they have dwelling place they have what’s known as the hosts of heaven the angelic armies of God are watching over us as fleets well what many will call UFOs will call IFOS identified flying objects these are the fleet’s of Yehovah the fleet’s of Yahweh that are watching over us and they will communicate God will open up the eyes of your understanding to see them just like in the scripture where Elijah was with the young man who the invading armies were coming in and they were all in scared they were encumbered by other armies and the God was freaking out Elijah prayed that God would open his eyes that he would be able to see the chariots that are aligned all within the mountains Elijah prayed for the young man the young man’s eyes of his understanding were opened and he was able to see the armies that were fighting for him and the scripture says that greater are they that are poorest and those that are against us beautiful story we’ve done it many times where we go out and people want to see something we pray we believe will receive we go out and expect it and it happens if you go out there and you’re not expecting anything you’re not going to see anything but if you go out there and you want it more than anything and you want to encounter there’s nothing that’s gonna stop that it may take more than one night it may take three four or five nights it may it’s different for everybody you may go out every night you see stuff every night it’s different for everybody let your eyes adjust be able to see the stars and these type of things to have your own encounter cuz I don’t think anyone can rob you from that encounter that is your inner knowing nobody can take that from you we talk about faith and God so I don’t have faith in God no more I don’t believe in God no more and no God he can talk me out of that I could talk you out of your beliefs there’s a bunch of videos on YouTube there’s a bunch of people with different doctrines and belief systems and some of them are angry some of them have vendetta against the church some other half and debt is against God against Christ they have the ability to talk you out of your faith talk you out of your belief but if you know God as a father if you know God as a mother you know God as a friend if you know God as a inner essence if you know it buddy can take that from you because you know it that’s the power of understanding and knowing versus having faith in what someone said it’s a difference the big difference there so those encounters man they birth in inner knowing that something is out there I may not know what it is you may not be able to articulate it and say what I do question a lot of people I’m supposed to have Laura Eisenhower they can name you all the races of aliens and what their agendas is and what they look like and they could do all this kind of stuff I’m interested doesn’t mean I believe it I do question that but it’s a knowing there may not be able to articulate it and write a book and sell it and recreate it recreate the encounter of who those are what they are but you you have an inner knowing of what it is for you and just to know that something exists that’s greater than you that can communicate with you telepathically been communicating with you you don’t even know it I believe that we go within to commune with those out there I believe we can look out there to commune with those that are already within us the the Spirit of God that dwells within us there’s many spirits that are around us not a bad thing people want to go you say well why would you do that you can go straight to God straight to the Holy Spirit I believe that I believe that we can go straight to Christ I believe we can go straight to God I give you understand the gospel the gospel is the essence of Jesus tearing down anything that stood in a way between you and God and now you have boldness and free access to approach the throne of God so that’s what that’s what the gospel they can go straight to God but God uses everything uses demons I hate it when I say that you have to be you probably hate it when I said if you’re going through it you know what I’m saying I would hate it too but but when I’m going through it but in hindsight you have to look at everything you have to look at your trials you have to look at your tribulations the good and the bad and weigh it all together and understand look God was in that God was in my darkest moment he never left me he never Forsaken and forsook me but there were things that he had to impart to me that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else unless I went through that unless I went through this abusive relationship I wouldn’t have known my worth or what true love is when someone really loves me having people tell me they love me my whole life but until I went through that abusive relationship I didn’t know what it was like I thought that was love until now I met someone who cherishes me for who I am you know you go to a church where you’re slander you laughed at you’re just another number another face in the crowd that too in order when you when you finally go to a circle of people what your wanted versus being in a group of who people where you’re tolerated you you wouldn’t appreciate that unless you were just another face in the crowd you go through all of these things and to learn character traits and impart character which the scripture says that we learn from adversity and we learn and this is prompt promise to a believer like you’re going to go through that stuff you’re going to be ridiculed you’re going to be laughed at you’re going to be forsaken a servant is not greater than their master if you want to be like Jesus and you want to go about doing good and healing humanity bringing healing to the nation’s being a light worker you’re gonna have some opposition you’re gonna have opposition from spirits and you’re gonna have opposition’s from people which the spirits are working through the people your battle is not a flesh and blood or with powers and principalities in the heavenly realms that’s who you’re dealing with you’re not dealing with the people it’s not the person who has a personal vendetta with you you represent something that they don’t like that spirit don’t like whatever spirit that is that you’re dealing with it’s not about you don’t take it personal be water my friend let it flow off of you learn to get thick skin don’t walk around looking to be offended looking for people you know it’s gonna come but don’t let it set in do not let it set in that’s what it’s about all of this stuff that we’ve gone through like I said I don’t believe that I don’t believe in lost time I believe that I believe that the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord I believe that everything that we do ever where we go even if it seems that it was time lost even if it seems that we were abandoned we were forsaken God would never leave us nor forsake us we can go places we can try to run from God there’s no way you can go to run from the Spirit of the Lord like he’s always watching over you always got you and there’s things that we do to try to numb numb that that chastising that chasing try to quiet out the voice we’re not ready but we’re doing all this stuff you know whatever it is you’re trying to prolong your calling you’re scared of your calling because your calling is too big if you’re calling don’t scare you your dreams and goals don’t scare you you need a new calling you need a new dream I’m gonna scare the piss out of you man it’s got to be so far out of your realm of thinking that only God can do it only God can do it and that’s how God gets the glory we talked about that time and time again is like God takes nobodies and create somebodies God doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called you have that calling you’re marked as a child you know within you’re supposed to come forth and do great things you might not even know what those great things are may not even know what it is but it’s when you reach down to go in and pull it out and manifest it this is why this podcast exists do that about repeatability with angelic encounters maybe just to know that right I mean come on wasn’t just a whim maybe it takes more than one it took me more than one so I can’t put expectations on y’all that I don’t hold myself to you know what I’m saying but I’m telling you like there comes there’s a number somewhere there’s a number somewhere of these angelic encounters somewhere there’s a number but it’s just to know that you’re connected and to know that it’s real the rational mind is wars against you know the subconscious mind the carnal mind is the enemy to God you know what I’m saying we do war against the flesh we do war against our own faith and our own inner knowing of of understanding is like that’s me you when you have these encounters write them down write them down because you’re gonna try to talk yourself out of them was that a flock of seagulls was that swamp gas was that a falling star you should have been with a yesterday on on discord we have our discord community it’s in the in the description if you guys want to join but yesterday we explored the fact the the fact that the testament of Solomon talks about the shooting stars and what they are and how we interact with them and what mankind thinks that they are we we approach that through the testament of Solomon I read that and it was just a new realm of understanding of feeling like they’re majestic feeling like they made it may not be space debris falling so plug for this score you looking for community and take this thing on a daily basis that’s where we are just cord link you can download it on your phone or your computer just a quick plug but that’s what it’s about it’s about connecting in about knowing write that stuff down so you know like you can easily talk yourself out but eventually you’re like okay these are a bunch of encounters if I had all of these encounters one of these got to be real one of these had to be a angel one of these had to be a messenger one of these had to be an ET a plate Ian one of these light ships that were communicating me communicating with me excuse me had to be real one of them when you just and that thing that’s why we try to you know have repeatability and one to have more encounters speaking of repeatability that’s a quote from Terence Mckenna Terence Mckenna the philosopher psychonaut what would say that he would speak in the UFO community in UFO circles at times and he said what we in the drug community have that you in the UFO community don’t have he said his repeatability repeatability where I’m able we’re able to take five grams of psilocybin and meet with these beings teachers the light beans the angels were able to take five grams to go in and see the elves the elves that it repair your DNA you know all of these things we can repeat that we can go in and do it um it says in the UFO community you don’t have that you just kind of hope you just hope that it happens but that’s what he said I don’t believe that I can’t do it at will like people go out there and they have cameras on them and say oh we’re gonna do it but if the intention is right in the hearts right I don’t think you can go in there go out there just to like for your clout or the video you know I’m saying do it for the vine do it for the gram you know I don’t think it’s about that because I think that they can feel your intentions and your emotions man that you’re going out there with so going out there open and wanting people to experience the awe and the Wonder I think if you go out there with open heart and open mind I think you’re gonna have an encounter we look at I talk about this a lot james gilliland um he did a BBS presentation well he was on a BBS presentation where Danny Dyer and this is really good y’all haven’t seen this it’s a documentary Danny Dyer on the BBS BBC the programme in the UK he was going to all these groups trying to [Music] fine UFO life alien life intact UFOs so he goes all over the world there’s all these different places in different countries of all these people who send forth radio signals into the universe they send forth love and vibration and they put it through at the old tubes and stuff and try to send it out and these different groups that he has met with that they all have so-called repeatability he goes and he wants to learn he’s a TV host or something like that over there he wants to learn he wants to see something he goes out and I was all over he doesn’t see anything at the end of the documentary he goes to comes to America and goes to James Gilliland’s he said he ranch shoutout to Davy Jones I believe Davy Jones is who it was was taunting me from from East Eddie Ranch let me know that they were there the other day in the comment section um but he goes to james gilliland ranch in Trout Lake Washington at Mount Adams and you know they have a UFO Watchtower they have all of this stuff but they also do spiritual practice they meditate they do Qigong practice breath work the inner work setting themselves up before they go out and then when they go out they’re having all types of encounters they’re having encounters with uh with lights and things communicating and flickering with them and stopping on a dime and saying hello telepathic communication to all and wonder is there that’s big for me but they’re also having encounters with these orbs that are flying through the people that they’re picking up and I’m not talking about just a little take a picture and you see an orb I guess showing up on camera these orbs that are flying around people and like really beautiful interesting stuff so they’re doing the spiritual work and they’re having contact and it’s repeatability Danny Dyer goes there he does the breath work he does the Qigong he does all of this stuff and he ends up having an encounter he’s like and I’ve come in here to see UFOs and like I’m having a spiritual awakening and he was like really going within and in connecting with with the spirit from that and then he goes out UFO Watchtower they all go out into the field and the open sky and they all have Angelica counter they see UFOs and mind is blown in his closing words as he’s leaving the ranch he like I said he was looking for something out there but in order to kind of make contact you have to be able to go within to make contact it’s within and without people are wanting like I talked to a woman yesterday and discord and she was just saying she wants to be able to not be afraid to have this face-to-face communication with ETS or angels or whatever I guess most people probably never never will have that face-to-face encounter as something that materializes in the physical realm in their house like a literal entity alien person or whatever angel walking through your home material materializing but you have to be able to know that the communication is going to be when you go within you go within and you look within to communicate there then when you open your eyes and you stargaze you’re able to connect in the physical realm you have to be able to do it in the spirit first everything is birthed in the spirit first everything is birthed in the astral realms in the ethers sometimes it takes years to birth these type of things in these these inner knowings once you understand it once you open your eyes then you can go out there with certainty that you’re going to have an encounter you can go out there and know how to do it what you’ve been once you understand telepathic communication once you want to see stuff they’ll tell you where to look I could get to that deep like you go out there and there’s a billion stars on a beautiful night you don’t see nothing and say hey look over here okay look up Bing they shine at you let you know pop some of them are just like shine real bright like a pop by oh shoot this bright light and that’s it they just letting you know hey look over here oh yeah that’s it Wow and it’s like wow okay look over here pal I really believe that that they’re taking a chance when they do that I do believe that our government the space force if you want to call it that fighting against these these angels um the information that was imparted to me was that they’re trying to shoot them down there’s footage of them shooting them down there’s footage of them shooting up plasma beams to outer space old old footage from space trying to shoot these things out of the air bunch of crazy stuff so I believe that that’s why there’s not a lot of footage or all like a lot of encounters I like wouldn’t that suck if you willed one to show up that if one wanted to show itself to you if you made connection and it appeared for you and then Donald Trump shot it out the sky wouldn’t that suck if it happened because you did that you know hey where you at can you materialize let me see you okay here I am bye cow Donald no Donald why’d you do it just a thought but that definitely was a Shadid to me whenever I was seeing them that uh and I’ve seen jets flying to them and said look look over here here I am being I can’t stay long they’re trying to get me out the sky and the Jets flying right towards it for the jet got there it disappears crazy stuff understanding what’s going on the spiritual warfare um edgar cayce believed that the Battle of Armageddon would be fought in outer space as a galactic war going on and we did a whole episode on this with the whole space Donald Trump space war staying if you want to go back and listen to that definitely do it it’s one of the highest-rated shows on on iTunes right now but um talked about the space war talked about what’s going on with that and just because they let us know about that now they’ve been doing that that’s old news all the stuff you’ve seen in the movies the Star Wars Galactic Federation all of this stuff this is old this is old they just letting us know about this they it’s crazy all the technology you see in the movies they already have they say we’re 50 years behind what they let us know know we were supposed to go live with Laura Eisenhower the great-granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower who she speaks at all the big circles and in the circuits and everything an awesome woman does the spiritual work as well as the contacting the ships and things like that gonna be a good guest we’re supposed to go live with her today something happened I just checked my email she says for some reason my notifications didn’t go off while I really missed an interview can we do this tomorrow or this afternoon sorry I let you down we’re gonna do it whether it’s tomorrow or this afternoon we’re gonna do it so be on standby for Laura Eisenhower coming on the podcast weather this evening or or tomorrow morning maybe tomorrow morning actually will probably just reschedule for tomorrow morning and do that so be on the lookout if you guys want to join that and ask her some questions and stuff like that also thinking about opening up the phone lines again you know some people I haven’t done that in a while sometimes when I would do it people would call in if it was a big guest usually at night people call in sometimes during the day people that are at at work and stuff like that so they can’t call in so uh thinking about opening it back up we’ll see so yeah there’s gonna be a podcast tomorrow I’ll just schedule her tenth ten o’clock tomorrow central whatever time you’re listening to this you know same time tomorrow um we’ll do that I have an interview right after this I don’t think it’s gonna be live I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be an edited interview but I have an interview with uh what does these people call so y’all can look for me on there hopefully it goes good let’s eat I forgot the name okay um they anyway this this isn’t it but it’s called like this super super podcast it’s a podcast network where they have like super kids super musicians I think I’m gonna be a super musician I think that’s what I’m going on on s but they also cover spirituality super powers super abilities but that’s their network the super channel or whatever and they have all these different hosts who cover if this is music this is the spirituality this is the entrepreneurship or whatever doing that so I’m gonna be on their podcast immediately after this but I think it will be I don’t think it’ll be laughs but I’ll let y’all know tune in if you’re not on discord the party continues on discord after this so look at the link in the description join discord can get on your phone stay tapped in and tuned in with this wherever we go I love each and every one of you guys thank you again for all of the support everybody who’s been donating everybody who is uh spending your hard-earned money to keep me on the air and to keep my music flowing and come and thank you guys for and being enabler enabling me to do this and I couldn’t do it without you again thank you from the bottom of my heart if you want to support please head to slash true seeker you get some really good stuff all my musics over there sign up and you get ten albums just 200 songs you know so some really good stuff there it’ll change your life make sure you do that with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys and we’ll do it again tomorrow actually beats bees [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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