TruthSeekah | Awaken The Fire | Physical CD


Awaken The Fire is an album that is pioneering a new sound with mystic hip hop beats while remaining true to the southern flows that TruthSeekah has been known to bring to the table. Many features appear on the project from the Lost Children of Babylon camp to the Masta Builders such as Rasul Allah, Cosmic Crusader, Sick Since, ATMA, Jahn Illuminati Congo and many more. This album is somewhat of an initiation into the divine rights of esoterics and spiritual science.

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1) Intro
2) The Other Side
3) Disciples of the Mysterium feat Rasul Allah & Illuminati Congo
4) Meditation
5) Enigma feat Sick Since
6) Myteries of the astral light feat ATMA, Rasul Allah & TrustOne
7) Kymatica
8) Dreams feat Lo Key, Tehuti Mos & Sick Since
9) Enter the Stargate feat Cosmic Crusader & Neme
10) Fiyah
11) The Knowing feat Tehuti Mos, Decipher73i & YediYah Ben Sion
12) Origins and Oracles feat SA115
13) The Hidden Hand feat King David, Many Afflictions & Watchman
14) Ghost
15) If Only feat Kryspy
16) Unworthy feat King James & Will Bolds


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