Near-Death Experience | The Man Who Died To Live | Robert Kopecky

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Robert Kopecky shares the story of his near-death experience and how he found life after death. Robert story is compelling and that he not only lived through a near-death experience but has actually had 3 near-death encounters. Near-death experiences or NDEs happen when a person is pronounced clinically dead. The majority of near death experiencers come back with a revelation of what life is really about. Many of them speak about undergoing a Life review usually administered by Angelic beings or Jesus probably depending on one’s belief system. Do majority of experiencers say that they come back with a mission to teach people how to live in the now moment and focus on what really matters. Many shamanic journeys and psychedelic experiences take people to a very similar place and those people talk about the ego death. During these trips people encounter deceased loved ones who guide them on the journey from this plane of existence and to the next Realm. After this encounter many people have that same revelation and feel like they have been given a second chance some would say they’ve even been Reborn. What Robert Kopecky and many other experiences bring to the table is that the lessons they have learned they make readily available for the masses. We can learn from people who have had these encounters so that we do not have to have a near-death experience to learn the lessons but simply apply the precepts learned within the astral realms. Another topic discussed within this podcast interview is synchronicities. Many people who experience synchronicities feel like they are guided by the Angelic realms, the Holy Spirit or God Himself. With spiritual practice, prayer and supplication usually comes a heightened sense through spirituality where we are able to follow our life’s path by intention and following the signs of synchronicity.



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