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In this episode TruthSeekah and Michael Basham speak about overcoming the spirit of Jezebel and how to break free from her attacks. By understanding what this spirit is an how it operates determines whether or not we will find victory from such vile attacks. In Ephesians 6:12 we are told that we do not war after flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. This should be 101 for the majority of Christians but many fall victim because they have not been equipped to do battle in spiritual warfare. The spirit of Jezebel is still alive and thriving within many churches in the area of manipulation, backbiting and working her witchcraft. Her end goal is the same as the woman Jezebel mentioned in the book of 1 Kings in the Bible and that is to destroy the prophets of God by any means necessary. Jezebel masquerades as being religious but worships at the altar of Baal. Her poise is that of jealousy as she feels that she is more qualified for positions that God has only given to his anointed. The spirit of Jezebel encourages people to slander and gossip. This can be fatal to friendships and to the unity that we all so desperately desire in Christ. When there is backbiting and backstabbing in a circle of people, unity cannot survive and the people will perish. Jezebel brings in a spirit of lies and untruths and causes people to harm one another emotionally rather than build each other up in the faith like we were meant to. We need to learn how to recognize the spirit of Jezebel and pray and get it out of our midst to truly see the fruit of the spirit come forth.

What’s wrong with slander?

Matthew 12:36-37 “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

When the prophets begin to prophesy, when they begin to do miracles and to minister the Spirit of Jezebel will appear just like it did for Elijah.

  • Jezebel rries to destroy the reputation of the prophets of God
  • Jezebel Brings In With Her the Spirit of slander / Accusation / Backbiting
  • The spirit of Jezebel tries to use discouragement through backbiting and gossip
  • It is the spirit of Manipulation
  • This spirit that is very present in churches.

The spirit of Jezebel operates through leaders in many church circles as finger pointing and name calling. It may sound like “Stay away from so and so, and it usually means that they are putting other people and ministers down so that they make themselves look better. This is even what you see in denominationalism. Different denominations competing for followers and reputation.  When you are trying to build an organization this spirit is very key. Kill the competition. But we must understand that the true church of Jesus Christ doesn’t function as an organization but an organism. Living, breathing and thriving, hence, the body of Christ, when we all come together and form Christ on the earth. Where two or more are gathered there I am in the midst of them. That’s the meaning of Church. Jezebels agenda is self worship.

Jezebels plan is to silence your voice

Through depression, inadequacy and you will always fall prey if you continue to look for validation from others to pursue the call of God on your life.

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good friend of mine Michael Bastian we’ve done several shows together or part of the fringe radio network and already here in the chat room I’m seeing that a lot of people have a lot of love for Michael Bastian so looking forward to this conversation today I don’t really want to move too much further without saying thank you to my patreon supporters I’m gonna try to pull up patreon right now I don’t have it pulled up but I wanna say thank you to all the people supporting me enabling me you guys are enablers I hope you know that you guys are enabling me to do what I’m doing this podcast this episode is brought to you by the faithful patreon supporters man thank you guys for supporting my work if you would like to continue to see podcasts coming and support what I’m doing you get a bunch of cool stuff you get a bunch of cool prizes you get my entire discography of music so you do get something in return a little bit more than the podcast you get my entire discography which is 10 plus 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gonna be talking about the spirit of Jezebel I’ve took an I’ve had notes on this for a while had there was a period of time maybe two or three weeks where people were just sending me messages almost daily and in leaving comments about the spirit of Jezebel wanting to know my input in it on it and you know they’ve heard about it and there’s gossip and people have said that they’ve come against the spirit of Jezebel and this happened to their lives when they did it so they wanted my take on it so I just kind of started taking all these notes and just putting out some stuff that I’ve personally dealt with and then uh you know promised that I would talk about it and I would do an episode on it or a teaching so that’s what we’re doing today I’m somewhat dealing with it in my life right now as well I don’t know that you ever stopped dealing with it once you reach a certain level we’re gonna talk about that but uh I’m gonna bring my my guest on or my co-host my constituent Michael Bassam what’s up yo hey I thought I should jump in here with my new agey kind of candles no I want to be talking to truth seeker should be looking spiritual you know Michael Basham is very new-age nowadays he’s definitely got the spirit of Jezebel I have been watching Oh those of you who are listening on the podcast app they have no idea but Michael Bassam just turned off all the lights and held candles up to his face and kind of look like the Crypt Keeper a little bit all right children we’re going to tell you a story about the Lord know there’s there’s a lot of people that think I’m the Antichrist now so I mean you might be getting called Jezebel or whatever what exactly happened what okay what do you know about Jezebel I want to know what master with the master to see well I’ve got some notes I’ve dealt with it once or twice I will say this there’s some I got some notes about some things that it brings in Jezebel is after the spirit of the wife of Ahab in the Old Testament and basically what she was doing on the earth back then the spirit of Jezebel acts to do the same thing which is to destroy the prophets of God or silence yes the prophets prophets of God and ultimately try to kill them to try to kill them I don’t think that we see them murdering like that spirit murdering Christians in the West and stuff like that but it it acts in a way that will lead you to depression isolation to where you quit you stop your ministry it’s a spirit of intimidation huge I know it’s not just for women we think of the just by being the woman it’s not just for women but women but I’ve predominantly seen it and a lot of women in the churches in the West they get in and gossip and slander and back by to accuse those with the call on their life you know what I’m saying and they they are jealous they they feel like they deserve your position they could do it better than you they’re closer to God than you are Michael Bassam so why are you leading all these people when your doctrine is off your heart is were off they could do it a lot better so they will stop at nothing and they tear down your platform and I’ve been I guess it’s perfect timing like the Lord telling me to go ahead and speak on this because I’ve been dealing with this here lately it’s been very weird I think once you reach a certain level whether it’s the fame of renown your name is out there you’re gone you’re gonna get this regardless and I think that like for me I look at the Joel Osteen’s I look at creflo dollar’s some of the people that I may not agree with all everything that they’ve done and I’ve been an advocate of slandering their name in the past I don’t do that anymore I appreciate what they bring to the table that’s that’s good and I like to build upon that but um you know I’ve been there and they still get that like there’s probably not a day that goes by that there’s not a Herod heresy hunter a heretic hunter on Facebook on YouTube making videos exposing Benny Hinn even like I like the name drop Benny Hinn because I’m his work is really near and dear to my heart and I’ll even get comments benny hinn was exposed years ago Benny Hinn’s a false prophet true seeker you should know that I can’t believe you like Benny Hinn and so these people are still getting this type of stuff to this day so that should show us that like once you reach a certain level it doesn’t go to go to way it doesn’t go away but you have to learn how to respond to that this is this is for us because we’re gonna talk about our dealings with it because we’re dealing with it but for everybody listening like once you reach a certain level I don’t care if you have a business that sells plants I don’t care if you have an online Facebook ministry I don’t care what you build you’re gonna have people who Envy that platform who feel more qualified and they’re gonna try to make you feel bad misery loves company its operating in the spirit of Jezebel how does that sound my passion is that close enough yeah that’s basically I mean it’s amazing that you called me I was like oh my gosh this is this is the best timing ever because I’m literally going to court here in Taiwan looking at documents made up about me using my YouTube channel to try to steal my daughter for me who’s sleeping in the next room just amazing to see the spirit of Jezebel in operation and those color those court documents have the name Jezebel translated into Chinese and they’re using the fact that I said I’m engaging with the spirit of Jezebel that’s trying to steal my daughter and her future destiny and just the the line the seed line of the Basham family the youngest Basham kaya Bashan please pray for her i believe in your audience truths iike you have some of the most amazing people listening to you supporting you I really appreciate the prayers of anybody listening to this I’m not asking for money you know sure I got books I got patreon but send him to truth seeker but look oh my I could use your prayers helping I could use your prayers kya bash him her great grandfather my grandfather Don bash him he used to send out these tapes in the early days of the Walkman new technology in the late 70s to share this Jezebel in high places teaching which I’m posting to my facebook right now tagging this show but it would be like the most heavy spiritual warfare in our family whenever those tapes would be let out because basically what the teaching was about Jezebel in high places was that this Jezebel spirit is sitting on top of the US government and many places of authority and it’s just just what you just said just it silences the truth its silences the prophets of God its jealous of what you carry because I believe what you carry is much more than even just a show even just your music which is something very human very beautiful that you’re an artist and I believe everyone should have that outlet but what we’re doing here is taking over the world I mean you you are literally interviewing people who have fought for years Jordan Maxwell and Kerry Cassidy and your enduring flack for interviewing people in the New Age movement a lot of and I haven’t heard all your recent shows but I see you when you do it and I’m always like thumbs up dude go for it bro like you’re interviewing you know astral whatever astral travel you know these New Age people I can even you know people that the channel spirits and you have the patience for that and that takes a lot of guts that takes a lot of because you know you might get some gotta be called to the right back yeah and you might be the guy to do it because you’re not like hey I’m this Christian guy but you know Christian Church you know the spirit of that church and you love God let’s be honest you love Jesus you love the Bible you love the truth you know you’re not here trying to get people to not read the Bible or not go to church or whatever but you know so it’s it’s interesting just that being said just kind of overview like it was amazing that you just suddenly told me about this show tonight now I’m really excited about it because there’s so much to talk about it but but let me let me also pass the mic to you and hear what wooden notes you have on the subject and I’m really curious to hear about that yeah I mean I’ve just got a couple notes here I’ve got some scriptures on you know different ways that this spirit tries to operate in a person’s life someone who’s speaking the truth and then I have what I believe is the way that we combat this spirit I think there’s a way to combat it and it’s been the answer almost on every occasion though it’s nothing new it’s nothing esoteric it’s it’s very practical and you’ve asked me different ways about how we achieve spiritual power and do miracles and stuff and this has been my answer to you and this is the way that we overcome and we’ll get into that on how to overcome this spirit but um I have that spirit that tries to destroy the reputation of the prophets of God Jezebel brings in with her other spirits like so in spirit spiritual warfare and understanding demonology there’s like rankings of demons that you know if this demon comes it’s gonna bring in this stuff confusions gonna bring in these other demons with it a spirits of vibrations this is what we’re talking about we’re talking about thought patterns we’re talking about the way a person thinks the way that they operate and there’s spirits that are influenced influencing them because of entertaining things so if we look at a person who is operating under the spirit of Jezebel they’ve given themselves over – jealousy they’ve given themselves over it is not being content you know and uh so some of the other spirits that brings in with it it brings in a spirit of slander accusation and backbiting which which are big it are big because you because we’re gonna give an account for every idle word that comes out of our mouths and we’re gonna be it says that we’re gonna be justified by our speech and by our words and we’re also gonna be condemned by the things that we say as well so it brings in these other spirits with it slander accusation backbiting what would you say absolutely yeah it’s it’s jealousy its people I mean the people that are fighting me are people that used to have the same ideals that I still carry today but they’ve given them up for you know they want money they want power they want whatever they want I probably mentioned on your show before in previous shows I was a part of a interesting cult called the family International and they were training for the endtime a lot of the stuff that they were doing mystical travel in the spirit you know hearing from Jesus channeling angels getting prophecy kind of what we’re doing kind of like let’s not expose ourselves here but being chameleons like like disguising ourselves and then going into those new-age circles hi Kerry Cassidy would you like to do an interview she has no idea how much faith you have it’s weird cuz like I wouldn’t talk to Kerry Cassidy about that but maybe when Kerry Cassidy gets off of the podcast and she’s not on anymore then I did I kind of explained myself and people get it I kind of feel like I’m exposing myself to say look I don’t even believe in aliens like I don’t even call them that like they’re angels you know there’s different wordings and stuff like that and I’m cool with using it all yeah no but I’ve been but that but there’s still an audience people get it like people get it like bring most of these people who are listening or just like us men they’re not yeah you know they’re sucked into one of those channels exactly they are most of them are displaced Christians people who love Jesus but they in the comments now Coco’s brother of mine Joshua fumin churchianity makes me sick to my stomach is what he says and that’s you know into that burro where do you go you’re my bro go if you’re not part of the local body because you believe that chica or you look there you come you come to true see you come to Michael that’s right you come to both channels we both got networks of people yours is obviously much bigger than mine but hey I’m surrounded by cool people like you are not as many as you but I love you guys I love your audience you know what you’re my brother you know it gets into and we’re gonna cover I’ve covered this on many occasions it’s coming up again for me but we’ve covered like the sharing of the platforms now I look on my micro bathroom goes live or Michael Bassam does something a lot of the true seeker audience or commenting their liking they’re sharing they’re commenting I love Michael Bassam it’s because you know I believe in you we share each other’s platforms you let me come on your show and tell people to check me out and stuff like that but sure in the industry dealing with the spirit of Jezebel we’ve talked about it many times it’s like they don’t do that like this is my platform I have to protect it God has given me this platform like that type of of ära right and I’m see I know I wrote a little part part of this and we’ve talked about even the fringe people fighting each other yeah for for viewership for patrons or donations and I’m just gonna read this a little bit I wrote here any time you try to slander someone’s name and character you try to make them look bad so that you look good this spirit operates through leaders in many church circles as finger-pointing and name-calling stay away from so-and-so and it usually means that they are putting other people and ministers down so that they look better this is even what you see denominationalism different denominations competing for followers and reputations when you’re trying to build an organization this spirit is very key kill the competition kill the competition but we must understand that the true church of Jesus doesn’t function as an organization but an organism living breathing and driving hence the body of Christ when we all come together and form Geist on earth where two or more gathered there I am in the midst of them that’s the meaning of the church amen kill the cop oh man I love you dude man I thank you for the love on your Facebook recently I was like what do I do I didn’t do anything I’ll even I don’t know that I talk about you recently I mean sure a little bit you know I mean I’m worried about you too because I know what it takes I know the kickback when you go into those new-age circles yeah look I’m so thankful for my girlfriend Jennifer Christine she’s been praying with me recently we’ve been going into the spirit she’s fearless she’s just like you she’s just totally fearless but there is a kickback and and last night after we had done all this prayer about the Fallen Angels and we’d read the Book of Enoch and we posted it I’ve tagged the whole thing on there it’s my latest video but basically what to bed and I was listening to somebody speaking and I suddenly heard one of these fallen angels and my shirt was my imagination or what it was but I just heard this voice like Sam yes and I’m like I’m waking up I’m like this is disturbing what was that all of a sudden and I told her and she was like you need to just pray like maybe we went pretty deep this time just when the enemy is doing that he is not allowed to tread on your ground and if he is that’s when you pray and you bring it before the Lord in the courts of heaven and you tell God what happened and I’m like I found the perfect woman because like beds exactly true but then she’s not afraid to try to astral project together she’s not afraid to learn about the different names of the angels and pull that stuff down so you know she’s pushing me into some things where I’m kind of like let me find the Bible for that uh okay we’re clear okay good good to go but the only thing that I hate is what you’re talking about is is control like yeah mmm you know man you know Derek is just he’s just too cool for me like gosh like he’s gonna steal my listeners like look how many shows he has look at his patreon they’re gonna just give him the money let me ask you man I lost my eye following you saying that funny minute skill anyway you saying that funny but has that be honest has that ever crossed your mind like we have to check it crosses mom on still but have to check it news that I’m now I’m thinking about it dude I don’t know if I should go live with you anymore man I mean I should be just doing my own show where I talk about how great I am exactly we’re laughing about it but honestly has that ever crossed your mind look anybody that thinks that way is is shooting themselves in the foot because do you have any idea how many people are online right now like nobody has the time to listen to just one person they’re gonna go everywhere you can’t control anybody we don’t have time for cults anymore but it’s that are going to listen the niche narrows it down and then those niche people fight each other they’re like no no no I want to interview Kerry Cassidy yeah I get to interview Kerry Cassidy no Kerry Cassidy’s mine yeah I actually had a dream I interviewed her once and do it this is how I look at a man is it hard no how is she how was she when she was on my show it was great when I was on her show it was hostile you know it’s kind of weird that’s it that was a spiritual thing to me going on a toe or coming to mind true her couch was different you know what I’m saying she was giggly so gaffed you know but on my show if she was stand off like like we talked about protecting the platform because I’m talking about Jesus I’m talking about the Bible she’s like she you know she does she listens to spirits while she interviews people she said this I used to listen to her all the time I have my spirits that I listen to you and I Channel and they tell me what you say while I’m interviewing people so you were not dealing with Kerry Cassidy you were dealing with her spirit guides and they don’t like you buddy yeah I’ve heard I’ve heard her do that before to other Christian part of the spiritual yeah you’re right because right after me there was another guy she interviewed and she’s like she’s so as a matter of fact you know in this operation partly under the spirit of Jezebel as well wait wait wait hold on wait you promoted Jordan Maxwell you said you learned from Jordan Maxwell but now you’re saying that you believe in Jesus you know I’m saying and I have to you know I’m saying straighten it out or or let her know why I don’t just follow anybody 100% and Jordan Maxwell when he’s talking about the Elohim and the gods of the Bible and things like that he’s right on yeah but there’s some stuff that Jordan Maxwell it’s off on there’s some stuff that it’s debatable that he’s making it up as he goes along you know what I’m saying yeah and that’s what everybody anybody we promotion you wouldn’t you know even me I mean there’s probably people who listen they listen but they listen to the show but when I start talking about the Kundalini they cringe when I start talking about aliens they cringe like trust me like some of the people who have been lashing out I mean recently it’s been about the aliens or it’s been about really dude yeah dude you’re promoting aliens brother aliens or demons and we’re gonna expose you yeah like they know everything about aliens don’t they they do they got it all figured out Lee aliens to the reptilians and the man toys with all respect to Kerry Cassidy all right Douglas Dietrich who’s been on her show recently who I interviewed like way too many times and I love the guy we both used to joke and I hope nobody shares this gossip with Kerry Cassidy or Douglas Dietrich and gets me in trouble and hint please get me in trouble please throw me into the bar briar patch we’re both like you know Kerry Cassidy will believe every single guest that she has on her show like everyone that comes on Kerry Cassidy show even if he’s the guy exactly but here’s the catch though what happens when truth seeker goes on her show and talks about the gospel and then suddenly she’s all like up in arms and I’ve seen her do that before to other Christians and like what is that because you could be everything from Flat Earth to planet X’s doing like loop-de-loop hula hoops around the earth and saying whatever the heck you want and it’s probably true but then you can’t say that Jesus is the Son of God he came manifested in the flesh and was crucified it was raised again you know you can’t say that that’s how I’m able to tell why I’ve been on a lot of different new-age shows if some Christian shows and you see how yeah their countenance change changes when you mention Jesus we can mention Belize you can mention Krishna you know what I’m saying Allah whatever religion they say to the Sun any other God or whatever but when you mention Jesus their countenance will change and they get hostile they’ll let you know you’re dealing with something deeper like just by that change of countenance the same way with just about man it’s still it’s it’s operating under the same same spirits um but it’s tactful like oh my every move is a calculated step like this is not overnight this isn’t just on a whim I’ve been doing this a long time there’s etiquette there’s things I’ve learned and it’s working and people are getting pissed off that it’s working like there’s people who they deserve this platform you know what I’m saying they feel like they could do it better and I’m dealing with those people lashing out I talked about getting death threats and all kind of weird stuff you know yeah I want to read this scripture because this is a key one to concerning the spirit of Jezebel in the and in Revelation actually and you probably know the scripture but I’m gonna go over it okay revelations 219 I know thy works in charity and service and faith and thy patience and thy works and the last to be more than the first notwithstanding I have a few things against you this is a pretty God speaking to John or speaking to us in the spirit of the prophets essentially now we’re standing I have a few things against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess to teach and to seduce my service servants to commit fornication in eat they sacrificed to idols this is God saying you’re doing all this good stuff you’re helping people you’re doing charity you have patients you have great faith but you’re letting Jezebel run amok amongst my people who have no idea and I gave her a space to resent for her fornication and she repented not behold I will cast her into a bed and them that commit adultery with her into the Great Tribulation except they repent of their deeds so there’s a way out to repent to wash your hands clean of this relationship and I will kill her children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he which searches the reigns and the hearts and I will give unto every one of you according to your works just like and this is really cool about you know this Revelation chapter 2 is like God commends the prophets and he looked I commend you for it and there’s another place where he commends people for exposing false prophets it’s not sexy on the other spectrum he’s like you’re exposing you’re like you’re a heresy hunter you’re keeping watch over the church – keeping watch over these false prophets who are coming in but you left your first love so it’s always this this love but with this rebuke at the same time which is how the Lord usually rebukes us right and he says leave doing everything good but none of y’all have said anything to this spirit that’s teaching your pious not a literal adjustables literally there it’s spiritual this spirit is teaching people it’s it’s it’s essentially seducing people to – it’s making disciples it’s making little jet Jesuit and they go in pockets do one thing about one Jezebel is one thing one person who’s got this seat of authority and like they’re going to run running amuck but when you have a bunch of them together in a path that gets crazy – and they all affirm each other and they all try to bring other people in we’ve had them here in our midst man I know a lot of people who have been hurt from it you know and they haven’t been able to bounce back like all the way from that and then when the work when Christianity’s brought up you know they kind of fringe because or cringe essentially because of their involvement with the spirit in Christendom it’s in the churches yeah yeah yeah and it’s it’s getting worse and I’m amazed the timing again of this broadcast this talk is prophetic the timing I again increasingly I feel like what we’re doing is not entertainment although of course both of us kind of worry about our technology okay what do we got here is everything live streaming correctly is the audio working on your restart my computer who’s listening okay and by the way I see some of my listeners here 2x horses spots on there they should bro might tap your microphone I am getting some buzz back right now okay yeah all right I might need to call back in all right let me call right let me call you right back in okay great cool cool and uh you you tell us your notes about Jezebel dude I’m gonna keep going all right I’ll call you right back all right all right so some more notes I have here guys when the prophets begin to prophesy when they begin to do miracles and minister in the spirit and ministered the spirit of Jezebel will will appear just like it did for Elijah so the spirit of Jezebel was coming against Elijah the prophet of God who was doing many miracles signs and wonders doing all of these exploits for Yahweh and then you know the opposition comes forth it always comes you know it the opposition always arises it did throughout the scripture any any like mighty man of Valor or any prophet or whatever even Jesus the disciples like all of them they were doing their thing and the spirit of the age would come forth right this is essentially the same thing the spirit of the age comes forth and tries to stop what they’re doing especially if it’s good if it’s righteous they will try to discredit you things like that Jezebel’s agenda is self worship self worship he masquerades as being religious but she worships at the altar of bail so she can still say all the right things she can have the appearance of godliness but did not but but deny the power thereof she’s not really a prophetess she appears to be that way her goal is to destroy the prophets of God Jezebel Jessica’s plan is to silence your voice through depression in adequacy and you will always fall prey if you continue to look for validation from others to pursue the call of God on your life this is huge noise I’m gonna read that again you will always fall prey if you continue to look for validation from others to pursue the call of God on your life this is something that you have to find in in the wedding chambers or we’re gonna get to that in a little bit receiving the call of God for your life we always are looking for affirmation for other people to give us that paddle in the back or tell us to pursue this keep doing it but if you live for their acceptance you’ll die for their rejection this spirit is just about works to discourage you and reject you slander backbiting spreading lies and rumors about you I’m dealing with this right now both ways I’m dealing with it and I’m dealing with it we’re putting into this Luke 21 15 and this is what’s good though for for those of you who are following the voice of the Holy Spirit for those of you who are called according to his purpose Luke 21 15 is a powerful scripture for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all of your adversaries shall not be able to gang say nor resist it’s a good Scripture it says god this is a promise from god to you i will give you a mouth and wisdom which all of your adversaries shall not be able to gang say nor resist this is the mouth that we have I deal with this on a personal level when people try to come at me and generalize and I always encourage you guys to when someone comes at you and says you know oh you’re into that stuff like a while ago a guy he was a fan of my music you know I had no idea who he was he just randomly hit me up and he says he says hey bro what do you believe and that was it what do you believe I’m like about what like about like all my beliefs you want me to unpack all my beliefs are you like it depends so you have to what I’m saying is people try to put labels on you they try to say oh you’re a gnostic oh you’re doing they use it as a derogatory term not a good expression that’s calling your Gnostic Christians used the word Gnostic as a curse word or a derogatory term hey Trucy got that nasty let’s unpack that what do you mean what is a gnostic like what are you talking about you have to don’t let nobody generalize you or true seekers into the New Age what does that mean what do you mean so if you if you’re able to get these people to be specific about what they’re talking about you can address them you can talk to them about whatever worries or genuine concerns that they have about you even if it is genuine and every time I’ve been able to talk to somebody on a one-on-one level I’ve been able to win them over close friends who say oh man you got the all-seeing eye you got this and they’re just they have all these accusations but whenever you’re able to talk to them on a one-on-one basis and open up your heart and let them know your agenda your motive what you’re doing you know you’re able to win them over and is the scripture to Luke 21 15 for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which none of your adversaries shall be able to gang say nor resist this is the mouth that we have we have this wisdom we have this ability to our deal with people this way so I always look don’t let people don’t let nobody call you out your name don’t let anybody put labels on you or generalize what like to call it because a lot of times we find ourselves as Elijah who was dealing with with Jezebel he would have these huge miracles these huge victories but even after that because of the fight because of the battle he would go and he would fall into temptation somebody doing all these great miracles and this happens to us at times he would fall into temptation after after some of these victories uh there’s a scripture here it’s a first Kings 19 for and this is Elisha says I says I’ve had enough Lord he said take my life I’m no better than my ancestors he lay down under the bush and fell asleep so after having all of these you feel like giving up but don’t don’t grow weary in well-doing when the scripture wants to address that and it is hard it’s not always easy it’s easy when it comes from strangers a lot of times I say I say it’s easy it’s it never gets easy you know what I’m saying in that like we’re talking about the beginning I don’t think Joel Osteen checks his tweets people tweeting him and you know like reading the comment section on his latest upload I don’t think he goes there and debates with those people but I get like I get random people you know making fun of the way I talk or say you’re trying to be black you’re trying to be black true seeker you know and all this weird stuff and um it’s easier when it comes from strangers but when it comes from people you know it’s a little bit harder you know it makes it harder when you win there’s people who who believe in you I have personally what I have going on right now I have some people who are hooked on drugs like really so I’m talking about meth and heroin and pain killers it’s like a real shot out individual who like a lot of people in my inner circle have like went to this guy for counselling stuff and this guy’s openly like robbing people and is insane but he talks he knows a lot of Scripture and he’s been able to like talk to some of my my my friends not even fanbase aradhna but he’s been able to talk to some of my friends and say like we saw him at this earlier and all true seeker works magic and the true seekers like deceiving people making people send him money you know what I’m saying like this kind of stuff and uh true seeker does not followed the way of Christ and stuff and and there and people are agreeing with them like some of my friends they’re like listening to him and stuff and it’s like man like consider the source man why you guys are following the messenger like you have to look at it man I judge the fruit I just root of what goes on in Michael bassam’s life of my own life of the people over me like if they ain’t got their luck if you don’t have your life together you have no business coming to me telling me bro I wouldn’t do that if I were you ya know what I’m saying you don’t have the right to do that but when you’re when you when you fruit shows for itself I’ll you can see you have the ability and authority to speak into my life you know you can’t come at me from like rehab clinic you know what I’m saying telling me like I’m doing it wrong like no like look at the fruit brother judge the fruit like Jesus said in a that’s one thing it deals with backbiting and slandering and Jesus made some some really uh distinct what gave warnings to those who were slandering and we talked about this at the beginning what’s what’s wrong with slander what’s wrong with gossip you in the in the Bible goes on and on and on about the power of words we’re told sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me like we’re told that but that’s on the contrary like words are powerful man words are alchemy words or spells when we really get also tarik breakdown Kodama words spells when you write up when you write a word out you spell it it’s a spell when you and there’s a type of handwriting called cursive you’re writing you’re just putting spell and writing cursive and you’re speaking that this stuff out over people like it’s not just it does hurt words to her but uh and this is why Jesus says in Matthew 12:36 it says I tell you on the day of judgment people will give an account for every careless word they speak for by your words men will be justified and by your words you will be condemned you find a lot of this that goes on like it in prayer circles this is big in the church man it really like the church is known for gossiping and backbiting and killing this way right well you find this going on a lot of times in prayer meetings where people to say look and I because I’ve seen it you know people would be like hey y’all they say anybody have a prayer request yeah let’s pray for let’s pray for so-and-so okay what’s going on he has seen him you know he was in a homosexual bar last night he’s running with the homosexuals now and they’re like you just wanted to tell us that like you just wanted to tell this group of people that this person we know is in the gay bars and hanging with the homosexuals like didn’t like I highly doubt that you went to God before you came to us you know what I’m saying I think we should bring that to God first you find these prayer meetings that turn into gossip parties and then somebody else says oh you’re right he was hanging with so-and-so who’s a gay and who say I’m just using this as an example because I’ve heard this like I’ve been in those circles were there you know gossiping and slandering and stuff and uh when when the prayer meeting turns into a gossip party man that’s somewhat operating under the spirit of just about when you want to it makes you look more holier cuz you’re not we’re not talking about your sin we’re not talking about the stuff that you’re dealing with when you bring that to the table right yeah why don’t they talk about their struggles with homosexuality I mean we know like most people these days probably have something you know hey everybody I was in the sex called whoopsy do you know who I really loved is Milo he’s like openly gay he goes let’s just follow this player for the right-wing conservative Christians right everything everybody and that’s what we need more of is more Milo’s we need more people to just upset the system when I left my sects called I had a dream with the leader of the sex cult of the time and the very day that I was gonna get kicked out because not because I was so sexy or so awesome which I wish I could have been but I was just being Michael you know I was just kind of wild and out of control and there were a lot of control freaks there there were a lot of Jezebel spirits and they’re like man who is this guy who does he think he is like to just run around and witness and get prophecy all day and he doesn’t listen to anybody and he just does whatever he wants and I had a dream 2007 and just to sound more spiritual have my candles like my face here but basically I had my my prophetic dream of my life that night in 2007 around May and it was like God showing me that I’m gonna take your life and I’m gonna just throw it out there and you’re gonna make a huge mess and you’re gonna stir up a lot of trouble and but you’re gonna change all these timelines and he showed me the timelines is like like sand dunes and the cult fell apart actually months later after I was kicked out now I’m one of them my house is a safe house for people leaving it in Taiwan I’m having people live with me who are leaving the cult who are abused people and they’re strong I’m not patronizing that I’m just saying look these are amazing people but they were in that same-sex cult it’s melted down horrible things have happened since that decade of a period of time but meanwhile what we’re doing we’re running around we’re sharing truth we’re learning where I’ve been listening to Jordan masks well for like 10 years and Kerry Cassidy and you know Douglas Dietrich and these people but also the Mystics the Ian Clayton’s the you know there’s more to be learned there’s Mike Parsons who I’ve just shared his whole teaching about the Melchizedek sari Metatron’s cube with my girlfriend because we’re basically going after all this stuff the Fallen Angels you know we’re doing you know we’re just researching the Book of Enoch and finding out is and maybe our listeners are more educated than we are is there anything ancient that’s not new age that talks about Metatron’s cube and truth seekers got one in his room you know if anybody has any information that I’d really like to know please tell us about the cube because I had a dream two days ago where I was literally running from all these entities I don’t know if there were aliens or Nephilim or what they were and I was holding this black cube and I knew it was really important and they were running after me and I it like a football like across the fence to a field like hoping that somebody else would catch it or I could catch up and grab it and it was just this like football game like do not let him get the cube it was so cool and I woke up the next day and we did this show about the about the cube and about Metatron at about Enoch and Michael the Archangel you know it’s kind of all over the place but we’re dealing with this stuff in the spirit I’m not that interested in entertainment honestly like I make a very small amount of money from doing this I still have to work believe it or not like people send donations but they mostly believe in the people that were trying to help like the fact that we’re trying to help women and children and in bad situations here and around the world but I just want to make a difference in the spirit and I’m calling out people who will also be spirit warriors who will travel in the spirit who will quote unquote astral project to have lucid dreams to look a little bit New Age and listen to truth seeker and let’s go for it you know let’s just do all of it let’s take everything back for the kingdom it it’s all it needs to be under the lordship of Jesus Christ all right now passing the mic to you ya know there’s a bunch of people man who are listening to this and who were making contact like there’s people you know are Thursday night school of the Mystics takes it to a more of a personal level or we learn to where we haven’t got in astral travel yet but we’ve been we were learning to prophesy we’re learning to follow the voice of the intuition of the Holy Spirit guidance we’re doing courses together we’re growing as an online community and people are responding to it you know people want more people people are tired of sad they’re tired of settling for status quo and yeah and being told they can’t or being told that’s not how you do it and they know so like that there’s people waking up man and like I said these you know we call it New Age call it what you want you want to know like we talked about like why I’m doing all you know I do a bunch of new age shows and I have all these healers and all these metaphysic people on there why do I have them on first of all I do think that some of them have some really good stuff to say like we get day that’s true they approach funk from a realm that that uh you’re never here in in Christendom and some of them are biblical concepts but you just don’t know it because it’s the way it’s worth it like for me out every everything in my mind is comes back to I can’t watch a movie without seeing biblical ties and themes and stuff you know what I’m saying this is how my mind works early on I that’s what I prayed I wanted to see Jesus and everything and I do you know yeah so and a lot of these New Agers are closer to Jesus than the Christians are 100% they have more fruit they have more peace to have more joy they have more favor they you know I’m saying they don’t call him Jesus last night and I’m gonna find with that cuz that’s not his name you know I’m saying week that’s a title you know and that’s not his name he does they didn’t walk on Jerusalem calling him Jesus you know what I’m saying like you know it’s a it’s a title it’s a character it’s a name and as far as I’m concerned some of these people I would rather hang with the New Agers didn’t hang with this a group of Jezebel’s bro it’s it with you bro let’s have some let’s have some shall we say let’s have some Monta with them we won’t we won’t smoke weed we won’t drink beer we’ll just do some fuck sake okay Oh sake that sounds kind of spiritual it’s not English I’m with you bro that’s awesome spells are like very intimidating like I’ve dealt with just bells before and I’ve been silent because I’ve been intimidated like when you’re dealing with spiritual practice they know stuff about you yeah like that it gets intimidating it ya know like that’s why we talk about having you have to be open before God you can’t hide anything from God you can’t have any unconfessed sin and do what we’re doing you have to be a open book and when you are right you take away all the power like any power that anybody has to say against you because you’re open and we look at M&M in the in the movie 8 mile they like they got all this ammunition he’s a white boy who want to be he lives in a trailer park he’s poor his girlfriend cheated on him so Eminem goes up in the movie 8 mile at the finale and he does his freestyle and he doesn’t project it on everybody else he projects it on himself yeah I’m a white boy yeah my girl left me baba and he goes into detail he took all their ammunition so that’s what they were gonna talk about and he has an open book and it says if you walk the script says were supposed to walk in the light as he is in the light rain we have no darkness in us if we’re walking in the light Lauryn Hill talks about it if a finding true spiritual peace and freedom was just being being okay and open about everything not trying to hide it and just being in the light and then like to TMZ’s and those type of people they didn’t have they don’t have anything on you no more because you’re just being in the light you’re not trying to hide anything and then you know it takes away their power and I’ve seen that uh even from Jezebel but if you’re hiding stuff you know anger issues I’ve we’ve been a part of deliverance ministries and I had a brother tell me that he’s like struggle with anger issues like until the point that it was like demonic rage and stuff but on the outside is one of the most humble meet people you would ever meet we go into a deliverance session with a dude who was filled with demons and one help yeah and then he just the do perked up looked at him and just like call him out to a to a place where it did something to my friend he got scared and backed off and like man this guy just read while male but if you deal with those anger issues if you’re walking in the light you don’t let them have any power over you or against you then it can break anything I’ve been downtown and I’ve had people called me I’ve been nervous dealing with the spirit of Jezebel and they’ll call it out look at you shaking you’re nervous your hands are trembling and they’re like I’m I don’t know if you can even see it but it was like I was really nervous dealing with these people in these confrontations and stuff and I’ve had Jezebel call me out and and and me not do nothing about it you know and then you say we go to that scripture in revelation why do you suffer her to live why are you a lot why won’t you say anything you’re allowing this just about at each to confuse fear intimidation it’s a bit of intimidation um but um there is just reminding the Bible study what happens to Jezebel yeah we can yeah exactly what happened we can talk about that too I’ll let you say how Jezebel met her demise and then I’ll speak about how we can have peace from that spirit of Jezebel yeah well um I am after a lot of this this crap which I’m just I’m done man I’m done with people effing with me and with my daughter my little girl the stupid sex cult that needs to just die and all the people leaving it which need to have freedom and I basically just went out and shared the whole story of what’s been happening and I keep getting YouTube copyright claims and or privacy claims it’s just saying like don’t talk about the pedophiles and by the way his name Steven Lee he’s one of the big freakin Jezebel freak out people here which keeps just hurting his family that’s trying to escape from him now and we’re taking them in and me and a couple other guys basically and he every time his name is mentioned he puts out a privacy claim about his name’s uchi my name so it’s like fine we’re saying your name everywhere now you sold your family for a Harley and you call yourself this great healer and a minister and you’re doing this well we’re not intimidated by the spirit of Jezebel because the whole verse and I would like to make a shout out to my friend hot retarded chicks hot retard chicks has a really cool YouTube channel and I’m going to find his comment which he basically found all the verses about Jezebel and posted them for me I really rely a lot on my listeners they’re the ones that know the Bible a lot better than I do but but Jezebel I mean gosh you know like it was like Ezekiel or sorry I see it no Elijah or Elijah one of those guys freaked out about this woman like he’s calling down fire just destroying off the false prophets yeah and then this little guy gets all messed up about a woman I mean no offence against women I love women but it’s like it’s kind of you know somebody you know made it their life goal to destroy you like I’m getting those messages from just a guy who’s doing that to me right now it’s and the person is not all that they’re on their dresses definitely that’s it is scary it’s intimidating but you can’t back down you got to be ready to go to war spiritually and physically if need be right yeah yeah you do um I don’t think you have to do anything I think that this is something that literally she her demise was that she was ripped limb to limb my dogs and I’m having trouble finding dollars yeah but it’s horribly grotesque what happens to Jezebel and if you get called a Jezebel you should be afraid no rather than you going around intimidating God’s people how about you realize if you’re really wanting to go down that road and in my house is someone who was just which to which is why I would you talk to my Jezebel and being called a witch I was like room attention 100 percent this is not just truth seeker just we’re needing to do a show with somebody just randomly this is the Holy Spirit we need to focus on this what’s going on boom I mean I just had a two-hour conversation today about this very thing about Christians calling real Christians who have mystical experiences who really have the ability being called witches I’m sorry but that’s just too much coincidence so um yeah man and this these are like Saints too these are not just like people that are talking about New Age on the internet but now they want to now they’re gonna be like let me talk about everything God’s ever done and if Jezebel also spake the Lord saying the dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel there was a prophecy about her look at that man the dogs will eat you religious spirit we’re not talking about people who we love and I have a lot of friends who are afraid of what I do they’re literally like cutting off ties with me right now because they’re there they’ve sworn allegiance to the cult or they’re just whatever it seems bigger seems like it has some type of stature because there’s more people there and you know right and dogs shall eat Jezebel in the portion of Jezreel there shall be none to bury her and he opened the door and fled okay anyway it’s um came to pass when Jerome saw Jay who he said is it peace Jew who and he answered what peace so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many gem turned his hands and fled and said as Ahaziah there is treachery waha sia boom a lot of a lot of battle going on there the carcass of Jezebel shall be as dung upon the face of the field in the portion of Jezreel and so they shall not say this is Jezebel she might still be a high level demon like Satan might have like lifted her up like Anakin to Darth Vader which is why we still deal with this thing but Jesus talks about that man he talks about it I mean it’s about dealing with spirits from the past that these spirits are gonna come back and you’re gonna have to deal with them yes he talked yes in in specific heats and that it’s a very similar but he’s it’s talking about Queen Sheba which causes the prince the princess of yourself is essentially the the queen of the south I’m sorry and it’s the same type of accusation I’m gonna you know I’m gonna expose you really this is a 100% and uh Solomon had to deal with her in the same spirit people when we’re talking about spiritual warfare people die spirits don’t dive spirits to live forever we’re fighting yes they’re saying there’s so many different verses about this and Jesus talks about look the same thing that you he’s calling people out he’s like speaking to the Pharisees and stuff and saying look my father’s dealt with y’all the problem is no which are same spirits yeah and so now y’all are here for me y’all come for me the same spirits that were there Jesus had to dealt with them Moses dealt with them we’re dealing with them Jesus and the prophecy in Matthew 12 in Matthew 14 woody talks about that the spirits shall rise in judgment against this generation it’s really deep but like you said dream you know the way to overcome this and I think this is the way to overcome everything it’s through Christ through the the higher path not stooping down to their level and then it’s hard to do sometimes but I want to read this this scripture here because like we’re talking about going to the secret place with the Lord and in going to a place where where nobody can touch you nobody can harm you and in the scriptures throughout the whole Old Testament it’s symbolic as going into a cave going into your prayer closet getting away by yourself with God and pouring out his heart and so even with Elijah here it talks about kings 18:4 says while Jezebel was killing off the Lord’s prophets Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets with him and hid them in two caves fifty each and had supplied them with food in water so they hid from her killing the prophets in the cave and it’s not about hiding it’s about going there to receive instruction what you’re supposed to do next you know and just spending time with the father caves represent the hiding place or the secret place essentially the shelter for God’s children to go for protection against attacks of their enemies the cave is your prayer closet the place that you enter into God’s rest and spend alone time with the Heavenly Father all throughout the scriptures with David and hiding from from Saul in the cave you know and and then but there were sounds we had to come out the cave to face the enemy you go there to get strength like the first shall be last you have to go there and receive power for more on high man is essentially spending time with the holy spirit with the father going into that place to come out and be able to face the world who’s that uh Leonard Ravenhill says that a man who gets down on his knees before God would be able to stand before men you could be able to stand before anybody Kings rulers judge judges prophesy against them like I’ve had to do this like I’ve had to face the face I’ve had to deal with these spirits I’ve had to deal with pastors and and leaders who were man doing demonic stuff with the church and with the youth and the weird stuff man that I could go into detail about I’ve had to stand to these people face to face and and mark them you know what I’m said there’s a time for that I don’t want to stoop down to these to these levels I have some you know I have some people that’s coming against me and they’re essentially weirdos a lot of people don’t know about it but like hard I had to check myself day before yesterday because part of me wanted to lash out you know whether it’s on this platform or do videos marking them exposing them I used to do expose videos mid-2000 I got pretty good at it I didn’t part of me wanted to do that because I’m being pushed by different people from these different sides and it wants to knock me off my course and it’s only because that I’m having success in what I’m doing if what I was doing wasn’t it was falling upon deaf ears if if it was a mockery if nobody followed it but this growth it’s been steady growth since I’ve been consistent and and and stayed on the vision of course that God has given me it’s been steady growth people are jealous people and envious but dealing with that backlash it had me questions should I go in on these people should I like I’ve taken the high route I’ve taken the spiritual route should I step down off this high horse and come at you and call and make a mockery of you openly which I can you’re a drug addict you left your wife and kids you’re all in you have mug shots all over all over the Internet of you looking crazy tattoos all over your face each one of these people there’s so much dirt and I used to do this part of me wanted to do it just to set the record straight and say look you want to let this get it but then I’m like I really I had the question as I had to go before God man and I had to release these people and and say you know what my audience or whoever’s listening whoever supporting me the the success that my show has or whatever it’s not because I took that route it is because I took the high route it is because I took the path of love and of light and of spirituality and of true spiritual freedom that’s why people are tuning in so I felt like if I was to try to switch it up and try to even go that route that I would in turn be doing damnation upon myself you know I’m saying to switch it up and to kind of get on their level so I made sure that I didn’t do that like I could do it I wanted to do it but I had to go to God like can i I cut you know can I do it I said don’t do it keep doing what’s working because it cuz like you can deal with those people but there’s just gonna be more right behind them are you just gonna keep fighting let’s look at Benny Hinn let’s look at Joel Osteen I know they’re not great examples but there are examples of people that you know the bloggers will have a full time job blogging about their heresies you know the heresy hunters and I used to do it and there’s good reason to call some of these people out I think you know but um but now we’re the era sees exactly no I drove bro I felt the karma from that I got totally you know years agreeing yeah well not recently but for a long time like I was exposed in videos of him saying they’re false prophets and then well you know Johnny who produces us for the French radio network he’s he always says like that makes you look small you know yeah you attack it does cuz you I mean it’s you know so this is what the Lord told me years ago when I was doing that when he told me to stop finally cut it out cut the shit but it’s easily just being real if you want to expose false doctrine if you want to expose false teachers it’s not to do a video it’s not to put that picture up all over the place and show you their doctrine that has holes in it they’re just manipulators and this is how they the spirit of manipulation is working is this to simply teach it right you want to expose false doctrine and expose false leaders teach it right if they’re manipulate if they’re manipulating people through the through the tithe they’re teaching the tithe wrong and they’re making you give out of compulsion and out of sorrow and telling you God’s gonna punish you if you don’t tithe like that was a big contention with me it’s not to call these people out by name and expose them and stuff but just simply teach it the right way teach the biblical practical practical lessons on tithing the right way and that by itself will undo all of the all of the false doctrine and all of the stuff that they’re doing wrong people who are looking for truth they’re gonna find it see this the thing we had to we have to this is why it takes us out of the equation because a lot of times in exposing these false teachers as well many of us want to do people are thriving on it it’s it’s like it’s popular I was in the realm when it wasn’t popular there was no vigilant Christians there was only like one dude big on YouTube doing it that’s the time so any videos we did they got a lot of views you know but um let’s keep doing that bro I know it’s like the latest thing that only is like one guy on YouTube talking about it let’s talk about that but did when everybody starts doing something I run the other way anyway you know what I’m saying when everybody’s everybody’s doing it you can okay we are gonna have to be competition men trying to be cutting-edge you come on my show not to be a trailblazer essentially and um yeah but like it takes a it takes our dog our dog out of the fight because we want to expose the false teachers we want to expose the false prophets but the Scriptures tell us that it’s not all their fault it says that the people have itching ears and they go and find these these teachers for themselves they give creflo dollar money every week every month because he’s telling them what they want to hear yeah he’s sucking in job and he’s manipulating but he’s telling them what they want to hear it says that they will find out teachers for themselves that’s why people have found true seeker they found Michael Bastian because you speak in their language they can relate to it it’s there’s something of value here you’re being real that’s and people are gonna find their strokes and for different folks and there’s a church for everybody I used to go to a church that was a biker Church they cater to people with green Mohawks and uh and piercings and tattoos all over their face and everybody looked the same that’s a church right down the street was all for the rich higher class upper white people it was a church for all the you know I’m saying the black churches who were into the black gospel and that kind of stuff there’s a church in there right across the street from each other some of them are right side by side their storefronts that connect to different churches theirs churches for everything man and people will find teachers people will find the person who’s speaking their language and they’ll support it man there’s a church if you want to speak in tongues out loud if you want to shout in tongues and have the whole church to shout shout in tongues if you want to fall out and roll on the floor there’s churches for that if you want to be poised and just conservative just real good come hear your message and go home there’s a church for that if you like to dance when you worship there’s a church that’ll let you dance and wave flags truck dude that I’m being legit like there’s a church and everything so people will find the teachers and they will find with what they’re looking for and they’ll naturally support it so these people are telling them something that they want to hear so teach it right don’t be known as a heresy hunter don’t be known at and as someone who who your ministry is a response to what someone else is doing that’s not original your main guys showing you is a push back what God show you in your dream last night what did God talk to you this morning like that’s why I really like people like Neville Johnson Ian Clayton because they’re Trailblazers and they say like I was listening to the Lord and he told me tell the people this you know like they’re not like I mean I’m still young enough I still kind of piggyback off of other people a lot like I listen to other people and I’m like well so-and-so says this but I look at people like Alex Jones as an example for us in the media this is kind of an alternative media movement we’re not trying to build churches we don’t have a I mean we could you know truth Sica you can have worshippers in your studio you know praising God for an hour and then you give your message and then you have your guest and that would be fine maybe we’ll we’ll do that someday yeah I do plan on getting out so maybe not starting at one location but I do I do like when we do our Thursday night things and we meet I meet with 15-20 people 10 people whoever it is it’s beautiful and I do want to do that in the what we had that though like what if there are people who have the gift of worship who maybe they don’t want to talk endlessly like us but they they have some kind of a spirit of like I just want to worship God and they can sit down on their piano and praise God for like 20 minutes what if you had a couple of those people and you had them on a livestream like 20 minutes or your message we found that to be like a boost into what we’re a real online it’s set up like a church here’s your water here’s your even this other part that comes on and reads the bulletin the news you know what I’m saying some people come in late like some people don’t even tuned into the worship they come in with a message like you do it hurts you like Adam what’s up Adam he’s in the chat room he came in like an hour late last night now pray we got here or you still smoking weed back there boy but no funny you say that because I have those Christian friends who are annoying it worship leaders their psalmist they can play the guitar they can play the piano and the Spirit of God comes in through their fingertips strumming that instrument with a contrite heart before God something happens when they play and then when they sing yeah hold another level they won’t step a foot in a church again they won’t they do not will not pick up a guitar again because of church hurt because of dealing with Jezebel’s nature yeah they get them in and say hey look you’re a good worship let’s let you play worship and yeah they don’t care about your spiritual life they don’t care about how you’re doing you have a good gift and you need to bring it to God you know and I know people who would never do I got two guys that know for a fact man two of the most anointed people I’ve done and I’ve done private sessions with these guys I’ve done worship home meetings and we’ve traveled together with both of these guys and they will not touch a guitar again they don’t want nothing to do with Church some of them even I still love Jesus you know what I’m saying they have a relationship with Jesus I have a faith but when it comes to ministry they’ve been they’ve been turned off man and they’ve been made they’ve been mocked because it’s never the church’s fault it’s never Jezebel’s fault right they sinned and there was that there was a term that we he was used for one of these friends of mine actually three of them really but one term was used for this guy and they called it they say look what they say you are a casualty of the ministry it happens some people get hurt don’t you just a casualty man it happens you know we want to be the people that catch those guys you know like I think and I was born into by the way a family like my grandfather’s a famous preacher but you should have seen what happened when their church melted down and that was my family my dad the son of Don Bosch I’m dealing with the fallout of a guy that used to make sermons about Jezebel Jezebel in high places go look it up I call it now Jezebel at low places because every time I step in a pile of dog crap from the wall on the street I’m like Oh Jezebel little refuse of Jezebel but still like back in my day that was what was going on back when I was mower deer but it’s it’s not easy when you go through those those systems those institutions people get burned and we got to realize we’re not here trying to sell books well okay I am I don’t know about you but whatever we’re not here trying to make ourselves famous it’s about the war it’s about the ministry it’s about the kingdom of God invading this planet and there are casualties of war everywhere and we might be you know we might be meeting people who are really burned by Church and they might be coming to us because they’re like wow look what these guys are talking about they don’t really care about the church system we can find community here I’m thinking about starting like a dating app like there’s all these singles – they’re like looking for single man like what do you say let’s have a dating app you know where you know you get to meet other people who like this kind of stuff and we can’t be responsible for what happens before dude was cool yeah no way awesome they meet each other through being a true seeker fan they love my music and yeah then they start dating and yeah really cool did you marry that man knows you married I don’t think is cute all the people that I talk to you who meet each other it’s like a disaster dude like these rough people sometimes they’re like yeah maybe it’s not a good idea if you go and stay at somebody’s house just because you met them on this YouTube channel you’re both listeners no ladies we’re talking about some of the weirdest stuff out there dude I think I I’m telling you about a guy tattoos all of us various enemy death threats and wanting to kill me and saying he’s gonna do like honor his ancestors by killing me I’m gonna come after that guy all right I got tons of mafia friends in Asia land we’re sending them to you okay where is this address send it off air so you don’t get a legal battle in the what they call it the Triads you want all these Asian people look China with the Bloods and the Crips and the folk but what I know about the Triads they don’t know nothing about ninjas you got some samurai coming after you buddy boy watch out for each other you got some problems you just let me know man I have no problem you know I’m saying my mom I really don’t it’s my problem is that I get I give it my attention you don’t have saying that’s my problem and I’ll respond to it maybe maybe I should maybe I’ve even given too much information on this show you know what I’m saying maybe I’ve even maybe I shouldn’t I give any and you know I may be like timing was too good I like to talk about it because I’m getting people ready to like part of this like if you’re not learning from my experience you’re not learning from your father’s experience your mother everybody around you yet you have to be a student man God uses everything so I’m open with this stuff so that when you get with somebody blogs about you Adam knows we talked about this last night in the school they’re gonna blog about you they’re gonna send nasty emails they’re gonna spread they’re gonna laugh at you they’re gonna mock you you’re true seekers what Trucy could follow he’s in a UFO cult true seek is a UFO call talks about aliens he’s always interviewing these people or aliens or whatever like and Michael Basham is his biggest follower and supporter it’s gonna come it comes out right if you’re not making any moves and what they say even in the charges they say you say look the devil attack is attacking you because you have a call on your life like you’re doing something right if you if you were if you weren’t doing anything right they wouldn’t mess with you but you’re a threat to its enemy system and when we talk about the enemy was how much Satan or just whoever’s your opposition for the law of the universe universal law is positive and negative and opposites attract so if there’s a positive force force there’s gonna be a negative force that wants to come against you as well it’s it’s used for for good reasons to sharpen you to build character and to mold you but it’s coming whoever you are is people who want to do podcast we have people in our community who are writing books trust me yeah negative reviews come I put out a book I got a negative review of you do put out a review have you got any negative reviews emotion on your book dude you it’s rocket fuel man you got you need to have at least like five or ten people writing at least negative reviews I I don’t really know if I can trust you unless you have a website don’t a website like devoted to ripping you apart yeah once I type in truth seeker and I see truth seeker exposed illuminati then I know you’re like I only follow people who are being attacked by stupid Jezebel religious small-minded petty doing nothing with their life loser going nowhere people and I’m sorry but anybody that follows that sort of line of thinking I know I’m not saying you have to follow truths Iike to have the truth because he’s a seeker you know he’s gonna lead you to the truth that he finds he’s just like you he is an honest person who is also doing his best to reach out to people and help them to get healing and lead them to the truth that he finds he’s not a cult when you attack this guy you’re literally attacking your destiny like you need to be a truth seeker you need to be listening to this guy and promoting him and getting on the ball and look if you do that you will be promoted like by promoting you dude I get more listeners honestly if people listen to me and they’re like who the heck is this weird nerd dude dork but maybe we’ll go to his random Channel and see what he’s talking about find something you like yeah that’s why I promote Jordan Maxwell like the Jordan Maxwell interviews got like 60,000 views on this day this upload that’s that’s probably yeah that’s probably fifty nine thousand people who don’t know who true sigue is and they’re also probably just as lost as Jordan Maxwell is I don’t know if I told you you right though I don’t know if I told you I talked about this because I love it this is why I do it I had a comment of a guy who was watching a Jordan Maxwell interview okay but max was off the air he’s at the end of the interview I’m giving my commentary and then I pray I say a prayer for Jordan Maxwell and I pray for the people listening and the Holy Spirit touches this person random person watching a Jordan Maxwell alien video Jordan Max was talking about aliens and about the cult and blah blah blah and at the end true seeker praise God encounters this person watching a Jordan Maxwell alien video my job is done my job is done I was obedient I prayed that God would invade their life that God would touch them speak to them whoever they are whatever they’re looking for God show them that you are enough they’re like what what’s going on they said they started to get chills and tingles all over their whole body they started weeping started crying I love D I love this this is why I do what I do those people don’t see all those messages they don’t see that inbox like that’s that’s the result I’m looking for they have an encounter with the Living God and then we have were consistent we have a community we have people like-minded I can’t handle all these people we have Michael Bassam I trust Michael Bastian we have a lot of other people who are coming up under us and who can who can help Adam Starseed at he’s talking about wanting to do this daily of having stuff daily to to reach out to people and to help people and I think but between a few of these people that we promote we can put out enough content and be involved I can only entertain so many messages a day you know what I’m saying like I try to reach back out to all of everybody who messages me and where they are you know what I’m saying just even just to say thank you if it’s just that oh I’m thankful for all the messages I get I can’t keep up with them all either ya know and people get offended people get mad but it’s just there’s only so many hours in a day – but um swelling the wall dude stay on the wall like I mean that’s I just got the fields you telling me that story about Jordan that just do that Harry Castle what are we doing here yeah it’s not for everybody and there is wrong like you do there are legit concerns right now and and I know the concerns my only concern is that you would begin to follow Kerry Cassidy’s work and get confused and get pulled in but this platform was was built on going into Kerry Cassidy’s fan base yeah and pulling people out that’s great Amen that McCann is nobody gets that but you dude it’s not about the person Oh buddy doesn’t there’s a lot of people who who would definitely get it that’s why they’re here they know it like that they know the agenda and they’re cool like they like you you know the agenda you love it you know what I’m saying well again you know you’re reminding me to get all the haters I lie in bed at night and think about all the haters – and those why is it that you you remember one hater among I know any Dennis or let me tell you how great you are I know they like they love what you do and then Leslie’s saying there’s $20 you know I love you bro let me cover your rent this month like I had somebody cover my rent last month yeah it’s some random YouTube video I’m like no you’re reaching burn and you don’t know who you’re reaching this crazy the Holy Spirit you know we just got to keep on the wall and it’s it’s really living my faith but those haters man they gonna ain’t and we got to put them in their place you know I’m glad we’re doing the show because it’s The Jezabels it’s the the religious spirit that’s afraid because what we’re doing man it’s not just about it is about winning souls but it’s about winning souls in the next level what if we learn how to ask for project and we go into that Ghost World purgatory or whatever it is and we win souls I could really use some people who know how to do that here in Asian world I’m surrounded by ghosts sometimes I wake up there’s one by my bed I feel no fear but I’m telling you that that thing it’s real like they exist and I’m a missionary I came out here to win souls it turns out you can win a lot more Souls when they died but I need help here I can’t handle all these guys on my own I’ve tried to send them all to like you know angel bases and I’ve come up with every idea I have in the spirit and I’m like I’m through I need help I need reinforcements so if anybody out there figures out how to astral project into the spirit or even just pray for ghosts Michael Basham needs your help and this is something new this is something we’re just sort of I wrote a novel because I know I’m gonna kicked out of every Christian circle if I talk about it so my novel is basically about the concept of reaching out to lost spirits would that be something like I know the Catholics believe and there’s some stuff in the Apocrypha a buddy of mine I’m studying the part of the Apocrypha we may have talked about this I don’t know and we all were studying it we were part of a group who studied the Apocrypha and Enoch and all the books that came out of that and he went to like a Southern Baptist Church tent revival and he preached and he came out of like he was reading from like the book of second address or something and it was talking about you have seven days to pray for us someone who was bad off and and wasn’t sure if they would be stuck in between these realms do you have seven days to pray them into the kingdom and to help them get through on their journey and he was like teaching on that and I asked people to pray for him and stuff and he got rebuked they like they cut his mic off he they shut him down but he and uh but then but it’s very similar to I’ve been to a Catholic funeral and they say hey we’re gonna witch those books are in the Catholic Bible so I guess that makes sense at a Catholic funeral they say we want to pray for him to have a safe travel and make sure he makes it to the king you know and they kind of believed in a very similar thing of this travel to the kingdom of heaven very interesting well it’s it’s a lot of speculation but it’s also sure I mean the Catholic Church they’ve touched upon this I’m not here teaching on this I’m telling you my experience and I am seeking for intel on what to do about this I just want to be doing the best job that I can I know that the Jesuits hundreds of years ago they almost won China because they were willing to preach to the dead in Asia and it’s just it’s a different world man I mean about Asia the missionary it’s not America she’s not America America I want to address something to somebody in the chat room code s says what’s up true stick are you still in rlm I guess I talked to my brain and bought ops group read Latin Minister you know he kicked me out of that group because you got kicked out of red letter ministry I’m too extreme for red letter ministry dude I kicked myself out of that group because he okay I don’t want to stay here and talk bad about people but my girlfriend was trying to raise money and I was like look you kick out Jennifer Christine Oh matter here punkers although I love a lot of their audience I love you know what I love returned his audience against me man they came at me pretty hard they’re part of the problem bro yeah they were coming at me yeah you’ve got red letter ministry coming after you right you got you just got but with me that I cannot talking about the like the for you man we’re standing for you dude I want to stick with the French people I want to stick with the Christians who are out there on the fringes and we have something in common but when the friends are fighting each other and hey he’s he’s more demonic than I am he’s more new-age than me stay away that’s the whole thing we’re talking about wait did you have sorry if this isn’t is this breaking a rule did Brandon come after you do like probably yeah I reviewed him twice and I’ve tried to build on beautiful ground you twice hurts me out hey you’re like the first of know you’re like like no no he’s done it to a lot of people he’s done it what’s this thing yeah he’s starting it called whatever that’s his thing starting a cult if you’re in that call that’s your deal it’s fine bless you god bless you Brandon god bless you followers of Brandon Johnny was also in a fistfight with Brandon online and I’ve defended him you know though I mean I didn’t do nothing to him like I what I did to him is I would post in there at my interviews and some of them would be about aliens but if you listened to it we get you know I work the Bible into it it’s a form of you know when you know what little break for the guy I think there’s a little bit of insecurity right now because of other things I don’t think it’s necessarily you I don’t think that oh you really listen to you even most of them I think that situation I God win him over most of the time right and if they were smart they would promote you and they would also get a promotion they would find out that truth seeker and Brendan Barth Rob our friends and you guys would cross pollinate and it would just be awesome you know that that was the beauty to me watching Alex Jones Infowars grow over the last 12 years yeah was like a crazy guy with a microphone and a laptop go from that to basically calling the president and help me to instruct the way that the world works it’s working my platform my audience get going I’m learning I’m not perfect I never to be I’m I’m not without reproach I’m not unreachable that’s what gets you is like when the people just come they talk about you and not to you like all these people who have can’t like come against me with different weird stuff like they could have came straight to me I answered the majority of my questions on Facebook people hit me up I said dude hit me up today hey bro what do you believe I don’t know if this dude legitimately wants to know because he’s curious or he’s looking for me to slip up so he can screenshot it like these got there like screenshot in my private conversations and posting my screen shots and stuff and Brandon’s group and stuff yeah but have you been in court and seen transcripts of your shows in court yet translated in Chinese I’m not gonna say I will not promise on that over myself you know but you know or hey bro it’s rocket fuel man did you take the path of Alex Jones though because I’ve considered it when I was working a full-time job did you take Alex Jones because he went very similar you know going to court over in with his transcripts and for custody of his children they had him in court and I said asked him about it you didn’t know about that yeah oh so this here this was a me and so you’re supposed to say what Alex Jones said Michael bass that’s a character Michael bathrooms just a character this and that’s what Alex Jones said yeah he plays a character on his podcast or his show you know and he rants and it’s a fanatic and you know he says stuff to get people and he says that’s a character because they were using that for him saying he’s you know that’s really him and they were gonna take his kids away bro so he had to think of something I thought when I was working a full-time job and I thought that like I was ready to say that who’s the true secret how about eating mushrooms and you know and in praising Jesus and talking alien shoes like are you talking aliens you really you know summoning aliens and UFOs coming down over your house so you just really happen to know and there no no no like if your life was on the line or oh I’m gonna say man I mean I haven’t actually seen aliens except when I you know like okay I interviewed he was on Sid Roth praying medic interviewed him twice thanks to Susan Melanie storm he says okay get quiet sit still close your eyes get to the verge of sleep see what God shows you so I tried it and I started to see aliens in underground military bases and I was sharing the story earlier I don’t think that means you should lose your kids honestly I think that more means like you’re sitting in meditation quietly praying and your imaginations all it could have been you could say it was a very minimum yeah I mean I’m I’m the kind of person that says what you imagined could be something real so pay a lot more close attention to what you think you’re imagining because we are all gateways into the spirit world there’s nothing that you can imagine that probably doesn’t exist somewhere exactly that’s the I stand by that like the universe is so big and the universe works or God works whatever you want to call it works in a way that whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it like out I 1,000,000% believe in that if you want to see fairies if you want to go out in your backyard learn to meditate to set to see fairies I believe you can do it if you want to fast and pray and summon UFOs in your backyard I believe you can do it I’ve done it I’ve seen a few of us yes that that’s why I’m talking about this stuff do it the way I do like I’ve seen them it’s not a theory I’m not gonna give my life for a theory like I’ve done this this is legit like I’ve seen fairies I’ve seen demons they’ve physically manifested they’ve been in imagination and in torment you yeah but they’ve crossed over like I physically seen these things manifest and it’s because I was looking for it if I wasn’t looking for it I don’t think I don’t think that it would it would ever happen but if you if you give your life to that you start looking for it the way the universe is set up your mind you big to create it and and I don’t know if you created and you pull it into this realm and it shows up just to you I’ve been in sitting when I thought my demons crossing over like I wasn’t the only one like there was in someone else there with me who’s seen this demon that a witch summon donuts that physically manifested in ran Addison attacked us like it wasn’t just me I believe I believe you can go into the back you people do this and and there’s a lot of his there’s a lot of holy books that talk about this there’s a lot of the demons or the demons put it that way of the times of Plato and talking about everybody has these familiar spirits that are there and communing with them and these entities that are watching over you and you can communicate with them you learn how to see this stuff and we’re talking about if you like you said if you can imagine it it’s probably there like there’s some weird stuff going on for us to just think that it’s just what we can see with our five senses there’s a sixth sense man this ghost around this spirit realm it’s a lot deeper than any of us can imagine and so for any of us even me to think that I have it all figured out and I’ve seen so much and I have no idea what the hell is going on I have some in UFOs I’ve seen fairies I’ve been in blissful states of encounter with a body leaving your body I’ve seen all types of stuff I got scriptures to back up the majority of it and I still we’re just touching the tip of the iceberg you know what I’m saying like it’s beautiful though I love it like my whole childhood I wanted this this fantasy realm to be real but I was told that it wasn’t it’s only in books it’s only in the x-men and these fantasies and stories but then it comes back these stories are written off of ancient holy books like the scripts that they’re using in these movies and then they are talking and they’re taking this stuff from the bhagavad-gita and from the Bible and from esoteric writings that were taken out of the Bible like none of this stuff is new there’s nothing new Under the Sun the stuff was mentioned man we look back at like this stuff was real to those people like those people really believed like it’s in their cave or in paintings they believed in aliens they had they you know all monsters and things coming out out of your dreams and into the waking state like all kinds of crazy ideas that really exist and you create it you create what you want you entertain it and your mind is that powerful that you have to be careful the stuff you’re entertaining and you have to meticulously plan it you know I’m saying what you’re entertaining because it’s real like I think I think it’s all real everything Amen yeah I mean that’s the thing about like even watching porn or the wrong kind of movies or talking gossip about people I mean I repent if even if I said anything wrong in this show like the things that we entertain what you say what you think you become so it’s not about wasting time it’s about the fact that you played that video game all day well you’re probably gonna start manifesting things in your spirit from that game and or you watch porn yeah you’re probably gonna start you know realizing you have a soul tied to that one porn star years ago might have a million ports are sultans with other guys that you don’t want to have it happen what porn four years ago when I was addicted to porn I would look at porn all day this was years ago praise God go out into public and then you saw undressing women with your eyes or your imagination even if you’re trying not to like I’m prank cuz I’m a Christian struggling with porn at this at this point you know and I’m I’m trying not to do it but you’re you’ve given legal ground for your mind to entertain these things you have to be washed clean you got to repent you got to change your thinking you kind of entertain you got to starve it out there’s different things to do to train the mind but I remember years ago that happening then you talk about video games I remember staying in a playing video games all day like the game driver or a game with you’re driving cars and racing and drifting in and out of traffic all day and then I get in a car I’m gonna talk about playing it for an hour or two I’m talking about like I would used to be like super addicted I still enjoy video games look at my room I got game posters everywhere but like I’m talking like eight nine hours playing a video game you’re driving a car like a racecar driver and then you get behind the driver’s seat that’s weird like that that’s weird when you just been in in your mind you have to drift behind people have to get behind him really close and get speed and like driving a car and that yeah it does it definitely plays a role so if we’re looking at that that’s bad things those are bad things what about the good things what about the spirit world what about we’re listening to eight hours of a podcast that tells you how to see fairies and I’m seeing fairies everywhere you know what I’m saying like or like all good the Illuminati how many of us most of us have started out and like Alex Jones they didn’t got into Jordan Maxwell and they’re telling you how to see Illuminati symbolism and how to read the the signs and then you go out in public and you’re like what the crap they’re everywhere bro like everything’s got an all-seeing eye in it everything is is Illuminati Masonic based bro they’re everywhere like your perception changes because you entertain that stuff for this prolonged period of time Illuminati aliens like I seen aliens and UFOs because I want it to like I had to make myself stare I had not seen them at night I seen them during the day I wanted to know that it was real now like I still talk about it I don’t actively really pursue it no more like it’s just something that like I wanted to know how the universe works and how it exists and what goes on then that was part of it at the time and it changed my life 100% so a lot of my stuff is still just talk I don’t stargaze like I used to I need to I loved it you know I need to do it it’s beautiful to see that and have encounters um but a lot of my time now just it’s talking about just kind of explaining that stuff we’re trying to make sense of it as well so but so for me to act like I have it all figured out or any teacher any pastor any Kerry Cassidy who says as a matter of fact the Bible is false really you know that that’s a big statement or for any Christian to say as a matter of Act Moses was a real man you were there were you with them really you know for a matter of a fact I know you have faith and you believe this story and there’s signs that may prove it and there’s things that disprove it but for anybody to say it as a matter of fact for some of these things I don’t think we can you know there’s so much of this stuff it’s just so much there you know it leaves a person like me many people end up where I am in this place where you know you become all things to all men so that you can reach some you’re not offended if somebody says if somebody doesn’t believe you or agree with you you know what I’m saying it happens it comes to the territory but you don’t get as as hurt over it you don’t you’re not looking for value you’re not looking for your other men to validate you to make your experiences true you know I’ve never seen a UFO I don’t think they’re real okay you’ve never spent seven hours under the stars three nights in a row gazing up either have you like have you have you done that yes I had brush camp well you were doing other stuff I’m talking about intently gazing and meditating and praying and praying in tongues and praying in Hebrew in yeah asking God to show you like have you done that I have I’ve seen them they’re totally 1000% it’s less than a million but it’s a thousand percent I like a million percent that’s I know for just without the shadow of a doubt man you know what’s interesting to me is to look like okay what’s the biggest UFO Channel on YouTube right now it’s secure team ten right that’s a fake one that’s really big to the fame form it’s always got like some stupid fake UFO but I like security of the moon I did a theme song for now third face of moon who you did you did the theme song for them yeah cuz he shared it about UFOs and you know oh man that was your song oh my gosh dude that’s great well that’s good we should you know promote their fake ocean I guess but third piece of men interviewed Steven Greer I don’t know if you’ve tried to contact oh yeah he’s kind of untouchable at this point though oh no sorry it was the Baker Channel it was a secure team secure team ten and it was interesting to see that because I look at the UFO community and look like okay who do we got okay we got this one guy with his YouTube channel who puts all these great UFO videos out there and they get on Drudge they get everywhere on the news there are all over the world and he goes and he interviews Steven Greer and that’s to him that’s like the holy grail of like all the UFO people and disclosure project you know Steve Kerry Cassidy’s interviewed him a number of times yeah what what does this guy do he’s freaking just talking about channeling the greys and how great the greys are and he’s he’s totally Rockefeller funded admittedly by his own mouth lock and like my uncle was a oh wow I didn’t know about that but that’s like I mean what do we got here okay so alright he’s obviously not on the dark side but he’s obviously not the Guru to go to to understand everything he’s obviously very very narcissistic he loves the attention he loves the feeling of like I’ve been working out like Otto Schwartz a guy and you can see looks like a reptilian though I will say that as far as like if he’s a controlled opposition he looks like an alien he really does I’ll do that Chesire Cat smile dude yeah he really is like this this is what I’m saying I want to empower the listeners anybody listening you guys should be tapping into this stuff you guys are the ones that the Fallen Angels are going to be afraid of because ashtar command etc they’re all new-age whatever alien beings but they’re the old testament gods that God told the Israelites to never deal with but they’re here today and there they’re moving through all these different new-age circles and they’re afraid of any of you who have faith who pray and who access the Spirit who realize who you are in the spirit how powerful you are when you go to the throne of God and you find out who you are and then you start to dictate and you start to legislate not just under your god if you have time but just be like I command the spirit of bail to lay his hands off of my family and the spirit of Jezebel to just be ripped apart by dogs in my uncle and aunt’s house or whatever you start to take charge and watch these stars fall watch a lot of these starts because a lot of them are out of course Book of Enoch the stars that were naughty you know the stars that were disobedient we’re basically engaging in star wars here don’t be surprised if UFOs appear around your town and they might be battling because it’s Star Wars it’s not like channeling the Pleiadians oh and of the reptilians do influence to my thought patterns of light god bless truth seeker for interviewing those kind of people but I’m talking about star wars here I’m talking about lightsaber battles between Moloch and you you know without that lightsaber and start going to battle if you have the you know if God allows it they’re afraid of you you guys are the Jedi you guys are the ones that are gonna ruin their their plans for Humanity and this is what I’m doing in in my spare time I’m just sitting down on my chair I’m not like astral projecting yet I almost did once and God was like all right you’re you’re not ready for this yet and I was like no no I’m ready I’m ready and he’s like nanana you’re too chicken I was like yeah I’m ready I was chicken I felt the the abyss of the spirit world around me I’ve been there like God it’s real I don’t know if I’m ready to do this yeah this is there’s a there’s an exercise that I do that it’s like the easiest to do it it’s okay pretty much the seats of light meditation you just get into a relaxed state of meditation put some music on I should record myself leading this this meditation man because I’ve got some done you’re working on and I’ve done it all astral project with you dude I’ll go with you man easiest ways man is to do that what we call the seats of light meditation which is like the or the the wheels of light or just to sit down and see your chakras lighting up and spinning start at your root chakra move on up and just see each one lighting up and spinning and it’s still rotating and go all the way up until you bring your awareness from the root chakra all the way up respond to your third eye and then to your crown chakra it’s at the top of your head and see them all lit up and that relaxed euphoric state that you get into once you get to the crown chakra and then you take that same awareness that’s moving up and then you move the awareness out you can feel like you should be lifting out of your body it’s scary a lot of times if you feel and it sucks you back in you wake up like oh my god like you’re saying that the abyss like it’s scary like you don’t know if you should do it or you want to do it I stand at the edge of the ocean and I haven’t jumped in yet I’ll just be honest but I have had visions and I feel like even if you just get visions that’s enough for most people I mean you don’t need to be standing outside your body with silver cord which I don’t know if the silver cord is even really a good idea to mess with or not but I told you about the the billboard I’ve seen with the silver cord no no tell me I was driving through this little town where I’m from I just live in a town called Atmore Alabama and driving through there then there was a big billboard on side the highway huge really nice billboard and it’s a bed with a person laying in it them astral traveling with the silver cord to their spirit man and there’s in its description in the Bible that talks about the silver cord and I don’t think and there’s a scripture there and it says though the silver cord be loosed you shall not ba-ba-ba-ba-ba I don’t think that that scripture is talking about astral travel I wish was you want it to be but it mentions the civil court in the Bible and this person had used it a lot of New Agers try to say like I’m gonna make connections but if it’s not there I’m not gonna force it and I think just forcing it to say that that’s what that’s talking about in the scripture I think it’s in job do you know what I’m talking about if you read it yeah but um there was no logo there was no website there was no nothing on it that’s what intrigued me the most for it being a billboard that had that was very interesting out of the blue different we’re in the Bible Belt but there was no website there was no ad there was no brought to you by it was just the image and the scripture and that was it nobody made you to check out their website nobody want you to vote for them it was really interesting well if people are interested in learning about that more they can listen to Ian Clayton and dr. OH talks a lot about that and not arsons and but they talk about it like okay because the Christians freaked out and they’re like okay it’s witchcraft no it’s witchcraft if you’re using it to try to control people or to formulate your own will over someone else it’s a Christian can have anything he wants this is what they told my grandfather it’s like could a Christian have a demon somebody’s like well a Christian can have whatever he wants you want a demon sure you can have a demon mm-hmm you have no limits you want the gods like do you want me or do you want salt okay float around your house and look at what somebody’s doing in the other room or do you want to come to the throne room of God and meet your angels and find out what my destiny is for you he wants to show you everything and he wants you to rule with him and he wants you to start legislating righteousness over the earth and bringing judgment honestly I mean lover hate Trump I believe that’s how Trump got in was enough people started to see and they were like this is so wicked we need to start changing this and they were just like boom boom boom boom let’s destroy the mainstream media let’s destroy the left-right paradigm let’s put in someone who can start legislating righteousness because justice and righteous are the the foundation of the throne of God God is coming back and we need to start doing this we need you guys listeners to start spirit traveling start going into the spirit and finding out how limitless you are in his realm and what he can do with you and it doesn’t have to be hocus-pocus you know like I hate my boss I’m gonna make sure that his waters broken it’s like go into the spirit and and do stuff you know God needs you you know go there you might be the only guy to travel like Isaiah is like I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day boom God was like whom shall we send I was like hmm send me Lord boom the whole book of Isaiah was written it’s like that yes I don’t have another will giving it yeah I want to say anyway to – Jared I was gonna ask you Jared just now but I just checked to either mute that person the – – person that’s their name is two dashes mute that person who’s being disruptive in the chat but you already did it so thank you meet that person and I made out of my moderator – just in case some people like to control and in some sometimes BOTS get in here like when we did the Flat Earth episode yeah like somebody talking to my channel and I had all these comments like it was like 70 comments all by different users I’m pretty sure it was the bots unless somebody target it like hey let’s target these people who go like there’s those people out there do as well I happened there’s a big youtuber I forgot his name but it’s like a gamer guy he went in on a buddy of mine he they all jumped in his chat making noises and which he had like the open maybe they had the link to get in and uh and they were it was on their channel that has millions of subscribers they targeted my friend he had no idea until after I think was keemstar the dudes names keemstar he’s one of the like the top probably five youtubers you know and they targeted him so sometimes you get targeted with BOTS or just they’ll send everybody in there to crash your stream or to get in or without we need moderators with that so thank you all for doing that thank you and Adam Starseed Baymen I’m just checking the chat real quick to see who’s in there cool yeah I’d love to have him as a guest sometime – I’m getting on my feet again with doing guests I mean doing this getting guests on the show yeah cool well I don’t know how much time you got here to do this I’m just very honored that you would contact me right I like hanging out with Michael bass it’s been a while man we have to make this happen every now and and you know well the way I kind of roll is just like not doing the cords everything yeah I love to have you you know what well that’s good that you do have custody right now right okay yeah half yeah I mean it’s it’s very hard to get full custody yeah come to mom you know they’re they’re all they’re part of this cult they’re all like lying cheating it’s amazing to go to court and see people just lie to the judge least you’re trying Michael so you I tell you that at least you’re trying I have a special place in my heart for deadbeat dads man and so at least you’re trying I have a life a lot of my friends who’ve given a lot of kids right now there’s a special place in my heart for that so dude that’s awesome and that you’re fighting for that to make that happen I’m not friends who just like they just give up I don’t care bro single let me see her right I don’t have the money you don’t have the money to be a father for you dude do it you stopped me from doing that you know there’s so many people who to give up but then on the other hand there is those other dads who are active and wanting to be in that kid’s life and the moms won’t let them and they don’t have the money or whatever else like bro you got it you got to do that man you have to try whatever you guys do they do use the kid as leverage to get get at you like the kid is like the reward of who wins the battle you know and you can’t see your kid cuz I don’t like what you teach you know like like legit and I would never do that I mean I would want my daughter to live with me all the time and and I wouldn’t even I would not even ask money I would just be a little move whatever you know Solomon you know he’s like who’s the greater parent yeah and then tries to cut the kid in half that’s what’s happening spiritually right spiritually that’s what they’re doing yeah yeah definitely yeah and honestly if I was some drugged out deadbeat dad I’d be like fine take the kid but the fact is my child was literally kidnapped from the room there by her grandmother who has a restaurant down the street if anybody wants to go to the German hut in Taiwan you know good advertising baby really makes you your restaurant look good to be a kidnapper and then calls the mother who’s in America at the time looking for work I’m in Taiwan by the way it’s about five thousand miles away but Tamas with this bed time right now I’m going to bed twelve bedroom it’s 1:30 in the morning okay Wow but all this crap for the last the perfect opportunity to finally flush this whole family cult down the toilet and say look there was abuse before and it’s still happening today people are doing bad stuff and you know you want to know about it just call Michael bash him you know family International cult Awareness Month his house is like one of the last like mission bases but has turned into a safe house four people are leaving the cult and this is the kind of stuff that happens when you try to take in a bunch of women and kids that are getting abused they steal your kid and then they hire lawyers to try to come after your kid so it’s a little bit different than your average situation but I my heart goes out to people who who are fighting for custody and I say fight for your kids you know just be in your kid’s life you know it’s important even if your kid acts like they like my daughter’s confused now she’s been without me for nine months and finally the judge a freakin coast guard I cancelled her passport I got a lawyer I did everything I could I contacted the American authorities I’ve had private investigators everything to go after these criminals because they are criminals and finally she’s back with me but you know what she’s messed up it’s been eight months nine months without her they’ve been filling her head with crap and and she’s a mess and it hurts you as a father to see your kid like that you don’t you don’t discipline them you just love them and and they will come back to normal and if you’re a good dad of course but you know my daughter’s a passion and this is jezebel thing man we’re gonna flush it we’re gonna flush it I’m not coming after physical people here it’s a spirit of Jezebel then once the RIP of our families wants to come after the profits it doesn’t like what we’re doin bro doesn’t like it the first show we did my daughter was with me and then boom you didn’t hear about me for like eight months and now she’s back and it’s been a miracle and it’s it’s gonna get better but it’s also gonna get a lot worse for people that go down the dark side so watch out you Jezebel’s you mess with truth chica welcome pressure you know I know the American government I know the Coast Guard I know mafia people in not triads I don’t even know what which mafia they are I just have mafia people constantly calling me the like Michael you need help get your daughter bet you just give mr. Chang one phone call we’ll get your daughter back but don’t you mess with truth seek I might just call the mafia on your butt man so anyway that’s Michael bash some guys give it up for Michael Bassam had a little button let’s do this man but before we go let’s say a prayer let’s pray against the spirit of Jezebel let’s pray for rest for anybody who’s dealing with that and and pray for the people you know who want custody of their kids man who are fighting with Jezebel’s too you know it’s right that spirit rears its head up in every like he said place of government your grandfather has a has teachings about being in the place of government says the high places like these spirits operate in high places and this is the educational system the government system religious system like The Jezabels are there you know so yep this is what we’re doing so I’ll start with a prayer – with a prayer and if you want to pray for the children or whatever the Lord lead you will do that mmm sure so I’m gonna pray if anybody out there is growing weary and well doing this is for you if you got people coming against you people running your name through the murk through the dirt through mud this is for you and if you need some peace and some rest right now we’re just gonna pray god I thank you Lord that we just create even a place of Solace right now I thank you that spiritually we just enter your cave of rest we enter a place of Thanksgiving a place where we have exceeding joy a place where we have peace even though we’re not supposed to the world would say that we should be confused that we should be in a state of panic a state of disarray but in you God you give us a peace that surpasses all understanding now we don’t have to freak out that we don’t have to figure out how to respond and how to shut people down and how to stop the mouth of the accuser god I thank you that you love us you love your children and even as a bear robbed over Cubs God you come out and you fight for us Lord and we don’t have to do anything we just have to just be there and stay and stand God that you fight our battles for us we don’t have to do anything but just rest in you god I think you that that’s our peace I think you that that’s our inheritance God so that everywhere we go guided we’re gonna claim this ground for you so got anybody out there struggling in their mind and their bodies right now I got am asking for peace to be imparted to them right now and you Jesus mighty name god I thank you that you are more than enough that you are all we need and that are you were shut the mouth of the accuser God you said that any weapon that is formed against us you will condemn it Lord you said any tongue that rises up against us that you would condemn you say touch not mine anointed do my prophets no harm God that’s us I thank you Lord that you have a hedge of protection just like you head over Jobe god I had to protection it if everything around them beside them may fall ten thousand at right thousand at the left god but no harm shall come nigh our dwelling God I pray that for my friends listening right now peace be upon them in Jesus mighty name God those fighting the father struggling for custody god I thank you for the father’s heart that you would just bless it God and even for those fathers God who have given up the fight the fathers who have given up on the children god I pray that you just pour out your heart upon them God let them let them see their children like you see them God they met Jesus mighty name thank you lord I thank you for my brother thank you for real brothers or people of loyalty people of valor people of just courage and that they speak not just information not just religion not just even new-age knowledge into their listeners but that they are on the cutting edge of what you’re doing in this time and that they have so much love for family for brethren and for Humanity that you would promote my brother that you would take Derek that you would put him into places where he never even dreamed even though he has so much influence right now that you would just continue to promote and to put him into places of greater and greater favour and I see that right now and I thank you for that but that’s what you’re going to do and for fathers and for families to realize their importance that that is the representation of you you are our Father in heaven a lot of us didn’t have good fathers I’m very thankful that I did and that each of us fathers would realize our importance and our place of just absolute that we need to just stand in that place and thank you Lord for the kids Jesus we just ask for angels to be sent right now we’re not asked for projecting but we send as many spirits and angels and and just heaven itself to go after those kids that are suffering that are in a bad place I reach out to my dear sister Cara divinity kitty and Gmail calms or PayPal that’s been where we’re trying to reach out and a lot of other people Abigail South Africa and people that are in abusive situations with kids that are being abused and I just commend the spirit of Jezebel to be maimed to have it’s I don’t even want to call it a woman because Jezebel is not worthy to be called a woman but to be to have its entrails ripped out and to be hung by its own entrails with its tongue lopped out and with whatever black bile left and its veins to be spread out and for the dogs to rip this thing to shreds in each family’s life that’s listening and I’m sorry for the grotesque picture there but that is what is coming to the enemy that dares touch my family and the families of those that that are that are yoked with us and for my brother truth Sica and for anybody that comes after him I just command the spirit Jezebel to be destroyed in a painful way we command the spirit of resurrections that we can bring back that spirit so we can rip it apart again and a brand new imaginative way well just keep root we’ll keep killing you and torturing you and then we’ll bring you back to life so we can kill you and risk retour tree and destroy you again hallelujah how about that for a spirit world filled bash and prayer we’re we’re in the war here man I don’t care about mercy for these demons you can destroy them you can torture them I have vicious dreams of going after these guys love to bash their teeth into the pavement you know Malcolm X style in American history X that’s what you got got coming you fallen angels snot wad you know turds okay I’ll let you go it’s fun talking you man amen chill man I’m like weepy hair dude you touched my heart tonight man I got my New Age candles to go back to your New Age ways you pray but then you go back to the New Age way why does New Agers control candles man I love candles all right like anything in a new age is like incense I look at the incense in the Old Testament how they offered up incense as sweet aromas before the Lord and offered prayers and believed that their prayers would carry up as the incense has gone up for prayer like I can’t do that I’m not gonna do it to them no you can’t have my incense I love incense the essential oils you know frankincense essential oils because I do my wife is a young living represented are you Ian Clayton cult worshiper but do you have MMS dude oh what’s that that’s just straight for uh frankincense whoa all this talk about Kerry Cassidy let me just say that she was the one that introduced MMS to me all right the hot awakened I are you selling that stuff man no my wife is post her post her store yeah I’m gonna do a show with my wife she’s really nervous to come on but we’re gonna do a show on I assume she’s like my husband he talks so much I don’t know how – how – I’ll just be eclipsed by his flame you know tell her I would I would love to you know what my girlfriend we’re talking about doing business stuff to get to promote what we’re doing – it would be awesome if we would get our spouses out there to talk this kind of stuff and you know you know and our kids look at little mini Alex Jones out there facing that what’s his name hog it’s you watch this advisory did you watch that that little vice documentary that he put out show no the truthers and stuff and the conspiracy guy going against a pastor see that yeah I posted it it’s it’s gone it’s over 10 million views right now but uh they just posted it huh but it’s a since I did it with the commentary that said uh this is why I don’t deal with [Music] Dodi’s false-flag truthers anymore you know they scream false flag on everything everything and yeah it’s pretty pretty in it’s an intense video some people think it’s fake but um but no I’ve met people that are that extreme and they’re they’re actively pursuing hoaxers and and that anything everybody’s a hoaxer and david hog is a hoaxer and act crisis actor and all that kind of stuff mmm the main streams are dressed in it now you know because it’s gotten that big where they have to address it you know well let’s say I’m saying like was you there with Moses did you meet Moses no did you meet David hog do you know David hog I don’t I can’t say that he’s not a hoaxer I don’t know I don’t know I wasn’t there I never met him sorry and give him an opinion what I think but as far as saying as a matter of fact Jesus never existed you don’t know that sir sir sir sir you don’t know that yeah that’s that’s a tough one I mean you got a really really attack the Gospels to say Jesus never existed and say that they were all fake which is really hard to do and you can also go on and all the Old Testament Dead Sea Scrolls I mean Jesus is a historical fact I tell people it’s not a religion he’s history he’s human the human race you know and um yeah I mean that’s just fact man and I believe is the answer to Buddhism and Hinduism and all these other religions I’m at the point where like I don’t care about the exact proven the existence or whatever and there’s people who defend it and they they’re they’re really good at holding it up and there’s people who are really good at proving that it’s not like got some they try to you know say that all the proof is all you know fabricated fake stuff you know Josephus and stuff like that but I’m more interested in what if he is fake what the hell are we tapping into like what are we tapping into this loving peaceful force that uh communicates with us and and makes things happen and you know it’s a part of our lives and wants to know about us and communicate it’s a what is that then if you don’t want to call it Jesus you’d call it what you want but something is we’re tapping into this force that responds to the name Jesus that that communicates that as a loving place of faith and I think it’s partly and all in not all religions because I haven’t studied all religions but many religions or many spiritual people right who have a connection with God through a very similar mean so I’ll talking about the Kundalini I talked about praying in tongues you know I’m saying all of these very similar things that we’re in something is happening people are you know their mind is going to another place they’re speaking of foreign language or making noises things are happening in their brain and not just Christianity it’s not just the crazy Christians like this has been happening for a long time like in it was done by other cults and and other religious practices I know something’s going on something is there you can’t tell you can’t you can’t tell tell me otherwise whether it’s psychological whether we all have that within us that we can tap in and commune and if we believe it’s real then it becomes real and if we think that we can speak then we already set ourselves up to believe that it’s going to communicate back I don’t know what it is I don’t know how to but something was going on and we’re in touch with with something that loves us that’s out there that’s greater than ourselves and it’s beautiful you know at least I am you know what I’m saying say we I don’t know what you’re I don’t know what Lori I feel the joy in touch with you know it’s what it’s about for me so I’m in touch with a being that loves me that has my greatest intentions in mind and it has a path laid out for me and it’s got a it imparts Grace and peace and truth and understanding and that’s what I’m in touch with I don’t say what everybody else is in touch with this is what I call God this is what I call Yahweh this through the presence and person of Jesus made manifest which is the Express image of God you know what I’m saying and that’s legit but there’s Christians and we’re gonna keep going here but there’s Christians who their view of God is different much different than what I just said you know God is an angry god he’s pissed all this sin that’s going on somebody has to pay for this all this sin and if you don’t follow Jesus you got to pay he wants your blood like there’s there’s that aspect that they like to focus on I think that all of and like we talked about I think all of it’s true I think that if that shapes your reality you see life that way that’s your lens that you view God it’s your lens that you view humanity that’s you everything is pissing God off all of your buildings all of your pagan tree your idol worship it’s pissing God off and you’re bringing down wrath upon humanity like people like if that’s the pizzette perception your brain changes and you perceive the world that way and you respect and you act accordingly to that narrative yeah yeah what you’re looking for what you believe you’re gonna see it it is real you’re gonna look at tattoos you’re gonna look at you know everything is stuff God hates God hates sin God hates this God hates fags God hates this you know verses God extends mercy and grace to the gay people – people were covered in tattoos the people who cursed people who drank people who are addicted to pornography like God can sin grace to them and get them off of any addiction that’s what I believe sin is an addiction is something that’s not good you know what I’m saying a vice shopping spending all your hard-earned money on tattoos or whatever the case is like whatever your vices man that doesn’t it’s not good it’s not helping you as harming you they’re the repent of that repent of that sin have a change in the way that you think and it gets really deep because all of the Bible is talking about the way that you think to repent is to have a change of mind a change of heart and talks about becoming an enemy of God in your mind and that we’re justified by grace through faith through believing in acknowledging with our mind that would justify because all of this has already happened it’s not like God’s gonna impute grace to you and impute this and do a new thing with something different that’s already done that’s the gospel he’s already done it that’s the good news it’s not the if well I wish God would have mercy upon me no he already has so let me tell you why let me tell you how you can tap into it it’s through Christ and do a relationship with him and so it’s there regardless but you have to make that mental acknowledgment you have to hear the gospel and it says a hearing wit we understand and we build our faith by hearing it and that’s why it’s so so important but it’s all it’s in your head dude it like changes the way as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be if you believe it you listen to a doubt if you listen to eight hours of anything it’s gonna influence you we talked about eight hours of video games with all my eight hours of pornography we’re talking about eighty eight hours of summoning UFO lectures of Steven Greer now dude I’ve drove for a living and I did more a lot more than eight hours I drove for like fifteen hours a day and I’m listening to Steven Greer but I’m I get my truck to the time I got home you know and he’d trust me he’s has enough content out there for you to do that for a long time and if it ain’t Steven Greer somebody very similar you know right and and that changed the way that I thought and it changed the way that what I was doing with my free time without there trying to summon UFOs man which is not a bad thing in itself as long as you’re you know controlled by the Holy Spirit yes I joined the family called an Annette since I was like hey guys you guys have spiritual UFOs from heaven you have prophecies of craft that deliver the keys of the kingdom to you this is gonna me being like I’ve never seen this before we don’t really know if it’s true I’m like well what if it is true dude like this is so cool I used to go and and read all those New Age alien abduction books and we’ve listened canary cry interviews people that talk about the abduction stuff and there’s a lot of really good Christian researchers Jim well hamsa no mercy all those guys are Leonia Joe Jordan much of them anymore honestly well we’re podcasting now dude we don’t have time to listen to stuff all day like we’ve done it or die we did our time well I made a conscious decision to stay away from those because everything’s demonic for most of those guys and I can’t write I can’t again door I can’t deal with that if everything is demonic like I’ve listened to hours and hours of Jim will Jim will him him sent a guy him alone you know what I’m saying Marzulli like all of these guys that you never they’re not even big names anymore big player Derrick yeah Derrick and his wife was the name their Gilbert over you know all of those like us when I first got into ufology it was from the Christian perspective obviously you want to hear what the Christians have to say but then it’s like the same thing over and over everything is demonic and they just demonize everything and I got it so I was like let me listen to something else somebody that doesn’t have a bias because the Christians have a body yet let me listen to a Greer innocent Wow Greer didn’t Wilcock and then Gilliland I was like look man there’s something a little bit more to this and they’re not sort of finding their narrative in the Bible as well that these are just messengers these they they bring you messages they meet with people if you’re fasting and praying in a mountain you may have a angelic host appear to you you know they may look like a Nordic they may look like a nocturia nor a reptile I don’t know what they’re gonna look like they have the ability to change into men and look like us you know so it just brings something else to the table and we’re gone over two hours we can almost two-and-a-half one of these long episodes here it’s into the wee hours of the morning you should come on my shovel do a three-hour show sometime for hours let’s do let’s do a roundtable me you and uh Adam yeah let’s get let’s get our listeners let’s do like an open line stocks man dude not in my listeners man the lines open right now too so I always open their lives nobody calls in anymore but um they’re too intimidated you’re too big now dude look we don’t know what we would say we know I have some really cool guests I’ve interviewed Adam I’ve done a whole show on him Joshua flume and Chris bars like I’m probably forgetting some people but I have a lot of my my audience on I hear their story man they listen for a reason like they’ve had similar encounters I don’t think that I don’t think many I don’t think I’m convincing many people like I don’t think this is new people who find my work delay oh man how listen to truseq a man and he just got me into all this I think that most people have already had some type of encounter even if it was an encounter when there was a child psychic abilities hearing voices seeing shadows in their room you know I’m saying and then you’re taught that it’s all demonic but what if it’s not demonic what if it is a soul in between that needs help you’re not gonna hear that from many churches well here’s the thing dude I don’t I don’t think people realize like we’ve already got it you know they’re waiting for the spaceships to show up in the sky and it’s coming from within the wickedness is arising within but also the righteousness and we’re supposed to judge angels and um you know you’re into the Jason Westerfield story that whole thing is is kind of a testament like people can open the wrong door and get sucked in by the Pleiadians or whatever what we want is we want results and where I’m going where I hope to go is where people can see that this is legit I’m not going to tell anybody that I have the keys of the universe until I have the keys of the universe I’m just gonna be kind of telling people what’s going on in my life and I’ll say look I had this prophetic dream it came true or hey like listen to this guy he seems to know something I’m just like you good and and I find myself in the most bizarre situations affecting world history but it’s like I’m really nobody and if I can do this anybody can do this it’s not about the podcast it’s just this is because I want to share our stories and say look you know it’s about you guys it’s about the people listening to us and it’s really about us coming together and and not killing each other for four little smigiel it’s of meat morsels of patreon Zoar whatever so it’s it’s gonna be real we’re gonna teleport people I look I’ve met people in Taiwan that have told me teleportation stories why wham churchy Christians have teleportation stories recent ones but I want to learn how to do it like we’re doing the Skype call you know I want to see you know communicative telepathic telepathic experiences with people without the internet and we’re preparing for that and we need to start practicing and we need to develop we need to cultivate it I think that truth seeker you should have meditative audios out there for people you believe in yourself man believe in what you’ve got one just sharing it Danny I got one I’m worn out I got to finish it it’s not alright I’ll develop some – look I’m not gonna say this works until it works well you were saying like if you can imagine it you create it with your your mind or your pineal gland your third eye like it’s not demonic to open your third eye like there’s something within you that if you [Music] God put in there but it’s demonic if it’s let’s see what’s your Anatomy that’s weird but I got great please I want to I want that money is called the throne room visualization and it takes you through it takes you through Jerusalem and on into like the desert and you’re flying through the desert and you just get the visualization and you go through like the temple like or like the tabernacle and you go in and you start seeing stuff and we know the tabernacle is symbolic you don’t for the body and for different states of worship different levels the outer court the inner court and everything that you see is all symbolic about the astral realm in the separate realm and you see in all the stuff and then you go into the Holy of Holies to meet God and you’re flying through space and you’re astral travelling meeting God and then when you come back to yourself I always like to bring out the notion in these meditations that you did have to go anyway to go see God at all and you’ve always been with him and he’s always been with you you know what I’m saying so you have this encounter that you go to this place and you found God and but you never had to do that to even be close to God he’s always one to the end the ends of the earth you know what I’m saying so it’s always been beautiful to do do stuff but I’m working on wow that’s kind of like it’s gonna start astral projecting right now just listen to it since I’m not getting your engineering I may put like noise of wind you know what I’m saying and like people talk do it there’s people around and the people I’m gonna do it look you know what anybody listen you guys if you think that you can do a better one then truth-seeker you do it but I don’t think anybody can but look the world the world wide web needs to be flooded with these kind of videos just look at the New Age people I’m looking at astral projection meditative things on YouTube and they’re beautiful but I’m sorry but they channel the Stars and they get under you know positive stuff that you have to man and I’m trying to go to bed listen to this I’m like no I don’t want to get stuck under the stars cuz they’re like bail worship and like Moloch and child sacrifice you idiots you have no idea what you’re doing dude yeah but then again like dr. o you know he screams too much yeah please somebody I’ll say this about dr. ROH like he didn’t turn me off his followers turn me off just like happened with Brandon a lot his followers like I dealt with the guy who builds his website he wanted to come on my show for he wanted to come on my show I’m not gonna say his name maybe somebody else but he wanted to cut he would they’re just to a matter of fact like dr. o is de and he was like trying he was asking me about my spiritual encounters but he would only do it to show me up oh yeah well I can summon aliens on cue oh you’ve seen UFOs that’s nice I can shut my eyes and communicate right now and make one manifest that’s nice and like he was doing this in conversation my guy like back off brother know it let’s go so project this guy’s just doing like it was a competition like you know and I say that because I was checked I wasn’t checked but the guy who led me to the Lord years ago he says you have to be careful about what your revelations in your encounters because people been you know even with testimonies brother I was a drug addict brother I usually shoot heroin oh man I used to rob people bro like I used to do this and you’re like reminiscing and giving glory to the bad stuff you used to do at the same time give glory to Jesus for saving you from it the same way with his encounters brother I’ve been in a place where I just left my body and the aliens greeted me and patted me on the back and says welcome good and faithful servant I didn’t know if I was gonna go back you know and it didn’t didn’t it God cut you off to say well yeah I was in a I was there too you know and you get into a place I’ll let you know all these people in I mean just tell like why come on the sheep oh my your bathroom show or myself I mean come on so I don’t want to brag like I’m special guy I try to say everybody gets to do this stuff I guess I’ve summoned UFOs but like we’re reading in the comment section here you can to other people are saying that they’ve done it and yeah you know so it and I say my podcast that I came up listening to I didn’t want theories that theories are okay but I wanted to hear your experiences yes like even the coach the coach they em when somebody says I woke up and it was a man in my room he started hovering above my bed then he went through the ceiling then he came back to the floor like that’s his I’m gonna edge of my seat like what happened next you know my overactive imagination is seeing it and I’m having the encounter with you because you’re sharing your story that it really happened and and that’s the stuff I liked so I like to hear people’s stories man I like to hear people who left their body or died or met Jesus or Metz Metatron or Krishna or whatever I don’t care what it is like it’s up to the person to judge I have my personal opinion I’m not gonna matter of fact you but um you know I enjoy it enjoy these stories I watched a lot of TV movies and that embody this stuff you know I mean I’m excited about that kind of stuff you know Jesus likes cars he’s he might be in some series not all of them and the people that I know who have had NDEs and you know near-death experiences or they there’s actually a teenager in our house that’s had a ghost crawl under her bed when she was doing a mission trip recently few weeks ago they’re totally normal people well okay if you watch the video so then you might not think that they’re just down-to-earth approachable fun people and that’s the things Jesus literally his eyelids emit lightning for eyelashes and his eyeballs are like the Sun and you can’t stand before him but at the same time he can also manifest as a guy by the river cooking fish want some so that’s who we are we should all be able to manifest UFOs we should all be able to see this stuff in our spirits we should be able to see our we should be able to see each other transfigured and ourselves but then we should also be able to have a barbecue which I’m gonna have tomorrow night with anybody in Taiwan is invited that way we have a barbecue on the roof know how to speak Chinese it’s not Mexico no my bro man Daniel loved it just joined the conversation oh my gosh I was just thinking about that guy kick him off he’s not spiritual enough we should have it we should have a round table with him – we should we should have him in the in the round table we’re gonna do I was just wanna we did it we did a show together like we interviewed each other and I was on this platform so it’s not out yet but it’s gonna be out soon but yeah he’s really cool connected with him two weeks ago I think it was gotta do it and when we learn how to teleport we’re gonna do love its house we’re gonna have a bonfire and we’re gonna have a glass of wine and we’re gonna talk about all this stuff it’s gonna happen mark my words one of us is gonna figure out how to do it you know what I get listed at all the time for people trying to do this in my inbox they’re like hey bro let’s uh let’s go through a portal I want to hang out with you and you me and so-and-so I want to meet you guys and in the fifth fifth density and let’s do it and part of me anybody seen you has anybody seen you yet no but they claimed it they’re like dining jewels and stuff I think I’ve told you about that hey I’m Nigel its scriptural I meet the angel of someone’s presence when Peter was in prison and he got out there like oh no no it’s not him it’s the angel of his presence so there could be a Derek that looks just like you traveling around you know I believe that could be what we call in the higher self you know yeah there’s this aspect of you I if I’m looking back at some stuff in the Greek stuff and then even like they believe like in the higher self they believe that you the planetary alignment that you come from that you’re bound to that that star system and that you’re in outer space the real you was in heaven looking down upon yourself having this encounter and they’d say tapping into your higher self to kind of get revelation about what you should do where you should go you tap into your higher self that knows what you’re supposed to be doing what you’re sent here to do like the Greeks believed in very similar stuff to that I can’t help but hear that stuff and in here that we’re seated with Christ in heavenly places we’re sitting with Jesus right now watching this encounter watching this experience I can’t help but try to tie those things together with everything that I hear and I can’t say that that’s not happening I recommend everybody listening to this to get some candles and listen to truth Sica with candles it’s I feel like I’m literally like having an astral experience I’m just feeling elated what I’m not taking any kind of drugs it’s 2 o’clock in the morning but I’m this is like when I usually go to bed anyway and I know we gotta turn this thing off but I’m just like wouldn’t it be cool though after two hours of musica with candles dude I’m you may just go to sleep what’s on and let me just try to pull you out your body okay kind of go into the trance state we get and we get some introducing information if you’re asleep when you got your headphones on Michael we do have a caller Michael let’s just take this caller before we go all right good because I’m going to leave my body now okay good caller from North Indiana who we speaking with a true speaker this is Kathy hey Kathy how you doing and being good I just turned on and caught just us bit of what you guys are talking about that I can relate to all of that stuff I see you because as we mentioned product Ron you said you’ve you’ve encountered him or it’s yes I have you saved my life a couple of times tell us more yeah and I saw him I saw him twice as a child and now since I’m psychic I’m a psychic medium since January I have I’m in constant contact with him because he’s my guardian angel and he is the main guy that you go to it’s not like there’s a whole bunch of them but he is the main one I have them all at my availability I just need to say their name or think of them and they’re there but right now he’s with me 24/7 as is one of my most special guides which people are going to think I’m crazy because I have some pretty famous guides but Prince is also with me all the time I know it sounds crazy doesn’t it I can’t lie yeah and yeah I think everything when I’m talking about sounds crazy though so we’re in good company yes yes well you know I’ve always kind of been the black sheep of the family because I had my abilities as a child and I had an imaginary friend and no one saw her but me she would also play with me in my room as a silver orb and her name was or is so for Belle she’s one of my guides now and she was my sister in the 1800 when I was a Native American and another one of my guides was also my sister and her name is Princess Diana and she was also a sister of mine in Atlanta when we’ve had this conversation where my son and my grandson my spine looks like her her son William my middle son and in Atlanta my son and my grandson were her sons it just sounds freakiest crap I know but when you can talk to spirit you’re gonna find out a lot of stuff and she’s not with me all the time she’s off with her for love that she passed away with which passing away is just going to the other side they’re still alive they’re just not in a meat suit like we all are on this side and they can manifest anything I believe they’re living on the new earth as we speak that’s what they’re all telling me that because they can they’re interdimensional spirits meow um when my mom passed away she haunted my house for a month before I told her mom you got to move on you know because I had my grandkids living with me and that’s the reason why she wouldn’t leave because I never saw eye to eye and she didn’t think I could take care of my grandbabies I guess and she rattled our doorknobs and made our rocking chair rock when no one was there no one was by it and she this is what everybody else saw okay I’m telling you things that there’s people back me up on this she turned on a light that was unplugged and I knew it was her because then she would not let me rest at night she would like pull on my shoulder and turn me over and just stare me in the face and it’s because she knew I could see her but the reason why I lost my abilities that the child is we didn’t have a good relationship at all and I knew my mother didn’t love me and when you’re under a lot of hurt and sadness and depression you’re not at your highest vibrational level and things just got worse for me as I got older I got pregnant when I was young at fifteen to an abusive man and so I lost my abilities through my whole adult life until January but I’ve always known that I was psychic as a child I mean I had a real strong empathic thing going on my intuition my intuition was very very strong but I couldn’t hear spirit anymore and I used to tell my mom hey mom I see this girl you know she’s my friend she’s like we’ll bring a friend over sometime and I would nobody else would fear she thought I had mental issues then I would tell her I share these conversations in my head all the time just like me like you’re conscious and I’m like no I know what my conscious is you know like you’re your higher self and I’m like this is full-on conversations to people talking in my ear that are not me it’s like yeah that’s kind of like you’re like just uh like you’re in between you’re like I think that’s a weird place to be – there’s two spirits communicating and you’re picking up on the conversation did you ever um like I know years ago was like Lant landline telephones thank you for calling Kathy we got it we’re right at the end of the show but they search you Kathy there’s like there’s like you pick up a telephone on the landline and you hear people talking in the background if you ever or you pick up in it’s your own somebody’s conversation like the lines get crossed or it would happen a lot when it would rain and I remember we pick up the line and somebody’s there and you could just start talking to them I mean they’re having a conversation you just like you just like 1/3 way or something so but what she what’s funny we talked we saw about this last night we’re talking about movies and they have like esoteric plots and meanings and stuff and there’s a movie that I just watched and it’s a whore it’s I say it’s a horror movie it’s a scary movie it’s a thriller but it’s called insidious for and it it reminds me of what she was saying about it’s about a girl I don’t want to give the whole story away but it’s for anybody who’s intuitive or psychic and especially people who have had a hard time dealing with that it’s about a young girl who’s having these psychic abilities as a kid seeing ghosts in her house and having these supernatural encounters and her dad’s like beating her because of it it’s like if you talk about these ghosts again I’m gonna beat you and so she has to act like she’s not having it so much so to where like she was abused and then had to act like she wasn’t seeing ghosts they had to keep it to herself then it’s about her kind of coming back into those abilities and those giftings with uh with doing it as she got older and she was used as a very powerful healer or a psychic when she got older but it’s a scary movie there’s jump scares and stuff in it but insidious for it’s the new one called like the ghost key or something like that uh i watched it recently it was really good so i’ll suggest that for anybody who wants to watch something similar to that with that plot in it i thought it was very interesting I watched I watched the movie The Sixth Sense was my wife and daughter it’s been about a year now maybe a little bit longer but I watched it when I was a witch I watched it when I was into that kind of New Age stuff and dealing with demons and it was kind of weird right but I watched it recently and I was crying watching it well silly because my wife was looking over at me and my daughter like why are you crying I’m just like all trying to fight back tears man of just of and it just saw it all made a lot more sense man being able to like I talked to people who have who are sensitive to the spirit realm I’ve seen spirits I’ve been made fun of you know I’m saying the kid I see dead people he’s able to see this stuff and it’s just all too real man you know and it was very emotional for me to watch the second time the first time it was it was just a really cool movie second I was in tears watching it you know Wow insidious and success it’s kind of a jump there but wow man it’s when you remove the scary music the stuff is not that scary like it’s just part of reality yeah it’s a American Hollywood it makes it a lot scarier but what we’re doing it’s we’re literally tapping into this stuff we’re battling with demons and we’re going to other worlds in the spirit in our dream world I’ve been to Mars so many times it’s like it’s boring Mars is a boring place I’m gonna interview a super-soldier pretty soon who says that Saturn’s moons are boring places it’s like drab grey except there’s a lot of evil there there’s a lot of people that have been hung and their bodies or just hanging from whatever they have their trees or whatever it is and we’re dealing with evil you know we’re dealing with real evil and people don’t get it like these Christians that are coming after us which I hardly call Christians they have no idea of what’s going on and what we’re dealing with and what we need to be doing and you know what you’re doing and what we’re calling people to action to do it’s going to be big it’s going to be every amazing movie you’ve ever seen every horror movie you’ve ever seen but every awesome movie you’ve ever seen this new galaxy guardians of the galaxy infinity war movie is so significant for what we’re doing with these claiming back our inheritance the Infinity stones the the stones of the priesthood I don’t even pretend to understand how it all works I just know that you guys out there you’re the Avengers you are the superheroes we have enough yeah we have rent for spider-man Iron Man Captain America everybody captain Taiwan the spirit man yeah so yeah I got the bed dude I tried to get off here an hour ago and you kept me on another hour so 88 going from one story to the next we made it work though so for you know people people have been wanting longer episodes because I used to do over it you know at least two and a half hours every episode I mean getting it down to about an hour an hour and a half recently but they like these long episodes – I enjoyed it Tom flies when you have insane well we have love to talk about call me up anytime when you when you’re like sick of all these you know these astrologers and psychics no offense I mean god bless that lady that called in but sometimes it’s just fun to shoot the breeze and talk about the weirdest people that we’ve interviewed and and I just you know I just reached a hundred episodes and I did I did a commentary going back going each each episode and uh and I gave the dirt so you were on two episodes you have to go there and read the countdown and here when I talked about you if that gave some commentary on you Michael bathroom I’ll go watch it and just see what what exactly said and hey you know what don’t get burned out all right we need you for another 1,000 episodes yeah you know eg for every episode I need you to come on my show I don’t even have a show with you yet I just keep I keep grabbing these shows and posting them my friend I want to get you on my show and then just pick your brain dude and no we just it’s all been technology I’m getting it I need to get a zoom account honestly my technology just sucks this computer already failed once during this interview but we’re gonna get there and you know we’re both on the French radio network unless one of us was kicked off I mean I don’t think so no I wasn’t kicked off there’s I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been a little bit slack on posting my New Age shows on there they had the New Age and alien titles I’ve been making sure that they’ve been mostly Christian oriented well I do that too honestly there’s certain people I don’t put on there it’s it’s largely a Christian fringe community but although I mean I’m a Christian I approach all of if we’re talking about right yeah aliens I’m approaching the aliens from a Christian perspective I had you know the device lady on whose summons or have built a UFO Watchtower and you can listen and there’s biblical truth I’ll do it don’t hesitate to post that on I mean I talk to Johnnie regularly and if you have a disclaimer or something that’s fine you know because my intro just put it on there dude or just do it don’t don’t be too I mean if you have like 10 shows where you’ve just got all these psychics it might be like okay is C Christian anymore but at least some of them like that’s good stuff the idea is to attract yeah I’ve got a show that’s coming I’ll tell you this I’ve got a show that’s coming up that I did it’s not public yet we’d already did it maybe two weeks ago I’m slam sitting behind on these shows but I got out make it public and edit it and stuff and uh but um it was a straight Christian testimony you know waking that I brother I Love You Man I can do it again soon bro okay can’t even turn this thing off love you bro okay goodnight I get off here hey Michael Bassam ladies and gentlemen almost three hours look at that two hours and 51 minutes with Michael Bastian yeah it’s 3:00 a.m. almost 3:00 a.m. his time so uh yep yep yep I enjoyed it almost three hours of truth love grace um so yeah if you’re listening to this three hours in thank you if you want to support my work please head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker link is in the description most likely but yeah growing community you get access to all kind of cool stuff and I’m excited about building over there and what we’re doing as a community on Thursday nights with the school of the Mystics right now we’re doing a course the course is basic prophetic basic training for prophetic ministry it’s been really good activation fellowship all that good stuff seeing people grow in their prophetic callings and destiny been awesome man I love it so with that being said I love each and every one of you guys I’m gonna go ahead and in this episode but yeah peace and chicken grease guys love you guys peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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