Moon Hoax Dan Smotz

Did We Go To The Moon? Was The Moon Landing A Hoax? | Dan Smotz

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Dan Smotz as they discuss the moon landing. Did we go to the moon or was it a hoax? There are so many conspiracy theories concerning the moon landing and during this discussion we talk about a few of them. There are even more conspiracies about what the moon even is. I’ve heard that it was everything from a massive satellite to being something like the death star from star wars. Dan is working on a documentary about the moon landing and even though the film doesn’t beckon questions and conspiracies as crazy as these I had to try to work them into the discussion. We also talked about religion and spirituality as we both have a background in the church and christian music.
Dan Smotz is the host of a podcast called The System Is Down where he discusses religion, conspiracies, politics and a bunch more. Check out his show at I had the opportunity to be a guest of his show sometime last year, and we had a great conversation. You can find that episode here.