Ever since I got saved in 1998 Ive heard stories about people having experiences with gold (glory) dust. The guy who led me to the Lord had many encounters while prayer with people and gold flakes would appear in peoples hands and on their faces. Many people also talked about seeing angel feathers or diamonds, emeralds and rubies falling out of thin air. People would take the gold and gems and get them appraised and have their debt paid off. Some people even have their fillings transmuted into gold during these meetings. Although I’ve never had it I was super curious about it. I saw videos of this phenomena happening in churches during worship sessions and I would have surreal dreams that my hands were covered in gold dust only to wake up and nothing be there. Over the years people have tried to mimic this experience and even trick people. Other times people would search the carpets in front of them looking until they found something that looked like gold and claim it was so. I wasnt impressed so I eventually viewed this through the lens of health skepticism. Well this week at the Kirby De Lanerolle 5 Day Program he facilitated an atmosphere where faith was increased and miracles begging to happen as he spoke it. People who came with pain in their bodies were healed and Gods glory filled the room! I was with Nico Morales the whole weekend and he was next to me. During the praise outbreak he came next to me if I had gold dust on my hands and I said no, he then said let’s look and pointed at my hands, snapped his fingers and said “there it is” I still kept the healthy skepticism because I’ve seen people pray or ask for this and nothing. Even me. Nico then said “there it is…. do you see it?” I said no, then he says “yea, right there on your finger.” I saw it!!! One speck of gold! But…. again, I’ve been to meetings where people see one flake and freak out…. I wanted it to be real… he said “stare at it and it will multiply” so I did. All of a sudden the gold dust behaving to glitter all over my entire hand and it began to sparkle with beautiful gold dots. The one spec covered both of my hands and it was so beautiful! The glory was all over me and I was vibrating from this experience. Nico then walked me up to the front to show Kirby and the others. Although we didnt capture on camera I saw it with a ton of people and what it did for me was amazing. Other people were so getting it and one girl had it all the way up her arm. Another guys filings turned to gold! I let the 5 day program a few days early and nico followed me out to a crystal shop close by. We went in and the first stone that caught my eye was the Lilac Jasper. The stone had this shiny glitter on it just like the stuff that was in the meeting. I picked it up and now the golden dust was all over my hands just like before. I decided to purchase the stone as a remembrance of the encounter. I got home and looked up what Lilac Jasper means according to the Bible and it has to do with symbolizing the glory of God, His splendor, magnificence, beauty and brightness! It symbolized the blood atonement through the sacrifice of Christ as well as royalty, prosperity and prestige. After major events the Israelites would also collect stones for remembrance for encounters and events. Could this be a similar stone that represents Gods glory or angelic connection to Gods glory? Pretty neat. I am a skeptic, but that same healthy skepticism has allowed me to encounter some pretty far out things so far in life. I believe…. but I wa t to see… and after seeing…. I want to know… I resonate a lot with Thomas in the scriptures and just like “Doubting Thomas” I dont believe just anything. Yet, it was Thomas’s healthy skepticism that led him to and encounter that allowed him to stick his fingers in the holes in the hands of Christ. Jesus told them that many would come in his name, claim to be him and will aim to deceive, so he wasnt gonna just believe the first guy after three days that claimed to be Christ, yet Thomas’s skepticism opened up a door for an authentic supernatural experience.



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