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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Dan de Lion about the consciousness of plants and how to connect with them. Dan De Lion is an Earth Herbalist, Forager, Musician, and Teacher dedicated to working with Nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with our planetary purpose. He teaches through Return to Nature, providing classes, lectures, and seminars on wild food foraging, mushroom identification, herbal medicine making, as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines. He also incorporates the philosophies of yoga, alchemy, meditation, and mysticism into his classes, lectures, and seminars and brings a deep rooted indigenous medicine perspective of practicing intuition with plants, in a systematic and grounded way.


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truth seeker and all its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increased synchronicities astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and your remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] spiritual what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker we’re back with another exciting episode of the truth seeker podcast I’m delighted to be here with you guys and share some information some knowledge and always interviewing some really cool guests on here man people who I think we all have a piece of the puzzle I think if we can take our pieces and put them together they seem to form a picture man and as I’ve had some beautiful souls on this show over the years and today is gonna be the same thing man more Beauty more love more understanding we’re gonna be talking about returning to nature returning to that sacred space man and the importance of it how to do it tips and tricks all that good stuff before we go any further I definitely have to say a huge thank you to all of my patrons everybody who is supporting me you know I just went full-time doing podcasting and music and all that good stuff if you’d like to support you can head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and there you can give a donation of any amount and it’s a reoccurring thing throughout must amassed and you get all kinds of cool stuff you get music that’s unreleased yet you get extra podcast you know there’s a private group that’s for patrons only where we have a lot of discussion and request guests and all that cool stuff so you guys are my family man you guys are enabling me to do what I love to do with the passion I’m gonna continue to bring music and education and do what we do I’ve been working on some new music this morning I’m excited to get to you guys over there so if you want new music people message me all the time when it’s new music coming out when wins new music coming it’s already new music it’s on patreon head on over to patreon comm backslash truce eager to do that so without further ado I’m bring on the guests this is dandelion I’ve been watching his videos on Facebook for some time he goes live and forging through the woods through the forest finding herbs and identifying mushrooms and things like that it’s gonna be awesome guys so a little bit of his bio dandelion is an earth herbalist forger musician and teacher dedicated to working with nature to facilitate the reunion of the people with the planetary with our planetary purpose he teaches through return to nature providing classes lectures and seminars on wild food foraging mushroom identification herbal medicine making as well as primitive and survival skills with a focus on wild foods and forest medicines here’s the part I like he also incorporates the philosophies of yoga alchemy meditation and mysticism into his classes lectures and seminars and brings a deep rooted indigenous medicine perspective of practicing intuition with plants sounds very interesting in a systematic and grounded way you guys can check out his website return to nature dot us without further ado dandelion what’s up my brother welcome to the show how’s it going brother thanks for having me on man just excited to talk to you like I said I’ve been lurking for a while been watching your videos for a while man enjoy your work me and my wife have been watching them and excited to have you on finally talk to you man thank you what’s up so like I told you before we went live I’ve come out of religion to religion of Christianity and stuff so I study the Scriptures I study the Bible I like to find the spiritual stuff in the scriptures and how it relates to us for today and there’s a scripture I wanted to share man this is Jeremiah 6:16 in the state it says stand by the roads and look and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is walk in it and find rest for your souls that’s the scripture man when I read that scripture it’s just almost like the creator urging you to return to nature return to the former ways of of the religion of the indigenous people the practices that they had that they knew about the spirituality that we’re begging for at this point we’re thirsty for people are so hungry but they knew about working with nature with plant medicines with plant spirits and things like that so I wanted to get into that stuff with you today man and just talk about returning to the ancient path beautiful yeah that really reminds me of kind of a description of what my classes are like which often people assume that we’re gonna go really far away on some big hike everybody’s like do I need hiking boots can my kids it’s always like oh you’ll be surprised if we get sixty feet and so we mostly stand off the side of the parking lot and realize that every where the concrete stops this beautiful abundance you know the Garden of Eden is still present and that’s really what it reminds me of that quote that’s so awesome man talk a little bit about what you do just to just to let everybody know because you’re doing something really cool and you’re traveling around you’re doing these seminars you’re doing these classes and you’re taking groups of people out into the woods or like you said right off of the edge of the pavement man talk a little bit about what you offer so what my passion is is you know I’ve trained myself in yogic philosophy specifically what I would call Vedanta if anybody’s familiar and that is kind of a non dual understanding that consciousness is one pervading all things so with that what I try to do is apply those teachings to nature observation instead of making an abstract sanskrit kind of philosophy so try really my best to ground those teachings into something that’s very practical and hard to refute so like i always think people are like oh i don’t practice yoga but everybody practices like walking on their front lawn so the philosophy the the perennial wisdom if you like is always self evident in all things including in nature and i feel like we’re at a time where it’s we are so disconnected from the earth as the source that it’s almost God and my goal and intention just one at a time help people to ingest what Stephen Buhner calls the wild Redeemer kind of like the holy sacrament so when consuming that wild plant I see it as like now Nature has you it’s going through a digestive system the DNA the neurons are firing everything is going into you and now she has you she’s taken you and so that’s my goal at classes is just to kind of provide people a little edge in – hey it’s safe like this is your home this is what your ancestors did if if they weren’t doing this you’d be dead so somebody new had a forage in your family lineage probably less than two generations ago I’m sure your great-grandmother was an herbalist and trying to just help people feel safe with that kind of exploration because there’s been an industrial or corporate coup against people going directly to the land and now it’s all about exoticism which is funny because that’s what I try to break in the idea of people come to my class and we’re like oh let’s get started we take two steps and we look on the ground and we say here’s who’s yours medicine instead of thinking and instead of engaging this idea that oh yeah let’s go to the highest mountain really far away to find these really rare things it’s like every time you stop mowing your lawn nature just provides abundant food and medicine so at classes basically I live in a van I’m a van dweller I call it the far edge mobile I raised half the cost on GoFundMe that’s go fund back slash return to nature and I raised money selling herbal goods and now I have a van and I’m full-time in the van touring around looking for wild foods and medicines teaching online and in person and I just live in that life you guys got to follow him on Facebook man he goes live all the time just walking through the woods just pointing out what everything is man it’s really it’s really awesome man his his vast wealth of knowledge that he has about the planet Kingdom and what what’s good like we like I think we were watching yesterday me and my wife and you were you was identifying some mushrooms and stuff and we you were pointing out some of the poisonous mushrooms and some of the edible ones stuff and I didn’t even know that even though some of the mushrooms may be edible if they’re on a tree what do it that has the the the bark on the outside that’s poisonous to you like I didn’t even know that that you know there was a difference that that was even something to look into well that’s basically there’s a lot of rumors and there’s a lot of fears there’s a lot of misconceptions so can a poisonous tree be able to transmit poisons into the mushroom this is a big debate in the mycological world and nobody’s really exactly sure and also you know the thing the idea of poison is always something I try to reverse on to the the norms that we have as a society so you know ideas are like if you weigh Tylenol and you weigh some of the most poisonous plants in the world by weight the tylenol is actually more poisonous for you than the poisonous plants so you know spraying Lysol in the house or Febreze or you know engaging driving down a Parkway there’s all seen as normal behavior but you look at a plants and they we put caution signs and caution tape around it or try to poison it to death because of that fear because of that unknowing and I think that’s a archetype of you know projecting on to the other and I think that was a systematically designed idea which i think is partially in the banished from Eden archetypal story of this idea of we’ve been kicked out of heaven and therefore anything that resembles wildness or sacredness we tend to destroy as a culture you know we targeted actively we can go very spiritual that’s what I wanted that’s why I want to go with you but um a lot of what you’re talking about it’s practical like practical stuff how to survive how to eat nutrients for the body wouldn’t you can which you can eat so it’s a very practical thing but you don’t even have to get in to the spirituality of it but just returning to nature pretty much knowing that mother earth Gaia provides everything that you need man and and that’s so awesome is like we’d like to take that something so practical but build on top of it and look at the esoteric nature behind it why like we need it why is there a disconnect and talk a little bit about like why we need it like what is the relationship between our bodies and the plant kingdom like what we made for each other talk a little bit about that that’s great so you know really what I what you call practical to me is actually very mystical and well something just changed so when you’re talking about these practical ideas what I really see is that if you go into nature and you find a wild plant and you sit there and you try to identify it and you bring out your field guide and you study it and then you confirm it and you cook it in the woods on a small fire that you make from twigs with a hand drill fire you’re having a mystical experience that is tapping you way deeper than you know buying something from a grocery store and cooking it on a gas stove so just by living those skills you have a direct mystical revelation to your past and the historic context that we live in and then the the kind of thread that we all come from and I think once we tap back into that it’s like our roots you know we’re a tree we’re a family tree and when you go back and you revert into that you see what we’ve been doing for millions and millions of years and that is kind of the basis and so can you repeat the second part of your question well yeah yeah wanting to know like pretty much what we made for each other like we’re bodies mate what you know all the plants here ready for us to eat do they want us to eat them that type of understanding so you know it depends on like so I’ll use the framework of science right so what we know about science is that we are evolved out of previous organisms and if you take that as whatever it is you know I don’t happen to believe that everything was just born separated there’s no there’s nothing ant ant aesthetical to the idea of God with the idea of biology and with the idea of I don’t I don’t see a duality there necessarily so what I see is that when an algae is eaten by another organism it grows and it develops and it consumes that DNA and it begins to proliferate and digest that and over millions and millions of years you actually get this growth this this unveiling and what it’s unveiled is us and here we are sitting here with all these neurons in our brains we have all these abilities to digest things with our own livers right so we have enzymes we have receptor sites for all these things you know they say like even everybody has an opiate receptor you know why right because somewhere in our lineage that was something that we consumed whether it was just through poppy seeds or whatever it was as a food source we had the ability to evolve and receive and open up to that so the enzymes we have the digestive ability shows that we were really built from that previous world and so I always like to remind people like what came first dinosaurs or plants right so dinosaurs were eating plants obviously the plants were here and they watched the entire dinosaur proliferation and mass extinction and they’re still here and then they kind of built us and they’re like haha we’re playing this is fun and now we’ve come out of their bodies and we rely on them they produce oxygen without that were dead you know so we are coming out of this world which has supported our being and sadly we’re turning around now and destroying it however the the core of that is I don’t think that plants like I don’t believe that man has dominion over all the creation and therefore is entitled to do whatever it wants and destroy it yeah I think that’s a poisonous and toxic idea however you believe we are co-creators with nature and that’s a huge responsibility and we are to be the caretakers of Mother Earth however we’re failing at that duty and so when we come out of that Guyon system what our goal is then is to nurture it and provide for it and to sow the seeds and to think about the waterways locally that we need those waters to live and survive and produce local food that we are here to eat those seeds and poop them out and it just coincidentally when you do that you proliferate them you know you’re making compost so I think that the seeds and the humans are in a relationship and nature is actually relied after millions of years Nature has actually produced a biological expectation on Homo Sapien to help proliferate oxygen help clean water exist help the seeds the plants proliferate so that we can all eat and now we’ve kind of dropped the ball on that and you’re seeing the environmental and ecological and political effects of being so disconnected that’s deep man very well foot I love it alright so at the very beginning you mentioned something that seems practical going in your backyard taking off your shoes and just taking a walk to the yard right so there’s all those all of this stuff out there about grounding about putting your feet on the on the ground in the grass move as it moves across and just connecting with the earth and and and somehow it does something to our bodies man can you talk a little bit about grounding is it a myth is it just new age mobile Jambo does it sound good is there any truth to it I think there’s always a let’s say a biological truth and then there’s mumbo-jumbo that gets put on top of it so does it heal all your chakras and decalcify your pineal gland who cares if it’s good you know what I mean and that’s where like let’s not go so there’s something called the principle of parsimony and this is something I think that has totally been lost in our society otherwise known as Occam’s razor this is William of Ockham he was a philosopher and he basically said until you can refute the most basic hypothesis you don’t invent a new one so you don’t say oh look I’m doing this that must mean I’ve gone blind or that must mean that aliens just my vision it means that probably likely I put my hands over my eyes and so until you can refute that that is real then you shouldn’t invent new hypotheses so no aliens didn’t just take my eyeballs out I just put my hands over my eyes now with that going back to like what the connection of Earth does there is definitely evidence that it changes your electromagnetic field which I happen to think is your aura right again non-duality that you you’re you have a I call it your spora so you have bacteria all around you you have organism I CRO organisms spores from mushrooms molds it’s all around us we have an aura of that and it’s biological it’s not necessarily energetic only but of course you plug in a phone to an electrical socket and that receives a certain energy and that actually does something in the physical world so I don’t like the idea of duality between energy and matter I think that that’s not actually real the origins of matter actually comes from the word ATAR which earlier is mata which is mother right so matter is mother’s so all scientists are just goddess worshipers they don’t realize it so when you go out and you put your feet on the ground you feel differently and that’s something I think that I always try to ground people and how does it feel how do you feel does it change how you feel yeah change is how you feel that should be good enough and so then all the evidence on top of that is helpful and there’s definitely all kinds of like forest bathing is is definitely a scientist studied phenomenon in Japan for example and everyone knows that when you get closer to the earth you feel better and you suddenly feel less stress if you go for a walk in the woods that’s why people do it you know otherwise they wouldn’t so there is some practical evidence but then there’s also the fact that you know it does change your electromagnetic field it is being shown to reduce stress all those things about Green Man it’s beautiful beautifully put so you supply answer would be yes man enjoy bro all right so looking at your hair for those who are listening on the on the podcast and we can’t see the video you have some really nice dreads really long dreads you have a long beard and there’s a lot of articles whether they’re from the new-age circles or not there’s a lot of articles about the hair being tied to spirituality being almost a extension of the nervous system to being able to just just just be a more sensitive to the spirit realm or to intuition or things like that from having long hair so there’s some there’s some scriptures in the Bible we look at Samson who had long hair they cut his hair took away his power and he says I have become just as and every other man I’m the same as every other other man I had dreads I had pretty long dreads down my back and I cut them just a spur of the moment and I experienced a depression I fell into depression when I cut my hair dude it was weird like it took months to get over really weird I don’t know if it’s psychological mental whatever but um the science of spirituality in the hair what do you know about that so you know there is also this one amazing story about Native American trackers who kept their hair long and they joined the Calvary to help the Calvary the US Calvary track and they cut their hair off as part of the military duty and they said that they lost their tracking skills so the idea of Samson right is a double-edged sword because like right the New Age philosophy says well if you believe it is so it will be more so right so I try to to hold the duality in that sense of like okay I have stored energy in my hair I definitely have memory in my hair yeah I just genetic memory in my hair I definitely have a lineage you know at the tips of there is like when I was like 19 years old yeah it is a readout of the life that I’ve lived however it also is able if that is true and then also it’s true that it is able to be cleansed it is able to be released it is able to be transformed in a way that only gains the power of spirit if first you can do a ritual to retract the energy from the air into the energy field or into the body or something like that so that’s always where I’ve tried to come with it and that’s just my working hypothesis I haven’t cut my hair since I was like 19 and that was basically just a process of again realizing the natural state and so you know I didn’t get dreads or I didn’t grow a beard like some people are saying how long have you grown your beard for it’s like and I always think oh I sit around and I’m like grow beard no we’re just like that’s the net me and everybody else is creating effort to mow their lawn you know and so I’m just trying to allow myself to be the natural expression of what is natural in the body like hairs on my body are there for a reason I believe you know so I don’t remove hairs on my body one of the ways like you know I got I studied some of siik philosophy as well as so many world religions and in that like kind of they’re all about not cutting your hair and so I jokingly say that that’s the Sikh part of myself you know the part that doesn’t trim my my hair and that really just feels like it is helping to enhance my sensitivity my auric perception but I don’t want to be bound by the philosophy or the idea that it is the cause of it you know and that’s like the Samson syndrome yeah you know side you know I I do not call in the loss of anything if one day I feel called to cut my hair you know it’s like does it cause depression to cut your hair I’m sure it was many factors I’m sure you know you you had this inner struggle with should I or should I not I try to be really open because one of the things that I want to do is really engage the world and so I’m like a on the sidelines and I’m unlike a forest dweller who comes out of the woods and tries to share and engage with the people and I’ve always said I’ve made a pact with Gaia and God whatever that if you want me to cut all my hair off just tell me you know if you want me to cut my hair off and wear a business suit and engage like that way I’ll be a secret agent if that’s really what you want of me you know so I’m really trying to come from that place of like if my intuition says to cut it I’m gonna do it and someday maybe I will mm-hmm also bro earlier on as well you mentioned about the the plants kind of communicating one to another communicating with us essentially when we eat them were taking on their DNA of anything that we eat right and that’s with that’s very practical and very spiritual at the same time like there’s a double-edged sword with both of it like when they say you are with you which you eat and then you are what you eat ate he goes a little bit even deeper right you ate so as far as like nature speaking man and we talk we listen to McKenna you know people like that who talked about the psychedelics and almost to get into a state of where you can hear nature speaking whether it’s sitting under a tree whether it’s consuming psilocybin mushrooms and you in in it’s some type of walkie-talkie device or it gives permission for higher intelligence to commune with you but there is totally something there a million percent on there’s a scripture here I want to share another one man this is Psalms 96 11 and 12 it says let the heavens rejoice let the earth be glad let the sea resound and all that is in it let the fields be jubilant and everything in them and then it says let all the trees of the forest sing for joy and it’s almost and there’s a bunch of scriptures like this not even in the Bible and all types of other texts and then we’ll we may do psilocybin mushrooms or we go on that retreat with ayahuasca we’re connected with the plant kingdom it’s it’s just weird portal man it sucks you in and you’re communicated with you’re taught these these principles that like we were talking about before we went live that you know there may be some some things that are subtle but it takes it takes going on that journey for even the plants to tell you hey just trust just be don’t don’t fear return to nature right that’s that’s what they’re saying be in the moment like that’s the message I’ve always found be in the moment don’t be anxious for anything quit projecting yourself outside of yourself but be present in everything so talk a little bit about communication whether it’s with the sacred medicines or without beautiful so there’s a lot to kind of unpack in there and so what I always try to remind people is you know the reason I actually started teaching plant walks is because I was at a sweat lodge and I felt like it became a plant ego competition where people oh I have my sacred cedar from here and I have my OSHA route from there and I have my goji berries from here and it was all about everything was super far away and somebody else’s culture yeah and I realized at that moment there’s mugwort everywhere you know in mugwort is a sacred shamanic plant in thousands of of traditions and people are overlooking that because we’re looking to other traditions and it’s important to encompass and embrace all those other traditions but it’s also important to ground ourselves in the being of what is actual and real in our phenomena that if we’re going to find shamanism it’s going to be here do you know it’s going to be in this world the world that we’re actually born into so with that I think you know one of my quotes that I come back to is all plants speak but some plants scream and so the psychedelic medicines are the ones that kind of berate you and and make sure that you understand that the plant world or the mushroom world is communicating to the people now on the subtle level what we have to remember and really there’s a great book called the lost language of plants and also that’s by Steven Buner and then Michael Pollan has a book what is it called it’s it’s before the omnivore Omnivore’s Dilemma it’s his first book and what it talks about is what about the perspective from the plants what what are the plants doing and so in Steven beaners book it really grounded the idea that language is not words language is also chemistry and so anytime a chemical affects you when you eat it whether it’s McDonald’s or whether it’s psilocybin mushrooms that is communication that is part of communication and so plants speak to each other through the language of chemistry and plants taught man chemistry right so that’s where we got chemistry from we learned it from the plants they are the ones who made dirt and soil and vitamin D and calcium into novel chemistry which we’ve never seen on the planet before so everything is speaking it’s up to us to learn that everything is speaking into to subtly attune ourselves to listening and that means slowing down being receptive and practicing meditation and not being the the being who always tells nature what it is should be you know instead becoming a receptive child and saying I’m the baby you tell me and coming into that receptive state enables the communication to develop now then there’s the idea of if you want to kind of break through some walls or enter another dimension or see what quantum theory is about in three-dimensional reality then there are the sacred medicines which can help us break through our fears and our our resistances however not if not applied with proper context and people can become addicted or damaged with working with psychedelic medicines especially if they don’t know what they’re doing largely because the way the drug laws are set up that that mistakes plants and drugs which are not the same thing my vision is that only a drug is when a man makes one anything in nature is called a plant it’s biological organisms you can’t call it a drug it’s a plant marijuana is a plant yeah when you extract THC from it that’s the drug opium is a plant when you extract opiates or make heroin that’s when it’s a drug so the natural world contains these chemicals of communication and we they’re basically band we are banned from engaging in them but oddly and coincidentally enough what we have is that the society who does not consume them are the ones that determine their legality and the story about them and they’re saying like oh you people are always tuning yourselves out and getting seeing Grateful Dead bears dancing and stuff I’ve never had those experiences I’ve never had meaningless hallucinations I’ve had direct communication with source and that is very important and that’s been part of my practice from you know 18 to 20 when I started listening to Terence Mckenna he talked about the heroic dose and ice researching you know shamanism in the Mazatec culture and maria sabina and our gordon Wasson and richard evans shultiess who were anthropologists who went to these tribes and they learned their plant medicine rituals and so my intent was always to come from that place and that’s a very different intent than being at a party being like let’s see what this does yeah I don’t recommend doing that although that’s not right for me I always have to come to that like that’s not my path and I would always recommend being with a competent guide or at least a community which can help hold space if you need it or process or talk to about those kind of experiences but they’re very powerful and they’re very sacred and we need to build a sacred institution which is shamanism on working with those you know and that’s what we’ve been missing and that’s why the drug laws and the repression is horrible because it gets a kid who wants to explore the alteration of their consciousness to turn to meth instead of turn to violence mushrooms it’s completely designed to lower the tears down to garbage you know it’s just like well alcohol is legal what revelations you know do people usually get from being stupid drunk and passing out in their vomit but Cannabis constantly gives revelation you know and if you tune yourself and you work with that in a way where you’re receptive and in a meditative way you can receive profound guidance it’s just a matter of when is that sputtering in circles you know when is that doing physical damage to ourselves I don’t think that every day you know is is right for me and then it’s a matter of respect and not using and I don’t think we should these are our ancestors these are older than us these beings and if you want to say there is either being in there that’s like a soul or a spirit or there is some otherworldly entity that uses those as some sort of telephone line to humans and whatever that energy is it needs respect not abuse and if you try to abuse them for your own enjoyment usually you’ll get in a bad way and you see with ayahuasca for example there’s plenty of sorcery there’s plenty of dark stuff happening yesterday it’s obviously you have to set your own ethos and your own quest and that’s really important with working with those medicines my encounter with psilocybin I did a very low dose with some friends at a float tank shop and we kind of gave ourselves to it we we fasted before we we kind of searched our heart to kind of some things we want to deal with and and we went into had a beautiful experience is very philosophical very introspective about things that I needed to change my life’s course vision where I wanted to go with my life and how to get there and it would just birth something within me that it was this overwhelming sensation that I needed to succeed and to do it stop wasting time those type of things very beautiful the second time we did it I took a hero dose and I thought it was gonna be the same thing I thought it was gonna be very introspective and we’re just sitting there hanging out you know you see closed our visuals things like that complex geometry when I close my eyes I seen that the second time we went to a retreat and it was the same thing we were fasting as you know I’m saying um several guys we got a cabin out in the woods just ready to connect we were all looking forward to it for weeks and doing our research and all that kind of stuff so we do it and I go outside and I’m starting to feel uneasy I took a hero dose and I’m thinking this is gonna come on very lightly and be philosophical and look into myself and so you know we’re doing chants and stuff we’re doing we’re singing some mantras to the earth and to the Sun just connect him and it was beautiful and walk outside I’m feeling uneasy I throw up I get scared I panicked what’s happening because I’m starting to see like the veil between this realm and the next one get really thin and I’m feeling a disease on my oh man what’s happening like this feels like some type of ayahuasca stuff that they you know they they always kind of downplay psilocybin oh no it’s not an ayahuasca trip you never tried ayahuasca you know that type of deal and and I started seeing like this webbing of connectivity of the plants almost like the mycelium everything just being connected yeah it looks like just green light and it was that nighttime and it was beautiful but it scared me I mean this stuff is trying to take me man trying to pull me out my body you know and I’m going through the fears like okay if I call the cops can they make this stop like did I eat poison did you know did did I eat poison that’s kind of a wonder everybody goes through did we consume the wrong thing am I gonna die though and I start fighting myself and I walk back in there with my friends and you know one of the guy was well seasoned who kind of set everything up and I look over to Adam I’m like kind of panicking man but I sit down I’m trying to trying to calm myself down I look over at him he’s like man quit fighting it yeah he’ll know what’s happening what’s happening he say man quit fighting it yeah it take you and I’m like okay that’s a good idea because it feels like it’s trying to take me somewhere it’s trying to show me something okay I’m gonna quit fighting it man I’m gonna quit fighting it and when I did like it was like clockwork it felt like it pulled me out of my body through these portals to this place that was communicated to me this is where we go when we die I’m taking you where I’ve taken your ancestors we were on an Indian Reservation – I have Indian ancestry Creek Indian and I would give a sacred ground man so it was even more special but it took me to that place and I would snap back to my body and we’d look around and we’d all come to like what the hell is happening we didn’t expect that and it was almost it was all synched on his own timing we’d look around and it was like going up a rollercoaster here it comes again and we’d all go through and we’d sit there for two minutes just not knowing like we’re gazing into eternity and when we talk about the beans man I was confronted with it an angelic presence that you know we did the golden teachers which is the straining of the mushroom and I refer to him as the golden teachers as these beings and and they had a conversation with me and you know I do music and I talk about traveling the multiverse and gazing into Orion’s gate and seeing communicating with aliens all stuff that I’m into which can be done contacting like earth spirits and things like that all beautiful things but I throw it out there nonchalantly okay everybody can do it you know it’s cool you know that type of deal and they check me say hey is this uh are you the guy they call true seeker are you the guy who stolen all of this deep esoteric stuff in your music you just started out there for people that’s you you’re talking about traveling to the Pleiades and in gazing into eternity yes you I’m like yeah that’s me okay we just wanted to make sure we got the right person we got some things we want to show you and so make sure that’s you and well and want you to know that what you’re what you’re doing it has consequences it’s special but we’re gonna show you some things we want to let you really gaze into eternity and like my music became even more real back into the abyss man and taken to those places of the colors and in the euphoria and in the tears of beauty of creation of just being glad to be alive man and just camaraderie everything that is that that is beautiful man we experienced it together and that was my my second experience and it changed my life man it changed my life and I’ve got a song I want to send you when we get when we get done it’s called the golden teachers and it talks a little bit about that and at the very end it talks about I have some samples from I forgot the woman’s name but she’s talking about that all plants matter it is speaking and some of them speak more often some of them speak more frequently and and sometimes you have to do things to get into a state where you can listen and I think it’s um I think it’s beautiful too because like I’m in the state of spirituality and it’s almost like I’ve become more sympathetic with others of trying to put myself in their shoes okay and that’s how I saw whether God the universe would ever taught me sympathy for the people in Iraq and Iran in Afghanistan when I was able to see what it’s like when the u.s. bombs them and runs through their villages and taking women and children captive and doing crazy stuff it’s okay what if that happened to me and so kind of the same thing with the plant aspect okay what if you know what if this is is me like what what what do you have to teach me from your perspective and to learn from from whoever’s perspective it teaches you not to judge man there’s just so many life lessons and it just showed me that it was it was our coming-of-age which we in the West of totally we don’t have it it doesn’t exist I say the closest thing to a coming-of-age is college or something and I you know I don’t know but uh it was it was beautiful man and it was something ancient that we communicated with that night and it changed my life forever mhm yeah great great sharing and I’ve had similar experiences and I think there’s one aspect what you’re touching on which you know you’ve used the word sympathy I would use the word empathy would you differently means that you get out of your egos perspective and can actually access through travel and access the other beings perspective whether it’s a child in Iraq whether it’s a plant or a tree being cut right these are the experiences that people have psychedelics often and they are the ones that grow our empathy and when we can feel and when we can perceive what’s going on that’s when we act to change it and to help and that’s really what I think that the plant teachers or the mushrooms want is they want to turn us into lore axes into channelers into servants of the earth because it’s their earth – like their ambassadors to the humans saying hey enough is enough kids like we need oxygen you’re gonna die we’re gonna die you know nuclear war is not gonna help anybody with anything here feel what it feels like to get bombed you know for 20 now 20 years in in Afghanistan so those are the things that we need and yet are repressed from our our society and that’s exactly why it’s important and you know I remember working with salvia divinorum one of the first or second times I’m one of the very few people that feel like I understand what’s going on with that and one of the first times and I met these entities these beings and I was like who and what are you and like I’m gonna tell everybody about you and like yeah try that one yeah I had to tell everybody about us that’ll make you look bleep nut ball and and I realized in that moment that that’s what he so tarik means and that’s why I’m a little systematic in how I kind of reveal my own personal experience of the seeker must go through the initiation on their own and even if you if you try to divulge the secret they do not understand and so you know esoteric is not things that we repress from people with secrets like secret societies esoteric is also things that someone cannot perceive because they’re not ready to be initiated in that and that’s really amazing like for example you’re talking about the Bible like I believe all sacred texts have an exoteric and an esoteric interpretation and only on a certain level of your development in your growth do you realize this is not about people this is a you mean archetypal story or all that exists and you know that’s the kind of deeper level like my individual archetypal story of me dandelion fizz ‘m for man it’s beauty no and and everything has these multiple layers and I think that’s again with the the psychedelic medicines show us is you know you are a microcosmic representation of the entire cosmic process and within you is the entire cosmic process and unfolding and that’s as above so below as within so without so those multiple levels of being are so important to get to know but also very we need to be careful in how we articulate them as as a whatever we want to call ourselves as a waking group of people we need to become masters of the word because these realms are so subject to misinterpretation that obviously like you see it all the time you know people have these psychedelic experiences like you’re saying maybe I should call the cops and in light you know oh it’s it must be a good a good idea to come like tell the cops that I’m now in the end you know and like let me tell them about the angels and so we need to understand we are secret agents we are walking between the realms and we do that we have to know how to deliver the right sentences and the right words to awaken those who are ready and be very careful about kind of revealing something that subject to misinterpretation because a lot of people are trained in a society that is basically materialistic rationalism you know with the church as an institution has failed the people the the spiritual core of the Bible is real you know of all secret texts the institution the monetary corrupt system that has been built over that you had sown so much doubt into our society that now people have become backed into a corner are afraid of their own human soul do not understand realm and therefore are stuck in a place of like okay only what I can see is real only what I can see is real only what I can see is real and as a result they’re very afraid they’re damaged they’re broken and they’re scared and that’s kind of the awakening is to pull people out of like well here’s another perspective and this is why I think the plants and the mushrooms are you know why ayahuasca is coming into the scene so strongly because those powerful forces that there’s just it’s very hard to go back to sleep after you have a DMT experience or something I was on I kind of want to talk to people about you know how we say like ayahuasca trips or you know the psilocybin doses can can heal depression and pull you out of depression and give you purpose and overcome the fear of death but there’s another aspect that I’ve seen that once you see the other side and you go back to working at the machine shop or being the the guy who is in a warehouse working somewhere boxing stuff that can you know after seeing gazing into eternity communicating with this this plant life dead that encourages you to seek after your dreams to good to find out why you here and pursue it there is a form of depression that comes if you don’t do it like if you have that Communion and then you go back it just try to live this mundane life and not pursue your goals there’s a there’s like a you miss depression in that too you know I don’t think many people talk about that you bring a really good point because I think what we misinterpret the message is as you need to leave your job leave your school leave your family and go sit in the woods and be a crazy lunatic and just eat mushrooms all day that’s probably not the message and what it comes is like the polite mint chop wood carry water after enlightenment chop wood carry water and I don’t think that it’s a it’s a quantitative issue it’s a qualitative issue if I’m a mechanic have I been truly honest and serving that’s different I can still mechanic you know like if I’m a janitor am I sweeping with prayer in my heart or am I doing this for money and that’s quality inside of the soul that needs to change it’s not necessarily that you try to change the world to be more comfortable around your particular psychedelic psychosis it’s that we engage the world in a different way with more humbleness and more respect and more care and more awareness and out of that you know out of that desire to serve I believe that the universe God will pick you up and transition your job quality to the point where you no longer are the janitor but it wasn’t something that you extreme did in your head with your rational thinking like oh my god I have to get out of this this is a trap the material world is a trap you know I mean money is an illusion yes and play you know this is just a play like I remember that great Bill Hicks quote you know something you know today young men on acid realizes that all matter is just vibration and we are the imaginations of ourselves and here’s Tom with the weather and the idea is like the revelation is not antithetical to being a normal human being and that’s what the plants have told me and so I try even though I have a beard and dreadlocks you know I dress pretty normal and I try to just be a normal person and within I try to channel that transformation and almost like no one can see it it’s just a vibration it’s just a light shining out of you and that is I think better than wearing white robes and screaming the end is near down the street because nobody’s gonna hear that everybody’s gonna be triggered everybody on that that’s that’s the problem with psychedelic consumption in a way is that you get this power it’s just coursing through you and then the question is what to do and you know I’ve done that too like I’ve been in a position where I’ve been like preaching and having all the answers and that’s part of our spiritual growth we all have to stand that and then something kicks you in the in the stomach eventually if not lower and you know eventually we get to the point of like okay like the answers are to be exemplified not to be preached at you know and preaching can only go so far telling other people how to live is secondary to living that way and like for example I always think about you know with a fire like imagine if you’re trying to teach a person how to build a fire the best thing you would do is just build the fire in front of them and show them by example right because if you try to like turn it into a physics lesson and a mathematics lesson and you know how to place sticks it sounds like obsessive-compulsive disorder they just need to watch and observe and learn and so of course this is the the old spiritual problem solution quest is you know change myself and then oh I’m addicted to changing others and look change myself let me come from different angles because we you know our safety our egos safety lies in other people becoming more how we want them to be and although many people would be benefited by that that’s the sad and the angst and the tragic thing that we have to sit within our souls like yes there are people who would rather poison themselves slowly and die of it and run from the truth yes there are people who don’t want to see those people are damaging the planet and causing us issues they may shorten our lifespan they may destroy our life like five people might have an all-out nuclear war that kills us all and so we have to figure out how to be like social justice warriors in a way that channels the highest virtues the highest spiritual virtues that we understand like you don’t become a totalitarian dictator against totalitarian dictators it doesn’t work how do we raise the vibration and become examples of more compassionate people with persistent knowledge but how do we deliver that in a way that is inclusive and not exclusive and I feel like in my path because I stand in front of people and talk and just like go somewhere and then suddenly I snap out of it and it’s like what happened and then I started doing video editing and I would see when I would get preachy and shoot someone down and I would see their aura shrink and their shoulder freak and I would be like oh man don’t do that and that’s been a really good self reflector yeah man it’s just so much man because I’ve been through that stuff – as far as preaching and standing even funny standing on the street corners and wearing all white like we used to do that you know and we’d preach in the end was near repent turn from your sins those type of things you know which is which is righteous a righteous thing to do but it’s the spirit you coming out of as well as like just simply like don’t tell me how to live show me how to live show me how to do it right and there’s so much that could be said through that and you know like you said – I mean there’s a lot of I think that’s part of our process a lot of people have to go through that I’m thankful that I did that stuff I don’t I’ve got videos of it – and the videos make me cringe but I’m thankful for it I’ve learned for I’ve kind of learned not to do that now now that I’ve done it and and then we’re able to see people who are in those realms of understanding and were able to show empathy to them hey man I’ve been where you are and there’s more there’s more ahead you know learn everything while you’re here and try to show them compassion and what’s cool is that a lot of times you can pull them out of that because you can show them wisdom and understanding about hey I did this but try this and just see see what changes see see if you get results when you do this and in it it works man you know I guess before we get too far away from the psychedelics I wanted to ask you whenever you went down those paths did you feel like it was something that was calling you maybe from research and study was it something that that was calling you or did you just stumble upon it and do your research because I really felt like for me in a lot of people it was kind of a it was something that that meant to be and it was like hey we have something to show you and eventually you hear now now we want to communicate with you do you feel like that there was spear actually calling you that’s again you know back to this idea of you know it’s only for those who who get called you know it is only for those who feel the inspiration and from my experience I definitely feel like that has been my life passion I mean my whole foraging and herbalism practice started from understanding that there were these indigenous cultures who engaged in shamanic plant ceremonies and that the way that I tried to explore nature so that was actually previous to me ever looking for edible mushrooms or anything you know listening to Terence Mckenna learning about you know as I mentioned all these anthropologists who went to indigenous cultures like I always wanted to be an anthropologist who went to indigenous cultures and learn from them you know I really always felt a calling from that and you know the the the ways that mushrooms or salvia or anything came into my life always felt like they were accessing me more than I was accessing them so you know I knew about ayahuasca for probably 20 years and never engaged in a ceremony because I believe that the connection with the teacher is just as important than drinking the brew and literally how ayahuasca came into my life was when it was ripe and when it called to me it was serendipitous I didn’t even have to pay for it Colombia trip just manifested out of a glue and I found myself in front of the teacher and the medicine and literally I I did not make an effort in intellectual and so for me to like with mushrooms it’s like I would never be at a party and somebody’s like hey you want to try these mushrooms yeah yeah let’s do it that’s not my style because I think I need to intention set and quest and create a ritual and make boundaries around it and I try to do that Vision Quest for like a couple weeks before I would and it’s like essentially saying okay is it really time like are you sure you want me to come to you are you sure and if there’s any indicator of no then I’m gonna listen to that I’m not going to override that with my because of addiction or attachment or anything like that so you know I think there’s always there’s always a calling you know that has to be there or else maybe that’s a lot of the people who have bad trips or yeah I was thinking like maybe it’s not calling to you but you don’t care and you don’t listen to those signs I mean you know a lot of life is you have an intuitive feeling our whole culture is trained out of listening to that intuitive feeling and so we don’t pick up on that intuitive feeling we do the thing and then later we’re like oh I knew it I felt it but I didn’t listen and then I’m done so man that’s what that’s that’s that’s wisdom man because I like to tell people I like even though I describe it as being something so beautiful so life-changing I don’t want to encourage people to do it well I don’t want to say I mean this is what I just tell people say if it calls you it calls you that’s between you and the planet teacher whichever one it is right so I don’t want to like ya mean it go do mushrooms try to find a place get by yourself get with people you know I don’t I don’t really do that even though I I do a little bit but you’re vocally I’m like look if it calls you a cause you and I think that’s that I think I think if it wants you it’s got something to show you it will call you you have this this drive within you to do it that won’t go away yeah until you do it you’ll be so consumed with it and I mean that’s that’s that’s what happened for me so that’s all I can share is what I’ve learned you know I wanted to ask you about the salvia because I’ve always been interested in the salvia not um not because of smoking it like I’ve watched all the videos of people smoking in it and that’s okay so they yeah they lose control they did slobber and they can’t talk they can’t use their hands they’re crying they’re scared I’ve heard stories of friends pissing on themselves and thinking they were gonna die and fall in holes and stuff but I have watched the little documentary when they were eating the leaves and in the way it gently went into that place and then experienced those realms and felt connected to nature and gently came out and that seemed very interesting versus the whole smoking it and and being thrusted into this weird place and losing our control of all faculties talk a little bit about like because I know you said it that you communicated with those beings and I’ve heard people say the same thing and one of the ones that I heard they met a woman a goddess type figure that said I wasn’t meant to be smoked just talk a little bit about that because I’m definitely interested sure so I think first off when when we’re talking about this calling you know that that means for me spending like five years of researching learning as much as I can so it’s not like I I’m called to it I bought it on the internet but you know let me let me down it so you know just to put that out there for listening that’s a really important thing you know your quest your your spiritual journey is yours and don’t discard the the pursuit of knowledge you know that is filio Sophia is the love of knowledge so of course salvia is also called the herb of the shepherdess and or the eyes of the shepherdess and so this is really important there is a feminine energy of feminine entity behind that now with all things like within the alchemical tradition right there was actually the idea that you build your soul that you build an astral body that you’re not given one and you build it through almost energetically sensing your boundaries like as you do your practice you start to feel the walls or the boundaries of your aura and as you do that you start to iron out the poison and the resentments and the past hurts and the damages and as you do that the boundaries of your auric body gets stronger so that when you do travel you know how to navigate and what I think is happening with salvia is people are getting in the car blindfolded in hitting the gas at a million miles an hour and don’t realize that there is this full power that you’re supposed to have when you engage these teachers so for example it’s like with your hand you lift your hand up that is willful that is like third chakra that’s will that’s a power that’s a shamanic power and a lot of people think that they just throw that in the garbage and see what happens and as a result people like take left and right turns with salvia and you end up as like a couch and that’s empathy right empathy is like oh I was to the perspective of a wall and I saw everybody from the perspective of the wall it’s like that’s cool you’re getting empathy but you took a wrong turn because your intent not your intention your intent that willful power is the vehicle that drives right that is the way of see where you’re steering and so I think that that’s the co creative power that 90% of those videos are horrible first of all it’s not for in the middle of the day you know with your eyes open it’s not about your body moving so what my experience is like is in the evening time in a very safe place and it’s only going to be smoked it’s only going to be the most 15 to 20 minutes and the least that you will do is lay down for 15 to 20 minutes and not engage the need for your body when people engage the need for their body that’s when they freak out and move and roll and do all these stupid things so you have to be able to say okay I’m going to let myself be dead for 20 minutes if you can’t do that it’s not for you it is it does seem to be a portal into the after death world you see the place you go and you die you can enter that place now I think there is a cosmology right there are these sheets of planes of existence you know so in the Hindu mythology they talk about the seven lower worlds and the seven upper worlds and these are also the inner chakras and so there’s this correlation with like you can get to this level or you can go to this level or you can go to that level so behind that whole process feels like there is source angelic source there are beings but you can always stay in to these personal realms you know there are many sheets so I have never gotten the opportunity to chew the plain leaf and do that ritual I have smoked the extract I don’t do that often probably 15 times in my life and I would just recommend a great resources to listen to Kathleen Harrison that’s har R is o N and she has two stories of going down to the jungle and chewing salvia with the Mazatec and they taught her how to do that ritual like they said never laugh it offends the spirit of salvia never long right and continue to pray out loud was another thing they told her to do so these are parts that we can take from the indigenous wisdom culture and apply them instead of starting from scratch and just being like let’s see what happens I’m driving let me hit a bowl of salvia like that’s where Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert otherwise known as Ram Dass had this psychedelic philosophy in the 60s about set and setting so your mind set and also the physical setting is just as important as yes and if we don’t set and setting if we don’t align those things if we don’t create the proper physical surroundings and inner question we will just kind of have an experience that’s hard to deal with or do you bid or break our minds or become psychotic you know that can happen and that’s why it’s recommended to be with someone who’s competent or to try to talk about these things and that’s why I am I like to engage these conversations because it’s sad that nobody’s able to talk about it so everybody’s got to figure it out from scratch and that’s that’s a drug oppressive policy and well nobody knows how to shamanic lis practice and so you know I don’t think that we necessarily become shamans but I feel like we all have to do our best to engage in a shamanic perspective and mindset which requires a lot of study and training and working with elders and you know not just going it on I had some friends who were with who was with us when we had the hero dos thing going on and they had a beautiful experience you know and it wasn’t as profound as mine it changed my life man but they had a beautiful experience and then so the following weeks they’re like hey I got some friends who have some I’m gonna go over to their house and we’re gonna do the same thing we’re gonna tap in bro you know I’m like okay I’m not doing it yet I have to like all the information that came through I have to deal with this first I have to get my life in order there’s no there’s no reason for me to go back in to get more information or insight about what to do unless I’ve I’m thankful for what they’ve shown me let me show them that I’m thankful for what they sell me amen so they so they try to go in with some some friends at a party and he’s wanting to recreate what we did he didn’t know the people he were around we were fasting and prepping and everything so they had mushrooms they go there and he’s excited for to show them what he’s found you know and they go in and they take the doses and whatever and they opened their front door and they put on crazy heavy-metal music videos wide open where it’s just going through the whole neighborhood so therefore you’re thinking that the cops are really gonna come in and nobody is in a state where they can talk to the cops my buddy starts having a panic attack and he’s like goes locks himself in the bathroom and starts praying and ask him for them to turn the stuff off and they got music and strobes on there just like having a party and they’re probably drinking and smoking and everything with it and just not giving themselves over to it and it freaked him out you know and that’s part of it you know I’m saying just like I mean damage you know set and setting is its key man and I think that’s why you know in the other cultures they have a shaman they have a person who’s gonna lead you they’re gonna play some soothing music they know that you know there may be a time where it gets overwhelming and you’re gonna need to be coached down like you like even now just because we doesn’t we don’t have an ancient Indian man with us at our gatherings we need somebody who is a little bit more seasoned to kind of know what’s going on or you have a panic attack you’re freaked out and have a bad trip and be fighting demons for eight hours I’ve had friends who’ve done that and mixed every mix all these drugs together and they fought demons for eight hours that scared me made me not want to do it but I didn’t know that they had mixed all this ketamine and all kind of stuff together and it scared I was like you know I’m not touching that dude no way and sadly every time someone does something like that it gives the government and the media the example yeah continue to force us into a childlike state with our responsibility that is the poster child for why drugs are bad and great and so we have a responsibility also to show the society that that’s not what it’s about in fact I’m recommending first of all I don’t recommend taking anything synthetic I think whenever man makes something it’s for greed with money and there is no spirit behind there it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a demented entity that was made in a laboratory yeah though that’s first and then the idea of mixing substances I would never recommend that either one at a time and you said something so important which is take your time to integrate because it’s not about having experiences it’s about what you do with the experiences that you have and that’s so important like if you are if you are integrating the revelation that you’re given it is more spiritual quote-unquote than housing times you’ve consumed the substance yeah is if you just keep eating stuff you’re actually more damaged and you’re not getting anything and that’s something that’s so important is like we got to take the time to do that in introspective practice like so the way I see it as like psychedelics are you know the the they break the hard rock and now you have shards of rocks everywhere and then the meditation and the questing and the prayer is kind of tidying that back up and you clean that and you have to kind of know yourself and integrate that and then go back in when it’s your time not just because you want to or you’re at a party most of the videos that I see with salvia on the internet are always in public are often like that is a horrible situation like you’re saying heavy metal and strobe lights not even close you’re already on mushrooms no way this is a sacred experience that Adina’s people have been working with for you know maybe 50,000 years and we need to honor that process what’s crazy about the music part of it I feel that I feel that we could do this without the mushrooms if we’re if we’re sensitive to the spirit realm but with the mushrooms or with the plant teachers whichever they may be you can’t like I can feel the intention behind the music like what was like the spirit behind that that’s what that in the scriptures you have the psalmist and they can just play without even speaking where they play and you feel the intention while they’re playing the stringed instruments and that’s what King David was and music is powerful there were stories where King David played that the the the harp of the lyre whatever it was and the evil spirits rested off of saw that were tormenting him the only place he got restless when he listened to that music and there’s other examples under Pythagoras talks about some stuff about the power of music and subsiding evil spirits by by playing this this beautiful comfortable music so going into those realms and being able to feel the intention what if somebody was playing a song that was about hatred about war about about confusion and things like that you can feel it versus putting on music that’s made for exploration about creativity about tapping into those realms and and what that person was going through when they wrote those songs and it created it you can feel that stuff so that’s why the music thing is super duper important man it’s also important to realize that in traditional settings like if you go down to the jungle and you drink ayahuasca they play music they they produce sound for probably 10% of the experience like unless you’re talking about Santo dine you which is like a Christian ayahuasca hybrid if you talk about like the traditional you know ways that ayahuasca is drank the only time they do an intro and an outro and the only other time they make sounds is if you’re bugging out and otherwise it’s silent and so the music is a different it’s not about performing you know it’s not about like oh look at me now and watch how good I am at this flu it’s like oh let me calm this person down because I see they’re agitated and that will be for like 30 seconds and the cursing calms down and they slowly stop so it’s a very different thing than you know we again interpret everything through like oh look at me I’m so good like check this out and so we also need to understand that like you know healing sound is not it’s not necessarily music as we interpret it right it’s and and so with all these psychedelic experiences it’s really important if you have external stimulus you’re less liable to go within mm-hmm so the more stuff that’s outside of you that’s happening or taking away your awareness to your internal process the less you’re going to kind of fold into yourself and see what’s there so that’s again the setting is that you’re is that your intention you know my intention is spiritually growing and so I need to give myself the proper way of spiritually growing and that’s not obviously by you know you you sit down to imagine you sit down you’re like I’m gonna meditate now and you sit down at the computer and write emails the whole time obviously you’re not gonna see yourself a lot you know um so you can be meditative and write emails but it’s different than actually sitting and meditating and some anxieties or pains that are in there and we all have to do that work and psychedelics are not necessary for that and we need to be able to do both versions yeah we’re going to engage the psychedelics to do that spiritual growth it’s also important to do that spiritual growth without the psychedelics if not more yeah you know I got two more questions for you dealing with nature beings I got a song coming out it’s called the invisible creatures of the five elements and so talking about nature beings I think it was Paracelsus who coined the coin to frame the phrases and and actually gave these names of these beings who are over the plant kingdoms the water the air the fire the earth and they help they help things grow the forest a plant life and these these beings and stuff man do you have any insight on that have you encountered in anything have you been able to see anything I mean so the way the way I see it is like there’s three names that come to mind one is the Davis so that’s in the Sanskrit terminology the other is Tom grounds tracker school calls it the keepers okay and then there’s also the elementals so middle so yeah so these are forces right that are we could call behind all things and so one of the ways I look at it is like so you see a yarrow plant there’s one yarrow individual yarrow plant but then there’s also like the fact that there are yarrow plants all around the planet and each one of them is tapped into this signature this this elemental aspects so there’s the spirit of yarrow and that is the one that we engage with to work with the body of yarrow and if we don’t we’re just working with bodies so an alchemy there’s the body the soul and the spirit right and those are the three forms that we engage and so with every plant there are these energies behind them and I think it’s kind of misleading if we call them like beings only because then people think there’s people yeah right oh yes you can see them in archetypal form if you get into a meditative state the yarrow Spirit will come and show itself to you in a particular form but of course the form is less important than the transmission and so you know one of the things we didn’t mention and what I think bugs people out a lot with psychedelics is that you gain super telepathy sometimes you can’t turn it off sometimes you can turn it off for weeks that is schizophrenia you know you break open your telepathic capacity and you cannot handle the input coming in that’s what makes people schizophrenic they could meet everybody they could read everything they’re reading everything too much information is coming narrowed down our telepathic communication in a way that enables us to exist in this world in a way that’s safe so with those energies is like telepathy comes and insights come and I very much feel like by sitting with certain plants I will receive a Latin name it will tell me who it is I will the other day I was teaching a plant walk it was pouring rain I had a hood over my head I was looking down and I was just walking and literally I was like yaar oh no no no sorry elderberry the here’s elderberry and literally I realized that I didn’t even look at it I didn’t how did I know it was even there because a sense this elderberry spirit was like hey do you want to talk about me show them me I want to engage these people there and kind of telepathic communion is something that I practice and I think we can engage with with the plant world and so they each each plant has a keeper or a spirit now we don’t want to say that it’s behind the plant because just like your soul is not behind your body your body is the vessel for your soul and so again we shouldn’t we shouldn’t look under it you know it’s like God is not under the material world God is the material world is the body of God and so that’s what we need to remember we can’t do lies it into like oh that’s not the spiritual part and that’s the spiritual part so we need to reintegrate those parts and so every plant has that power of transmitting to us and those are the kind of spirits of the plants beautiful man my wife would kill me if I didn’t if I got you off the line and didn’t ask you she had a question she wants to know do you know any natural remedies to rid poison ivy she is highly allergic if it touches her body it spreads you know any natural remedies yeah I’m so glad you asked so basically the short for poison ivy is right relation with poison ivy that means respect and so poison ivy is a teacher of teaching humans that not everything is here for your exploitation children and when we honor a person like a grandmother we don’t get in our grandmother’s face and say get the fuck out of my way lady right that would be super disrespectful so what we try instead to do is to say I honor your need I honor your boundary I honor your space I honor your presence I know how to recognize you as my grandmother and so we need to do the same thing with poison ivy we need to realize that poison ivy is a protector of the forest it grows on the edges of forest where people come to dump garbage those people that come and dump garbage those are the people that leave with poison ivy so first we understand that’s the spirit of poison ivy it’s saying hey know that not everything here is just for you to put in your mouth that’s that’s selfish right learn how to have boundaries in nature not everything is here for you to exploit and I’m the warrior that’s protecting that so poison ivy is a good message er of like wow gosh I wasn’t being aware I wasn’t paying attention I wasn’t walking in respect so the first thing is learning poison ivy giving it its due respect and leaving it alone sometimes you need to pull it out of your garden or something if you need to wear gloves leave those gloves outside make sure it doesn’t touch your body that’s different than walking in the woods and moving away from touching poison ivy now when you get poison ivy the thing is that poison ivy is not something that that plant does to you it’s something your body does in reaction to the chemistry of poison ivy it’s a very different thing so you have an inflammatory response and you have a liver enzyme response that’s what causes inflammation of the rashes on your body so first of all you’d mediate those by taking liver and lymphatic and anti-inflammatory herbs of which there are many Google any of that you’ll see 25 of them so that’s going to help you flush out the chemistry of what poison ivy has that you get allergic to the second thing is understanding that you have autoimmune reaction to things and so people have allergies not because of the substance but because of their immune system reacting so that’s what we would treat we would say okay you don’t need to react as intensely so looking at obviously diet white flour white sugar does not help your immune system be balanced all the toxins that we’ve ever eaten them consumed and sprayed and breathe in all these toxins we need to cleanse those out of our bodies and then we start getting to the core of balancing the immune function and then not having an overreaction so like I work with immunomodulators that’s another glass of herbs right or mushrooms for example and those will help over time make you less reactive and that’s important as an herbalist to dress the actual issue so you address the issue over time you reduce your immune overreaction and then also symptomatically in treat like turmeric oak bark tea right anything with quercetin or anything anti-inflammatory will help liver herbs such as dandelion milk thistle lymphatic herbs like cleavers so that would be kind of a formula I’d be making plus the other thing is look at topically you have a rash that means your liver is trying to tell your body that it needs help pulling something out of your skin so if you take open meal right make some cooked oatmeal you put it on that area starts to draw it or like bentonite clay will start to draw it out that’s what your body is asking for help with right salt water bath another thing so you draw it through the skin and you treat internally that’s awesome man so it’s not it’s not essentially your body reacting it’s more of overreacting it’s not something that happens to you it’s a something that you’re doing and mediate that’s good okay so this the end of the show man I would just want to kind of give you links out is amazing talking to you brother yes it was good so as far as so you do this for a living you travel and you you do tours and and and take people out in the woods and teach them things like that so you could essentially travel and set up with a group of people and show how to commune with the plant kingdom the elementals and you could do a lecture and a class on that right a workshop definitely yeah and that’s what it’s it’s all word of mouth and somebody emails me they’re like hey can you come here and I’m like wow I’ll be there next month so let’s figure something else so that’s pretty much how this the tour go so if anybody wants to collaborate and connect you can always email me at Dan at return to nature us and then also on my website return the nature dot us and Facebook page which is return to nature skills they’re all make events on Facebook and I have like a calendar there and so anybody can see where I’m at I may have you know say around New York New Jersey in Pennsylvania for the winter finish up a book I’m writing and then probably head west after that so any plans to come to the South we’re all the way down in Alabama man well that’s the next step I’m definitely like I love Asheville North Carolina so I’ll definitely be headed south sometime perhaps maybe the fall of 2018 is what I’m looking at so we love this had something up with you man to be awesome to come down here and show us what we got going on yeah be great we got a lot of swamps down here a lot of lily pads elephant ears all those type of things man you’re talking about your body reacting to that stuff I remember I was working for the city and we say have to go and we eat and cut the ditches and stuff and we’re in there with weed eaters wide open we’re hitting these elephant ears and nobody told us in ten minutes later or but we’re just itching and whelped up from cutting those things man when you attack nature nature gets you black yes look at the world that’s the problem with the world is that we’re attacking the very it’s like beating up your face yeah and not realizing that you are it you’re that you are nature if you attack nature you attack yourself right that’s the missing piece of our whole environmental catastrophe of the pollution going out in the atmosphere and the cancer rate getting higher hello that’s you know we are what we read we are what we eat we are what we live like so work with it man you’ll essentially be able to return to nature work with nature not against it man dude thank you so much for coming our brother and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m gonna get you down here soon but I definitely want to do something with you I’d love to thank you for the opportunity to talk to you really appreciate it our brothers Shalom Shalom have a good one man awesome dandelion it was it was a good one really enjoyed it I’m gonna try to get him down here too so all of my Alabama friends who are listening and watching we’re gonna we’re gonna work something out with them really soon good stuff I have a couple more scriptures I’d like to share man this these scriptures that just talk about returning to nature returning to where we came from essentially this is the good one Romans 1:24 since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen being understood from what has been made so that people are without excuse so that’s a beautiful scripture because it’s talking about that you will be without excuse that that there’s this these invisible qualities of a creator because creation screams his name is like just simply looking at the sunsets um it says it says you’ll be without excuse Psalm 19:1 this is one of the big ones the heavens declare the glory of God the skies proclaimed the work of his hand you start just getting back to nature job 12 7 through 10 but ask the animals they will teach you let’s just stop there I’ll have to keep going let’s just stop there don’t even finish it but ask the animals and they will teach you or the birds in the sky and they will tell you or speak to the earth and it will teach you or let the fish in the sea inform you which of all these things does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this in his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind that’s beautiful man I know it’s poetically written it’s it’s written in metaphor form but a lot of this stuff man I believe I believe that it’s key to be taken literally if not anything try it right can we try it can we try to ask the animals literally will they teach us literally or it’s just symbolic when we look at them we see how they operate we see that God takes care of them God close them he gives them breath in their lungs right twofold always everything is twofold all of it speak to the birds in the sky and they will tell you or speak to the earth and it will teach you speak to the earth and it will teach you hey I just think outside the box man can we speak to the earth I will tell you this the earth is definitely speaking like he was saying at the very end when we look at like what’s going on in the earth right now the planets Wars rumors of wars the Hurricanes all of this stuff man it’s like this is reacting man just like he was talking about like the poison ivy your skin your body reacts to it and it’s trying to get these toxins and things out of your body a body that’s essentially causing harm I’m pretty sure that the Hurricanes man that kind of fallen in the same category I mean we look at the song I think it’s a NEMA believe is the song by tool talking about these catastrophes and earthquakes and and things like that that that’s going on because Mother Nature is pissed the earth is pissed the Bible talks about the earth is alive and at the earth is a spirit the planets for spirits the planets are alive and Maynard says mom’s gonna fix it all soon mom’s gonna ground it put it back the way it ought to be and at Toms man we look at earthquakes and look at all the destruction that it goes on sometimes it’s like it’s like a dog who’s full of fleas and they just want to shake the fleas off it wants to get some type of maybe we’re drilling in it you know taking the oil taking the resources the the vehicles man all of this stuff man especially when there’s clearly ways that we can work with the earth clearly ways now clean energy stuffs proven man all types of scientists and all types of independent researchers who are able to extract clean energy from motion and I’ve seen this one there was this ah there was these conductors that they put in the ocean right and the waves would cause it to move back and forth and it would conduct energy from the waves pushing it back and forth and conduct conduct energy there’s all types of stuff out there yeah the earth is pissed off man I think we should return to nature someone in the chat Chanel hey Chanel Kurt Kanto what’s up y’all Chanel says that it reminds me of my song I returned definitely if you ever heard that song go check it out and the song I was gonna refer to him is the golden teachers that I’ve done but yeah I’m returning to the belly of the earth I’m returning to the place of my birth back from the future to heal my hurt I took a dose and I found my hope the medicine is better when it helps me cope Who am I I am you back to the essence remain true bask in the presence Showzen for you and I decipher the truth what my my renewed never found what I’m seeking in school of church religion is deceiving but I started their first doctrines of demons in the pain got worse find the ancient path to reverse the curse and I’ve returned beautiful saw man I did that one with hope Medford from the group medicine for the people na ko na ko bear hope she plays the drums engine bay and and she sings beautiful soul man I love to connect with her on here I’m trying to make that happen but yeah make sure you check that song it’s called our return so I just want to thank everybody for hanging out with me you guys are awesome I love doing this and like I said again I’m gonna thank the patrons again who are allowing me to do this month to month you guys are spending your hard work hard-earned money on helping me pay bills and help me help me catch up and help me put out new music man I couldn’t do it without you guys from the bottom of my heart I say thank you my family says thank you if you want to help you can go to seeker and it’s just not giving money just for the sake of giving but you get free stuff you get perks you get rewards you get new music unreleased music I’m telling you I’m sitting on some stuff right now that if you haven’t heard it you’re missing out 100% 1000% if you have not heard my new music and you’re a fan of my music you’re missing out if you’re a fan of spirituality and music in general you’re missing out it’s gonna be available it’s gonna be available to the general public I don’t know when like when the album’s done but when I finish the song when a song is done upload it to patreon and it’s only for the patrons who are supporting because you guys over there are totally helping me do this the way the music industry is we don’t make a lot of money on music anymore I mean I look at my iTunes statements bruh I’m 10 it’s like man it may be a less than 100 bucks a month sometimes people don’t buy music they download it you can’t download a t-shirt I have links in the description if you guys would like to buy some merch as well all of that stuff helps support and it goes a long way it really does so thank you guys for supporting independent music independent artists independent researchers from the bottom of my heart thank you with that being said I’m gonna say Shalom and we’ll get what’s he got soon we’re gonna do it again peace peace that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to youth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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