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In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Pastor Nar as they speak about the true essence of God in all religions and spiritual practice, which is LOVE. Pastor Nar served as a Christian evangelical pastor for many years until he had a spiritual awakening. Many of the self evident truths that Nar learned in the Christian church and read in the Bible he found contained within the very fabric of nature and spirituality as a whole. All this time his church clergy and elders told him that TRUTH was exclusive to the Christian church and more over their particular denomination. In studying the differences in religion and what separates us all, Pastor Nar could not help but see the thread so beautifully woven throughout all creation that we are all the same. We are all children of God made in the very likeness and image of the creator. We are expressions of his love and grace that shines upon all and through all. Many people within the confines of religion remain blind even as they read the scriptures with a preconceived notion. This is a form of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance forces a person to remain fast in their belief even if confronted with truths that prove their current belief to be false. This is something that many people within religion must face and it can become very hard for people to accept the fact that their beliefs may have not been accurate or true. This is especially true when they themselves actively shared their beliefs and propagated half truths. It takes true humility to admit when we are wrong. There are absolutely things that I have taught in years past that I wouldn’t be caught dead repeating again. Many souls all over the earth are abandoning organized religion (and for good cause) but they are not giving up faith in their foundations in Jesus. This podcast exists so that people would feel compelled to embrace their differences in ideas, theologies, beliefs and philosophies and still be able to come together under the umbrella of LOVE which in many cases is Jesus himself.



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