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The word Alchemy is derived from two ancient terms, El in the Hebrew (Elohim) meaning God or Deity and the word Chemistry. Therefore the term means Divine Chemistry – Manly P. Hall
Later Alchemy became to be known as the transmutation of base metals such as lead and copper and transforming them into gold. Spiritual Alchemy on the other hand is the concept where you take all of the trials and tribulations and all of the negativity that we face in life and use them as a stepping stool in the process of our spiritual awakening. Spiritual Alchemy is presented as an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection. Spiritual Alchemy is said to be some of TruthSeekahs best work to date. Although released 1 year apart this album acts as a continuation of TruthSeekahs Awaken The Fire album, TruthSeekah not only takes it a step further lyrically but also content wise TruthSeekah takes you a little further into some of the deeper esoteric ideas that are rarely discussed in the confines of organized religion.

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1. Intro / Spiritual Alchemy
2. Mystic Mind
3. Wingardium Leviosa feat Aslan
4. Doors To The Unseen feat Beast 1333
5. Esoteric Agenda
6. Syncretism feat Savage Trinity & E-Truth
7. Atmosphere feat Tavren & King James
8. 7 stars feat Tehuti Mos & Tha Hollaboy
9. Fossilized Customs feat Great Capacity & Tha Voyce
10. Flight of The Navigator feat Rasul Allah 7 (LCOB)
11. Sometimes They Come feat SA-115 & Tha Voyce


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