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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Pastor Nar as they speak about the true essence of God in all religions and spiritual practice, which is LOVE. Pastor Nar served as a Christian evangelical pastor for many years until he had a spiritual awakening. Many of the self evident truths that Nar learned in the Christian church and read in the Bible he found contained within the very fabric of nature and spirituality as a whole. All this time his church clergy and elders told him that TRUTH was exclusive to the Christian church and more over their particular denomination. In studying the differences in religion and what separates us all, Pastor Nar could not help but see the thread so beautifully woven throughout all creation that we are all the same. We are all children of God made in the very likeness and image of the creator. We are expressions of his love and grace that shines upon all and through all. Many people within the confines of religion remain blind even as they read the scriptures with a preconceived notion. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance forces a person to remain fast in their belief even if confronted with truths that prove their current belief to be false. This is something that many people within religion must face and it can become very hard for people to accept the fact that their beliefs may have not been accurate or true. This is especially true when they themselves actively shared their beliefs and propagated half truths. It takes true humility to admit when we are wrong. There are absolutely things that I have taught in years past that I wouldn’t be caught dead repeating again. Many souls all over the earth are abandoning organized religion (and for good cause) but they are not giving up faith in their foundations in Jesus. This podcast exists so that people would feel compelled to embrace their differences in ideas, theologies, beliefs and philosophies and still be able to come together under the umbrella of LOVE which in many cases is Jesus himself.

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different online courses right now we’re doing a course that’s called basic training for prophetic ministry by Christopher Lawton we’re going through that together we studied the course and there’s a Q&A and a discussion where everybody gets involved and then there’s an activation part where we essentially listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us and through us about the people that we pair up with we go into pairs and we practice here in the voice of the Holy Spirit whether that speaking to us through the discernment of spirits through intuition through stuff that somebody’s going through a feeling all of these different ways that we’re able to sense what’s going on in somebody’s life or what they need to hear at that at that moment and we’re practicing in a safe environment how to speak out and how to recognize that voice and so it’s been beautiful we’re about six weeks into the course now this week will be the sixth week but I will say this that you can go back and listen to the different episodes or obsessions because they’re taped on on patreon but you really don’t if you just want to jump in at any given moment you don’t need to have had the previous training or whatever to just jump in at any given spot so that’s really cool if you guys want to be a part of that just know that you’re not alone and everything that’s going on man that that your story is unique to you but you’re not alone experiencing this stuff by yourself and that’s what that’s what we’re going to be talking about today it’s gonna be really good on this episode so huge thank you to everybody who’s been supporting my work on patreon like I said the show is not possible without your help so thank you guys if you guys want to see more head on over there you can sign up forgiving even at a dollar it means the world to me so with that being said we’re gonna jump right into this episode I wanted to have this guest on because I’ve been getting a lot of flack and like backlash lately from my conservative christian friends and stuff you know for being maybe too liberal or two left or having too many New Agers or talking about aliens too much on my show and stuff like that so I said you know what I’m gonna bring it home we’re gonna reel it in today I have a good friend of mine is a guest he’s a pastor it goes by pastor NARR let’s bring it home brother pastor NARR welcome to the show man Thank You Derek how are you doing today I’m doing well man some people say we don’t talk about the faith in Jesus too much and things like that we just kind of you know talk we talk we cover every topic Under the Sun on this show but uh Jesus is near and dear to my heart and for you know you have the name pastor NARR I think Jesus isn’t is near and dear to you as well so I figured that would be a good place to start man I want to hear your story you sent me some of your stuff and so if you just want to kind of just give a little bit of about your background where you came from and we’ll work that up to where you are now if you want to start there to be awesome okay excellent yes Jesus is very near and dear to me he is is was my introduction to God and as I told you I didn’t grow up in a religious home or anything like that but I always felt a presence with me didn’t know what that was or who that was I came to faith in the latter end of the Jesus Movement in Southern California and my introduction was with two polar opposites of religious expression one was the Foursquare Church which is a classic Pentecostal Church founded by Amy Semple McPherson and they were a very lively group I didn’t understand much of what was going on at the time I was a child but I had an experience with God and then I entered into a fundamentalist Baptist Church and that’s where I came more into more understanding something more intellectual beyond just the experiential but they were like anti everything that the Pentecostals and the Karris Mattox were about they actually I remember to this day they had a week-long what did they call it a week-long group of meetings speaking against yeah the Pentecostal church their ministry was a ministry set up to expose or point out the flaws in other ministry it’s awesome ministry yeah and we kind of thought we were the only ones going to have because we had it right exactly despite that see my I think my entire experience in life has been multiracial and multicultural my father was Mexican my mother very white Scotch Irish German grew up in a biracial household my spirituality started as by spiritual I don’t even know if that’s a word so I lived in this interesting tension you know there was much that I appreciated about the fundamentalist Baptist Church their love for the scriptures there they’re teaching us to dig into the Scriptures much I loved about the Pentecostal in that it was experiencial yeah it wasn’t just it wasn’t just Dogma or Creed there’s a whole of opposites on the spectrum and maybe saying this law without saying is the truth is somewhere in between the two I like that I agree with you moving up I’m gonna try to make this more brief than the Missis I sent you in the high school I had met a girl her name was Brenda and she kept inviting me to her church by this time I’d in with in the Baptist Church for quite a while she was Pentecostal so I had that tension once again I never I never took her up on the offer until a point where there was a break up in my family and I had my parents head split for a little bit and I had gone with my mother to Ohio where she was from where I live now and found out that my cousins and my aunt were heavily involved in the Catholic Charismatic renewal and they took me to the charismatic fellowship a little gathering and it was like God was speaking directly to me as I told you in the and what I sent you I had been seeking for more I heard about this thing called the baptism and the Holy Spirit or as the Pentecostals say getting the Holy Ghost and so I began to pray like okay Lord if this is for me I want it because I want more of you and so eventually eventually my folks got things straightened up we came back and I called Brenda and she goes well we have a church service tonight won’t you come out and so I did and needless to say it was a life-changing experience I had I’ll try to be brief as I mentioned I’m a very non demonstrative person I’m not overly you know excitable or anything like that and it’s not my way to bring attention to myself but I’m sitting in this service I’m seeing things I had never seen before people speaking in tongue it was people getting very ecstatic in their worship and the most that I’ve ever done was like clap my hands and maybe said Amen Caputo so in the middle of the service I got up out of my seat and I walked up to the front and told the speaker I go I had the Holy Spirit which the Baptist taught me yes we do have the Holy Spirit but I’ve never spoken in tongues and so he’s like well don’t worry about speaking in tongues which I think was rather mature for the Pentecostal church I was in at that point yeah you guys could go back to your seat and worship God and I was in a conundrum what do you mean worship God how do we worship God and so I just looked around me and saw what other people were doing and I thought okay I guess that’s the way you do it and so I raised my hands which was highly uncomfortable and then you know church was going going on they were still in worship mode and then a little bit later the minister who was a visiting minister said there’s a young man who wants the Holy Ghost and I’m using that terminology because that’s how we used it at the time and he goes I want him to come up here and so I made my way up there I knelt at the altar the church started to go while these were dancers and not like choreographed dance but ecstatic dance and shouters and runners and so I’m praying as hard as I can god I went the Holy Ghost god I want you got it you know and then I came to a point where I couldn’t pray anymore it’s like I’ve said it all of you and so I became quiet the noise all around me was almost deafening you know this this was a white Pentecostal church that outdid many black churches and I heard this sound this word in my head and then immediately there was a there was a man kneeling beside me on my right hand right side he goes what you just heard speak I’m like how did he know what I heard something and he was a very quiet man too he wasn’t one of the huge demonstrative people those are the most powerful people man it’s a little quiet guy off in the corner who’s just keeping it to himself yep and so I said that word and it was like a dam burst and I it had been 45 minutes to an hour of just going off in tongues and it was just this release that you know if it was a dam built up that burst and many things happen that night it was a very remarkable night for a lot of people but for me it was it was that reintroduction to two-spirit and that started a course of white a few years over decade within the this one was a United Pentecostal Church which you could some would call a cult within the Christian stream because their nontrinitarian uh none of that mattered to me at the moment I just had an experience with gods that led me into depths of spirit did you get the fire like the really burning sensation the burning sensation my everything yeah I was like it was like I was born again again you know and they it was interesting in that I heard myself speaking in different dialects oh wow yeah that’s actors and it wasn’t just the I wanted my Honda you know it was I would one sounded very Asian one sounded very guttural I don’t know what they were languages I was all in the same encounter that this was that that first encounter and it was beautiful it it like I said it changed the course you know do I love scripture yes I love spirit too and then sorry I got lost in my store spent many years now one thing that I did mention to you was that with the the beauty of experiencing spirit and the freedom and the joy and just the expansiveness of it there was a dark underbelly of legalism you know you got the Holy Ghost and in their tradition you had to get baptized in Jesus name to in order to be fully saved but after that you entered all this by grace and by God’s favor and God’s gift but you had to do this you had a tithe you had to be a church every time the doors were open you had to obey your pastor you had to do this and this go witnessing and everything yeah and then there was a whole bunch of things you couldn’t do yeah in that tradition men could not have long hair or beards you couldn’t have tattoos you couldn’t go bowling you couldn’t drink so funny exactly one of them was you couldn’t go mixed bathing and I didn’t understand what that meant I’m like I’m not gonna go take a bath with a girl and then I found out it really meant you can’t go swimming together with the opposite sex that’s crazy like I’ve got some really close friends who come out of that in the first couple times I went swimming with them they go fully clothed you know they come from the UPC type background and yeah in the Mennonite traditions and they wear their hairs in the buns and the long dresses and they go they get in fully dressed the big skirt the big old blouse socks and shoes maybe even I don’t know I love these people with all my heart but that’s a wince women it’s very weird you know everybody’s on their bathing suits they just walk straight in yeah it was interesting it was a mixed bag that I think that goes to display what can happen when when spirit does something and then we progressed in that and then we start to to take over yeah um we we called them holiness standards back in the day yeah and and I honestly believe that those standards started out with pure hearts with people who who felt they needed to be different and they wanted to honor God yeah but then it became rules and regulations and it lost whatever that pure spark was yeah it’s like you leave one bondage in the bondage of of the world of corruption of hatred self-loathing depression all of these things that come with what the Bible calls the world you leave that behind to embrace Christ and have this beautiful aesthetic encounter but you leave you leave that burden behind to pick up the burden of religion that you don’t even know you just want to recreate or build upon this encounter you have the Living God you’re what they call a baby Christian you have no idea what the rules you don’t know nothing you come into it and it’s like the furthest thing from what you experience you know you can’t see that at the time you think this is just Christendom this is church culture this is what you do you know then when we pray and build upon that and things like that um I’ve experienced it and countless other people even listening to this have experienced that they try to go to church and get revelation and grow in that encounter with God and then they put down one bondage to pick up another yeah and Jesus spoke about that to the Pharisees because you you cross land and sea to make commerce and you make them twice the sons of hell that you are not saying that they’re going to hell yeah but that there are they’re living a hell you know on this earth yeah they’re still in that bondage you know so fast-forward I spent quite a long time amongst Pentecostals fast forward into perhaps the late 80s early 90s by this point I had held every position in the church except senior pastor and I I was servant I served that is my gift that is even my Enneagram type which is – it’s a it’s a helper if there’s a vacuum there I tend to go fill it and there came a point in the church I was serving in the late 80s where my viewpoints and my which word still would be very conservative compared to where I’m at now but I I kind of made an enemy with an elder on the board at this time I was a teacher in the church I worked with the youth and the college folk I was a worship leader I love worship I think music is a special special thing that delights our hearts and our beings and delights the Creator as well he had I was walking down the hallway to get to go on stage and this elder stepped up in front and blocked my way and he very clearly said I will oppose everything you try to do here yeah I you will not get anything accomplished I’m not going to let it happen and you know what a what in emotional state coming from that trying to go on stage and leave the people of God in worship you know is it was impossible I stood out looking at that congregation that I’ve served for many years and I tried to lead worship and I couldn’t I started a couple songs I couldn’t and I finally stood there not in anger but in pain saying I can’t do this anymore and I’m done and I left that was so hard to do because this was my community and these were my people they knew me and I knew them but I could not play that game anymore the politics of church and religion churchianity yeah churchianity and it was not it was a week later I went to visit a a church a brand-new Church start called sanctuary the Rock and Roll Refuge it was a church that started as a Bible study and and it catered to people who were not accepted by the traditional church rockers kids with tattoos among hair they smoked oh my god they smoked they probably smoked things that we didn’t talk about how was a member of a biker church that had revival and it was very similar yeah that wasn’t set free was it no this was this was one locally in Alabama called the cave ministries it was just so okay a small biker church that uh God touched yeah it’s a huge Church now from that little bitty hang out concerts rockers I performed there so many times they embraced me you know nice so I go to visit and the pastor looks at me it’s like wine are what are you doing here and I’m like I told him he goes you’re welcome here and I was in my mid-20s maybe and I spent many years with them it was a beautiful beautiful experience to see people’s faces and to get to know their hearts when they think they’re unacceptable and then they finally realize they’ve always been accepted and if that was my training ground although I had been in ministry for many years that was my true training ground because this was the pastor his name Luke is Bob Beamon he’s still alive he’s down in Nashville and he still does the the rock and roll thing and the metal thing that his primary focus is on homeless ministry in Nashville and he he took a chance on a whole bunch of young people and allowed us to do things that we never thought we could do you know became an international ministry we were we provided crisis counseling 24 hours a day I co-wrote the discipleship material which we called rad studies radical active discipleship and you know we did things because no one told us we couldn’t and that was beautiful I eventually made a move to Ohio and my parent my mother was rather ill and I had a feeling I had to come back for a little bit and so I came back here and couldn’t find a church that I liked that sounds weird you know it’s like well fine you know find a church you don’t have to like it but that nothing really sat with me yeah I even helped build two churches at that time you know as a volunteer but I was never home and thus start that actually became a seven-year detox for me detoxing from the legalism from from so much that was not a spirit and you know there’s a scripture I know you know that forsake not the assembling of yourselves together especially as you see that Day approaching and so I was always taught if I didn’t go to church I’m gonna become an alcoholic I’m gonna cut the sex addict I’m gonna become reprobate I’m gonna lose God all this the opposite happened mm-hmm I was I was more grounded in my relationship with God and after that we we started a few house churches which was beautiful you know as we were doing them and I love that form of gathering less structured more relational eventually Ivan progressed out that and I am still a pastor I’m still licensed and ordained but I don’t do Church if you are the I am you come to that revelation I came you we heard that for decades we are the church but it’s when you’re without or it could be when you’re without that structure that you really do realize you are there’s here this is the the big contention that I have with the with that whole thing is the the Christian evangelicals if you don’t they try to tell you that if you don’t go to a church that you’re not part of the church and that’s that couldn’t be anything further from the truth and you you recognize the collective you recognize that you are the body of Christ and that jesus said when when two two or more gathered there I am in the midst is when I come together was one other brother two three whatever that we form the body of Christ and we are the church that he’s lit we are at literally the physical representation of Jesus in the flesh on the planet and and that that revelation they don’t want you to know they want you to keep coming week to week and the revelation I got man when I finally quit going just just regular church anyway like it was like I was coming to watch a production they give they give you like an itinerary and everything offering from 10:15 to 10:45 to songs you know before we go into the word in it and you’re looking at it what’s next okay and you just like watching this place and that was never what Jesus wanted it to be like it’s a I Jesus is not an organization not a for organized religion he’s an organism it’s living the body of Christ living breathing moving movement supernatural encounter on the face of the earth that has the power and ability to change lives radically and wasn’t to just go in and watch someone out to do church or watch some we are the church we come together you mentioned home meetings home meetings that’s where I got born again was that a home meeting in and and I ain’t I’ve since been able to thrive in home meetings ever since and small personal group settings where everyone it can get involved everyone can speak everyone can get prayer receive hands-on counsel revelation whatever it is man that’s how it’s supposed you’re not supposed to go watch a freaking performance of charge you know no I totally get that and it it’s all relational in the smaller settings even even if it’s not a home meeting like you said it’s just people getting together you know we we talk about the body of Christ let’s look at our bodies doing the Apostle Paul mentioned this it’s like we’re all part of the body of Christ we everything is related it’s connected it participates me moving my hand my brain is helping me do that you know every if my foot is hurt right now I feel it through my whole body you know it affects everything yeah and I love relational spirituality yeah I’m I’m done with the brick and mortar not that there are times when I will speak at them or within them but that’s not my base anymore you know if even though I don’t pastor over a church and I hate using that word but it it actually it actually explains what happens in those structures there’s a good way that’s a good wording you know I still pastor people because that’s my gift calling your have an unction for the function people want to know what am I supposed to remember that you’re naturally gonna start doing it man if you care about people and you want to pasture people you’re gonna you’re gonna speak up for the fatherless and for the widows and for the orphans and for those who you know who are out there and have nobody you’re gonna naturally do that stuff if you love to evangelize if you’re an evangelist at heart and don’t even know it you’re gonna naturally be good with talking to strangers and meeting random people out in public there’s people who are phenomenal at that I have friends who can do that I can’t I can’t walk up to a random guy hey how you doing my name is true seeker I wanna tell you about the love of God like sometimes that’s hard that’s a step of faith for me to do but uh that I truly believe that man there’s this there’s this thing there that kind of okay two things I wanna talk about let’s go here I think this bridge is a little bit better because the the fact that we’re the body of Christ the body of Jesus right us I still believe in that 100% and I think that’s I think it’s a little bit more than just Christians as everybody we’re all the body of Christ it’s a whole revelation that I got from that was walk was talking to people with an open mind not that I knew it all of just being open and hear their story here where they’re coming from and you talk to people who have the same spirit as you they’re in that same they have the same fruit love peace joy gentleness meekness temperance self-control all of these things just flow naturally through these people who were maybe a part of other religions or they’re just spiritual they claim no religion and they are like mirror images of your spirituality that you have come to in the Christian Church or in the faith or whatever that it’s a mop mind-boggling like if we if we’re gonna be honest and we can judge the fruit like Jesus said to judge you he didn’t say judge their doctrine judge what they claimed he said judge the fruit of it because the fruit can’t lie and it’s like man this person is a mirror image of me like we’re talking about the same stuff the wording is different the beliefs the figures the people but there’s something so similar man and that right there was a huge part of my awakening to move beyond that God will deal with whoever he wants not just Christians that I can talk to people who aren’t Christians about the deep things of God or or spirituality or love or whatever the case is man that God will deal with everyone as long as Dale I believe this in acts it says as long as they’ll turn from their their wickedness he’ll deal with anybody I think that’s good I think it’s a good thing from us to turn from wickedness I think that’s a good standard for God to work with you so I definitely believe that and I’ve seen that and that took me to new levels man that was like the start of being open to not judge people because they come with a different book or whatever the case is well you recognize the same spirit that’s the way I know spirits yeah yeah and I’ve I’ve had experiences with Buddhist monks with witches with Muslims with agnostics where I literally sensed the same spirit I recognized the Spirit of God yeah the spirit name I you know what I’m saying like we talked about Jesus but we’re not gonna be talking about a man anymore even though we Mel word used the name Jesus all the time but it’s just anything that’s beautiful anything that’s pure anything that’s good like that’s a part of Jesus to me I’m gonna have to use the name it’s like it’s so interchangeable now you know what I’m saying anything that’s good anything that’s that comes from above anything lofty anything heavenly minded man I think this man I I tend to refer to that as the Christ there’s a scripture that said and and God has made him speaking of Jesus both bored in Christ it is that Christ that’s always been here that always been speaking we may call it the logos whatever word we want to call it God has you know Janna God is it is my understanding that God or spirit whatever you whatever word you want to use has universe source has always been here has always interacted with people and has always been drawing them closer and closer you know it’s not as if God stepped in the world a little over two thousand years ago I believe God incarnated into the world about a little over two thousand years ago but God was never absent yeah and yeah they’re the the Christ spirit which has been from all eternity you know in the beginning as was the word Lord was with God the Word was God he was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world yeah you know I don’t think we’re the only chosen ones I I think we’re all chosen because we say that so that sounds nasty for us to say that like doesn’t it were the only ones and that’s a deaths Christian mentality for the most part were the only ones but then even within that mentality there’s nothing that my denomination are the only ones and I’ve said this many times like in in my spiritual journey I’ve been many places there was a time where I would get into a lot of New Age stuff or just studying stuff and I but my foundation is Christ you’re my foundation is the scriptures and and I would listen to someone as basic as Jimmy Swaggart ministries I was a truck driver at the time so I listened to a lot of I made it be listening to hours of coast to coast and then turn on that’s the type of stuff I was into so they would reel it in the cross for me the beauty of the cross and and how much the cross means in what Jesus did and suffering it’s so beautiful to hear them articulate that because that’s what they’re though that ministry they’re super good at it but then I would hear Jimmy Swaggart and his sons and his family they’ll get on air and they will cry and they will weep that they were the only church preaching the truth yes and they would beg God to send people to preach the truth and were the only ministry I’m the only one God showed me we have the full revelation of the cross and they would cry and weep they really believe that that’s why I’m saying that he really believed that there was the only church that was preaching the truth and the same thing goes with these other denominations and other the Catholics the Episcopalians the seven day Adventists like all of these subsets within Christianity they all feel like the other ones don’t have the truth even what the Catholics believe with the Pope he said that that only you can only enter salvation through the Catholic Church like they really believe that and teach that that other all other denominations and off sects of Christianity Christianity or heretical and to see this going on and they all believe that so for us to look at and say that the Christians are the only ones who are gonna make it are the only ones who know God and then break it down even further into that and then they they even war amongst themselves about who God loves and who God can use and things like that you have we have to transcend that that a spirituality that comes with the territory I’ve been mentioning a lot lately with his past in the late Billy Graham there’s a clip with I think it’s Robert Schuller I think is the the pastor of the UH Crystal Cathedral on that interview with him where he says that God he says we’re not gonna see a big huge endtime revival like everybody wants to see if all the lost people coming into the churches and the churches just exploding Billy Graham said we’re not gonna see that he said but what we are gonna see as God has a remnant for his namesake and they’re spread out throughout the four corners of the earth some of them are in is some of them are in Buddhist and Hindu temples some of them have no idea no idea who Jesus is but yeah their heart they love them in their heart they feel this greater need for something bigger outside of themselves to what they know to be God this is the greatest evangelist of our day if anybody had to figure it out if anybody committed their life to charity and to preaching the gospel it’s Billy Graham and then at the end of his end of his life he comes to this revelation yeah that’s what it’s about recognizing God in all if you can’t see God you know then you can’t see him at all I believe exactly you know a friend of mine his name is Alexander Shia he is a Hebe runs a I can’t say runs a ministry but he he’s he’s a Lebanese man he’s a game in his he his focus is on the four Gospels and his group organization that’s better it’s called Quadra tous and they dig deep into the four Gospels and just beautiful beautiful but he he said one time he goes he told me NAR Christianity is my stage but it’s not my cage and I’m like I get it I can say amen to that you know it’s not a cage it’s not a cage I still use it as my stage I I’m not I’m not sure where you want to go next in our conversation I’ve got a couple questions before we get into some some more stuff just to kind of come yeah and the world we’ve already been I wanted to just kind of add add this that I’m and I think maybe you’ve experienced this with the church elder who came down to you and told you like I’ve had that happen since day one you know mount conversion experience you’re too radical don’t let him pray over the offering he made slide you know all just crazy stuff that that you know that can hurt a young Christian right oh yeah what we see man I this is it okay this is how God works in it in the true church this is how God works separating yourself unto God fasting and praying learning to discern the voice of God getting as much of God in you as you can as you possibly can that hunger is a good hunger I believe is righteous that’s what we’re supposed to do I believe God honors that I believe that’s I believe that that’s God’s promotional system as well but I thought that that was the church’s promotional system I thought that okay if we have a church and we’re reaching the loss we’re healing people we want to raise the dead we got got people who fast and pray and they can hear God’s voice when they lay hands on someone to pray something happens that Holy Spirit encounter that engulfed with fire I know people who when they touch you it happens I know other people who they couldn’t call down fire from heaven if their life depended on it but these people it comes from a place of intimacy with God and a place of locking them set I knew these people personally they would lock themselves in their room for hours read the scriptures and pray in worship every day like it was what they did like you couldn’t bother them you couldn’t talk to him out of that that’s what they did but when they come out of that room they were glowing like stuff happened when they prayed their prayers were powerful and effective like the scripture says and when you have young people like that in a church congregation you many times like you’re saying it started out righteous that pastor or those elders had what that young man has so they become jealous in envious because this new young kid in town or whoever you are you now carry the fire of God and people are coming to you for answers people are coming to you for prayer people are coming to you because they want to be set free and not the pastor and not the elders and not the clergy they’re coming to this young man who just started coming up weeks ago and therefore you get a target on your back and and that’s that it is sad man that and many people can bear witness with that who’s listening to this man many people have have felt that and with dreams and revelations and gods dealing with you and you think that that’s the natural hierarchy like we get closer to God he promotes us he tells us he tells us his heart we share it with the world we grow together but you have a target on your back and you’re a young person in the church man that is a very dangerous place to be and there’s a lot of people there you know you’re um you’re a threat to these people’s livelihood you’re a threat to their business you know what I’m saying like you can’t have that they can’t have it they have to shut it down yeah you see that over and over I want you to talk a little bit about because I know you mention it I don’t know if not everybody knows about it because this is pretty cool but coming out of the Jesus people movement to kind of talk a little bit about what that is which was essentially the hippies getting born again coming to coming to churches and getting born-again and they get filled with the Holy Spirit and they come to church and they want to dance they got their tambourines and they’re really outgoing they got long hair and beards they repent get folk the Holy Spirit come to churches in the churches like that we can’t handle these people in the Baptist churches and things like that or like look if you don’t cut your hair you can’t come you like if you don’t put on a shirt you know if you don’t put shoes on or whatever all these hippies are getting born-again in the Jesus Movement Jesus people and in the most of the churches kicked them out so they kind of started their own type of revolution in it really I think gave birth to the prophetic ministry that we have today a lot of those guys come out of that movement talk a little bit about what you know about those guys because I know you were part of that yeah most of the churches wouldn’t accept them obviously history shows one church did it was Calvary Chapel the original Calvary Chapel and Costa Mesa Santa Ana California I’m still in touch with people who were prominent people within the Jesus Movement a lot of them were musicians now with within the Jesus Movement they like you said it was a revolution they couldn’t go to a normal Church they started a lot of like coffeehouse ministries or just get together whenever at the beach at the park read the scriptures worship get to know each other a lot of them would even go back to the festivals to win oh yeah well that they came out of and in the churches a lot of them looked down upon that stuff which is the weird thing that they were really mission minded and had a genuine love for the people that said they came out of that that is it it was characteristically or a characteristic of it primary was love there was a lot of passion because you know it was the first love for them you know they were in their first love they were they found purpose they found meaning they found healing and they had to share it and they they shared it in a context which was culturally acceptable for their culture you know they were just being who they were and they were loving people and they were getting to know Jesus and they were trying to follow him many many within the movement actually took him at his word yeah he said to go feed the hungry they might see the hungry you know he said you’ll receive power they receive power yeah you know they took him at his word and it was so beautiful in its infancy in midstream even towards the end of the movement it was beautiful it had its flaws yeah actually numerous cults came up at the same time the children of God numerous others and some of my friends that are stuff like that yes all of that they also started numerous communes or communities which there’s still one going called Jesus people USA in Chicago have you heard of that one I’ve heard a tribe of Judah yeah that’s weird to be at a campground and you see there’s a three-story bus they like added another story onto this big bus and all the even today like you have to park at all these long-hair hippie dreadlocks you can often eight start playing frisbee and volleyball and walking or talking to everybody about the love of God with the Jesus written all over the big bus and stuff and they’re from the tribe of Judah I ran into those people yeah it’s beautiful but it still gets culty though right you know what I’m saying yeah it’s hard to do is that right you know with the rules and you can’t do this and you can’t do that and if you do we shame brother Jedediah or whatever the case you know what I’m saying that the ghosting and the shaming so even though it’s this beauty in those cults and those things that they’ve reached out to people it’s still there’s still those there’s still that religion there you know there’s the Jesus Movement like I said it was embraced by Calvary Chapel Gregg Lord which is part of that right yep Greg Laurie is part of it I knew handled many decades ago Chuck Smith was the senior pastor at the time of the Santa Ana Church and he took a chance they helped you know your style of music that you’re enjoying and performing and creating now metal rock like a whole Christian rock movements even another subculture and from that or near that uh they’re they’re not quite a root but they’re there they’re an early sprout of a lot of the things we enjoy now it just carried for progressed even but things start out pure and they tend to get tarnished when we get our hands in it you know a lot or some I can’t say a lot some of the ones that are still living from the Jesus Movement I became very critical reformed you know Christians and took on yeah but not all did some some remain in loving spirit yeah yeah and I still Riley couldn’t Bravo yeah but again beauty in the beginning and then you know as as the cycle tends to go it gets calcified you know and but hearing is a beautiful thing about spirit spirit is constantly creating and constantly renewing and breathing new life into anybody who’s open to it yeah so you know with the Pentecostals the Jesus Movement people the evangelical crowd I have hope because God hasn’t given up and God will speak and breathe new life I’m sure a hundred years from now I wouldn’t be able to recognize certain things that the spirits doing yeah yes I had no clues for wood that and I’ve seen that in my own life you know even my own path now I’d like I had no clue I’d be going this path yeah you know but it’s life-giving well let’s let’s talk about that that’s good we’re about an hour in now and we can kind of live this in a little bit I know right time flies right um well we don’t have a time limit either so don’t don’t worry about that just so you can tell your story and talk about where you are now because last night you had a shaman ik encounter and so with I believe magic mushrooms correct mm-hmm Oh Simon beautiful gift from God walkie-talkie if we can say maybe some kind of walkie-talkie Terence Mckenna believed that psilocybin could have been the ETS or what we would call the angels in the religious tradition have put these here to communicate with them or with God and I’ve had some really profound encounters how do you come let’s let’s bridge the gap before we go into too much Revelation but how do we bridge the gap from obviously you took like a hiatus or from from ministry and stuff for a few years but how do you get more into how does a you know a worship leader a Christian go from believing in that following God filled with the holy spirit – now you’re participating in shamanic rituals and with some you know sacred medicine use from indigenous tribes good question I wish I could answer that something I mentioned to you and the letter was I often am not aware of where I’m at or where I’m going as I’m trying to keep in stuff with spirit shamanism isn’t something that I chose the people my community saw me moving in that direction and when I could finally say I’m shaman they’re like of course you are you had them and it’s just been a natural progression for you yeah and so my my giftings and my heart have always been for the the healing and the restoration of people to to help them and myself walking more wholeness walk in balance with God and the earth and themselves of big yeah and and that has expressed itself in numerous ways I have found personally that my healing gifts come through touch and whether you know I can pray for someone the hands of them or whether give them a hug or whatever the gifts flow through me through touch and which it’s interesting in that for over half my life I didn’t want to be touched as a child I was touched in an inappropriate manner yeah and so it’s like nope not touching sometimes we find that only that which hurt us can heal us and so I looking back I can see over over the years that it has been touched that has really helped people but how I got there from here I I would that this may sound odd I I used to ask God to do lots of things god bless this person God heal this person God this person needs some money you know do this God do that God many decades ago as I was doing that I heard God say well why don’t you do that and I’m like yeah what what do you mean you’re asking me to do it why don’t you do it and that that started that planted a little seed I I found myself on a journey to where I stopped asking God to do those things and I realized I could do those things to an extent instead of asking God to bless someone I would I started to to visualize those people I started to feel for them and then I would send my love and I would send my energy and I would bless them and so my lot relying upon God to do everything turned into a cooperation with God yeah and which i think is a biblical picture I think it’s a building cool look it comes from it maybe even a Christian perspective or mystical perception of of that change in your perception where you’re praying begging God to do something versus acting and standing in the authority that he’s already given you to heal the sick he wants you to go do it he wants you to go Cassady not God please take this demon out of from God God please take the demon out of my friend no demon listen to me right now you come out of him right now you come out of him right now demon and you leave him spirit of anger the see torment I bind you and you take that authority that God has given you and you walk in it there’s a difference there of God can you please take the demon out do you know what I’m saying and then and it’s just simply doing what Jesus did like you’re saying heal the sick bind up the wounded you know what I’m saying show grace to those who need it guy give him your grace no you give him your grace God would you please forgive his sins I told you to forgive his sins yes didn’t he he says he has a sins you forgive will be forgiven that’s our job we have the Ministry of is it God’s Ministry of reconciliation or is it our Ministry of reconciliation forgiving their sins God he’s already done it he’s done is already done giving us the power and authority to walk in it on the earth and when we believe that when we study it we know whatever it takes to come to that revelation what’s looking at jesus’s life is a good way to to get to that revelation and just start doing it and see what happens changes things man you’re not just waiting passively but you are going out and actually doing the works that Jesus did and greater yes and thank you for asking that question because I think I’m starting to see the transition my background of Pentecostalism and the immediacy of the Spirit you know encounter relationship experience I started to as I engaged with says– I spent the day with some Buddhist brothers some monks and I totally felt the presence of God I another time I walked into an occult metaphysical bookstore which I told you about and the channel or I don’t even know what psychic I don’t know what she called herself she called me out and she she knew things she couldn’t know and I know my old interpretation of that would be well she has a familiar spirit a demon a demon told her but now would you judge the fruit would you base it right off the Yap off the fritter – we’re very Han and as I told you after she said what she said I walked out of there I looked up to the heavens and I’m like what do you say about this cuz I was confused I felt the spirit they’re like you know Pentecostal Church camp-meeting altar service and I’m like what do you say and the only answer I got back was are you listening are you listening and so I determined to start listening and to start trusting what see I know the spirit what did you what did what did Jesus say he said you know my sheep know my voice and others they will not listen to ya and although it went against my theology and doctrine and so much of what I’ve been taught I’m like I feel God here and this is life-giving and so I opened myself more to that and I would engage with people of different religions different spirituality not to debate no honestly a lot of it because I want to know what they know yeah I I you know give me a little piece of your understanding of this multifaceted grace where did this did syncretism kick in there because as you’re talking to these people with this new mind in Christ you still have a foundation in Christ you’re talking to these people of different faiths you still have your foundation you’re filled with the fire that fire didn’t leave you the fire wasn’t put out you have any encounters with these people of different faiths different religions and you’re seeing similarities right as your question hey what is what is this till you guys oh the the pranayama oh whoa we got something similar too you know and then going back to read the scriptures knowing what you know and having it’s almost like you can’t interpret the Scriptures without talking to these people like you have a new look at it did that change for you when you went back to read the scriptures the love of God the grace the acceptance you know the the spiritual power the spirituality jesus said call no man no man evil call no man unclean if possible seek out peace with all men did that stuffy start standing out to you like it did permit it has it actually it probably heightened more at that point that over the decades see when we come to the scriptures whether we realize it or not we have an overlay that we place upon them which is our experience and our what we’ve been taught told ya and told and so we some people say well I read the Bible just for what it is no no it’s impossible you read the Bible from your preconceived or your preconceived notions from your you know that I don’t even know what I just call it that overlay that’s how you see scripture and that’s how you interpret scripture counters and all experiences yeah yeah and over the years I’ve been having different overlays in you know it seems from a from an evangelical Pentecostal perspective God was a very select selective God he was a basically a tribal God he had a certain bloody God who was a perfectionist who was like basically an alcoholic father you had come home and never know what mood he was going to be in you never knew where you stood with him you better do it right or else he’s going to torture you know and that honest you know that was the over way I had yeah now as I as I look to the old the scriptures especially the Old Testament God was not just the they the the Hebrews yes God called Abraham who is the father of the Hebrews and yes there was a special relationship that Abraham had with God but it was that it wasn’t the only relationship that God had with people you you find Melchizedek this wandering high priest who wasn’t Hebrew yet he came and Abraham honored him as a prophet or a man of God a priest of God he was from a different religion God was that the Old Testament is the the story of God’s interaction with a few people groups and in Christianity was born out of that but looking at the Old Testament they were it was a very pantheistic very polytheistic mindset that was where society was at that time and that’s what religion was at that time that kind I guess I’m just trying to say is that God wasn’t just the God of the Jews or the Hebrews God was the God of all people now I look at it and I’m thinking I see more of I see more of God’s faithfulness in working with people and the Spirit taking them from one step to the next providing a trajectory yeah that would ultimately end with the redemption of the entire world and all people’s worlds plural worlds I haven’t gone far in that but yeah but yeah it’s different it’s different I see how the people interpreted God as an angry god I see how they did that not that their interpretations were accurate but that was their understanding Jesus came to clarify much of that understanding and bring it back to a relation a relational interaction with our creator he summed it up he showed us the way how to do it how to attain it he showed us a better way it’s even he’s giving some better covenant he calls it that but also I can’t help but get away from learn from and teach the allegory of the Old Testament and how it’s a picture of us of our lives whether from birth or from once we enter Awakening and get born again whatever you want to call it but there’s this picture as we’re reading and this was a Holy Spirit thing years ago I was a you know teenager reading the Scriptures in getting the revelation that this this is who as I’m reading a story the Holy Spirit speaking to me this is you you are Israel look up the word the word Israel means child of God or children of God you’re Israel and how Israel is fighting and complaining even though I got my hand on him and I took him out of Egypt this is the same way you complain I’m like what yes I’m doing this and I took you I saved you from your enemies but you want to dismiss and it’s like man and this was early on this and then we get into breaking down the names and the people groups and the tribes and stuff and it’s all this interaction that goes on within our psyche these different levels of spirituality that we pass through between Egypt and the promised land there’s gonna be many golden CAF’s that we have to face many giants that come our way that laugh at us that are defame our name in the name of the the God of the consciousness that that we honor and they make fun of it all of these everything that happened it’s happening in us and to us and it’s not I don’t think we’re reading about King David I don’t think we’re reading and because there’s people trying to find Noah’s Ark they’re doing excavation and that we believe we found wood on top of a mountain we believe it to be Noah’s Ark like this is really happening in Turkey and is spending money on this we think we found Noah’s Ark does that look it’s not about that it’s not it’s it’s not it’s a history book it’s now telling a story and lineage of noah is telling our story i truly believe that in their scriptures within the New Testament when even Paul talks about how those things were a shadow those things were in allegory it uses that word it actually says yeah King James it’s an allegory of these different houses were things that that what would take place within us to teach us a lesson an inner deeper spiritual meaning and then we’ll tell me how the syncretism works and everything works together the same way in Hinduism with reading about they’re getting Hindus most of them don’t worship 20,000 gods and Christians like to make fun well they worship 17,000 gods that’s that’s an expression of one God just like all the names of Yahweh are an expression of him or all of the biblical characters are an expression of him it’s a very very much the same thing it’s the truth hidden in allegory and dark sayings and riddles and in parables the same way Jesus spoke it’s sacred myth is what it is right and even even the word for myth was like the understanding and riddles for kings it wasn’t even for like to let the lay people this was like the deep or this is like the esoteric knowledge behind it if you could understand it if you can get it for the kingdom for the high people but now it’s it’s for its for us first and this is deep because first Corinthians I think 1st Corinthians chapter 2 it talks about that one must be like born again must one must be awakened with the spirit to even understand the scriptures from an allegorical standpoint everybody else is gonna read it as a history book yeah lineage like Falah you know everybody like historians and stuff but to really embrace it and know what’s going on you have to be in fellowship with the Holy Spirit the guy in the scripture he says I will seal the book that those who are learned may not understand it and what does he do he uses fisherman roughneck people who were you know rough around the edges that cast out of society and you know all this stuff and he gives them the revelry of the of the stories and tells them what it means man is d it is it is that back to your question how did I become I’ll just I’ll just say that I started to engage with God and feel God’s presence in nature I have I was I spend a lot of time in nature as much as I can get I sense God in the grass and under the trees especially in the water and the earth those tend to be by two elements there is a a form of spiritual spirituality called animism which believes that spirit that all things are alive all things have spirit that is one of the most ancient spiritualities before there became religions sorry my phone just went on low-power mode so I’d begun to see and appreciate God and everything I that same sense of spirit that I felt at the Pentecostal altar and that was with me as a child ice and then I sensed a buttons a monk’s and you know other spiritualities I send some of nature yeah and I can see God there there there is a there is a word you know we have if we try to classify spiritualities you have theism where there is a divine being oftentimes aloof there is pantheism which basically a simple understanding is that everything together combined is God there is something that more typically defines my experience is pen n theism which is that all things are in God and God is in all things and yet God also remains a separate relational presence yeah and that’s where I find myself interacting with God in all God’s manifestation it’s just one way not just one form of godliness but denying of yeah and like you say say with Hinduism with their Pantheon and deities houses and deities I used to make fun of that too and now I’m seeing there’s a scripture I believe in one of the Peters which talks about the manifold grace of God or the variegated or the multifaceted grace of God and I’m seeing everything that is as a reflection of that whether say even in Buddhism you have a Trinity in Christianity you have a Trinity oh and Hinduism you have a Trinity all things just what’s that in Egypt you have the Trinity yeah yeah I just thoroughly enjoy being able to experience God wherever I’m at yeah you would go to the gorge and experience God you can go to the mosque and experience God the scripture says there’s no way you can go to to hide from him you can there’s no way you can go to get away from him people are saying him or her whatever you whatever floats your boat he’s a father to the fatherless I didn’t have a father he shows up as a father in my life you know I’m the Holy Spirit’s a mother a comforter you know what I’m saying so it’s it’s whatever you need he’s I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be so we talk about God in him and her and his and that see thou dying dying whatever you need him to be he’ll be that for you he loves you she loves you they love you we love you I love you Nora loves you you know what I’m saying we’re all expressions of God working together man it’s so beautiful and to talk about like seeing God and everything this was my big thing I talk about a lot I’m gonna do an in-depth teaching on this again but my big thing that kind of separated me from the church was because I was still operating and leading worship in churches and stuff to administering and stuff but I was still in to Manley P hall and esoterics and love meditation and yoga and things like that but I did an episode back in 2012-2013 and it was called and I named I would come up with these names for these podcasts that will get your attention like I’m gonna do that we’re gonna name this podcast something really cool that’s gonna make people want to click on it and then they’ll get life from it but I did a I did an episode called the Kundalini is the Holy Spirit what your pastor is not telling you and man that thing’s shot up that skyrocketed up on YouTube man and got so many views and so many Christians lashed out and at the time there was a documentaries that came out by Andrew Strom he put this out and I used to follow Andrew strong that the Kundalini was a demonic presence in the church when you’re falling out when you’re shaking he’s agreeing yes that is the Kundalini it’s not it’s but it’s not the Holy Spirit I’m saying that they’re one in the same and it’s not a bad thing and I did that teaching and when the church elders found out and people told on me and they found it that was like the straw that broke the camel’s back like they just lashed out and demonized stay away from hear me calling in it’s blaspheming the Holy Spirit right and I’ve done that I’m very similar to what you’re talking about of being in the church receiving the fire being in worship raptured up and just feeling the fire on your body beautiful encounter but I’ve been in having during Kundalini Yoga I’ve done holotropic breathing and breath work and I feel the Kundalini what they call the Kundalini it’s the same thing as the Holy Spirit yes it’s very similar it’s I think it’s the same thing you know the in and there’s a there’s a name for that spirit in every religion the Great Spirit the pranayama the Chi the Tachyon energy like there’s so many different names for this life force that moves throughout creation and we want to kind of box it and package it know ours is different because art has a name ours is a person so you’re talking about just energy the force ours has a name and it’s response yes did all it’s the same thing when we talk about the fruit of it tears yes lying being clean feel like you’re born again you’re spiritually awakened all of the same fruit beautiful changing people’s lives but that’s the thing that like is this for me cuz it’s scary your blasphemy like oh Lord there’s guys here saying that the Holy Spirit’s a demon you know because that’s what they’ve been told you’re saying you you feel that same energy in that same essence in meditation in nature walking with the monks chillin with the Hindus what don’t matter where you go you’re able to discern him and pick that up man have you tried Kundalini Yoga would you say that it’s the same thing am I going too far like what’s what’s up with that oh you haven’t gone far enough now I have not tried Kundalini Yoga I will before I’m done but no honestly Derick when I first I checked you out to a little bit and I listened to that podcast and that you mentioned and like oh my god he’s right you know whether it’s Kundalini Yoga Chi tachyon there’s one spirit even the Scriptures tell us that it is the baptism the Holy Ghost baptism of fire it’s one spirit that we’re engaging with and encounter and that is and I hope you never back down from that because that is a it’s a revelation from God but it’s experiential wisdom I was tickled I’m like I was driving when I heard it and I think I bounced on my seat because I’m like yes I’ve never even said that but yes you know because it is it’s that one spirit and that spirit will like you said will meet us wherever will be whatever we need I felt that spirit in chanting Sanskrit chants in performing shamanic ceremonies and in engaging with entheogens and plant medicines in a Catholic Church in Pentecostal church among indigenous Americans and their ceremonies it’s the same spirit and you know that spirit if it gives life Jesus says by the fruits that’s how you judge and and not judge to condemn but judge to evaluate is this of business of life and I find life in my shamanic path following the ways of Jesus yeah you know some call me Christian shaman someone called me that but I was called out once that’s funny you say nice I love gave me a review on my god of meditation and energy work that was doing with him he’s like he’s kind of like a Christian shaman oh are you derrin are okay thanks sorry someone yeah a phone call came in and I just hit it off yeah it’s I find life and I work with the elements earth air fire water yeah I have a relationship with earth air fire water I don’t use that as a some people would use things I don’t know I I work with I find life in ceremony and shamanic journeying and consuming mushrooms or whatever sacred plant the mushrooms I call los ninos the little ones little teachers and oh boy they’re they’re they’re teachers yeah and briefly I did participate in a mushroom journey last night and I had I let a few people know I have a good diverse support group and so they held space for me as I did that and this one was interesting I immediately once it set in I was in the ground I was part I was observing roots I don’t know I I felt to talk about the roots like tree roots grassroots vine roots I was right there in amongst them and I could see it was like they pulsated with life they they they were they were channels of information I saw I sensed water I saw golden and red and yellow lights just going through them the whole system it was showing me the interconnectedness of everything yeah and how I was part of that and that I was going back to my roots and yeah two of the ancient paths and I’m not an evangelist for shamanism I’m not yeah I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything except that they’re loved that shamanism is perhaps as far as we know today the oldest spirituality it was people engaging God engaging the earth and all creation trying to understand trying to connect and I find it as the root of the root the root of all our major religions and spiritual philosophies all of it’s in there and I’m just so inundated with like going into the Bible because this is what I know I have years of studying and it’s God speaks to me through it and in having these encounters and I go back and find very similar encounters in the Bible with angels with demons with love and acceptance and you’re able that lens changes and that overview changes because of your experiences and you’re able to see things within the scriptures that other people don’t see Jeremiah you pray to me I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know and cannot find out like that’s a promise of God that says if we draw away in meditation if we fast if we go to the mountains if we go to the woods have that retreat whatever you want to do get away he’ll speak to you and show you things he’s never showed anyone so I believe that we can approach this even the scriptures like that to get revelation about what the hell did they were they really talking about and you have this new view of life you approach the scriptures from ninety like wow when he says speak evil of no man he really meant it that wasn’t like that’s a doctrine let’s make that a doctrine you know what I’m saying like this type of stuff when you find stuff within the Scriptures man and see all this beautiful stuff that’s how my mind works and it’s awesome Toton to walk in that revelation and see God in all and throughout man you know it’s beautiful it’s heaven on earth yeah I like I said it the Spirit has always been here you know never separated from creation I think the only separation that we experience is what we create in our minds and I’m so glad that Jesus came to to re reveal that relationship and and to kind of clear up you know some of our misunderstandings yeah and to end to call us to to be more human you know to to be fully integrated humans enjoying the the world that God created co-creating with God being part of the redemption of the planet and of the solar system all of which which God loves and finding our Worth and finding our value there there is in the Epistle one of the epistles of John it tip it shows a spiritual progression says I write to you young men or I write to you children because your sins are forgiven and you know the father I write to you young men because you’ve overcome you’re strong and you’ve overcome the evil one I write to you father’s because you’ve known him who was from the beginning then he repeats it with a little variation and we have a tendency to look back on things we used to believe or experienced and kind of look down upon them say as as we awaken we get more knowledge and understanding we a human tendency is to like oh I can’t believe I believe that I can’t believe I did that yeah but what this shows me is that God works with us at whatever stage and with whatever need we have for many of us within the the Hebraic system it spoke sorry about that I’m coming back in the Hebraic system they talked about separation a lot and they in within their their sacred myth humankind was kicked out of the garden because of sin and so they developed a system of sacrifices and so forth in order to be redeemed to be made up one again with God that carried on into the Christian tradition and the Western society so of course we come with the background of all my sins need forgiven so what does God do provides a way for us to understand our sins are forgiven yeah and then we move from infancy into young adulthood where we’re strong we want to do things for God we want to build the kingdom we want to do all these things and that’s good too and God beats us there and then we can come to a place as elders as parents than his elders to where none of that was wrong necessarily mm-hmm but there’s a different dimension this is a dimension of knowing God relationally it’s the same word as a man knowing his wife we can know God the Creator in that intimate intimate manner and that is a gift that we’re called to two different stages of development and all are beautiful and all are necessary and I think it’s beautiful yep and it doesn’t matter like I’ll say this I say that here’s the conundrum because it’s okay so you are you telling me you know I asked you this and asked me as well to say so true Siegen or are you telling me that all roads point to God are you telling me all religions point to God my response is I don’t know I haven’t practiced all religions I can’t tell you where it leads you but we can back up and look the hey there are people within all of these religions coming to the same awakening and understanding that we are it’s not everybody just like we’re talking about earlier Billy Graham talk talking about how God has a remnant within all of these religions guess what even within Christianity he has a reason and that they get it and they’re just operating there as their stage like you say like that’s where they feel called to other people kind of broadens it up a little bit but I like how you talking about how like it it’s like the shamanic practices and going back to what’s primitive there’s a there’s a scripture in Jeremiah that it talks in and that’s one say the ancient past it says return to the ancient path the good way and find rest for your soul go back to the ancient path and that’s like a beckoning to go back to spirituality before it got tainted with religion of just that even as as simple as sitting in silence or scripturally speaking be still and know that I am God start there a mazing place to start and let God teach you let God restore you reveal to you whatever been tried in nature take your shoes off put your feet on the ground and so it’s a beautiful encounter in it very looks like shamanism some of the things we look at that that goes on when Jesus did and even more primitive with the Old Testament there’s a lyric that I have in one of my songs and it’s through a lot of people off I said Abraham was involved in a form of Voodoo I set out in my song and they’re like what we Abraham was him it was and we get a picture of Abraham God revealing himself to Abraham he leaves their spirit leader after this communion Abraham goes and kills all these different animals squirrels chickens whatever he kills all these animals and he puts them in a circle and with their blood and all that and he gets in the middle of the circle to summon God or this encounter back to him and God shows up again and visits him and you know responds and if we were to see that today we’d say that’s voodoo he’s using voodoo it’s the same he’s killing all these animals and making a circle and getting in the middle of it that’s the scriptures but if we look at a picture that there’s all of this stuff you’re talking about the elements we talked about the elements we talked about the elementals and these spirits that that operate in in and watch over the element Kingdom the earth air fire and water the plants the earth the animals their spirits that are in there and they watch over it and they guide the tides in the seasons and God does it as an overseer but he has all of these inner workings of spirits and of all of these things happening and it even talks about it in the scriptures man there’s one scripture and it talks about the rudiment elements of the world the world and like you read it not knowing much about it like I don’t use that word a lot rudiment elements I don’t know what that’s talking about but if you read most of the concordances even the strict mainline Christian denominations will tell you that that’s God talking about the spirit world and that the spirits that are in and throughout those kingdoms in like so it’s it’s all there man in in some shape form or facet a lot of the stuff they’re speaking in tongues all religions practiced at the Holy Spirit the Kundalini so we can’t really look down at the church a lot of times like there’s something that I love about the church is the fact that they’re still even if they don’t know it because they don’t relate it because they haven’t seen it but they’re still keeping up these ancient practices to this day there are still the chanting they chant differently so we would chant ohm namah shivay you know that’s beautiful to do that they get there and they chant minutes it’s it’s awesome you go into a trance when you do it it’s the same thing you connects with your Creator through trance through the drums through the rhythm through dancing this is something very ancient and very primitive of us connecting man is so beautiful and they’re still doing it you know what I’m saying and if you’re in there and you go to church you know what I’m saying that’s you can connect you can dance out the Bible talks about going in and out of trances and and dreaming dreams and God speaking to you and angels speaking to you and your intuition and psychic abilities all of this stuff is within there man it’s really cool how you know you don’t Christianity doesn’t have a corner on the market hey God are willing to use with every willing to use anyone who is the Scriptures talks about like God going the Spirit of God moving throughout the earth just waiting for someone to say hey I’ll listen hey are you real will you show yourself to me oh okay this young man no matter where you are you know what I’m saying whether if you’ve even heard the name of Jesus or not it’s damn real and it’s that deep man it’s beautiful it shows it shows his love on a whole new level man it does we’re kind of the new kids on the block to be honest but I think only three thousand years ago but it yeah it’s well the church being the new kids on the block it’s okay it’s from the it’s from the beginning yeah and you know the Apostle Paul also said all things are yours you know he made this listing of you know Paul Apollo’s life death this this this everything is yours and I I’m taken into heart with that you know in in my current journey it’s like yes I have Jesus these other things are helping me understand Jesus more and Jesus is helping me to understand them more all these things are hearts and I think that’s that’s beautiful mm-hmm yep and it’s it’s seeing all things work together I mean I’m reading some of the comments here in the chat and my people I don’t want to tell people not to seek because if someone has a real question in God’s bringing him down a certain Road like you have to honor that I think everyone has a question of like someone’s posted here proton Davis is his name in the chat and it says what about Revelations 2 or 9 he’s talking about the Jewish people and who are the true Jews and things like that and there’s these questions that can open you up and you in spark like years of study when you up to cults you know what I’m saying I’ve been a part of different movements and the Hebrew Israelites and the Messianic movements and all of these these guys you know charismatic you know all of this stuff so people that I’m reading the comments here people have asking these questions and they’re going back and forth about little things and it’s like my I want to be open with questions before God because that’s one thing that the church they don’t like you to ask questions you start asking too many questions you got it you gotta get you out of there you know so if you have those questions in there really of God I say search them out get to the bottom of it God will reveal it to you whether it you have to find the right teacher or you have to fast and pray and then go on Google whatever it is like I think that the answer is there for anything that your heart desires how the universe works how angels and demons operate whatever you want to know I think you can find it out whatever that may be but I will say don’t get caught up on little things on little contingents to throw you off like to throw like like somebody’s asking about okay the Jesus died on a cross or did he die on a tree it’s the same thing you know cross was made out of a tree you don’t understand so don’t get caught up on the little contingence was Jesus God was he’s the son of God was Jesus praying and like there’s these little things that people get caught up on don’t let those little bitty questions and stuff like hold you back from pursuing a spiritual life and a spiritual walk and being one with your Creator and in supping and having a fellowship like this is what it’s about if it’s about anything other than that if your spirituality is about anything or your Christianity’s about anything other than then connecting with was gods I don’t want nothing to do with it and I think that’s heretical if it’s about anything else doctrine whatever it is and and and those are those are the the greatest things to me that that stick out about any other religion any other spiritual practices that they connect you with the divine with your source and so Jesus comes and he takes away the power from the priest he takes away the power from the clergyman it said look you don’t need these people just go straight to God just go straight to the Father yourself the mother yourself go straight to him you you have you says you can freely approach the throne of grace freely you have access he’s ripped the veil there’s no more veil that you have to be ordained and good years of experience to go to know you can encounter God wherever you are and that’s that’s the beauty that’s the beauty whether it’s the gospel cuz it’s in there that’s I believe that’s what the gospel is about and I believe that that is like that’s the that’s the the love and in the faith that fuels what we do and I think that that that’s my foundation sounds like it’s your foundation you know and if it’s grace that that calls you it’s grace that sends you in this grace that keeps you you know what I’m saying and it’s that same following intuition of the Holy Spirit that called you that filled you with fire that that led you into these other things correct somebody saying here that you know the Pentecostals would say that you’ve went astray and all of this obviously any any religion that you propose anything different they’re gonna say that but they would say that you’ve gone astray and you’ve followed the voice of demons or whatever they want to say but you’ll say you followed that same voice that brought you into Christianity or into a relationship with God right even to this day and has led you through shamanic practices has led you to experience deep meditation and and all of all of these things interacting with spirits in other realms that exist here you know what I’m saying to study that that’s the beauty of it yeah nothing’s challenged no Derek T – I get my power chord I’m yeah I found those bad good so wanted to kind of address that here in the in the chat I like to kind of pull some questions out of here thank everyone say thank you to everybody who’s holding us down in the chat Danny what’s up my brother proton Christy Chris bars Adam all of you guys it was a bunch more than christina was here Samantha oh you guys hold us down in the live chat somebody says casting pearls true seeker you know what you have to be careful casting your pearls before swine because a lot of people what’s up Khloe I’m glad you joined us the other night in the school of mystics Chloe shoutout yeah I mean casting your pearls before swine man we’ve we’ve all done it we we do it you got to be careful cuz they’ll trample them under your under your feet you know what I’m saying under their feet duh you know you got to be careful guard your heart and the scriptures are true when it when it talks about that so how did your experience go last night by the NAR pastor dinar like I said it’s well right it’s hard to hear you can you hear me okay yes okay good it’s a little lower but I can hear you what’s that it’s a little lower but I can still hear you okay very peaceful and deep like I said I was at the root of things and my intention in going into the journey was to to perhaps identify some blocks that I’ve been experiencing like chronic blocks in progress and I came out of it knowing that I’m rooted and that the information that I will need and I do need I will get and that it’s time just to move forward and to keep planted in in that solid ground you know and trust that everything I need you know will be at my disposal but it was very deep it was very peaceful some people have what they would identify as difficult or bad trips at times I’ve never experienced that yeah very my journeys are very revelatory how many have you had on psilocybin I makes glasses how many have you had I’m sorry how many psilocybin encounters have you had I would say about six or seven and never had I don’t do it all the time yeah I wait for special times yeah well me too but like I said I do wait for something special when we do a high dose but I’ve been in relationship with the micro dose and like I said I wanna I know you had your journey last night and I said I was with micro dose for this show today so I took a I just say one little small cap just to kind of get connected it wasn’t that big but uh you know it’s it’s it’s a beautiful thing man it really is it’s it’s good to just be in that state of consciousness not necessarily euphoric or anything but there’s what I do love about plant medicines is that they can while they do alter your consciousness but they’re they assist you in in just being you know not accomplishing not you know whatever but just being and yeah and you you can sense the connections with everything a lot easier in normal conscious state sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we’re connected yep but with plant medicines one of their gifts is allowing us to experience the reality of that yep look behind the veil and show us show us a lot of stuff show us whatever we need to be shown but there is an over lying lesson there it’s that we’re we’re all one Tom is not real stay in the moment and hide or low doses of psilocybin teaches you that deep layers of or deep encounters with meditation you go to this place where Tom doesn’t matter most of the Mystics are coming to this similar understanding that the same the same revelation that the teachers are teaching it there’s psilocybin you know what I’m saying the ayahuasca all of this stuff is teaching us is these very simple similar understandings that people are coming to you know on their own I always say like my mind goes back to the Bible Jesus talks about being anxious for nothing to me that means to stay in the moment don’t get caught up stay in a moment live in the moment be anxious for nothing I talk a lot about that man turn in autopilot off turn and default off creating the life that you want these guys will help you like the teachers help you I believe that they’re walkie-talkies angelic beings you know it’s very interesting to get into what’s actually happening there but I definitely played a big role in my life and I’ve gone out and and had men’s retreats with a bunch of Christians and we we all do it and we’re listening to worship music like we’re listening to listening to Bethel and like Hillsong worship you know crying not crying out of how much God loves us because we know it but on mushrooms or psilocybin you can feel it yeah we know how much God loves but if I just sit if you can feel it and let that love permeate your being and it wash over you we we can feel that and there’s many different ways and I want to fill all of them I want to if whether it’s through worship whatever suit rent state whether it’s through psilocybin whatever I want to feel his love for me and let that love wash over me man that’s a beautiful experience and like I said a bunch of Christians going out there listening to worship music eating mushrooms in the woods and having a come-to-jesus moment and really but we did some chanting – we did some chanting – and it’s fun to actually my first time was with a group of ministers and we we partook in a communion fashion and this was a sacred sacrament yeah and it was it was life-changing life-changing the mushroom coat yeah it’s awesome well past the norm an I appreciate you coming on here hanging out with me spending its time with me is there anything that we did not mention that you want to talk about that we did any experiences any last words of wisdom something you want to talk about before we go nothing that I kind of just left it up to wherever the conversation want to take us so perhaps another time we could discuss other things yeah words of wisdom perhaps just know that you’re okay that you are known there everybody listening you are known intimately you are loved unconditionally mmm good word you are a reflection of the creator and you are a co-creator like Derek something you said on live cast about it how did you phrase it oh man yeah well essentially we are a co-creator were made in the image and likeness of our creator and then so when we create we create music we create life and love and art and things like that like that’s the highest form of worship and we breathe life into it we’re we’re made in this very image and likeness I think that’s the highest form of worship it really is and nothing will be there unless you create it didn’t exist before you create it yeah just Park this episode this conversation these people here joining us in this in this moment it’s not gonna happen again not like this that we created this I saw mark it’s beautiful man it’s all of it I mean late I love creating music I love a drawing whatever it is man it’s there’s something supernatural about it connecting with the Father you’re in the very image and expression because we could we could do many things right we can do a lot of different stuff here we could use this time to be negative and to tear people down but I think we’re using it to build people up and to create something beautiful something that’s gonna help people encourage people sharpen people as iron sharpens iron and to send people out to go out and do the same things make disciples of what of what you’re hearing now of love faith truth harmony stand for righteousness stand for the truth like yeah go out and do the same things and greater and I think the people would be encouraged to do that yes do you have any links that you want to share where people can check out your your work or people can add you on facebook I know you’re very active my buddy Danny here Danny Guerrero he mentioned reading one of your post a while back I don’t know if it’s something that I like that he’s seen or we maybe in some groups or whatever on Facebook or whatever the case is but yeah Danny says hello hi Danny yeah Facebook past Rijn are easy to find active on Instagram that would be the app shaman our sha ma and na are make sure you guys add him he’s a really good brother and if you guys want him to come back on the show again and do another episode with me let us know in the comment section and we’ll have him back on brother thank you for sharing this sacred space with me man I thoroughly enjoyed it and let’s do it again very soon absolutely thank our brother god bless ya Shalom pastor NAR see I tricked y’all at the beginning I tried to trick you out man I told y’all that it was just gonna be we’re gonna bring it home about Jesus which it is it’s all every I think every episode for me is about Jesus I think every every episode is about Jesus for me so to bring it in and let’s talk about Jesus Manjeet if you can’t if you can’t see Jesus in the in some of the weirdest episodes or some of the shows what Jordan Maxwell and you can’t see Jesus and any of those shows man then you’re not gonna be able to see Jesus when we have a Christian minister on or someone who just plainly talks about the gospel you got to be able to see God in all if you can’t see God in all then you can’t see them at all that’s where this comes down to man I want to so proton was talking about really like genuinely having a question and maybe you’re asking me for this this question so you want to know about the the true Jews revelations 2 and 9 which is you’re talking about talks about the the that there would be those Jews who say those in the land who say they are the Jews but are not but are a synagogue of Satan so you’re asking about that Scripture it’s revelations 2 none is repeated in Revelations through your not and as well that gets into a lot of stuff I don’t know what made you ask that I don’t know what studying what studies have brought that up but my studies brought me there at some point of studying my heritage I’m Native American from Native American and white bloodline I got into studying my roots native of being Native American I found out that we are the Native Americans is a lot of research that says that we are from the tribe of GAD out of the children of Israel of the lost 12 tribes of Israel and so that’s studying took me even deeper of finding out who the Israelites are where they are now and then you get into the curses and the curses that were promised upon these people who are the true Jews and they would have to suffer and they turn their back on Jesus and all of this stuff and there’s all these scriptures that kind of make sense so it that’s where I was I studied all this stuff years ago got me into some interest interesting conversations man about who are the real Jews right are they is the black man the true Jew is the the black Hebrew Israelites that’s what they believe there’s a lot of scriptures that show that there’s a lot of scriptures that make me want to believe that but just like everything else is spirituality and all this stuff you have to approach it from the other side I believe that for a long time and that’s still I still somewhat believe it that the the dark-skinned races are the true Jews you know what I’m saying that the blacks are from the tribe of Judah or the you know I’m saying and I say blacks they wouldn’t call themselves that but anyway from the tribe of Judah or GAD or the people from with that we would call the Mexicans being the tribe of Issachar the Seminole Indians being another tribe like all of this have researched it so much and I believed it for so long and I taught it for so long I don’t really get into it anymore because that I’ve learned in study in that that we don’t really know it’s all theory at this point and it doesn’t matter let’s get to that it doesn’t matter who the true Jews are especially if you’re going off a revelation to not three and I’ll just say that the people there aren’t the people I believe that I don’t believe that the people there are the Jews the Jewish nation the people in Israel right now I studied it from the standpoint I was a big proponent in the black Hebrew July movement we we had our own I talked about this yesterday we had our own Church in our own gathering and things like that and I was really close with but the recall she are from the gathering of Christchurch sector Hebrew Israelites got really close with him flew them down went out with them on many speaking occasions went out to conferences and when i telled lana and things like that really close with those guys they talked that I then took a job with as an electrician helper in Mississippi with a bunch of Mississippi boys took a job with those guys we’re on the job I’m researching all this stuff researching the Illuminati and all this kind of Alex Jones and stuff and Hebrew Israelites baba baba was then I was I I was consumed by it they taught me how to study the Scriptures took a job with these Mississippi boys somebody mentions the Jews and my boss said to Tom he said you Adam didn’t eat the real Jews and I said oh okay you know something huh it made the real Jews okay you know something yeah say yeah revelation 2 and I revelation 3:9 those aren’t the Jews he said oh you know some so we kind of go back and forth get into it I’m thinking he knows what’s up with the black Hebrew Israelites well this guy we get into conversation and he shows me his screw his Bible he had his Bible in the truck and he has he says that the true Jews and the true Jewish people are the white man that the white man is God’s chosen seed and he’s got all this doctrine and stuff that he believes and I’ve been studying for months probably almost a year now and the Hebrew Israelites that the black man was the chosen seed and it’s about the genealogy and who was your father and all this stuff this is what I come out of and he had this all this knowledge excuse me about the white man being the chosen seed of God so we go back and forth and stuff and ba ba ba kind of argue him I go to my elders show them some scriptures that he showed me anyway we went back and forth he showed me some stuff that as I was believing the black Hebrew Israelite doctrine it opened my eyes to a couple different things that were very key showing that the word Adam Adam means ruddy and it means red you know and there’s a lot of stuff to this I really don’t want to get too big too deep into this but if you really want to know I’m just trying to answer your question kind of really quick but um in a way I studied all this stuff and come to find out let’s see I want to share two scriptures with you this is what we was into like who was a Jew who was the Israelite whose it ba-ba-ba-ba-bom all the stuff well come to a couple scriptures at the end of the day me and this dude would would go back and forth about this stuff and I was like you know what I said man he was was we having his talk first Timothy 1:4 says neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies which Minister questions rather than godly edifying which is in faith so do don’t give heed to fables conspiracy theories and endless genealogies which Minister questions rather than godly edifying so we’re sitting there talking about who are the Jews who was a God’s chosen people pop up above so you still want to know you want to know who God’s chosen people are some people really had this question and I don’t want to go out like I’m teaching this but this is this is the answer you go to Romans chapter 2 verse 29 and it says but he who is a Jew is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart in the spirit and not in the letter whose praise is not of men but of God it says that a true Jew was one who was a inwardly and it’s worth do we think of the Jewish people it’s um like Israel Israelites children of God is what that interpretation comes out to be who was it who was a true child of God this is one who was one inwardly your heart is not about circumcisions of the hand or certain us a circumcision of the flesh made by hands is it a circumcision of your heart has God so done a work in your heart all of that stuff is symbolic and this is what it’s showing you it’s symbolic about the inward man the spirit God judges the heart it says man judges to outward appearance so I hope that answered your question about revelation 2 and 9 in Revelation 3 and 9 not to give heed to be bringing up all these questions and like trying to get to the bottom of it because it can open up a can of worms so if that explanation would save you a little bit of heartache those two scriptures that I just gave I would definitely say that they I got a whole teaching on this and while we shouldn’t get into it I had to come out of that stuff guys like this that’s my path that was my core I talked about yesterday that I was in so I got all the teachings on how to how there it’s false doctor and put it that way you know what I’m saying it just yeah it’s not good be spiritual be a true Jew be a Israelite inwardly that God is not a respecter of persons you know what I’m saying he can use anybody and he does use anybody he can use a donkey we can talk to a donkey he can talk to us right you can use us if you can do that so with that being said I must say peace and Shalom thank you guys for hanging out with me on this episode I enjoyed it it was really good I had to move it back a couple hours I wanted to make sure that it happened I’ve been running non-stop with the release of this new album and trying to get all my stuff situated for this album release concert that’s coming up this Friday if you’re listening live if not if you’re listening later than the concert is over and it was a success Friday the 20th April 20th is the release of my new album pre-orders are sent out album release party is gonna be fire I know Chris bars he’s commenting in the chat room right now he’ll be there he’s coming in from Orlando I always want to shout out my brother I think my good friend Monica’s coming in town she we met through the school of the Mystics man and she listens to the podcast she’s coming in town from Dallas these people are driving like over eight hours to be here man another brother a guy who I interviewed on the show Joshua Davis is coming in with his family from North Carolina we’re gonna do it up guys if you want to come it’s a free concert you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket if you guys want to meet you guys want to hang out you can do that just get here get here get your pay for room and board room and gas or whatever and we can hang out come celebrate this special time with me thank you guys for supporting my work and supporting this show if you would like to get rewards and get access to all of my new music and all of that good stuff please head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and so that’s where you can do that and then you get access to the school of the Mystics everybody who’s been thinking about coming make sure you come I enjoy it I need it like that’s my church my church is the school of the Mystics I I really I need that I need that fellowship I need that edification I need that building that you know I’m seeing that prayer that we get into with one another all of that good stuff school of the Mystics is amazing you are not alone if you want to tap into the community you get that by becoming a page a patron even at 1 dollar per month like you get access to that so thank you guys for supporting my work what’s up Lilliana how are you Liliana Garcia my friend she says oh I wish I could come David Spalding says death to myself by I guess I don’t know what that means hopefully you’re not gonna die I think you’re not gonna die speak life to your brother right now Jesus name I love you guys man I enjoyed this episode we’ll do it again tomorrow I got a good show tomorrow tune in tomorrow if you’re listening live if you’re listening to this on the podcast it’ll be the episode after this Christ the far I I don’t know if you guys know who that is but it’s got a Christian Rasta rapper like dudes been doing this for a long time and Christ afar he’s gonna be on the show awesome love you guys what’s up ray love you man christine bye-bye [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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