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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Daniel Lovett of Sozo Radio about his experiences in the supernatural with Jesus. Many in christendom get scared when we mention terms and phrases like ESP or Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. Maybe because these terms aren’t actually in the Bible by these names but many Christian leaders within the prophetic ministry are teaching these techniques with more of a Biblical approach. The Bible is full of mysticism and ecstatic encounters with Jesus, Ghosts, Angels and Divine Beings and for Christians to deny this aspect of their faith is denying a part of the Godhead itself. Every faith likes to pretend that they own exclusivity to spiritual terms and ideas. They like to claim that their approach is the only way that things can be done yet this is not the case at all. Syncretism allows us to look at all religions and ideas and be able to see the similarities within the very fabric of the faiths and thus by doing this allows us to see that we are not so different after all. Spiritual gifts and psychic abilities is a perfect concept to bring to this discussion especially when we see Jesus and the disciples practicing the techniques listed above. As stated they didn’t use the same terms so the wording is a bit different. The Bible uses terms like Prophesy, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Quickening just to name a few. The Bible even talks about going into trances and receiving visions from the spirit world. It also talks about out of body experiences and astral travel but uses terms like rapture or “being caught up”. The apostle paul even shares about an experience where he traveled to heaven. He states that the experiences was so beautiful and real that he did not know if he went there in the spirit as in “leaving his body” or if he was “translated” with his body and all. There are a lot more of the similarities between christianity and what is called “The New Age” that we could talk for hours… hence; The TruthSeekah Podcast.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] won’t you come up [Music] don’t you come you are now locked into the to think of podcasting live a juicy become mortal to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your truth seeker ladies and gentlemen boys and girls what’s going on I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast it’s excited and delighted to be with you guys here tonight on this impromptu episode talk about my guest this evening and we’ve been talking about having each other on each other shows because we both have podcast that’s featured on the fringe radio network and so we figured we’d instead of just interviewing each other we just come on and have a conversation and just do like a dual episode so that’s what tonight’s episode is gonna be me and Daniel love it of Sozo radio we’re gonna just be hanging out asking each other questions and talking about our experiences and so it should be good so give a shout out to everybody already holding us down in the chat room as soon as we go alive everybody’s giving a shout it’s south south letting us know where they’re from all that good stuff I want to say I appreciate all of you guys hanging out with this live it always makes the show a lot more fun another huge shout out as always everybody supporting my work on patreon anybody who wants to support what I’m doing you can head on over to patreon comm backslash true Seger there you get access to my entire discography of music you get extra podcast all types of cool stuff that we’re uploading over there as well as access to Thursday night school of the Mystics is something that we’re doing as a part of our community building and going into some some courses that we’re doing hands on activation and group Group group sessions that we’re doing it’s been really good so all that information is over it on the patreon it’s over on my website as well make sure you guys take advantage of this stuff it’s really good so if you’re looking for community if you’re looking for a place to belong you know you resonate with myself and a lot of the guests on the show make sure that you check out some of the extra stuff we’re doing off the air some of the community stuff we’re doing it’s an online community so really good stuff school of the Mystics on Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. central so with that out of the way without further ado my good friend Daniel love it what’s going on my brother how are you yes doing well yeah it’s awesome to connect with you Derek and just you know to be part of what you’re doing truth seeker truth seeking you know that’s what my channel is about to you know just honoring Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the life you know and that the truth will set us free so I saved my good friend and and these are cool conversations too because this is the first time that we’re actually talking we’ve been connected for some time through mutual friends we have a lot of mutual friends and especially to the fringe and we mentioned Michael Bastian where people like that who were connected through so this is the first time that we’re actually having this conversation off of messenger so this is organic first conversation that people get to sit in on and just kind of be a part of so it should be good yes I’d love to talk about just encounters with Jesus how he how he came to faith and believe and just about you talking about this mystical school thing you know I’m reminded me of a time I went to John Crowder’s mystical school have you are you familiar with John and Robert yeah for me with him yes have you been to one of those mystical school no not okay yeah he does like these three day site type seminars where he he basically he goes through all of his material all this liberating truth stuff you know in a very animated way he like performs his books like you like live for you especially what what the experience is you know and it’s like you know this realization hey we are free as children of God to explore and even visions of heaven no hold bar type type you know we’re free children of God you know and to experience just absolute bliss with him I mean that’s really what John Kotter’s mostly known for is just like we’re experiencing jesus’ and you know drinking the new wine not just sniffing the cork the new wine of his presence wonderful times of refreshment in the presence of the Lord as the Bible says which I was always really captured me fiction painting that picture being baptized but fire and Holy Spirit you know and all that good stuff that goes along with it yes I’m definitely familiar with him I’ve watched a good bit of his his work and I think like maybe him and like Brandon bought up in the early days of seeing that stuff when I was in church and stuff and I was like stay away from that you know and they always caught you off guard you know of seeing that kind of stuff at first and then when you finally listen to what they’re saying once you can get past what you said they’re kind of performing there’s a sense of theatrics there and this is what they do this is their thing once you can get past that which I think a lot of that just kind of checks to flesh which that’s why I’m like my hat’s off to Brandon in that area that he checks the religious spirit at the door like if you can’t get past this then there’s no reason for you to walk forward with me type deal which that’s what I see I respect that but when you listen to what he’s saying and this will happen for me like most of it was right on you know and it was at a time when I got into Brandon’s stuff and even John’s where I could receive you know and uh and most of it was speaking right to my spirit and stuff in it so I was it opened me up to listen to a lot of what those guys had to say and they’ve come to find out they like the grace that they talk about and John Carter talks about the grace flood and just mm-hmm you know really really really beautiful stuff in it that it was there was more to it than just the show or theatrics or whatever people want to call it so a lot of people can’t get past that they never will I got past it even with the curse words that Brandon kind of came with I got past that because I felt like that was a check if you can’t get past the curse words stay there we’re going deep or whatever and that’s kind of what what I took it as or whatever at that for that period of time you know yeah I even thought about that tonight because like you know I thought which is worse like the actual fate of souls a curse word that might grab the attention and startle somebody intellectually like listening to you to like save their soul from death type scenario and and – as you’re talking you know John the Baptist was real put off you know wearing camels hair and out in the desert and eating locusts and wild honey and just being out there and being whoever he was the personality that he was you had to get a get past a lot with him – back in the day and he was the predecessor of Christ here I’m preparing the way you know and he his message was vastly you know like like very different from Jesus because you know as Jesus says you know well John came neither eating or drinking and yet you say he has a demon and then Jesus comes eating and drinking and you say he’s a glutton and a wine-bibber hit her affectation of vino wine liver you know and making what his first miracle not to say that any of us should be a drunkard I mean the Bible says be filled with the holy spirit not with not be filled with wine not to say that wine is Campea a healthy part of any Christians life you know but you know with moderation and all and yeah so tell me about tell me but I’m just curious and I’m sure you know listeners many many of them maybe don’t even know about your first encounter with Jesus the turn around what was your life like before and and how did that whole meeting Jesus happen for you can you just share your story real quick look through it yeah and by the way to our listeners I just discovered too that we share the same birthday yeah yeah God totally put a you know Derek on my heart and like to contact him and reach out and and then and then come to find out yeah tell us about your story yeah man I go into it a lot and a lot of detail and just you know give the specifics a lot on my show a lot so I don’t want to beat a dead horse but I will because it you know it’s a really long story but I’ll say that I came out of really dark witchcraft wanting to having this belief in the supernatural and being really drawn to the occult and supernatural horror movies and stuff as a kid and and it let pick pique my interest in I started getting into that stuff and now I found occult books as a teenager and started studying on my own the Satanic Bible different things in witchcraft but just studying it all trying to find out what was truth and then I went to a prayer meeting one night I was living with my mom’s boyfriend and his son was a Christian a born-again Christian and I had known Christians my whole life but this something was different about this guy you know he took me in almost almost as a father man he kind of became a father to me that I didn’t have growing up you know took me under swing took me to play basketball to work out you know what I’m saying just spent time with me man you know and uh so he took me under his wing and he would always invite me to church and I didn’t want to go because I was infatuated with dark music and you know the occult stuff like that so you’d always invite me to church but I thought it was corny I knew corny Christians growing up didn’t want to go so finally after all these times have invited me here and ended up inviting me to a prayer meeting and a Bible study I was like I didn’t want to go to a prayer meeting or Bible study either you know but he said there’s gonna be a man there and this man he’s the Prophet I don’t he said you might want to come I think you’ll like it I said well what’s a prophet I don’t even ever heard that you know I was acting I was 13 at the time he said well a prophet is kind of like a Christian psychic that’s what he told me and that piqued my entrance like my interest oh you know I was like yeah Christian psyche let me I’ll come why not you know take this out so I went there and they were there and they had this little small meeting at somebody’s apartment and all these people were sitting up there listening in to CD worship music worshiping God and they felt they seemed like they were in a different dimension like their odds were closed their hands were raised and they were somewhere else some of them were crying they were just in this euphoric state and like I used to smoke weed to do that like I would smoke weed and go to this different place it scape reality but these people were praising God and felt and it seemed like there was a similar type place man but so I noticed there was something there and then one of my buddy’s friends asked me he just came over to me and said hey hey Derek would you like to ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins would you like Jesus to forgive you and I think like if if we’re being rational who wouldn’t I who would say no like no I want to keep my sins I’m not a sinner like to really debate that in all honesty I was like yeah I would love for him to forgive me of my sins because I have been in gangs and the occult all kind of stuff that I knew was wrong you know it’s the dark side essentially so I prayed a prayer then he led me in a prayer of repentance and acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and naming him Lord of my life and ask him to cleanse me from all unrighteousness and all of this and I prayed this so-called sinner’s prayer and when I did I meant it and I started trembling and shaking and crying immensely man I thought this he fervent Heat come over my body and I was just crying his shape shaking and weeping and uh and I felt like that fire went down to the innermost parts of my being and cleansed out all the wrong that I had ever done all the lies that I told all the drugs that I’ve consumed at that young of an age cigarettes anything like the hatred that I had for my pet my mom like my dad not being at all everything that was going on in this young person’s mind biting a spirit it cleansed it out it washed it out in that fire went down and made it new and and it was it was a beautiful trembling beautiful experience and so that was in ninth on 1998 and I began to follow Christ then and started going to church with with this guy and going to prayer meetings every like we would go to church and then after church we would go to somebody’s house to pray and we were kind of we liked church for corporate worship but we were ready to go back to the apartments and stuff to lay on hands and like see miracles and signs and wonders and stuff like that you know so that was like the my foundation of my Christian experience so like anything less than that doesn’t cut it for me like I didn’t then like as you start going to church and stuff you find out like hey they time that you gotta learn doctrine you gotta do this and don’t and touch not and taste not and all this other stuff and you’re trying to recreate these encounters with the Living God and trying to grow in those encounters but you’re learning you’re giving up one bondage of the world to receive another so you know that eventually came with my walk as well and I fell away from Church culture or from not just church culture by fell away from God and just got even deeper into drugs and in the occult even deeper and got into some things I got in really deep doing witchcraft and invited spirits and elementals into my life to show themselves because I wanted to know I knew the supernatural was real I’ve always been intrigued with the occult and then I found out that Jesus was real and the light was real and powerful but there had to be something to counteract that if that’s real than other stuff material so sort of making pact with demons and stuff and ended up being in a place that I started to go insane as a teen I was sixteen at this point doing meditations open up my mind the evil spirits and I got possessed and I started like hearing voices and seeing shadows and spirits in my house during the day and it was just got really insane I got to a place that I didn’t want to be and I it’s a long story but I was it was the real deal like we had entities forming you know in our myths like like elemental demonic beings coming after us and stuff and uh I remembered I got so crazy headed man like I begin to like the spirit of hypochondria and I felt like I had any time somebody set a disease I felt like I had it I’m super schizophrenic I’ll be watching television and somebody’s talking about brain cancer somebody’s talking about testkit testicular cancer like I thought I had it all just freaking out thinking I had it like I really was consumed they made him I’ve got this cancer I don’t know what it was demonic straight demonic but um being so crazy far out like that like I couldn’t go into public and look anybody in the eyes cuz I thought people were looking at me and talking about me and I was hearing voices had to whisper in my girlfriend’s ear what I wanted to order at McDonald’s and things like that so I got way out there and I told her I said look I need to pray I got to go back to God we’ve been sitting at home watching like TV and I flip with the TBN and I see Benny Hinn doing the healing Crusades and they’re just being the glory with their eyes closed and singing hymns to God and people falling out in the spirit and they’re crying and stuff and I was like man that’s real and everybody at the house they were over there smoking and drinking like man turn that off man but part of me like longed for that again like no man that’s real y’all they’re like no been hints of fake man he’s a fraud he’s pushing people man they doing this and you know all the stuff you see on the internet you know about Benny Hinn I said no that’s real man I want that in my life and I would just feel that and then I got so far out that I look I got to like I got to come back so I ended up getting way out there man like I need I was at my wit’s end I felt like demons were taking my mind from me I got in the phone book and called every church that I could in the phonebook all of them that were like Baptists are like if somebody’s a God or whatever because I knew they believed in casting out demons and stuff you know so I called these churches and left messages on my answering machine and saying hey I believe I got a demon I just need somebody to pray with me can you call me back left my number I called about 15 churches one church called me back that Monday morning the pastor came out met with us and praying with us and stuff I started bringing this to church and so that night I said a prayer I got I was really really sick coughing up blood I would go in and out of trances that I couldn’t control like they would pull me in these trances and I would see things and hear stuff that I couldn’t make out I’d get cold and it was just it was bad so I ended up repenting and went into my room and my author and everything and threw everything away man all my posters my clothing my CDs all that stuff got rid of it all sold what I could there was some I think some of the CDs that we was sold and a few witchcraft books we saw I had just tons of stuff sold it so I can buy some a Bible and uh some Christian CDs I bought the PIO d CD and I’m nada Darrell Evans like the river flow which was an amazing CD back in the day but yeah from that moment on man just made a decision to follow Christ and went through deliverance ministry in her healing childhood wounds and all that stuff and this was like in September 7th of 2009 I’ve been walking with the Lord ever since that’s good that’s that’s awesome amazing amazing story you know you talk about P OD I once I once when in their earliest stages they came to a church where I was living in Spokane and and they gave me a CD because I was helping them load the gear into the the church and stuff so yeah p OD but yeah I love your music – yeah you sent me a link to some of your stuff and interestingly you talked about inner healing – another thing the flash in my head was like the word Sozo means like saved like inner healed all that all that stuff so so talk radio it’s mine it’s my show and Lord picked that out for me I was like just what am I gonna name my show and and that’s what came to me I’m like okay let’s go Friday you know hardly what it means I know it I think I kind of heard it in passing one time maybe about the Greek word Sozo meaning salvation interestingly it also means imagination in Japanese so that’s the whole purpose of the show is like to expand our imagination of who Christ is exploring the depths of mysteries of who Christ is and who we are in him expanding our imagination that you know and and died and deeper into the truth of who he is which is totally liberating the truth sets it’s freer than we ever thought you know expand so much man you think you have like Network co-creators with God and all this second it’s like your ever growing in it though like your knowledge of who he is and you know it says his name is I you know I’m saying the great I am yes I am and I will be whatsoever I will be and he becomes whatever you need him to be like if you need him to be a father figure he’ll be that if you need them to be your friend if you need them to be your advocate if you need them to be your your healer your provider like he becomes all that stuff whatsoever you need I’ll be it and that’s what that’s what you only is man and I’ve noticed that and as we grow deeper we’re gonna you know explore realms of the spirit realms of the psyche of desperation and he’ll become those things if like like and some people may never experience those depths that’s the that day you know they may never know him by the names you know him at you know what I’m saying they may never go there and that’s fine that’s okay but um but he’s we all in all you know all in all it’s amazing when you think about what I am really means I mean how many of us can truly understand the depths of that but for my for my understanding of it as well like from where I’ve learned and and this even relates to some of the artwork on your wall and your tattoo is even you know about about Jesus being me all in all Christ is all and in all and and that what he pulled off on the cross uniting all of broken creation the cosmos back to himself reconciling the world to himself not counting our sins against us like anybody listening and watching to this right now he’s not holding God is love the Bible says and love hold no records of wrongs until he forgives and he forgets he chooses to do that because that’s where he wants you he wants you forgiving and knowing that you’re so forgiving that you can boldly come as the Bible says into his very throne into this very presence before the very throne of your loving heavenly Papa before his throne of grace and mercy to receive your help in your time of need and that you’re warmly welcome there he’s glad to see you know that God loves us more than we think he does as I often say and so that’s that’s pretty brilliant yeah and to man where did you uh where did he find you well I’ll tell you my story is a crazy one and I’ll just give me briefly briefly an account and then and some of my encounters with Jesus along the way which is really like the benchmarks for me the encounters with Jesus have been yeah very pivotal and one the first one that ever happened to me I mean I grew up kind of in a Christian home but it’s kind of like a very dysfunctional home to both my parents I don’t know they run to themselves a lot and and maybe even a descend to it and yet we still would go to church but there were all is this very lifeless and kind of you know my you know I had the thought as a kid going to some of these church just like why would anybody do this to themselves and it church to church doesn’t meant to be like that folks okay first of all you got to find it a church that’s alive and growing and like like he like Derek was talking about you know getting those prayer meetings with some real brothers and I like really diving in and that’s what that’s what Derek’s about it’s what his channel is about is like let’s expand our that’s what my channels about too let’s expand our experience of who Christ is and who we are in Hammond it’s brilliant absolutely brilliant so my first encounter was as a young boy kind of struggling with pornography my neighbor introduced it to me and Here I am struggling with it and I’m out my treehouse you know and God actually comes to visit me like the the energy presence of a loving Heavenly Father like no condemnation just love and like he says Daniel if you persist down this road you know pursuing you know seen in pornography I have to hand you over and immediately I understood what he meant I knew that he meant the Romans one the handing over process you know your persistence in he’s like as much as I want to hang on to you I have to release you to what you want your will be done you know kind of situation just never good situation that’s why we ought to always pray the Lord’s Prayer your will be done no my daughter will be done it’s the most perfect pleasing wonderful thing but the gaff we persist in our disobedience and sin he’s like okay I have to release you and I didn’t make the right choices after that like like this his presence was so beautiful so wonderful I had the most clear picture of who God truly was in that moment but we were soon to be a strange because I was making poor choices and the next poor choice I made in that direction a demon entered my life you know and tormented me for many years you know what it’s like obviously and yeah I was a demon of lust there’s a demon of lust and it would drive me to do the sin and then you know and and all this kind of stuff and torment me I think I got so bad that I was like cutting my arms and I’m like I hated myself a bash my head with rocks I’m like hey and just saw this self-loathing and hatred and shame and and that that ran my life and I you know I’d made worst choices you know girlfriend living with a girlfriend and all this stuff and finally it came to the point where God started to reach out to me you’d like started giving me dreams he showed me my future like Daniel if you persist in this this is the degradation you have to look forward to mother handing over process coming up I’m like oh Lord I don’t want that I do not want that and so as soon as you know then you no more dreams and he’s speaking to me through like through the secular music I was listening to like words would pop out like this is how God was getting my attention and so finally my mom she dropped by and said I’m praying for you and I love you and like I called her up on like mom take me to church so I she takes me to this Promise Keepers event and I just told this story briefly yesterday and in my interview I interviewed a near-death experience story lady who died and that Jesus am angel so is pretty brilliant but heard the story about at this at this this Promise Keepers event they they just you know gave the invitation to become a disciple of Christ and I felt like angels are like that to me yeah keep going that’s that’s you buddy you know I just totally sense that and I’m like yes I want to do this and so I went up on stage committed my life to Christ to be as follower disciple and it’s from that moment on that I felt like the with the father and he has got me under his wing and he’s coaching me to do the right thing you know like return that stuff that he stole you know and do this and that just led me brilliantly from then on we I joined a mission organization and just traveled and went on a hitchhiking adventure with God to New Orleans to preach the gospel on the street during Mardi Gras I mean on my own that was a really fun story yeah it’s a really fun story that’s funny you say that because my mind directly went there when you said return the stuff that you stole we okay so when I was in witchcraft we used to I will I lived in Louisiana so we would go to Bourbon Street as teenagers not in the poor take him Mardi Gras or drinking but we’d go there to visit the Voodoo shops in the Voodoo stores and some of them if you were slick enough you could steal and we stole a lot of witchcraft books over the years we thought we’d wear the big chinko pants and stick several books in our jeans or whatever over the years and but then when I came to Christ and then in just a couple years ago probably three years ago we took a trip to New Orleans and uh we went to to Bourbon Street as believers you know what I’m saying if we went there and we had some business to do in in the ones so we just went there to kill some time and I went to the old shop and I was wanting to pay them people back and like it being like probably fifteen years and just to go there and say hey uh fifteen years ago I stole some books from you guys here’s 40 to make it right they don’t know that’s calling but just to do that just as a kind of seals @eo type deal and in like a level of integrity where they wouldn’t even know and I could testimony you know yeah and that’s what it was to this lady I mean I got into the wrong crowd you know breaking into cars and stuff him and I went back and knocked on her door and she was just flabbergasted like she’s like god bless you and I’m like yeah he has and he’s he his and here’s extra money you know what I stolen stuff so yeah to right the wrongs of the past is important and it’s a beautiful way yeah we talked about um Jesus so we talked about defying space and time and there’s no such thing as space and time with him and encash your sins as far as the east is to the west you know I like to look at Jesus almost as a Tom traveler as he gets to go back and undo it as if it’s never happening justified you’re justified by faith through grace justified had never done it I almost seen him as a Tom job who goes back and rights the wrongs well you didn’t do that that’s gonna happen you know and that’s really cool I’m just wondering Derek if you have ever experienced time travel of yourself your mystical encounters look up by the way I just wanted to say for our listeners sake that mystic is a Christian word Christian term it’s one who actually experiences God for yourselves and every Christian ought to be a mystic we all ought to experience God for ourselves so go ahead yeah my um my Christian experience is pretty mystical you know saying my relationship with Christ and in the prayer o’clock a closet in the hidden chambers is a mystical encounter you know and that’s how that’s how life here so I’m I I can identify with the term Christian mystic 100% as far as going to places where Tom doesn’t exist that definitely Tom doesn’t exist so when you spend time in meditation and deep the deep realms of the Spirit you go to a place where time doesn’t exist time doesn’t matter and I’ve had experiences with recently and this is very controversial from from a Christian standpoint but I’ve had some experiences with um psilocybin mushrooms that changed my life as a Christian a Christian event we were listening to Hillsong and Bethel music doing psilocybin mushrooms at a men’s retreat about five of us in the in the woods in the cabin and we it was just a supernatural encounter with God amazing and and talking about going to a place where Tom didn’t exist I felt like we went to heaven or the place that we go when when our souls leave this realm and it was a weird place because it was a place where Tom didn’t exist when you’re in those and it’s just like being thrusted into a deep state of meditation or a deep trance state where the Bible talks about trance States all the time I believe that the disciples practice trance state I don’t think it was like a one time thing where they’re walking down the street and they’re just sucked into a trance and they look up into a vision I don’t believe that at all I believe that they were very mystical I believe that yeah purposeful yeah and they spent time in their prayer closets and you got a glimpse here and there in the scriptures of what happened the first time we get a glimpse of what happened with Jesus in his prayer chamber he’s meeting with Moses and uh and Elijah and he brought other people with them so they’re able to record what he’s doing while he prays usually he just goes away to pray into a mountain on top of the mountain but now we get a glimpse of what he’s doing he’s meeting with saints that have gone on before him you know I think he’s done that almost every time meeting with his teachers man uh I can’t you know that’s a picture there fella you know I’m sorry I just had similar encounters man so in in the deep runs of the Spirit whether you’re in deep realms of meditation you’re going into a place where it it’s focusing on the now moment there’s a lot of like spiritualist teachers and stuff like a carto Lee who teach you to focus on the now moment and this is where the power is this is what you make things happen and this dude is a millionaire from teaching people to focus on the now moment and to be present and those encounters on the psilocybin those encounters in deep meditation it’s all about look quit worrying about tomorrow and what did Jesus teach us he taught us the same thing well that the past become quit worrying about becoming something that I’ve already created you to be you already are there is no tomorrow you’re not because I would always go in I’d be like lord I want to be this one day I want to be a healer I want to be said no you already are it’s already within you we just you just need to bring it out it’s not you’re not gonna become becoming a go into it it’s the fact of bringing it out and then like the scriptures about Jesus talking about not being anxious for anything those became even some more realize that look don’t project your consciousness outside of yourself to like I would do that if I had a big event coming up with the music I’ve played in bands I’ve done shows for years now and and my mom would work like that I would be so looking forward to these concerts that I would just kind of be an autopilot for a week or a month and then I would be at the concert I’m like man like I’ve missed all that time focusing on this event now I’m here and it’s kind of selling me short like it didn’t meet my expectation but the time that I could have been present with my family with nature with with strangers you know what I’m saying I missed that I missed that time and so I see the power of being a present in a moment no matter where we are yeah I had that thought today I was walking like well another thing I get to do is I’m entertaining nursing homes so that’s my day job I do concerts of nursing homes and I was walking out of today just had that moment like being present enjoying this spring day birds singing yeah you know and all that and as far as as far as trance is getting back to that you know Peter had a trance where he was he was told the Gentiles are part of this body of Christ to go to Cornelius house you know and that’s what happened after that and then Paul was in a trance and and of course the Rev the book of Revelation John was in the trance he is in the spirit on the Lord’s Day worshiping in the spirit you know and it’s interesting to just about you know where Paul says I’m with you in spirit like what if this what if he’s spirit traveling from vermissa from local people when they tell me like if we have an event or prayer meeting or brother I wish I could make it I’m gonna be there in a spirit well do that there’s what you uh you know give us apparition man what you show up if you gotta be there inside you know yeah I believe that that you know if we’re not experiencing it yet that we will as believers you know I was praying for the teleporting thing today you know like maybe to go see Michael and Taiwan you know just to drop in and and shit you know spend some time there and I believe that day is coming where that’s going to be possible I have had a time-travel experience it was it’s really really quite something I actually made a youtube video of it it’s entitled the time I taught myself a song as you know and it’s true like like dream where I saw myself playing a song I’m like huh those are interesting cars but what song is this it was there was the song from revelation to him who sits on the throne and went to the lamb yeah you know and I’m like well that’s interesting I woke up and like what were those cards and I went to my guitar and learn how to play it yeah and then and then I kind of shelved the song for about 10 years and yeah then 10 years later I’m in a park and I just heard about somebody time-traveling you know in the spirit with Jesus and I’m like Lord that would be nice that’d be swell to do that and just lay in my car you know at a park waiting for something to happen nothing happened then but then I went to my concert I’m like you know there’s this song that I haven’t played in quite some time I just broke it out recently again to him who sits on the throne and I’m I start playing it and then I realized oh my gosh I’m in the room right up there Oh watching me play my song too God was answering my prayer about the time travelling bit only it happened 10 years ago yeah so yeah it’s we have a phone that was the Damned I learned more that we have a fun and playful father yeah dono a who who honors us as our and really he seeks for us to be more childlike and have fun with this this life isn’t fun and enjoyed and God’s more fun than you ever thought he was you know he just doesn’t want sin in our lives cos sin is anti love sin is gonna hurt you had kill you and destroy ya addictions I’m think anyone in the world would any of us need to sin think about it if God is a good shepherd Psalm 23 he leads us beside still waters you got more than enough wonderful water to drink and he let makes you lie down in green pastures you’ve got all the sustenance and food and provision for your happiness and bliss all around you enough to lie down in and take a nap like this is who our God is he provides free so richly why would you think you need to provide any kind of other happiness apart from you right like that’s where my mind went finally it’s like this is really a matter of trust do you trust that do you trust that he’s a good shepherd that you have all that you need for life and godliness and plenty of fun too because in his presence there’s fullness of joy at his right hand there are pleasures evermore the Bible tells us wonderful times a refreshment in the presence of the Lord so let’s like Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus let’s get into the presence of the Lord like you said that prayer closet the chambers as you referred to it yeah so describe for you know our listeners even like what are some of the best and most blissful times you’ve had in prayer closet in the chamber with God I don’t even know where to start you know what I’m saying it’s been something that sustained me you know my whole Christian walk you know and they’ve been just have just a sweet inward knowing of just sitting in silence peaceably still and know that I’m God and by sitting there reflecting like casting my cares and my worries aside cast your cares upon him for he cares for you doing that and then spending time with him like I could it’s usually for me the best time was like I could be doing this but I would rather spend time with you Lord and every time I do that something powerful happens and encounter happens not that I had to go to church or I had to do this and how do to do it do that but when I could be doing something productive even you know what I’m saying blur so you know what I’m gonna spend this hour just 30 minutes or whatever and spend time with you or make up do a prayer meeting every Thursday night or whatever the case is and make that room and something beautiful always happen but I mean it goes from just a small inward knowing to visitations like having these inward visions and seeing and being engulfed with fire and glory with nobody touching you and your crying and tears screaming you know of him cleansing out the innermost parts of your being just you and him and you’ve been shaking and vibrating four days later because they’re so powerful any time your body mentions anything about God I remember just being so infatuated with Jesus from encounters and I’ll be they’ll be listening to like secular music and I play not change they put on so worship music like now let’s listen they’re listening to Metallica and I’m like many singing about the Lord band and like I’m just my consciousness has changed my perspective has changed and so everything you know what I’m saying it’s like my hope you had changed and that’s what he does he changes you you put your point of view your reference and the way you do the way you view things the way you view people you know your enemies everything I mean I’ve had all of them like I don’t I don’t even know how it can be any any deeper you don’t I’m saying like I’ve experienced and I’ve always said that like Lord if you never spoke to me again I’m good like I’ve got enough revelation and I’ve seen enough but he still does you know there’s got to cut it off there but I fit it’s almost and I’ll say this cuz like you don’t want to get spoiled either like you know and I mentioned this with like the psychedelic encounters and stuff because I have friends who would do that and then they would just want more and more and more and they want to go but it’s like you gotta you gotta be faithful with with what you’ve already been given in the psychedelic encounters that we’ve done and it’s all been on just psilocybin mushrooms you pick going to woods pick them up and eat them and they’ve been otherworldly encounters with Jesus um it’s it’s been stuff about your life to get get right your life path path what you’re supposed to be doing and how to do it grace and you it’s like you just like you leave your body and you look at yourself from God’s perspective so you got a lot of your rougher on the edges but I love you you don’t saying you look at yourself from this the standpoint but from somebody else’s eyes but it’s not judgmental it’s not condescending it’s a from a place of love but you get so much revelation there it takes months if not years to really interpret everything I remember after coming out of an encounter I didn’t reading about Paul taking a trip to heaven right and he says I heard the voices of angels that and I’ve seen things that I I couldn’t I’d be sinning almost if I tried to to tell you what would I seen I can’t put it into words there’s no way I can try because you we can’t like the you know I’m saying the carnal mind cannot understand the things of those realms if you go there we think that when we die we’re gonna turn into spirit beings and we’re gonna look like this and I might have my beard still and I’ll just be wearing white robes and flying no we’re talking about a place of energy man you’re not gonna have these body these bodies would it’s totally different and when you go to that realm it is totally different it’s not the same search so to fathom that yeah from going there Paul talks about in Corinthians 12:7 I believe it is you know going to heaven he didn’t even know if he took his body with them or if he went out of body it was so real I’ve been to those places man and to I feel like I would be a brat to say I want to keep going I want more you know verse I thought cuz I’ve got yeah revelation of like you need to get this right I’ve given you a vision this is what you’re supposed to do do it but I do feel like okay when it’s time you can come back like I feel like that that’s welcome there but to like keep going like I’m just gonna keep going to that place cuz I’ve got a endless supply of in that case mushrooms or in the supply of glory I can just approach the throne of heaven whenever I want it’s it’s uh it is that that free but it’s there still should be a reverence there you know yeah and it’s for the preachers were referenced there man and respecting the fact that were here on mission you know when I when I was I’m very spiritually curious much like yourself you know I I researched things I read search near-death experience stories since 2014 you know I’ve interviewed a couple of them like I said but out-of-body experiences – I’ve prayed for them I’m like Jesus yeah can I experience that and then the first time I did the first time I did it was brilliant I was like this is amazing I mean but the fact of the matter is one of the first thing he showed me on my first out of you know like lucid dream in this case I woke up on the other side with God behind me and there’s this beautiful ornate door in front of me and I know two things instantly when I wake up in this state state first of all I’m not manifesting that door that’s no dream door and that I want to go through this door and so I travel I float through the door and I hear the sound of a rushing wind and and the first thing I see actually was a gray alien who saw me I just totally freaked me out by the way myself was a Caelian and he saw me turned and fled and and I’m like I’m just trying to calm my heart because I like put a little you know you know of course I’m in spirit for him so he noticed that you you seen him yeah and he he left and then I heard God say open your eyes and I’m like I just woke up didn’t I his point his point God’s point in answering that prayer of mine for the for the lucid dream was hey you’re on mission here pay attention to this you know your life has purpose and you’re like you’re saying you’re saying the same thing you’re meant to do something here in this year events physical world right now and to be able to relate to all the other humans and if you you know so the Christians of the spacy New Age people would be okay and have a follow stuff but if you have nothing practical man for the people dying and struggling with addiction and suicide bro or something you gotta have something tangible man for everybody and not just I know we all have it if you have Jesus yeah it is for everybody but you have to you have to be in a way of like willing to work with those people and willing to wind souls the description says he who wins Souls is wise and however you you you can do it do it man to tell people about your story and to get him in and this you know that some people just want to entertain Christians and church kids and churchgoers like I did Christian hip hop for the longest and every after every concert there was a standing ovation there was a love offering there was a pat on the back there was an autograph signing it was a merch selling after every concert you know what I’m saying and but it was like you’re just entertaining the church kids you know I’m leavin my mute musically it’s like something bigger to step out and reach people who have no idea who God is you know and and it’s happening now you know I’ve went that that that route and stepped away from what I knew to be easier without what I knew to be familiar and did something different and once I did man it opened up a whole new realm in like and the reward is even more it’s I’m not just an alternative to secular worldly music now far as the music is concerned like it’s bringing people into relationship who have no idea who Jesus is who have no idea what who Yahweh is or if there’s a spirit realm or that this you know there is the universe the divine creator know this is this is God man this is God who long for relationship with you like he’s not just some far-out creator it’s it’s personable man and like seeing people come into relationship with that through your obedience and through your story in every place you’ve went to shape you and mold you into the person you are today it’s insane bro it really is I didn’t I didn’t know it would be like this I didn’t yeah and God God loves all his babies you know those who are in into the occult and witchcraft II you know the esoterics the the New Age he loves you he wants a relationship with you and it’s so wonderful to trust and be in wonderful blissful relationship the source with who is love Jesus Yeshua Allah Yahweh there’s so many wonderful names to describe this person like he’s like Derrick was saying he is what you need him to be his name is I am and I’ve taught on this by the way like teach on this about like the name he pairs his name I am with things that he is for people I am your peace I am your righteousness by the way the name of Jesus Yeshua yahushua I want to say that full name means I am your salvation you know that’s brilliant it’s brilliant he’s he is and he’s everywhere I am you know Jesus is the I am that’s the scandalous message of the Gospel of John which would I see the Gospel of John was like the core of of the Bible there you know it’s introducing you into this this is the whole point relationship restored relationship with with your maker who is Jesus himself you know Jesus the Creator who made you for himself to be in the loving relationship always so yeah but as far as I want to touch on this this esoteric the new age I have a real heart for that you know no matter what kind of grief it causes me from Christians who don’t understand doesn’t matter I mean I’m gonna reach out to them and will speak their language one thing I love to touch on you have a tattoo of the flower of life right yeah got other stuff going on yes whole issue of sacred geometry sacred geometry belongs to Jesus just gonna declare that it’s the like these all right and it has wonderful meaning to me personally as I’ve looked into it and really when you unpack this thing oh my gosh you’re my and a lot of Christians are not going to get it because guess what the Bible is true in ways that most Christians cannot accept or refuse to accept yeah there G this is the one who teaches these things man Jesus is the one who got me into anything that seems to age and esoteric I don’t even I don’t even like the term new age like right exactly right the new age is biblical right I’m saying but as far as like being into old things this is old this stuff is old this is the stuff the prophets and disciples had you know like they knew about sake of geometry they knew about the spirit realm they knew about how to really bind and cast out demons and they studied Solomon and Jesus totally did he gave veneration to Solomon in was in Matthew 12 and talking about the spirits and stuff and like they knew stuff that we didn’t and so we think that we Sunday morning Christians got it all figured out man we barely even scratched the surface what we write thinks pretty all of Christianity of now man I you know what in my honest opinion I would I could look at like Hinduism now for the religion but just for the practice and what they do and how they how spiritual these people are that looks more like biblical Christianity to me then what we have in the West you know these people who would go in it we talked about earlier Jesus going into a mountain and on top of a mountain a prayer who does that does Bill Johnson do that lolani frisbee did and he actually God used him to be like the founding like like the the heartbeat of Calvary Chapel and the vineyard movement like Lonnie frisbee like and just because he went up on the mountain he was naked at the time and probably tripping on something but you met God and he came back packing God with him and and and everybody sin stuff about it socked to him he had his issues Oh his problems just like we all do like like you know and but he was anointed anointed man of God none the less you know and David was and he had his issues right King David he’s got his issues we got our issues but everybody yeah yeah you know you gotta be able to see past it man to pass some of the stuff that the flaws find the gold find the gold and I do respect Bill Johnson and everything going on with that I do feel like he’s cutting edge as far as Christianity I do – I do – I’m just saying that uh else just as even like Bill Johnson may be one of the just like the pinnacles for like charismatic prophetic voices in our time right now and I just say that not to make fun of him but but to say that Jesus went into the caves Jesus went on top of the mountains and that’s what the Yogi’s do the Yogi’s found an old tree and get inside that tree and spend a month fasting and praying you see in deep meditation and communication with something and it looks like a lot of that stuff the fact that those fastings like these people still doing this stuff you know what I’m saying and and so it really that’s kind of what even gets me into syncretism a little bit it’s there like to look at everything because in Christianity I’ve been taught to to see what makes you different we have an exclusive gospel it’s only for us and we’re bringing this to the world and there’s a we have to get it out because we have the truth and I’ve been taught to like look at other religions or even other let’s not let’s not even go to the religions let’s go to denominations I’ve been taught to go to other denominations of Christianity and say why I was right and you guys were wrong and you guys don’t do the Sabbath so you do do the Sabbath or you eat pork or you guys don’t believe in the Trinity or Papa and their scriptures that says to mark these people stay away from them the doctrines wrong I’ve been a part of all of that and and and there’s there’s really no peace there in the end you know what I’m saying off and that’s what kind of leads me into syncretism as far as not looking at the religion now or people to say what makes us different what makes you different than Joe Blow I’m looking at the I’m looking at the Hindu now say you know what this dude is seeking whatever he knows to be God he’s been raised in this and he really has a heart for people he loves people he loves what he knows to be God even though he calls them by different names but the same spirit that’s in me to seek God I think it’s putting in us maybe even from birth you know to I’m said to uh to know him and and and to look at the in the religion itself and see what’s in a heart of people and then what’s in the religions itself does that makes a lot of this stuff same as that look well we’re talking about the same stuff we just got different terminology for this stuff we’re talking about the same stuff you know weird that’s why I talk about I talk about psychic abilities a lot especially in the new age where there’s those terms those terms so okay we’re doing it we’re doing a course right now by a Chris Paul Lawton Chris mr. yeah Valentine we’re doing a course by him the basic training for prophetic ministry and they talk about psychic abilities but they beat around the bush and they would never use those terms we would never use the term ESP extrasensory perception but what they’re talking about how to hear the voice of God through your sight sound inner vision inner knowing in your body you can feel it like the New Age has this stuff written down for you and they have terms for it in the ESP and it breaks it down to a tee in this it’s right on God speaks to you the same ways now the people in the Christian prophetic realms they will teach the same thing but they’ll use different terminology and so if you go to them and say well yeah I’m gifted in ESP as well the Lord’s been speaking into vspeed owhh off with his head you’re done it’s over get him out of here you know what I’m saying so it becomes this game of like this is ours in German are you know were arguing about words same thing you know what I love about Joel chapter 2 is that it says the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh and that’s that’s what happened okay the Holy Spirit’s been poured out on all flesh you’ll never see a human that the Holy Spirit hasn’t been poured out on you know know how well they’re cooperating with it or how long far along they are in their journey of discovering what they’ve been plugged into because Jesus died on the cross and wrapped the whole cosmos up into himself and you know something off and you know you read a scripture today what he said it is finished he actually kind of sort of meant it he seems to think he pulled something off there it’s our you know like it’s our great joy to unpack that you know and our unwrap that present and like discover oh well who are you Jesus really Who am I in you and this comes back to sacred geometry even you know and he says I am you know and then and then it then he has he creates Adam right by the way which the Bible says the son of God Adam was this the son of God and all of humanity was wrapped up into Adam you are the son of God you know and and Jesus got into trouble for saying he was the son of God yeah because they they didn’t know what was up early okay scriptures applaud us too man yes and you know they said you’re making yourself equal with God because it yeah you know which leads me to believe from Jesus own teaching on the subject in John chapter 10 that that you know he quotes Psalm 82 and says have not I said you are God Elohim is the word in the in Hebrew you are Elohim and he’s talking to people you are Elohim you know plural God like it’s all like God really is all in all like you’re an extension and an expression of in the world you’re part of him and so is everybody else even those who have who are totally denying it and when I are experiencing a hell because of their denying it they’re denying this love you know God is consuming fire it describes his love right consuming energy ball fire flame can you know of love and and if you’re if you’re at odds with you know what you’re in weight in him we live and move and have our being you know it hell isn’t it is is unbelief in the very presence of love itself that’s just like figured you’re nine you know they’re not embracing they’re not calling out to everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved yeah you know and the name is not the name it’s not the pronunciation it’s not did you call upon Jesus well right you know the Hindus don’t call it exactly the name it really is love assassins of who God exact Weber a lot of my Christian religious friends get mad because they say they think we’re making it too easy like Joel Osteen talks about love it’s got to be more than love because good for Joel Osteen right no doubt but like the I think it’s more of like they want to feel like they have a one-up though I don’t know about everything yeah that they’re doing something that it’s Gnosticism that’s Gnosticism in religion in and it’s demonic it really is and that’s really what John and Ollie like all the other writers of the New Testament were fighting against Gnosticism and here it is rearing its ugly ugly head in Christendom like the most well respected will refined did dot all our eyes and cross all our T’s Christendom you know that embrace Gnosticism yeah going back to sacred geometry some people are commenting on that in a chat I guess I’ll talk about the Flower of Life I just talk about what that means to me for a minute the flower life which I have it for those watching a video it’s tattooed on my forearm and I wear it on a necklace most of the time it’s a bunch of circles interlacing all touching one another creating this one sacred flower of life and essentially means that we’re all connected that everyone is connected all of these circles or wheels are touching one another working together to make this symbol for a believer to me it represents the body of Christ how we are all one part of one body you know what I’m saying and then and in it and others everyone is an expression of you I in like a silicon I am another you you are another me you are another me experiencing yourself and so a lot of times whenever like maybe some of the elementary stuff for me was understanding some of the arts that I would have with other brothers early on and we would just get on each other’s each other’s nerves that’s what the Lord would bring us down different roads we walk together then he’d split us up and there you go study one thing I’d study another and we’d get under each other’s skin but the Lord showed me that like the things the reason they’re getting mad and lashing out is because you represent something within them that they don’t like about themselves like a threat there’s too much grace there on your truth seeker I can’t have that much grace on me because of this or that or I’ll have to walk a fine line and you represent too much grace and stuff like that but to see everyone as an extension of yourself it helps you to show that grace to them because you want that great shown back to you when you’re going through you I’m saying your hard times or you’re trying to figure things out trust me I’ve been there I’ve been in the revelations chapter 2 exposing the false prophets but have left the first love like I’ve been there we’ve been outside of churches with signs prophesying against them that we’ve done crazy stuff in the name of religion and and I’ve persecuted people I’ve put people’s names out there and I’ve proved them to be false prophets and stuff and and I’ve tasted that karma like I’ve had people do that to me you know I’ve had people come to me a true seekers a false prophet now a true seeker worships the devil you know true seekers the devil worshiper now now he’s a New Ager he’s just in that and they can get dirty and they don’t they just write blogs and come about you or just ghost you and excommunicate you from their groups and stuff and tell their people to stay away from you so I’ve done that and I know how it feels to have it done to I know how it feels to have whole congregations of people talk about them so does Jason Westerfield todd Bentley like these guys under can’t understand that and appreciate that stuff now so in moving forward it lets you know like hey let me let me think twice in going out there and say hey stay away from this guy because he’s toxic even if he is I checked myself now I have a hard time now trying to come to a balance with that because I don’t want that calm oh well when I say calmer you reap what you sow essentially whatever it is you do dirt you get dirt that’s what they call it in the street whatever you put out comes back to you so you out there calling people false prophets you have to hate on people lying and gossiping when stuff slingshots back to you which is gonna do you can’t complain about it you have to do you have to deal with that and so I try to walk in that grace to like you know what when I’m I’m all for my doctrine I’d rather somebody come to me and pick up that phone and call me or whatever you got to do versus trying to expose somebody I’ve been there and it’s not and that’s why I just try to stay away from it as much as I can but I’m trying to learn balance it sounds like you’re a lot like me because you know I was just saying yesterday that I’m totally willing to repent if somebody comes to me with Scripture III even in my last interview that I did with near-death experience stories which can be a dangerous topic to look into because there’s some deceptions going on there yeah you know so like and they don’t always get it all right even if they have a wonderful experience with Jesus they can come back and they still be involving this or that that wasn’t quite right and and and you will never fully agree with anybody you interview there’s always gonna be something you know and we’re all trying to figure this out together you know the truth is the truth Jesus is Jesus is perfect theology he is mr. truth himself were in relationship with mr. truth will get sorted out in the end we’ll get started on in John and sometimes it’s through some chiselers some some persecuting forces that cause aberration iron sharpens iron and all that stuff you know people may come against us and that’s gonna be part of our grave – yeah and and I’m totally willing to repent if any in all false beliefs because I want I want to come into the truth and understand Christ and all his fullness and my identity in him as well it’s all it’s all just brilliant well you learn how you learn etiquette – like you learn etiquette you like if you want to you have to show people the same grace that that that you want shown to you you know and others not everybody does that that could be hard but understand this whoever you are if you have a come from a place where you’re building a platform or you up in front of people like people get envious people feel like they deserve your platform hey I went to church with you for years who are you any different like I’ve been serving the Lord you I know more Scripture than you you’re in error in certain places you shouldn’t have that trust me that comes to where they backed by tell people to stay away from you and they try to come against your platform and stuff that comes with the territory you know and even comes even more but I have to look at I have that come against me even still and like I’m growing I’m growing daily like what God is doing in the midst right now I’ll give him all the glory for it I don’t understand it but it’s happening and you have to adjust to it you got to grow with them you know I’m saying you got to learn so how many condescending facebook comments or YouTube comments do you react to do you try to get into it do you get into them with seven a day what about the people who talk bad about the way you talk what about the people talk way bad about the way you look call you Islamic terrorists because you have a beard call you a New Ager cuz you got our eyeball on your foot on your hat call you you’re too religious because you said you love Jesus like which you have to pick your battles wisely I’ll look at some of the people who are doing it on a much larger scale than me I look at let’s look at the Joel Osteen’s or the creflo dollar’s I don’t agree with everything those guys teach but how many internet debates do they get in a day and how many but how many bad articles and poet how many posts and reshares and retweets did you get about bad Joel Osteen exposed Joel Osteen the false prophet the money-hungry pimp you know all of this kind of stuff like didn’t people don’t worry about that and that’s it you got to be like Bruce Lee said be like water my friend like you know the what’s the quote the it was something about this shit no I don’t say around but it I know it’s not the wolf but it’s like the the wolf doesn’t give attention to the opinions of the sheep or something I don’t know sir but you know people are gonna talk but it’s a and people are gonna call you out of your name they’re gonna say all all types of things but it’s it’s not what they called you it’s what you answer to because they say hey this and hey you call you that you know then people don’t know you it may watch one episode most people haven’t even watched one of my episodes that come against me they just see the title of it in it I’ve got a lien on it or something I’ve talked to a woman about it an alien but I’m trying to give a biblical perspective of aliens or another biblical look elion you know what I’m saying people have preconceived notions bro and we gotta grow out of that like in order to be taught like you have to grow out of your preconceived notions even us when we feel like we have it all figured out you know we have to we have to we have to realign we have to unlearn and then merely taught and it’s big with the Bible like how many times have you read over a certain patches of passage of Scripture for years and ten years later you read it and you’ve went through life experience and testing and revelation and backlash and then you’re reading you’re like oh my god I’ve been reading over this for you know what I’m saying and it finally sticks out to you because you were taught to perceive it or interpret it a certain type of way which wasn’t the truth it might it might have worked for you it might have fit where you were and at that particular time that’s what’s beautiful about the Bible it does that but it doesn’t mean that’s the real like what it was written for what it really meant what it means to you is I think means more than what it was written for what it means to you right speaking to you in your now moment God uses everything he uses the scriptures he uses all creation but um but it’s when we’re able to move past what we feel like we have figured out you know people come to I got no no use for people who claim to have it all figured out I can’t learn from somebody I can’t learn from the know at all I can’t walk with them knowing I can’t I cannot that’s a level of pride there that I cannot do it I will not do it I’m sorry I’ve been there and done that got the shirt to prove him yeah and we’re not meant to you know I’m gonna get back to this this certain topic of the shared consciousness especially as believers you know I’m not sure how unbelievers fade and fit into all this maybe they’re just like all just pre Christians you know just haven’t been plugged in yet yeah but but as far as this this oneness goes you know Jesus says in this in that day the day after he rose again from the debt and the day of Pentecost even in that day the day is already here for been in it for more than a couple a couple thousand years now in that day you will know that I am in the father and and he is in me and I am in you and we are one now and Jesus has so emphasized that to me and another of visions and experiences and even our oneness with each other I had this dream God dream one time where I’m in and this is let me just share the story real quick because it’s it’s amazing about forgiveness forgiveness is huge by the way guys you need to forgive the people who have wronged you I don’t you know it doesn’t matter what they’ve done you gotta you gotta find that place of forgiveness you’ve got to work through that and by the way if anybody comes against us or whatever smears our name or cast out her name is evil that’s exactly what Jesus said would happen to me you know yeah yeah you’re in good company and all who desire to live godly you know in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution so you got that to look forward to and but we forgive you in advance to already you know we forgive you but so here’s the story I was in a very unforgiving place toward my dad at the time we hadn’t talked to him in two years you know bitter about my parents divorced and such and then God gives me a dream and there’s my dad standing in front of me and there my brother was off to the side and the first thing I realized was oh my goodness we are one we are one to not forgive another is to not forgive yourself yeah to not love another is to not love yourself that’s the truth and then God was there and he says you want me to show you how much I love your dad and he starts pouring his love into my heart and it just kept growing and growing this one the most brilliant experience as I’ve ever had of the love of God and just kind of clips got a cut a glimpse of how unconditional and infinite it really is they kept growing and growing and I’m just starting to just like starting to get scared actually because I realized at some point I’m like if I experienced one more drop of this love I’m going to explode Jesus and I’ve since come to the place in my trust of God trusting the mr. love himself the source of all that I’m like fine let me explode into my business I trust you with all those pieces that you know how to put them all back together better than ever you know and but yeah it was it was that experience I shook myself awake because I’m like I’m just scared I’m gonna die in this dream from from this the intensity of this love and I’ve treated my father my dad with love and respect ever since and had just just had a brilliant visit with him where I was I was just like prophetically speak into his life and then you know his new wife’s life too and brought a lot of healing to their hearts and restored relationship it’s powerful bro facing your demons in you in the dream state and like you saying even having visions about stuff to do in the future yeah prophetically dreams about yourself you know if you’re hiding things trying to hide things from God put it that way secret secrets in idolatry things you’re trying to hide from God you’re doing a good job of hiding different people but hiding it from God is another thing and all of this stuff comes through in the dream state songs you know you got a song I’ve woken up with with with lyrics in in my spirit to write down as soon as I wake up melodies and stuff and and put them down and so the dream state is so powerful like even they talk about like when you’re having a like a reoccurring dream or a nightmare that’s like stir some dark being chasing you and you keep having a reoccurring nightmare to finally stop in your dream and get the courage up and turn around and face it and fight it and then when you do it goes away I had that dream happen to me of being chased by some type of dark being and it usually they’re so scary I don’t want to look at them so part of the running is I don’t want to face how fierce and nasty they look I get away and I shut the door whatever well just one time I turn around and I faced it instead of running through the door and I it just diminished it went away when I faced it and and usually it has something to do with overcoming something in the physical realm that if you face it in the dream state that’s something you have some type of level of of victory in the waking state as well I’ve seen that in in many cases in my life and in the lives of people who we’ve discussed this with man of facing the opposition in the dream state you know what a lot of people’s like dreams have had since they were a kid nightmares you know in overcoming childhood fears and wounds and things like that is powerful mm-hmm yeah that’s it’s so true I even I talked about that yesterday with somebody although you know how the Lord will bring up things that you need to deal with in your dream certain sitting issues and stuff that’s gonna keep popping up is like hey it’s putting a finger on it you need to deal with that and just take it to Jesus just be open and I was like this is what I’m struggling with Jesus have it out with employer heart out to Jesus connect with him about it and he’s gonna be like that Big Brother Savior that he is and put his arm around you and say all right let’s deal with this together you know and bring that salvation into your heart and show you better way show you that he’s a good shepherd that he’s actually taking care of you that he’s given you everything you need for life and godliness and a lot of fun too that’s when you’re ever gonna have if you will go the kingdom of darkness route its torment its misery its suffering its despair I suffered seven years of of despair of deepest darkest depression of my life from the ages of sentence it was like it was hell on earth and it was it was brought on by trying to serve the religious Jesus the demonic imposter Jesus the Anti Christ Jesus that is so worshiped in so many churches across America you know that was that’s what betrayed me was trying to serve and perform my way into his good graces that is not the read Jesus your Jesus is the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep he is the good he’s the good father with arms always open who runs out to meet the prodigal when he turns for home you know in showers I’m with blessing that upon blessing and all of heaven rejoices famine and put know it to the better give me you’ll never you’ll yeah I’ll never shame you for anything you ever done no it’s forgiven and forgotten you bring it up and he’s like what are you talking about yeah yeah you know he’s built diving capacity into himself because that’s the way he wants it he wants you to be completely free and forgiving to know that and know how well under Philippe revised you are for there’s nothing that you can’t handle there’s no temptation that ever comes your way that he doesn’t give you the strength to stand up against and he’s trying to prove your character he’s trying to grow you up into you know this is this whole earth existence is baby stage it’s it’s angels are changing our dirty diapers all the time it’s stage you know but he’s got other stages for you to grow up into and he wants you to spiritually develop to become more like him more more like him so he can trust you to do the co-creating part and you know whatever else he’s got in store I mean there’s there’s other universes I’m you know you know it gets deep of just what we’re gonna experience after this life you’re gonna be in awe for a thousand years just that like wow the wonder of it and he’s just gonna like you know your consciousness has to expand just to start to comprehend maybe what what he’s got going on and then for you to participate in it that’s what he wants you know he’s brought you into the highest place of union with him self Father Son and Holy Spirit and you you know you are the fourth member of the Trinity the mystical union that he is accomplished for us and has made true of us already you didn’t ask him our permission but his desire is for you to believe it and to receive it and to and start enjoying the heck out of it and to start sharing the goodness you know everyone yep let your gospel be told man yeah you are the living epistles what I say in my song living epistle a walking Ark of the Covenant like that’s you you you are the story it’s it’s it’s you know you’re the unfolding over you you are what we hear you are the Bible that many people you you are the only Bible that many people will ever read when they see your life lay down and so you know they’ll never understand the religious stuff that we’re so good at talking about and I’ve went on like that was a period of time where the Lord told me to not to go on new-age shows to do as many things as you could and don’t quote scripture talk about the scripture in the essence of it and change the wording but but the same meaning you should see how the church vote was flipped out on me it was I was saying the same thing I was right miss quoting it or saying it you know out of you know how we didn’t know how to memorize scripture and I was saying it differently and people would just get mad but it was the same spirit there and it was the same interpretation you know and people were just they had no idea of dit it’s the Scriptures are life man and ended their truths you know I think I think I think the Scriptures are truth and so I think there’s a lot of lot of New Age people even closer to Jesus than a lot of folk that’s what blew my mind for my awakening was like to come out of the boxes like man God dealing with anybody as long as they’ll repent you know in this matter and by the way repent yea repent that word even metanoia it means to change your thinking to have transformed thinking about what well about who God is first of all so we metanoia we have we take on a new mindset like paradigm like you were talking about earlier mentioned that he gives us a new paradigm from which to view reality just an all new brilliant way it’s brilliant and then and then of course to repent to start thinking rightly about a sin you know it’s like no sin is anti love sin is bad news and it hurts me and everyone around me okay let’s give that up yeah holy life like when you have a revelation of who Jesus really is and what the fulfillment of the law is you know and that’s who he is his love made manifest into a person you know I don’t say I mean I don’t see how anyone could have anything bad to say about that you know it just works and it doesn’t matter so I’m able to see Jesus in the fruit of it right of a life lay down a life spent someone who claims to spend time with the Holy Spirit they have certain fruit that they produce you’ve been hanging out with the Holy Spirit today you’re not going to be walking around cursing you’re not going to be walking around bitter and mad judging people frustrated worrying about how you gonna pay bills no it’s a certain fruit in the scriptures talk about the fruit to the spirit and then when I started just doing more research I sort of seen how like so-called unbelievers spirit was people who were in the spirituality but they reject church not because they reject Jesus but they rejected all these rules and regulations and what the Western Church has created it to be and and seeing more fruit in their lives and the lives of maybe even people of other faiths or whatever I had people who were looking in the Islam it was searching man you know and I did I found it so beautiful at the very end man Billy Graham talked about that God would call out a remnant for his namesake he said you wouldn’t see a sweeping revival where everybody flocks to the churches and church to get packed what the churches want that’s more tithers you know you’re making an impact for the world too but it goes hand in hand but he said you wouldn’t see that but but God’s making a remnant for himself out of all people of all people groups all over the world some of them maybe in Islam some other maybe Hindus some of them maybe unbelievers and he said most of them probably have never even heard the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that there’s something greater and that they’re living for something outside themselves and and and so by that they know God but they don’t know him by that name Billy Graham said this Wow you know and that was powerful for me in my waking state you know you ain’t alone after all these years Billy Graham most people called him a heretic all the real like heresy hunters and stuff like that Billy Graham lost his way and he’s a Catholic and he’s this and he’s that you know but I feel like this dude at the end of his rope man he have serving the Lord all his life he come to some type of realization man you know yeah and then look God loves everybody bro yeah yeah and God God looks at the heart and all who live in love live in God and God in them so maybe you’re in Islam you that was how you were born and raised and but that’s true of you you’re living in love you’re living in God and God and you know it’s interesting I just interviewed a near-death experience around so – so so so talk radio sure and melanin and one of the things that was highlighted in our experience with Jesus the conversation with Jesus I just want to share this with you really quick cuz it relates exactly what you’re talking about she she had never read the Koran or heard this verse or this you know ever before but when she was speaking with Jesus she said she said okay yeah she quoted a verse in the Quran actually I was even uncomfortable when I read this in her book but she says God your hundredth name is God is everywhere God is nowhere and God is in me you know and he says yeah that’s right and she was quoting the Koran and apparently I looked it up on the internet and it was it’s a big deal and I funded on the Islamic website and they were talking about it and there’s this parable about the camel nose and that’s why they’re always smiling the camel knows that under the name of God if you know the hundreth name of God as the saying goes you’re granted entrance into paradise right and we have 99 names by which we know him in the Koran but you must know the hundreds name of God this is something apparently that’s in the Quran they talk about this and and the actual the site on the Islam is like well we don’t there’s one name of God that doesn’t appear in the Quran there’s Yahweh Yahweh I am but I am you know and really I thought he was on to something there Wow that’s amazing and it sent me down this whole rabbit trail of like diving into once again what this means I am that I am what does it mean that Christ is all and in all God is all and in all and he’s he’s poured out his spirit on all flesh and that or one consciousness you know new-age talks about this right you know I think it’s true in a biblical sense that Christ is the center now what makes New Age so bad is that they’re cutting Christ out of it they’re chopping off a head Christ is the head of this operation of consciousness go you have to go within and see if they’re if they really are you know I’m family okay Jesus if Jesus is love then if it’s an individual who’s cutting love off and some of them are some of them have hidden agendas and motives and they’re wicked people but I think that when I see I do like that’s the fruit I look for in a Christian ministry I don’t care how much right knowledge you have in doctrine and angelic encounters you’ve had I don’t care about that and what does Jesus say about that you can have you can speak and that’s easy Paul if you speak with the UH the tongues of of angels and you’ve learned the Enochian tongue or whatever you want to call it you speak with the tongues of angels but you have not loved you’re just a resounding gong so I would rather hang with the New Agers who walked in love then with the Christians who walked in bitterness Indian rage and backbiting you know and that’s the fruit that were partaking of so it’s hard to say like all New Agers are all spiritualist or you can say all Christians for anything all Christians are money-hungry and all Christians are bitter and like there’s people who like we can’t generalize any of them and say all new aids I’ll rock trust me am i a lot line of work now I’ve of Lent ran into so many crazy schizophrenic bipolar New Age people who think not speaking to them and they think that there’s the Archangel Michael they’re sent here for a mission they’ve been reincarnated they’re my mother I’ve had messages from women who stalk me who think that they’re my wife the illuminati told them that they were mom my wife I’m happily married with a beautiful family but they insist on this they come from the New Age movement these foolish to enter in the churches to right these people who believe this type of stuff are in the church the church kind of gives a it’s like a bed for this stuff will let them give up and tell them get up and tell their visions and what they feel and what they don’t but they’ve learned to frame it in a way to where it’s accepted you can’t just stand up and say I’m reincarnated but you have to phrase it in a way of it makes biblical sense to most people and in there’s like a bed for a lot of this stuff and so so to just because it’d be easier to see how these New Age people are crazy trust me dude you don’t see my inbox but trust me I’ve dealt with those people in Christianity as well yeah those people they’re there they call themselves prophetess and heresy hunters and prop you know they’re they’re all God told me this God told me that God says this I had a dream of this you have to test all of this stuff and I think love should be what uh you know what we judge judge judge everything by so that’s how I that’s how I judge the New Agers or even the Christians I don’t judge on by I lay out with somebody who’s bitter all the time you know I don’t care who you are if you’re walking in love and you’re Jillian use you see the best in people like I’ve tried to I’ve been around people in them in my past growing I’ve tried to gossip around hmm man them jokers like that church but I tell you what man all they want to do is it and I’m telling speaking the truth 100% truth and even though it’s it’s still gossip though to them they will not bite no brother God’s doing a work in them bro you know what I’m saying like they will not budge I’ve met Christians like to have met New Agers and in spiritualist as well you don’t have seen so it’s the fruit at the end of the day for me yeah I say Jesus Jesus know them by their first love right you’ll know that there are less ipols by the love no no no that’s wrong you’ll know that they’re my disciples by their doctrine you know them you know that they’re BOM that they’re my disciples by the Trinity what’s their stance on the Trinity yes that’s so true it’s so true really is we can never generalize anybody you know and it’s it’s important to like you know the Bible says judge not lest you be judged right but I believe the word there’s condemned condemned that you know it’s like that’s the meaning of that word there so we’re not to condemn anyone less would be condemned but but we do have to kind of make make judgments of like you know like hey let’s apply the scripture to that and see how it stands up let’s judge it that way yeah no but we’re never you know we’re never like ya know there’s this should be a healthy balance and it’s hard it is hard we need holy spirit it’s been hard for me cuz I’m I’ve been so I’ve been on both sides of as of recently to like hmmm everything’s demonic to where everything’s okay you know what I’m saying so it really is hard to find a balance and I’ve been talking about that a lot lately that’s just we’ve been entertaining some of those sick people who was sick who were on drugs like hard drugs not you know now a heroin and meth and stuff and like they’re in churches and props I know people and we’ve entertained them because I don’t know why I think is different for each person but I know we’ve had some people in our midst who have tried to cause trouble and these people are on heroin and stuff and they’re like letting a prophesy and speak spread rumors about other people and stuff and other people are entertaining it and if I hold on we gotta cut this stuff oh yeah sorry you need to make some judgments right well you know but see the hard thing but it is for me I can admit I see that I could see the potential in him and this is where the price this is where the body of Christ supposed to work together as the body like the prophet or the seer or the visionary he might not be able to see some of this stuff man you might need the pastors like look I’m shepherding in his flock look this guy’s bad we gotta you know I know you see the passion in them if he’ll repent if he’ll leave that stuff alone then maybe we can build with them but it’s about that about using grace and so it’s like it’s so iffy right now because it’s usually all or nothing you know it’s usually like us for no more or hey everybody everything flies you know it’s really hard to walk in that balance of what we allow and and I’m a product of that you know what I’m saying I’m a product of talking about stuff that uh the church didn’t like and so I didn’t get I didn’t was it wasn’t nothing was formal it was all a product of like ghosting and stuff you know like just stay away from him you know give him the cold shoulder you know that type of stuff let’s happen to me tell ya so it’s like you learned from that though you don’t want to do that and nobody had to happen to you so you learn from that right and one of the how to learn how to do that with grace and have somebody’s in error and yeah it’s complicated man I do so tomorrow I do you think about it yeah I think about our listeners I think about I want to Pastor their hearts like I want to protect them from from the error you know like like I tell them be a good Berean search the Scriptures diligently and when you search the Scriptures ask the author who is with you to teach you and instruct you about the truth and illuminate you yeah and it should bring love the fruit of love and joy and peace and all of that all of that good stuff because that’s the evidence of Holy Spirit in your life yeah oh yeah say one of my songs I say angels and demons have taught me theology you know and I’m what I meant the not literally angels and demons but like the messengers like good and bad people and I’ve been under people with bad theology and I’ve been under people who we’re just totally about open rebuke and I can do it right now like I can I can easily go back in and say hey stay away from this dude just do this poison this dude is operating out of bitterness and if you follow him he was looking for disciples are you gonna end up in a pit if you follow this dude I can do that part of me wants to but that bigger part of me is like don’t do it man because you’re operating out of put him down so more people will follow you that’s a part of it too when you get up and say hey you don’t follow Jason Westerfield he’s into some weird stuff it’s because he’s there questioning your doctrine and some of the things that you’re teaching and some of your people are gonna follow him you know so you kind of have to get out there and say that and it gets into this he’s wrong I’m right thing and I tell you what Jason watch the fields got some good stuff that he’s on that you’re off on you know and that’s the whole thing about becoming all things to all men to being able to deal with everybody righteously there’s people who gonna hear stuff that I’ve said already and they’ve turned off the minute I mentioned mushrooms they’re done or you’re we mentioned aliens or whatever they got their certain triggers that they’re done they’re not going any further um so it’s a weird place of trying to speak evil of no man the script is that man be thankful for everyone to thank God for them even for the bad example like well now we know not what what not to do you know and by the way is Jason Westerfield who brought me and Michael together and therefore me and you together to because so I’ve heard togethers because Michael Bastian and I just yeah he would post often about Jason Westerfield well yeah and I was so curious about what happened to the brother and I was praying for him all the time and I bring him and and so Michaels shows where I would I would get some some Intel or at least somebody talking about it or praying for him and probably like he over a year ago and then I of course I got punched in the mouth so yeah man it’s just I don’t think anybody who has arrived but if it’s if it’s working for you do it I mean I want to arrive together and love each other until then okay guys for real it works it definitely works man it’s working it’s working it’s working for me man I just I just find out what works for me and that’s all I can share I can’t hey this is what’s working for Michael bash them do this you know I can’t I can’t speak that with confidence because I just I can only speak to what’s working for me what I’ve tried you know and this is my experience my reality and and I do it with a broken heart and with all sincerity of not trying to lead people astray or or go into that prayer closet before God I said look if this is wrong lord stop me no no I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the conversation with close friends who say dude don’t talk about mushrooming show don’t talk about aliens bro I get those people people reject me in the droves because we talk about aliens we should totally talk about aliens some of the glory spirit people they don’t want nothing to do with aliens like they’re done that’s the demons and it’s over your summoning demons and y’all you know which to me there angelic but uh yeah well think of it this way and by the way I’ve interviewed Howard storm who had a near-death experience and he met with Jesus and the angels and he asked Jesus particularly about aliens and Jesus showed and paraded all these you know some humanoid looking and then it got less and less human-like and he’s like okay I’m done and he could have had interactions with any of them because they were like saying hello to him but didn’t want to respond to that we asked him specifically in the interview about that so yes God has created all manner of species of different beings on you know different realms and planets in this universe and in other universes he’s got a lot more going on than you ever thought or even me cuz I’ve done my research and there’s people who done more research than me and I know a lot but I don’t know I’m not even scratching the surface at all right I’m writing and and we have to stay on task about what our purpose is what our mission is and just refocus our focus yeah refocus my focus okay this is good what’s next papa that’s what I pray what’s next papa and he gives me a game plan for like the day you know this is correct yeah me and you talking as part of the gameplay if you got off on aliens for a month or a week or whatever it could throw you all the way oh you go down rabbit holes that’s why I didn’t really get into Flat Earth and all that conspiracy and stuff you know all my friends wanted me to and stuff because I knew my vision knew what I ought to do and what’s working and I had to be consistent with it and not be like hey let’s talk about this let’s go here let’s go there um okay guests on here we’ve done a show on it but we’ve you know we’ve covered a little bit here and there but it’s not like I’m out teaching it or trying to change people’s minds on get back to topic I did I did one show about why did the u.s. fake the moon landings like okay done with that you know what I know not only because there’s only because I had such fun researching it and like you know like going back and forth about it even and then finally it’s like oh it became abundantly clear now we never went to the phone and they faked all thing movies they made some movies that fooled the public is so funny then like some people when he comes down to that they’ll say we did go to the moon but that footage you seen was recreated because we lost our footage you know no all right which I don’t believe Emma I don’t believe most of it I don’t believe anything on TV put it that way yeah the others uh they’re playing a game you know you wonder how how deeply a cult the government has gotten how influenced by Satan’s agenda and demonic peddling of their there their agendas you know as far as abortion and fluoride in the water dumb them down dumb down the Sheep to you know have to be perfect slaves and then creating the system of you know whatever but who’s to say that behind it all and like God God tells us to submit to authorities and just like we can have an abundant life even in spite of all of that mm-hmm that’s creating an abundance of man a table of abundance before in the presence of the enemies Psalm 23 you know and and so we get to feast with God in spite of it all and just enjoy his presence so that’s what I want to leave people with you know who are watching it’s like you get alone with God figure out this abut you know figure out your relationship with him and start to live that abundant life he came to bring you so yeah everything comes out of that bro I remember being on Michaels Michael Bassam show and he’s asking me true seeker how do we walk in miracles how do we see the signs and wonders how do we do this stuff how do we perform miracles that’s a real simple I just told him exactly what you just said you have to go to the secret place you have to go you have to be essentially what it says in acts like wait here until your endued with power from on high and go there however long it takes you know Tara you know co-op get naked before God literally go and meet with the Father and uh you know I’m saying people do that differently but that’s what it’s about it’s about that secret place it’s a call to the secret life and everything it’s birthed out of that all the power and the glory everything the follow comes out of that that place and that’s not a one-time thing either you know that’s why we’re checked I’m checked out I’ll talk about the stuff for my music you know but then I have to go back to the place to kind of you know it’s much much it’s my day to day walk like I have to go back to a secret place I can’t just do songs about it and do podcasts about and talk about it like do ourselves short I have to go back to the secret place I have to make time you know on a busy busy days and all that kind of stuff man so not just me all of us ever seen one of us so brother you want to share your podcast and how people can check out your work add you on social media all that good stuff did you guys write your podcast as well I got a number of things going on and I’ve got sozo talk radio calm where I do interviews just exploring the depths and mysteries of Christ one interview at a time I’ve got reflect worship calm that’s our music that my wife and I make just released a new music video on the very moment of spring equinox and it’s a song that starts out winters passing on and spring his comments all about the song has come Lord Jesus so you can check that out reflect worship calm I’ve got a personal blog daniel or you can track with like my my journey with Christ might discover spiritual discoveries over the past six years I kind of laid out there so those are the three three places I’m at on the Internet pretty much you guys go check out his work and for those of you listening to me on his podcast because he’s gonna upload this to you just check out my work at truth seeker com truths SEK aah calm there you get access to my body of work as far as my music and my podcast all that good stuff is all that true seeker com we’re just looking up on YouTube type it in you’ll find me somewhere mm-hmm yeah I’m Jude I was enjoying your your music video that you’d uploaded recently and you’ve got a new album called seer and it’s interesting because I’ve interviewed like four or five seers on my web site it seems to be a thing yeah and even the pastor of the church I go to Erin Peterson he came out with a book called the seer anointing so it’s just you’re part of the eye of the body of Christ you’re seer series with the sight of the risen in a glimpse how your optics and vision listen that’s right man yeah check that out too all that’s on my website truth seeker calm we have to do it again my brother okay thoroughly enjoy yes indeed good night goodnight well there it is ladies and gentlemen Daniel loved it I enjoyed that conversation I hope you all did too this is a late night conversation we’re doing tonight if you listen to this on the podcast it could be it could be whenever it’s probably in the morning midday I don’t know whatever you’re doing I just want to say thank you everybody for supporting my work and allowing me to do what I do and bring these beautiful conversations to the table talk about spirituality God be really candid and open about our walk and not have to hold anything back or hide anything but be in a safe safe space for those of you all who are looking for community we do that on Thursday nights with the school is a Mystics everyone is invited to go in community meet like-minded people and grow together we’re doing these courses together to learn how to follow your intuition hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and act upon that and trust me this is the real deal we’ve been having some beautiful exchanges some beautiful encounters and it’s been awesome I’m excited about what’s going on on Thursday night school of the Mystics you can support my work at you get access there you also get my entire discography of music ten plus albums as well as all the new music that I’m putting out as well make sure you do that if you’ve enjoyed this make sure you share it out with somebody to tell somebody about the show all that good stuff I love each and every one of you guys will do it again very soon Shalom Shalom peace [Music] does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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