TruthSeekah 333


TruthSeekah | 333 |

1. Neurogenesis
2. The Imaginatrix feat Illuminati Congo & Watchman
3. Golden Teachers
4. The Inner Reaches of Outer Space feat Watchman & Tha Voyce
5. Gateway To The Seer Realm
6. Beauty Of A Thousand Suns
7. Enter The Void feat Illuminati Congo & Aslan
8. I Return feat Hope Medford of Medicine For The People
9. fearLESS feat Andre Auram & Modern Day Soulja
10. Agape feat O.N.E., Tha Voyce & Disl Automatic
11. Lost In Time feat Grewsum, Great Capacity & SA-115

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333 is an album taking TruthSeekahs creativity and artistry to the next level. Covering topics of all things esoteric, psychedelic and spiritual this album deals with TruthSeekahs experiences and encounters from behind the veil of illusionary reality.



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