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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by spiritual hip hop artist Pleiiiades as they discuss creativity and and execution.

Pleiiiades is an up and coming spiritual hip hop artist and activist using his platform to uplift the masses. From the time he puts in making music to the vast amount of educational and inspirational videos he creates on Instagram Pleiiiades has made it his goal to be a positive example in the world. In this episode we spoke about the creative process and pitfalls that we personally encounter when wanting to bring a beautiful project in fruition. Sometimes it can be crippling when feeling overwhelmed with ideas and tasks so much so that you do not execute on anything in front of you. You constantly come up with new ideas but nothing ever gets done. This is definitely one of the burdens of creative people and I’ve seen it time and time again. Learning to master the art of execution and manifestation is how you make your dreams a possibility. Consistency is key as well as staying inspired and uplifted.