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Robert Kopecky shares the story of his near-death experience and how he found life after death. Robert story is compelling and that he not only lived through a near-death experience but has actually had 3 near-death encounters. Near-death experiences or NDEs happen when a person is pronounced clinically dead. The majority of near death experiencers come back with a revelation of what life is really about. Many of them speak about undergoing a Life review usually administered by Angelic beings or Jesus probably depending on one’s belief system. Do majority of experiencers say that they come back with a mission to teach people how to live in the now moment and focus on what really matters. Many shamanic journeys and psychedelic experiences take people to a very similar place and those people talk about the ego death. During these trips people encounter deceased loved ones who guide them on the journey from this plane of existence and to the next Realm. After this encounter many people have that same revelation and feel like they have been given a second chance some would say they’ve even been Reborn. What Robert Kopecky and many other experiences bring to the table is that the lessons they have learned they make readily available for the masses. We can learn from people who have had these encounters so that we do not have to have a near-death experience to learn the lessons but simply apply the precepts learned within the astral realms. Another topic discussed within this podcast interview is synchronicities. Many people who experience synchronicities feel like they are guided by the Angelic realms, the Holy Spirit or God Himself. With spiritual practice, prayer and supplication usually comes a heightened sense through spirituality where we are able to follow our life’s path by intention and following the signs of synchronicity.

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signals so yeah excited to be here with you guys to do this show we’re gonna be covering some good topics always covering all things spiritual dealing with spirituality the astral realms and dealing with the other side so I think this show is gonna be the first one that I’ve actually done will we talk about near-death experiences I think we’ve maybe just touched on them a little bit maybe in every show but to really go in depth with someone who’s had multiple near-death experiences so this should be really good man when I say give a quick shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat room live on YouTube everybody listening to this reupload on all the podcasting platforms as well want to give a quick shout out to everybody who is supporting my work on patreon I would not be able to do this without your help without your support so thank you so much for believing in me and what I bring to the table you guys make this possible so thank you quick shout out to the newest patrons we 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available on the patreon as well we’re going to be starting up a course in miracles’ this week so if you want to get in on that make sure that you join the School of the Mystics over at backslash true seeker so thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart couldn’t do it without you awesome so we’re gonna jump right into the today’s interview today’s discussion we have Robert Kopecky Robert welcome to the show brother how are you thank you very much Derek all right it’s nice to be definitely man so we talked about near-death experiences and I think that there’s a lot of people who have claimed to have them and it changed their life and found their calling and things like that you’ve had multiple near-death experiences I don’t know if you want to tie them all in together or maybe start with the first one that’s that would be a great place to start what happened and what I can get kind of quick to say you know don’t don’t follow my example yeah one thing I can tell people just took me about 15 years or so they were spread out and you know near-death experiences come as particular motifs you know some people walk through the tunnel and see the light and come to a field and they meet their relatives and stuff that particular one did not happen for me but I didn’t have I didn’t have three sort of classic motifs not a experience a life review and a being forced back into this life so my first one just to jump into it I was living in Los Angeles and I was art directing and illustrating and all the kind of stuff that I’ve done as a career aside from writing these books and I got a single car accident where I glanced off an oddly parked car while I was fussing with the sound equipment in my car and and drove straight into a telephone pole and the next instant I found myself at the top of the telephone pole next to the streetlight it was dusk and it was a moth flying around the streetlight and stuff and I looked down and there’s steam roiling out of the crashed car and his body kind of hanging out of the window I could look over the hedges into people’s yards and stuff and this unfamiliar neighborhood that I was in see lights going on and people running out to see what the crash was and stuff and then I witnessed the the ambulance pull up and then load me into the ambulance and take me away kind of day out at that time I was not aware or conscious of having a body at all I just I felt liberated I felt as as many near-death experiences would tell you most of the time and their experiences they feel like they’re kind of released from the bondage of material selfness you know and just kind of expanding into a greater sort of matrix of loving realities good love right you folded and the loved and that’s that’s the sensation that I have and had in all three of them and that’s where I come to my idea anyway this one was a little bit more heavenly than particularly my last one I was kind of shepherded off to a place that was like a park road like pastoral setting and underwent this kind of an interview almost like a job interview or something I don’t remember exactly who it was with and we count these stories I try not to go anywhere that I don’t remember I’ve had more realizations about them over the years they’re meaningful to me but I don’t feel like I have enough faith in the mechanisms of memory you know so they tend to be kind of self enhancing and stuff like that so I just try to stick exactly to the memory as I had a couple of days afterwards well I didn’t away from this experience which I don’t remember exactly how it ended but with this kind of inner energy sort of thing I woke about 20 hours later in the hospital and I got plastic surgery it was all wrapped up in a bandage and and probably the notable aspect about this experience is that a couple of weeks later I went back to the location where the accident happened and I walked around on the ground and looked behind those hedges and stuff and saw everything the way that I had seen it from up on top of the telephone so I confirmed that for myself that was about all that I really had in terms of interacting with people about this at the time back in the mid-80s that near-death experiences were not very popular talk a lot talk about them and so I just kind of went on with my material life so there’s my first one wow that’s that’s pretty profound so so you sent you sent me your new book the book is how to get to heaven without without really dying yeah that’s that’s the important part so you’ve already done that you come back with a message I think the majority of people who crossover they come back with some type of message whether it’s don’t fear you’re gonna be greedy you’re gonna be loved some type of message of hope some people experience some demonic sounding stuff or some torture hell demons things like that you talk about some of the other experiences that you’ve had with the near-death experiences where any of them like that at all but my third one had little elements of that but the the thing that I find interesting because all of this happened for me a few years after my third one I never got into the near-death experience thing as a lifestyle at all during those intervening years it wasn’t until sometime afterwards when I had a kind of a different kind of a death I had kind of a ego death and I changed paths completely I took off on a spiritual path in my life I started a meditation practice and I became fascinated with all this old scripture and you know philosophy and stuff like that that I’ve never been interested in and that’s when it all kind of came together for me but in looking at my three experiences I suppose that you know one might have profoundly changed me like it does with a lot of near-death experiencers but like I said I just kind of suppress it and moved on into my life and then the second one was unlike the first one completely and by the third one being completely unlike either the other two then I a few years later about ten years ago as though I started wondering why are these all so different and since I put my first book out how to survive life and death and 2014 I’ve been part of this community that experience was kind of whether I wanted to be there not I hadn’t expected it but I have heard hundreds of stories and I shared time with people that have had near-death experiences and we all do have certain things in common that I relate to heaven but every one of our experiences even though they might be similar in some ways is unique and it’s like custom-made and so my idea of it my feeling about it is that we are creating karma in every instant and that has to do with my second near-death experience rejecting I can tell you that I could just think of the idea of creating our Karma and then having to deal with it on the other side is that kind of where you’re gonna go with it yeah that it was it was a life review it’s what’s called a life review and and I had that I had traveled extensively with my first wife to a bunch of spiritual places around the world and then I I basically left our marriage and I moved to New York City and I was doing very well professionally but I was living the total nocturnal downtown lifestyle I just very self-destructive I’d had I suppose in part because of the first near-death experience I’d had this kind of I’ve been thrown into this kind of quandary about life I was never feeling really comfortable anywhere and so I was looking for some relief really I ended up having essentially a drug overdose was the cause it was just a lifestyle cascading toxic experiences that all piled up on me and I fell out on the floor of my apartment I felt kind of paralyzed from the neck down I could not move the room filled in this time I didn’t go anywhere but it kind of came to me the room filled in with this brilliant white cloud like you’d see out the out the window of a jack when you’re flying up through the sky and again I wasn’t I didn’t feel really alone I hadn’t felt really alone in the first one I was kind of shepherded off in the bruiser this time I was directed to look into this cloud and it kind of a screen opened it was not like a movie screen but kind of like a box of experience so to speak and started to show me these scenes from my life not the greatest hits but these kind of pivotal moments when I had not been pressed when I hadn’t realized that I was building my Karma for creating my Karma the cause and effect of my life in every moment you know this this moment never changes no matter how old we are this is where we experience life right in the eternal both so soon it’s a presence after that after the lesson of perspective from my out-of-body one the lesson of presence is what this is about and about the fact that we’re always living in these boxes of time that we’re able to reach in and make things happen in my life now is the only time we make things happen you know so we’re creating our Karma all the time and in a way we’re creating not just our near-death experiences or what happens in the next slide but we’re experienced we experienced in this life all the time mm effect that’s interesting I’m very intrigued by that and I’ve been dealing with a lot of death themes lately I had a cousin just passed away most likely from an overdose we really haven’t heard for sure but I was asked to come speak at his memorial service and stuff and then my grandmother who’s alive is has been diagnosed with liver disease and she was given like a month to live and she asked me to speak at her eulogy and to lead it and these are weird feelings I’ve never been asked that before especially from someone you love if it’s we have under half friends and stuff we do this for strangers all the time but when it’s someone close to you you’re you you know it makes it a little bit more real how do we send this person off do we ignore this concept of death do we try to give some solace and what is to happen quite frankly I’ve been to I mean I’ve studied the religious texts about what has said to happen I think I think it’s a little vague even biblically like there’s some cool stuff in there but I think it’s still a little vague until you really experience it and what the energy is and what you know we’re not gonna be as these bodies which a lot of people try to paint that type of picture so in you people don’t want to give up memories and give up relationships and things like that you know when we cross over so I’ve been contemplating this a lot but you’re talking about going to that side and bringing back knowledge wisdom understanding about your life path what are the true things like the Bible talks a lot about these things of eternal value and there’s some stuff that you can do on earth that you can kind of take with you to the other side or what’s going to what you’re gonna be known for essentially right how does that kind of fit into what you’re talking about I know we have the power within the now moment but what are some of the things that maybe have that lasting value that’s gonna echo through eternity well you’re you’re always creating your life so you’re always creating this life and though you’re not thinking about it you may very well be creating your next life – as is indicated by the different kinds of near-death experiences that there are yeah I mean the one big lesson that I bring back that all their deaf experiences do is if this is not it right yeah goes on we were we were alive before we were born I believe and we’re live after we die we transitioned from this mode this vehicle and so we are transdimensional and when you are experiencing these feelings around the deaths in your life in this life that’s because your transdimensional and and you are realizing this kind of bubble this kind of sacred bubble that we begin to occupy when we are showing up for the people in our life that we love as they make that passage you know when you’re in a room when a baby is born or if you’re in a room when a person dies there is something tangible that is going on in that atmosphere it’s not like the rest of your life all the time yeah at little moment is precious and sacred and you know you have to show up for that right that’s like in my second year death experience I had these things happen where I hadn’t been present for it right maybe let people down or I missed an opportunity or created some bad karma for myself and when you are showing up for the people in your life the way that you are you are fulfilling those moments of opportunity in your life and answering that kind of eternal call you know that’s we’re all here for each other for some reason to fill in these parts of ourselves somehow and it’s all part of the big cycle you know hopefully somebody’s gonna show up for you when you pass on to right you know and so we need not fear about there being life after death I’m quite positive that there is I’m here to tell you that but at the same time you know don’t ask me to prove it right now it’s not something any anybody in human form well he wants to experience of our instincts to live you can’t there’s people who are trying to experience it now we can talk about that here in a little bit but I wanted to bring up this notion I’m really big into like a lot of the biblical texts as they are and then a lot of this stuff that’s taken out of the Canon like some of the stuff that the early church believed in there’s a book called the apocalypse of Peter which talks about when you die essentially the demons or the the destruction in the Karma that you’ve built up for yourself on the earth the bad things that you’ve done to people the hurtful things that for a time those spirits will be loosed to torment you on the other side and it goes into like descriptive detail about rape and killings and murders and beatings and stuff like that if that and I’m not saying that that’s that’s what happens that just know that was in the apocalypse of Peter if that scenario exists maybe if we believe it it exists for us if that scenario at all exists and we definitely see bad karma we definitely see people who have had a lifestyle of destruction drug you stealing robbing taken from people stuff like that once you have this awakening then near-death experience can you undo that karma on this existence kind of like right the wrongs and kind of erase that stuff I feel like you can oh yeah yeah definitely and you know I mean it’s kind of a no-brainer that if you do bad things you’re going to go to hell and if you do good things you’re gonna go to heaven because some we don’t pay for our sins we live with and we live with them whatever life we’re living that’s paying for them right there right yeah you’re talking about the the what’s called the Apocrypha of early Christianity the Gnostic writers and and in the middle section of the book the present section I go into some of that because if we live in the eternal now all the time the wisdom that is that is present in this moment has always been present in this one so we can go back to things that I have to some of this some of the samples I have in the middle of the book or the bar Ghita or the Dhammapada and I have the Gospel of Thomas which is one of those Gnostic cosmos that I find very very meaningful in fact it kind of provides the theme to this book which is in low G on 1:13 Yeshua and the Gospel of Thomas says the kingdom of heaven is spread across the earth but men don’t have eyes to see it so this book is kind of devised to give you the eyes to see how you can build an experience of heaven like everybody’s had a little taste of heaven it’s like fight you know you have a moment it’s a bite it’s playing with a kid they would hope yeah gives you this sense of heavenly transcendence and so that’s the idea on all these old texts they provide us with these sort of ladders or puzzles that help us find paths to heaven that are just as contemporary in our lives right now as they ever have been so a big Oneg on that kind of stuff and needless to say you have to live by certain principles I mean how does everybody believe how does everybody behave and have all right with you what do you think happens going to be everybody’s right everybody’s going to be forgiving everybody’s going to be honest and humble and compassionate and they’re gonna drop everything to help you whenever so if you live by those principles you are aligning yourself in this life with heaven and you’re burning off bad karma and you’re creating good is that essentially what I’m how to get to heaven without really dying is about just to come back with that message I mean because Jesus reiterates over and over on earth as it is in heaven as above so below like whatever the atmosphere in heaven is like we can experience it now we can walk in it we can you know we can do those things walk in compassion love forgiveness those things towards other people and create heaven on earth is that essentially what the books getting – yeah pretty much it’s in Matthew someplace where where he says that as it is and have it as it is on earth so we shall be in heaven kind of thing so and vice versa essentially so that no matter what life you’re in no matter what life you’re living in you are going to experience either these aspects of pain and difficulty and suffering the hellish aspects of life without love or you’re going to enter into and expand into this consciousness of love like all divine consciousness penetrates and animates everything and whatever life you’re in you enter into that you know wholeheartedly and open heartedly and you take part in it with these principles that are kind of guaranteed to get you to heaven much faster than doing the wrong thing was ever coming you know you’re gonna have to work it off eventually yeah also yeah that’s the beautiful thing because it’s on earth you can experience it now a lot of people kind of put up with some of the bad stuff or or the things that they don’t like about themselves when they can experience it now like in this present moment with it whether we go through meditation whatever we want to do just to get up.get alone to find what you’re talking about the presence of the the present moment to be in the now we look at Eckhart Tolle selling he’s a millionaire off of teaching people how to stay in the present moment connected breathing all of these things I like to look at the scripture when it talks about um it says peace be still and know that I am God so just to sit in that moment and just to reflect on that sacred energy through breathing whatever it is and I think that’s where the power is when we try to live outside of ourselves or anticipation about what we have coming up on our calendar in a few weeks or an event we’re supposed to do or the end of school whatever it is we tend to get on this autopilot mode and project our consciousness outside of ourselves or we’re not present to look at the grass to to smell the flowers all of these little things that we take for granted and we go through stages were that if we’re conscious of it it may be taken away from us so that we long for the present moment maybe we’re over occupied and we can see that man I gotta find time to rest I have to find time to get back to the now moment and that I I agree with you that’s what everybody is that’s the end goal I think like so many people would I want to go into this a little bit talking about like people who are like ayahuasca ceremonies or psilocybin magic mushroom encounters people have a awakenings on this and maybe we can call that near-death experiences as well some people feel like they die some people meet you know very similar experiences to you to you and all the other people who are dealing with in DES where they meet their grandmother who’s been dead for 10 years that they were close to and they meet that person and they tell them it’s okay I love you you’re doing a good job I’m proud of you and they get the power of that experience and bring it back into the the you know their life all from the now moment yeah yeah and it’s kind of interesting from my first near-death experience the out-of-body one when you experienced seeing your body and you have a sense of yourself still intact and alive it’s hard to get the genie back in the bottle of the way after that in my life I was never really able to look at things quite the same way and that’s why this section of the book is about the gift of perspective is because I witness people now as these spirits these expressions of divine consciousness so to speak coming through the form of their physical being and I know that they have a light story they have experiences that have happened to them that shade this expression that they have you know and I look at you and I can kind of see the makeup of your life in a way you look at me and you can kind of you know sense the same sort of thing and we know that it’s not easy to be this thing to be in this form is difficult and unfortunately it goes like this and then it goes like that right you know I thirst nobody only hours of it if if it’s all downhill from here how come no one told me I was at the top goes up and then it goes back down and so if we are if we are clinging on to the forms of this life if we are overly obsessive and self-centered in the physicality and the materiality life we’re going to suffer from yeah the relief and what’s expressed by people who do at the organic so you psychogenic sand stuff is the the release from that sense of being tethered to the physicality experience that kind of transcendent unity with things and and that’s another aspect of heaven seeing all these different experiences near-death that I’ve heard and the ones that I experienced myself even though there were different things that happened in each there were certain things that were consistent all the time that was the experience of pure love this kind of sense of radiant illumination and some ulster of other this transcendent a sense of transcendent unity that can be gained through ayahuasca with psilocybin too and then there’s some kind of karmic instruction which usually is informal advice or path that you need to go on that my third near-death experiences along those lines too so I can kind of segue into that yeah great but that’s what it’s really all about is identifying the fact that you are a spiritual being you are a transdimensional that you are in this form for now and that you’re here to work some things out it can only be worked out in this form and to do them and only the way that you can do them and to show up for the life that you are creating for yourself that’s that’s the beautiful thing because we always want to complain about the bad stuff and there’s something we’ve just been exploring on this podcast with a lot of guests and stuff and coming to terms with myself is like you know the bad things that have happened to us in our lives you know when we were going through them I would gave anything to come out of it now we look back at these different trials and tribulations that we’ve been through some of the heartache and stuff that we’ve endured I wouldn’t change it for the world yeah there’s this aspect of the contrast of how are we to be able to judge how bright and brilliant the light is if we’ve not experienced the uttermost parts of darkness and it’s the same way I think – you’re talking about this euphoria this feeling that you felt going through the other side of love and of blessing that essentially that’s where you are that’s who you are how would you know that if you had an experienced heartache and death and loss and betrayal here on earth and I think it all they’re all the pain all the bad stuff man we have to use it for alchemy I believe that 100% it’s it’s all it’s all worth it it’s part of the contrast those who the scripture says those who are forgiven much love much and those who have you know kind of right those wrongs and understand look I’ve been a jerk I got to fix this you know and it’s only through these type of experiences that we have these awakenings or realizations that we get on this path to one a change change it so that’s the beauty of going through the bad stuff and it helping us see how beautiful the light is so your third and near-death experience this was a little bit more darker yeah it was actually I was in a small town in Arizona I’d been snowboarding back and forth between New York City and Arizona and I had gotten engaged again and I was there for a Super Bowl Sunday and after the game I went out into a public plaza and made it made a phone call on a payphone it’s just still a pretty long time ago at this time what’s that yeah and I had a guy who we sort of charitably in those days called skinheads you know this like great big dude with a shaved head and and just kind of all the trappings of that sort of neo-nazi sort of culture type thing and no judgment on the except for that he started to really harass me and got violent with me and I got into an altercation with him where I kind of got the best of him and I thought I’d better get out of there everybody around me thought that it was great that I had handled it so well you know so I got some sort of confirmation about dealing with this guy but on my way home on my bicycle I didn’t realize it was a man full of these guys they drove up alongside of me and was like a crowbar or a tire iron or something they hit me in the back of the head knock me off my bike into the curb at first then they stomped and kicked on for about an hour once so in that one that was obviously not as heavenly an experience and I didn’t go to his heavenly place I mean to me it’s just really fascinating how specific these experiences are like like ultra specific dreams kind of that exists in a different kind of reality like a very real more real than most dreams less random I was in this kind of subterranean or almost room like place still again I felt completely like transcendent unity just I just felt surrounded by love and there were as I remember these entities around me loving entities it was almost as though outside of the room I had a sense of this kind of crunching and stomping and stuff that I wanted no part of I did not want to go back I wanted to stay where I was but they all told me that I had not gone about things the right way and that I had things that I needed to do and then I had to go back and I fought against him but they prevailed and then finally pushed me through what I recall is being this kind of a membrane and I sort of popped through and I was on my back on the street in this Arizona town with a emergency medical worker who said he’s back and that I realized in that experience I realized we all have this very specific call we’re all creating adding to it making our lives whole in a way through this purpose that we’re here so the perspective that gives you the ability to see people as human beings struggling along through this form the the presence that brings all the sort of wisdom of this eternal moment to bear where we make our karma and then the purpose that is your unique data package that you have to fill out and dovetail into other people’s experiences you know it’s I kind of see us as being these sort of energy packets of karmic and quantum information that cannot overlap each other we meet and infuse with one another and that’s the great thing about the darkness and the light that you were talking about I bring up rule me who was Sufi and the Sufis have this belief that if you’re looking into the catastrophe of things into the darkness it’s great it’s beautiful it’s a blessing because you only have to turn around 180 degrees to see the light and the bliss you know that’s right in the opposite direction and so those experiences of darkness or what I think of as being deaths and themselves you know these kind of moments where you’re making this passage through absolute humility where you become teachable that’s when you expand into a new life your rebirth Yury boring this is like a resurrection or in health chemical kind of transformation so that was the third one was to give to purpose my god which is a beautiful gift I got to know Wow I was gonna jump to this question but I think you kind of already answered it Christie in the chat wants to know when he figured out he wasn’t in this body anymore did he want to go back into his body or did he not want to go back it sounds like you were kind of like you wanted to stay where you were but you were told you have to go back right yeah the first one I didn’t really even think about it I was just amazed you know what was happening at first right they had this kind of entity with me that I now recognize as being my guardian angel so to speak this energy that sort of has served as a higher power in my life a lot of the time the voice of and good angel on my shoulder who shepherded me off and I didn’t really even think about it until I woke up in the hospital in the second one I likewise I was not very aware of that physicality at all it was in the third one where I did not want to go back I had a sense of what was going on in that physical realm and it was nothing I wanted a part of it so I did not want to go back at all but I didn’t have a choice you know some people in their near-death experiences they have choices you know I feel interesting do you want to go back let me think about it you know I’ve heard that um so here’s a question I have for you what does God fit into all this the the Creator the the life essence that animates our life which you’ve talked about because not an ineffective does it or does he/she exist but the question as far as these three experiences are they coincidence or did something will it to happen was this orchestrated for a reason or was just this the luck of the draw the roll of the dice do you feel like God or consciousness the universe orchestrated this for you to be on your life path to write this book and to help other people overcome some pitfalls and and learn how to overcome some things that they don’t have to actually die to go to the other realm to get the answers yeah I mean like maybe seven years ago or so I had no idea I was going to be an author much less twice published to but I could never have imagined that but I went through this situation in my life where everything stopped working for me I actually found a little place on the Upper Delaware River where I literally sat on a rock by the river for kind of years and did a lot of meditation and stuff and I had this sort of ego death where all the trappings all the constructions of my external life and expectations and everything I thought I was supposed to be it just failed just ended for me and I had this kind of transform it if they enter into me and started to want to express it and that’s where the three experience is coalesced in me and I realize that that’s this was an expression of my purpose and then I am part of this vast invisible machinery there is when we talk about technology about the kind of technology that you can use these platforms for putting your show out and stuff like that as we were just before the show the greatest technology of all what we call spiritual virtual technology technology is incredible and I think of God is definitely being now he/she/it I call that animating force what the Hindus might call Brahman or you know what the Christians might call the Holy Father I call that divine consciousness now whether that’s God or vice versa I’m not sure but I I didn’t experience a personage that significant of being a God force I excuse or anything like that a man in robes that has the personification know I experienced this transcend a sense of complete transcendent unity being and folded into a field of love divine consciousness being part of a larger mind my mind losing its boundaries and expanding into a larger mind that I was part of and that was my experience of God and that in many ways is my experience of heaven too and what I try to impart you know through these experiences and lessons in the book is how to get there without really the time but you do have to really die to go to heaven you know you know that everybody knows that it may just be an ego death that you have to experience yeah nice of all these false expectations and forms of this world that enables you to reach that place of transcendence how I mean Jesus talks about being born again absolutely born again you have to you have to die you have to die in the scriptures we’re talking about the ego death the Scriptures call it the flesh the fleshly nature that nature that is has ill-will towards other it’s self-serving it’s oh you know me myself an eye what can I do to survive it’s like overcoming that and and it’s the same thing as the ego I think the words are essentially interchangeable so I think the you know I’m saying the whole message is is it’s throughout the Bible it’s throughout the Vedas the Bhagavad Gita every religion talks about it every day nothing I think that I think they’re all essentially telling the same story sorry I’m the resurrection you know that is that to me that is a metaphysical transformation is what you’re talking about the cross is that the temporal plane right the intersection of the temporal plane with the transcendent unification movement towards heaven that’s what everybody hopefully experiences to find authentic self and to come into wholeness and to experience God in their life and to be able to bring hand it onto this earth so to speak yep that’s that’s that’s our life purpose I believe that’s my life purpose and I think a lot of people listening to as well I wanted to talk to you as well because like a lot of people talk about when they go to the other side when they cross over and they come back maybe because it’s dealing with with spirituality you mentioned the spiritual technology I think that everything that we have such as Facebook the internet all of this stuff is mimicking the spiritual technology the global brain we’re all connected Facebook makes us all connected our cell phone these type of things did you experience heightened senses of awareness did you experience psychic abilities ESP being able to know when someone was gonna call you know before they even called you anything like that when you came back would you more susceptible to those yeah definitely more open to the synchronicities open yourself up to when you get your intellect and expectations and the physical aspect of yourself out of the way you start to notice that these things are happening all the time that was one of the great lessons of my second a spirit presence experience was these were moments that I had not been aware of what I was actually witnessing I had not been a witness to this kind of marvelous sort of interweaving of these threads of my life you know now I am much more often and I have so much faith in that that I see it all the time it’s happening all I can tell you how I met my wife but it’s crazy it’s mind blow no I think the weird thing about synchronicity especially when I’ve had so many I think I’m probably uh could say this for you as well that you’ve had so many synchronicities and then when when they just keep happening they seem like second nature like you all you’re always having these abilities or when you say something I are you still with this Robert oh I think Robert froze up hello can you guys in the chat still hear me I think you can so it’s not my connection it’s his eye hopefully he’ll be back here in a second I think we’re still streaming here he’s transcending that’s what’s up yeah so just the whole thing about having all these synchronicities man is that what do they mean and I would like that I would like to think that all synchronicities means something like when you feel it like it pay attention to the information that’s coming through but sometimes I think the information that’s coming through it there’s nothing really there you would think that okay I’ve heard people say that like when you have these divine moments of synchronicity when you when something when everything lines up and you find yourself in this divine moment that pay attention because you’re being spoken to by the angels by by God or whatever the case is but sometimes the information that comes through there’s really none so we’re trying to figure out what what it is I mean everybody’s having these encounters everybody’s having these experiences what does it mean and I’ve talked about it a lot on here I essentially think it’s just God’s bread crums God the spirit letting us know that we’re on the right path that we’re doing the right thing that we’re following our life goal and things like that so as far as the information and stuff that comes through I think that’s what it’s about your back your back okay so I I kind of I kind of gave my spiel about synchronicity and what I think it is we listen to a lot of teachers we listen to I mean there’s tons of teachers and who would tell you what synchronicity is and they say pay attention to the information that comes through and that sounds good sometimes it works that way the synchronicity is something you should look into it’s the spirit realm letting you know to go down this path sometimes the information is silly it’s you look at a picture of a duck and your significant other says hey did you see that duck the other day and you open a book that would a picture of a duck you know little small things like that I think it’s essentially God’s breadcrumbs letting us know that we’re on the right path what what do you think is the most significant part of synchronicities and having them these reoccurring themes or memes essentially happen in your life I think that when you’re aligned to this kind of idea of what heaven is by living with certain principles you have this as you bring a certain awareness and open heartedness to bear that then it is shown to you it’s not a projection of your own ideas about things where your ego or your intellect starts to move into something and think that should be I should be manifesting that for myself right now I’m gonna you know I’m gonna summon this up from the ether for myself that kind of thing that’s not the way it works because you’re projecting this sort of aspect of being human on stuff it is already it is all there already and getting yourself out of the way and opening up and kind of like connecting trans dimensionally through your heart to these things and experiencing them then you’ll start to see the real synchronicities at work in your life I think you know it’s tricky because you know people want to people want to feel like they can kind of enter into it and work with it and make things happen and it’s going to show them when they want it to it doesn’t happen on your own schedule it happens on God’s schedule sense that you get these things Shone’s but you can tune in to their schedule and can align yourself to that schedule right it doesn’t work the other way around right yeah and bye-bye hat by living by these principles that I talked about in the first in the perspective part of the book and then bringing to serve powers of presence to bear that kind of in the now type a car holding thing in this moment this eternal moment and then recognizing what your life is showing you is your purpose you know who loves you who do you love what are you good at what do people ask you to do what do you know in your heart you need to be there for that’s your purpose yeah and so by aligning yourself in these three ways you begin to experience that a lot and it really will start to open up your life and entirely different way I have a whole different experience of life that I think it just makes you more sensitive to like it literally changes your consciousness like whoa you could be sitting in a room with seven other individuals in your perception of reality well it gets into weird stuff sometimes I mean schizophrenics who their perception of reality is different as well but from a near-death experience I think it’s good I think I think it’s good I think if you work the energies right if you do what you’re supposed to be doing obviously it would definitely bring about pain if you have those encounters with the spirit realm however they come through a near-death experience even if it’s true maybe ayahuasca or psilocybin or something and you know what you’re supposed to be doing from like a divine order to say and you don’t do it like I think I don’t know if you have any experience with that about this inward need obviously you said you spent some time as an animator and as fun as that is maybe that wasn’t the deeper calling that what you were supposed to be doing I was a truck driver and I was you know it killed me eventually go to work not that it was bad but I knew that I was supposed to be doing something else going on these journeys having these encounters very similar to what you’re talking about and then going back to drive a truck you’re like oh my god I’ve been in between the realms I have to manifest this I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing but it seems so far away in they talk about this stuff curing depression right the near-death experience the ayahuasca curing depression quite quite the contrary it sent me into depression because I had to go back to two o’clock into the night of five and come back to reality but it ignite a fire within you that depression can be used for good that depression is part of the contrast and it could be used for good but talk about if you’ve had any encounters with that as well it’s kind of like my first 45 years of life we’re sort of like that may not have been quite doing what I was supposed to be doing yeah talking about as a near-death experience – in a way I talk about different kinds of dying dying from different stages in your life I had this I had a transformative near-death experience that was of a spiritual nature around 9:00 9/11 I had come back from Arizona after my third near-death experience and I’d fit back into this commercial world of television production and stuff here in New York City and I still was not happy I was more successful than I’d ever been but I wasn’t fitting into my life I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing right and then 9/11 happened and I was there downtown I was there lived south of 23rd Street and experienced the whole thing that day and the thing that I experienced too that I can never forget was this sense this like sixth sensory awareness of this rush this kind of cyclonic swirl of souls that were like departing this plane so my experiences had opened me up to this whether I wanted it or not yeah and it was so powerful for me that day I just could not deny it and my life in many ways kind of turned around right in those couple of weeks that was when I needed to go find a place to sit in the stillness and know God myself right that was when I began my my sort of metaphysical the the desire to metaphysically transcend the illusion of separateness that I in spirit my whole life and I ended up in this kind of study and and this meditational approach to things that enabled me to kind of pass through into the acceptance the real spiritual nature of life and everything changed for me then so we have those kind of near-death experiences that are of the variety where something tragic happens to you other than you just experience the sixth sensory aspect young transformation in your book you call it divine consciousness right and a we we in and out of that like I know I think I’m in it now you know I’m saying but I’ve been there I’ve been out of it depression doesn’t seem possible try to get in that now moment it comes back and it is a roller coaster ride is that something that everybody can experience without having to die or without I mean essentially I guess the goal is to really you know so I think if it calls you it calls you especially with like psychedelics and stuff but to really be able to bring back the information and save you the trip and say look you don’t have to do that this is what its gonna tell you everything you’ve been talking about a carto lead you know these guys it’s the same thing it’s not a different message the message is the same the way it it speaks to you we’re talking about deep states of meditation I think that’s a practice we should all do but it’s the same message the life review the now moment quit projecting yourself outside of yourself be present with your family and the people who need you the most these type of things so it’s something that everybody can attain without I wish I had a near-death experience I wish I had magic mushrooms in my backyard or something like that right yeah what did the I mean the the use of psychogenic is very valuable to a lot of people and it’s very valuable therapeutically to people who have like terminal diagnosis and stuff like that because it detaches you from this physical purely physical plane of being and you start to experience that sense of transcendent unity you know so it’s really important that way for me meditation had a lot to do with it because going in and out of divine consciousness is something that we all experience all the time where you’re just completely chill with it and you’re feeling it and it’s flowing and then the next thing you know your rent is due or you know you can’t pay a bill yeah bill your car gets towed or something like that and bang suddenly you’re right back in the same day oh yeah and you fall under the auspices of this voice in your head that is kind of scolding and judgmental and comparative and it’s constantly negative pretty negative right it’s like the evil angel the devil on your shoulder and when you sit in meditation it does a couple things for you one is that it enables you to objectify that nasty voice in your head I call him bad Bob you know and I know that if he were a person outside of me I wouldn’t like him much yeah you trying to control my life in a pretty negative way and I respect that that’s some kind of old instinct that I have it’s supposed to protect me from a saber-toothed tiger or something you know then I can like we said earlier you look into the darkness if you turn around the light is this in the other direction I can’t roll from that and I can move to this place inside of my mind while I’m meditating where there’s peace and reason and I can consciously move that way and it allows me to objectify my authentic self what I call my authentic self that’s grounded in divine consciousness from the voice of my ego that’s grounded in the physicality and materiality that will slide right and the other thing in meditation does for you then is that it opens up that sense of unity with all things the inner connectedness and the interdependence of everything those are the two ways that meditation can help you really get in touch align yourself to divine consciousness and stay there as much as possible yeah I think it becomes second nature you know I think it I think the more that we experience it when we know when we’re out of and we know how to kind of get back in line because we’ve been out of line before we’ve been in and out so we get used to it don’t do this if I respond with hatred and bitterness it may send me on a spot like a downward spiral we learned to kind of walk what I like to call I love to call the narrow road I think that’s what the scriptures are talking about it just perfect divine will not too far on the left not too far on the right but just this perfect narrow road which can be hard to attain sometimes we get off a little bit and sometimes if we get off just a little we’ll be off that path even on down the road but it’s about finding that balance and everything and I think with practice you know I think consistency being persistent with it and learning it’s a big thing we learn from podcast you learn from other people’s experiences you learn from your own failures and shortcomings you have to you have to be a student of life you have to you have to learn from everything and see what’s working for Robert what’s working for true seeker was working for so-and-so and then apply it see if it works for you I mean it we’re talking about these cliches and the funny thing is like there’s a bunch of cliches in the near-death experience I was gonna say to earlier like a white light I’ve seen this I was asked her I want to go back I see my left my body looked down the cliches for a reason because they’re real and other people are experiencing very similar things and therefore the outcome is very similar so the message that were sent back with which is of love peace kindness understanding like those are the things that have lasting value even within the Bible which I’m a student of the scriptures and it’s just it reiterates over and over and over these things or for ever these things are going to last when the other things are gonna be burned away by adversity and like they’re not good they’re not gonna last they’re not gonna get us anywhere so I really think that with with practice comes perfection as well with that and it’s okay to mess up it’s okay to get off there’s people listening right now they wish that they could be there but you know they were there before I’ve been there I’ve done interviews where I’m asking how do how do I get it back you know I’ve been there man and it’s part of it’s part of the learning process as part of the journey but I mean what are just some some techniques that you talked about in the book I know we talked about meditation what am i walking in love in every aspect seeing other people as an extension of yourself with something that’s kind of big that will help us stay in that in that present moment and and treat others how we want to be treated essentially right well the embrace of imperfection is part of we have to embrace the imperfection of our internet connection just a few minutes ago and that was all of us both of us right you know I but you mentioned a couple of them it’s you can’t think your way into divine consciousness lots of times as a human being struggling to get by in this world you have that lots of times act your way into it so if you’re crash asleep being of a forgiving nature but for example if you just devote yourself to being as kind to everybody gets you can be for a day without without kindness being sarcasm or gossiping but real sincere kindness to people your life will transform it will open up in a way that you may not have ever experienced and you’ll discover this kind of fabric of kindness at work in the world that is truly awesome if you notice you have to be a little vigilant when you’re on this narrow path that you’re talking about notice if there’s comparison and judgment and stuff coming into your thinking then you have to take that golden moment and say wait a minute stop and smell the roses right ground yourself in this present moment recognize it everything that changes is not real and everything that doesn’t change Israel and hold on to that sense of oneness with everything and then those petty little concerns or judgments or comparisons we have about others fade away they disappear and you can realize your kind of unity with everybody it starts to recognize everybody is being really beautiful in their way and even when you are you might be and not yeah I got a bus stop or something and suddenly you’re able to you’re able to look at that world in a different way that brings that kind of heavenly radiance out through it you know and transforms that instant that moment of presence and heavenly experience yep and I think like I said I go back to the Bible all the time this is what I’ve studied in it talks about having that peace that surpasses all understanding that inner peace and the inner knowing where if we look at the situation in circumstance you should be freaking out right now you should be upset you should be bitter you should be mad but how do you have this peace and it’s the inward knowing of Jesus talks about my peace I give to you not as the world gives no man gave it to you so they can’t take it from you don’t let anything take your peace and you’re able to weather every storm when you wake up on the boat much like Peter wake and the disciples woke up on the boat and they’re in the midst of a storm they panic and where’s Jesus or whatever they get up and they’re able to speak to the winds and the waves and tell them to be still and be silent and not to be moved by every situation every circumstance you’re freaking out panicking or you’re doing good until the circumstance comes you have to you have to learn what to do when the circumstance comes I mean in I think the practical test I think we’re talking about it being said about a divine order I really do think that God or whatever is watching out for us and it we’re taking these tests like we’re we have to pass them we learn I mean they’re gonna come up later as a pop quiz once we pass them but if you keep responding the same way you’re failing but when you respond with love and peace and understanding then I think we’re really speaking the language of heaven and we move on to bigger things we think we have to be trusted with some of these precious jewels and things like a podcast like a book deal you know what I’m saying things like that that you have to go through these different levels and I think it’s for everybody I don’t think that we’re special it’s just us or whatever what’s beautiful about all of this stuff and I love to talk to people about this is that it’s applicable for everyone it’s not that I was contacted and I was the angels came to me no they come to you to even do this podcast they’re coming to you through the conversation and faith is not a well-lit place right that’s yeah is it when you’re on those troubled seas the metaphysical metaphor of that you know be still and know that I am and what happens is the Seas become Placid and not only that you can walk on the water the depth of all that troubled emotion and stuff becomes a foundation for its live on actually you know so the these beautiful rich messages of what’s called non ordinary reality but is actually ordinary I think Einstein said that that you can live two ways one is believing that nothing is miraculous and the other is believing that everything is miraculous and I’ll get I’ll get people who don’t believe in anything that I’m talking about don’t believe in any of my experiences and that’s fine for people to be skeptical I understand the invasion of intellect into spiritual and all about that and I like to point out to them that we’re on a planet and outer space and that’s where the whole thing starts so if that’s not magical and wild enough for you for all of this beauty to grow out from that place you know I don’t think anything’s going to do it for you just bust open your heart and experience that I am you know be still and no go back to that place of peace I like the fact – we’re talking about you know I’m saying walking on the water I were used to remember going swimming we’d go out into the middle of the lake and we go swimming would be in a boat we jump out and it was always scared or like how deep is this water a hundred feet deep you know ten foot deep five foot I could swim in five four water I can’t and people’s people this fear that they can’t swim in deeper water and we look at Peter walking on water which is symbolic of us he steps out of the boat and it doesn’t matter if that water’s 3 foot or 30 foot it 1000 feet and don’t fear overtakes and then you drown but as you’re walking at phase that’s you if you’re walking in water it like faith and belief it the ebb and flow of it it will like water change to and wrap around whatever situation you’re in we’re talking about those unexpected bills that come up and I need that that same faith in that same knowing the same knowing is the same knowing that’s going to be there when you have to pay $100 bill or your thousand dollar a month insurance or house note whatever the case is like it’s the same faith it’s the same knowing that you’re connected and you’re protected that’s brought you to it it’s gonna bring you through it it’s the same face and that’s the beauty of it like the principles don’t change you know I’m saying we go deeper in our revelation of this grace of this love and this that we can embrace out thank God is tangible and not just a theory or whatever the case is but it’s tangible to the now moment I really believe that look before we go I wanted to ask you one more question about the book something very near and dear to I think a lot of our hearts but you talk about animals and their special role in our life and that they may be a little bit smarter a little bit more connected than a lot of people give them credit for I want to hear a little bit about that before we go we got kicked out of the garden right they did yeah we did because we assumed ourselves to be like God you know to have this idea of what’s right and what’s wrong there we know better and that kind of thing if you think about divine consciousness ISM as I’ve been talking about it animals are connected like directly into that and anybody who pets a dog you can or has a cat in their lap or something knows what I’m talking about the fact is that animals through their physical forms experience a we cannot even imagine they are heirs to an intelligence that allows them to not go to school or have to wear clothes yeah we’ve got to worry about so in many ways they’re there ahead of us on the scale I think they’re closer to God in a lot of ways but we are uniquely made for our role as being stewards of this as being able to work with things in a way that no other creature can and that’s the that’s the thing that happens with we become caught up in the physical demands of this life and that one dimension suddenly hems us in we begin to think that animals are accessories we begin to think that bills and fame and things like that or what’s really important but in fact we are all extra dimensional beings that’s what I’m trying to talk about it’s a bigger picture than all of that so what we are really is greater than what we generally think we are and when we align ourselves with animals more in that way we become part of this life of the world and then we can start to actually bring heaven back to this earth I mean it’s a pretty heavenly earth to start with yeah true true where we’re going wrong everybody is very aware of where we’re going wrong right and part of it is losing our our animal brothers and sisters at such a high way so if we realize that we’re greater than we are is my point we’re transdimensional beings really you know then we can escape the illusion that we’re trapped in this kind of physicality and begin to experience a whole different way to live that I related to being in hell that I relate to going on half 100% on earth as it is in heaven we can experience it now in the now moment and and bring the now moment with us in every situation Robert kopecki thank you for coming on the podcast we have your book here how to get to heaven without really dying make sure you guys go out and pick up this book I know you can get it at like everywhere books are sold but let them know the best place to pick up the book and where they can check out your work as well well I’ve got a blog Robert Kopecky dot blog did a lot of people go to where I write at coast essays and stuff and I’ve got a website it’s Robert kopecki com I write for guy accom I write for the mindful word otherwise otherwise you can go to my publisher Llewellyn worldwide they have it too but maybe go to your local mom-and-pop book store because that’s where I like to buy books and ask for it if they don’t have it there and patronize those people that bring that kind of knowledge to you close to home wow that’s that’s the first time I’ve heard that publishing company name spoken I’ve always called it lil one for years I’ve been reading their books since like I was like 13 year 12 13 years old Llewelyn Wow the correct pronunciation you guys make sure you go check out his book it’s really good stuff and if you really enjoyed this podcast if you would like to see him on again let us know I know he’s got a lot more stuff to talk about we can even go into his first book as well I want to talk to you a little bit more about some of these special abilities and psychic type experiences as well so I’d love to have you back on Robert thanks for coming on and I will have to do it again soon Thank You Derrick it’s really been a great pleasure talking with you yes great questions I had a really good fun I enjoyed it my brother will see you again soon lessons all right Robert kopecki ladies and gentlemen it’s a really cool guest on here man people who’ve been through some stuff and and like I say if you want to call this syncretism if you want to call it comparative theology you guys know I guess I come from a Christian background Christian perspective but to me like everything all comes back to the same answers right we’re having these whether you having a Christian experience and that’s your worldview I mean this guy wasn’t using biblical terms and languages for the most part right but he was like if you know the Scriptures enough you know I mean that’s how my mind works you know that’s I have a scripture for everything you know what I’m saying and there’s some there’s some deep stuff within the scriptures which is really cool but we found ourselves having very similar encounters and experiences to people in other faiths of people who have never even experienced our faith we have got some people in the audience now who are who are signed up through patreon the part of the School of the Mystics on Thursday nights and they’ve never read the scriptures but everything that I’m talking about it’s like the other way around like they’re referencing other books and other works as I speak or as I share Bible knowledge or whatever the case is they already know what I’m talking about it’s stuff that’s written within their hearts it’s written upon their hearts right and so it’s within them it’s the same the same encounters the same experiences which is really cool that’s what it’s about for me like he’s talking about having this awakening a big part of my awakening and move into these you know greater levels of understanding and I came when I started instead of looking at others and finding what makes us different finding the things that separate us I did the opposite I said well let me try studying this stuff or even talking to people in conversation in conversation man people will bring up anything religious I’m my mind is going how can I debunked them and show you that my religion is right honestly that’s that’s I mean that’s what we were taught in religion but now in these conversations I’m trying to build I’m not okay I believe the same thing we word it differently I’ve worded it differently it’s a different perspective on the same type of concept and that’s what it’s about for me we call it comparative theology syncretism how we’re all saying the same thing and now instead of like trying to tear people down I look for the good in it I mean we could just use like Joel Osteen I mean he’s an enemy of most of like heresy hunters the Christian heresy hunters like that Joel Osteen’s a false prophet he’s preaching deception and things like that you know and I used to look at him that way because of the people I was involved with in many sects of Christianity in many sects not just one denomination or whatever but I would listen to it and I couldn’t take in anything he said because of whatever the case was you know here in having preconceived notions about him but then now I’m able to listen to his like listen it man talking some good stuff you know he’s got some wisdom some wisdom something he’s saying is good right you know I’ll he’s a false prophet man he’s deceiving people what’s up Patrick all it is what a boy Patrick says I can’t stand him sorry talking about joel osteen you know what like it’s about I had a point before I said your name when you say when you posted that man I was gonna say something about not being able to stand him but um it’s just about the information that comes through man I would say Thank You Patrick Patrick just ordered some of my daughter’s slime and I’m gonna give a quick plug my daughter’s now making uh slime and stuff it’s really big with the with the kids and stuff so y’all want to go follow her on Instagram it’s fluffy wolf slimes slimes on Instagram she’s settling slime so go buy it go buy some for your kids a yeah shout out to Patrick for uh he was her first customer so thanks bro it’s you know looking at people and finding what what we don’t like about them or what we can’t stand about them like we move to it just just a deeper revelation or just to see what we can stand about them because I mean people uh you know I think people people say that about me you know what I’m saying about anybody like you know there’s people who tuned in to this podcast and they see the all-seeing eye on my hat and they just they love the wisdom they love the information that comes through but they just see something or they see a symbol in background or video game or with it and they just see something that they don’t like that they can’t stand most people can’t stand an eyeball because it represents the devil to them and their understanding whatever the case is so yeah we talk about triggers man people get triggered people have stuff that they they can’t understand and I couldn’t I couldn’t stand him for the longest time to not just dolo Steen but just I’m telling you man being able to transcend and see everyone as an extension of yourself I think that in spirituality will all eventually do that but to really see what we can agree with with the people and build upon that the scriptures say can two walk together unless they agree and people use that to say okay we don’t agree you believe this I believe that we can’t walk together and buy and they’re done they cut you off but I read that can two walk together unless they agree that’s fine something that we can agree on and walk together right great minds think alike in the comments section says everyone has some truths even if our minds are blocked to it yep everybody has something I know what I was gonna say Patrick here was the point when it comes to Joel Osteen we used to call him a false prophet now people call me false prophet so yeah whatever he wasn’t the only ones we call it a false prophet anybody I’ll put it this way anybody who taught stuff contrary to what we believed were false prophets and I’m speaking about this in past tense but there’s a lot of people still there now you teach the Bible a certain type of way you teach religion philosophy politics you’re a false prophet you’re a heretic these type of things anybody who taught it differently and I used to get mad at like Joel Osteen now you should get mad at Creflo Dollar or some of these people Benny Hinn or whatever but the scripture says this is the D part the scripture says that the people having itching ears we’ll find for themselves teachers that tell them what they want to hear so it’s not that like Benny Hinn or creflo dollar’s or Joel Osteen has all this power that they’re able to deceive the masses because they’re wicked people now these people are just presenting a message and the audience are paying them money are supporting them sharing their content going to their rallies or sermons or whatever because they’re telling them what they want to hear so what the scripture says that the people having itching ears will find for themselves teachers that tell them what they want to hear now that that works with everything the scripture also says that where your treasure is your heart will be also if you believe in something you’re gonna support it with your time you’re gonna watch it I mean many people listening to this podcast you find something of substance here there’s people who financially support the work I do your time your money your energy your effort your you know occupying it with with your mind and letting it into your thought life there’s stuff that you’re entertaining because you bear witness with it and people will support it so if you’re looking at creflo dollar if you’re looking at some of these prosperity pimps you want to call them that or quite the contrary any other religion or something that you don’t agree with like those people are listening to these guys for a reason so I don’t think it’s much of the teacher is the deceiver I think that he’s he has a message and and the people bear bear witness with it I mean that’s what they want to hear you know what I’m saying they want to know how they can be rich they want to know how they can get to heaven you don’t say whatever the case is man people will find for themselves teachers telling them what they want to hear but like it’s not a deception thing is just it’s just part of nature like you wouldn’t most people wouldn’t be listening to this if they didn’t bear witness with something unless they’re just like chastising it and picking it apart and stuff I hate when he does that you know that kind of stuff I mean I know there’s those people listening to and it’s okay they’ll agree with some of it and then I wish I can interject that’s the funniest part when I talk to people and they uh they say man that there’s so many times out you’ll say something and I guess we’ll respond and I want to interject you know and they just they even talking to their phone or whatever the case is you know it’s so funny but I hey I’ve been there too so yeah Patrick all it is he says I found you that’s it you find the people that you resonate with you’ll find your tribe you’ll find the the others right and if you’re someone who is into mainstream religion and cookie-cutter Church you’re gonna find that and that’s for you that’s good that’s not a bad thing that’s a bad thing you know I’m saying obviously there’s some some bad stuff that I would disagree with you know what I’m saying but I think as a whole I don’t think these people are wicked as a whole I think that they have a just a lot of them have a just notion about themselves and their intentions are pure and I think that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day Ruach says get in would you fit in that’s right um yeah I want to thank everybody for supporting man um it’s awesome that you guys believe in my work I am this I have a dilemma and this is a dilemma that I’m coming to as a podcaster and having being one who juggles multiple things especially with my album I just put out that took up so much time of editing trying to get everything perfect having a rerecord things listen to it so even though I was still doing podcast as far as editing them making profile pictures writing up the BIOS mixing them down to the audio ripping them and putting them online I’ll kind of fell behind with that also I fell behind because we did a hundredth episode which was a little bit ahead of what was supposed to be at and then we did a look-back episode I wanted it just to be one but it was too there was two parts of the look-back and I’m just giving commentary on all the episodes up to episode 100 I did that and so I push those ahead so it ended up pushing stuff back so I’m about a month behind on these these podcast and I have I have several ahead of me I would like to get caught up it’s gonna cost me a little money just because I have to pay for space so uh if anybody wants to donate if you want to donate to that helping me get caught up I’m gonna try to put out as many as I can so that I’m caught up so like cuz it only because it like I’m cool with it being a month behind as far as the episodes but I’m not because it’s becoming a problem and it’s a it’s a learning experience it’s becoming a problem because I’m talking about news and I’m talking about updates and I’m talking about current events that now they’re a month behind you know what I’m saying so if you’re listening to this live the live broadcast is gonna feel different than the the tape version because some of the ones that are coming out I’m talking about hey I have an upcoming album release party this weekend and that was a month ago you know what I’m saying so I want to get caught up so if anybody wants to help me with those fees that I have to pay to kind of get caught up you can click the donation button you can go to up and I’ll try to be consistent in in getting them all out everything that’s already recorded at least one a day until we get caught up I’ve got one ready to go I did one yesterday got one ready to go today and I’m willing to do one tomorrow but I’ve almost used up my allotted space for the month and it’s all only the 15th so anyway that’s where I’m at if you guys want to help me and even as I’m saying this if this is behind it’s just weird trying to keep up with the time I said I just told you today’s the 15th and if I don’t do it it may be the 15th of the following month so that’s what I’m trying to do I want to get caught up so that like once I get caught up I’ll stay on top of it and every show will be out like the next day every show will be the come out the next day oh wow so yeah thanks for all the support I don’t even like asking for support on anything else because I know I you know you guys already support me in so many ways through patreon and stuff like that but I just you know what the scripture says you have not because you ask not and I put it out there and just let you guys know Christy says Christy folks I’m still debating whether or not I should encourage my new pastor to listen to the song I am it’s perfect hmm you should let your new pastor listen to it I could say this you know it can’t I would say it can’t hurt it can’t hurt it can’t hurt if you really if you really like it and that song ministers to you and then you share it with your pastor who’s like hey this isn’t of God stay away from this because you know that we get that a lot stay away from this this is a you know about everything I’m saying I have everything I’ve been saying you know how some people react to things that they disagree with so that would be the only concern I would if you want to do it do it but if that happens don’t get offended don’t let it harden your heart and no oh I have two preference everything so great great minds think alike says are you speaking of your intro song no the intro song is called the inner reaches of outer space there’s a song on the new album called I am featuring featuring the voice Spirit of Truth and myself and Saint Anthony it’s a really good sound problem a lot of people say that’s the best song one on the new album it’s a really good song I know that so yeah there we go look as I’m live right now all it is Patrick just donated $10 he also bought my daughter slime thanks for the support man you have not because you ask not that’s that that’s universal that’s the law that’s for all of you guys if there’s something you want ask God in your prayer closet also ask the people around you that’s the one thing when it we get weird when it comes to money man people get weird when it comes to money there’s people who hate the fact I’m gonna tell you this straight up mentioned it but there’s people who hate the fact that I get to do this for a living like they’re jealous man they get mad that I get to wake up and do this for a living because other people are paying me to do this like other people it’s it’s a it’s a lot of people giving a little and it it enables me to do this they get mad I will never understand that I will never understand that bitterness you know I’m saying that hater got hater you a hater man let’s face it if that’s you man you a hater I got people who listen to this only I got people who listen to this only to try to find stuff on me to blog about to gossip about look I’m over your opinions of me cuz I’m over my opinions of me I hope like my life is not my own this has come through prayer and fasting man like this is this is what I’m supposed to be doing and my question is what are you supposed to be doing if you are hater any of you who is who who are getting mad at the success of another person this is applicable to the Joel Osteen stuff you don’t have to like them but why you mad cuz this person is successful I mean I’ve told this story before and this it gets into some weird schizophrenic stuff ain’t gonna lie like a buddy of mine he was a buddy I haven’t talked to him in a long time but anyway he had a thing at some local churches that put him out or something and he used to go to a church and all this all of a sudden there was a big revival that came to mobile so Mobile is known as the bay of the Holy Spirit there was a revival years ago that broke out here and then there was another revival as a recent a really big one people from all over the world came here to experience revival these pastors you know rented out at the Civic Center and people came from all over the world and my friends pastor who he despised his wife come down with some kind of condition and I think she has something something up with with her legs or whatever man she couldn’t really walk she goes up for prayer and gets healed and this isn’t live streaming on t on TV it was on God TV and it was on the computer Facebook YouTube was streaming on all that stuff like it was a big deal my friend seen it happened live this do got mad and punched his computer screen and broke it he got mad that these people he didn’t like got healed who were going through some stuff and their faith made them well punched this computer screen and broke his computer because somebody else got healed that’s insanity man you know that’s crazy that’s insane for people anybody getting mad for somebody else succeeding in life and and whether I don’t care what where you are with that whether you are with whether you believe in me or not and I mean obviously there are more that are for me than are against me that’s a blessing but I’ll tell you this like my heart is like this is for you to whatever you’re supposed to be doing it would be different if we kept it to ourselves all I’m doing and I say this over and over all I’m doing on here it’s letting you guys know what works for me this is working this didn’t work look I did witchcraft summon demons tried to talk to demons tried to cut myself to make pacts with devils look don’t do it don’t do it don’t do that it’s not working but yet I’ll show you what is working having faith in Christ faith in a higher power thinking about those things that are good speaking blessings and not Karstens connected with people who get connected with people that believe in you go into meditation find out what you’re supposed to be doing connect with your Creator look this is what we’re doing and all of the guests play a similar role in that of you walking in your high calling you doing what you were put here to do and I understand I understand where it comes from I’ve sensed it before it’s people who are upset because they’re not walking in they’re calling they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing what they were put here to do that’s all it’s all part of it so with that being said man I just encourage you guys you know what like if you if you’re not if you’re just being a spectator you’re doing it wrong I’ll say that I’ll be mad too I’d be mad too I would be mad too but if you’re not you got to be make you got to be taking strides man if you’re just a spectator if you’re just listening to past time look this ain’t the podcast for you there’s a sports channel you know what I’m saying there’s stuff that’s talking about other other interesting topics there’s more alien shows out there for you but I really believe that this is to put you on your life’s purpose and you define your life’s path and let you know how to obtain it in all these spiritual encounters it’s all part of it every single one of them it’s all part of finding your calling walking in your life path we’ve had people on here that their UFO guys a lot of people find contention with the UFO shows I do but that’s their life path there’s something to learn man consistency being persistent and showing up these laws of universal that’s within the Bible your Bible or lack of there’s so many universal truths and laws that show you that God is not a respecter of persons and God is not a man that he should lie these scriptures are evident man this is truth if you stand for the truth the Lord shall fight for thee I believe I believe this stuff and my life is a manifestation of it and if you believe it or something similar not to believe a word for word and quote scriptures you don’t have to do that you just get the principles man you get the principles in you run with them and you do it and you’re consistent and you show up and you show up even when they say go home you say no I’m showing up and they said when they say give up show up even when you got a another idea don’t be jumping around like from one thing to the next to the next to the next to the next I’m telling you I talk about it all the time creative people are doing that you got so many awesome ideas it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to pursue them all you got to find out what you want your game plan execute do it show up tell people prophesy speak life all that good stuff and I’m telling you God will bless it man God will bless it as you bless others and you’re trying to use your giftings and your abilities and your talents to help others God will use his giftings talents and abilities to help you I believe it with all of my heart man thank you guys for supporting my work and what I do on this podcast and my music it means the world to me literally I couldn’t do it without you guys Thank You Patrick for your your donation man it means a lot I’m gonna run through some of these comments right quick to see what we got I hear you’re Christie I see Lee Kelly he’s got going off about Flat Earth we haven’t even mentioned anything about Flat Earth on this episode but he wants to make it known that uh he believes in Flat Earth and that’s why I don’t go down that path okay I’m cut because you guys come in here and do this type of stuff like I don’t like that that’s insane that’s like that’s crazy anyway nf says uh en AF ain’t if he says yo my brother put me on your music recently and I gotta say thank you for your content hey thank you for supporting thank you for checking it out if your bless you touch you man share share it with somebody you know I’m saying tell somebody else about it we can have the best music in the world but if nobody hears it and it just sits on the Shelf or this little small corner YouTube channel you know I’m saying nobody here so there’s only so many hours in the day and so I need you guys help to promote and all that good stuff too we’re family man thank you guys backslash true seeker there you can support my work you can donate as well whatever you want to do and we’re doing this together if anybody needs me you can go to my website truce to get calm I did put a that’s a contact button that will actually message me directly I don’t usually have long debates where people don’t do messenger but you can contact me there and let me know what’s up so with that I must say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys for those of you who are watching today see here’s here’s the thing I’m talking about I I want to speak on it but I don’t because when this pike here comes podcast comes out it’s gonna be old news oh we got to get this down I’m gonna get it down that’s this is my goal for those of you watching today today is what we’re doing a c e5 event this is when we’re gonna go out stargazing tonight we’re going to meditate now because it’s the new moon but now a lot of people they’re forecast is calling for rain I think mine is as well even if we don’t get to stargaze tonight we will we still meet for meditation I’m gonna go live and at least lead for a meditation tonight and maybe take some questions and stuff like that but I’ll maybe do some prayers and stuff offer up some prayers and stuff so that that’s gonna we’re still gonna make something out of it no matter what happens um and if if we have to we would just we will just reschedule to the next new moon or the next night it doesn’t have to be the new moon new moon is a great time but you know these couple days that we have it’s you know the moon’s gonna be barely visible so it’ll let you see more stars Lee Kelly says will you do a show on it curious I did a show on it I did a show with on flat earth we’re talking about it it being flat earth I did a show with um Santos Bonacci which I think you know I think when it comes to flatter that he he’s got to be one of the experts so I had him on the show he’s a good friend I don’t and and I and I give reason why I don’t really you know do a lot of flatter stuff on that podcast but if you go listen it’s got a lot of views man this I know it’s a big big subject a lot of people are into it I know it would get a lot of views and things like that but um I don’t really I don’t really dive into that too deep and I talked about it on that episode but yeah we did we did a Flat Earth episode if you want to go check that out with Santos Bonacci um I will say this though I will say that a friend of mine cuz I haven’t researched it a bunch but I had a friend of mine come by here yesterday and he Ryan Rose shout out to Ryan he was talking about how they’re part of the the flatter stuff there’s this theory that that earth is his water I know you said there is no space I’ve seen your comment but he did he said that space is water the outer space is water and that’s when you when you look at the stars they look like they’re flickering or pulsing and if they’re really lights out there then that’s why they look like they’re pulsing because space is water and then he talks about like if you look at lights in the water like if you look at a light in a swimming pool at the bottom it looks like it’s pulsing and it’s looks very similar that’s a theory I may look to explore because I’m definitely into the space stuff in a stargazing and it would be really cool and I will say as above so below man I definitely know as above so below the beings the beings that are in the ocean the weird creatures that it that we there’s creatures I know we’ve yet to see you know notice there’s you know reports of craft down there in the ocean and then in the center of the earth and in those deep crevices and things and caves and stuff as above so below we look down into the water you know it it’s like we’re in like this in-between as we look up it’s like we’re looking into the water as well there’s all types of beings out there in outer space and other forms that we would call them angels but they take different forms and they look different I’ve had of seeing a bunch of them to stargazing and through meditation and things like I definitely believe in that so that is something that I will take you up on especially if you have somebody who can uh who can bring that to the table would be great it wouldn’t have to necessarily be a flat earth show but we can do something about space being water so if you have anybody you’d like to send my way go ahead and do that so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys I will be back on tonight and let me know – I’m gonna um you know I’m thinking about doing some more episodes or not even episodes I’m thinking about just going live a lot more on YouTube to just cover cover different different topics like I get a lot of questions I try to UM formulate them here on the podcast but if you guys want to like do more Q&A stuff or whatever the case is wanted me to go in on a subject matter I’m thinking about doing some more life stuff so I can do that so let me know if you guys would like to see that happen and it’d be fun so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom again after the fourth time love you guys bye [Music] [Music] that’s it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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