Encountering Jesus | The Hem of His Garment | Guided Meditation / Visualization | by TruthSeekah



I purchased this one too and have been exported into visionary bliss… I loved it, and especially loved how at the end you released the listeners hand, to send them on to continue journeying with Jesus to wherever He desires to take us. I stayed and stayed…. You have a magnificent voice for facilitating meditationary encounters. Perfect! | Rebekah


This meditation allows you to travel back in time 2000 years ago to the ancient city of Jerusalem and encounter Jesus the Messiah. The tangible presence of God is the most beautiful thing that we could ever encounter and it is the answer to everything we need in our lives. This visualization allows you to go into the spirit and meet with Jesusallowing the waves of His mercy and love to wash over your life and cleanse you from anything that is not for your higher good. Specifically this meditation address word cursesslandergossipprocrastination and getting side tracked; but the encounter also creates a space for God to directly meet your individual need on a personal level.

The visualization itself is 16 minutes but allows you to stay in encounter with The Lord to have your own unique experience.

Run Time 1 Hour


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