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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Davyon as they discuss if it is possible to Pray The Gay Away, Spirituality, Love and self acceptance. I have to say that this was an amazing conversation for me personally and I learned so much within it. Growing up in the south and being a part of the religious community for so many years there comes a stigma with the subject of homosexuality. My view of sexual orientation has changed so much from this talk which reinforces my belief in the power of a conversation. The biggest part of that goes to Davyon for being open with his story and finally becoming comfortable within his own skin which for many (gay or not) can take a lifetime to get to. Davyon being open and honest with his story provided great ground to have this conversation, when I’ve tried to have it in the past with other which only led to arguments and made things awkward. I can say though that most of the time it wasn’t with a gay person themselves only with people who had a family member who was gay or just always sided far left on everything. I can’t tell you how many times that we have had gay people come into church and the first thing the pastors or leaders tried to do was “Pray The Gay Away“. These people would have powerful encounters with Jesus and Gods love but deep down the desire that they had for the same sex NEVER left. They were told to keep praying and God would take it away. He never did. This was not on one occasion but many. I’ve seen church leaders try to play hook up to these new converts and send them on dates with women and even try to help plan weddings in less than a month of “dating” a person of the opposite sex. They weren’t with the person because they wanted to be, they were with them because they were told that they were supposed to be. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen but on so many occasions where people try to pray the gay away I’ve never seen it happen once. The people can pretend and try to live a “normal” life, maybe get married, but they never lose their attraction to the same sex. Again, I believe God can do anything He wants but I’ve never personally seen Him change someones sexual orientation. I’ve gotten close to some of these men, and they still “struggle” with those feelings and if they are honest about it then the church will usually put them out. It is a good thing that this is changing. Whether you see this as a sin or not you need to see the person first, put yourself in their shoes, learn empathy, a little goes a long way. The scriptures say that LOVE covers a multitude of sins, and we’ve seen the body of Christ fail miserably in this area for so many years. Whether someone abandons that lifestyle and sexual orientation or not it is our job to love them through it. Many of these people have been told to fake it till they make it and it has led to a life of dualism and double mindedness that creates more problems in the end. Others I know who are attracted to the same sex testify that they too have tried to pray the gay away and sought the Lord with tears and it has never left. Their response was that they still seen it as a sin, so they have made a covenant vow of celibacy to never act on their sexual desires.

I prayed with a man the other day and led him to Christ. A few days later he mentioned wanting to be baptized and then nervously asked me if I baptize gay people because in the past he had wanted to be baptized into Christ but none would do it. They all sent him away.



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