Marz is a former member of Insane Clown Possee’s side project called Dark Lotus. Marz was heavily into the occult and spiritualism.


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The first book he ever read was the satanic bible, which led him to pursuing witchcraft. “Chicago is full of witchcraft, like Santeria. There are botanicas all over the city. You can go and have someone put spells on people or you can buy the things necessary to do it yourself.” Besides the gang banging and witchcraft, a lust for money and power led to dealing drugs, but through it all, his love of music and ability to write songs was a positive spot in his negative youth.Directly after Marz accepted Jesus, he went on tour with Paul Wall. “It was like blinders fell off of my eyes. I was seeing for the first time what my lyrics were — how I was speaking poison into the hearts and minds of the crowds at the shows.” After the tour, Marz went to visit his family in Croatia. He brought with him a Bible that a stripper had given him and he read it everyday for the three weeks he was there. “I used to take these two to three-hour long walks and just talk to God and as I would walk through the hills and forests, I would see parts of my life playing back. This time, seeing the things I did with new eyes and a new heart. And each time, I would repent and wonder how I didn’t see that those things I was involved in only brought death and pain to everyone around me, including myself. I left Croatia feeling brand new — like a little boy. I was so dirty and carrying so much sin that I didn’t even notice how much it weighed me down until the weight was removed. I was forgiven and it’s one of the greatest experiences in this life.”

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Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Back With Another Podcast I’m Your Host TruthSeekah And You’re Tuned In To Encountering Guide Podcast Where We Talk About Encountering Guide Pursuing Jesus Talking To People About Their Testimonies And We Got An Awesome Show For You Guys Today It’s Going To Be Amazing We’re Going To Be Speaking With Mars And So I’m So Excited To Speak With Him About His Story We’re Going To Open Up The Phone Lines If You Guys Want To Call In The Numbers Streaming At The Bottom It’s Also On All The Social Media Platforms Calling For Prayer Or Call In For Questions And Comments We’re Going To Open That Up As Well I Want To Say A Huge Thank You To Everyone Who’s Been Supporting Via Patreon Or Helping Us Out Paying Paying The Bills Month To Month With This Site Keeping Everything Going There’s So Much New Technology Coming In And It Costs Money To Keep Things Running So Huge Thank You To Everyone Who’s Been Doing That And If You Want To Support There’s A Link In The Description Clicked Up Patreon Comback SlashTruthSeekah Encountering Gods So Without Further Ado We’re Going To Go Ahead And Get Into The Discussion I’ve Got My Guest Here MarzWhat’s Going On Brother What’s Going On My Brother Man Welcome To The Podcast Row Thank You Said Thank You For Having Me Yeah Dude I’m Excited To Talk To You Like I Said We Got A Chance To Talk Before We Went Live And We Do Have Similar Stories Man As Far As Getting Into Witchcraft And In The Occult And Things Like That And Understanding Some Of The The Spirits That Kind Of Lie In Those Realms And I Listened To Your Story On A Couple Different Interviews Faygo Lovers Things Like That And A Lot Of Times Whenever You Were Going To Talk About The Spirit Realm And You Just Kind Of Gave An Overview Today As Possible Man I Want To Hear Some Of Those Stories Do Of Some Of Those Times Where You Tapped Into The Other Side To Let The People Know That This Stuff Israel And That It’s Not Always These Angelic Benevolent Forces That Are Back There Sometimes They’re Cloaked In White Light But They Have Ill Intentions Towards You I Want That Absolutely I Definitely Want To Hear Some Stories Today And I Think Some Of Our Viewers To Do As Well Everyone Looking For Truth Everybody Wants To Know Who Has The Truth And I Think In This Dis Arena I Think Dealing With Christ Who Is Truth Man I Think We Have A Responsibility To Share These Stories And I’m Excited Man Absolutely I Agree You Know And It’s Funny Cuz Coming Up The The One Thing I Thought Was Not The Truth Was The Bible You Know Like The Thing That I Was Convinced I Would Look To Everything I Would Go To To The Satanic Bible To Witchcraft To Sent It Here To All These Things To New Age Mysticism To Transcendental Meditation And To Acid To Mushrooms To All These Things Looking For Truth And The Irony Was I Was Running From The Truth You Know That’s Right I Come Back From A Different Way There’s A Lot Of People Doing That Um There’s So Much Backlash Whenever We We Just Mentioned The Name Of Jesus Right I Kind Of Run In A Lot Of New-age Circles And People Who Are Into The Call I Have A Crazy Eclectic Fan Base Of People Of All Faiths And So When I’m When I Post Certain Scriptures Or Say That Jesus Is The Only Way Or Salvation Is Found In No Other Name You Know These These Things Kind Of Draw An Offense Right But If We Talk About Buddha And Talk About Muhammad And All These Other Things Everybody’s Okay With It Krishna Things Like That When We Talk About Jesus Being The Way And That He Comes To Bring Life There’s Just Contention There Man What Do You Think Goes On With That Well I Think It Kind Of Speaks For Itself You Know Because Those Other Things Out Of The Same Spirit Which Is The Spirit Of The World So It Doesn’t Offend As Much As You Mentioned Jesus And It’s Very Polarizing You Know I Had Somebody I Spoke To Very Recently Um There’s A Project We’re Trying To Put Together Of Kind Of All My Life Or My Testimony And They Wanted Me To Speak With This Director And When We Spoke You Know He Was Like Yeah You Know I Really Love Spiritual Stuff And I Really Loved You Know How Spirits Work And Stuff And You Know I Let Them Talk And I Said Yeah I’m Like That’s Great But I’m Like Let Me Just Be Clear On This This Is Not A Spiritual Thing Like That This Is Specific Christ’s Transformation That Happened This Didn’t Happen Because Of Some Nameless God Oh God I’m Sorry According To I And Good That’s All Right This Was This Is A Specific Story Of How Christ Changed My Life Instantly When I Said That The Conversation Changed You Know Because It’s Polarizing And I Think I Think It’s For A Lot Of Reasons I Think One We Are Deceived And Cannot Accept The Fact That God Might Actually Love Us At That Level As Crazy As That Sounds You Follow Me Like So And Then Too We Have To Admit That We Cannot Save Ourselves And We Have To Admit That There There Might Be Things That Are So Out Of Our Reach That They’re Not Attainable To Us Unless They Are Given To Us Such As Salvation Such As Revelation You Follow Me So So If It’s All About My Work Actually Today So I Do I’ll Give You An Example Today I Spoke With A Friend Of Mine And We’re Talking About Spiritual Stuff He Believes In You Know Spirituality And And All That So As We Were Talking The More I Would Gear It Towards Jesus Or Put In Scripture I Could Tell He Was Getting Rubbed Wrong Because He Still Wants To Do It You Know It’s The It’s The The Child What What Is That Uh The Prodigal Son You Know It We’re All The Prodigal All Of Us And At Some Point All Of Us Have Ran Away From God Or Still Are Running Away And Say You Know What No Thanks I Want All The Gift Thank You Know I Appreciate Life And Sex And Drugs And All These Things That I’m Able To Experience Here But I Don’t Want You Father I Want To Do This Myself And I Think All Of Us Have To Get To A Point Then Where We’re In The Pigpen Eating Out Of The Pig’s Trotter And We Finally Say Hold Up Like Maybe Maybe I Do Need My Maker For This Maybe I Don’t Know Everything Yeah You Know And We Need To Be Home Like That You Know I Want To Encourage People That’s All Right That’s Part Of The Process You Know We Don’t Come To God By Getting It Right No God We Come To God By Getting It Wrong You Know Talk A Little Bit About Your Pigpen Man Because You Were At A Place Whenever You Found Christ That Many Would Think You Don’t Need Them You’re Like At The Height Of Your Success The Height Of Your Career You’re On Tour With Korn Your You Know You Were Affiliated With The Insane Clown Posse And The Group Dark Lotus And You Know All Of That Stuff Going On Man Talk A Little Bit About Where You Came From For People Who Don’t You Know Who Are Familiar With The Insane Clown Posse Dart Lotus And Those Guys I You Notice I Was I Worked Very Hard I Was I Was Very Driven I Worked Very Hard I Had A Lot Of Ambitions Of Worldly Success And As As I Progressed In The Field Of Music I Started Attaining It Probably The And We’ve Done Shows I Was Actually In A Rock Band Before Called Minister Saying That I A Man Well The Irony Of That You Know Because It Was Everything Except Ministry You Know Now I’ve Been Doing Hip-hop I Met Them In The Studio I Was Dealing At The Time The The Main Guy Like Me He Asked Me To Hook Up With Them I Ended Up In Engineering For Them I Ended Up Going On Tour With Them Came Off That Tour I Continue To Do My Own Stuff Got Signed Ended Up With Insane Clown Posse Then Got Sang To A Bigger Label They Bought Out My Contract I Was Signed To Geffen Interscope Records Which Was Actually The Singer From Corn Actually It Was An Imprint That He Had But The Actual Label Was Guest Interscope Saw The Infrastructure Was Them With Elementary Bet Your On Elementary Yeah Don’t Elementary Your Orgy Was On There As Well Yeah Yeah Well You Know There Was No Elementary Records It Wasn’t It Just A Game You Know I Didn’t Name But All The Back End Actually Jay Gordon Like Two Weeks Ago From Orgy He Was On The Show Did He Get Saved Enough No He Didn’t He Will Yes Jesus All Right Um You Know So I Hit This Point And Well I Was Involved With Some Crazy Things I Mean I Had I Was Involved Where I Could Have Lost My Life Literally I Had Some You Know A Situation Where I Had Done Such A Wrong To Somebody That They Felt The Need To Get Somebody A Professional To Get Rid Of Me Glory To God I Was Not Saved At The Time This Certain Professional Happens To Be My Friend If You Could Believe That That’s A Whole Story Like I Can’t Get Into Names And Things Like That Over You Know But That’s A Movie Like The Way God Was Working Out In Hindsight Looking Back In My Life Before I Was Saved Is Amazing You Know So I Had Got Into All These Things Because When When We Are The Prodigal Son And We Are Just You Know There Is No Rules For Me There Was No Rules Anything Goes It Was My Will Against All Odds So If I Had Met You I Would Be Cool With You As Long As I Could Use You To Get Up If I Couldn’t But Then You Ain’t Got No Business In My Life Yeah You Know What I’m Saying The Same With Women Or Anybody In The Field It Was All About Me Or Self Centered Self Focused It Was Drugs Women You Know Partying It Was It Was That Gangster Lifestyle Gangster Mentality And I Had Many Low Points Like I It Took Me A While To Learn Bro I Allow Me Almost Getting Killed Went Back And Did It Again And Actually After That Time I Had Came Back To Chicago At The Time I Was Living In La And Got Into A Very Serious Situation I Came Back To Chicago And Did This Way Before I Was Safe Um There Was A My Mom’s Landlady Came Up To Me She Was A Christian She Came Up To Me And She Said God Is Going To You’re Going To Get Saved You’re Going To Be A Christian And You’re Going To Do Christian Music And That Is What You Were Made To Do Well I Thought She Was Crazy How I Would Avoid That Woman Like The Plague Like Every Time I Will Go See My Mom If I Saw That Lady I Would Like Walk Out The Other Door You Know And The Irony That She Was Right You Know I Was Saying But During At That Time I Actually Dreamt About Jesus So I Had Been Involved In I Don’t Know How Specific To Get Any Man Just Know That I Was Involved In Things That That People Get Killed For It You Know And I Was About To Do It Again So Now I’m Back In Chicago I Got Out Of That Situation And I Was Still Heavily Involved In You Know The Gangster Lifestyle And I Was About To Commit A Similar Sin Again And They Have This Dream And In My Dream I’m Walking Down The Street And There’s A Man Walking With Me To The Left Of Me And In The Middle Of The Street There’s A Tree Growing And It Has All These Different Types Of Fruit On The Tree And We’re Walking And The Man Asked Me He’s Like Why Are You Gonna Do That Again And I’m Like I Don’t Know I Just Am And He Was Ok Let’s Walk And He Put His Arm Around Me And As We’re Walking I Walked Past A Tree And I Grabbed One Of The Fruits Off The Tree And Did It And I Woke Up And I Knew It Was Jesus But I Still Didn’t Know Jesus You Know That Make Sense I Feel Didn’t Submit To Jesus And Actually That Day I Went To Debate A Friend Of Mine I Had A Friend Of Mine When We Were Younger We Used To Rob Places Together Well Me And Mr. Did Some Crazy Things I Was Dealing He Was Doing His Own Thing And And We Were Literally Robbed Places Together So But He Got Saved But He Got Saved And Then Refused To Talk To Me He Didn’t His Church Was Kind Of Real Exclusive Here You Know It Was Like We’re Saved You’re Going To Hell You Know And I Reached Out To Him A Couple Of Times He Just Was Like Now You’re The Devil I’m Not Talking To You What The Day After I Had The Dream He He Was Like Come On I Just Wanted To Debate Him You Know I Just Wanted To Tell Him How Christianity Was Wrong And Improved To Him How Silly He Was I Ended Up Going To His House And You Know We’re Going Back And Forth He Was Reading Stuff Out Of The Bible I Was Just Kind Of Criticizing It And I Remember The Dream And So I’m Like Mmod Was Talking About Something About A Dream And I Might Go I Had A Dream Last Night And I Tell Him To Dream And His Wife Tells Me That Tree Is In The Book Of Revelation It Has 12 Fruits And The Leaves Are For The Healing Of The Nations And I’m Like That’s Not In The Bible And She’s Like Yes It Is And He Looked It Up And I Was Like Okay That’s Weird You Know But I Still Didn’t Believe You Know So I Left There And Went On For Another Man Maybe Three Or Four Years Of Witchcraft Drug Use Gang Banger Lifestyle And And Just Everything You Know What What The Right Before I Got Saved One Of The Turning Points Of My Life I Had A Crew Called Black Ceos Black Ceos Was A Couple Different Crews From Chicago In The North Side And Some Of The Guys In These Crews Were Were Gang Banging Still You Know So You Could Be A Gang Member Or You Could Be A Gang Banger Someone Could Be A Gang Member But You’re Not On The Block Anymore You’re Not Dealing You’re Not Out Looking For Our Position You’re You Might Have Got A Little Older You’re Chilling But You’re Still A Gang Member Right But Some Of These Dudes Were Just Wish That I Could Gang Bangers And One Of My Boys Rope He Got Shot Actually Helped A Bunch Of Dudes Got Shot But Wrote Got Shot In The Head And Died And I Remember Being At The Hospital And It Was So Crazy Bo Because It Was Like The Connection That I Had With Him It Was It Was Something From God You Know And So When I Find Out Found Out He Got Shot Went To The Hospital But By A Miracle I Got To Go See Him Because There Was Hundreds Of People There And There Was People Fighting Outside It Was It Was Literally Like A Movie Like I Get There There’s At Least A Hundred People Out There And Since You Know Gangs Kind Of Some Gangs Make Some Gangs Don’t And Then You Got Dudes Within Those Gangs That Might Not Like Each Other So It’s A Very Volatile Situation And There Was A Couple Fights There People Are Drinking And Smoking The Security Guy Walks Up To Me And He’s Like Come On You Because They Stopped Letting People Up To See My Mind I You Know And He’s Like Come On Up He Mistook Me For Someone He’s Like Come On I Let You Up And I’m In The Elevator I Know Who Mistook Me For And He’s Like Thanks For Stopping That Fight And I’m Like Okay I Know Why He’s Letting Me Up So We Go Up There And I See Him And You Know He The Bullet Was Still Lodged In His Head And He Was Unconscious He’s Kind Of Shaking I Remember Just Like Something Something Changed You Know And I’ve Had Other People In My Life Die But Something That Day Changed And He Lived For Another Two Days And Then Passed Away And That Was The Beginning It May Be The Next Took About A Year And I Accepted Christ Now After Okay It Passed Away We Caught Him Wrote 30 His Name Is Daniel Um One Of The Most Talented People I’ve Ever Met In My Life So Much Demonic Stuff Was Happening At My House After That Like I Would See Him Well I Got Witnesses You Could Come In My Living Room And We Will Be Sitting There And You Would See Someone Walk By In The Kitchen And I Wouldn’t Tell That For Everybody And People Would Be Like Yo Who’s Here Who’s In The Kitchen I’m I Ain’t Nobody Here Man Yeah All This Weirdness Started Happening One Time We Were In A I Had A Studio In A Bedroom We’re In The Studio And One Of My Guys Came Over And I’m Telling Him Yo So Much Crazy Stuff Is Happening I Gotta Figure Out Like What’s Going On You Know Cuz I Didn’t Know What It Was I Couldn’t Figure It Out But There Was So Much Activity Happening Around Me And In My House And In My Dreams And You Know So We Stopped The Session No Actually We’re In The Room And The Computer In The Kitchen Turned On And Just Started Playing Music And I Thought I Don’t Know Maybe There’s A Timer On Or Whatever Like It Didn’t Feel Weird We Walk Into The Other Room And We Sit Down And I Turn The Computer Off I’m Like This Kind Of Stuff That Just Happened To Not Stop Like Something Like The Manifestations Are Getting Like More And More Bold You Know And As I’m Telling Him That Bro My Lyric Book Came Flying Out Of The Other Room And Hit The Kitchen Floor And Just Kind Of Slid Across The Floor Wow And I Was Like Bro I Told You It Was Actually That Guy That Had Told Me About Jesus You Know And I Mean I’m Going Into This It Was Just Like That What Led To That Point You Know We Open Ourselves Up To That It’s Through Witchcraft Because I Had Been Doing Spose Because I Had Been Going To Boot On It Because I Know If You Know What That Is In Chicago There Are Over The Placement There You Could Go There And You Could Have Cleansing You Could Put Spells On People On You Whether They’re So People To Fall In Love With Your For People To Get Hurt Or Whatever You Know So Much Of That Was In My Life It’s Like You Open This Doorway To The Other Side And From My Experience The Other Side That When You’re In Sure That Way It’s Never Good In Like In My Life She Would Say Oh I’m Gonna Do A Cleansing We’re Gonna Do Cleansing And We’re Gonna Invoke This Spirit You Know To Help Cleanse You Yeah It’s Never That It’s Always A Trap It’s Always A Way To Trap You Little By Little Like To Get A Hook In You And Now You Got To Do It Again Right On At Cleansing Wasn’t Good Enough Now We Have To Do It Again And Then You Do It Again Well Now You Have To Offer Something Here Now You Have To Make An Altar To Them Now You Have To Leave Things At The Alternator’s Alcoholic Or Chocolate Or Whatever It May Be Here And Slowly You Get Pulled In To That World And It Was During That Season That I Came To Christ I Saw That His His Name Actually Makes Those Things Bow My Friend Tony And So As I’m Going Through This Demonic Activity And Bro Nightmares Forever Did You Like Did Would You Haven’t Dumb Like James About Dying Calling Out To The Awesome Stuff Like That Me Cause I Always Having Dreams About Satan Yeah I Saw Him Like I Saw Demons I Would Be Awake You Know They Didn’t Only Happen You Know During During Sleep Time The Manifestations Happened While I Was Awake Also And The Way That I Would Know Like They Were Coming And I Found Out Afterwards There Was People That I Had Beef With That Had Whole Altars Set Up To Me With With Goats You Know Sacrifice Goats And And Animals And You Still There Yeah And Monkeys Bro You Know Cuz In That Stuff There’s Things Where You Could Do You Could Sacrifice Rottweilers Monkeys Goats Chickens Pigeons Does You Know Depending On What Level You Planted That And It’s Like It Invokes A Deeper Demon Or A Stronger Demon So During That Time Was When A Friend Of Mine Knows I’m Going Back And Forth And I I Was Talking To That Guy That Saw What Happened In My Kitchen With The Notebook He’s The One Who Told Me About Jesus And I’m Like There’s Got To Be A Stronger Witchcraft I Got A Because It’s Always Like Pulling You In There Deeper So You Know What’s Stronger Than This What Form Of Witchcraft Or What Spell You Know What What Botanica What What Person Knows More Than I Do Let Me Get Them And Paid Them To Do Something And He Was The One That Said Yeah There’s Someone Above All Of This Jesus And I Was Like Man Shut Up Like I’m Talking About Real Stuff Yeah Not About You Know I Get That All The Time I Get That All The Time With People Like No Not To Use Man Something Else Like No Dude It’s Gotta Be Such An Ugh Yeah Yeah And And One Night Doing A Well There Was A Course For Almost The Whole Year I Didn’t Sleep Through The Night You Know There Was Stuff And How It Started You’re Just Chilling And You Feel It Yeah Like So You Just Feel Terror You So You Know The Way Would Benefit You Said You Say There Was Something That Would Happen That You Would Know That They Were Coming That Something Was Bothering Ya You Feel It I Would Have A Physical Feeling It Felt Like Something Would Press Up Against Me So It’s Like On The Right Side Of My Usually Happen On The Right Side Of My Body You’d Be Like Something Is Crushing Against You All The Hairs On My Body Would Stand Up And It’s Just Terror Like The Feeling Of That I’ve Never Had A Panic Attack So I’m Not Sure But It Would Just Be This Feeling Of The Most Strongest Fear And Hopelessness And Terror And And And Just Negativity You Know It Would Just Manifest And Now And Then It Would Start I Was Starting Bulking Stuff To Battle It Verbally You Know To Bind It Or To Cast It Out But In Witchcraft Terms Yeah You Know And Um So This Had Been Going On And On And On And One Night I Said In The Name Of Jesus Like I Just Came To Kind Of The End Of Myself And I Was Like I Mean Jesus Like I Command You To Get Out Of Here And All Of A Sudden It Was Peace And Me Being As Stupid As I Was By The Time I Was Like That’s A Coincidence You Know Couldn’t Be In The Name Of Jesus That Had To Have Been A Coincidence But Then That Started Me Investigating And Me Going Into That You Know In Here Let Me Let Me Say This At The Time Some Of The Stuff Is So Deep Bro Like I Don’t I Don’t Know You Know I’m Trying To Not Sugarcoat It But Not Not Exposed So Much Because Certain Names That Are Involved I Want To Protect People There Was Somebody There Was A Person That I Was With At The Time A Female She Came From Generations Of Santeria You Know And She When He Was Married I’m Sorry When She Was Born They Bury Her Like So She Was Offered Up When She Was Born And The Manifestations That Would Come On Her Were Like A Whole Other Level Them That Would Come On Me And The First Time When I Suggested To Her Let’s Go See Somebody You Know And I Didn’t Know About Pastors And Priests So We Went To Go See A Priest Went To See A Catholic Priest And I Remember We Were Sitting There And You Know We’re Just Talking To Him And I Was Like Listen Like I Don’t Know If You Believe In Demons Our House Was Filled With Demons Our Lives Are Filled With Diamond Mines Are Filled With Demons How Do You Stop This And He Took Out A Coin And He Asked Her To Hold So As She’s Holding It We’re Sitting There Talking And She Starts Shaking And Just Crying Right And She’s Just Like Shaking And Crying And He Goes Can I Have My Coin Bags From You And He Took It Back From Her And She Stopped And He Was Like I’m Gonna Come To Your Guy’s House And We’re Gonna Talk There He Came Over And He Told Us He Said That That Coin That He Prayed Over It For The Last I Don’t Know How Many Years And He Said What He Could See Is All Of Her Stuff And That She Had Or She Has Levels Of Demonic You Know There’s There’s Two Different There’s A Couple Different Levels But There’s Demonic Possession But Then There’s Also Demonic Oppression Where You Might Not Be Physically Possessed By Demonic Spirit But Those Spirits Around There Around You And They’re On You And Oppressing Your Life Or Pressing Your Emotions Your Thoughts Your Feelings You Know In Generally Just Causing Help In Your Life And So And That Was The That Was The Beginning Of The End Of Me Being Involved In Those Things But That Was Just The Beginning Of The War Yeah With The Daemonic Yeah Was Like When I When I Declared My Allegiance To Jesus Then All Hell Broke Loose I Thought Well I Thought It Was Going To Be Our Peace I Was Like All Right I Did It I Kept You Jesus And I Meant You Know Yeah You Know What Me You Know What Whenever I Was Coming Out Of That And Not To Quote This Guy But Somebody’s Lyrics Manson Marilyn Manson Lyrics He Had A Song I Want To Live I Want To Love But It’s A Long Hard Road Out Of Oh It’s Like That’s When The Journey Began Is When You’re Coming Out And You Start Resisting Them My Sister She’s Not A Christian But She Says That She Doesn’t Want To Rebuke Them Out Of Her Life Or Fight Them Because Then They Will Start Showing Themselves So Yes Rather Than Just Be There And Not Acknowledge Him Not Try To Fight Them Because She Would Be Scared To Go Down That Route You Know Yeah You Know She’s Just Not Ready Yet Where She Will Be In Jesus Name Because One Day We Really Realize What They Are You Know Because In In A In A Sense We Look At Them As Friends Not Realizing Their Full Level Of Evil Yeah You Did What I’m Saying And How The Bible Says Even Even Satan Manifests As An Angel Of Light Other You Know The The New Age Stuff And The And The Transcendental Meditation Stuff Where You’re Like Seeking Yeah Guides Those Guys Don’t You Know Demons Don’t Come To You As Demons Exactly Generally For The Most Part They Came At Me As Demons When I Finally When You Said No When You Plan To Mask Off Yeah Yeah When I Was Like Lord I Submit To You Lord Jesus You Are My God You Are My Savior You Are My Healer You Are My Everything Then The Masks Came Off And We Were Like Oh Really And The Friend Of Battle Began Yeah Bro I Had What During That Time I Remember I Had A Dream And Me And That Girl Used To Also Have The Same Dreams We Would Have The Same Visions We Would See The Same Things Happening And One Night I Had This Dream That I Saw This Demon Sitting On A Throne I Didn’t See His Face But I Saw From The Chest Down And I Saw His Hands And They Had These Long Nails And You Grow So Evil Looking I Remember I Was Just Staring At It And I Was Trying To Look Up But I Couldn’t See His Face And As I Was Sitting There And When Demons Would Manifest In My Dreams The Way They Move Was Real Weird They Would Like Oh They Would Like Zip Real Fast And So As I’m Looking At Him From Real Far Away It Was Like Super Quick He Zips Up And He Was Holding The Sign To My Face And The Sign Said Some Sins Are Unforgivable Like Give Up He Will Not Forgive You Hmm You Know What I’m Saying I Remember Waking Up And Then I Had To Go Ask Like I Was I Wonder If That’s True I Wonder If I’m So Far Gone But It’s A Lie Yeah It’s A Lie And I Tell You A Demonic Thing That Manifested And The Journey Of That And The Conclusion Of It Lasted About Two Years So I During That Time Of All This Demonic Activity I Had A Dream That The Demon Came In To Attack My Girl And So And This Was A Dream I’m In Bed But I’m Waiting Free And So I’m Pretending I’m Sleeping And This Thing Comes In And It Hovers Over Her And As It’s Hovering Over Her I Grabbed It By The Neck I Stand Up And I Just Started Smashing His Head On This Table In My Bedroom And Bro I Just Like Smashed His Head Like Scylla Was Gone And His Body Just Felt Like Out Of My Head And I Was Like That’s What You Get You See That And I Hear Someone Laughing Behind And I Turn Around And I Turn The Light On And It’s Say And He’s Pointing At Me And He’s Laughing And He Grabbed My Keys And He Jumps Out The Window And I Run To The Window And I Look And It Was A Garden Where He Ran And He Ran Away With My Keys Sit From That Dream The The Amount Of Demonic Warfare The Spiritual Warfare Was So Intense Sometimes Rise To Pray Psalm 91 I Don’t Even Know How Many Times Are They Yeah You Know The The The The School That I Went Through During That Season And Now Coming Out Of That Season When That Was Ending I Have A Dream And I Walk Into A Club And It’s All Games And They’re All About Ten Feet Tall And They’re All Like Super Buff Like Soup Like Just Monster Demons And I Walk In And I Pulled My Chest Out And I’m Not Scared Of Them And I’m Walking Through The Club And I See An Open Table And I Sit Down At The Table And I’m Just Looking Around And On The Table Are My Keys Bro The Keys That He Took Over A Year Year And A Half Ago I Remember In My Dream I Saw Them And I Was Like My Keys And I Snatched Them And Woke Up And I Woke Up And That Was The Beginning Of A Whole New Season Oh And The Way That I Fought Was Different Because The Way That I Used To Battle Them Is I Would Give I Would Get Angry And I Would Power Up My Flesh Would Power Up Now With Prey And And Sometimes I Still Do Power Up Because It’s A Fear That Enters You To Do What I’m Saying But When I Would Pray I Would Be Binding In The Name Of Jesus I Command You And I Would Get Like Real Hype And And So After The Dream When I Snatched My Keys I Was Homeless And I Started Feeling It I Started Feeling Something Coming And I Started To Power Up And I Was Like Hold Up You Can’t Be Here This Is Not My House This Is The Lord’s House I’m Not Mine Try To God Like You Can’t Even Be Here And I Didn’t Get To Finish That Thought And That Saying That It Was Gone Mm-hmm You Know So That Was You Know That Year And A Half Was My Spiritual Warfare Training Or Boot Camp Or Spiritual Navy Seal Training I Didn’t Want It Believe That I Didn’t Want Any Of That Man Like A Lot Of It Was Horrific But Glory To God Now You Know That I’ve Dealt With The Demonic After That In Other People Yeah I Was My Asker Here Have You Been Used To Help Other People Come Out Of That Stuff As Well And Kind Of Go Through Those Same Processes Yes And I’ve I Think You Get All Right Now – I Think You’re Doing It Right Now I Just Got A Message From Somebody Who’s Watching And They’re Just Like Man This Is The Fellowship That I’ve Been Looking For This Is What I Need So What’s Deep About A Man Simply Speaking The Truth Into Those Places Of Darkness Man When You Speak Truth Truth Is Light Those Wicked Spirits Have To Flee Whether We’re Talking About Ungodly Beliefs People Think That They’re Not Good Enough People Think That They Can’t Be Forgiven And Then When You Speak The Word Of Truth Over Them Those Spirits Leave Man So Even In This I’ve Got The Holy Spirit All Over Me Listening To Your Story Man It’s So Similar To Mine So It’s Definitely So It’s Powerful Man Keep Going Doing Amen And You Know Can Add Something To That To Being Forgiven Yeah Jesus Stood Now Is The Judgment Of This World He Is The Judgment Of This World And Of The Evil One So Whoever Is Listening To This Whatever You Think Is Going On You Are Forgiven In Christ You Man That’s A Fact You Just Not Have To Receive It That Dead Is Already Paid Yeah Completely Paid You Know It’s Like It’s Like Owing On A House And Let’s Say You Owe $300,000 On A House And So Unpaid You Know A Million Dollars On That House And Your Debt Is Paid But In But You’re Still Living Like Nah I’m Going To Keep Paying I’m Going To Keep Living In Bondage I’m Going To Keep Living This Way Because You Don’t Realize It’s Paid So Whether You Accept It Or Not It’s Paid You Are Forgiven In Jesus Name The Sooner You Accept It The Sooner Then He Could Come In And He Can Turn You Into The Person That He Originally Intended You To Be No Talk A Little Bit More About You Know Helping The Other People Get Through Through You Know Their Situation With Deliverance And Stuff As Well I Had A I Give You Specifically My Stepsister’s My Mom Remarried She Moved Back To Croatia And As I Was Going Back There I Always Preach I Can’t Help It Like This Part I Think I Think I Think Once We’re Genuinely Touched By Christ And The Holy Spirit And Once We Genuinely Feel Forgiveness You Want To Share That Yeah Sure That Would Be Once You’re Free From Bondage You’re Free You Know You Want To Know Other People Free I’d Be Hard-pressed To Find Someone That That’s Had A Genuine Experience And You Don’t Want The Whole Word To Have That Because It’s So Beautiful And So I Would Be Going Back To There Now I Was Preaching To People In My My Stuff Sister She Was Involved In Some Weird Meditation Stuff And Some Yoga Stuff And And She Started Having Demonic Oppression She Started Not Being Able To Go Outside She Started Having Panic Attacks And She Couldn’t Work Anymore She Was Only Have Four Different Types Of Medication She Lost A Ton Of Weight And It Was Just All This Demonic Stuff Happens So It Took Three Years I’ll Go Back There During The Summers And Preach To Her The First Year She’s Like I Don’t Know Because You Know I Don’t Believe In Jesus Is Just Love You Know It’s Just Kind Of This Abstract Thing Second Year I Would Come And She Was Like Well I Kind Of Believe But Kind Of Not So The Third Year I Was There I Was There For Three Or Four Weeks I Kept Preaching To Her And The Day Before I Left We Were Sitting In A My Stepfather’s Living Room And My Stepfather And My Mother Are Outside And I Was Speaking To Her And I’m Like Look I’m Gonna Be Leaving Tomorrow Do You Think You’re Ready I Think You’re Ready To Accept Christ You Understand Like You See If You Like Know Your Center You Know His Love You Know That He Was Sinless You Know He Died For Your Sins Why Wouldn’t You Just Accept Him Receive Him And She’s Like I’m Just Not Sure If I’m Ready And I Was Like You’re Ready Can We Pray I’m Like Will You Pray With Me If I Pray What I’m Saying She’s Like Yeah So I Went To Just Whatever Came To My Mind As Far As A Sinner’s Prayer No Father Thank You That You Are Loved And You Love Us Aw Thank You Jesus That You Died On The Cross For Us You Know I Know That I’m A Seeing Senator Thank You For Forgiveness With You Come Into My Heart Would You Would You Be Lord Of My Life And As We’re Praying This You Could Tell Something Weird Was Happening Yeah You Know That Those That Energy Came Around And I Could Feel It So We Get Done With The Prayer And I Look Her In The Eyes And I Said I Said How Do You Feel And She’s Like I Don’t Know I Feel Weird Like Something Feels Weird To Me I Said Can I Just Pray For You She’s Like A So I Got Up And I Put My Hand On Her Back And I Just Started Praying For Her And She Started Manifesting So As She’s Sitting At The Living Room Table And He’s So Small And She’s Sitting In A Living Room Table I Could See Her Father And My Mother Like Outside Working On The Garden You Know It’s A Beautiful Sunny Day And She’s Like Starts Convulsing And Like Making These Weird Noises You Know And I Kept Praying And Praying And I Stopped And I She’s Like What Is This What Like What Is This What’s Going On Like What’s Happening To Me You Know And I Stopped And I Said I Said What’s Going On With You She’s Like Something Is Saying That They’re Not Gonna Go And When She Said That Row I Felt Like The Holy Spirit Just Just Draped Me In This Love And This Power That Was So Peaceful And I Remember Like I Looked Her Right In The Eyes And I Was Like There Is No Choice It Has To Go I’m Gonna Pray For You One More Time And That Prayer You Could Feel It You Know That As I’m Praying I Bound It I Commanded It I Cast It Into The Abyss And You Could Just Feel It It Was Just Gone All Of A Sudden That That Tension That Anxiety That Stuff That Makes Your Hair Stand Up It Was Just Like Perfect Peace In The Room I Sit Down In A Locater And I Look In Her Eyes And I’m Like What About Now She’s Like It’s Gone So Now From That Day The Next Day I Had Left For Back For The States Within Three Weeks She Was Off Of All Her Medication She’s Never Gone Back To Any Other Medication Me I Needed A Psychotropic In Romania Rush She She Since Then Has Been Saved In Baptized She Goes To A Little Baptist Church Out There And That Kind Of Started A Whole Bunch Of People Out There From Our Families Getting Saved Including My Mom My Mom Got Baptized Earlier This Year You Know So So Those Manifestations Still Happen But I’m Surprised If You Get To Baptize Your Mom I Didn’t Because I Was Here And She’s In Croatia Okay He’s Actually Here At The Moment But She Normally Been There Yeah That’s What’s Up Man I Got To Chance It I Got The Chance To Bat My Mom When She Came Into Faith It Was Amazing I’ll Bro I Would Be Balling Is Powerful Man Powerful Um I Want I Want To Kind Of Go Into A Little Bit We Kind Of Mentioned It Is That They Always Require Something Right These Spirits These Demons Right They You Know They Require Something Um And What I’ve Noticed Is That Once You Get In Deeper And Deeper And People Want To See Something Real I Did They’re Like People Are Willing To Do A Lot Of Stuff To Have One Of These Beings Manifest To Them Right Whether It’s Through The New Age Or Through Satanism I’ve Called Already To Say Ten The Bible As Well It Went Through Just Just Being Lonely Out Of Being Lonely I Was Trying To Summon Demons Dog To Come In And Fellowship With Me So People Are Willing To Do That Man Um Talk A Little Bit About What They Want Because I Think They Always Want Something You Said You Know People Put Coins Down At The Altar They Build They Were Necklace Or The Beads Or Whatever The Case Is But I’ve Noticed They Want A Piece Of Your Mind You They Want In Your Mind That’s What They Want And We Talk About We Look At People Like Aleister Crowley And Seeing What Happened To Them At The End Of Their Rope Dealing With These Beings And These Demons That Would Appear To Them They End Up Being Like A Vegetable They End Up Being Schizophrenic Which Was Happening To Me When I Was Dealing With These Demons Um Talk A Little Bit About That Man What Happens In Your In Your Mind What They Want To Do Because That’s The Stronghold The Demonic Strongholds In The Scriptures Or Thought Forms And Patterns And That’s How They Get In That’s How They Stay There So Talk A Little Bit About That Yeah I Think Ultimately They Want A Body They Want A Host Body Order To Ultimately Be Able To The Manifest Fully Think It Can Share Their Thoughts With You They Can Influence You But But Ultimately They Want A Body And I’ve You Know Insulted Here They Call It Being Mounted So I’ve Been To Ceremonies Where There Was Four People There That Were Mounted And They Don’t Look At It As Its Possession Bro They Want It Yeah So It’s Like You Know The Deception Is So Deep That It’s Like An Honor To Be Mounted By This Thing And To Do Whatever It Takes So They’ll Mount You And Then Live Inside Of You And Kind Of Animate You Like You’re A Puppet You Know To Do Whatever They Wanted Powers And Stuff In A Welcomer Yeah Yeah And And And But Ultimately Their Desire Is To Destroy You They Come To Steal Kill And Destroy So It Doesn’t Matter In What Ways They Have To Lie To You And Give You Temporary Pleasure Whether That Be Sex Or Money Or Power Or Fame Their Ultimate Goal Is To Destroy You They Hate You That’s The Thing I Think If We Were To Realize They They Loathe Us There They Do Not Have Sympathy For Us They Have Murderous Rage For Us So They Will Tolerate Us For A Time And Then Let’s Say If You Befriend Him Brad Two Days Ago A Dude Woke Up To Me I Start A Conversation With Simon Ali I Was Listening To One Of My Songs On The Radio What Is That Oh My God This Is What It Is A Do Christian Your Buddy’s Like Ah Really Again You Know He’s Like Why Would You Tattoos I’m Like Why Used To Be Involved In Other Things Blah Blah Blah He’s Like Like What Like Demonic Stuff I’m Like Yeah Well This Dude Was Dead Serious He’s Like Bro Teach Me Out Of Some Demons I Want To Be Rich Yeah I Was Like You Fool But Desk Where We’re At No Doubt Yeah Because We Don’t Realize What We’re Actually Saying We Want Some Temporary Thing The Price That You Pay The Pain The The Struggle And You Know Hopefully You Don’t Die From It Hopefully Nobody That You Care About Dies From It But A Lot Of Times That Can Be The Outcome You Know But So That’s What They Want When They Come At You And Whether You’re Doing Like Things That You Think Is Is Innocent Like Ouija Boards Or Even Astrology Or Even Like Tarot Card Readings Or Uh All Those Are Small Doors Being Open Yeah A Lot Of Times When I Tell People Like You Nervous Astrology Readings I Used To Do Astrology I Used To Be Able To Do Yeah Or Or Any Type Of Reading Reading Auras You Know Reading In A Well From The Muslim Side Of My Family Are From Bosnia They Read Coffee Grounds So All Of It Is Contacting Unclean Spirits For Some Type Of Information In The Nation Yeah Right What We’re Hoping For Is Information About The Future Or Information About Something That We Can Then Use To Come Up In Life So So The Guy That Asked Me If I Would Tell Him How To Summon Demons He Wanted Information So He Could Be Rich So Hey You Know He Didn’t Care What It Would Cost Him And They Will Never Do Stuff That Doesn’t Cost You Exactly It Will Cost You So Much You Know Um But I Think That’s What They Want They Want To Steal Kill And Destroy And They Want A Host Body And They Want To Use That Host Body To Trap Other People We’re Talking About Like Looking Into The New Age And Stuff Man Cuz I’m Like Like I Came Out Of That Stuff But I’m Definitely Responsible For Entertaining It So I Think I Owe This Interview You Know I’m Saying I Think I Owe People The Truth Like Like I’m Telling You Before Like I Would Kind Of Give Them A Piece Of The Truth I Wouldn’t Give Them All Of The Truth And So In Those Circles There Are A Lot Of People Who Are Psychics And They They Can Channel And Get Messages And Things Like That And It Helps A Lot Of People They Tell Them Future Stuff They Tell Them What To Do And It’s Astrology And Stuff But When It Comes Down To It Like What Does The Bible Say About It And I’ve Tried To Rationalize It Myself Like How Can I Move In These Circles And Be Rub Shoulders With These People And Not You Know Try To Find Some Type Of Common Ground I Hey I I Consult The Spirit Realm As Well But I Could Consult The Holy Spirit Um So I Was Reading In Acts Look At It Talks About The Lady That Had The Spirit Who Can Go Around And Tell The Future To People Yeah And She Would Go Around She Would Make Money She Had Guys Who Would Go Out And Book People And They Would Have Sessions And She Would Tell Them Their Future And Do Healings And Cleansing And All That All That Kind Of Stuff And She Had It In Her Mind You Can Read This In Acts Chapter The Apostle Paul And Kind Of Make Fun Of Him For A Couple Days On This Journey She Was Following Behind Him And Okay Come See The Man Of God Everyone This Is The Guy Who’s And And What She Was Telling The Truth She Was Calling Him A Man Of God Exactly She Would St. You Know So There’s There’s A Lot To Be Said About That Yeah I Think What I Was Saying You Know Yeah Yeah There’s Definitely A Lot Of Levels To It But What I’m Getting At Is The Fact That Paul Got Tired Of It Turned Around Rebuked The This Evil Spirit Within Her The Evil Spirit Left And She Couldn’t Tell The Future Anymore Yeah She Was Consulting With An Evil Spirit He Rebuked The Spirit In The Name Of Jesus The One That’s Higher Than Them All And Then They They Grabbed Him And Took Him In Jail Because The Guys Couldn’t Make Money Off Of Her Anymore So They Brought Before The Judges And Said Hey This Guy Is Affected On Business Let’s Taking The Jail Is Taking The Court So That’s The Whole Thing As Far As Like Everything Is Not Beautiful Just Because You Can Hear Voices Or Just Because You Can Transfer And Receive Messages This Stuff Is Really Popular Right Now It’s Getting Getting Even More Popular So We Have To Be Careful Of Where These Messages Are Coming From Just Because It Seems Like It’s Saying Good Information Right It’s Telling Us Good Stuff About The Future Or About Family Members It Doesn’t Mean That It’s Always Something That Is Out To Help You You Know It’s An Elaborate In That Case The Spirit Of Divination It Says It Says Another Word For It’s A Spirit Of Python That Was Used There And It Would Give You The Same Um Concept Of What A Python Would Do Wrap Around You Get A Little Bit Tighter A Little Bit Tighter As You Move Around Get A Little Bit Tighter A Little Bit Tighter Until Eventually You Can’t Breathe Anymore And You Find Yourself At Rock Bottom With These Entities Who Are A Lot Older Than You A Lot Smarter Than You And They’ve Been Here For A Very Long Time So To Think That You Can Outsmart Or Outwit These Demonic Entities And You Can Play With Them You’re Sadly Mistaken Man You Know You Can’t On Your Own Only Through The Holy Spirit Yeah On Your Own What We Would Call A Neutron You Know If You If You Didn’t Pick A Side You Know Like Hearing Gang Banging If You Ain’t On The Side You Caught A Neutron In The Spiritual World If You Don’t Pick A Side You You Will Be Destroyed You Would There Is No Way You Can On Your Own Wits Or Your Own Spiritual Power Or Thinking Can Out Maneuver Outsmart Demonic Spirits It’s Just Not Going To Happen You Know And Uh And Again It’s Like What You’re Just Saying With With The Spirit Of Python Also Reminds Me It’s Like It Slowly Grabs You And As It’s Squeezing You A Lot Of Times You Might Not Even Notice And The Truth That It Gives You This From My Experience The Truth That I Got From It It Was Always Useless Truth So They Would Know Something Which Is Like This Information So Let Me Give You An Example From My Experience This Is How The Demonic Works It Tells You A Lie It Gives You A Little Bit Of Useless Truth And Then It Tells You A Lie So That You’re Confused It’s The Spirit Of Babylon It’s The Spirit Of Confusion There Is No Clarity To It It’s Always Like This Weird Out-of-focus Kind Of Stuff You Know So Let’s Say One Of The One Of The Times That I Had A Cleansing On Me You’re The Ladies Telling Me About My Grandfather Who Was In A Ward He Was In World War Two And Something That He Had Said Which Was True But What She Had Told Me Before That And After That Was Lies But Then When When Someone Speaks That Way You Tend To Not Be Able To Discern What Was True And What’s Not So Then The Life Starts Getting Into You And That’s How Slowly You Get Those Strongholds In Your Mind That Are Believing Lies You Know And And Again For The For The Most Part Demonic Spirits Don’t Come At Us As Being Exactly It Comes Kind Of Innocent And Kind Of Like What’s The Big Deal What’s The Big Deal If You Go Have A Palmer Ii Or What’s The Big Deal If You Do This But They Use Those Little Incidents To Put A Hook In And Pull You Closer Then It’s Like Well Why Don’t You Do Another One You Should Do A Bigger Spell You Should You Should Try Business Isn’t As Fun Like You Could Get More Power Try To And They Put Another Hooking Or I Know Another Technique That Is Used Is There’s A System Of Magic That I Had Learned About That’s An Old System Of Aztec Magic And In This System You Try To Catch A Demon In Your Sleep State So It’s This Long Process Of Getting To A Place Where First You Learn How To Spot Them You Try To Learn How To Have A Conscious Dreams Right So It’s A Process That You Go Through And Then You Spot Them They Kind Of Play Hide-and-seek With You And You’re Supposed To Battle Them And Capture Them And Then You Could Control Them And Send Them Out To Do Things For You In The Spiritual Realm Now So The Way That That Is Brought To You Is Hey Don’t You Want A Spiritual Slave You Could Do These Things And You Could Capture This Entity And The Entity Then We’ll Have To Do Things For You Go Fight Battles For You Go Do Take Care Of Revenge For You Whatever It Y’all For You And Set It Up Ahead Of You Another Whatever It May Be Get That Girl For You Get You That Record Deal You Know Whatever It May Be But The Truth Is Is He Caught You You’re The One That’s Caught But The Deception Is That You’re The One That Was Given Power The Truth Is You Were Enslaved And Any Of The Any Of The Spiritual Stuff That Leaves Out Jesus Christ In The Holy Spirit Leads To Bondage It Leads To Slavery Anything That Deals With Jesus Christ Leads To Freedom Freedom From Oppression Freedom From Addiction Freedom From Depression You Know Yes See That’s The Whole Thing That’s Kind Of Offensive Man Um When The Scripture Says That To The Jews It’s Just It’s A It’s A Stumbling Block It’s Hard For Them To Understand But For The Greeks And These Are The People Who Were Into The Philosophy The Greeks To The Greeks Is Foolishness Together You Know To Teach That We Are Sinners In Need Of A Savior That We Can By Studying And Self-betterment And Enlightenment Reach This Love You Know These Levels Of Christ’s Hood Essentially There’s That Vein As Well And You Can You Can Become Christ And You Don’t Need Christ But You Become Christ And That’s More Than Needing Him Right So There’s That Notion As Well So The Scriptures Tell Us You Know For Those Who Are Into The Philosophies That They Are Vain To See But It’s Foolishness But The Whole Thing About It This Kingdom Is A Backward Upside Down Kingdom When This We’re Not Supposed To Make This Look Cool We’re Not Supposed To Make This Be Something That’s Flashy Or Something That You Want Just By Looking At It Because You But You Must Become Foolish You Must Be Cut You Must Have The True Death Of The Ego Which Is The Death Of The Flesh So That You Die So That Christ Lives Within You That’s The True Freedom The True Freedom And It’s What We Had To Be Careful It’s Like I Kick The Light Enlightenment Out The Window Because You Think You Reach These Levels And You Do You Reach These Levels And You In These Experiences And You Learn More And More And More And You Have A Little Authority In Those Realms But In An Instant Man In An Instant In Any We All Can Mess Up Right You Can Lose It All So It’s This Place Of Depravity That We Have To Go Back To The Place That We Need God Daily Like I Need God I Have To Be In This Mindset That I Need God Today More Than I Need Him When I Was Full Of Those Demons I Need Him And I Do If I Don’t I’ll Get Prideful The Scriptures Promise Before Fall And We Think We Can Do It On Our Own Well He’s Raised Me Up I’ve Learned A Lot I Can I Can Kind Do It Without God Now I’ve Kind Of Learned How To Do It Without Him And So That’s The Place Where We Have To Be As Just Focused On Christ And What He Did On The Cross That He Has All Authority All Power And All Of These Demons All Of These Principalities Must Bow To The Feet Of King Jesus They Must Addictions Meth Addictions Gang Affiliation Any Contracts That You’ve Made In Blood They’re Broken In Jesus Mighty Name Jesus He In An Instant I’m Talking About Any Instant He Can Open Or Shut Doors That No Man Can Open Whether It’s Philosophies That You’ve Learned And There’s No Way You Can Believe In Jesus Or There’s No Way You Can Believe In God In An Instant He Can Come In And Change It Man And I’ve Had It Happen To Me I’ve Been In Places Where I’ve Learned Stuff And I’ve Dealt With The Black Hebrew Israelites And There Was A Lot Of Stuff I Was Learning With Them And I Just Accepted The Fact That Man That’s I’m Probably Not Going To Be The Same After This There’s No Way I Can Unlearn This Stuff And I Repented Before Some Brothers And God In Prayer And Sought The Lord With Tears And In An Instant He Took That Spirit Off Of Me Even As A Christian Man With We’re Influenced By The Outside Sources If We’re Not Obedient To The Will Of God Into The Will Of Christ It Is A Daily Thing You May Not Be Possessed But The Oppression Sometimes It’s Just As Worse Oh We’re Gonna Yeah It’s A Battle This Is A War And We’re In A War And There Might Be Times When It Seems Like You’re Not But Exact Times When It Flares Up You Know And If We Get Too Comfortable If We’re Not If We’re Not Pushing In If We’re Not Praying If We’re Not Studying Scripture If We’re Not Approaching This With Faith Those Things Will Come Back And Attack But Even That You Know For My Experience God Will Use Frogs Yeah He Always Yes No Doubt Even That He Will Use For Our Good And What You Mentioned About You Know The Jews And The Greeks So I Think Those Are Our Archetypes For Religion Yeah And For Philosophy Right So So We Have The People That Are Religious And It’s Like My Works And I’m Gonna Be Good And Look At What I’ve Done With It’s Just Trash At The End You Know Our Righteousness Is As Dirty Menstrual Rags That Gossipy And That’s Offensive To Some People Cuz With A No I’m I’m Pretty Good And Known We’re Not Once The More You Know God Actually My Experiences The More I Get To Know God The Opposites That Happens The More I See That I’m Not Good The More I Have The Courage And The Honesty To See Who I Truly Am How Much Out Dirty I Truly Am So The Spirit Of Religion Makes Us Think No I’m Fine I Just Got To Do These These You Know Steps One Two And Three And I’m Good This The Spirit Of Philosophy The The Kind Of That Rebellious Spirit Of I Don’t Even Need Any Of That You Fools You Know My Intellect Can Do All This My My You Know We We Don’t Need God For Any Of This There Was No God And And Both Of Those Trains Of Thought And Up In Destruction And End Up Being Burned Up And I Think If Any Of Us Live Long Enough And If Any Of Us Are Intellectually Honest Enough To Face These Questions It They’re Exposed And I Think That’s That’s A Big Thing For Me As I Walk You Know We Have To Be Intellectually Honest We Have To Be Honest About Who We Actually Are So So You Know All Of Us Are Wearing Masks No Matter What Level We’re At Whether We’re A Non-believer Whether You’re A Stripper Or Gangbanger Whether You’re A Person That Goes To Church While Wearing A Mask And The Closer We Get To God Hopefully And In Jesus Name Those Masks Start To Come Off And We And We Stop Being These False Creations And We Start Embracing The True Creation Of God Of Who He Is Intending For Us To Be And Not Who We Think We Can Create Ourselves To Do You Know It’s Like Two Different People Per Song On Yeah Yeah A Person Who Did Receive Man That’s Crazy In Itself That’s That’s What You’re Tapping Into The Spirit Realm When You Receive These Personas These Images Through The Television Or These M Just Through Youtube Or Music Videos Or Whatever Whether It’s A Style Of Clothing Or Whatever You Want People To Perceive You A Certain Type Of Way Narcissism All Of These Things Meant This We Don’t Let A Spiritual Battle It’s In All These Even In These Places I Want People To Look At Me A Certain Type Of Way I Want Them To See Me As This That Gets Into Some Some Spiritism As Well Men Yeah Yes Very I’m Real Real Man Definitely Yeah You Know In Genesis God Says Let Us Create Man In Our Own Image And Then Fast Forward To The New Testaments It Says Jesus Is The Express Image Of God Yeah He Always Says He Is The He Is The Image Of The Invisible God Yeah Yeah So He’s The True Image So The Process Started In Genesis And Then You Know Without Getting Into All The Details The Whole Bible Is The Process And It’s Archetypes Of What We Are Going Through As Believers But The End Is Christ And So Through The Whole Bible We Have Examples Of When We Decide No I’m Gonna Make Myself In The Image That I Choose And That I Believe Is The Thing That Are You Know And I’ll Give You An Example You Know Of Going Through The Fire And Having Things Burned In This Light You Know I Did Music For Probably Pulled Otto’s Albums Off The Internet And I Worked Hard Like I Work Hard Bro And And I Just After I Got Saved And It Took Me A Little While Walking With The Lord And I Just I Was Still Making Money Off Those Songs And The Nest I Love Music And One Day I Was Like I’m Just I’m Taking That Down You Know And It Burned Up That Stuff Got Burned Up So Whoever We’re Trying To Create Us To Be And Whether It Is Influenced Like You Said To Music Through Media To Our Friends Through Our Culture Whatever Fake Personas We’re Putting Up One Day We’ll Be Poked There’s A Quote It’s Something For The Effect Of There’s Coming A Midnight Hour When Every Masks Will Be Stripped Off Of Us And We Will Stand Full Of The Lord Naked Now Before That Would Have Been Horrible Ah To Me Nappa Thought You Don’t Have To Try To Be Something In That To Just Be Able To Stand In Front Of The Lord And Be Like Who Am I Who Do You Intend For Me To Be The Man You Know And And That’s Freedom Yeah That’s Freedom And That Is The Exact Opposite Of What We Get When We’re Coming At This Through Witchcraft Or Spiritism And New Age Mysticism Yeah The Whole Thing With That Is That There’s Like You Know We Have An Identity Crisis And We Don’t Know What You Know Who We Are And So For Me Even When You’re Searching For Who You Truly Are You Can Be So Open To Receiving Who You Really Are That You Allow Other People To Tell You Who You Are Versus Versus Getting In The Scriptures And Seeing Who God Says You Are More Than A Conquerer Your Love Your The Righteousness Of God Created In Christ Jesus To Do Good Works You’re The Head And Not To Tell You Have You Know Good Thoughts About You And Just Understanding Who Got You You Are In Christ Man That’s Why We Have To Get Into Those Scriptures Because We’ll Start I’ll Start I Do It I Start Believing What People Say About Me Well This Negative Stuff For Good Stuff Oh Man You’re Super Dope I Get Dude I Get Calls From People All The Time I Put My Number Out There For Fans And You Know They Hit Me Up And Like Man You’re So You’re So Dope Man You’re So Enlightened I Got A Side Dude I’m I’m Just A Truck Driver Man I’m A Regular Person Too Like If It’s Only Through Christ Like This Image That You Have Of Me It’s Not True Right You Know I’m Saying Like I’m A I Probably See More Spiritual On Those Records Or On The Internet Then I Am Sometimes In Real Life So It’s Not My Good Works Man This Is Something And So I’m Blessed When People Want It When They Say Okay How Do I Get What You Have And So It’s Like You Know What Must I Do To Be Saved Okay You Want What I Have To Be Quite Honest With You It’s A Relationship With Jesus In The Power Of The Holy Ghost Man That’s That’s All It Is In Second I Want It All Right We’ll Pray This Prayer With Me Man Understand What Christ Did For You And Those Are The That Makes Everything That I’ve Done Man It Makes It All Worth It And They Miss Some Stuff On The Back End Um We Got We Got A Couple People On Hold Who Have Called In So Just To Let Everybody Know We’re Going To Open Up The Phone Lines As Well So You Guys Can Call In The Numbers At The Bottom Of Youtube And It’s In The Description So You Can Call Us In And It’ll Put You In Queue And If You Have A Question For Marz Or Myself Or If You Would Like Prayer Go Ahead Give Us A Call So I’m Gonna Take This First Call This One Says It’s From Knoxville Tennessee Corleone Air What’s Going On Hello Oh Wow I Didn’t Know It’d Do That Bad Yeah This Is Matt I Just That’s So True What You Are Saying About Not Being Able To Unlearn Certain Things That You’re Learning But We’re Converting To Do This And If You Learned Of Them To Spiritual Practices And All Kinds Of Stuff Like That Have You Experienced Yeah I Had Got Into All Of That Started Out With Like A Strong Me And Things Like That I’ve Been You Know Taking Psychedelics And You Know Had First-hand Experiences With That Type Of Stuff Like You Know Thinking I Was An Alien And All This Stuff Into This Creating Just That So It’s Like You Said Getting Into Confusion You Know I Can Totally Leave You Confused And Stuff You Know Going To Psychics And Learning Other Things I Think And You Know There’s Been Times Where I Would Say Like You Know Jesus That Can’t Be Just The Only Answer And Believe You Just Confuse And Things Like That In Marz I Like You I Love Your Music And Stuff Like That I’ve Always Been A Fan Yeah Oh Thank You Mario Everybody I’ll Get Over That Noah’s Going To Be Over Here So Fast All As Well Man We’re Just Hanging Out Dude Yeah You Got Any Questions Or Anything From Ours Um Well Do You Think That Uh You Know Once You Wearing Certain Aspects Of Yourself That Oh Actually I Got Into Things Like You Things Like Using Crystals And Stuff Like That It’s Like A Form Of Witchcraft Or Not Just Carrying Crystals On You And Stuff Like That Was The Question What About The Crystal He Was Asking That You Know Using Crystals Or Carrying Crystals And Stuff Like That Is That Witchcraft Just Just Just Having Crystals On You I Think I Wouldn’t Carry Him I Used To I Used To Do Crystal Stuff Too And And You Know Anything That Has Energies Around It Um I Would I Would Stay Away From Let Me Let Me Touch On A Couple Things That You Said One I Wanna Encourage You My Brother Because There’s Nothing That You Could Have Done That Would Make God Not Love You So One I Want To Just Encourage You That You Are Loved You’re A Child Of God And The Work He Has Started In You He Will Finish Or You Had To Keep Pushing Into Him And Now What Is This The Thing About Looking Into The Palladianism And You Know All The Different Type Of Ways We Can Get Sidetracked It I Equate All Of That To Babylon The Word Babylon Means Confusion By Mixture So The Enemy Loves To Confuse Us By Mixing All These Crazy Things Up And We’re You Know And Have A Seeking Them Out And I Think That’s A Natural Part Of Our Growing In Christ So It’s Okay That You Used To Look Into That Stuff And It’s Okay That You’re Seeking You Know The Word Says Ask Seek Knock Just Keep Going Keep Keep Pushing Towards Christ And I Want To Share A Story With You That I Think Happens To All Of Us As Christians Whether We’re Young Christians Or Whether We’ve Been Walking With The Lord For A While And The Story Is Hot It’s About A War It’s About World War Two And About A Certain Battle That Happened And I Believe They Made A Movie Or A Book About It Called The Man That Never Lived So Now Watch Check This Out There Was A German Town And It Was Filled With With Nazis And They Were Entrenched In This Town And The Allies Had To Go Through That Town To Be And Take That Town In Order For That To Be A Supply Route In Order For Them To Win The War But At The Ally Meeting They Were Like How Are We Going To Get This Town They’re So Entrenched In There We’re Going To Lose So Many People There’s No Way To Get In There One Of The Allies Said What If We Just Get The Germans To Leave And They Were Like Well How Do We Do That So This Is What They Did They Found A Body Of A Young Man The Guy Was In His Early 20s And They Dressed Him Up As An American Officer And On His Body They Left All These Notes In Code That Ended Under Cook In The Code Of This Of These Notes That The Germans Had To Decipher It Would It Was A Lie And What It Said Was That They Were Not Going To Attack That Town But They Were Going To Go Attack A Different Town Called Sardinia So They Left The Body There For The Germans To Find Them The Germans Found The Body The Germans Had To Go Through All The Deciphering And Figuring Out The Code They Deciphered The Code They Got Up And Left That Town And Went Into A Different Towns The American Allies Just Walked Right Into That Town Now I Think On A Spiritual Level That Happens To Us All The Time The The Devil Puts Stuff In Front Of Us For Us To Decipher And For Us To Have To Go Look Into And Univer Whether It’s Aliens Or Or Whatever You Know Whether It’s Crystals Or Aliens Or Or Any Type Of Things Like That We’re There To Discover And He Makes Us Leave Where We Were Supposed To Be Do You Follow That Right Garden Writing The Land That We Were Supposed To Guard You Follow Me On That Though And So You Know We’re Made Out Of Dirt According To The Bible The Lord Made Us Out Of Dirt We Need To Guard This Land From The Enemy And A Lot Of Times The Enemy Can Get Us Away From Guarding It By By Giving These Things Like That To Decipher And To Cap + Off On Rabbit Trails And We Just Got To Remember We Are I Stand Here And Guard You Follow Me My Brother And Guard Our Ground And So The Ground That You Are And I Don’t Know Are You A Believer Do You Believe In You Believe Jesus Is Your Savior Yes I Believe In Jesus But Like You Said You Know With All The Distractions Around You It Makes You Like Say Oh That Can’t You Know I Understand What You’re Saying But You You Know You Start Looking For Other Things And You Know Just Craziness That’s Information That’s Out And I Just You Know Recently After I Had That Experience You Know I Just The Spiritual World Has Opened Up So Much For It’s Just You Know It’s Almost Normal Enough To Have These Crazy You Know I Was Having Demonic Nightmares And But Also Had Good Experiences At The Same Time So You Know It Made It It Made It Like That Where I Was Getting Into A Stuff With Fairies And Stuff I Actually Have Real Experiences With You Know That Realm Of Fairies And All That Type Stuff I Realize It Was Aliens Are Completely Wrong You Know Yeah I’m Fairly Touchless I Don’t Know If You Know Anything About That But There’s So Much I Could Talk About On The Way You Don’t Have All The Time But You Know I Recently Got Numbers Everywhere I Go The Cific Number It All With Me Is 144 You Can Ask Anybody Around You Know I Know That Numbers In The Bible Now Just I Can’t Figure Out Like It Follows Me Everywhere These Numbers And These All These Signs Now It’s Just It’s Just Really Crazy I Don’t Know Yeah Yeah I Know I’ve Gone Through The Same Thing My Number Was 111 And You Know I’ve Gone Through The Same Thing With Aliens And Stuff And They’re All Distractions So Whatever Think Of It Like This Whatever Truth You Think Those Experience We’ll Give You It Is Nothing Compared To The Truth That Is In Christ And That That’s That’s The Bottom Line Right There Yeah It’s It’s Nothing And No Matter Yeah Yeah And There Will Always Give You A Little Bit Of Good They’ll Always Give You A Little Bit Of A Positive Experience But That Will Never Last The Negative Experiences Will Get More And More And More And More Those Will Build And So So What I Would Suggest To You My Brother Is I Would Push Into Christ I Would Put All Of That To The Side And Look Into Christ See Who He Is Because I Know In The Beginning For Me I Was Still Looking At All That Stuff I Was Still Looking At Weird Manifestations And Trying To Try And Understand Them And And It Was Just A Distraction All Those Things Lead To Nothing You Know If We Follow The Lies The Lie Always Changes So If We’re Following Those Type Of Things It Always Changes Like You Univer Let’s Say You’re Looking At Aliens And I Was Learning The Aliens Turn Into Oh These Aliens Said This And I Got To Go This Way And Then All That Led To The Fairies And That Led Me To Two Crystals And Daleks It Always Leads To Another Thing It Never Leads To The Truth It Always Leads To Another Exception You Know What I Mean And Then At The Price Of The Opposite Christ Always Leads To Truth If We Look To Him And We Go Towards Him It Will Lead To Clarity It Will Lead To Peace It Will Lead To Self-control It Will It Will Lead To Humility It Will Lead To Love It Will Lead A Healing It Will Lead To Being Able To Break Addictions Off Of Us So Everything That You Want And Everything That You Truly Are Is In Christ Everything That Is False About Us And Everything That Will Eventually Fall Off Of Us Is In Those Other Realms So In Rely We Don’t Need We Don’t Need Numbers We Don’t Need Any Type Of Crystals We Don’t Need Any Of That Because He Is The Creator Of Numbers He Is The Creator Of Matter He Is The Creator Of Crystals And He Is The Creator Of Water He Is The Creator Of Our Dreams He Is The Creator Of Our Imagination So Everything Is In Him And Not In The Other Things You Follow Me So Think Of It Like That And I Look So All Those Things Are Just A Scratch On The Surface Of Our Creator Right So You Wanna Shoot This Guy Like You Say Yeah You Know You Know It Uses The Truth And Like You Said You Know What You It May Take Some Time And You’re Pushing The Christ I May Actually Know It May Take Some Time To You Know Unravel You Know And Get Out Of The Stuff That You’re Into You Know Or They Take Some Time But If You Really Want Out Of It Brother I Believe I Believe It Like If You Really Want To Let That Stuff Go And You Really Want To Encounter With Jesus I Believe That We Can Pray For You Right Now And And That The Holy Spirit Will Touch You He Will Show You Great And Mighty Things That You Do Not Know And You Cannot Find Out Through Him That’s What I Would Suggest Do It Through Him Pursue Him And See And See See See What Those Other Spirits Have To Say About It She Would See What They Said And They Answer More Questions One More Question I Ask One More Question Here You Go Hey Brother You Think That Do You Think That You Know I Jesus Is Along With You No You Think In Some Of Those Other Realms Or Whatever You Know That Some Of The Mate You Know I Know There’s Obviously Tricksters And All That But Do You Think That You Know If You Bring Something Along With Your Soul That You Know That You Have Found Out That Maybe Some Of Those Other Realms Could Actually Be A Service For You Or Apart You Know Not Saying That Demons But Something They Of Those That Could Come Good That We Don’t Know About That Maybe With Jesus Too You Know You Know Like In The Bible Don’t They Use Crystals In The Bible On Some Point All Right And Stuff Like I Just Want Questions I Hello Just Read About I’ve Read All The Other Bible About How Much I’ve Heard People Say They Used What Amulets And Stuff Like That Talismans Or Christmas And You Know The Yeah They Did All That If It Was Yeah They Yeah They Yeah They Read Of Those Things Before Christ Came And So Even Like You Know The Animals That Sacrifices I Think You Would Really Put Them In The Same Boat With The Animal Sacrifices We Don’t We Don’t Do That You To Talk To The Lord Right Jesus Is Like The One True Sacrifice And So What Jesus Did Instead Of Using All That Stuff Now We Can Go Directly To God Through Christ That’s What He Did He’s Rich So We Don’t Have To We Don’t Even Have To Go See A Priest We Don’t Do All The Stuff We Go Directly Through Jesus We Don’t Have To Have Any Amulets We Don’t Have To Do Anything But To Go Directly Through Him A Lot Of That Stuff Is There And I’m Going To Tell You From Personal Experiences Like This Interest Is Interesting To Study I’ve Studied It And I’ve Taught It Even As A Christian But I’m Telling You Like Exactly What Maher Said Most Of It Is A Distraction So That You’re Looking Into Crystals You’re Hanging Out With New Agers About Crystals Or What Look Listening To New Agers Who Don’t Know Jesus And Who Quite Frankly Hate Jesus Because Of The Spirit That’s Within Them I’m Saying There’s Some Personal Personal Experience Right Now But That’s What You’ll Find Out Man You’re Going To Find Out That You’ll Start Looking Into Those Things Versus Going Directly To The Source And So It’s Going To Occupy Your Mind It’s Going To Occupy Your Time And That’s How Those Strongholds Get Built D-struct When We’re Talking About These Demons They’re Not These These Physical Manifestations That Are Roaming Through The Earth Like The Gnomes And Fairies Their Thought Forms That They Get In Your Mind Right They Tell You They Tell You Lies About Yourself About Jesus And Then Because With Those Things They You Know They Bring The Vibrations Of The Thought Patterns That Jesus Isn’t The Only Way He Is A Way And You’re Kind Of Like Jesus Yourself You Know You’re You Know You’re Going Around Healing People You Love God You Love People You Can Be Jesus You Don’t Need Them Right Isn’t Isn’t That With Those Circles Teets They Don’t Teach That Christ Died For Sin And That We Can Become Right With God Right Through Christ And That’s That’s Good I Think That I Never Ever That’s Exactly But When You Find Out Like We Talked About At The Beginning They Get Offended When You Preach Christ They Get Offended When You Say That Jesus Sets You Free From Pornography They Get Offended When You Say That That You Had A Home You Had A Homosexual Spirit Upon You And Jesus Set You Free From Homosexuality They Will Be They Will Get Offended Trust Me This Is A Spiritual Battle It’s Not About Intellect Around About Experience It So It’s About A Spiritual Warfare That We’re In With Spirits That Hate Jesus They Hate Them They Hate Us They Hate Him And Let Me Give You An Example Of A Lie Right So A Lie Will Tell Me I Need This Crystal Because I Need The Energy That This Is Gonna You Know Have Around Me Or I Need This Energy To Clear Someone Else’s Energy You Know It’s A Lie Because All We Need Is Christ He Created Energy He Created Matter Space Time He Created Everything We Don’t Need Any Of Those Things Do You Follow Me Literally Do Not Need Any You Don’t Need You Don’t Even Need To Like Wear A Cross Or If You Do That’s Fine But There Is No Power In Just A Little Cross The Powers In The Holy Spirit The Power Is Our Faith In Christ So For An Example The Things That I Used To Use Crystals For Were The Things That When I Used To Have To Do Incantations And One Time I Did An Incantation To A To A Water Demon And I Had To Bring Money And And A Food Offering And Some Some Other Stuff And I Had To Do Certain Prayers And And I Had To Accept All That But I’m Just Going To Give You An Example I Had To Bring The Other Physical Things There And I Thought That’s Where Power Was It’s A Lie It’s A Way To Get Us By Demonic Spirits The Truth Is All Power All Glory All Love Is In Christ Everything We Need Is In Him I Could Stand But Bootie Naked With Nothing No Shoes No No Money No Nothing And I Have All The Power In The Universe Seated On The Throne Of My Heart Because I’ve Submitted To The Creator Of This Reality And That Is Jesus And With Him We Don’t Need Any Of Those Things They Just Drop Off So The Lie We’ve Been Told Is You Need These Things These Things Have Power You Need Them Around You They Will Protect You They Will Bring You Blessings They Will Bring You Luck Those Are All Lies My Brother The Truth Is While You Need Christ You Need His Holy Spirit To Sit On His Throne Which Is Your Heart You Know Earlier Today We Talked About What Is The Goal Of The Demonic The Demonic Is To Their Goal Is To Steal Kill And Destroy The Way They Do That Is Through Deception The Ultimate Goal Is For You To Worship Them And For You To Give Them The Throne Of Your Heart What Is The Goal Of Jesus The Ultimate Goal Of Jesus Is The Throne Of Your Heart That’s His Throne That Is Where The Holy S–t We Are The Temple Of God We Are The Church We Are Living Stones So You My Brother You’re Your Ultimate Destiny I Pray In Jesus Mighty Name Is To Be A Living Breathing Um Body That Is Filled With The Holy Spirit Of Christ When You Fully Experience That You Will Not Need Any Trinkets You Will Not Need Any Deceptions You Will Not Go To Any Of Those Side Things That Are Trying To Get Your Attention To The Left And To The Right You Will Know I Am A Child Of God The Holy Spirit Than Me Every Step I Take Is An Advancement Of The Kingdom Of God I Am A Light In This Dark World I Am The The Salt Of This Earth I Am A Child Of The Mighty God And I Am Here To Be A Warrior For The Kingdom And I Prophesied That Over Everybody That Is Listening To This And I Prophesied That Over You My Brother And So Now That Greece Is In Your Hands Do You Receive Do You Want To Receive That Yes I Do In Jesus Mighty Man But That’s Your Destiny Let Me Pray To You What’s Your Name Again Well Matt Matt Okay Yes Matthew I Let Me Pray For Us Father God I Just Want To Thank You For This Beautiful Day That You’ve Created I Want To Thank You For Life I Want To Thank You For Our Brother Matt Lord I Just Lift Him Up And I Lay Him At Your Feet And That Pray Your Will Be Done To Him Father I Come Against Every Ungodly Unclean Perverse Spirit And I Bind You In The Mighty Name Of Jesus And Cast You Back Into The Abyss Far Away From Matt’s Life I Break Every Chain Of Oppression I Break Every Chain Of Slavery I Break Every Lie That Has Been Spoken Into His Mind And I Release The Anointing Power The Mighty Power Of The Holy Spirit I Plead The Blood Of Jesus Over My Brother’s Mind For Cleansing And Protection Father God Will You Reveal Yourself To Him Holy Spirit Would You Fill Him With Your Love With Your Peace With Your Joy With Your Power To Break Everything That Is Not From You Off Of His Life Would You Break Addiction Would You Break Any Strongholds Of The Enemy To Father And Would You Fill Him With A Fire To Get Into Your Word Would You Just Fill Him With A Passion To Get Into Your Word Would You Reveal To Him That He Is A Mighty Child Of God That No One Can Pluck Him Out Of Your Hand Father Would You Reveal To Him That You Will Finish The Work You Started In Him And No One Can Do Anything About That Father God Would You Reveal To Him How Much You Love Him And What The Cross Means That You Took On Flesh And You Took On All Of Our Sin And You Said Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do Remove So Matt Would You Believe That Forgiveness Do You Receive That Forgiveness For You Do You Know That You’re Forgiven You Do Yes I Do Thank You Amen In Jesus Mighty Name Thank You For Calling My Brother No Problem It’s So Great To Feel Great To Talk To You Brother Get Plugged In With This Man We Got Links In The Video Description There’s Links To My Facebook Marz’s On Facebook He’s Got His Website And This Is Something That We Got To Walk Out Daily Man Because Dealing With These Spirits Once These Spirits Leave They Go To Dry Places And Then They Come Back With With Other Spirits That Are Seven Times Stronger Than They Are And They Try To Come Back To The Same Home They Try To Come Back To The Same Body So We Have To We Have To Find When They Come Back If Our House Is Swept Clean And We Have Renewed Our Mind And We’ve Put Christ Within Us Right Then You Know They Can’t Come Back But They Will Try To Come Back Mark My Words It May Not Be Tomorrow Next Week And Maybe Seven Years But They Will Try To Come Back So When They Come Back Let Them Find That House Swept Clean And Full Of The Holy Ghost Man This Is A Daily Thing This Is Not A Theory This Is Not Just Some Some You Know Religious Thing That We’ve Accepted This Is A Daily Call That Is The Most Beautiful All Those Meditations And All Of The Stuff That They Offer Has Nothing On Just One Minute One Hour And The Presence Of Jesus That You Can Experience Anytime You Want It’s In A Static Encounter The Kundalini Kundalini Is Like A Fake Fake It’s Like The Opposite Kundalini Spirit Out I Think That Was A Part Of My My Underwater Close-up That Actually Happens You Know Like Having Something Felt You Can Shoot Up My Back That’s A Lot Of Things That People It’s Such A Mystery That’s So Messed Up You Know That Even People That Have It Can’t Tell You What It Is Yeah Because Computer Into It I You Know And I Repent And I’m Sorry For For Teaching That And Uh It’s The Holy Ghost Man You Just Need You Just Need Jeezy Or Need A Kundalini And I Repent Before Everybody And It’s All Jesus Man That’s All You Need Hey Man A Bit Fucking Like Our Brother God Bless My Mama Amen Amen The Ghost Thank You Jesus Mmm Bless The Lord Everybody Watching Right Now God Who Desires To Go Deeper In You Wherever They Are God Their Heart Is Genuinely Thirsty For The Deep Things Of God Lord May You Guide Them Father God May You Take Them Where They Want To Go Let Some Not Look To The Right Or To The Left Like Mark Said But Keep Their Eyes Totally Focused On You For Your Love For Your Light And We Thank You Father In Jesus Mighty Name Lord Bless Them Jesus Name Amen That’s Awesome Wow We Got Another Caller You Ready Thing Yes Sir You Do It Come On Man Thank You For What You’re Doing Holy Ghost Mm We Got A Caller From Mississippi Welcome To The Show Who We Speaking With Ezard Me Yeah What’s Going On Call Brother Karl Rossmann Call Prayer Warrior What’s Going On But How Are You What I’m All Right Man I Caught The Last About The Witchcraft And All That In Meridian Where I’m At You Know And Praying For These Folks And All That But I Was Going To Ask For A Special Prayer And I Just Had To Do It Right Now For Myself Their Face – So Kind Of Got It Both Ways Man I See A Bunch Of Witchcraft And You Know I See A Bunch Of Demonic Things Going On In Meridian And These Folks Are I’ve Seen It At Churches Are Bulky And Well Caught Like Atmosphere You Know What I’m Saying Yeah Yeah Well You Net As A Bank That Is That You Know I’m Saying The Sin Of Witchcraft Man The Spirit Of Rebellion Runs In A Lot Of Churches Man You Can Pick That Up Mm-hmm Exactly And Uh But Honestly Dick Well You Know I’m Strong I Think I Am Sometimes And I Strong As As Believers And As Followers I Strong Or How Weak We Can’t Become I Guess You Could Say We Fall Off Yeah All That Go For Just A Second Yeah Yeah Long I’m Gonna Let Go My Prior To My Humility And I’m Last Spread Right Now Because As Strong As I Was Going And As Strong As Me Safety Was Going Together Lately I’ve Had The Experience Of Lust Get In Between In Between I Walk With Christ And What I Mean By That Is You Know I Had An Argument With Her Methodist Family And I’m Not Bringing Up Religion In It Necessarily But It Kind Of Rubbed Me Off From There To Keep And Go Back To My Place The Key From Audience With Our Family And Things And Until We Got Our Financial Situation Straight We Decided Where We’ve Got To Be Factor Plays Chess Played Foot Both Of Us Both Of Us Before We Found God Before We Felt Christ Both Of Us Had Our Own Way Of Our Sexual Flee Man I Never Got Off The Subject I Just Needed Prayer But It’s In The Subway Definitely In The Subject Cory Come On Get Our Own Way Of Finding Love At The Pad Knowing I Was With Eckstein It’s Over Cheap And What Happens We Started Bringing Up Sexual Lust And Before You Know And That’s What It Hit Me Today Just Because We’re Separated Because Work Is All Over And We’re Hour And A Half Apart Basically And My Truck’s Been Broke Down About Which Slowed Me Down From Speaking To Who I Speak With Every Day For Even Slowed Down On Work Works Good Slow Etc What Is Done Is The Sexual Fault Now They Keep Looking And Looking And Liking Before Lister You’re Talking About Stuff That We Know It’s Not Right But Yet It Seems Like An Easy Way For Us To Sit There Be Together And You Know We Know Why God Gave Sex We Know That Angle Say We Know Everything About The Bible But You Know If Anybody Does I Strong I Leave And How Much I Study How Much I Studied And How Much I Love People But I’m Gonna You Know I’m Gonna Drop That Pride Thing The Loss Of Pride In Front Of The World Or Whatever Say I’m Saying It Fell Short Because Of This And I Don’t Want That Take It Ii Amen Brother What Is Interest You Know The Scripture Says That Confession Of Sins One To Another So That You May Be Healed Man And Man Eglee Event We Believe In That We Know You Do Too So We Definitely Lift You Up Man I’ll Pray Right Now Father I Thank You For My Brother Call Lord I Thank You For Calling Him Out Of Darkness And Into Your Marvelous Light Lord That You Set Your Seal Of Approval Upon Him And Gave Them A New Name God I Thank You That You Called Them As A Prophet Unto The Nations Lord I Pray That Anything That Hinders Him Lord God Sexual Immorality Thoughts Of The Past Or Ways To Kill Time For The God We Submit That To You Lord And We Cover It Under The Blood I’m Asking You To Take That Right Now God Holy Ghost Move Upon Them Give Them A Fresh Touch Right Now In Jesus Name Fresh Touch In Jesus Mighty Name Father You Are His Strength You Sustain Us God So Any Arm Any Quick Fix To Be Loosed Right Now No Quick Fixes That We Put In Time We Put In Work With The Presence Of God And I Pray That He’ll Just Be More Intimate With You Lord When They Want To Get Intimate Together They’ll Get Intimate With The Holy Ghost To Move In And Open The Scriptures And Begin To Seek You Lord And That You Father God Meet Them In Those Prayer Chambers God Reveal Yourself To Them In A Deeper Way Strongholds To Be Lifted To Be Loosed In Jesus Mighty Name Thank You For My Brother And Sister Jesus Name Yes Brother Feel It I Can Feel It Man And Laura Sarah I Enjoyed The Last 30 Minutes Whenever I Get To Space It’s 960 I Was Gonna Watch The Whole Thing You Know And My Brother I Just Had To Do You Know They’re Even You Know My Number One Man And I Had To Talk To You I Appreciate Y’all Appreciate You Taking The Time That Bump Something To Get Right Back Where I Look Pam Because I Couldn’t Handle It No More When I Was Speaking To Another President You Know I’m Hated Around Anyway Because I Eat First And It’s Part Of Her Brother Hey Man Thanks Thanks For Checking In With This Man I Love You Won’t Keep It Lifted Up Love Y’all Brought It Be Good I Love You Bro Since The Description Say Woe To You When All Men Speak Well Of You For So Did Their Fathers To The False Prophets Because You’re Following Christ Because You’re Doing The Right Thing Because You Do You’re Doing What You’re Supposed To Do You Love Everybody You’re Going To Have Some Targets On Your Back Man Especially When You’re Operating In Those Realms And You’re Tearing Down Strongholds You’re Going To Have Targets On Your Bed Man And That’s Why I Want To Talk To You You Know Before We Went Live I Felt Something In The Spirit Man Something I Had Like That Out That I Would You Know Be Attacked For Shining Light On These Situations But Without The Blood Of Christ By You You You Would Be A Fool To Approach Those Realms On Your Own If You Really Knew If You Really Know If You You Know All The Spirits That Are Behind The Movies And Things Like That That Stuff Shows You A Glimpse Of That Realm But Took To Go Blindly Into Those Realms Uncovered To Deal With Spirits And And Things Like I Stuck We Said They’re A Lot Older Than Us They’ve Been Here For Thousands Of Years And They’re Angry And So They’ll Lie To You And Tell You They Can Bring You Wealth Tell You Things About Your Future Take You Know Why Did You Can Tell You Things About Your Family Because They Were Because They Were Here For Generations You Know Familiar Spirits That Were Passed Down From One Generation To The Next And It Can Tell You Stuff About People Who Existed Here Many Years Ago They Know All This Stuff And They Whisper It To You And Try To Tell You That All This Is Some Some Esoteric Knowledge That’s Special And Privilege Just To You We Got To Be Careful Man We Really Do Yes Sir Yes Sir Now I Wanted To Say Something I Got With It Reminded Me Of When You Said We Will Have You Know Good Wear When People Think Speak Well Of You I Have A Lyric It Says A I Heard The Dad Got Another Target On My Back I’m The Enemy’s Enemy What’s The News In That Like Course We’re Gonna Have This That’s It Should Be Expected We Should We Should As Christians Be Ready For War We’re In A War And I Think It’s When We Get Comfortable When We Get Complain We Forget These Things And It’s Easy To Forget That But We’re In A Spiritual World War For Our Minds Work For Our Hearts Or War For Worship You Want They Want Our Worship They Want Our Attention They Want Our Time You Know And It Could Be Something As Simple As How Much Time Do You Spend On Facebook Yeah It’s Just Kind Of A Waste Of Kind Of Sometimes You Know And I’m About To Judge Y’all For That You Know I’m Guilty Of That Too You’re How You Know That’s A Form Of Worship How Much Time Are You Spending On This Thing You Know And Then Ii Could Go To The Extreme That Could Be A Simple Little Thing And You Could Go To The Extreme Of Getting Us Completely Off Base And Whether It’s For Sexual Lustre Or Whatever Way Is Trying To Pull Us Away From God’s Purpose For Our Life You Know But Ultimately God Wins I Mean You Know It’s What It Talks About And Good I Believe With The Galatians Chapter 1 And It Talks About The Sea It Talks About Being Removed From From The Simplicity That Is In Christ Yes Simplicity Of The Gospel This Gospel Is Real Simple Guys And I Said That’s The Thing Like In The New Age It’s Got To Be Really Deep Really Misses The Co Mysticism That Only A Few Can Find It That’s What The Word Esoteric Means Truth That Only A Few People Find And So It Talks About Some People Being Called Away From The Simplicity Of The Gospel And Given Into The Worshipping Of Angels Like This Was Happening During The Time Of Paul’s The Worst Shipping Of Angels And I Think You Hit It Right On The Head When You Said That It’s Not Really About Worshipping Getting On Your Knees Or Making The Altars Most People Aren’t Going To Do That But It’s The Over-over Infatuation With These Things That It Soon So Much Of Your Mind So Much Of Your Heart And Your Time That’s The Thing The Over Infatuation With These Things What Would Happen If You Were Over Infatuated With God You Were Over Infatuated With Jesus You Just Wanted To Be Like Him The Whole Thing About Being Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind By The Reading Of The Word This Whole Association Thing As Well You Know When You Hang Around People For Long Enough You Begin To Talk Like These People Your Friends Whether They Have Certain Slang You Know If You Go To Louisiana You Start Talking Like Them You Coming Back To Alabama Your Voice Changes This Stuff Happens You Start Picking Up On On The P Plus And What Happens When You When You’re Hanging Out With Jesus You Begin To Say The Things That He Says When You’re Hanging Out With The Holy Spirit Your Your Motives Your Desires You Begin To Love The Things That He Loves You Begin To Hate The Things That That He Hates The Fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Wisdom The Fear Of The Lord Is To Hate Evil So We Can’t Be Scared To Call Certain Things Evil We Can So Everything’s Good Man It’s Just You Know Different Things For Different People Know Some Stuff Is Wicked Man Some Stuff For Me What Makes It Wicked Is When These Things Have Hidden Agenda And Hidden Motives And When We’re Talking About Spiritism And Evil Spirits Or Angelic Big Column Angelic Spirits But When They Come With Another Motive They’re Lying To You They Want Something I’m Telling You You Have To Give Something Whether It’s An Altar But I’m Telling You They Want A Piece Of Your Mind They Want To Live In Your Brain They Want A Body They Want These Ancient Spirits Who Were Causing Murder And War In The Earth Thousands Of Years Ago They Want A Body They Want To Commit Murder They Want It They Can’t Taste Food Anymore Their Their Spirits That Don’t Have Bodies But When They Inhabit A Body Then They Get To Taste Food Then They Get To Gorge Themselves On On Meats And Fine Wines And And Committing Sins And And Trying To Tell You To Do Things And All Kinds Of Wickedness Man This Stuff When We Talk About The Crystals It Really Gets In – Rocky Ground As Well Because Enoch Goes Into Talking About That The Angels Took Men To The Side And Taught Them All Of These Different Witchcrafts They Taught Them How To Make Makeup How To Braid Their Hair Certain Types Of Way How To Use Crystals And Summon Angels And Summoned Demons And Stuff All The Stuff Is Written Up In The Book Of Enoch So That’s Why It’s Like We Can’t Just Say Hey They Use Them In The Bible That Don’t You Know I’m Saying On The Breastplate We You Know You Know I’m Saying We Can Use Crystals – No Because Then Therefore When You Do That These Other Spirits Are In Fought And Involved In And Like Like You Were Saying It’s Something Else It Just Takes The Attention Away From That What The Simplicity It’s Not Simple Anymore You Got To Add All This Stuff To It The Gospel Is Simple Man You Approach The Throne Boldly Through Grace By Grace Through Faith Lest Any Man Should Boast See We Can Boast In Our Study We Can Boast In How Many Crystals Or How Many Fastings Or How Many Mushrooms And Things Like This I’ve Been There Man I’m Speaking I’m Not This Is From Experience So By Grace Through Faith Lest Any Man Should Boast We Received The Gospel Of Grace By Putting Our Faith And Our Trust In Jesus And What He Did On The Cross We Believe And We Confess It We Were Saved We Believe That Jesus Died On The Cross And That God Rose Him From The Dead On The Third Day And He Suffered Pain For Our Sins That He Took The Raft That We Deserved Then We’re Saved Man All These Other Spirits They Must Bow They Must Bow To King Jesus Man And We Do And They Will Commands And Jesus Little Brother Thank You For Coming On The Show Man I Want To Plug Your Lis Nansen Coz You Because You Are On Facebook You Do Have A Website You Want To Go Ahead And Plug That Stuff Man Where People Can Contact You And Yeah You Can Spend Your Music – You Got You Got New Music I Heard Some Of The Newer Stuff From The You Just Put Out With Really Good Stuff Man If You Guys Go To Marz Official Com That’s Ma Rz Official Com On There I Got A New Mixtape Out Called A Rebel Music Now The Concept Of That Is You Know The Only True Rebels In This World Are The Ones That Rebelled Against The Systems And The Spirit Of This World You Know And In My Perspective There Was One True Rebel In This World And That Was Christ Because He Rebelled Against Everything That All The Systems That Were In Place At That Time Down Here And Now He Can Live Through Us And Continue To Rebel Against The Systems In The Spirit Of This World So You Could You Could Download That Mixtape Rebel Music For Free Off The Site That’s Ma Rz Official Calm And On The Site It Has Links To My Facebook Twitter Instagram And All Of That So I Pray That It Blesses You Hit Me Up You Know If You Guys Got Questions You Get To Hit Me Up On Twitter Or Facebook Email Me And I’ll Do My Best To Get To Gets Good Are You Doing Some Stuff At Your Church Let’s See Uh I Send A Lot Of Pictures Of You On States Performing That The Turks Are You Wrapping Up To Have Yeah Now When I Performed I Have Performed A Lot Of Churches On What We’re Doing Right Now We’re In The Process Of Booking Shows For For Rebel Music And I Have Another Album Coming Out In The Spring It’s Called Wake The Dead So It’s Finished It’s Mastered Mixed Everything So We’re Setting Up A Bunch Of Stuff For This Year In In Trying To Cause Movement And Just Really Trying To Push The Kingdom Forward Boldly And I Feel Like That’s I Feel Like That’s Part Of My Car Oh Then I Have I Have A Desire And A Passion And A Love To Boldly Preached It To So Where It Needs To Be Priest I Just Pray I Just Pray For The Continued Drive Of The Holy Spirit To To Move The Kingdom In That Direction You Know Thank You For Reaching Out My Brother This Was This Was A Pleasure Man So Good To Meet You My Hair We’ll Have To Do It Again Brother Def Absolutely Awful Man You Just Let Me Know And So Anybody Out There Who Wants To See A Marz And TruthSeekah Collab Make Sure You Leave A Comment Below That’s Right I Do What We Got To Do To Make It Happen Man Definitely Man Excited About The Future What God Is Doing Man Thanks So Much For Coming On Brother Thank You My Brother Have You On Brother Salaam Salaam Peace Aye Peace All Right That Was Awesome Man Thank You Well Thank You

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