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Pyrexx is an Ex-Drug Dealer turned Christian rapper. After hearing the gospel and surrendering his life to Jesus Pyrexx has dedicated himself to letting people know the wonderful work of God through the Power of Jesus. Pyrexx has now dropped the name and all the associations with the term Pyrexx itself and is now going by his given birth name Joseph McSweeny with Joseph McSweeny Ministries.

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Shalom Shalom How’s Everybody Doing Tonight Thank You For Tuning In To Another Wonderful Podcast Of Encountering God This Is What We’re Talking About Encountering God Pursuing Jesus And We’re Going To Have A Great Time Tonight An Awesome Interview If Anybody Needs Prayer If Anybody Has Any Questions The Chat Room Is Open You Can Contact Us On Youtube Also The Fuck That Fuck The Phone Lines Are Open The Phone Lines Are Open They Can Call In And You Know They Need To Know How Good For Your Ears That’s All We Got So We’re Gonna Talk About Me And However Is This He Just Helps You Get Over Something Yeah So My Guest Today As You’ve Already Seen Is Joseph Mcsweeney Aka Formerly Known As Pyrex Head Honcho Welcome To The Show Man I Wouldn’t Lie To You Man But I Take Care That That Is Even Harder For Me Not To Say Progress Yeah I Never Do To Live And I’m Like I Know How That I Was I Raised Know Things Like I Had It I Hadn’t I Turned It The I Turned Over The Leaf Own You Know Put It Out There But I Have To Get Used To Even I Thought It Was Like It Some People You Got Tyree From You Got Joseph Yeah In His Way You Know I’m Saying You’re A Busy Man So I Mean I’m Getting Over It Man We’re Trying To Get It Man Boy Because We Take Of It Is What’s Up Well The Mess Up Maybe My New Name Is A Man With That’s What We’ve Entitled This This Episode The Death Of Pyrex Man All Right People Rec So Talk A Little Bit About These Two Personalities These Tool Like This Dualism That’s Fighting Pyrex The Rapper Pyrex The Celebrity Versus Joseph The Born-again Disciple The Follower Of Christ Fighting For The Fames Family Spotlight Man And What Brought About The Death Of Pyrex Man Let’s Talk About That Then One Minute When Some Came Out The Arawak Keep Hydrating On It I Didn’t Think It Was Gonna Go The Way I Thought It Was Gonna Go With People You Know Contacted Me Like Dang Man We Thought You Guys Liked It He Thought You In A Car Wreck Oh Yeah Each Other I Had A Lot Of People Contacting Man That Was Very Concerned About Me You Know Saying So That Brought A Lot Of Home Love In My Life That I Needed It Told Me The People That That Really Was Paying Attention And The People That Wasn’t Indicated But Their Heart Was So Quickly To Hit Me You Know I’m Seeing Know What And As We All See Now High Risks Has No More Socially Custom I Try To Keep The Fan Fan Page But When We Turn It Change The Pirates Or Thoroughbred And All This Crap Man I’m Just Like Let’s Just Get Rid Of Everything And This Focus On Youtube And Focus On Web Page And Do Podcast And Do Things For Field And It’s So Nobody Don’t Be Linked Me Back To Chew And Thank God Mean You’re Bad Talking And We’re Bad Kids Everything Cuz Me Everybody Got Like Everybody You Know You Want To Be Able To You Know Talk To Everybody You Count Everybody’s Gonna Be Able To Be As Mentioned Everybody’s So Happy Life Goes On Years Are By Nothing Oh Thank Heaven So People Don’t I Raise Secular Or There’s Some People That Don’t Even Know That High Risks Has Left Atm And Pirates That They Be In With Traded True In 2011 So Now Here’s 2017 And People’s Fear Didn’t Even Know I Left And Became A Christian Hip-hop Lawyers So That Was Really Confusing To Me Basically Um You Got Pirate To The Secular Artist For Many Years Many Many Many Years Then You Got Pirates To Gotham For Artists But The Name Hasn’t Changed So Sometimes People Are Understanding It You Know I’m Saying They Really Don’t Understand That They Tighten It Piracy And Making Strip Club Video Might Pull Up So It Goes Them Those Are Left And I Believe You Know I Didn’t Just Change The Chains I Think Everything Fighting For Reason Man That’s Why Basically Bro To Be All The Way On This Winch Is By Two Weeks Ago Man I Had A Dream And In This Dream I Committed Suicide I Killed Myself You Know I’m Saying And I I Thought It Was Real Road I Doubt That I Was By There About To Commit Suicide So It Was Really Thrown Up To Me So You Know Why I Spoke With My Old Lady About It Man Then I Called Trade 9 Brother Trade 90 And We Talked About It And You Know It Was Just Crazy Then Two Weeks Later We Got This Happening You Know I’m Saying Two Weeks Later I Got Joseph Take That Three Brother So Two Weeks Later Now Said You Know What I’m Saying I’ve Had A Physical Garb Is Like You Linked Up With This One Guy And I’m Like I’m Into The Names But You Make Them With This One Guy And He Wants You To Read A Book In The Book Was When I Posted On Instagram To Go Giver So He Just Speaks About About So Much In Depth With Yourself And What You Got To Do So Finding Out You Know The Brother Or You Know He’s Somewhat Of A Millionaire Bro When I’m Saying And And I Didn’t Know Any Of This Any Of This I Found Out After I Deleted All My Social Media So So To Have A Meet With The Guy After The Deleting Of A Social Media For The Terms To Come Out What You Got Going On And How You Want To Hold You Need To Come A Millionaire So Like What Are The Odds Now I Can Focus On What Needs To Happen Because Family Is Firstly You Don’t Seen I Can’t Be Out There The Site In The Street And Going On The Focus And Disciple And Everybody In The Audience And All The Colony Hours On The Phones And All Details And Everything But Nothing I’m Having A Problem With My Son No Doubt About All The Problems With My Lane Only Having Problems With My Father Or Me And My Brother Isn’t Talking Or Me And My Cousin Is Disco And All This And That Because That’s Your First Ministry Yo Yo Yo Your Way Of That You Have To Write Is Your Ministry Of Your Family Because They Your Family That’s The First People You Need To Touch You Know I’m Seeing Because Of Course You Know You’re Going To Test People In July’s You Need To Extract That’s Just What It Is We Don’t Saying You Get Plugged Into Little Churches And This But I Felt Pro As Pyrex I Was Too Caught Up On Pirates I Was Too Caught Up On On That Church And I Can’t Even Get What I Need To Get Out Of It Because I’m Too Focused On What I’m Bout To Coach Left Ya Seen There’s A Home Owner On Everything That’s Coming In And I’m Trying To Revenue Then I Got People I Got People Getting Upset Because I’m Not Responding To Them Yeah And I Was Screw You You Know Saying I’m Sorry I Need It The Message I Don’t Know How They Great Suggesting Oh Yes On Your Heart Riggs I Mean On Your Joseph’s Own Power Breaks Mcsweeney On Facebook I’m Like Bro I Don’t Even Be On There Your Notes And I’m Not On Facebook I’m Not Over Twitter I’m On Instagram That’s Such An A Button That Goes To Everything You Don’t See It So Excuse Me But It’s Just Because A Lot Of You Like Out My Brother Max It Like A Bro Units Are Doing Live Facebook Pro That’s Where It’s At That’s At You Know I’m Doing A Lot Instagram So Which Is Like Exodus I Get All The Time On Instagram I Got Through That Same Time On Facebook Now Oh And I Already Got 24 Hours In A Day Exactly Don’t Say I Got People Wanting More Music But I’m Too Much Time On Doing Other Stuff I Can’t Get Him On You Boy You Know I’m Saying I Got To Be Able To Take The Time On The Music That You Hear Is Features Of Doing For People You Know I’m Saying I’m Not Able To Create My Own Magic Is Because I Don’t Have Time To I Have Time To Do Everybody Else Stuff You Don’t See Me I Said If They’re Getting Their Pictures On Time Recording It Writing It Spending Hours On It Doing All This Stuff For Everybody Else But I Don’t Have To Turn To Do It For Myself And Drop Albums It’s Because I Focus On Everybody Else And So That’s To Give It That’s Fine There Are Morning Skill You Want To Give So To Be Able To Receive The Receiving Is Taken Down Social Media That’s The Receive It Because Now I Receive Gets What More Time To Now Apply It On What I Need To Do So I Seen You Drop The Records You Don’t See I Don’t Have To Be Social Media To Sell My Records You Know I’m Seeing There’s Other Outlets That Does That Yeah I Just Sold 20,000 Copies Of My Mixtape Type Stuff But There’s 6.5 Billion People That Ain’t Heard My Mixtape And I’m On Social Media All Day Every Day So I Think I Got It A Mr. Screw Yes Social Media Is A Great Outlet To Use But It’s Like I Can Use That With Youtube People Be On Youtube The Same Amount Of Time As They Do On Instagram So It’s Like How Do I How Do I Do It And Feel The Empire By Doing It By Create Money So I’m Able To Take Care Of My Family The Way I Need To Take Care Of Them So When I Leave This Earth God Please Don’t Take Me Now But If I Leave This Earth I Want To Make Sure That They Got Stuff Put In The Banks Know What It Thinks They Got Something Different Than I Didn’t Have I Didn’t Have College Funds I Had None Let Me Know Save Right Hand In There So I Want To Be Able To Get It Each Other It’s My Son Malachi I’m Gonna Be Stroke And Tell You Something Man What Real Quick There Was A Brother – Um I Don’t Want To Put Names Out There But It’s A Good Good Brother Of Mines Man I’ll Be Going Somewhere Shortly And He Goes 800 Man You Want To Know How I’ve Heard I’ve Received My First Seven Figures And I’m Like What’s Up Bro He Goes Pirates Man This High Did I Put All My Debts On A Piece Of Paper All My Debts Everything From Child Support Phone Bills From Unpaid Cars From Unpaid Um Easy Tag Tickets I Want To Care What It Is I Put It All On A Piece Of Paper And I Prayed Over It And I Got With A Couple People And Guess What People Started Knocking Out That List For Me Knocking It Out No More Dick So Now Maybe The Bills With The Money I’m Receiving That I Already Received But No When I Already Bring In The House And Now I Get To Apply It On Business On Stocks On Making A Empire You Know Seeing Swami Who I Need To Do It Guess What Bro The Whole Foundation Is Being A Good Person Yeah A Good Person Is Sharing The Gospel Of Equipping Sandag I Saw The Good News Of The Reason Why I’m A Good Person That You See On Scene So It’s All Going Back To The Foundation Of What Be Sitting In A Jail Cell Praying To Somebody I Can’t See Somebody That Ain’t Talking Back Actually But Guess What This Spiritual World Is Making Me A Better Person So I Bet It’s Working Why Not Work You You Don’t See So That’s My Belief Cuz I Know This Party People It’s All Here That’s A Muscle All These People Is On Here In This Catholic Are There A Non-denominational Whenever The Case May Be I Don’t Care What You Get You Can Praise Allah You Can Praise Jesus You Could Do It Whatever That Makes You A Good Person By All Means Take Care Of Your Fitness Now My Afterlife Is What I’m Focused On Would See My Family Again That’s What I Want To Be To See My Sons That People Have Kids And His People Get Here And I’m Going To Be Dead But The Belief That I Have In The Faith Walk At Our Wall I’m Going To See Them Again It’s Not Only They Be A Good Person To Keep Christ In The Center It’s Definitely In This Prayer That’s All I Believe In And I Want To Continue Believing It Everybody’s Got Their Own Beliefs Man Common Symbols That’s What’s Up I Ain’t Tripping New Units Make Music Lukas Legal Allows Decon Jesus Let’s Talk About Love Friendship Let’s Talk About Being A Good Person Being Courteous Good Customer Service You Know Because Good Customer Service Won’t Happen They’re Going To Come Back Yeah So I Know I Talk About A Lot Hey I Mean They Love It Man We Got A Lot Of People Tuned In On The Chat Room We Got Some People Tuned In On The Phone To It With Some Callers As Well So Keep It Going Man You Don’t Say That’s What I Mean That’s What They’re Here For Man They Here To Know What I Mean What’s Up With The Death Of Pyrex Ain’t So I Want To Ask You This Though Because I Want To I Want To Know This Personally And I Because I Know This Happened Because I’ve Done A Lot Of Graphic Work For You In The Past Working With J-roc Shoutout To J-rock Hustling Hustling So Um I’ve Done A Lot Of Graphic Work For You And Some Of The First Stuff That You Put Out It Had A Lot Of Stuff With Your Shirt Off Showing The Tattoos And Stuff Like That And I Was Told That A Lot Of Church People Didn’t Like It I Got A Homeboy Covered Head To Toe In Tats And He Had Her On The Big Big Screen At The Church And They Were We Don’t Like That Out Of That So I Know That That’s Going On Did That Like What You Do What Would You Want To Go To Would You Want To Go To A Church And See A Woman To Take Their Shirt Off They’re Just Envelope Yes They’re All These Don’t Mean They Might It Might Be A Soda Bottle Yeah Could Be A Problem It Could Be Something That’s Not An Appropriate That They’re Trying To Show Your Honor There So I Thought Of Thinking About Things Like That We’re All Thinking About All These Young Women That’s Out There They’re All Thinking About What My Son Is Creating And When He’s Old Good Jojo Is Going To Be Powerful That Little Boy There Is Going To Be Whatever He Does He’s Going To Excel In But A Macbook Over To Be Ministry Whatever It Is He’s Very Excel Because He Said That Interview It’s Been Hit A Character So I Just Thought About I Had Basically I Try To Justify My Shirt Coming Off All The Time From Because Updated Praising Jesus And When You Dance Around Nerds Praising Jesus Baby Bear No Clothes No No Look Close It Now One Of My Homegirls Named J Laird Was Like Power Affinity I Think Your Own I Think David Was Alone Buddy Today So I’m Always I Was So Over The Fence All Their Funding To Testify Okay You Go Back To Scripture What Any Go To The Search Yeah Let Me Open It And So You Did Not Maybe So You Did Let Me Stay In Furthermore This But It’s Not About It’s About The Whole Night A What The Book Can Do For You In Scripture If You Apply It So I’m Sorry Older Bro You Don’t See In A Lot Of Churches Were Scared To Death Bro Yeah That’s Why I Was Going That’s Why I Asked You To Give You My Testimony Yeah So I Received You Know Faithfulness Of Other Service Of The Gospel That Kept Me From Benevolences From Prayer From Lifting Up With With With Situations And Everything What Is Learned Well Ma’am I Can’t Scare People You Don’t Going Good That’s What We Do Yeah I Do I Might Judge A Vehicle A Car Being Cadet Your Driver You Know Inside It Yeah No Is This What We Are Prejudices Yeah Yeah That’s Also My Asking Man Did Like My Did It Hinder Your Ministry Opportunities Of Pastors Not Wanting You To Come Because The Image Was Just Too Wild At The Time You Know Oh Yes It Very Well Hindered Money And The Name As Well What About The Name Yeah Mofo Just Because Like I’m Still Holding On So We’re Yeah Yeah If The Hold On The Business Let Me Actually This Room She Goes How Long I’ve Been Doing Miss You Yeah It’s Been A Couple Years Now And It’s Been Almost Four Years Yeah Oh Here Prank God Man Four Years You Know So A Lot Of People Are Just Now Finding Out About Me But I’ve Been Doing This Yeah And This Was Back Since May Of You Know I’m Seeing So It’s Like Like It’s A Blessing To See My Growth From Secular From Popping That Pistol From Cooking Up Dope In Front Of My Son’s Phone From Heaven Strippers Around Them From From From Doing All The Stuff I Was Doing From Him Come To Visit Me In Prison In Jails And Everything To Be Becoming A Christian But Still Act In Another Way No Ending It Do The Processes Until We’re On That Now You’re Homesick A My Son Adores Me Man I Got A Friend I Got A Friend I’m Not Going To Say His Name He Almost Had A Humerus I Don’t Know If He’s Watching This He Probably Is I Don’t Care But He’s Kind Of Had A Chip On His Shoulder About The Name Pyrex Like He Didn’t Want It He Didn’t Want To Be A Fair Lady’s I Don’t Want No Song With A Dude Named Pyrex Why Don’t Each And He Would Always Just Always Say Something About The Name Why Can’t He Change The Name And Stuff So I Mentioned It To Him Today I Was Like Hey Man You May Be You May Be Happy Man Pyrex Change The Name And Punch And Pyrex Lost The Name And He’s Going As His Birth Name And He Said Uh He Said That Shows A Lot Of Maturity And I’m Saying Him Saying We Could Look At Him With A Microscope Who Is This Dude But It’s A Bunch Of That Dude Out There It’s Many Of Them Because I’ve Heard That I’ve Heard That Billion Of It Yes Millions Of People That Spoke On Pyrex Why I Kept It Why Still Got The Main Pirates Rope Irish Music It’s A Seizures For This Man Yeah No Yeah Bro I Really Don’t Care What Anybody Got To See It Me To Be Honest Your Home The One I Never Pointed To Figure Out Nobody I’ve Never Done That I Always Said Me Man This Is What I Was Doing In My Life And This Where It Got Me This Where It Took Me This What I Had To Go Through This Is How I Lost My Wife This Is How This And If You Continue Doing What I Was Going That You Might Get The Same Results So I Never Pointed So I Would Never Say Man He Should Do This I Could Never Do With Nobody You Know The Scene That’s Got The Name Hurry To Attract They Gotta Swim It They’re Not Trying To Reach Somebody You’re Only Trying To Preach To The Choir Yeah You Know I Should Be But He Got That’s Cool Man I’m Glad That You See Maturity Meant You Know This Allah Predates Might Need To Be Going On In Your Life Yeah You Don’t Think That’s What I’m Doing Now It’s All About Dosa Mcsweeney Ministries It’s A Breakdown Of Joseph Maternity Why Look At Him He’s Joseph Mcsweeney Jr. Is Him Saying He’s Not Pirates Junior He His Own Name Is Young Saying He Is What He Is So It’s A Whole Breakdown For Malik On Me Swinging From Ansley Mcsweeney It’s A Whole Thing Not Just Pyrex Pirates Was A Good Utensil To Use Showed Up They Man I’m Saying I Didn’t Raise My Pass I Kept My Past I Didn’t Trace It You Come Seen Dinner For My Pad Where I Was In My Life Before I Was Introduced To Go Scooby There Quality Right And This Is My Light Now Since I Accepted Them And This Is Where I’m At His Energy Is For Me I Got A Fuck Out Of I’ve Got Another Friend With A Similar Testimony Man He Was Doing Secular Out Locally Man He Was Huge – It’s A Rapper By The Name Of See Now And He Gave His Life To Christ Started Doing Gospel Music And Churches Would Treat Him The Same Way Powerful Testimony Man Churches Would Treat Him The Same Way Because If They Googled His Name See Now They Would Find All The Secular Music And They Didn’t Want Their Youth To Be Finding His Secular Music Right And And Even With The Name Like Now We Don’t Need To Promote A Guy Named See Now So Just Looking At His Situation He Changed His Name To Go By His God-given Name Authority So Now He Finally Did That But He Did Get That Discrimination And Those You Know Protect Your Flight We’re Trying To Protect Our Youth And Stuff Like That So They Won’t Find His Older Music So That’s How So To Me To Be On This Row A Lot Of People Speak On What This Is God’s Ministry And You Know A Lot Of Churches You Know That This Is Not My Ministries Of God Ministry All Right Whatever You Say A Little Bit You Can Check Ya Know When You Gotta See This And That Yeah Oh Yeah Something That’s Written To Your First And Last Name So You Can Do Your Nonprofit In Your Text And Your Pastor Then You Got Going On So A Lot Of Ministry Has Pushed Me Away I Always Close To Saying Screw You Know About A Lot Of Gospel And Christian Stuff Mm See Cuz Beat Me Just I Just Don’t Want To Curse On My Music I Just Don’t Want To Promote Southern Crack I Don’t Want To Do Those Things No More Because I Have Eyes Like You’re Healing Oh I Got To Square Up You Know But The Christian Realm Had Pushed Me Away There Are Many Times I Can’t Tell You How Many People Use My Story To Benefit Themselves And Don’t Even Care About Mandroid Self And Then When I Speak On My Wife And Kids And Frustration And Think Oh Here’s A Little Check What They Get Respect In A Bigger Check You Zooms In And It’s Cleans Because I Don’t Want To Base Everything Around Money But Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil It’s The People That Use The Money And How They Apply Is What’s Keep Them Off Really It’s Always Been In The Bible From Gold So To Whatever Man You Know Money’s Gonna Come A Minute From Phone And God Is Gonna Give You What You Need To Have To Get What You Need That What You Want You Know I’m Saying But When You’ve Got This Smart Thing That’s On Your Head Called A Plane And You Actually Use It You Can Do Things With It And That’s What I Learned Then I Learned That I’m Not Worried About What No Church Thinks About Me I’m Not No Worried About About What The Streets Think To Me You Know I’m Seeing Oh Yeah Some Of The Motion Yeah So I Mean Some Of The Most Powerful People In The I Guess We I Guess I Would Call The Underground Christian Hip-hop Community I Can Name Three You Heavy Hitter Three Or Four Heavy Hitters You Brian Seven Aluminate You Guys Keep It Street You Guys Go To The Hood And You’re Embraced And You Can Go Out There And Reach Those Who Aren’t Going To Be You Not It’s Not Like Entertaining At A Youth Group On A Wednesday Night You’re Going To The People Who Are Really Addicted To The People Who Really Need Your Help You Have To Be Strong You Have To Be Strong As A Pastor As A Pastor You Have To Be Strong To Get In Those Environments Man No Saint Because You’re An Idiot If You Don’t Understand That God Is Real And The Devil Does Exist Yeah Then You Got To Miss The Screwed Up Spiritual Warfare Yeah And And It’s A Spiritual Warfare And You Allow Spirits On You And This Is True Yeah This Is Real I Don’t Care What Anybody Say If I Start Dealing With Somebody And All The Problems They Probably Become My Problem Yourself Saying And That’s Real But Guess What I Can’t Solve My Problem Because I’m Solving Your Problems We Need To Solve Our Problems That’s The Problem You See And I Was Doing Too Much You’re All Been Everything Else In That Solving Then Yeah And Getting Burnt Out And Anybody Can Get Burnt Out But I Ain’t Gonna Take That Man Listen Man I Don’t Know If I Ever See For Seven Figures I Don’t Know If I Ever See Whatever I Must See But I Know There’s A Cup Of Chance Man That It Hurts Me From Secular Artist That’s Made It In The Game So Major Christian Hip-hop Artist That’s Made It In The Game And I’m Talking About Mainly Yeah I Am I Am I Am Confused On How Man Or One Of These Major Guys Has Not Picked A Bryan Trejo To Do A Record For Each Records Are Picked Up Pyrex To Do A Record For Or Whatever Are Picked Up Seven To Do A Record With Him In A Video And Every Do You Know If Macray Do A Song With Bryan Trejo His Ministry Would Go To Because It’s Ministry Already Up It Same Thing With Seven Same Thing With Aluminate Guess What It Would Illuminate If Kriegers Song In Illuminate Man His Whole Finances Everything He’s Got Going On For His Life And His Family Kids And Everything That Has Now Been Up It’s Been Pushed Up He’s Young Saying All About One Song One Of The Thing They Gonna Take That Much For The Crazy Do Bad Just Like It’s A Heart Race It Could Create This Owner We’re Doing Tuesday You’re Doing Saying It With Me You So It’s Like Stuff Like That Man It Kind Of Frustrates Me Man I’m Saying Bro Like Me Share Your Blessing Man Yeah You Are Taking This That’s One Thing I Notice I’m Gonna Say This Like I Thought Up Like I’m With You I’m With You On Everything About Being Frustrated With The Gospel Music And And If You’re Not Careful That Jump It You Start Looking At Christians Different In General Man You Know I’m Saying If We’re Putting These People In Front Of Jesus Man Don’t Fail Us Every Single Time Yeah But We Have To Say What Was Real In Real Life But If Somebody Says Amen If I Give You A Hundred Thousand What You Gonna Do I Said I’m Gonna Give Young Jc Ten Thousand He Says What I Said I’m Gonna Give Young Jc Ten Thousand Dollars And He Was Like So You Already Gonna Give Something From The Blessing You Got I Said That’s Just My Heart Yeah That’s Just Who I Am You See I’m Saying That’s Just That’s Just What I’m A Giver Bro Yeah I Perceive A Blessing And I Bless Nobody I Just Can’t I Just Can’t And That’s Why I Believe That I’m Going To Make It Somewhere In Life And And We’ll Make It Meaning That I’m Going To Make It Easier But This One Right Here This One He’s Not Going To Have To Go Through What I Went Through Never Feel Same Why Because You Got To Respect For Daddy That Loves Him Mm-hmm I Just Like So But Loves Him Oh Yeah Gilzean What Would Outdo What I’ve Seen Is That And This Is The Odd And It’s Really Gotten To Me I’ve Had To Go To God In Prayer With This Many A Day But A Lot Of People In The Gospel Community Christian Hip-hop They’re Scared To Share Their Platform Oh It’s Like Sick It’s Crazy I Think Yeah They Think You’re Going To Take Some Of Their Fan Base Or Take Some Of Our Album Sales Or You Will What You Gonna Do I’ve Seen It In Sickler Yeah I Was Just Hours Behind Somebody Who’s Always A Shadow People Didn’t Want To Put Me On The Forum Because They Take Away For Them Like Either Heat Me You Didn’t Make Any You’ve Been In It Hi Laugh Out Loud Pointing Fingers Like Dang It But But Man That’s Just Because It Wasn’t In A Heart To Give Yeah You Know Some People Go Around And Sugarcoat That They’re A Giver And They Go Do All This Stuff And Actually They’re Just Doing At The Benefit Themselves Yeah Yeah They’re Not Doing It From Their Heart They’re Doing It So That Make Them Look Like They’re A Good Person You’re Something But It’s Like That’s What It Eats You Up Inside It You Relate That’s Why You See So Many Different People Around These Individuals Because You Can’t Hold Now With Your Real Squad Because You’re Like A Where You Lead To No Other Team You Suck So Much Out Of This Relationship So You Run This Person In Bankruptcy And Then You’ll Each Other Somebody Else Because Your Name Is So Deep But You Forget About This Person That Spent All This Time In Ours I’ll Never Forget Youngjae See I’ll Never Forget About It No Doubt Oh Yes My Lord I’m Gonna Always Take Care Of Him No Doubt That’s What I Do That’s A Big Turn-off Man Whenever It’s Harder To Find Unity In The Body Of Christ But You Can Go To The World And Doors Are Open It’s So Tempting Man When You Just Trying To Find Brotherhood And Camaraderie And It’s Supposed To Be In The Church Right It’s Supposed To Be There But Say I Can’t Say You Have Any People Became Atheist No Doubt No Doubt Fitness Did Man Let Me Ask You There Have You Seen That That Video That Went Viral On Facebook And Worldstar About That Black Guy He’s A Preacher And He Was A Pastor He Was In Yeah Yeah Yeah Him All The Time Yeah No Yeah No I Am Was Like A Bro Yo Video Touch Me I Don’t Care What You Believe Is Homeboy Yeah I Don’t None Of That Dog But You Are A Smart Guy I Might Not See You In Heaven But You Are A Smart Guy And You Deserve A Lot You Can See We’re Going To Deserve Number One Thing And That’s Love Your Love Will Stop Angry It Stop To Stop Some Frustration To Stop Everything If I Smiled At You If I You Could Be Mad At Me But Right When I Come See You And Ice Are Smudged And Then They Hold Me Broke Everything They Shall Be Going Yeah I’ve Seen It Happen Man I’ve Seen It Happen Um We Talk About Spiritual Warfare Man You Know We Wrestle Not With Flesh And Blood But Power Powers And Principalities In High Places Man It’s A Lot It’s A Lot Of Stuff Going On Man And To Be Spiritually Discerning Man To Be Able To See That Stuff Man On The Back End Like You Were Saying Jojo Went To A Little Church In The Hood Today I’ve Been To A Lot Of Churches Man And I’m Sure At This Point You Have Two Men And There’s A Lot Of Crazy People Man A Lot Of A Lot Of Them Have Churches Man Some Wild Stuff Going On Virg Different Yeah Basically There’s Always Somebody Ministry If Their Church So They Have To Make It As Best As They Can Make It The More Intended And Entertaining As They Can So They Can Keep People Coming Every Sunday They Can Continue Doing Their Business Or If Not They’re Going To Have To Get A Nine-to-five Yeah Yeah In My Doubt Face What It Is And Some Ministries Are Good Some Ministries Do Teach Outreach As They Matthew 28:19 B20 That’s What Bobby Here And Trade 9 Taught Me And Basically Therefore Go You Know And Make Cycles You Don’t Say Stay Says Go And It Says That Ties The Name Of Father Son Holy Spirit Book It Says Of All Nations And It Tells You To Baptize Um So That Means You’re A Pastor If They’re Receiving Christ And Now You Baptize Them In The Name Of The Father Son Holy Spirit Influence Obey His Command Is That – That’s Right 9r He Is You Know I’m Saying So So So I’ve Learned That And I Learned That There’s A Lot Of Lot Of Harm Churches That Know Once You Can Go Out That’s Crazy They Want You To Come In They Want To Make Pictures A Big Dvd Yeah Like It Sucks Man I Can’t Tell You How Much Good Joel Osteen Does Joe’s Team Does A Lot Of Good Man Oh Man He Um He I Mean He’s So Dead He Helps People He I Mean I Mean There’s Been A Lot Of Things This Guy Has Done But Still In All The Main Thing Is Like Grow Right Across The Street Oh It’s The Hood Project Is Broken Down Onto You Got Atms In Your Church Road Atms In Your Church Row Destroy All That Community Out There And Everybody The Scene In Their Body Was In-house You’ll See Have A Payoff That Will Help Them Because If The Room Starts Because They Can Be In Before Tea Now Because They’re Working For A Living They Don’t Have To Pay A Mortgage Field Because It’s All Paid Off You Don’t Seem Blessed Dad Like Yo Church Around Your Turn Is So Much Light In The Church But It’s Got The Roof On Top Of The Light And The Change Side Yeah So This Big Old Church Is Right Here And All Around It Is Darkness All Around It Is Nothing But A Crime All Around I’ve Seen Money Don’t Change Everything But It So Does Make It Look Up It Showed Us Be Able To Just To A Lot Of To Say Amen She’ll Go Man I Don’t Have The Money To Take Care Of My Kids On The City Having Unprotected Sex I’m City Making Cheese I’m Sitting Doing These Things And I’ve Already Messed Up My Done Day So Now I Repent It From It Or Offensive And I’m Trying To Change But It Don’t Matter Change The Fact That I Got Folk Kids And They All Need Diapers They Already Closed They All Need Food They All In It But I Don’t Think In The Money So I Kinda Sell Those To Get That Whether These Purchase That Make The Money For The Community Start Paying Off These People Built Is Shown The Little Bit Like I Don’t Have To Know You To Bless You You Know Sir When They Start Doing That It’s Going To Be A Lot Easier But A Lot Of People Like Now Man I’m Not Trying To Do That And I’ve Worked Hard To Get Where I’m At Right Now Man I’m Not Give It To You You Don’t See It Because Their Pride Jesus Told The Text Click That Everything You Got Stowed Away And Follow Me Is Because You Go To Edit It Could It Do Yeah I Look I Can’t Do It Man Tell Me Tell Me One Person You Know That Can Really Actually Relate Our Own Thumb Embrace All Day Social Media As Upcoming Artists They Say Yellow Book Did It I Knew Nothing About The Other Book There He Races Instrumental But Guess What He’s Already A Hundred Thousand Million Dollars Hype Kappa You’ll See But What About Somebody Like Me What About Somebody Got 50,000 Followers Here 20,000 All Over Here Another 20,000 On Facebook Another 12 12,000 On Pages You Know Snapchatting And Everything That I Got Going On You Don’t Say I Need Those There Oh You Got Finances Up Doing That Bro You Erase All This Stuff That’s How You Get Your Music So That’s How You Get Featured That’s How You Get Through A New York And Now This Net I’m Like Going Broke God’s Gonna Be All That To Me Man Nah Man Baby Now Watch And I Can’t Tell You How Many People Come On Check Me Wanted To Buy My Page Yeah I’ma Go Don’t See I Can’t Do That Man That’s Not What It Was About That’s Not The Vision That I Received Yeah The Vision Of A Social Meaning That God Be Your Instagram Your Twitter And Your Facebook You’ll See I Do One Thing And One Thing Only Builds Your Web Page Bill Joe Ministry Builds Your Nonprofit That’s All You Need To I Can’t Tell You How Many Millionaires That I’ve Met Just In One Week At Starbucks If They Don’t Even Have Instagram Or Nothing Oh Yeah They Applied A Month Yeah So What’d They Do You Know I’m Saying I Got To Apply My Mind Bro I’m Plying Too Much Of My Mind On Social Outlets I Can’t Do That I Understand My Friend Well You One Person Like Know One Person Might Know One Person And Your Selfies Reaches So Many People Out This Month If It’s Reaching Them They’re Gonna Reach Back Out To Me It’s Me Giving Them Love They’re Going To Give It Back To Me By Coming To My Webpage You Continue To Support Yeah Now Where The Real Is Act Now I Pick The Regards That You Want You Want Me To Get Negative People Around You Delete All Your Stuff You’re Right See People That June Be Around You You’re Definitely Right Definitely Right Man It’s A Bold Movement And I Applaud You For Doing It Man Whatever The Lord Tells Gonna Do Brother Because I Flicked My Screen Over The Touch The App And The F Ain’t Here No More No You Know Say And I Didn’t Do It Just Ask Any Of Any Of My People Man I Did Not Erase Myself In Say Yeah I Did It Within 24 Hours Every Single Thing 24 Hours Man I Don’t Want I Don’t Want Satan To Combat Me And Try To Miss Some What I Got Going On And I Say Eat Your Stuff Back Man Romero’s Create Some Type Of Thing You Can Just Mr. Prenta Bank Okay Like A Man Well This Was Just A Fast For Me This Is Not Broke This Is Real Life And I Don’t Want Nothing But I Might Be Back On Twitter Again Or An Instagram Again But It Won’t Be Me It’ll Be A Ministry It’ll Be Exactly That In The Ministry Is Going To Build The Numbers And The Fans And Everything In The My Um I Only Get 100 Followers It’s Dem 100 People That Need It The Most There Are 44,000 Yo He’s 14 Let’s Say Disciple In The Nations Man Through This You I’m Saying Through The Social Media Through The Internet Man This Is What It’s All About It’s Gonna Be Archives I Already Talked To I Talked To Jay Roach By Putting On Your Page And Put It On Your Youtube As Well We Go Out Here Bro Not Yes Go Out There Bro We Need To Do This Every Week Bro You Don’t See Me And You We Just Need To Come On Here Every Week Broke And Pick A Topic And How We Could Apply It Or Not Lie Predominant And Have Some Accountability For That Week There Man Like A Pilot Irish Man Go Go You Speak I’ll Open The Bible And Pray Oh Have You Got In The Mark Have You Got Adam And You Have You Got In To Do If We Like Well Man Well I Probably Really Haven’t True Seeker Man How About We Do These Scriptures Mark Whatever Whatever And Section Is Intended In I’m Talking About How We Can Apply It And How We Can Give It To Somebody Else This Week And Film Them To Do The Same Thing And It Let It Keep Going Like This Podcast Is Really Smart Bro Yeah Definitely Man Cuz It’s Archived And It Was Good For Me To Like To Answer Questions Like You Were Saying Because I Know With You Know Saying The Numbers That You Had On Social Media Versus The Numbers I Had I Know You’re Getting Messages 92 Nothing Like That People People Get Mad At You For Not Responding People Got These Questions And You Get Like 70 80 Questions A Day You Know Exactly On Instagram Kisuke Maybe That’s The Day But But Like But Like When You Do A Podcast On It Or You Do An Excerpt About This Topic Okay This Is The Excerpt About What Version Of The Bible Should I Read Or See People Commenting About What Version Of The Bible And Stuff So Yes So Instead Of Having This Long Discourse With Them Like A Man We Just Did A Teaching We Just Did A Podcast A Break Down On That Check Out This Video Man It’ll Explain Everything Then That’s It You Don’t Have To Give Them In An Hour You Know Sam So I Want People Know A Lot Of People Have Been Asking Like A Bro Can I Call You High Ridge Steel I Don’t Care What Your It’s About Me Yeah Department I Got People Call I Got Just Called Me A Rich Copy Fire Rich Man I Don’t Care About Any Of That It’s All In Here It’s What I’m Trying To Tell Y’all This What I’m Trying To Teach Out It’s All About Here Not A Name If The Choices You Make Yeah That’s What It’s At And That’s All It Was A Choice That I Make That I Don’t Want To Promote A Name I Don’t Want To Do Nothing I Put It Through Joseph And Guess What I Wanted I Wanted As Much As Possible Put Jesus In The Forefront To Make Him Famous It’s Done Singing But Still Be Centered With My Family And What My Kids Going Through In School In The People That He’s Touching Nice Talking To You Know Say Jojo Man He’s A Little Old Man He’s He’s A Handful Man The Hurricane Yeah Man He So So He Tell Me That A Little Girl Was You Know One Of The Kisser And He Was Like Nah Man I Might Tell My Daddy Man Like You Know I’ll Play That Yeah He Don’t Need To Focus On Them You Don’t Need To Worry About That You Know I’m Seeing It Like This Gonna Be Too Much A 15 Years Old You Don’t See What Needs To Be Done Is They Need To Be Telling Their Parents You Know I’m Saying About They Look Girl Want To Kiss A Guy Another Boy Like That’s Fast Stuff Man That’s Why I Started Sleeping When I Was 14 Years Old And Having A Child When I Was 16 Man Having Jojo When His Mom Was 17 Then You Know I’m Saying Like Come On Man We Got The Gumption Liver House Man It’s Trying Too Hard To Live Your Life When We Have The Child At Age Yep Your Life Is Not Your Own Um We Got We Got Some People On The Phone Lines We’re Going To Jump To Those Calls And Everybody Watching If You Need Prayer The Phone Lines Are Open For Prayer In The Chat Room If You Guys Need Prayer Just Let Us Know It’s Definitely What We’re Here For We’re Making Ourselves Available The Number Is In The Description On Facebook Youtube All Those Places But I’ll Really Out For You The Number Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four Call That Number It’s Rolling Across The Bottom Of The Screen Pin Call Idea 78640 Three Pound Pin Numbers One Call In It’ll Put You In Queue If You Guys Need Prayer Or You Just Want To Ask Pyrex A Question You Know Phone Lines Are Open Let’s Do That So The Question To Me And If Anybody Would Answer A Ten-year-old Anything Yeah Right Joe Joe Is Available For Questions All Right So We Got Somebody Who’s Been On The Phone For A While I Don’t Know If They Have Just Been Listening In Or They Had A Question Or Something Like That So We Got A Caller In Panhandle Of Florida Caller What’s Going On You On They’re All Online Is Je From Also Takes Woman Because It’s Cold I’m Gonna Be Down There Nh Can Come Visit Y’all Maximilien Come And Visit Me And Uh In The Unit Man That’s How I Got Turned On To You It’s My Boy Mac Or The Man You Know I Didn’t Wanna Let You Know Man Or Whatever It Is You Do With That You Guess Me Inspired A Lot Of Us Out Here Man You Know There’s A Blessing Be Ever Since We Were God’s Doing It For Life Can You Hear Me Yes Hey Q Can You Hear Me Yeah I Can Hear You Bro Yes Well Yeah So Uh Here What I Pen Yeah I Just Heard You Man Hey Are You Going To Come Down Here This Weekend For The Video Shoot With Me And Max Yeah Yeah Yeah I’m Familiar Family Um Shoot Yo Name To Troop Secret Right Here Derek So I’ll Be Able To Have It Bro But This League Friday Program I Got That Friday Listen Okay I’m Gonna Be There For The Video Shoot – Now I’m Gonna Be Saying When That Cat Is House Matching My Partner Man He Coming In Sir To Me And He Came And Ministered To Me In The Unit Man And Uh What I Was Saying Is You’re Not The Apology For Little I Didn’t Know You Would Abn And All That There But You Know God Is Moving In And He’s Gonna An Army Man He’s Blazing Him Up You Know I Mean But I’ve Been I’ve Been Down Here Teaching It And You Know What You Were Saying About How It Don’t Really Matter What The World Looks At And What The World Can Say About You But The Inside And What You Do And What Your Heart Is Is What God Sees When You Give It To Him You Know By The World Standards When I’m Down Here Teaching At A Christian Academy But I Got Five Years In The Penitentiary Had My First Kid When I Was 14 It On My Own Since I Was 12 And I’m Down Here Teaching These Kids About Their Love Of Jesus Christ Man You Know I Had To Come Back In Kansas City And It Would You Want Know I Had Another Mentor Lost You Know Anything But Ain’t No Through Those Trials Do You Believe If You Would Have Had That You Would Be A Different Person Today Then I Believe God Used Anything Get To Me God Loved Me So Far And So Hard That He Reached Into The Pit Of Hell Grabbed Me By The Neck From My Neck Drug Me Out That’s What I Believe Okay Glory Man That’s Awesome We Stay Focused You Stay Focused Baby Straight Up Man God Bless You Bro But Awesome Brother Praise God But I Love You Man I Love You Too Man I See This Weekend Bro Not Yahoo You Got It Back Yes That’s What’s Up Man Fruits Of The Labor Right There Man God Is Good Man Yes That Daddy Get Chills Man God Reached Down To The Pits Of The Hill Because Because He Loved That Brother Went Out And Found Him Way Was That And Guess What Max Shoutout Max Max Is My Brother Man Um He’s Doing Hebrews Crystal You Know He Did Prison Time I Did Prison Time You Know I’m Saying Like We Need Those Stuff Man There’s A Lot Of People That’s A Lot Of Tablet Compressor A Lot Has Been Wasted Away By A Choice Not Saying God I Don’t Love Him Someone Not Saying That God Ain’t Forgive Us But It’s Saying That This Would Have Seen What It’s Saying Can You Give Me What Is In That God Says This Say You Killed Somebody Or Say Somebody Melissa Somebody Or Say Somebody Robbed Somebody They Go To Jail They Answer We Getting This From God God’s Like This Open Hands Open Arms Here You Go Guess What God’s Saying Like This Event Are You Confessing This To Me Are You Repent From This It’s To Everything You Can Confess Your Sin That God Is Still Committed No Or You Can’t Repent From God And Turn From It Yourself In So That’s What It Is Now I Didn’t Say I To Shot Somebody Five They Did I Can’t Bring Them Back I’m Being Judged Now God Said I Say God Please Forgive Me For My Sins Forgive Me For Killing This God Forgive Me For Taking Away On Somebody’s Father Somebody Touch That Somebody’s Whatever Do Something Please Forgive Me God Knows How Hardly I Forgiving God Says Look I’m Going To Be With You Now You Got To Deal With Your Transgressions But Doing Seeing You See I’m Seeing And It Might Spend The Rest Of Your Life In Prison Now But I’m Going To Be There With You I’m Going To Walk It Rich When You Can’t Walk I’ma Pick You Up Like That Like The Little Picture Of The Two Son You Know See No Matter Who Good Person Is Saying That’s How It’s Going Beat It Sucks But It’s The Transgressions We Got To Deal With Men And That’s With Anything And We Do You Are Forgiven If You Repent In Your Turn But If You Confess Yeah God Can’t Walk With Jonah Mm-hmm Straight Up Man We Got Some Prayer Requests Coming In Via Messenger As Well That’s What’s Up I’m Gonna Take The Next Caller The Next Color We Have Is In Florida As Well Caller What’s Going On You On Air Who’s This Yeah A Little My Name Is Go Mingle Shalom Brother How You Doing How Y’all Doing What’s Up Brother Be Good Man How Are You I’m Good Man I Was Just Calling For A Very Quick Of Them I Don’t See Your Story Man I’ve Seen A Lot Of You That I Know Manages Nothing That’s Going On Normally I’m I Say It Muggy But Regionally I Was Raising Four Miles Man So I Don’t Want Failure Chris Because Right Now I’d Talk Too Much I See And I Don’t Talk To My Cold Bastard And We’re Praying Man I’m Trying To I Want God To Leave Me Man He Get To The Point Where I Want To Do Jail And She Crazy Man She Could I Ground Homeboys I Didn’t Like Though I Got Friended Phone Incented That Ain’t Supposed To But You Know The Only Thing We Can Give Is Love Love One Another Vote And Then What My Pastor Told Me He Told Me That You See Tony Look Meat On Definitely Jeremiah Chapter 1 Verse 4 Through 10 In Wood He’s Got A Diamond Give You The Word To Speaking And I Just Asked For Praying Man Because I Know God Is Reading So After They Don’t Come Contraband Quest Alright Well Right Now Let’s Lift Wish It What’s Your Full Name Brother Don’t Engels S1 All Right So Domingo Right Yeah All Right So Let’s Do This Right Now Lord Jesus Right Now On The Lift My Brother Up Domingo God Right Now I Ask You I Ask You To Please Forgive Us Of Our Sins God Please Forgive Us From What We’ve Been Doing In Our Life To Help Us Get Over That God And Help Us Be Lifted From That Spirit And Help Us Continue To Grow So Whatever My Brother Domingo May Be Doing Maybe Behind Closed Doors Maybe Whatever Is Having This Life I Ask You Right Now But I Ask You To Help To Help Me Get Do It To Help Them Understand It To Help Me Get Past Whatever You Got Going On So He Can Grow So We Can All The Way Growth Turn From It So We Can Grow God We Ask You To Help Him Getting To Be Doing Prison Ministry So He Can Touch The Brothers Said That Needed To Be Touched From His Ministry From His Testimony And Everything He Got Going On You Say I’m Saying God I Want You To Understand That That Domingo Is A Brother Like Anybody Else And I Want Him To Understand That He Can Talk To You God He Could Talk To You As A Friend As He Talking To Pyrex And He’s Talking To Derek God I Want You To Help Him Bless Him Could Have Coveted Over His Life And Have Been Just Your Wings Of Protection Over Him And Everything He’s Got Going On God Because We Know That Satan And His Demonic Ways Is Here This Field Can Destroy God And We Know That Things Is Going To Happen And We Want To Continue To Be Strong For The Mikko And Domingo To Be Strong For Himself In His Family God We Ask We Ask You Right Now In The Name Of Your Son Jesus Christ On Him To Have A Awakening With His Pastor And It’s Co-pastors So He Can Be Able To Get Where He Needs To Go There But He Could Be Able To Be Huge As The Utensil For What He Needs To Be Used And Not Have All His Time I’m Focused On Something Else When He Can’t Grow It’s Like A Flower In The Shade You Can’t Grow You Need To Grow We Need To Like So Whatever He’s Got God I Asked You To Give Him That I Actually Should I Ask You To Reveal It And Let Him Be The Best Man He Can Be God And We Love You And We Thank You We Thank You For Waking Us Up Oh Lord We Thank You For Giving Us The Opportunity We Thank You For This Internet It’s Podcast And We Thank You For Daring But By Just Listening To You We Love You Dumb God We Love Domingo We Want To Continue Supporting Him We’re Going To Get Bottom Over Here We Can Get It Numbers Emails Man And We Just Going To Continue Worshiping You God And We Praise Your Son Jesus Christ Name Amen Amen Listening To All The Way Or Not Beside Me Say Them Hey We Shot Out So Why Do Was So White You Know I Saw The Man Up This High Go Ahead Look Get Out Of Things You Know You Doing Some Good In My Name Is Good Man Because A Lot Of People Don’t Reach Out To You You Know In The Hood Oh Buddy Reach Out To The People Out There You Know In The Tree Bow What’s The Reason I Want To Do That You Know Yes Straight Up Straight Up And That’s Today And That’s Real And It’s Real And You Got It Broke Yeah I Don’t Want You To Put It On Nobody In Front Of Jesus Though That’s Where I Messed Up Man And I Put All These Guys That I Yeah I Put I Put Too Much On These Guys Man With Man’s Don’t Think Every Time Man Hey Brother Then Call The Megan I’m Saying Get Plugged In To Let Us Know What Happens Brother If You Got A Ministry And You Guys Are Looking For People To Get Plugged In Let Us Know We’ll Give You Guys A Plug On Here Dude To This I Mean There’s A Whole Bunch Of People Who Just Are Looking To Get Plugged In Man So Follow Are You Guys If I’m Making A Bunch Of Noise Man My Phone Bout The Day I’m Trying To Put It On Charger All Right Domingo Thank You For Calling Us What’s Up Man God Is Good We Got A Good And Then The Crazy Thing Is Bro That’s Just One Person Man And I Believe That’s All They Need To Take It’s Just Reaching To One Person No Lilies But It Meant But Somebody Like Myself To Reach Out To Him And Then Guess What He’s Gonna Do The Same Thing And In That Person Same Thing Is I’m Telling You It’s A Domino Thick And Everything How You Think Starbucks Got To Where It’s A Domino Pay Yeah From Saying How I Super Bow So So Pop In Domino Effect Everybody’s Talking About It They Consistent They Do It Every Year Oh We Got To Do It We Got To Continue I’m Telling You Both Yeah We Got Through This Every Sunday Bro Every Sunday Something Needs To Take Place From And It Might Only Reach Three People That Sunday But Guess What I’m Not Trying I’m Real Serious When It Comes To Not Telling People’s Names Yeah But I Got Somebody Man That That Witnessed Me Give Up My Website And I Put On My On My Webpage I’m Gonna Give Up My Social Media And I Put On My Webpage Do You Need Prayer Do You Need Advice Well I Started Getting All These Emails One Guy Says That It Was A Decision That Was Made And His Love 15 Your Brother Took His Mama’s Car In Left And Never Came Back He Got Killed In The Car Accident So Now I Got This Cat That Basically You Know To The Point Where He Wants To Commit Suicide Type Stuff You Know I’m Seeing In My Nightie Being Suicide As In Killing Yourself But It’s Suiciding To Bring Because You’re Blaming Yourself For A Choice That Your Little Brothers Still Had To Make You Know I’m Seeing He Had To Get Behind That Wheel And Go And Drive And Go You Some Sin And I Had To I Had To Talk To Him For A Long Time And Let Him Know Like Both God Loves You Mo And There’s A Reason Why Everything Man Don’t Worry About That Man Don’t You Know And It’s Just A Lot If People Need This Left They Need This I Believe It Yeah Exactly I’m Enjoying The Fellowship Myself Man Yeah Um We Have A Prayer Request For Somebody On Facebook This Is From Brother Christopher Says That His Special Lady Has Been Dealing With Bulimia For Ten Years And He’s Praying For Her For Victory It’s Gotten Very Serious He’s Using A Lot Of His Energy With Her And He Prepped A Good Prayer Would Be Much Appreciated God Bless This Is No Problem Well Now Whether They Listen And Lack Um I Want To Talk About Diseases Real Quick Who Brought Diseases Into This World Stand Available The Phone Yeah It’s The Fall Is Everything They Brought Deborah Disease In This World So Let’s Continue To Notice It’s Good Its Water And If You Believe It Because You’re Asking For Prayer So That Means You Believe In The Son You Said I’m Saying That Means You Believe In The Father You Believe In The Holy Spirit Because Prayer Works Um People Say That And If You Use Jesus Christ Name You Can Arm Cast Demons Out And Home All Type Of Stuff I’m T Something Man Don’t Be Angry At God When Basically That Diseases Kills That Body Because Cancer Killed My Mother And I Know About That I Know How Hurtful It Can Be I Know About Not Having Somebody Behind The Disease That They Did Ask To Have You Tell Them Sam So When That Time Comes Be Grateful No I’m Saying Be Audibly Grateful And Thank You For The Man Because You’re Gonna Be Able To See This Person In The Heaven You Say I’m Saying And You Got To Have That Faith Man And Because Death Can Be A Page-turner For You Death Can Can Can Can It Can Hurt You A Lot You Got To Be Strong Because Everything Starts Right Here Every Design Every Disc Rod Cast To Started From Somebody Thinking About It You Film Saying Everything Is Man So Right Now Bro Get Me What’s Her Name Um Does He Get The Name Well He Didn’t Say It I Don’t If I Forgot A Role Every Day Christopher Alright So Right Now God We Just Want To Lift Up On Christopher And His Wife Especially His Wife But Also Christopher Because It’s Time And Energy And Everything Is Going In It Right Now We We Rebuke That Stay Inside Else And The Day That We We Rebuke You God The Disease And Everything Is Going On God Because I Know That This Prayer That I’m Telling You God You Already Know It I Don’t Even Have To Tell You So I Stutter Because I Try To Figure Out The Words To Say To Maybe For You To Hear It But I Know You Already Know The Words That Start To Come Out Of My Mouth So So God Right Now We Asking You You Say When Two Or More Gather Together To Chew In The Myths And Gone Right Now Is The Situation At Hand This Brother Loved His Life And And And This Disease Is Killing Her We Asked You To Bring Life Into This Equation Right Yes You Bring Life Yeah But Maybe Disease Might Not Ever Go Away But We Ask You To Bring The Light That’s Going Into This God We Ask You To Help Them Understand That The Body Deteriorate I Mean The Mind It Irrigates The Body When People God When People Get Aid They They’ve Been Living A Life This Whole Time With Aids To Never Knew That They Had Hiv Then Right When They Get Tested By That They Have A Scar On Sunday Start Dying Also They Start Thinking About It And They Start Deteriorating They Own Body Because Of A Sow’s So We Ask You To For Her Not To Think About Those Thoughts Or Motors Don’t Think About It If She’s Got To Go To The Doctor God So Be Let It Goes If I Can Leave And Go Get Some Ego To Us Go Watch A Movie Go Fellowship Make Love Whatever It Is That You Gave Them God Let Them Be That God We Ask You Right Now At The Head And His Protection Over Them As They Come And Go And Give Brother An Energy Man Here Brother Christmas Of Energy So We Can Keep Pushing God Because It’s Hard On Your Man And We Need Is Help We Love You We Praise You And Your Son Jesus Christ Name Amen Thank You For Healing Lord Amen Amen Dangerous Name Another Way Some What Dude I Want To Hear Some Testimonies From You You Because We’re Talking About They Need To Hear About The Power Of Prayer At The Very Beginning That’s What We’re Talking About What Would Have Been Some Some Situations Obviously Your Life If You Don’t Saying But Would Have Been Some Situation That You’ve Been In That You’ve Seen Where Prayer Totally Changed The Situation Man What’s All Really Good Test Problem I Use Pray A Lot On Everything It’s It’s Been Times Where I Might Lose My All My Stuff I Might Lose Everything I Had And I Answer Pray I I Ask For Help And God Gives Me What I Want But In A Different Manner It Might Be A Good Job But I Got To Work So Hard To Receive It Check You Film Saying But It’s Cool Because I Asked For It Yes I’m Saying So I Mean I’m Trying To Think About I Didn’t I Didn’t Witness People Um I Don’t Witness People Coming To Game Bro And Hip-hop Hoax I Watched I Watch Women Get Involved With The Ministry And Then Monologues And Then Turn Around Get Pro Back In And Now They’re Working They’re Taking Care They Bend Antennas Off The Prayer We Had A Pray Out Of Time Yeah You Know Yeah Yes What’s Up Have You Ever Seen Anybody Come In Full Of Demons Somebody Bug Out On Drugs Couldn’t Look Nobody In The Face Couldn’t Talk To Anybody God Get Ahold Of Them They Come In Three Days Later And They’re A Different Person Have You Seen That I Can Tell You Like This Um Derek Man My Beliefs In That Are Different I Don’t Believe In That All The Way I Believe That You Can’t Cast Out Demons But I Believe The Demon Is Not Demon Demon Its Demon Over Over An Addiction World Whatever It Is Yeah It’s That You Can Be Addicted To Working Out Yeah What I’m Talking About Somebody Who’s Probably You Know Been Aligned Every Time To Mess With The Compromise You’re Talking About Like The Demoniac Word Jesus Came And Cast It Out Just Thinking Out Of Him And Now He’s Totally Different Person You Know I’m Sinking Like I Know What You Talking About I Don’t Affect Some Of It I’ve Never Ever In My Life Ever Witnessed That I’ve Never Seen Somebody Lay On Lay Hands On Somebody And They Start Walking I’ve Never Seen Any Of That I’ve Seen Pastors Try To Stretch Your Leg Out And Make Your Leg Be The Same Length And All That Man I Don’t I Don’t Believe In That I Believe In Getting Over A Fix I Believe Everything’s An Addiction You Know I’m Saying You Can Be You Can Make Jesus An Addiction That’s Healthy Because You’ve Got Good Addictions You Got Bad Addiction Yeah You Know Me But I’ve Never Ever Witnessed Nobody Coming To This I Don’t Have People Come In There And It Was Drunk Yeah And I Laid Hands On Them And We Prayed And They Got Sober And Then They Took Care Of The Offenders You Know I’m Saying That The Spirit Of Diamond They Had Honam Was The Drunk Addiction Of Not Learning How To Control Your Alcohol That They Sell On The Corner Of The Street You Know I’m Seeing So I Mean That’s Just What It Is Man That’s Not Only Type Of Stuff I’ve Ever Seen Gocanada People Fall Out And Got The Eyes Rolling The Baby Head I Even Had A Brother That Was In My Squad Do Some Crazy Stuff Like That Man Again Turn Around Apologize Because He Was Taking I’m Sure Your Oh Yeah So So This Was A Brother That Was Close To Me And I Knew This Guy And So For Him To Do What He Did Yeah I Mean Dude Firm That The Mall He Did Everything I Was Like Man What I Said Wet The Place They Said Man He Was In The Bra Clasp Saying Say He Was I Mean That He Was Talking To Demonic Spirits And All I Said What I Said Let Me Hear This Dude Man And Then You Know We Got To Talking Everything Man And Eventually Came Out Like Bro I Was Searching For Like Tension Bro I Needed All This And I’m Like Come On Bro Why’d You Do That Bro I’ve Been Long God You Got To Reach Out To These Pastors And He’s Deacons And You Need Apologize Man He Helped See To There’s A Lot Of People That Was Playing Because He Was Concerned About You Man And He Was Wasting A Time Ya Know I’ve Been I’ve Been To Jesus I’ve Been In Situations Like That Where People Have Cerebral Palsy And They’ll Take Their Walk Their Walk Read And They’ll Start Walking Through The Church Or Holding The Crutches In The Hand And And Act Like They Got Healed And They Go To They Go To A Lot Of Churches And Do That And It’s People I Know Person I Was Like Man But Why You Well I’m Gonna Tell You Like It Bro This Is This Is Pyrex Joseph Mcsweeney Kwm Whatever You Want To Call Me But I’ve Been In The Streets Yeah I Bit The Slums And The Projects Would They Come Went To Church With Gypsies In A Pocket You Know Slumping Embalming Fluid At At The Concert Smoking Whatever At Concerts Right In There Man Go To Church In Annapolis Is Real Yeah And And And I’ve Seen It With My Own Eyes And I’ve Never Seen Somebody Come With A Bunch Of Demons In Them Yeah I’ve Never Seen It Now I’m Seeing I’ve Never Seen Somebody Coming They Just They Got A Demonic Spirit Over Them Where They Can’t Look At You They Can’t Do Nothing Everybody Lay Hands On It Rebukes The Name They Combined It And They Cast The Demon Out I’ve Never Actually Seen That With God Ii Actually Knew You Seen Your Fan Yeah This Is Yeah I Don’t Know If A Lot Of People Know But This Is One Of Our First Times Actually Talking You Don’t And So You Know All This Is Not A Rough Day You Know Say We’re Saying We’re Still Building So Yeah That’s What’s Up Um Yeah I Don’t I Don’t Think They Know That But Now They Know Yeah I Know That That This Relationship This Is The First Time We Actually Really Just Got To Um Build Better Yeah Mm-hmm I’ve Been I’ve Been Working With You For A While Through J-roc Jamie Yeah I Got A Ma If Y’all Like The Websites They Shall See I Have And Stuff That I Got Going On Jamie Did Build It Jamie Did Take A Lot Of Time A Lot Of Hours A Lot Of Text And A Lot Of Writing A Lot Of Download And A Lot Of Uploading A Lot Of Everything To Be A Websites Man Y’all Need Good Website I Let Already Got Deals You Know I’m Saying To Idea To Go On My My Website Man Zosyn Between The Email Me Man I Connect Some Rhythm Anchors Every Frame That You Have Need Some Type Of Motion We’ve Known Up When We’re Hooking It Up I Think You’re Going In The Right Direction Man Especially With With A Platform Like Youtube And With With The Website Those Are The Two Places That They Kind Of Work Hand-in-hand On And Bro If I Don’t Blow Up Oh Well Oh Well I Don’t Care About That No More Dog I’ve Showed That By Erasing All My Outlets You Know I’m Doing Youtube Videos And Getting 130 Video I Was Dude 30 Arm Views You Know 200 Views It Just Shows Me A Lot I’d Like I Don’t Care About It And Focus On My Son Joke Oh Man I’ma Focus On Him Because He Said That The Age That He Can Turn To A Bad Person You Know He Just Started Doing Bad Stuff So I Got To Be There Man He’s Biting My Nose Growing And I Don’t Even Know Because I’m Too Busy On Instagram Ya Know And I Got To Be There Man I Jenna Dude What What This Social Media Is Doing To Our Generation And Definitely The Generation Under S Man With The Narcissism And Just Being All Up In The Mirror All Upon Light Its It Definitely Is Expensive War Coming Challenges There Is So Much Going On It’s Like Tell Me The Calendar You Know What I Mean Challenge Is Right Big Soldier Challenge Oh It Goes Down Challenge You Know Da Da I’m Just Using It As A As A Reference It To Me Chap And Now You Talk About Someone In Front Of A Beer And What They Doing Ya Know What Are They Doing No I’m Just Talking About The Narcissism That Like All I Got You Telling Me As A Challenge There Me Word Up Man Dr. Hood But Does Our Addiction Be Done Is Is Challenging Your Life To Be A Better Person Today Before Yesterday You’re Working To The Day Before That Yesterday And How Can You Be Better Than What You Would Last Week Feeling Like People Tell Me What You’re Gonna Be Doing 3 To 5 Years Man I Don’t Know Man I Need To Focus On What I’m Doing Next Week So I Can’t Got What I’m Doing The Bottom A Month And I Can’t Figure Out What I Got Going Home People Don’t Know Man I’m Bout To Go To College Me Pat Riggs I’m Not To Go To College Man Guess What It’s Gonna Be On Them Toast Would Make Sweet Padres Can’t Go To College Zeca Joseph Mcsweeney Is Going To College Guess What I’m About To Become A Barber You Know I’m Saying I’ve Been Cutting Hands 15 Plus Years Man Cut Lieutenants Here In Prison Officer Barber I Was Doing I Mean People Know Me From Cutting Here Now I Got People Coming To Me Somebody Came Before I Do This I’m Like A Lot I Like A Bro I Can’t Cuz He Here Right Next I Gotta Do A Podcast And Get On 8 Here I Mean But I Just Need To Run A Broke Underneath Run Your Own Opinion I’m A French You Went To 14 Yo You Understand But Boo Because Guess What I Get To Do I Get To Minister Him Ye Sit Down On Myself No I Get Up To Him I Can Figure Out What He’s Got Going On His Life And Right In And There I Can I Can Find Spirits And Being At The Mill If He’s If He 14 Is Owning Watch The Poem Because Now Foreign Is Accessible You Can Watch It Anywhere When I Was Going Otherwise Said You Had A Fine Vhs Tapes We Try To Speed Your Edge Magazine You Know Stuff Like That Now You Can Anybody Can Your Little 5 6 Year Old Can Have An Iphone And Type In Porn On A On A Google And If They Don’t Have No Restrictions Tour And Gonna Pull Up Yeah So You Know I’d Be Having To Watch What My Son Do You Know This Day You Go On My Phone And My Mom On Television Oh That Man Got Clothes On That Man You Can’t Just Get To The Kitchen Watching None Of That On Myself You Know I’m Saying It Ain’t Happening And I’m Going To Because I Witnessed It I’ve Watched My Daddy Go To Sleep Drunk And Full Of Drugs Man And Pass Out He’s Watching Porn Before You Know What I Masturbate 11 Years Old My Son Is Peeing I Don’t Want Even Him To Think About Nothing Like That What You Even Thinking About Something Like That No Scene You Only Need To Be Thinking About How You’re Gonna Be Beasting In This Factory You Know Saying That He’s Going Right Now Because I Put Them In Boxing You Know Saying Opinion Family Is First Man I Want People Understand That Family Is Your First Ministry Man Family Is First Man I’m About To Get A Banner Made Man Family Is First Man That’s Gonna Be A Ministry Within Us It’s Gonna Be A Branch On The Jw You Know I’m Seeing Family Is First Man If You Consider This Person Your Family You Cook Them First You Know I’m Saying And You Go Know That This Person Puts You First So You’re Gonna Be Able To Decipher Who Needs To Be Around You That’s Right Straight Up Let’s Talk About I Don’t Want To Talk About Let’s Pray I Believe That A Lot Like A Lot Of The Things That We Were Talking About Earlier You Know The Lord Allows You To Go Through Things So That You Can Minister To People Right And The Lord May Show You Things That Get Under Your Skin And Nobody Else May See Those Things Right Whether We’re Talking About The Unity In The Body Of Christ Unity In The Christian Rap Industry Or World Whatever This Is Whatever You Want To Call It And A You Ain’t No You Didn’t I Seen Yeah I Know I Haven’t Been That Ever Seen Ministry Something Ever Yet I Have This Singing And To Be Two Churches Right Next Door To Each Other But They Don’t Even Say Anything Back And This Four Churches On The Corner I Know It’s One Fun One One It’s A Church Home On The Whole Corner Yeah One One Point Just Like There’s A Mcdonald’s And Burger King And Wendy’s In A And A Sonic On The Corner Of The Stoplight It’s The Church Boom Boom Boom Boom Yeah The Sun That Man Is A Businessman It’s A Businessman I See It Man That’s What You Did To Pray Phone You’re Not Making Purchase Business You Know I’m Seeing It Just Said To Be A Ministry Man Whatever You Get Is What You Get Man You Know I’m Saying It’s Whatever You Get Man You Ain’t Got It All Man We Feed Out Of Your Pockets God Tugging At Your Heart To Give Out This And That You Should Imitate It So If He Really Told You Man Look Man Has That Bow Around One Time Man And That’s All You Need To Do And If You Were Supposed To Get $100 Feeling Then You’ll Get Aa Feeling It It’s Not It Be Blessed With That Dollar You Got Ya Straight Out Now There’s A Lot Of People Man Who Won’t Step Up Footing In Churches Because They See All This Stuff Going On Man I Think You Can Certainly But Then A Lot Of Church Folks Can’t Discern It The People In The World They See Right Through It The Church Folks Day Under Like A Hypnotic Spell What They Won’t Even Talk Again Won’t Even Talk First Where It Is About It Comfortable Yeah That’s The Word They’re Comfortable In Their Skin You’re Telling Them What They Want To Hear Mystically Yeah They’re Comfortable They Like To Go To Church On Sunday Translating Eyes They Like To Go To Church On The Wednesday Night And They Like To Do What They Do When They Take Care Of The Business And That’s It You Know I’m Sick I’m Sorry I Got Notifications Popping All On My Screen Right I Think That’s Something When You Go Live People Know You Live But They’re Still Trying To Heat You Up Hey Yeah They Hit Me Up Right Now Yeah Private Messages And Text Messages Ar You Live You Still Live Man Click The Link Yeah We’re Live Man But Yes So Yeah Man Let’s Pray Do Not You Don’t Tell Allah Lead It Off And No Just Anything That We Touched On Tonight Men That We Want To Cover People Struggling Families Man I Want You To Pray For Families Man That’s What I Was Going To Say Brother You Know Saying Families Coming Back Together Spending Time Okay Hopefully Hopefully We Can Have A Follow-up Yet Sunday I’m Open Burned Ahead And All To All The People That They Commented I Prayed Or Are A Tradition We They Get To It Man Know We’ll Catch You Next Sunday And I’m Seeing To It Man I’m Gonna Tell You About Families Come Together I Wasn’t Supposed To Get My Family Back But I Got My Wife Back And My Kids You Know I’m Seeing I’m Opposed To Getting Under That Man My Wife Left Me Man When I Was In Prison You Know I’m Saying I Wife Is Gone Three Four Years Man I Mean It Was Gone Don’t Seen I Mean I Ain’t Have It All I I Got Fake Divorce Me I Other Men Raising My Son Jojo I Mean It Was Just Doing For Me My Man And Now Is It’s Got To Be God Can’t Be Done That’ll Be God Man Straight Up Hey I Want You To Address That In Prayer Man Pray Pray That God Restores Families Man It Do It Man Man Thank You Lord Father God I Thank You For Everybody Who’s Watching This Interview Tonight God Just This Podcast This Session Lord Lord For Every Prayer Request That’s Gone Unheard For The God People Want To Know You Deeper God On A More Intimate Level God I’m Asking You Just To Reveal Yourself To Your People People Who Are Searching Whether It’s Through Drugs Whether It’s Through Alcohol Pornography Perversions Searching Through Many Religions And Questions God And On On Facebook The Internet Just Scrolling Looking For Truths God I’m Asking Father That Truth Will Encounter Them Lord Even Right Now God Touch Them Right There Where They Are Let Them Know That You Love Them Let Them Know That You’ve Been There With Them The Whole Time Jesus I’m Asking You Just To Show Up Right Now Wrap Them And Your Arms Of Love Holy Ghost I’m Asking You To Move Right Now Each And Every Individual Watching This Some May Not Even Know If You’re Real Some People May Doubt You Some People May Be Angry At You But I’m Asking You To Show Up Right Now With Love And Jesus Mighty Name God Touch Them God I’m Asking You To Restore Families Lord God Bring Families Back Together Lord God Just As You Did For Pyrex Lord And You’ve Done For Hundreds Of Thousands Of People God Which You’ve Done In Pyrex Is Life Lord You Can Do In Anybody’s Life Lord So We Thank You For The Power Of The Testimony Lord We Pray For The Christian Rap Community In Our Christian Rap Brothers Lord We’re Asking For Unity God Among Amongst The Brethren Lord That We Have One Mind One Vision One Faith God One Baptism In Christ Lord That You Would Be Head Of All Lord God And That You Would Build Up Mighty Warriors And And Giants Father God To Go Out Within Father Day Arm The Streets In The Inner Cities Lord To Reach Those Who Are Not Going To Step A Foot In Church To Reach Those Who Don’t Want Anything To Do With With Church God Send Them Out There God The Sevens The Brian’s That Illuminates The The Joseph Mcsweeney’s Lord Send Them Out There God I Pray In Jesus Mighty Name Lord We Thank You And Jesus A May God I Want To Add On To This God On That We Love You We Actually Open Our Minds Of God We Ask You To Restore Our Families God Anything That’s Broken Go We Ask You To Help Us Fix Car We Actually Get It Smart Enough So We Can See What We Need To Do To Put Our Family Members Our Spouse’s Needs First So They’ll Back Go And Do The Same Thing For Our Needs God We Ask Your Source Family We Actually Restore On Child Support Relationships Including Myself And My 14 Year Old Daughter I Store God Right Now God Is Somebody Right Now That’s Tuning In God Their Needs The Opportunity Of Their Son Jesus Christ Is Lord And Right Now We’re Going To Give That God And I Just Actually Be With Me As I Say The Scale On Which With Everybody That’s Listening God And I’m So If You’re Tuned In I Want To Just Just If You Want To Accept Jesus Christ As Your Going To Say Right Now Just Like I Do Just Like My Brother Derek Did A Lot Of My Brothers Get Caught On The Arm Right Now Just Repeat After Me And Accept Them Right In There And As Romans I Mean Romans 10:9 Consensus In The Prayer And We’re Just Going To Do With God And We’re Just Answer Knowing It And Right Now I Just Want You To Say Your Name And And Just I’m Gonna Just Start With I And Then You Fill In The Blank And Um I Just Want You To Just Attend You Going So I Admit That I’m A Sinner I Believe It’s The Son Jesus Christ Came To This Earth To Bleed Like Us To Breathe Like Us To Go Through Temptation Like Us God I Know So Many People That Need To Hear This So Many People That Need To Hear This Listen I Admit That I’m A Sinner Remembered I’m A Sinner And I Believe And I Believe That Jesus Christ That Jesus Christ Came To This Earth Came To This Earth Died On The Cross For My Sins And Died On The Cross For My Sins Was Buried In The Tomb Was Buried In The Tomb Beat Death Beat Death After Three Days After Three Days And Went To Heaven And Went To Heaven Promising Promising They Come Back To Come Back One Day One Day God Done I Confess I Confess With My Mouth With My Mouth It’s Your Son Jesus Christ That Your Son Jesus Christ Is Lord It’s Lord I Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You In Jesus Name In Jesus Name Amen Amen Now God But Right Now But We Just We Just Want You To Be With This Podcast We Want You To Anoint This Podcast So We Be Able To Touch Many Many Lives And Have People That That Don’t Go They Don’t Go To Church They Don’t On They They Might Smoke To It And They Lazy And It’s Sitting Up On Their Chairs And They’re Just Watching This Podcast We’re Giving Them An Opportunity Right Now God To Make A Change In A Life Except Your Son Jesus Christ Right Now Yes Right Where They Are Yeah They Make It Make It St. I Don’t Care What She Was Watching Before You Started Watching This Podcast God Be With Them God Of Anointing God Let Them Understand The Plug In With Us – Let’s Make It Accountability Um Relationship God With This I Can’t God You Know How Many People Just Said The Sinner’s Prayer You Know How Many People Accepted Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Savior You Know The People That Needs To Now Plug In With A Church To Be Baptized In The Name Of The Father Son Holy Spirit You Know That Garden I’m Ask You To Put It On A Heart So They Can’t Do That If Anybody Gets Tuned In Right Now Need To Be Baptized Me And Brother Derek Me Is Going To Set It Up With Y’all Will Plug You In The Church Mary Lou It Will Help You Guys Out All You Have To Do Is Reach Out I Mean We Love You Jesus We Thank You Your Son Mary Think English You Learn Amen Lord And I Thank You God First For Stirring Up People’s Hunger Lord Yes God I’m Asking You To Restore The Joy Of Their Salvation God Those Out There Who Have Grown Weary In Well-doing Lord Who Have Just Been Doing This For Too Long Who’ve Seen The Same Thing Over And Over Again Who’s Lost Faith And In Christians Who’s Lost Faith In Church And Somehow Along The Way Somehow Lost Faith In You I’m Asking You To Restore The Joy Of Their Salvation Let Them Remember Where They Were When You Found Them Jesus Rededication God Amen Lord Bring Them Back To That Place God Where They First Met You Lord Rededicate Two Mystery Were Three Okay And Rededicate Country Life All Need We All Get And Then I’ll Leave And Get Lower Gun A New Day God A New Day Father I Thank You For Your Grace Which Is Sufficient Lord For Anybody Who’s Been Offended And Who’s Been Hurt Anybody Who’s Been Looked Over Right Now God I’m Asking You To Bless Them Lord Touch Them Right Now In This I Just See Jesus Touching You On Your Shoulder He’s Saying I Haven’t Forgot About You Mmm Holy Ghost I Haven’t Forgot About You I Love You I’ve Been With You The Whole Time Embrace Them Jesus Right Now Thank You Lord Glory Glory Glory Amen If That Was You Man I Felt That Let Us Know Man We Want To Plug In With You Guys This Is Real Like A Man Plug In Mary Oh Yeah Yeah This Is Real Man We’re Going To Continue Doing This Man Gehrig Man I Thank You Bro Thank You For This Our Fellowship Man I Got To See A Type Of Brother You Are Bro And I Love It Bro I’m Excited To Be Your Friend I’m Excited To Deal With You I’m Excited To Finally Be Humble With My Ceiling Man And Nobody To Do Man And There’s A Lot Of People It Needs A Lot Of Love Man First Job For 19 Straight Men Brother Thanks So Much For Coming On Sharing Your Story Again And There’s So Much More Building With People Out There Man And A Lot Of People Look Up To You Man Like A.m. And Listen These Aces Not They’re Not Satan Symbolization This Is Where We Represent For Houston Texas Man You Know Say If You Want To Say It’s A Deem Sign And I Mean It’s Your Choice Man What Are You Telling That’s What It Is We’re Telling You What It Is And This Right Here Is Stands For Houston Texas Like Everything Else It’s On Me Here Let Me Show Y’all Something There Can You See That What That Is Anytime That’s It It’s A Time You See That Star There’s A Stein It’s Houston Astros Man Houston Rockets Everything Then Is Dead Man Just So You Know Man So Home Derrick Man I Appreciate The Love Bro I’m Excited That I Can’t Believe How Much Time Page That We Zone You’re Over An Hour It Always Happens Like That Man Someone In Frank Frankfurt Germany Says A Pie Rack Pyrex Is Their Favorite Christian Rapper Man In Germany Man Hey What They Names Um What’s His Name One Here It Just Says Strictly Bg I Don’t Hate Pickin Bg Man Much Love Bro I Appreciate That Man That Means A Lot To Me Email Me Broke This South Bridge Station Says Pray For Paul Wall So We Have A Play On Wrong Man Yeah I’m Praying For Him Man That’s My Brother Man We Talk All The Time Man We Text Each Other Even Through It After The Situation That Happened With Him And That Court Stuff And Him Going To You Know Catching That Case We Here For A Man And It’s Just Exist A Season Meant It Was A Season Of Life Where You Know He Was Getting High And He Was Doing Things And Now You Know He’s Sober Now He Has To Be Show Where He Goes To Jail So It’s The Time Sometimes It Takes That To Grow Up They Take That To Release That And Now You Can Finally See Where Your Money Was Going From What You Had Going On Your Life And How Much Time You Were Spending Getting High That You Wasn’t Doing It With Your Family No I’m Sam You Don’t Want To Spend Time With Your Kids Because You’re Trying To Go Over Here And Do What You Want To Do Because It Pleases The Flesh You Know I’m Seeing But Not Your Kids Comes In Sitting There Like Banggai I Ain’t See That All Daddy Then Come To Practice Or Mama Didn’t Want To Do That You Some Syndrome So That’s What That Man Shout-out To Homie And France Man Straight From Yugi Yeah Um The Guy From Germany’s Name Is He Wants You To Know His Name Is Emmanuel Emmanuel I Like That God With Us That’s What That Meant I Don’t Know If You Know That My Identity God With Us You Write Up A Manual Appreciate The Love Bro Everybody Thank You Guys Holding Us Down In The Chat Room Everybody Who Called In And You Know If You Guys Wasn’t Here Then It Kind Of Be Pointless So Thank You Guys For Holding Us Down Alive And Hey You Know He Held You To Make Sure You Follow The Channels Man It’ll Be On You Too And They Gonna Be Able To Watch This Man And Get A Blessing Amen That’s What’s Up That’s What’s So Awesome About Prayer Pyrex Is What What I’ve Seen Is Like Now I Know Like We See People Like Benny Hinn And Joel Awesome Stuff Like That When They Record Stuff And It Goes Out But I’ve Actually Done These Sessions Man And Pray For People And Other People Are Watching It Five Days From Now They Watch It And The Lord Touches Them When I’m Praying For Somebody Else Or That Word That Was Spoken Was For Them But They Seen It Five Days Later That’s What’s Awesome About You Know Actually Being Able To Archive You Know These Sessions And Being Able To Pray For People To Voice Out Of Harm That’s Awesome God But Before I Get Up Off This On Podcast Man Which Say What’s Up To My Family Hey Everybody That’s Malachi Hey Boy Oh Hey Happy Baby Look Just Like Daddy Hey Hey Oh So Cute First Man Selling My Wife Man Where She Is She Is Shit On My Wife Man Shoutout Joe Joe Joe Joe All Right Man Look Man I Love You Bro I Love You Brother So I Don’t Know If I Don’t Know If Anybody Caught That But We Do Have A Collab In The Works Me And Powerex Are Working On A Song Together You Guys Better Get That Yeah On Down Man We’re Going To Try To Fit It Up For Tuesday Wednesday Man We Gonna Knock It Out Man What’s Up Peace And Blessings Everybody Thanks For Watching We Love Each And Every One Of You Guys

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