Neil Gaur joins TruthSeekah on this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast as they discuss whether or not Christianity was influenced by Hinduism at all. When deep-rooted beliefs get challenged it can become very intense for the person that holds the belief in question. I not only believe that it is a good thing to have our beliefs challenged but it is very healthy. One cannot deny the similarities found within the Christian tradition and other religions such as Hinduism Zoroastrianism and many others. What you do with those similarities and how you process them determines whether or not you have healthy reasoning faculties within you mind.

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Neil Gaur is the Founder of Portal to Ascension… a conscious event production company created in 2008 that hosts a wide range of presenters on a variety of topics such as the origins of humanity, the existence of Extraterrestrial life, exposing hidden truths and exploring the nature of reality. He travels the world facilitating gatherings and filming documentaries that are intended to empower the individual to reclaim their sovereignty and awaken to their full potential. Neil also operates an online platform that creates and facilitates about 110 conferences and workshops a year. At this point Portal to Ascension has worked with over 1500 researchers, spiritualists, scientists, consciousness explorers and more. Neil is a philosopher, historian, researcher and spoken word artist. He presents his research on the ancient wisdom and future science of sound, vibration & frequency; as well as in depth explorations into ancient civilizations, archaeological discoveries, space anomalies, shedding light on hidden esoteric wisdom and exploring ways in which we can create unity and peace on Earth.