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In this interview Truthseekah speaks with Tyler Westan about remote viewing, contacting aliens, spirituality and religion. We’re finding ourselves in very interesting times. With the help of the internet we are able to find community. We were able to find “the others” who have similar interest and are into the same things that we are. People are forming communities all over the world with similar and common interest in every subject matter under the sun. Every topic in spirituality has its own people group who are very much into that one particular subject. Whether it be remote viewing, contacting aliens, spirituality as a whole, the religious aspect of it and so many other Topics mentioned within spirituality. When we say that you find what you’re looking for as the universe provides there is no subject that has gone overlooked. With the help of the internet people are able to delve into whatever interest they have and hence find a community. If there isn’t a community with similar interest then we all have the ability to start one. The phrasing is true that if you build it they will come, like attracts like and those who are seeking community with others will find it. That is the beautiful thing with technology. For some of the Fringe topics that we discussed during this interview there are people who have dedicated their lives in furthering the knowledge and research of this craft. Remote viewing seems to be a buzzword. Part of me wonders if it is just due to an overactive imagination or are people really having these encounters? Are they traveling to distant galaxies, are they visiting other planets, are they having out of body experiences or are they just experiencing this within their own imagination? This leads us also to the work of Courtney Brown who has a school dedicated to the research of remote viewing. They are doing group exercises and then going into a trance-like state so that the subject is able to leave their body and travel outside of their reality and bring back information. The interesting thing is that the information that is coming back has been able to match up with things in the distant future. This precognition through astral travel and remote viewing shows telling signs because for the most part the majority of Prophecy seems to be in the past tense. The past tense meaning that hindsight is always 20/20. People haven’t been to be able to use these abilities to prevent major disasters from happening but after the fact have claimed to have had knowledge of what was to come. Courtney Brown and his community have been able to receive precognition to events that were to come. This opens up a whole new realm when it comes to simply knowing that we have the ability to foresee events in the distant future. In ancient culture they would train up children in this from birth but we in Western culture are just starting to find that spirituality it’s a lot closer to the fabric and make up of our DNA than we thought. We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, We are souls in a meat suit. In the right circumstance and situation people have been able to develop their psyche and understanding to be able to leave their body and travel the Multiverse not only for fun but to bring back valuable information.

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supporting my work you get access to the School of the Mystics and it’s only for $1 a month whatever you can do anything helps so head on over backslash true seeker a.m. thank you guys you enable me to bring you content like this so without further ado I’m gonna bring in my guest this is uh Tyler West Wesson a hip-hop artists experiencer researcher talk about supporting the music and sharing the music out there you said you found my work and who I am my podcast all the stuff through someone sharing one of my music videos on Facebook and you found it looked it up and then sent me a message and here we are you do something similar you do esoteric spiritual hip-hop I guess I don’t know how you would frame it it’s um it’s kind of a new genre in itself so there’s really a ream of reference for it so uh talk a little bit about what you do man and what you bring to the table brother and thanks for coming on yeah no I definitely appreciate you having me on and I came across your work there was a video that was shared and just came across my timeline sauce industry and instantly interested because you were talking about astral projection and working it into your music and spirituality and really seriously talking about it and I think that’s direction where I I feel like it needs to go hip-hop needs to go into to kind of break into that field but for me my background has started with music and spirituality really in Atlanta I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta for a couple of years studied music there and one of the projects there was to come up with a video a movie on our own and so I just kind of came up with the idea spontaneously of a dream so if we filmed it like somebody had a dream and in the dream they were living in an apartment and they went across the hall and looked in their neighbors house and looked around their neighbor’s house and just was we’re looking everything in the dream and noticed something that was really particular like a painting that was really stood out and they woke up the next morning and actually went to that person’s apartment across the hall look you know knock on the door see if they can come in and actually saw that painting and so I kind of threw that idea out there to the class as one of the ideas because we were looking for a group project to collaborate on and nobody really got it they didn’t know we really understood what was what it was about so afterwards the teacher kind of pulled me aside and said hey I liked your idea have you ever heard of astral projection or lucid dreaming and I I said no but that sounds really cool so I was like instantly like interested I was I was like wow that sounds like cool so I went home and you know research it and really you know almost became obsessed with it for the next couple months and tried to practice it and you know got to a couple of the stages but it was interesting in reading about it and then going through the experiences of itself so it kind of started my journey on on the spiritual journey and then I was also doing music at the time and nobody really was going in that direction of creating music about spiritual experience or going through that that level of like psychic phenomenon and they’re really talking like a deep spiritual level everything was kind of like a more materialistic type of type of rapping so you know I just wanted to kind of bring a different different aspect in a different feel to it and I hadn’t really heard anything for the four years until I came across something like it like the work that you’ve been doing so that’s kind of where my music background was and moved to North Carolina about five years ago and really got it oh you would say that my music I inspired you to create something like that like I the first model you’ve seen that inspired you know i-i-i probably created it I only have known about your work for maybe a month or so is it really since I reached out to you the first day that I reached out was the day that I a couple months ago was the actual day that I learned about you music cuz I was like wow this is cool I got an I got a hit this guy up so organically that was that so it was something organically that you were working on music as well oh yeah yeah I’ve been working on my project which it it’s I tried to label it as just an album it’s like a concept a concept hip-hop experimental album so and I’ve been working on it for probably seven years eight years yeah yeah and it’s it’s what what it is is it’s basically a story and I want it to be like oh I’m trying to make it so that the beginning correlates with every song so every song goes back to back and it makes sense for all the way to the end so it’s sort of like a story or line but it still keeps with the music so it tells a story and that story is that I had a dream in which I come back through time in the dream and tell myself so I kind of come back at I meet myself in the dream and I come back through time and tell myself that I have to create this album the astral to change the world to save the world basically and so I wake up and I’m left with this dream and then I have to create this album to lift you know consciousness you know what I’m saying so in a way I’m trying to make it you know make the thought and the idea real by making this album but it’s just taking me a lot of time because people you know it’s tough to like explain a lot of it people don’t really understand a lot of the concepts like quantum stuff and astral projection time-travel you know if you if me and you can have a conversation like that but if somebody even in hip-hop listens to it they just don’t understand where I’m trying to go with it so it’s it’s got a like you have to teach a little bit people about a little bit about psychic phenomenon parapsychology and that’s where I’m trying to bridge right now is is bridging that that you know the coolness factor of everything with this science factor that’s kind of plain and dull and nothing’s really going on well it kind of works hand in hand man and that’s what I’m seeing with my podcast for sure like it was just hip-hop like I was known just for the hip-hop and the esoteric stuff that I brought to the table and you know instead of like trying to introduce it to people I hey check out my work like like now it’s just something that people find organically like if they’re having an awakening they may look up spiritual music or they may look up something that has my title in a song awakening 3:33 like all of this kind of stuff they’re looking it up and they’re finding it organically so and then on the on the other aspect now of introducing the podcast and being consistent with that of having a following just for the music now there’s all these people who listen to the podcast because it covers the same subject matter they they don’t even know that I do music so therefore yeah most of them are instantly fans of the music I oh you do music and did not I feel like I do it pretty good too so when they hear it it’s good quality stuff so it works vice versa the people who like the music they want to get a deeper understanding of the music a deeper understanding of me of spirituality so they get into the podcast and they kind of complement each other which is really cool one question I wanted to ask you just we don’t get too far past it um are you familiar with the work of Courtney brown with narrow view encase one of like the top of remote-viewing guys who’s doing these these studies and and they’re filming and putting everything out on the internet and it kind of got like this online University and I only say that because I mean I understand remote viewing I haven’t been head over heels for it but I he reached out to me through Jimmy Church and stuff but he reached out wanting to do some music and me doing songs about like dedicated to and if you already have some stuff similar I’d say you should reach out to him I I never did anything with him but he’s got a huge following big YouTube channel and he wanted to do something with hip-hop and and that and remote viewing and so cool yeah because I recently in the like last three months I’ve been heavy into remote viewing too with projects and stuff so that’s that’s cool definitely yes check him out um so as far as you said you before I cut you off while ago you were talking about you move you moved to North Carolina and yeah well just and how I got involved really in like parapsychology so what you know I’ve been involved or interested in astral projection and you know everybody is interested in spiritual development but for me I think I was interested more in a deeper level on like making discoveries and like and and you know and scientific discoveries and stuff like that and promoting that and I just was was confused as to why all these phenomenon and experiences were happening with people in it it wasn’t seen as as mainstream as accepted as in mainstream so it confused me so I wanted to find the missing link there of why it wasn’t accepted yet and so you know one of the first places that I research and found out about was the Ryan Research Center which is in Durham North Carolina and was one of the oldest the oldest Center for parapsychology and library in the United States and you know basically this guy JB Ryan you know started the whole field of parapsychology which is like studying psychic phenomenon and so is his research center split away from Duke University and kind of made it went independently nonprofit and so I kind of went there and started just going there and reading books and just you know they’ve got like basically the the New Age spirituality section on Barnes & Noble like time’s it by 40 by 50 and that’s you know that’s basically where you know you’d want to hang out all the time and read books so you know I would just go there all the time and so I was the youngest person going there by probably like 25 30 years and everybody was just kind of like who’s this young kid coming here and I would come into the discussions and and really try and learn about you know the the terms you know PKA ESP oh you know like near-death experiences and and so I was actually learning like the science about it and really learning like the statistics and the scientific method of how to actually test for this stuff so like learning about all that really I wanted to break into the field and at that time you know what I was doing was like hip-hop and making videos and social media and they weren’t even doing anything close to that in the field of parapsychology they were still on publishing journals and doing these conferences and you know doing all that so you know when I first came in I had a million ideas and wanted to break through and they were just kind of overwhelmed and I just kind of took a step back and said you know I’ve kind of got to work my way in on their level you know submitting projects you know for grants and trying to go to these conferences you know different things like that so going in on more of like a scientist researcher level so that’s kind of where where I’m at at this point is is uh on that um I mean that’s that’s the best place to be I think that’s the best place to approach it is where science and spirituality meet like that’s the that’s the really cool thing I’ve approached it from a similar standpoint but I think I guess I’m more of just because of my background approaching it from where religion and spirituality meet you know at this point and in how all of these spiritual practices the psychic abilities the remote viewing the astral travel by location like all of the stuff being reported in the Bible and the Vedas and some of these other when we talk about ghosts with all my aliens all of this stuff man like the ancients have experiences it’s not nothing new we’re talking about New Age or whatever people in the religious community use that as like a bad word oh you’re just a new age is something new and made up and you know something for that’s in the movies but really this is something really old so to have these different studies man where they’re studying remote viewing you know Courtney brown shout out to him and what he’s doing and they’re like Dara they’re like going in drawing pictures what they seen I mean did I think you know as far as like the success rate for what he’s doing I’m not really sure but they are doing the work like they’re literally like training and going in and seeing what what it’s about I mean I think that probably for you definitely for me most people in spirituality when you first get into it you want to know for yourself it’s like we see the stuff on TV we hear the people that doing the lectures and all of this grandiose stuff you watch the documentaries but we want to know for ourself that this stuff is real which I guess can kind of bridge the gap between UFOs ufology ce-5 contact aliens and stuff like that because we’ve watched Steven Greer we’ve watched james gilliland david wilcock these name these names were big for me early on you know but I wanted to know for myself so that cool thing with the ce-5 contacted a fifth kind not to where you they contact you like contacted a fourth kind but you contact them it’s a the new level so you said you’ve went out and you’ve done some of that stuff probably after watching some of those documentaries and watching those lectures right and being inspired to go out to see if it’s real see if you can do it I mean I’m sure that was a long thing within to do it you did it and you said you was able to film some stuff and you actually had some some pretty powerful encounters out there right you wanna talk a little bit about that yeah yeah and really the the self-discovery is is a lot of what motivates and fuels people because they hear about these experiences and then they you know try to do them and they actually do have the experiences and it it wouldn’t be as powerful if they were trying it and they weren’t having the experiences they were just you know so but yeah I had been interested in Steven Gers work for some time and UFOs and extraterrestrial contact and really from just evidence perspective my I really wanted to look for as much information as I could um from like government and military and credible sources and and not just videos because that you know ten years ago you know was still fake videos weren’t as prevalent I guess as they are today but you still couldn’t be able to tell if something was really like a UFO or extra trust like if you couldn’t tell you know so they’re like when he came out with the disclosure project I was really intrigued because you know these were credible sources these were people who putting their names on the line you know to get this information out and then he came out and started saying that he was actually going out in the field and like making contact and the phenomenon was happening you know in real life with people in groups of people so um you know I started researching that and learned about the app so I downloaded the app and sorry I’ve been I’ve been using it you know ever years I don’t know about this there’s a CD v app yeah so he’s got an app and oh it’s been a it’s been around I actually have wrote them and to try and make improvements to the app and they’ve they’ve fixed the app a couple of times on the improvements that I’ve suggested but um so it’s it’s only like eight dollars actually pretty good price but you go out in the field with the app and it plays the crop circle tones and you know you go through the whole meditation process but so I’ve been out a couple of times just by myself and there hasn’t really been any any type of phenomenon happening it’s only a really it’s interesting when I go out with other people that the phenomenon happen crazy thing for me is that it’s the opposite man really yeah yeah cuz I I guess cuz I’ve had a lot of time like I would spend you know three four hours out there by myself you know versus when you go with people a lot of them get antsy and they’re ready to leave and that just messes with the whole vibe you know yeah yeah see I when when I usually go out with people it’s not I don’t really have the intention to go out beforehand it’s usually like group of people are out late at night or like we’re just out you know and just kind of like hey you know we’re in a nice spot this would be a good place to do it you want to try it that’s kind of like more of like it’s less of like planned because I think like if you plan it there’s a little bit more of like pressure and like people get anxious and like there’s feelings of like there’s nothing happening something but if it’s more spontaneous yeah like if something doesn’t happen there’s no like there’s no like big build-up you know so if you’re just like hey man you want to try it and they’re just like yeah sure whatever there’s no real expectation there they’re not like you know having some big thought that’s gonna happen so a lot of the times I would just kind of do that spur of the moment and spontaneously and as soon as I would try it’s funny like as soon as I would turn it on and these like it would be like within like 20 seconds something would happen either like shooting stars would go or lights would start blinking but there was one instance where I went out with my brother for the first time in Massachusetts and it was a really clear night and my brother is really interested in UFOs and I’ve been telling him about the app so he had never tried it so we went out one night and we were just kind of out this secluded area right near this beach I said hey man you want to try it and couldn’t been about minute and a half in where he asked me you know what are we what exactly are we looking for and literally as soon as he said that thought a light popped up in the sky and we both looked at that at the light and said well man that’s cool so what I do is I grab my phone and he started filming on his phone and what I did was grab my phone and I started with the flashlight so I got a flashlight and I flashed it twice and it flashed back twice at me the light did in the sky and that kind of like just took it to a whole nother level and so I tried it again so that as this this lights also moving from from kind of like side-to-side in the sky solid light but it’s definitely brighter than anything was out there and so after it flashed us twice after I flashed it I flashed it again two times and again if flashback twice so to me this some kind of communication was going on there that you know I and and again nothing this was kind of like just a spontaneous spontaneous plan so I had not been planning to do this at this spot and so we didn’t know that anything was in that location so you know it was really interesting that that’s just that just popped up and happened and after that it just kind of disappeared into the air and my brother instantly goes in went into it’s just this whole analysis of what it could have been satellite or starred you know in it and you know at the end it was just like dude that was just like an incredible experience that you just have to take it for what it was and so that would that was just kind of like the the best experience that I had from the c5 contact and now in North Carolina and locally here I’ve actually started a group it’s c5 in remote viewing group so we can actually go out now that the weather’s getting a little bit better and you know go out as a group and try my contact that’s awesome bro I haven’t been out in a long time so I planned to go out by myself during the new moon you know you can see a lot more stars and things like that just star gaze I mean there’s just so much power and just stargazing in itself you know yeah so I wanted to go out but then I asked a friend because a friend was like hey we should go out as I hey I’m planning it he’s like let’s make an event so I made I was like you know what let me invite my people let’s just do a global contact event and wherever you are you could just go out with this wherever you are find a field or a baseball field a park whatever anywhere you can go and and do it so we we did it and this was the 15th of last month which was the new moon of July and I mean uh May and I see I seen like four within an hour and I hadn’t been out in so long so we went out there did like a little meditation and prayer and sent the vibes out and I got a lot of feedback from a lot of people all over the US man who went out and had these encounters and stuff have you ever had anything happened during the day have you ever seen any of the cylinder-shaped spacecraft or not not during the day no I’ve had like psychic phenomenon I’ve had a couple psychic phenomenon but that’s the only like extraterrestrial experience I mean like they were trying to talk to you during the day or well no I’ve had like precognition dreams so when I lived in Atlanta one of one of the first events that really got me interested in psychic phenomenon was when I was in Atlanta I was also producing music and I would let people come in from time to time and record at my house or in my apartment and unfortunately I one time I let wound the wrong people come in my apartment and I guess they scouted it out pretty good but um I had a dream that my apartment was robbed and in the dream I come in my apartment and go straight to my music studio where all my stuff is and see that all my equipment was gone and I also had a backup hard drive at the time and as you know in music your hard drive is like one of the most important things so my backup hard drive was in my closet like on top of my closet and this is in my dream so I go see that I’m Rob see all my stuff’s gone every all my equipment I go straight into my closet for my backup hard drive there it’s there wake up out of my dream so I was like so weird dream three days later I come home to my apartment same scenario takes place I come home I’m robbed go straight into my apartment go to my my music studio my room all my equipments gone go straight to my closet look at my hard drive my hard drive was still there and I didn’t put two and two yeah I mean obviously at the time I’m like town I’m robbed I’m not thinking about like the correlation of the dream but like a couple weeks later I was like wow that was kind of crazy with the dream so that was one of the events another precognition dream I had just shortly involved my daughter which she in the dream I dreamt that she was in trouble and I ran upstairs and and actually saved her you know kind of lifts her up and she regained consciousness and everything was okay so three days later I had a dream in which she was sleeping and I’m looking at her on the baby monitor and she had this she’s got like a strap that she has on her belt on a waistline that she holds her in their crib or whatever and noticed on the monitor that she wasn’t there she was gone and I was like dang that’s weird so not good and so I ran upstairs in a panic and notice that as I got in the room she was hunched over so basically the strap was like strangling her she couldn’t breathe and so I ran over to her picked her up and she regained her breath and consciousness after that so those were the two like dreams that I had that were actually Precog that I would say our precognition dreams yeah that’s powerful man um it’s this there’s so much stuff that goes on when we when we’re asleep were able to receive information with traveling places and I don’t claim to understand it and I kind of scoff at the people who do you know it’s really hard to kind of kind of grasp and figure out what exactly okay when you sleep you’re traveling to another realm or you’re going to the real world this is the we’re in the dream world now and when you go to sleep you’re going to the real world like it’s really hard to put your finger on what is actually happening even with ufology and the aliens or those are the Arcturians they’re visiting us they’ve been here and you know they actually put these names and stuff to other people who are like experts the quarry goods those kind of people you know um it’s really hard to say because I’ve had so many encounters I should be an expert you know what I’m saying like I’ve seen some stuff I’ve there is weird stuff there’s telepathic communication there’s there’s contacting the inner dreams there’s so much stuff but I still cannot put my finger on what exactly is going on and so I like to select a reference to holy books to angelic realm and and see where the Bible is talking about angels and how the Angels visited people and that they were there without them even knowing and they sent telepathic communication to the prophets and people would fast and pray and was stained from meat for weeks on end and then angels would approach them and things like that so it’s very similar to the ce-5 initiative Jesus going on top of a mountain to pray in the meditate and then clouds are communicating with him voices are coming out of the clouds I mean what what the hell we’re staring at the clouds and we’ll receive and telepathic communication sounds very much like the same thing you know I see some was that r2d2 behind you oh yeah yeah have a little obsession with r2d2 I got my r2d2 shirt it is bad there’s so much like even even the allegory within Star Wars it weaves in through religion for one every relay it’s not just Christianity but Buddhism I mean whatever it’s so funny like there’s books and like each one of those religions will try to say that oh Star Wars isn’t an analogy for our religion and don’t write books on it but I mean that should show you that there’s a third party who’s like vouching that we’re all saying the same thing in these religions type deal right yeah but even in so you got religion and you got you got just spirituality and ufology of them I mean there’s the spacecraft all of this kind of Star Wars like literally Star Wars and Edgar Cayce talks about the Battle of Armageddon being fought in outer space all of these different correlations that Spielberg was onto something man like these people know something that they’re letting out through literature and through art and through story and through allegory just like even larval you know somewhere like Marvel you know like actually you know look at what Conda and all that stuff I mean in those spacecraft that way from lokan uncloaking and kids seen a minute you know they hide that stuff within the movies I think we could do a I was think about doing like a full podcast or just going live or whatever talking about all the movies cuz I’ve you know when you’re sensitive you’re able to pick up on all kinds of stuff that’s going on in these movies and you’ve done the research and knowledge man but I kind of want to talk about all this stuff but then I I do I wouldn’t want to ruin it or spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie because you know that’s part of the magic is actually experiencing it for yourself but I’ve rinsed a lot of that work in my music putting a lot of samples and clips from movies and lectures and stuff like that um one of the most frustrating things about the field of parapsychology right now is the fact that there’s so much support for the entertainment side of these of this stuff you near death experience you know you go on Netflix and it’s like psychic phenomenon is involved in more than half there’s no yeah there’s basically no funding for the real research that’s going on for it you know so that’s crazy man it’s crazy I will say I want to I want to point out that you were asking about like the methodology of the psychic phenomenon for her like when I was talking about my precognition dream one of the things that I noticed just with me of what may have caused it was the actual event itself of the day that had happened right so the the two things that I’d noticed the the one thing that I noticed between the two events that were the same was my emotion and my heightened emotion in that split in that like I would make it similar to like getting chased by a dog right if you’re getting chased by a dog that looks I said about to kill you there’s nothing else you’re thinking about other than getting away right like your mind is like me my mind was 100% in that moment like in the moment so I was like 100% oh I’m getting robbed and I was like going through a heightened emotional state of that I’ve had you and I’m not usually in you know what I’m saying so to me that may have correlated that that event back through time in my dream so that I was that somehow three days it you know I don’t know timing wise I don’t know but that may have been the link to me is that heightened state of emotion to that I could receive that information in my dream you know so that if people do have those heightened state of emotions and they’re able to dream and have access to that information and they’re open to it and they can receive the information but if they don’t know that they can it’s gonna like if you don’t know that telepathy or stuff is happening then you’re at your you know if you don’t know what it is then you don’t know that it’s happening to you you know so if you know what psychic phenomenon is if you know that yet celebrity what what it is and you can look for and you can notice it happening to you all the time becomes oh yeah and you’ll notice it more often it happens to you more more often so that’s kind of like what it is mm-hmm yeah man you’re able to kind of create your own reality simply because you believe it and they’re there yep you know there’s people who will never believe it there’s people who in religion is always a good thing to come back to and like use an analogy but there’s people in religion men who believe crazy out there stuff but to them they’re right like in their mind this is the right way whether it be polygamy or beliefs about people going to hell and everybody they see on the street is going to hell but them and their family and their church like that’s their truth they respond to the to anything any situation because of that belief system and uh and that’s that’s real to them and so as a man thinketh in his heart so so so he is and so the things that you think about the things you speak the things you entertain you’re gonna begin to believe it and I like the term terminology repetition reduces resistance because the more we see something the more we’re gonna be open to it the more that we hear it over and over the more we’re gonna begin to believe it and and that’s good with like positive affirmations over yourself speaking blessings over yourself and over your family and things like that because I begin to believe it tell them tell them that they’re that they’re loved man you know what I’m saying tell them that they’re cherished and stuff like that just so they’ll they’ll know it but also show them to esta crazy thing about the belief system and there’s stuff that I’ve seen that people will never see you know what I’m saying and I don’t think that I’m privileged or anything that I’ve seen it like there’s those people too you know and I was selected and I’m a prophet or whatever you got the Billy Meyers and stuff like that out there which we did a show on that but uh you know it I think that what we’re talking about I think it’s it’s for anyone to experience that anybody can download that app and just take the time and go out there and do that and they can have an experience maybe not after the first time maybe not the second but I think if you want that experience I think it will manifest for you and the reality in which we live that we I think we’re creating it man like whatever you believe is real for you like I I don’t you know I think I think it is relative man I think fairies exist I think that gnomes exist and whatever and if people give themselves enough time over discovering whether they exist or because they believe it it exists and it manifests like it literally shows up to them because they believe it I mean like you’re saying your friend with like the whole the whole UFO thing you start seeing them but then you start explaining it away it’s good to explain it away at first because I’ve been out there with people with every every plane it’s a UFO you know what I’m saying in like nah yeah you want it to be real but let’s make sure that what we’re seeing is something that we can’t explain it then you have the encounter so with fairies with gnomes with astral projection with reading thoughts and reading minds and like all that’s real if you can believe it whatever it is I’ve experienced that in my own life and there’s been tons of placebo effects I think I think that uh you know like just the supernatural in religion with like faith healers and Reiki healing and believing that you’re gonna be healed and people get healed like it’s it’s deep if you can believe it you can receive it like in the world they say you know if I uh if I can see it then I believe it so if you show me I’ll believe it like that’s one way to look at it but the way people of faith in the spirit spiritual community it’s like if we believe it then we’ll receive it whatever it is if I’m gonna be dead well if I’m gonna if this is gonna happen if these doors are gonna open it I’m gonna believe it and I’m gonna manifest it by my thoughts and in my speaking and creating it and then I’ll receive it and see it yeah I see a lot of people online too that you know they’ll give their take on how they feel their spirits how they feel you know what the reason is for them being uh you know in existence or whatever and they’ll try to convince other people to try and think their way instead of just you know just telling it like they telling it like it is and telling it how they feel and just provide information and let people decide for themselves you know there’s a lot of just trying to convince people and to you know get people to think how they think instead of just providing the information that’s why I really respect people who are just like you know here’s here’s the information take for what it is you know do with it would you must I’m not trying to convince anybody have a problem with Noah dollars these days you know I try to approach it without an agenda and I’m sensitive to it because I’ve come from religion where you had an agenda to win every conversation to convince people that you were right and they were wrong on anything anything that there but your beliefs differed in whatever it was you know you find out where they’re wrong and then you work on trying to win them over to your realm of thinking like it was really weird and now that I look back at it it’s dirty I don’t like it at all so I maybe I’m sensitive to that now so to know it all is whether they’re in religion or where they’re in ufology I question it you know that’s that’s their truth that’s what’s real for them and but you know you have a lot of charlatans you know what I’m saying and you question a lot of people but it’s good like everything that we’re bringing to the table I think that you know it’s for people you can test this stuff you’ve been doing it you’re a believer for a reason like you’ve had encounters you’ve you didn’t just watch a couple of documentaries and then run around telling people like you’ve actually done the research you’ve spent the hours out there under the stars and investigating and reading and referencing and things like that so there’s a reason that people believe what they believe in if it’s something that can better people if it can if it can help them and things like that that’s what it’s about for me um we talk about UFOs how about ufology you know there’s the I talk about that I approach it without a without an agenda but I think I think that would be somewhat of a lie I like I’m open but but there there is some agenda because there’s cringe in triggers you know what I’m saying when someone would talk about something that goes against what I believe it’s still there like I can notice it like if we’re talking about the abduction phenomena like a lot of people hate what we’re talking about now because they’re really sold on the abduction stuff that I truth in my experiences was happening a long time ago or those stories came out a long time ago I’ve never I haven’t met anyone there’s some there’s a few out there but I don’t hear that word anymore I don’t hear people saying hey I was abducted last night man he’s aliens showed up near me did all these experiments and for me to believe them with that – there’s that whole aspect the storytelling aspect but people are calling themselves experiencers contactees like when they do crossover when they do like we’re not being abducted now we’re contacting them hey help us are you real we need some help down here like that’s kind of what’s going on now what would you say as far as like the abduction scenarios is something that’s phased out that it ever happened is that something you have to be careful of with doing a ce-5 because you go out there you signaling craft you’re meditating and then you get abducted they take you they do experiments on you never bring you home like those are the fears I had watching all the movies and stuff when I was a kid but that that’s not my truth though you know what’s your experience with that yeah well for all my research that I’ve done with like extraterrestrial contact really abduction doesn’t really play play into it at all enough authentic on what I consider authentic extraterrestrial contact so what I would consider an authentic extraterrestrial contact would be peaceful initiation between an extraterrestrial race and yourself and then the contact would be made most likely through like spiritual means telepathy or a dream and so you’re not actually I don’t for my research there’s very rarely you actually physically touch another extraterrestrial you know what I’m saying so maybe the your spirit or your astral body interacts with them but like your physical body isn’t it very rarely have a research is actually like being worked on you know what I’m saying like there’s actual like prods and devices going inside you like I very rarely have read about authentic extraterrestrial experiences like that and what makes me believe it even more is that people who I consider to have extra 10 tech extra-terrestrial experiences talk about conversations that they have with extraterrestrials and that other extraterrestrials say no that stuff doesn’t happen from other to extraterrestrials humans are doing that to themselves I believe so that that makes me believe that that I’m more inclined to believe that then whatever’s on TV saying that’s happening to you know what I’m saying like for me and this is just strictly across the board is I pay attention a lot more to people who are actually experiencing the events than to somebody who’s telling me about the events themselves yes definitely you know so like I I instantly want to go to the source of where it’s happening and I want to find out about the information from there I don’t want to find out about somebody who’s written who’s read a report on it and then wants to tell me about what actually I have to fire and you know I’m saying so I mean somebody’s yeah somebody so and in the comment section the Travis Walton trial firing this guy which was probably the movie that done the worst damage on me about being afraid of aliens as a kid or trying to stargaze or whatever because I’ve seen that movie but then we see what Travis Walton is doing now he sold them his story and then they totally took it and changed it and rewarded it and made it into a horror movie when he’s like yeah I think the reason they picked me up on that craft or whatever was because I got too close to the plasma ship and the energy hit me when it took off and it it hurt me they picked me to work on my body so Travis Walton is out there now what twenty something year twenty five years later doing the UFO circuit like bringing a different scenario that it that said no I wasn’t abducted Hollywood took it paid me money and now I’m trying to undo what they did um another person Ali is a good friend of mine she’s talking about the Fourth Kind movie is pretty profound I’ll talk about that when that movie came out when I was having encounters and I’ve seen you know I’ve seen the previews and stuff and I so I made sure that I didn’t watch that movie because I knew what it was about here’s the thing too we’re talking about what’s going on with the abduction scenario there’s two things I just want to interject that we can go deep into eat either one but we have the my lab experiences where this military initiated abductions were the military have crafts and they’re messing with people just to push fear and hysteria within euphology so that when you see a craft you won’t pull out your cell phone and try to make lights at it and see if it’ll connect with you they want you to be scared and freaked out they put out the propaganda the movies and all that stuff the my lab thing is a big deal because some of those people who do report the abduction scenario they see people in military garb on the ships or whatever they see a man in a corner watching who’s a admiral in the freakin army watching this stuff happen with these little beings or people in suits whatever that’s one thing that throws a wrench in the system another thing is people are saying aliens are demons that’s the Christian perception across the board most mostly is that aliens are flying around or in their demons demons are demons aliens are not demons demons are demons so people are waking up having legit ghost encounters demonic encounters they’re waking up and demons are in their bedroom there’s the people little beings on your chest there’s like the old hag syndrome the man with the top hat there’s all of this stuff that people are having coming out of the dream state having these demonic encounters and calling it alien abductions and and things like that or they look like an alien or look like a grey or whatever that’s a demonic encounter like pee I really believe people are having those encounters but I don’t think those are what we would call extraterrestrial beings showing up in your room and messing with you in the middle of the night yeah yeah well one of the things too you know just came out last year was the the to the stars Academy and I think for me you know when it first came out I was really excited I was hoping to but the more I looked into it and then you know the more that I just kept finding out about the information I’m worried about it because of the fact that what I’m hearing is that they’re perceiving extraterrestrials as a threat yeah and they’re basically going towards that direction it seems like is that they’re identifying extraterrestrials as a threat and you know on the surface you know that might not worry somebody but if you would study Steven Greer and what he was talking about in the you know the false flag events for extraterrestrials in that the government basically or that there’s a there’s a section trying to get the mainstream media to think that extraterrestrials would be a threat and that we would have to essentially get the military out into space you know to to deal with them so after reading that from Steven Greer you know even before all the to the stars came out once the the two stars went in that direction of identifying threats the UFOs and I you know I started to get worried about about is is he leading in that direction right into the false flag thinking that Steven Greer was talking about and it seems to me that he is but I’m I’m just kind of waiting right now to see where where that’s gonna end up and you’re Tom that’s kind of lines of it’s early things though and and the information that he’s releasing he’s releasing non-fiction books so he’s he’s coming out with the information um in a different approach so he’s kind of giving people a different perspective of it so I don’t know we’ll wait and see but yes it’s it’s it’s muddying the waters a little bit yeah it it really is like I said we’re all blink-182 fans when I seen that he was coming out so I’ve sent them several emails about either coming on the show or working with them at the beginning and then I’m seeing what they’re bringing out now it’s like oh this is something totally different they made it seem like it was going to be something beautiful and let’s make contact and this is how you pack your ships one of the first cool stuff you know one of the first things that I got really excited about was they were talking about a platform for for UFO identifications in your area so you would basically log on and be able to see you know Oh somebody just saw UFO up and you get like a notification on your email be like BAM three miles from you’re at somebody’s ass aw yeah yes but like you can link up with people you know like that’s one thing that the et contact ce-5 that Steven Greer had is he had a little network website where you can go on and see in your area people who have the app and you can kind of link up and see their emails and that’s kind of how I got the ce-5 and remote viewing group together I went on the website and just in my area hit up about 50 people and said hey guys I’m going to start up this remote viewing group anybody interested like within 24 hours like thirty people hit me back and we’re like yeah well let’s do it you know so you know it’s just kind of getting out there and getting together with people who are who are like-minded and interested in what you’re doing and getting the right information around let me ask you something about this man this is something uh I don’t know if you have much I’m sure you’ve come across it I get it I get it like crazy um mental illness with some other stuff that we’re talking about like I’m gonna start we’re talking about it’s far out there we’re talking about voices speaking to you telepathically the voice of God the voice of the Holy Spirit the voice of angels the voice of aliens being able to be in tune with other beings or the realms talking about vortexes religion yeah well I’m gonna preface this because like this is a spirituality is a breathing ground I think for a lot of people like that to thrive who are who have mental illness but religion is as well because all of these think we’re all saying the same thing all of these religions become what Islam Christianity spirituality all of it creates this place where a lot of people make it up as they go or they’re really having weird stuff going in their head or they’re imagining it or whatever we’re talking about imagining it lasers power and just entertaining thoughts or whatever I’ll get like an overwhelming amount of messages and it’s discourage it’s very discouraging I know I’m like a symbol of hope for these people somebody who understands them because we’re talking about far out stuff it gets overwhelming man like I get and it hasn’t stopped like it’s getting worse like you know people they’re like yeah I talked elion to bro you know and just but they’re they most of these people don’t make sense they can hardly formulate sentences they talk about weird know if they’re telling the truth you hope that they are you hope that you’re not just making it up or whatever it is very hard man have you and I get a lot of it like a lot it’s getting very weird at this point you know I almost saw I contemplated just getting off of social media you know what I’m saying cause the jority of my inboxes are from people who are men who are mentally ill and I probably is a breeding ground in a place that’s okay for it ham I’m fine here yeah I was a king in Egypt you know and like what are you really you know a lot of this crazy stuff and they believed it so we were talking about earlier in their mind they really were so they’re gonna walk around looking at life and like there were a king from Egypt and all kind of crazy that’s just tip of the iceberg my mother reincarnated contacting me through facebook Messenger all kind of weird stuff people thinking that they’re my wife like that they’re supposed to be my wife the Illuminati told them that they were to marry me and I got married to the wrong woman like a lot of weird stuff and I’m not okay with him and I don’t want to promote it either like I don’t want I know my stuff is a breeding ground for that they feel comfortable talking to me I want to give some type of help in healing whether it’s due relationship with God I believe that’s that’s something that’s powerful for somebody to receive healing but to get the proper help that they need have you have you ran into anybody who kind of makes it up as they go or you kind of feel like they may be off their rocker a little bit it’s gonna come if you continue to grow it’s definitely gonna come have you experienced anything like that yeah well we they’ve got a couple of groups at the research center that’s like a psychic psychic experienced group where people can come and you know talk about their experiences and really open up about it and there’s definitely been some interesting stories and you know I just try and stay really like grounded in what what I know and what are the information that I have and for me it always just comes back to you know do you have evidence or can I experience it myself you know like those are the two I’m if you’re telling me about all this stuff it really doesn’t help me at all unless you have evidence I can work it myself I mean you can tell me all you want but I can’t really believe it or I can’t really even come to think about or give me how it happened I’m in on unless unless what those things are gonna happen so yeah and you know you mentioned religion and my wife’s very Christian and so we have a lot of conversations and I go to church just to get that perspective of that too and it’s something that we we deal with and that we converse about all the time because she’s interested in what I’m doing and there’s things about Christianity that I’m interested in specifically Jesus and just life of Jesus I’m interested in but there’s um you know I think that with when you talk about like mental illness and when people seem a little bit off is that maybe they just they just don’t have the the right upbringing that has gotten them to the mental stability that they need in this society so they can’t really deal with all this information being thrown at them and they just kind of latch on to something that yeah that might not be real but to them it it feels good and it makes sense to them so they just kind of just go with it and sometimes you you make a decision and you’re kind of stuck with it so some people have made a certain vote on their politician and they’re stuck with it and they kind of just have to ride out with who they got who they did so that’s kind of like you know with with some of the people who who might just say outlandish things and outrageous things you know you just kind of have to take take it with for what it is and until they can actually you know bring to the table any kind of evidence or something that they can they can prove I think so too I think you don’t say my heart goes out to the children or the people who are young kids man like myself you know I just see myself in a lot of people as far as mental illness I had a definitely had an overactive imagination but who have who are receiving energies who are impressionable who are seeing things that little kids man and if their vocal about it like they have a drug for that they have Ritalin they have whether with almost our C’s or whatever there’s a lot of stuff going on with the kids who are being born here and and they have they have pills and stuff that silence the voices or silence that alien contact or connected with God or seeing angels or whatever other supernatural abilities you know what I’m saying or the weird thoughts that they’re getting so my heart goes out to a lot of those people because they’re putting them on medications and stuff of something in ancient culture they would prepare them for life where they would say okay this person has ancestors contacting them this child let’s train them up in a way that they can understand it not be overwhelmed to be okay versus putting them on Ritalin or some type of mind-altering drug gotta just turn them into a zombie so my heart goes out to the children that are doing that and I think I’m dealing with a lot of those kids now who are adults you know what I’m saying who have been on most of them tell me hey I’m I’m uh I’m on medication or I’m not taking my prescribed medication what would you say and I say I’m not here to give doctor advice or medical advice or whatever but you know they they look at you as someone that they can talk to and but it’s not just spirituality it would be okay just to say that you know in the spiritual realm you guys you were creating a bed for these people and a safe environment for them to thrive or whatever but trust me they’re in religion too man they’re I mean these are the type of people who were stopped a bomb did themselves to run into a building you know what I’m saying because they believe that they’re like mentally ill to do that you know the same type of a breeding ground goat can go on anywhere man but that’s why I trial like at the end of the day talk about stuff whether it is a ce-5 contact their stings like in that that’s that helps me be a better person my belief in the supernatural my belief in the Bible of angelic realm that there’s a angelic assistance that there’s a God out there who cares about me like all of this stuff that we’re talking about spirituality proves the Bible the Bible is of spiritual stories and spiritual abilities that Jesus the disciples and those who followed that teaching will walk in and what we’re talking about remote viewing by location that’s all in their healing faith angelic contact being led by a voice in the wilderness and seeing starships all of this stuff is in there so it doesn’t disprove the Bible for me for me it reiterates and say you know what like okay there’s something to this not just this but I think also the other books that have similar stories in them writers saying similar things so at the end of the day it does come down to like what what are we doing are we just entertaining people are we lying to people are we tickling people it’s ears or do we have some substance to what we’re talking about like how can this better somebody how can it help them and I approach it from a place that I how it’s helped me and just simply be open and honest with that story which is your story that’s your truth I always helped you and then therefore we I think we you know create a place where people can thrive and not feel marginalized not feel like they’re crazy and in many aspects whatever I had give some people a hope for this life and how to give yeah you know how to cope I’m going through that with my with my kids now I’ve got a five year old son and a three-year-old daughter so I’m raising them you know waking up and asking about what they’re dreaming about and you know talking about psychic phenomenon and explaining to them or astral projection is so they can understand you know trying to get them that’s what I’d love to do I’m actually trying to document right now I’m trying to teach my daughter how to go through astral projection so you know I would have jazz just something really cool that I thought of to do is is you take two of two of her dolls so one of she’s got this like life-size Elsa doll whatever so you lay down lay down the Elsa doll on the bed and then you have a mini Elsa doll so you make like the Elsa doll the big ones going to sleep you close her eyes and then you start kind of like the vibrational stage and then you met the little Elsa doll pops out of the little one and you have her fly around the room and like she’s her astral bodies flying around and you make sure that my daughter made sure that my dog knows that the big else is still sleeping of all the little else’s our spirit flying around and fly over to her brother’s room and see what her brother’s doing and then we’ll fly back to her body go right back in her body and the big Elsa wakes up and goes on with her day and so if you can go through exercises with that with kids and have them understand like spirituality and like if you have a deeper conversation like ask them about death you know what do they think happens when they die when you die like what do they really think and then talk with them about it you know I had an early age you know don’t wait until like or or don’t wait to them to come home and ask about it from their friends cuz their friends saw a TV show that you know what I’m saying like parents in the world exactly exactly so that’s and that’s what I’m learning right now how is is is that have to you have to be on the forefront with your kids and really have to teach them or they’re gonna turn it they’re gonna turn in something that you don’t want them to there’s gonna be a product of this society or a product of the environment which in a lot of cases right now I don’t agree with a lot of stuff going on out there man on TV and stuff but if you don’t you’re not on the offense you know you’re gonna be in on the defense years later man I remember when I was a kid I was just thinking about this probably yesterday it’s funny you mentioned death or whatever but I was just thinking about it like yesterday the first time that we had a babysitter who was watching us and it was just one a friend of the family older guy he was watching me and my sister we had to be like five or five six it was really young I was watching I Love Lucy and we was watching it and was in black and white on TV and um that’s not about where she Adar’s they’re gonna be in new shows or some he said no she’s dead right how’d she die well she had a heart attack or sometimes like oh that sucks as I told us about death and uh yeah everybody has to die one day was I what like this kind of death of you’re just this little innocent kid yeah but he dies one day what died we’re not gonna exist anymore what happens when you die no nobody knows you just don’t exist is this black because I was like panicking at like hyperventilating just went a little child finally us to you know think about death for the first time I’m a little playful kid enjoying life and then come to the notion that it’s gonna come to an end one day it was scary panic yes I am screaming almost like it was insane but you know so therefore it’s good to have this discussion cuz we can talk to other people besides the babies here about what happened I think like and like religion you know religion like with with my kids with what I see is is they’ll tell you but they won’t explain it you know like they’ll tell you when you die you go to heaven but yeah you know like if I ask my kid what happens when you die it’ll say you go to heaven but well and then I’ll say what does that mean he doesn’t know what that means you know so I think that if if things were explained a little bit better instead of just giving them something to say like an automated response like they don’t understand exactly what happened when this looks like death at this point so you kind of have to explain it like it easier you know simpler way so that they can I’m gonna return that to any less that’s just something that yeah yeah I know cuz we think that we’re gonna look like this you know we’re gonna look like our physical selves and we’re gonna be with our family and friends up in heaven and look the same way and and stuff but um I’m research and from people who have had near-death experiences and Connor’s it and in the descriptions even say that we won’t beat woo you know we’re gonna be as the angels are which they’re fireman their child they they can take on the appearance of men as as at will but their energy man their light that’s what we were like light within these these are these earth suits man that we have you know we’re essentially like as above so below you would see like an astronaut would go into outer space and he had to put on a special suit so he can move around and so for us to exist down here on the earth it’s almost the same we’re these light beings we have to put on a suit so that we can exist here and move around as well maybe because of you know the density of the air or the that’s fear that we can’t exist or be seen here so we have to slow down time in all kind of stuff and so here we are having these these encounters and I believe that we’re connected in heavenly places I think that uh that we are going to go back to energy that well but but it’s a conscious energy I think we’re gonna be consciously aware of each other and of our life and of our experiences and that we are gonna exist out there as well as above so below it’s a mirror image man I really believe it so um so what so what was the first thing for you as a kid who talking about your kids we’re talking about ce-5 contact like what was the first thing that kind of got you into it as a kid was it the movies was it supernatural encounters like or was it something new did it uh I think yeah I think it was this um my mom told me a story when I was really young about when my grandmother passed away and I was really close from with my with my grandmother and I might’ve been like sure how old I was but my mom told me about the story of when she passed away the day of the funeral and she said she was driving away in the car and she silently to herself kind of said goodbye to her mom and as she said that three street lights went out as soon as she did that and she knew at that time that that was her mom saying goodbye back so that was the very first comment their very first thing that got me interested and it’s funny ever since then uh I’ll have street lights go out very often so it’s it’s it’s kind of something that just kind of sticks with me um and and just kind of a the very first event that just kind of has stuck with me throughout my life what about aliens and UFOs what was the earliest stuff with that well I mean I’ve researched it a lot and other than the ce-5 I’ve never really had any type of like experiences I’m just trying to think of maybe any other ones any movie any other that gave you a preconceived notion about what they are like I’m a kid no I’ve never really watched any movies that have really kind of inspired me in terms of like spiritual type of things I know that like the first documentary like when I first saw loose change that kind of spurred a little bit when when somebody kind of went off and did their own thing and find out their own information and presented it by themselves I definitely respected that and I would like to do something like that and I think like one of the main things that I think is missing in slike psychic phenomenon and why it hasn’t been accepted in the mainstream it’s just like the marketing aspect of it like nobody has really come in and I think there’s a big opportunity for somebody or just people in general they just come in and and to take advantage and financially to to come in and to just grab a hold of the whole the whole field and and promote it and because really no marketing in the actual science of it so I’m talking more of like the scientific part of it because it really won’t be accepted until science accepts it and right now we’re kind of in this like quantum type of stage where you know all the spiritual stuff is being explained by quantum mechanics and so all these spiritual terms are in essence gonna be replaced by these scientific terms is is what looks like it’s gonna be happening and it’s going to be hard to explain it to people with these scientific terms and all the scientific stuff but the bridge has to be made somewhere and so that’s kind of where I then you as well you’re bridging it from the spirituality to the science so that everybody can watch it and understand what’s going on and take that Lex next level into consciousness yeah I think um I think everything helps man I think that uh every little bit that we’re doing to whether it’s reducing the fear um Travis Walden undoing the work that he originally did and having a change of heart and really understanding what happened every little bit helps and so the you know the movies that are coming out I mean there’s a you know people love spiritual movies the psychological thrillers the supernatural thrillers at that scary movies which they’re not too many good ones out anymore but when we were kids there were tons like yeah so there is a market for it and there is like that was a big thing for me though the movies and stuff that got me into you know witchcraft and the occult early on I was uh the movie the crafts you know I’m saying like watching that movie religiously watching somebody mentioned watching et in the in the comments here you know watching et you know the earliest memories of an alien or a monster or whatever you know and then the whole thing with the movie the craft with the witchcraft or et is that these are monsters that might or abilities or or realms that might actually exist like there might be aliens out there they you may be visited one day by an alien if you do the right rituals and get into it you may be able to experience what those women experienced in the movie the craft like these type of things that that opened me up so we see the power of entertainment the power of music um we just look at a generation lost out there power of music and in the dumbing down of a society and the the glorification of drug culture now you know with with music you talk about coming out of Atlanta and working with some of these big names Jeezy and stuff like that and I’m sure you’ve heard the analogy you had where we come from all the rappers were bragging about being drug dealers now the rapper’s are bragging about being drug users you know what I’m saying their name in themselves after drugs a little zan Molly percocet like stuff in the music and that stuff like thriving now and it’s hurting it really is harm people man so that’s why like if we bring something to the table what I’m doing or what you’re doing with the music aspect of it as well music is so powerful and if we can if we can find the right Avenue and do it good do it with excellence and rival the production quality and and but then again you’re talking about the marketing of it like there’s not a huge budget on it and thank God that it’s something organically and that people who are undergoing awakening across the globe they’re organically finding what we’re talking about in the right people are here it’s different for me from like religion because I had to proselytize that knock on your door hey have you heard about the good news of Christ or whatever now I just do a video about the good news of Christ and people who are supposed to find it like they’re gonna find it or the good news of yeah of a ce-5 contact or a psychedelic journey and people who are looking for the stuff organically with the internet now they’re gonna find it in so the community you kind of find your tribe and you find your people and you put that vibe out there and be open about your story like if we wasn’t talking about this these people in the chat wouldn’t be here the people who are impacted by our work and feel loved and feel a part of a community they wouldn’t they would you know be displaced or try to find others who was who was you know being open with their story that similar giving them some type of answers by just being open with your story you know what I’m saying yeah and you’re helping people by just being open not doing nothing no parlor tricks we’re not trying to convince you at all not trying to make nothing up we’re just trying to get to the bottom of it together and be open and honest with our experiences and that right there is like where I’ve seen the most power at that people are being impacted because we’re just being honest you know yeah for sure but at an hour and 15 minutes and man you want to go ahead and show you links where people can check out your music I know a lot of people have already looked you up and checked you out here in the chat yeah yeah listening on the podcast and where they can listen to your stuff and somebody made a comment about your artwork and stuff really really good stuff man yeah yeah absolutely looks really good my website I’ve made a website just really kind of promote everything that I’m doing music-wise science-wise spirituality is that the Astro comm so th e AST RAL the astral comm so that’s really my main website I do some marketing too so I help small businesses some a couple of books that I’m gonna be helping release later on this year couple happen to do with spirituality I do want to mention there is one book that I’m gonna release later on this year that I think could be absolutely huge it has to do with extraterrestrials Jesus Christ and Atlantis so those are those are three things that are pretty big subjects that people are have a big interest and all three are contained in one book it has a really incredible story to it and it’s supposedly real supposed to be real so what I what I’d like to do is if it’s okay I’d like to send you kind of the first chapter and like summary of it and you know maybe do what you like share it or whatever with the with the fans and everything but I’m excited it’s gonna be called contact Atlantis so I’ll be coming out later on this year but for the website just the Astro comm you can check in on everything that I’m doing yep really good website man people are really checking it out so brother I appreciate you coming on I really enjoyed it we got to do some work together man we’re in the same field and not in competition with one another we’re working together man so anything you need hit me up let’s do some stuff together and get some of this stuff out there this artwork creativity and and telling our story which is simply it so let’s work together man first sure man definitely thank you I appreciate you having me on man definitely man I enjoyed this conversation bro awesome thanks man Shalom brother peace tastes ala Wesson every everyone I got his website his website is really cool website is really cool man enjoyed this conversation death is the only guarantee is what home sauce says yeah bringing bringing the children aspect into it um and I’ll say this we’re gonna be working on a website let you know Ali – I see your comments about the kids and I know you work with kids about this and try to you know these kids are bringing you these comments I know we said we’ve had these conversations before these kids are talking to you about this stuff so you gotta have something to tell them working on a website with Tariq Tariq Bibby which is indigo profit he’s commissioning me to build a site to get out the star seed stuff for the children and start talking about that so he’s putting together like teachings and courses that it’s open up Ali or anybody out there who wants to contribute to this effort this Web site are gonna be doing courses and teaching stuff that they can bring to the table and it’s gonna be cool so we’d be working on that really soon for star seeds and children and stuff like that so a lot of people will be able to contribute so if you want to write articles man get on top of it there’ll be a place for you any type of subject matter that has to do with star seeds or anything for children any type of exercises like the brother was talking about with the doll thing like that would be cool to put it in words and put there so if you’re I know you’re gonna be listening to this Tyler get with me on that we’re gonna be doing that website I’m gonna help them promote it and stuff too so tark babies doing it they’re in talks right now financially how does how to about building it and supporting it for trying to find the right way where people can submit their own articles and things to it so it should be cool all all on star seed children and people who are having these encounters and stuff so say a big thank you to everybody hanging out with this man everybody supporting what I’m doing [Music] wow that was a repeat thank you for the donation Christy he says gotta love the aliens for shizzle my nizzle thank you for that I don’t know why it’s playing twice but um this thank you for the donation I really appreciate that um yeah man I was I was on Kristy Lee show last night and there was a topic that uh I wanted to talk about I was talking about on there just organically man it just came out but it’s talking about reaction videos right there’s a lot of people who are doing reaction videos on YouTube and they’re they exist off of reacting to other people’s work I mean they’re reacting to old music new music they’re reacting to viral videos and it’s just them reacting to a video and it’s getting big like everybody’s starting it it’s a good way to I guess start a platform on YouTube to react to other people’s stuff and so they got a video of them watching a video and doing their response in this there’s really epic thumbnails of like ah or by just looking crazy or whatever from to make you want to click it so there’s reaction videos that are really big right now and so it came to my attention that a lot of people out there with in the church realm like in in ministry they have reaction ministries that you don’t bring anything original to the table you in your ministry and what you’re doing exists off of reacting to what someone else does you’re not creating anything reaction videos would be fun I would like to do them but I would rather create something bring something to the table birth something that did didn’t exist until I put my hands on it right and so the whole reaction ministries manages all these people out there who they they only respond to what other people are doing whether they you know we did I did the video yesterday about you know Benny Hinn and all that I was a snippet that I put out and a lot of people have Benny Hinn exposed ministries or they’re just reacting to what they don’t like and and I’m and I’m coming from a place of like where I used to do that as well like I was known for what I did don’t like and I would be very vocal about false doctrine and stale how to expose these lies of doctrine and how to stay away from Benny Hinn and creflo dollar and TD jakes and this kind of stuff and so I was kind of known for being that guy who exposed you by doing the work of God but this is this is a reaction ministry and I remember man hearing the voice of the Lord speak to me years ago when I was in that place of light look you want to combat false doctrine you want to combat wrong teaching and false prophets and stuff the best way to do it especially the only way to do is to teach it the right way if these people are teaching tithing wrong these people are teaching giving wrong and things like that or doctrine about anything that you don’t agree with you believe as follows it’s not to be known for calling their names out and pointing them out but simply teach it the right way because you’re gonna be known for what you’re against rather than what you’re for and you have a whole ministry that but that’s what you’ll be doing and we see a lot of that going on in Christendom where people have reaction ministries you don’t create anything you don’t create music you react to music you don’t create music videos you react to music videos and they’re doing it you don’t create ministry you don’t create teaching you don’t create of videos about what you’re for you create videos about what you’re against and you’re reacting to everything that goes on out there so that’s I was a revelation I went off on Christie Lee’s podcast but I kind of wanted to bring that up man because it’s pretty deep of having a reaction video they’re always like on the defense there is no offense they’re not going out there taking the land creating something you know birthing something whatever it is so I just want to encourage you guys to do that man make sure that y’all are bringing something beautiful to the table and not just reacting to the things that you don’t agree with and believe in so that’s something I wanted to speak on yeah other than that man it was a really good episode I enjoyed it Tom Delon is the we talking about to the stars Academy this is timed alone from the band blink-182 so talking about him so he come out with the tutor Stars Academy and you thought that he was gonna be coming up with some cool creative stuff they said he wanted to be the Disney of ufology I said hey that sounds cool I’m in ufology I do songs about this I tried to reach out to him but I’m gonna find out like what they’re doing is something totally different so I’m just that binary says that is awesome do you want to be remembered for what you’re against or what you’re for yep yep you were just reacting everybody stuff what you’re against you’re against this against that and yep oh yeah thank you guys for hanging out with me I really enjoyed this episode thank you guys for the donations and stuff Christy um if you want to support my work if you want to help keep me on the air just uh patreon is the best way to to do that I mean even for like doing and doing a full-time podcast on being a full-time musician there’s not a lot of money in this music like I’m not selling like crazy albums most people download your stuff for free or just listen to it on YouTube and you make pennies off of that so there’s not a lot of money at all so the best model to support your favorite artist is really through patreon patreon is really cool man to be able to lock down content specifically for people and want to do that head on over to patreon comback slash truth seeker get access to all the cool stuff that I mentioned my full discography let list ten plus albums man like ten plus albums and all the new music you become a patron you get access to all that like you know however much debt is worth you know 100 150 bucks whatever if he was to buy all those albums you get access to all of it for about hours a month or whatever so it you know take two years for you to be able to pay that off or whatever so final it’s a month would be way better than just a one-time gift of whatever so patrons really cool thank you guys for supporting my work binary since I’ve bought all of them Elias says I’ve never resonated with to the Stars Academy why would you trust x3 three-letter agency cohorts yeah I don’t either man like I guess I got excited right when it came out because Tom DeLonge was in it you know and I know the power of art know the power of music he had his Angels and Airwaves airwaves band and stuff that think they talked a little bit about that kind of stuff but there’s a lot of music out there now that talk talks about what we’re talking about here there’s a lot of songs and I wanted to we didn’t talk about it but there’s a lot of a lot of bands who may have just touched touch on some of this stuff but that’s all they do they just touched it’s not like everybody it’s not like every song is about this or they tackle the subject matter they may do one song or even put a few lyrics here and there and sprinkle it through the music um I don’t know why maybe they think they’re doing good but if we look at someone like b.o.b and stuff he’s very much into the conspiracy conversation but um it would be really cool to hear these guys do a lot of stuff about it I mean a lot bo-beat does some of it like yo we do we badass he he does some stuff and tec-9 like all of these people have just done a little bit about conspiracies or spirituality or they just sprinkle stuff in there but I love it when I’m able to hear somebody who would produce albums on top of albums about this kind of stuff and really going to depth about detail about spirituality and spiritual practice where we have conspiratorial –’tis the group hats off love those guys conspirator allottee you got the lost children of babylon myself you have Tyler I mean you know in this about doing it well you know somebody whose people who are bringing this stuff to the table and using the impact and power of of media and of entertainment and using it for a good reason that’s something too we can address too because I put that video out about you know our is Benny Han and Joel Osteen creflo dollar are they false prophets and someone said I think they said that I think that anybody who makes a profit off of the word of God is a false prophet PR o– pH bureau fi T that’s what they said and they’re doing it for false prophets I’ve been on like every spectrum of this of studying and a belief in and stuff and I’m one who’s who supported by people who believe in what I do so when you break it down it’s like this like there’s people who believe that uh well there’s people out there who are doing bad stuff right there’s drug dealers there’s sex traffickers this be people promoting porn people who kill steal Rob for money and they get paid they get commissioned to do the stuff they make a living doing wickedness doing evil stuff they make it live a good living doing wickedness but why not the people who are trying to promote righteousness why can’t they get paid why can’t they make money off of whether it’s selling a book or a CD in sp I had a good brother yesterday post something about how many books did the Apostle Paul sell you know Paul he was building tents like because nobody would support him but he does talk about you should be supported off a shed spreading the gospel like people should support you they should open up their home they should bless you they should take care of you if you believe in it when it comes down to the message of tithing that’s a big thing with with the scriptures and with churches where they they are supported through tithe and so tithes in itself and supporting someone there’s not a bad thing like it’s really a good model to 10% of your earnings to give to something that you believe in what your treasure is there your heart will be also where your heart is a your treasure lies so whatever you believe in you’re going to spend your don’t tell me you care about kids in Africa or going hungry my heart just hurts for them no if your heart hurts for the kids down in Africa who are hungry you’re gonna get what a program I’ll get with missionaries who are actually over there putting feet on the ground beating people if your heart really hurts for them I get where’d you spend your money where where you put your hard-earned money shows what you believe in all of us we can’t lie about it I care for the homeless my heart hurts for the homeless I wish they could it can eat it doesn’t cost a lot of money to feed the homeless there’s certain I remember man we would go out on like Wednesdays they had a special at Sonic Sonic a fast food restaurant 25 cent hamburgers 25 cent hamburgers we would go out there and we’d buy 5050 hamburgers and just find random homeless people around the city and just feed him and hug him hey man got God wanted me to tell you he loves you you hasn’t forgot about you man you’re hungry here you go just something little like where your treasure is your money is where your your your heart is so don’t don’t it talks about faith without works it says faith without works is dead you can tell somebody in the Bible clearly paints this picture of you bidding someone farewell or wishing that they hey I’ll be praying for you that you get somebody to fix that get a car for you and you got the money to fix this person’s car or you got the in selecting and know how to do it and you don’t do it hey man I hope you make it I hope you succeed well let me let me show you how to succeed let me show you what’s working for me let me freely give as freely if I have received so when it comes to money if you believe in something you’ll support it with tithing again if you believe in a church building if you have a congregation or an ministry or something you believe in you’ll spend money and it’s not about it’s different when they try to twist your arm into giving or beg you to give or teach you tell you that if you don’t give God will take it like I’ve been a part of ministries like that they tell you if you don’t ties and give your 10% that belongs to God and God will take that money from you and then that’s the money straight demonic um I’ve been in there like I’ve been in in those churches where we had to write down how much we owe God because we couldn’t ties like man Oh God six hundred dollars we got to pay it back and was like should we erase it what do we do and then so therefore it produces this this mindset of when bats when calamity happens you’re looking for calamity to happen that is crazy for you to be alieve ER and go around looking expecting bad things to happen to you and they will give you examples man to tell you that your car will break down your washing machine will stop working but we’re like man God’s good like he’s the angry mobster my god was a mobster like hey man you got my money shake you down Pat you down my money yet man give me my money I’m telling you guys like well-meaning to do churches beautiful congregations taught this stuff and it wasn’t just singled I’ve been to a lot of churches who taught that that’s a scary man and that’s demonic so but tithing in general is it’s it’s it’s a good principle man but when people take it to those extremes when people take it to those extremes man it gets crazy say like uh you know you’re not going to be blessed until you like your tithes is what you Oh God you won’t be blessed until you go above the tithe praise God you had to go above the tie so you give you 10% but that’s just what you owe God that’s the baseline but you have that when you go above your tithe and give it an offering then God will bless you listen I believe in karma I believe that you reap what you sow I believe that those who give sparingly will also reap sparingly with anything that’s that’s the universal law seed time and harvest if you sow into something you know that you believe in that you’re gonna get it back when you when somebody’s going through calamity and you sow friendship you so kind words to those people when you’re going through a hard time I believe it’ll be there for you you know you’re looking for support and we’ve talked about this you’re looking for support you want people to support your ministry you want somebody to support your podcast or whatever but you’ve never supported anybody you’ve never poured into anybody you’ve never gone out of your way to help people but now you’re asking for help okay let’s see how that works out with the universe with God let’s see if God will bless that and so that’s what it’s about what it’s about man it’s about whatever you want for your life bless other people with it get out of the competition mindset get out of I’m alive to survive mindset and expect blessings those who give sparingly will also reap sparingly like those are principals man that at the end of the day they work you know I’m saying and and that go it is better to give than to receive and so but I say if you give you will receive and so that’s the beauty of it um it’s when it’s abused that it becomes something bad whether it’s tithing whether it’s offerings whether you’re promised all these guys on TBN you know there’s a lot of that stuff going on it’s a lot of that stuff going on some Love Bug says I like the Free Hugs campaign yep I got a good friend of mine who does that goes out and just holds up the signs and pushes consciousness out there with just hugging people free hugs hugs campaign so yep don’t Estelle top these comments but yeah man I love you guys thank you for the support and we’ll do it again very soon alone a long peace peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music] the cinnamon is a

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