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Creating your dream life is very possible. There are specific keys and techniques that are available for you to bring your dream visions into waking reality.
In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Raana Zia about her new book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life.
It is time for us to seize the moment, turn off autopilot and make a conscious decision to embrace all that God has in store for us. Many things play a role in this factor but as stated one of the biggest things is turning off autopilot. This seems to be a default setting for most people. Millions of americans are finding themselves in adulthood stuck at dead end jobs and feel as if they are only the fuel for someone else’s dream and vision. This is a huge cause for depression because these same Americans have dreams and visions for themselves and their family that consequently seem out of reach. The awesome thing about he NOW moment is that this is where decisions are made; this is where the magic happens. You can tap into the NOW moment by simply being conscious of every situation. It’s easy to just fall into autopilot when the monotony of life seems to just lull us back into disappointment because our dream life seems so far away. This is why we have to manually turn the switch OFF. By entering into prayer and meditations we make a conscious decision to be present in each  moment. This is a place that each one of us can enter into, find rest and create a game plan about our future. A vision without action is merely a dream. Creating goals along the way to fulfilling our dreams is essential. Part of achieving this is understanding the power of manifestations, confession and the power of the spoken word. Speaking positive affirmation over ourselves helps to create an atmosphere of mindfulness and helps us to bring our thoughts captive and into context with creating our desired life. The principles discussed in this episode are universal and God is not respecter of persons. The steps mentioned are able to work for everyone but consistency is key. It is an adventure and the time spent is well worth it.

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Raana Zia | Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life

Raana Zia Your Hidden Light 

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increased synchronicities astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to assume a tremendous pleasure [Music] [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the truth seeker podcasting live a truth seeker calm to the paranormal esoteric and all things spiritual and now your truth seeker what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast I’m excited and delighted to be with you guys again to get into some more discussion about fulfilling our life purpose finding our calling in life and how that we can bring it into manifestation that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on today like I said every time I have a guest on here from many different walks of life I like it to be something tangible that we can actually apply to our lives whether it’s talking about spirituality not as far as conspiracy theories or just belief systems that you know just theories that can’t be proven but something tangible so everybody that I have one here whether we’re talking about some really far-out that’s what Eric mysticism stuff a cultic stuff I would like it to be something that we can apply to our life to to achieve our goals and our dreams to go into the spirit realm pull the the dreams and visions out and to make them manifest so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today following your life’s path finding it and how to achieve it and and there’s practical things that you can do to make this stuff happen I think I’m a living example everything that I’m doing right now it’s been calculated my every move has been a calculated step putting doing something today planting the seed today that I want it to manifest tomorrow you have to water you have to plant the seed you got to fill up the the hard ground sometimes all of this stuff to create the life that you want for yourself and so I talked to friends all the time and they you know they want to do what I’m doing and stuff and they want to go full-time and they have these dreams and stuff but they’re not doing anything today like they’re just it just they just have this fantasy and they don’t put their hands to the plow they’ve already looked back so that doesn’t work out you have to do something so we’re gonna be talking about that a little bit today it’s gonna be a great episode I’m excited about this talk I want to say a quick thank you to everybody supporting my work as always through patreon this show is not does not exist without the help of the patrons so I want to give a quick shout out to some people who have just joined the patreon community here within the last week we’ve got a couple names I want to go ahead and give shots out to Valerie Morrow Quinn I’m gonna give a shout out to Monica been a Vettes I mean some of these names man is so crazy man I can’t I do the worst job pronounced to some of these names Carlos Godin is I think okay and it is this next one I mean dangus kvass it’s crazy man what’s cool is that there’s people who are supporting all over the world that I can’t even pronounce some of these names man this is insane that people are listening to this podcast and they’re finding something that they’re benefiting from from these conversations I’m blown away I really am thank you guys for supporting my work if you want to support what I’m doing head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker there you get access to a bunch of podcasts that that aren’t available they’re private there is my full discography of music which is like 10 plus albums all the new music that I’m working on it’s uploaded straight to patreon before it’s available to the general public so you can support my work by hitting there you guys know that this podcast is free to consume it’s free to listen to but it’s not free to create so my heart just as a huge thank you in gratitude to everybody support in my work thank you guys so much thank you – Christy folks who’s listening now in the chat she just donated right off the back soon as the podcast started thank you so much for that so yeah I’m excited about what’s going on I got a new album new music album release concert everything all that can be found out on the the website true sticker calm also if you support you get access to the school of the Mystics this is something that we’re doing every Thursday night to kind of have a sense of community with the podcast where it’s just not you just show up and listen to the show it’s like this becomes tangible and we have a community and we’re these discussions are carried out further extent in in the school of the Mystics and also we have something that we started this past week which was amazing I was kind of nervous about it but we started a course and of course as a basic training for prophetic ministry and this is about how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you in your lives and we’re going through this eight-week course and we just started last week everything is is recorded so if you want to go back and listen you weren’t able to make that week you can go back and access the archives on patreon as well I’m very excited about that we kind of broke off into pairs after we did the course and the teaching we broke off into pairs and we practice the prophesying over one another practice being able to hear the voice of the Spirit speaking about particular people who we were paired off with and I was kind of nervous because it’s a huge step that’s a huge leap of being able to access that intuition or what the Spirit is saying for someone it’s one thing to do it in the same room in the same location but then when it’s over the phone or over the Internet and this is what everybody was joined together it’s it’s a hurdle that you have to cross but it was crossed very easily and so I was a little nervous going in I’ve done it I’ve already crossed it I’ve seen the power of intention and prayer and stuff like that if somebody across the world and there’s no such thing as space and time so we did it I was blown away everybody received something and was able to contribute it was awesome so Thursday nights at 7 p.m. school of the Mystics head on over to the website to get access to that with that being said huge thank you let’s uh let’s go ahead and jump into the show I got a awesome conversation plan for you guys today my guest Rana Zia did I pronounce it right yes welcome to the show I’m excited to speak with you I’m excited to speak with you too thank you for having me here so we’re talking about manifestation having these dreams and visions or these hopes and goals and we don’t know how to achieve them they’re just kind of like we want to call them pipe dreams I wish I could have been this or you know maybe this dream has passed me up I had these ideas and inspirations when I was a kid but now they’re gone how do we recapture that dream so there’s there’s some practical steps we can take in it all so it’s not just in the physical realm you you actually bring in that the spirituality behind it as well you want to talk a little bit about your new book and where we can get started with this conversation yeah yeah let me give you a little bit of background to give you some context so I do have a book out called your hidden light a personal guide to creating your desired lights they came out in November but my background was never a writer my background has all been in corporate finance so I you know I grew up from an immigrant family Indian immigrant family in the United States went to college and went into the profession of finance so I’ve been in finance on my career climbing the corporate ladder and eventually reached the milestone of becoming a chief financial officer of a billion-dollar retail company now this happened to me in 2012 and when it did happen for me it was everything I ever wanted in terms of my finance career it was a job that moved me from California back to the New York area it was the perfect position and it was all happening a lot sooner than I thought it would happen and back in 2012 there was an inner feeling within me that told me that I actually created this and it came to me exactly how I wanted it because I created it and in that moment I thought to myself oh wow if I can create this and what else could I create you know I there’s something else that I that I really feel like I need to be doing and I need to figure out what that is so this all this journey really started I would say my spiritual journey my seeking journey my truth seeking journey started for me about six years ago and so Wow I was so grateful I mean I can’t tell you how grateful I was for the opportunity this new job new life on the East Coast there was a pulling or calling at my all right I didn’t know what it was but I I was determined to figure out what it was so I went down the path of reading a lot of self-help books going on retreats seminars I was fortunate enough to have a personal coach and I was really really searching for my purpose now at the same time I’ll be honest with you I was looking to enhance my material life I was saying how can I get more do more in this material world and during this time of seeking I was coming across profound pieces of wisdom that rang true for me things that were waking me up to my own personal power concepts like your truth young your thoughts create your reality and as I was pulling you know learning this information I could look back at my own life and say oh yeah that’s how I think I created this or this is why I couldn’t create this mm-hmm I was learning you know all this information I started to feel this sense of I need to pull this all together in one spot I needed to take all of these different pieces of wisdom from different books and different places and put it together in one place where I could reference that I could easily understand and I can go to so I I created the book that I wanted to read I needed someone to just give me the truth straight up no fluff tell me what I need to know and so that was what was coming through me in terms of as I was searching for what am I supposed to be doing or what am I gonna do next I have this creative urge to write that never existed to me at all so I think my point in saying that is you know when you’re looking for your purpose sometimes it comes to you completely unexpected it’s not what you expect to do I was not a writer I was an analytical person yeah so so I know I’m going a little bit long in this story but you know this process has been so interesting to me because when I when I was seeking and I was learning and I was curious how does the world work how am I able to manifest I got steps that made sense but I was also looking for why did these steps work mm-hmm why am i able to do this and so that pushed me into this realization that it’s not just the physical worlds right everything comes from the spiritual world and I have to open myself up more to spirituality and I realized that everything same comes from the empty and so I put this all into this book your hidden light a personal guide to creating your desire with life and it’s really it’s 150 pages it’s a very easy read and it literally is my journey of what I discovered which is true for me as to how I can consistently consciously create what I want in my life that really lives in my heart so that’s been my journey because everybody up like already is consciously creating whether they’re conscious of it or not like the thoughts and the things that they’re entertaining and the things are speaking over their self they’re essentially creating it and it’s really about switching off what I call autopilot I felt like I’ve been on like autopilot for so long just own default just live in life and the choices were like choices that maybe I was just living a life of some choices that other people have made not that I wanted to create and ended up at jobs that I could find just whoever would would hire me those type of things when I had a vision and a passion within and then sometimes I guess with life and going through the hustle and bustle and being on default for so long you kind of lose your dream or you lose that spark and it’s funny that you were saying that you almost essentially got a new vision something totally new came so we always hear about like going back in recapturing the dream that you had when you was a kid like what if what did you always want to do go back and get that but you said there were some new things that were at what that was added to you as well which is really cool one thing there’s a scripture I want to I want to throw in here because I kind of tie everything back to the the Bible that’s just how my mind works um we talked about how early on with like the I guess success in wanting to make it was about you know achieving things and kind of getting the material wealth and stuff like that and that that’s what it is for for like a lot of people there’s a scripture here in Psalm 37:4 this is really going it since delight yourself in the Lord and he would give you the desires of your heart and it’s really cool because like many times people quote that scripture and they think of the mansion they think of the the Rolls Royce or the the dream job or whatever and it’s always these these exoteric outer court things that we want for our flesh to feel good are things that we can add to us but then like the more time we spend with with God with the Divine Presence and going into the spirit realm and living a spiritual life we understand that our desires change and it’s not about what I can like he who dies with the most toys wins it changes from that to like the your desires to add to your life verses peace and joy and sharing that with others and stuff and all of that as part of the big plan so it’s essentially a lot of people they want it for the money but the money is only one aspect of it it’s like everything else comes with it when you have this life that is in pursuit of spiritual riches yeah absolutely I mean I was looking for the material aspect of it and I discovered something far greater which was really you know a deeper sense of the spiritual aspect and how it’s all connected and that’s what made life so exciting for me because when you open yourself up to the world is so much more than what we think it is and that we are so much more empowered and so much more powerful than we think we are and you start testing some of these practices in terms of let me test my own personal power can I create my day can I create this moment right can I create my life and when you realize that you can everything becomes so much more exciting and then world becomes a much more exciting place what is your religious background so my my background is I’m I grew up Muslim okay yeah and my parents are amazing actually you know they get they immigrated here and they really assimilated us to this culture when we came and while my entire family is Muslim they are just wonderful supportive parents and very open-minded and I think I’ve been very fortunate that in this journey where you know I talk about different you know belief system that we are connected to this divine creative force it is not necessarily the standard teaching of the religion so that journey for me you know was a little bit hard knowing that okay I’m going to be pushing you know some buttons here for a lot of people not just of my religion right right for for a lot of religions but I felt really it was really really important to share and it’s not that the book preaches because it doesn’t it just it just provides information to allow people to say it does this ring true for me or not these are truths that ring true and do still ring true for myself and I wanted to put it out there because it’s authentic to who I am and I wanted to create a book like I said which one’s going to remind me every day how to stay on track right and if this could be of service and help to others I love that I love that because it’s been so beneficial to me that’s really cool cuz like just like what what I mentioned at the beginning about having people on that are sharing things that works for them like whatever your story is like what’s working for you let’s talk about it and see if I can apply it to my life and there’s some things that are working for me and let’s talk talk about have other guests on and it’s really cool there’s so many people who are listening they’re you know doing the spirit to work and it’s working for them like everybody’s story it’s very similar because these principles whether you want to call them religious or not they’re like universal laws that are mixed in with the religions as well or lack of or for that matter whether it’s just spirituality in general these universal principles that anyone can do its universal law it’s the law of sowing and reaping seed time and harvest all of this stuff like I was mentioning enough at the beginning and it’s so cool and I like the fact that you put all these little things in one book that were for you I remember having a Bible promise book and it’s just a little book I used to keep in my back pocket and it had all of these different like situations or whatever like if you were depressed or you were struggling with money financially you could pull out this little Bible promise book and it would go directly to these scriptures that had to deal with lack of provision or holding your peace or calamity or storms that are coming in your life and all of these things and it’s really cool to be able to go through and point out these these things that work and and and and that they’re working and stuff so that’s really that’s really cool that you’re bringing that to the table what is some of the the practical things that people can do that you talked about in the book like is it visualization is there breathing is it meditation what are some ones like the key things that work for you that’s kind of like foundational in this yeah no that’s that’s a great question because foundational one of the key practices that I do is meditation because for me the core of being able to consciously create positive things in your life is really about a discipline over yourself right it’s self discipline and it starts with your thoughts right and and to really discipline your thoughts you have to become very aware of your thought pattern and for me the practice of meditation builds up a muscle you know an internal mind muscle where I’m able to get to a neutral place a neutral state in my mind where I can clear our clear out negative thoughts not you know diverge you know all the time towards positive thoughts but get to a clear mind space a neutral mind space and that takes practice and that’s a muscle that you need to that I needed to develop because if I want to consciously create positive things I need to understand where my negative mind is coming in and attacking that right so for the book you know I couldn’t write the book until I had a belief that I was a writer and it took two years to build that belief belief thought that I could actually write the book because intellectually I can say yes I’m going to write a book but when my body is feeling like it doesn’t believe it my mind doesn’t believe it I can’t actually physically take the pen and write so there is some internal you know self-discipline and so conditioning that one needs to do in order to achieve the goal that they set out for themselves and for me I have to take two years to actually build up that belief within myself and meditation really happened help me become aware of when negative thoughts will come in when I would hear the thoughts Ronna you you’re not a writer you know what are people gonna think about you everybody everybody’s doing stuff man and how do you control that that’s self discipline and meditation is it you know it’s such a highly recommended practice these days I mean it’s becoming more and more commonplace you know CEOs are meditating you see it a lot now basketball teams yes athletes right everybody is and there’s a reason because it’s powerful so I would say that that’s a real foundational practice to help help us create that self-discipline like I say if you want to lose weight or you want it like you know a strong physical body you go to the gym and you do that every single day meditation is the gym of your mind and it’s so powerful because if you condition your mind then you can create your life are you well-versed in the Quran at all because I know you grew up with that are you well-versed in that I won’t say I’m well-versed I did read it and I read it through actually in English but I’m not you know I’m not the go-to there other are there any any scriptures or whatever that that talk about like whether it’s meditation or the blessings and stuff like that about like God adding stuff to your life and you know some of those universal principles are they in there too I’m not I’m not versed in it all but when it comes to the the Bible I know it like the back of my hand so I don’t know those scriptures are they there because I know it’s universe I don’t know I know the same principles apply so right it’s and that’s what I OS as a young child looked at every single religion and and knew they were all the same because of the core you know of Islam and at the core of every single religion right it is love right it’s love it’s goodness its generosity its service it’s all of those things and for me those are for the court that’s why I feel like you know we are all one because we all at the core believe the same things right we all want to be happy we all want to be of service we all want to be in value absolutely it’s it’s within the religion and it’s within the Quran let me ask you this so what were some of the like the early things that you that you’ve seen versus I know you said you felt that that inner knowing of I created this and if I did I can create more and I can kind of play with this a little bit like what were some of the like the early things that showed you that your thoughts affected your reality what were some of the uh ha moments or the synchronicities and things like that you know that actually come along with it I just kind of you know I think early on there is some room to play because it’s this it’s just this game that goes on I guess in your mind essentially that shows you that everything is connected that something is responding to the thoughts and frequencies that you’re putting out there what were some of the early things whether you want to call it miracles or or just you know different manifestations that you saw yeah I’m gonna first start with you know something that happened early in my life I was saying in high school that taught me the negative aspect of jealousy so in the book I talked about the power of feelings and how there’s feelings there’s a spectrum right there’s from fear all the way to love and they all vibrate at a different frequency and the closer you get to the love vibration and healing love gratitude the easier it is to create positive things in your life but when you’re stuck down in the negative energies such as fear and jealousy those things actually harm you unless you can you can change that enters the energy harness that energy and focus it into something positive so you know when I and believe me I didn’t really understand any of this for most of my life okay but when I was back in high in high school there was um and I talked about this in the book there was a girl who I wanted to be friends with she lived in my neighborhood and for some reason I you know I could tell that she really didn’t want to be friends with me and so and so anything that ever anything good that ever happened to her right from you know boyfriends – whatever you care about in high school every time somethin good happened to her I would feel a sense of jealousy right she doesn’t deserve that I’m no evacuated ugly and and it was a strong uncomfortable feeling within my body and there was a moment in time where I had created a vision in my head of something that I wanted to happen for myself and it was very clear of what it was and it was very specific right and a specific place and you know it was very clear and I remember being in school in the classroom and watching my vision for myself happened exactly the way I dreamed it up to her and I thought oh my god this can’t be happening this is exactly what was in my mental picture but this is what I wanted for myself and it just happened to her so for me in that moment I thought okay there’s something strange happening here there’s something you know almost metaphysical that created that and I will never forget that moment because that really started to shift the way that I thought about you know this feeling of jealousy I think I then I start to realize this is so detrimental to my own self there’s nobody told me Ryan told me this but I felt it in that moment and so from then on I actually decided to test for myself what happens if something good happens to somebody else and the moment I feel jealousy I force myself to be happy for them even if I know you initially if I tell them I’m happy for you if I speak the words then I’ll start to believe it and I started to consciously from then on anything that I wanted to somebody else received I would go up to them be happy for them and it became a practice and then it became real for me and then I was genuinely happy and as I started to do that and I shifted the energy good things started to happen to me and I knew and I didn’t really know the law of attraction or anything back then but I knew that energetically that by putting out love gratitude a pretty you know these good feelings instead of bad feelings that I would receive something you know I would receive the benefit of that so now with something early on um yeah that’s big that’s really big and I think every I would think that the majority that I mean that’s something everybody deals with and and that’s something that you can realize it’s about knowing thyself right that’s one of the you know the key principles in having a spiritual practice as to know the things that make you tick and being able to discern the feelings and emotions and in the scriptures it talks about like a taking captive every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God so these beautiful thoughts are the knowledge of God the thoughts that he has for you it’s beautiful you can apply it to your life it helps your well-being so anything that’s like contrary to this beauty you gotta take take it captive and you have to cast it out so these thoughts that come through of jealousy of envy of like vengeance or like wishing harm upon someone or something but just a whole jealousy thing like you’re saying you it’s a feeling that comes with that thought that thought pattern was just a thought you think but it comes with the feeling and emotion and you get angry for other people getting blessed like they have blessings and good things happening in their life and you’re getting angry like that’s something you can feel and you can you should be able to cut that off early and that’s definitely like 101 learning how to have gratitude not only for yourself and everything that you have Eve your lack at times you know just to be in that position of where you are walking in an attitude of gratitude but for to be happy and rejoice with others when that whenever they have achievements and blessings coming in in their life as well that’s it that’s a big one yeah yeah and I talked about if you can get rid of one you know one feeling or one negative emotion you know get rid of jealousy number one number one right it’s you’re harming others you’re harming yourself it’s it’s like a to a negative exchange so absolutely and then I’m like you had mentioned gratitude on the opposite spectrum right a two-way positive exchange his gratitude because you are gratitude you’re grateful for what you were seeing as well as you’re grateful to whatever whoever gave it to you and that you know if you practice gratitude which you know I’ve been in the practice of gratitude you will see the power of the magic and brought it to you I mean real magic you can wake up and the day could be beautiful and sunny and you can say I’m so so grateful for this day this happened to me I’m so grateful for this day and just feeling so grateful and again this is before I even knew about the power of gratitude I just felt grateful and then the next thing I know the day was the most fabulous day in terms of my interaction with friends what happened and just all the other subsequent events that followed from that morning was fantastic right and and again it’s like that aha moment how did this happen well because I was feeling maybe it was because I was feeling gratitude and so then I would start to feel grateful for other things and as I became more grateful for things that I have I found myself receiving more of what I was grateful for right so little things you know would come every once in a while right we’re supposed to learn when we’re supposed to learn and you know I was learning about gravity before I started reading about the power of gratitude and it was so I was grateful to realize that there is actually something to it when whenever you’re starting with like the power of the mind and learning the power the power of thought and things like that and I’m gonna say this because a lot of people get into this I don’t know if you had that’s what I want to ask you some people get into like psychokinesis telekinesis trying to move things with their mind cloudbursting which is a practice of like staring at the clouds and concentrate concentrating on breaking clouds up just to learn the power of their mind and some people are having success with this and I’ve done it before like when it when all this was brand new to me learning the power of meditation and third eye concentration I spent a lot of time trying that I don’t really do much of that anymore but I remember of times like wanting it to rain and speaking to the clouds and commanding it to rain and like putting that energy out and just totally focused on it raining and then it would rain I got close friends who did it with hail it started hailing over their house and all types of stuff like that have you did you ever get into that at all where it was into like some of the physical manifestations of like controlling the weather or moving things with your mind did you ever did you ever go down that path at all yeah I didn’t intentionally go down that path meaning that I want to sit here and and test my superpowers create you know create a hailstorm but I I do believe in controlling the weather that we have the power to do that and I do have a story in the book about me doing that and again it was more not so much about you know I want to you know I want to test like my suit my superpowers but I talked about in the book the four step process to conscious creation right you set an intention that you you believe in right and you have a you have a positive feeling about it you said in an attention you feel gratitude for it you detach from it and then if you need to take action you take action so about a year ago I was went skiing in Park City and you know we planned this whole trip flying from the east coast to the west coast to go skiing for the past few years I would say five six years every time we went skiing out west it was a pretty dry season and this year I know but you know my husband was like why are we spending the money why we’re gonna go out it’s not gonna even be good weather I’m like let’s just go let’s just go so we get into Salt Lake City and we’re in the car with the family it’s 60 degrees in Salt Lake City okay so now the mountains are usually cooler but 60 degrees is kind of warm and it’s raining and even though we knew that that rainstorm was gonna turn into snow we were expecting about maybe three to four inches of the mountain we got there the weather just was not you know the perfect ski conditions but in my mind at that moment I said I’m not letting my external conditions really dictate how I feel I’m not gonna feel disappointed I’m not gonna feel any negative emotions I’m gonna picture what I want and literally within 20 seconds I pictured amazing conditions perfect ski and we were feeling happy and I let it go just let it go right and so we got to the mountain went to bed woke up the next morning 18 inches of fresh powder okay we were supposed to get three to four got 18 inches and it was the best conditions that they were saying at the mountains of they have in ten years and it was amazing there was no reason for it and I’m like okay see this is working right and then it was predicted that was gonna continue to so for the week and after two days even though I was so grateful for the snow I thought to myself you know I just want to get one sunny day before we get home you know my iPhone app it’s not saying it’s gonna be funny at all didn’t matter I didn’t feel disappointed I said let me try this to get literally 20 seconds kind of an intention visualized it in my head what would it feel like to be skiing with the Sun out and let it go and the next day at about 1:00 p.m. the clouds broke it was beautiful and sunny my iPhone said it was cloudy you know but it was funny and and yeah do I believe that I did that I do I do believe we have the our to change the weather and I’ve had other friends now who’ve read the book who’ve come and said the same thing to me they’re like I believe that – yeah it’s crazy it’s like it’s like a universal principle and you can use it for whatever like if you want to use it for creating your career and your life goal and the things that seem so far away you can there’s this practices in meditation being mindful of the now moment which is where the power lies in meditation of just bringing every thought to this now a moment is where the power is to create to make these decisions and things like that in essentially get a game plan where you kind of push everything out and focus on what you want to do so that this was powerful there some people can do it with the weather or like I say you do it with your finances or whatever or you could do it just a little bit of everything and the key thing here you know you know even because I came from the corporate world right and even whether you’re in the corporate world or you’re an entrepreneur or wherever you are you have goals right they talk about creating goals which is your vision for your future it is your intention yeah now the way to successfully achieve those goals goals even if it is to have a sunny day or for it to be snowing is to not doubt it don’t feel doubt don’t feel disappointment and I know those are natural feelings that come in but to consciously create anything you want any positive thing you want in your life you have to be in check of your feelings your you know your emotions and your thoughts and the moment you’re feeling doubt or fear you have to check that and you have to push that away because those are going to be barriers to your creation you were able to change to the weather right because you don’t doubt it you know you focused and you believed that you were able to do that you didn’t doubt it and so that’s just a quick check for people if to ask yourself and I’m in that moment how am I feeling am I feeling doubt in my feeling disappointment am I feeling fear because those should just be signals that okay you know I need to move out of those feelings I have to pass through those feelings in order to reach to reach my desire my goal that’s that that’s the thing where people had to move passes that fear and in face or in complete odds or opposition with one another and in doubt and worry and unbelief versus faith hope and love and charity and those things that we’re walking in and they kind of cancel each other out you would think that it would be easier in that the faith in like the the beautiful stuff would just kind of like prevail over all the bad stuff and the yucky stuff in this self-doubt and depression and loathing and things like that but they really cancel each other out and that’s why the scriptures are so beautiful for me because we talked about Jesus says that as a man thinketh in his heart so shall we be and so whatever you’re thinking about which is you know the thoughts your confessions the stuff you’re listening to the stuff you’re entertaining listen listening the podcast like this listening to you know you said you listened to you you read a lot of self-help books all of that stuff comes into play with retraining your mind in the way you think so that it’s it’s gonna it’s gonna change the way you think I mean with um we can look at so many different examples of people who are who were raised one type of way and then they kind of put their foot down and and they worked the way they think the things that they’re entertaining the life and in in in their pursuits and stuff like that and they’ve seen changed I know people who come out of prison who’ve done this we’ve kind of been a net that downward spiral their whole life and then they made those conscious changes and decisions to to start you know eating better entertaining healthy thoughts and getting on a you know just a a healthy game plan whether it’s you know getting into religion I mean there’s some you know I’m saying there’s some there’s some religions and stuff out there that that helps people find discipline for their life I mean that’s what it’s about it’s about finding a healthy discipline and so with spirituality just when I mention religion it’s not the key is not religion the key is not you know having a Creed or something I had the key is just taking those principles you could be in the religion and not have any of these principles principles that we’re talking about and nothing’s gonna work for you just because you’re like you you give you acknowledge a higher power you have to actually take these steps in these principles and apply them yourself to see this stuff works and I guarantee you it works it’s Universal it’s not like you know someone’s you know more special or they’re selected or it just happened to work work out for them it’s for everybody I’ve something seen in my life and I’ve seen it in the lives of a lot of other people and it’s beautiful so what’s cool is like you see the little small things working at first you know you know you made it stop raining or whatever and then this other thing and then you know you trust it with the little small things and then you saw asking for more you start believing for more right you put the intention out there and more and more starts happening the scripture says if you’re faithful with the few I’ll make you rule over more and you start seeing like the little miracles start turning into big miracles and big things in your life and and seeing that platform begin to evolve for you as well all of that for me it’s led by the inner intuition the guidance system and something called synchronicity you start seeing numbers you start hearing phrases and and meeting people and just insane situations that that it just like crazy coincidences that almost seem to would have never happened without something a higher power God consciousness being behind it guiding your life what are some of the synchronicities that you’ve seen that I’ve just kind of you know kind of blew your mind like I said that in the early stages this stuff is foundational to you know to know that look there’s something to it it’s not like there’s things are coming together things that happen and what are some of the things you’ve seen early on with like synchronicities yeah I would say I experienced a lot of synchronicity in the last couple years I mean you know for me I was seeking my purpose right and so once you are committed to finding out what you’re supposed to be doing and you open yourself up you will get led there you just can’t give up it’s not happen overnight you can’t be paid you have to be patient took some time and when I you know realized okay I’m gonna have I’m gonna be writing a book and I believed that I could write it I wrote this book in two months all the words came out in two months I actually saw in my mind or felt in my mind what the year would look like you know and I in my mind my inner guidance told me two months to write it you need then to go find you know an editor determine how you’re gonna publish it build your website and then the book is gonna be out in the fall i I I got all of that from my inner guidance and from you know and I could have worried about everything because everything external and Anna and there was a lot of worries actually but I had to listen to the words of my book which is fear is gonna paralyze you right these are not the right emotions you need to save discipline of focus put all your energy into what you want to create put it into your book put it into your work and I had to make a discipline in a practice of keeping my mind focused and so things like you know how my editor came into to my life completely synchronous and asynchronous city you know nothing that I could have ever planned of how she would come in and she happened to be somebody who routes roads spiritual books ourselves who who was very familiar with the materials of the right person to do that and many things like that small things you know I was told that you know what came up for me a lot was going to Kundalini Yoga yeah I would went to a Reiki session one day because I figured my god I need all the help I can get like clear out this energy and I go there and and she’s like you know she’s no image coming up for me for you and I said I’ve heard that a couple times well I went home you know and I live in New Jersey and I was googling Kundalini Yoga you can’t find it everywhere it’s not it’s common it’s like how a yoga yeah and you know it just turns out that in my town that six months prior a kundalini yoga studio opened up and that place is phenomenal you know I’m there every single day that community of people are so supportive and that again I accept myself I completely manifested this and I tell you know tell the owner of the yoga studio I manifested you because how did how did this studio show up out of anywhere you know in this town um so things like that I feel like when you are on your path right you’re gonna be guided and it’s gonna feel like everything supports you like the universe supports you yeah you know it’s like that quote you know once you make a decision you know the universe conspires support you it’s true so they were yeah so there were many little things like that and you talk about numbers right seeing 11:11 for me you know the number in my life and I would see that more often like for example even the yoga studio you add up the numbers of the the the straight number and it’s 14 and they were just there were things like that that kept happening and you know when you open yourself up to it and you become aware and I look at it as awareness you see signs like literal signs like a you know I had a question in my head do I go back in and take a finance dog or do I continue down this path I knew I had a decision to make and I see a bus come by with a big sign on it it says take your path oh you can do both and some people can that’s their path to do to do both I knew that was in mine I had to take one or the other and this big and I took a picture of the bus and I think I’ve been posted it I’m like you you know when you ask for shines you ask for help you’re gonna see them there’s a sense of responsibility to man because you’re talking about this having this discipline spiritual discipline practical things that you can do to achieve your goals right you have these goals I think there’s a lot of people out there who want to do something they want to be an artist they want to paint pictures they want to do music they feel like they have a book within them they want to write a book as well and they have everything they can see it they can see themselves even doing the book signing you know and how it would be to make an income off of that book or something that they create and bring to the table but the disciplines not there to actually cuz I mean you had the vision but if you wouldn’t have sat down and and and picked up the pen or sat at the computer and got ready to type and let your spirit speak and just get all of that out of you then it you know we wouldn’t be having this conversation about your new book it’s something about having those goals and dreams because everyone has a dream you know even if they’ve given up on it at some point they had the dream they want it to do something in this there’s practical things to do to actually sit down and make it happen one thing that I’ve talked about a lot is that many people who are in the creative flow and you know their mind works with all of these ideas they want to do a book I’m in this place I want to do a book I want to write a new song I add a new album I got a podcast I got to interview someone I want to go on somebody else’s show and be interviewed so there’s all these things that I do and I’m reaching I’m focusing on what what’s working but it’s it’s about staying consistent with the things that you that you want to manifest and not get caught up because there’s all other types of ideas that that come through their dreams they they could work they are a path that could be manifested but it’s about not getting overwhelmed especially people who were just really creative and he always got new ideas and new talk so let me do this I’ve got so many friends who they don’t have the discipline because they they want to do this and they start it for a week or two and then there’s a new idea and they start that one for a week or two they forget about this one and they’re just going back and back and back and forth and all of it’s good ideas it all of it could could work in the future but they don’t have the discipline to stick with it is that can you relate to that at all well there’s other things and ideas or let me be a yoga teacher let me focus on this well let me write another book let me open a cafe a vegan cafe or whatever like those type of things that come through how do we stay consistent with it because that’s key for me it’s consistency right now yeah yeah I love what you’re saying because you know as I was in my own journey in my soul you know my search for how does the world work how can I manifest more often you know what I try to emphasize in this book is that you know manifest in creating your reality is a discipline in a practice it is cuz if your was easy right then we wouldn’t even need to have this dialogue because everybody would be defeated everybody would be creating whatever they wanted right but this it is it is critical that we understand that it is a discipline and in practice and it’s very individual in the sense that you know yourself you know and you are the only one who’s gonna know how do I discipline myself right so for mine style I I know what I need every day now I would say find foundational right foundational if I were gonna say what I think is the most easy not everyone ease weren’t easy but the most effective and efficient way right to create your own reality I would say number one get into a practice of meditation and do it every day can you be disciplined and that’s even if it you know it’s hard for the first you know day week month can you stay in that practice because you are so committed you are so committed to achieving what you say you want to achieve right so your desires have to be so strong that you can master yourself and get rid of anything that’s going to distract you and that’s what discipline all it is all about it’s all about right discipline isn’t an easy thing discipline is like literally taking your entire being and saying I’m focusing it in one direction and I’m gonna do what it takes to get what I want so yes it is it isn’t discipline and there are times where yeah we’ve all had those experiences of things like getting distracted like what about this what about that maybe I should go into this way and it’s almost like your intellect takes over right it’s like well yeah maybe I don’t know if I really want to do that but that sounds good that sounds like an operon it’s working for them if it’s working for them that I can try Yeah right exactly and that’s when it’s all it’s so important to just go back into a fight space and go into your own hearts and say is that right for me is that gonna take me off my path is that is that where I should be going it’s going back and asking yourself rate your own higher self you know get me back on track what feels right for me so that again is where I say get into the face of meditation right and quieting your mind because you you are the only one who knows you yeah yep it works and it does everybody has to get to that and I I mean now that I can see it because it totally happened to me it still tries to happen I still want to get into all types of stuff and like but uh like I’ve been doing this podcast just probably since like 2010 right 2009 maybe and we started out doing podcast but it was always an off-and-on thing I maybe would do a couple months on and then sit down for six months and not do another one and then do I would book maybe a month or two of shows and it would get momentum and then I would quit I would focus on something else and this has been off and on for years until probably almost a year now maybe eight months of just being consistent I’m gonna do a show every week and I’m gonna do multiple shows a week and let me just be consistent don’t let me do three shows and then sit down for two months like people are expecting something people are gonna show up as long as you create it and so it’s about getting serious in and consciously doing it and from that point where I’ve consciously told myself look I’m gonna show up this is what I want to do I’m going to create this I’m gonna create my future through this a platform that’s gonna help people all of this kind of stuff and I’ll begin to speak that stuff out I begin to meditate upon it daily and then it just begin to flourish the numbers like I go back and look at my numbers and it’s just like a just like a stairs it’s a ladder it’s going straight on every episode there’s more views there’s new people the supporters who are coming out of the woodwork as people are resonating with it it’s insane but if I was to stop and leave it and go do something else which it’s easy to do them gotta keep reiterating this for everybody it would you it would probably dwindle down people would stop supporting people would stop looking forward to a new episode every week or two three every week whatever whatever it is for that particular week and they would move on to something else but it’s about consistency is the key and that I mean that’s my hashtag right now whatever it is man if you’re into music if you’re into writing finish it stick stick it out until it’s done if you’re creating something and there’s there’s nothing like that feeling of creating and bringing something into this realm that didn’t exist until you birthed it there’s nothing more fulfilling than that I think if we’re created by a god or creator in that image of a creator it’s essentially us given the glory back to that divine essence when we are in the same image of a credit and we create as well we create the life that we want for ourselves blessings and and and and all of these beautiful things that are added unto us daily it’s amazing um before we go I know we only got a few minutes left but you’re talking about Kundalini Yoga I love when it comes to like having these divine aesthetic encounters right Kundalini I mean you say that word I you know in I believe in the scriptures is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit the research that I’ve done I’ve done Kundalini Yoga I’ve been in charismatic churches whether this intense fire takes over your body cleans you out this this awesome feeling and in the midst of that there’s a lot of divine appointments and angelic type encounters have you ever had any spiritual encounters with like the other side where I don’t know I don’t know I mean that I think the possibilities are really endless when we’re talking about but have you ever had any any encounters or anything like that with with with God or the divine or whatever the case is I think I think all of this is an encounter with the divine is it that way but anything that like man something’s coming through and it’s it’s you know changing my life or whatever the case is Wow well I don’t know how this book was written yeah I do know how this book was written right for me the book in itself words to come out and two months on I’m not a writer the words were speaking to me directly that to me was a and and there was a powerful energy with me I can’t deny it yeah it was there was an energetic force that I felt yeah for the entire two-month process and when it was over that fort that that feeling went away I’m like I want to back away yeah right so so that to me I think it’s the biggest thing in my life that’s felt very powerful and very connected to something much bigger than myself now as far as anything else I mean I have on my website you know when I was going through this period of seeking and what am I supposed to be doing I did leave my body twice which was you know really fascinating for me I wish I could you know do it on command it happened to me where I felt like I was just being shown that I’m on the right path there’s something much more than this physical world and it happened when I was sleeping where twice in one year where you know I left my body and I you know went to my parents woke up in my childhood home the first time and then the second time you know went up and it went up into space so those were some crazy you know encounters that’s all very very real to me and that like I said I took that as you know look you’re you’re on a path you’re going in the right direction awesome yeah those things you know I think everything increases when we’re on that path that you know the whole synchronicity thing I would hate to be like there’s this thing about if we should be led by those things like at all time because sometimes like you said that that feeling is not always there you know and you do have to kind of walk by faith and like know like the principles that are working and even though you don’t feel spiritual all the time even though it doesn’t you’re not being led by you know numbers everywhere you go and phrases and stuff you still know what to do and it’s beautiful when it happens and one thing that happens for me when I get ready to release an album you feel that that you encounter and that you for you about all writing it and then when it’s time to come out you feel like this is the perfect timing like the world needs this like when I release this just the people who who get this it’s gonna change their life and it’s what I need to be doing so I can really relate to that feeling that you for you you feel like when you’re writing and then as time kind of moves on you’re like I want it to happen again or for me I feel like man did I even write that and like the work is so beautiful I’m able to like you read your own material and benefit from your home work almost like you didn’t write it almost that it was channeled but not in a you know spooky channeling way almost like that the inspiration came through you the essence came through you about what you needed to create people are asking in the chat there’s some people joining us night didn’t want to know the name of the book and where they can get it so if you want to go ahead and share your website and your links where people could check out to work go ahead and do that yeah so the book I’m just gonna show it because I think it’s a beautiful cover it’s yeah it’s your hidden light the website is WWE tonight calm it’s available on and awesome you guys make sure you go and check out her work all of the cool stuff shit that she has on her website check out the book and I appreciate you coming on hanging out with me let’s do it again sometime soon yes absolutely thank you so much you have a good one you too thank you Rana Zia ladies and gentlemen I’m I’m being on manifestation like like I said at the very beginning like it’s about manifesting the life that you want for yourself creating it abracadabra you know we talked about the magical term I create as I speak whenever the thoughts that we have in our in our in our mind that thoughts and visions we have within our hearts whenever we speak those things out if we if we’re just holding these thoughts in there just gonna be cool ideas but whenever you begin to speak them out you begin to confess them you begin to tell people about them things start to happen that’s part of the manifestation process you speak to the things that are not as though they were that’s that’s the definition of faith in the book of Hebrews man so being a person of faith led by the spirit all of these things come into play in our day-to-day life and and so these are some of the spiritual principles and and things that are tangible anyone can do this don’t give up on your dream whatever it is whatever it was recapture that dream continue confessing it thinking about it thinking of creative ways to to be an expression of that energy to manifest it on the earth and you could do it don’t give up man too many people have have have given up and now you only live once man you know so people are scared to fail people are scared of a lot of people even here some friends here they are that they’re scared of what their family’s gonna think my family I had a conversation the other day with a close friend of mine scared of what his family will think if he starts living his authentic life and being who God created him to be it’s like he’s scared that they’re talking about him I might listen they’re talking about you anyway and talking down about you they have judgmental opinions and all that stuff about you in a way so why not receive the judgmental criticism and people are talking down or the naysayers while you’re doing what you love to do because they’re doing it why you just doing what you don’t want to be doing they’re talking about you so why is that holding you back you can’t live for other people’s acceptance if you live for their acceptance you’ll die to their rejection and so you’ll be living to please others you’ll play the role of a hypocrite the hypocrite is not I told a friend today man I got friends and most most of them are like in Christianity and we’re talking about don’t be double minded a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways Christianity in a lot of people I know is breeding double mindedness because they like music and they have to act like they don’t like it they have to act they have to pretend I have a friend of mine who he’s involved in the Christian rap community and if he posts anything off on his Facebook wall or they hear him listen to any type of alternative music or whatever if it’s not gospel they put him through the ringer and he gets depressed and beat up and I said look bro you’re not a hypocrite because you listen to it you’re not a hypocrite because you listen to secular music or you like music that’s not gospel I say you’re a hypocrite when you act like you don’t you’re acting like you don’t like it look I’m telling you that’s where I found so much freedom when I finally said look I liked it I like this and not to be okay with your sin or okay with with the bad stuff in your life or whatever but no like it’s not if it’s not hurting you then it’s okay I don’t think that all secular music or just because it’s not Christian it’s bad or whatever yeah there’s a lot of bad music out there be careful what you listen to listen the true seeker true seeker com I put our music all the time check out music that’s that’s good for you but even my music is not quote-unquote Christian there’s people who think it is they listen to it and and they can hear the biblical concepts and stuff like that and some people still think I do Christian music but being a hypocrite is essentially someone who’s playing many roles of someone who is in a play wearing a mask and essentially the Greeks would have a mask on that they would turn it and there would be a mask on each side and they were able to play multiple roles in the in one play that would turn the mask and in there the mayor they turned the mask and then they assumed the other role of this other character and so that’s essentially what a hypocrite is is it’s wearing a mask man and being someone who who you aren’t there’s things within us man there’s likes and dislikes and being authentic to yourself being true to the person who God created you to be you guys know like my story I tried to run from this stuff what I’m doing right now I tried to paint it in a different light I tried to act like I didn’t like spirituality or meditation or yoga or certain types of music that was more spiritual versus gospel because I come out of that realm and I was miserable I would try to act like I didn’t like this stuff and go back to the church friends and say hey well you got except me now I don’t listen to this I don’t promote that I don’t do this and when I did that like some of them would receive me back but I just felt like a sellout man I felt like I had to put on a monkey suit like I had to go be somebody I wasn’t to be accepted by these people man and inside man you you know I felt bad and I felt like God was looking at me like man what are you doing like I created I put these desires within you you you like this stuff for a reason you’re interested in these type of topics and you want to understand the way the universe works for a reason don’t don’t you know live for these people’s acceptance don’t do that and then that was a that was a dark night for me because I kept going back and forth back and forth back and forth I get rid of everything man you know get rid of anything that wasn’t Christian you know I’m saying like and there’s a lot of people who were called to be leaders and they’re on this path and they’re going through the same thing and that path of you walking in your authentic self is uh it’s a journey but that’s what it’s about it’s about being who God created you to be being confident in that and walking it out man this was such a beautiful episode man she talked a little bit about jealousy in the spirit of jealousy when we were talking about that she’s talking about like you being happy when when bad stuff happens to to good people or to anybody other than you young you’re happy when bad stuffs happening to people you’re happy because you get the one-up on somebody because you’re jealous on them I always think that gossip kind of runs in with that spirit of jealousy we start talking bad about other people because you’re jealous of their platform and you would rather talk down about them and what they’re doing because it essentially puffs you up and puts you on a pedestal especially when you’re talking about people and I’m saying this this is definitely a principle but I know there’s also some wisdom in this about warning people of certain individuals and stuff like that so there is some grace to it but um but overdoing it man and like putting down other people so that it makes you feel better or you know that happened so much within Christendom and even on the outer fringes of the spiritual movement you see that happening um one thing I wanted to talk about about jealousy – it’s like I had a friend of mine and I think you know this friend he’s definitely uh what the Bible would call feeble-minded you know what I’m saying I think he’s got some stuff going on but I remember he did this thing one time man he uh he had a problem with certain ministers that did him wrong in the past path right or didn’t recognize that greatness within him he would go to different churches and stuff and be a part of movements and he would think that they would share their platform with him or whatever the case was and um this guy had a revival as a preacher had a revival and he he aired it on Facebook and YouTube or whatever and there was a video that went viral locally and even worldwide though his wife went to the altar for prayer this is a pastor’s wife who had something going some issue going on with her body and and God healed her she received a healing at this crusade or whatever the pastor and his wife and my friend was watching this and this talks about the company you keep man my friend was watching this and he got mad that this lady got healed he got mad that the pastor’s wife got healed so mad that he punched his computer screen and broke it because he was mad that they had a blessing in their life and man this is like there’s some spiritual I think that you know that that’s not healthy that’s craziness that’s actually you know I don’t think any debt that’s just above beyond for you to be watching something on TV and then you know throw your remote at the TV because something happens you don’t like or Trump comes on TV and you throw your remote at the TV versus just changing the channel or something you know so it but it speaking to the jealousy man you know I think if we’re not careful it can happen in any of our hearts um but it’s a good thing when it happens early maybe so that you can feel the feeling when it comes and you know like hey hold on mama I’m being a hater right now I’m being a hater and you really are you you’re happy that these that down all this happening to people you’re you get upset when good stuff happens and that energy messes with you you’re not gonna be able to have nothing good because your energy is so caught up and focused on negativity or rejoicing when negative things happen to other look negative stuffs gonna happen to people people if you do dirt you’re gonna get dirt it’s you that would you reap what you sow it’s universal know that so if you out here doing dirt and doing bad stuff to people bad stuff’s gonna come but the rain falls upon the just and the unjust and so for you to be happy when bad stuff happens to good people man that’s demonic essentially man you got it you got to get away from that for real it’s about creating that I mean you should you should have a rejoice man and and and know that your time is coming to you know learn would learn from what they’re doing is blessings are happening to people man learn from it another thing too and I kind of I’m kind of guilty of this as well early on until you can kind of know your motives and stuff and it’s all about the motives of the heart nobody can see the motives but God right you know you can go out here and wear a mask you can talk to good talking and do this and do that but god weighs the motives and the intentions of the heart God knows this stuff the universal power the great I am knows everything about you you can’t hide anything from him so a big mistake that a lot of people make especially when people have been overlooked when people have been talked down or cast aside and I’m speaking to the church because that’s my experience your experience could be on the corporate level or at a job and being talked about and made fun of on the job or whatever the case is and so there’s this ambition that is created within you sometimes to succeed in and make something of yourself not based upon you’re following the will of God for your life but you want to succeed and do good so that you can say aha I told you so look at me yeah I’ll talk down about me and said I would never make it I’ll never amount to anything now look I’m somebody you have to be careful with that because the mind is about a powerful tool you can create whatever you think you can have whatever you confess so you can be operating out of hurt and be going down a path that you’re not supposed to be on and you could be successful at it you could be successful at things that God did not ordain for you to do you can be successful in relationships that you probably shouldn’t be and you create relationships you know and and people are left in the wake of those mistakes you know people people are hurt I remember man shoot I could look back at my life and see the influence that I’ve had over people over the years and there’s times where I was operating how to hurt or I was operating out of out of heartache or wanted to succeed just to show them that I could you know and and and that that’s not good it’s not healthy and you will spend years doing that creating something that God is not even in even though it’s successful even though it’s doing good you know you have these people following you and you’ll be out there doing stuff and creating stuff that you have no business doing I’ve definitely been there I’ve been in places where I’m just having to find out who God called me to be in different ways that I can walk in my authentic self over the year this is a process it’s not overnight guys all this everything we’re talking about this is tools and it could take you it could take years I think that it it’s a lot faster it happens a lot faster in people’s lives when you can benefit from the wisdom and what’s working and we can share examples and we can share trials and tribulations with you that we went through so you won’t have to take those tests again or when those tests come up you know how to respond because you already know the answers when you feel that that judgment in your heart when you feel jealousy you’ll know okay this ain’t right I need to check that instead of entertaining it you’ll be led down down paths and stuff and be successful doing things that God didn’t call you to do and there’s a story in the scriptures just dinner with Jonah and how Jonah was essentially running for God running from God’s call upon his life he was scared of it essentially he wanted to go kind of go down a path that was a little bit more comfortable something that he thought would be better for himself but it wasn’t God’s perfect will for his life so he’s running from God and he’s in things he shouldn’t be in he’s doing things that he shouldn’t be doing he’s entertaining thoughts and and people and situations he shouldn’t be entertaining and so it leads him to a place where all this calamities coming after him because God’s seeking him out like God will do he will move heaven and earth to pursue our hearts and he does that so Jonah’s running from God he ends up getting on this ship or whatever and there’s storms and waves and everything’s coming against the ship God’s trying to get Jonah I said look I’m chasing you man quit running from me you can’t run from me there’s no way you can go that you can hide from me you can’t hide from me and so this is what God’s saying and many of you guys and many of you guys have been in the same situation where storms are coming against you stuffs happening in your life you’re trying to run from God you’re trying to pretend that you’re doing the right thing but you know in your heart that idolatry is sat in and and you have this this impure motive about you that you’re achieving or you’re following after so storms are coming you’re on this boat you’re in this situation you shouldn’t be there in the first place storms happening these people are on the ship with this person who’s running from God that ship almost sinks and capsizes they’re in a storm that God created a storm in the the boat is flooding it’s sinking they’re having to throw their own personal belongings off the ship to to keep the ship from capsizing and Jonah comes to it he said look man the reason these storms are coming against you guys is because of me throw me off the show you know and then the story goes that Jonah’s blown off the ship and the Whale gets him he hides in the belly of the whale or whatever the case is and then God deals with his idolatry and his ungodly belief system and all that stuff but the thing about it is you’re thinking about yourself you’re thinking that I can repent I can just turn back to God at any given moment and you can he loves you we accept you back at any given moment but the people around you man the influence that you have is affecting the people around you the people on that ship that almost died they had to get rid of things they loved because of you they had that they had that their lives were interrupted because you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be running from God I’ve been there I’ve been there I’ve totally been there it’s people who who have been following me for years and and and I’m trying to figure out what God wants for me and then I’m running from God or not wanting to deal with the things in my heart the hurt and the heartache and stuff and I’m in places that are people follow me because of I have it some type of influence and I’ve you know led them down places that day once I repent I’m back with God I’m good these people are still there these people are still trying to find their belongings that they threw off their boat they’re still looking through the water to find the things that they lost and trust me you could repent you can go back to God you can do your thing get restored then these people are still left in the wake of your mistakes and that’s that’s powerful man to know that uh you’re not the only one who is affected by your sin you’re not the only one who’s affected by your choices you think your choices is just between you and God no man what’s done in the secret will be brought to the light I don’t care what it is okay people dealing with pornography addiction people with secret drug addiction and doing drugs without telling their spouses and all types of stuff that they’re doing in the darkness that they don’t want to be brought into the light and I’m telling you you have to you have to live in the light man the motives of your heart your intentions your ambitions all of it walk in the light as he is in the light man I look at Lauryn Hill man just some some years ago she had this Awakening and stuff and she did this acoustic album which is powerful man died y’all need to listen to the album or watch the DVD and on that Lauryn Hill’s unplugged MTV Unplugged watch the DVD you can find it on YouTube but it’s so powerful she just kind of comes to an end of her rope of success and stardom and she just kind of gives it up or whatever to just to seek after God really and she’s talking about living in the light and in like the tabloids and stuff they always wanted to kind of seek her out and find secret stuff on her so that so that so that they can talk about her in the tabloids oh you know she’s with this guy she’s dating this guy she’s doing this she doesn’t like this or whatever so the tabloids are always trying to find this stuff so then she found out no she when she was living in the light and she would tell them things were trying to leaked info yeah I got a new album out yeah I just got married to this guy they didn’t want to touch it it wasn’t controversial or whatever but eventually she got it to a place of a piece because she found out that like as long as I live in the light and I’m not trying to hide anything from anybody they can’t touch me you know I’m cool with my flaws I’m cool with the with with the the things that I do good like did this is what I do and and in the piece that she took that she did she found in that it essentially goes back to Jesus man living in the light walking light as he is in the light and they can’t they can’t throw nothing against you because you they don’t have anything what you’ve already talked about your downfall you already talked about your fears and your failures and essentially it’s a picture of like Eminem in the movie 8 mile they’re doing a freestyle battle rap at the end and he’s like he just gives them all he knows what they’re gonna they’re gonna go at they’re gonna go and he’s a he’s that that you know he’s he’s a white boy from the trailer park he you know his girl’s cheating on him he’s got this ain’t working out his mom’s on drugs and all this stuff and and he puts it all out there and he takes all the ammunition away from the accusers cuz he’s walking in the light he’s cool with his flaws this is this is me it takes all their ammunition away man so that’s what that’s what it’s about this is about just being open with with who you are don’t hide anything from God because you’re gonna you’re gonna be like the Israelites walking through the desert on something that could take you what could it took them 40 years you know and they were out there for a very long time and you you could be haven’t you can have situations going on in your life could be you could be in a season that could be up overnight overnight it could be done because you know what you got to do but you won’t do it because of pride you you don’t want to apologize you don’t want to say you were wrong or whatever the case is so it becomes the idol in your heart and God can’t take you any further until you deal with that and this could last for years guys I’ve dealt with idolatry on my heart for like close two years but like a year before in the past where like I had something and God wouldn’t reveal anything to me wouldn’t speak to me until I dealt with that and I would still try to go through the motions and do Christianity and go to church and stuff but I had unconfessed sand or I had even personal sanctification things going on in my heart that I didn’t address and uh and you that’s the far as you can go until you deal with that you can’t like wait for God that may be to tell you something else or maybe he’ll forget about that conversation we had maybe he’ll forget about you know this whatever in my path and many others it’s been you know it’s been music really early on you know I’ve I’ve been told to put music now for a certain period of time and I said you know that was a that was a no-no you know God gave me music now you taking it away so I went on this thing about music and about you know the that type of situation in it and it’s not like it’s a universal sin or a law that God creates but it’s an inward sanctification like musics not bad even the type of music I was listening to it was Christian music but it was a certain type and uh you know God you know wants to take things from us not to take it so he could be me but he wants to refine things within us he wants to make sure that we don’t exalt the things above him above our relationship above walking walking are are calling out with him and so that’s what it’s about it’s not about him being mean or wanting to take things from you everybody has to deal with that it’s inward sanctification but then again you have people who go through it in inward sanctification process where God tells them I’ll use an example this is just my past and stuff I’ve dealt with but I had a friend which just was the thing with me God the Holy Spirit tells you stay away from gospel rap don’t listen to Christian hard music anymore I just want you to listen to worship music spend time with me leave it alone and you’re like no I can do it but anyway God would speak to other people and tell them that same thing you’re worshiping this type of music this music has become idolatry you’re idolizing these rappers or these people in these bands and you’re you know you should be idolizing Christ and in the work that I’m doing and so I’ve had other friends in that same situation well God will tell them to quit listening to Christian rap music so they go on a tirade and start telling everyone God says don’t listen to Christian rap Christian rap is just Chris rap it’s had no God’s not telling every not God’s not telling everybody to quit listening to Christian rap he’s telling you to quit listening to Christian rap because you’re holding it above your relationship with him like that’s your go-to you’re kind of worshipping Christian rap that stuff has become an idol for you and the Christian rap thing is just an example that it can be anything for anyone trust me like anything in your mind and so but if you have that inward struggle going on with God and you had that communication that’s good he’s not done with you don’t think that he’s giving up on you don’t think that it’s too late if that inward struggle exists and you bear witness with without what I’m saying you’re on the right path you’re on the right path so just do what you know you’re supposed to do give up the things that are killing killing you that’s what the word repent means to have a change of mind have a change of heart you know if something’s killing you and it’s bad for you man you need to have a change of heart about it you need to change your relationship with it and that and so those are examples but it can be anything like it literally can’t be anything it can be books it can be movies it can be television shows it could be relationships with people jobs dreams ambitions anything man it could be anything so do that inward work man cuz that’s what this spirituality is about this is about what we’re bringing to the table so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I really enjoyed this episode it was good I love talking about manifestation and bringing something to the table and creating the life that you want for yourself I’m still under I’m still in the business of doing that and it it it I think we all are put it that way I don’t think you ever arrive and you reach the final destination I think it says inward journey that we’re all going through and so there’s there’s tools and there’s things that help in meditation you know yoga prayer music all that stuff kind of comes into play with walking a spiritual lifestyle so make sure you guys are doing the inward work man if I think that the majority of people know what I’m talking about and I’ve noticed that you think that you’re the only one going through stuff until you vocalize it and once you vocalize it you find out hey I’m not alone there’s other people having these these encounters and stuff as well and they’re going through this this inward struggle too so make sure you’re doing the spiritual work I want to say thank you again everybody support and what I do through patreon like I said I couldn’t do this without you if you want to support it like I said anywhere from $1 to $5 $10 25 whatever you you can do man any anything helps so head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker you get new music I’ve got a bunch of new music over there guys and I’m excited to get this stuff released style I’ve got some new music videos and all kind of stuff I think I’m going to put out a new music video today that I just got done with so be looking forward to that also I’m really excited about the school of the Mystics and we’ve been meeting probably a month now straight and it’s been good we’ve kind of been able to build personal relationships with a lot of people who listen to the show and people who are looking for community we’ve been able to build and talk one-on-one I get to hear your stories and build that way we’ve been doing that for several weeks now but now we just started this course last week about learning to hear the voice of God or the Holy Spirit speaking in your life basic principles to basic training for prophetic ministry is the course that we’re doing I enjoyed it and I’m getting feedback from everybody who was involved like it was pretty powerful it was simple but it was powerful how we all was able to come together and and learn to step out prophetically in a safe space and and learn to hear that voice of God speaking to you about other people and so it’s a safe place for place where we can come together in activation and training any equipment and I’m excited about it it’s the awesome course that we’re doing and after this past week man I’m so elated so if you missed that one you become a patron you get access to that that’s up on on patreon as well so there’s a lot of people who aren’t able to miss but aren’t able to make it on Thursday nights so they actually go back and can listen now so I wasn’t recording them but now that we’re doing the courses I’m recording that so a lot of people work a lot of people have kids and they can’t really tune in for for that period of time so essentially that’s a podcast in itself so if you want to check that out patreon comback slash true seeker I love each and every one of you guys if you found this show valuable man tell somebody about it let somebody know what we’re doing over here with that again I’m gonna say peace and Shalom we’ll do it again soon love you guys [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to gsync accom and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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