Witchcraft and The Occult Marz Formerly Of ICPs Dark Lotus

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Marz is a former member of Insane Clown Possee’s side project called Dark Lotus. Marz was heavily into the occult and spiritualism.The first book he ever read was the satanic bible, which led him to pursuing witchcraft. “Chicago is full of witchcraft, like Santeria. There are botanicas all over the city. You can go and have someone put spells on people or you can buy the things necessary to do it yourself.” Besides the gang banging and witchcraft, a lust for money and power led to dealing drugs, but through it all, his love of music and ability to write songs was a positive spot in his negative youth.Directly after Marz accepted Jesus, he went on tour with Paul Wall. “It was like blinders fell off of my eyes. I was seeing for the first time what my lyrics were — how I was speaking poison into the hearts and minds of the crowds at the shows.” After the tour, Marz went to visit his family in Croatia. He brought with him a Bible that a stripper had given him and he read it everyday for the three weeks he was there. “I used to take these two to three-hour long walks and just talk to God and as I would walk through the hills and forests, I would see parts of my life playing back. This time, seeing the things I did with new eyes and a new heart. And each time, I would repent and wonder how I didn’t see that those things I was involved in only brought death and pain to everyone around me, including myself. I left Croatia feeling brand new — like a little boy. I was so dirty and carrying so much sin that I didn’t even notice how much it weighed me down until the weight was removed. I was forgiven and it’s one of the greatest experiences in this life.”




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