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Elemental spirit beings were described in the 16th century through the work of Paracelsus as being entities associated with the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Some circles add a fifth element of ether or spirit to the list. Each of the named elements are said to have beings that work to ensure that nature and their appropriate elemental kingdoms works properly. This could be the filtration of the oceans and pulling of tides, assisting plants and vegetation in their growth, the blowing of the wind and cool breeze or the purification properties of fire. For Earth you have the Gnomes, Water has Undines, Air has Sylphs and Fire has the Salamanders. These beings are said to be invisible to human eyes, but throughout ancient lore people have claimed to have caught a glimpse of them. These beings have also been mistaken for or called by other names such as Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Leprechauns, Trolls, Newts and other creatures associated with the elemental kingdoms. Although most people cite not being able to see these beings, many feel their presence. In folklore some of these beings are said to be playful, mischievous tricksters. From hiding car keys to misplacing socks, many attribute these strange occurrences to the work of elemental beings. In times past the knowledge of the elemental spirits and beings were only passed down throughout folklore and embedded within literature. In present day, Hollywood has done a fantastic job portraying them in films, allowing new generations to embrace the mystique and wonder of nature spirits. Video games such as World of Warcraft and countless others also have a great bit of information in them about nature beings and the spirits of the ethers and their magick.

Madam Blavatsky writes that there are different sects in the order of the elemental kingdoms, distinctively The Elements, Elementals and Elementaries. These beings can be created or summoned, yet they are not eternal. Once these beings serve their purpose they die and that is the end of them.

“The creatures evolved in the four kingdoms of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and called by the kabalists gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines. They may be termed the forces of nature and will either operate effects as the servile agents of general law or may be employed by the disembodied – whether pure or impure – and by living adepts of magic and sorcery, to produce desired phenomenal results. Such beings never become men. Under the general designation fairies, and feys, these spirits of the Elements appear in the myth, fable, tradition or poetry of all nations, ancient and modern. Their names are legion – peris, devs, djins, sylvans, satyrs, fauns, elves, dwarfs, trolls, norns, nisses, kobolds, brownies, necks, stromkals, undines, nixes, salamanders, goblins, ponkes, banshees, kelpies, pixies, moss people, good people, good neighbours, wild women, men of peace, white ladies – and many more. They have been seen, feared, blessed, banned, and invoked, in every quarter of the globe and in every age. Shall we then concede that all who have met them were hallucinated?” | Isis Unveiled – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

In parts of the Bible where we read about God speaking to humans, it is interesting to note that on many occasions he allowed angels to communicate through the elements on His behalf. The angel of the Lord communicated with Moses through a burning bush. In Judges 13:20 the angel of the Lord appears to speak with Manoah and upon his departure enters back into the fire to ascend back into the heavens. Knowing that the word angel only means messenger, could it be that these prophets were communicating with elemental spirits? Many in occult circles practice a form of fire gazing, in which they believe they are able to communicate with beings within the flames. Sometimes they see pictures, faces or receive messages telepathically. The smoke and ashes are also held sacred and can be used. In yogic tradition, many practices a form of fire gazing where they stare at the flame of a candle and concentrate on it with their minds eye. This practice is said to increase psychic abilities as they bring the fires energy to the third eye chakra.

In recent times there has been resurgence in the popularity of the idea of sacred plant medicine or psychedelics. It is becoming more mainstream as westerners are seeking to find enlightenment and have no choice but to look to the East. I am sure that it has something to do with the internet. We are privy to new information daily. People are becoming more open about their experiences with plant medicines and that allows others to consider it as well. The Joe Rogan Podcast has been a huge tool in getting this information out to people who would probably never try such a thing. Joe has been very open about his own personal experiences and has had many guests on his podcast who talk about the impact that plant medicine has had on their lives. As someone who has spent time in and out of the other realms and has personally dealt with demonic possession, the idea of psychedelics scared the hell out of me. I did not want to turn my consciousness over to an entity and have no say-so for any length of time, even if only for a few hours. Dealing with the demonic, you have to be on guard to keep the demons of the past from coming back. It is not smart to open a door that God has already shut behind you, for fear of the evil spirits returning with several greater than themselves. This is the fear many Christians have today when it comes to psychedelics and plant medicine and the reason I have caught so much backlash for speaking on the subject. But I understand, this should be a concern for people and was most definitely a concern for me also. I pride myself on the fact that I am able to achieve heightened states of consciousness through meditation, halotropic breath work and kundalini yoga and I didn’t need any type of “substance” to do so. Yet the more and more I listened to The Joe Rogan Podcast and his guests, the more interested I became with the subject. Joe has had guests on such as Aubrey Marcus and Amber Lyon, who both have amazing life changing stories about plant medicines such as psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca (DMT). Aubrey speaks about radical encounters that he has had with the medicine that has helped him deal with childhood trauma and has assisted him in dealing with his ego and overcoming his own personal demons. Amber speaks about coming to the end of her rope as an investigative journalist for CNN. She was dealing with immense depression and on a whim boarded a flight to the Amazon Rainforest to visit a shaman at an ayahuasca retreat center. She tells about going through the ceremony and finding healing. One of the things she mentioned was that throughout her years as a journalist she has interviewed some very dark individuals who have done very disgusting things. In her interview on The Joe Rogan Podcast Amber said that it felt like a piece of everyone’s energy that she interviewed had rubbed off on her and that this had something to do with the way she was feeling. Both Aubrey and Amber in their stories of their ayahuasca ceremony speak about their healing and inward journey being assisted by different beings. They both spoke of The Elves. Amber said that she saw this long roll of film extend that represented her entire life and she would zoom in on different parts. While she was doing this, she said that she saw tiny elves doing work on her almost as if they were repairing her DNA. Aubrey speaks of similar encounters. Joe Rogan has had similar experiences with the elves and actually jokingly said that they looked like “Complex Sacred Geometric Patterns that are made of love and understanding”. The psychonaut Terrence McKenna and his work has been a huge influence on Joe Rogan and Joe seems to try and mention him on his podcast every chance that he gets. McKenna also spoke about what he called the machine or fractal elves and believes that this is where our lore comes from about elves, fairies and gnomes. Most of the people who have had these life changing experiences while under the influence of plant medicine speak about encountering beings that are there to assist them. They also speak about the feeling of immense love and acceptance as they are oftentimes led through a life review by these conscious beings that are doing the work of God. McKenna spoke about the plant medicines such as psilocybin magic mushrooms possibly being some sort of “walkie talkie” or communication device put here by some higher intelligence of gods, aliens or angels that allows us the privilege to communicate with enlightened beings. One thing that McKenna has been quoted saying on the subject of UFOs and aliens is, “This is something I’m going to try and convince the UFO community of; what we drug people have that you don’t is repeatability”. Meaning that any time they wanted to communicate and interact with these beings all they had to do was ingest a magic mushroom and they were suddenly transported into these realms. Maybe this is the connection when it comes to trying to summon UFOs like Prophet Yahweh or myself. The benefit of being able to harness the repeatability is to be able to offer others a similar experience. McKenna also talked about the notion of magic mushrooms being a memory bank that holds all of the memories of galactic history and by ingesting them you are accessing this information. This information is commonly known as The Akashic Records. Some circles even believe that magic mushrooms were the forbidden fruit of the Bible, because if you partake of the fruit you are becoming like God knowing both good and evil.



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