TruthSeekah | The E.S.P. ep (Extra Sensory Perception) | Physical CD


The ESP E.P. (Extra Sensory Perception) | TruthSeekah
1. Voices (Clairaudience) TruthSeekah feat Loc Saint
2. Empathy (Clairsentience) feat Watchman & Pleiiides
3. Visions (Clairvoyance) TruthSeekah feat VVitchboy

*Bonus Tracks
4. What Is High feat Loc Saint & Colt Truth
5. Angels Among Us feat Watchman & Illuminati Congo
6. Precious Mind feat Watchman & Aslan
7. World Through a Pinhole feat Loc Saint & Colt Truth
8. Scars feat David McHenry

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Have you ever thought that you could read someones mind or maybe their emotions and intentions? Does standing next to certain people or large crowds make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable? Maybe you are empathic and discerning the spirits around them!
We all have spiritual giftings and abilities that are given to us by the Creator as our birthright. Learning to use them and growing in their functions are a life long process. TruthSeekahs new album The E.S.P. ep (E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception) explores these concepts.
These songs are encoded with light language of higher vibrational frequencies to unlock portals of ascension as we explore our communion with God and the universe around us.

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