Throne Room Visualization | Guided Meditation (Physical CD)


Its An Immersive Experience To Bring You Into The Presence of God And Take You On A Journey Through The Ancient Temple, Into The Holy of Holies And Into The Throne Room of God.


This meditation will take you on a mystical tour of the ancient tabernacle and into the throne room of God. The purpose of the meditation is to help you experience deep inner healing, release trauma and become fully immersed in Gods love. The sounds and tones used in this recording are designed to bring you the listener into a relaxed trance state. The audio is here to aid you into the experience as you travel deep into the aether and encounter the power of the creative mind and visualization. Please enter into this meditation with intention and expectation as we allow god to do the miraculous in our hearts. Please find a quiet place free from noise and distraction to receive the fully immersive experience of this meditation.

Physical CD | Run Time 17 Mins



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