Christianity And Egyptian Religions Are Compatible! Now What? – Nelson Castille

Join us on a profound journey as we delve into the intriguing intersections between Christianity and ancient Egyptian Mysteries. In this thought-provoking episode, we engage in a respectful and insightful conversation that challenges the boundaries of traditional beliefs. We explore the fascinating question of whether Christianity has drawn from ancient Egyptian or Far Eastern traditions and the implications this holds for modern practitioners. Through personal stories of spiritual exploration and a “restart” in understanding, we shed light on the quest for originality in faith and the universal themes that connect different spiritual paths. This episode is not about challenging beliefs but rather understanding and finding common ground in our spiritual journeys. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that encourages introspection, respects diverse perspectives, and celebrates the rich tapestry of spiritual understanding.

Is Jesus or Christianity compatible with the ancient Egyptian mysteries? Was Christianity copied from Egypt or other far east traditions? If it was, what does that mean for many practicing Christians today? Are we living a lie? Let me ask you a question before we dive into this rich episode. – What is original? – Think about it. – What do you see around you that didn’t come from somewhere else? Another culture, another mind, another people, another time even. If you found out that Christianity has more in common with the Egyptian religion or the Hindu tradition for that matter. What do you do? How does it make you feel? Well, you’re about to hear some of those similarities and not like you’ve heard them before. This episode was by far not an attack. But a conversation. A conversation between two believers in Christ and the ancient path who have made a shift. A shift to put their pride and prejudices aside, not to study others peoples beliefs as to disprove them, no. But to see what makes us all the same. And the truth is, its far more than what we disagree on or believe differently for that matter. Buckle up. This episode was a journey. You gonna be challenged, your going to be stretched, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone, but if you tarry, if you stay to the end, I guarantee you this one thing… you’re going to be blessed.

Nelson Castille is a Son, Mystic, & Educator. He is the founder of Cave of Mystery which is a ministry dedicated to maturing in Sonship, exploring the realms of the spirit, and knowing God face to face. Cave of Mystery is an educational platform for us to collectively grow in greater consciousness as we fully become who/what God called us to be. Nelson is a person of many spiritual encounters and has been regularly having divine encounters since 2017.

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