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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Gary Wayne about Genesis 6, The Fallen Angels and Demons of the Bible. When it comes to understanding fallen angels Gary Wayne has done exhaustive research and ties it all back into the Bible.The Bible talks about the fallen angels looking upon the daughters of men and deciding to make wives of them. Hence the Nephilim, which are the Giants of Old, the men of renown. The Nephilim are the offspring between the daughters of men and the fallen angels. Genesis 6 goes into much detail about what happened between the mixing of the angelic and human seed. The Book of Enoch also acts as a companion guide to this story and explains the detail about how angels and demons operate in the lives of men and women on earth. Once the children of the fallen angels and women (Nephilim) died their spirits could not return to their heavenly habitation but were forced to make their abode in the aether in between heaven and Earth. This is also where we get evil and tormenting spirits from because they wonder to and fro seeking rest and finding none. The only please that these disembodied spirits receive is when they have a human host. A willing vessel that they can influence to do their bidding even if in subtle ways. The Book of Enoch tells us that they are able to feel again when they have a host. They are also able to taste meats and wines and have the pleasure of causing their human much strife in their life.
The new testament also goes into much detail about these demonic and unclean spirits. About 90% of Jesus’s ministry was dealing with the foul entities and leading people back to a state of true freedom and influenced by the fallen spirits. In the book of Matthew Jesus also lets us know what happens to the spirits once they leave a persons aura and lets us know how to stay free from future oppressions.

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The Genesis 6 Conspiracy:

The Nephilim | Fallen Angels and Demons of the Bible | Gary Wayne

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind

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topics I’ve been studying for years now and I think it’s finally time I’ve done a show on it and this I haven’t done a show that’s archived anyway in a very long time about Genesis 6:2 fallen angels demons and these type of things and this is something that we like to cover on the show so trust me guys buckle your seatbelts it’s going to be a good show trust me before we go any further I gotta say a huge thank you to all the patrons everybody who’s supporting over at backslash true seeker if you would like to sign up and support the show financially what we’re doing anywhere from a dollar month five dollars ten dollars whatever you can do would be amazing so I just got to say a huge thank you to everybody who’s supporting over there you guys are awesome helping me do this month to month as you know the show is free to consume but it’s not free to produce and you guys are helping me do that you also get rewards if you sign up you get unreleased music unreleased episodes that we’ve done and a bunch of cool stuff got a bunch of new music where we talk about in the music everything that we discuss on the show where it’s about spirituality fallen angels demons all of that stuff is incorporated within the music so head on over there check it out see everything we got backslash true sigue and gonna welcome to the family just an OB whoo signed up this month thank you so much and a great friend of mine Stacy Digby who sent over a donation as well thank you guys so much for the support it means a lot to me and my family thank you from the bottom of my heart without further ado we’re gonna bring on our guests like I said somebody who is studied in all things and conspiracy in the Bible and tying these things together some of these obscure topics that are just mentioned once or twice in the New Testament and we read past stuff without having the reference of the knowledge to kind of tie scriptures back and say oh that’s what they’re talking about so tonight’s guest Gary Wayne I’m excited to have him on the show and it’s cool that like a lot of topics that we discuss I won’t go into it on the show unless I have somebody who I consider being an expert in the field so man thank you so much for coming on here hanging out with me for a little bit welcome to the show well thank you for inviting me and extremely happy to be here with you tonight and very much looking forward to the conversation and I think what we’re going to talk about is going to raise a lot of curiosity with the audience and we’re prepared to talk about it in detail Genesis 6 we can we can start there but I will I want to skip it really quick and go just talk about Enoch for a minute because we can’t really talk about Genesis 6 without talking about the Book of Enoch one thing that I will say that it’s definitely a resurgence of that book and now it’s starting to be accepted in many churches and church circles and and and and those realms now where it was really taboo even 10 years ago 10-15 years ago it was taboo to bring up that book now pastors are preaching out of it and they’re referencing back scriptures and stuff talk a little bit about the Book of Enoch coming back into light well it is extremely popular because it provides a lot of detail in terms of prehistory in quantity and volume and in detail that is unprecedented in really any other book on pre three about the Giants and so it runs fairly consistent with biblical scripture not 100% scripture it is apocryphal it probably doesn’t come from one writer it may or may not be the original book of Enoch we’re not convinced of that or not sure of that and it does have some corruptions in there because it was you know found and translated by the Gnostics so there’s basically two different translations that are coming down one is the Ethiopian one and one is the Aramaic one and they’re fairly similar but traditionally there’s just a few differences between it in a few verses missing here or there but there are some corruptions in there and there are some markers in there because Alexander Bruce who is the one who founded found and translated the first book of Enoch he was a gnostic and a freemason so you know there’s going to be some corruptions in there so there’s some small things in there like angels going to know what to warn them of the flood which and building the ark for Noah that doesn’t happen in the biblical account that’s that’s a gnostic overlay as an example and it will also put the age of enoch in there at between 500 and 550 depending on which verse that you’re reading in the Book of Enoch and we know that that’s not accurate that that is that Enoch son of Seth as opposed the Enoch son of Cain and people need to understand there’s two Enochs and just as there’s two lamb X and the names are so very similar in the two genealogies that that would be what I would call a Masonic and a Gnostic marker but they’ve corrupted it because they follow the ways of Enoch son of Cain and is one of their greatest patriarchs yeah just as to volcanoes as nom as as you Galen jebal is and all the way through and Lamech of course of the of the South line so they just I think what they’ve done with that book is they’ve corrupted it but it is apocryphal but if you want to have an eye-opening read and have something that runs very very close to Scripture it will provide details of Genesis we’ll just sort of blow your mind to places we could go from there that I would love to interject first of all do you think that Jesus had knowledge of the info that’s in this book not just Jesus but the prophets and apostles had had some of the knowledge of these books and they had it they were passed around and read as well yeah there was obviously there’s a reference particularly in Jude where it references the Book of Enoch and so we know there was legitimately an uncorrupted book and is this the one we don’t were not sure but what we do know what I do know is is that certainly Jesus as being the Word of God and being the Alpha Omega and the first creation of God he would be very well aware of all of this information that would be in the Book of Enoch and whatever else may not be in there or whatever may be not quite right so certainly he would I think many of the prophets would have had access to the Book of Enoch as well whether or not it was part of the you know the the hagiography that was part of the ancient scrolls in Jerusalem or even before that we’re not sure and there’s so many books that were lost the Old Testament was sort of built upon so I think at some point in time they had it we don’t know exactly when they lost it but I’m pretty sure that most of the prophets would be aware of it based on the history of they’ll sort of the ancient ecology of how far the prophets go back and great so I would think they were aware but it definitely gives you a look into the spirit realm and the weird thing is a lot of those books that were taken out or apocryphal books they deal with the spirit world and and how they operate and how they affect mankind and humanity and things like that that’s very interesting that that’s something that most of these books had in common I have a friend of mine who’s a scholar in the in the area as well he made this statement it’s kind of a bold statement but I tend to believe it he says that you can’t fully understand the Bible without the Book of Enoch would you agree with that no I would disagree with that I think it’s it’s a good companion book but I think there’s so much that’s in the Bible that people overlook and it’s not their it but I think after you read Enoch if you will host it fills in the holes and it will help you flag verses and passages and it’ll just all of a sudden pop out to you so certainly you know not so sure I would go quite that far but it will really help you understand you know the so you think you think that there’s a lot in Genesis 6 that would kind of fill in those gaps to write oh absolutely I mean when it comes to the Giants I mean we get very stingy details before the flood we get more details of them after the flood at least the more tribes and how they affected the early post diluvian epoch to a certain degree but Enoch I mean it is I mean it’s just it’s a large book that is basically devoted to the antediluvian age there’s so many this is just so many places we can go with this and I want to go with you but probably just started let’s start from the beginning let’s go let’s set the framework for somebody who has no idea what the Genesis 6 conspiracy is you wrote a book by that title Genesis 6 is a key chapter when we’re understanding the Giants that Nephilim the fallen angels and that so let’s go to the beginning where you would lay the framework for what that is yeah so let me just lay a quick sort of summary of what the book is all about so that people understand what we’re talking about here so the book begins in in Genesis 6 and then it’ll work its way back but it’s about how the sons of God go to the human females the sons of the daughters of men and copulate with them marry them have introduced giants which are if you look in the King James Bible it’ll say Giants but to take that back to Hebrew it’ll say Nephilim unless we’re nepheline will come from so it’s it’s about how that takes place but it’s also about how these giants will partner with the descendants of Cain and with fallen angels and how they will conspire to develop the knowledge and the mystical religions and create secret societies to usurp the antediluvian world and rebel against God which brings on the flood and how these groups and organizations cross the flood how they affected their early post diluvian epoch how they affected our history what they’re doing today and how they bring plan to bring about the end time and Antichrist so it’s literally a 6,000 year investigation into what I call the house of Dragon and connecting the dots and all the different organizations and and religious groups from around the world how they’re working together to bring this about so that we kind of tie in to the 13 bloodlines and things like that yes but maybe not quite as people may understand the 13 bloodlines there I mean it’s quite famous the 13 bloodlines and whether or not it’s a European 13 bloodline there’s also a meet those of the 13 American bloodlines I look at it as those are part but it’s about the worldwide bloodlines because the bloodlines of these giants go to all parts of the world and when I talked about in in sort of the preface what the book is about that they use serve the kingship so usurp the king ships after the flood again and they create all of the dynasties that will go down throughout the ages whether or not it is in China with the Lee dynasty or with with the Yamamoto dynasty or the dynasties and in Central America or the European dynasties or the Middle East dynasties they all have this route with the Nephilim usurping kingships very close after the you know after the flood is over would you tie these in and I don’t know how studied you are on this topic but I’m sure you are would you tie the Fallen Angels in with the gods of the Old Testament the ones pretty much the the divine council who were ruling over different regions and parts of the earth or would there be a distinction between those gods and the Fallen Angels as some some deities who are being worshipped and actually have a physical manifestation on the earth yes so in the antediluvian epoch you’ve got a minimum of seven major Watchers as what they’re called in Enoch or the grigory or Seraphim angels as we we’ll know them in the Bible and under them they’ve got many other angels and you know you have a consensus that there was maybe 70 different cult centers overseen by various fallen angels and a lot of people use that by the number of languages you know people’s that are after the flood with Babylon but you certainly do know that there’s a Council of gods that’s spoken of in Psalms 82 and you also know and Deuteronomy that before Israel and and if you look at other translations spending which when you’re looking at it’ll say sons of God that the world was split by God up into certain aspects or regions or realms in the earth so I think that those these were the the governors of of the antediluvian epoch and again whether or not there was replacement once after the flood because a lot of these compassion to angels at least all the impassioned angels would have been imprisoned into the abyss for the for creating Nephilim in the first place and so there may have been some replacements after the flood but certainly there is no doubt that these were what I would call the celestial mafia and they were setting up rebellious cult centers that were all polytheists and were inciting humans to rebel against which is one of the key causes of the flood and of course they were over seen by the Nephilim as their representatives on earth and as demigods or kings of the had to do in the world and then again in the post eluvian were talking about those gods those angels that ruled over certain regions and parts of the earth do you think that those principalities as we’re told in the scriptures and powers and rulers of the air do they still hold authority or rulership over the certain regions on the earth now and I know that it’s weird because a lot of times what we just seen I’m just practical experience driving from state to state and crossing a state line and feeling like a change and you’re what you’re sensing when you cross the state line definitely down here in the South even as a kid without knowing any of the stuff crossing from Alabama Mississippi into Louisiana and that’s where I’m from but I would notice a change and then getting to Florida and then getting back to Louisiana and a weird heaviness and and things even now what do you think that that still exists these principalities over the different regions yeah I think so and I think we look to some new testament brest references and you’re you you bait some with the principalities and there’s a few other ones but the big finger to remember from my perspective is that Satan is still the Prince of this world he’s still a prince in the power of this world because it hasn’t been resolved yet this whole issue that’s what we’re going to go through at the end time and so not all of the angels were impassioned so they didn’t all have sex and was only the impassioned ones and the worst the demons uh my understanding is that were sentenced to the abyss for those for those crimes of the violation against the laws of creation so that means there’s many other unimpassioned angels that are still out there and you still have the dividing up of the earth that we have no scripture to say that it was read avoided or canceled or anything like that so one presumes and that either those were consolidated and into smaller ones that weren’t sentence to the abyss or they’re just replaced with other angels and we know there’s a lot of angels that were actually rebelled because in Revelations where we’re told that there’s ten thousand times ten thousand that’s 100 million right and in Revelation 12 either a third rebelled all at once or by the time at the end time a third will repel so there’s like thirty three million not just the two hundred that Enoch talks about going to Mount Hermon so and there’s a hierarchy to these angels as well so yeah I think there’s still there governing the various regions and will do so until the end time and I think that’s part of what helps bring the end time on what’s the restrainer is removed I think I think it’s cool too because it kind of gives some credence to this where believers Jesus says they that uh says do you not know that you shall judge the Angels yes which angels is he talking about the angels that sinned and left their first estate and came down and and uh you know did what they did with mankind and that’s what Jesus is talking about you got a little info on that yeah and I actually will cover that off in a specific chapter in the book and I call it Satan’s revenge and so my take on on this whole thing is is that there is a rebellion before the creation of humankind and there’s many theories as to when that would take place but I place that certainly before the creation of humankind and Adam is created – in the future time to have him in his descendants raised above angels right because angels rebelled they had no free choice in terms of being created immortal but they did obviously have a free choice to follow God or not because many of them chose not to but with the creation of humankind and Adam in particular with his Great Commission is that the the Fallen Angels were jealous of this they were wanting to make sure that this was not going to happen so they were going to try and bring down Adam and humankind to prevent them from being raised higher than angels in the future time and that’s being able to judge these angels and the rebellion so we’re intricately and intimately connected to what happened in prehistory with the rebellion and so what is playing out is the resolution to that and because we have free choice before immortality that’s going to have a higher sort of presence given to it in in the future time and so in Eden you have Satan taking possession or avatar aang or coaching the serpent to bring Adam and Eve down for his first revenge Genesis six would be the second revenge and all throughout history he’s trying to prevent humankind from achieving their destiny and from Israel being created and enabling Israel to bring about the Messiah and that the Messiah will bring about the redemption of humankind and I think where they what they’re angels miscalculated was as they did not anticipate the resurrection so when we hear about Jesus in first Peter going into the grave at the time of the resurrection or a time of the crucifixion I’m sorry before the resurrection just before he’s talking to these rebellious angels and saying it’s over your rebellion has officially failed and when I rise on Sunday morning means humankind will be raised in the future time and they will judge you for the crimes that you’ve done against them that’s a very powerful book when it when it comes to talking about Enoch and talking in it kind of it kind of brings me to another scripture but I want to go back and just ask you about it because what is the deal with the hair okay because it talks about in Enoch that they’re looking down at these women who don’t have their heads covered in their hair is what attracts them like the beauty of their hair and then we see on into the new test it says you know to cover your heads women to cover your heads because of the Angels it just throws that in there and we we have to give a reference yes first print first Corinthians 11 yeah and then it didn’t says men not – it says that women are to pray and make that connection with their head covered and men with their heads uncovered what what’s the deal with with the hair and the angels well it would seem that when the angels come into the physical world from the spiritual world and take on the form a body that they take on in the physical world that they seemingly are subject to physical rules and regulations or in this case temptations and so I think they find that the women are beautiful and just as a human male would find women beautiful and I think it’s the same sort of things that are going on and you know they left there as Jude 1:6 as they left their habitat and habitat goes back to the word like a carrion in Greek and that is defined as a dwelling place for the spirit so I think they put on the clothes of the physical world to have a dwelling place for their spirit here and then that becomes affected by of the physical world very very controversial point here I want to I want to ask you talking about dinosaurs so when we read Enoch he talks about the angels mixing DNA and and mixing with the animals and things like that and some people think that’s where we get the movie the island of dr. Moreau mixing that the genetics they’re dinosaurs some people believe that the dinosaurs are the offspring of the fallen angels mixing with animals or some kind of monsters because it talks about the Titans you know these big beasts that were formed out of the child and they’re fighting each other they’re at war or the you do you tie the dinosaurs into that at all yeah let me see whether I can explain this in a fairly quick way that people can follow and understand in and also keep it biblically based so in in Isaiah mentioned it earlier it’s serif M or serif I am stands for one so it’s fiery serpent ones is how serif is defined and so these are the angels that are walking amongst the the throne of God in the fiery stones and so they’re a very high level of angel and part of the watcher group that we’re governing the antediluvian epochs so you have this this reptilian snake-like being and this being has a face of a snake face of a Viper and when it has its wings out now you have a dragon dragon and serpent are the same sort of understanding in in antiquity after or before Eden after Eden we we look at the serpent as a slimy thing that crawls on the ground but it had its limbs taken off and it had its voice taken away it had telogen taken away and so we have to understand that these were angels that look like reptilians just as they’re depicted as in God’s around the world so whether when you hear about what’s equate allure any of the Central American feathered serpents this is what they’re describing or when you see the the gods of Olympus or the gods of the Anunnaki described as serpents that’s why or the Nagas and in India it’s so it’s a worldwide commonality now also in the antediluvian age whether or not it’s before as in the gap theory that some people like to place the dinosaurs at ordering the you know the time before the flood you have the creation of the Nephilim who also are going to look like their parents right they’re going to have the snake-like look and that’s why the kings of prehistory are depicted as serpents and with elongated skulls and glowing eyes and high cheekbones and the extended chins so we have this sort of reptilian thing carrying on just as they eat the serpent in Eden is a snake so there’s a reptilian thing going on here now if you go back and understand that in the antediluvian age the seven sacred sciences and the mysticism being developed by Enoch and Enoch son of Cain’s descendants is going to be developed to a significant level up to the level of DNA manipulation and technology beyond what we have today because if you look at what Jesus says he says the days of Noah that his second coming or the end time will be like the days of Noah we’re not in the end time yeah we’re getting maybe close but we’re not there yet so then that means if it’s going to be like the days of Noah than that technology that they developed was even greater than what we have today so they could do DNA manipulation and also you have this understanding that the dinosaurs were like a giant creature so very similar to the understanding of enough limb being a giant creature and so is it DNA manipulation or is it appropriation with reptilian animals to create reptilian giants in the animal form could be either or we don’t know but what we do know is is before the name dinosaur was created a couple hundred years ago by the people in science of the Royal Society which is another rabbit hole to go down to but understand that that’s backed by polytheistic religion dinosaurs were known as dragons right and we also have description of Leviathan which is a serpent like dragon in the Bible as well that is certainly in in and around in the antediluvian epochs at some point in time so I think it’s probably both that was going on and it’s not just by the Fallen Angels but by these humans who are following these Watchers and developing their own technology so I think you’ve got several different groups messing with creation and although and violating the laws of creation to a level that we haven’t even reached yet and when it says the earth was corrupted it means the whole earth was corrupted and that includes the plants and all of the animals the genomes everything I think was being corrupted to be a different thing than what God had originally created and I think that’s part of what they were doing as part of their rebellion just to let everybody know the phone lines are open if you guys would like to call in and ask a question or add to the show you guys have the ability to do that the number is streaming across the top of the screen and it’s in the descriptions as well we got a couple callers here will get to your calls here shortly so if you guys want to call in and speak with Gary Wayne about the Genesis 6 conspiracy and any any questions that you have call in tonight this is the time to do it okay so I was just going to just add if I could is that corrupted goes back to the Hebrew word Shekhar that’s defined as you know to ruin to decay or to spoil so it’s not just that there was violence on the earth and it says the whole earth was corrupted the whole earth was spoiled and I think that’s what it’s referring to in a larger context than the standard Dogma so okay so with with the standard Dogma definitely we can approach that Z what is it 120 years is that the lifespan of man or in a hundred and twenty years is what you have until we destroy the earth what do you have on that when it comes to Enoch as well it kind of brings another perspective sure my understanding of that 120 years in Genesis 6 is that that’s to restrict the lifespan of humans and the Giants and God intercedes and you look where it’s positioned in the Genesis six account and it’s right in there with the creation of the Giants and that’s no coincidence it’s not 120 years to the flood which some people will say because the math doesn’t add up right it’s only a hundred hundred years or 98 years depending on how you want to calculate that so it’s not that but what happens when the Fallen Angels procreate with human females they are passing on what Enoch will call a counterfeit spirit so somehow their spirit is being passed on and they’re creating gods or demigods in the physical realm let’s say gods at this point they’re created immortal and God steps in and says no I’m not going to have a month immortal spirit in the physical body in the physical world and I’m going to move to stop that now that takes a few generations to take place what happens with these giants who have the immortal spirit is is that they’re spiritism is immortal but their body is not so at some point in time they’re going to die or their body is going to wear out but their spirit because it’s immortal is not permitted to go to sleep and it’s not permitted to go to heaven and it’s going to roam the earth these are the demons and this is why when we see Jesus dealing with Legion in the New Testament and they’re afraid that they’re going to send them to either to judgment for before their time or to the abyss with their you know the worst of their co-conspirators they’re still roaming the earth today as bodily spirits and this is where you get hero worship from in the ancient Greek tradition where the ruler would die the spirit would come back and the and haunt that village and the people would do rituals and sacrifices to appease this this horribly upset demon because it no longer has a body and the same thing in in Taoism they call them bag of awe and go spirits I was even just watching a documentary last night about free speech and a free and a free press and somebody’s name who came up Peter Thiel I believe it is and he’s a tech billionaire and he’s even talking about researching in and a lot of people are now but he’s one of the billionaire’s behind it about shooting up or putting into themselves the blood of younger people or children to stay alive and be and be more healthy and almost feel at youth and stuff and people are are swearing or swearing by this I know Joe Rogan even talks about it a little bit some of these millionaires who were like trying to have this longevity and it’s having to deal with weird blood rituals you know well blood and blood rituals are all part of the religion that grew up around the giants and the Nephilim and after they lost their immortality and God stepped in they start to actually drink blood it was a common violation for the Nephilim and it’s re researches after the flood with Nimrod according to Freemasonry legends and again they’re taught they’re trying to do is with with drinking of the blood is extend their life because they believe the life is in the blood and then we extend it and also to give them better cognitive abilities they believe it does both and these blood rituals and blood drinking rituals didn’t die out in the ancient past they’re still part of what they do at the adept level in the secret societies and the high level of depths of the polytheist religions today what about stem cells where does that play into that is that kind of crossing the line a little bit too when it when it comes into this stuff yeah because the stem cells allows you to more easily manipulate DNA and genomes and things like that right so this is this is crossing over the threshold with what they’re doing with it into violating the laws of creation which is what essentially brought on the first apocalypse and so we’re starting to repeat what was going on in the end time and it’s all about how do we create immortality in this world yeah right not about because this is the bottom or this is there anymore exactly not about immortality in heaven but in the physical realm right and so whether or not it’s it’s being able to do it through transhumanism or Bionic parts or clones or cloning body parts to replace ai ai it’s all about that creating that demigod in the physical realm that was was you know before the flood and some people actually think that they’re trying to actually create vessels ultimately for the demon spirits because they need a body they need a dwelling place for their spirit yeah some interesting stuff but then it goes back to it goes back to because we didn’t cover a lot of this but we talked about the children of the Fallen Angels when they came down then when they died those spirits are sent to roam the earth to and fro and not finding rest and they are tormenting men and women on the earth in using our bodies as vessel when we yield to temptation and lust and things like that the things that they were into and I think enoch talks about that there when they have a body when they have a host that they’re able to sense what it is to love of again again to you know to make love to commit murder to eat food and taste it when they have a host so is that there’s some info on that as well these these are disembodied spirits riding on the back or leeching off of your energy or something like that of men and women yeah I think that’s been their goal from day one since they’ve died is is how do we manipulate humankind in conjunction with the fallen angels but the demons are a big part of you know the gods of gods of polytheism was to go through history they seemed to be very much related or part of the celestial masters or the white Brotherhood or aliens or guardian spirits or whoever you they say they want to channel to because the knowledge is coming from them to continue to make the advancements and even more in the last hundred years I think more of this channeling is going on and getting this information because we’re seeing technology advanced so quickly it’s in their interest to pass on the knowledge that they had before the flood to humans to develop to hopefully in with their endgame – you don’t have a body – to once again live it and there’s so much stuff in Hollywood as far as like we’re talking about the occultism like the deep dark occultism about the stuff they’re they’re writing in the scripts of these movies they’re plagiarizing the Book of Enoch they’re plagiarizing some of these these stuff that I guess the majority of the lay people have no idea exists but when we watch for instance one one was the Transformers movie rise of the Fallen were these spirits from from outer space came and went to the depths of the earth of this earth into the bottom of the sea and went to these robots or the which were the Fallen Angels in Chains and they broke loose all out of the chains they came out of caves and out of crevasses and they came back to rule and reign and it’s called the rise of the fallen and it says I he put it out there blatantly but for me that’s like plagiarism from straight from the Book of Enoch well and whether or not it’s the Book of Enoch or other accounts of religions and mythologies around the world they tell that same type of story over and over and over and over and over for your audience understand that when they’re seeing all of these superhero movies today yeah this is a reflection of the nephilim of the ancient times and hero was understood differently in the ancient times and it is today it was understood as the offspring of gods and humans female to create a demigod heroes of renown heroes of renown absolutely or the mighty ones of old these were these are reflections of it and you can see it the best analogy I can give you for them doing this is is probably the most famous superhero which is Superman yeah right so he is obviously a super human being with super powers and he has this almost pyramid like sort of emblem that you have this s that looks like a snake on it and he comes from the house of L and L is a God and he is the son of L and he is basically you know a Nephilim in a cartoon sort of character J and all of those characters that are developed from the superheroes of the ancient epoch this is this is just going on continually in all kinds of entertainment that they continually tell us about their history their religion and their genealogies encoded into all of this entertainment the epic of gilgamesh was another big one that’s just telling the stories of possibly a fallen angel and an actual burial site where they they found recently the epic of gilgamesh is kind of along the same lines what they ask you to see if you’ve done any research on this but there’s a prophecy and I remember when we first heard about this I was blown away but there’s a prophecy in the Book of Enoch that says that two hundred generations after the flood are you familiar with that two hundred generations after the flood that these spirits would be loosed to judge mankind into to do torments on the earth and I know they did the breakdown on on the year that was 200 and I think they two hundred generations and I think it was eighty years around 80 years or so and it was right at 2012 are you familiar with that prophecy at all I’m familiar with that prophecy again I take anything that’s outside the Bible with a grain of salt and I measure everything against what the Bible says devoured water with a date hell in a day yeah yeah exactly so I think it all it does is sort of zeroes in to what I said earlier that you know we’re not in the end time yet but we’re certainly very close we may be sitting on the edge of it the way things are going but Joe the restrainer is removed it’s going to move you know at a very very sort of set pace I think so I you know so do I think there is it there is a set time I think there is a set time I just don’t know whether or not that is accurate in Enoch or not because all you have to do is be out 20 years and you’re going to be yeah in trouble right so even one year yeah that’d be later on you definitely can’t go with it with a date on that but it’s very very interesting very interesting and to see what’s going on on the earth earth now and and to see all of it coming out of Hollywood man it just blatantly putting stuff out there that would have never passed 30 years ago and stuff that’s passing and what’s going on in Hollywood itself man and there’s some really d’oeuvres in I know I said transformers but there’s tons of movies out there that are talking about these these spirits and these entities and having hosts and bodies and they just they’re just retelling those stories so do you think is this God is this just how it’s just playing out naturally like this is just these stories that are recycled or do the people in Hollywood know something that we don’t and they’re just little pieces through I think they are working in all aspects whether it’s education media entertainment whether or not it’s literature movies television they’re preparing us to X cept what they’re going to tell us and try and deceive us within a very short period of time so that they’ll go back and say hey we told you in advance like this should not be a surprise it all makes sense they’re they’re preparing us to accept the great delusion and I think it’s a brainwashing propaganda thing that is going on that will only intensify as we get closer to the end time yeah and it almost passes by I know a lot of people kind of run into this when they do their research and then they start seeing it in the movies and then they start talking about it and people are like oh you just got that from a movie you watch too many movies and they can kind of pinpoint the movies that go inside with your philosophy because it’s all out there you know so it’s almost a way of just watering it down like you said you know that you came up with are you read it in an ancient manuscript no you just seen it on television you know mm-hmm yeah so and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s in science fiction we get to religion we get the alien deception that’s going to be coming at us if it’s in fairy tales that’s preparation for the kids and it’s encoded with the allegories of the the matriarchal bloodline and the classifications of different fairies so it can be in other sort of genre like the vampires again the vampire whole thing is just another allegory talking about the genealogy and the imagery of the Nephilim and the genealogies coming down everything the drinking of blood to the Cobra fangs on a on a drunk on a person called Dracula which is son of a dragon in the imagery and they drink blood for immortality and cognitive abilities he’s based on Vlad the Impaler and Nephilim who had pale skin hazel eyes red hair as one of different colors I mean just sort of goes on and on and on if I want more of the whole audience but all of the allegories encoded into the dracula tales but understand you know it is that is the side that is against Christianity and that’s the ultimate thing that they’re telling you yeah that’s that’s um somebody said it recently in a couple people is talking about Hollywood and the the right lost in in in in there in that realm and so it’s like oh it’s mostly godless people there are people who are anti God or just pro-pro laughs and just everything it’s like super far left not just in in political views but the super leftist agenda and and we talk about the funding and when somebody comes out as a Christian in the media they’re heckled they’re made fun of they try to dig up dirt on them about their past or things that they’ve done wrong in the throat in their face and if you if you just say in in the time that we’re living in that you believe in Jesus you laugh that you know even in Hollywood and you lose roles all kinds of weird stuff goes on you know what we see happening but I want to go ahead and jump to the phone lines I got some more questions I want to ask you but we do have a caller here I’m gonna take this call here in South Alabama Corleone there who we speak away hey Derrick it’s Kenny hey man you are called in to a good show brother you got a question for Gary yeah well I got a few um actually I’m not surprised I’ve been doing a lot of research and the the same kind of thing and it’s led me in a lot of different directions I used to believe that the dinosaurs especially the flesh-eating ones were probably part of the Nephilim or whatever but I kind of went away from that now because I’ve also seen things like there’s a swamp in the Congo or along the Congo River that locals say that there is broader sources that live there they’re just not nearly as big as they were before the flood so I mean you know it’s little legends like that and then also pterodactyls have been sighted in this century on every continent just not very many of them anymore and they’re a lot smaller than they used to be so I I just I am may I I’ve come to the conclusion that mostly all the fossils that you find everything that was all pre-flood so like the world was different back then right so who’s to say especially with reptiles reptiles keep growing their whole life so what if those are thousand-year-old dinosaurs like you know because they were the first thing created and they just floods what killed them nothing else was a threat to him and you know that’s just part of God’s creation that’s gone extinct over the years and wonder what about that yeah it’s one of those things that I think when people start digging into this aspect of it you end up going back and forth on how does that sort of fit and there’s you know to me it’s it’s it could could be either/or I’m open I’m open to both and so when I look at you know what science is telling us eh I don’t trust science because I know you know that you know modern science was created by the Royal Society which was created by Freemasons and Rosicrucians and their whole ideology is is the same as it was in the antediluvian epochs it’s just to lead people away from God not give God credit for anything and to honor their own pantheon of gods so you can’t trust anything that they say and I’m not even sure there is one complete set of dinosaur at one complete skeleton of dinosaur in the whole world I think they’re taking pieces and they then they kind of ad-lib as to what they think they may look like so we don’t know for sure whether or not there were as big or as men as what they what they’re saying possible I leave myself open to that but when they they they live they it could have been you know just before the flutter could have been back into antiquity because again you can look at Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 and translate that out of Hebrew that the earth became void and that the earth was renewed just as Psalms 104 30 says when God sends the spirit earth is renewed so there’s a possibility that dinosaurs lived and and the rebellion is what caused the destruction of the world and then you have the renewal of the earth I think some people will call that the gap 3 I have a blow-by-blow on that if somebody wants it it’s not constitutive to my faith but I leave that open as a possibility and certainly the angelic rebellion for me fits a little bit better there but again it’s not constitutive and yet I also know that with everything that’s going on with science and how they’re trying to deceive us for their own agenda is it could just be just pre-flood panels and they may not be quite as big or quite as numerous as but people would lead us to believe are as old ok yeah they might not have had the same diet that we think they do none of us are deep so this is yeah right I’ve also seen where one guy compared a kangaroo skeleton to a t-rex skeleton and they are remarkably similar so we we might just not even know what they look like maybe I was just a tiny kangaroo and I can’t imagine what those chasing after me yeah and we’re just we’re just now having them come around the idea that you know some of these animals actually had feathers on them right they just weren’t totally sort of reptilians so yeah they really they’re guessing we don’t even know what again would look like after 4,000 years maybe they were mammals and it just looks like a reptile now is it so degraded yeah certainly possible there’s a weird there’s weird Frank French Christian groups out there that believe that the whole dinosaur thing is a hoax like that will never exist in there’s people who will like fight you on it they think it’s a hoax have you ran into any of those people about yeah I mean that’s that’s quite a common view that the but then certainly within the Christian a movement that I’m part of is is that it is a hoax I’m not I’m not quite there that it is but again I don’t I don’t consider that anything is out of the possibility when it talks about how they’re going just deceive us for the end time I mean we’re talking about the greatest deceptions ever so this could be part of it there’s yeah yeah just what you want to be is is is not too dogmatic and you want to be able to discern the information as you go through and again as long as it doesn’t you know upset what what the Bible says then I’m fine with it I’m not I mean so like in all my studying because I’ve studied like the secret societies and all that stuff and just blown away like oh my god do you know they they have this in order all man they’re passing this do you know so-and-so did that and finally got to a place is like okay that stuff doesn’t move me anymore there’s nothing you can tell me that’s gonna make me like oh really like anything you could tell I understand the spirit behind it and what what they’re doing they’re trying to live forever they’re like drinking blood and putting other people’s blood in their bodies not because like they need a infusion but they’re doing it to feel better and feel younger and maybe live forever just weird stuff that’s going on and it really does get weird when you start looking into the the transhumanism and everything that they’re doing with that so nothing blows my mind with that so if it came out to be a fact that hey the government admitted dinosaurs never existed it was a hoax that they did to push an agenda or somebody started it as a joke and they never stopped it I II wouldn’t blow my mind I wouldn’t you know just because everything that I’ve seen up to this point is there’s just so much state into what you’re talking about in Hollywood and the left and all of these agendas and that the whole desensitization that goes on through film and theater and stuff like that man is crazy so did you have another question for Gary brother yeah I was since we’re talking about the gene splicing or what they’re trying to do these days and trying to like you’re saying and humanize our DNA and mixing it with like Eagles so we have better site or you know with her whatever people mentioned that that might have been what they were doing before the flood anyway that caused the corruption of all flesh because all flesh would be you know all flesh so animals and mankind alike and maybe just like in the days of Noah so is it going to be in our days and I think we might be starting to see some that we thought about that yeah and there’s such a host of creatures that are in other religions and mythologies around the world that were somehow created whether or not it’s a sent our being which is you know half-human half-horse or it’s Pegasus it just Chamara and just on and on and on and on it of all of these different creatures something was going on there either you know sex was going on to create them or they were doing some you know gene manipulation to create this and again when we understand that all of the earth was corrupt then you understand that it had spread right throughout the whole animal kingdom and probably the plant kingdom and it also maybe perhaps gives more meaning to why God called the animals to the ark because he knew the ones that were still pure and weren’t corrupted yeah right and took you know and most people say well I don’t believe in New York because you couldn’t get all the different kinds of animals on the ark well they miss understand what what’s being said they’re kind in the bible is used in the application as in species so representative species two of each for unclean and seven of each for clean animals were taken so all the animals are taking just representative species to pre-populate afterwards and ones that weren’t corrupted with whatever was going on in the anthony levine epoch whether or not it was DNA manipulation or whatever yeah oh hey candy hey can you bro thanks for calling man I’m gonna put you on hold I’ll bring you back here on in a minute okay all right my brother it’s a good brother right there man I wanted to ask you to this is something I don’t know if you’ve seen this but um and I may lose a bunch of fans after I admit this but I will admit it because that’s who I am I’m a big fan of Benny Hinn I’m a big vent Vinny and fan and some people make fun of me and quote why why why but I’m a big fan of Benny Hinn especially his early work put it that way Benny Hinn knows some stuff I’ll say that he was on this is your day or whatever with what’s-his-name Paul Crouch before he passed and it was a late night show and I’m laying in bed and I’m just have it on I appreciate Benny Han and he starts talking about angels and demons and he’s answering some questions and stuff and he’s talking about some brochures that he’s put together and some teachings and stuff and he starts talking about these angels and he’s given them this extra knowledge about these angels and and in in the audience their eyes are wide open even Paul Crouch was like Benny I’ve never heard this I’ve I’ve been a Christian serving the Lord for seventy years I’ve never heard this information oh yes brother these angels they you know the Fallen Angels in the demon spirits and they get on you and it says that here and then he goes back and he starts quoting the Book of Enoch so he’s TVN dropping all of this wisdom from the Book of Enoch and everybody’s jaws are drop they’ve never heard it and they trust it if it comes from from somebody of that stature right they trust that if I come out and start talking about the book in me Enoch here maybe another scenario yeah but when he said it was like an authority figure and even seems to see Paul Crouch his face Benny Benny I’m just a loss of words you have to come back and he was just so blown away but I was in bed and I looked over at TV I was like okay okay Benny I feel you dropping some knowledge on the Book of Enoch on there and all the peoples it was just funny I see it coming out in the light you didn’t see that by any chance – no I did pretty pretty interesting but um I wanted to ask you just before we go here for a minute I want to give a shout out to Alonzo Pichardo he’s a friend of mine who sent me your work and he works with with Freeman Freeman TV he works with Freeman a lot so he sent me he definitely name-dropped you a bunch of times about having you one as a guest and for me to to look into your work so thank you Alonzo Pichardo for doing that and then oh there was a podcast and this was out of the blue so Alonzo mentions your name and then as a podcast that I listened to called the bad Christian podcast yeah I download an episode and you’re on as a guest and you know I kind of like those guys I don’t know how you got on there how if they reached out to you because I know some of them are into some conspiracies and things like that I don’t know how that happened but I was listening and I was kind of upset because I heard Matt Carter just trying to like they have you on as a guest and then they’re trying to like disprove everything you’re saying or doing the whole nah nah that’s not true now I don’t believe it as you’re sharing as a guest talk a little bit about your appearance on that show because I’m you know I’m I’m fans of those guys but it was just kind of awkward to hear that conversation kind of picked those little jabs and turns and stuff yeah it was rather interesting it would they had reached out to me to come on and what they wanted to do was have myself and somebody else that they would have their and the two of us would to be two of them about giants and as it turned out it was you know went against two but it was rather odd that we’re debating giants and they’re disputing what scripture says yeah I mean there and it was absolutely kind of bizarre so I mean all you can do is is just continue to say well that’s not what it says here’s what it says you know verbatim and you can choose to believe it or not but that’s what it says and so you know they and if you got into something in phases and they were talking about walk do you have any proof of any giant so you start talking about yeah then they then they shut you down because they know you’re armed with whether or not it’s recent or ancient and they don’t want to hear that either so I think I think what happened was is is they were surprised that I could argue or I could present the information against what they thought they were probably just shooting me down I suppose because it seemed like rather interesting sort of set up for the debate so kind of was really a debate it wasn’t supposed to be a debate when you went ando right he was just kind of to show you info well it was but it was to be but there were supposed to be two on each side oh really so they wanted to kind of have a back-and-forth about pros yeah okay so but what I wasn’t prepared for that they weren’t as familiar with the Bible as I would have thought so it’s hard to have that conversation with somebody arguing for the Christian who doesn’t know that things are in the Bible or what it says yeah so it’s so awesome but I was like you tell my Gary Wayne hey Gary Wayne’s on this episode I’m definitely gonna listen and I was is getting good then at the end it got kind of weird I was like oh why are they doing that it’s like I get a lot of guests on here I know and I don’t agree and with everything people say and I’ll let them speak on on the on the platform and stuff and and some people in the chatroom section over here they’re just like correct him correct him debate him I’m like I’m not asking the guests to come on here truck and debate them and prove him wrong and and get into like a shouting match which happens and contingent and get this shaking and all that kind of stuff I’m here because I’ve studied enough of what you bring to the table that there’s some things that we can build upon to share verses like you know what you believe this and I don’t think it’s right like it’s isn’t that weird to kind of go on a sowed of somebody show and do that as again you know yeah well I don’t mind having a discussion on different points of view because nobody is ever going to agree with anybody 100% of the time so the I think it’s fair ball and I think I should be able to come prepared to defend my perspectives on things that I do I’ll back it up script really all of the time I also use outside sources but I’ll measure everything in terms of what I wrote in my book against what it says in the Bible and I think it’s important that you come prepared to be able to discuss about these things that was a little more than I would have anticipated but what was really nice was is how many people who got a hold of me afterwards and said it was so refreshing to see somebody defend the Bible there you go there you go cuz they’re because they’re kind of all over the place on that show here here a little there little but at least they’re open about it though and they’re open about you know actually discussing that and that’s needed to that’s one of the shows doing so well it’s because they’re open about it about hey I have some questions about my own spirituality in my own faith and what the Bible means so they’re there they’re like really flourishing right now because they’re open so kudos to those guys too bad Christian podcast I wanted I wanted to ask you as well about some of the other books that are mentioned because they because they piqued my interest and I think and there’s a lot of them we can’t find but like you were saying the Old Testament is built upon a lot of other books and and they start quoting these other prophets so we never heard of in the Old Testament shamaya the prophet of you or you have you heard of that no I’m not familiar with Shivaya I know that’s the thing it’s like quote they quote it but I don’t think you can find it anywhere just like that knock as it is written in the Book of Enoch as it is written in the book of Jasher if you do it if you just do a word study on this like pull up the Strong’s Concordance with the East sword I’m I’ll show you familiar with that program and there’s a bunch like it but as it is written or in the book of and then there’s all these scriptures that come up there’s one called aam II do the profit have you heard of that nope this look of either the problem and in there and they’ll just be a quote and I hold on and like so mean the way mama an works and like hold on who is Shania the profit and where’s this book you know and just little stuff like that and there’s so many of them mentioned but there’s some of them that we can find or something close like the book of Jasher the book of giants the book of Jubilees Adam and Eve when it gets into some of the Gnostic stuff like that I don’t really vouch for it for much of that I just I don’t feel like it lines up I feel like it’s like put um I can feel when I read that that it was put here to throw people off like it’s something new they’re trying to word it to sound like Old English you know and things like that but um what are some of the other books that are mention of in the Bible or kind of go hand-in-hand a big one for me was to test them in a Solomon and I think that kind of fits in a lot when it’s talking about the demons and understanding the spirit realm and how it operates was there any more books that are mentioned of in the scriptures that that kind of kind of stuck out to you that there you go – well there’s a lot of them out there that rebel is they’re mostly Gnostic scriptures and Dead Sea Scrolls pictures and and their night neg come out either but they’re all Gnostic so and there’s certain aspects that is good for context and I’ve read most of those Gospels and some of it lines up really really nice but you know there’s the other 75% or 80% is is just all wrong yeah just to put it nicely so and I think if you’re going to read explore a lot of these different apocryphal books to put it in in the most youthful mystic Manor you better be very very centered in in Scripture yourself and in your faith because it can it could have a have a an effect that you weren’t expecting so yeah but I you know again all of those I haven’t really found anything other than the Book of Enoch that runs very very close to the Bible and it has some options as I say and as you say and I put out posts on the book of Jasher in the book of Jubilees and other ones and they’re just there their counter they are counter biblical there’s no doubt about it what about the testament of Solomon have you yeah I’m okay with that one but again I don’t I will I don’t generally quote it out of the testament of Solomon because I don’t know it’s it’s true source because you have to understand that that Solomon is a considered a Magi in secret society yeah he is one of their significant patriarchs some of those issues and black magicians so keys of Solomon definitely don’t don’t mix those books up guys we’re talking about the testament of Solomon there’s the testament of Solomon I think there’s the book of Solomon which is in which is in the Apocrypha and didn’t have the keys of Solomon the caves of Solomon’s totally in there like crazy crazy stuff so don’t mix yeah and in the the Apocrypha that was in the original King James and as part of the Catholic Bible and today I don’t have a problem with those scriptures yeah but there’s so many other ones out there and there’s more seemingly coming to the surface all at the time so yeah you see we’re like you’re saying be careful i beef be be definitely definitely be grounded in the word and in the scriptures that we do have the 66 before you kind of venture out definitely definitely do that you know we talked about these books we kind of we kind of weave them we quote them here and there but I’m definitely be grounded before you try to venture outside to something else to kind of have that foundation of what already exists in a can and for good reason and for good reason being I had I had some groups that I was studying under years ago and one of the brothers was into even just the Apocrypha and reading I think it was in the book of address and reading about how you were given so many days to travel once you die to heaven and we’re to help pray these people through and I think that’s a Catholic doctrine because the Catholic Bible still has those scriptures in and they still go by them and there’s some beautiful things in there but he went to it he got invited preach out a revival and he started teaching that at a revival and they actually ran him out he’s like yeah let’s go to book a second edgers and they’re like what second yes preaching about like somebody who passed away that we can pray and get him there and it’s just yeah you got to be careful definitely got to be careful and be well-seasoned didn’t that man second destra has some great prophecies in there too yeah but even so I don’t rely on it as much you know I will I will use it sort of as a backup yeah but not as a source yeah there’s some beautiful stuff in there man I’ve actually got a tattoo on my chest it’s a scripture from the book of Sirach and it says strive for the truth unto death and the Lord shall fight for thee that’s a that’s a beautiful truth and I think the scriptures back that up so I got that tattooed and it was funny I had a I had a Jehovah’s Witness come by the other day and and I didn’t know who it was and I went outside with my shirt off and he’s like looking at all my tattoos and stuff and he’s seen the one who talked to you about that one that book yeah I’m not sure I’m not gonna fight you about this book like he’s like that books not in the Bible for a reason he’s lecturing me on it I said it’s a beautiful book there’s some beautiful things in it I’m not gonna hold it over the canon those type of things you know but he just wouldn’t leave the he wouldn’t leave that alone hey it’s not about that book interesting you know yeah but it was in the Bible for over tell you about Jehovah and what you know and I was like okay hey we had a good conversation but I wasn’t looking to win him over and he was trying to win me so I got kind of awkward a little bit I think we have time for one more call absolutely I got this call we got a caller from South East Texas colleague on air who we speaking with oh hey what’s up Dee its Larson all right what’s going on man dude just just tune into your show man we’re mean any we’re really encouraged with how you stepped into the role that the yah but you after after moving you to the next step you know after your job amen thank you man I got chills you just confirming them and thank you so much I appreciate that for sure absolutely man well um love you Gary I’ve got your books in right Nick here next to me on my bedside table my dad got it for me for uh for my 30th birthday so love it love you one of the things said I am making aware to people is that is that we’re a lot closer to events transpiring and the end the the day of the Lord then a lot of people realize and one of the things that keeps being brought to my attention is that the that the book of Revelation that it’s the revelation of yahushua it’s the revelation of the messiah um and so it’s been occurring to me slowly but surely that perhaps the way that the ruling elites are going about this is they are planning for the for the reign of their god which they think is ushering a new golden age they might think that the millennium reign applies to them and so they don’t have an idea of the sense of of the sense of urgency that we’re in in this timeline hence why it seems like they can kind of slow play some things or they think they can set all this up and execute this this and this and this and the thing is they’re being allowed to do that because the the book of Revelation isn’t meant for those who are who are like them it’s meant for us it’s meant for us under and the Scriptures talk about that they’ll that they’ll uh that they’ll see not understand you know and they won’t be able to comprehend um it’s interesting to me because I’m just trying to make people aware that this might not look like how we’ve all been taught that it’s going to look like and one of the things that’s happening right now is the hive mind is getting is getting ready is getting prepared across I mean across the globe and with 5g that might accelerate to their ultimate zenus or whatever but the thing is it’s like what you were saying ‘die is they they those things we used to find out the things that the other side is doing and you know and report on that and get excited about that or whatever nowadays it doesn’t it doesn’t matter you know we’re we pay attention yes but we’re not focused on it and then the point is to be Kingdom focus me Kingdom minded and while they have their hive mind going which is trying to simulate how the Holy Spirit how the ruach ha’qodesh speaks to the speech to the bride the bride is coming into the same kind of realizations and connections almost seemingly telepathically but through you know through the Ruach um that they’re trying to experience on their side in linking everybody up um and one of the things that has been playing on my mind is Matthew 20 hold up a dosa had pulled up 28 24 38 or it says 4 as in 4 in those days that they were marrying and being given in marriage and eating and drinking until the day they know when it went on the arch and to mean what that sounds like is that they’re not just like in the flood they’re not prepared for what is about to happen and it befalls them in an instant um so I’m letting people know you know like that there there doesn’t necessarily have to be um this like this moment where you’re just like oh that see you know if you’re not being led by the ReWalk I think you’re going to I think you’re going to be deceived and you’re gonna be you’re gonna miss it you know yeah uh I guess it’s just more more comments on that but but the thing is is like I I feel that we’re that were actually into the seals we’re obviously not through the sixth seal because there’s a ton of stuff that goes on then um but you know I’m letting people know we don’t have we don’t have the time they don’t think you know that a lot of people think that we do so today how important is it to be in tune with the holy spirit and kind of moving forward with this whole endtime thing and there’s so many theories to that it can kind of get overwhelming oh this is happening and like we’re saying being in tune with what the government is doing or the King Alfred plan and all these agenda21 and things like that and being concerned with that versus like the scriptures that is where I’m at is the Scriptures about whatsoever is good whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are pure like think on these things that’s where I’m at so where did what does that play in as far as walking in the spirit being in the spirit of Christ and then all of the fake news and all of the media and all of the crazy stuff out there you know yeah I think you have to you know watch what’s going on in the media and stuff like that but you have to be able to discern and as the last caller was talking about you know revelation and prophecy in itself doesn’t tend to happen the way people think it’s going to happen and people are always surprised whether or not it was with the first coming of Jesus with the Judean people they were absolutely surprised at the way he appeared yeah they weren’t ready for and I also like what the caller had said about revelation and that you know it’s the revelation of Jesus and so if you’re going to understand revelation you need to go and listen to a Jesus first yeah I think you should do that on all prophecy and all doctrine and then place everything else around it so squirting from Matthew 24 I mean you have to go to that to understand what’s being talked about in the Bible so as to not in the revelation so as not to be saved and the whole point of the matter is is that we will not be able to trust the information that’s coming at us we’ll have to be grounded in Scripture and the Holy Spirit so that we can discern what is happening and what is coming at us because even the elect will be deceived if that were possible and just by saying that that is what is going to happen yeah anything else Lawson you want to add yeah no man um just uh just loving just loving it you know we I got to show you this I got you this really encouraging video that came to us the other day D and I a lot of a lot of people that we talked to and that were associated with and connected with have felt like we’re in a we’re in a waiting period and we’ve been in our secret chambers so to speak seeking after him and you know if if we’ve learned anything in our walk it’s not to run off because we think we know where we’re going or what the plan is and you know to him and I mean I can’t you know like I think we’ve all been there you know we were like oh yeah no I got this you know all right well okay I’m gonna let you go ahead and do that um but yeah the the time is the time is coming a lot of what one of the things you know I’m involved with army god music also and we are growing into one of the largest labels of in in music in Christian music and we’ve got everything from from rap – rock – heavy metal to the country music you know and anyways what what we’ve understood is that the kingdom is starting here on earth and that we are preparing the way for the Messiah to return you know but but it’s being done right now it’s not something that we’re looking forward to in the future you know like I understand it might not have accelerated to the point where you know but but it starts out humble you know it starts out as a seat and we’re just just looking forward and bawling you guys and you know just just teaching various individuals around us you know I there’s definitely definitely people that we keep getting put in contact to who are learning the truth and in these days okay so real quick last saying something super interesting the day of the Eclipse um my my girlfriend Amy future wife she she got this verse in her head Amos 8 8 where it talks about that this in that day that the Lord will cause the Sun to go dark at noon and then the rest of the chapter talks about how that he’s going to be sending a famine on the land not one of bread or water but one of hearing and understanding the word in the truth of the Most High and what was crazy is that that it had was on the day of the Eclipse well a couple days later we were talking to somebody and she said well you know what like me and my husband got a message from the Holy Spirit to look up in Amos 8 on the day of the Eclipse and we’re just sitting there and you know we’d be surprised by these things but it doesn’t surprise us anymore it’s just how things are unfold things are going um but the thing is is that this this famine that is coming on the land doesn’t necessarily have to be one of food and it doesn’t have to be one of water and it can be spiritual food and spiritual water and so that’s one is another part of you know making people aware if the time that were in because it doesn’t it it doesn’t have to go down like you think it does you know but but that’s just another cool thing you know about messages from the rooaarr so dude yeah man dude I gotta have you on as a guest man yeah we will do it soon my brother thank you for calling man absolutely love you got love you bro that’s it that’s a big thing as far as people waiting for God I know there’s a time that we wait I know there’s a time for us to be there we have to be sin but like you said that there is people out there who are hungry even as we look and see people homeless people and people famished for food there’s a hunger and thirst for the truth and for the word of God those who hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled so just wherever you are know if you own the job site yeah Walmart wherever you are wherever God has you don’t be afraid to speak the truth to speak the truth in love and to share with them people are waiting for you the earth is groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God for you to be an expression of God’s love so anybody out there waiting to be sent you have my permission you go you just simply simply give what has been given to you no more no less have you received the grace of God upon your life and he’s shown you grace and mercy show that to others freely you have received freely give do it man because it like you said the time is short people are hungry people are they want the truth and so if we don’t if we don’t tell them the truth if we don’t give them if we don’t answer their questions they’re gonna go they’re gonna go to other people and some of those people who in in many of our cases they go to like the New Agers and stuff like that who would totally answer their questions totally give them their truth so it’s time for us who in a movement truths a truth movement this is the true seeker podcast if we have the truth why not share it why not be vocal about it if we have what they’re looking for and that’s for every believer everybody who has a spirit and love of the truth of the manifestation be that manifestation of Christ in you the hope of glory Christ out of you the manifestation of that hope one more question before we end it I appreciate you hanging out with me on here brother we they’re so mainly what where I’m at now studying in the scriptures is the esoteric breakdowns of the Bible as far as like the spiritual meanings of the Old Testament I know we have you know the physical way of looking at it like it’s a history book and things me now I’m when I read about the Israelites when I read about Egypt those represent different things in my life my land of sin and when I was in the land of bondage and it represents a part of my life and I can’t help but read the Bible and not see these pictures any more about it telling about my spiritual path and spiritual life so when I see the when I see the Israelites coming in is realized meaning children of God a child of God coming into battle with these other nations and doing war and killing everyone that’s in the other nations I see it as different strongholds different ideologies and thought patterns and and idolatry that I’ve given myself over to and just as they fought with them I have to fight with those spiritual entities essentially and we overcome through Christ in the same way they overcome we overcome that’s how I look at it now but when we’re talking about the killing of the other nations and especially I’m sure joining it and with Genesis 6 a lot of people are talking about how they are the Israelites are justified with slaughtering entire nations of women and children and not letting any of them get out because that these were nations of Nephilim and Giants and that they have this call to eradicate them off the face of the planet to do to do war with them with that being I’m pretty sure we can agree with the you you’ve heard of that right oh absolutely I mean they they I mean the promised land was absolutely overflowing with Raphael and Anna came and the interbred hybrids like the amorite s– would have intermarried with them that so they had gone there laying in wait for israel to come as part of that revenge were talking about earlier to wipe them from the face of the earth so the Messiah wouldn’t come so yes is about the Giants and who were violating and corrupting the land is that okay here’s the tricky thing because many people still believe you know that these bloodlines are still ruling now right in it I feel like it’s very very similar to like the genocide with even like Hitler believing that they was a pure race and that they had to eradicate the other nations that were weaker we can’t mix with them we can’t enter marry and stuff like that where does that tie in do you see the could you see the connection there definitely but weren’t sure it i and in and in the book in case anybody’s interested I have a chapter devoted to the Nazis and the relationship to the Nephilim and the belief systems so in a nutshell what is going on with the Nazis as they believe that they were part of the Aryan race and persevering race or blond-haired blue-eyed Nephilim who escaped through Tartarus after the flood and Tartarus for people who are familiar with Greek mythology is the prison that the Titans or the Giants who rebelled were imprisoned it right and that part of the organizing societies to create the Nazis was the Thule Society fool is the ancient Atlantis it’s either one or the same or just sort of a real or roguish slant to it or it’s just different one different civilization of one of those seven in the ancient world but it sounds like it’s the area at just anyways it could be Asgard for example and so this is the the type of organization that is putting the Nazi religion together which is theosophy mixed with real and völkisch ideology and real is about the bloodlines of the bloodlines of the Aryans and creating a new super race through it which they want to create the new man which is the Nephilim concept and it’s the blond-haired blue-eyed version that they’re trying to recreate and it all goes back to their belief system that is polytheism and they call this religion area sofy and in 1933 he set up the rights Church which is the same type of religion that’s willing to come in the end time nothing is new Under the Sun everything is being played over and over and over and over and just as they reduced Jesus back to a mortal prophet status in that belief system they will do the same in the end time and so you want to look at an analogy and occultism research the Nazis because I think that’s a very good apparel L for the end time complete with a maze Yannick figure like Hitler and the Holocaust there’s something with a Larsson brought to the table talking about they’re all waiting for this Messiah to come and it’s not Jesus and I think that we’re talking about this Antichrist figure to rise into to unify the nations it won’t be something holy won’t be something beautiful but it will fulfill everything in their holy books that they’re waiting for they’re waiting for this Maitreya type figure yes and all religions around the world in societies that are polytheists are waiting for their own Messiah so it could be a Buddha it could be Lord Maitreya as I like to call them and there’s many a recreation of this Vishnu is the other sort of aspect that goes along with that Eastern mysticism and Jesus said that there would be many false Christ’s come in the end time so there’s going to be a lot of counterfeit messiahs the floor before the true one steps forward which is again why people are going to be getting ahead of themselves in so many ways and being disillusioned and then when the Antichrist does come after what seems to be the full you know the bowl judgments but it’s just the trumpet and the seal being open they’re going to say hey that’s the true Messiah when he comes all right yeah people have to be able to discern so this idea of false messiahs they’re coming just as the false prophets are coming we haven’t seen them yet but I think we’re gonna start seeing them soon yeah definitely well Gary Wayne I appreciate you coming on the podcast hanging out with me I got to pick your brain for a little while and I asked you a bunch of questions that I that I had for you and a really good building with you man plug your website and your in your book again and all the work that you’re doing right now if you want to go ahead and do that for the listeners and I’ll put all the links in the show description and everything as well sure the book is called the Genesis six conspiracy how secret societies and the descendants of giants plan to enslave humankind it’s available through most online bookstores you can also support your local bookstore if you like it’s probably not on the Shelf there but it’s distributed by book masters so they can order the book and if you want to support your local bookstore you can have a look at the book I have 98 chapters in the book it’s it’s it’s an extensive book and I have a generous excerpt on each of those chapters so you can get a good look at it on my website Genesis 6 conspiracy calm that’s Genesis 6 the number 6 calm spear sea calm and you can get ahold of me through the website I’ve also got some interviews up there if you want to get a better flavor for some of the things I’m I might be talking about and you can follow me on Gary Wayne on Facebook I also I have to Genesis 6 conspiracy pages I’m also working with the giant ology page as well and I also have a group called Jerry Wayne Genesis six conspiracy so you can get a hold of me anywhere on there or you can also follow me or get all of me on to at URI Wayne 63 at Gary Wayne 63 and if you get all of me with the question I will get back to you you heard the man do it go over there and support this book I’ll have a link in the show notes and on the website as well Gary Wayne thank you so much for hanging out with me man I appreciate you man well thank you for having me it’s been very fun and invite me back any time will do brother thank you so much thank you all right god bless awesome show awesome show I’ve done so much research on Genesis six and the Fallen Angels and then in the Nephilim and there was just a period of time where I would just consumed with that stuff man and and I think everybody goes through that season right and lets to have questions that selector revisit it and there’s a lot of truth to hold on through it though a lot of truths especially where I’m at now as far as like I’ve given myself over to study in the spirit realm how it operates and how it moves around and if you want to if you want to know that you have to go to Enoch like you have to pick up Enoch so Kenny you there brother yes all right man what’d you think of the show bro you probably got to get up work early to know – oh yeah yeah I think a lot of things that have been you know researching myself trying to find centers trying to find the truth man always trying to find the truth yeah my simplistic reach for it has always gone back to and this has led me many places but my simplistically she’s always going back like did Jesus have it you know did the disciples have it did they know it so when we’re talking about Enoch when we talked about Solomon and some of these other books was that something that they referenced a lot you know and the more stuff you do you find out yeah because there there are what is called dark sayings and obscure verses and esoteric and stuff that seems occultic because you you read it one time and you keep reading like I said about the you know the women covering their hair you read that in the New Testament and Corinthians and I believe it’s in Peter as well and you just keep reading you don’t really go into that but just doing the breakdown of some of these other books you find out how they fit because they give you some more info on that stuff you know yeah I mean I can’t agree with you more I remember the first time I read the book Enoch and it just blew my mind I was like what is all this why didn’t this doing about what I said that there’s some some things that are inconsistent there’s some things that may seem far out as doctrinal wise but hey nothing more this doesn’t have in the Bible right you know it I think it only became inconvenient because people forgot how to explain it to the scientist yeah they definitely are explaining away the spirituality right and that the demons and stuff like that and stuff that you know the ailments and stuff man Jesus in the early church they believed and this gets into some team there’s some deep stuff because there’s a lot of stuff when you look into the medieval writings they believed that germs were demons and the little microscopic organisms what we’re talking about these dragons and these monsters in these beasts when you look at the microscopic organisms what do they look like did they look like these weird beasts and Dragons and stuff and when they get in your body they cause ailments and sickness and things like that so there’s a lot of stuff about those being the actual demons or the entities on a microscopic level so I wouldn’t say that essentially science is explaining in a way but if we look at it with with a trained eye for me it it’s helping it make even more sense you know and there’s prayers from the medieval time of them banishing the worms and the dragons in there talking about these these parasites you know and if we look at how demons operate in the spirit realm they operate exactly like parasites they get on you they suck your energy out they leech onto you and you have to be rid of them the same way it gets into some deep breakdown man yeah yeah man I’m just all over the place my mind right now trying to yeah yeah I remember when I was like ten years old I remember when I was like basketball in the driveway with my friend and I look up in the sky and I see a UFO like what the heck is that and I see a helicopter chasing it I’m like okay yeah well I guess when I’m playing basketball I don’t know what to think about that that is my face you know ya know when I when I really got into studying that stuff I was led to a lot of the Christian work when I started studying about aliens and angels and fallen angels that’s cuz if you if you’re a Christian and you and that’s what I’m kind of glad we didn’t go down this road he’d touched on it for a second but I didn’t want to spend I didn’t want to spend a lot of time there and I wasn’t gonna debate him about it but with your Christian and you’re looking up the Fallen Angels you’re eventually gonna be led to the alien stuff and the alien and so all the Christian realm says that aliens or ETS are fallen angels they’re they want to abduct you and and beat you up and take your body and kidnap you and stuff like that and all like look at me they they definitely could be but all of the Christians stuff that you look up they’re definitely gonna tell you that it’s demonic demonic all the way and so I started studying that under all the big names Lynn Marzulli Steve quale Tom Horn and just so many other people who’s like these are demons and then I’m going out and I’m having my own encounters under the stars and I’m praying to God I’m fasting I’m praying I’m praying clean conscious and I say God let me see the Seraphim let me see the Elohim the Elohim who are traveling back and forth from heaven to earth as your scripture says that are doing war over humanity if they if they are out there and they are of you would you please let me see them and I and I devil’s my prayer with the purest of intentions and after studying all the demonic stand and being scared of aliens my whole life as a kid you know watching horror movies and fire in the sky and all these movies and I started to have encounters man and I started to see what we would call craft but then I started to see what seemed to be living entities flying in outer space not that they were a ship with I don’t even know if they were ships with beings in them but these lights and these orbs seem to be alive and I’m praying to the Most High God and I understand the scripture says that you’re dead if you pray and you ask for bread your father’s not gonna give you a stone if you pray and ask for a fish your father’s not gonna give you a serpent so there was a lot of people say hey man be careful with that you may be callin forth UFOs dude maybe talking the demons out there something if my intentions are pure and I am one with Christ and the Holy Spirit lives within me and my intentions upon I asked my Heavenly Father Lord if these are of you would you please show them to me let let one pass by and then I start having all these crazy encounters man that’s how that’s how the stuff went to the next level because I wondered myself dude that’s how everything started for me it really is of doing the studying and went going out there under this under the sky so and and now so I play with a lot of the names and turns and stuff like that but I believe that they’re the angels of the Most High we’re talking about Enoch when Enoch says that while the one they are in heaven let’s go let’s go to what is heaven what does the Bible say heaven is heaven is the sky it’s the same Hebrew word when he says I looked up into the sky and I beheld this I looked up into the heavens it’s the same Hebrew word so looking up into this when we gaze into outer space we’re gazing into the heavens and so these angels are traveling back and forth Enoch says that these angels travel heaven back and forth and they are made out of fire like Gary Wayne said the Seraphim the word Seraphim means the fiery ones the ones who are made out of fire Enoch reiterates it and says yes they are the fiery ones that when they travel at the speed of light they look like fire and then when they come to earth they have the ability to take on the bodies of men and look like men when they come to earth and so these are the angels and it’s it’s it’s even mention of in Psalms the book of Psalm says he maketh his ministering angels as a flame of fire is reiterated in Hebrews that same scripture he maketh his ministering angels as finishing spirits as a flame of fire and and to go end it and so to have these visions under than the night sky or the morning sky and see these things man it opened it up and I’ve talked about this because many people will say okay it makes it to where okay then there’s something else going on and for some people it would weaken their faith they’re like hey if aliens are real then I was not real you know weird stuff like that but for me it’s like no it becomes even more real because it’s not like we’re heaven as an imaginary place when you go when you die and angels or these beings who exist in another realm but know this stuff is taken place right above our heads even now Edgar Cayce says that the Battle of Armageddon will be fought in the heavens in outer space it opens up so much stuff man yeah yeah I remember man when I first started looking into this stuff there’s a couple years where I meant to probably but me and my wife we watched ghost town and reason watched whatever that other one was with the chick I can’t learn the name of that show but I’m sure you know I’m talking about and just started realizing you know I believe in God just started realizing they were wondering what is this I’m trying to looking for answers in the Bible I’m looking for answers from God and here in alley talk about her experiences and everything and I’ve never gone into witchcraft or anything I had dated girls that did a lot but I never said okay yeah whatever girl have fun didn’t really believe in any of it but uh to come to find out that really I mean that that’s ever real it’s true it does have power there is real there were real magicians that could turn a staff into a snake there were real magicians that could turn water into blood I mean you know that stuff was real so why are we so scared of it you know I just just levee down you know path and two years later I hooked up with you and we’re still traveling the whole thing about that is to for one thing to be real so if there was magicians who could turn you know staff into a or whatever they did I forgot what that with the the evil musicians did but uh okay they start turned into a serpent or Moses through his to the ground turn his into a serpent and his item right I believe it was and so right yeah so so for for one thing to be true the opposite has to be true as well so as far as like black magic is concerned or evil occultism well there’s white magic and I believe that’s the practice of Jesus and understanding demon and how to cast them out that gives an art to it you have to study this stuff like I’ve given my life to understand this stuff and then it gets into some very interesting stuff but we just know from like trial and error and then like I said get back to the Pearson tensions like what did Jesus know I and so I look at exactly and not him being a son of God but just him into the disciples I guess that’s why I bring up the disciples look at the disciples well you know saying what the day no and you know they were well well versed in in Enoch and they were well versed in lots of books that would that weren’t included in the Canon and even the testament of Solomon for one cuz Jesus talks so Marissa hey we’re talking about demons you got one greater than Solomon standing before you right now and they were talking about veganism and spiritism and casting out demons so I said hold on why they why these people mentioned in Solomon and why is Jesus venerating Solomon about about demons because that’s not in the Bible like it doesn’t it doesn’t bring up anything not in the scriptures you have to go into the testament of Solomon to find out even like you know I’m saying like what is it arm be so bob was what’s mentioned of to only one time and so the Christians will tell you well that’s just that’s just Satan Beelzebub is Satan no be Zebub is a separate entity and there’s ancient texts that talk about him and the different legions that are under him and so like I fully believe that you have to really go into these books to understand like the spirit realm and how these demons operate and to fully understand the Bible that’s why I say that because there’s no way there’s no way you understand who Beelzebub orbeez above is if you’ve not read Solomon there’s no way people think that’s sacred that’s portable Azazel yeah it’s the only thing in the Old Testament about it is you send the goat out to Azazel and they just put a name as they wanted desert in the map and they said oh well that’s just because they’re talking about the desert and then you read The Book of Enoch find out that God scribed all sin Azazel so that’s why they’re telling the and then and then you wonder why I think what is it Paramount Pictures you when you’re watching a movie you’re watching Paramount Pictures I believe it is and there’s there’s the big mountain and all these stars come around I think of seven stars or thirteen stars they come out of sky these stars and the stars are symbolic for the Angels Enoch tells you that the stars of the stars are angels and these stars come down and gather around the top of the mountain and that’s that’s what enoch talks about that the stars came down from heaven or the watchers and he gathered around the top of the mountain and and that’s what they despise they started plant plotting out to go down and take wives and women to go down and do all types of destruction upon the earth it’s kind of funny we had our mutual friend anthony he’s a good friend of ours but uh he mentioned he that was the thing he started reading enoch and he couldn’t get past that the stars are angels bro the stars ain’t really really bro oh yeah he comes from a belief that there follows a fire that are billions of miles away that we could never get to sure are you a scientist right about anything so why should they be right about that yeah that was his hang-up and I remember um giving another friend of mine when I was in the Anaka a friend of mine ah Samuel Samuel McCray good friend of mine you guys know him yeah I actually gave him my my testament of Solomon to read and he was reading it his dad found it and his dad brought it up to the church that I went to and he brought it up to the cave and I put it in the envelope and wrote my name on he gave it to the pastor he was like his dad found the book and gave it back to me I was like man it’s what your son man you know and he just watching over his son and stuff not wanting to get into anything crazy like that it’s kind of funny you know my dad kind of looked at me funny when I told him I read the book Enoch and I believed it with many preachers it’s funny they learn about it in but then they’re also taught that it’s not true but they have to read it and know it anyway yeah it’s it’s funny that there is a resurgence of it now and so it’s even more accepted like oh you haven’t ready not so you’re kind of like on that you’re kind of like on the fringe if you haven’t read it you know that’s like an elementary book you know I’m saying so and like I say passed everything out of it now and stuff and they like making mention and reference I learned about the book a narc on ancient aliens and then I looked it up at night I read it I mean I was about the same time every shows I was watching I was like the beginning of my life thinking I was crazy and then not thinking now it’s crazy anymore cuz I believe in it dude you know you know the backlash I got bro going into you know over line and doing interviews and talking about aliens and interviewing people and then but like it was a real deal and I had to I had to reconcile that with my wife and I didn’t want to tell her and like I feel like I lost a lot of friends over that stuff you know over just living my truth and what I believe in and my wife and I member sitting her down at dinner cuz she knew I was into it but to sit down and be like hey hey this whole alien thing and just like have discussion with my wife about the alien thing you know I went outside you know what it took it went out we went in my backyard and we prayed and I showed her I said father will you show my wife if these are you and and these are the the angelic heavenly hosts the Elohim the Seraphim the cherubim the fiery serpents will you show her and he showed her they they they lit up the night sky man and it’s it’s it’s it sparks so much awe and Wonder within you when you have those type of experiences I had so many like not even on like I talked about like when we would go out like MP would want a drink or smoke pot or something I’m like no we’re not doing that like if we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna make contact we’re gonna see something I don’t want anybody to say oh you were drunk oh you guys were drinking or whatever and I I don’t I don’t smoke pot but some of my friends were and I bet y’all can’t do it if y’all do it we’re not going and we’d go out and we’d take blankets and we lay out under the stars all night and we’ve gazed into the heavens dude until we seen something move and you just be gazing at stars and all of a sudden one of them would move and it would take off and fly the other direction you would think it was a star but it was something that was just sitting there outside of the atmosphere sitting there pose for like an hour don’t so then it takes off moving or you see one flying across the sky and then stop and then go the other direction like in two or three of them just crazy stuff I was seeing out there man and it was blowing I thought I was going crazy I’m trying to reconcile it then I sort of seeing him during the day you know what I’m saying so it turned it got got really weird for me and that’s that that’s how adamant it was for me to kind of put my neck out there to say hey like I’m gonna talk about this I need to first of all I need to find out what’s going on cuz something’s going on and whether it’s demons who are deceiving me messing with me but I totally didn’t believe that but um just trying to trying to reconcile what was happening and seeing crazy stuff out there but it became more real to me like the Scriptures did it might pique my interest like hey this stuff is real there Seraphim are real you know they’re not fake they’re not in a theory or theology or whatever these dudes are out there you know what I’m saying and it’s awesome yeah you know yeah I mean I’ve always well kind of felt like there was something watching over me you know I’ve never seen anything like that other than the ones I’m I saw the UFO I did see that I swear I saw it I can’t get that why not yeah it kind of blew my mind because it was such a a thing that was so easy and I’m like man weird living in it was almost symbolic for like like paying attention to the things above we focused on the things about because we live our lives and we don’t even look up and this stuff is taking place above our heads like every day like all I would do is just look up and see all this stuff and I was like man but in the midst of that was a spiritual moment for me though because I’m praying the whole time I’m talking to God and singing worship songs and like connecting with the father and then start seeing crazy stuff in the night sky you know and but it’s like you know what this has been here the whole time and I’ve been too busy and worried about myself and my whatever my music or whatever the case is my life making money functioning as a member of society and all we had do is stop and look up and the truth is right above our heads you know any I believe anybody don’t have those experiences I don’t think that that’s like oh I’m chosen to see them because I prayed and fasted like that’s what I did but I believe anybody can theirs dude there’s people who aren’t who like having all kinds of experiences out there people are going out there with night-vision goggles and seeing stuff out there in the night sky that you can’t see with the naked eye you have to have like night-vision goggles or even regular binoculars you can see so much more out there and once the weather cools down dude it’s been so long since I’ve had an encounter or went out there and done that because once you have seen so much it kind of gets old for you or you figure out what do you do with this info like what’s the next step you know and it gets you it gets insane man it gets crazy and you have to be able to be able to put the info apply to your life like whatever you’re getting what’s the point of it are you learning anything from it or it’s just vanity or you just want to know part of its that I want to know how the universe operates man you know I want to know what’s going on I want the truth and that’s part of it something’s going on whether it’s not whether it’s advanced technology from the government or if it’s really the angelic realms above our heads with which I believe you know oh yeah oh yeah it’s all part of his creation we’re just trying to figure out a little to explain it and we can’t yeah because it’s – its unfathomable we don’t have the brain capacity to understand how it really works latronnik we decided to make our little reason that it doesn’t doesn’t work yeah I’ve been trying to look down on not like trying to imagine myself looking down on the world and seeing everything that’s going on all at the same time you know I would like it’s just allowing either demonic influence everywhere like in the whole world at the same time you can see just things happening we’re looking at when we’re talking about cancer and growth and stuff like that and like algae and stuff like yeah when you look there’s a snippet of Joe Rogan talking about flying into LA from like coming through like Colorado and stuff and how beautiful how green and lush it is and into flying into LA and then even in like like flying through New York and just it’s a brown smoke it’s a smog above the city and in the air tastes different and it smells different it feels different and even like from from the satellites and seeing like the you know saying the woods are changing colors from lush greens to brown and all the pollutions and stuff like that seeing it from like an organism perspective of the planet being a living entity and if you do backup you you see us as like almost as a cancer to the earth and killing the earth and building machines and technology and and taking the blood from the earth to oil and depleting it from olives all of its minerals and things like that and when you step away from it from outer space and you look at it and how cities look different forest looks different lakes look different now have you seen some of the picture they got pictures of like 10-year gaps on like some big lakes and in rivers and forests and it all looked totally different it Badman it looks sick and so it’s almost like like the planet of mother earth it’s just got a bunch of fleas on her and she’s eventually you know these hurricanes like shake trying to shake the fleas off you know I’m saying you get some of the black jew-jew out of it you know I’m saying trying to breathe shake shake the fleas off of her you know it’s crazy man it’s anguish you know coming closer and closer to the end times like Jesus says you know gonna be tribulations all over and yeah normally for more volcanoes eruptions every year everything’s just the earth is trying to tell that reflect that it’s about time and you know I attained that’s what the Scriptures talk about and I’m up said that it’s not cold yeah man supposed to be cold right remember when I was a kid dude I hate on Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas it not being cold out I hate it being hot like sweating hot and humid on Christmas morning or yeah or Thanksgiving like I know that’s part of the memories the cool air and stuff and we do we haven’t been getting it every year that’s what I look for I look forward to that if it’s gonna be if it’s gonna be hot or cold on Christmas I look for it to be cold and just that winter spirit you know I’m saying and it’s just like each year it’s getting hotter and hotter and hotter and whether that’s a natural a natural thing that happens I don’t know but I don’t like it whatever it is you know we had like three days out of winter yeah sure dude you know I think it’s a localized thing though cuz there was other places it had the worst one other there at you know the weather one unpredictable or following less and less of the patterns I think just because another way guys just trying to say hey look you don’t really know what you’re talking about yeah just a couple just a couple states up it’s freezing cold right now you know we down here the humidity in the south man the mosquitoes bro man it’s like I don’t like being outside I don’t like going out now I’m like preoccupied but being out there and we’re in the woods too like come on man it’s crazy go ahead and jump off of here man thank you for hanging out with me brother calling in and just hanging out for a little while yeah thank you guys for coming over last night have fun with y’all yeah yeah yeah yeah give me some more video games with the family take care peace peace yeah man so with that I’m gonna say Shalom and peace everybody you guys who were listening on the podcast and people want to know how to call in when we go live and how we do these shows I broadcast live on YouTube but then I upload everything to the podcasting apps make sure if you’re watching on YouTube click that link in the description and subscribe to the podcasting apps because YouTube can pull my channel again at any moment I was like almost at 9000 subscribers and they they deleted my channel and wouldn’t let me get it back and I started over and they could do that again and they’ve been giving me weird flags and stuff about the titles of my videos we did a show yeah was like yesterday or the day before thing was a day before about sexual abuse and overcoming that trauma and they flagged the video just because of the title sexual abuse their flagging my title my videos they have the the word Jesus in it it’s crazy stuff they’re not letting anybody put ads on it they said it’s not had sensitive and like straight night nothing crazy and probably this show as well the Genesis 6 conspiracy I had the word Donald Trump in a video once I took Trump’s name out of it then they could then they monetized it it’s insane so make sure if you’re listening to this on YouTube go and subscribe to the podcasting in because I could lose all of this in the snap of a finger they all this stuff man it’s great so I’m backing up everything I’m backing up on my videos and the podcasting in is what I’m really trying to promote so you can download the mp3s and get podcasting players and all that stuff over there on the website and click the link in the description thank you again to everybody who is supporting my work on patreon patreon comm backslash truce ego Big Ups to Kenny those guys are supporting man those guys are like diehard friends and fans man they just appreciate the work thank you guys everybody who’s doing all the new people supporting backslash true seeker you get new music new music unreleased music there’s some cool stuff over there I’m telling you guys there’s some cool stuff you’re missing out I could really say you’re missing out if you’re not a member at backslash true seeker i just put out a song called offer is dope and some of the stuff we were talking about tonight is in the song we’re talking about theosophy Blavatsky the oesophagus society it’s all in there and I rom those words Jordan Maximus Jordan Maxwell like I mention all of it in that song it’s a really dope song you can listen to it now head on over to patreon compact class truth seeker I love each and every one of you guys peace peace we’ll do it again soon [Music] [Music] nothing for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to the seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show 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