TruthSeekah “White Magick” Physical CD


Three forms of Magick were recognized. White Magick, a sort of Gray colored Magick, and Black Magick. White Magick in its essential form must be virtuous. White Magick is that which serves without hurting. It is that which accomplishes good and is never used for any other purpose. White Magick is the use of the powers of life, the powers of nature and even the ordinary faculties of the mind for the perpetuation of constructive imagery. It is necessary therefore that all White Magick in order to retain its nature must be backed by a strong moral character. So we have now the basis of White Magick, we have the individual using the power of God for the good of man. – Manly P. Hall
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TruthSeekah “White Magick” Physical CD

1. Intro: Manly P Hall
2. Astral Plane
3. DMT feat Loc Saint
4. Channels feat Illuminati Congo & Richie Zxy
5. Breathe
6. Whispers From Eternity
7. White Magick feat Eye Luk
8. As Above So Below feat Watchman
9. Frequency feat Fred Lynch
10. Light
11. i Shaman feat Illuminati Congo & Ottie James
12. Platinum
13. Tourniquet

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