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Levi Darger is the founder and CEO of Entheopreneur, which offers education, support & consulting for professional entrepreneurs who want to work with psychedelics in a safe, effective, responsible & healthy manner for the sake of personal growth & spiritual development. He also runs Entheosis Base Camp, a wilderness-based spiritual growth adventure/intensive for established business professionals who want to accelerate their evolution into more depth, purpose & connection in life, and who aren’t afraid to go deep, get real & take off the masks to do it. And he is a founding member of The Entheos Alliance, an invitation only mastermind community that brings leading influencers to gather together as brothers & sisters with a common goal of radically transforming society through promoting right relationship, restoring community and embracing love, humility & service as their highest values.
Levi is a speaker, entrepreneur, musician, primal philosopher, and occasional intrepid explorer of the cosmos through sacred plant medicine work and he passionately advocates a holistic living philosophy which he calls entheosis; “the ongoing discovery of oneself as a vessel in joyful service of the infinite intelligence we call Life”. Or as he puts it, “letting Life live you back.” Inspired by profound experiences with sacred plant medicine and drawing on a unique path of personal growth, entrepreneurial experience, spiritual studies and a deep listening and love for the natural world, his goal in life is to help create a world that feels good not only to us here in this moment, but one that our great grandchildren will be proud of us for. He believes this requires nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we relate with Life.